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Biden responds to the Russia Bounty news:

US Senate seats the Democrats will win in 2020 to regain control of the US Senate in 2020.

New drug lessens your chance of getting COVID-19

Found on FB

Is It Treason Now! Nt

Pence: It's Your Constitutional Right to Get COVID at a Trump Rally

Zero Days by Alex Gibney

Aqua Timez 『Ketsui no Asa Ni』

Republican 2021 VA Gubernatorial Candidate Amanda Chase Poses in Front of "Q-Anon" Flag

Red State Governors Are Facing Disaster

So the Russians laid a big turd on the Oval Office rug and Trump did not see it?

St. Louis mayor faces calls to resign after she was accused of doxxing the names and addresses

Did I hear Blitzer just say CDC is saying that the number of persons with Covid-19 is

Lincoln Project is on it. "The Russian Bounty" 27June 2020

The Global Goal Concert on NBC is represented with cameos of leaders

Has Pence had a physical lately?

1,700 troops will support Trump 'Salute to America' celebrations July 4: Pentagon

Seema Yasmin, Stanford outbreak expert on CNN, says that if everyone wore masks

a good start..

Newsom Reinstates Stay-At-Home Order In State's Worst-Hit County As Region Passes 200,000 Cases

I hope I live to see this headline:

The world now pities us. We are now Brad Parscales "Death Star." Steve Bannon, Stephen Miller and

Macintosh 1983

Wallmart in Sacremento had someone drive into a Walmart Distribution Center

Yes.. They did..

Well, the WH bungled the russian bounty intel, so it looks like we need yet another investigation.

Not just US soldiers: Russia offered bounty to kill UK soldiers (Guardian UK)

Chuck Grassley Questions if Fox News Even Wants Donald Trump Re-Elected

Ok now instead of sitting in your folding chair

I don't know the name of this flower. It showed up last year and is back, this year

Lincoln Project

'Time for waiting is over' slogan for bumper sticker, yard sign, pin, protest sign

"The reason why Trump will lose" and how he could eke out re-lection but wont'

How the World Missed Covid-19's Silent Spread

Sitting at a bar...

The US's new surge in coronavirus cases, explained

New Ad Hits Trump on Putin's Bounty on U.S. Troops

Mississippi State House Vote In Favor of Removing Confederate Emblem From State Flag

Emily has breathing problems, she wears a mask on the job, no excuse tweet

Trump renews vow on pre-existing conditions after urging court to overturn ObamaCare

Trump staff ups coronavirus precautions for president as he seeks to move on

FDA advises consumers not to use hand sanitizer products manufactured by Eskbiochem

pogo spades are ruined and i can't find a hobby to replace it


With this Senate and this asshole in the White House, I do not expect D.C. to become a state yet.

I'm watching Global Citizen on MSNBC and it is quite sad that we are not represented

doubts about Trump grow among GOP: "He's an embarrassment," said R Kennedy, 72 "And I voted for him"

Putin Puts A Bounty On American Soldiers. Guess What's Front Page On The Faux Website.

Calls for St. Louis Mayor's Resignation Intensify After She Doxxed Black Lives Matter Protesters on

4 San Jose, CA cops on FB: "Black lives don't really matter", "re-purpose the hijabs into nooses"

Boycott Samsung until they cancel their advertising on Facebook???

LIVE UPDATES: Flag resolution clears Senate, paves the way for state flag to change

Trump is using racist jokes to tie Covid19 to China. We should start calling it the Trump Flu

Anyone seen any stories on whether paying

Ha! You better be careful when you want something!

A new word has joined covidiot

Biden's Best Veep Pick Is Obvious.

I suppose I have a minor quibble with Joe, or maybe he's simply more diplomatic...

Saturday night dinner.

Trumps Open Up Plan Is Deadlier Than His Do Nothing Plan

FBI's Violent Crime Task Force arrests 4 men for vandalism of Andrew Jackson statue

The Lincoln Project Hit List: "They all must be defeated. All!"

Ducey: Arizona salons and barbershops can reopen May 8; restaurants can start dine-in service May 11

hes about to get some interesting emails

The complete history of drumpf's hatred of the troops

Maybe I need to take off this tinfoil hat I'm wearing

The Market Partied Like It Was 1932

With Trump leading the way, America's coronavirus failures exposed by record surge in new infections

Had my own "karen" moment a white woman...?

