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" a hoax vs a political witch-hunt"

The Reid Out

Mrs. Betty Bowers on opening schools

Beshear Mandates Use of Masks In Kentucky

Asked to wear a mask, customer goes berserk and throws boxes of shoes at sales lady.

D.C. streak of hot weather hits historic territory, and the worst may be yet to come.

Trump #CNN #News Trump goes on tweet storm following Supreme Court ruling

Nadler suggests BARR is perilously close to criminal bribery in his handling of BERMAN matter

DeSantis Is Said to Quietly Hinder Fund-Raising for Trump Convention

TX-22: Democrat in top Texas House race raises $950,000 in second quarter

Pennsylvania ban on evictions and foreclosures during pandemic extended through August

Hispanic Democrats build capital with big primary wins

One thing I predict for the November election; highest voter turnout in recent history

Kavanaugh vote

Humpback whale hit by Mukilteo ferry, Chip, is presumed dead

IA-SEN: Greenfield finishes quarter with $5.6 million cash on hand.

Trump responds to today's SC decision (with special guest):

Oh Noes! Somebody painted something in big yellow letters on 5th Ave in front of Trump Plaza!11!!11

Covid Kills More Men Than Women. Experts Still Can't Explain Why

U.S. Supreme Court deems half of Oklahoma a Native American reservation

Tammy Duckworth: Tucker Carlson Doesn't Know What Patriotism Is

A behind-the-scenes look at Texas' exotic animal ranches

Pharmacy executives tied to deadly U.S. meningitis outbreak lose appeals

Cam Newton Scrambling To Get Up To Speed After Patriots Send Him Playbook Of Every NFL Team

The Supreme Court Lets Trump Run Out the Clock

😂 TikTok Users Are Driving Trump's Phone App from 5-Stars to 1-Star to be Removed 😂

Report on the Lincoln Project town hall today.

Anything You Say in This Trader Joe's Line May Be Used Against You

Biden Jabs Trump For Focusing On 'The Dow And NASDAQ, Not You' Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Trump smashes Obama-era payday lending rule, letting predatory lenders cash in on COVID-19 crisis

Anderson Cooper to CDC Director "Unfortunately the guy you are working for is LYING about testing"

Barr: If I Wanted To Meddle In SDNY, I Wouldn't Have Fired Berman

Big Ten scraps nonconference football games due to pandemic

Trump Tweet: For the 1/100th time, the reason we show so many Cases....

Biden says he can 'hardly wait' to debate 'stable genius' Trump

Press Briefing by Kayleigh McEnany; July 9, 2020

This country of ours

Top US general vows response if military confirms reports of Russian bounties

Do the attacks on Biden's health seem familiar?

Satanic Temple threatens lawsuit over Mississippi's 'in God we trust' flag plan

German expert: Cases create testing, testing doesn't create cases.

West Virginia mail carrier admits attempted election fraud

Milley: Confederate names on Army bases divide the military

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2020 that Democrats will win to regain control.

Maybe Texas Should Ask Cuomo To Save Them

Longtime Alabama Mayor Dies of Coronavirus as Cases Surge in State

Biden unveils $700bn 'buy American' proposal to revive US industry

White woman calls the cops on Black man for sitting in his car in front of his own house

Pentagon chief confirms he was briefed on intelligence about Russian payments to the Taliban

Texas Republican Party sues Houston mayor for canceling party's in-person convention

Judge temporarily blocks Kentucky governor's Covid-19 executive orders -- same day he requires mask

Edmonds schools choose hybrid model allowing students in class twice a week

San Francisco official proposes 'CAREN Act,' making racially biased 911 calls illegal

Clarence Thomas's wife criticized her town's 'Black Lives Matter' banner: report

Florida adds record 120 coronavirus deaths, 411 hospitalizations on Thursday

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Live and Let Die!

The owner of a Philly bar pulled a gun on a passerby who warned about social distancing

Biden says investors 'don't need me,' calls for end of 'era of shareholder capitalism'

They're lying - Middle Age Riot

Bill Nye the Science Guy Stresses Importance of Masks in Viral TikTok Video

Seoul mayor found dead hours after reported missing: police

Dog years

THANK YOU, Thank You, & Thank You very much!!! For ALL the wonderful posts at Democratic Underground

I have joined a new religion.........

Florida Man is taking no chances......

Pooh & Piglet

Ted Cruz craps himself on Twitter

At least 16 sick after coronavirus exposure at DeWitt (NY) in-home day care

Florida's coronavirus death rate is trending up again after rising hospitalizations

Canadian police chiefs want possession of drugs for personal use to be decriminalized. Being an

Bwahaha. The Lincoln Project tweet to fu45

Some questions for our teachers here re. reopening schools?

Colombia rejects UN Security Council and Congress' demand to cease fire with ELN

Texas bans elective surgeries in more than 100 counties as coronavirus hospitalizations keep climbin

DeSantis is getting roasted online for comparing attending school to shopping at Home Depot

Am I the only one who finds Jeff Rossen REALLY annoying?

It occurs to me that the karen/ken hysteria, and the anti-maskers psychosis, reminds me of the

Trump has tried to claim Democrats want to eliminate police. Americans aren't buying it.

Research suggests COVID-19 antibodies may only last a few months or even just weeks

Irene Cara - Flashdance... What A Feeling

Ellensburg is painting a Black Lives Matter tribute down Sprague st..

Next Week Will 'Look Worse' In Texas

025999. 1051d. 7.09

I am cooking funeral food. Ask me anything.

5 veto override attempts at NC legislature fail, including 4 about reopening

A Comment about staying at home ..."all the time"...Pneumonia is much worse..

Nearly 80 Texas counties are opting out of Texas' mask order. Others are refusing to enforce it.

New name for the virus. I like this one.


