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Man I like it better when Joy Reid

Trump with his bible

The Unknown Soldier

New video-Real presidents solve problems.

New video-Real presidents solve problems. @realDonaldTrump hides from them.

James Mattis Denounces President Trump, Describes Him as a Threat to the Constitution

The no-knock warrant for Breonna Taylor was illegal

Ted Cruz on Donald Trump...

Orange is the new Blue -

article: We all think there needs to be change, what should those changes be?

Supreme Court Justice Compares Brazil to Hitler's Germany and Says Bolsonaro Supporters Want 'Abject

"I'm no pope, but...

Sen Murphy: We cannot tolerate an American secret police.

Trump admin to Supreme Court: Let adoption agencies reject LGBTQ families

'Unparalleled' discovery of ancient skeletons sheds light on mystery of when people started eating m

'Unparalleled' discovery of ancient skeletons sheds light on mystery of when people started eating m

Hydroxychloroquine did not prevent Covid-19 in the first controlled clinical trial.

American Skin.

U.K. Willing To Admit Nearly 3 Million From Hong Kong If China Adopts Security Law

Are Police Unions An Impediment to Reform? MSNBC Now.

Brazil court to hear cases seeking to invalidate election on Tuesday

DeRay Mckesson on the 8 Reforms That Could Dramatically Reduce Police Violence

Did Plato know Trump? "Wise men speak because they have something to say. Fools

Veteran Military Helicopter Pilot On Why Hovering Over Protestors Was Dangerous And Stupid

Trump Says Inspection Revealed Bunker Was Dusty Because Obama Never Used It

What Civil War

Russia's Putin declares state of emergency after Arctic Circle oil spill

Bonus Quote of the Day



Trump suffered great pain hiding in the bunker.

Do you always know if your money is real or not? I sure as heck don't


Streams of N.W.A's 'F-k tha Police' Nearly Quadruple Amid Nationwide Protests

Chris Hayes just detailed the biggest problem we have with police...

Plato's Retreat (NYC) commercial

Trump's American Spring

West Virginia welcomes GOP Convention. Trailer parking allowed.

Lovely Protest Moment

I am thinking - help me out

Amazon's details on COVID-19 infections aren't good enough, workers and officials say

Russia's Putin Declares State Of Emergency After Arctic Circle Oil Spill

Rigorous Hand-Washing Will Be Part of Covid-19's New Normal

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Live and Let Die!

Fuck you Drew Brees. Say his name Anthony Hill

New York Times Staffers in Open Revolt Over Tom Cotton's 'Send in the Troops' Column

The Pentagon's Hand-Me-Downs Helped Militarize Police. Here's How

A beautiful photograph, three more men dressed in orange!

BWAHAHAHAHAHA Tiffany Trump Joins Online Protest For George Floyd

Man Behind Sweden's Controversial Virus Strategy Admits Mistakes

Bunkerboi says (re Mattis) "Glad he is gone!"

Press Briefing by Kayleigh McEnany; June 3, 2020

For those who haven't seen this...

'Nonlethal' Anti-Protest Weapons Can Cause Serious Harm

Why its Useful to compare trump to Hitler

Trump Campaign Looks at Electoral Map and Doesn't Like What It Sees

Stupid finally loses one: Plan to make contact tracing harder rejected by Ohio Senate

Texas Prison Guards brought in to guard White House says CNN

Fox's Brit Hume Grumbles That Biden Is Spouting 'Black Grievance Politics'

BibleBoy'sBlunder: Monday night was Donald Trump's dumbest stunt ever.

Jimmy Carter Speaks Out amid George Floyd Protests: 'People ... Must Stand Up'

Alianza for Progress demands congressional investigation of David Rivera Venezuela deal

Hundreds Take Part In George Floyd Protests In Anaheim, Other OC Cities

We don't need a Biden campaign, we need a shadow president to fill Trump's leadership void

Trump's presidential activities this morning,while the nation is in crisis:watching TV and tweeting!

Please tell me the defense wont blame covid 19 for George's death

SUV driver who hit San Jose protesters charged with assault, hit and run

Elizabeth Warren: "Let's be clear about what happened this week at the White House."

Bush II Calls George Floyd's Death A "Shocking Failure" In Open Letter; Donald Trump Fires back

Sly & The Family Stone - Everyday People

Trump hits back at Mattis: "I gave him a new life"

I guess it is true..........

Highest ranking National Guard officer in the nation: "We Must Do Better"

Rachel just asked: How bad can this get?

Snapchat stokes GOP ire for refusing to promote Trump's account

Malcolm Corden Teaches Donald Trump How To Hold the Bible

Hoorah for Mad Dog Mattis!

*Keith Ellison on Rachel show now.

I just felt tremors in the SFV

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2020 that Democrats are likely to win.

Argentine newspaper publishes massive obituary of femicide victims

Tacoma schools to lay off, reduce hours for hundreds of paraeducators next school year

Bolsonaro's Coronavirus Response is a Campaign of Terror Against Black and Indigenous People

Trump at church like Churchill? More like Hitler talking with Stalin, then invading Russia.

Seattle Seahawks HC Carroll: Kaepernick owed 'tremendous amount' for protesting racial oppression

The tires have come off the Clown Car

the leader of the new republican party is the first republican who

Brazil court orders meatpacker JBS to re-hire indigenous workers

Democratic governors to GOP counterparts: oppose deployment

Nikki Fried: Florida failed the unemployed now 'giving up' on receiving owed benefits

PressSec:"Mattis' small words pale in comparison to POTUS strong action."

How do the Never-Trumpers plan to vote down ticket?

Insurers say looting is covered under most insurance policies for businesses

I am tired of these former trump officials

Staffers lash out in Bernie world meltdown

Seattle Restaurants May Soon Open for Limited Indoor Dining, in Addition to Outdoor Seating

Anyone know of a list or link to Obama's accomplishments re reforming police culture


*Sen. Harris on Rachel show now.

What is the significance of the Seattle protest location?

Kamala Harris: "He held up the Bible like it was a Trump steak..."

Why did the chicken cross the road?