Founder of ReOpen Movement Who Refused Masks Tests Positive for Coronavirus

Trump admits it: He's losing

Rolling Stones warn Trump not to use their songs - or face legal action

Emergency alert for Bexar County/San Antonio

Aldi, Jewel-Osco recall salads in Indiana after Cyclospora outbreak in Midwest

Congressional Republicans push to wear masks amid coronavirus cases spike

Almost First Quarter...

Fur Peace Ranch....4/14/19 Jorma, Larry, and Spencer

Some beautiful portraits to brighten your day

Federal Judge Orders DeVos To Cancel Student Loans For 7,200 Defrauded Students.

"The Six Times Barack Obama Broke Into Song"

Once again, are calls for Trump's resignation too much to ask?

The Last Laugh

Sweet Dreams

CNN is showing a great series of the year 1968.

Hamilton saddened and hurt by Ecclestone's racism comments

Why does Ted Cruz keep messing with Eric Swalwell? It never ends well for him

I'll say this again: McGrath needs to use the Russian bounty scandal

Biden Criticizes Trump Over Intelligence on Russian Bounties on U.S. Troops

No Coronavirus 'Spike' from Protests polling average aggregate has the dumpster at 56.1 disapproval

Collective Soul - Shine

It's really happening--the turd's own party is turning against him.

Hole - Malibu

Kentucky Shooting! Armed Man Showers Protesters With Bullets!

What non-fiction TV shows do people like?

Today is our 40th anniversary

Stone Temple Pilots - Interstate Love Song

AARP: Stimulus payments sent to dead people. $1.4 B worth. 😠

COVID-19 Update 16: Effectiveness of surgical masks for prevention

Workers removed social distancing stickers before Trump's Tulsa rally.

Three Texans in Congress exposed to COVID-19 while at detention center

Stryper - "Blood From Above" - Lyric Video ,,,

In 'God, guns and Trump' country, simmering doubts about the president

Trump ignoring Putin's bounty on US Troops is 1000000 times worse than Benghazi

Very telling and appropriate coronavirus photo of the day & BBC article

NYT Reports Putin Put Bounty on US Troops. Trump's Silence is Deafening

The Shocking Truth About Face Masks! EXPOSED! Scientific Facts!!!

twenty one pilots - Level of Concern (Never-Ending Music Video)

I don't see the Russia bounty story on CNN's website

'Karens' Have Been Going Viral. Here's Why They're Dangerous. Think NBC News

One killed in shooting at Jefferson Square Park in downtown Louisville, LMPD confirms

The Good Liar

I think we need to get a worldwide campaign going to set off fireworks and fiestas when Trump loses

Illinois minimum wage increases on July 1

Minnesota bar Covid19 clusters: 2 in Mankato, 1 dt Mpls, 1 in Dinkytown

Trump seems strangely quiet tonight

At least 2 dead, 4 injured in shooting at California Walmart distribution center, officials say



Here's Lucy...

I've seen this Archie Bunker meme from RWer's saying All in the Family could never be

Don't forget to watch 60 Minutes tomorrow:

Gunmen wound Mexico City police chief in brazen attack that kills three

Sacha Baron Cohen infiltrated RW militia in Olympia, WA.

Driving privilege changes, LGBTQ+ history curriculum among Illinois' new laws

Looks like Sacha Baron Cohen infiltrated a racist, right-wing rally in Olympia today...

FLIPPABLE: Likeithia Williams for TX-HD54

Uh Oh 🙂 Kellyanne Conway was the inspiration for her husband's anti-Trump Lincoln Project..

Video: 'Karens' Have Been Going Viral. Here's Why They're Dangerous

sacha baron cohen crashes far right rally

"We have been living through the largest criminal & counterintelligence investigation in history"

CNN: European Intelligence on Russian bounty payments

am i the only one who didn't know mr. peanut is dead???

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Orgainser of the rally that got punked by Sacha Basron Cohen

Warning--Apple Suddenly Catches TikTok Secretly Spying On Millions Of iPhone Users

Sweet Doberman... Omega

Biden Criticizes Trump Over Intelligence on Russian Bounties on U.S. Troops

For Your Darker Moods....

According to my eyes are are likely Republican.

Oklahoma voters to weigh in on State Question 802 which would expand Medicaid coverage

Early June Gallup Poll says 25% consider themselves Republicans, the lowest percent since Jan. 2019.

Atty offers legal services to any whistleblower on BOUNTY matter.

NYT Reports Putin Put Bounty on US Troops. Trump's Silence is Deafening

Do NOT forget...

Trump has what psychologists call the Dark Triad

Fatal shooting at Louisville, KY BLM protest...

