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Pompeo says U.S. considers welcoming Hong Kong people, entrepreneurs

Today MIGHT be as close as rump gets to his

Hypocrite-in-Chief Trump's last actual visit to a church was ONE YEAR AGO tomorrow

watching some live feeds :-(

Harris: Trump 'just tear-gassed peaceful protesters for a photo op'

Joe Biden: "Black lives have been devalued by our society." (VIDEO)

Trump is trying to turn the unrest into a civil war.

Protesters invoke different names to decry police treatment

What the actual god-damned fuck? DJT says if Governors don't civil war their own citizens he will.

There are now two all white armed vigilante groups roaming Fishtown with the blessing of the Philly

An astonishing excerpt of the writing of Harper Lee.

"When facism comes to America it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross"

Baker didn't hold back on what he thinks about Trump's message on protests

Another discovery: How can prosecutors taking police union money deliver justice for black victims?

Michigan governor largely rescinds lockdown, retailers to reopen

I'd love to see some Governors join in the peaceful protests

Harris: Trump 'just tear-gassed peaceful protesters for a photo op'

Floyd Mayweather to pay for George Floyd funeral services

Tweet: Hardly any masks on these white vigilanties. I wonder why?

Police Chief to Trump: Keep your mouth shut if you can't be constructive + Heartfelt plea to us all

What Happens When the Eviction Bans End?

Kneeling is happening in lots of places:

Seahawks Donate $500,000 In Honor Of George Floyd

Wyden: I fear for our country tonight and will not stop defending America against Trump's assault.

Boy he hit all the dog whistles and

'Let Them Have Eric,' Screams Trump While Pushing Son Through Door Of Bunker

I AM SO LIVID RIGHT NOW I AM SHAKING. I have former students texting me scared

They're Arresting Protesters In Washington DC

I can't wait to see the photoshops

Episcopal bishop of DC OUTRAGED by photo op. Pastor said it felt like alternate universe.

Per CNN: tRump did his photo op because he was embarrassed about being in a bunker. n/t

As Trump rages, Republicans plead for calm

CNN just confirmed what I suspected

Two visits to a church

The Episcopal bishop of DC - who oversees the church Trump just posed in front of

Roberts Upholds COVID-19 Restrictions on Churches, Scolds Kavanaugh

Rep. Matt Gaetz: Can We 'Hunt' Down Antifa Like Terrorists 'In the Middle East'?

So Trump Thinks He Can Deal With Protesting Against A Police State That Has Disregard For People Of

"Oh my god." Anderson Cooper reacting to reporter saying Trump did this because of bunker story.

Tramp Trump says "I am an ally of peaceful protester"!

CNN says Bill Barr was laughing

Dailymail headline sums up the "photo op" accurately with photos of the fool. descriptions are DM's

If only there were a word for someone who is anti-anti-Fascist.

Must See: Legendary CNN anchor Bernard Shaw re: tRump

Simon & Garfunkel - The Sound of Silence

America Has No President

Well Apparently Putin's Talk With Trump Today Got Through To Trump....

Charlemagne the God interviews Rush Limbaugh

25th amendment!

Vine St. Expressway, Philly. They are literally trapped. (Coppers going wild on civilians)

Shooting at Grand Forks Air Force Base leaves two dead

I find it ironic our nation can't find enough PPE for medical workers.

Where is Waldo?

Trump tells governors to 'dominate' as he shrinks from crisis role

This is the FILTH that permeates the area around nation's White House in the wake of these protests:

Fifteen cadets brought back for graduation at West Point test positive for Covid-19

The Bonus Army: Hoover used the US Army to clear out protesters

Every American must tweet "W & Cheney speak out, you must save the country!"

A question yelled from the press corps. to trump as he stood at the church - "Is that your Bible?"

At this point, anyone who remains silent is complicit to fascism.

Trump holding up a Bible is a sign of strength

NEW: The Justice Department "has deployed all of its law enforcement components - FBI, ATF, DEA, U.S

Has Chris Matthews time slot replacement been announced

Don't Expect Any Big, Unifying Speech From Trump. That's Not Who He Is.

Bunker Boy's voice sounded pretty shaky reading that statement today

'Fascism has come to America': Trump ripped for gassing protesters to hold awkward Bible photo-op

NY AG: Trump isn't a dictator, doesn't have right to deploy military unilaterally in American states

If you had any doubt America's priorities.

Trump visits historic DC church after protesters cleared with tear gas

Trump envisioned 'American carnage.' Now, he's got it.

AG Barr has to be giving Trump "fake news"?

The Second Amendment Applies to ALL Americans,

Omaha police kneel

To The Greatest Page With All Deliberate Speed

The Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington is on CNN - she is OUTRAGED and bashing....

Fugelsang: Remember when we all worried that Trump would try to get re-elected by starting a war in

Sen. Markey calls Trump 'scum' over comments on George Floyd protests

let the photoshopping begin

Bishop Mariann Edgar Budde of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington is on the phone with CNN.

Jeffrey Toobin on governors vs president under Insurrection Act

Pierce: The President Is a Coward. We Will Have to Heal This Nation Ourselves.

Trump enters stage left...UNCOMFORTABLY holding a book he has never read

George Floyd's brother says destruction 'not what he was about'

Twitter restricts tweet from Gaetz for glorifying violence

Seattle Seahawks QB Wilson: Violent, systemic racism 'must stop' in wake of Floyd death

Fugelsang: Trump is not the anti-Christ, but Christ is the anti-Trump.

New curfews set for Monday night in Seattle, Renton after massive weekend unrest

DC's Episcopal Bishop Denounces Trump

UPDATE tonight: DOD has received 0 requests from states asking for military assistance.


As Trump attacks voting by mail, GOP builds 2020 strategy around limiting its expansion

The Impotent Rage President

tweet of the afternoon

Trump is False and an Agent of Foreign Interests.

Biden to deliver remarks in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania tomorrow morning

huge march in New Zealand

Violence by cops on Peaceful Protesters so trump could have a Photo Op

So I pissed off my Trumper cousin and her friends

Cuomo, de Blasio order curfew in NYC to stop protest violence

Man fatally shot in Louisville after police, National Guard 'return fire'

guy will get home and find his stupid confederate flag missing

How can he heal the nation

DC's mayor blasts "shameful" assault on peaceful protesters by federal police

There's tear gas in my hometown tonight.

Bishop Mariann Edgar Budde, Episcopal Diocese of Washington on CNN now...

Gabe Marks: It's time for a frank discussion on race in America

Opinions Trump is in a free fall -- for now

Odessa Steps

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Live and Let Die!

Val Demings: Donald Trump may not consider himself a fascist. But he's using every trick in the book

Joe Biden to deliver remarks tomorrow in Philadelphia "on the civil unrest"

George Floyd death: Liverpool footballers 'take a knee'

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

105,168 Americans are dead from Covid-19

Not such a good look.

Trump in 2016 "You don't hold up the Bible and lie."

I am just scared and overwhelmed right now. Have not felt this way ever.

Well kids, I just got done clawing my eyes out.....

'We came to riot': Illinois man livestreamed lighting fires, handing out explosives in Minneapolis

'Keep your mouth shut,' police chief responds to Trump

JINJER - Pisces (Live Session) Napalm Records .

