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Kirk Fletcher. Do you like electric blues? I do.

Yet another HUGE march taking place in Genesee County, Michigan

Up soon on the Texas Democratic State Convention Stage Senator Professor Warren

CNN: Esper orders remainder of active duty troops in Washington region back to home base

surprise unemployment drop leaves out Blacks (rose to 16.8%) and Asians (rose to 15%)

Protester pushed to ground by police is longtime peace activist from Amherst

I don't believe I've ever heard anything more powerful.

Yes, I hate staying at home, but pneumonia is much worse.

Trump administration orders Marriott to cease Cuba hotel business

Trump administration orders Marriott to cease Cuba hotel business

Sometimes Twitter gets it right #babygate is trending

Bolsonaro threatens WHO exit as COVID-19 kills 'a Brazilian per minute'

We just got a sneak peek of what the November election could look like

In DC, theaters, churches, and even iconic music clubs are opening their doors for protesters

'We were wrong': NFL commissioner says league failed to listen to players on protests

'We were wrong': NFL commissioner says league failed to listen to players on protests

"we've got to get out of this place."

Called 2 local US Congresscritters about the No-ID troops/LEOs in Washington DC this week...

As we try to unwind all of this on the world stage, our task will a heavier lift than domestic fix.

A quick peek at grocery store shelves might tell you how your local economy is doing

How long does the coronavirus last inside the body?

'The most horrific thing': Family of Dion Johnson reacts to video of him dying

Michael Harriot of The Root arrested in Birmingham covering events

The Best and Most Detailed Large-Scale Model Railroad layout in the World

Systemic racism and coronavirus are killing people of color. Protesting isn't enough

Seattle issues 30-day ban on tear gas at protests

'This Is the Story of a Coward' - The Lincoln Project is out with a new ad

White House Had GrubHub Deliver $42,000 in McDonald's to Trump's Bunker

4 out of 5 Morons Agree: Trump is a Good President

UK to change immigration rules for Hong Kong citizens if China passes law

Justin Trudeau takes a knee at Black Lives Matter demonstration on Parliament Hill

Jack Reacher on 4 reasons why people join the military

Feelin' Stronger Every Day (2002 Remaster)

Police Chief Vows To Take Concrete Steps To Better Cover Up Violence

Night 8 of police helicopters; march going on two blocks away...

Getting weird out there

Snohomish, Pierce Counties approved for Phase 2, King County gets 'modified' Phase 1

Trump Claims That Wall Around White House Is to Prevent Staff from Quitting En Masse

I hope this video presentation is true, relevant, and

As George Floyd Died, Officer Wondered About "Excited Delirium"

People are calling poison control after rubbing themselves and their food with bleach to prevent C19

Apalachicola from the Gorrie Bridge (US-98)

#babygate on Twitter

California Mayor Resigns After Email About Police Brutality Sparks Outrage

New York City reports first day with no confirmed coronavirus deaths since March 11

Friday declared George Floyd Remembrance Day in Dallas

CNN is going after Kroll.

Please remove rumpie from the front page.

Bethesda Bicycle Biff (actual name to come) is under arrest.

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF! Live and Let Die!

TV Heads Up - Marx Brothers

From tonight's demonstration in Columbus Ohio

In The End - Linkin Park

Confirmed coronavirus cases are rising faster than ever

Russia Sends More Troops West, Challenging U.S.-NATO Presence Near Borders

Looking for input on an often stated term...."accountable"

Police Have 'Strong Suspect' in Assault by Cyclist Over Racial Justice Flyers

Martin Luther King Jr.'s daughter explains how people misuse her father's words

Hunh, I just decided to check out for the night to watch TV... the message via my Amazon firestick:

A One Trick Pony. Walls and Barriers and Force.

Michael Jordan and Jordan Brand announce $100 million donation to social justice organizations

Looks like Bicycle Biff has been arrested: Anthony Brennan III

Trudeau walks with his people.

This is chilling, in a GOOD way!

Friday Talking Points -- The Battle Of Lafayette Square

Roger Goodell Admits NFL Was Wrong, Encourages Players to Peacefully Protest

Best seen from a helicopter

Donald Trump thinks Drew Brees should not have apologized for national anthem comments

Drew Brees Admits He Doesn't Trust Black People Ever Since Falcons Linebacker Stole Football

The police assault on a 75 year old man in Buffalo makes clear the need to move . . . . .

Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown Covering & Making Excuses For Police

25 American Seafoods employees test positive for COVID-19

Three members of the far-right 'boogaloo' movement arrested on domestic terrorism charges

The Bicycle Guy has been arrested

FBI warned of white supremacists in law enforcement 10 years ago. Has anything changed?

There will be a protest outside the US Embassy in Jamaica tomorrow

HA. 😄 God works in mysterious ways

Countdown to curfew in Atlanta

The president's inhumanity is deeper than we knew By George T. Conway III

Joyce Alene..."Mountain Brook, Alabama, my Congressional district, one of the reddest in America"

Protests against police violence sweep across small-town America

What I wish Kaepernick had done. He could have spread the word for a one time protest, followed up

Trump began his term promising to build a wall to protect America from the world. He ends it . . .

