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Archives: July 13, 2020

Let's compare, shall we.

DeSantis brags coronavirus outbreak "hasn't happened." 15,299 disagree.

Mother Pence, is that you?

Trump puts on a mask and the media cheers him like a child who wiped his own ass for the first time

Woman Finds Tiniest Pink Mouse In A Parking Lot

Bollywood Superstar Aishwarya Rai Bachchan And Daughter Test Positive For Covid-19 In Quarantine

Freefalling Trump Campaign Reduced To Threatening Donors

Trump better not fire Fauci. WH says several WH officials are concerned

Pittie Has A Very Weird Alter Ego

Hoshi no Mienai Yoru -- Aqua Timez

Why Has Vietnam had zero Corona virus deaths?

NYC: zero covid deaths for first time since March11

White House seeks to discredit Fauci as coronavirus surges

Trump should be wearing a different type of mask for everyone's safety.

Guy Builds Tiny Restaurant For Neighborhood Wildlife

At the main page of CNN a picture of hundreds of very stupid Northwest Michigan

Costco Bans Employees From Wearing Masks That Say Black Lives Matter, Because It Is 'Political'

US Senate Election Rating for seats Democrats will win in 2020 to get back in the majority.

A Latino family lost a father to COVID-19. The obituary blamed the 'carelessness of politicians.'

Smart Capybara Family Figures Out How To Use The Crosswalk

Fire, explosion on USS Bonhomme Richard sends 21 people to hospitals, fills San Diego skies with dar

Trump threatens 'automatic 10 years in prison' for anyone harming statues: 'If they even try'

So I'm Looking At My Phone With The TV Playing In The Background...

Have y'all seen this? Biden's whipping Trump in TEXAS!!!!

Federal troops sent by Trump to intervene in Portland law enforcement fired on protester

These dogs kept telling their parents there was someone inside this shed

Attorneys for Breonna Taylor's family allege that police targeted her residence as part of a Louisvi

The old ugly American stereotype has morphed into something new

This guy is great. WATCH it Phone call to "Betsy Devos"

In Alabama's GOP primary run-off between Sessions and Tuberville, we can be certain that

Trump wanting to sell Puerto Rico

Trump is toast. No SEC football this year?

Photo Op

Guess this song

Miami football 1986 most hated college football team of all-time

11 GOP congressional nominees support QAnon conspiracy

Explain this to me.

Some Happy News for Today

New Orleans City Council President Jason Williams pleads not guilty to tax fraud charges

Three Texas House runoffs give warring GOP factions chance to settle up before November

Canadian province of Ontario to announce Stage 3 reopening details Monday

MDC Energy Goes Bankrupt, $40 Million To Clean Up Its Wells, CEO Gets $8.5 Million Payout

Cue Jaws theme

Almost 600K vote in Hong Kong pro-democracy primaries in protest against new security law

Annotated timeline of new COVID-19 cases and White House response.

Florida shatters record for new Covid-19 cases from any state

Leading Homeland Security Under a President Who Embraces 'Hate-Filled' Talk

Biden leads Trump in Florida, tied in Arizona and Texas: poll

How they finally convinced trump to wear a mask

We are in for a very rough six months, folks.

Favor: Photo poster sought for aisle LBN:

37-year-old Trump supporter dies from coronavirus after claiming it was just hype

Jill Wine-Banks does the math

The School Discussion Should Be How To "Reopen" In a COVID-19 World

Duda declares victory in Poland's presidential race but rival says too close to call

These kitties totally didn't want to nap here anyway.

Hedge fund Chatham Asset Management said it plans to buy McClatchy, publisher of the Miami Herald

Lisa Marie Presley's Son, Benjamin Keough, Dies at 27

Trump's caddie had to cling to the back of his golf cart, not ride inside, today

If You Weren't Afraid to Send Your Kids Back to School, DeVos' Interview Might Change That

Robinhood & Hertz: The Troubling Saga Of A Bankrupt Stock

The Lincoln Project needs to target those white suburban moms who voted for Trump...

Long delays in getting test results hobble coronavirus response

Trump Organization planning 'high-end' retirement community -- with 225 properties -- on foreign soil

F**k Your Feelings! Trump 2020!

STD 2020 - Stop The Donald

Texas is a swing state in 2020, new polls reveal

New York City Reaches Milestone With No Reported Virus Deaths

'It was only done to make me look bad': Trump denounces border wall section funded by supporters

Kana Chan TV: I'm The WWE RAW champion, so give myself an "Arcade1Up"!!!

270towin has a very fun election simulator.

Face shield, goggles etc. Video ..Protect You Eyes

What event might crack the Chump base?

