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COVID Cognitive Dissonance in California

Voting by mail: John Oliver Last Week Tonight

JK Rowling really is an awful human being.

Coronavirus updates: 450 new COVID-19 cases in Arkansas, over 9,100 total

I already knew Hell's Angels are fascist thugs as well as a criminal gang from the old days ...

At the Cargill meat packing plant Dodge City KS, this don't look good.

WHOW!! Look at the mass of protesters in #Philadelphia!!....#ElizabethWarren tweet.............

13 Days ...

Sarah Cooper does it again! "How to Bunker" 🤣

Is anyone else having problems with DU?

Make D-Day June 6 World Anti-Fascist Day

Anyone else having problems with DU?

Snoop Dogg will vote for the first time ever in 2020

Trump suggests governors call in National Guard to 'dominate the streets'

Milley, America's Top General, Walks Into a Political Battle

Macarena in the streets of Atlanta!

Floyd case restokes anger over death of black man in France

US Senate seats in 2020 that Democrats are definitely going to win.

Why local American police have so much military gear at protests

@MinneapolisPD drive by peaceful protestors and pepper spray them from moving vehicles FOR NO DAMN

When knitters go bad.

Israelis rally against West Bank annexation plan

I'd like to share a story about racism

So I Guess Douchebag Donnie Won't Be Doing A Photo Op In Minneapolis

Trump in a Bunker (Brent Terhune, comedian)

Cops arrest essential workers alongside protestors as calls grow to end NYC curfew

Any of the original Nancy Drew stories available on audio?

John Elway: I am not going to stay on the sideline as we all can be part of the solution

Facebook, Instagram Take Down Trump George Floyd Posts Over Alleged Copyright Violations

Re: "Antifa." I understand the desire not to let others define your words.

New Mexico cop charged with involuntary manslaughter after man in custody dies in neck restraint

Can you hear the people sing?

Ohio is suddenly a 2020 battleground

What is antifa and why is Donald Trump targeting it?

A message from Ivanka

Michigan Supreme Court Unanimously Rules Defiant Barber Had Right To Work Despite Governor's Orders

Cartoonists: An idea for the dereliction of both Trump AND Republican party in this crisis.

When you accidentally meme yourself.

Racism in Brazil: The death of a five-year-old

Trump Erupts After Attack Target Lisa Page Joins MSNBC As National Security Analyst

Hot Tuna - 1988

Full Texas Democratic Debate for US Senate to replace John Cornyn

Brazil: Bolsonaro orders security forces to intervene in pro-democracy protests

Judge in Jeffrey Epstein grand jury case has ties to those with a stake in outcome

Unpopular take? "Defund the Police" is a self-defeating stance

Discovering Colombia's rare flora and fauna

Discovering Colombia's rare flora and fauna

A lawyer is tweeting videos of police using force at protests. There are more than 350

Analysis: White House, Pentagon tensions near breaking point

Pentagon Ordered National Guard Helicopters' Aggressive Response in D.C.

Bonus Tweet of the Day

In violent protest incidents, a theme emerges: Videos contradict police accounts

Teen who spent 10 hours cleaning up after protest rewarded with car, college scholarship

"White Shield!"

Some of Trump's Unmarked Police Force Traced to Texas Prison

White House almost completely surrounded by more than a mile of fencing

The Clash, "Know Your Rights" with lyrics...

Oprah: "...Where Do We Go From Here?"

America's top cop is a rightwing culture warrior who hates disorder. What could go wrong?

Pandemic Lockdown Thoughts (from my sister)

Furor in Texas GOP after leaders post racist memes that suggest Floyd's death is a hoax

White House claims violence incited at Floyd protests in Miami linked to Venezuela's Maduro

The reason for racism, I believe, is because of both anger and...

Mount Rainier National Park reopens some areas to public following closure due to the pandemic

LGBT orgs are speaking out about JK Rowlings

Thousands join Seattle rallies in ninth day of protests

For those keeping track on their 2020 Plague Scorecard...

Many of the 300 plants and animals endemic to Canada at risk, report finds

How Police Unions Became Such Powerful Opponents to Reform Efforts

Amiri Baraka - Who Will Survive America

A Republican President in 1957

White House claims violence incited at Floyd protests in Miami linked to Venezuela's Maduro

That's IT! Let's See How The Stock Market Does After FOX NEWS Gets Murdered (Boycotted).