A Crisis That Began With an Image of Police Violence Keeps Providing More

How Mattis reached his breaking point -- and decided to speak out against Trump

This mayor of Buffalo is completely clueless

Dogs of Twitter. You must see this. H I L A R I O U S!

Uniformed Police are standard issue INSIDE America's schools. That needs to end.

Rachel just raised an important point

New Trump Appointee to Foreign Aid Agency Has Denounced Liberal Democracy and "Our Homo-Empire"

Trump's tweets now and last ten minutes

This is so good

GOP voters v Trump

Ray Stevens - "Quarantined"

'Stand up to Trump!' Canada protesters shout to Trudeau who kneels at anti-racism rally

25,393 new cases today, highest in 14 days (worldometers) nt

Mazzy Star - Into Dust

Esper, Milley won't testify before House panel on military response to protests

US Senate seats the Democrats will win in 2020 in order to get back in the majority.

This article on Drew Brees' statement is ...

My wonderful son shared this ... and wishes the whole country could hear this

Man assualts little girl for putting up a sign supporitng George Floyd

Chicago Police Board president files complaint alleging he was struck 5 times by cops at George Floy

Philippine Dissenters May Face Terrorist Designation Sorry if it's already been posted

Time to pull the plug on Cop Shows?

Florida Sets New One Record for Coronavirus Cases Since Reopening Economy, Over 4,000 in 3 days

Up to 1/2 mile?

The safest way to do riot patrol, and fun too!

Strange things cats bring home to their humans:

We need to pay Sarah Cooper to produce more of those parody videos of Trump's

This Week in Hell: All Antifa's Fault, According to Bill Barr (Ferret/Shower Cap)

Google Maps has already renamed 16th Street to Black Lives Matter Plaza!

Female Republican US Senators up for re-election in 2020.

The religious right is still sticking by Trump. Sadly, there's a long, grim pattern

Since the night George Floyd was tortured to death why have republicans been so silent?

BREAKING: Former Vice President Joe Biden formally clinches Democratic presidential nomination


The Daily Show: Trevor Breaks Down Reparations & White Privilege - Between the Scenes

George Floyd protests created a surge in voter registrations, groups say

Seth Meyers - Trump Hides in White House Bunker Amid Protests - Monologue 6/4/20

A 'misclassification error' made the May unemployment rate look better than it is.

I just realized the epitome of white privilege

Got this tearjerker on Facebook

'Imagine what Donald Trump would say': Key swing state sweats over vote-counting fiasco

Seth Meyers: Amber Ruffin Shares a Lifetime of Traumatic Run-Ins with Police

Before I sign off, just want to remind all - everything trump touches dies.

'Deranged' Giuliani goes 'barking mad' during unhinged, foul-mouthed interview with Piers Morgan

3600 new cases - California just had the largest number of new cases in one day.

Buddy Guy and Stevie Ray Vaughan - Champagne and Reefer

Bellevue police suspends use of neck restraints

Flowers for Mayor Bowser!

Balloon head is back!!!

2080 new cases - Texas just had the largest number of new cases in one day.

Chris Rock-How not to get your ass kicked by the police!

Yesterday, Florida had the largest number of new cases. Three day average by far the largest.

I already feel sorry for Joe Biden's future Attorney General

Friday Night Wine-Buzz. Ask me anything.

we need to call all the msm outlets and demand

Pennsylvania still has 1.4 million ballots left to count.

A tweet for the ages.

I wonder if any presidents have slept in the bunker.

Right wingers attacking signs and people with signs

America Already Knows How to Fix This

Gotta say, this looter is adorable

Palm Beach Police brace for demonstrators protesting George Floyd's death

'AOC effect' put to the test in heated New York primaries

two MAGAT's declare NYC "Trump Country" while holding a big Trump flag.. it doesn't go well

How Can Anyone, Even A Bunker Full Of People, Eat $42,000. Worth Of McDonalds

German accused of Halle synagogue shooting attempts prison escape

On the night that Joe Biden wins the 2020 Democratic nomination, fifty two years ago:

jack river - fools gold (studio-2018) okay, I just ran through her whole catalog ...

Gay Porn Star Accuses Unknown U.S Senator, "Lady G" Of Hiring Gay Sex Workers


Sick of hearing excuses for the police

Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - 6/5/20

Beau of the Fifth Column -- Let's talk about a cop asking me for training....

The republicans are fucking with habeas corpus

California to let schools, gyms, bars reopen next week

Bill Maher on the blue wall of silence...

Anticon Label Sampler : 1999-2004

New Trump Appointee to Foreign Aid Agency Has Denounced Liberal Democracy and "Our Homo-Empire"

Countdown to curfew in Atlanta

It is time for those GOPers who oppose Trump, need to speak up and out loud!

As Trump Rekindles N.F.L. Fight, Goodell Sides With Players

US & DT hit headlines in Germany, & probably a lot of other Countries too!

Just FYI, bunkerboi tweeted/retweeted *200* times today

jack river - talk like that (studio-2016) t'was her first single, i totally dig it ...

Texas sees record uptick in COVID-19 cases as protests continue

I went looking for this pic -- does it mean anything that I found it at Tass ?

It's been quite the week. How about something completely different.