FLIPPABLE: Daniel Bennett for WV-HD-63

Keeping things tied up in the courts interminably...

Top military officer labels Confederacy as treasonous as Pentagon takes 'hard look' at rebel ties

Jimmie Brown, the Newsboy

Wayland Baptist president released from hospital after testing positive for COVID-19

Two major Texas counties are trimming polling locations as workers pull out over coronavirus

There's a new op-ed by George Conway in the Washington Post, I'm paywalled

Dr. Anthony Fauci: Florida reopened too fast, jumping 'over a couple of checkpoints'

After losing big on Super Tuesday, Texas progressives hope to salvage some victories in July

Kamala Harris endorses Monique Worrell for Orlando State Attorney

Tropical Storm Fay - heavy rain expected for several states and DC

Pokey LeFarge and the South city 3

Colombia's latest political ghost threat: 'pre-Chavism' or 'neo-Chavism'?

If you have a mask that has a valve, use it around anti-maskers, around maskers use a surgical mask

Today's womp womp for Mike Pants - Evangelical minister from his prayer group voting for Biden

Wake Up Everybody - 2020 Rendition

A stunning side-by-side photo comparison and conclusion (from Twitter):

Facebook Removes 73 False Accounts Connect to The Bolsonaro Family

CNN: Ohio GOP state lawmaker calls for people to stop getting tested

Betsy Devos's Bookshelves Says Everything About Her

We're #1 in the world!

Supreme Court Justice Rules that The Government Must Fight Coronavirus among Indigenous People

Where are all the coins?

Brazil Plans International PR Campaign to Avoid Investment Flight

Top military officer labels Confederacy as treasonous as Pentagon takes 'hard look' at rebel ties

Bye Bye Love - The Cars

Peter Gabriel - Games Without Frontiers

Trump bragged tonight about passing a cognitive test. It might have been given if he'd had a stroke.

Tweet of the Day

Brazil press group files criminal complaint against president Bolsonaro for removing mask

Ruling: Nearly half of Okla. under tribal control

Brazil press group files criminal complaint against president Bolsonaro for removing mask

Meidas Touch already has a new video/ad based on today's Supreme Court rulings:

If states were countries this is how they'd rate

For Some On Wall Street, Beating Trump Is More Important Than Money

Ex-Watergate Prosecutor Says SCOTUS Ruling Opens Door To Trump Being Indicted For Tax Fraud

Bill Nye breaks down the reason why we should all wear a face mask

Oh no - bad news for a newspaper - Miami Herald faces possible takeover by hedge fund

Kansas. Icarus (Born on Wings of Steel)

Sending kids back to school...

Biggest babies

Best of Muttley laughs, for watching Trump daily meldown.

College Football

What is this kitten even doing?!

GOP Lawmaker Wants More to Get Virus

Mississippi's five largest hospitals are out of ICU beds

Colleges Rescinding Admissions Offers as Racist Social Media Posts Emerge

Trump Gave CIA Secrets To Putin And There's Nothing We Can Do About It

Michael Cohen apparently sent back to prison b/c he wouldn't agree not to publish book about Trump

Ride of the Valkyries

CNN - Trump is widely expected to pardon or commute Roger Stone's sentence

scary red faced guy

Congressional Democrats should warn Trump, Pence and Barr

Top Manhattan Prosecutor Ousted by Trump Details Firing

Who wore it better?

MUSHROOMHEAD - The Heresy (Official Video) Napalm Records

Rachel Maddow Says New York Prosecutors Could Fast-Track tRump Tax Return Subpoena

If anyone needs a home covid test kit. $108

Adam Schiff on Michael Flynn case

Indigenous Environmental Network re: SCOTUS on McGirt v. Oklahoma

I had a visitor this evening--for five seconds....a tRumper....

Biden lashes Trump in economic speech tinged with populist rhetoric

Joe Biden scorches Trump in the most effective manner

You guys... if you can go on Twitter, read the comments

Holeee Cow!! 11th Hour just now...

I think RWNJ world is up to their drink the Jonestown Kool-aid moment.

Petition to shut down Fort Hood has over 264,000 signatures

Concise, current list of Covid-19 knowledge?

Worker advocates file meat plants discrimination complaint

Lithuania Suspends Broadcasts By Russia's RT Over EU-Sanctioned Head

Dan Crenshaw trashes fellow veteran Tammy Duckworth

The HU - Wolf Totem (Official Music Video)

Crafty crow...

NCAA denies UMHB football appeal, vacates 2016 national championship

NCAA denies UMHB football appeal, vacates 2016 national championship

First Black Fed President Warns of Systemic Racism's Economic Toll.

The Blue Wave is shaping up to be a Tsunami

Laredo confirms 242 coronavirus cases, setting record single-day total for positives

crowd outside the WH singing

Someone sent me a link to a website with a list of law enforcement who have been killed

"If you can do Home Depot, if you can do Walmart, you can definitely do the schools."

Richard Hell and The Voidoids "Blank Generation"

Leave it to uncle, ah...Justice Clarence Thomas...

New Mexico postpones high school fall contact sports

Rio Grande Valley COVID-19: Judge Cortez Says 'Tsunami' Of Cases Has Hit Hidalgo County

Worst Covid epicenters in the world:

Congressmen Castro And Doggett Want Brooke Army Medical To Help San Antonio With COVID-19 Caseload

Trump is our 'boy in the bubble' -- a right-wing information bubble

'I am gonna blow your head off!' CEO pulls a gun on couple who accidentally drove onto his estate

Trump's Tax Nightmare Comes True As He Loses Supreme Court Case - The Beat With Ari Melber - MSNBC

Carmelo Anthony calls on 6 teams to drop Native American names, including Warriors

'Don't mistake inconvenience for oppression'

More than 1,000 TSA employees have tested positive for coronavirus

Horror clouds every page of Mary Trump's book about her Uncle Donald

How the Trump administration is turning legal immigrants into undocumented ones

Delaware State University to acquire Wesley College

Porcupine Tree - Anesthetize - live

Trump preparing to commute Roger Stone's sentence

The Police Have Been Spying on Black Reporters and Activists for Years. I Know Because I'm One of

The Lincoln Project's Virtual Town Hall:

Trump Scandals Pass By, Lose Spotlight To New Trump Scandals - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Is even Jan Brewer calling out Ducey's lack of action?

