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Archives: June 3, 2020

A letter to Defense Secretary Mark Esper By James N. Miller

GM, Ford join U.S. companies condemning George Floyd death, racism

Free mask distribution stopped with Shelby County Health Department as it reviews how masks were man

Tyson: 815 workers at Iowa plants tested positive for COVID-19

Peaceful San Luis Obispo protest ends in violence...

Testing sites shut down amid national unrest

Massive Crowd of Protesters Gathers Outside the White House

Kellyanne Conway makes me want to vomit.

GO Senator! Cory Booker

Rubber bullets can cause blindness, fractures, and organ injury. Here's what to do if you get hit.

At this point I would prefer a Military coup

I am so proud of my Nubian sisters ...

Washington Bullets legend Wes Unseld dead at 74

Post this administration....

The Zoo Group -- Joe the Plumber from New Jersey

Gov. Ricketts (Nebraska) apologizes after calling black leaders in meeting 'you people'

Washington archbishop denounces Trump visit to Catholic shrine as 'baffling' and 'reprehensible'

Kitsap County Fair and Stampede canceled until 2021

ASMR for White Liberals

Washington US Rep. Smith decries 'militarization of America,' will summon Joint Chiefs to hearing

If You're Headed Out to Protest...READ THIS!

Armed security forces in DC are refusing to identify their agencies -- sparking condemnation

Looks to me as if trumpy is having his 4th of July

Joe Biden wins Pennsylvania

First lady Melania Trump asks 'everyone to protest in peace,' critics push back

Ben Sasse condemns Trump. One by one....drip drip drip. # ByeDon

Wall Street Journal, National Review editorials oppose federal troops on the street

After Nixon lost the 1960 Presidential race he moved

Cat's Reaction to Treadmill

DC homeowner ushers 70 protesters inside for the night to protect them from curfew arrests

George Floyd's family was told other officers 'will be charged'

Joe Biden wins Rhode Island

Despite McEnany's pushback, Trump makes it abundantly clear what he means by 'dominate'

DC Police telling voters (exempt from curfew) to go home

Trump with a second religious photo op: Catholic, Episcopal prelates condemn

Pat Robertson's response to Pres. Trump regarding protesters--NOT SATIRE

Tacoma businesses looted by overnight vandals

Tensions mar Paris protest as Floyd outrage goes global

Antibiotic Overuse In Big Ag: Another Ticking Biological Timebomb (Video From The Revelator)

Trump was after symbolism. He got it...........

Why the U.S. protests matter to the world

A letter to Defense Secretary Mark Esper By James N. Miller

"Normal" Is The Problem: So Is Its Bastard Spawn "The New Normal"

Just me or are cops not policing looters but only peaceful protests?

Arrest of reporter covering New Jersey protest latest in a troubling trend

Australia will investigate attack on journalists by police in Washington

the power of understatement

Cats drive me crazy.

Your Lincoln Memorial this evening.

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Live and Let Die!

Illinois Governor: Trump Can't Send In Troops Without Being Called On

We need 100M Americans to take the streets this Saturday and Sunday.

Philly police stood by as men with baseball bats "protected" Fishtown. Some residents were assaulted

The Brooklyn protest that CNN is showing is two blocks from my house

The Country is Defying the Wanna-Be Dick Tater in the White House

Early primary results tonight:

Live feed of DC protests (defying curfew):

Joe Biden wins Maryland

Trump disrespects and undermines our military by using them so shamefully.

Under Secretary of Defense for Policy, James N. Miller just resigned, after Trump tear gas

"This November, End Trump's American Carnage" - new ad from Republican Voters Against Trump

Armed wannabe warriors protect stores

A contrast in twitter messages, Cicero police and Cicero protests, Cicero is right next to Chicago

This Racist Incident Happened Near Me In South Orange County, CA Yesterday

Jimi - Freedom - Live Atlanta 1970

Trump vs. Biden on George Floyd protests show why so many Republicans dislike the president

NYC: With curfew imposed, all traffic being blocked at 96th Street


There is a raccoon on my front porch and he's just staring at me

Joe Biden wins South Dakota

Trump just tweeted that the Republican convention won't be in North Carolina

WHITE HOUSE Defense Secretary Esper on Trump church photo-op: 'I didn't know where I was going'

Trump looking to deploy armored vehicles, military units, aircraft, and tanks throughout the USA

Joe Biden: "If the Senate has time to confirm Donald Trump's unqualified judicial nominees,

This is how the cops can help calm things:

Who are these militia-looking guys?

DAMN! 'Great America Pac' after V.P. Biden with 'ad'

Trump's Dumb Press Secretary Doesn't Know That St. Louis Isn't Louisville

Houston police chief responds to Trump advice on protests: 'Keep your mouth shut'


Higher Ground (my heart and soul so needed to hear this again)

So if June brings giant flying spiders with flame throwing ass holes,

The public is growing more sophisticated on issues involving systemic racism and police brutality

K-Pop Stans are Good Now

Barbra Streisand - Pure Imagination - Live

Bush administration officials just formed a super PAC to support former Vice President Joe Biden

Trespassing: St. John's Bishop says Trump was on church property 'without permission'

Wash DC protests ain't going away!

"Dear fundamentalist Christian Trump supporters": Stephen King

Didn't Trump think that standing in front of a boarded up church might remind people

Is Putin America's most successful foreign adversary?

Biden is a good, good man.

Officer involved shooting in NY

"If I've lost Cronkite, I've lost middle America," the 2020 remake, starring Pat Robertson as

'How did we get here?': Trump has normalised mayhem and the US is paying the price

Organized agitators infiltrating Iowa demonstrations, police and activists say

I Came Across This On You Tube - What Is Coronovirus Doing To Our Balls?....

Who are Barr's private army on the streets - Blackwater?

Investigation underway re: use of Nat'l Guard helicopters in DC last night

Biden is less than 200 delegates away from locking up the nomination

This is heartbreaking to compare with now

Two former Chairmen of Joint Chiefs of Staff speak out against Trump's use of the military

McConnell blocks resolution condemning Trump over treatment of protesters

A major political miscalculation by Trump in NC

Thousands in Paris protest racial injustice as George Floyd killing resonates beyond US

Van Morrison - Caravan

Justin Amash wants bill to allow victims to sue police officers

Don't stand so close to me! England's new rules of social distancing

Justin Amash wants bill to allow victims to sue police officers

There haven't been many multiple shootings this spring

Wake Up America

Defense Secretary Esper on Trump church photo op: 'I didn't know where I was going'

Couple discovers what appears to be unexploded grenade [sting ball] in Washington, D.C.

Watching Cory Booker on Rachel.

False claims of antifa protesters plague small U.S. cities

In riot-hit Twin Cities neighborhoods, a hole where pharmacies used to be

Somebody, finally, has the guts to resign.