House Judiciary panel to hold police brutality hearing next week

I know what he was doing

Two Missouri university students withdraw over video appearing to mock George Floyd's death

Three men connected to 'boogaloo' movement tried to provoke violence at protests, feds say

Stadium-sized asteroid heading to Earth this week

Coronavirus Report: The Hill's Steve Clemons interviews Rep. Val Demings

New Yorker: If Trump Goes Even Lower, We'd Better Be Prepared

BREAKING: 10 Buses carrying US Military Forces descended on Washington DC near White House

This is a mess and Trump won't fix it!

Stoker in Chief.

only 4% say Chauvin should not be criminally charged - new poll

Is it me or are protests getting much much larger

Update on delegate counts from the June 2 primaries:

Richie Havens 1969 Woodstock - Freedom

Best protest sign I've seen so far....💗

Redeem Kaepernick

Trump inadvertently reveals the truth about the police response to the protests

Nazareth - Hair Of The Dog

Prosecutors: 3 Arrested On Terrorism Charges In Las Vegas

Ghost - Square Hammer

I can pretty much say that it going to get worse.

Scene in Australia last night:

I'm practicing my cell phone video quick-draw.

Been in a funk ever since Rachel reported 53 subpoenas will go out tomorrow

Tweet of the Day

TCM Schedule for Thursday, June 4, 2020 -- What's On Tonight: Jazz in Film

Watch this. Thankfully she's been identified and outed, and hopefully will lose her job:

Aaron Rodgers responds to Drew Brees flag comments

The explanation from the NY Times for why they published the Cotton shit is not going well.

Mr. George Floyd was positive for the coronavirus.

Some Encouraging Stats From History

Drew Brees teamed up with an anti-LGBTQ, anti-choice hate group last year.

Here comes the future and she ain't taking shit from nobody

Despite ending his campaign in March, Bill Weld is now collecting protest votes in primaries:

George Floyd death: Anti-racism sites hit by wave of cyber-attacks

3 more ex-officers charged in Floyd death; murder charge elevated for Chauvin

Pelosi joins protests against George Floyd's death outside Capitol

The mood at my work organization is turning very dark.

More Evidence That Mars Once Had a Ring - and Will Again

Lost Monument of Early Maya Civilisation Discovered in Mexico

Lost Monument of Early Maya Civilisation Discovered in Mexico

I just saw a Real Clear poll saying Hinkenlooper is +13 over Gardner in Colorado.

Great live stream from the White House

35 All Biden needs to clinch the nominee?

I went to buy a gun yesterday.

I'm terrified and heartbroken thinking about what this country will look like by November

MC5 The Motor City is Burning

Programming note -

A question about homeless people during the protest

Did anyone else get an automatic download of an app called AVG

Women candidates won big in June primaries

Cher - West Side Story

Stephen Colbert described Trump as a Jenga Tower about 12 moves in.

The hate in our midst

20% Unemployment

Unless I missed it, NO ONE in authority said masks didn't work

This Is How Kent State Happened It's happening again.

Scruffy Justin rendered speechless

Hong Kong marks Tiananmen massacre for what many fear will be the last time

Customs and Border Patrol officers unload off buses Wednesday.

I See That Repug Senators Are Wearing Their Covid Masks .....

from 2018.. something isn't adding up

SF resident was kneeling when fatally shot by Vallejo police during civil unrest

Is there a national bailfund we can donate to to help

Pic Of The Moment: Kinda Says It All

Something just hit me, Detroit, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, ...

We are the only thing holding up America right now.

The cops are playing with their toys in a lot of cities

All Hail the Queen...

Sarah Cooper hit a Grand Slam today!

Remember when a Real President didn't have to gas US citizens to walk across the street?

Men wearing Hawaiian shirts and carrying guns add a volatile new element to protests

The Daily Show: A Look Back at The Legacy of Stop-and-Frisk in New York City - Between the Scenes

Interesting and timely quote from retired police detective Frank Serpico.

Largest Known Maya Structure Found, More than 4,000 Feet Long and Nearly 3,000 Years Old

Last Week's Police Lawlessness Against Journalists

The explosion Mike Malloy

Wisconsin police apologize for wrongly arresting African-American man at gunpoint in his rented home

Seth Meyers - President Trump Addresses Protests Against Police Violence - Monologue 6/2/20

I sit on a man's back

Seth Meyers: Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms Talks About the Racial Protests in Atlanta

Stephen King and George RR Martin on stage together

Richmond leaders want Confederate monuments removed. A small-town mayor is ready to take them.

I feel like this is going to be the most unfair election in history and Trump knows it

Why Congress hasn't made lynching a hate crime

Black kids steal "nice" white kid's skateboard


Seth Meyers: Guest Leslie Jones on Why Americans Need to Vote

'Agitators' mar peaceful protests in Fredericksburg, leading to arrests

Admiral Grace Murray Hopper explains the nanosecond

Some governors balk at Trump request to send troops to DC

Counties in Florida, Iowa worry CDC as emerging coronavirus 'areas of concern'

Seth Meyers - Amber's Minute of Fury: Police Violence Against Peaceful Protestors

Businesses upped to 50% capacity under new Abbott order

70 years ago assassins tried to assassinate President Truman

Sen. Duckworth: Military Force Against Peaceful Protesters A 'Betrayal Of The Troops' - MSNBC

China: US proves that Tiananmen Square massacre was necessary

Protesters rally in front of Capitol, Governor's Mansion in sixth day of demonstrations

Rebuking Trump, Obama And Mattis Speak In Favor Of Protests - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

The Texas Rangers didn't invent police brutality, says the author of a new book, 'they perfected it'

Remember this movie? (The Trial of Billy Jack)

We haven't seen riots....yet.

white women are still calling the cops on black people

What grates on me is that all 4 of those Minnesota police

The History Of White People In America (1985) Martin Mull, Fred Willard

Austin City Council will hold emergency hearings on police violence today

'had no idea what kinda shit was about to go down'

First-Time Gun Owners at Risk for Suicide, Major Study Confirms

Austin Symphony Orchestra Fires Player Over Racist Remarks

The Lincoln Project videos compilation updated 4 June 2020 - War Zone

NY-16: Ocasio-Cortez endorses Engel primary challenger

Dallas Mayor Johnson Heeds Calls for Special Council Meeting On Police Oversight

Armed Troops Remain At DC Protest After More Charges In Floyd's Death - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Prairie View A&M Plans New Center For Race And Justice Following George Floyd's Death

Texas NAACP President Accuses Republicans Of Using COVID-19 To Suppress Voting

Canaries . . . and Carolina wrens, and red-bellied woodpeckers . . . in the climate coal mine

'Heroes' No More: Grocers Are Already Clawing Back COVID-19 Worker Benefits

The Horrors - Still Life

The Horrors - I Can See Through You

Jimmy Kimmel's Quarantine Monologue - Trump Fumes Over Bunker & Bible Photo Op

10 Things Narcissists do to Appear Smarter than They Really Are

Tooning Out The News: Melania needs a new smile machine

Former Buncombe Sheriff Bobby Medford dies of COVID-19 in federal custody

Comcast Internet Outage. Anyone else?