US economy may be stalling out as viral outbreak worsens

☦️Orthodox Christianity: Fasting in the body, but also in the spirit..

Judge asks appeals court to revive Michael Flynn case, permit review of DOJ dismissal

Some Ford Employees Ask Automaker To Stop Producing Police Cars

☦️ Eastern Orthodoxy: Pemptousia/Wealth of Spiritial Wisdom

Bolivia's De facto Prosecutor Charges Evo Morales with "Terrorism" and Orders his Arrest

Please no.

Proud to be a mascot

SCOTUS Rejects Presidential Immunity; Renders Trump Regular - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Twitter billionaire Jack Dorsey just announced he will be funding a universal basic income experimen

Former state representative, WWII vet dies

It's 2 am. Anyone else awake?

Rio's famed beaches to remain closed until a Covid-19 vaccine is available

Coronavirus Follows Trump On Tour; Next Stop: New Hampshire - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Gardener Uses Colombia Lockdown To Save Botanical Paradise

Hogan Admin. Not 'Terribly Forthcoming' About How It's Spending Relief Funds

Twitter users call for a boycott of Goya Foods after CEO's lavish praise of Trump

What MASH character said it?

Bolivian activist warns polls showing Morales's MAS in the lead could intensify persecution of his s

Cuban doctor attends to Peruvian governor with Covid-19

Severe brain damage possible even with mild coronavirus symptoms

Neptune's Moons Are Caught in One of The Strangest Orbits Ever Seen

Pea Rodriguez Faces Texas State Rep. Gutierrez In District 19 Democratic Runoff

The Most Powerful Gamma Ray Burst Just Corroborated General Relativity Once Again

10 more Rehoboth Beach lifeguards test positive for COVID-19

Here's how boffins can prove Solar System's mysterious 'Planet Nine' is actually a small black hole

Trump on Kanye West's presidential run: 'He is always going to be for us'

Soup is ready who wants to come over

Sanity trial in Capital Gazette shooting postponed amid pandemic

Scientists fight to save a glittering green bee after the summer fires

Scientists Detect Earth's Atmosphere 'Ringing' Like a Bell

Baltimore Police sergeant charged with extortion, kidnapping; commissioner says 3 other officers

Breakfast Friday 10 July 2020

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2020 that Democrats will win to get back in the majority.

Let me make this clear...

The reason nobody knows who won the American Revolution is because ...

Kazakhstan: Chinese officials warn of new 'unknown pneumonia' that is deadlier than coronavirus

From 2015...Trump Taj Mahal fined $10 million for money laundering

Md. Community Activist Can't Get Care For COVID-19 Damaged Heart Due To Positive Tests

Sid Miller blasts NFL plan to play 'Black national anthem' before games

Md. Community Activist Can't Get Care For COVID-19 Damaged Heart Due To Positive Tests

Kazakhstan: Chinese officials warn of new 'unknown pneumonia' that is deadlier than coronavirus

I found it!!!!

Fox News host refuses to listen to the Trump campaign's latest attack on Biden

I always sleep peacefully ...

Cornyn on COVID-19: 'We Still Don't Know Whether Children Can Get It and Transmit It'

Fact check: Minnesota governor, not Trump, called out the National Guard

Riddle of the day: what has no heart, no brains, and no courage? Nt

A cosmic mystery: ESO telescope captures the disappearance of a massive star

Tropical Storm Fay Public Advisory

UPDATED: Richmond judge bars removal of lone remaining Richmond-owned Confederate statue

Philippine lawmakers vote for shutdown of top broadcaster

Medical experts: Floyd's speech didn't mean he could breathe

After lobbying, Catholic Church won $1.4B in virus aid

Trump's Remarks During Roundtable with Hispanic Leaders; July 9, 2020

Video shows officer point gun at doctor on his own property

Trump's Remarks at Signing of an Executive Order on the White House Hispanic Prosperity Initiative

Has anyone ever observed that after a short time, clothes that are lightly wrinkled, seem to lose

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2020 that Democrats are likely to win to get majority control.

Friday TOONs - Seems Like The Beginning of a Horror Movie

Community Activist Can't Get Care for COVID-19 Damaged Heart Due to Positive Tests

Forced school opening

Pence's Remarks at Back the Blue Rally,Philadelphia, PA; July 9, 2020

Pence's Remarks During a Chamber Roundtable to Discuss Economic Reopening, Malvern, PA

Philadelphia Eagles' owner's company completes anti-neo-fascist documentary, "The Meaning of Hitler"

RW Radio Bigot Jay Severin is dead... (*cough*)

Identity politics and my identity crisis

Councilmember Calls On DC Mayor To Fire Police Chief

Am I Jewish?

#Goyaway: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Julin Castro lead calls to boycott Goya Foods after CEO's prais

A Mail Carrier Took People's Absentee Ballot Requests And Switched Their Party To Republican

The child comes out in Trump!

