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Hospitals Ordered to Bypass CDC for Reporting

He's utterly incapable of leading this country...Mary Trump

See Jupiter at its brightest for 2020 tonight!

Democratic super PAC to launch 'Creepy Trump' TV ad

Ruth Bader Ginsburg hospitalized for possible infection

I am watching a damn Cardinals intersquad game in the middle of July

Masks Could Get Virus Under Control In 4 to 8 Weeks

07/15 Mike Luckovich: chart-topping

"We're down to kool-aid drinkers and next of kin"

Breaking: Tommy Tuberville LEAPS to an insurmountable lead over Jeff Sessions...

Yay for Jim Acosta!

Republicans' race to the bottom in new Texas swing district

Trump goes full on Captain Queeg in off the rails presser.

Trump bristles at question about police killing Blacks

Biden Announces Plan For 'Creating Jobs' and 'Protecting Our Climate,' July 14, 2020

I have to say that if Chump had been President in

Foie gras back on the menu in California after court ruling

Cop who threatened to kill protesters shoots, kills colleague who knocked on door.

Trump Election Rigging Backfires As GOP Pollster Shows Him With 15% Of Swing State Mail Vote

Biden Campaign statement on trump press conference

Mississippi Capitol outbreak: At least 41 with coronavirus

Biden Announces Plan For 'Creating Jobs' and 'Protecting Our Climate,' July 14, 2020

Israeli Data Show School Openings Were a Disaster That Wiped Out Lockdown Gains

Ole Miss moves Confederate statue from prominent campus spot

Well, crap.

Democrats should run a commerical in response to the repugs police commercial like this....

Tennessee gov to do 'whatever it takes' in abortion fight

Darn it, the phoebes left.

I love a proper put down.

Creepy Trump

IBEW/UAW endorses Biden's climate and infrastructure plan. "this is a big jobs win."

White People Unnecessarily Calling the Cops on Black People The Daily Show 4,273,708 viewsJun 29,

Sound Transit, other major transit agencies unite in call for federal funding to offset COVID-19

"That woman from Michigan" is on CNN.

Gov. Inslee extends pause of reopening phases in Washington state

Lawyers Call for Removal of Fla. Courthouse Mural Featuring 3 KKK Members: 'A Reprehensible Reminder

Music's Biggest Companies Are Asking Legislators to Save Indie Venues

(Jewish Group) Extremism report highlights spike in far-right antisemitism during pandemic

Trump has killed satire

Florida man sings to relax anxious gators during pandemic

(Jewish Group) #JewishPrivilege trends as Jews use hashtag to fight back against antisemites

'Sick to my stomach': Trump's visit to Jacksonville on 'Ax Handle Saturday' sparks outrage

Trump: 'More White People' Are Killed by Cops and How Dare Anyone Suggest Blacks Have it Bad

Trump's 'law and order' is a code for maintaining personal power

Colorado's out governor signs four pro-LGBTQ bills, ensuring it's no longer "the Hate State"

New Ivanka Trump initiative tells out-of-work Americans to 'find something new'

Gun-toting St. Louis couple are offered free AR-15 assault rifles after their guns were seized

Rob Reiner laying it out

Ivanka's "Find Something New" campaign for the millions of unemployed has truly inspired me.

Dodgers selling fan cutouts for up to $299

Republicans will do ANYTHING to prove that there's "Voter Fraud"...

Choose carefully

Even faux wasn't impressed, and their mention of President Obama

Across Virginia people are putting up flyers calling on residents to 'pray for white Americans

If you aren't filled with rage at Trump, you aren't paying attention just moved Texas into the blue

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Live and Let Die!

Mehdi Hasan on MSNBC: "It's Bastille Day - and Ivanka's doing her best Marie Antoinette impression"

The Trump supporters who changed their minds: 'I'd rather vote for a tuna fish sandwich'

White couple charged with assault after being filmed beating a Black hotel worker, who says they....

New Jersey Judge Says Movie Theater Chains Can't Immediately Reopen

So Far Sessions Is Losing

Contra Costa DA receiving death threats after filing hate crime charge over BLM Mural defacement

Texas county approves tax breaks for Tesla, if it builds a $1.1 billion car plant near Austin

Please please let RBG be ok

Urgent Action Demanded As 23 Million US Families Face Possible Eviction By October: Rent Relief Now

It's Time 2020 - "Jim Jones"

Pentagon says US has withdrawn from 5 bases in Afghanistan as part of agreement with Taliban

Right-wing cartoonist sues Jewish organization using anti-Semitic memes...

Curfew: Another recommendation - British Dystopia car race in a zombie world.

Teens are dressing up as mask-wearing grandmas to score alcohol

My cousin (retired Honolulu PD) posted this plea to Trump on FB.

Sebastian Gorka is back

Tammy Duckworth tells is like it is

Ok. Now Joe has a perfect opportunity to give Trump a new moniker.

US President Donald Trump signs Hong Kong Autonomy Act, and ends the city's preferential trade statu

Jeff Sessions is not losing by a 2:1 margin ...

Nixon signed this key environmental law. Trump plans to change it to speed up pipelines and more

Can sessions run as an independent?

Fight the Florida Covid propaganda!

Fight Florida Covid propaganda

Mike Malloy

Jeff Sessions loses comeback bid in Alabama runoff

Parson: Trump 'focused' on situation with St. Louis couple

Poor Session

Confederate statues stored at Richmond waste water plant

Republicans who are too afraid to go to their own convention in FL cannot demand that schools open.

Tax us: Abigail Disney among 83 millionaires begging for higher taxes for coronavirus relief

Trump Covid Math Function: If we do half as many tests we will THINK we have half as many cases BUT

Thump-thump! Ooh, Jeff Sessions now has bus tire tracks across his back!