Top Experts: DOJ's Bureau of Prison Blocking Michael Cohen Book about Trump Violates First Amendment

watching the new remake of "Midway" on HBO

Did you know that Mary Trump's brother has a disabled son?

"STAY HOME !! It's not safe." - (pandemic humor mocking Disney)

Oklahoma reports first pediatric covid death

Meadows trying to root out suspected White House leakers by feeding them info

And so it begins....Thanks Dr. Fauci

What Trump's mask can't hide (Opinion)

Chris Wallace RIPS DeVos for trying to illegally cut off funding to schools that don't re-open

Trump is the anti-Lincoln

Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards mandates masks, closes bars as COVID surges

A 13-Year-Old Will Be Tried As An Adult For Shooting And Killing His Brother While Playing

1 in 5 U.S. small firms plan layoffs after using PPP loan

'Star Trek: Lower Decks' Trailer Takes Trek into the World of Animated Comedy

New law shields Louisiana schools from COVID lawsuits from students, parents, teachers

Slow testing turnaround times: "It makes contact tracing almost useless."

New Zealand lifts all #Covid restrictions, declaring the nation virus-free

Righties believe by wearing a mask Trump has moved ahead of Biden

Don Winslow serves notice on Lindsey Graham: The truth is coming.

Can you please wear a mask? FFWD - Oh, Your Sick. Now you want a mask?

If you believe

The fat line of coke

Democrats Stand Tall: New anti-Trump ad from Don Winslow

Lyin' Barbie Collection

School reopening....

Cover of latest issue of Golf Magazine:

Great videp

World Mental Health Coalition Calls for Invocation of 25th Amendment as well as

1275 people diagnosed in my county today. Lee County FL

Family synchronicity

'Bitch, You Should Get Raped': Pro-Police Demonstrators Hurl Racist Slurs...

In October as schools all over are shut down again

Washington plans to announce retirement of 'Redskins' franchise name

Tweet of the Day

BREAKING: Washington Redskins will announce new name tomorrow...

$10MILLION invested in Latino GOTV Efforts

Powerful commentary by a successful AA attorney.

Redskins to retire team name Monday; new name to be revealed later

They had their chance.

Baby deer rescue

This is absolutely fucking chilling

Libbey Glass plans to shutter Shreveport facility

What fun - hunting tomato hornworms at night with a UV flashlight!

Here is why teachers are scared

The totally ironic part of all of this - the 130K plus lives lost so far, the lives that will be

As coronavirus deaths surged in Louisiana, more people died of other things, too, studies say

*The Lady in the Van (MAGGIE SMITH))

Former Klan Leader Wants Trump To Replace Pence With Tucker Carlson

Black Lives Matter Protest outside of Parkland HS. - Assholes hold Blue lives matter counter protest

County Commissioner District 7

Indian Reservation

The Last 4 Republican Presidents Have Been A Disaster - Notice?

Trump doesn't even MENTION the 298 people murdered...

(Jewish Group) Aaron Keyak, longtime Jewish political organizer, to head Biden's Jewish outreach

For laughs Michael Harriot twitter post *Warning Twitter heavy post*

(Jewish Group) St. Louis couple who aimed guns at BLM protesters had run-ins with a synagogue

Tammy Duckworth bursts into VP contention

Bad faith and bad taste in one Louisiana lawmaker's Nazi jibe against masks

(Minnesota) Daily new Covid cases approaching the late May peak (7 day moving average)

Would Trump Have Handled This Pandemic Differently If This Happened The 2nd Yr Of His Admin?....

Another day, Another Karen, Another racist gets fired

U.S. Testing Czar: Fauci Doesn't 'Have The Whole National Interest In Mind'

Poll: Texas Democrats hold smal lead for State House.

Why they really hate Fauci

Democratic Voter Protection values

Since you are all focused on the mask..

Dan Rather on trump failing to address nation.

Trump reports self invented approval numbers followed by "Thank you!"

Bridge City Sinners - "Song of the Siren" // Live Video Session

2020 Vision

Kelly Preston Dies of Breast Cancer at 57: 'She Was a Bright, Beautiful and Loving Soul'

Kelly Preston, Actress and Wife of John Travolta dead at 57 from two year battle with breast cancer

Holding on for Dear Life - Paul Kelly

Joe Biden wins Democratic primary in Puerto Rico

Joe Biden wins Democratic primary in Puerto Rico

Bernie: "Policy task force will make Biden most progressive president since FDR"

Some late night rock and roll!

Che Guevara's birth home is up for sale in Argentina

DeVos asked if she has a plan to reopen schools. See her response

Benjamin Keough, grandson of Elvis Presley, dies at 27

"Jeremy Corbyn was driving the Labour Party into a brick wall."