Tom Nichols: Trump wants suburban women & old people to be terrified. That's the play (for EC win)

Tyler Reddick NASCAR driver is showing he is a patriot...He needs OUR HELP!

From a military officer friend of mine:

Today, I saw four white women in their

Minneapolis' long history of policing black and white communities differently - PBS NewsHour

#BlackTuesday is trending

Arlington County VA County Board orders their police out of DC after they were misused for photo op

A miserable failure

Watch Rachel Please

Have republicans gone mute?

Tweet of the night:

If your enemy is easily irritated-Provoke him!

IMO the protest movement should declare tactical victory and go home for a while

History: The Bonus Army

Voter Sentiment on Pandemic Response Hits New Low

Does Dana Bash still think Trump is "the kind of leader that people need"?

I have a lot to say about Van Jones but I'll keep my counsel to myself

Does anyone know if laundries do socks?

The woman journalist who was blinded by a police rubber bullet has a GoGundMe account now.

What would a second Trump term even look like?

2020 US Senate Election- Democrats guide to regaining a majority of the US Senate in 2020.

I Wonder Where All The Dipshit 'Libertarians' Are Now, With Their 'Tree of Liberty' T-shirts?

Bishop of DC church outraged by Trump visit: 'I just can't believe what my eyes have seen'

I'll bet Stephen Moore can't contain himself.

Remote-Working From a Different State? Beware of a Tax Surprise

Bishop is outraged

The Republican Party is Fascist.

Well, this was the last straw for my Texas cousin.

White nationalist group posing as antifa called for violence on Twitter

When US troops were used against US citizens in Washington DC in 1932

Pavlovitz: #MartialLaw: When you haven't killed enough American citizens by ignoring a pandemic.

I hate hate hate social media influencer's

Rep Swalwell: I don't know anyone in "Antifa." But I'm against facism. And Trump is a fascist.

Trump finally out does Obama !

Highest ranking Cop takes a knee in Washington Sq. Park today.

I Feel Sorry For Black Cops, National Guard Members

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 6/1/20

All this because some people didn't like how Hillary Clinton managed her emails.

Tonight's stunt will backfire bigly

Led Zeppelin to stream 'Celebration Day' reunion concert film free till June 2

ANTIFA equals Anti Fascist. Anti-anti fascist equals?

Katie Hill: Military helicopters trying to disperse protesters here in DC

N.Y. Attorney General Letitia James has a message for Trump.

Pentagon officials express concern as Trump threatens to use military to 'dominate' protestors

Beloved BBQ chef who fed police for free fatally shot after Louisville authorities "returned fire"

White rioter causing damage swarmed and unmasked by protesters and handed over to cops

Joe Biden: "He's using the American military against the American people."

When fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross

2015 conservatives: "Obama's gonna put patriots in secret FEMA camps!"

DC Police tweets about the officers that attacked the peaceful protestors.

Right wing Washington Examiner Journo Fiona Moriarty-McLaughlin creates Fake News

Deep breath---inha-a-ale----------exha-a-ale! Now is not the time to "go all wobbly".

So Biden went into the streets without using tear gas.

To encourage you tonight:

Reading Twitter tonight

Trespassing: St. John's Bishop says Trump was on church property "without permission"

Why did Trump tear-gas protestors in the street?

Prominent Jesuit priest & author: The Bible is not a prop. And God is not a plaything.

Saddam Hussein added "God Is Great" to the Iraqi flag in 1991 after losing the Kuwait War

For now, in Omaha, things seems to better tonight.

Don Beyer: Trump's actions are not law and order, they are naked authoritarianism.

The rethugs are out in force on YouTube

Do you have a favorable opinion of Van Jones?

Kids getting puppies video...because we need puppies tonight. Enjoy!

Hillary Clinton responds on Twitter to what Trump did today:

Don Lemon has the priest form St. John's on......

Truck runs through line of police in Buffalo, NY

To the greatest page

White nationalist group posing as antifa called for violence on Twitter

Syracuse police officer shoves news photographer to the ground during protest (video)

How I'm Handling Online Teaching (Lizzie Smith)

Yes, very highly speculative. No I am not a doctor, just a speculator..This is the place!

Here's an insightful tweet.

Donnie probably got his first hard on in years

Blackhawk helicopters being used in DC for show of force -

Michael Curry, Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church, on Trump's photo op

How does this end?

Gun nuts see this as a win

I am not scared of Donny Dumbfuck trump

Double Toasted - The Riots, What People Don't Understand

senator chris murphy reports a tweet from gas-mask matt gaetz

ActBlue has shattered the 2020 record in money donated in a day that it set only *yesterday.*

Is 2020 Over Yet?

Chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, walking the streets of Washington DC right now

Matt Gaetz talks like a man who is absolutely convinced he has too many teeth. nt

How Austin Police Responded to Protests of Police Brutality

Texas police trap protesters marching across Dallas bridge

Is there an emergency remedy re: SHITLER via SCotUS? or a second impeachment immediately?

Military helicopter uses 'show of force' on protesters

A friend just posted this on my Facebook timeline. Who's with me???

Seattle mayor acknowledges white disruptors

" Ella's Song" (We Who Believe In Freedom)

If we get out of this alive we will need a memorial to the Righteous Republicans

a group of cops just got run over by a suv

We all need to transform our messaging about what is happening this week.

A friend of mine says "if Trump gets the Generals behind him"

King Joffrey

Outrageous New York Times headline!!!

The American story celebrates violence in the name of democracy That doesn't extend to black protest

TicTok: Antifa & Trump explained by a kid

Fox News' Tucker Carlson goes after Trump and Kushner over protests

DOJ asks Supreme Court to block Democrats' access to Mueller documents

Bishop Mariann Edgar Budde Speaks Out Against Trump Using St. John's Episcopal Church As A Prop

We need this tonight. Sweet Honey In The Rock - Eye On The Prize.....

Trump putting up an 8ft fence...

The House needs to start impeachment NOW!

As if irony isn't presently near daeath.

If anyone asks you where Biden's been

Tomorrow is Primary Day in ID,IA,MT,NM,and SD.

Donald Trump is a domestic terrorist

Interesting piece of information l noticed in reading today's 'toons: Hubert H. Humphrey

Protesters request MN Guard pull back at Capitol {UPDATED- added video}

Higher Ground: Stevie Wonder, Lyrics

Twitter takes action against Rep. Matt Gaetz for glorifying violence

Tweet of the late night:

Anyone here old enought to remember posse comitatus?

Macys NYC Looted

Is this the first actual military action on American civillians during the protests?

Miltary Helicopters are now flying over DC

Federal judge upholds use of sedative in Arkansas executions

Boxer Floyd Mayweather to pay for George Floyd's funeral

I'll tell my Kent State story again, seems a good time

The Most Chilling Aspect of Trump's Crackdown

I'd like to see someone get the viewpoint from this Bundy Gang out West about this turmoil.

Widespread looting in NYC tonight. Daily Beast reporter tweeting about it:

Bunker Baby Bitty Brain

"Trump's Unannounced Church Visit Angers Church Authorities", and Rev Gini Gerbasi post.