Moderna...says its coronavirus vaccine trial produced 'robust' immune response

Happy Bastille Day

Sara Gideon Wins Nomination to Challenge Susan Collins in Maine

Anderson Cooper calls Trump an "artificially tan man"

Iron Maiden - Stranger In A Strange Land

Trump's window is closing

New shredder

George Takei: She tried to warn us then, and she is speaking the truth now.

Experts cry foul on Trump for violating Hatch Act in anti-Biden speech

Cop threatened to shoot protesters through his front door. Turns out he shot a fellow cop, dead.

No one left in the WH but Kool-aide drinkers and Next of Kin

Congratulations On Surviving Another Week When Your Government is Trying So Hard to Kill You(Ferret)

It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry

Shelby Lynne - Bend

Begala on Trump presser: "He's cracking. Crumbling. Melting. Get a straitjacket. And a mop."

Alabama's Senate GOP runoff is a good omen for November

Po' Beauregard...

Po' Beauregard...

Is it safe to have some blood work done during the Trump Virus?

Ivanka Trump is now shilling for Goya

"we are down to Kool-Aid drinkers and next of kin."

RECKLESS TRUMP: New video from ReallyAmerican

Vive La France! Happy Bastille Day, 'La Marseillaise' National Anthem, Celebrations

YAY!! Air Force veteran MJ Hegar wins the Texas Democratic Senate primary

Any other year.

If it's Goya, it has to be good.

Completely unethical former WH physician Ronny Jackson won his Texas GOP runoff tonight.

Can we just skip to the end?

wanted: beetle identification

Cop who threatened to kill protesters shoots, kills colleague who knocked on door, affidavit says

Texas Primary Runoff Results

TX-31: Donna Imam wins Democratic Primary.

The Pandemic Could Get Much, Much Worse. We Must Act Now.

Is Texas electoral fools gold?

Kanye West Reportedly Drops Out Of 2020 Presidential Race

Failure to remove this Sociopathic Psychotic may result in your Death

Man in MAGA hat shows Kansas restaurant worker his gun after being pressed about mask

"Casablanca," Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman Hollywood Classic 1942

TX-24: Candace Valezuela wins Democratic nomination.

TX-SEN: MJ Hegar wins Democratic nomination.

Forty days

The Daily Social Distancing Show: California Rolls Back Reopening

Henri meets Park Go-eun

Family Of Rescue Kangaroos Act Like Toddlers

Two Texas House incumbents, Dan Flynn and J.D. Sheffield, fall behind early in primary runoff result

Incoming US Senators of 2020/2021.

Playful Husky Enjoys Being Sprayed WIth Water

Biden campaign Responds to Donald Trump's Taxpayer-Funded Campaign Rant.

Former foster dog becomes foster dad to kittens

Doggy deliveries help Colombians shop during pandemic

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Redskins Drop Name & Roger Stone's Sentence Commuted

COVID-19 in Colombia: medical community urges immediate basic income in Bogota

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Should Kids Go Back to School This Fall?

AOC - Si es Trump, tiene que ser corrupto

Now they are cutting the CDC out of the Covid Data Collection

Inspired by racial movements- Actor James Rhoday (Psych) Reclaims his Mexican last name Rodriguez

Synopsis of Greg Palast interview "How Trump Stole 2020"

不染/Unsullied- 崔江卉Cuijianghui

'Monster' KC pharmacist who diluted medications for years to be released 7 years early

CDC Director: Worries About Fall Winter 2020-2021 Due To COVID & Influenza Co-Occurrence

So a close friend is a tRumper and I don't understand it...

We Need to Protect Ourselves; Stay Home as Much as You Can

Seth Meyers - President Trump Wears Mask Publicly for the First Time - Monologue 7/13/20

Missouri school district asks parents to sign COVID-19 'death' waiver for children

Trump campaign lawyer who swiped at voting by mail has done so three times

Florida cutting hundreds of unemployment call center workers

COVID-19 can cause male infertility, be transmitted sexually

Maryland, Charles County Public Schools To Start Academic Year Via Virtual Learning

TX-10: Democrat Mike Siegel declares victory in suburban Houston congressional district

TikTok video ad for "Phucumol"

World-class hoop dancer Nakotah LaRance dies

Bill Nye Drops Mask Science On Tucker Carlson's 'Weird Claim' - The Beat With Ari Melber - MSNBC

Carnival light streak pics

I've been using photo editing software to create original images.

10 US Senate seats up for re-election in 2020 that are likely to flip.

In your guts, you know he's nuts -- never more apt than this short video

Trump claims liberals want to let people "blow up our cities "in outrageous Rose Garden speech

Concerns Raised Of Corrupted Data As Trump Orders Bypass Of CDC - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Tiny Whitefish MT Co. that screwed up Puerto Rico is given 4M $ no-bid contract for PPE!

Trump adviser knocks Fauci: Wrong about 'everything'

Eric Trump Is Getting Dragged for Misspelling 'Incompetent' in a Tweet Going After an Anti-Trump Rep

Handing out free masks in Huntington Beach

Turning in my notice tomorrow.

Runoff elections show Texas not quite ready for November's main event

Bolsonaro is denounced at UN for negligence towards indigenous peoples


Mexico wants Canada to turn over former top cop wanted in alleged cover-up of missing Indigenous stu

Mary Trump's Message To Donald Trump: 'Resign' - The Last Word - MSNBC

US Senate Election Rating for seats Democrats are likely to win in 2020.

Former White House physician Ronny Jackson wins Texas runoff

Anti racist beer bottle design is controversial

60 photos you must see at least once in your life!