10 Documentaries To Watch About Race Instead Of Asking A Person Of Colour To Explain Things For You

Rick Wilson teases somethig big coming from the Lincoln Project

Robert Ford Jr., an Early Force in Hip-Hop, Is Dead at 70

selling water without a license... that will teach him

Portland Press Herald Editorial asks Trump to resign

"My ancestors fought for this shit. They got whipped for this shit."

Stephen Colbert: America's Citizens Will Not Be Silenced By Government Intimidation

LOL. Ivanka's commencement speech was cancelled

Meanwhile, a near lynching in Louisiana

The United States Marine Corps banned the public display of the Confederate battle flag on Friday.

Live protest streams, multiple cities:

The pain of love

This Is the Most Powerful Video I've Taken of the Protests So Far, Mark Helenowski

So You'll Aim Toward the Sky - Grandaddy

Ravel: 'String Quartet, I.-IV.', Emerson String Quartet

Fugelsang on "Lady G"

Is this time different?

On Some Things, Americans Can Agree.

Vox: Protests aren't what they look like on TV

Judge Rules That Police Can Bar High I.Q. Scores (Not Satire)

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Here's why the real unemployment rate may be higher than reported (21%)

Anthony Brennan III's Brother Is 7th Circuit Appeals Judge Appointed By Drumpf

Unemployment Rate went down in May. Here's why (wonky)

"#BabyGate" Trends As New Border Around The White House Is Relentlessly Mocked

Faux News is trending on Twitter (they've lost the plot)

Did Lindsey Graham really get a bottle job?

Brazil's President Bolsonaro calls demonstrators "terrorists," threatens military repression

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

With Apologies to Paul McCartney, I give you "Lady G"

Labor department mistake vastly underestimates unemployment rate in Fridays report according to WAPO

Will Nationwide Protests Cause Spikes In Coronavirus Cases? - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Glad to see the protests have been peaceful tonight

Joe Biden: 'Despicable' For Trump To Say It's A 'Great Day' For George Floyd - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Black Columbia leaders incensed by Walgreens closing in area with few other options

Federal judge orders police not to use chemical weapons, projectiles against peaceful Denver protes

Reporters Share Memorable Moments From An Historic Week In America - The Last Word - MSNBC

After public outcry, feds will conduct extensive study of SC nuclear fuel plant

Oh shit. FOX News is back to discussing the Weather Underground.

C.virus Claims Some of WW II's Last Witnesses, Gives Rising Far-Right Chance To Recast History

Second man tied to Boogaloos arrested, sheriff says. Ex-EMS worker faces riot charge

Ban protests because they violate social distancing?

Breakfast Saturday 6 June 2020

FLIPPABLE: Jen Huffman-Gilreath for AR-HD94

Ok, I'm just now hearing about the Lavena Johnson story and I'm pissed

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 6/5/20

The Case for Hope: Glenn Kirschner

After George Floyd's death, USC alumni circulate petition to rename buildings

FLIPPABLE: Janine Cotton for AR-HD41

FLIPPABLE: Kayla Applegate for AR-HD39

Stephen Colbert: Guest Congressional Black Caucus Chair Rep. Karen Bass

Another protest set for SC Capitol; curfew in Charleston planned for start of weekend

FLIPPABLE: Matthew Stallings for AR-HD38

FLIPPABLE: Ashley Hudson for AR-HD32

SC's flag had no formal design for 80 years. Here's what experts say it should look like.

Aweful quiet in here

Tweet - good point Frum:

My fellow white people - Steven Colbert on twitter:

Stephen Colbert - Andrew Ross Sorkin: Stock Market Is Up Because Investors Are Betting On A Vaccine

FLIPPABLE: Justin Stofferahn for MN-SD38

Homeowners association on private SC island received federal bailout funds amid pandemic

Donald Trump Ramps Up Feud With DC Mayor Muriel Bowser Calling Her 'Incompetent' In Threatening Twee

FLIPPABLE: Rita Albrecht for MN-SD05

Protests in Australia, Japan embrace 'Black Lives Matter' movement

Philadelphia Police Inspector Bologna will face assault charges in beating of Temple student

FLIPPABLE: Jon Olson for MN-SD20

6 June. 🇬🇧 🇨🇦 tweet

Athens officials want to push Confederate monument off pedestal

FLIPPABLE: Joe Abeyta for MN-HD05B

When the DC Mayor throws shade, she goes big and wide.

Despite history, Japanese Americans and African Americans are working together to claim their rights

You like those frostys? Here ya go

Black man who died in Tacoma police custody can be heard screaming 'I can't breathe' on dispatcher a

FLIPPABLE: Tamara Calhoun for MN-HD14A

More lawmakers push for quick repeal of Georgia's citizen's arrest law

FLIPPABLE: Amir Malik for MN-HD37B

US Senate seats in 2020 that the Democrats are going to win to get back in the majority.

You awake? Here's the view from space.

Georgia Democrats finally face off in high-stakes U.S. Senate primary

FLIPPABLE: Dan Kessler for MN-HD47B

The White House And Lafayette Park Went From 'Our Public Square' To 'A Veritable Fortress'

just an idea...