A Simple Plan

Incumbent Andrzej Duda wins Polish presidential election - commission

Duda declares victory in Poland's presidential race but rival says too close to call

Siouxsie and the Banshees - Kiss Them For Me

Largest cities in Colombia reverse reopening as coronavirus threatens to collapse healthcare

Pill-Popping Bolsonaro Sows Covid Chaos at Brazil's Hospitals

Petition to UN on Afro-Bolivian Union Leader Elena Flores

Breakfast Monday 13 July 2020

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Ancient Aqueduct, Thousands of Hellenistic Artifacts Uncovered in Pireaus

"Do Children Spread Coronavirus? What Doctors & Others Say About Going Back To School"

Has Kanye gone silent? Was it just a ploy? Checked Ballotpedia and he's not showing up.

The Baltic Finns were Vikings too, but the world ignores it

This says everything anyone needs to know about the awfulness of President Death

Sam Wang's Moneyball States

Man completes 1,000-mile trek from Alabama to Minnesota for racial equality

Oregon leaders react to federal officers in downtown Portland

Kelly Preston Dies of Breast Cancer at 57:

Hundreds of people gathered at a lake. Now some have Covid-19

Basic Graph

It's only cancel culture if it originates in the Cancelle region of France. Otherwise, it's ...

Weather Report - Birdland - Live in Offenbach - HQ

DC NFL franchise to announce intention to change their name today

My Libertarian brother in South Carolina and Coronavirus

Waiting for Waits

Biden's latest tweets

Leon Thomas - Song For My Father

Social distancing dog in action

Let's form a movement coalition & Declare a MORATORIUM NOW ! On School Attendance

Dorothy Ashby - Little Sunflower

The Blackbyrds - Walking In Rhythm

35 Years Ago Today; Live Aid from London's Wembley Stadium and Philly's JFK Stadium

Donald Byrd - You & Music

Chicken-Fried News: Police "posse"

Grover Washington Jr. - Loran's Dance

The meaning of "inept"?

Rest In Peace Kelly Preston.

Roy Ayers - Everybody Loves The Sunshine

My patient caught Covid-19 twice. So long to herd immunity hopes.

CDC Employees Call Out Agency's 'Toxic Culture Of Racial Aggression'

Excess deaths (to April 11)

COVID19 meets the antivaccine movement

Miles Davis - Tutu (That's What Happened - Live In Germany 1987)

Trump's Shocking Inaction on Russia Neglecting aggression by Vladimir Putin inevitably invites more

Monday TOONs - Olden Golden Rule Days...

Trump wants to destroy Scotland too

Eddie Jefferson - So What

Next up on "It's 2020, So Why Not?" Nunchuck-wielding bears...

Hundreds of people celebrated the July 4 weekend at a Michigan lake. Now some have Covid-19

Deodato - Also Sprach Zarathustra

The Orange Anus makes his caddy hang on to the back of the cart

A century after a race massacre, Tulsa finally digs for suspected mass graves (begins today)

Ban on exportation of silencers, meant to protect our troops, is lifted by il drumpf

What do Sir Patrick Stewart, Harrison Ford, Cheech Marin and Julius Caesar have in common?

Trump Reportedly "Selling Puerto Rico"

I don't even know what to say about this stupid drumpf tweet

Last night I dreamt that I had corona virus...

Trump is now warning TV networks that a Biden presidency would be boring and bad for their ratings.

FLASHBACK: Al Franken Questions Betsy DeVos on Proficiency vs Growth

Fun with anagrams (DeSantis)

The New York Times paid someone to just completely go to town on themselves and I respect that.

Texas runoff elections tomorrow, July 14, 2020

NO! Brazil's VP Notes That Country's Efforts To Fight Deforestation In 2020 Started Too Late

Drumpf wants police to do what, exactly?

Study: Arctic Ocean Pushed By Lower-Latitude Changes To Become A Very Different Ocean

Ted Cruz on a commercial flight, refusing to wear a mask.

No, you didn't...

Democrats Stand Tall

WELL, THAT DIDN'T WORK: a brief history of 2020

WI: Positive coronavirus test rate jumps past 10 percent, active cases highest yet..LINK.....

DeSantis calls on FEMA to help relieve Florida's nurse shortage

NEW: Houston public health system CEO says coronavirus situation is "dire"

Richmond, Va., Photographer Watches Familiar Anger Resurface In Recent Protests

The history and future of Confederate monuments

As the oil and gas industry faces financial turmoil, executives are receiving big payouts first.