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 6/3/20

Asheville's fourth night of George Floyd protest ends with more tear gas, an earlier end

Rocky Mount to remove 103-year-old Confederate monument

Ms. prosecutor: 'We can only hope the deadly coronavirus strain spreads in riots'

NY-16: Progressive Groups To Spend Big On Unseating Bronx Rep. Eliot Engel

judge ordered President Trump to pay $2 million to a group of charities on Thursday, ruling that the

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2020 that Democrats will win to get back in the majority.

Stephen Colbert: Charlamagne Tha God On Systemic Racism How Reparations Can Lead To Economic Justice

Got an email from the state about child support... weird

CMPD chief asking courts to release video footage of use of chemicals on protesters

NC senator hasn't decided if she'll press charges against fellow senator

PAC criticizes ABC11 for not airing its ad critical of Trump and the Confederate flag


The nytimes now needs a smashing editorial piece to counter Tom Cotton's facist Opinion article.....

Sing the "You're About to Lose Your Job" boogie.

Breakfast Thursday 4 June 2020

Where's Your Messiah Now, Evangelicals?

Army reverses plan to send Fort Bragg troops, others home from Washington area

A picture is worth a 1000 words

Police groups break with Biden

There didnt seem to be a need for tear gas in this suitation

What we could see from trump and Barr,

Rev. Gini Gerbasi eyewitness account of Trump's photo op.

Amazon Deforestation Meets The Gig Economy! Flexible Hours! Opportunity! Freedom!

Shared by an angel on Facebook, saw it late, had to see it, just finished watching, it's 5:16am now!

State Board of Education takes on racism in response to civil unrest

Warming Ripening French Wine Grapes 2-3 Weeks Faster Than 50 Years Ago; Agroforestry May Aid Growers

Police reforms in PA languish in GOP controlled legislature

I think Esper is soon on his way out.

Trump at Odds with Every Living President

Joint Chiefs Chairman Reiterates Vow

This is rich. I saw this on one of my news sites.

Spanish Porn Star Killed a Man in Psychedelic Toad Venom Ritual: Cops

Petrobras Corruption Fines Will Boost Brazilian States' Deforestation Fights, But Only Temporarily

Portland protests against George Floyd killing continue: 'We don't have an end date'

Planned Parenthood North Central States to reopen limited services in Sioux City

Bolsonaro's Govt. Cuts Climate Budget 40%; National Climate Change Fund Spent Zero In 2019, 2020


Victoria Forests Spokesman Denies Science Linking Salvage Logging To Fire Risk, Asks For Anonymity

Laundry day, Harry Potter style:

Racists are now doing the George Floyd "challenge." They really are that vile.

37% Of Ships In Canadian Arctic Use Heavy Fuel Oil, Dirtiest Fuel On Earth - Toxic, Sooty, Viscous

DoJ using prison riot control teams as unmarked personnel in Washington DC

Thursday TOONs - What Do You Have To Lose?

Alabama AG Sues Birmingham for Removing Rebel Monument

Fisheries Group Director (And Captain) Resigns After A Dozen Cases Brought Of Observer Intimidation

There was demonstrations in Upper Arlington yesterday. 😲

Company Andrew Wheeler Worked For As Lobbyist Will Import Uranium Waste To Site Next To Bears Ears

Well he did want to take America back to a time when it was great again...

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey gives $3 million to Colin Kaepernick's organization

Federal Judge Rules That Limits On Oil Spill Dispersants Must Be Part Of Response Plans

Protests eclipse pandemic, but White House fears resurgence

Chef Jose Andres thanks DC mayor "for building a wall around WH and keeping Trump inside"

ICYMI...Council Bluffs had some militia types show up to protect the city from non-existent rioters.

Little help, please

BP CEO Offers Fresh Blather On Climate "Goals": "It's Hard To Make Sense Of Much Of What He Said"

MLK and Malcolm X

Dwayne Johnson Lambasts Trump in His Most Fiery Political Speech Yet

A clear indication the tide is turning.

Ken Olin to Trump after his morning tweets: It's too early in the morning to be insane.

With the arrest of the cops, the protesters should now focus their protests on removing Trump.

BLM Can't Fill Senior Positions; Less Than 1/3 Of Employees Chose To Move From DC To Grand Junction

Black men arrested with weapons at protest while armed white militia men avoid charges in Greensboro

For My 50,000th Post: W. Australia Could Force Chevron To Pay $100 Million For Putative CCS Project

'Anti-vaxxers' are organizing even before a coronavirus vaccine is developed

Salman Rushdie, WaPo: I've seen dictators rise and fall. Beware, America.

Worrying trend: ICUs across the country are pretty full.

This Piers Morgan interview with Rudy Giuliani... lol:

Stephen King to Susan Collins: Retire.

Scores of testing sites forced to close because of vandalism in civil unrest

Snapchat: The Company to Stop Promoting Trump's Content

House Democrats unveil $500 billion transportation package with focus on buses, rail and the environ

The Webcomics Weekly #89: Be Excellent to Each Other (6/2/2020 Edition)

Art of the Week: Week of 06/03/20

Where to hold the RNC convention? How about The Hague?

