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Burgess Owens Won't Stand for Colin Kaepernick's Kneeling

A photo of empty stadium seats has been up on Drudge all day

In Honduras, a Journalist Explores an Activist's Murder

Poco - In The Heart of The Night

Tucker Carlson under curses and spells of Polish Witches?

The President's Shock at the Rows of Empty Seats in Tulsa

Mike Murphy (RVAT) lights the fuse...

Who was the last real "Republican"

The more you think about it the more you realize the level of arrogance required to expect people

LOL!!!! (From last night: 10:12 PM Jun 20, 2020)

One of Mom's favorite songs

The BEST trump 'Walk of Shame' video

I can't wrap my head around the fact that a "President" of the United States spent 15 minutes...

In the great American tradition of Marbury v. Madison, I offer you this actual quote from Tulsa:

Monmouth University to Remove Woodrow Wilson's Name From Building

Passengers File Racial Discrimination Lawsuit Against American Airlines

Public Health Experts Reject President's View of Fading Pandemic

On Father's Day, Cuba's Elian Gonzalez announces he's set to become a dad

On Father's Day, Cuba's Elian Gonzalez announces he's set to become a dad

Trumpworld strategies post-Tulsa: Blame, and hope

Arizona reports more than 2,500 new coronavirus cases, totaling more than 52,300 statewide

Trump campaign, Democrats joust over Tulsa rally turnout

Play with me!!!

one of the officers that killed George Floyd is chided while shopping for Oreos

Time to bring back this classic to keep the flame going. Stormy pick which shroom looks the closest!

Democratic senators say Trump administration has been slow to use coronavirus testing funds

I got pushed poll tonight for the presidential election.

Poll: Joe Biden leads Donald Trump 48% to 35%.

"Democratic Majority for Israel" launches attack ad on Jamaal Bowman

Quick turnaround on this one...

US Senate Election Rating for US Senate seats that Democrats will win in 2020.

The President's Shock at the Rows of Empty Seats in Tulsa

Washington Department of Licensing offices to reopen for appointments only starting Monday

Biden's Father's Day tweet

WATCH: President Trump golfs on Sunday at his Virginia golf club following his rally in Tulsa, OK.

Under state program, Kitsap plans to distribute 100,000 free masks for low-income residents

'There's a limit': Residents on edge, city leaders mum after deadly CHOP shooting

Michael Moore's epic fail preserved in twitter: Crowing about the big crowds expected for Trump

Top Florida House Democrat seeks action on integrity of mail-in voting

Connie Schultz: When he becomes a grandfather, you get to fall in love with him all over again.

WHO reports largest single-day increase in coronavirus cases

Reminder to those who are interested.

Did anyone else notice Trump call the Boeing CEO a dumb son of a bitch?

Brad Parscale @parscale Just passed 800,000 tickets. Biggest data haul and rally signup of all time

Trump seems to think that testing causes COVID-19

*ABC now, Bolton with Martha Raddatz

It's not an ad from the Biden campaign, BUT.....

Is it possible?

Aging is a woman's secret power -- and the data proves it

The only way trump wins is...

Kids With No Name: Kazakh Lawyer Describes Horrific Plight Of Children With Special Needs

Biden's $80.8 Million Outpaced Trump's Fundraising in May

Armenian Court Denies Request To Arrest Opposition Leader

With no students, small college town worries over future

AG Bill Barr said that mail-in ballots could be flooded with fraud votes!

Kentucky cuts 95% of polling stations

Confederate flags fly outside NASCAR speedway in Alabama

Iran's 'Ancient Sport' Not A Man's World Anymore

Fireworks, yay or nay?

Injuries at protests draw scrutiny to use of police weaponry

trump vs Biden: Ramp Edition

Let's talk about Trump's Tulsa rally and what we're missing....

Fireworks (in your neighborhood), yay or nay?

The 'historical silence' of the Black workers who made Phoenix prosperous

Fireworks ( in a controlled setting by professionals) yay or nay?

A Fathers Day song for all the dads, dads to be and the dads no longer with us.

No-lockdown Sweden is compelling parents to send their children to school.

McSally Clings to Trump Train as Arizona Becomes COVID 'Nightmare'

Regardless of what the motive is, the information Bolton reveals

Older Americans face another pandemic risk: Most can't work remotely despite COVID-19

The next project for the kids -

Ted Lieu has a good sense of humor....

Chewing gum - polycotton, - *UPDATE* - outcome/resolved? solution - ice and Goo Gone

Democrats, public health experts decry Trump for saying he asked officials to slow down testing

Tennessee Newspaper Criticized for Stoking Hate Against Muslims

If Biden doesn't hold big rallys , and says he isn't holding them because of possible virus spread,

Hey, Dotard!