Biden to Deliver Remarks In Philadelphia

Too Much Cinnamon ...

Pottery shards unearthed downtown hint at distant presidio trading partners

Some one just told me there is a media blackout right now in DC

Black women are going to save the world.

Florida police officer suspended for pushing kneeling woman

Anderson Cooper: Law & Order is not 3 cops murdering a man. It's not dominating protesters...

It should be mandatory for police to carry their own insurance

Recent events remind me of the movie "The Purge"

It's morning now in New Zealand and they're marching for #BlackLivesMatter

White Privilege

Antifa is a Russian least in this latest formation

President Obama on Ferguson Shooting & Protests

Where was PENCE today? And whose Bible was that?

Manifestos for Democracy in Brazil Unite Ideological Opponents

Jeff Tiedrich just keeps knockin' it out of the park!

Manifestos for Democracy in Brazil Unite Ideological Opponents

Armed Extreme Right-Wing Pro-Bolsonaro Group Protests in Front of Supreme Court with Torches and Mas

Armed Extreme Right-Wing Pro-Bolsonaro Group Protests in Front of Supreme Court with Torches and Mas

(Jewish Group) Jewish organizations respond to the protests over George Floyd's death

To lighten things up, Anatomy of a Murder, on TCM now.

Susan and Chris thought it was all fun and games.

(Jewish Group) John Eaves wants to be the first black and Jewish member of Congress

(Jewish Group) Meet the Jewish combat veteran and rabbi's husband trying to win a Senate seat in TN

The only thing Trump has in common with the average American is ...

Is That The Same Bible Trump Held While Grabbing Women By The Pus..

Novel Coronavirus Attacks Humanity - Astronomy Picture of the Day

Funny how people are praising Tucker Carson

Who killed Berta Cáceres? Behind the brutal murder of an environment crusader

St. Paul Police officers seen kneeling in solidarity with protesters at Governor's Mansion

As Rump gets nuttier and hemorrhages voters

The Daily Show: Eight Times America Surprised Trevor - Between the Scenes

Gun Sales Continue To Boom During The Pandemic

On fourth day of protests, Newsom tells demonstrators: "Your rage is real. Express it."

Twitter says Trump was holding the bible upside down

Seth Meyers - Trump's Deranged Response to the George Floyd Protests: A Closer Look

I sure I'm not the first to ask. But where In the hell are the Republicans Congress members.

Trump held up the back of a Black Book with no Title. How do we know it was The Bible

OMG. He is going out again tomorrow.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo: Change Comes When The People Demand It - Deadline - MSNBC

Trump held up a Book that didn't look like The Bible. Check

video of the low flying helicopter maneuver to scare off protesters in DC

Protestors Forced Out Of Lafayette Park Before Trump Visits Church - MSNBC

Broken Wings

"C'mon. Do a civil war."

Historic National Protests Demand Sweeping Police Reform In Trump Era - The Beat - MSNBC

Good retweet:

What I'd like to see?

Trump's Bible is a weapon.

NYC is being ransacked!!!

There is always a tweet....

James Corden: It's Time for Change in the US / Dr. Michael Eric Dyson On Civil Unrest Across America

Woody Guthrie: 'All You Fascists Are Bound To Lose'

Floyd Mayweather will pay for George Floyd's funeral services

Protest Against Police Violence Ends in Confusion with Police in Rio

Police run over by car in New York Bronx

Roku is offering an entire channel dedicated to QAnon - WTF?

He's Scared Shitless

You gotta love this! Racist calls black man the N word, and get's his clock cleaned (some violence).

George Floyd death: Donald Trump slammed for posing with bible outside church

The stuff that I wish would happen to this motherfucker I can't even say out loud.

Trump's promotion of violence and totalitarianism is nothing new.

heard from the profiles in cowardice crowd and mitt romney/ susan collins slately?

One tiny bright spot amid the destruction in Albuquerque.....

The 1% Has Been Looting Us For A Generation

Authorities accuse Ill. man of traveling to Chicago for protests with homemade bombs

Carmel Mayor Brainard backs off plan to sue Minneapolis over costs associated with riots

Marco Rubio mocks peaceful protesters, blames them for being tear gassed in front of White House

This is being posted in Fresno by alt-right groups

I say things can be replaced...

Brazil's house speaker says to decide when to impeach president

Misinformation and coronavirus hand-in-hand in Ecuador outbreak

Tooning Out The News: James Smartwood's White Guy Womb w/ Eugene Robinson

It appears that HBO has acquired the rights to Downton Abbey.

Brazil's political rivals unite to oppose Bolsonaro and 'defend life, freedom and democracy' amid sp

Mercedes Benz of Oakland, $150K car destroyed.

Rep. Gallego:"Do you intend to obey illegal orders from the President?"

My apologies

Since we're really not using it for a few months...

A real leader invites the protesters INTO the W.H.

lol... tweet of the hour

scott walker resurfaces to lick Trump's boots

Sen. Harris: Trump's Threats To Use Military Against American People Are 'The Words Of A Dictator'

Characteristics of Republican Fascists

Demonstrations deal blow to downtown Austin businesses reeling from pandemic

Episcopal Bishop 'Deeply Offended' By Trump Using Bible As A 'Prop' - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

We've reached the 'mad emperor' stage, and it's terrifying to behold

Neiman Marcus draws strong criticism from bankruptcy judge

Breakfast Tuesday 2 June 2020

Hundreds of George Floyd protesters arrested on Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge in Dallas

First anchor baby mama has a sad

Houston 'ramping up' police presence for George Floyd march, protesters asked to wear masks

NYPD's Terrorism Official Says Unnamed Groups Planned Protest Violence in Advance

Austin police critically injured a black man during protests against police violence

Breakfast Tuesday 2 June 2020

Protesters try to BLOCK Protesters from Looting Business

Press Briefing by Kayleigh McEnany; June 1, 2020

Fort Worth Mayor Calls for 8 p.m. Curfew Through Order

Statement by Trump; June 1, 2020

UT plans to move 400 biggest classes online this fall

From Michael Beschloss: US and other Allied troops liberated Rome this week 1944:

Mika on Morning Joe said that during the 2016 campaign Trump had thrown a Bible to her and Joe when

Tuesday TOONs - So Tired Of Winning

"No matter what the authoritarian buffoon in the WH has to say, we'll be back again and again..."

Video of Australian news crew attacked by police in Lafayette Park yesterday

Hundreds of Facebook employees walk out in protest of inaction over Trump's "shooting starts" post.

Time for a mini-thread on police unions, because it is both tricky and very high stakes.

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 6/1/20

Stephen Colbert - Killer Mike On His Emotional Speech In Atlanta: I Said What Was In My Heart

Stephen Colbert - Guest Chris Hayes: You Couldn't Find A Worst Person For This Moment

Robert Reich tweet:

Reverend: I am so [expletive] offended Trump used tear gas for a St. John's photo op

Pelosi, Schumer say treatment of protesters outside White House 'dishonors every value that faith te

who carried the bible to the church?