Why is Peter Navarro bad-mouthing Dr. Fauci?

The question that should be asked of all televangelist supporting evangelicals

Morning Roundup: Six People Were Fatally Shot In D.C. Over The Weekend

Epic Charter Schools founders now claim millions in question by State Auditor are "earned" by their

Trump vs. the Women Who Lead Michigan: A Battle With 2020 Implications

New Postmaster General (big Trump donor) actively working to destroy USPS

'He's in trouble here': can Trump win this critical swing state again?

Coronavirus Economy: Are Big Banks On The Verge Of Financial Crisis? (audio link)

Trump tweets message attacking CDC, doctors as 'lying' He provided no evidence.

Over the cliff -by Tom Tomorrow

"The Long Dumb Road". An offbeat, fun, road trip movie!

OEA president slams DeVos over threat to withhold funding from schools

'This is a war': the coronavirus disaster in California's hardest-hit - and poorest - county


Trump Tweets Claim That CDC, Media, Democrats and Doctors Are All 'Lying' About Coronavirus

Mr. Trump, Mr. Pence, Ms Devoss, and esteemed

John Bolton's "The Room Where It Happened" - What I learned...

My List of Recent Heroes begins with Dr, Fauci. Who else and why?

Cartoon: Sewage And Stones By Clay Jones -July 13, 2020 9:00 AM

AP Source: Washington NFL team dropping 'Redskins' name

WATCH: Video shows how Trump makes his caddie hang on to the back of the golf cart

A Black man reveals what he's endured, teaching 2 white friends what can be done when we talk

Judge blocks federal executions; administration appeals (UPDATED)

"Wild Ride to Nowhere": APPL, MSFT, AMZN, GOOG, FB Soar to New High. Rest of Stock Market is a Dud..

NY prosecutors believe Ivanka skimmed millions from inaugural fund

Cuomo briefing and announcement at 11:30 ET

You raised $7,630.00 on July 12, 2020 to elect Joe Biden POTUS with our DU ActBlue link

The Rundown: July 13, 2020

Trump regulator quietly shelved discrimination investigations into BOA and other banks

just a thought, I was pondering what the birthrate will be 6 to 9 months from now will be...

3 school teachers in Winkelman (AZ) get COVID-19, one later dies

New York should prosecute Roger Stone

The Twit tweets: So hard to watch @FoxNews anymore. They are working so hard against the people...

well, well - quelle surprise - only three states are now listed as on track to contain COVID

So Governor DiSastrous/DeathSantis

Lindsey Graham Just Made A Huge Mistake By Letting Mueller Testify

'Adapt immediately or find a new job': Senate GOP confronts fundraising emergency

Dr. Sanjay Gupta is showing how the White House is editing Dr. Fauci videos to make him look bad.

Just spoke to another Trumphumper who won't be voting in November

Trump retweets game show host who said CDC is lying about coronavirus to hurt him politically

Hedge fund that owns National Enquirer to buy newspaper publisher McClatchy

Surely, Trump's cabinet members are reading his tweets

Anonymous White House Officials Leak Meadows' Scheme To Catch Leakers

Elon Musk just became richer than Warren Buffett

Could a Japanese-style elder care insurance program work in Montana?

Roger Stone says he'll campaign for Trump

'He Is and Always Will Be a Terrified Little Boy'

Trump VS Doctor Fauci

Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon accused of four years of sexual harassment

In 2016 Hillary had the mantle of the so called "Known Quantity" in the race.

Ever since I was a kid I heard the narrative that environmentalists ruined the rural Oregon economy.

Court refuses to order Houston to host Texas GOP gathering

'Everyone is lying': Trump questions public health experts on Twitter

Trump official decries 'inexcusable' COVID-19 testing failures after his son had to wait a week for

Trump rages against Fox news

How does Trump potentially win a second term?

Leroy Vinnegar was born on this date.

FLIPPABLE: Joanna Bryn Smith for PA-HD120

CNN hosts openly mock Dump after he retweets Chuck Woolery covid-19 nonsense

Cordless Drill Charger Deteremined to be Source of Garage Fire

Rhonda Vincent has a birthday today.

FLIPPABE: Jill Dennin for PA-HD147

What would happen if all the "40 under 40" or "30 under 30" lists excluded people whose parents ...

Today In baseball history

Newborn loggerhead sea turtle safely makes it to sea

Former Mueller prosecutor writing book on investigation (due this fall)

Will you decline a COVID-19 vaccine if it is rushed?