BOLTON re: not testifying & smearing the House as "partisan" just pissed me off *MORE*.

12 states have set record highs in new COVID-19 cases since Friday

Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb responds to testing positive for COVID-19, says he wouldn't enforce

Aide to Tulsa Mayor Resigns Amid City's Handling of Trump Rally

Man arrested after Arizona Confederate monument doused in red paint

Stock futures tumble as fears of virus resurgence flare

American Bridge Launches Ad about Trump Words on Testing heard Around the World

Just as valid back then, as it is now.

Synopsis of Bolton interview.

Al Franken's comment on the rally:

If Trump's statement that he "purposely" slowed down Covid testing was only a joke,

NASCAR fans caravan in with confederate flag waving, then pack them away to enter

Bully. Coward. Victim. The Roy Cohn Story on HBO

There's no motorsport quite like the TT.

Ilhan Omar with a solid endorsement of Biden.

For the next rally....

AZ "Students for Trump" June 23 event. Look who's talking.

Let's take a moment to talk about trumps racist use of "Kung flu"

Lillie Mae. She is so . . . Everything I think is missing in country music

The Wrong Justice Department Official Lost His Job This Weekend

Exclusive: Trump held off on Xinjiang sanctions for China trade deal

Tweet of the Day

America's Wannabe Autocrat Is in the Home Stretch. How Worried Should We Be?

Church didn't know when agreeing to rental

What music would _you add?

"Ann" on Great Performances, PBS

Pennsylvania's primary election results are finally in. Here's what they mean for November.

NASCAR says noose found in Bubba Wallace's garage at Talladega

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, June 23: Star of the Month: Ann Sheridan

Roosevelt Statue to Be Removed From Museum of Natural History

Columbus, OH: police pepper spray a double amputee, then *disconnect and take his prosthetic legs*

The only coup d'tat ever to take place on American soil

Almost 1,000 people wait up to 13 hours for COVID-19 testing in Maryvale, Az.

How to walk down a ramp...

Just watched the interview.

California high school claims graduation event is a Black Lives Matter protest to evade restrictions

I really thought this was The Onion at first.

The Fonz!

Will this ABC interview with John Bolton have any impact with Republican voters?

New Meidas Ad - Fred's Failure

Tweet of the Weekend ( the kid's next trolling will be... )

All eyes on Roberts ahead of Supreme Court's abortion ruling

OK, lounge lizards, a weird allergy symptom question.

Bolton says he hopes Trump is 1-term president, warns country imperiled by his reelection

In 2016, Putin didn't expect Trump to win. Now, he needs him to.

James Gang - Walk Away

Betcha didn't know this!

(Jewish Group) Brazilian pastor, congregants pray for another Holocaust

James Gang - The Bomber

I watched FOX REPORT today. BOTH FOX speakers were critical of Trump vis a vis Berman!

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, June 24: History of the Swimsuit

On the ground in Wisconsin: Trump's team goes door-to-door while Democrats stay virtual amid covid

2 from Alan Hovhaness

John Bolton: Pence was a 'consistent ally' and equally 'stunned' by some Trump actions

Katie Porter is backing Joe Kennedy for Mass. Senate

Most Iowa Dems More Likely to Wear Face Masks Than Republicans, Poll Says

150 cannery workers forced into hotel quarantine without pay

US Senate Election Rating for US Senate seats that Democrats are going to win in 2020.

NASCAR says noose found in Bubba Wallace's garage stall at Talladega

David Crosby Calls For Pro-Biden Benefit Featuring Bruce Springsteen, CSNY, The Eagles,Jackson Brown

Hamilton will be streaming for the 4th...

Embrace me, you child...

John Brennan: Trump, Barr 'Will Stoop To Whatever Depths They Need' To Carry Out Personal Agendas

Kingman resident wants message to counter Confederate flag display

Madam Speaker, the Queen of Shade, strikes again ...

There's a Docuseries on Joe Arpaio in the Works. We Have Questions.

Third day in a row of record-breaking daily coronavirus cases in Travis County: 506

Little Donald at Bat.

World Leaders Face Dilemma: Deal With Trump or Hang On for Biden

☦️Eastern Orthodox Christian: Memory Eternal/Vichnaja Pamjat

☦️Eastern Orthodoxy: Kontakion of the Departed/Kyrie Eleison/The Jesus Prayer

Feds accuse Austin man of defrauding coronavirus aid program of $2 million

Why Bill Barr Got Rid of Geoffrey Berman This is how an authoritarian works to subvert justice.

Help! Does anyone know if there instructions here on how to post pictures?

FLIPPABLE: Luann D'Agostino for DE-HD22

Dallas, Tarrant counties each report 400-plus new coronavirus cases as Jenkins sees 'second wave'

FLIPPABLE: Stehanie Barry for DE-HD21

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) - Coronavirus VIII: Prisons & Jails

There was dancing at the rally.