And as the flames grew high into the night

A man got scared. He went and hid. When people laughed,

Comments by Virginia Members of Congress on Trump's "Betraying the Very Foundation of the Rule of

In Virginia Beach, a protest ended violently. Police and protesters are at odds over who is to blame

TASS News Agency (Russia) joins Reuters Connect

200 arrests in NYC last night

ICE & CBP thugs deployed to D.C. as Trump's paramilitaries

Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Central Florida: Trump's photo op "blasphemy in real time"

A Monty Python tribute to the Bunker Hider

Rich MF poses for selfie then gets in Benz.

Richmond Is Burning, Again

We saw it with our own eyes: Trump wants to go to war against America

Any legal scholars here that can explain "Posse Comitatus Act" vs "Insurrection Act"?

Walter Shaub: I'm sick of WH officials leaking that they're ashamed of Trump. THEY'RE ALL COMPLICIT.

President Trump's snarling demands for rough policing are the opposite of law-and-order

Morning Puke: Literally, a photo op. A government-financed photo op. And here it is.

It's true. There's always a tweet.

Easter Eggs: The best secrets hidden inside cars - US edition

Trump must be removed. So must his congressional enablers.

I have a question...

BREAKING... The goal for DU for Joe at ActBlue was just raised to $350,000

If anyone has noticed...?

The central feature of Trump's presidency: False claims and disinformation

Why Germany's coronavirus death rate is so low

KRUGMAN: US politics over past 4 decades - Wealthy elites weaponized racism to gain political power

I haven't stayed up all night in a long time

Trump is so disappointed in his MAGA Army

Black Liberty University alums rebuke Falwell after tweet about Northam blackface mask

Mika just said something funny

"Here's an example of how white privilege sounds"

We have fallen a long way since President Obama sang Amazing Grace

Native American Tribes' Pandemic Response Is Hamstrung by Many Inequities

Why Trump held up the Bible?

We are the governed. We no longer consent to let the police kill us.

Trump freed a Navy Seal murderer.


Tesla Model 3 Drives Straight Into Overturned Truck In What Seems To Be Autopilot Failure

Love these clowns - keep begging people to go home at the curfew time, while

Strangely enough, the Posse Comitatus crowd....

This is the Putin/Trump playbook...

Saudis Will Hurl Back EV Challenge With . . . Demo Trucks That Capture Some CO2 From Exhaust Fumes

Trump: Bonkers in the Bunker.

two looters dead in Philly last night

The President goes for a walk on the National Mall in Washington D.C..

Please don't do this.

Ahead of Trump Bible photo op, police forcibly expel priest from St. John's church near White House

Jennifer Francis (Woods Hole) On Stalled Hurricanes; Jim Kossin (NOAA) On Hurricane Intensity

Brazil Alone Responsible For More Than 1/3 Of Worldwide Tropical Deforestation In 2019

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Bottoms

No rundown today. I got this instead when I went to it read....

This is the first time I've cried.

Is the Democratic Party dead in Arkansas

Rate Of Marine Species' Retreat Towards The Poles 6X Faster Than Movement Of Land Species

George Floyd protests: LeBron James calls out media; Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Magic Johnson, Colin Kaep

Corey Lewandowski wants to toilet train your kid, or at least cheer them on

$1 Billion Obama-Era Climate Infrastructure Program Could Expire w/o Extension, GOP Help

So who advised Trump to do his Jimmy Swaggert Impression?

Mark Zuckerberg criticised by civil rights leaders over Donald Trump Facebook post

DC mayor decries use of tear gas on peaceful protesters outside White House: 'Shameful'

Donald Trump has created a Culture of Looting at the Top. Trump is a LOOTER too ! Examples !!

The FBI on Twitter asking for help identifying 'actors instigating violence' during demonstrations

Ahead of Trump Bible photo op, police forcibly expel priest from St. John's church near White House

Biden to deliver remarks in Philadelphia Tuesday on nationwide protests

Richmond Police apologize to peaceful protestors for tear gas; explain what happened

As America burns in fury...

Nashville: National Guard lay down shields at peaceful protest

Pro-Trump donors in huge cash drive to boost doctors pushing states to reopen

Twitter users please respond to this person

Biden to give major speech today from Philly! This was from MSNBC.

You know who police don't tear gas?

Here's how this scene was viewed live in Australia. One of America's closest and most dependable...

My thoughts on Trump's church/Bible stunt

We should troll Trump by standing in front of the White House holding up Bibles.

Trade war tradeoff: How a Missouri town got America's dirtiest air

'I am now a force to be reckoned with': Episcopal priest furious after Trump chased her from church

Florida sheriff warns potential rioters 'the people of Polk County like guns'

Conservative Icon George Will Urges November Sweep: Vote Out Trump, All GOP Enablers

Ahead of Trump Bible photo op, police forcibly expel priest from St. John's church near White House

Thief calls for looters to be shot!

This is F'n white privilege.

Just checked Worldometer for Covid-19 update

See too many idiots who think the arrest of this one cop

A Shocking Solution To Police Violence

You raised $6,144.00 on June 1, 2020 to elect Joe Biden POTUS with our DU ActBlue link

CNN this a.m.

Trump claimed to be an "ally" of peaceful protestors. Maybe if you exclude those at his rallies ...

Police Forced Priest from Church Before Photo Op

Pawfficer Donut is proud of her fellow coworkers today!

Trump's Re-Election Chances Are Dwindling

Naked Florida man spent 24 hours vandalizing school

Did I Hear Trump Right? Did He Say That The Lincoln Memorial & WWII Memorial Were....

Deja vu all over again!

So, why didn't Trump open the Bible while taking the photo op?

There's a word for Trump's behavior: Blasphemy

Rocky Raccoon fell back in his room - only to find Gideon's Bible...

Climate Liars All-In With Urging Violence Against Protestors, Threats Against Actual Scientists

Has anyone heard from Trump's pet puppy, Lindsay Graham, who likes the word "lynching" on this topic

In a nutshell

From San Diego A Firsthand Account:

Protests Erupt, American Society Breaks Down

Trump Threatens Protesters with "Vicious Dogs" & "Ominous Weapons"

Register to vote and organize to vote should be focus now

He held it upside down AND backward - putting Revelations

Confederate statue removed from Alexandria intersection, a month earlier than planned

Coming up on MSNBC 9:51 EST

This video is from 3 nights ago, but remains one of the most disturbing we've seen.

Will St. John's need to be re-consecrated?

This Treasury Official Is Running the Bailout. It's Been Great for His Family.

DUers in Mexico, Texas and Louisiana, please pay attention to Now Tropical Storm Cristobal (updated)

trump on his way to St. John's Church last night, appropriate graffiti:

The Bible was Backwards and Upside Down; Think About that for a Minute

Thousands of Species Are Fleeing to Earth's Poles en Masse, And a Pattern's Emerging

For your posting pleasure

CNN/MSNBC will cover Biden speech in Philadelphia, staring shortly...

Irony of all ironies: Pompeo to meet with Tienanmen Square protest veterans today.

Power Plant almost done...

Biden on now...nt

N.J. commuting will change forever as state slowly reopens. Here's what to expect.

Columbus PD stop and search old school bus, find bats, rocks, meat cleavers, axes, clubs & etc.

