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Former NBA MVP Russell Westbrook in quarantine after positive Covid-19 test

Maine speaker drowns out rivals in bid to take on Collins

Michigan partygoers test positive for COVID-19 after July 4 lake bash; 43 cases tied to house party

Stocks slam into reverse as virus keeps scarring economy

Why can't trump just start working on Covid, getting US companies making ppe & testing?

Shale CEO: U.S. Has Passed Peak Oil

This is your pointy, pointy brain on drugs....

Mick Mulvaney Warns Republicans: 'We Still Have a Testing Problem' With COVID-19

Puddles Pity Party?

Poulsbo port commissioner arrested for vandalizing Chiefstick memorial

US discusses five-power summit with Russia

Floridians File Wild Lawsuit Against Mask Mandate

Can Trump fire Fauci? Technically, no

A proposed new mission to Venus (

So they're trying to force Fauci out by attacking him...

Florida governor, COVID-19 could tank Trump festivities

Oregon governor expands mask requirements amid increase in coronavirus cases

NYT : As Disease Sweeps the U.S., a Record 5.4 Million Americans Have Lost Health Insurance

Physicists Hail Major Breakthrough After Discovering Neutrinos Just Little Italian Neutrons

The First Nude's Memoir

Muggers thought a gay couple would be an easy target. They picked the wrong men to try to rob.

What is Graham's angle? He is up to something!

Always have a fork nearby

Incoming US Senators on 1/2021.

Man, 37, who died from coronavirus had dismissed pandemic as 'hype' on Facebook

NYT : Fracking Firms Fail, Rewarding Executives and Raising Climate Fears

Couple who held guns on Black Lives Matter protestors sued to keep gays out of their neighborhood

Rich people ask to be taxed to fight coronavirus pandemic

!! Victims required to carry 2meter long baton---Arras, 1597! During plague, to keep people away!!


Soros' foundation to spend $220 million to support Black groups advocating for racial justice

Kellyanne right before she speaks

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Live and Let Die!

Who will get Mary Trumps first book tour interview?

Can we do a write-in campaign?

Could it be that Mueller is fighting for control of his legacy?

British writer pens the best description of Trump

Mary Trump comments on the court decision today, via Twitter:

The Iowa House is this year's most competitive legislative chamber.

SRV's Scuttle Buttin (in a way you've never heard):

Desert quakes may have boosted chances of 'big one' striking California

NH-GOV: Sununu vetoes eviction protection bill, paid family leave

Every day Republican politicians show just how pro-death they are

tweet: And here we have 6 of our last 7 presidents "exercising."

Time to retire this saying

University Indoctrination

What happened to candidates' children being "off limits"? An email from Adam Schiff moments ago:

Steny Hoyer with Katy Tur on Extending Unemployment Benefits

The Daily Show: The White House Blames Fauci

NY Tough: The Saga

$2K fine if travelers to NY do not cooperate. Respect the Contact Tracer or Pay!

US Senate Election Rating for seats Democrats are going to win in 2020.

If you want we can stop this now

Colombia's great drug war swindle

The Daily Social Distancing Show: The Best of Jordan Klepper in Quarantine

Scrabble - Rene Costy

Most of the most leads the most of nothing!

So Fuckboy Carlson is going on his "long planned trout fishing vacation"?!

Tucker Carlson plans to go fishing on a long vacation.

My news clip-they cut down a lot, but I think left the important stuff in. Don't mind my puffy face

Nancy Pelosi: I'm Very Afraid Because Of 'Ignorance In The Administration' - Craig Melvin - MSNBC

Anyone notice Trump's hair today?

I think the reason there are so many trump ads on the internet asking if you approve of him

65,500 new Covid cases in US (2nd highest day)

Even though I'm not a teacher and I don't have children in school,

Legal experts review Black Minnesota teen's life sentence

I got to see Mom today

Civil Society at work in the USA

O.C. Board of Education to tell schools social distancing isn't necessary for students ...

Blm mural vandal..i hope he is identified

He sure as shit does have a pre-existing condition.

Republican presidents who would be Democrats today.

Heh. Trump may need to hire actors to fill up the arena for his RNC speech. No one is going.

Bible verse: Plague Edition

Corporations Suffer from Bolsonaro's Anti-Environmental Stance

Number of Millionaires Grows in Brazil and Reaches almost 200 Thousand

New players emerge in Venezuela's oil industry amid U.S. sanctions

U.S. deficit reaches record high at $864 billion for June

'High-Speed Internet Isn't A Luxury- It's A Necessity': Morris Pearl, Patriotic Millionaires

Tweet of the hour

Tommy Emmanuel finished a collaboration with Chet Atkins as memorial to his passing

No social distancing, very few masks: video shows large block party in Southwest Philadelphia

A record 5.4 million people lost their health coverage amid the pandemic, a study found.

And Trump wins again!

Astronomers want to get in on NASA's push to the moon

They're just talking right now on Lawrence's show that covid-19 affects the body so...

House to quickly revive legal effort to get Trump's financial records

Chris Hayes: Tucker Carlson's Racist Writer Is No Surprise - All In - MSNBC

Trump (Jr) was busted on Hillary Street!

Federal appeals court rules Trump admin can't withhold federal grants from California sanctuary citi

A New Hampshire radio station cuts ties with conservative host after she filmed herself yelling

Garth Brooks Facebook Live

Millard principals will read 'White Fragility' as district has conversations on race

Longwood Gardens' "Corpse Flower" is opening up!