Chief of Staff Mark Meadows now saying church photo op was Ivanka's idea

'They Will Be Charged': Floyd's Family Lawyer Expects Other Officers Involved In Death To Be Charged

USC ends relationship with booster after she tweets protesters should be shot

Now hand me my prop bible - Sack Cartoon

Veteran Affairs Pledges to Remove Swastika Gravestones from Military Cemeteries

Tweet of the day!

Minneapolis Public Schools terminates contract with Police Department over George Floyd's death

Trump says GOP is pulling convention from North Carolina

How To Protest Safely During The Pandemic

Kansas to ask Supreme Court to save voter citizenship law

It's "Throw The Women Under The Bus Day" at the WH: Hope Hicks as well as Ivanka blamed for photo op

wow.... scary to watch - police hitting people with batons as hard as possible

Minneapolis neighborhoods face food desert after looting closes multiple stores

Our city (Tacoma WA) just imposed a 9:30 pm curfew

Wow, even Pat Robertson is scolding Trump

Anarchist with a megaphone just disrupted MSNBC interview with BLM leader

Our friends are back, kicking ass, and taking names

Biden should ask the Who

Trump's admiration for the way China put down the students in Tiananmen Square:

Trump Deploys Federal Law Enforcement to Crush Protests

I'm Sending This Week's News Back to the Kitchen; Too Much Fascism (Ferret/Shower Cap)

cop forcing weapon into protester's hand

We are Apartheid in the eyes of the world.

This is a white supremacist signal....a call to arms

IA-04: Steve King is trailing

This may not have bothered me if it had occurred during any prior administration, but it

Mayor-elect of Ferguson, MO is a black woman

Live Dead, 1977, War Memorial, Buffalo, NY

Former CIA Officials: This is what happens in countries before a collapse. Saddam, Bashar...

Former GOP Rep's Son Arrested For Spray-Painting 'BLM' On Trump Golf Club Sign

Blackwater in DC?

Eagles' Don Henley asks Congress to change copyright law

Black Female Police Officer Stands Up For Kneeling Woman Pushed by Cop

This didn't work out -

About "JERKS & IDIOTS" being in charge of the White House & Presidency of the U.S.A.

Owner of Controversial Ukrainian Flag Displayed in Protests in Favor of Bolsonaro is Brazilian who T

White House number of some kind is being answered. Call it.

Racist Steve King is currently losing his primary by 8 points to his GOP challenger

new ad "republican voters against trump" .org

mask wearing fire starter identified by unique tattoo

They used tear gas in Orlando on people sitting in at city hall past curfew!

History Will Judge the Complicit

Now Trump's whining about the criticism from Collins, Lankford and Sasse

Theresa Greenfield wins the Democratic primary for US Senate in Iowa

Anyone Else feel we are in the political poker game of this country's future?

Peru: at least 20 journalists died from Covid-19 as they covered pandemic

Guardian: Steve Bell on Trump's church photo op amid George Floyd protests -- cartoon

Steven King is on his way to defeat!!!! Don't like rooting for republicans, but Randy Feenstra...

Defense officials backtrack on Trump's claim that Gen. Milley is 'in charge'...

Young people need to know

the one who said we would be sick of all the winning is really starting to lose big time, every day

He is incapable of original thought.

Theresa Greenfield has won the IA-SEN Primary, to run against Joni Ernst

Steve Bullock has won the Montana Senate Primary, to run against Steve Raines

I think Trump just ended Susan Collins's career

Starwatch: a subtle shadow on the face of the moon

Can you imagine

St. Paul mayor could be a future Dem. rock star

It was always about the Soul of America.

George Bush Jr. reminds me of Mike Tyson

David Sirota stole a Bernie Sanders mailing list...

Brazil police arrest dozens in illegal Amazon rainforest logging ring

Brazil police arrest dozens in illegal Amazon rainforest logging ring

6,376,822 Covid-19 cases worldwide, 1,831,730 in US

China opposes U.S. political oppression of Cuba under pretext of anti-terrorism: FM spokesperson

Steve King-R IA may just be on his way out?

'@BostonPolice officers "take a knee," proteters cheer'

Steve King has lost

Livestream Link To Watch Racist Steve King(IA) Lose In Primary

I See a Backlash Coming: "The Karen"

Just a note from Kentucky.


Brazil: Media freedom at crisis point as Government fails to protect journalists

Help me game this out... It isn't pretty but I want to go there.

It's 154 days til we can vote --- and until then we work all the time for the outcome

Dion Johnson, a black man, was shot & killed during a traffic stop in Phoenix (body cam turned off)

U.S. hopes to expand strategic minerals initiative Vote Out the GOP

Sad Words

is this a significant time in history that deserves its own name?

Remember when it was an outrage that law enforcement wore tactical gear?

Sen. Tammy Duckworth, An Iraq War Vet, Expresses Alarm At Military Helicopters Over DC

Colombia court to investigate ex-President Uribe's alleged ties to hacking

Mammoth Protest in Seattle

DC National Guard asks for investigation into use of helicopter to target protesters

Hotline # for military who have been given illegal orders by the Pres./Gov.

Wynton Marsalis Taj Mahal, Eric Claptonc-- Corrine, Corrine

Don't put your winter coats away... might need them.

Cristobal - White House issues updated projection path

The Latest: Biden sweeps all 7 presidential primaries

Don tells Melania to smile

The new 8ft fence at the White House might be torn down tonight.

Exclusive: Most Americans sympathize with protests, disapprove of Trump's response

Amazon Rainforest: The Devastating Impact Of Brazil's Pro-Deforestation Policies

Amazon Rainforest: The Devastating Impact Of Brazil's Pro-Deforestation Policies

"Governor Christine Todd Whitman" is suddenly WOKE.. remember her? she's back posting pro protest

I'm crazy worried about explosions of Covid in the next couple weeks.

Police in NJ join peaceful protest

Wynton Marsalis Big Band - 2nd Line - Joe Avery's Blues

grandmother hit in head with rubber bullet remains unresponsive in ICU..

CNN, Los Angeles, 8:29 PT, Protesters not adhering to the curfew.

Three cheers for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez!

'Protest and demonstrate in a peaceful manner' church leaders urge in downtown LA gathering

Finally! Trump approval inching down to late 2017 levels when

An iconic photo of the protests.....

Impeached tRump Reelection Numbers Collapse As Joe Biden Behaves Like The Acting President

"'This is not Oakland': Looting suspects came from out of town, city officials say"

Brazil sets another record for daily coronavirus deaths

Tweet of the Day

Speaker in DC says he wants 1 Million demonstrators at the White House on Saturday

Communities on Brazil's 'River of Unity' tested by dams, climate change

Communities on Brazil's 'River of Unity' tested by dams, climate change

Rolling Stones - 1972 - Love in Vain

Were those troops at the Lincoln monument Eric Prince's mercinaries? Blackwater

had one heckuva storm roar through here in Sheboygan...