Kamala Harris to host fundraiser for black women running for Congress

I just want your kiss, is that so wrong?

What if Obama dismissed intelligence indicating Russian operatives paid bounties to kill Americans

Poll: A growing number of Americans think the worst of the coronavirus is over, even as cases spike

George and Martha Washington enslaved 300 people. Let's start with their names.

Ending extra $600 in unemployment benefits will impact 20 million Americans, cut spending by $842b

Just a Great Ad

L'arc en Ciel -- Neo Universe

L'arc en Ciel -- Neo Universe

Opposition wins rerun of Malawi's presidential election in historic first

American, United Airlines end social distancing, will book flights to full capacity

Coochie Coochie Coo

Lincoln Project co-founder explains their current strategy.

Trump calls Pritzker, Lightfoot failures on Chicago gun violence; they dismiss as distraction from

She could always become a serial killer or a Republican later on in life, but for now.....

"Who's Really Looting America?" With Robert Reich

US Senate seats the Democrats are going to win in 2020 to regain control of the US Senate in 2020.

Something is rotten in the state of Denmark...

AZ-06: DCCC loves Tipernini, but is Malik the one?

Bye Ivanka The Sequel: Trump Family Nepotism Exposed

VA-05: Holy crap! I will move Heaven and Earth to help get this young man elected to Congress.

You do realize that if this bounty story turns out to be fake news, Trump will be reelected?

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Han Sulu Edition

Bountie-gate might have legs

Homo Nest Raided, Queen Bees Are Stinging Mad

Let's see now?

Bubba Wallace: You won't see Confederate flag ban protesters tear gassed and shot with rubber bullet

Clever cat wins police plaudits in Japan for leading to rescue of man stuck in canal

Oregon Could See 5,000 New COVID-19 Cases a Day by Mid-July if Trends Continue, Researchers Warn

I have found incontrovertible evidence that we live inside a Hollow-Earth.

Officials: Fireworks spark Utah wildfire, evacuations

Sacha Baron Cohen Pulls Epic Prank on Far-Right Militia Event

2.5million Americans have Covid-19

Lawmakers pass bill to prevent Oregonians from losing driver's licenses if they can't afford to pay

Trump explains Putin bounty misunderstanding

106 Years Ago Today; Archduke Franz Ferdinand and wife, Sophie are murdered in Sarajevo

Cell phone tax sails through Oregon Legislature


Please don't call this "bountygate." Call it Treason.

International brotherhood of furry moochers local 3

Why is Mr Foreign Policy Lindsey Graham so quiet?

Robert Reich: Donald Trump's re-election playbook: 25 ways he'll lie, cheat and abuse his power

So if Trump hadn't been briefed about the bounty on our soldiers


Biden, Trump campaigns release staff diversity data

Study: #Wisconsin State Has Third Least Restrictive Pandemic Rules!!

How the name 'Karen' became a stand-in for problematic white women and a hugely popular meme

Having a buzzing time....

Seniors from The Villages in Florida protesting against each other:

Trump retweets video of guy shouting "white power"

Here's a "Holy S--t" for a Sunday morning:

He's off his nut this morning screaming from Twitter

This Summer In Siberia: A Disastrous Season Of Heat, Fire And Pollution Like We Have Never Seen

"The way a bar is set up technically, doesn't work with a pandemic."

Mass psychosis/hysteria at The Villages in Florida

"Our country's done bad things too". "You think we don't put bounties on Russian troops?"

The Dismal Science On Climate And The Future - It's Even Worse Than You Could Imagine

2 choices:

You can choose to not wear a mask,but ....

3 Countries in Europe Vote

Report on Russian bounties was INCLUDED in the PDB!

Horse, Door, Barn: Joni Ernst Won't Support EPA Appointee In Election Year, But Was A-OK W. Wheeler

This Anti-Karen Is The Voice Of The People! YOU MUST WATCH!!!

Attention please! To all GOPers!

Would you believe Putin pays a bounty to Trump

Happy Days...January 20,2020. I want to see this...on January 21st if need be.Traitor Trump

The data is in: Fox News may have kept millions from taking the coronavirus threat seriously

On today's Sunday shows I am hoping to see members of the Democratic Party

Breakfast Sunday 28 June 2020

It does not matter if we did the same to the Russians...

So Bountygate is out in the open

The silence is deafening.

Colorado protesters shut down highway calling for justice in the death of Elijah McClain

Just so you know...American Law on Treason

What did the President know?