North Texas counties are declaring themselves 100% open for business despite COVID limits

Gotta love Borowitz.

Hernia surgery.

Bexar County reports 538 new COVID cases, one new death, as surge continues

Only in Russia: 60 second Wresting Match

Utah confirms 394 new coronavirus cases; 3 more deaths on Sunday

Diesel activism: Truck drivers turn counterprotesters by 'rolling coal'

Campus police looking for suspects who vandalized Brigham Young statue

2020 US Senate Election Rating for US Senate seats that Democrats are going to win in 2020.

George Floyd mural in Salt Lake City vandalized a second time

Breakfast Monday 22 June 2020

Hotels Aren't Living Up To Their Coronavirus Promises

Coronavirus Culture Shock While Traveling

Trump to Hold Next Rally in Bunker

Scientists split over which disease to put in 6G technology

TRANSCRIPT: John Bolton interview with ABC News' Martha Raddatz (ABC)

NASCAR driver Bubba Wallce has noose found in his car's garage stall at Talladega

How Did Vietnam Become Biggest Nation Without Coronavirus Deaths?

2020 US Senate Election Rating for US Senate seats that Democrats will be winning in 2020

95% of Windrush victims who have submitted claims are still without a penny of compensation.

Another Shooting at Seattle's Protest 'Autonomous Zone'

When a president jokes about reducing testing during a very active and deadly pandemic

The Ghost Car at the 1939 World's Fair

Ted Lieu: Today I released my first campaign ad.

Monday TOONs - Nopelahoma

Subways of the world:

Slate has a good summary of Trump's hate speech Saturday night

WaPo: Betsy DeVos is an abysmal failure and our nation's schoolchildren are paying the price

Might not mean anything but Morning Joe showed a clip

Drumpf's tweeting on mail-in voting fears again

Video: Tea Party Republican Cluelessly Asks, "Who Is W.E.B. 'Debow'?"

Donnie Dollhands returning from Tulsa... sitting next to Kellyann?

This is a voting strategy that could work..

Extraordinary video of Gang Members reacting to seeing themselves without their tattoos

Another great weekend for Law and Order in the US. WTF is going on???

You ever go to the comments on Trump's tweets

SCOTUSblog: Live blog of orders and opinions - Monday, June 22, 2020 We will be live-blogging ...

Neal McCoy 'Where Forever Begins'- one of my entries...

Now Bolton's denying that he told the Telegraph he'd vote for Biden

The tiktok post that started the prank to order trump rally tix

June 22 - Happy Birthday Senator Dianne Feinstein (D) CA

Biden's tweet on Trump and China

June 22 - Happy Birthday Rep. Adam Schiff (D) CA-28

Biden's tweet on Trump and Venezuela

June 22 - Happy Birthday Senator Elizabeth Warren (D) MA

BREAKING... The goal for DU for Joe at ActBlue was just raised to $400,000

On Third Day Of Demonstrations In Florissant, Protesters Vow To Keep Coming Back

August 18 2020 will be the 100th anniversary of women winning the vote in America..

trump cult

New lincoln project ad, set to Jurassic Park lol....

FLIPPER AND FRIENDS: Dolphin shares a moment with dogs on a boat as it repeatedly peeks out of the..

On the street in front of Mitch and Elaine's DC house this weekend.

I was stung by a scorpion last night.

Wagakki Band - 焔 (Homura) + 暁ノ糸 (Akatsuki no Ito) / 1st JAPAN Tour 2015 Hibiya Yagai Ongakudo 1,905,

trump says niece set to publish book had signed a nondisclosure agreement

I want trump to answer this today from reporters,

New York City's subway dilemma: Will overnight train service ever come back?

You raised $2,826.00 on June 21, 2020 to elect Joe Biden POTUS with our DU ActBlue link

Kana chan tv!! Catching up!! (5 episodes)

Bubba Wallace

The Rundown: June 22, 2020


Is that Rus Limpball guy still amongst the living?

To those 6200 people who heeded the warnings and distancing wasn't followed?

Production workers strike against major Navy shipbuilder

Production workers strike against major Navy shipbuilder

Will Kellyanne Conway resign now that Trump publicly said "KungFlu"?

Production workers strike against major Navy shipbuilder

Production workers strike against major Navy shipbuilder

Whatever happened to "Anonymous" ?

The Capitol Hill Organized Protest Zone needs to end...

He's tweeting again. THIS TIME IN CAPS. More Mail-in voting voter fraud fears

Let's clarify something: Trump is NOT doing a "rally" in Phoenix...

COVID-19: Red States, Blue States

Trump is heading to Arizona, where Covid-19 cases have nearly doubled in two weeks

Take a deep breath of FREEDOM!