Malcolm Nance on Donald Trump, Tom Cotton & Lindsey Graham

When Trump supporters find out there are countries other than Russia or the Muslim-y/Mexican-y ones

*Linda Ronstadt on WETA (CH 26) again!

These Images Show Just How Massive the Floyd Protests Were on Saturday

A strange but a positive result of the last few weeks of Trump & his dictatorial behavior.(maybe)??

"If Mississippi is ready for change, then everybody is ready for change."

London police ride horses into a crowd, then things take an unexpected turn

Wake Up America. Vote Out the GOP

Chief Inspector Murphy took his medicine like a very good boi

The amount of police brutality ...

Trump claims Joe Biden has been coordinating ANTIFA from his basement....

So Today, Democratic Mayor Byron Brown Threw Mr. Gugino Under The Bus

Homeschooling during Lockdowm: Jonathan Pie

Vote Out Hate

The Rude Pundit: The Terrorist Cops of America

Seattle protests have turned violent

Vote for Trump? These Republican Leaders Aren't On The Bandwagon

Bye Ivanka (VIDEO)

You know, I used to work for a man like Trump

News: George W. Bush will not support the reelection of Donald Trump

Cabinet unrest over U-turn on animal welfare in US trade talks

Milley, America's Top General, Walks Into a Political Battle

Professor Timothy Snyder (On Tyranny) has a message for us tonight..

George W. Bush won't support Donald Trump's reelection.

Sarah Cooper is a national treasure

I think Las Vegas may need a new catchphrase.

American Military Government in Korea by E. Grant Meade

Brazil takes down COVID-19 data, hiding soaring death toll

Brazil takes down COVID-19 data, hiding soaring death toll

This just in...

Fox News apologizes for stock graphic referencing Floyd, MLK deaths

Top Editor of Philadelphia Inquirer Resigns After 'Buildings Matter' Headline

Pox Spews pretended to be sorry about their black deaths means money graphic

The AP does some real journalism and discovers that "antifa" is pretty much non-existent

Hundreds March Into D.C. Across Arlington Memorial Bridge Demanding Justice For George Floyd

First I've seen this. The Daily Show at a Trump rally.

'DISGRACE TO OUR NATION' Trump says 'dirty cops and horrible people' are 'going to pay a price'

Pittsburgh paper accused of barring black reporters from covering protests, censoring stories

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

Scientists funded by Zuckerberg sent him a letter calling Facebook's practices 'antithetical' to his

Furor in Texas GOP after leaders post racist memes that suggest Floyd's death is a hoax

Harris County GOP chair-elect resigns after sharing racist Facebook post juxtaposing an MLK quote

I'd like some help refuting a couple of anti-BLM RW tweets but

Honolulu Black Lives Matter protest march

So, Trump Is PISSED OFF That MSNBC Hired Lisa Page? Congratulations. Now You Know...

Good policemen understand they are our servants, charged to protect and serve

Full Moon, June 5, 2020.

Phoenix Police Chief Jeri Williams marches with protesters in downtown Phoenix

Does anyone know how the new fencing around the White House has impacted

New mask guidelines

For those who've been distracted by other matters...

Seattle council member Kshama Sawant calls on Mayor Durkan to resign

Protesters pull down Confederate statue in Richmond's Monroe Park

Protesters pull down Confederate statue in Richmond's Monroe Park

Massive thread of incidents

Capital Weather Gang

Seattle Police have erected a barrier fence at Cal Anderson Park in Capitol Hill...

Trump Demanded 10,000 Active- Duty Troops Deploy To Streets

Fox News Apologizes For Infographic That Showed Stock Market Gains After Martin Luther King Assassin

Is Bloomberg going to financially help

"Curfew shall not ring tonight" (Rose Hartwick Thorpe, 1867)

Las Cruces cop charged with manslaughter in February death

Charles Villiers Stanford: 'Irish Rhapsody No. 1'

Rescued cat has the most adorable vet exam ever

There's A 'Ghostly Circle' Around The Big Dipper, Say Scientists

Trump adds on HGTV, Food Network , etc?

I hope Trump leaves all the new fencing around the White House for the rest of the year.