FLIPPABLE: Kelsey Waits for MN-HD54B

The Terrifying History of Bad Cops in Buffalo

Trump's Remarks In A Roundtable On Supporting America's Commercial Fishermen

Conspiracy theories and racist memes: How a dozen Tx. GOP county chairs caused turmoil within party

Texas Agriculture Commissioner accused George Soros of paying protesters to "destroy" the country

Rejecting appeal, Texas Supreme Court blocks Austin's paid sick leave ordinance

Trump's Remarks At Puritan Medical Products

'Kettling' of Peaceful Protesters Shows Aggressive Shift by N.Y. Police

Teargassed, beaten up, arrested: what freedom of the press looks like in the US right now

Philadelphia police inspector charged with beating protester

Coronavirus throws Texas Supreme Court justices into the spotlight -- and into Democrats' crosshairs

Police Board President: Officers Struck Me 5 Times With Their Batons

This ad is amazing - Republicans against Trump....

Fifty people marched in Harvard. Not the university. The tiny town in south central Nebraska.


The LAPD shot a homeless man in a wheelchair in the face with a rubber bullet.

Anti-Fascists kicking Fascist Butt Celebrates 76 Years Anniversary

2 men from Ohio busted with cache of weapons during NYC protests

The rubber bullet party has to stop

Fox News compares stock market performance after high-profile cases of police brutality

New Mexico cop charged with involuntary manslaughter after man in custody dies in neck restraint

Why America can't escape its racist roots

He spent 23 years on death row for a Philly murder he said he didn't commit. Conviction overturned.

Dear white people, please read 'White Fragility' by Jonathan Capehart

The Lincoln Project has published two videos - compilation has been updated 6 June 2020

'A mistake.' Georgia official apologizes for 'angry' protest comments but won't resign

Tucker Carlson with a self-own

Was the dark of the moon on the sixth of June

This movement is not anarchy. It could push America to be a better nation.

And isn't it ironic, don't you think?

And the Youth Shall Lead Us: Nashville, Tennesee

Seven Reasons Police Brutality Is Systemic, Not Anecdotal

This is just a taste of why American streets are on fire...

Ivanka Trump releases prepared speech after being dropped as Wichita State commencement speaker

Naked Australian Man Wrestles Giant Python to Save his Kitten

It's so pathetic it's almost funny. Right wing NYT Op Ed dudes bashing trump

War on the Cormorants (Continued)

It's Washington's D-Day, and the city is under siege by Trump's forces

Lincoln Project ad: Leadership

Trump Illegally Eliminates Protections for First and Only Monument in the Atlantic Ocean

Someone pitched this. Someone dug up these data. Someone made this graphic. Someone approved this.

89 former Defense officials: The military must never be used to violate constitutional rights

Billy Barr says "I didn't do it!" (Order the gassing of protestors)

Douglas Co. Commissioner Breaches Free Speech Infringement Settlement Agreement

Sickening, Despicable Fox News Graphic

Republicans fear Trump may cost them Senate

Trump Claims That Wall Around White House Is to Prevent Staff from Quitting En Masse

Fantastic CNN interview with William Cohen discussing Trump

How Much Does the American Taxpayer Pay to Protect Trump at His Properties? WaPo Just Sued to Find O

William Cohen discussing Trump

538's Daily Approval Averages - Updated

Ogg: Case involving George Floyd was among Goines cases being reviewed by prosecutors

Georgia Libertarians Win Reconsideration Of Equal Protection In Ballot Access Case

Respect X 100

This is probably the wildest video you'll see today

We've reached a turning point in the Trump era. The 2020 campaign is in the streets and he's losing

New ad slamming Trump from the Lincoln Project this morning: Leadership

As Trump touts increased production, swabs made during his Maine factory tour will be to be trashed

Video from NC Republican who regrets voting for Trump: "This is a train wreck that goes on and on"

Los Angeles Galaxy parts ways with player whose wife shared "racist and violent" social media posts

DON'T LOOK AWAY. The cop groped her and when she tried to break away, she was beaten while standing

June 5 - Happy Birthday Rep. Chrissy Houlahan (D) PA-6th

It took all 50 states, the Amish, K-Pop stans, 13 other countries, witches, Anonymous...

June 6 - Happy Birthday Rep. Madeleine Dean (D) PA-4th

It's going to be in the 80's today in DC.

76 years ago today ANTIFA stormed the beaches of Normandy

Black Lives Protest Still On for Saturday in Athens

George Floyd murals are popping up all over the world

Next POTUS (46) gives little boy his flag pin

In keeping with the renaming of the street to BLM in DC

If you are not AntiFa you are ProFa. You choose.

Despite COVID Shutdowns, Atmospheric CO2 Concentration Rising @ About Same Rate As Past Decade

Art in the Short North, Columbus Ohio

Shoved man is long time peace activist, his name is Martin Gugino

"Dear anti-racist allies: Here's how to respond to microaggressions"

Australia's Black Lives Matter protests in photos

Mayor Bowser with more shade:

Attorneys are offering to help sex workers who signed NDAs but want to out homophobic senator

Trump is an Infection. All swabs will be thrown out following Trump visit, company says

How much division can our nation withstand?

Every major city in the USA should.....

The Trump Regime Is Beginning to Topple (The Atlantic)

Bob Kroll, MPD union boss, seems to be intentionally taunting the citizens of Minneapolis

Fox News Postpones Return to Office Again Amid Pandemic

Control tower this is Bee Heavy 1 requesting landing permission . . .