So there is this story going around on FB where nurses claim

Coronavirus roundup: Panhandle golf tourney leads to surge in cases

Sen. Jones: Teachers In Ala. Are 'Scared To Death' Amid Trump Push To Open Schools - All In - MSNBC

You know, there was a time when many Americans were employed. We had these things

WHO sounds alarm. We are going to get what we did not get when the

LOL!!!! Now he's pissing off his own supporters!!!

There needs to be a job in the next Democratic administration...

"Template letter for teacher death": is this for real or just a big hoax ?

Why Do All These Racists Keep Working for Tucker Carlson?..... (he asked rhetorically)

57 sailors onboard fishing ship in Ushuaia test positive for Covid-19

I'm starting to feel uneasy these days if I'm outside without a mask...

Trump was elected because some people just didn't want to vote for Hillary,

VoteVets most recent ad:

Judge affirms Trump's niece can publish her book about the president and his family

Question: Does Scientology allow members to get cancer treatment

Ecuador: New Arrests in COVID-19 Supplies Corruption Case

How does one get this to AC 360 or Rachael or Morning Joe or Ellen ? I don't twit or tock or anythi

MO Governor race now a statistical dead heat

A New Understanding of Herd Immunity

If a cookie falls on the floor and you pick it up...

US, Brazil own half of world's cases and are getting worse, says WHO

US, Brazil own half of world's cases and are getting worse, says WHO

Biden Stands Strong With Fauci In The Face Of Flailing Impeached tRump Smears

If 2020 was a car....😂

Trump tells reporters he is a radical lefty. REALLY!

Steve Schmidt On Republicans' Silence: 'It Is A Tragic Hour' - Stephanie Ruhle - MSNBC

Ghislaine Maxwell had a cellphone wrapped in tin foil 'to evade detection'

Hulu's "Palm Springs" - very enjoyable!

Brazil: Outrage over So Paulo policeman stepping on woman's neck

ByeDonJr: New Meidas Touch ad (twitter and YouTube video)

Rescued Pony Hugs Man

Comet captured streaking across Stonehenge night sky

Just making sure we know who's in charge.

Fmr Watergate Prosecutor: Trump Brazenly Saving Stone Worse Than Nixon - The Beat - MSNBC

A century after a race massacre, Tulsa finally digs for suspected mass graves

Locusts: A close-up look at the swarms devouring the world's crops

Coronavirus: France's health workers given pay rises worth 8bn

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Trump Wears a Mask & The White House Goes After Fauci

I think you'll like this story.

Cross Burned on Martin Luther King Jr's Lawn

DeathSantis getting heckled.....bwahahaha

Seth Meyers - Donald Trump Is the Last Person We Can Trust to Safely Reopen Schools: A Closer Look

9 in 10 men want their doctors to ask about domestic violence


O.G. Karen

Defying U.S., China and Iran Near Trade and Military Partnership

In Corpus Christi, out-of-towners drove in an outbreak

Prediction: How Tucker Carlson Is Going To Spin The Resignation Of His White Supremacist Writer

Grant Imahara, Host of 'MythBusters' and 'White Rabbit Project,' Dies at 49

Grant Imahara, 'MythBusters' and 'White Rabbit Project' Host, Dead at 49

Caleb Burhans: 'In Time of Desperation'

Ted Cruz, Dan Patrick criticize liberal boycott of Goya Foods despite past support of Nike boycott

Homeschooling with Betsy

Don Jr., impeached pResident tRump's son taken out of context in MeidasTouch ad

Trump insists he's ahead in Texas, despite 5-point deficit in new Dallas Morning News poll

Ed Sheeran & Andrea Bocelli

RNC's attack on Joe Biden backfires

Delius: 'The Walk to the Paradise Garden'

Why scientists are so worried about this glacier

I love Tom Hanks.

Today, well yesterday now, was my birthday.

Hey Trump Fauchi's Writing A Book

The Lincoln Project is targeting Cornyn

'Wake Up Everybody'/'What Goes Up'

MeidasTouch Ad-Don jr. is a fucking idiot. @DonaldJTrumpJr #ByeDonJr

El Paso health order closing classrooms could set precedent if governor doesn't intervene

Red paint splashed on Black Lives Matter mural in front of Trump Tower

Trump delusionally claims that he "created" the oil industry in Texas

Here's the huge blunder Trump made against Jeff Sessions on the eve of the Alabama GOP primary

From The Valdosta Daily Times: 'On a Double-Minded Man'

Fort Worth developer worries 'predatory' investor is using COVID to seize luxury hotel

Donald Trump's single weirdest belief

Wearing "Black Lives Matter" Shirt to Poling Place Does Not Violate Texas Electioneering Ban


Kentucky lawmaker tests positive for COVID-19

Ghislaine Maxwell to appear in court via video feed for arraignment in trafficking case

07/14 Mike Luckovich-Still not enough coverage

Trump Administration Plants 137,000 Corpses In Fauci's Bed To Frame Him For Coronavirus Deaths

Donald Trump Jr's new anti-Biden book misplaces apostrophe in title

Houston business owner faces death threats after buying Black Lives Matter billboard

How The GOP Built A Loyal Hispanic Base: Decades of Appts, Policies Win Reliable 1/3 Latino Vote

Texas GOP approves virtual convention after court loss

'Tsunami of untruths': Trump has made 20,000 false or misleading claims - report

Deceased cat gets voter registration application in mail

TX-10: Texas progressives eye GOP seat that got away in 2018

This 1.4-million-year-old hand ax adds to Homo erectus' known toolkit

Archaeologists discover ancient Aztec palace ruins in Mexico City

Archaeologists discover ancient Aztec palace ruins in Mexico City

NY-27 results show new warning signs for Republicans

John Kerry once famously asked ...

