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How the Trump Campaign Is Drawing Obama Out of Retirement

Single issue voter here

Stock market news live updates: Stock futures drop after California joins Florida, Texas in re-closi

Trump Golfs While America Dies..

Spies and Commandos Warned Months Ago of Russian Bounties on U.S. Troops

Peter Murphy - Cuts You Up

Here's the Jim Carville interview from MSNBC:

Cable networks pooling convention coverage to reduce number of employees

'A play for the base': why Republicans are set for Florida convention amid pandemic

Report: Patriots Sign QB Cam Newton to One-Year Deal


Russian bounties to Taliban-linked militants resulted in deaths of U.S. troops, according to intelli

Your Sanitizers Aren't Working on Coronavirus for This Very Important Reason

Latest from the Lincoln Project

If trump cared about America at all he would resign and take band of psychos with him. Just saying

"I'm Lloyd Crawford from Germantown" Goes Platinum

Song from the 60s...Berry McGuire, "Eve of Distruction" ...Yes, I heard this in college.

BET Awards on CBS now What an opening ! Fight the Power ! it will probably be on YT eventually..

whats stopping Trump

Chesapeake Energy files for bankruptcy

Mutiny on the Treasonous Bounty

US COVID Map of States

velvet underground - venus in furs

"GOP operatives are for the first time raising the possibility that Trump could drop out of the race

He timed that slide almost perfectly:

Just came back from Lowe's in Red City, Arizona ...

Fauci says Covid-19 vaccine might not get us the herd immunity we need

Ontario pastor comes out as trans in zoom sermon June 14

Michelle Obama Makes Passionate Speech About Voter Registration:

Brett Kavanaugh was a secret source to Bob Woodward while working as a lawyer in Ken Starr's 1999 in

Nearly 60k pounds of chicken nuggets recalled for possible rubber contamination

Orange County Democrats want John Wayne Airport to be renamed

Why you shouldn't believe Trump missed a guy chanting 'white power' in the video he shared

New Yorkers who travel to Florida, Texas, and other states with high COVID-19 infection rates

#barnsforbiden Medina county, Ohio!

Zoo from 'Tiger King' is being investigated after photos appear to show lions infested with maggots

40 minutes into my recording of 60 Minutes - what happened

Beware of Trump's October surprise

Black family forced by strangers to stop their car on allegations that it is stolen

Vet Sen. Tammy Duckworth Demands Investigation Into Trump And Russia Bounty.

Biden compares Trump's 'white power' retweet to Charlottesville remarks

Donald Trump's re-election playbook: 25 ways he'll lie, cheat and abuse his power

Civility, a tweet and an NYT article, I think on.

NORAD Intercepts 4 Russian Reconnaissance Planes Near Alaska

The virus that shut down the world

Bernard Allison.

The oldest African-American owned and operated nursing home in the state has had no infections from

Elijah McClain played violin, a peaceful event in Aurora was met now with armed police. So tragic.

Can you imagine all of this fuckery taking place three years ago?

Bears fishing in Alaska--live:

Russian bounties to Taliban-linked militants resulted in deaths of U.S. troops, according to intelli

Houston Hospitals Hit Capacity

Trump's schedule again tomorrow is you guessed it....doing nothing.

The Ducktators (Looney Toons)

So, if Trump drops out, hypothetical, who would the GOPers get to run against Biden?

Remember they reported they had to "dumbdown" PDB for him, use a lot of pictures?

Ontario pastor comes out as trans in zoom sermon June 14

Lucky Peterson. Purple Rain

EXCLUSIVE: CNN's Van Jones helped craft the Trump administration's weak, weak police reform bill.

What is going on with Trump's support among Asians after all these racist Asian jokes?

Dateline, Cracker's Neck, Missibama: Local citizens gathered in front of "Jed's Beer 'n Ammo To Go"

CNN's Van Jones Secretly Helped Craft the Weak Trump Police Reform He Praised on TV

Here's a name I would like to see on a Supreme Court Democratic shortlist

Trump failure

Why Americans Are Having an Emotional Reaction to Masks

The Empire State Building lit in rainbow colors for Pride weekend in New York City

Senator Duckworth demands answers

Guitar Town - I guess this is an ongoing project from Steve Earl

CNN Reporting the bounty offered to the Taliban resulted in deaths of US troops.

even just a couple of years ago

White Fragility/White Fear/White Privilege/White Entitlement in one 30-second video

Two great movies for our current world...

Author posts blistering video attacking Trump for looking the other way when his soldiers needed him

Make No Mistake, This "Bounty-Gate" Story Is Nothing Less than The Intelligence Community Throwing

Eric Swalwell drags Ted Cruz

500,000 global deaths are reported as the world's case total reaches 10 million.

Ten Ox Herding Pictures (Picture Four - Catching the Ox) - Yamada Mumon - Zen Buddhism

Brett Kavanaugh was a secret source to Bob Woodward

"WHERE IS ERNST..." Carville asks

Okay, NOW I Get it!

He sees everything in black and white... you're either a winner or a loser, with him or "hard left"

Please report Fox Nation host Tomi Lahren for peddling fake news on Twitter

This one reminds me of my DJ

Someone is going MAGA and their last name rhymes with bones.