Inside the Night President Obama Took On Donald Trump The Choice 2016 FRONTLINE

trump is so jealous

Rage Against the Machine - Down Rodeo

Minneapolis mayor booed by protesters after refusing to defund and abolish police

Scientists funded by Zuckerberg sent him a letter calling Facebook's practices 'antithetical' to his

"Ain't no stoppin us now" plays as US Secret Service Counter Sniper team marches through DC.

Hubble Drops Spectacular New 'Cosmic Reef' Space Photo On Its 30th Birthday

Rage Against the Machine - Take The Power Back

New Papua New Guinea research solves archaeological mysteries

Democrats move within striking range of taking the Senate.

Statue of segregationist former Dearborn mayor taken down by his family

Marines ban public displays of Confederate flag

Pure Michigan

Bunker King has LAYERS of walls to protect himself from Americans

New ultrathin nanosheets set to transform dirtiest water into lifesaving resource: Aussie-led study

"Oh Berlin"

Pittsburgh paper accused of barring black reporters from covering protests, censoring stories


Here come cowboys...

Unions-----not all are bad--- please don't equate one with the other

California: deputy killed, two wounded in ambush in Santa Cruz Mountains

Here come cowboys...

just killed a cop. taken into custody without a brutal beating

Freedom For Me, Not For Thee

Nov 3 will be a wonderful day. Democrats are going to CLEAN HOUSE

Sarah Cooper - How to Bunker


Chance of finding young Earth-like planets higher than previously thought: Study

A New Telescope is Ready to Start Searching for Answers to Explain Dark Energy

Safflower oil hailed by scientists as possible recyclable, biodegradable replacement for petroleum

George Floyd's Autopsy and the Structural Gaslighting of America

So we have George W Bush and Mitt Romney but what Republican

China will begin constructing its space station in 2021

Supermassive Black Holes Grew by Consuming Gas and Entire Stars

Interstellar Oumuamua Was a Dark Hydrogen Iceberg

Global report: Bolsonaro hides Brazil's coronavirus death toll and case totals

US Senate seats in 2020 that the Democrats are more likely to win.

Psilocybin Seems to Turn Down 'Ego Center' in Brain

Joe Biden tells Texas Democrats he'll put the state in play in November

There is a german poem about the 1953 riots in socialist East-Germany. I think it fits the US.

In crisis, Amtrak focuses on testing and training for new trains to debut in 2021

Protesters pull down Confederate statue in Richmond's Monroe Park

Stephen Colbert - Bill Maher: "Police Culture Has To Change" From July 14, 2016

From the world of college football

2020 CO US Senate Election by US Congressional Districts- Romanoff-D vs Gardner-R

Ukrainian prosecutors find no evidence against Hunter Biden

Traffic citations, accidents down in Arkansas during COVID-19

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) I Noah Place Edition

Texas Democrats Counting On Nonwhite Vote To Flip Seats In 2020

White Fairfax, VA Police Officer Charged w/Assault After "Unacceptable" Use of Taser on Black Man

This is a white problem

The Cherokee Chefs Bringing Back North America's Lost Cuisine

Reuben's Train

Poll: Biden has doubled his lead over Trump in Michigan

Malcolm Nance: WARNING: This Right wing extremist Congressman is spreading fake propaganda leaflets

It's Sir Tom Jones' 80th Birthday, today!?!?!?!

Huge fence? Private police?? Trump is preparing for a violent battle in November.

Standing for the protest at the corner of Roosevelt and Washington, and this Auschwitz survivor...

Active US Airforce sergeant shot and killed police deputy in ambush

We now have proof Trump will be beaten badly this November.

The Story of a Coward & a Commander-The Lincoln Project

Breaking re Michigan

From Prince (via his estate): "Nothing more ugly in the whole wide world than INTOLERANCE"

Sunday Breakfast June 2020


Obama: "People in power" (read: Trump) has "something in them they've got to work through."

I am hoping Keisha Lance Bottoms is on the short list for VP.

de Blasio lifting curfew in NYC starting tonight

Israeli study points to nicotine as a potential therapeutic for COVID-19

Homer shows us how to ward off buses full of deplorables....

Kurt Thomas, the 1st U.S. male gymnast to win a world championship, dies at 64

"Steps" November is Coming

Alison Krauss has an angelic voice.