"Trillion Tree" Study Raked As "Shockingly Bad" In 6 Citations Published By Science Magazine

Any of you remember this? (Regarding Russian bounty on U.S. soldiers)

Today is my one-year "Leg-aversary".....

Trump admits it: He's losing

Super-Spreading Churches Are Next Problem

A new dilemma for Trump's team: Preventing super-spreader churches

Seniors from The Villages in Florida protesting against each other:

Trump denies he was briefed on reported bounties on US troops

The media is just terrible

Trump thanks 'great people' shown in Twitter video in which a man chants 'white power'

Dressed for golf, President Trump just left the White House with Sen. Lindsey Graham.

So what is Graham, great defender of our troops, going to do about Bountygate?

Health secretary says "window is closing" to get coronavirus under control

Take down this threat to Joe Biden immediately Twitter

Lincoln Project: Donald Trump is anti-American.

It is a simple binary choice....

How Trump sinks U.S. global standing

COVID-19's unsustainable waste management

UPDATE: Chase customers report funds issue resolved

Interesting mask- Old or New Testament?

George Conway tweets list of GOP Senators who voted against impeachment: ALL OF THIS IS YOUR FAULT

Potential Contribution of Deflection-Induced Fuel Consumption to U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Once again, Trumps puppets protect him at all cost to themselves and our country.

The Trump lover down the road from me

An oldie from Borowitz Report, but resonates today.

I've been existing in a bubble of functional sadness and worry. Now I'm adding rage.

Bountygate: Are the deaths of soldiers being reviewed?

Liz Cheney calls for answers from White House after report on Russian bounties on US forces

The Black delegation apparently met yesterday and is offering a sweet deal

You raised $3,600.00 on June 27, 2020 to elect Joe Biden POTUS with our DU ActBlue link

Inspiration for at home photography (Texas is back to 'STAY HOME' status)

Correction: Make that 272.

Watch this space

Future Trump Press Conference...

This could be the final nail in Trumps coffin. Trumps presidency is coming apart at the seams.

SMFH - Trump went ahead and posted a White Power video

Yah, Trump loves the military

So trump is raging at the usual sources on twitter this morning

Told a trump supporter My neighbor

Speaker Pelosi says the Russians must have something on Trump because that is the only explanation

The Silence of the Damned

Oh, yah - Feelin' good, struting my stuff

Haberman calls out Trump's "Joe is shot" wording: Would get others visit from Secret Service

The Democrats in the House should immediately call for hearings about the bounties.

NYT NS Reporter: Intel had been briefed at the highest levels of the WH. Another said it was in PBD


Holy hell - This would drive the white supremacists up the wall

That debate some were having about 'spikes' in Covid infections due to BLM protests

DU legal me out here: Treason.

My letter to pat toomey and my Congress rep Scott perry

Awesome abandoned bunkers for sale

.@POTUS has his eye on the Congressional race in the 7th district of #Georgia.

Steve Schmidt's eloquence is unmached

I believe NBC news has confirmed the NY Times report on Bountygate.

Son of Butler Co. judge receives no prison time after pleading guilty to child porn

Faces all around you

I'm an ardent Zionist. But Israel's annexation makes no sense.

Remember the home fallout shelters of the Cold War?

Man And His Dog Change Each Other's Lives - Dodo Soulmates

Japan conveys objection to Trump's plan to add South Korea to G-7

Tiny Lost Seal Grows Up To Be Blubbery And Hilarious The Dodo Comeback Kids

Our troops have the biggest and best bounties on them.

Trump promotes video showing apparent supporter shouting 'white power'

I once compared Trump to the little girl in the movie The Bad Seed.

Florida reports more than 8,500 new coronavirus cases Sunday

How Trump described Gold Star families at Dover AFB...

Trump has deleted his tweet saying "Joe is shot" and showing supporter shouting "White power"

Trump thanks 'great people' shown in Twitter video in which a man chants 'white power'

Neil deGrasse Tyson and a doggo:

Just heard a commentator say that the Republican Party may become a permanent minority party

Living on Mt. Stupid - The Dunning-Kruger Effect

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, June 30: Star of the Month: Ann Sheridan

Guy Saves Starving Dog On Deserted Island - Happy outcome! The Dodo Soulmates

Increasingly, looking at textual "English" - it looks like an indecipherable language to me

John James today: We should all be wearing masks and following social distance guidelines.

The White House is now claiming Trump hadn't heard the words "white power" on the video he posted

This MAGA Nails the Face Mask Conspiracy

Should Florida change their flag too?

Guy Finds Lost Husky On Train Tracks & the look on the wife's face!