Little Donnie sounds very worried about the Biden campaign's ads about him

Corrupt Joe Biden

Spies and Commandos Warned Months Ago of Russian Bounties on U.S. Troops

Fact check: Wearing a face mask will not cause hypoxia, hypoxemia or hypercapnia

Mel Brooks is 94 yo today. Here is President Obama giving him a medal:

Progressives zero in on another House chairman in primary

Allison Gill (Mueller She Wrote podcast): Someone's risking prison to get the bounty story out

Trump white power tweet

In Texas

New from Donald Trump: "Lies, all lies!!!"

Trump just tweeted to claim "intel" told him bounty story not credible so they didn't brief him

St. Louis couple points guns at protesters calling for Mayor to resign

A persuasive case for Tammy Duckworth for VP

How Michael Flynn's Defense Team Found Powerful Allies

Zuckerberg once wanted to sanction Trump. Then Facebook wrote rules that accommodated him.

Just a reminder: Tuesday is the Senate Republican lunch...

New COVID-19 cases in Oregon top 200 again

k.d. lang w/neko case & laura veirs - honey and smoke (live-2016) groovy sunday night torch song

I went out to dinner this weekend...

Eviction shield extended through Sept. 30

An incredulous MSNBC Host calls out a lying Trump GOP hack

Stamp of disapproval

I had roasted green beans with garlic and parmesan. Crunchy and delicious.

Portland police arrest 8, fire crowd-control munitions

Archbishop Performs Exorcism Where St. Junipero Serra Fell, Asking For God's Mercy

Has Malcolm Nance made a statement about Russian Bounties?

Social Experiment

Trump Campaign Peeled Off Social Distancing Stickers In Arena Before Tulsa Rally: Reports

these days, it kinda sucks to KNOW you are right due to the frustration with those that are blind


Cam Newton to New England Patriots.

NY Gov. Cuomo: Government 'Failed Effort To Stop The First Wave' - Meet The Press - NBC News

Schmidt: Trump alone atop an Olympus of vileness, incompetence, ineptitude, malice, bigotry & idiocy

Etta James - I'd Rather Go Blind

jeff tiedrich evening tweet

The Daily Social Distancing Show: What the Hell Happened This Week?

Houston hospitals stop reporting COVID-19-related data after reaching base ICU capacity: report

Golden State Killer Suspect Expected to Plead Guilty and Avoid Death Penalty

More Florida beaches announce closures as virus cases rise

Ohio. Hmm . . . do you think reopening was a bit rushed?

The Lincoln Project tweeted: Describe the Trump presidency with a GIF.

GOP-Appointed Judges Will Shape Courts For Decades Expert Says - AM Joy - MSNBC

VoteVets tweet to trump on bounties

Twilight Time

ER Doctor's Plea: 'Stop Going To Politicians For News About Science' - Ali Velshi - MSNBC

Just when I think I'm about to give up hope ...

Honoring 94th birthday-Combat veteran (1104th Engineer Combat Group) of World War II Melvyn Kaminsky

Just dipped my toe into the cesspool that is Freepland....

Hey you

night tweet from tiedrich to senate republicans & an extra one for good measure

Map from NY Times showing more details of cases; check out the cluster info

Trafalgar Group poll shows Trump leading slightly in Wisconsin. Talk me down.

Will FL's seniors stay with tRump and "white power"?

Woman throws a tantrum at a Fiesta Mart for being told to put her mask on

good sign! LOL

We need an ad campaign using some bad ass athletes, maybe military personnel to promote masks

Arsenic in Some Bottled Water Brands at Unsafe Levels, Consumer Reports Says

I'm invited to a barbecue the 4th

Trump should have been laying awake a night dreaming of an opportunity like the bounty.


I've been doing a lot of heavy landscaping in my own yard.

MA-01: Progressives zero in on another House chairman in primary

Three Texans in Congress exposed to COVID-19 while at detention center

'What do we want?...White power!...'

American Airlines will stop blocking off middle seats starting July 1

Coronavirus update: Prince George's County to lift more restrictions Monday,

Must see video on masks vs no masks

jack rabbits in the road "fighting" but i say they're DANCING

Alexander Borodin: 'String Quartet Nos. 1 and 2'

anyone ordering mary trump's book? i can't decide if

Alaska tribe to decide fate of European explorer statue

'They Want to Kill Me': Many Covid Patients Have Terrifying Delirium.

Devin Nunes is having a cow over his Democratic opponent.

Governor warns of tighter restrictions in Oregon if Covid cases continue to spread

McCloskey, cell for two? St. Louis protest march opponents with guns.

Cute service doggie makes a mistake.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) - Coronavirus IX: Evictions

Colombia's media pretending hugely popular series on Uribe doesn't exist

Well, give him credit for wearing his mask...

Why Putin put out the bounty on American soldiers...

Half of newTN covid infections now come from "unknown source"

What rights do conservatives want judges to give them?

With Upcoming Elections, Trump Pressures Brazil to Increase Imports of American Ethanol

Another great Trump golf course protest sign.....