"There Will Be No Return To The Old Normal For The Foreseeable Future," WHO Director-General Says

What Are the "Next Normals" for Scooters in Austin

Contacting Admins Re Assistance

'Foreshadowing The Year 2021: Half Of America Facing Poverty'

Austin City Manager proposes tax hike, 2 percent employee raise

Respighi: 'Pines of Rome'

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 7/13/20

Randy Rainbow and Cruella DeVos

Tweet of the Day

Stephen Colbert: Guest CBS Evening News Anchor Norah O'Donnell

Beto O'Rourke Backs Biden's 'Build Back Better' Economic Recovery Plan

Why Cuban cigars are so expensive

Texas Democrats show up for runoff despite pandemic.

Millions of Gen Zers move back into their parents' homes Mental health issues in young adults soar.

White House Campaign Urges Jobless To 'Find Something New'

Breakfast Tuesday 14 July 2020

Genocide Keeps me up. 137.000 murdered

Fmr. CIA officer: 'Trump Knew What Russia Was Doing' - The Last Word - MSNBC

Nothing racist about a custom confed flag paint job plus noose on a truck

You Know What? Observations on What.

VA-AG: Democrat Jay Jones grabs huge endorsements for State Attorney General

"Renters Face Financial Cliff Ahead; Limited Help Available"

After watching Judge Lina Hildago of Houston speak

Trump Says the Biden Presidency Will Be a 'Ratings' Nightmare But We'll Still Have...

Are you a small donor? Here is a good bang for the buck.

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Guest Hillary Clinton - Voter Suppression, Roger Stone, & Trump

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Guest Hillary Clinton - Voter Suppression, Roger Stone, & Trump

Any of y'all ever been in a foreign country where the natives

Brexiter having public meltdown over inconvenience of wearing a mask to the supermarket confident...

Just checked Latest Breaking News.

The famous La Marseillaise scene from Casablanca.

'We're Wasting Time Talking About Herd Immunity': 'Even w/o Covid Vaccine There's Reason For Hope'

Trump Replaces Fauci with Chuck Woolery

Bye Don Jr: Love Me, Daddy!

Mayor Turner Recommends Two-Week Houston Lockdown to Fight COVID-19

Mom passed early this morning.

Federal judge rules women can get abortion pill without doctor visits

Is Trump going to try to start a war with China over the South China Sea? It is being reported

Texas to rename football field in honor of Earl Campbell and Ricky Williams

Press Briefing by Kayleigh McEnany; 7/13/2020

Question for the psych experts here: Given all the terrible things that Mary Trump

Trump's Remarks in a Roundtable with Stakeholders Positively Impacted by Law Enforcement; July 13

Dr. Peter J. Hotez on How the Federal Government Failed Texas on the Coronavirus

Tuesday TOONs - Now Playing

Re: Ghislaine Maxwell, two questions

Summer In Siberia 2020: Widespread Fires, Record Heat, Melting Soil And Toxic Spills

Squirrel tests positive for the bubonic plague in Colorado ('cause 2020, yo...)

Would DUers please help me out

After Signing Green Manifesto, Famous UK Architect Signs Up To Design Saudi Airport @ Private Resort

Five Planets Will Be Visible in the Sky This Week -- Here's How to See Them

Breaking - Biden leading by six points in Florida

"Here Are Four Red States Where Joe Biden Is Shockingly Competitive With Trump"

There are four factors that led to over 100,000 Americans needlessly dying

I will start my day, on DU, with a John Fugelsang 'bon mot'

"Everybody just assumes no one is going."

"Is this a joke?" Or why didn't mueller look harder at drumpf and his Russia ties?

Supreme Court rules federal execution can proceed for Daniel Lewis Lee

Happy Bastille Day from The Jimmy Carter Library

Bill Press: Trump's final presidential pardon: himself

Evil as fuck: COVID damages the heart of 50+% of inpatients

Amazon Unveils Shopping Cart That Knows What You're Buying

The Rundown: July 14, 2020

Wrapping Wednesday: Micro Reviews for the Week of 07/08/2020

Florida Democrats announce over 1 million Democrats have enrolled in vote-by-mail since March 17th

We're in for a turbulent future

The 2020 Audubon Photography Awards

from dan scavino in the White House.

Gen Honore': "this is F ing embarrassing for man with the nuclear code saying stupid shit like this"

It's National Nude Day

You can pre-order Gov. Cuomo's New York Tough poster

"..some men just want to watch the world burn..."

Beware, when Trump says he likes you.

NEW: @JoeBiden is going up with his first general election TV ad in the state of Texas

BTRTN: Trump Can't Breathe...His Cheap Tricks Aren't Working Against a Pandemic and a Movement

BTRTN: Trump Can't Breathe...His Cheap Tricks Aren't Working Against a Pandemic and a Movement

Texas is a battleground state-Joe Biden is up with ad for Texas voters

Will Session's alarmingly sycophantic behavior towards trump* end if he loses, tonight?