In the search for solutions to police brutality, we need a mental health " force" more than a space

A "misclassification error" means the "overall unemployment rate would be 16.3% for May.

Holy Shit look at the streets of London

George Floyd's brother details the difference between his phone calls with Trump and Biden

Today is D Day.

Frank Figliuzzi: "One incompetent cop is a concern; 57 is a culture"

I guess the moral of the story is: Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it

Carry liability insurance to work as a cop? I believe this could weed out bad ones.

"While no one condones looting..., one can understand the pent-up feelings..."

Democrats discover a new team player: Bernie Sanders

No 'silver lining': Trump faces voter backlash amid crises

'National Geographic Magazine Honors Last Voices Of WWII': 75 Years Later



While We Were Not Watching

Why eye protection might be a necessary precaution against COVID-19

Democrats forever - Models for the party

You raised $2,165.00 on June 5, 2020 to elect Joe Biden POTUS with our DU ActBlue link

In 35 states, it's not illegal for cops to have sex with/assault someone in custody.

Updated with pic. I've got a peace march on Tuesday evening.

The May jobs report had 'misclassification error' that made the unemployment rate look lower than it

During Trump's rant at governors, he said "black or brown" people are "easily led"

Banking regulators have spent months investigating Jeffrey Epstein's dealings with Deutsche Bank

This 83 year old woman holds a sign that says "Defend black voices" as the marchers walk by...

Ted Nugent

Twitter disables Trump campaign's George Floyd video tribute

Weekend TOONs - Trump So Outstanding That Nobel Committee Creates New Prize Just For Him

I'm so fucking upset right now, I'm shaking.

31 Resources that will help you become a better white ally


Manchester, UK street artist Akse.

I don't quite know how to say this.

Anyone watching Top Chef?

Here's how the UK has coped with COVID so far (unexpurgated):

Silicon Valley rips off the mask as tech CEOs veer right amid political turmoil

Gay Porn Star Threatening To Out Homophobic GOP Senator 'LG'

Grumpy cat mirrors the times

Why? Why destroy the birds?

The Lincoln Project campaign ad: "Leadership"

Teargas and pepper spray will accelerate spread of Covid-19, doctors warn

Is this the end for Confederate memorials?

In case you're curious, or feeling masochistic, here is Princess Ivanka's cancelled speech:

An email from Joe Biden shortly after midnight this morning:

5 Stories from Europe You May Have Missed

D-Day at 76: Celebrations in France have been canceled for the first time since 1945

First Federal charges for downtown Cleveland rioting and more to come

How police respond to demonstrations makes all the difference in the world

Hot Springs city manager supports move of Confederate statute from lynching site

It's a chicken coop!

Banksy releases new artwork inspired by George Floyd death: 'This is a white problem'

Largest Locust Invasion In Decades Plagues Farmers Across South And Central Asia

Barr seeks to dissociate himself from move on demonstrators outside Lafayette Square

OSU graduate, 22, dies after attending protests in Columbus

Ivanka Trump Dropped as Commencement Speaker

Coronavirus Tracked: Data reveals how we are sleeping longer but worse during lockdown

And the Song Of The Day in my head this morning is You Ain't Goin' Nowhere by Bob Dylan

Today: D-Day 76th Anniv, June 6, 1944: Powerful Tribute, Vets In Normandy, FDR's Prayer, Period Film

What did Trump know about Lady G & when did he let Lindsey Graham know he knew it - golfing in 2017?

150 Days

The three issues I believe will decide the election and why Trump loses on each of them.

I've noticed that the same people pissed at confederate statues coming down are pissed that

So the reopening is working?

Damn! Even the Food Network isn't safe from MF45

Stray dog gets a much needed haircut and a home:

Abraham, Martin And John - Dion

All swabs will be thrown out following Trump visit, Puritan says

President Trump arrives in Guilford, Maine!

Jared Yates Sexton: "...powerful white supremacists use conspiracy theories to provoke violence"

DAAAAMN. Republicans Against Trump went all the way there! (Ad)

"Don't Turn Your Face Away"

GOP scrambling to find delegates willing to attend Trump's convention after he

Free on Spotify: Ibram X Kendi's "Stamped from the Beginning"

Afraid, alone

I do not understand why Trump voters want to live in America.

American Carnage at Lafayette Square

June 6,1944

Turns out Lindsey is a bachelor. Always has been.

Happy B'day Tommie Smith Born June 6, 1944 (D-Day).

This. Dads, bruh...

"Leadership" (Ouch)

"Boogaloo Bois" Busted On Their Way To Las Vegas Protest With Molotov Cocktails

what would you do?

Math puzzle

Steve Schmidt: "This is an urgent matter. This is not ok in America. We do not have secret police"

Buffalo police officers arrested after shoving 75-year-old protester

South Park and the ironic tail of bigotry..

Just skip to 4:00

When Trump is removed, can you imagine all the corruption, crimes that will be uncovered, exposed?