Trump tells Sean Hannity he 'aced' a cognitive test, which 'surprised' doctors

Beverly Hilton, Los Angeles, July 10, 1960:

Nancy Goroff, a Secular Jew from New York, Wins Democratic Primary for Congress

Business Owners Say the City is Spoiling Outdoor Dining With Exorbitant Insurance Requirements

Northern Right Whale Declared Critically Endangered; 31 Killed Since 2017 By Ships, Entanglement

Psssssssssssssst so Senator Pat Roberts joins the

Energy Financial Analyst On Alberta's "Idiotic Waste" Of Billions On Keystone, Other Oil Projects

July 10 - Happy Birthday Rep. Elissa Slotkin, (D) MI-8th

AP: After lobbying, Catholic Church won $1.4B in virus aid

As Brazil's Fire Season Ramps Up, Gov. Issues Meaningless Fire Ban Under Corporate Pressure

Occupy City Hall's New Life as Homeless Camp: 'Not Pretty All the Time'

COOK POLITICAL: What Swing voters care about, and what they don't...

Any advice? Old kitty having litter box problems.

More Than Half Of The World's Turtles & Tortoise Species Now Face Extinction

Claire McCaskill: 'Sen. David Perdue has undergone surgery to separate himself from Trump'

The origin of Superheroes: Batgirl

The Rundown: July 10, 2020

SCOTUS Clears Way for Trump Tax Returns, Trump LOSES IT

Americans Are Now the Disease-Carrying Foreigners

Xinjiang: US sanctions on Chinese officials over 'abuse' of Muslims

The United States again hits a daily record for cases, its sixth in 10 days.

Morning Joe is so much better when Joe and Mika are on vacation.

WMO - One In Five Chance Temps Will Exceed Aspirational Climate Target Of 1.5C By 2024

Broad disapproval for Trump's handling of coronavirus, race relations: POLL

Changes to Istanbul's Hagia Sophia could trigger heritage review: UNESCO

A white restaurateur told a black customer not to wear an 'I can't breathe' shirt. Protests and a

Now that you have had time to assimilate it, what do you think of yesterday's SC decisions?

Dutch 'Golden Age' Statue Stirs Reminders of Colonial Past: Slavery, Brutality & Systemic Racism

Saving What We Can By Connie Schultz

PBC school campuses will remain closed to students

Elizabeth Warren tiptoes into Markey-Kennedy primary fight

Per M$NBComcast, the Con's approval rating over his handling of Covis-19 is now

It's tweeting again (random hodgepodge of stuff)

Trump's way acing a test is having the tester paid off!

Supreme Loser

Joe Biden just ate Trump's populist lunch

Another right-wing talk show hatemonger is dead.

Biden Says Fracking Jobs Won't Be 'on the Chopping Block' If He's Elected

To the east, the sun is out, it's raining, overhead AND to the west there's a rainbow

They don't care when kids are gunned down in school & they won't care when kids get Covid either.

Martina Navratilova: White House 'Propaganda' Is Reminiscent Of Communism

U.S. sets one-day record with more than 60,500 new COVID cases

tRump's Legacy: Broken Promises, A Divided America

Boog the chocolate lab took on a black bear this morning

Stunning. Sad But True ...

Trump tells Fox News the 'Black Lives Matter' sign on Fifth Avenue is like he's being 'prosecuted'

Possible NY State charges against Trump when he leaves office.

Unless you are Peggy...

Wholesale prices drop in June, U.S. inflation very low due to the coronavirus pandemic

Krugman: The Deadly Delusions of Mad King Donald

Tammy Duckworth: Tucker Carlson Doesn't Know What Patriotism Is (NYT)

Mmmm, cake...

Mary Trump's book: A revelation that triggered Rick Wilson

White House sidelining medical experts for 'too much focus on public health': AP reporter

If only right wingers had a quicker learning curve

Trump says he'll wear mask during upcoming trip to Walter Reed

Democrats in Congress should look into pressuring Angela Merkel and German regulators...

"Hamilton" Fans - Must See

Could an employer who is a Jehovah's Witness refuse to pay for

What do you call that stuff that's like hardware cloth but doesn't...

About De Santis comparing a school opening to an opening of Home Depot:

Ready for the Back to School Sale on ventilators?

McConnell Casts Doubt on GOP Convention: Campaign Update

He must go

OMG, someone did Act 1 of Hamilton, as the Muppets

Will Trump create a military confrontation before the Election?

More Jon Meachen please!

People who like tracking Air Force One will be interested in knowing that

Palate-cleansing Biden tweets

Half of Oklahoma is Native American Land

By Election Day?

So Tom Brady got 350,000 to 1,000,000

Revisiting question about wire mesh (hardware cloth).

Breaking - Bolivian president has COVID-19 as virus hits region's elite

Guardian: 'Cancel culture' doesn't stifle debate, but it does challenge the old order

" Here, we're in a war zone that people refuse to accept."

Krugman: The Deadly Delusions of Mad King Donald

They put up with all of it, cause

White House Advisers Sick of Trump's 'Woe Is Me' Attitude to Crisis, Says Report

Can we talk about how much "The Babylon Bee" sucks?

Cancel culture. Dumb labeling.

A tweet for the ages? Not!

TAKEI: "The virus is accelerating. Even someone with 1/100th of a brain should see that."

@WHO, in a CHANGE from previous thinking, suggests coronavirus can spread through the AIR!!...

How cheap is cheap for a supposed billionaire?

'Wildly inappropriate': VOA purge continues as foreign journalists' visas cancelled

Mike Pence hoped being Trump's worshipful manservant would protect him from the president's collapse

Trump suggests Obama and Biden, but not Roger Stone, should be facing prison terms

New VoteVets Ad: #TwoWeeksOfSilence #TraitorTrump

West Point no stranger to racism

Cootie Williams was born on this date-

Who had "Tropical Storm Hits the Northeast" for July?

Vice Presidential Choice wishes

American exceptionalism

What are the risks of #Covid19's aerosol transmission? Professor Lidia Morawska @QUT explains. More

It is much better to have a governor lock down their state, instead of the virus doing it for them.