'We're losing our kids': Black youth suicide rate rising far faster than for whites; coronavirus,

Pics and video from yesterday's Black Lives Matter protest in Washington, DC

Trump's apparent character flaws leave him unable to meet the historic moment

June 7 - Happy Birthday Rep. Ben Ray Lujan (D) NM-3rd

Electrocuted Squirrel Gets CPR by Kind Man

June 7 - Happy Birthday Rep. Susan Wild (D) PA-7th

How did I go 44 years without knowing Medgar Evers was a Normandy veteran?

Bunker Boy's Big Moment

The attack line that will utterly destroy Trump

A Question ?

Old fart phone (rotary dial cell phone)

A question on trump and family

New Meidas Touch video: "time we say bye to Ivanka and all the Trump grifters"


California Sun

Lost to coronavirus: Woman left storm-wracked Caribbean for new life in Florida

Ali Velshi shares his experiences on the ground during the protests

Should there be a Second Constitutional Convention?

The [DC] street mural now reads "BLACK LIVES MATTER DEFUND THE POLICE"

Jacksonville-area Naval Academy alumni board member resigns after accidentally broadcasting racial s

People Who Said They Didn't Want The Damn Cats

Robert Reich: Trump's use of the military backfired - but will it back him if he refuses to go?

Biden doubles lead in MI, +12

NBC/Wall Street Journal poll - How does the country feel right now

Rep. John Lewis tours Black Lives Matter street mural with D.C. mayor

Just one more in a long line of things these fascist thickets are going to fail at.

I need your input here, DU friends. I have a cousin who's

Poll: 80 percent of voters say things are out of control in the U.S.

A Cop Was Filmed Telling Armed White Men To Avoid Arrest "So We Don't Look Like We're Playing Favori

Unreal!! Milwaukee police chief----protestors are crucifying cops like mobs did Jesus!!

Randy Rainbow is back!

How we can lower police violence.

John Harwood:Trump's evident character flaws leave him unable to meet the historic moment

Joe Biden has doubled his lead over Donald Trump in Michigan, poll says

Mailed in my vote for Biden

Tropical Storm Cristobal rain bands arrive in New Orleans: Area under rare high flood risk

So my evangelical trump supporting bro asked me if I got paid by George soros

Pandemic, dire economy, unrest upend US presidential race

Let that sink in..........

Ben Carson is useless.

If you plan on stealing another election, it's best to hire criminals

In 2008, Colin Powell supported Barack Obama. In 2020...

Black Lives Matter Comes to Vidor--Yes, Vidor

Why do reporters suck at follow up questions

I wish Hillary hadn't been kneecapped... and without Russian interference... she would have won.

Black Lives Matter Comes to Vidor--Yes, Vidor

Poor Lives Matter

John Lewis at Black Lives Matter Plaza

Fired Fire chief in Gilmer County, West Virginia

To celebrate the lifting of curfew in NYC, I'm going to go out tonight and...

Did anyone see the comments of General Colin Powell on CNN this morning?

I Had a Vision of Donald Trump Yesterday. In That Vision,

Protesters topple Confederate statue in Virginia capital

Looks like rain. Reprieve from yard work? Perhaps a nap!

Dog Is Terrified Of Vet -- Until He Decides To Sing To Her

Anti-Lynching Bill in Limbo, thanks Rand Paul. Kamala Harris: "I'm So Raw."

You raised $3,080.00 on June 6, 2020 to elect Joe Biden POTUS with our DU ActBlue link

Sunday morning, group is waving the Confederate flag

Powell 'can not in any way support' Trump, will vote for Biden

I believe this is a more reasonable assumption of what the coward will do after he is defeated.

rightwingers go over the top with their fake democrat flyers

Right now: Community organizers registering protesters to VOTE! BRILLIANT!

Do I recall correctly that as the presumptive Presidential nominee,

President Trump announces he will order National Guard to begin withdrawing from D.C.

Head of Antifa Identified

ALL lives matter ........

Nixon's wall around the White House

Well, Trump finally got his wall

Meanwhile Coronavirus deaths: 112,128 and

.." spent the better part of my career listening to loud men talk tough to disguise their weakness."

I believe it is the RNC convention that will doom Trump's chances for re-election.

Joe Biden on 'The Bunker'.."You know, Barack and I never went down to the bunker.."