Keep an eye on this - far away at this time but there is spin

Russian bounty - our $ paid them too + did they not trust Trump to brief him?

"The Ninth Commandment is really just a suggestion." . . . Please come CAPTION Mike Pence!!!

Putin has complete control of trump. Trump has the nuclear codes.

What does Russia have on the orange asshole?

So once again everyone is arguing about whether it was in his briefs

THREE times I can clearly hear "white power" #Trump heard it and he LIES!

Stonekettle tweet.

You might be a redneck...

3858 new cases in AZ for today

My friend in a care center has Covid 19.

Picture captures why there's no way the US is going to be getting rid of COVID-19 anytime soon

This is a nice protest song.

Sherri Shepherd is every black mother. (Listening to her made me cry again)

Ed is 'good people'

Chief NM federal judge posed for traitor scum pics

Everybody is denying it & there have not been many attacks on us.....

Don't you need *to* "president" if you're supposed to be president?

Wanting to get back to work; I'm sure many people are stuck, just like I am.

8577 new Covid cases in Florida overnight

Psychopathic traits linked to non-compliance with social distancing guidelines amid the coronavirus

Cat up to no good

Trump used to intentionally light up the media with a hundred incendiary stories

Hoarse Whisperer hopes Trump & Graham have caddies. Everyone knows Graham can't find his own balls.

Trump cares more about confederate statues than American soldiers.

What do Republicans feel will happen if they say "Black Lives Matter"?

To The Greatest Page With All Deliberate Speed

Trump and protesters pressure governors to start reopening the states (April 2020)

Bob Moses - Enough To Believe

Why can't Pelosi just order the irs to hand over Trump's taxes?

Israel orders US-based Christian TV channel off air

Israel orders US-based Christian TV channel off air

I believe Trump. There's nothing in his briefs! n/t

Trump's running ads attacking Joe Biden here in GA!

Which one of these servicemembers were killed for their bounty, trump - answer me you coward!

Chuck Todd scolds Trump's HHS Sec. for Admin's face mask message: You did not answer my question!

The anti-maskers screaming about violation of rights, remind me of -

Let's cut to the chase. Demand that Trump resign today.

Would the "Karen" stuff make Trump, Putin, and Republicans happy or unhappy?

Walmarts in Multnomah County not requiring masks and spreading the virus in our neighborhoods

H.H.S. Secretary Azar: No Obamacare Replacement Plan Before Election

Trump 538 approval is currently upside down by 15.5 points. I predict 20 points by election day.

Treason doesn't really cut it-- Trump ignoring Russia's bounties is revolting, but...

OK Sorry about the name "Karen" again but this chick needs to be outed and lose her job!

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, July 1: Feel-Good Films

No Fourth of July celebration at my house this year....

I call BULLSHIT on the Florida Covid19 death total.

GOP Texas Congressman Says He'll Refuse to Wear a Mask Until He Gets COVID

What Fiction are you reading this week, June 28, 2020?

Only 26 Percent of Americans Trust Trump for Coronavirus Info, Poll Shows

US coronavirus: Only two states are reporting a decline in new cases

Do we know if any GIs were KIA under this bounty? Need that info.

Texas GOP are moving forward with plans for an indoor convention in Houston, the state's big hotspot

Pence cancels campaign events in Florida and Arizona as coronavirus cases spike

Ted Lieu thanks Rolling Stone for calling Trump racist, advises other media outlets to take note.

"Trump supporters objecting..." - twitter photo

"He is losing. And if he doesn't change course...then he will lose"

NC DA to dismiss 89 cases in NC concerning the Wilmington officers over bias concerns

A bright spot in my life right now.

How does one introduce a new small

Petition to reopen investigation of black man killed while cosplaying

If the Deep State is out to get Trump, why aren't more officials speaking up like Bolton?

Sergei Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto #3

Another executive order

After weeks of protests, meaningful police reform appears unlikely

If someone asks you why Trump being briefed on Russian bounties, or not, matters...

What would be a few of the most damaging sanctions a Pres Biden could place on Russia

Judge orders Indiana SOS (R) to produce documents on voting-machine security

Violin vigil in Aurora for Elijah McClain, who was a violinist.

New reporting from NYT on Bounty -- INFO WAS IN PDB.

A chipmunk's near death experience - a garden saga.

WaPo: "New research explores how conservative media misinformation... "

Phoenix Metrocenter, where "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure" was filmed, closing permanently 6/30

"What did the President know and when did he know it?" n/t.