Pic Of The Moment: Trump Boasted About His Recent Cognitive Exam, And I Have Some Questions

Milt Buckner was born on this date-

Is the Congress in session?

Mavis Staples has a birthday today.

My view on the Lincoln Project

How to see comet NEOWISE (

Merkel VS Trump in the Covid arena

Anthony Fauci: 'We are living in the perfect storm' (new interview 👀)

James raises $6.4M, Peters $5.2M in Michigan's Senate race

Oakland: Mcdonalds Linked To 25 Covid Cases Is Ordered To Do More To Protect Workers, Public

Russia's Return to the Middle East (THE FOREIGN SERVICE JOURNAL)

Texas border county had 'model' Covid-19 response - then the governor stepped in

An outdoor rally in Jacksonville? It rains 15 days a month there, in August, on average,

I would like to nominate Arizona

You raised $4,307.00 on July 9, 2020 to elect Joe Biden POTUS with our DU ActBlue link

Joe Biden campaign ad: "4 Hours"

Severe brain damage possible even with mild coronavirus symptoms

what happened after Goya CEO visited WH and lavished praise on Trump

Jacksonville Choice Sums Up Trump's Pandemic Policy

White House liaison to Hill out amid allegations of contacts with lobbyists

It's Deja Vu All Over Again......

This would never have happened without the BLM protests across the globe

I was putting dishes in the dishwasher this morning and realized I was shaking.

One more reason to despise vapid, dishonest Kayleigh McEnany

Florida adds 11,433 cases of COVID-19, just shy of single-day high (Fri)

Change is in the air. My personal observation.

Latest ad from Biden, posted on Twitter:

So are we going to see ICE Raids on European students if they don't leave ?

Comet NEOWISE Could Be Spectacular: Here's How to See It

Governor Cuomo Pandemic Update July 8 2020

People who understand

Album released on this date in 1964

Mask or no mask today?

Video: Blagojevich Gives Fmr. Rep. Scott "Petitiongate" Taylor (R) Advice on Getting Through Prison

Just realized I'm not on call until tomorrow. So: party in the Lounge to-NIGHT!

Trump says Fauci 'made a lot of mistakes'

China bans imports of shrimp from Ecuador after virus detected on packaging

Governor Polis calls for 'coordinated national response' to coronavirus as state sees 'slippage'

Florida man, sons sold fake coronavirus cure, feds say

Friday Mood

All I do is kiss you through the bars of a rhyme

So, which potential Mississippi Flag do you guys like best?

SiriusXM Listeners: Dr. Fauci is the guest on "Doctor Radio Reports: Coronavirus" today


Great ad about trump's attempt to take down a free press

Russia is backing a viral video company (Ruptly) aimed at American millennials

Poor Deplorable Troll - Randy Rainbow - 3min, 55secs.

July 10, 2015:

A third of Covid-19 tests are positive in one Florida county as the US breaks another case record

4221 new cases today (Fri.) on the AZ dashboard. 44 new deaths.

Veteran Affairs: 27,292 COVID-19 cases, 1,757 deaths.

Hole in wall allows more than 20 snakes to enter Aurora woman's apartment

Nearly half of Florida's ICUs are at least 90% full

Or as I like to call it, gaslighting away democracy

Any news on a second stimulus check?

Arguing with a cat

New York Court Approves Investigation Into $10 Billion Crypto Created By Pres Candidate Brock Pierce

Where can one find the old Primaries Forum?

Actual mail voter fraud committed by ..... (surprise!!!) ... a Republican.

More from the Lincoln Project town hall, re targeting trump enablers

One of the first things that need to be done

A view from the Dark Side: Official Trump MAGA Rally Prep Survey

Trump comes face to face with one of his greatest fears

Adon Olam a la Hamilton

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 7/10/20

Fauci last saw Racist45 on June 2, hasn't briefed him in 2 months

Trump is blaming Fauci now, says he 'made a lot of mistakes'

Ball pit kitties:

Hey Texas do you really think this person should be in the US Senate................

"The Consensual Hallucination Phase" Of The Pandemic

On this date (July 10) in major league baseball


trump complains in private about the pandemic

Dictator trump going after colleges and universities

So much freedom of speech

Trump Threatens to Turn Pandemic Schooling Into a Culture War

Ian Bremmer from the Eurasia Group, on Bloomberg believes unless the election results are a blowout

Vitamin chart

The incredible shrinking Trump child is about to be exposed as a grifter, not a billionaire.

Biden attacks Trump on COVID-19, Florida as president heads to state

Jay Bookman gets it right again..

Friday cuteness pix - Snuggle arms

Aww, BigBaby has postponed tomorrow's NH rally

Proof: Trump is a cognitive super genius!

Flynn news: DC Circuit US Court of Appeals has stayed decision to dismiss Flynn criminal case

Conservatives have a 'cancel culture' of their own

Roma tomatoes?

Trump postpones New Hampshire rally due to weather

It's becoming more and more personal

I'm sure everyone here remembers this, Obama 2009

Turkish court clears path for Hagia Sophia museum to become a mosque again

In honor of the 3 raccoons we have trapped the past three nights.....

The Sun-Times photo archive was thought to have been lost, until an executive from ...

TCM Schedule for Friday, July 10, 2020 -- TCM Special Theme: Directed by John Ford

"The Democratic party needs an enema"

Russell Travers was in charge of protecting Americans from terrorists. Trump fired him

The U.S. Roman Catholic Church received at least $1.4 billion in taxpayer-backed coronavirus aid.

Coming up: CNN will talk about Chump's cognitive test and why he took it.

Flood-weary Venice puts 'Moses' inflatable barriers to test

Awesome, Badass Women Heroes! Instyle Article honoring them...