Will Steve king be hired by Trump to a White House job?

Seth Meyers: Amber Ruffin Shares Her Experience with the Police

This woman kicked me in the butt with this speech and afterwards voted for the very first time

When your smiling when your smiling the whole world..

(Trump demands retractions) - Let's Be Clear: Park Police Hit DC Protestors With Tear Gas

NM-03: Valerie Plame loses Democratic primary for Congress

Seth Meyers: Guest Michael Che Talks About the Black Lives Matter Protests

Priorities USA Antithetical

Election markets have shifted DRAMATICALLY for Joe!

"Mr. President, I promise your hands are too small to box with God."

I can't wait for the Nuremburg type trials to start next year.

Powerful ad from Priorities USA - Antithetical

BillKristol: NEW: "This November, End Trump's American Carnage." is on fox & Key States..

So, on MSNBC, I'm Watching People Get Arrested From The Roof...

anyone else dealing with serious depression with all of this going on

Iowa voters say no to Steve King in primary race

Susie Q is "concerned."

State Department: The World Must Hold To Account The Chinese Communist Party

gwbush has a message for trump using the military and tear gas on U.S. Citizens

06/03 Mike Luckovich: Baby pool fool

Glen Kirschner on the Violation of our Freedom of Speech

John Prine - She is my Everything

Lincoln memorial photo

Seth Meyers - Trump Threatens to Deploy Military in Response to Protests: A Closer Look

I don't see no riot here, why are you in riot gear!

NYPD kill a man... details still coming in

Helicopters. Is this The United States Capitol, or The Green Zone in Baghdad? It's hard to tell.

Trump, up at 1am posting divisive sh*t

Luna strikes a pose..

F Your Storm Troopers Trump - We Are Coming For You Even If You Make It To November

Ferguson, MO elects first Black Mayor tonight

DUers, we need to ask who these combat troops with NO INSIGNIA are. Senators, Congresscritters

Someone officer behind the fence just pepper sprayed CNN's camera man.

Tooning Out The News: God photo-bombs Trump

Bonus Tweet of the Day

The Pan Within - The Waterboys

Conservatives true face

Gotta Love this French Protestor

Macri and the US Involvement in the Bolivian Coup Starting to Emerge

Not feeling too confident we'll make it to November

Black Boys On Mopeds - Sinead O'Connor, 1990

Ulysses S. Grant Was Bankrupted By Wall Street's Ferdinand Ward; Biography By Geoffrey C. Ward

Chris Cuomo on tonite. Got a subtle 5 o'clock shadow going on there.

N.J. police dispatcher resigns over racist comment on black 8 year old protester

Residents of historic district in Phoenix make claim of 'war zone'-like police activity during prote

I'm not celebrating King's loss.

Portland police just fired teargas into peaceful crowd????

Retailers drop alpaca fur following a new PETA expose

Jimmy Kimmel on Protests, Trump's Bible Photo Op & White Privilege

Retailers drop alpaca fur following a new PETA expose

The contrast between Biden & Trump over the last 24 hours is stark. Trump will teargas citizens &

Great protest live stream right now


Where are all the senior

Stand by me

I was wondering how many people have been fired or quit dump's administration so I looked it up

explosion sounds in philly? wth is going on?

Police use riot control agents to disperse crowds in Portland - video

I have never been to a protest in my life....until tonight.

These protests are making me rethink my stance on gun control

CIA veterans who monitored crackdowns abroad see troubling parallels in Trump's handling of protests

I just told my boyfriend I am moving out.

KC Police pepper spray many and assault a man for exercising his free speech

The photographer of the pic with the cop, rubber bullet gun & the child says it was not aimed at her

Biden now very close to officially being the nominee

DU isn't the only one asking! re: Blackwater Forces/Erik Prince

Heavy Criticism For Trump's Hazy Idea To Use Military On US Soil - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Bible Barbie's latest accessory (now we know who handed 45 the photo-op bible)

US Senate seats that Democrats need to win in order to get back in the majority in 2020.

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 6/2/20

Want some good news?

Stephen Colbert - Keegan-Michael Key: My Encounters With Police Are Different As A Famous Black Man

Stephen Colbert - Wes Moore: People Don't Relax When The Military Is Deployed In Their Communities

Trump wants you to tell him how he's doing

Biden projected to win District of Columbia primary

Hell of a job, Donnie(sarcasm).

Army Inspector General investigating use of evac. helicopter to disperse crowd.

DC Primary: Unofficial Election Results: Janeese Lewis George Overtakes Brandon Todd In Ward 4

Powerful image--Portland protesters lie down on bridge with hands behind their back:

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

Even in the midst of the carnage and chaos ...

Just watched Cry Freedom.

Michael Rapaport unloads on William 'Turkey Giblet Neck Fuck' Barr and Dirty Dickstain Donald

They didn't plan what Trump would do once he got to the church! (Third tweet.)

Trump gets his parade of military vehicles:

"Dominate the streets":


See what rubber bullets can do? And they are deliberately aiming at people's faces!

trump's purpose for doing as he's done,

I've taken to saying President Biden. Not VP Biden.

Children's Books That Discuss Race and Racism, Twitter thread by @antisocialbritt

With the restrictions being lifted in Michigan, I got my babysitting job back

Donald Trump Isn't Playing 3 Dimensial Chess

Breakfast Wednesday 3 June 2020

Third World, Paul Hardcastle, Heavy D: 'Now That We've Found Love" plus more island reggae..

Trump speaks about his favorite book

Four and a half hours after curfew. Hundreds pour back to station themselves outside White House

My city is obviously chock-full of Trump voters.

One Twitter account is reposting everything Trump tweets. It was suspended within 3 days.

Speaker Pelosi coming up on

The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, "general" Milley MUST resign!

it appears trump's shameless stunt is backfiring

FBI Asks for Evidence...People Respond With Videos of Police Violence

From The Guardian 6-3-20 Political Cartoons: After seeing some of the U.S. cartoons of

LA Resident has had *enough* with Chief Moore: "I yield my time - fuck you!!"

Wednesday TOONs - The Sermon From The Pit

The Secretary of Defense was going to observe a bathroom

American Dystopia should be a near future fictional book plot. And yet here we are...

Question about stuffing one's bra

Anthony Fauci, MD Q&A on JAMA

peaceful protest you say??

Gov Cooper of NC, the DC man who took many protestors into

Police shove, make AP journalists stop covering protest

There is no line Donald Trump will not cross.

President Obama to address the nation at 5:00 et.

"The Constitution is only as strong as the person who swears to uphold it."