Sheriff Hosts a Coronavirus Event

Signs of support for the BLOTUS...

Senate Republicans must go in 2020--not just Trump

Trump re-election strategy: Biden to do away with 'law and order', is insider, lacks mental capacity

Only two US states are reporting a decline in new coronavirus cases.

Great mural in downtown Waterloo

Florida Man Goes on Unhinged Rant Against Masks: 'I Will Not be Muzzled Like a Mad Dog!'

Starbucks pulling advertising from Facebook (and all other social media platforms)

Here is a great gift for yourself

Sweet Home man jailed after balking at court's face mask rule

New trump poll

Don't want to wear a mask?

From the Start, There Were Ground Rules.

Could trump turn an October vaccine into an Election Stunt and Kill Millions?

Remember this?

Back From Golfing, Trump Denies Knowing About Russian Bounties to Kill U.S. Soldiers

CA Unemployment - Latest News

Rolling Stones Threaten Trump With Lawsuit Over Rally Music

Mississippi legislature starts process to change state's flag

Bernie's student army: "with great rage towards the Democratic establishment, I will vote for Biden"

Hypothetical - Don the Criminal Con has been found

Cartoons 6/28/2020

Project Lincoln tweet: "Not knowing isn't an excuse, it's an indictment."

Empty stands at Emerald Downs leave empty feeling inside

CNN Trump thanked 'great people' shown in Twitter video in which a man chants 'white power'

Things you can fit in a single tweet

Sasha Baron Cohen trolls right wing militia event LOL

Brown: Second special session in July or August

jeff tiedrich morning tweet

Trump or the Troops? Why 2 Top Military Leaders May Be Forced to Choose

Afforestation falls short as a biodiversity strategy

Transcript: Jay Inslee on "Face the Nation"

Tweet of the Day

Binge Watching Seven Seconds On Netflix.

From my doctor...yes, I get emails from him.

Bonus Tweet of the Day

I just completed a DIY bathroom upgrade.

After Asking Americans to Sacrifice in Shutdown, Leaders Failed to Control Virus

Looking forward to Hamilton on 7/3!

Dear police,

'PizzaGate' Conspiracy Theory Thrives Anew in the TikTok Era

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Monday, 29 June 2020

Biden on Trump sharing video of protester shouting 'white power': He 'has picked a side'

North Carolina faces calls to continue reopening even as Covid-19 cases surge

Crowds pack Arizona river as U.S. posts record COVID cases for three days running

Photo: America 2020

DJT has cost me 75% of my "friends".

Three people died and one person was permanently blinded in New Mexico after drinking hand sanitizer

a reminder of what trump did when an aide told congress russia was again helping trump's election

Bolton vs. Trump: Pot Calls Kettle "Black."

Sacha Baron Cohen 'crashed far-right event disguised as bluegrass singer' in Washington, group claim

Four Charged In Attempted Toppling of Andrew Jackson Statue

Sacha Baron Cohen trolls redneck rally.

Preview For This Week's Top 10 Conservative Idiots

Coronavirus: Number of Covid-19 infections tops 10m worldwide

DuBois: The Spanish Flu of 1918

Twitter links stopped opening for some reason.

Texas, Arizona face record coronavirus hospitalizations as U.S. cases surpass 2.5 million

tweets on in-home aides and p.t. and covid

Boeing set for critical 737 Max flight tests

Confederacy: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (video)

Trump's relationship with Putin involves kompromat, but not like we think

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

Taiwan stages LGBT pride parade 'for the world'

Great Vote Vets ad on Bountygate

Senator Tammy Duckworth for Joe's Vice President?

For Donald Trump, it may already be too late to beat Joe Biden in November

Great Vote Vets ad on Bountygate

Coronavirus: How Delhi 'wasted' lockdown to become India's biggest hotspot

Russian nickel producer admits pollution in Arctic tundra

Meet Chris Janicek, the U.S. Senate candidate at the center of Nebraska's political storm

Bill MOYERS: Shitler "loathes the media because it built him and can undo him"

Connelly: Message to political extremes left and right - Don't mess with Seattle

Pence addresses Dallas church--no social distancing, not many masks. 2 weeks from now...

TX-24: In heated North Texas Democratic runoff, it's about resume vs. life experience

COVID-19 cases in King County increased by 60 percent last week

Seattle School Board passes resolution putting moratorium on SPD officers in schools

So now that the horse is waaaayyyyyyy outta the barn...