'Compelling' evidence air pollution worsens coronavirus - study

I heard 'em described as "Country Music for people who like LSD". Fair enuff I suppose

Let me put it this way

Happy Birthday to Yadier Molina, either a true ball playing hero (St louis fans)

Coronavirus Warning from Italy: The Effects of Covid-19 could be worse than first thought

I may sign up for trump texts if I become bored for amusement but some sound so demanding 😳

I got a new computer which was defective which I have since returned. I bought and installed Office

Must Hear Interview with Dr John Gardener

Did Eliot Engel Lose?

Preview For This Week's Top 10 Conservative Idiots

Detroit Tigers' Daniel Norris wants players to hear his message after contracting COVID-19

The power of pets

Joe Biden and VoteVets will present a veterans' roundtable today hosted by Tammy Duckworth

A close look at Horse Herb, a wild native ground cover in Texas.

Florida sees more than 12,600 new coronavirus cases as Miami-Dade total hits 67,713

Coronavirus deaths on the rise in almost every region of the U.S

Great sign found on Twitter:

Monday, before noon, Florida is already reporting over 12,600

The Texas Supreme Court has ruled against the Texas GOP who had sued to force an in-person conventio

Update on the "dog ate poop" post.

Court refuses to order Houston to host Texas GOP gathering

Court refuses to order Houston to host Texas GOP gathering

Can we make it another six months? Damn I hope so.

The Traditional Interpretation of the Pardon Power Is Wrong

Judge in Roger Stone's case would like to see Trump's commutation order

List your suggestions for the new NFL team name this season. The Washington Sexual Harassers

ScienceNews: A Covid-19 vaccine may come soon (as early as October).

Happy birthday to the Enterprise's captain -

This is why I am so relieved that my niece relocated from Florida, back to Michigan

Pic Of The Moment: So Let Me Get This Straight

China bans Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz over criticism of its policies toward minorities

What if Teachers Went on Strike over School Reopenings?

Trump's FAILURE in one animated chart

1357 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Mon.; 8 new deaths.

Don't think anybody has brought up a lame duck presidency

The Presidential Debate question that would kill Trump:

Why isn't there an ad being run that questions why GOP Senators won't attend the Convention in

Betsy DeVos Promises to Protect Children from Education


.@FLOTUS wearing a face mask in public, 2 days before similar appearance by @realDonaldTrump

I didn't do it, but if I did, you deserved it.

President Trump has made more than 20,000 false or misleading claims

Coronavirus cases in the US continue to surge reaching nearly 1 out of every 100 Americans

Kayleigh MAGA Ninny encouraging lawsuits against colleges & universities

Rob Reiner to potus: "You can try to spin your way out of this. But you can't spin death"

Are some in the GOP feeling like Dr. Frankenstein?

Top Trump Official Blasts 'Cowardly' Dr. Fauci, Shares Cartoon of Him Drowning US Economy

You're all wrong!

Anomalies of COVID through a lens of zinc depletion

Concern over turnout was factor in postponing Trump rally, GOP advisers say

Arizona's surge in virus cases has been "the worst" in the U.S.

Italian doctors - Covid effects worse than first thought.

The Latest: Patriot League cancels all fall sports

Top Mueller prosecutor: 'We could have done more' in Russia investigation

Did DUers hear the Secretary of Education say childs before she corrected herself

Cooper Hefner, son of Playboy founder, announces run for California Senate

Why is news media normalizing school return

Investigation launched after video appears to show officer leaning on man's neck

AP FACT CHECK: Trump team's false comfort on schools, virus

Don Winslow tweet: I'm sick of Donald Trump's brand of fake patriotism

if donnie were running russia during the chernobyl disaster,

'Tax us': Ultra-rich call for higher taxes to aid coronavirus recovery

Inside the White House, a Gun Industry Lobbyist Delivers for His Former Patrons

Holy Shit! Check out these insane fundraising emails and texts Trump is sending to his supporters...

WH press briefing coming up at 1 ET

'Tsunami of untruths': Trump has made 20,000 false or misleading claims - report

The funniest thing, funny not funny, I have seen is the Secret Service Agent

Judge Orders DOJ to Explain Its Secret Portions of the Mueller Report by Next Week

Let's try this to make Conservatives understand

Trump gets another 45 day extension on release of his financials

Use common sense.

Japanese officials "shocked" by COVID outbreak at U.S. military bases

Hamburg sex workers demand Germany's brothels reopen

How Trump Is Helping Tycoons Exploit the Pandemic -Must Read

The New Yorker: "How Trump Is Helping Tycoons Exploit the Pandemic"

CNN anchor: "The president is dealing in crap"

New York Tough


The character assassination of Dr. Fauci.