Inga Lam: "I Made Matcha & Dalgona Mochi Donuts From Scratch"

Trump: Foreign countries will print 'millions of mail-in ballots' in 'scandal of our times!'

The real question - why does trump hate America so deeply? While we're at it, why do conservatives

Here's a recap of the Trump administration's turbulent weekend

This question does NOT have an answer, but I so very much want to know

Bears repeating:

My Bolton download

50 Trivia Questions Only Geniuses Can Answer

Two new Biden ads in the last 24 hours - YOUTUBE VIDEOS

Donald Trump is a "fool's fool"...Someone said, "Rather to be thought a fool, than

Interesting questions re: why barr installed his daughter in the Financial Crimes Unit at Treasury

For their next stunt ...

Why some physicists really think there's a 'mirror universe' hiding in space-time

Behold! Hubble telescope catches stunning photos of planetary nebula fireworks

N.M. just passed this ...

Who paid for all that staging outside the BOK Center in Tulsa that they took down when there was no

June 22 1990---Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin dismantled!!

Wow! Trump's standing now among independents in every state, converted to Electoral College format

Sahara dust across the Caribbean this morning

Another tweet from Trump. This one claims Dems "using Covid in order to cheat" with mail-in ballots.

2 killed and 12 injured in North Carolina shooting at block party, police say

Advice Trump should have heeded

A rant

Texas governor limiting press coverage of COVID-19 briefings, shuts out Houston, San Antonio papers

New! A mask for the MAGAts!:

144,000 in Tulsa County voted for Trump in 2016....

Antibody levels in recovered COVID-19 patients decline quickly

Pic Of The Moment: Donald Trump Tells Hilarious Joke

State voting records show that Barr, resident of Fairfax Co, VA, voted by mail in 2019 & 2012.

Jared Yates Sexton on how Donald Trump is a living, breathing memorial to white supremacy

If you had your choice of any previous President which would you want to lead the Covid 19 effort

Jim Sciutto: Of course Bolton's testimony would have mattered.

I'm trying to pinpoint the decade when the CIA allegedly dumped cocaine in black

Inside Trump's Oklahoma debacle

McEnany on Fox this morning: Trump loves "small crowds." They put him in his "best mood."

Dr. Harry Edwards just recommended that Colin Kapernick be nominated for a Nobel Prize.

Should Robert E. Lee High School be renamed?

Trump aides debate future size and look of signature rallies after Tulsa debacle

Talk Business & Politics/Hendrix College Poll shows independents dissatisfied with Pres. Trump, Sen.

IA-SEN: Ernst challenges Greenfield to six debates

Rahel Senn on piano

Howard Fineman: Trump doesn't care if he keeps power legitimately. He'll:

Quick Biden Commercial Idea

From the 'What The Fuck Is Wrong With People' Department: "Burning Noose" Shaved Ice Flavor

Ted Lieu's 1st campaign ad

Big turnout in Jefferson County for Kentucky primary.

New RW tack: There's no point to the November election since people won't believe the results

Monday stress reliever

As Tom Cotton courts controversy, he runs unopposed in Arkansas

Fuck john bolton And The Book He Rode In On

Lincoln Project ads are magnificent. Where are the Dems ads?

Put a hog in a white shirt him bound for wallow in a mud

NY coronavirus update

Poll: Independents dissatisfied with Trump, Cotton; Biden competitive in Arkansas

The Con is going to be beaten so badly come November 3 that all his

Todd Rundgren has a birthday today.

Some Facebook groups created to protest lockdowns are now hotbeds for misinformation

Sheila Buck, art teacher arrested at Trump rally, plans to fight charge

Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic Strikes Deal With NASA to Help Take Tourists to Space

Swimming with the sharks: What progressives can learn from Republicans Against Trump

Cats vs. the printed word - Keeping your subjects dum

WaPo Fact Checker: Who caused the violence at protests? It wasn't antifa.

I can't help latest tweet to The Orange Scourge

Two cell site electricians shot to death while performing an AT&T upgrade in Florida

White House scaling back temperature screenings

White House scaling back temperature screenings

Tweets from Dan Rather and Laurence Tribe, minutes ago, warning us what Trump is up to

facebook FINALLY enforces some of it ToS ....

On this day, June 22, 2009, two Metrorail trains collided on the Red Line near Takoma Park.

Can somebody please post the sad Trump picture of him returning to the white house after Tulsa?

Top Trump fundraiser sought to cash in on valuable 3M masks

Trump's best excuse for his testing remark is still horrifying

Roger Stone says he will request delay to start of prison sentence

Who Is Handing Out High GRade Fireworks In NYC?