The blinding of Gustavo Gatica and the return to unrestrained police state violence in Chile

Three from Paula Robison on flute...

Trump & Fox News' Premature Coronavirus Celebration

Trump appointee head of Voice of America already weakening American power w/ China

Princess Trump: Find Something New & Expose Yourself to Cancer--Be a Windmill Turbine Technician.

Chrysta Castaeda wins Texas Railroad Democratic primary runoff

FLIPPABLE: Roland Gutierrez for TX-SD19

I know what Ivanka really endorses....

Trump Gives Subdued, Rambling Campaign-Style Speech In Rose Garden - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

We're all part of a conspiracy against Trumplethinskin & the ReThugLiCons.This was on my Facebook.

They don't want to control diseases. They don't want a Center for Disease Control

FLIPPABLE: L. Sarah DeMerchant for TX-HD26

FLIPPABLE: Lorenzo Sanchez for TX-HD67

FLIPPABLE: Akilah Bacy for TX-HD138

Out of work? Ivanka wants you to just "find something new"

Elizabeth 'Liz' Campos edges out Jennifer Ramos in Democratic runoff for Texas House District 119

Virus Surging In Poor Countries and the United States

A general prayer/blessing for dogs and cats from 'Catalogical' website:

WA-10: Who's Running for Washington's Open 10th Congressional District Seat? The List Is Long

Trump Says He "Disagreed" With Privately Funded Border Wall, So Why Did His Administration Award the

Trump Financial Regulator Quietly Shelved Discrimination Probes Into Bank of America and Other Lende

Tweet of the Day

Evencio Castellanos: 'The River of the Seven Stars'

Florida Governor Orders All Children to Work at Walmart and Home Depot This Fall

Is it time for the people to rise up?

Airbnb hit with backlash for asking for "Kindness cards" and donations for hosts

Edward Colston statue in Bristol replaced by sculpture of Black Lives Matter protester

Demonstrators Call for Brazil President's Resignation as He Self-Quarantines with COVID-19  

The wild deep: Discovering new species in Chilean Patagonia -- before they go extinct

The wild deep: Discovering new species in Chilean Patagonia -- before they go extinct

"We are down to Koolaid drinkers and next of kin."

Aging Teachers Ask Themselves, Do I Quit Or Risk My Life?

Oil Comes First in Peru, Not Coronavirus Danger, Not Indigenous Rights

Soft Power: Americans in Its Grip at Home Must Face the Mischief It Wields

Saw my Dad yesterday. He looked sad. I could barely communicate with him through a window.

Cuomo : My 10-year-old knows better than what Trump just said

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 7/14/20

Jon Stewart Was Summoned to the White House for Something He Said on "The Daily Show"

Why is trump and McConnell stalling giving people stimulus checks now?

Slaver statue replaced by sculpture of Black Lives Matter protester

Trump Whisperer' Explains How She Gets Inside Trump's Head For Videos The Last Word MSNBC

Stephen Colbert: Guest Tom Hanks

Charlottesville mayor: UVa reopening plan 'a recipe for disaster'

Just kidding!

Outer Banks island ravaged by storms and virus restrictions

Governor orders crackdown as coronavirus spikes in Hampton Roads

Breakfast Wednesday 15 July 2020

Twitter Account Limited

Wednesday TOONs - Making Audiences Ghost Again

Former Gov. Snyder denied qualified immunity in lawsuits for second time

Presidential Trivia: On This Day, JFK, Jimmy Carter and Harry Truman accept their nominations

Dan Pfeiffer nails Pence on his BS excuse to open schools

Naya Rivera: Why Glee's Santana was so important to young LGBT women

Authoritarian voters pushed Trump to victory. Can they do it again?

A common theme in Mary Trump's book is ...

Shelby Co. Election Commission receives unprecedented number of requests for absentee ballots

Apple wins EU court case over $15 billion in claimed taxes

Statue of Black protester replaces toppled UK slave trader

ViacomCBS drops Nick Cannon, cites 'anti-Semitic' comments

Lincoln Project: "You can trust Dr. Fauci. We can't trust Donald Trump."

You know why trump is desperate ,

Trump Announces Intent to Appoint Individuals to Key Administration Posts; July 14, 2020

July Photo Contest is now open for submissions - Contest is closed

July Photo Contest Comments Thread-Comments Only Please

An mRNA Vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 -- Preliminary Report

Pence's Remarks During a Roundtable on Higher Education Reopening; July 14, 2020

Trump's Remarks in Press Conference; July 14, 2020

Just in: @maddow to interview Mary Trump in her first cable appearance, Thursday at 9

July Photo Contest is now open in the Photography Group.

Remarks by Pence and Members of the Coronavirus Task Force in Briefing on COVID-19; July 14, 2020

Trump is desperate to blame the coronavirus on someone.

With elective procedures delayed, UnitedHealth profit spikes

St. Louis prosecutor investigating couple who pointed guns at protesters says Trump, governor......

I didn't see this coming!

"schools--not restaurants or gyms--turned out to be [Israel's] worst mega-infectors"

Shoppers, it's a Christmas in July Ugly Sweater Shopping Contest!!

Fauci warns young of Covid-19 risks and says crisis could match 1918 flu

Trump heads to Georgia, one of the new 2020 battleground states

On this day, July 15, 1913, Cowboy Copas was born.

Republican kills...

Ivanka is so proud of her dad ....