Trump Says Roger Stone's Prayer For A Pardon 'May Be Answered'

Republican led Florida continues winning

Now that's the way to do it

Trump claims he 'aced' cognitive test but offers no proof

It's Friday, will Trump pardon Stone late tonight.

Judge asks appeals court to revive Michael Flynn case, permit review of DOJ dismissal

Coronavirus Is the Real Swing Voter

Surge of cases in Tokyo, attributed to nightclubs.

Trump comes face to face with one of his greatest fears

Governor of NM imposes new restrictions including no indoor dining or fall sports and more.

Retirement question

Quiz: What questions do you think trump could 'ace' in a cognition test?

By definition, Trump is committing genocide.

Sarah Cooper: How to cognitive

Something gross, I think.

COVID-19, The Villages, FL, pro trump town finding out

Hagia Sophia becomes mosque again amid concerns

The point isn't that the cognitive test is easy. The point is that Trump keeps bragging about it.

This goes into effect Monday...wish us luck!

Goya faces calls for boycott after CEO praises Trump

Your Boss Can Now Search Your Car

Fauci is not the one making mistakes!

Answer the question!

Blistering Vote Vets Ad.

Two families one logical choice.

Report Shows White House Ordered Changes to Public Record on Hurricane Dorian to Appease Trump

New ABC Poll -- The COVID-19 Recession Is All On Trump

(Seattle) After CHOP, no armed police officers allowed inside Molly Moon's ice cream shop

Had a crew come into the house to deliver and install a new dishwasher and take the old one away...

Breonna Taylor: New audio brings detail to conflicting accounts of the killing

Stay out of elevators if you can

Dr. Scott Gottlieb estimates as many as 1 in 150 people in U.S. are infected with coronavirus

TikTok Teens Are 'Going to War' Against the Trump Campaign After Republicans Call to Ban the App

Born, on this day, July 10, 1856: Nikola Tesla

Is this a violation of the Hatch Act?

Whitmer toughens Michigan requirement to wear masks with new executive order: What it says

Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R) of Texas is Scum.

to cheer you up. A throw back of John Oliver's Marlon Bundo book with proceeds going to Trevor pgt

Trump says U.S. Treasury to examine schools' tax status, funding

Netflix recommendation: The old Guard with Charlize Theron.

Tennessee Republican says he hasn't 'really studied' whether the Civil War was about slavery

California waitress who kicked out CEO during racist tirade receives over $78G in tips

REUTERS: W.H.O.'s Ryan Says Pneumonia in Kazakhstan 'On Our Radar'

Born, on this day, July 10, 1856: Nikola Tesla

13 states now report coronavirus testing issues, in echo of early troubles

White House releases photo of person responsible for America's problems

First time in 60 years I felt true hatred last night,

Trump cancelled the NH event

Goya CEO said he was "not apologizing" for praising President Trump at the White House.

What a good guy does - The girl's joy is precious

Yet again. A White woman calls the police on a Black man in car outside his own house.

Millions in aid from small business relief fund went to "hate groups"

Phoenix mayor: "local community has requested refrig trucks because it has no more morgue space"

The Meidas Touch - Donald Trump is a Supreme Loser

hikers gotta hike...

When a DUer needs a little help, the DU answers the call

This is why they want to silence Sen Tammy Duckworth

Progressives Need To Start Cheating

Just called my credit union about my escrow statement...

Long-Planned and Bigger Than Thought: Strike on Iran's Nuclear Program

Attention-seeking cat won't stop lying in road with eyes closed pretending to be dead

Frightening..Huge storm moving towards the Northeast.

Letters of support for candidates.

Steak-umm is back.

Good video on Canada closing its border to U.S.

United Furloughing Pittsburgh International Airport Workers


Interesting idea for portraits.

Canceling New Hamsphire's rally?


Rain Stops Virus Spread

Tick Disease With Coronavirus-Like Symptoms Is On The Rise In Michigan

Future zombie movies

Sarah Cooper wins the internet again: "How to Cognitive."

Tick Disease With Coronavirus-Like Symptoms Is On The Rise In Michigan

Turns out the main reason Cohen was sent back to jail was...

I worked at the State Department -- there's no way Trump didn't know about the Russian bounties

Ghislaine Maxwell's attorney says they were in contact w/ federal prosecutors since Epstein's arrest

Slip Slidin' Away

CT Reports 0 COVID Deaths Yesterday For 2nd Time This Week

On Shooting the Moon.

Trump Won, Mission Accomplished

Has anyone seen the terms of Michael Cohen's "furlough"? It is my understanding that they did not

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey pledges $3M to guaranteed income programs

7 brainy reasons why crows and ravens are the smartest birds in the world

My new t-shirt

Lol... Padma Lakshmi: Whenever anyone says "own the libs" I just hear the sound of raisins...

The Arctic Ocean is blooming with algae as the ice sheet melts

We were asked by UTW/AFT to share our thoughts on schools opening. READ MY REPLY

Found a page from trump's Cognitive Test

Former football player, Marine catches toddler dropped from burning building: 'I just did my best'

Ronald Reagan Wasn't the Good Guy President Anti-Trump Republicans Want You to Believe In

Fossil Friday: huge, ancient dolphin was the first echolocating apex predator

Those right-wingers who praised Sweden's response to COVID-19 are looking pretty stupid now

Schools/Society. A MUST READ PLEASE

Amateur astronomer finds and christens Clyde's Spot -- a new storm on Jupiter

My Three Lost Dogs. (Still lost)

Highly recommended online radio station, or feed, or whatever the kids are callling it.

Indiana GOP ousts attorney general after groping allegations

Astronomers discover South Pole Wall, a gigantic structure stretching 1.4 billion light-years across

Mail in Voting - Sen. Mark Warner

Brrr! Seattle shivers through coldest start to July in 15 years

Why are scientists trying to manufacture organs in space?