You raised $7,884.20 on July 13, 2020 to elect Joe Biden POTUS with our DU ActBlue link

Trump talks up Tuberville on election eve call

Your Daily Greenwald, "But I Don't Support Trump!" Edition

"Covid-19 Immunity From Antibodies May Last Only Months, UK Study Suggests"

Macomb sheriff's office won't cite mask order violators

Website with live-cams all over the world..........

How to train for a 10k run: 1.) Go to boardwalk, 2.) Buy a slice of pizza, 3.) ...

Police bust secret 'gun factory' which was go-to for Birmingham organised crime gangs

It's irresponsible to ignore who the author of this cartoon is - Ben Garrison, who has a huge follow

I got 1 of the 2 in the vending machine.😄 Cafeteria is closed. ☹️

My ear infection is driving me nuts

UK bans Huawei from its 5G network in rapid about-face

New MeidasTouch Video - #ByeDonJr

Joe Biden is going up with his first general election TV ad in the state of Texas

Top 10 Obama Scandals The Daily Show

Education board in California's Orange County votes to reopen schools without requiring masks

Ivanka Antoinette thinks people her father made unemployed should take up eating cake for a living

What happened? Did judge receive the paperwork filed for Stone's commutation?

You heard it here first:

Trump administration to recommend National Guard as option to help hospitals report coronavirus data

Doctors SHOCKED by Trump's Cognitive Test Results

Penzeys Spices has no more F***s to give and lets it all hang out

Last 12 Months Tied For Hottest 12 Months On Record Through Mid-1800s

Death Valley Hits 128F At Furnace Creek Station - One F Shy Of Hottest Reliable Temp On Earth

Temp Records Tied/Broken Across Much Of Texas 7/13/20 - Laredo, El Paso, Austin, San Antonio, More

Orange County CA votes to fully open schools

It's tweeting

Republican Party of Texas leaders opt for virtual convention after loss at state Supreme Court

Miami is the new Wuhan

The Role of Cognitive Dissonance in the Pandemic

Who's prepared to file their taxes by tomorrow?

Today's Society

Legal experts have figured out a way for Roger Stone to go back to prison

Finally figured it out. Betsy DeVoss is treating teachers like Amway sales associates.

A Teenager Didn't Do Her Online Schoolwork. So a Judge Sent Her to Juvenile Detention.

We ran the CDC. No president ever politicized its science the way Trump has.

The GOP's Murderous Anti-Intellectualism - Bruce Bartlett/New Republic

Ivanka says, "If you lose your job to Covid, just get training and find a new job!

Pic Of The Moment: With Unemployment In Double Digits, THIS Is The New White House Jobs Plan?

"The Trum presidency is like being an adult tied to a chair

Cover of Germany's Der Spiegel June issue, titled "Fire Devil: A President Burns Down His Country

3 Arizona Teachers Caught Coronavirus But Only 2 Survived. This Is What They Want You To Know

Donald Trump hurts all who come in contact with him............and..........

Andrew Weissmann: We Can Still Get the Truth From Roger Stone

Beloved First Grade Teacher Dies of Coronavirus, 2 Other Teachers Survived It

Palm Beach County State Attorney Dave Aronberg tests positive for COVID-19

Trump's bizarre COVID-19 claim: 'Biden and Obama stopped their testing'

US carries out the 1st federal execution in nearly 2 decades

House Democrats seek information from CIA and FBI on antifa rumors

Squirrel tests positive for bubonic plague in Colorado

Trump may be no good at leading America - but he's really, really good at lying

Democrats grow more bullish on Texas

Trump: I saved millions of lives by shutting things down

Cop who threatened to kill protesters shoots, kills colleague who knocked on door, affidavit says

Ivanka's 'Try Something New' initiative for millions of jobless aims to force Americans back to work

Sign in the New Orleans airport bathroom 😍 (twitter)

Something else I put on the 'hard to find' list. replacement Soda Stream carbonator cylinders

50 years ago today, 1970 All-Star Game: Pete Rose's unnecessary hit on Ray Fosse

Conservative warns of liberal 'bloody rampage' if Trump wins and 'FEMA camps and guillotines' if he

The Trump campaign is currently spending $3,666,484 PER WEEK on Facebook ads

Cartoon: Cognitive Trump By Clay Jones -July 14, 2020 9:00 AM

Why the sudden interest?

Atlanta: MARTA will require passengers to wear masks

Betsy DeVos preparing kids

Nate Silver just destroyed the credibility of Gravis Marketing's polls for OAN

Subprime Auto-Loan Delinquencies, After April Fiasco, Miraculously Healed by "Forbearance" & Stimulu

A century after a race massacre, Tulsa finally digs for suspected mass graves

If you could only have one of your senses, which would you pick and why?

"Study Shows 5.4 Million Have Lost Insurance Amid Pandemic," Not If We Had Medicare For All

Florida Corona virus breakout should end this week

They forgot about their routine traffic stop the minute they saw the Black man who happened to be...

Just recorded my first-ever cop-stop.

Thoughtful owners don't make their dog sit on that cold floor.

Trump's incompetence has wrecked us. Where are the calls for him to resign?


Whatever happened to Bloomberg helping the nominee?