Might have meaning for some as spirituality

So I gotta buy a used car

Former top Republican General Powell endorses Democrat Biden for president

Colin Powell endorses Biden. "trump lies all the time"

Help! Trying to keep my family from falling apart!!

Following the roots of the problem....

Cute Cats - Entertaining!

Just watched Barr on Face the Nation

Bill Barr

On Abolishing or Defunding Police Departments

The Atlantic: The Trump Regime Is Beginning to Topple

All mothers were summoned....

THE BUNKER BOY - A Randy Rainbow Song Parody

Uh so this is the scene outside the U.S. embassy in London right now

The last GOP President (GWB), the last GOP nominee (Romny)

Trump:U.S. Attorney for Utah John Huber "a garbage disposal unit" for closing an investigation

Verizon and AT&T Partner With Pro-Police Militarization Lobbying Group

Richlands man charged with lying to investigators after explosives found

Condi Rice on Face the Nation (just plain interesting)

"Black Lives Matter" in Rural Upstate New York.

Dale Earnhardt Jr & Bubba Wallace


It's kinda funny you know, those DC police being unmarked protects them FROM Trump in a way

What really is antifa?

Victims of anti-Latino hate crimes soar in U.S.: FBI report

Trump Vodka, Trump Steak, Trump Water may have gone bust, but there are WINNING Trump-brand products

Very funny: David Frum on Morning Joy

'We just want to be safe': Hate crimes, harassment of Asian Americans rise amid coronavirus pandemic

Friendly reminder: You can still make IRA contributions for 2019 through July 15

Dean Martin was born on this date,

Trump issued a special executive order on Thursday to wipe away five decades of environmental laws.

Randy Rainbow does it again!!

Trump retweeted a GOP state senate candidate who tweeted "Leaders lead. Cowards kneel" re Biden

Chainsaw-wielding racist gets boosted by a top Trump aide as race protests sweep the nation

Tal Farlow was born on this date.

Trump in a shouting match with a top Pentagon official

Anyone want something uplifting? Read before watching!

The 'Boogaloo' Started as a Racist Meme

The White House calls another "lid" for today. Bunker Boy won't leave the WH or speak publicly.

Ma Vlast: Vysehrad Bedrich Smetana AND

Modern Lynching - Target Practice - by Yasmine Neal

Lincoln Project: This fight transcends partisanship. Being against Trump...makes you a patriot.

Anyone here familiar with Singer/Songwriter Crys Matthews? Do you know this anthem?

Tom Jones has a birthday today.

Can Trump Easily Win if Republican Governors...

I may be wrong , but I think trump and McConnell are stalling stimulus

Can you make a video recording of what's going on on your computer screen?

Strangely Satisfying

Publication from WHO containing revised homemade mask recommendations

All the Trump voters I have talked to rarely praise Trump, they do this instead.

It's time to Out Lindsey Graham

The general election is 149 days away.

Roddie Bryan was a full participant in Ahmaud Arbery's murder. He hit him with his truck

The scariest thing about Trump.

Mother Jones: Videos Show Cops Slashing Car Tires at Protests in Minneapolis

You know what happened in this election year?

These protests may continue all the way too November.

Can someone help me find a post on du that had a

Hey there was even a protest in my small hometown of Victoria, Texas

What this has all meant for me..time for the plain truth

What Would Hitler Do?

After four months, I just trimmed and reshaped my beard.

More Cactus Flowers

Being smarter about the "Drug War" defunds police the right way.

What did I tell you, Trump just attacked Powell. He cannot control his mental illness.

Are a few Republican consciences finally beginning to awake?

George Floyd's second grade teacher shows a drawing of his and

When people talk "Abolish the Police," these are the goals

When Democrats are ahead they are certain they can lose.

What Fiction are you reading this week, June 7, 2020?

Trump, just last June, said he respected Powell & considered him outstanding, someone to look up to

Clarence White was born on this date.

Frank Rizzo mural is erased, as calls for racial justice bring change to Philly's Italian Market

'I don't know if that counts as a job': Fewer hours, less pay & more anxiety greet returning workers

Former Trump Hotel Housekeeper Sues Over Alleged Religious Discrimination

Bill Barr Defends Attack on Peaceful Protesters: 'Pepper Spray Is Not a Chemical Irritant'

Prince was born on this date.

Will arrested protestors be allowed to vote in November?