Indiana GOP ousts attorney general after groping allegations

Well composed and scary photo. This photographer is amazing

Blues Singer Lady A: 'I Should Not Have to Bend to Band's Will Because They've Got Money'

I Got a Sneak Peek of Walt Disney World Before They Re-Open in the COVID-19 Era

Covid news:

Navy now plans to send 3 more ships to Everett

She teaches the traditional language of Coast Salish tribes

Trump tweet threatens tax-exempt status of schools, colleges

Virginia Dept. of Health releases contact tracing data

Medical group cited by Trump denounces school funding threat

Cartoons 7/10/2020

Why did John Roberts agree to take this New York case in the first place?

MASK? I can't wear a MASK!

Inslee blasts Trump in fiery press conference

Lawyers for Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein's Alleged Accomplice, Came Up with 8 Reasons She Shou

'How Covid-19 Will Change Air Travel As We Know It': BBC News

A stray thought on the Presidential debates ...

Did anyone else here hear that

Trump's Reckless Push To Reopen Schools Is An Admission Of Failure

A few more PPP recipients- Kayleigh's parents and three law firms working to restrict mail-in voting

Two arrested after coughing on Walmart employees, refusing to wear masks, AZ cops say

News Delta CEO weighs in on the post-pandemic future of airlines

E. Jean Carroll's attorney is back in court thanks to recent supreme court ruling

This aviator just became the US Navy's first Black female fighter pilot

Trump's Remarks Before Marine One Departure; July 10, 2020

Federal Officials Reportedly Worried Epstein Associate Ghislaine Maxwell May Attempt to Kill Herself

Nevada Orders Bars to Close Again as Coronavirus Cases Surge

Texas bishop criticizes Planned Parenthood for anti-Mexican ethnic slur against Dem. state senator

Why do people have to go to bars during a pandemic?

Bunch of interesting statistical maps on this web site, but this one....

Tucker Carlson Praises 'Brave' Couple Who Painted Over BLM Mural

Moar Epic Shade cast upon The Groping BLOTUS by our man Ted...

Ohio sheriff refuses to enforce governor's mask order: 'I'm not going to be the mask police'

GOP State Lawmaker: 'I Want To See More People' Get Coronavirus

One lucky winner: George W. Bush

TEB's Golden Retriever Puppy

Phoenix is running out of morgue space and they're looking into refrigerated trucks to hold bodies

Conspiracy Theories

Fed Judge has ordered attorneys for Trump and Manhattan D.A. Cy Vance to inform the court by Wed

My great-grandfather carved Mount Rushmore on sacred land. Now is the time to remove it.

Trump is doing ever thing he can to lose all fifty states this November.

Trump mocked for postponing his New Hampshire rally over "weather"

Trump, not his doctor, wrote glowing 2015 letter on his health, physician now says

UK plan to shun EU vaccine scheme 'unforgivable', say critics

NYT: "interest in the rally was significantly lower..."

Botswana gets first test results on elephant deaths

CA Unemployment - hung up on the extension

Facebook Mulls Political Ad Blackout

Chris Hayes Names 'Canary In Coal Mine' That Foretold Trump's Callous Pandemic Response

Georgia activists seek to remove 'Stone Mountain', the 'granddaddy of Confederate monuments'

Into the Woods with Green Thumbed Activist, Indy Srinath

Trump Threatens Tax Exempt Status of Colleges

Weaponized White Woman Tears

3 LAPD officers charged with falsifying records to claim people were gang members, associates

Notre Dame: Cathedral's spire will be restored to 19th Century design.

Hard Road To Travel

If Anti-Maskers Were On The Titanic:

Creamsicle 2020

Cats reacting to durian fruit

How Staff Keeps Trump Happy During the Pandemic

Massive heat dome forecast to swell over much of Lower 48 within a week.

Update on the garden...

Excessive heat for 80 million of us for the next week.

A Positive Mask Moment Today

If these are the polls he's using, no wonder Trump thinks 2020 is going well

Coin shortage?

Trump HHS Official accuses CDC of acting like "Trump cannot fix this and it is getting worse."

Gun fired during argument near Trump appearance in Doral

Touting criticized study, White House presses FDA to authorize hydroxychloroquine -- again

OK, I screwed up. What the heck is Microsoft Edge?

4 kids and it is your actions that will leave them without their mom while you serve jail time.

July 16 Hearing Set in N.Y. Trump Tax Case After Supreme Court Ruling

The IRS just called me from Ontario to say I'm risking jail and suspension of my social security.

FOX claiming that Trump will commute Roger Stone's sentence, perhaps this evening...

What's for Dinner, Fri., July 10, 2020

'COVID-19 Is Helping To Make The Case For Universal Basic Income, UBI'

DU lawyers. What does this news from NY mean?:

Tweet on Russia:

Trump Claims Democrats Are The Source Of Hate In America

'You get made fun of': Trump campaign office shuns masks, social distancing

Clarence Thomas' Wife Melts Down Over Black Lives Matter Banner

Adam Schiff Says Even Trump Knows That We Will Prevail (On the tax issues)

July 16 Hearing Set in N.Y. Trump Tax Case After Supreme Court Ruling

A plasma shot could prevent coronavirus. But feds and makers won't act, scientists say

New York records more than 400,000 coronavirus cases since pandemic began

In Trump universe....

I see the internets is working double on creating the next Pizzagate.

Joe Biden Credits Elizabeth Warren With Helping Craft His New Economic Plan

Sweden Is A Cautionary COVID-19 Tale

WP, 13 Times & Dates, Trump said, "It will go away"

Trump continues to ignore pandemic during trip to hotspot of Florida

07/12 Mike Luckovich: Pest uncontrol

Four years ago we used to be the envy of the world

Shelter-in-Place Orders Prevented Up to 370,000 Coronavirus Deaths, Study Says

Trump says he's 'looking at' pardoning Roger Stone ahead of prison term

Dr. Fauci: My 'Speaking the Truth at All Times' on Coronavirus May Be Why I 'Haven't Been on Televis

Republican Rik Mehta will face Sen. Cory Booker in November

Do you support Universal Basic Income?