All while black Americans like George Floyd and Breonna Taylor are denied due process...

I scream, you scream, ...

Between seven and eight thousand people died of Covid-19

Was there a private army on the streets in DC for the past two days?

Look at Me

Maximum number of US Senate seats up for re-election in 2020 that the Democrats are likely to win-

The world's largest free-flying American flag has been ripped in half after a thunderstorm

Russian "Follow-bots" on Twitter need a vacation - Trump gains 800,000 since last Fri

It's Jill Biden's Birthday!!!

Retired St. Louis Police captain was killed after responding to a pawnshop alarm during looting

Now that IA-4 US Representative Steve King-R is leaving the US House next year,

Looks like PA election results are still coming in

Info from a friend who was at the DC protest yesterday.

Rep. Riggleman (R): "Something awful happened to George Floyd and that is being handled properly"

Photos, Video from Richmond Tuesday Night

I've started and then deleted several draft posts over the past few weeks

How does it end?

Did you really think it would get this bad?

Matthew Miller: "it's like Russia's little green men have taken over the nation's capital."

Atlanta Mayor Bottoms: The Police Report To Me But I Knew I Couldn't Protect My Son

The Controversial New Deployment of US Troops in Colombia

"My mom did her own march since none of her friends wanted to join her"

It Will Take Years - YEARS - To Undo Shitstain's Destruction Of Environmental Policy

Last Person to Receive Civil War-Era Pension Dies

Under BAU, 3 Billion People Face Possibility Of Saharan Heat, Across 29% Of The Planet, w/i 50 Years

Where has Mike Pence been?

Private-sector employment decreased by 2,760,000 from April to May, on a seasonally adjusted basis.

Mumbai Bracing For 1st Potential Direct Hit From A Cyclone In More Than A Century

Memphis Minnie (Lizzie Douglas) was born on this date-

Shitstain Admin Lets 10 Companies Delay $56 Million In Pollution Fines; Barr Served On Board Of One

Kim Kardashian to pay medical bills of protester left horrifically disfigured after being shot

My mom died this morning.

PNAS Study - Warming May Bring 50-Fold Increase In Frequency Of Extreme Rainstorms By 2100

Josephine Baker was born on this date-

House Democrat moves to cut Attorney General Barr's budget by $50 million

A song about cops. (Punk pop)

New Yorkers Said 'F**k The Police,' So The Police Rioted - A reporter's take

Governments and WHO changed Covid-19 policy based on suspect data from tiny US company

The Rundown: June 3, 2020

😃🇺🇸🥚🍳☀️❗️ What's your favorite egg dish?

Ghosts of Comics' Past: June in Comic History: The First Crossover, Luke Cage, and a TV Commercial

nice meme

The World of Black Hammer Reading Order - Phase One

Virginia steps up for migratory birds in the face of eroding federal protections

Curtis Mayfield was born on this date-

Sound track to Revolution. Punk

Happy 81st birthday, Ian Hunter.

Where will the rabid Republicans hold their convention now?

'He wears the armor of God': evangelicals hail Trump's church photo op

CNN to Trump: CNN is not dying. But Americans are. Focus on that and leave television ratings to us

Florida congressional hopeful "He wears the armor of God"

Good Riddance: The Frank Rizzo Statue Has Been Removed

trump's America....

Florida congressional hopeful "He wears the armor of God"

Sarah Cooper: How to Bible

Eddie Glaude Jr: "This is what greeted me this morning" (warning: racial epithets)

Oklahoma State football player says he tested positive for coronavirus after attending protests

Bank of England tells banks to get ready for no-deal Brexit

Yes, the Looting Must Stop_Thom Hartmann

Scientists alarmed as Trump embraces fringe views and extreme theories amid pandemic

Woman gives powerful speech to looters on streets of NYC

Major Melting Event Building In Greenland This Week; Pressure High, Temps Up To 20F Above Avgs.

Lies Fox 'News' told

Who the royal f

Moody's - Coal Earnings Will Fall 50% Or More In 2020, Collapse In Production & Use Will Last Years

Former President Barack Obama to address protests in first on-camera comments

Even when we should agree, we don't!

Rep. Al Green (D-TX) on C-Span right now

What do you have to lose?

Does no one know what Trump talks to Putin about?

Giant toxic toads come out in South Florida as heavy rains set the perfect mood for breeding

Another day in my quest for social distance from my refrigerator.

Pat Robertson Blasts Trump for Lack of 'Love' in Response to Protests

CIA veterans who monitored crackdowns abroad see troubling parallels in Trump's handling of protests

The Battle of Lafayette Square and the undermining of American democracy

Grabbed this off of Facebook for your enjoyment

Trump's threats to deploy troops move America closer to anarchy

Trump demands journalists correct stories on the use of tear gas. According to the CDC, it was tear

This country desperately needs a leader who knows the difference between tough and strong

A Cop Who Said "Let's Start A Riot" In An Instagram Post Has Been Fired

Meanwhile, in Brazil.......

Trailer Park Boys (greater than) Letter Kenny

Texas Democrats plan to create a voter registration army - via Zoom

AMC theaters doubts it can survive

Fox news this morning is doing a story on Hillary's emails

ACLU files suit on behalf of journalists in Minnesota

Do the work: an anti-racist reading list

Drivers honk support for marchers at George Floyd protest in Yorba Linda

Mostly Silent, Cowardly, Useless republicans

HORROR: Trump Goes Full Authoritarian, Will Deploy Military

Fort Lauderdale police officer Steven Poherence was suspended after he was seen shoving a kneeling

Agitated Trump's Madman Rant, Wants Protesters "Dominated"

Executive Order on Advancing International Religious Freedom; June 2, 2020

Watched video and Trump did not carry the Bible with him to the church.

Republicans want to End trumps American Carnage

First published on this date in 1888

Trump just said he was in the bunker "a tiny short little period" in order to do "an inspection"

Reading how Trump has yielded North Carolina, preferring to seek another

Joe Biden's George Floyd speech references Birmingham's Bull Connor

This just in: Trump did NOT "retreat" to his security bunker...

Embattled at Home, Trump Finds Himself Isolated Abroad, Too

Trump Used False Claims to Quit WHO

Connie Schultz for the win

Esper says he does not support the use of the Insurrection Act

Millennial torches Michael Steele on Trump: "I don't miss normal" and all he could do is agree.

Update on my friend Jimmy - COVID 19 survivor

Trump Wanted Pentagon To Use Tanks To Stop Protests

The Scarlet Letter (R)

Rosenstein is testifying on C- span

So David Sirota is now Editor at large at Jacobin.

so the orange asshole couldn't get his sig on the stimulus check. he did the next best grift...

Durkan promises to meet with Seattle protest organizers: 'The plan has to come from communty voices'

Retired police captain shot to death at St. Louis pawn shop in slaying caught on Facebook Live

Esper on now

Racists attempt to trend on Twitter and fail

Trump's Praetorian Guards?

The whole Bible thing was created to deflect Trump's hiding in the bunker

Trump's "explanation" of church photo op & protesters: "They say, yes sir, we'll go to the church.."

Well, at least he didn't get eaten by an alligator.....

An Additional 1,500 National Guardsmen Have Been Deployed To D.C.

I Predict That SECDEF Esper Will Be...

So long, motherfucker!!!! (Steve King) R- Racist Asshole

Troops Quartering at Hotels

Trump claims he visited bunker briefly during the day to 'inspect' it

"Colorblind" by Wrath James White

Trump Asks: "Can I get, you know, a huge steam-roller or like that, you know,"

Another Attack Ad Uses Trump's Own Words

Welcome to your dystopia, America.

The DC National Guard spokesperson unwittingly reveals a huge American problem

Another Attack Ad Uses Trump's Own Words

Yes, the Looting Must Stop

You raised $8,787.00 on June 2, 2020 to elect Joe Biden POTUS with our DU ActBlue link

Cartoon: Another Antifa Terrorist By Clay Jones -June 3, 2020 9:00 AM

American citizens do not need to know who the armed soldiers in DC are

Kirk, a female Border Collie, watching herself winning an agility contest in 2017 (Twitter)

A really big snail and a couple other animals

Projected path of Tropical Storm Cristobal (Twitter)

The FBI Finds 'No Intel Indicating Antifa Involvement' in Sunday's Violence

(AP) Trump administration to block Chinese passenger airlines from traveling to US in mid-June

Esper breaks with Trump to oppose using active duty troops to quell protests

Trump preparing for his post-presidency this morning

Former Auburn HC Pat Dye has died

Looking at the Anonymous Soldier Types in Photos

An excellent graphic

I WOULD SWING by Kelly Corrigan (via Facebook)

I hope someone makes a trump in the bunker balloon.

How Germany Saved Its Workforce From Unemployment While Spending Less Per Person Than the US

Troops Await Orders Just Outside Washington, D.C.

Trump says he believes Scarborough 'got away with murder'

*****BREAKING A+ RATED MONMOUTH POLL***** Joe Biden 52% Donald (Bull Connor) Trump 41%

Secret Tapes Reveal Police Framing Innocent Civilians

...Televangelist Pat Robertson condemns Trump's 'law and order' response to protests

Convicted criminal wins all-mail Republican primary for Montana governor

Only 32% approve of Trump's handling of Protests

Delegate count- Biden needs 69! How soon will he capture that?

Trump insists he only went into White House bunker to 'inspect' it

Donald Trump Admitted He Made A Mistake When He Attacked Peaceful Protesters For That Photo Op

I Feel So Disappointed About What Won't Happen After The Protests

U.S. to Block Chinese Airline Flights to and From U.S.

Superintendent of local school district recommends online resource for community...

Jamaica and other Caribbean nations are beginning to reopen to tourists, it'll be interesting...

Ignorant s**tkicker Neal McCoy believes blacks kill more police than the opposite.

Indianapolis shooting -- a young white man with a gun claims "self defense"

Rod Rosenstein is now testifying in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee RIGHT NOW!

With defeat of Steve King, Cook and Sabato move IA-4 to SAFE REPUBLICAN...

My favorite protest poster so far

FCC approves 100% foreign owned US broadcasting properties- get ready for more propaganda!

K-POP fans are destroying #WhiteLivesMatter and other racist hashtags!

Does This Picture Show Hitler Holding a Bible?

Beach Blanket Bingo...

GOP candidate: Gun owners should be ready to shoot protesters

Most Americans sympathize with protestors and disapprove of Trump's response

guy who suggests it's ok to run over protesters is contacted by WH, added to press pool

I must say it again, Trump voters will become infamous, mocked, for all time.

Amy Klobuchar and Kamala Harris on tap to question Rod Rosenstein...

CNN: Minnesota AG to make "significant announcement" on additional charges in George Floyd case

Out of the mouths of babes - Kids protest signs

Trump Is Using the Military to Hide His Weakness

Steven King most horrible clip.....

'This can't be happening': An oral history of 48 surreal, violent, biblical minutes in Washington

Trudeau was asked about Trump. See how long it took him to respond

General Mark Milley Memo

Ted Cruz's posturing in the Rosenstein hearing sounds so stupid right now.

2 New Anti-Trmp Videos..

National Guard is rolling into my town

Tired of bad cops? First, look at their labor unions.

Too many died, says man behind Swedens virus plan

''Cannot unsee': Lindsey Graham's new Trump-like hair color overshadows Rosenstein hearing

George's slant on the chicken crossing the road joke

Governor Cuomo Pandemic Update June 3 2020

Trump will speak from a sanitized bubble no matter where the convention is.

I rehomed my Mom's plant


Evil just oozes out of them

I will NOT consider returning to work until Trump is removed from office.

George Floyd had 'violent criminal history': Minneapolis police union chief

Rosenstein testimony I'm hour behind I paused tv

27% unlikely to be vaccinated against the coronavirus; Republicans, conservatives especially: POLL

Lincoln takes a knee.

Covid 19 test coming up

Congratulations, Donald Trump, you finally got your military parade

Black Voters Are Coming for Trump.

Senator Steve Daines asks Steve Bullock for four debates...

Be careful what names you call "Dear Leader." People are watching.

I would like to thank the young people of America for finally standing up.

50+ cars looted from S.F. Bay Area Dealership

Senior WH official says Esper's remarks this morning were received "very poorly" at WH

Look for charges on killer to be upgraded too.

Can We Now Call This A "Constitutional Crisis" Yet?......

Mike Mullen: "I cannot remain silent"

Democratic Rep. Eliot Engel caught on hot mic amid unrest: 'If I didn't have a primary, I wouldn't c

The Esper Firing Watch!

Why can the Senators not see the big picture?

Looks like Mark Esper is out since he rebuffed the fuhrer in regard to deploying

Clemson football coach Dabo Swinney's swirling racial controversy.....

Church of God member Sing Against Police Brutality

At the Rosenstein hearing, Joni giving Rosenstein a tongue bath

Fox News: "Black anarchists steal nice white kid's skateboard."

Wherein Joni Earnest forgets the ENTIRE history of the FBI

Ella Jones Is Elected First Black Mayor of Ferguson

Meadows Says Photo Op Was Ivanka Trump's Idea

WAPO OP ED: Trump's photo with his loyalists was a vulgar mess. And Ivanka brought a handbag.

How many Americans know Trump and others are killing them?

'You just don't do that, Mr. President': Televangelist Pat Robertson condemns Trump

"When fascism comes to America,...

"You are here, profiting off of our fucking pain!"

The NFL Is Suddenly Worried About Black Lives

don't boycott all wendy's, taco bells, & pizza huts--just the ones located at these links

ANY oppressed group, enslaved group, will likely have larger criminal record

Kimmel Trump bible

Trump says he went to underground bunker Friday but only to "inspect" it

About the arrests in Columbus this last week.

Today's paint along with Jacob Aguair

Since he is a self-proclaimed "war-time president" , when do you think that malevolent MURDERER

Per PoPville, V-22 Ospreys have been hanging around NW DC

From hair salons to gyms, experts rank 36 activities by coronavirus risk level

The GOP Politician Spreading Terrifying BLM and Antifa Hoaxes

Logan Paul on White Privilege

Delegate counts in the June 2 primaries (Reuters):

Trump asks about using tanks in a show of force - "just one of the military words he knows"

Lindsay's now a blonde!

Another sign of the 'End Times'? Sean Hannity and wife divorce after more than 20 years of marriage

U.S. Dictator using the Military against Peaceful Protesters in DC

President Trump tried to register to vote in Florida using an out-of-state address

Breaking- WaPo: Trump caught committing voter fraud in Florida

My dad is losing his best friend in an hour

A handy tip for removing zip ties from anything

On Monday, with the country in crisis Donald Trump finds time for a cozy chat with PUTIN

Hey Philly DUers, you see this?


Trump committed VOTER FRAUD in Florida:

Trump Had Kushner Push the National Enquirer to Probe Scarborough Murder Conspiracy

Senior WH official says Esper's remarks this morning were received "very poorly" at WH.

Protesters Take Guillotine to Puerto Rico Governor's Mansion Amid Anger Over Unused Aid

Pope Francis decries racism but says 'nothing is gained by violence'

Did you know that one out three Trump supporters is as dumb as the other two!

"Ventilators are killing people!"

Something not asked..............

The New Vichys: Cowardly GOP Runs Away From Questions On Trump Again

Has your workplace discussed their plans to protect you when they re-open?

Pic Of The Moment: RNC Announces Replacement Convention Location

Thank You Mister Trump!

Show's Over - Active Duty Troops in D.C. Returning to Bases

Gov.of WV, while discussing relocation of the RNC, says they would welcome any President but Obama

'He wears the armor of God': evangelicals hail Trump's church photo op

Trump Throws Garbage Can Through McDonald's Window Before Looting $2,000 In Big Macs


Snapchat will no longer promote Trump's account on its platform

Fox News Edits Video to Remove Police With Guns Drawn, Cuffing Innocent Black People

Canada's Justin Trudeau was asked about Trump's protest response and his pause is already legendary

Advice for grilling salmon over apple wood charcoal ::update::

Where are all the wingnuts who screamed about martial law

Editorial: Hard to see now, but we walked reform path before

A Mask for Every American-Dhvani and Keen

Bishop Mariann Budde denounced Donald Trump's use of St. John's church as a prop

Video-White House vs. Reality

White House vs. Reality

Cartoons 6/3/2020

Weirdest of all time? Evocative, but do tell

BREAKING: (MN AG) Ellison to charge Chauvin with second-degree murder

President Trump tried to register to vote in Florida using an out-of-state address

Police: Former nurse threatens Muslim neighbors at gunpoint

Trump says he's yanking RNC from North Carolina over potential pandemic restrictions

Troops returning to home bases

Biden Doesn't Really Have A Young Voters Problem

BREAKING: New charges in George Floyd case (per Amy Klobuchar)

South Florida congresswoman urges Biden to pick Val Demings as running mate

Son of former Republican Rep. Tom Rooney arrested, accused of spray-painting 'B.L.M.' at Trump Natio

Trump tweets Ohio man at protest is an 'anarchist.' Now the man's getting death threats.

What happened to both Weather Underground and now the Weather Channel (

Steve Schmidt: Every cop must undergo a federally certified civil liberties training course.

Another Karen: NYC Socialite Calls Police On Black Woman In Public Park For No Reason

Biden Vs. Trump: Neck And Neck In Texas, Quinnipiac University Poll Finds

Live updates: D.C. mayor issues citywide 11 p.m. curfew

Memory from Fall 50s---doing math homework late Sat afternoon listening to football scores on radio

Americans think America is in bad shape

Ludwig van Beethoven Piano Concerto #5 "Emperor"

Attorney General Keith Ellison to elevate charges against officer who knelt on George Floyd's neck

Gotta love Ben and Jerry's

just came from whole foods here in north austin. masks aren't required by customers.

Fake news flyer targets Thurston County political organization

DeSantis Sending 500 National Guard Troops to D.C.

Vegan Naan recipe

Does Anyone Know Of A Complete List Of Trump's Crimes Since He Was Young?

MSNBC reporting there will be charges all around. Chauvin up to 2nd degree.

Trump's Physical results out: 6 feet 3 inches ... 244 lbs. Full report below:

Chinatown businesses reeling from property damage, looting during weekend protests

Trump Brutally Mocked For Saying He Went To Bunker Just To Inspect It

Papa John Creach. Down hill blues with Hot Tuna.

FBI Finds 'No Intel Indicating Antifa Involvement' in Sunday's Violence

Madeleine McCann: German prisoner identified as suspect

Minneapolis Public Schools Voted To End Its Contract With The City's Police

A domestic terrorist

Kayleigh McEnany quotes Martin Luther King Jr

How to Find Out Which Politicians Are Financially Backed by Cops

Kaylie is pushing B.S. again at her press conference.

So many evil people in the police force

Dear Lord, these people are stupid.

Black business owner in Atlanta says he lost everything in looting

APPRECIATION For Dr. Thomas Connally, service was an natural outgrowth of life

About this incredibly sketchy MetaBank Money Network debit card used for stimulus payments...

Washington eviction moratorium extended to August 1 amid coronavirus crisis

At WH, Fed LEO won't identify themselves, and all insignias and name plates have been removed

Trump bets his presidency on a 'silent majority'

What a mess!

When a real president walked through the park near the White House

What time us Obama's speech in Central time zone?

New Quinnipiac poll finds Biden & Trump neck and neck in TEXAS - Trump ahead by only 1 point

Trump administration moves to block Chinese airlines from US

President Barack Obama will host a town hall at 5 pm EST 4 pm CST today

Poll: Biden leads Trump by 11 points nationally

'It's all on tape!' Morning Joe shames Republicans for 'lying' about cops gassing protesters and jou

Traditional Korean large drum performance: 법고 하유스님

Because I am such a cynical soul: suppose iq45* tries to postpone or cancel the election? What does

Has Barr Hired Private Mercenaries To Guard DOJ?

#BREAKING NEW @JoeBiden ad

AMC Theatres has 'substantial doubt' it can remain in business

Derecho blasts Philadelphia region with 80 mph winds

#BREAKING NEW @JoeBiden ad

Watch angel investor Calacanis go off on Zuckerberg

badfinger w/matthew sweet - baby blue (studio-2020) in fact, it's a week old :)

Chicken for breakfast:

WH Press Secretary compares Trump to.....Churchill

In 50s---religion war in OK on Saturday OU played Notre Dame. Massive # Baptist and Catholic prayers

I promised Othello

jason isbell - white man's world (studio-2017) this one just feels ... appropriate

A poem composed as I mindlessly mowed two acres. whattta ya think?

Homemade Gas Masks vs. Tear Gas Grenades

Clint Watts on unmarked WH LEO: "This is a no-go in America. Who are these guys?"

the pretenders - didn't want to be this lonely (studio-2020) came out last week, pretty good!

Trump kneeled on the necks of tens of thousands of Americans and killed them.

leaked photo of Trump in his bunker

whitney w/waxahatchee - take me home country roads (studio-2020) out this past week

Corey Lewandowski is doing Cameos

The ALL NEW Sen. Lindsey Graham:


Joe Biden pulls Julin Castro into campaign, asks for help to 'tackle police reform.'

2nd Degree Murder - Minnesota Law

Do you think the GOP stays silent about Trump's abuses because he does what they want?

Steven King weighs in:

Protesters Gather Outside The U.S. Capitol On Wednesday

Chauvin And 3 Former Officers Face New Charges Over George Floyd's Death

train - rescue dog (studio-2020) proceeds to North Shore Animal League

Halong Bay Islands - Vietnam

UPDATE: Ellison Press Conference at 4 PM Eastern

55 years later

Herbert Stempel, whistleblower in quiz show scandals, dies at 93

The Christians Who Loved Trump's Stunt

grace potter w/jackson browne, marcus king, & lucius - eachother (studio-2020) - KILLER!

I Miss Him...

Did anyone else get this email from DoorDash?

County attorney calls for grand jury to look into James Scurlock death

Breaking news per MSNBC and CNN.

Prayer vigil scheduled at St. John's Church this afternoon blocked by troops, forced to relocate

I listened to right wing talk radio to observe the echo chamber in action.

A maybe NSFW tweet that made me laugh out loud and I woke my cat.

Nancy Pelosi on WH comparing Trump photo op to Churchill in WWII: "I think they're hallucinating"

Over half a million people are without power in Southeast Pennsylvania and southern New Jersey

So Sean Hannity's wife

CNN Business: America is in turmoil and stocks are booming. Is the market broken?

If you use EBT (food stamps)

If you use EBT (food stamps)

Melanie - Lay Down Candles in the Rain w/the Edwin Hawkins Singers......

Carny Catfight on CNN

The cops likely wont be convicted

Scientists speak out against racial injustice and discrimination amid national protests

Texans could receive up to a year of unemployment benefits under second extension of aid

Chauvin faces additional 2nd-degree murder charge, 3 other former officers involved in Floyd death c

Bureau of Prisons provided the unmarked police?

Houston's Nonstop Riders, urban trail-riding club, arrives at #BlackLivesMatter protest on horseback

Author of new book on Churchill re McEnany comparing Trump to Churchill: "verges on obscenity"

Saints' Drew Brees says he'll 'never agree with anybody disrespecting the flag'

Houston's Nonstop Riders, urban trail-riding club, arrives at #BlackLivesMatter protest on horseback

gangstagrass - nickel and dime blues (live in studio-2019) one for The Sarge :)

Amber Ruffin has been sharing stories. . .

Only 244 lbs?! Really ?

What Mitch is NOT doing.

1,317 new Covid-19 cases in Florida.

White House compares Trump's church visit to Churchill

One of America's original anti-LGBTQ activists is dead

Part of the BLM protest in NYC you won't see on the news

If no Covid spike in protest cities soon, then Covid is over

Black transgender woman brutally beaten by a crowd of men in a store

Tropical Storm Cristobal makes landfall on Mexico Gulf coast

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Thursday, 4 June 2020

Another Great Anti Trump Video

Rand Paul Admits to Blocking Anti-Lynching Bill

Police opened fire on a gay bar because the owner was handing out water to protestors (NC)

Trump "claimed the reason he was moved to a bunker on Friday night" was for an "inspection"

Enough, America. Enough.

RW radio host: "America would be so much better if [Democratic] party simply disappeared"

Update for Short story made long.

Hate group designates June "LMNOP+ Month" & the result is predictably gonzo

Texas Is a Toss Up

Minneapolis police union chief blames trans people for city's budget woes

Philadelphia PD allows white vigilantes to terrorize neighborhood, beat up people, ignore curfew.

Wear a fucking mask. Ugh.

Entire NYCT R179 fleet pulled from service again

**** YouTube link for the town hall with President Obama starting at 5 pm ET ****

Obama and Pence Each May Visit Minneapolis

The Rude Pundit: George Floyd Protests and Trump's Walk of Shame

New polling: Eroding support from white working-class women threatens Trump's reelection

Appreciation thread for Minneapolis ASL interpreter Nic Zapko

Esper reverses: Troops NOT going home

Obama coming up on MSNBC 2:00 pm PDT

Mark Esper has chickened out.

Wonkette Analyzes Trump's Use of The Insurrection Act

An interesting phone call today....

United States is under attack from the Putin controlled WH and our own military.

Nancy Pelosi attends DC protest

Group Think

Former President Obama Holds Town Hall on Racial Justice & Police Reform

Drew Brees comments spark outrage

On June 2, 1896, Guglielmo Marconi applied for a patent on a radio wave base communication system.

Just saw my friend's nephew marching in Sun Prairie, WI......

Twitter won't suspend Trump's account, but will suspend his unacceptable words:


Obama on panel right now on cnn.

I think my blood pressure automatically falls at least 10 points on hearing President Obama's voice

White House compares Trump's church visit to Churchill

Remarkable Teen Leads Peaceful Detroit Protest, Gets Call From Mayor...

Terrified Pittie Found Chained In The Woods Has The BEST New Life

Just saw a clip of Kayleigh McEnany.

can you imagine if the government deployed the military when the real looting happened?

Mass. Man Allegedly Threw 'Large Pickle' At Highway Worker; Charged With Assault

We are not impressed

READ: Former President Jimmy Carter's statement on the death of George Floyd

Impersonator from LI, New York

Wow! A president who actually knows stuff, has compassion, and can pronounce big words!

S&P now only 8% down from the peak, up nearly 40% from the bottom

Just came on an AOL alert. I feel I'm done. I keep crying out to God.


What's for Dinner, Wed., June 3, 2020

The Day Trump Lost The Presidency

My nephew, adopted from Korea,

The cowering president and his men are playing defense. It's not working.