Shanthi, Mother Asian Elephant, Dies At The Smithsonian's National Zoo

Seattle Black Lives Matter to hold 'Black-led Wellness Weekend'

Hand-washing station inventor runs into trouble

A white supremacist getting exposed by protesters. Vic Berger edit.

Drumpt stooges often use the phrase "something happened."

Sweet Melissa

VoteVets Ad - Don't Thank Us

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 6/28/20 - Ten Million Cases Worldwide.

Forget designed hitter rule for the NL

Remember when the Turkish thugs attacked American protesters?

I didn't set a goal

NY Times: Actual Coronavirus Infections Vastly Undercounted, C.D.C. Data Shows

Bounty...The latest Lincoln Project ad.

Speaker Pelosi: "This is as bad as it gets"

Putin's Bounty... Now they know even more what they signed up for.

'Mount Rushmore: Genocide Carved in Stone' by American Indian Genocide Museum

Trump says "there have not been many attacks on us".... @Stripes reports 22 U.S. troops were killed

Republican Kiss-Ass-ism is So Unctuous It Makes Me Want to Hurl

White woman shouts racial slurs and threatens to call police as family moves into new home

The Guardian: Why You Should Go Animal Free

Once again, He Knew.

No, I do not think we need to "reform" the police . . .

New NYT :U.S. spies, commandos in Afghanistan alerted superiors as early as Jan. to a Russian plot

New Meidas Touch Video. Powerful. "What do you have to lose?"

I'll tell you what bothers me the most:

@GovEvers As we continue to celebrate #PrideMonth , let's work together to reduce the economic and h

TX-10: For your consideration, Dr. Pritesh Ghandhi for Congress. (VIDEO)

Looks like CV19 acts like a nuclear reaction after certain amount of population in an area gets it.

020575. 997d. 6.28

Help please what news organizations have confirmed that Trump was told about Russia paying bounties?

Glenn Kirschner's tweet on Putin flying bombers inside NORAD's ADIZs

Does (or has) anyone here worked in stained glass?

I'm crying

Today is the 529th anniversary of the birth of Henry VIII

Remember the last time a president said he didn't see a briefing? Bin Laden Determined to Strike US

New name for Civil War rivalry right under Oregon Ducks and Oregon State Beavers noses

So, who are we to believe?...Donald Trump, or the Wall Street Journal & the New York Times?

OMG another grocery store tantrum over a mask

What is the next step in the evil mask plot?

A lame-duck Trump

Debt : The new LP ad : airing exclusively on CNN tonight.

I just remembered the first name of Mrs Pence

Pelosi Says It's 'Definitely Long Overdue' For Mask Wearing Mandate

Willie Nelson to join Beto and Julian Castro for a fundraiser for Biden.

So if George Bailey had never been born ...

Does anyone know what we should expect if there never is a response to Covid 19?

Packers all-time leaders in Pro Bowl selections

The Stonewall You Know Is a Myth. And That's O.K.

Maine: Images of the Pine Tree State

Who will be the sacrificial lamb for the Russian bounty fiasco?

K-State players announce boycott after student's Floyd tweet

Has Boris Johnson said anything about the Russia/Taliban/Bounty scandal?

Sour Diesel at 7 weeks flower

Do people remember the war Trump started with Iran?

Saharan dust cloud set to hit Southern states, reducing air quality, officials warn

Maybe instead of using the name 'Karen' we should apply the name 'Qarenon'

What's for Dinner, Sun., June 28, 2020

91 - 23 The Mississippi flag vote

How about something to just make you feel good.

He knows NOW! What is he going to do about it...clearly nothing...he is Putin's toy.

Gov Newsom closed bars in many county as Covid spreads

Bus in Copenhagen

Massive crowds at Pride Chicago Rally.

The night they drove Old Dixie down

I'm quickly correcting myself on the best replacement name for 'Karens'. This is PERFECT!

The Lincoln Project Strikes Again

This is what Policing should look like

Some GOP Operatives Think Trump Could Drop Out

Steve Schmidt: The Rancid Stench will Linger

Democratic Mayor Lyda Krewson/St Louis broadcasted names, addresses of 'defund police' supporters

Bonus Quote of the Day

They are going to have to change zombie movies now

Holy hell: More than 100 choir singers performed without masks at a Texas event for VP Pence.

tЯump retweeted this.