With Upcoming Elections, Trump Pressures Brazil to Increase Imports of American Ethanol

Putin Told Deutchebank To Restructure Trump's Loans - Payoff Of For His Hit Job Silence

France Municipal Elections: Greens Score Gains In Second Round

The Attacks on the Cartoonists

Two arrested in murder of Mexican federal judge

Brook Park Little Caesar's workers fired after pepperoni swastika found on pizza

This was only 100 years ago:

'Coronavirus: Why US Is Expecting An 'Avalanche' Of Evictions'

Glenn Kirschner: Trump's Response to Putin's Bounty on US Troops

Caribbean wrestles with mischievous invaders: monkeys

North Carolina House Democrats Raise Half a Million Dollars during Inaugural "Day of Giving" Event

Poland election: Duda forced into second round against liberal challenger

Hundreds Mobilize in More Than 20 Countries Against Bolsonaro

Argentinian Journalist Remains a Political Prisoner in Bolivia

Pakistan stock exchange attacked by armed men

Lifelike Human Sculptures Are Submerged in Underwater Museum at the Great Barrier Reef [Interview]

Five Stories from Europe You May Have Missed

Betelgeuse's Mystery Dimming Caused By A Star Spot A Hundred Times Larger Than The Sun, Say Scientis

'He just floored it': Detroit police SUV plows through group of protesters, flings people who climbe

Just For Fun, Remember When The President Was Applauded instead of laughed at?

US couple draw guns at hundreds of protestors in St Louis

Twitter Users Hail Woman In 'White Power' Video Who Stood Up To Trump Supporters

Uh-oh! Wrong mask.

Mysterious deaths in California may rewrite COVID-19 narrative: report

Protests target Bolsonaro after Brazil's worst coronavirus week

California Voters to Decide on Restoring Affirmative Action, Allowing Parolees to Vote

Middle Class To Bear Brunt Of California's Budget Cuts

A California restaurant closed over customers' refusal to wear masks, harassment of employees

Baseball vs. Balloon

China forces birth control on Uighurs to suppress population

Trump denies briefing about reported bounties on US troops (intel officials say he was)

White supremacist fliers threatening BLM supporters found on downtown Martinez sidewalk

Republicans Want Answers From Trump's White House About New Russia Claims

Don the Con et al are in serious trouble

WP: The woman Biden isnt considering for VP but should (Rep. Barbara Lee)

Gun-Swinging Lawyers Confront Peaceful Protesters in St Louis Central West End

So, the white power president said this last night...

Wisconsin boaters save bear with plastic tub stuck on his head

The Obama-Era Police Reform Biden Can't Wait to Restart

73 Years Ago Today; President Truman addresses members of the NAACP at the Lincoln Memorial.

Patriots Owner's Prostitution Case Heads to Appellate Court

And the kitties claim another victim.

White Supremacy In The Villages? What Trump's Troubling Tweet Says About America

In Trump's defense ...

I don't think anything I've seen so perfectly captures why there's no way the US is going to be gett

Newsom's bar-closure order signals California far from through with COVID-19

McEnany's excuses for Trump's ignorance re Russian bounties dismantled by reporter who broke story

Professor Richard Wolff: The coming economic crash will be like NOTHING in history

"I can't believe it. I am so emotional, Medgar's wings must be clapping."

Sun Belt Time Bomb Threatens Trump's Re-Election

I may be in trouble with the NWS in Tulsa

Mississippi surrenders Confederate symbol from state flag

Front-yard swastika display angers El Sobrante residents again

There are no words to sum up the idiocy of a MAGA

She followed a Bob Ross painting tutorial...on their van!! (youtube vid)

Rename the Andrew Jackson Post Office (San Diego)

Monday TOONs - Yow, Are We Having Treason Yet?

This isn't the first time trump has caused US soldiers getting killed,

Trump, Graham, Golf, Russia, Bounties, Bullshit

New England/Mid-Atlantic States Fastest-Warming Region In Lower 48; Up 2C In 100 Years

So he has tantrums, eh?

BART director calls Robert E. Lee 'an exemplary general' during budget talks

This veteran thinks this outrage can't be put front and center enough. Tre45on!

Iran issues arrest warrant for Trump, asks Interpol to help

Pet sitters go the extra mile during pandemic:

Has anyone had any success in eliminating magnolia scale

BlackRock Polishes Their Green Reputation While Emerging As An Unregulated Shadow Bank

Putin has him by the ...

Christian Apologist: God's Calls for Genocide Were Just "Figures of Speech"

It Will Take Years To Undo Shitstain's Damage To Environmental Rules, Decades To Undo Consequences

How the russian bounty briefing fuck-up most likely happened:

When America needed a Commander in Chief, America got a traitor.

Indianapolis Catholic Schools' New Policy Forces Gender Conformity on Trans Kids

Windstorm Premiums Spike Up To 1/3 In Florida, 10s Of Thousands Of Policies Canceled

June 29 - Happy Birthday Rep. Collin Peterson (D) MN-7th

The U.S. Catholic Church Spent $281,611,817 on Child Sex Abuse Cases in 2019

You are the weak underbelly of America - a college story from long ago

Ohio's Governor Mike DeWine And The Magic Of Selective Science

Powerful new ad from Don Winslow:

People are calling this a "tantrum"...

trump must have a giant roulette wheel of excuses

No briefings?

I wouldn't...

If Jethro Were Here

Remember Rubio's self righteous speech when he said he would never tolerate US troops

So yesterday he retweeted the "white power" vid, today he retweets the vilgilante couple vid...