BLM protesters topple statue of Bristol slave trader Edward Colston

BLM protesters topple statue of Bristol slave trader Edward Colston (UK)

Psychiatrist: Trump's ultimate desire is to put his boot on the neck of everyone on the planet

Happy 62nd B-day to the late, the greatest.....

The tide has turned.

The Police Are Rioting. We Need to Talk About It.

another message today from Timothy Snyder on tyranny

Do not underestimate the power of this moment

US closes in on 110,000 coronavirus deaths, begins to reopen

For my 40,000th post:

I've been terminated from a job I had for a long time for having a "performance efficiency" of 98.5%

Online database of police assaults on citizens...

How can 45% of the people approve of this bad joke of A president?

Did y'all see this Marine in Utah yesterday?

Trump decides to declare victory and stay home...

Modern Lynching - Target Practice - by Yasmine Neal

Sad Bruce Dickinson news

Bill Barr. "Who me"?

Ohio is suddenly a 2020 battleground

I am getting so tired

Progressives steamrolled across the Senate map

New Michigan poll shows Biden leading Trump 53-41%.

What I Saw from the Midst of the Looting in Santa Monica

Kneeling will become the next gimme five...3 olds will be doing it and no one will know its meaning

Who is preparing for NOT being able to vote by mail or votes NOT being counted or internet

Trump and Barr whittle their tools of oppression

A Win Should Not Be The Goal

7 in 10 Americans would be likely to get a coronavirus vaccine, Post-ABC poll finds

Black woman subdued by Bellevue Police Officer in P&R lot.

Greek Seasoning?

I think we should stop calling it 'tear gas'.

Are the candidates grooups now in a Catch-22 mode?


Cartoons 6/7/2020

Snohomish's rogue barber can still be sanctioned, state says

Netflex; 100 Humans

Minneapolis Mayor meets with protesters; it does not go well

100 armed vigilantes rouse fear, soul-searching in Snohomish

Dc Mayor Bowser hits it out of the park.

Mike Pence invited Candace Owens to the White House to discuss how to move forward

Tribute drawings from a friend of mine.

Acting DHS secretary claims no 'systemic racism problem' in law enforcement

I'm trying to find out if President Obama, Michelle, and others are


Obamacare: Study highlights key benefit of Affordable Care Act ahead of Supreme Court arguments

Don't pigeonhole Minnesota's senior senator - letters

The case of the murdered cop in Santa Cruz gets weirder and weirder

Colin Powell calls Trump a liar, says he skirts the Constitution, will vote Biden

He really wrote leaders lead and cowards kneel for Biden

It's the lawn order president!

George W. Bush and Mitt Romney won't support Trump in 2020

How Truman did it

On 6/4, San Diego County had an increase of 240 new cases. This is the highest 1 day increase ...

This is the sort of gesture that actually helps:

Sen. Cory Booker Says He's 'Thought Twice' About Walking Home in Casual Clothes as a Black Man

Status update....

I just got my check from George Soros!!!!

charging at the protesters..

Engel/#NY16- Jamaal Bailey, one of the youngest legislators in Albany and a rising star in Bronx

Trump shares Candace Owens interview saying 'George Floyd was not a good person'

Are you fucking kidding me? "Biden faces new hurdle: Winning as front-runner"

Joe Biden to meet George Floyd's family

My local Home Depot has become quite the dating site.

CNN's Jake Tapper Grills Ben Carson on Trump Tweeting Attacks on George Floyd

Now we know

US Senate seats in 2020 that the Democrats will be definitely winning.

The protests are growing larger, calmer, and more community-oriented

Looking for an easy way for Greek Seasoning

Local politicians join anti-racism protests on Seattle's Capitol Hill, criticize use of pepper spray

This black woman takes her fury straight to the white rioters who wrecked her neighborhood:

Why are we not seeing crowd size estimates reported?

Seattle black-owned businesses see surge in support

Tweet of the Day

CNN teams up with 'Sesame Street' for anti-racism town hall: 'Content we all need'

Bing Covid-19 Tracker 6/7/2020 (8:04 AM) Brazil Stops Counting, Deaths Near 400,000

Is Michigan already off the table? Gold standard poll gives him a wide lead.

Should a psych evaluation be part of the process for screening presidential candidates?