Trump thinks he's greater than Abraham Lincoln, a president who actually walked to St Johns church

Trump gets his wall

Just a passing observation about the flag being used as a backdrop.


Curious....Anyone seeing discussions

At a 2015 Trump rally in Birmingham, a black protester shouted "Black lives matter" and was attacked

Possible helpful idea for valid George Floyd peaceful protests.

A must-read on wealth inequality for all DUers: Piketty's "Capital and Ideology"...

Arlington County, Va. (D.C. suburb) says it has pulled its police out of DC

VP Biden sounds best with open acoustics.

What the signboard at St. John's Church said:

Notice that Trump isn't carrying that Bible on the way over to the church or back.

Other homeless people in Orange County may have been sickened by poisoned food

Pelosi, Shumer, et al, need to put the Joint Chiefs on notice: Reject illegal orders!

Sunset and Sunrise

Biden - spectacular speech! Not hyperbole- Truth To Power!

Here is what the world sees under your "Law & Order" regime

I'm not able to listen to brother Joe speak. Is he playing nice or,

Separate shootings during protest leave Metro officer on life support, suspect dead

Remember when Trump vowed to end 'American carnage'?

Matt Gatz!

Who should I trust more about Biden's fitness to be the nominee and President?

Guardian UK: 'Words of a dictator': Trump's threat to deploy military raises spectre of fascism

Given All The Interest Generated Around This Murder Of George Floyd By A Cop & A Double Standard Of.

Trump Staged An Outdoor Photo Op Because He Was Furious About Being Called Bunker Boy

Awkward. GMA George, Robin each holding up book the day after SHITLER & *A* bible.

I predict Trump will announce a rally in 3... 2... 1...

Wes Unseld, an NBA top 50 honoree, dies at 74

BTRTN: Absence With Malice, As the Nation Rages

My morning warm cockles (538 aggregate)

BTRTN: Absence With Malice, As the Nation Rages

"Keep America Great" sorta disappeared

PA Primary and voting

Black leader 'stunned' after phone call with Facebook's Zuckerberg:

Gov Christine Todd Whitman: @realDonaldTrump, Please stop injecting yourself into crises. Don't try.

I know it's been said before, but at a time of multiple, historic crises.....

Trump Holds Up Bible for Photo Op After Peaceful Protesters Are Tear-Gassed

'The Bible is not a prop': Religious leaders, lawmakers outraged over Trump church visit

Joe Biden's address to the nation (full video)

Pastors in front of St. John's Church address Trump: "...your hands are too small to box with God"

I found an interesting 'mash up' in my front garden, this morning

6/1/20 - Atmospheric CO2 Content 418.32 ppm; Highest On Record For Mauna Loa, Highest Since Pliocene

Silent thread to thank Joseph Biden for reminding America who we are and what we can be

I really think we are in a Civil War, and the lines won't easily be distinguished by the

Two-thirds of people put in neck restraints by Minneapolis police were black, department data shows

The many, endless jobs for cats

Consolidate the protests-OCCUPY D.C.

Twitter suspends account of white nationalist group posing as antifa

American Carnage

Rev. William Barber's Pastoral Letter to the Nation

A worker in my sister in law's nursing home tested positive for Covid19 yesterday.

Collateral Damage

Moth found this morning, but when I look it up it seems to be listed as British.

From last year - But a good read and relevant.

Rapper Who Owns Looted Marijuana Dispensary Says Justice Is More Important Than Business

Australia will investigate attack on journalists by police in Washington

Arlington police 'reevaluating' agreement with DC police after officers were used 'for a purpose not

On June 2, join community leaders and City representatives for first in series of virtual town halls

Joe Biden addresses the nation on the civil unrest facing communities across America

And some people wonder why we run from/resist the police. This kind of shish right here

When will the media understand that trump is not suddenly going to do or say anything helpful for

Today is Primary Day...

Biden: We won't "allow any president to quiet our voice"

White supremacist channel on Telegram encouraged followers to incite violence, frame the protestors

So I guess opening the economy again...

Trump and Sessions Released Cops from Federal Oversight. Now We See the Results.

Lindsey Graham on Trump holding the bible: "I guess he's trying to say we're reclaiming the church"

One consequence of a civil war and dissolution of the Union:

Notice that many of the people saying "looting distracts from the REAL problem"

Pelosi asked about Trump's Bible photo op last night. She grabs her own bible and is now reading it.

NEW: Statement from @WashArchbishop on Trump's visit to the JP II shrine: "I find it baffling and..

Well I opened up the web site for Reuters to see what the markets were doing...............

Looks like Lindsey Rat may be looking for an escape route off the sinking Trump ship.

Ahead of Trump Bible photo op, police forcibly expel priest from St. John's church near White House

Today is Blackout Tuesday

When Nobel Prize winners embrace woo...

Lest We Forget: This Civil Unrest Started with The Murder of a Black Man

Donny has a new hat.

Newly sworn in Waterloo police chief at protest hours later

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Joe Biden dominates Trump:

Trump caught in shameful lie: "they used no tear gas."

'Trying to stay alive': 70 protesters sheltered in stranger's home during D.C.'s curfew

Meet the most indestructible animal on earth!

Letter From Antifa Reposted By My Son On His Facebook Page

Military helicopters used to disperse DC protesters

Governor Cuomo Pandemic Update June 2 2020

Australian Prime Minister calls for investigation after reporters violently attacked by U.S. police

Something to Troll Donnie's Godly Followers

Texas State Senator Donna Campbell Calls the Left Terrorists

So for those of you who watch it, what are they covering over at Fox News...a tulip show, perhaps?

Horrific assault on two young people in Atlanta being discussed by on

needed: another Senator Franken

Yeah, sex is great & all, but...

George Will: Trump must be removed. So must his congressional enablers

Trump stood out in front of a church waving a bible in the air. Who finds something like that...

A President who didn't need tear gas or ridiculous props...

Two Lawyers Arrested in Molotov Cocktail Attack on Police in Brooklyn

Sign waiting for Trump in NE DC today:

Trump gassed a Priest and forcibly removed her from her Parish

Has anyone here ever ordered from

Fuck you, Michael Moore!

Terrifying moment NBC journalist is hit by a 'flash-bang grenade' while reporting live on Seattle

Why Is It That So Many People Are Looting?

BREAKING: DOD distances itself from attack on WH protesters

World outrage grows at Floyd's death; EU 'shocked, appalled'

ACLU Demands Congressional Probe Into 'Politically-Motivated' Attack...

NYC 8 PM curfew extended for rest of the week

Anyone just see the man on Andrea Mitchell who harbored a bunch of protesters?

The Legacy of the 1968 Riots

Some of you may recall that Bill De Blasio ran for President last year...

60% of Americans support calling in the US military to supplement police.

'He Did Not Pray': Fallout Grows From Trump's Photo-Op At St. John's Church

the trump university guy is a FRAUD; now, and then

Everyone needs to stop saying he is going to get beaten in November.