Former CDC Heads: Trump Administration Risking Lives By Politicizing Science

'Teachers are scared' to be in school, Florida educator says

Mary Trump's book "is the literary equivalent of an ambulance siren"

Hillary Clinton: "Trump Revealed The 1 Thing He's Fearful About With Roger Stone Clemency"

Anderson Cooper wasn't playing last night

Cat reacts to cat ears:

In 65 Days

Biden Unveils First General Election TV Ad In Texas

strange bad looking crash on EB I-10 mp 315.5

BRILLIANT: MeidasTouch takes Don Jr's words lying about Biden and shows they're true of Donald

Tucker Carlson whitewashes the racism of his show and his former top writer

GOP anti-Trump group urges Christian Republicans to 'resist being used'

4273 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Tues;

The one constant in Trump's presidency: Tomorrow will be worse

Biden is advertising in Texas. That's ominous for Trump.

Pelosi "absolutely" would skip August recess to reach coronavirus stimulus deal

Ok this is a heads up for those who has AAA (towing jumps etc). Think LONG and HARD before renewing.

Majority of parents in US fear sending kids to school as Trump pushes reopening

Her name is Freddie?

Suriname election: Convicted murderer Dsi Bouterse is replaced by ex-police chief

22 - 0

Israeli Data Show School Openings Were a Disaster That Wiped Out Lockdown Gains

Texans forced to vote in person with virus outbreak among the worst in the world

"...and other horsemen of the apocalypse." (Hillary tweet)

The most corrupt ever

Governor Cuomo Pandemic Update July 13 2020

The party of grotesque selfishness

Ha ha. The truth always comes out!

F'n POS has been running Cattledog puppy mills for years.

*****GUARANTEED FRESH***** Biden up ten in Florida !!!

Trump showering farmers with taxpayer cash -- and watchdogs are suspicious

Watch and retweet this if you are ready to replace Lindsey Graham with Jaime Harrison.

MeidasTouch's #ByeIvanka video, great stuff!

VoteVets - Traitor in a Mask

Lincoln Project video editor is out over crude tweets about female anatomy

ACLU Demands Barr Name Special Prosecutor To Probe Lafayette Square Crackdown

Change Washington's name??? I DONT THANK SO

Bwahahaha.....trump mask

Woody Guthrie was born on this date.

Schrodinger's Leftist

Trump tries to turn schools into a political win -- as he accuses the left of playing politics

James McNeill Whistler was born on this date.

Thank you Thomas Kennedy for calling out FL Governor DeSantis at his presser!

An indicator that presaged the housing crisis is flashing red again

link for malwarebytes download

Navy sees progress against blaze on warship in San Diego Bay

WT Actual F?

Jeff Koterba's latest cartoon: Paint off

Gustav Klimt was born on this date.

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 7/14/20

Coronavirus: Blogger Emna Charqui given jail term in Tunisia over Koran-style post

"Growth has stalled": Surge in US infections hits Delta

Ivanka's Tone-Deaf Advice to Millions of Unemployed Americans: Find Something New

43 coronavirus cases have been linked to one large house party in Michigan

I'm with Fran on this one.

Masky Melania - good to see they're all obeying Joe Biden

White House campaign to help jobless 'find something new'

US to restrict border crossings for another month

The Power of Our Example.

Coronavirus: Nations heading in wrong direction with Covid-19, says WHO

Ludwig van Beethoven Piano Concerto #2

Judge Rejects Proposed Weinstein Class Action Settlement

Florida reports record-high 133 coronavirus deaths in one day

Daniel Lewis Lee: US executes first federal prisoner in 17 years

Wisconsin Democratic Party raises $10M as battle for the state heats up

A NOAA storm spotting app was suspended after being overrun with false and hateful reports

Biden proposes overhauling nation's energy sector by 2035

Rick Wilson on Stephen Colbert's 'Tooning Out The News'

The moon is 85 million years younger than previously thought

International students are losing their 'idealized vision' of the US and weighing options to leave

Republicans Plan to Move Florida Convention Events Outdoors

Former CDC chiefs rebuke Trump for 'undermining' agency's guidelines

Vandal dumps red paint on Black Lives Matter mural in front of Trump Tower

House Democrats ask Supreme Court to speed things up in Trump financial docs cases

Car tyres are major source of ocean microplastics - study

This is so telling: an apparent attempt to erase even the mention of racial injustice.

NC State House moves from Lean Republican to Tilt Republican.

How far have we fallen? This country feels pity for us.

In Some Countries, Normal Life Is Back After the Coronavirus. Not Here.

West Virginia State Senate moves from Safe Republican to Likely Republican

July 4th impact on Oklahoma must be starting to show up.

another karen

In honor of Woody Guthrie's birthday. 7-14-1912

"My choice."

Bari Weiss lied about a work meeting and her coworkers objected

Big U.S. banks predict more economic pain from coronavirus

Trying to learn how to oil paint.

Is too much hope being put into a coronavirus vaccine?

Sad: No One Wants to Go to Trump's COVID Convention

And now it's time for: Things You Hide From Your Family...

Our handsome, brave, good president looked so great in his mask

Texas hospitals are running out of drugs, beds, ventilators and even staff

Texas Teachers Writing Their Wills as State Promises to Open Schools in Fall

Fragile Ego

Check out this recently-enlightened Trump supporter.

Miami is now the coronavirus epicenter as cases surge, expert says

Dear. Betsy et al

Obituary: Morris Cerullo -- 1931-2020:Famed televangelist opened Bible-themed attraction in San Diego

State and Federal Taxes Filed.

Mystery as Argentine sailors infected with virus after 35 days at sea

Bari Weiss quits the New York Times

Whatever happened to the Russian Bounties on our soldiers??