Postpone the fireworks

China releases clip mocking US response to Coronavirus outbreak using Lego models

"I'm a dumbass white racist and I just can't stop"

PARLER: What is the app that right wing celebrities are joining?

Police unions call for more funding for training, reforms to prior legislation

Trump x REM - Losing My Civilians

God - So American, so much overkill - The ultimate mousetrap

In person, online classes or a mix: Colleges' fall 2020 coronavirus reopening plans, detailed

A Schlapp in the face

Five Women Veterans Who Deserve to Have Army Bases Named After Them

104 people shot, 14 dead over weekend in Chicago

This Is Not the End of Cities

Someone owes me a new computer screen, I'm dying laughing

Rahm Emanuel on the toppling of Grant's statue - ABC This Week

Swimming with the sharks: What progressives can learn from Republicans Against Trump

Trump Fired Her Boss. Now She's Taking Cases That Incensed White House.

CNN reporting we're near 120,000 Deaths from Coronavirus...Worldometer has it at 122,292

Found on FB

Does Trump's disregard of Covid guidelines put him at a campaign advantage going forward?

Astronomers discover black hole in Earth's galactic backyard

Picture of a man with his three HAPPY children on Father's Day!

'This is unfortunately not a joke': Harvard doctor reacts to Trump's comments on COVID-19 testing

How dumb do T and his cronies think his supporters are?

Digi-Key contractor ordered to pay construction workers $315,000 in back wages

Digi-Key contractor ordered to pay construction workers $315,000 in back wages

Digi-Key contractor ordered to pay construction workers $315,000 in back wages

"Lockout". Well done sci-fi action film.

Are there NASCAR fans that are trying to prove they are the racist yahoos

Support black owned business

WHO Announces Biggest Single Day Rise in COVID-19 Cases Globally

Here's How Long We'll Be Struggling With COVID-19, Says Harvard Doctor

Life Care fired staffer who revealed nursing home nightmare to Reuters

Supreme Court upholds SEC's power to take illegal profits from Orange County couple

If you're naming it after Guy, how about "Doucheburgh"?

The Summer Without Rodeos -- Around the country, but mostly in small towns in the West, ...

I'm so sorry, but we have something to be grateful for from dRump.

Trump: "if you want to know the truth. We've done too good a job."

It Could Happen Here - The Humanist (June 11)

Melania Trump Celebrated her Hour of Researching Juneteenth By Showing Off In A Tweet

Biden/Obama Fundraiser tomorrow.

VIDEO: Just asked President Trump if he actually ordered testing to be slowed down. He said...

I Ain't No False Prophet

Biden's Essence Mag op-ed: "Juneteenth: A Reminder Of Black America's Long-Fought Fight For Justice"

Mean Mary - Big Red Barn

So Trump has size issues?

The Gettysburg Address was 272 words -- while Trump's ramp talk topped at 1798 words

'VeggieTales' creator Phil Vischer releases viral video on race in America

It is not just about the Polls

People Have Stopped Going to the Doctor. Most Seem Just Fine.

WH press briefing

I am still laughing

Kayleigh McEnany will answer all your questions starting any minute now.

Interesting poll from Jacksonville,Duval County, Florida.....

Trump having severe butt hurt over Tulsa. Emperor Trump does not like to be disappointed.

My auto cat rectal and I are going to fight

30% Failed to Make Housing Payments in June

Anyone up for a Republican voting for Biden story?

NBC News: A U.S. Army soldier has been charged with giving classified information about U.S. troops

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 6/22/20

I found this on Twitter today...

On the Ground at Trump's Tulsa Burnout: Pepper Balls, Protesters, and a Failing Conman

Biden 2020!

Something majestic that will make you feel good! Or better?

"Trump needs Facebook's thumb on the scale to win this election"

Cartoons 6/22/2020

Snohomish dodged tragedy and lawsuits by hair trigger

Bus fare is on its way back across Snohomish County

Berman refused to sign Justice Department letter criticizing New York's Covid restrictions

Gilead to begin clinical trials of inhaled version of Remdesivir

Very powerful, very graphic video. (Trigger warning)

"Leather Bottomed Shoes" by Josh Radnor...

Plant nursery under investigation for banning face masks

After surviving COVID-19, couple donates plasma for research

Oh, about that whole 'antifa terrorist' bullshit:

2020 repeat of "Putin if you're listening..".2016

The Cops LIED About the Shake Shack "Poisoning"

Another idiotic tweet from the Orange Gibbon

Trump looks "silly" in OK rally

Born on this day, June 22, 1936: Kris Kristofferson

Trump leans on racial grievance as he reaches for a campaign reset

Director of unemployment agency in Nevada, state hardest hit by economic downturn, leaves amid

Pence Voted by Mail from Four-Year Old Address

Director Joel Schumacher dies aged 80

Coronavirus lockdowns increase poaching in Asia, Africa

2nd wave of virus cases? Experts say we're still in the 1st

OK, I didn't know this had ever happened -- can't imagine a good explanation for this. nt

FBI investigating noose left in NASCAR stall of Black driver

Trump rally highlights vulnerabilities heading into election

Congress needs to hold hearings with all the SOSs and hold their feet to the fire regarding voter

Guy Fieri's Las Vegas Kitchen Bar closes after employee tests positive for COVID-19

Trump and Barr Discard Law, Morality and Honor

Donald Trump and Kayleigh McEnany stand before you.