'It's a learning moment': Catholic institution raises Pride flag for first time in its history

Shields & Brooks, Analysis of Trump & 100 Thousand Deaths. Fri. 5/29/20 - 13min 27secs

America isn't breaking. It was already broken, and these are just the symptoms

'I find it baffling and reprehensible': Catholic Archbishop of Washington slams Trump's visit

Nina Turner responds to Cornel West's remarks about George Floyd

We are living in Ayn Rand's Utopia

White nationalist group posing as antifa called for violence on Twitter

Pic Of The Moment: So Let Me Get This Straight

Wes Unseld, Hall of Famer instrumental in Washington's only NBA title, dies at 74

A black family tried to get the attention of the police to protect a neighborhood store in Van Nuys

Profiles in Perfidy, XXI. . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

Joe Biden will attend George Floyd's funeral next week.

Ben Sasse slaps down Trump's bible stunt

What a pause from the leader of Canada as he is asked about President Trump having protesters...

6 Atlanta officers charged after confrontation with college students

The John Paul Shrine is owned by the Knights of Columbus

Trump Has Always Dreamed Of Attacking Them Left Wingers Who Hate Him

'We came to riot': Illinois man livestreamed lighting fires, handing out explosives in Minneapolis

I want everyone to understand what the Senate is doing right now.

Black protesters form human shield around white officer separated from his unit

Trump University Salesperson- Talks about Selling the Goods: 4:46, CNN-7/13/16

Twitter suspends White Nationalist group posing as Antifa.. ..

Gun stocks rally amid nationwide protests and looting

Safety Recall: 1.7 Million Harbor Freight -- Pittsburgh 3-Ton & 6-Ton Heavy Duty Jack Stands

I really need your help, this prominent businessman quoted Hitler to me.

Looting food to feed the hungry, clothes to clothe the naked, drugs to dull the pain...

Maybe the Govs should call Trump's bluff?

Cuomo 6/2

I don't believe that White Nationalists are largely behind the vandalism and looting...

Even Richard III actually entered a church before his stunt.

the Episcopal Diocese of Washington DC

Football Field of Rainforest Destroyed Every Six Seconds

Dog chasing police car in Brazil, because his "owner" (a homeless man) was taken to be ID'd

Various polls from CBS


Rick Scott's Company Stole Billions From The Government And He Did No Jail Time

City of OKC Police Chief, Mayor and City Council giving live update on line (zoom)

The Insurrection Act of 1807

Do you think the looting and destruction in cities are the doings of Erik Prince?

Poll Of Trump's Response To Events In Minneapolis

'I find it baffling and reprehensible': Catholic Archbishop of Washington slams Trump's visit to Joh

And this gutless wonder in the White House

Cooper: 'Very unlikely' Republicans can hold convention as planned in Charlotte

Given recent events, I am looking more closely at Val Demings as possible VP candidate

6 Atlanta Officers Charged After Students Pulled From Car.

Colorado Man Crafts Gorgeous Live Edge Wood Tables with Glass "Rivers"

Hope Hicks was behind Trump photo-op stunt that led to peaceful protesters being teargassed: report

why did the chicken cross the road?

Cartoons 6/2/2020

Paul Lidicul has been busy the last few days - let's catch up:

Minneapolis' top cop sued the department in 2007. Here's why it matters today

So I'm walking 6 miles a day as part of my effort to socially distance from the refrigerator

End This Nightmare (Trump 1984 Ad)

Babysitting Orangutan

'Mayhem': 4 police officers shot during long night of violence and destruction in St. Louis

White Fox News Host Screams Over Black Co-Host While He Spoke About Systemic Racism

Reuters Connect partners with russian propaganda outlet, TASS

Lt Bob Knoll, MPD union boss, raises his scummy klansman head to advocate for rehiring of Chauvin

It's been 48 years since I was last under a civil administration curfew...

Twitter is ablaze with comments/photos mocking trump's display yesterday:

How to Spot Misinformation During George Floyd Protests

Gov. Ricketts apologizes after calling black leaders in meeting 'you people'

trump probably stole the bible he was holding up

The Music Business Is Holding a 'Blackout.' But No One Seems to Know What That Means

wild video: LAPD go wild trying to arrest every person of color in sight.

Parallels Between '68 And Now

Catholic Archbishop Slams Trump's Visit to Shrine

If you are a cop and you find your orders involve pointing any kind of gun at a child,

Trump asks Melania to smile during today's photo op.

Curfew musing

Inslee embraces peaceful demonstrators, condemns looters

In some protests, local officials say white instigators are causing mayhem

Louisville cop in fatal shooting of David McAtee had mocked protester on Facebook

Sasse Slams Clearing of Protesters for Trump's Church Photo Opportunity

Wondering where the GOP is? Read the thread.

Joe Biden speaks on George Floyd protests

I am so done with all the "news" now.......riots is all it is.....not a word about Covid-19

I'm not saying for sure he's Satan, but.....

ICU doctor warns: 'We could lose control of the virus again'

absolutely fanastic thread with video of peaceful protests all over the country

NC Gov Roy Cooper told RNC highly unlikely they'd be allowed to hold in person convention

Florida police officer put on leave after pinning black man to the ground with knee

NY Times Ripped For 'Pathetic' Front-Page Trump Coverage

BREAKING: White House floated the idea of taking over the D.C. local police department ...

Congressman Elliott Engel Reveals Too Much on a Hot Mic

Australian reporter knocked down by police live on air as she covered George Floyd protests in DC

Remember when graphically correct DU-ers made this happen?

Judge Raises Suspicions With Appeals Court About DOJ Motives For Dropping Flynn Charges

12 Senate responses

All along we've been seeing that the emperor has no clothes

These men are so full of hate

Multiple GOP senators criticize Trump's church stunt: 'Don't know what point the president was tryin

I have a heavy heart reading about those lost in violence during the last week while I'm still

'It's not lowering the temperature': Republican Gov. Hogan blasts Trump tweets

So, Hope Hicks was the braintrust behind the church stunt.

Opinion: Trump wants armed conflict. Don't give it to him

Kellyanne is a vile POS. (I know. "In other news...water is wet.")

Inslee statement on Trump's threat to deploy military to put down protests

ESPN radio was ALL OVER the race problem this morning

Adolf & Igolf

A short humor break

You know what's sad?

The Pastor Who Called Trump's White House 'Holy Ground' Is Raking in the Bucks

Trump: A Miserable Failure at Handling Two Crises (Chuck Schumer)

George Clooney: Racism Is Our Pandemic And In 400 Years We've Yet To Find A Vaccine

Trump's Big Moment in Front of a Church Shows He Has Missed the Point of the Protests

Pierce County sees eight new COVID-19 cases; free testing at Tacoma Dome in June

Internal Affairs investigation ordered after cop posts "Let's start a riot" to Instagram.

Jay Inslee chokes up in call for non-violence, decries 'ranting' of Trump

The entire ReTHUG party is racist from head to toe

Major retailers are joining the Blackout Tuesday movement

Ahead of Trump Bible photo op, police forcibly expel priest from St. John's church

GDP is projected to fall by nearly 53% in the second quarter, according to a Fed gauge

Its quite obvious the contempt Melania has for him - looks ready to smack him one.

Soooo... GOP says you went out to protest, you can go out to vote. No vote by mail!