Voting this morning...poll workers without masks

American Airlines reviewing photographs of Sen. Cruz on flight without a mask

The woman Roosevelt relied on to put America back to work


"Hack! Hack! I don't need no stinking mask! Hack! Hack!"

America Drank Away Its Children's Future

To anyone in 2016 who voted trump or sat out the election

Lou Saban is Apparently Alive Again and Coaching the Crimson Tide

Paul Krugman - A plague of petty grievances

Another mask confrontation related death in Michigan

Cats have devolved since the Middle Ages

Report: CDC faults Arkansas officials for 'inconsistent messages' on coronavirus

need assistance - possible problems with a windows 7 pc, using firefox

Sending good vibes to my sisters and brothers out there

HA, HA: 'Is anybody here illegal?': New Hampshire radio host loses her show after berating workers..

Trump really goes off the deep end...

The Best Ways to Clean Your Face Masks, According to the Experts

GOP Sen. Kennedy Says Opponents Of Reopening Schools 'Can Kiss My A**'

Biden LIVE

Cartoons 7/14/2020

ICE directive for foreign students worries local colleges

**Important** 47% of #COVID19 cases confirmed in Israel last month tied to schools -

Ready or not, voting in primary election begins this week

If you gotta wear a mask, might as well have some fun with it

Any updates on Herman Cain? Nothing since July 3rd?

White House effort to undermine Fauci is criticized by public health experts, scientists and Dems.

A whopping 71% of Americans -- 82% Ds & 53% Rs -- say having kids return to school risky

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Rathian hunt Wild Spire Waste

They're not even pretending anymore.

Stephen Moore: Trump may try to get revenge on China for COVID-19:

Suspect killed in deputy-involved shooting after mask fight

Virginia Lawmaker (R) Tests Positive

Fort Bend County at highest COVID alert level

Senator John Kennedy Tells School Reopening Opponents to 'Kiss My A**' on Hannity

I didn't think Joe Biden could excite me. But I'm getting damn excited!!!

Trump Is Trading Dr. Fauci for the Ex-Host of 'Love Connection'

Portland Protesters Set Fire to Base of Elk Statue During 46th Consecutive Night of Demonstrations

White House Tries To Explain Why Donald Trump Retweeted Chuck Woolery's Claim "Everyone Is Lying"

One of the brightest comets in decades is passing Earth. Here's how to see it.

Three Marines, Now a Focus of Russian Bounties Investigation, Show the Costs of an Endless War

Trump's clemency for Roger Stone is an admission of the president's guilt in Russia probe

Biden Forgot To Say The 1% Will Use Some Of Their Amassed $50 Trillion To Pay For Some Green Jobs

Four more states added to New York quarantine order, Cuomo says

Andrew Sullivan will be quitting his position at New York magazine

Did Climate Change Exacerbate the Coronavirus ?

Woman who became infamous for racist rants gets hit by a fire in critical condition

Rep. Morgan Griffith (R-Va.) revealed on Tuesday that he has tested positive for COVID-19

Pro-Police Agitators and Black Lives Matter Protesters Clash in Brooklyn

School? If My Kid Gets Infected I Am Suing Everyone Under The Sun Starting With The School Board

GOP Senators Could Pay Political Price For Opposing Coronavirus Relief, Poll Finds

I feel icky.....

Does anyone know if Tucker Carlson's "vacation" will be in Florida?

Make these Bastards Squirm

"None of us lie": Top testing official defends coronavirus task force

Doctors cry foul as Trump, White House target Fauci, CDC

This Tennessee doctor caught coronavirus at a meeting about coronavirus. He nearly died.

God Save Us (Lennon)

Man hailed a 'hero' after helping subdue yelling passenger on Sea-Tac flight

Reasonable challenger slogan

Trump Campaign Geniuses Send 'Pay Up, Deadbeat' Emails To Supporters

The Federal PPE Stockpile That Trump Bragged About Is Almost Gone

Washington Adds 1,101 Coronavirus Cases, Highest Single-Day Total

Vote for Courage

Biden unveils $2 trillion climate plan with energy revamp

I feel like we could learn from this......

Pence heads to Louisiana amid renewed surge in virus cases

The RNC reportedly wants to move most of their Jacksonville convention outdoors

Lindsey Graham previews Mueller interrogation

Adam Schiff prosecuted former FBI Richard Miller in 1986, for Espionage

Louisiana attorney general tests positive for coronavirus ahead of Pence visit to state

To those who are even considering sending their children to school this year:

REI to lay off 400 retail employees nationwide amid COVID-19 pandemic

Grant Imahara died at age 49.

Is His Lardship supposed to be in Georgia tomorrow?

How Biden Wins by Al Franken

what it tells us that both campaigns are spending money in *texas*, of all places

Nobody Asked Me: A Teacher's Opinion on School Reopening

If you met a doctor who looked like this in pre-op, would you let him operate on you?

Any re-usable mask recommendations?

Protecting Children

Princess Dumbass -- Take Your Daughter To Work Day: Ivanka Urges Unemployed To 'Find Something New'

Let's Fix a Problem

Trump admin. RETREATS on deporting students with all-online courses this fall

This is in the running for being my favorite trump* photoshop hit, yet.