In Lieu of Fun, Episode 87: Rick Wilson ..... Highly Recommended

Trump accused of not using $14bn for coronavirus testing and contact tracing

Meet the vegetarian anti-vaxxers who led the smallpox inoculation backlash in Victorian Britain

Trump's version of 'voter fraud' found rampant in the White House

School crossing guard dog takes his job seriously, cusses at cars that don't stop (Twitter)

President's nuclear fantasy threatens Nevadans' health, national security

Trump stands FIRM on voter-by-mail...

Am I the only old lady who has decided maybe wearing a mask

White House defends Trump's use of racist language

U.S. Supreme Court rejects challenge to Trump's steel tariffs

Old Man Fights His Way Into Walmart Without a Mask, Gets Kicked Out

Donald Trump's Return from Disappointing Tulsa Rally Gets Meme'd as 'Walk of Shame'

I am ready to graduate to buying feminized seeds online...



If there is one hill on which I am willing to die, it's vote-by-mail

What was the birther movement, for $20 Alex

Bill Gates is not secretly plotting microchips in a coronavirus vaccine.

NC care 360 tool completed months ahead of schedule, announced by Dr. Cohen

Trump's whining on Twitter again... screaming PRESIDENTIAL HARASSMENT!

Trump Campaign Faces Reckoning After Falling Short in Tulsa

OAN's resident White House fantasyland "reporter," Chanel Rion, doesn't like reality...

Who would have believed that the best strategy to beat Trump was to do nothin

Scientists find huge ring of ancient shafts near Stonehenge

What's he bitching about now?

Biden aide begins forming U.S. presidential transition team

A thing of beauty - Board member called out of Lee H.S. renaming

China likely lost at least 40 soldiers in border clash: Indian minister

Arizona megachurch claims Trump event will be safe because their air purification system kills '99.9

As coronavirus cases surge, California is the latest state to require face masks

Tim Murtaugh, trump communication director was on CNN, and was asked why trump asked to slow

Farmer's Market 'Karen' Attacks Gay Cookie Vendor for Handing Out Pride Flags

Ho hum....🥱

Boston Fed's Rosengren: Second half of 2020 will be 'more difficult' than anticipated

Another tweet from cloud cuckoo land

I got a letter from the IRS to inform me my Economic Impact Payment

Sensible Biden tweet

METROPOLITAN DIARY (Weekly gift from me & NYT to Loungers!)

"I am a Republican. If you support Donald Trump, I am against you."

With the horror that is 5G, it's a good thing to know you can be protected by a pendant!

We're Doing Elections Wrong Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj

Pompeo aide set to testify on ouster of agency watchdog

NASCAR Solidarity Behind Bubba

Anyone following this bananas fireworks conspiracy?

Here are 9 hand sanitizers the FDA warns can be toxic if absorbed by the body

Swoon. I just finished watching "Love in the Afternoon".

Here are 9 hand sanitizers the FDA warns can be toxic if absorbed by the body

Hack Brief: Anonymous Stole and Leaked a Megatrove of Police Documents

Joel Schumacher, Director of Batman Films and 'Lost Boys,' Dies at 80

The EU total daily COVID-19 case count is now one-eighth of the US daily case count

The IRS isn't auditing rich people's tax returns.


More Trump Campaign staffers test positive for COVID-19

"Three Wives and Seven Hamberders Ago"

Happy Father's Day President Trump

The unraveling of the rule of law under Trump is picking up speed

Trump, citing pandemic, orders limits on foreign workers, extends immigration restrictions

Online event: Trading Privilege for Freedom, Wholeness & Right-relations

Why William Barr's corruption probably can't save Trump

Abbott Touts Personal Responsibility in Today's Press Conference

Goin' Down This Road Feelin' Bad

Bonus video: it's not his birthday or anything, but it's clouding up to the west, and ...

How many paid gig actors were at the rally?

3D Printed Implants Could Help Patients with Bone Cancer

There's been discussion for awhile now about

Eruption of Alaska's Okmok volcano linked to period of extreme cold in ancient Rome

New Yorker article on Fiona Hill is excellent.I don't know how any woman could put up w/Trump's crap

Funding for universal healthcare solved!