Jeff Tiedrich.......FTW!

YES, kids need school. BUT . . . a teacher shares some hard truths about school reopening.

Police Sergeant Allegedly Kidnapped Patio Contractor in Order to Extort a Refund

Fauci guesses where Trump got that nonsensical covid "99% harmless" number:

Dr. Anthony Fauci says he hasn't briefed Trump in at least two months, despite pandemic resurgence

Do you think think there will be riots in trumpland when they cancel NCAA Football & NFL?

Trump says Biden has been 'brainwashed': 'He's been taken over by the radical left'

Miami-Dade mayor demands masks in public. But not for Trump

Navy SEAL McRaven says America's biggest national security issue is the K-12 education system

Segregated diversity training session at Seattle City Hall stirs controversy

A Confederate monument was toppled in Seattle. Why was it even there?

Paid on-street parking to resume July 13 in Seattle

Ann Coulter endorses Amy McGrath for senate.

Um, so stone is admitting if he gets a commutation it's for keeping his mouth shut about trump

He only cares about one thing.

How many people in the USA will be able to stop taking anxiety/depression meds when Biden is sworn i

Even the umbrella hates him.

High irony in this WH tweet

Ormie Wants a Cookie!

Isn't it interesting

Best guesses on Trump strategy re: Vance?

📽️ NEW Video: Saudi Trump (twitter)

Has anyone watched "Alt-Right: Age of Rage" on Netflix?

They just shutdown Orange County, CA

Are we really going to make school children canaries in the Covid coal mine????

Normally not eligible for taxpayer-backed SBA funds, churches reap billions of dollars from PPP

"Who are you and what have you done with Ann".

Massive heat dome forecast to swell over much of Lower 48 within a week

How to Cognitive

The "Big Lie" propaganda technique

Breaking News: Amazon backtracked from its demand that employees delete TikTok from their phones, s

Been thinking a lot about this song today:

TX-24: Valenzuela takes lead heading into Tuesday's runoff.

Judge extends temporary restraining order against Mary Trump

Trump has narrowed his options as to how to handle the "Stone situation" down to these three:

It's 2022. What Does Life Look Like? (NYT Oped)

passing of the spirit

Isn't it interesting

Elissa Slotkin Is Sounding the Alarm. Will Democrats Listen?

Protesters confront Mayor Fischer at a west Louisville ribbon-cutting, surround his car

COVID-19 has started a war against we

Hey, another record for daily new cases in the United States

Desantis should have the dignity and resign right now after this disclosure

Christian groups oppose ICE rule on international students

"I aced the test."

Looking at N Carolina on worldometers today

An insider's look at Tulsa

Justice Department plans to appeal ruling halting execution

Trump says he will be signing an executive order soon and says there will be a road to citizenship

Maricopa County Medical Examiner at 96% capacity; refrigerator trucks ordered

I am ashamed of myself

Another Friday night news dump at DOJ.

Trump economic adviser says returning to school amid pandemic is 'not that hard'

Tulsa/virus--about 50% now mask in public, council votes on mandatory masks on Wed

The deadliest shark in the waters that no one dares talk about.

Statues, schools, immigration... Trump frantically searching for a topic that will bring him back.

cop draws gun on doctor on the parking lot of building he owns

Facebook considers political-ad blackout ahead of U.S. election

Colombia's television news: pimping journalism with elegant propaganda

Folha and the Dictatorship's Remains

Sailing to Philedelphia to draw the line, The Mason Dixon line. (With James Taylor)

A Little Bit of Kindness - Share

Dismal polling stalls Trump's comeback efforts

Tucker Carlson lost a white supremacist writer

Do I Really Need To Wear A Mask Outdoors? Here's The Science

The coronavirus pandemic has exposed what the GOP's anti-tax rhetoric is really all about

It's unbelievable, Trump, Republican governors cannot understand why people won't ignore this.

No, Wayfair's Industrial Storage Units Do Not Come With Bonus Mole Children

Friday night Ukulele: "Stairway to Heaven/ Fur Elise" - Taimane

Biden tweets: This is what "America First" looks like under President Trump (vid too)

They want to die. Trumpers that is.

Trump has commuted Roger Stone's sentence.

Brazil's Bolsonaro Appoints Evangelical Pastor as New Education Minister

Tribal lands ruling: 'Total chaos' for oil?

France: Bus driver dies after 'attack over face masks' in Bayonne

I was arrested, jailed and assaulted by a guard. My 'crime'? Being a journalist in Trump's America

US Senate seats that Democrats will win in 2020 in order to regain control of the US Senate in 2020.

Georgia governor reopens coronavirus field hospital at Atlanta convention center

California to release up to 8,000 prisoners to curb spread of coronavirus

Over 800 new cases today in Iowa

Veterans report on Tulsa rally; click link in thread below

Trump administration to impose tariffs on French products over digital tax

Scores of Minneapolis officers seek disability for PTSD in wake of protests

U.S. Cases Rise 1.9%; California Deaths Up Again: Virus Update

Trump's new excuse on not releasing his taxes is 'completely meaningless' and may not even be in Eng

Scientists discover 115-million-year-old fossil of new dinosaur species in Brazil

OK, MSNBC just confirmed it. Roger Stone's sentence commuted.

Scientists discover 115-million-year-old fossil of new dinosaur species in Brazil

tRump commutes, not pardon, Stone's sentence.

Trump commutes sentence of longtime adviser Roger Stone

On watching Ironman

Trump undercuts health experts -- again -- in schools debate