Anyone else think Comcast/Xfinity charges too much

The Lincoln Project - Walk of Courage

Washington has reached 90 degrees or higher on 18 straight days,

Ohio Army veteran who refused to wear face mask dies of COVID-19

The Con and his goons back down - Colleges and Universities win

Miami is now the coronavirus epicenter as cases surge, expert says

The Trump Administration Orders Hospitals to Bypass the C.D.C. with Key Virus Data

Amb. Rice: I Will Do Everything I Can To See Biden Succeed Morning Joe MSNBC

Dorothy - Ain't Our Time To Die


Great news from NY...No Coronavirus Deaths Four Months After First Report


One more from Andrew Cotter - Olive and Mabel.


Ghislaine Maxwell pleads not guilty to federal sex trafficking charges and is denied bail

MAHA - Make America Honorable Again

Endeavoring Thoughts (20196): The Cost of our Children

The administration orders hospitals to bypass the C.D.C. with key virus data, alarming health expert

FBI concerned over laundering risks in private equity, hedge funds - leaked document

Can We Create All the Money We Need?

My Appologies

Face mask fight in Eaton County, Michigan.

Anyone want to help a teacher write a will and a DNR on the cheap for a teacher?

Our economy is in crisis. Only one of the candidates realizes it.

Right wing talk radio

Trump admin has ordered hospitals to bypass the CDC & send all coronavirus info to database in DC

We don't worry for Dr. Fauci. We worry for the country.

Hey everyone, GREAT NEWS: The pandemic is over, starting tomorrow!

The Threat of Foreign General Wesley Clark

Imagine a Vaccine Has Been Developed

4 former CDC heads say Trump's undermining of agency puts lives at risk

Dump said more white people than black are dying at the hands of law enforcement.

Universal Masking to Prevent SARS-CoV-2 Transmission--The Time Is Now (JAMA)

Masks offer much more protection against coronavirus than many think

Great, now we'll hit all the f*cking traffic. (Twitter)


Elizabeth Warren and the Biden Veepstakes

Robert E. Lee's Black Brother, Alfred

Asked why Black Americans are killed by police, Trump responds, "So are White people" VIDEO

Joe Biden to air first general-election TV ads in Texas as polls show increasingly close race

Ya know what, as much as people were mad that in 1989 Jethro Tull won

trump: confederate flag is "freedom of speech"

FDA investigates lab as tens of thousands of COVID-19 test results in Florida are questioned

Is the current gov meh about covid because they think this is the beginning of 'end time'?

*sigh* It is just as good.

Hey Roger

Man in the Middle: Roger Stone The dirty trickster/convicted felon polluting our political discourse

Sporadic reports of strong for Texas runoff

18 days

Can Trump fire Fauci? Technically, no

"Trump's COVID scandal makes what Nixon did at Watergate look innocent. Nobody died in the Watergate

Bastille Day 1989--200th anniversary of the French Revolution. Celebration I will never forget

If Betsy gets her way

Did Roger Stone Tell Trump That He Would.....

Does trump view the virus as friend or foe?

Psssssssssssssst! did I just hear that Covidention 20 is in limbo

Grim words from CDC Director Robert Redfield

MiedasTouch releases #ByeIvankaII!!

'He's a monster of our creating' Republicans Against Trump founder says his PAC is about atonement

Other than failing to get rid of sanctions, name one way donnie has disappointed putin

Insurance coverage lost at record pace

Nick Cannon has gone full Farrakhan.

White House tells hospitals to bypass CDC on COVID-19 data reporting

Will college be changed forever? So many young lives may never get the full benefits of college life

whiskey flavor profiles- 86 scotch whiskies, 12 flavor profiles

White House tells hospitals to bypass CDC on COVID-19 data reporting

Trump holding press conference at 5pm ET

Another defection

So it occurs to me that trump is our new Mad King George

They Were Her Property by Stephanie E Jones-Rogers, 2019, Yale University Press

Bernanke, Yellen to testify on federal response to coronavirus recession

Republican Lawmaker Tests Positive For COVID-19 Just Days After Urging Schools To Reopen

Quote from Fauci on CNN just now.

Hard right logic & cognitive dissonance:

NYT. Live: Alabama State Primary Runoff Election Results 2020 (Link)

Picked up my copy of Mary Trump's book a little while ago

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg hospitalized for possible infection

Justice Ginsburg was admitted to hospital early this morning. Resting comfortably now.

BREAKING: Justice Ginsburg admitted to John Hopkins Hospital for treatment of a possible infection

Back to School and Die.

RBG hospitalized with infection

He is fucking incoherent

Parents and teachers, do you find this comforting?

We got our renewed passports in the mail today!

So Far The Trump 2020 Campaign Has Officially Killed 136,000 People

the motherfucker is lying on the teevee now. lying about Biden

My Bucket's Got A Hole In It

Redfield Finally Tells The Truth - NOW Say It In Front Of Trump.

What's for Dinner, Tues., July 15, 2020

CNN just cut away from dotards bullshit!

Trump babbling..2 min video if you can stomach it

"Tankers, we built incredible tankers"

Watching Trump's "Press Conference" is surreal....he is losing it big time

Former VA Medical Worker Pleads Guilty To Murdering 7 Patients In West Virginia

Republican committees censure Texas governor over requiring face masks, closures

Trump defending confed flag..note new orange glo n hairdoo

FEMA Sends Texas 14 Mobile Morgues As Coronavirus Death Counts Rise

CNN broke away from traitor. Took them too long though.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg hospitalized for possible infection

The Donner Party, as viewed by that Florida fool, Limbaugh

Ruth Bader Ginsburg admitted to hospital for an infection.