Today: D-Day 76th Anniv, June 6, 1944: Powerful Tribute, Vets In Normandy, FDR's Prayer, Period Film

New Rule: The Blue Wall of Silence Real Time with Bill Maher

State Street, Madison, WI. 6-4-20

Paul Butler-profiled in his own block

By Rail to The Maritimes on the Ocean Limited - a photo gallery

Crusty Cruz

Hat Tip To Mayor Muriel Bowser

The Revenge of Jim Mattis - WSJ editorial

Jonas Bender, one of the America's first black Marines, dies at 94

This Tiny Kitten Grows Up Racing Around Her House Like A T-Rex

Avengers assemble.

Can it happen here? Bill Moyers says it's happening right before our very eyes

Readers Flock to Books About Race Relations

Blaming Ourselves for Crowded Parks Misses the Point: There Aren't Enough Parks

Lindsey Graham & Paid Sex" Is Paid Sex legal in DC? Do NDAs apply during the commission of a crime?

Strawberry pie

Lost Baby Otter Reunited With His Family

Braking News

Doc & Merle Watson - "Matchbox Blues" (Blind Lemon Jefferson)

I am waiting for Trump to tweet, I did an amazing job on D-Day.

Governor Cuomo Pandemic Update June 6 2020

On this day in 1944 ANTIFA thugs attacked some 'very good people' on the beaches of Normandy

Liar !

Vagal Neuropathy: What You Need to Known During COVID 19

Breakout from Normandy; this film documents the rapid advance inland

Breakout from Normandy; this film documents the rapid advance inland

About Trump:."He really is a Con man - with not one shred of decency, integrity or empathy."....

The largest maker of swabs had to throw everything out made today.

Advocates sue LAPD over protest tactics, ...

Lindsey's hair dye: could it be a call for help?

When my son got his license and drove away on his own for the first time, I realized...

Scared, Shaking Chihuahua Finally Wags Her Tail

Biden has 2000 delegates! Can we say President BIDEN? Can we work our asses off for him?

Elizabeth Warren: 150 days

A warning to the American people:

Shame the Trump voters, turn them one by one against Trump. Do not ignore the Trump voters.

Remember when President Obama was criticized for criticizing cops arresting Henry Louis Gates?

Dear Joe Biden

D-Day anniversary: Watch archival video of the iconic invasion in Normandy

K-Pop fans are trolling Qanon and white supremacists on Twitter, ruining their hashtags.

Secret Service snipers on the scene in DC

Jon Batiste & Friends Rallying Live Now In New York

Is anyone else here having trouble with the website?

Washington Monument struck by lighting Thursday night....

A toothpaste factory had a problem.

Teens have been gassed and hit with rubber bullets at protests. They keep coming back.

Buffalo cops, firefighters cheer arrested cops!! Will they threaten strike if city doesn't give in?

Jimmie Lunceford was born on this date.

do we have a list of cities in which there has been police aggression and misconduct...I'll start...

D.C.'s Biggest Day Of Protests Begins With Large Gathering At The Lincoln Memorial

Ivanka Trump complains of 'cancel culture' after university cancels her speech

Bill Maher occasionally ticks me off, but he DOES have his moments:

Grant Green was born on this date.

"Accelerationism" means police brutality, corruption, and immunity should be natl security concerns

Lead singer on this one, Levi Stubbs, was born on this date.

2016 - Yes, 2016 Police Accountability: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Jon Batiste⁩ are his volunteer Second Line is stepping off from Union Square in musical protest

Happy birthday to the legendary Gary US Bonds

The Atlantic: History Will Judge the Complicit - Why have Republican leaders abandoned

Why The House Across The Street From The Fire Station Burned To The Ground

Cyclist Charged With Assaulting Teenagers Who Posted Fliers Against Police Brutality

When the DNC email was stolen, RNC email was taken as well.

Joe Biden is about to speak at Texa Democratic Party Convention

Joe Biden is about to speak at Texas convention

I hate to bring this up but...

FCC Grants the Right of Cumulus Media to be 100% Owned by Foreign Interests.

Until the entire philosophy of white supremacy is destroyed

They're soliciting birthday videos for Spanky. You know what to do. 😄

Before the Civil War, why did wealthy powerful Northerners

Looters who hit L.A. stores explain what they did: 'Get my portion!'

"Killing is not that Big a Deal."

CBS Has Cancelled The Following Comedy SitComs & Shows With A Message.....

Fellow DU folks, does anyone know of a newspaper called Epoch Times? Hubs just got

Trump officials have been caught in yet another huge lie, this time about DACA recipients

A lesson for the dumbest of the dumbasses...

Donald Trump in his bunker - cartoon

Is there a list of cities in which there has NOT been police aggression and misconduct?

Florida judge says she was wrong to act as her son's attorney

King County gets approval to proceed with limited reopening

Source: Current Lindsey / LadyG scandal is ONLY 10% of the full story

Kamala Harris Blasts Trump: 'Keep George Floyd's Name Out of Your Mouth'

Far-Right 'Boogaloo Boys' Are Trying to Incite Violence at Protests

Revealed: UK banks and investors' $2bn backing for meat giants linked to Amazon deforestation

Bail Funds Face New Challenges as Police Brutality Protests Continue

As to these unidentified police we have in DC

I'm officially an old fart.