Otter pool/balcony fun

Trump's new global media chief fires top editor at Radio Free Asia

Florida men charged with selling bleach as COVID-19 'miracle cure'

You raised $2,153.00 on July 14, 2020 to elect Joe Biden POTUS with our DU ActBlue link

87 charged with felonies after Breonna Taylor protest at Kentucky attorney general's house

Former Trump physician Ronny Jackson: 'Wearing a mask is a personal choice'

Deepfake used to attack activist couple shows new disinformation frontier

The irony of the Dotard saying this goes to infinity.

Karens of the future

We are witnessing an amazing, ironic twist of fate.

Threat of a Trump without rallies triggers fears across GOP

The Rundown: July 15, 2020

The Webcomics Weekly #95: The Road to the Prologue to 100 Begins Soon (7/14/2020 Edition)

If Russia launched ICBM's at the USA, would we retaliate?

The Good Liars: Building an asshole wall around Trump Tower (comedy)

A Brood Of Europe's Largest Owl Made A Nest On This Man's Third-Story Planter

Trump knocks 'Radical Left smear machine' after Goya boycott calls

This is from 7 years ago: "Cincinnati's Tommy Tuberville settles fraud lawsuit"

Red Rockin' Chair

Trump-appointed judge slaps down Tennessee's new anti-abortion law

Public's disconnect from COVID-19 reality worries experts

New Change Research state polls: WI: B +6, PA: B+8, NC: B+1, FL: B+7, MI: B+6, AZ: B+6.

And another weaponized Missy, this one in Grand Rapids

Do you believe The Star-Spangled Banner should be played at American sporting events?

Quitobaquito Spring in danger: Border wall construction depleting sacred Tohono O'odham spring, home

Drug cartel 'narco-antennas' make life dangerous for Mexico's cell tower repairmen

Drug cartel 'narco-antennas' make life dangerous for Mexico's cell tower repairmen

Bert Kaempfert - Afrikaan Beat

The End of the Breakfast Buffet

Stephen Miller poses for the cameras

Solving the Mask Shortage in Huntington Beach

Most in new poll say Biden running mate won't influence their vote

Ivanka Trump pitches Goya Foods products on Twitter

Trump to move forward with rollback of bedrock environmental law

7 ships on fire at the Bushehr port in southern Iran

Opinion: The numbers don't look so good for Donald Trump

"Born this Way"

Trump's Party Cannot Survive in a Multiracial Democracy

Linda has a birthday today.

West End Girls -- Pet Shop Boys -vs- East 17

Trump seeks to tie Biden to Sanders

(Louisiana) Orleans Public Schools have 'fluid' plan for returning to school

NBC's Peacock is total BS

BROKEN: Trump Reverses Opposition to Mail-In Ballots

ViacomCBS drops Nick Cannon, cites 'anti-Semitic' comments

Roger Stone Can Be Tried, Again

Asha Rangappa comments on Mary Trump's book...

Picking up some Rx this morning at the pharmacy and

Adviser says Kanye West no longer trying to run for president: 'He's out'

Without waiter jobs, what happens to creative New York?

It's just so simple. Just find something new.

Great response to magat at 270towin

From the Mooch:

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: Where Is the Outrage Over Anti-Semitism in Sports and Hollywood?

I feel more confident today than I did 4 years ago.

Twitler's Hail Mary

Burger King hot on the trail of cow farts..

(Albuquerque) My dental appointment

Anthony Scaramucci with the tweet of the morning

GOP challenge to Obamacare.

Cartoon: Trump v. Fauci By Clay Jones -July 15, 2020 9:00 AM

Trump COLLAPSES, Mutters "Obama" When Confronted About Virus

Trump & White House Go to War with...Dr. Fauci

GOP congressman charged with multiple counts of voter fraud in Kansas

President Vicente Fox is at it again! Miss his videos, this looks like a new one, despite the date:

"Back To School" - Powerful Ad!

Experts: Ivanka Trump's endorsement of Goya Foods puts her in serious legal trouble

CIA has been conducting covert cyber ops against Iran and others

Trump team relaxed training rules for nursing home staff just as pandemic hit

On the day of Trump's transportation speech, he throws Peter Navarro under the bus...

I could be wrong but I think I know what happened:

The Houston Chronicle obituary section was 43 pages on Sunday.

Another mystery flower has emerged and bloomed. It's a beauty

Anthony Fauci; American Hero [Lincoln Project] We can make Donald Trump Disappear.

Ghislaine Maxwell refused to reveal identity and assets of her SECRET SPOUSE

Rembrandt was born on this date.

Banksy Visits the London Tube

Why has this supposedly constitutional republic capitulated to a treasonous tyrant?

Scott Adams has jumped the shark

Coronavirus hospital data will now be sent to Trump administration (hidden) instead of CDC

Nursing home residents re-create iconic album covers while in lockdown

Shame on USA Today for publishing a trashy hit piece on Dr. Fauci by Peter Navarro

Wish we could turn back time to the good dope days!

Susman Godfrey Founder Loses Battle With COVID-19

Pierce: Let's All Point and Laugh at Jefferson Beauregard Sessions

Walmart will start requiring all customers to wear masks

RUDE PUNDIT: We are watching last days of Jonestown here right now

"your gun's not going to kill coronavirus, now get the hell out of here."

Trump says he would welcome Michael Flynn back to his administration

Rep. Griffith tests positive for coronavirus days after speaking with unmasked members

Israeli Data Show School Openings Were a Disaster That Wiped Out Lockdown Gains

The worst of two evils!

BE AFRAID ! President Christie

The pandemic and social anxiety

3257 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Wed.; 97 new deaths

This is what national decline looks like

Flight Attendants Tell Airlines: Don't Even Think About Concessions

New Monmouth Poll: Biden Up +13 in Pennsylvania

Bartender explains why he swiftly kicks out Nazis even if they're 'not bothering anyone'

OK, what's going on at 270towin? They have Biden at 278!!!