"We'll man it, and woman it"

"We manned it...womaned it" still watching Trump on Fox

In-person turnout for Alabama GOP runoff is extremely low

"Trump manipulated reporters to gather at the WHouse so he could get attention for unhinged rant

A Megachurch Reels After Learning Pastor Let His Professed Pedophile Son Work With Kids

Trump Has Totally Lost His Mind - This Quote Is Beyond The Pale

Trump & Fox News's Premature Coronavirus Celebration: The Daily Social Distancing Show

Things I'd rather do than listen to trump.

The President says Biden's platform is more extreme than Bernie's because it's far to the right?

Daniel Dale, CNN's live fact checker, tweeted this:

trump doing a campaign rally in the Rose Garden

U.S. CDC head says mask-wearing could get COVID-19 under control within 4-8 weeks

Arkansas by the numbers 7/14/20.

The Houston Chronicle's Sunday Obituary

Report: CDC faults Arkansas officials for 'inconsistent messages' on coronavirus

cold office space in the winter and warm office space in the summer.

Nazi Leader Guilty In Swatting Calls Against Journalists

Israel opened schools and look what happened:

Please ban cameras at Aug. GOP outdoor convention in FL. Worst wet tshirt event ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He's. Still. Talking....

"Net zero houses and buildings means

Absence of Apparent Transmission of SARS-CoV-2 from Two Stylists After Exposure at a Hair Salon with

ICE rescinds visa rule

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Wednesday, 15 July 2020

Majority of Public Favors Giving Civilians the Power to Sue Police Officers for Misconduct

"They're dying because they can't do what their doing"

As has been said, he is the "Shakespeare of Shit". n/t

pence said don't listen to CDC guidelines re: opening schools...

Jim Acosta said this is the first time he has seen a President turn a Rose Garden press event

Sounds like I missed a barn burner of a presser from Trump

Experimental COVID-19 Vaccine Jump-Starts Immune System, Scientists Say

Didn't see anything here so far - RGB has infection. In the

Can't say I would wish it on her, but I also can't say there are many other candidates who would

934 new cases in 24 hours in Missouri

Shithead Desantis blames agricultural workers traveling on "crowded buses" for Covid spread in FL

Someone asked who would get first interview with Mary Trump. This?

"rambling unhinged quality" to bunker boy's "campaign rally" - Jim Acosta CNN

Guess What Happened After Montana Care Home Refused Free COVID-19 Tests

When Trump was 13, his little brother dumped a bowl of mashed potatoes over his head while seated at

'Corporate Hypocrisy On Racism': BLM 'Allies' Profit On Prisons, Payday Loans, Discrimination

Trump dismisses question on deaths of Black Americans in police custody

Attorney General Mark Herring Outlines Tenant Protections During COVID-19 Pandemic

Fauci: 'I think you can trust me' on my track record

The orange hair is dressing on the mash potatoes he has for a brain.

Trump administration backs off plan requiring international students to take face-to-face classes

North Carolina sets single-day record for coronavirus hospitalizations

A message for President Donald Trump from his niece: 'Resign'

😷 Great White apologizes for performing to a packed, maskless crowd in North Dakota

House panel advances funding bill mandating police reform

Biden wants to abolish the suburbs says trump

MN-05: Primary challenge to Rep. Ilhan Omar attracts big money

Moderna's Covid-19 Vaccine Moves to Bigger Study

COVID-19 could be controlled in 1-2 months if people wear masks: CDC Director Robert Redfield

So why do media people not call him on his lies?

Trump slams Los Angeles for 'terrible decision' to keep schools closed

3 felony criminal charges filed against Steve Watkins

'Gotham Refuses to Get Scared': In 1918, Theaters Stayed Open

KS-02: 3 felony criminal charges filed against Steve Watkins

Hours after calling coronavirus a hoax, Chuck Woolery's son tests positive for it.

In Press Conference Disaster, Trump Claims Florida Yard Signs Mean He's Beating Biden

7 US Senate seats up for re-election in 2020 are going to flip. 1 Democratic and 6 Republican.

New Ivanka Trump initiative tells out-of-work Americans to 'find something new'

BUSTED: GOP congressman charged with 3 felonies after allegedly voting with fake address

No Gov. Cooper did not announce that kids would be going back to school

U.S. Representative from Kansas charged with voter fraud

A Texas ICU nurse is hospitalized with Covid-19 after testing negative

anyone else read the Berman testimony to the House Judiciary ?

Biden could win by just flipping a single state. Suddenly it's in play


whow. the Biden's sure have a big dog........

What Susan Rice as V.P. could do that no other candidate could:

As coronavirus cases hit record high, New York expands quarantine restrictions for 22 states

Massachusetts Democrat calls for Voice of America chief to resign


How does the media justify, ethically, what it is doing with drumpf coverage?

Biden's $2 Trillion Green Energy Plan Welcomed By Progressives

A Wayfair Child-Trafficking Conspiracy Theory Is Flourishing on TikTok

Origin of 'Mirach's Ghost' perplexes black hole scientists

'Geyser' aurora and 'cosmic bat' nebula shortlisted for astronomy photo prize

Trump revels in the rule of halves. If we tested half as many and just kept halving we would soon

Tell us another one KaYLie

NRA Must Face 'Murder Insurance' Regulatory Hearing, Judge Says

Gorgeous images of Australian 'rainbow' bees will blow your mind