The Weekly Pull: Catwoman, Buffy: Every Generation, Sabrina, and More

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 6/3/2020

Trump campaign is now calling his supporters "the Trump Army" & selling a camo hat

Obama's message to young people of color: "I want you to know that you matter"

Tonight in Laramie, Wyoming:

Korean editorial cartoon lands a solid punch

The Veepstakes: Handicapping Biden's Choices

Ousted Watchdog Says State Dept. Official Pressured Him to End Inquiry Into Pompeo

Stone Pardon coming? Trump tweets that he can "sleep well at night"

United States added to list of most dangerous countries for journalists for first time

June 4 - Happy Birthday Rep. Chris Pappas (D) NH-1st

Yale psychiatrist: Trump's "displays of false strength" foreshadow plan to question election results

Brooklyn bishop accused by 2nd man of sex abuse in the 1970s

More fencing going up around the White House complex early this morning

Trump: "Biden has a team of killers and all I've got is a defense."

Retired Marine general John Allen: A Moment of National Shame and Peril--and Hope

I'm 5'6" and 230 lbs!

Unemployment insurance claims eased slightly at end of May

There's a tweet for everything - this one's from January of this year

Tom the Dancing Bug: Boardroom Lives Matter

'I Know a Dying Administration When I See One'...

USA coronavirus deaths over 109,000

42.6 million!

You raised $2,218.14 on June 3, 2020 to elect Joe Biden POTUS with our DU ActBlue link

Not only new fencing but concrete barriers are going up around the White House

Now Drew Brees walks back is moronic statements!

Trump is making it look like he (the WH) is under siege with this military build up.

The military officers aiding Trump's stunt have been promoted to the level of their incompetence

WH fortifications not a reaction to protests so far, but expected response to Trump's future actions

People Say Pallets Of Bricks Are Showing Up Near Protests All Over The US. The Truth Is More...

Following the line of thought about this administration offered by Senator Duckworth,

Traffic cone, water bottle and tear gas...

Did anyone catch the video of McConnell avoiding Kasey Hunt from Tuesday?

Want to read something disgusting/disturbing - A police trainer

Maybe Barr's Secret Police aren't Barr's ..

More fencing going up around the White House complex early this morning

This is truly what a peaceful protest looks like. Madison, Wisconsin proud.

Barbershop owner told to leave building after allegation of racist comment. Bananas had been left at

'Only wall Trump will have succeeded in building are prison walls around himself '

Barrington Levy -- Murderer

Seattle Curfews Canceled After Mayor Meets With Community Leaders

China Doesn't Want a New World Order. It Wants This One.


"Never Biden" Implodes as Trump Approaches Dictatorship

SHOCK: Trump Blames Guy in White House for Protests

AP tally: Arrests at widespread US protests hit 10,000

New PPP poll of North Carolina has Biden +4, 49% to 45% for Trump

83% white Boise Idaho turns out for Black Lives Matter!

NBC: "Disturbing" texts between Oregon police and far-right group prompt investigation

The legacy of the Republicans in congress is being written.

White House compares Trump's church visit to Churchill

Fierce Warrior Queen Says, 'No Justice, No Peace!'

Meta question about DU (complimentary, btw)

"You cannot love your fellow man if you don't love God."

Secretary of the Army tweets to remind troops they defend the Constitution & peaceful protesters


OC Sheriff's deputy investigated for wearing right-wing patch on uniform at a George Floyd protest

The question for the governor and the mayor after a fourth night of Little Rock arrests: Why?

That fucker isn't 6 feet 3 inches tall

All the rebuking from all the GOPers about Trump?

KATV, Democrat-Gazette reporters detained during 4th night of protests in Little Rock

Here's the truth - the same ReTHUGs who refuse to say anything about

That Donald J. Trump Is Walling off the White House

This dropped yesterday, after General Mattis broke with Chump

I'm glad I read up on these "Booger Boys". I might have shown up in a Hawaiian shirt

I thought Trump was a McDonald's guy?

Robert Reich: Donald Trump is no longer president

One Person's Experience of Being Lost in the Wilderness for 11 days

Heh. Giuliani butt hurt after Piers Morgan calls him "completely barking mad"

Fabulous Kimmel: Trump's heroic walk across the street for his bible photo op...

Amerika in May

"Dear White People: Stop using Dr. King as an example of peaceful protest ..."

Anyone know who "Uncle Blazer" is?

Album released this date in 1984-

Sen. Sasse: against "a photo op that treats the Word of God as a political prop,″

The Unacknowledged Religious War

Bubba Wallace explains what it's like to be black in NASCAR

Just saw a video about two men living in an abandoned village in Newfoundland.

Looking for recipes containing jerky!

Would welcome any president except Barack Obama

I thought it was "Build the wall"/"Stop the illegals" season???

Former NY Times op-ed editor (now LAT op-ed editor) calls out NYT for publishing Tom Cotton's op-ed

Day 4 into refrigerator distancing. Another 6.5 miles with camera in hand.

Ocasio-Cortez endorses Bowman over incumbent Engel

Graham says Mattis buys into unfair media 'narrative' about Trump

Does anyone know where to find schedules of all protests/rallies in DC?

RePost: President Trump Shits on Rank and File Military Personnel

Poll: Biden leads Trump, Cunningham neck and neck with Tillis in North Carolina

Molly Tuttle covering the Yeah Yeah Yeahs!

Holy Shit!Russia declares state of emergency after massive oil spill in the Arctic Circle

Democratic Primary results since New York was forced to reinstate their primary:

It's truly amazing how fast they can source @Whitehouse fences but masks and #PPE... way too hard.

Rudy Giuliani goes off:

Trump Campaign referring to "Trump Army" with camouflage hats in emails now......

Cats telling stuff

Some protest signs

LOL! From WaPo: Trump explains his favorite Bible stories

Here comes the future... and she ain't takin' nonsense from nobody

US Park Police announce two officers have been assigned to "administrative duties" pending...

A Jamaican proverb sums up the tenure of Don di criminal Con's kakistocracy

Q: Why did the chicken cross the road?

Time for a strategy move

Time to change the name of The "White"House

George Floyd's Autopsy Report saying Positive for COVID-19

Bunker Boy...Sing Along, Sing it LOUD!