METROPOLITAN DIARY 'I Immediately Began to Wonder Whether I Was on the Right Train'

election year Ernst - new website that lists how Ernst FAILS Iowans

One in three young adults may face severe COVID-19, study shows

Okay, so what's the plan? Seriously.

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 7/13/20

Mask wearing at the stores...time for a new plan..for the Typhoid Mary's and Marty's

mini-unblock just got a sample schedule for school re-opening this fall:

Jordan Reyne -- Long Way to Climb

Murky details around Maxwell's attempt at bail...who was stumping up the $5M?

what if a vaccine is approved and available but only somewhat effective

Tiedrich on Trump's attacks on Fauci:

Ok, Donnie! Not "EVERYONE IS LYING"!

Are you a robot?

100% wearing mask today at

Money Plant

17 States Sue to Block Rule on Foreign Students

Don Jr's new book published with typo in title.


Lincoln Project: "This is the Trump legacy"

Ugh. My wife witnessed an anti-mask asshole at her job yesterday

Johannes Brahms Variations on a Theme by Paganini, Op. 35

Andrzej Duda, Polish president who vowed no reparations for Jews, appears to eke out reelection

Inferno on San Diego Navy ship rages into second day

'Glee' Star Naya Rivera Dead at 33

Parscale lives in Fla,campaign is in Va,and staffers say he just is by the pool in Fla all the time.

John Bolton and Mary Trump Seem to Agree On One Thing: Donald Trump Is a Truly Awful Person

Caught some bugs and shoved a hook up their as....

Important point about possible vaccine vs. what we *could* be doing now:

Thank you, Donald Trump. You have done the one thing no Democrat could ever have done.

Cartoons 7/13/2020

The S&P 500 joins the Nasdaq in the green for the year...

WH Quietly Lifts Ban (meant to protect our GIs) on sales of silencers to private overseas buyers

Mask resistance during a pandemic isn't new - in 1918 many Americans were 'slackers'

36 of U.S. House are not seeking re-election in 2020, 27R and 9D and 3R Sen. and 1D Sen.

Mayor of Richmond calls Confederate monuments 'the fake news of their time'

Genie: "You have three wishes."

For Dummies

What's The Latest On All Those Associated With The WH That Tested Positive?.....

Trump retweets game show host Chuck Woolery's baseless claim 'everyone is lying' about coronavirus

Trump Throws A Fit After Getting Busted For Playing Nearly 3 Times More Golf Than Obama

Pundit reminds Biden on who he must engage to win

Where are the consequences for DeSean Jackson's rant against Jews?

It happened again. Video of black protester tased, arrested in Bay Ridge Brooklyn

Column: It's Roger Stone's Republican Party now

Southwest Airlines warns it may cut jobs without jump in travel

Fauci Strikes Back

Robot Dolphins:The Cruelty-free 'Animal' You Can't Tell from the Real Thing

AP FACT CHECK: Trump team's false comfort on schools, virus

Winners of the 2020 Audubon Photography Awards Highlight the Beauty of Birds

As COVID-19 Cases Spike, Right-Wing Activists Plan National Rallies to Combat 'Radical Leftists'

Spotted in London, UK

Citing surging cases, the Los Angeles and San Diego school districts will be remote-only in the fall

Damn, Florida is trying hard to displace CA as #2 on the total infection list

Should the USA have a debt jubilee like Germany did in 1947?

Is Working with the Lincoln Project Sleeping with the Enemy?

His Mistress's Voice

FWIW - Something I found encouraging in a very GOP area

Extra Bonus Quote of the Day

Why Joe Biden Has His Eye on Karen Bass

U.S. budget deficit soars to record $864 billion in June -- higher than all of last year

I need some of this!!!

How Trump Is Helping Tycoons Exploit the Pandemic

All indoor activity closed again in California.

How Trump Is Helping Tycoons Exploit the Pandemic

Adorable puppy performs super cute head tilts for the camera

Graphic Designers Have Ideas For New Logos For Washington's NFL Team

Police Immunity Laws Test Conservative Principle -- And Rule Of Law

Trump can and should be compared to leaders such as Adolf Hitler

I Was a Counterterrorism Chief. Trump Knew What Russia Was Doing.

All of a sudden there are a whole lot of birds on my feeders

Quite a journey

American Horror, Starring Donald Trump

Good news from DE Beach Trip

Donald Trump Jr.'s Arrest Records Now Public

Did Mueller Ever Stand a Chance Against Trump and Roger Stone?

WTF: "Biden & Obama stopped their testing ... I'm sure you don't want to report it"

history of ice cream?

How Russia Built a Channel to the Taliban, Once an Enemy

So this fool is running for president.

Live chopper video of San Diego Navy ship fire.