Trump is playing defense -- and doing a rotten job of it

Pic Of The Moment: I Got Your "Incredible Numbers" Right Here

Colbert's Cartoon Team Take The Piss Out Of Rick Wilson & The Lincoln Project

Oklahoma Governor Stitt has tested positive for the Covid

Trump hides COVID-19 data

Ohio Trumpster Who Refused To Wear Mask and mocked COVID-19 as hype dies!

Music & video piece made by my German friends here in the Canary Islands,

If anyone can figure out how to translate this link into DU language, it would be, oh so worth it.

Pence: "We don't want CDC guidance to be a reason why people don't reopen their schools."

How are they going to run the shooter drills?

*****GUARANTED FRESH***** A+ Rated Monmouth Poll of Pennsylvania - Biden 52% Trump 42%

One of the roofing companies I contacted might just email me an estimate without seeing the roof??

Lt. Col Alexander Vindeman promoted to Full Colonel. Thanks Sen Duckworth

Prominent tech entrepreneur found decapitated in 'professional' killing at his NYC luxury condo

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 7/15/20

Because this...

A New Understanding of Herd Immunity

Oklahoma Governor Tests Positive

Tuberville tops Sessions

Pensacola City Council votes to remove Confederate monument, change name of Lee Square

Fox's Wallace to interview Trump on Sunday

Despite months of warning, the US could soon run out of PPE

July 15 - Happy Birthday Rep. Dan Lipinski (D) IL-3rd

Trump says he'd welcome Michael Flynn back to the White House

July 15 - Happy Birthday Rep. David Cicilline (D) RI-1st

Majority opposes Trump administration demand that schools reopen: poll

July 15 - Happy Birthday Mayor Mike Duggan (D) Detroit

SAXsquash playing "You don't know me"

Obama tells America to choose science and data

Biden's Texas ad signals opportunity in GOP stronghold

Social Distancing - Somebody's gonna lose an eye.

S. Korea issue statement denouncing Japan's defense white paper claims to Dokdo

BREAKING: Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt confirms he has tested positive for COVID-19.

Mommy and Daddy dearest

Make it so

2 in 3 want to see Trump tax returns: poll

Door Knob Lickers

In 5 or 6 days or so, FLA may overtake 2nd place CA in the total number of covid-19 cases

Protesters attempt to form so-called autonomous zone in downtown Portland parks

Impeached tRump is Using Us

Forget the taxes...John Fugelsang

Mask mandate issued for Alabama

A Very Good Read

Oklahoma Governor Has CV19

How many Republicans does it take?

I just watched 45's "Breaking News" on MS13 arrests.

Crews make progress against still burning fire aboard USS Bonhomme Richard for 4th day

Arkansas virus numbers keep going up. The head of the Arkansas Dept of Health moves to the CDC.

Texas GOP turns on Gov. Abbott now that he's finally trying to stop virus spike

John Fugelsang for the win

St. Louis prosecutor investigating couple who brandished guns at protesters says governor and Trump

Trump doesn't give a shit,..but now that he has been exposed, now he feels bad.

(NM) Unmasked candidate says government can't tell her what to do

This bird dancing to alarm ringtones has more rythm than most of us

CNN Breaking News: New body cam footage of George Floyd's murder released.

Whatever it is he's doing can't be called or covered like a campaign

Now Trump is tweeting that Biden wants to "Abolish the American Way of Life"

Down Memory Lane on March 9 with El Duncy!

Is Stitt the first governor to become infected?

Trump makes at least 19 false and misleading claims in wild anti-Biden monologue

'Attempted Murder of Your Post Office': Outrage as Trump Crony Now Heading USPS Moves to Slow Mail

Faulty data collection raises questions about Trump's claims on PPP program

Back to school (Letters to Mr. President)

Re: Trump's Taxes.....

Trump orders hospitals to bypass CDC in reporting Covid data, so his people see the numbers first

'You can't make me!' Anti-maskers revolt after Walmart announces mandatory face covering rule

Senior Trump campaign lawyer critical of mail-in ballots voted by mail three times

Liberals got triggered by beans #EatingBeansToOwnTheLibs

Thank you to @peterbakernyt's editors for resisting the temptation to straighten out this paragraph.

Eeeep! Front Page Of Local Weekly

GovDeWine has a presser tonight, think he'll find his testicles & spine & guts?

WATCH: Woman storms off Walmart parking lot after employees laugh at her tantrum over face masks

Elderly Utah Man Dies While Waiting in COVID-19 Testing Line

Death Star?

People Also Refused to Wear Masks in 1918--and 675,000 Died

Big Win for Greater Yellowstone Grizzlies

How much longer before Trump turns on his voters?

I am not in favor of abolishing The Suburbs!

Lincoln Project advisor reminds Ivanka her dad might not pardon her after he loses

Serious question - How did we become this stupid?

My latest letter to the editor

Skipping the CDC is simply a grave mistake!

Virginia Tech launches data science academy

Guy driving around town yelling at people

How do we get rid of an obvious madman who is the president?

In Public Lands is the Preservation of the Republic

If you go to the Goya website, you can leave feedback.