Young woman incited riot on her own Facebook Live video, police say

Wall Street Warning to Corporate America: Get Cash While You Can

Florida sees largest daily number of new COVID-19 cases since mid-April

Texas, Arizona, Oregon Report Significant Coronavirus Spikes After Reopening Economy

Has anyone seen resource listing all of the money

Yesterday I had a conversation with a Pendejo45 supporter ...


Somehow, you just had to know something like this was coming next

In November, Joe Biden will be our "Bunker Buster"

Rudy vs Piers Morgan: Partial Transcript

America Or Trump

'It's everybody's problem': Thousands keep it peaceful in another night of protests against police

Come, come, my conservative friend,

San Antonio mayor shelves plan for November transit ballot initiative

George Floyd protest: Thousands flood DTLA seeking justice for Floyd

Thousands Turn Out For Peaceful Oakland George Floyd Demonstrations

William Barr's Vast, Nameless Army Is Being Brought To Bear On D.C. Protesters

Project "Veritas" claims to have infiltrated Antifa.

History Will Judge the Complicit

More Saddam or more Adolf

Freddy Fender was born on this date-

Biden will do a Town Hall this evening...

Q: How would Mitch McConnell be served at a gourmet restaurant ?

Pic Of The Moment: 2016: Says He'll Build A Wall To Protect America From Foreigners

Retired general: Mattis' statement does two powerful things.

That's a lotta circles

Trump will make a Russian style move to invoke the inssurection act.

Another Swamp Creature

Suspect was overheard saying, 'f---ing n----r,' after killing Ahmaud Arbery: investigator

AG Barr and DOJ Leadership to hold virtual press conference today at 12:30 (EST)

Governor Cuomo Pandemic Update June 4 2020

Our next president is such a mensch


Protests: 5 reasons why experts say we should be wary of the 'outside agitator' narrative

Call & Ask For Investigation Into Barr

Both Trump & The Dems Have Expressed Concern Over A Fair Election In November.....

Jaw Dropped - D Floor scene in Downtown Las Vegas last night...

We should be Terrified of our Violent Out of Control Dictator

Bunker Boy to golf at Bedminster this weekend (and hide from million-person march in DC)


Bunker Boy is really scared, His crazy tweets are proof of this.

Family-style Beef Chili Enchilada Recipe

Bob Wills plays & Glen Campbell sings San Antonio Rose Live TV

YAY!! Gov. Northam: Taking down the statue of Robert E. Lee

Trump approval rating. The latest from Real Clear Politics.

Jesus re: protests

Barr interview from 2019: There's something satisfying in shooting someone in the leg for info

Former tennis star still shaken by encounter with cop in '15

Michael Beschloss: After Pearl Harbor 1941, FDR refused suggestions to surround the White House with

Robert Draper: Mattis is still holding back - says Trump's behavior is far worse than rpts say

Retired general: Mattis' statement does two powerful things.

I Guess It's My Warped Sense Of Humor - But I Got An E-Mail This A.M. Announcing That June....

William Barr's Vast, Nameless Army Is Being Brought To Bear On D.C. Protesters.

Buddy Merrill plays "South" on the Fender Steel Guitar

Location of Veritas' "Expose Antifa" video closed in 2018

Gov. Northam says Robert E. Lee monument will be removed as soon as possible

How many walls is Bunker Boy going to build around the white house?

He has gone full Putin

Watch This 10 Year-Old Rip Thru Rage Against the Machine's 'Guerrilla Radio' for Black Lives Matter

Lisa Murkowski is not sure she can support the Holey Moran Emperor

Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) says she's struggling with the question of whether to support Trump in 2020

After Pearl Harbor 1941, FDR refused suggestions to surround the White House with light tanks.....

Question: do you think actual police (state, city, troopers etc) have an issue w/ unmarked mercs?

Vote 'em Out !

Don't let Bunker Boy scare you.

Omg this is perfect burn for Trump.

Statement from Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter

EVERYONE READ THIS and pass it on...

Imagining a conversation (The back story of this Trump photo op)

Bunker Boy shit golden bricks while in his bunker.

"If the Army must be called out to make war on unarmed citizens, this is no longer America."

Lincoln, NE police dance with protesters

Blubber Boy Barr....

Now Barr and the Con are going to come in and pretend to be the

Is Barr's Palace Guard made up of Blackwater mercenaries?

Pete Souza photographs State St, Madison WI

The Nation Protests Police Brutality and Judicial Bias

The OS for my crystal ball isn't supported any more,

Dear Mr. Trump, sir: We were all real happy out here in Red Murika to hear that you

You Disrespected The Flag When You Voted For Trump

Drew Brees Apologizes for Kneeling Comments: 'I Have Always Been an Ally'

Here Are The Minneapolis Police's Tools To Identify Protesters

Criminal complaint filed against Pence's chief of staff

Box Skaggs the 70s songs

Blood group type may affect susceptibility to COVID-19 respiratory failure

Do we need to send armed police to every interaction with the public?

AG Barr "other extremist groups" is code for

The sleeping giant has once again been woken.

𝅘𝅥𝅮 Me and you and a bear named Pooh 𝅘𝅥𝅮

Warren Harding Tried to Return America to 'Normalcy' After WWI and the 1918 Pandemic. It Failed.

Cracker - Low

Richard Schiff says 'West Wing' cast reunion, script reading is in the works

Columbus, "How We Hot Here" and Columbus Alive

Video: Va. Leaders Celebrate Decision to Remove Robert E. Lee Statue from Richmond's Monument Ave.

Prosecutors describe racist slur as Ahmaud Arbery lay dying

Columbus Ohio, How We Got Here and Columbus Alive paper

Cuomo 6/4

How do people live with so much hate?

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 6/4/20

Trump promises Stone won't serve prison time: 'He can sleep well at night!'

Ahmaud Arbery was hit with a truck before he died, and his killer allegedly used a racial slur,

Inmate dies after being pepper sprayed in cell

Gov DeWine thinks this is a good idea, I'm damning with faint praise

Russia to Stop Counting Asymptomatic Coronavirus Cases, Deaths - Health Ministry

MI Senate passes bill to increase anti-bias, de-escalation training

Lincoln, Nebraska-a first step in holding cops accountable

What should happen to Confederate Statues?