Joni Ernst: People investigating Trump are just like cop who killed George Floyd

Ghislaine Maxwell Tried to Hide When F.B.I. Knocked, Prosecutors Say

Did Mueller Ever Stand a Chance Against Trump and Roger Stone? (NYT Opinion)

Don Jr. has plans in place for his books potential failure due to cover error. (potential NSFW)

Former Arkansas Governor David Pryor & wife test positive for COVID-19

Cuomo poster depicts Trump as 'man in the moon' watching coronavirus pandemic

I think a constitutional amendment to require a psychological examination for Presidential Candidate

Found out today you can't talk to Trumpers about anything ever.

Marie Curie died of aplastic anaemia on 4 July 1934,

From #WeReopenSchoolsWhen -- currently trending on twitter

'Adapt immediately or find a new job': Senate GOP confronts fundraising emergency

This man is buying birds just to set them free

Trump is pretty much banking on getting voters who can't remember details from

Today, July13, in 1934 Babe Ruth became the first player to hit 700 home runs.

What's for Dinner, Mon., July 13, 2020

Comparing COVID-19 mortality rate to traffic deaths

'Hey, I Think You're Muted,' Man Tells Coworker Screaming 'Fuck You, Fuck All Of You' On Zoom Call

Woman gets job at long-term care facility to see her husband amid pandemic restrictions

**Remember 6:00 PM KISS ME KATE

Thank God we got the kids out!

For Fractures in the Texas GOP, Look no Further than the Executive Committee

California governor orders closure of bars and indoor dining at restaurants

How Republicans used to be:

Makeup Tutorial

He Really Is This Stupid!

Remember 2016, when it seemed like every other day some famous celebrity was dying...

SOOOO I was at the park across the street from my condo-walking my dog. News crew stopped me

Tyson poultry plant didn't cause McCurtain County outbreak, health department says

This is why we should never get complacent

Could it be.......Satan?

Just got an emergency alert on my cell phone - concerning Governor Whitmer's 'mask mandate'

The "Mon"sters

Oklahoma's unemployment insurance compensation program in good shape, so far

the supermarket clerk who told that LIE about Joe Biden has apologized.

Say hi to Steve Guest GOP Rapid Response Director

Chance of big San Andreas earthquake increased by Ridgecrest temblors, study suggests

Trump's Defense of the South's Post Civil War Culture Goes Beyond Racism

L.A.'s corruption probe involves developers, a councilman -- and his 80-year-old mom

Cleveland Thunder?

I am in a COVID -19 vaccine trial for the Phase III

Pandemic Upends Trump's Push to Cut Health Care

I think this will be an inconvenient year for me to have to see about getting a new roof

Joyce White Vance tweet

New Biden Ad:

I mean....this is spot on

Judge In Roger Stone Case Wants More Info

Kansas Foster Care Advocates Settle Lawsuit Against The State

How to see the spectacular comet Neowise with the naked eye

What a day. A positive COVID and two patients with misinformation on drug recalls.

Laser-sculpted aluminium purifies water with the power of sunlight

With Deal For McClatchy, Kansas City Star Will See Its Fifth Owner In Four Decades

Ex-British Military Were Guarding Ghislaine Maxwell's Home

The Saginaw County, MI Sheriff Dept. response to Governor Whitmer's mask mandate

Stark reality

Scott Adam's wife was 1 year old when he created Dilbert at age 31.

I just saw this on FB. It was put up yesterday, 6/12 the day of the Luisiana primary

How Long Can You Hide a Dead Body in a Prison Cell?

The downside of working from home.

covid-19 conundrum

Magical thinking about school openings in US

Can energy be sucked out of a black hole?

Obituary section

Los Angeles And San Diego Schools Announce Online-Only Fall

Some Johnson County Officials Upset About Hotel Housing Coronavirus Patients

Meme of the day!

Kroger cashiers to stop giving customers coin change

Jacksonville FL Valiant Bapt Church, in person preachers conference in late October

Pinball Wizard

Still Not Enough Coverage

US rejects nearly all Chinese claims in South China Sea

Comets and contagion

T cells found in COVID-19 patients 'bode well' for long-term immunity

Lumpy flint figurines may be some of the earliest depictions of real people

Update with US concerns

November 4th 2020... all together now

Fmr Educ Secretary Arne Duncan: "Do not pay attention to Trump. Don't be scared of his bluffs"

You guys watching Stephanie Ruhle just shredding Chuck Woolery?