Florida law bars gun sales during states of emergency. For 2 West Palm businesses, 'it's crippling'

Cartoons 6/6/2020

Phase 2 of reopening is here: Snohomish County gets state OK

Heartless Scat

Trump's INTERNAL polls show him down in Texas (NBC)

Trump clashes with black female reporter again who asks about unemployment rates: 'You're something'

I'm not for looting, but...

Happy, Wonderful 3 minute lounge..about a kitten racing around house like A T-Rex

Drew Brees answers Trump: This is not an issue about the flag

DOVE (The Band Of Love)

Ivanka Trump on learning from hardship:

Trump Tweet Gets Personal Fact-Check From Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey

Democrats to Propose Broad Bill to Target Police Misconduct and Racial Bias

Les Misrables (2012) - Do You Hear The People Sing?

West Virginia sues Walgreens, Rite-Aid for flooding their pharmacies with painkillers

Fuji suspends bike sales to US police after violence against protestors

Deets of bicycle guy's arrest

Man who sheltered protesters: "It was very instinctual"

Friendly reminder

Way to protest

Washington DC Protests June 6 2020

Ex-Defense Secretary: White House Is 'Leading Us Down The Trail Toward A Dictatorship'

Peaceful protests spread across South Florida as anti-racism movement grows

Young white men with guns at George Floyd protests likely affiliated with far-right group Boogaloo

DePasquale wins Democratic nomination to run for Congress (Pennsylvania)

One of the officers charged in George Floyd's killing was hired despite having a criminal record

"Not all streets are like Sesame Street. ... What we are seeing is people saying 'enough is enough.'

Democrats recruit candidates for all state House, Senate races

Broncos' John Elway 'not going to stay on the sidelines' in fight vs. inequality

Washington Mayor Bowser, 'unbought and unbossed,' challenges Trump

**** Donald Trump now lives at:

Democrats move within striking range of taking the Senate, forecasts say

Exclusive: nearly 600 US health workers died of Covid-19 - and the toll is rising

Sweden coronavirus: Expert defends strategy, but admits failing to protect the elderly

A bishop in El Paso kneeled in prayer for George Floyd. Two days later, Pope Francis called

Hannah Natanson on WH fence: "It's COMPLETELY fenced in now, a significant addition from yesterday."

The Cascades of Jackson opened for the season..

US Senate seats in 2020 that are definitely going Democrat.

George Whitefield, of the 1sr Great Awakening, pushed GA colony to legalize slavery so he could make

Gulf Coast prepares for flooding from Tropical Storm Cristobal

Cop Explains How It Feels To Live Every Day In Fear Someone Might Record You Brutalizing A Civilian

U.S. Marine Corps Orders Ban of Confederate Flags

Aliso Viejo's (Mayor Pro Tem Tiffany) Ackley Issues Statement on Racism

Photo of Olympia Police officer with armed men prompts mayor's post, OPD investigation

Malls, stores, and restaurants reopening Saturday around Washington

Arizona Health System Hits Capacity

JHC on a trailer hitch: A white woman called the police on a lone Black Lives Matter protester

Biden wins Guam presidential primary

This Treasury Official Is Running the Bailout. It's Been Great for His Family.

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 6/6/20

Video: Ivanka speaks out against "ignorance".

Accurate and then some...

Georgia, can we talk about Stone Mountain and the racist eyesore upon its face?

Tweet of the Day

Watch out for protest votes in Tuesday's West Virginia primary.

Trump's Troop Plan Stuns Germany and Rocks the Postwar Order

18 Essential Books & Essays on Anti-Racism

cyclist terrorizing children ID and arrested.


Lovely...Canadian racists are hijacking American protest hashtags.

Watch Live: Saturday's crowds are expected to be the largest in the District thus far.

Are we doing this onDU June 14?

Thousands rallied at Sydney Black Lives Matter protest

Are we on DU participating? Sounds fun.

Most DC officers I've seen by far today are stationed outside the Trump International Hotel...

Lisa Page joins MSNBC

In light of the massive protests against the murder of George Floyd...

'What I am thinking about': African-American air force general reacts to Floyd protests

13TH -Full length documentary exposes the heinous history of mass incarceration of African Americans

Donald Trump Presidential Library cartoon

Kamala Harris to Trump: 'Keep George Floyd's name out of your mouth'

Where do all these protesters go to pee?

Bob Dylan - "Love Minus Zero / No Limit" 1971

Man loses hand to homemade bomb, wanted to target 'hot cheerleaders'

LAT: Op-Ed: Joe Biden: No one can stay silent. No one can ignore justice

What's Really Chapping [Redacted]'s Ass Right Now...

End of Columbus curfew

Trump admin moves forward with plan to end wild bird protections

Difference between Ivanka and her brothers

Protest in Scottsdale? How do I find out where

Raise my bet, please..

Article details how Trump has turned the White House into a fortress and DC into a war zone...

Well. I guess Trump turned 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. into his own gated

Question: Can we even survive five more months of Trump?

In your opinion, when is the best time to make political contributions to candidates?

Wayne Brady posted this 'Whose Line' clip to his TikTok account. An improv bit turns into...

Bicycle guy fired (Anthony Brennan III)

Draft Democratic Plan Seeks Changes to Policing

Fact check: Huntington Beach photos comparing coronavirus protest, BLM protest are real

Nothing says "Trump speaks for the common man" like his admin 'misplacing' 3% of unemployed people

Aerial view of Chicago protest

Is the House and Senate back in Washington?