Attorney General Bill Barr Denies Nation's Police Are Systemically Racist

Seattle Restaurants Can Officially Reopen Dining Rooms and Outdoor Seating at a Limited Capacity

To Answer Bill Barr

Mayor Muriel Bowser says Trump's response to protests brought out more demonstrators

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, June 9: Star of the Month: Ann Sheridan

Coronavirus infecting younger people in Tri-Cities. Business outbreaks, gatherings blamed

Virginia GOP calls own lawmaker's comments on Confederate statues 'idiotic'

Eric Clapton - Little Queen of Spades (live in San Diego)

So, let me get this right....

The Texas virtual convention raised $1 million for voter registration

I think all riot gear needs to feature identifying numbers similar to a license plate

Spike Lee: Marching against the unjust powers that be, with strong words for President Trump

Low-wage maquiladora workers are dying young in Mexico from coronavirus

What's for Dinner, Sun., June 7, 2020

Did Hillary lose because she was a woman

Note to Trump

Bernie Sanders: West Bank Annexation must Be Stopped

Look what's happening to Trump's fence around the White House

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, June 10: History of the Swimsuit

White Privilege: An Illustration

Man who sheltered protesters from police says he saw "horrific use of force"

In warning sign for Trump, Republicans growing pessimistic about country's direction

A Daughter Is Beheaded, and Iran Asks if Women Have a Right to Safety

White landlord evicts black business owners after he sees them peacefully protesting on the news

Interesting article on dailykos.....rethugs must think we're stupid

OK, whoever said "Leaves of three...

10-foot great white shark kills surfer in Australia

Tucker Carlson totally owned by Media Matters

A Karen just got taken down....kind of.

Idiots find out just how expensive racism can be

Imperial March

Let's talk about being armed while Black.

Trump's #BabyGate protective fence is being turned into a massive memorial wall supporting Black Liv

Trump's new fence around the White House is a work of art.

You know who calls pepper spray and pepper balls "chemical agents"? The Department of Justice.

"The whole world is watching us". - CBS Sunday Morning

De Blasio Vows for First Time to Cut Funding for the N.Y.P.D.

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Update to my suggestion that Google Maps update 16th St. north of Lafayette Square & White House.

Tropical Storm Cristobal could make a ground breaking appearance in Minnesota

Ted Lieu zings Ivanka's speech (actually, I call her Ivita):

Bunch of sirens headed towards 38th and Chicago

NYT editor resigns I've Tom Cotten op-ed

Bloodied store manager describes life in the age of COVID-19

it's been a long, long, long time coming

PLEASE Joe Biden, make my concept into a video! Stand in front of the Baby Gate around the

James Bennet Resigns As Editorial Page Editor of The New York Times; Katie Kingsbury Named Acting Ed

Listen to world leaders speak English!

Cinderella Man. Late 70s rush may be the best prog rock rhythm section

White Entitlement vs Black Injustice

Interested in what defunding the police looks like? Watch Minneapolis.

James Bennet resigns as editor of New York Times editorial page

NYT Op Ed editor resigns in midst of Cotton uproar.

The Plague Village: In 1665, this English town chose to self-quarantine

My foster baby, Luggard, takes another step towards the wild.

US Senate seats up in 2020 that the Democrats will definitely win by a landslide to narrow margin.

Trump's best buddy in Brazil shutting down all COVID-19 statistics. It was just "a little flu".

Hey, remember when Obama, John Brennan, and... Grover Norquist were all "secret Muslims"?

American Police Are At War With Democracy Itself

Dedicated to the one who apparently continues to be (in spirit)...

You know that many of the youngsters on the streets of all races

Before Trump an anti-fascist was a patriot defending democracy

Turnout surges after states expand mail-in voting

According to Worldometers

JUST FYI, The Idea That Pepper 'Gas' Doesn't Count As A Chemical Has A Long History In The

Joe Biden wins the Virgin Islands Democratic Party Presidential Primary.

If he is facing a sound defeat, chickenshit trump may drop out

De-Funding the Police... what is next step?..

Powerful Words from Stacey Abrams

Progressives steamrolled across the Senate map

A Message from Michelle Obama to the Class of 2020

So my friend just came and put a Biden

George Floyd protesters turn White House fence into memorial wall


Putin Rejects Trump's Request for Ten Thousand Russian Troops to Guard White House

Online Video Database of more that 400 times Police attacked Protesters

I am so ready for a few months of peace and quiet.