JCoS Chair Milley met with Russian general today

They even suffocate suspects inside cop cars by not opening windows

The White House is being fortified because

Ex-Ecuador president detained in COVID-19 corruption raid

Could it be any clearer that the Republican party is the party of racism?

Wow Murkowski is "struggling" to support Trump in 2020

Dozens raided over hate comments on slain German politician

Our House (new ad)

Scott Woods: Racism is bigger than conscious hate.

How cross-border investigation identified prime suspect in Madeleine McCann case

Herman Munster's words of wisdom in 1965.

The Packers make a statement...

Colombia 'exacerbating hunger and risk of extermination' of ethnic minorities

Packers players make a statement:

Laura Ingraham's comments on LeBron James Vs. Laura Ingraham's defense of Drew Brees

How Duque is using coronavirus pandemic to end Colombia's peace process

Live Coverage - Minneapolis Prepares To Grieve George Floyd's Death At Memorial

#BLUEFALL trending on twitter

Kamala Harris is introducing an amendment for the investigation into #BillBarr ordering peaceful

QB Brees admits he doesn' trust blacks since a Falcons linebacker stole a football out of his hands.

Our House

I think narcissistic people

John Kelly responds to Trump saying he fired Mattis: "The president did not fire him..."

First-ever "Black Birders' Week" promotes diversity, fights racism

I am a mandatory reporter

If you disobey an order from an unidentified armed person who wears no badge, patch or

Did anyone see this plot twist coming

Tom Cotton Is Not Trying to Persuade You. He's Trying to Bludgeon You.

Trump to Resume In-Person Campaigning Next Week

So my daughter wants to participate in a BLM protest.... UPDATE

It would take only 4 U.S. Senators to save the country, as long as they were all Republicans

Need a smile today?

so this just started playing in my head

George Floyd Memorial Service in Minneapolis

Riiiiight! And after "inspecting" the bunker, Trump just decided to ..

GOP's Murkowski says she's struggling with supporting Trump

Susan Collins criticizes Trump's treatment of protesters as 'painful to watch'

Just Found Out I Lost My Cousin To Coronavirus

Derek Chauvin's interaction with a new mom with 2 month old in car

So nice to see Joy Reid's natural hair

these generals and former WH people speaking up now are chicken shit. Where were they then????

Is there a direct link to the memorial service without all the BS comments

Biden now up to 1958 Delegates according to CNN - Needs only 33 now.

Grassley puts a hold on two Trump nominees in response to Trump refusing to explain his reasons...

When fascism came to America....

Another Great Sign

tiedrich & another home run

The US Treasury Department estimates that as much as $200 million in counterfeit currency ...

Bolsonaro Calls Members of So-Called Anti-Fascist Groups Marginals and Terrorists

Trump Uses the Military to Prove His Manhood.

Bolsonaro Calls Members of So-Called Anti-Fascist Groups Marginals and Terrorists

He has lost the Generals.

Jimmy Kimmel: The White House made a highlight reel to celebrate Trump's heroic walk

Yikes! Snapping Turtle!

THE Definitive Take On Drew Brees

A most enjoyable video clip from @ismokeandiwrite

Trump's expanded baby gate blocks Bishop (who criticized him) from accessing her church

Good books for High School graduates

Green Bay Packers: Enough is enough. It's time for change.

Threatened by Impeachment Requests, Rio de Janeiro Governor Dismisses Former Right-Hand Man

Laura Ingraham Says Drew Brees is 'Allowed to Have an Opinion', but Says LeBron James Should Shut Up

How do you write an underscored email address?

An eyewitness to history, N.J. hospital photographer captures the horror and hope in a pandemic


Here are the pictures of the tear gas canisters deployed at Lafayette Square on June 1.

Some history of the MN police union head's motorcycle club...

donald trump is a Nazi. Period.

This cartoon is so perfect, it hurts to look at it.

13 words in reply to army & national guard.

Floyd eulogized at Minneapolis memorial in first of 3 events

Neil Young Drops 2019 Live Version of 'Southern Man,' Calls for 'New Rules for Policing'

But only one of these Presidents went into the church....

Grassley to hold up pair of nominations until Trump explains IG firings

They tear-gassed and used rubber bullets against a peaceful crowd, was this legal?

Zuckerberg Announces Virtual Roundtable With American Hate Groups To Better Understand How They Work

U.S. States Have Been Trying to Criminalize Protests for the Past Five Years

The Supreme Court, Too, Is on the Linda Greenhouse

Trump's Bleach Moment Now Seeming Like Career High Point

Murkowski may have caught what Collins has - CCCC

ROBBIE ROBERTSON - Showdown At Big Sky

Just the facts about less lethal beanbag rounds (by an officer)

Tim Eyman compares the murder of George Floyd to JayInslee 's actions to keep state safe during C19

Baytown Police Have a Long History With Racism and Police Brutality

White House confirms Trump gave order resulting in assault on St. John's Church

I guess these protests really do bring out the thugs.

Anybody watching the service for George Floyd?

Look here - there will be 110,000 Americans dead from Covid-19 before midnight

Gandhi and King were right about nonviolence

I hope Joe shoves this White House wall straight up Trump's saggy ass.

LA Pride announces Black Lives Matter protest march will replace Pride parade

Cold feet for Sen. Lindsey Graham?

WaPost: White House targets protesters with misleading video

Texas GOP official claims George Floyd's death was 'staged' to hurt Trump

Cops beat LGBTQ protestors leaving demonstration at Stonewall Inn

Pelosi demands Trump clarify deployment of unidentified law enforcement in DC

US war minister Mark Esper to be devoured by wild dogs.

Cartoons 6/4/2020

The chyron literally says "Protests turn violent in Salt Lake City"

Protests continue as Inslee backs review of police actions

Grassley Will Block Two Trump Nominees

Pentagon's coronavirus plan includes millions for missile tubes and body armor

Why It's Still So Rare For Police Officers To Face Legal Consequences For Misconduct

The real reason everything is all screwed up

UPDATE: Gov. Hutchinson discloses that 570 National Guard members have been deployed for demonstrati

NYPD beat up folks on their way home.

Doonesbury history...

Democrats prepare police reform bills after Floyd's death

John Kelly defends James Mattis: 'The president did not fire him'

Finally A FB Challenge I Could Relate To

California officials praise more peaceful protesting

NEWS: the Floyd family and Al Sharpton announce an they will hold a massive march on Washington...