What I'd like to know is...

Arizona Health System Hits Capacity


What's for Dinner, Sat., June 6, 2020

It's obvious who really believes all lives matter and who doesn't

Trump Contaminates Swab Factory By Refusing To Wear A Mask

OMG! "Cowboys vs. Dinosaurs" is on Comet TV now.

In the historic tradition of naming White House rooms...

If the Trump admin can 'misclassify' jobless claims by 3%...

Chainsaw-wielding racist gets boosted by a top Trump aide as race protests sweep the nation

Spurs coach Gregg Popovich says 'country is in trouble,' he's 'embarrassed as a white person'

DePasquale wins Democratic nomination to run for Congress (Pennsylvania)

A New Thought On Minneapolis PD

If you think the riots and protests are bad now


The problem of policing isn't bad apples. It's a diseased tree.

So repugs cooked the books on unemployment figures but...

Brave Mama Dog Asks Strangers To Save Her Babies

golden gate bridge march

A British writer's take on trump (must read)

PM Update: Showers clear early, and fantastic conditions are ahead.

Christine Pelosi zings Trump:

The Rude Pundit:The Terrorist Cops of America

Bicycle dude gets fired

Ice T says he can get behind *this* type of police brutality:

There was a thread on DU a while back about a RW chain email comparing Trump to an exterminator

The two faces of Lindsey Graham.

All You Fascists Are Bound To Lose - you did on D-Day and you fucking will TODAY, too.

Ivanka Trump calls out "cancel culture" after her commencement speech is canceled (CBSNews)

Biden's LA Times op-ed

Philly Sheriff: 'Bye Felicia' To Police Who Condone Brutality MSNBC

Is the Crisis Putting the Republican Senate in Jeopardy?

The #BlackLivesMatter movement has spread to Japan, a nation where challenging authority is rare.

Trump has constructed a "Toddleroo" around the White House!

And then there's this . . .

So was this a dress rehearsal for Trump?

If you grew up in Texas anytime in the last 50 years, you'll know what a big deal this is.

US Covid-19 deaths pass 110,000

Time Team S18-E04 Hitler's Island Fortress (Les Gellettes, Jersey)

police department in Vermont town just brought an ice cream truck and bottles of water

Grace & Mercy from Tinykittens will be adopted together!!

Huntsville Alabama Dumbfuckistan

Regarding Trump's trip to the bunker

The protests should have people registering people to vote.

Fox news compares unrest after death of African Americans to stock market reaction.

black fire fighter held at gunpoint by police while in front of his station in full uniform

"I'd like to tell you a story about Bruce Springsteen and the New York City Police Department."

Huge Crowds Around the Globe March in Solidarity Against Police Brutality

The True Story of Addison McConnell

Genocidal maniacs are also good for the stock market.

Civilization has returned to southern CT--Barnes and Noble is back!

Evangelical group wants gays removed from anti-lynching bill

An honest question. Is now the time to change the narrative and call the people in the streets . . .

Armed residents in small towns all across America have been gathering to fight Antifa

I apologize

Stephen Miller's Uncle can no longer keep himself from speaking out

tik tok of the day

Levon Helm - The Mountain

Reply to deleted post about Buffalo police officers...

"Hey, Hey, Donald J - How Many Americans - Did you kill today?"

Aerial of the DC Protests: "Absolutely. Unbelievable."

Snipers needed for Americans protesting peacefully?-Special Ops Heading To Bldg, Block From WH

Bullet Points

Army veteran creates patch to honor healthcare workers

BREAKING: Trump wanted "10,000 troops in the streets" (CBS News)

French forces kill al-Qaida's North African commander

Repeat because it's so perfect - Trump in a nutshell

Just what the protests needed! More cowbell!!

Wow. Rev. Sharpton is ending his show with 8:46 of silence

Chainsaw-wielding racist gets boosted by a top Trump aide as race protests sweep the nation

Police responding to 'multiple critical incidents' in Santa Cruz County

How to pretend you're extremely naive about contemporary politics 101

Here's a great question. "If you think your vote doesn't matter,

A couple random thoughts for what Mayor Bowser and Jamie Harrison should do.

Just musing, re : Buffalo. Crowd control techniques haven't changed much in 1,000 years

Proud liberal mama...

"It's a great day" for George Floyd and inequality

Barron's current height isn't reported. to protect Trump's lie, he'd be 6ft 8 in lower right pic

The hardest truths to accept...

Trump lost the plot?

Triple digit increase in new COVID-19 cases reported in Kansas City metro area Saturday..

Definition of antifa

Amazon's New Competitive Advantage: Putting Its Own Products First

"gosh I wonder who you're talking about"


seattle PD hunting down protestors days after protest


LinkedIn Staffers Go All-Lives-Matter During 'Dumpster Fire' Meeting on Racism

"How to Bunker" - new Sarah Cooper

Roger Goodell and NFL: Say his name say his name

I debated a long time before posting this. I have to because it's funny as hell.

As Trump blames antifa, protest records show scant evidence

Sarah Cooper is back with "How to bunker" !