Trump has become Spinal Tap (RE: Tulsa rally attendance)

This man can't see numbers. But his brain can.

These days, a week is a month and a month is a year.

Do any of you people on DU

NBA concerns are growing with a spike in Florida coronavirus cases

A mediocre manager that surrounds themselves with great people will win.

As we go over the 122,000 Americans dead from the virus,

California Hits New High In COVID-19 Hospitalizations

Is Joe Biden speaking with Barack Obama?

NASCAR drivers push Bubba Wallace's car to the front of the field at Talladega

Born on this day, June 22, 1937: Chris Blackwell

Put this up this morning.

Texas governor says coronavirus spreading at 'unacceptable rate;' experts warn of Fourth of July

So, a potentially rabid skunk bit my oldest son - ask me anything!

House Democrats file bill nixing citizenship data-gathering

The Voice of America Will Sound Like Trump

Sarah Cooper's latest: How to empty seat

Bowman* draws parallel between US policing and Israeli occupation

The Lincoln Project is positively diabolical. And I'm loving it. 😂

We know you can fool some of the people all of the time

Now, I Understand What PINO Meant!

The New Face of the NRA

Entire family coaxes giant dog into bath ... even the cat helps 😍😂

Every day, Trump loses his battle with the English language.

Two Nominations Sent to the Senate; June 22, 2020

Help with cat.

Beto O'Rourke's PAC shifts to next phase to help Democrats flip Texas House

Why is Oklahoma so red?

This tiny kitten did not want to be rescued!

What's for Dinner, Mon., June 22, 2020

Colombia's president urges "that we shouldn't talk about who's to blame' for his mistakes

Conservative Democrat could win primary in U.S.' bluest district

Rescued Baby Bear Slowly Falls In Love With His New Friend

This is honestly one of the most preposterous statements in political history

These two rescue pitties are velcro dogs with their veteran dad

The Formula that Paralyzed Europe

Louisiana Governor: LA to stay in Phase Two of reopening

Phoenix has mandatory masks....the mayor waived it for the trump event.

Dog who wanted to hide from the world falls in love with a cranky old cat

Two more Trump staffers test positive for coronavirus after Tulsa rally

2 more Trump campaign staff test positive for coronavirus. They attended the Tulsa rally.

"You Know What to Do": Decoding the Grotesque Symbolism of Trump's Tulsa Rally

Bubba Wallace, and his car 43, are escorted to the front start line by ENTIRE group at Nascar

So now DeSantis is telling Floridians to wear masks.

Juanita Leon, the media godmother who is killing press freedom in Colombia

Shelby County commissioner asks health department to move back to phase one of local reopening

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Tuesday, 23 June 2020

We're Doing Elections Wrong Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj Netflix

This is NOT the 2nd wave of COVID-19

Bolsonaro Administration Pushes Hard to Reduce Official Transparency

A coworker and full blown trump cult member and covid

When will Fauci, Scarfie and the Surgeon General resign and say

Ocasio-Cortez builds political army, and a fundraising machine to match

NASCAR race begins after show of support for Bubba Wallace

FDA Warns Against Using 9 Potentially 'Toxic' Hand Sanitizer Products

MY PREDICTION for the Biden / Trump debates.

F.D.A. Warns of Potentially Toxic Hand Sanitizers

I have family issues. Would someone cover for me, the next week. Thank you

Antigua PM Calls For Push Back On US Bill Targeting Countries That Hire Cuban Health Workers

As the beaches reopen

Trump went on an anti mail-in ballot rant this morning.

Trump's makeup melt:

Antigua PM Calls For Push Back On US Bill Targeting Countries That Hire Cuban Health Workers

Gallows Song

Jacksonville Residents Reject Trump, RNC Amid COVID Fears, Poll Shows

"From Under the Bus," A love song about Donald

Trump makeup melt:

Mysterious deaths of infants and others raise questions about how early coronavirus hit California

Betty Bowers finds something good to say about Trump

I misssed this Bill Maher discussion. This is literally a WTF? New Rule.

'It's utter nonsense':FL Rep. Sabatini files lawsuit alleging...mask ordinance is unconstitutional

We have had this arguement about masks before..."seat belts" in the 70s and early 80s..

Jared and Ivanka fought to boot Mike Pence to save GOP's 2020 ticket from defeat: Ex-Trump official

He's Furious...What Else Is New?

Peru indigenous leaders push quick Amazon protection vote, defying oil industry

Trump Administration Labels 4 More Chinese News Outlets 'Foreign Missions'

Peru indigenous leaders push quick Amazon protection vote, defying oil industry

Why is Trump so upset about his rally?