Kneeling man in Bay Area killed by police who say they mistook hammer for gun

Army reservist arrested over Las Vegas terror plot was involved in drunken knife fight before enlist

Retired top general joins Mattis dissent from Trump

Ukraine found no evidence against Hunter Biden in case audit: former top prosecutor

The Racial Injustice of American Highways

Rep. Raskin: AG Barr should be disbarred for helping Trump crack down on Floyd protests

Man suspected of aiming gun at demonstrator during protest in Newport Beach

AMC, BBC, IFC, Sundance, and WE TV have gone dark for 8 minutes 46 seconds

'Die-in' takes place at MLK Memorial, no curfew imposed for DC as demonstrations continue.

Murkowski calls Mattis' Trump criticism "true and honest and necessary and overdue"

As Barr orders more fencing put up @ the WH today I'm reminded of the New Yorker cover from last ye

Rudy Giuliani's TV Fight With Piers Morgan Goes Wildly Off The Rails

Russia urges the U.S. to 'observe democratic standards' and respect Americans' right to protest

Biden is 25 delegates away!!!

"I Can Breathe Now"

Sen. Murphy "very troubled" by RC-26B reconnaissance war zone aircraft circling the DC protests

A Florida 'Karen' called the police on a solo Black Lives Matter protester standing completely alone

Bills QB Jake Fromm apologizes after saying guns should be expensive so only 'elite white people' ca

Barr seeks to subdue D.C. protests by 'flooding the zone' with federal firepower

White House security blocks Washington's Episcopalian bishop from holding a vigil at her church.

Anderson Cooper Dismantles Kayleigh McEnany's 'Like Churchill' Defense Of Trump

Barr defends use of force at Monday's White House protest

Deputies: Virginia man assaulted 3 people due to their race

Baytown police officers seen on video arresting men for questioning arrest of black man

Police Unions Chief proves he is intolerant to change or criticism in his attacks on Joe Biden.

Anybody else watching Mr. George Floyd's memorial and can't stop crying?

Trump and the Military: A Mutual Embrace Might Dissolve on America's Streets.

Bills rookie QB Jake Fromm apologizes for texting "only elite white people" should have guns

Does Gov. Inslee have any power to force the White House to identify

Episcopal bishop blocked from vigil at church Trump commandeered ... then a good thing happened

Trump Said No Tear Gas Used to Clear Protesters for Photo Op. These Canisters Suggest Otherwise.

Hundreds of active duty 82nd Airborne troops being sent home from DC area

Melania Trump Leads FEMA Briefing on Hurricane Preparedness and People Have Questions

I hate bein paranoid -- but this sure looks like a fuckin trial balloon for a coup attempt

Iowa primary voters deciding King's fate, Ernst's challenger

Rev. Al Sharpton was on FIRE.....

Pelosi Sends Letter to Dump re: Troops & Unidentified Law Enforcement Personnel in DC

"I am Jack's complete lack of surprise."

South Dakota scraps plan to have people social distance at Trump appearance at Mt. Rushmore July 3rd

Janine Pirro as FBI Director? Stephanie with Frank Figgluzzi

After Reopening Schools, Israel Orders Them To Shut If COVID-19 Cases Are Discovered

Not a Repub Senator in sight. Sen Cory Booker led the ceremony

i don't get a straight answer from nevertRumpers, but ...

Trumper assaults child on Bethesda bike trail -- need help IDing him!

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Friday, 5 June 2020

Another Republican's lips were movin

Washington vigil runs into tension with some protesters as church leaders offer prayer, solidarity

Racism and What We Can All Do Right Now

Graham delays vote on authorizing subpoenas in Russia investigation

If Republicans Are Ever Going Turn On Trump, This Might Be The Moment

I wonder if Sunday at 3pm Eastern time

Michael White: US veteran on way home from Iran after detention

Protest of just 3 people in Collinsville, OK (and people shit themselves)

De Blasio Denounced After Police Forcefully Clash With Protesters

Pentagon intelligence employees raise concerns about supporting domestic surveillance amid protests

lots of good things being said about Mattis comment..but beware........

This gives me hope.

Central Park "Karen" who called cops on black birdwatcher has dog returned to her

In Case You Missed It, Another Great Tweet From Stephen King

UK minister appears to be unwell during speech

This message was SELF-DEFEATED by it's author:

Coronavirus updates: 358 new COVID-19 cases in Arkansas, over 8,400 total

Pelosi video: By what authority do National Grd people come in from other states? By what authority?

WOLA: Media's 'Left' Source for Pro-Coup Propaganda in Venezuela

A Moment of National Shame and Peril -- and Hope

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick: Racism Won't Stop Until We 'Accept Jesus Christ'

the latest from Laura Ingraham

Hong Kong: Tens of thousands defy ban to attend Tiananmen vigil President & CEO posts this message

No social distancing at trump's July 4 in SD

Heard company called Next Door has a 'Karen problem' What is the company, what is its Karen problem?

This is a bit obtuse buuuuuut.....

Good books for High School graduates

When Trump and team go bat shit crazy attacking Biden (and they will) remember this

Vermont has spike in new covid cases

Florida's reopening met with record daily coronavirus cases

U.S. to revise Chinese passenger airline ban after Beijing move

Thousands Who Got COVID-19 in March Are Still Sick

PeaceHealth in Whatcom receives $12.6 million in federal coronavirus relief money

LOL. After publishing Tom Cotton's fascist editorial, NYT is back to concern-trolling Democrats

Trump calls tear gas reports 'fake news,' but protesters' eyes burned just the same

Stevie Wonder breaks down singing Imagine

COVID-19 Can Last for Several Months

Shopping success in time of COVID-19...

The Groping BLOTUS finally spoke direct answers to the inequities of current law enforcement

Rudy vs. Piers Morgan

House Democrats introduce policing reform bill named for George Floyd

Trump behind a fence and wall

GOP Senator Ben Sasse Calls 'Bullshit' On Lindsey Graham's 'Obamagate' Hearing

GOP's Murkowski is 'Struggling' to Vote For Trump Over Protest Response

Seahawks QB Russell Wilson shares own experience with racism

Seattle mayor rescinds curfew as Floyd protests continue

RIP GOP! Making such a spectacle of yourselves across the world. No votes for 2020. n/t

I don't think we're going to have a second wave of COVID-19 in the fall.