Australian news crew assaulted by US cops

Tropical Storm Cristobal develops in the Gulf of Mexico, may approach the U.S. by weekend

The President walking the streets around the White House:

GOP senators critical of Trump's response to unrest following Floyd's death

Twitter had a thread a few days ago where people were pledging that if they

Cuomo urges de Blasio to use more cops against looters after night of intense protests in NYC

A June Super Tuesday? Everything you need to know about today's primaries


Trump says "My Admin has done more for the Black Community than any President since Abraham Lincoln.

Capitol Hill protest declared a riot after hours of peaceful demonstrations

If you're not checking the WaPo "Made by History" page out regularly, be sure to change that.

State Officials Confirm 6 Coronavirus Deaths, 275 New Cases

Why are Cuomo and De Blasio fighting?

2 more COVID deaths in Tri-Cities. Fewer total deaths in May

after reading comments on CNN and elsewhere about yesterday's gassing

Tennessee National Guard lays down their shields at protest

Health Experts Ask Protesters To Remain Mindful Of Coronavirus

Do "Flood the Zone" Police Tactics Actually Enable Looting in Large Cities?

The sub-text for MAGA is MAWA.

Portland's Mayor Ted Wheeler announces no curfew extension

Live updates: Barr personally asked to push back protesters outside White House

As meatpacking plants reopen, workers terrified of coronavirus risk

My letter to my Congressman

Birmingham Mayor Orders Removal of Confederate Monument in Public Park

MSNBC's Eddie Glaude Shades Biden After Widely-Lauded Speech:

A few birds of my backyard

Trump praises 'domination' of DC protesters

Eww, this one left a mark.

'We tired of seeing black people getting killed': Seahawks' Wagner urges focus on protest message

Chris Daniels on those detained at George Floyd protests

Priorities USA (pro-Biden) campaign ad: "Antithetical"

Trump - My Admin has done more for the Black Community than any President since Abraham Lincoln

GOP senators defend Trump's church photo-op

North Carolina governor rejects GOP's demand for full-fledged convention

With The Climate Of The Country Being What It Is Today In Light Of This Situation - If Mitch....

Nov. 2, 1920: The Ocoee Massacre

Omaha bar owner who fatally shot protester is evicted from downtown property

When the police rioted in Chicago in 1968 during the Dem convention, the protesters chanted,

What we need

Curfew announced in STLMO from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. (starting evening of June 2, 2020)

Joe Biden to attend George Floyd funeral Tuesday

The coordination for maximum fear is staggering

The military might actually be much more suited to oversee the protests than the cops.

Joe Biden expected to attend George Floyd funeral, family lawyer says

One of America's most prominent conservative columnists wants Republicans to lose in 2020

CDC Says Cars Are Better Than Mass Transit during COVID-19 Crisis

Joe Biden expected to attend George Floyd funeral, family lawyer says

I can't get past the differences between the Minneapolis BLM protest and anti-lockdown protests

D.C. mayor's office says federal officials floated idea of taking over D.C. police

Blackout Tuesday: Spotify, SiriusXM Observe Moments of Silence in George Floyd Tributes

So What If Every Living President Were Invited & Attended George's Funeral, Except One

trump has done absolutely NOTHING to quash the riots....ZERO

New ad (Priorities USA) - Dictator in Chief

We are the witnesses to these days and as such

Metra Cancels ALL Service for Tuesday 6/2/2020

So, do I have this right?


I used to see a lot of butterflies

Kansas City police escalate. No provocation

Cops Are Always the Main Characters

Anyone ever hear of the Brian Jonestown Massacre? I just discovered them today.


TV is awash with the god botherers excoriating tRump. Guess what? tRump wins.

God is not your plaything, Donald

Come ON, Nicolle.

Joe Biden needs an eloquent speechwriter

There are more people at the protest in Houston than there were

Same-sex marriages have contributed $3.8 billion to the US economy

(Jewish Group) Los Angeles Jews take stock after George Floyd protests batter local institutions

An eyewitness account on the Omaha shooting of James Scurlock

I can't believe someone asked this question.

Judge gives control of 'Tiger King' Joe Exotic's zoo to Carole Baskin

NYPD officers overheard on police scanner: "Run them over. Shoot those motherfuckers."

Trump Took a Knee Too

Tosin Abasi - Leonardo De Vinci of guitars

Joe Biden expected to attend George Floyd funeral, family lawyer says

Minnesota Human Rights Department launches probe into Minneapolis police

Detailed description of a peaceful protest in a small Maryland town that deteriorated into tear gas.

what do we think would have happened if donnie and the right wing had basically done nothing

A meme is worth a thousand "oh shits"

What's for Dinner, Tues., June 2, 2020

Please DU I need your help!

Zuckerberg accused of setting dangerous precedent over Trump

F1 Fans-This just in from BBC ( Lewis Hamilton on America)

One day after China emasculated Trump before the world, He steps out of the hidey hole, with....

In the grocery store yesterday,

When Will You Arrest Your Children For Charity Fraud Trump? Mr. Law And Order My Ass

How do I post a PDF to DU? There's a wonderful parody of what..

LIVE Stream - Southern California peaceful march - Justice for George - Miles long!!

China delayed releasing coronavirus info, frustrating WHO

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Wednesday, 3 June 2020

Live video of the George Floyd march in Houston.


Living For The City

And the markets go up

Big Majority Feels Country Is On Wrong Track

Tears of a clown.

So many people are upset about property damage...

What do we do now to get some calm?

Serious question for the experts

"Calling it now. Trump's gonna have the police and military clear out 17th street today" (humor)

Abolish the Police. Instead, Let's Have Full Social, Economic, and Political Equality.

Last AG to use the Insurrection Act was Bill Barr. 1992 LA riots

Where's the House? If Dems don't impeach the would-be dictator...

First off, it's 90 degrees and full sun here in Madison, WI...

Why Did Trump Cross The Road?

If there ever was a time for the 25th admendment now is it

Anyone notice he didn't even carry the Bible with him on the way over ?

9 states, DC vote amid coronavirus pandemic, social unrest

Four non blondes. Whats up. Whats goin on.

Reuters sells its credibility down the toilet by partnering with Russia's Tass Agency

Boston Police Officers Caught On Video With Truck Full Of Bricks In Alley Way

Funeral notice of events for George Floyd in Houston, Tx

The Texas GOP Still Carry the Ideology of this Confederate General

Bishop Mariann Edgar Budde

Black trail riding club, Nonstop Riders, arrive at Houston protest on horse

Whoa! Trump's disapproval rating:

Trucker who drove into protesters on 35W Bridge released without charges

The LA Police Commission meeting is Lit!

Birmingham taking down Confederate monument

Someone we haven't heard of for a while- Paul Ryan.

Boy Howdy! Trump's tough talk in the Rose Garden and his military ambush of peaceful

If you can get to downtown Orlando do so now! Thousands are marching!


By golly, Trump finally managed to build his wall...

Trump: Looter-in-Chief

Has anyone stepped forward or is there a plan

adam schiff cosponsers rep. pressley's "resolution to condemn police brutality"

Horseback riding club rolls into Houston protests to stand in solidarity with protesters

The view coming down 14th St. (Washington D.C,):

Update on my Mom, She's back home

A tale told in two images

Haven't been paying close attention - Iowa's Covid-19 cases really jumping, aren't they?