Americans Say Fight Against Virus Going Badly

Violins dangerous. AR-15s a God given right. America circa 2020

I'm a Black Female Scientist. On My First Day of Work, a Colleague Threatened to Call the Cops On Me

How about we just use our common sense and our own personal life experience

Now this is an idea the entire progressives interwebs should get behind

Trump struggles as furor grows over reported Russian bounty offer to kill U.S. troops

Choir of more than 100 people perform without masks at Pence event

Great ad- #TraitorTrump-trump sold out American soldiers

Great ad #TraitorTrump-trump sold out American soldiers

Tennessee not issuing coronavirus stats on Sunday due to 'unplanned shutdown'

AOC Inspires Man To Run False Facebook Ads Testing Mark Zuckerberg NowThis

When/why did "inflection point" replace "turning point???" nt

I support Joe Biden and have given him

#IMPEACHagain #IMPEACHx2 #ImpeachTMFagain

I volunteer Sunday afternoons at my county's Democratic HQ. In a VERY Republican county.

Jonathan Pie and 'Cancel Culture' in the Labour Party

So, is this worse than the Watergate scandal that Nixon resigned over? What do you think?

Shale pioneer Chesapeake Energy files for bankruptcy

Another good yard sign!

Donald tRUmp was carrying talking points with the Fox News logo during his "interview".

What do you say, traitor trump?

Republicans trying to show some backbone

Columbus Cops are ba

NFL player & friends asked to leave Chipotle 'cause white customer uncomfortable.

Why simple cloth masks without valves are better at fighting the spread of covid-19

As the walls close in on Trump....

white power????????????????

U.S. to extend Texas testing capabilities as long as state leaders want: Pence

I predict that within 2 weeks from June 28, Sunday, Donald Trump will resign..(maybe sooner)

The Struggles Of Growing Up With A Little Brother

Ladies it is time to start the Emily Pankhurst rant

Official pool thread to see Russia changing it's story on it paying bounties to kill US soldiers

We're in the middle of a massive hailstorm here in CT...

Set aside knowing in March. He knows NOW. So what's he doing?

Rescue Kitten Teaches Dog How To "Dog"

Puppy With 2 Little Leg Casts Can't Sit Still

I have a feeling there are a number of new Trump scandals coming down the pike

Watch This Blind Corgi Puppy Go From Shy To Wild Man

Loyal chicken lets her favorite girl snuggle her as tight as she wants

Hurt pigeon learns to fly an NYC apartment

Trump claims intelligence officials did not raise coronavirus

It is all 100% just cover his ass

The data is in: Fox News may have kept millions from taking the coronavirus threat seriously

Aggressive Cat Melts When She Gets To Know Her New Mom

BREAKING: Trump wants a new nickname for Biden...

World leaders, stars unite at event aimed at fighting virus

I hate the idea of Russia paying Taliban to kill Americans, but don't know why.

Choir of more than 100 people perform without masks at Pence event

Remember early in this shit show of an administration Stephen Colbert

Mother Goose Takes Care Of 47 Babies And Keeps Them All Safe

A good metaphor for "herd immunity"? Google "river crossing, wildebeest migration, crocodile".

Goodnight, Irene

Aurora PD breaking up the peaceful violin vigil for the very kid they murdered. #ElijahMclain

Drone Captures World's Largest Sea Turtle Colony

Tyler Gerth was shot and killed while photographing the protest.

There is one thing that will make Trump even madder...An real opponent at the convention..

Russia wants Trump... they all but said it themselves when they denied BountyGate

Suspect in custody after man shot dead during Breonna Taylor protest in Kentucky

Lion's Den's weekly discussion. Seth is back from his wisdom teeth extraction

I have a Sunday night question:

Red flag warning Sunday evening, North San Francisco Bay

Breakfast June 28, 2020

The Orange Parade.

Biden tweets on Stonewall

USA vs Germany:

Israel orders US-based Christian TV channel off the air

A must see video about Trump's 'religious' enablers

American airlines scheduling FULL flights now.

Trump struggles as furor grows over reported Russian bounty offer to kill U.S. troops, LA Times:

Scott condemns "terrible" video shared by Trump showing supporter yelling "white power"

"Hey, Booboo, we're not in Jellystone anymore!"

Scott condemns "terrible" video shared by Trump showing supporter yelling "white power"

Joe Scar and James Carville both are saying Trump will not run. Who thinks

Oh my, I miss Jim Carvel!

Miss. Senate, House both approve bill to change state flag

Miss. Senate, House both approve bill to change state flag

TX Medical Center in Houston now censoring ICU data and info about hospital capacity!

U.S. Officials Press Trump to Wear Mask in Coronavirus Fight

Trump playing golf today:

More than 500,000 people worldwide have now died from the coronavirus