Under Armour discontinues $280 million contract with UCLA

Anyone who wants a test can get a test. (explicit language rant)

SCOTUSblog: we will be live-blogging on Monday, June 29, as the court releases orders and opinions

The Rundown: June 29, 2020

Sunrise series

This should be fun...House heading today on Lafayette Park

I'm a school bus driver and was looking forward to going back to work this fall but

We have a cornered, rabid rat on our hands. What will he do???

French former prime minister, wife found guilty of fraud (LINK FIXED)

Pence's Remarks at the Celebrate Freedom Rally, Dallas, TX, issued on June 28, 2020

Do you have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of Van Jones

Pence's Remarks in a Briefing on COVID-19, Dallas, TX, issued on: June 28, 2020

Rethinking the Police: a Study Guide

DAMN! 2 cops shot in Oklahoma ... but I found more

Iran issues arrest warrant for Trump, asks Interpol to help

Speaking of Teddy Roosevelt!

John James, independent thinker (oh, and wtf: "our Jewish friends")

Shutting up the Blue Lives Matter idiots

A decades-long renovation returns a Midwestern palazzo to its original glory

West Indies to wear Black Lives Matter logo on Test shirts

They've finally come to save us!

Kayleigh McEnany says there's will be a congressional briefing on the reports about Russians offerin

Shooting at Seattle's CHOP protest site kills one, leaves another in critical condition

Call your Republican Congressmen and Congresswomen TODAY and

A really fun cover of Ray Charles "Hit The Road Jack"

There's a paper trail to prove he *was* briefed--probably multiple times:

On this day in baseball, June 29

Here's one to brighten your Monday morning

80% of WI Republicans in legislature voted by mail-but refuse to make it easier to vote by mail.....

Trump claims intel on Russian bounties was deemed not credible


How will the Supremes rule on those taxes?

"I didn't see it! Nobody told me!"

Risking ANYTHING To Own The Libs - by Tom Tomorrow

Geez, I miss Jon Stewart.

Trump shares video of white couple pointing guns at protesters in St. Louis

Was the June Photo Contest ever posted. nt

Georgia Poll: Biden 49% Trump 45% - PPP

Wouldn't the "gang of eight" have been briefed on the bounty?

Pelosi demands full House briefing on Russian bounty, saying Congress needs answers "now"

Breakfast Monday 29 June

Police and Pentagon are bringing our wars home

Jacinda Ardern's 2-minute video challenge

Gov. Doug Ducey is not up to dealing with COVID-19, Arizona. You're on your own

Are We Becoming Like South Africa?

Randy Rainbow, Cover Your Freakin' Face

Mitch McConnell would like a "pow-wow" with his fellow accomplices.

How George Soros pays protesters - by check, personally signed

***** BREAKING*****Louisiana Abortion Law Struck Down

NEWS: Supreme Court strikes down Louisiana's abortion restrictions. It's a 5-4 ruling...

There's a special room in hell...

Supreme Court strikes down restrictive Louisiana abortion law

The US Supreme Court ruled 5-4 AGAINST Louisiana Abortion rule...

Bias Against Women Driven By People Who Think It Doesn't Exist

So, Susan Collins, how did beerbongboy vote in the LA abortion case?

The 4th of July holiday

John Roberts Must have read the evidence against Trump.

Please advise

"I love you, Pumpkin." "I love you, Honey Bunny."

The Trump "cult" are losing their minds.


U.S. withdrawal from WHO threatens to leave it 'flying blind' on flu vaccines

CJ Roberts, from his concurrence in June Medical Services:

Supreme Court says fight against HIV/AIDS overseas can include policy denouncing prostitution

Breaking: Prez Daily Brief w reference to Russian bounties has been leaked.

Francois Fillon, former French PM, and wife guilty over 'fake job'

Oklahoma Authorities Charge Alleged Rioters With Terrorism: 'This Is Not Seattle.'

Just gave trump the finger

Sophisticated Liberal Subtlety vs. Venomous Conservative Hatred

During the next two weeks we'll see Senate Republicans running in droves to abandon ship!

Supreme Court Strikes Down Louisiana Abortion Restrictions

Tulsa--2 officers shot about 3 hrs ago during traffic stop, in critical condition

Cue the orchestra......

SC, in 5-4 decision, rules against the independence of the CFP but keeps Dodds-Frank in place

NEW: Research shows up to 40-45% can be ASYMPTOMATIC. BUT, they can STILL have LUNG DAMAGE!

Supreme Court strikes down Louisiana abortion clinic law

BarrASSho on fox touting vaccine in "just a couple months"

Democrats add four candidates to 'Red to Blue' program

Supreme Court Lifts Limits on Trump's Power to Fire Consumer Watchdog

Trump's NEW brand of makeup...Why the "Trump Cult" loves him....

Donald Trump Hates Being President, Hates Losing, & Hates the Americans About to Make Him a Loser

Trump's tweeting about his VERY GOOD internal polling numbers

Voters in deep-red Oklahoma weigh Medicaid expansion tomorrow as virus cases climb

I sense another TLP ad eviscerating Susan Collins soon...😂

Iran issues arrest warrant for Trump over drone strike that killed Qasem Soleimani

Matt Gaetz made this is Parler pic. Thoughts?

Collins slammed after Kavanaugh votes against women's rights: 'Is she distressed or concerned?'