I'd love to see Soledad O'Brien hosting her on show on

🎵🎵 "Ring around the collar, ring around the collar!" 🎵🎵

State Dept. mutes reporter asking about Bolton's book

Hey loves you know what I am going to say about the Spring Picci Contest

AZ hospitalizations soar ahead of Phoenix rally

How is Windows 10 working out?

Facebook Announces Plan To Break Up U.S. Government Before It Becomes Too Powerful

Walk of shame

PA-01 is a tie

Hate is taught, no one is born with it.

I Does testing for Covid, cause Covid?

New York will not count primary votes until July 1st

Tweet: Game on

Thurgood Marshall bust would replace one of Roger Taney in U.S. Capitol

About those " few bad apples"

Confederacy: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

My neighbors had a party Saturday.

The Battle Over Confederate Monuments - The Jim Jefferies Show

We are all human, we all want to join together, not seperate from humanity

Florida GOP Senator demands masks, social distancing at RNC convention

To the righties that stalk this site we have a message...

UK 'unequivocally recognises' Venezuela's Maduro government, High Court told

Pussy Riot member sentenced to 15 days in Russia

AOC Calls Out Wall Street CEOs Trying to Unseat Her In Upcoming Primary

Facebook Ad Controversy: Patagonia Joins Boycott Against Company Over Hateful Content On Platform

Nevada to adopt California's stricter car pollution standards, rejecting Trump rollback

China bans poultry from Arkansas Tyson plant, citing COVID-19 outbreak

How worried should I be? Anything I can do? Home electrical problem.

A watermelon-You want a watermelon-You have to go thru me first

Trump Administration Stooges Scramble To Deny What Trump Refuses To Deny. Jokes On You, Navaro.

Former FDA chief warns states seeing COVID-19 spikes at 'tipping point'

Favorite Picture from Tulsa

Seriously, if someone points a real but not loaded pistol at you---or even a realistic "toy"

'It's a nightmare.' How Brazilian scientists became ensnared in chloroquine politics

Lab experiments show how masks could protect against COVID-19

NASCAR drivers rally to show support for Bubba Wallace

This is what our universe looks like to x-ray eyes

Temperatures in an Arctic Siberian town hit 100 degrees, a new high

Beijing warns Japan after move to rename area of Senkaku Islands

Fighting fish synchronize their moves--and their genes

Father and Mother listen to their son's heart beating in another's chest

Here Lies "The Tulsa Base Massacre"

A controversial Russian theory claims forests don't just make rain--they make wind

2020 CO US Senate Election Democratic Primary Prediction?

Foundation -- Teaser Apple TV+

Kentucky has a Democratic Governor, so how...

DNA from ancient Irish tomb reveals incest and an elite class that ruled early farmers

35 COVID-19 cases found in single Air Force unit in Guam

"Brad really shit the bed Saturday night"

OK, non Confederate leaders statues coming down.

I Sang Hallelujah at night

Three arrests in Ecuador over murder of young Argentine woman

Jill Wine-Banks says we can get rid of William Barr via disbarment

Why the hell are we are still asking if Trump is racist?? Come on Erin Burnett

Brazilians flock to beach as WHO says country undercounting coronavirus surge

Concerns mount that dollar will weaken further as U.S. COVID-19 cases spike


Jeff Teidrich FTW!

Coronavirus: Saudi Arabia bars international pilgrims for Hajj

Undergraduate student discovers 18 new species of aquatic beetle in South America

COVID-19 Will Rage 'Like A Forest Fire' In Unprepared America, Top Doc Warns

Bolivia's coupmongers recognize their inability in Covid-19 crisis

There was a racist backlash against Obama but it's going to be dwarfed by the backlash against Trump

It's Not Just Covid That Has Hondurans Starving. It's Also U.S. Policy.

It's Not Just Covid That Has Hondurans Starving. It's Also U.S. Policy.

Local officials across California balk at Newsom face mask order, say they won't enforce it

Army soldier charged with giving classified info to neo-Nazi group

The Trump Terror Network sent a terror cell to Tulsa on Saturday to carried out a bioterror attack

97 Percent of Coronavirus Superspreader Events Take Place Here

5 reasons to make sure recess doesn't get short shrift when school resumes in person

Slow the Testing

Police Who Had "Poisoned" Milkshakes Never Showed Symptoms

The price of "Freedom"

Undocumented Farmworkers Are Refusing Covid Tests for Fear of Losing Their Jobs

Maryland Health Connection, our state's health insurance marketplace,

As i suspected, the real reason why Parscale has not been fired.....

Teen wounded in another weekend shooting in Seattle's CHOP area

Scientists just sampled the most pristine air on Earth. Here's what they found.

2020 presidential election map

Like Tom Waits? Well Pokey LeFarge would appreciate your attention

US Senate Election Rating for US Senate seats that Democrats are likely to win in 2020.