Whoa! South Carolina college republicans:

BREAKING: In the Middle of a Pandemic, Texas Democrats Break the Record for Highest Turnout in Texas

Notified of work vac leave changes due to Covid (good news, I think)

Missouri governor defends gun-toting St. Louis couple, says Trump may get involved

Obama--choose science, data! HOW?! Trump, GOP closing down data collections, chucking yrs of data,

LOL! You have to see this comedienne's parody of an anti-masker hearing about new Walmart rule

How the Electoral College Is Tied to Slavery and the Three-Fifths Compromise

Alabama Democrats tweets are 🔥🔥🔥

Congress Is Investigating Contracts Tied To Mask And PPE Shortages

Grown up disease - Ruby Bridges

"I pretended to wash my hands"

Cartoons 7/15/2020

Reuters: Hedge fund manager Singh calls Trump's handling of coronavirus 'an incredible gift'

Chrissy Teigen Says She Deleted 60,000 Tweets Out of Concern for Her Family's Safety

Average deaths per week rises as Florida reports 112 coronavirus fatalities

California's Death Valley could hit 130 degrees, the hottest temperature ever recorded

El Dorado County and TAHOE are screwn...COVID outta control...

trump's "Incredible Numbers"

The QAnon Candidates Are Here. Trump Has Paved Their Way.

St Louis Prosecutor Slams Trump & Gov. Mike Parson (R) For Meddling In Gun Couple Investigation

Let's remember trump barely won last time, some would say he didn't

Hospitals Should Tell Trump to Shove His Orders and Send Their Data to the CDC Anyway

OK, I'm gonna say it:

CNN, MSNBC Cut Away From Trump's Rose Garden Remarks As He Launches Into Attack On Joe Biden

What has increased in cost under Trump. Had one saying Trump better because less taxes, ACA cost him

FAUCI: "I can't explain Peter Navarro. He's in a world by himself"

Pentagon to unveil policy banning public display of racial & socially divisive symbols on militarary

Do you trust a vaccine that's been "fast tracked?"

the only thing that will get people to take this seriously.

Ben Carson on 2nd coronavirus shutdown: 'You do that again, & you completely destroy the financial

Dear Abby

Trump defends people who 'love' the Confederate flag and says they're 'not thinking about slavery'

We may all be doomed.... reflections from a FB interaction

Trump plans to appoint former aide Sebastian Gorka to the National Security Education Board

On NPR live now, 2:15 eastern US, Fauci is hitting back at Navarro. Sourced now

tRump's indifference and lies about COVID prove it was always about HIM and nothing else


I just read the orange assholes now infamous quote on testing

LAT reporter: Tump not only approved but encouraged Navarro's attack on Fauci

Just posted on the president's Instagram

ME-SEN: Collins wants 15 debates.

'Fletch' Reboot With Jon Hamm in the Works

President of flight attendants union says it's 'absurd' masks aren't mandated

Additional traps for Asian giant hornets set in Bellingham

Lincoln Project - Trust Fauci

Lincoln Project super PAC has raised $16 million, has $10 million in the bank

Is anyone keeping track of Democratic vs. GOPer infection rates of public figures?

U.S. Army salutes Washington medical workers on the frontlines of the pandemic

So... I've been going down the youtube rabbithole during lockdown... Some favorites...

CHARLES P. PIERCE: Joe Biden Is a Party Man. Right Now, That Means He's Veering Left.

Pompeo downplays chance of summit with North Korea this year

Joe: "Open everything now," isn't a strategy for success. It's barely a slogan.

Citing 'Callous Disregard for Human Life,' Groups Urge Trump and Pence...

2020 Senate elections: Endangered Republicans tout their records, not Trump, on the airwaves

Can Trump fire Fauci? Technically, no

Podcast: Steve Schmidt on "The Bunker" about Republicans past and present

At this point, people still supporting Trump are like those "Family Feud" contestants

Two people I know today just tested positive for COVID.

A kind gentle reminder: annuities DO make mistakes with payouts

Photos: Fire destroys several businesses in Gardiner

Tom Hanks Recalls How His Bones Felt Like "They Were Made Out of Soda Crackers" During C-19 Battle

Republican congressman charged with felonies related to illegal voting

Looks like Barr and trump are itching to send troops into blue US cities

Trump lawyers say they'll fight subpoena for president's tax returns

Fauci says Navarro's op-ed was "a major mistake" by the White House

Trump Claims Biden Could Never Have a Pandemic As Big As His

Alabama governor issues statewide mask order

Poll: Biden up 13 points on Trump in Pennsylvania

Great explanation for all lives matter

Manufacturing industry groups press Congress on infrastructure legislation

These States' Leaders Claim to Be 'Pro-Life.' So Why Are So Many of Their Citizens Dying of COVID-19

Overwhelming Turnout

Rose parade cancelled

Inside the Trump campaign's struggle to land a punch on Biden

. . . when Tony Fauci, at 74 yo, was suiting up to treat an Ebola patient himself

100 days without a smoke.

Washington Redskins: Readers respond to likely name change

Betsy says.......wait.......WHAT????

David Corn trolls Mike Pence about his comment on not letting CDC guidance prevent school reopenings

trump has decreed

Coronavirus: What happens if an Ohio county 'goes purple?'

Here's something we Southerners want to see a LOT more of, especially in Texas, Georgia and Florida

Major LGBTQ rights group breaks with Sen. Susan Collins, endorses Democratic opponent Sara Gideon

San Francisco public school students likely on screens rather than in seats: 'It's not safe to go ba

The world is full of amazing people!

VA Workers Win Big Time! Pass Emergency Temp Workplace Standards to Protect Workers From Covid19

240 thousand Americans will be dead from Covid-19 before the elections

Slightly morbid election question:

Let's compare friends

On this day, July 15, 1979, Jimmy Carter went on TV.

White House instructing governors to send National Guard to hospitals to oversee data on COVID-19

A book made me cry today.

Fauci calls White House efforts to undermine his credibility "bizarre"

US Postmaster General tells postal workers to leave mail behind if it slows down their route

Air conditioning appears to facilitate the spread of COVID-19

Not Good...