Governor Cuomo Pandemic Update June 7 2020

The FBI Says A Guy Blew His Hand Off With A Bomb Possibly Planned For An Attack On "Hot Cheerleaders

Bush, Romney won't support Trump reelection

Post-WW2 Anti-Fascist Educational Film - Don't Be a Sucker - 1947

When NASCAR says they are listening, maybe most everybody is ! ! ! !

She knows a fascist when she see one

British BLM protesters topple statue of Bristol slave trader Edward Colston

Mitt Romney Joins Black Lives Matter Protesters!

Found on FB

gardening question!!!

Stupid is Still..."STUPID"... and Bill Barr is very stupid.


Protesters paint 'End Racism Now' in downtown Raleigh Street

Trump's abuse of religion follows playbook of authoritarian leaders around the world

Treasure chest hidden in Rocky Mountains finally found

Which behavior is less moral?

Meet the "Honest Elections Project."

Poor President Obama never even knew...

Sambos restaurant FINALLY gets rid of that offensive name

Just on CNN: Dump considering speech on race relations later this week

The Minneapolis Police Officers Federation (Bob Kroll) seems to be offline!

Justice For The Fallen March - Charlottesville

Police Unions are no longer a force for Good. This might fix it.

Trump's Republican enablers are complicit in the state of our democracy

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Monday, 8 June 2020

NY Times editorial page editor resigns amid fury over op-ed

1000 protesters in Simi Valley! that's the enclave where the 4 Rodney King beating officers lived

If Romney is serious he needs to cross the aisle and take enough Republican senators with him

Me and my family love you all.' Thousands march to Memorial Park for solidarity rally

Lawyer tells Anthony to plead ... 'I filled with remorse...'. LOL

I'm Finally an Angry Black Man

A few days of larger and peaceful protest.

Colin Kaepernick vs Donald Trump. Let's compare the patriotism.

W, Romney and the generals. Take the win. Even if they are assholes. That's not the point.

Trump may just get run out of town.

Dislike Antifa? Blame the GOP. Barely even a thing until they partnered with the worst of America

British protesters topple slave trader statue and toss it into river - video

Police action in Nashville made me cry

Sadly, militarization of our police began under Bill Clinton's encouragement.

Yeah, change is coming, change is NOW.

President Trump attempts to set the record straight on his current polling position.

Killology, "Bulletproof Warrior" training, Minneapolis Police Union and other What The Fucks.

Just had drinks with a neighbor who knows Anthony Fauci quite well.

WP: After nights of violence in Minneapolis, locals take up arms to defend their community

Mike I mean John Bolton's book is coming out June 23

Knock me over with a feather

This photo will make you chuckle! When Hillary and Barack met, they shared a little joke!

What kind of people want to get people killed?

Pickup Truck Song

Just to be clear: that fence around OUR HOUSE is OUR FENCE. OURS!!! Not bunker boy's. OURS!

Naval Academy Alumni Board Of Trustees Member Resigns After Facebook Outburst

Malcolm X's Daughter: 'We Can't Find Ourselves In The Same Place 50 Years From Now'

The virus and the cure

In twenty million years, the Giants and the Dodgers will again be cross town rivals

Soooo. the unemployment #s reported were WRONG! They failed to count 5 million people,

Pelosi promises equal justice agenda at Texas Democrats' virtual convention

Trump's Aides Seek New Theme

BLM protesters topple statue of Bristol slave trader

The right-wing will rile up racial tensions

Mitt Romney takes part in protest supporting Black Lives Matter near White House

Flint police investigating reports that out-of-town groups could be trying to create violence

Let's be clear about what the Minneapolis "defund the police" story means...and what it doesn't.

"Reflections From A Token Black Friend" - insightful essay,

Justin Trudeau takes a knee at anti-racism protest in Ottawa, Canada - True Leadership

Georgia's 7th Congressional District: A Long-Time GOP Seat Now Could Be In Play For Democrats

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

I need a haircut. BAD.

GoFundMe Suspends Candace Owens After She Trashes George Floyd

Minneapolis' Third Precinct served as 'playground' for renegade cops

"HISTORIC: Donald Trump first US president of 21st century to LOSE re-election bid"

Four Years Ago Tonight. It shall never not hurt.