State of Minnesota has filed a Civil Rights law suit against the Minneapolis Police Dept

At this pivotal moment in history I am glad to see George Bush getting on the right side of it

I posted a reply to a Wednesday post, but that post is not showing up among 5:13 posts. What...

Bible prop photo-op prototype

Smallish medium black tomato?

so how are today's primaries going? media blackout on that subject. got any news on it?

Okay, that was uncalled for

The church picture, zoomed in.

CHARGED! those six officers that rained mayhem down on two colleges students for filming

One of the greatest love stories of all time.

Tonight will be way bigger than his inauguration. link...

Ever since Stephen Miller took over the script writing duties of The Apprentice ...

The expression on this model's face was intriguing to me

Getting So Bad For Republicans Bush Jr Is Going To Speak

"I am not your enemy" plea answered with handcuffs:

McConnell blocks resolution condemning Trump's actions against peaceful protesters

Wanna see a miracle...

Washington's first 90-degree day of summer is a good bet Wednesday.

Mexico faces reality - builds the wall

Another day, another Amy Cooper...

Posted last year on FB, tried to repost today but removed. I've appealed.


Tell donald, the Whole World is NOT Laughing

Antifa rumors spread on local social media with no evidence

Trump sure is getting some big crowds...

Can you hire a sky writer in DC???

Refuses to use the law to save black lives but will weaponize the law to actively put black lives..

My exam rooms are jammed, and we're evaluating people in their cars out in the parking lot.

Attorney General Barr ordered authorities to clear protesters near White House, DOJ official says

Read today.

Just for info - 8 Primaries tonight and Iowa house/sen races - links included (all in one place)

And for tonight's protests, let's add bayonets

Some people have talent/some have imagination - some have both

Facebook product boycott - start now

I can have my blood tested for COVID-19/SARS-2 antibodies when I donate blood

This must be giving Trump an ulcer: Natl. Guard taking a knee with protesters.

George W. Bush calls out racial injustices and celebrates protesters who 'march for a better future'

Huge D.C. Protest - 'Took at least 5 minutes to pass, picking up folks all the way"

Lots and lots of big plywood boards covering broken windows draw the artists

Everybody look what's going down...

Black Protestor caught 2 White Protestors tagging Starbucks.

Lyft says May rides jump 26% from prior month (but 70% down from the previous May)

Just got this link from

Metra Cancels ALL Service for Tuesday 6/2/2020

Ohio Bill Would Make It Harder to Vote

I am encouraged by small stories of hope and concern.

Interpret Cucker Tarlson

Twitter suspends fake antifa account tied to white nationalists

So I guess now we're going to have a gun control election in November

Mitch McConnell Blocks Resolution Condemning Trump For Gassing Protesters

Mitch McConnell Blocks Resolution Condemning Trump For Gassing Protesters

Trump ordered military aircraft to fly above demonstrators Monday night as a "show of force"

MSNBC reporting the other 3 officers will soon be charged

FOX 5 DC News Live

'I Cannot Remain Silent'

truck driver who drove into Minneapolis protesters has been released from jail without criminal char

Ventured out to the watch repair shop

D.C. Police Charged Demonstrators With Wearing Masks ...

White House Discussed Federalizing D.C.'s Police Force: Mayor's Office

As usual he has made this all about him.

"Governments....deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed,"

Full Speech of Terrence Floyd - Peace on the Left, Justice on the Right!

So Barr apparently gave order to gas peaceful protesters.

Elizabeth Warren joins the crowd at the WH fence.

BREAKING: Alexandria Confederate Statue Removed

Dahlia Lithwick: Why This Time Is Different

FWIW - Statement from George W. Bush:

Who thinks he could depart like Nixon (before his birthday) - in a helicopter?

One major change in 55 years

BunkerBoy is all Bluff and Bullshit!

Elizabeth Warren, her husband, and dog, Bailey are at the DC protest right now

George W Bush

this formless pup tent of a suit and long drooling necktie

Ten Nominations and One Withdrawal Sent to the Senate; June 2, 2020

House Judiciary Chairman Announces Actions to Hold AG Barr Accountable (slashing his budget)

Want police reform? We need independent medical examiners and coroners.

Wendy's is over!

Joe Biden wins Indiana Primary

Trump, look out your window, see your incredible rally - against you, it may actually

Looters Snag 50+ Cars Including $100K Hellcats, Chargers, Challengers, And Trackhawks

Just got a great book delivered by Amazon!

DC March this afternoon-14th Street

Sort of wish that I could join them.

Joe Biden sees fundraising surge in wake of George Floyd's death and Trump's response to protests

LIberal Redneck - Stop Murdering people assholes

Tiger King: Joe Exotic's former zoo handed to rival Carole Baskin

Nadler/Dems are going after Barr........

The American People are not afraid of the Holey Moran Emperor

Justin Trudeau Takes Painfully Long 22-Second Pause When Asked About Trump's Handling of Protests

With all due respect to the protestors in DC down at Lafayette Park

Stunning picture: Columbus Circle 7:15pm - 6.2.20

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2020 that Democrats need to win to regain control in 2020.


DC live feed: "Whose street? our street!" "what do you want" Justice!

U.S. temporarily to allow certain impurities in hand sanitizer

FIL asked me to paint his late cat.

Judge approves 2nd recall effort against Sheriff Fortney

The Joe Biden We've Been Waiting For

DC man offers refuge to nearly 100 protesters to protect them from injury and arrest

Google faces $5 billion lawsuit in U.S. for tracking 'private' internet use

Donald Trump Is Trying to Start a Race War

You know why policing never changes?

45 million Americans think those 8 years of Obama of prosperity and healing around the world

The DEA Has Just Been Authorized to Conduct Surveillance on Protesters

Trump campaign demand to retract "tear gas" statement marred by first-hand witnesses

Police Didn't Spend Millions On Awesome Tank Just To Let Protests Stay Peaceful

Phase 3 of reopening not likely next week for Shelby County following significant COVID-19 case incr

2020's Safest States in U.S.

Minneapolis Public Schools terminates contract with Police Department over George Floyd's death

Australia pins hopes on elusive gas panacea for climate, economy woes

"I Cannot Remain Silent Our fellow citizens are not the enemy, and must never become so."

'Trump's Re-Election Chances Are Going Down in Flames.'

How do you get this thing to work?

Lawmaker who ran for governor pleads not guilty to charges

Most Americans Sympathize with Protests

Meghan McCain Claims Neighborhood Is 'War Zone' And Gets Owned By Neighbor

VERIFY: Some rubber bullets have metal inside, are classified 'less lethal

The Singing Sensation That's Sweeping The Nation! Ladies and gentlemen, give them a big hand!

Piss Trump

It struck me the other evening that I have been guilty of stereotyping. I have on

Out And About Yesterday And Today*... and I made a funny or two...

VERIFY: Yes, tear gas can help spread COVID-19

George Floyd's GoFundMe accounts have raised over $9 million for his family ... and counting

Trump left his bunker and people along the route expressed themselves loud and clear

Lawmaker who ran for governor pleads not guilty to charges

Bayonets. They've got bayonets.