Rick Wilson interview (Lincoln Project)

#GoyaGate - trump and ivanka getting trolled on twitter

Trump says Navarro shouldn't have written op-ed slamming Fauci

NFB wins in IRS Ruling. National Federation for the Blind.

Orange Anus lands in GA. He is not wearing a mask.

The 2021 Rose Parade is canceled for first time in 75 years

The Real Kanye ...

Photoshop Battle: Ivanka with a can of Goya beans (pic heavy)

I am so sick of anti-maskers and anti-vaxers

AI model to forecast complicated large-scale tropical instability waves in Pacific Ocean

Biden should consider Rebuilding the Post Office as a platform plank...

A rivalry put aside in the age of Covid-19:

Cat communing with his ancestors

My 80+ yr old SIL needs to find the dates of military service of my deceased brother...

Jesus H Christ! Latest RW meme: thousands are committing suicide because they're stuck at home

COVID-19 Event Risk Assessment Planning Tool

New Quinnipiac national poll: Biden 52% Trump 37%

Bolsonaro tested positive again for Covid-19

Infamously racist woman dies after stepping into traffic and getting hit by fire truck

Maybe it's age, maybe it's Covid-19 but 5 of my former co-workers have died, recently

Trending podcasts iHeart is under the mistaken impression I'll enjoy.

Biden Widens Lead Over Trump To 15 Points In Presidential Race

He's SO precedential . . .

Man in MAGA hat flashes a gun after being told to wear a mask at Kansas City BBQ restaurant

I know this is an oldie, but my 2current cats, Shaw and Dixie agree

Ha. Everyone is making ads!! "Hello, you've reached the office of the President..."

I don't know how to feel about this.

Goodbye to my virus-free safe space!


Imma need some wine with this...

Fine speciman (his words) of a cop going insane

Chaconne at Home for 14 violinists.

Georges Bizet Carmen Suite

Let's take a disco break.

BLM and Hillary Clinton are coming to take away your Oreo cookies!

A Teenager Didn't Do Her Online Schoolwork. So a Judge Sent Her to Juvenile Detention.

Dr. Fauci Says 'Let's Stop This Nonsense.'

I recognize that many of my followers are too young to have ever heard of canning things at home.

Anyone else been caught up with these click bait ads. This insurance ad go on for pages of questions

Trump Encouraged Navarro to Attack Fauci

I see that some churches are resisting the governor's order barring indoor worship services

Julian Lewis has Tory whip removed after beating Chris Grayling to top security job

People cannot be forced to wear masks.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg discharged from the hospital and doing well

(Jewish Group) Nick Cannon demands apology, declares network "on wrong side of history"

She is home and resting!

Someone near my place is grilling chicken.

Charlie Musselwhite Office Tour

"Useless Facts, Badly Drawn": 33 Random Bits Of Trivia That Are Totally True

Governor DeWine (Ohio) to speak at 5:30 tonite. Rumor has it that he will be

Have you paid your Republican Billionaire Golf Tax yet?

Incoming for Lindsey Graham . . .

Want to have friends over? This new COVID-19 calculator looks at the risk

How to Immigration Policy - Sarah Cooper (Twitter)

Dump's taxes: Manhattan DA asks Supreme Court for official judgement stating "expedited resolution"

Can Trump fire Fauci? Technically, no

****GUARANTEED FRESH**** Trump approval drops to 36% as he trails Joe by 15 in Quinnipiac Poll

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #9-4: The Top 10 Hot 10: The Americans Edition


BREAKING: new NBC / Wall St. Journal poll

80% say that wearing masks slows the spread of the virus

What's for Dinner, Wed., July 15, 2020

Glenn Kirschner -Don't Listen to the Clowns

Trump Claims The Confederate Flag Has Nothing To Do With Slavery

Trump in Briefing on Keeping American Communities Safe: The Takedown of Key MS-13 Criminal Leaders

Deputies wait hours for coroners by body was a sex doll

Oh by the way President Fuckhead

Kayleigh McEnany: We Have to Use Science "In a Way That Is Not Political"

Now he's shilling beans in the Oval Office

COVID-19 is far from contained and could rival 1918 flu pandemic that killed 50 million...

Apparently trump's private militia is kidnapping protestors.

Major hack underway, targeting prominent accts (Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Apple) to push crypto scam

***WOW*** Biden leads Trump 62% -4% among voters who dislike both candidates in WSJ-NBC Poll

Sarah Cooper: How To Immigration Policy

This Trump-voting grandma from Indiana has had enough of Trump and his sidekicks

You know how losing candidates always want more debates with their opponent?

Tiedrich let's un-Fox this tweet

Suspected bitcoin scammers take over Twitter accounts of Bill Gates, Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos

Joe Biden account apparently hacked with crypto scam that targeted Bill Gates, Elon Musk, others

Chuck Woolery was booted off Twitter

Schools in Prince George's County, hard hit by coronavirus, will stay online at least through Januar

Washington just needs a name not being used by a current football team

Speed Kills!

Tiedrich for the win!

"That's a horrible question!"

If Trump thinks flying the Rebel flag is a free speech thing does that apply to the NAZI flag too

WaPo: Fauci Battling AIDS back in the ACT UP days:

Coming population collapse

NPR Radio Ratings Collapse As Pandemic Ends Listeners' Commutes

Jonny Quest Opening Titles in Stop Motion

Mary Trump: Hold my book.

Trump Slashed a Major Environmental Rule. That's Just the Beginning.

BREAKING: Ohio Governor Mike DeWine takes DECISIVE ACTION!

Man's corpse found wrapped in plastic bag on roof of NYC McDonald's

Jeff Tiedrich trolling trump about Mary's book

He has unnecessarily traumatized the nation. The lies are relentless and void of fact.

Minimum wage workers cannot afford rent in any U.S. state

Every Member Of Police Department Excitedly Volunteers To Go Undercover In White Supremacist Group


The Russian bounty-for-murder scandal: why isn't this getting more airtime ?

Inconsolable Jeff Sessions Tries To Commit Suicide By Smoking Joint

The best political ad ever made.

GOP senator says more racist policing is the solution to gun violence

Is this Twitter hack a dry run before the election in the Fall?

Texas Democrats shatter voter turnout record in ominous sign for GOP

Matt Gaetz's solution to Florida's virus surge: 'Lock up the boomers'

It's official: Sacramento County public schools won't reopen this fall (classrooms)

Serious question

New Kroger and Walmart COVID-19 safety statements

DeWine gave into these people

Trump Pivots to Self-Pity With Polls Sinking, Pandemic Worsening

Under the Bus goes Navarro; White House surrenders to Fauci.

Experts expect 'massive human suffering' if GOP lets jobless benefit expire

Rescue Pittie Can't Relax Until Her Puppies Are Safe

"A Message To The Bosses: Share The Profits!" Robert Reich

SARAH COOPER: Lip Syncing Trump LIVE on the 4th of July 4th

Thoughts And Prayers

Mary Trump- Fred Trump felt being kind was being unmanly.

10 signs Trump's reelection chances are in serious trouble

'She Felt Morally Obligated': Friend On Mary Trump's New Book Morning Joe MSNBC

Bigger, badder storms coming in the years ahead, and California is right in the path

Marvelous facts about macaws.

"Freud" on Netflix

Twitter is giving up memes

Mental fitness claim halts 2nd federal execution -- for now

Skinny Pittie Who Couldn't Walk Gets So Big And Strong

In another Wednesday pie hole moment................

Arizona ban on evictions set to end as heat, infections soar

Just a good boy getting a haircut

Brazil's Bolsonaro tests positive for coronavirus again

I don't like my chances

UPMC, Pitt Looking For 750 Volunteers For Coronavirus Vaccine Trials

Idle Question

Ma'am, is that thing loaded?

If Navarro is not fired we will know it was all a setup to distract from the COVID disaster.

Someone's got a serious case of the wiggles

Well played, Chelsea Handler....

Defying 'logic and the law,' HHS inspector general allows Trump's vaccine czar

We are all Fauci!

Is trump administration nothing more than a Russian PSYOP? Most successful PSYOP EVER?

gonna post this here,,

Trump invents nightmare fantasy about St. Louis gun couple: "they were going to be beat up badly"

Trump: "Joe Biden could never have a pandemic as big as mine."

Ghislaine Maxwell Apparently Has a Secret Husband--but She Won't Say Who He Is

Twitter accounts of Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and others apparently hacked

New CDC review: Chicago sheriff, staff successfully stemmed rising tide of COVID-19 cases in jail

Several big US school districts are extending remote classes into the fall

For President Biden - US Grant REVOKED pardons granted by Andrew Johnson

Remember when?

Good ole Rasmussen

19% of voters believe that the country is on the right track

trump speech on demand

Kroger grocery stores to require customers to wear masks

NYPD chief, protesters roughed up in Brooklyn Bridge clash

Maryland officials discover 'massive' $501M unemployment fraud scheme, Hogan says.

'Complete and utter moron': Anti-mask Republican derided after he 'dismantles himself'

Idiot 🙄 (from George Takei)

American Airlines sending 25,000 furlough notices as U.S. demand sags

Is it illegal for a non-partisan, unpaid volunteer to stand in line for a voter ?

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Is Released From Hospital

Montgomery County Public Schools is holding a school board meeting

I previously posted about my phone banking experiences these were different.

Top Democrat calls for oversight of Trump's demand for review of universities' tax-exempt status

"There are Trump signs here. That's not right"

2021 *Will Not* Start Well. Rose Parade Canceled Due to Pandemic

I'm not shedding any tears over this one. . . .

House Democrats' campaign arm rakes in nearly $40 million in second quarter

Florida hospitals face ICU bed shortage as state passes 300,000 COVID-19 cases

Trashy Trump, in Oval Office, Also Touts Goya Foods

Conservative radio host fired over video scolding landscape workers for speaking Spanish

Ad from Republican Voters Against Trump

Coronavirus Model Predicts 224,000 Deaths by November

Avoid men. Instead, follow women.

Biden tweets on testing

Poll: Joe Biden leads Donald Trump by 15 points, his widest margin this year

Felony Charge Dropped Against Homeless Man Dragged Off Subway by NYPD and Punched

tRump is using MS-13 as bogeyman to deflect attention away from his failed presidency

Steve Schmidt on Russian bounties.

"Wells Fargo is a hot mess. It has only itself to blame."

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2020 that Democrats and Republicans will win.

Trump scales back landmark environmental law, saying it will help restart the economy

YouTuber gives Florida a proper roasting

Utah Karens Gone Wild

Johnnie Walker is launching a new bottle that's made out of paper

Meadows wanted to cease fire on Fauci. Navarro had other plans.

Twitter attack is ongoing

Update on Herman Cain..

President Trump Loses the Tax Return Battle LegalEagle's Law Review

"I'm Alright" Kenny Loggins. with a little Cadyshack.

Doug Jones(D) should move to GA and run for the US Senate from GA in 2022 against Doug Collins(R).

Pence says GOP considering moving convention outdoors

Disgraced Lobbyist Jack Abramoff Headed Back to Jail