Aaah! Thank you, President Obama.

Righteous rant be like...

Army: Esper reverses plan to send active-duty troops home

Trump Was Moved to Bunker After Breach

"Bunker Boy" song . . . you got scared and hid in the basement in the middle of the night (Twitter)

Army: Defense Secretary Reverses Plan To Send Active-Duty Troops Home

Sen. Tammy Duckworth, An Iraq War Vet, Expresses Alarm At Military Helicopters Over DC

Bunker Boy---the song:

Dolphin receiver really impresses!

Protesters' breach of temporary fences near White House complex prompted Secret Service to move Trum

Obama having a Rational Discussion

Several Minn. Labor Organizations Call For Minneapolis Police Union Head Bob Kroll To Step Down

Washington Post shoots down Trump's claim he was just "inspecting" the bunker

President Obama

Virginia governor to announce removal of iconic Richmond statue of Gen. Lee

A point many are missing about the use of tear gas

The contrast is so damn striking, it's impossible to ignore

Because Black Lives are in Danger

For Drew Brees, kneeling during the national anthem still means 'disrespecting the flag'

MPLS Police Union President: "I've been involved in three shootings myself..." and not a one of

Pilgrim's Pride CEO and other chicken industry executives indicted for price fixing

Animals/P Floyd

As Trump Threatens to Send Military Into Cities, Some GIs Refuse to Comply

WTF? RWNJ network OAN's WH correspondent says Obama was attempting to call off his antifa terrorists

Trump's latest physical 2 page summary... (i.e., "fruits" of his blackmail?)

Gun-toting members of the Boogaloo movement are showing up at protests

Twitter is having a blast with the Trump Omen photo op

James Mattis Denounces President Trump, Describes Him as a Threat to the Constitution

Photo of 7-year-old Omaha girl, taken at protest and shared by Kamala Harris, symbolizes 'hope'

republicans demand "remember the alamo!" changed to "remember all sieges!"

There's An Investigation Into Attack By Officers Against Australian News Crew On Monday Near WH

James Mattis Denounces President Trump, Describes Him as a Threat to the Constitution

Sean Hannity: God, Faith and Family!:

Extremists Weigh in on Nationwide Protests

He must be tearing out the last few strands left after that Obama

James Mattis Denounces President Trump, Describes Him as a Threat to the Constitution

If 2020 was an album cover **Trigger Warning**

Obama steps out as nation confronts confluence of crises

Barack Obama: "As tragic as these past few weeks have been, as difficult and scary and uncertain...

Trump Was Moved to Bunker After Breach

James Mattis Denounces President Trump, Describes Him as a Threat to the Constitution

from Vote Vets:

Whoa! The Lincoln Project new ad:

Army Backs Off Plan to Send Home Troops Outside D.C.

3 held in Las Vegas on terror charges in right-wing conspiracy to spark violence during protests.

"Daddy changed the world"

A conversation with President Obama

Would love to hear from Jon Stewart, David Letterman, Keith Olbermann.

Violin Concerto in D Major, Op. 35: I. Allegro moderato Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

I know Biden is up in the national polls but

Former Defense Secretary James Mattis's complete statement is here.

Trump says inviting Russia to G7 'a question of common sense'

'Ex-Intelligence Officials Warn We Are Dangerously Close To A Complete Unraveling Of Democracy'

Fox News Poll: Biden ahead in Arizona, Kelly trouncing McSally in Senate race

radio host (now fired): "Okay, let me ask you a question. Were they acting n-word-ish?"

3 held in Las Vegas on terror charges in RIGHT-wing conspiracy to spark violence during protests

"War Zone"

I am worried

Sen. Duckworth coming on strong for VP:

If you're ever hired to cater a GOP event, be sure to stock plenty of this ...

New Fox News state polls: ARIZONA Biden +4, OHIO Biden +2, WISCONSIN Biden +9

"Donald J. Trump is, in many ways, the first black President."

Lincoln Project,credit to Kingofalldems "War Zone" 1:00 min, great ad, please watch.

Heeeere's Yer Sign

They talk about the difficulty of convicting police officers.

America's Generals Must Stand Up to Trump

Americans are loading up on guns and ammo in the wake of race protests

VA Gov. Northam to Order Removal of Robert E. Lee Statue From Richmond's Monument Avenue

Felony voter fraud by Donald Trump:

Former Defense Secretary Mattis breaks silence and tears into Trump: 'He tries to divide us'

My lab tech tested negative for COVID-19.

Esper is the biggest sycophant in the administration. What a freakin Wuss.

Trump just retweeted a Tom Cotton tweet calling for use of the Insurrection Act

Drive-by Truckers. What it Means.

John Harwood: things are changing five months before Election Day

There are more troops on US streets than Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan combined.

13th - Must See! - Time for Change!

My 16 Year Old Self Challenged ME to a BASS BATTLE??

OMG Another Baby - Chibbles! 😍

BREAKING June 10th: House Judiciary Committee to Hold Hearing on Police Brutality & Racial Profiling

Biden weighs in on Snapchat's decision to stop promoting Trump's account

Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness...

Rand Paul holds up anti-lynching legislation as he seeks changes to bill


Cute Puppies Howl For The First Time Compilation

Huge BLM rally in Paris:

Statement from General Mattis

Check your County's Covid positive tests.

06/04 Mike Luckovich - Lengthy Inspection

Sure is nice that Arkansas did not need to keep people at home and we do not need masks

Don the criminal Con is history - Mattis broke the camel's back

What do republicans want?

His approval for handling the protests and COVID are in the mid 30s%

For your consideration. n/t

White House releases results of Trump's annual physical

When Dotard endorsed (ex) Rep Steve King

Jimmy Falon got it right on his no music, less humor show last night

DJT in front of the Church...

Oddsmakers give Biden the edge. But just barely.

California Gov. Newsom orders counties to add in-person voting centers

Goat Is On A Mission To Balance On A Blow-Up Chair

Rand Paul holds up anti-lynching legislation as he seeks changes to bill


Trump Campaign Looks at Electoral Map and Doesn't Like What It Sees

2020 US Senate Election Prediction- Democrats will win at least 20 US Senate seats in 2020.

New anti-Trump video is going viral...

To the many decent people still working within the federal government who have witnessed

Please Help me with this question

The militarization of the police is not unrelated to the citizen arms buildup.

Expect Trump to do something drastic.

The White House is being protected by prison guards

Rosenstein sells us out

5 Reasons Christians 'WRONGLY' Support Donald Trump

There was a presidential candidate who talked about "law and order" and "a silent majority"

So I'm watching "Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich" on Netflix

Trump HUMILIATES himself with pathetic defense for escaping to bunker

Ellison News Conference