Like a Rolling Stone (live at Monterey Pop Festival 1967)

Federal judge voids Georgia 'heartbeat' abortion restriction

Federal judge voids Georgia 'heartbeat' abortion restriction

Federal judge voids Georgia 'heartbeat' abortion restriction

Molly Tuttle - "Standing on the Moon" (Grateful Dead Cover)

Citing politics, Democrats wants Census appointees removed

Trump's ex-chief of staff Mick Mulvaney says U.S. has 'inexcusable' problems with COVID-19 testing

Oregon, other states putting names of ousted police online

Dahlia Lithwick: Mary Trump's Book Shows How Donald Trump Gets Away With It

Advocates seek law change to end citizen arrests in Georgia

'Everyone is lying': Trump undercuts public health officials in fresh attacks

Well, this cloud certain has a rude attitude about something!

Chance the Rapper comes out swinging ..for Ye. 😅

Double Snap Goes To Rep. Ayanna Pressley

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Tuesday, 14 July 2020

Kansas Teachers Will Get Little Required Training On How To Run Classrooms Online

Experts: Kansas seeing 'uncontrolled spread' of COVID-19

This is what should have happened back in March with covid-19

We are Being Called

Florida Democrats tout vote-by-mail advantage over GOP

Norman Braxton Interview - LAMBDA ARCHIVES OF SAN DIEGO

1,000-degree blaze continues to rage aboard aboard Navy ship in San Diego

Gonna use this comeback to "All Lives Matter"

Newsom orders statewide re-closure of indoor dining, limits on church services, salons

"and yours? (name)"... "I forgot"

Justice Department releases Stone clemency grant after inquiry from judge

I can finally rest easy for the first time in months...

Scientists Hoped Summer Temperatures Would Tamp Down Covid-19 Cases. What Happened?

No....trump wouldn't do

The Butcher of Mar-a-Lago racked up another 100 Benghazis today

'DENIED': Trump family effort to block tell-all book by the president's niece squashed by judge

Schumer Endorses Sanders Proposal to Slash Pentagon Budget

Trump rips private border wall built by group tied to Kobach

Shelby County doctors concede surge capacity likely will be needed at area hospitals

Durkan, Best slam 50% defunding of Seattle police, offer $76M compromise

People seem to be complying with Gov. Whitmer's mandatory mask order here in the U.P.

Spotted in London, UK: All Americans Must Be Accompanied By An Adult

Trump bashes U.S. health experts, Fauci urges caution, as virus cases surge

Trump has now infected more Americans with COVID-19 than ...

A NY judge has lifted the temporary restraining order on Mary Trump,

GOP Rapid Response Director' @SteveGuest tried to make Joe Biden appear to be a bad father

'Cruel, abrupt and unlawful': States sue Trump administration over college student visa rule

Cuomo: Public health has to come first. Facts have to come first. Science has to come first.

Board cancels 2020 Kansas State Fair

Twinsthenewtrend on youtube---says he never heard of TheBattleHymnoftheRepublic,Judy Garland sings

There was a 4.1 earthquake in Jamaica this morning

Fun Facts for a Miserable Monday:

Mexico surpasses Italy to become nation with fourth-most COVID-19 deaths

Colombia's mafia and the media Part 3: Julio Sanchez

American Airlines preparing to send furlough warnings this week

Stone's commutation papers arrived. Dated July 10, penciled in. ??

Judge lifts restraining order on Mary Trump on eve of book release

Patron of Colombia's president facing 19 years in prison over alleged terrorism and narco ties

The House Judiciary Committee transcript of SDNY Berman testimony is quite a read

Creighton Prof Asked to Apologize for Calling an Omaha White Supremacist Rally a White Supremacist

Let's all have some Helium Beer!

Dark Fader

Lincoln Officials Are Playing Games to Keep Public Records Secret

Wow! Shouting match today on The View!

America is better than Donald Trump...

Chuck Woolery, the smarmy snake oil salesman recently retweeted by Trump, was the "personality"

So it seems Ted Cruz refused to wear a face mask at the airport and on an American Airlines

Undercutting tRump--A great 'toon

What Is Lady A's Case Against the Other Lady A?

"When you test it CREATES cases..."

Hagia Sophia stripped of museum status, paving its return to a mosque

Trump again directs blame at Obama as coronavirus pandemic worsens in U.S.

Rudy Giuliani Just Destroyed Trump's Excuse For Not Releasing Tax Returns

Pompeo getting tough with russia for trying to kill US troops

FLIPPABLE: Ed Sutton for SC-HD114

Timothy Snyder: The Road To Unfreedom -- Democracy, Neofascism, & the Importance of Language

Chef Jos Andrs Spoke Out Against Goya Foods After The Food Brand's CEO Praised President Trump

This guy built a guitar out of a shelf during lockdown!