Latest SCOTUS rulings

Ten Ox Herding Pictures (Picture Five - Taming the Ox) - Yamada Mumon - Zen Buddhism

Myrlie Evers Williams on MS removing Conf flag: I am so emotional. Medgar's wings must be clapping

Could we be heading towards a perfect storm of a Trump nuclear meltdown?

I've been saying for some time & now see others feel the same-they aren't Karen, they're Veruca Salt

I've been taking a course in digital painting, and I painted a picture of Joe Biden.

Why would Putin put a bounty on US soldiers? I think he wanted to know how far he could push

"All Roads Lead to Putin."

Gilead's $2,340 price for coronavirus drug (Remdesivir) draws criticism

All her sons: Ruth Coker Burks, the "Cemetery Angel" - CBS Sunday Morning (Repeat)

Oh, Eric- You're such a stup

He "needs to learn". WTH

I'm not sure what the law is in Missouri but here in NJ that's a crime.

Pie Chart on odds of me voting for Trump

Pic Of The Moment: Trump Ignored Intel Saying Russia Was Offering Bounties To Kill U.S. Soldiers

Susan Collins clutches her pearls from under the Kavanaugh bus.

for my sister they had been healed

Cuomo's giving a briefing (right now)

You raised $2,825.00 on June 28, 2020 to elect Joe Biden POTUS with our DU ActBlue link

Here in Arizona I want to thank all the non-mask wearing trump stooges

Supreme Court refuses to block upcoming federal executions

Van Jones helped Jared Kushner craft Trump's toothless police reform, then went on CNN to praise it,

I detect a surge of desperation with Republicans this morning.

Supreme Court declines to hear border wall challenge

Donald Trump and the "No True Republican" theory

This coronavirus mutation has taken over the world. Scientists are trying to understand why.

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 6/29/20 - More than half-a-million deaths worldwide...

Worst virus fears are realized in poor or war-torn countries

METROPOLITAN DIARY'We Noticed a Man Who Was Standing in the Street Near the Curb'

This is the 100th-year anniversary of the Negro Leagues.

Who has had a covid antibody test?

Oh, the ever-shifting, contradicting explanations.

Pierce: Not Even Republicans Are Buying This Latest Trump Tale

One could have a 95% approval in the Republican Party

COVER YOUR FREAKIN' FACE! - A Randy Rainbow Song Parody

Which US states require masks and which 4 don't at all?

Gov Cuomo to Trump: "Put A Mask On It!"

Covid-19 vaccine might not get us the herd immunity if too many people refuse to get it, Fauci says

Pelosi, Schumer call on McConnell to start negotiations on new coronavirus relief bill

Have you ever seen anyone look like bigger fools than Trump and the Republicans?

Macron pledges billions for climate after Greens make gains

Calls for resignation mount after St. Louis mayor doxxes individuals calling for police reform

And how the Trump name got its roots in Medieval times

I know why Trump refuses to wear a mask.

McEnany: Trump shared video of man shouting 'white power' to stand with 'demonized' supporters

Trump just RT'd post referring to Biden gaffe that was corrected by Biden IMMEDIATELY

Antonn Dvork Symphony #9 "From the New World"

Fox News host: Trump is bleeding support and 'might drop out of the race'

A California restaurant closed over customers' refusal to wear masks, harassment of employees

LP on Brett Kavanaugh

'Sloth Hiking Team'

City of Jacksonville, host of RNC in August, just announced masks mandatory indoors & in

'Get Up, Stand Up' --Kamala Harris/party and conversation with our nation's top DJs -- to support @Joe

An example of religious zealots and Trump cultist in my Florida Panhandle (Letter to the Editor)

Millions of homeowners face flood risks without realizing it, and climate change is making it worse

Remember when Kavanaugh was shook and seemed confused

18-Year-Old Pit Bull Has The Sweetest Smile

Lightning strike water video debunked

Clyburn pledges not to recognize committee members who don't wear masks

625 new cases, 0 deaths

Trump campaign & GOP file suit in Pennsylvania to stop voting by mail

Anecdotal and may not be meaningful, but the "Trump 2020" yard sign and flag I have had

Gilead's remdesivir will cost $3,120 for patients with private insurance

What do you believe the historians will call the Trump era?

I just saw a video of Fauci on CNN with Elizabeth Cohen at 8:15 PM EST.

Delaware Health Officials Asking Beachgoers To Get COVID-19 Test/ 100 new cases

As Trump's corruption gets worse, some Democrats want a tougher response

A Florida sheriff adopted Scottish police training. Now his deputies use force less often.

The Pentagon Was "Pounding Down the Door" to Get Trump To Respond to Russian Bounties on U.S. Soldie

Democrats want John Wayne's name, statue taken off airport

Federal Chief Judge Steps Down After Racially Insensitive Remarks

WH Presser (scheduled for 1 pm with Kayleigh)

Anybody reading Endgame Inside the Impeachment of Donald J.

A teachers view on public schools opening here in WI....

EJ Dionne: Biden could be the unlikely instrument of a new generational alignment

Physicians write letter requesting masks, social distancing at Republican National Convention (JAX)

Must be bad when Reddit bans Trump community for hate speech

LP: 'When they go low, we go high. 🥴'

Reddit, Acting Against Hate Speech, Bans 'The_Donald' Subreddit

Chris Pine, after an Indy bookstore and in a mask

The Russian bounty briefing at the WH this afternoon is for Republicans only. No Democrats invited.

Borowitz: Trump to Retaliate Against Russia by Sending Jared to Advise Kremlin on Coronavirus

Would you rather see Dump in an American or Iranian prison?

Rut roh! There is proof that Russia paid!

I was up all night watching "Lennox Hill" on Netflix.

Why Are Conservatives Less Concerned About Coronavirus?

Someone posted, a couple days ago, that they were having problems with the Microsoft upgrade

Tesla factory workers who stayed home due to COVID fears face termination

Major Brands Are Boycotting Facebook--Here's Why


Twitch temporarily bans President Trump

Six months later found out that the OC Weekly ended up publication

I Read (Almost) Every Memoir by a Former Trump Official

Reddit bans r/The_Donald

2 Covid Tests: One $199, the other $6,408

Cartoons 6/29/2020

Fresno's worst one-day spike; Newsom orders bars closed in Valley counties

The flag change

BUSTED: Trump engaged in 3-week 'flurry of communication' with Putin this year, WH hid some calls.

Someone in the WH does not like what's going on!

A homeless camp of last resort pops up on the county campus

New music from the unapologetic Dixie Chicks (now The Chicks)

When your minions are too disgusting for reddit...

Trump and Putin sitting on an American coffin

Putin's loyalty test.

NATO officials say they were briefed on Russian bounties on US soldiers in Afghanistan

Iran Issues Warrant To Arrest President Trump Over Killing of General

That lying POS press secretary is a disgrace as are anyone part of this racist, bigoted, sexist

Team Trump wants to kill off Stars and Stripes. Congress isn't likely to let them

Did John Wayne serve in WWII? As a kid in late 40s my brothers and I saw him win every battle!

When Bush I & II are long forgotten, when Nixon and Clinton are but footnotes

How Arizona Became A Swing State

Trump policy and coronavirus leave agency bankrupt, tens of thousands of potential voters in limbo

Worst Snack Food?

World hits coronavirus milestones amid fears worse to come

Former CDC Head: Surge In Coronavirus Cases Due To New Spread, Not Increased Testing

Trump's Disapproval Rate Soars

Profiles in Perfidy, XXIV. . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

Jacksonville, Fla., has just announced that masks will be mandatory indoors and in public places

Police Are Determined to Prove Protesters' Point

WHO director: Pandemic 'speeding up'

Trump, like Herbert Hoover, is 'the man who doesn't care.' Biden can make that stick.

Judge orders Betsy DeVos to cancel 7,200 scammed borrowers' student loans

Texas Medical Center scrubbed data showing ICU beds at full capacity

I'm just gonna tell y'all this is the phase the White House is in right now on this scandal:

Mississippi Mayor Has A Blunt Message For Coronavirus Conspiracy Theorists

Statement from Kayleigh McEnany Regarding Today's Supreme Court Ruling on Abortion

US carriers drill after Southeast Asian nations rebuke China

SPACE FORCE......A comedic gem by Steve Carrell

Mike Pence Praises Greg Abbott For Causing Texas Virus Surge

Supreme Court rules consumer regulator structure unconstitutional

Trump's Russia Bounty Story Falls Apart As Military Tried To Protect Troops

Talk Talk - Life's What You Make It

Lest We Forget the Horrors: A Catalog of Trump's Worst Cruelties, Collusions, Corruptions, and Crime

About ...."Older Voters"...& what we view...

Health officials worry state is heading in wrong direction with rise in COVID-19 cases

1 dead, 1 wounded as another deadly shooting mars CHOP area

Pence and Jeffress show us what idolitry looks like--article about rally at 1st Baptist Dallas

The densest element in the known universe is Trumpium.

Jacksonville, site of Republican convention, to require masks indoors and in public

Democrats Are Making Mitch McConnell The Star Of Senate Race Advertising

What Supreme Court decisions will be announced tomorrow (June 30)?

Abe has spoken!

Twitch Suspends Trump's Account for 'Hateful Conduct'

Benny Mardones, 'Into the Night' Singer-Songwriter, Dead at 73

NY Gov. Cuomo says the president should "lead by example" and "put a mask on it"

Anyone hear of the app Parler??? Tons of conservatives are wants Liberals to join

Asha Rangappa BURNS Jordan with one simple tweet:

Reagan claimed to have vited Buchenwald after Nazi deafeat and filmed there, part of Signal Corp

Surely there is no connection between these two things

When weasels speak---

Tattersall workers want to unionize. Tattersall ownership wants to stop them.

Tattersall workers want to unionize. Tattersall ownership wants to stop them.

Small game hunting indoors . . .

NEW:Trump appointee at USAID is for deporting Muslims,hates gays, women should not hold office...etc

I don't want Trump to drop out.

Cuomo 6/29 -- excellent advice other states and the white house should take

Press Secretary Ends Briefing And Flees When Asked If Trump Was Briefed On Russia Bounty

Guardian profile on Dr. Cameron Webb, candidate for Congress (Virginia-5th)

Scientists spot flash of light from colliding black holes. But how?

Triumph Attends Trump's Inauguration

Here's a different photo of the woman in St. Louis pointing her gun at Black Lives Matter protesters

Wired: Privacy Isn't a Right You Can Click Away

The Atlantic: This Is Trump's Plague Now

Dems push election-season health care bill toward House OK

Trump doesn't seem to like the military very much.

Reddit Is Done Pretending The Donald Is Fine

Trump fills his Twitter feed with wanted posters for people attacking federal monuments

White House briefs top Republicans - but not Democrats - on Russia bounty row

How much will Remdesivir cost patients? $500-600/DAY

GOP panel picks James Comer as top Republican on Oversight Committee

De Blasio confirms he'll cut $1B from NYPD budget

I have a question if someone could please answer.

Hope this isn't udderly disgusting, but is Devin Nunes a Teat Party Republican? nt

Sometimes we all just need a good ear massage

Witnesses describe 'excessive force' used by law enforcement in Lafayette Square

What's for Dinner, Mon., June 29, 2020

China forces birth control on Uighurs to suppress Muslim population

Fish tacos endorsed by my wife

I'll just say it

OK - Trump Has Now Known About This Russian Bounty For American Soldiers For....

Golden State Killer Suspect Pleads Guilty To More Than A Dozen Murders

Tragic Boat Capsizing Claims Life Of Well-Known Local Couple

YouTube Boots White Supremacist Richard Spencer, Far-Right Personality Stefan Molyneux for Spewing H

We need a whistle blower to reveal the names of those killed for the bounty.

Season 3 of Dark is now airing on Netflix

Supporters of equality for LGBTQ, minority communities join forces in Napa march

Trump will know it is over when he gets the thumbs-down from Putin

I signed up for a "PARLER" account...

GOP senator demands accountability over reports of Russian bounties on U.S. troops

BREAKING: NSC evaluating veracity of the Russian Bounty Plot...(MSNBC)

Kansas City mayor says he's receiving death threats over mask order

Isn't it bizarre that the Con is more concerned with protecting

JFK assasination files won't be released until October 2021 (another Trump lie)

Nancy on Tapper in a minute.

Gun-brandishing lawyer "really thought it was storming the Bastille"

Meghan Markle & Prince Harry 'Working' with Civil Rights Groups to Support Facebook Boycott

Trump: "No acceptable reason exists for not being well informed."

Jeff Tiedrich: Thank God!

New: Los Angeles health officials issue dire warning--could run out of hospital beds in 2 to 3 weeks

Just tied a right-winger up in knots on fb!

Yellow jackets in my compost

Biden: " We are everything that Donald Trump is not."

He's back...

Beyonc's message, epic performances stand out at BET Awards

The narco history of Colombia's security forces Part 2: Medellin

An odd question and search for something that may not exist.

Loser trump, is losing the losers, a big part of his base

Biden on the Supreme Court rulings

Golden State Killer agrees to plea deal for 13 murders, numerous rapes

Adam Schiff's skin must be bristling with goose bumps today.

Metro expands bus service, reopens 15 stations that were closed to due COVID-19 pandemic

Driver hit by pipe that smashes through windshield of car, lanes blocked on I-270 in Md.

Officials Confirm Man Shouting 'White Power' in Video Shared by Trump Is Retired Miami Firefighter

Two arrests made in stabbing death of 67-year-old man sitting at bus stop in Baltimore

Takei: Fox News has done to our parents what they thought gangsta rap would do to us

National Trust for Historic Preservation: Confederate Monuments--Frequently Asked Questions

Breaking News

Ask Keith:

Do chipmunks eat carrots?

Worldometer data - Covid-19 deaths 128,664

Broadway to remain closed until 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic

Psst, Matt Gaetz: Donald Trump is the president currently.

Presidential Daily Briefings ... He knew

William Howard Taft is thought to be the first President to be photographed playing golf: #Getty

Republican: "NYT has blood on their hands for reporting on russian bounties." - WTF?

Press Briefing by Kayleigh McEnany; June 29, 2020

Another shooting in Seattle's police-free autonomous zone kills man and critically injures boy

How Colombia's former president helped kick-start the Medellin Cartel

On the nose tweet about Trump and Putin:

GOP Convention Will Comply with Mask Rules

An old article, but worth a read if you haven't seen it

Novel swine flu discovered in China -- and it has potential to create a second pandemic: report

This gutted me (Deadline White House tribute):

Does this explain the recent purges at VOA?

Trump to Retaliate Against Russia by Sending Jared Kushner to Advise Kremlin on Coronavirus Response

Russia names its school surveillance system "Orwell"!

Ray Wylie Hubbard - "The Messenger" (his Grand Ole Opry debut)

Folks, we are about to experience the mother of all gaslights in response to the Putin bounties.

Topless chicks in short skirts. (NSFW)

Twitch temporarily bans President Trump

I needed this: Trump's famous words in the Presidents Hall of Fame

House Democrats push through first bill in a decade expanding Affordable Care Act

'Boogaloo' Believers Think a Civil War Is Coming. These Gun Firms Are Openly Marketing to Them.

Does anyone go to a geriatrics doc?

Cross post so you all can comment.

Full Congressional Calendar. Week of July 4th

Ok, so now that Trump has denied being briefed, what's next?

The 'clans': the criminal forces rigging Colombia's economy and democracy

Per CNN: senior officials said that the President of the United States...

From pandering to Putin to abusing allies and ignoring his own advisers, Trump's phone calls alarm U

NATO officials say they were briefed

Just a thought. At least Comey won't be dropping a letter to Congress...

From 'the Press Is to Blame' to 'Bunch of Communists', Check Out the Phrases that Bring Generals

From 'the Press Is to Blame' to 'Bunch of Communists', Check Out the Phrases that Bring Generals

Like clockwork, Susan Collins says Kavanaugh lied to her

06/30 Mike Luckovich-In the Driver's seat

Susan Collins says she had no idea Brett Kavanaugh was so anti-choice

Susan Collins says she had no idea Brett Kavanaugh was so anti-choice 😂😂😂

Now, more than ever

A 1930 Gibson L10 and an Alcoa upright bass from the same era join forces for your enjoyment

What Happened To Elijah Weatherspoon? 'Conflicting Stories' Of Black Boater's Death Prompt Questions

From pandering to Putin, abusing allies, ignoring his own advisers, Trump's phone calls alarm staff

The 'Economic Miracle' Saw Record GDP Growth but Paved the Way for the Lost Decade

San Quentin COVID-19 Cases Top 1,000

Re: Susan Collins.

Crawl on CNN! Really Weird!

Aviation union president: EU flight ban could cause 'long-term hurt to America's brand'

Born on this day, June 29, 1911: Bernard Herrmann.


Australian reporter testifies re: police beating on day of 45's bible stunt

Now let's cut to Watsontown, PA for yet another look at a spitting angry for no reason white woman

Little brothers are the worst and the best (baby goat squee)

Galvanized by coronavirus fears, California lawmakers push bills on homelessness

Online Map Will Show Flood Risks To Every US Property; Those Risks May Be 70% Higher Than Thought

Warming At South Pole Since 1990 3X Overall Global Warming Rate, 7X That Of Antarctica

Any other DUers notice that Mittens aka Mr 47%

Cat Loves Water So Much, His Dad Gives Him Bubble Baths


Brazil's Corn Yields Falling; Destruction Of Rain Forest & Savannah Pushing Temperatures Higher

The incubation period for COVID is about two weeks.

Trump's Agenda is not America's Agenda

Teeny Puppy Who Was Flat As A Pancake Learns To Run

Flu virus with 'pandemic potential' found in China

At Least 6 Million American Houses Face 100-Year (1% Per Year) Flood Risk, Despite FEMA Data

trump pulled troops out of Germany and........

I thought pointing a gun at somebody was legally "Assault w/ a Deadly Weapon"

Pittie Puppy Gets Tiny Casts To Help Him Run

Twitler would rather get attention for his "white power"-shouting racist protesters than TRE45ON.

Carl Bernstein: Officials Concluded Trump Was National Security Threat

San Diego County closed bars (sans State Order)

This is a truth

Ex-Minneapolis officers charged in George Floyd's killing get tentative trial date in March

As felon, Lori Loughlin faces new penalties: loss of country club, voting rights

Happy, Happy Corporate Green Pledges, But Which Politicians Do They Fund? GOP Climate Liars, Mostly

Dominant strain of coronavirus is 10 TIMES more infectious than the one that jumped to humans

Ducey is closing bars and delaying the start of school

'White power' flare-up in retirement haven reveals tensions

U.S. Republicans, Democrats want to question Trump aides over Russia bounty reports

Biden tweet: The President spent his weekend golfing.

Trump's Agenda is not America's Agenda

I have a question about the bounty put on the heads of our servicemen& women.

'No consensus' in intelligence community over Russia bounty on U.S. troops report, White House says

The puke coverup is on. Adam Kinzinger on CNN

Republicans, Democrats want to question aides over bounty reports

Trump was 'near-sadistic' in phone calls with female world leaders, according to CNN report

Where is Pompeo hiding?

To the greatest page

I sure hope the crypto gear on AF1 has a self destruct mode.

Jacksonville to order mask-wearing ahead of GOP convention

What's coming in Arizona

Iran Missile That Downed Ukraine Jet Fired 'Without Permission'

Outrage after John Wayne's old interview resurfaces

Race matters: Gap between Black and white homeownership is vast, new report finds

Born on this day, June 29, 1920: Ray Harryhausen

The fact trump will not wear a mask is a clear signal he's unfit for the job

Sale of sacred statues riles Black Lives Matter campaigners

Kansas governor to order most Kansans to wear a mask in public

AZ takes steps back regarding Covid-19

Intelligence on Russian bounty plot was included in the President's Daily Brief earlier this year, s

BREAKING: Gov. Ducey closes all bars, gyms, movie theaters for 30 days

"Intended as a prank"

Time for Las Vegas to have a surge in Covid-19 cases.

One of the founders of the Lincoln Project was on Boston TV just now -

Trump's diplomatic abilities.

Paging Mammy Yokum

State employees wasted hours on Instagram as unemployment backlog grew:

You did nothing to protect our soldiers because you said you didnt know?

A note about trump's 40% approval rating.

Remember Richard Grenell?

Bob Woodward talked out of exposing Brett Kavanaugh as anonymous source

Trump's own national security picks now believe him 'delusional' and 'a danger to' the United State

Obama said Trump's use of term 'kung flu' 'shocks and pisses me off': report