Amid protests, Seattle will withdraw request to remove federal oversight over police


Baltimore's mail-in primary got off to a rocky start. What problems might lie ahead?

Saying That "Black Lives Matter" Doesn't Mean That Other Lives Do Not

The Calvert County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) announces

Trump cancels weekend golf outing

Nailed It

Kilmeade Snatches Back The Title of "Dumbest Faux News Pundit." A Highly Competitive Prize!

Man with an assault rifle and pistol was trying to pass as a member of the National Guard

President Trump Says 'Something Snapped' in Police Officers Involved With George Floyd's Death

Attorney puts together a Twitter list of over 250 incidents of police brutality in the last few days

What would happen if trump's military fired live rounds into protesters?

Walls and Barriers. This Cowardly one trick pony only has one trick

Tom Cotton's ugly screed hints at the terrible backlash to come

What's for Dinner, Thurs., June 4, 2020

GOP senators shrug off Mattis' criticism of Trump: 'It's his opinion'


Trump to sign order to waive environmental reviews for key projects

So proud of Des Moines Mayor Frank Cownie as he meets 1000 protesters at his home

Ukrainian prosecutors find no evidence against Hunter Biden

Sen Intel approves measure requiring presidential campaigns to report offers of foreign election inf

Georgia Tech athletics to take day off on Election Day

Pelosi asks for full ID of all police, forces responding to D.C. protests

Bald men at higher risk of severe case of Covid-19, research finds

Arbery was taunted with racial slurs as he lay dying

In New Zealand - a powerful Haka

I can't find out if the $20.00 bill was fake

'Scared bunker boy' Trump mocked for 'barricading himself inside' the White House instead of traveli

Tear Gas Is Banned in International Warfare--Why Are Police Using It On U.S. Civilians?

the republican response to donnie is woefully insufficient to preserve a democracy

Trump/Fence 2020

This tide is turning

Pentagon's coronavirus plan includes millions for missile tubes and body armor


Simplest explanation for why Black Lives Matter that I've ever seen...

Thousands marching in Nashville, TN.....

Southern Baptists see historic drop in membership

Bexar County GOP chair refuses to resign for racist George Floyd conspiracy theory post despite call

Trump's a Coward

Rand Paul Stalls Anti-Lynching Bill Despite Pleas From Black Lawmakers to Help Heal Racial Tensions

The Strawberry Moon will appear full tonight as well as tomorrow night,

Why doesn't the owner of the church property in Washington get a court order and

Governor Whitmer joined a march, today

Amy McGrath needs help in Kentucky against Mitch

Trumps Fascist Army Recruitment Ad Be like...

Federal appeals court extends block on voting-by-mail expansion in Texas

Bethesda Maryland assault by probable MAGAt:

Eight Can't Wait

What is it with people

You know what will be driving Trump crazy today

As Austin protests continue, hundreds take their voices to City Hall

Two gatherings against police use of force planned in Georgetown this weekend

"Rough headline for the firms in Senate Lobbying Database that represent Huawei but haven't../FARA

Chicago Residents Push Officials for Answers After Video Shows Police Standing By As White 'Vigilant

Ironic observation....

House Democrats to unveil legislation to combat police brutality and racial injustice next week

DEMS Have a MAJOR Opportunity

Trump scraps Bedminster trip amid protests

Anderson Cooper, "Who Is The Thug Here?" Monday, June 1, 9min.

a beautiful song, in a painful way, Eli Fletcher

Cabot Arkansas March

Sen. Mark Warner calls for Barr to resign:

Civil liberties groups sue Trump, Barr for forcefully removing Lafayette Square protesters

Police searching for man in viral video who took George Floyd flyers from child, attacked man

Herbie Hancock - Chameleon

Boris Johnson urges EU workers to return to UK to help the economy

Omaha woman sentenced to jail time after pleading no contest to twisting boy's genitalia

March on Washington in August

06/05 Mike Luckovich-Childproof the military

Signs of the times down at the dock.

Trump's Bleach Moment Now Seeming Like Career High Point

Trump Has Imprisoned Himself in the White House

Pierce: 8 Minutes and 46 Seconds Is a Long Goddamn Time

Dwayne Johnson Asks Trump 'Where Are You?' In Stirring 8 Minute Video In Support Of Black Lives Matt

Mayor Bowser on PBS NewsHour now.

I want apologies, and I want them NOW please! I would say WE but I guess I cant assume.

'Manny is George Floyd': Family of man killed during Tacoma arrest want officers fired

But where is the pepper spray from the police, he does have a gun

Sorry, Charlie: Washington AG Ferguson sues StarKist for tuna price fixing

Message to the want to be war time president

I am not a lawyer, but i have watched all the Matlock reruns

Some Words

Dallas County reports 285 new coronavirus cases, a new single-day high

2020 CO US Senate Election Democratic Candidate- Andrew Romanoff-D

"Take A Knee" Is this why Chauvin decided to kill Floyd with his knee?

JCpenney to close 154 of it's remaining 860 stores

7:25p: Severe storms have developed across DC's western suburbs

President Tony Montana

Fire & Rain

FLIPPABLE: Raph Graybill for Montana Attorney General

The people have not yet felt the full impact of the crisis in our economy.

If you haven't seen this, please watch: (credit Kingofalldems)

FLIPPABLE: Shane Morigeau for Montana State Auditor

Tweet of the evening:

Let's Stay In Together - Apollo - Is Streaming Now

Esper Reverses Course Again, Orders Troops Out Of D.C.: Reports

Judge rules case against three men in Ahmaud Arbery death can proceed

Racist vigilantes and cops "protect" a Target store in South Philadelphia.

Well, we are opening the dental practice fullbore on Monday.

what Murkowski really said...

Meanwhile, U.S. COVID-19 deaths pass 110,000

"President Trump's birthday is coming up and there's no better way to wish him a 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY'

I'm surprised I'm saying this, but GOOD JOB Senator Sasse: