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Archives: July 17, 2020

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott says "there is no shutdown coming" as coronavirus cases surge

US Supreme Court blocks Florida ex-felons from voting in 2020 elections

Kemp's office seeks to block Atlanta mask mandate in court

Gov. Inslee announces 10-person limit on social gatherings

Everett to soon restrict traffic on four segments of streets

Melania's Supporters Seem Livid That Dr. Fauci Landed Major Cover Of Magazine Before The First Lady

Feds grant WSDOT $74M to reduce I-5 congestion, complete 'missing links'

Exclusive: CDC Won't Release School Guidance This Week As Anticipated

Durkan declares West Seattle Bridge closure a civil emergency, requests support

Democratic party's 51st US Senate seat after 2020 is MT or IA.

PSA: DON'T FORGET!!! Rachel will be back tonight

Trump's Aides, Desperate to Please Him, Keep Trying to Hold Campaign Rallies

Poll: More than 60 percent of voters say they trust Fauci, don't trust Trump on coronavirus

Dr Fauci is a great guy outside of work too:

Do Astronuts still drink Tang?

Florida's emergency operations center closes after 12 employees test positive for COVID-19

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown Says President Trump Is Invading Portland as an Election Stunt

Why Trump -- Not Biden -- Might Have An Enthusiasm Problem

Pair of century-old Seattle-area health systems explore merger

Re-watching GOT for the incredible visuals, music, and Peter

Federal Law Enforcement Use Unmarked Vehicles To Grab Protesters Off Portland Streets

Dems in the Country's Hottest Senate Contests Are Crushing the Opposition in Fundraising

Democrats see surging donations as they seek U.S. Senate majority

Masks win political momentum despite GOP holdouts

According to Infection 2020 it looks like we

USA TODAY At least 123 visitors to Nevada test positive for coronavirus after casinos reopen

San Diego - Karen strikes again, demands half of the money raised for barista she harassed

Scaramucci fundraising for the Lincoln Project: I hope Trump is 'humiliated' in November

Phoenix's mayor says Arizona's coronavirus surge was preventable and unnecessarily political:

OH-10: Desiree Tims outraises longtime GOP Rep. Michael Turner by more than $300K in second quarter

Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity almost make me pine for the era of Glenn Beck and Bill O'Reilly

Nooksack Dam (WA) Coming Down This Week, Freeing Up 16 Miles Of Salmon Habitat

White House Report Suggests Harsher Restrictions

Pompeo expects 'completely whitewashed' WHO China investigation

Democratic group plans to send 13 million hand-written postcards to voters in swing states

Maybe Not Enough Considering The Stacked Deck We Confront, But Guardian Gives Biden Plan Good Marks

White House reportedly sent the Pentagon dirt on Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman to derail his promottion

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Live and Let Die!

In wake of coronavirus, a looming epidemic of evictions

TX-GOV: Democratic strategists launch PAC to defeat Abbott in 2022

Are we the only ones suspicious that Trump's Twitter was not hacked???

73,311 new cases today at Worldometers, a new one day record! (Updated)

Climate Scientists Point To Most Countries' COVID Responses As Proof Climate Not Seen As "Crisis"

"We Need Them to F--king Do Something": Former Pandemic Officials

Rachel has Mary Trump on starting now.

I like having a smart Governor. Feels good after the last 2 we lived through

PA-01: DCCC Adds Finello to Red to Blue Program

Foreign language subtitles.

Ex-Honolulu officer who forced homeless man to lick urinal sentenced to 4 years in prison

When Sally voted.....

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp Bans Local Governments From Mandating Masks - MSNBC

So there's these two guys in a pickup with a Trump flag

Texas primary runoffs: Democratic enthusiasm fuels record turnout

Boy, Rachel is just at the intro for Mary Trump and is dripping scorn.

United States School Reopening Plan.

Joy Reid said she's parked on the couch for Rachel's interview of Mary Trump, and she'll be wife, dogs and I are heading out to spot comet Neowise. no go...

She really makes me smile.

TLP: Story Hour, Episodes 1 & 2

Chris Murphy: Get ready for the full open integration of Trump 2020 and the KGB. Serious.

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Rep. Katie Porter - When & How Should Schools Reopen?

cartoon: Trump

Mary Trump is coming across as highly credible, thoughtful, and articulate.

A never-before-seen 'partial supernova' sent this star's corpse skidding across the galaxy

Asian subtitles for TV and Movies

Damn, Aaron Rodgers and Danica Patrick are over.........

Oh, This Will End Well: Ethiopia Starts Filling Blue Nile Dam; Egypt Will React "Firmly"

cartoon - I'm fine

Am I the only one who thinks that Mary Trump is a train wreck?

Okay.... It took me a second to get this one..... Then I *snorted*

Story Hour Episode 2

RWers are now trying to claim that Mary Trump "has never met" her uncle Donald.

New Biden ad via Twitter, only fifteen seconds (the second tweet)....

It's a good thing for trump, that he never watches MSNBC.

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Promising Vaccine Trials & Teachers Brace for Back to School

Jealous' Trump demoted Brad Parscale for dating Hope Hicks

Japanese capsule carrying pieces of asteroid Ryugu will land on Earth Dec. 6

Washington NFL team hires law firm to review culture

Georgia Hospital Worker Sounds Alarm: 'I Have Never Ever Seen Anything Like This'

Mary Trump brought up Trump hawking black beans.

A Second Coronavirus Death Surge Is Coming

Rescued Wild Horse Loves To Play With A Little Donkey

Geneticists sequence the complete human X chromosome for the first time

73,000+ cases and nearly 1,000 deaths again today

New coating removes 99.9% of all coronavirus on it in an hour -- may soon find its ways to public spa

What is wrong with the president?

Two years and three months.

What's the largest desert in the world? (Hint: It's not the Sahara)

An articulate Trump!!

Georgia Governor Orders Statewide Ban on Science

Coronavirus Live Updates: New Cases in the U.S. Soar to More Than 74,000, Shattering the Record

Not that we believe in omens or anything....

So iq45 used the "n" word and disparages Jews.

Stop Code: IRQL not less or equal

New name for Washington Redskins

Lisa Hannigan - Undertow

Is there any polling on Kemp or DeSantis?

Nothing really interesting in Rachel's interview with Mary Trump.

Woman Pokes Fun At People's Ridiculous Excuses For Not Wearing A Face Mask

Russia Is Trying to Hack COVID-19 Vaccine Development

The Terrifying Next Phase of the Coronavirus Recession

Ordered Mary Trump's book

The image of Trump hawking Goya products from the Resolute desk

Trump's Political Standing Craters As He Gives No Clear Plan To Recover From The Pandemic - MSNBC


"Thank you for your service, Chasten."

Ok, what ad is it tweeting about?

CDC finds Cook County sheriff, staff successfully stemmed rising tide of COVID-19 cases in jail

From FaceBook

Steve Schmidt: Trump Must Be Defeated Or U.S. 'Will Be In An Irreversible Decline' - MSNBC

Trump's COVID-19 Policy: I, Alone, Can Ignore It

TCM Schedule for Friday, July 17, 2020 -- TCM Special Theme: Directed by John Ford

Trump's presidency is a potentially fatal self-inflicted wound on America

Warpaint - Disco/Very

Florida's hidden data skews COVID-19 test results

Photographer Catches Topics in Kayleigh McEnany's Briefing Binder: Obama, Hate, Golf, Mueller, Lies,

Who would kick millions off health insurance in the middle of a pandemic? Yes, Trump.

'Pure Hypocrisy': Kamala Harris On GOP Opposition To Coronavirus Relief Bill - All In - MSNBC

For the next six months, we're trapped on a leaking ship captained by a fool

Answered a long questionnaire from the Census today

Meadows says Fauci wrong to compare coronavirus to 1918 pandemic

Transferring Obsessions

Vaccine scientist predicts US is weeks away from every American knowing 'seriously ill' coronavirus

Remember that post re federal troops "kidnapping" citizens in Portland? It's true.

From the I Never Saw This Coming Dept - Mike Huckabee's History For Kids Company Accused Of Scamming

Texas: 4,100 backlogged cases now being reported

Worldometers: New high in US new Covid cases 73,388

More than 71,000 new cases of coronavirus were reported in the US on Thursday, the most ever

I know there's only a slim chance you will read this...

On MSNBC/The Eleventh Hour: 'GA Governor suing against a mandatory mask order.'

UPDATE: I'm leaving for the ER, I have some symptoms and VA told me to go "now" ...

Texas Covid crisis..The Rio Grande Valley area. 😥

Mardi Gras In New Orleans

Mary Trump: 'Of Course I Did' Hear Donald Trump Use Racial Slurs - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Why did so many Repukes line up behind Trump?

This study suggests exposure to corona cold viruses might give you a more mild reaction to Covid19

OK: Possible hospital staffing shortage

So I Lost A Friend To The Cult Of Trump Today

Trump: The science should not stand in the way of this, sending kids back to schools.

CDC restores COVID-19 hospital data website, but may not update going forward

... and then there were 2. Two states in the green, a handful in yellow,

Damn, I'm cranky.

Seth Meyers - Ivanka Trump Poses with Goya Beans on Twitter - Monologue 7/15/20

This is no longer about politics or ideology.

My tomato obsession has led me to some unusual opportunities - two recent podcasts I was on

Jerry Demings is hurting Val Demings' VP chances in their home county!

Recall Doug Ducey -- Group formed to put measure on the ballot

A Black hotel worker beaten to the ground by white guests & no initial arrest.

Seth Meyers: Guest Senator Tammy Duckworth Calls Tucker Carlson a Gnat

Georgia governor suspends all local mask mandates, encourages but doesn't require masks for resident

'Greed is Good'

Disappearance of covid-19 data from CDC website spurs outcry

Utah public hearing on schools dismissed after angry parents pack room without masks

I'm a little scared

The Next Disaster Is Just a Few Days Away

Another Monument to White Supremacy That Should Come Down? The Electoral College

How to do Real Estate -- Sarah Cooper

How to elements of bathroom

Seth Meyers - Trump Shakes Up Campaign as Biden's Lead Grows: A Closer Look

Teaching online sucks, but......

Ex-New Mexico officer facing murder charge over chokehold

New poll reaffirms that most Americans don't trust the President, but they do trust Dr. Fauci

As the Virus Deepens Financial Trouble, Colleges Turn to Layoffs

America Should Prepare for a Double Pandemic

This is truly frightening.

Mummy dog teaches her kids how to make music

Felony charges against former Blue Bell Creameries CEO dismissed after 2015 listeria outbreak

Chicago mayor to White House press secretary: 'Hey, Karen. Watch your mouth'

FB message from Democrat Mark Gamba, mayor of Milwaukie OR on fed troops in Portland

Samantha Bee "Mask Hysteria"

Federal Law Enforcement Use Unmarked Vehicles To Grab Protesters Off Portland Streets

fuck you, conservative asswipes trolling this board

Evgeny Kissin plays Rachmaninov 'Concerto No. 2, Adagio'

Pat Metheny: 'Antonia'

How Americans Became Part of the Trump Family

Jane's Addiction covering The Grateful Dead's "Ripple"

After listening to Mary Trump on the Maddow Show.. I am truly worried

Investigators: Texas couple defrauded Army out of millions

What the anti-stay-at-home protests are really about - Tea Party Astroturf, Part II

tweet of the hour

Mary Mary: 'God In Me'

Clashes resume on volatile Armenian-Azerbaijani border

Does anyone believe there will be an amount of deaths that would drive republicans

Oakland to pay $32.7M to settle deadly warehouse fire suits

All My Friends are Funeral Singers

U.S. Party Preferences Have Swung Sharply Toward Democrats

Dave Wasserman teases a big day for House Democrats on the Cook Political Report tomorrow

'This Is The Most Important Election In Human History, And Joe Biden Finally Gets Why'

Tweet of the Day

US Senate Election Rating for seats Democrats will win in 2020 to get a majority.

'They're cowards.' NBA coach Gregg Popovich slams Texas leaders over COVID-19 response

Imagine how aghast the right would feel if "USA!" and "BLM!" were synonymous chants

Why Hilton Head tourists were told to take down Trump flags from their rental home

Trump shows how little he really cares about us and our kids

tяump turns the White House into a rally venue again by posing under a tяump-branded crane..

Beto O'Rourke is returning to Texas' 254 counties

Has anyone else heard these growing rumors?

Larkin Poe - Mad As A Hatter

COVID-19 figures worry South Carolina health experts as cases spread to young adults

TX Senate race is on: John Cornyn slams MJ Hegar as 'liberal'; she calls him 'spineless bootlicker'

Try to understand and embrace

Seriously, what will you do if tRump wins?

#Dogs4Biden, #Cats4Biden

A dangerous new chapter of the COVID-19 outbreak: Every state for itself

We decide if schools open, not Trump, not governors, not school boards. We do.

Bonus Tweet of the Day

SC hotel numbers decline for second week as coronavirus cases remain high

"The American Right Is Pushing 'Freedom Over Fear,' It Won't Stop The Virus'

Mary Trump's memoir sells 950,000 on first day, setting a record for publisher -950,000 copies

UK Government Panic Over imminent Russian Report Release re Brexit

Settlement on ratepayer lawsuit doesn't change the need for SC to sell Santee Cooper

This is extremely strange. Another oil spill in Russia. This is the 10th incident since May 30th

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 7/16/20

Missouri will spend $15 million of coronavirus relief aid on promoting tourism

Stephen Colbert: Guest CNN host W. Kamau Bell

Stephen Colbert: Guests The Chicks

Oregon Revised Statutes 163.225

The juxtaposition be like...

Will Trump carve his name in the Resolute Desk?

Trump's infrastructure unveil hinted at Georgia's new battleground status

Is secession in the future for the US? Think about it.

So, the secret police have been deployed now

Feinstein proposes withholding COVID-19 relief from states without mask mandates

Court ruling against Georgia's anti-abortion law roils election year

Press Briefing by Kayleigh McEnany; July 16, 2020

Substitute teachers could be scarce if coronavirus spreads in classrooms

Trump's Remarks on Rolling Back Regulations to Help All Americans; July 16, 2020

LA Man Accused Of Fraudulently Obtaining $9M In PPP Loans, Spending Hundreds Of Thousands Gambling

what the news media is getting wrong

Stopped to see the golden retriever puppy this morning with boog

C.T. Vivian, civil rights hero and intellectual, dead at 95

July 17 - Happy Birthday Rep. Katherine Clark (D) MA-5th

Former Tecos pitcher under investigation for rape, murder of 2-year-old girl

Friday TOONs - Rearranging the Campaign Chairs

Welcome to the next phase of rising authoritarianism

Breakfast Friday 17 July 2020

A Rose Garden Rant Exposes Trump's True Nature

Federal Lawsuit Filed Against Douglas Co. Commissioner Over Free Speech Violations

Republicans Tell Trump to Change Tune on Mail Ballots

Bjorn Lomborg (Apparently Still Alive) Has A New Book, Which Shouts "Fake News' A Lot

High volume forces Athens hospitals to divert patients Wednesday

**NEW** Trump faces rising disapproval and widespread distrust on coronavirus, Post-ABC poll finds

Just discovered a channel AMVO 219 on Dish has a

1st Major Russian Arctic Science Expedition In Decades Heading To Tamyr Peninsula

tribute to Ennio Morricone

Tribute to Ennio Morricone

The Lincoln Project: What is wrong with the president?

Kemp health insurance proposal drops big changes to Georgia Obamacare

Not One Oil Major Pledging "Net Zero" By 2050 Plans To Cut Oil & Gas Production

Meanwhile the AAU Volleyball Nationals have started in Orlando.

Chuck Woolery is as bad as Trump!

Someone just leaked drone footage of CCP authorities loading Uyghurs onto trains...

Bad legal takes

Rep. Justin Amash confirms he won't seek re-election to Congress

C.T. Vivian, Civil Rights Icon, Is Dead at 95

Don Lemon CNN - wear a damn mask! How Dumb the USA has become...

OMG this ad:

On eve of bankruptcy, U.S. firms shower execs with bonuses

Looking for a reference regarding Covid spread.

Can anything be done about Trump hawking consumer products from the Oval Office?

On our dime, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo traveled to Philadelphia, during a pandemic, to attack p

There is nothing "normal" about what McConnell and Republicans are willing to accept....

'Biden Is Responsible For The Violence Against Women Act: Day 13 of 100 Days of Loving Joe Biden'

Want an example of how flaccid House investigations are keeping Trump's financial records hidden?

Electoral-Vote now has Biden at 406 EV

Il-13th Betsy Dirksen Londrigan is continuing to show her strength by raising

Can anyone explain why M$Greedia think we need to hear this shit about

Nothing they do says protecting life. They can never be allowed to claim pro life as a moral mantle

House Rating Changes: 20 Races Move Towards Democrats

From The Guardian: Protests predicted to surge globally as Covid-19 drives unrest (...)

As COVID-19 Toll Soars, Trump Brags About Bringing 'Back' Incandescent Light Bulbs

The origin of Super Villains: Bloody Mary

The Rundown: July 17, 2020

Huckabee's Company Accused of Scamming Parents

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot to WH Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany: 'Hey Karen. Watch Your Mouth.'

Asha Rangappa Thread re: Mary Trump Maddow interview

Cognitive Dissonance and Covid-19

Easily my favorite Billy Idol song

Wondering what Mary Trump *didn't* put in her book.

Pug's mind totally blown over owner's disappearing act

Alarm Over New Virus Outbreaks As India Cases Pass 1 Million

No matter how cynical you become, it's never enough to keep up.

Charles P Pierce: The Authoritarian Operation in Portland Is Only a Dress Rehearsal

Controversial Richmond judge no longer presiding over Lee statue case

Link: GA Governor Brian Kemp live COVID19/mask press conference

Opera lovers: tonight it is Faust streaming from the Royal Opera in London

Brazil Covid Cases Surpass 2 Million

Trump health officials to recommend against retesting COVID-19 patients

These people are *everywhere*

ICYMT- Foreign Journalist Christopher Dickey Died

Four Virginia college presidents rank in top 100 of highest-paid in U.S.

Well, this does explain why everytime he opens his mouth a fart comes out

What Anthony Fauci Could Learn From Decades Of Concerted Attacks On Climate Scientists

In 19 1/2 years in Vietnam, we lost a reported 58,225 lives.

NOAA - "Extraordinary" High-Tide Flooding Spike Along Atlantic, Gulf Coasts In 2019 Unprecedented

From a friend's FB post

You raised $5,804.00 on July 16, 2020 to elect Joe Biden POTUS with our DU ActBlue link

SPLC adds Stephen Miller to its list of extremists

Sunday is National Ice Cream Day.

'We'll see him in court': Atlanta mayor questions Georgia gov's 'bizarre' lawsuit over mask mandate

What Kind Of Nightmare Hybrid Could GOP Produce If Slightly More Attached To Climate Reality?

'Largest Meteorite In Germany Discovered After Sitting For Decades In Garden'

NASA Earth Observatory - Great Lakes 6-10F Hotter Than Normal For Early July

DHS Is Arresting Protesters in Portland

Scene from the movie "The Martian"

NASA - SAR Radar Offers A Way To Get Far Better Data On Methane Release From Remote Arctic Lakes

Republicans have no interest in governing or government. Or Democracy.

Study - Intensity, Number Of Wet-Bulb Days Increasingly Rapidly; In Florida, Up 75% In Past 20 Years

(NM) Hundreds gather for protest against quarantining, masks, governor's handling of COVID-19

Chart for covid deaths per million

I'm literally ROFLing.....

Schools will reopen in 2 weeks, as parents we're terrified

(NM) Hundreds gather for protest against quarantining, masks, governor's handling of COVID-19

U.Va. to require negative COVID-19 test for returning students

Boris Johnson Is Letting The UK Drift Towards A second Coronavirus Wave With Thousands More Avoidabl

Gambling Addict makes the news

Covid-19 Hospitalization figures are what matter, followed as they will be by numbers of deaths

Why do Republicans like seeing Americans suffer and die?...

Teachers know what will happen in the classroom....

Texas GOP convention had to shut down today due to technical issues

mercedes schlapp.....another trump lying pos.

The Militia Mummy On Walmart Masks, Trump's Confederate Flag Comments

The Lincoln Project Wants to Win OHIO

Northam to convene legislature for special session starting Aug.18

Barr set up meeting with Giuliani, not some accidental encounter like Barr said

US blows past coronavirus record

President Obama and I left a playbook for President Trump on how to fight pandemics. He flat-out ign

@Jim_Jordan 1h Thanks for finally unlocking me, @jack . Now, when can I expect a response to our

If you are afraid of heights, this job is not for you

House Rating Changes: 20 Races Move Towards Democrats

Tiny rat pancakes and birthday parties 😆

N-05: moves to Tossup

On this day, July 17, 1941, Joe Dimaggio's 56-game hitting streak came to an end.

Paul Fusco, photographer on RFK's Funeral Train, passes away

Six months into a PANDEMIC & Americans are still arguing about wearing a mask ...wonder why?

NE-02 Moves to Tossup

OH-01 Moves to Tossup

Pic Of The Moment: As Coronavirus Cases Explode, President Trump Comforts A Grieving Nation

Vince Guaraldi was born on this date.

TX-21 Moves to Tossup

Republicans Abandoning Trump Corona-Convention

BREAKING: Trump REPLACES Failing Campaign Manager

Portland's Democrat Mayor Says DHS Officers Are To Blame For Violence, Not Rioters

KS-02 Moves to Lean Republican

Linus, enforcing the stay at home order Abbot will not

MN-01 Moves to Lean Republican

Spencer Davis was born on this date.

Did you know the Senate is still hunting damaging info on Hunter & Joe Biden?

New Mexico sheriff in obstruction case loses certification

NC-08 Moves to Lean Repiblican

A fellow DU member --yonder-- came up with a "new word"....."mask holes" as in assholes...

Phoebe Snow was born on this date.

Coronavirus now spreading faster in suburbs like Orange County than in L.A. County

WA-03 Moves to Lean Republican

Hey Fox Why Aren't You Showing Coronavirus News?

Task force report says 18 states in coronavirus 'red zone' should roll back reopening

TX-03 Moves From Solid Republican to Likely Republican

Fox Is Now Attacking AOC For Wanting To Tax Billionaires In New York

James Cagney was born on this date.

TX-25 Moves From Solid Republican to Likely Republican

Oregon officials angered as uninvited federal officers deploy

@HoarseWisperer Replying to @IngrahamAngle If this gets out, Biden will never carry Toronto.

TX GOP Embarrassingly Blunders Entire First Day of Virtual Convention

Trump's Losing, So When Are Republican Candidates Going to Abandon Him?

Your children are your most valued and precious creation

Senator Jeff Merkley tweet has video showing secret police arresting protester

As Trump sinks, he's pulling down the Republican Senate, too

Navy Chief gives classified info to a "Russian national" & fails to disclose travel to Serbia char

Legal scholars/ experts questioning the constitutionality of Portland arrests

almost all crime in Portland--including almost all violence--has been LOWER than average

Police capture kangaroo hopping through South Florida city

Democratic officials tell members of Congress not to travel to national convention

canceling flights to europe via Delta was painless.

I think Donny Two Scoops and his criminal syndicate will radicalize a generation of American youth

Task force report says 18 states in coronavirus 'red zone' should roll back reopening

Major USPS Changes Could Hamper Vote-By-Mail At The Worst Possible Time

Spain pays tribute to coronavirus victims and workers at state event

Biden: No matter who you supported in 2016, I want you to know that you have a home in our campaign.

Would you like a 3,449,990,800% return on investment? Welcome to the NFL owners club

Kansas dog somehow makes 57-mile journey to her old home in Missouri

This is Fauci. What a great man!

Republicans are buying guns in response to COVID-19, but they won't wear masks. What?

US coronavirus: More than 940 deaths reported in one day

Unidentified federal agents in camo and rented minivans are grabbing people off Portland's streets

Coronavirus leaves Florida a state of confusion

Bari Weiss quit her job because people objected to Tom Cotton's article

How do you know if the mysterious camo man pulling you into his van isn't just a regular nazi?

I Am Constantly Outraged by Donald J. Trump. However,

Captian SirThomas Moore is a man and a human who is amazing

Jamaal Bowman, Progressive Insurgent, Defeats Eliot Engel in House Primary

Rep. Anthony Sabatini plans to sue Pinellas County over mask mandate

Next Friday People will get their last $600 unemployment from the Federal government

"the logical conclusion of a lot of things the Republican Party has been doing" for decades

State Attorney Aramis Ayala Releases Her "Bad Cops" List

Fuck this pandemic. I'm enjoying a nice lunch at the beach.

Trump-voting grandma has had enough

Sanders Rails Against 'Absurdity' of U.S. Health Care as Millions Uninsured


Covid-19 Infections on the Rise in Kids and Teens With School Approaching

What is your school district doing?

On this date in Maine history: July 17

3910 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Fri., 91 new deaths

Donald Trump Claimed He Will "Probably Terminate" The NYT & WAPO from...White House.

Gotta check the prescription on these lenses...

It's not just Trump--voters are abandoning the Republican Party like it's a sinking ship

Queen knights 100-year-old veteran Captain Tom Moore, who raised millions for NHS

Ronald Reagan was co-host of live ABC special at Disneyland opening 65 years ago today:

Rachel Maddow tweet: "Campaign donations turned into private revenue for POTUS"

Thanks trump....

Suspect Is Arrested in Grisly Killing of Tech C.E.O. Fahim Saleh

NY-16: Jamaal Bowman, Progressive Insurgent, Defeats Eliot Engel in House Primary

Banks Stockpile Billions as They Prepare for Things to Get Worse

You are more likely to die of Covid-19 than a rattlesnake bite

White Hartford Police detective who confronted Black students ...

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 7/17/20

White Hartford, CT, Police detective who confronted Black students ...

The Authoritarian Operation in Portland Is Only a Dress Rehearsal

Coronavirus: are two strains together deadlier than one?

Two Things Republicans Hate


Seth Abramson: "This is how it starts" (the secret police kidnappings)

The Dehumanizing Condescension of White Fragility

MSNBC just did a story on the Lake of the Ozarks being a hot realty market now, with people

Kellyanne Conway Won't Say if Trump Will Be Sending Barron Back to School: 'That's a Personal Decisi

The Chicks - Hope It's Something Good

Ex-Miss Kentucky sentenced to prison on sex crime charge

My wife designs and creates jewelry.

A new song for the times -- BLM, Corona, trump.

This is a useful map for any entrepreneurs looking to break into the funeral home business over the

Laura Ingraham's Descent Into Despair

The Chicks - For Her

This is the most insane image from Portland last night. (WTH is this?)

Texas GOP joins Hotze/Woodfill lawsuit to hold state convention in person

FLYING PIG ALERT: Neil Cavuto Rebuts Trump On Obama Record

Portland under the Trumpian Jackboots. Fascism showing it's ugly face.

The Chicks - Set Me Free

Home Sewers: Here's My Favorite Mask Pattern

Supreme Court's Ginsburg says she's being treated for liver cancer, but still working 'full steam'

Ruth Bader Ginsburg announces cancer recurrence, will remain on the Supreme Court

I'm one of the lucky, unlucky, stupid, suckers or money to waste idiots to have one of the million+

Zen Buddhist art of Japan: Hakuin Ekaku and teacher of all

Anti-mask protesters' new weapon: wearing masks that offer no COVID-19 protection

Unemployment small business income question

A Detailed Map of Who Is Wearing Masks in the U.S.

Let's Give It Up for RBG! Such an Amazing Person!

The Authoritarian Operation in Portland Is Only a Dress Rehearsal

I turned my back

Two COVID-19 tests so far today; two negatives.

Need a House Fire fix today? I have just what the doctor ordered...

With coronavirus antibodies fading fast, vaccine hopes fade, too

Bayou Bridge Pipeline 'Trampled' Landowner Rights, Court Rules

Howard Fineman Tweet on Feds in Oregon. "Last days of Weimar stuff"

Echoes of George Orwell's "1984"

Justice Ginsburg says cancer has returned, but won't retire

San Antonio Zoo Celebrates Hatching Rare Bird Completely Extinct in the Wild

Batshit, threatening tweets this morning about Portland from Acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf

Republican presidents - Reagan, Trump - have eliminated many actions taken

D.C. Cop defuses a situation with a dance - off

Mask Rules Expand Across U.S. as Clashes Over the Mandates Intensify

Marine Corps quietly cuts ties with former top Tucker Carlson writer after racist and sexist posts s

Esquire: Hospitals Should Tell Trump to Shove His Orders and Send Their Data to the CDC Anyway

Three white men charged in killing of an unarmed Black jogger in Georgia plead not guilty

IA-01: Finkenauer condemns Iowa GOP for sharing image of zipper over her mouth

MN-05: Omar rallies to fight back against primary challenge

Professor Timothy Snyder's new twitter thread on Portland tyranny!! (Beware paramilitaries)

Questions to ask regarding schools reopening

I know you will, but hang in there RBG!

Defense secretary effectively bans Confederate flags from military bases while rejecting 'divisive s

Australian researchers invent 20-minute coronavirus blood test

Nikki Fried partners with FDP to ensure all Democrats have the resources they need

Still unwilling to go to a salon

'Broadway Sings' fundraiser for Joe Kennedy III Concert July 21.

CDC Extends 'No Sail Order' Until End of September

Covid antibody positive

So Many Winners!

Erdogan is the neighbor from hell

Fox News: the new snake oil peddlers (with a bit of history)

Republican Healthcare Plan

Important thing to know

A Jewish Healing Prayer for RBG

RGB says her cancer has been responding to her chemo therapy.

Thanks to DU generosity, another fund raising goal was raised this morning

Secret White House calls helped funnel tax money to Trump preachers

Congresswoman Norma Torres's op-ed last November on why Chad Wolf is unfit to lead DHS

Why Is MSNBC Giving So Much Air Time To Todd And Tur?.....

Hey Gov. Kemp, I like to drive with my headlights off...

My wife added new earrings to her website since I last posted in DU Marketplace

Mary Trumps book should be titled, Your Last Warning.

Feds Vowed to Quell Unrest in Portland. Local Leaders Are Telling Them to Leave.

How low will a Trump operative go to smear Joe?

Trump Is Actually A Criminal Mastermind Genius - Think About It

Please use the new site to push for PUA benefits and the Heros Act!

CREW files ethics complaint against Ivanka Trump over Goya photo

Donald Trump meets his match in Anthony Fauci: ANALYSIS

U.S. aircraft carriers return to South China Sea amid rising tensions

Please amplify the Portland story of tyranny any place, any way you can.

Covidiots have a new weapon - ineffective masks which only look compliant

Apparently Laura Ingraham is, among other things, geographically challenged.

Having trouble obtaining voter i.d.? Check out for help

Civil War monument erected at Bellevue Cemetery

Tokri (The Basket)

Other countries have beaten COVID-19. Beating the tRump Virus in the USA isn't as easy

As national crises rage, Trump quietly delivers key conservative policy goals

I've figured out my problem

Why should we go to school?

Watching Rachel and Dr. Mary Trump last night, I found the last minutes chilling and horrifying.

Merkley tweet to Trump: Get your DHS lackey and uninvited paramilitary actions out of my state

So how was Fauci not right on the mark?

I'm Not a Liberal. But I Choose Reality Over President Trump

Las Vegas police arrest suspect who allegedly made homeless man do a deadly backflip for $6

21 year old son getting tested today for COVID

Today is National Tattoo Day

Man, can we just skip the rest of 2020?

What's happening in Portland shows Trump is ignoring the Constitution -- and attacking America

High Court Fast Tracks Remand of New York Trump Subpoena Case

How Trump and McConnell are prolonging our economic nightmare

Randi Weingarten, American Federation of Teachers is on Bloomberg tearing trump and

Trump Campaign Legal Adviser Appears on Kremlin-Backed TV

Scary-Ammon Bundy caught on video shoving city employee as scuffle breaks out at Idaho mask meeting

I was going to vote my mail in November..but now I think I will stand in line at the polls..

It just dawned on me that Trump will have an easy out on January 20, 2021...

Veteran U.S. diplomat Richardson fails to secure release of Americans jailed in Venezuela

Here's an excellent graphic explainer for kids or adults on coronavirus and vaccines.

If Sports Don't Start Up Soon How Long Will It Be Till The Las Vegas Betting Parlors Start.....

An Arizona man in a coma from coronavirus woke up paralyzed

Rush Limbaugh Goes CANNIBAL On Covid

NASA Delays James Webb Telescope Launch Date, Again

For those of you in NY1 (Eastern Long Island) there will be a Zoom Unity conference tomorrow at

Perhaps we need a "Fun Products" page.

Donald Trump meets his match in Anthony Fauci

Sen. Merkley (Oregon): "Shadowy forces escalating violence should turn around & leave our city now."

one of the most amazing dance sequences ever

Autopsies delayed in Mississippi after lab technicians quit

JJ Watt Posts What NFL Players 'Know and Don't Know' About COVID-19 Guidelines

Closest Pictures Ever Taken of Sun Show Tiny Campfire Flares

According to a relative of mine who is a detective on small municipal police dept says....

Trump threatens to veto any COVID-19 bill that doesn't cut Social Security

Yeah, tell us how much you love kids

Hmm- C-19 spread in blue/red states AND spread in Blue/red counties in those states

Reform advocate unseats incumbent prosecutor in Westchester County primary

CREDO Tip: How to record a police traffic stop on your phone

US Economy Contracts 37% in 2nd Quarter per IMF

Galvin moving forward with sending vote-by-mail applications after funding dispute is resolved

☦ Eastern Orthodox Hymns and opportunity to light a candle/say a prayer.

I'd Love To Change The World

I would support a teachers strike, walk out. Fuck you Trump.

Fox News Cuts Off Trump's White House Rally And Pummels Him With A Fact Check

Today's peaches: in the bowl uncut, and then ready to eat!

home run king - watch to the end!

What have you saved money on since the Covid-19 shutdown

Hey, bugs- get a room- May NSFW pixs

Texas orders extra body bags, mortuary trucks as it braces for more coronavirus deaths

Justices Expedite Ruling In Trump Tax Subpoena

Khyati Y. Joshi argues equal religious freedom in America is an optical illusion

What's for Dinner, Fri., July 17, 2020

Mary Trump's interview with ABC's George Stephanopoulos

Biden rolls out school reopening plan amid coronavirus pandemic

There were no reports of coronavirus in Yosemite. Then they tested the park's sewage

I have a Native American friend

Armageddon Update: Science Or Psychic?

Mutual of Omaha removes Native American chief from its logo

Even Donald Trump knows he is in deep, deep trouble in the 2020 race

Three former Pa. governors voice support for Gov. Tom Wolf's COVID-19 mitigation efforts

O'er the Land of the Free, and the Home of the . . .

So, Householder is afraid

JUST IN: Miami-Dade ICU capacity is over 100%, mayor's office says

Well Worth Watching, As Well As Listening To....

Fox News Staffers Erupt Over Network's Racism: Bosses 'Created a White Supremacist Cell'

Dozens of gravestones vandalized in Europe's oldest surviving Jewish cemetery

US confirms over 75,600 coronavirus new cases, breaking single-day record

Someone is posting odd COVID-19 signs by roadkill in Georgia. Cut it out, cops demand

Brace yourself for the latest COVID-19 predictions. You're not going to like them

(Jewish Group) Yemen spreads false reports on Jews to harm enemies

Cook shifts 20 House districts toward Democrats

US Senate Election Rating for seats Democrats are going to win in 2020 to get a majority.

Days after hospitals were told to stop sending information to CDC, all the fears appear justified

And just like that....

Pritzker: Illinois speaker 'must resign' if allegations true

A challenge, concerning trump*, that is impossible to answer

White House: 'Science Should Not Stand in the Way' of School Openings

Thomas Jefferson's Black & White Relatives Meet Each Other The Oprah Winfrey Show OWN

It is time the Democrats in congress, news media and the people demand Trump resign.

Portland: What if Trump/Barr/Wolf own it and double down?

We Reviewed Police Tactics Seen in Nearly 400 Protest Videos. Here's What We Found.

Cartoons 7/17/2020

"Blue lives do not exist"

@ProjectLincoln Announces Texas Leadership Team

Conservative talk-radio host Dennis Prager, 71, bemoans the loss of racial slurs in society

Timber technology center could bring 100 jobs to Darrington

Texans star J.J. Watt has major issues with NFL's COVID-19 protocols

Troll: A fake flag burning at Gettysburg was only his latest hoax

Trump's Fumbling of the Virus Could Kill College Football

(Jewish Group) Tlaib or Not Tlaib? Detroit's Jews Aren't Sure (Three articles)

Justices Expedite Ruling In Trump Tax Subpoena Case

The African continent is very slowly peeling apart. Scientists say a new ocean is being born.

editorial cartoon?

(Jewish Group) I'm a Jew of color. I won't be quiet about anti-Semitism.

Meeting on masks in Utah schools postponed after crowd without masks fills the room

Los Angeles Man Stole Over $8.5 Million in Coronavirus Relief Money

Judge orders Trump administration to accept new DACA applications

If this is how this nation handles a pandemic, what chance do we have against Climate Change?

One of the things that stuck with me from Mary Trump's...

(Jewish Group) With refugees hit doubly hard by the pandemic, Jewish groups step up aid efforts

20 House Races Move Towards the Democrats

Americans Increasingly Dislike How Republican Governors Are Handling The Coronavirus Outbreak

Trump skirting Congress to install loyalists in the Pentagon

We thought we'd be rid of Trump after 4 agonizing years

(Jewish Group)As COVID pandemic unfolds, Boston's Jewish community unveils a memorial to its victims

Trump Sent Cops to Portland and They're 'Kidnapping People off the Streets'

Seattle council rejects more aid for small businesses but will weigh B&O tax cut

New Amphibious Assault Ship USS Tripoli Joins the U.S. Navy

Trump names former White House staffer Sebastian Gorka to defense education body

GOP Senator Blames Latinos For Virus Surge

Virus leads 2 more Georgia school systems to go online only

(Jewish Group) Controversial cartoonist Steve Bell to leave the Guardian

Apparently their justification for Fed law enforcement

LGBT festival set up in memory of Jerusalem Pride stabbing victim brought online

Pompeo commission report on "Unalienable Rights" is dangerous Christian Nationalism

On this day, July 17, 1947, Mick Tucker, drummer for Sweet, was born.

A stunning indictment of conservatism from EJ Dionne:

Here's an excellent graphic explainer for kids or adults on coronavirus and vaccines.

What will happen when the unemployment benefit payments end in several months?

McConnell has 'given up' on Trump's re-election and is making plans to handcuff Biden

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Says She Is Receiving Chemotherapy

Wallace fact checks Trump & tells Trump that he's wrong to claim that Biden wants to defund police

20 years ago today....

Two important Twitter threads to read about Portland situation.

Californianschool update criteria #1

HARD HITTING! Poppy Harlow clashes with Trump's campaign adviser on handling of Covid-19

Texas lets schools stick to online learning well into fall

Home Depot change their masks policy requiring it now

Chris Wallace told Trump No to his Orange Face!

Judge denies bond for one of three men charged in Ahmaud Arbery's death

Trump Campaign Probes Spending Overseen by Parscale

Feds invade Oregon. Dressed in camo & no ID of any kind. A guy was walking home from work at 2AM.

Trump properties have made over $17 million from the campaign and the RNC since 2016

TLP: New (Ouch!)

TLP: New (Ouch!)

Why isn't anyone discussing Trump's numerous attempts to defund police?

I get it that books on Trump will sell, buuuttt!

The whole tree is rotten

NASA's launch of the $10 billion James Webb Space Telescope delayed 7 months to Halloween 2021

Michigan Supreme Court says counties can't profit from tax foreclosures

My neighbors and cousins have forgotten their own true history

Fox would do it

EXCLUSIVE: The Trump campaign is investigating campaign spending, Parscale contracts


Savannah mayor says Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp has 'overstepped' in mask order battle

US judge: WhatsApp lawsuit against Israeli spyware firm NSO can proceed

Rep Katie Porter is not having Mnuchins BS.

FL's Ed Commissioner and local boards clash over who's in charge of reopening schools during pandemi

CNN Anchor Shreds Trump Spox on President's COVID Response: 'Here Are the Facts'

Has anyone posted the new Lincoln Project ad?

Is this how America ends?

Merkley, Wyden, Blumenauer, Bonamici Call for Investigations Into Fed. Ops in Portland

Chicago mayor tells WH press secretary, 'Hey Karen. Watch your mouth' after criticism

Clever fox is a weasel about paying for a subscription:

US Senate Election Rating for seats Democrats will win in 2020 to end up with 51 seats.

US tech and film 'collaborating' with China - Barr

Awwww! Precious! (Puppers.)

Lincoln Project tweet

We have a once-in-6,800-years opportunity to see a comet in Washington's skies

Unbelievable tweet from Diamond & Silk comparing masks to the chains that bound slaves

My question: how much of the country will the GOP

Thurston County launches drive-through at SPSCC for voting services during COVID-19

Mary Trump on AC 360 tonight at 8 ET

It has been awhile since I posted any bird pix

Some background on the mess in Portland from the ACLU

GOP lawmaker steps down from committees following voter fraud charges

'Roddie' Bryan, suspect in Ahmaud Arbery murder case, is now subject of sex-crime probe

'Overwhelmed and Terrified': Las Vegas' Reopening Backfires Terribly

Why don't Portland police arrest those rogue militants?

RBGB& The Lincoln Project

A Sinking Ship': Arizona Docs Say Ducey Steered State Into COVID-19 Surge

Just got our Voter Pamphlet for the upcoming primary & special election.

New York police union boss just appeared on Fox News with a Qanon mug

Rising coronavirus cases threaten U.S. economic rebound

Florida dad in ICU with coronavirus, exposed by son who went out with friends, family says

Breonna Taylor was alive after police shot her. But no one tried to treat her.

Markey and Kennedy neck-and-neck in fundraising in Massachusetts Senate race

Like, just find something new.

Just had a disturbing thought-- imagine being married to Kayleigh McEnema, or whatever her name is..

CNN: A short time ago had a 'breaking news' report.

EPA is combating overregulation by over-regulating

07/19 mike Luckovich-Joyride

Fauci Urges Trump to Remain on Golf Course Until Pandemic Is Over ...

In-person classes for Washington students 'at risk' this fall due to rising COVID-19 cases

Donald Trump is like a very bad TV show, forced to stay on by the network. And it is good for us.

I Don't Care How Many of you Die

Let them eat Cake! [Lincoln Project]

2 men charged in July 4 'attempted lynching' at Indiana lake

Having Just Finished Mary Trump's Book,

Fridays Life Hack

US attorney in Oregon wants an investigation into "constitutionally questionable arrests in Portland

Your fellow citizens, ladies and gentlemen!

A question for Colorado folks on unemployment.

Guy Stops To Help Baby Snail Cross Road

NPR show All Things Considered, just had Cuccinelli on within the last 15 min

Trump's daily horror TV show is just an ongoing scam, THE COVID PYRAMID SCHEME.

Dr. Jen Gunter (Goop slayer extraordinaire/badass OB/GYN) on the latest vaginal cleaning product:

Federal court rules for TX in person GOP convention

Everything changes when he starts running wild on the beach

Anyone can stencil "POLICE" onto their chest. Without more, this gives them zero

Iowa meth kingpin is 3rd executed by US government this week

'Superhero' Mom of 9-Year-Old Triplets Dies from COVID-19 After Second Hospitalization

I wear a belt because it is a good thing to do!

Which virus is worse for the long term health of the nation?

Comet NEOWISE: Aren't comets traditionally seen as harbingers of doom?

Private companies mask mandate

Court backs Trump expansion of cheap health insurance plans

Self-Portraits From Black Photographers....

Fox News Staffers Accuse Network of 'Rank Racism'

Wear a mask for Sports, Wear a mask for school?

This woman found her true calling

I hope those unmarked Feds in Portland are wearing their mask

Officer's actions toward Black Indiana senator under review

Iranian state hackers caught with their pants down in intercepted videos

This one is totally true.

Secy. of State Pompeo: 'Property, Religious Freedom Foremost Human Rights'; Criticized By Activists

Nobody I know

Mnuchin suggests Treasury, SBA should forgo verifying how small business loans were spent

What happens if a state doesn't select electors and therefore doesn't submit any E.C. votes?

College towns could be facing economic disaster this fall if Covid 19 shuts down their campuses.

NC-SEN: Tillis criticized for suggesting Hispanics less likely to wear masks and social distance

Texas senate race is on!

The Rude Pundit: Portland Becomes the Testing Ground for the Next Level of Trump Fuckery

Albuquerque Public Schools publishes 64-page school reentry plan

(NM) Albuquerque Public Schools publishes 64-page school reentry plan

With coronavirus antibodies fading fast, vaccine hopes fade, too

I was told if I voted for Hillary there would be Secret Police

Question I'd love to see asked of Kayley McEnany the next time she says trump did a great job:

Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr - Beautiful Night Official Video (Remastered 2020)

Kentucky Supreme Court allows Gov. Beshear's orders to remain in place

Shell Builds On-Site Coronavirus Testing Lab At Beaver Co. Cracker Plant (PA)

Last night I watched Rachel's interview with Mary Trump. Today I watch a replay of the ABC interview

There is one chance

Kovid Kim for VP

White House blocks CDC from testifying on reopening schools next week

Okay.....DUREX has a hilarious COVID-19 ad

To reverse slide, some Trump aides hope for a return to coronavirus briefings

Don't like wearing a mask? This guy wants to meet you.

Federal judge rules Texas GOP convention can proceed at George R. Brown in downtown Houston

Remember Fox and Trump were crowing about Florida reopening?:

The Deep State is alive and well in Portland and being run by barr and dotard. n/t

Dog Loves Splashing In Puddles For The Sweetest Reason

Federal judge rules @TexasGOP can hold in-person convention in Houston, lawyers say

(Jewish Group) Mary Trump (paraphrased): "Donald uses anti-semitic slurs"

Biden urges flexible school openings

Personal assistant arrested in grisly killing of tech CEO Fahim Saleh

Covid-19, I'm not a fan.

Steve Schmidt is asking questions about Portland, Oregon

Trump Declares War On America, Invades Portland To Look Strong For Re-Election

Calling Hannity! CLEAN UP ON ISLE 3! CLEAN UP ON ISLE 3!

California's governor announced rules that would force most schools to start the year with virtual l

White House blocks CDC from testifying on reopening schools next week

The Day I Found His Secret Box

average age of COVID patients at SF hospital is 41: 'We are all at risk'

Ginsberg has liver cancer and the whole world sucks

Artists install anti-Trump living statues around DC

I wonder what regular cops think of DHS, CBP cops?

Chris Wallace actually fact checks the Febrile Orange Fibber

Maryland county to enforce safety requirements as region's virus caseload marches upward.

California governor says Orange County can't reopen schools days after vote to reopen

Republicans eye sweeping shield from coronavirus liability

Electoral College Outlook: Biden Has the Edge

Why COVID-19 Testing Positivity rate matters (my humbly offered opinion)


Trump taxes subpoena fight can resume quickly after Supreme Court action

Trump considering troop reduction in South Korea: report

Top nine brick-and-mortar retailers now require coronavirus masks in U.S. stores

As Democrats continue making gains, Nebraska's 2nd District shifts to 'toss up' rating

Joe and Beau challenge...betcha can't do it!

Border Patrol Responsible for Portland Arrest

Daddy ... why are Grandma and Grandpa laying in the back of a refrigerated UHaul truck

"I can't breathe" hypocrisy

Border Patrol Responsible for Portland Arrest

Federal Officers Appear to Use Rental Cars From Enterprise

Portraits of Bush and Bill Clinton

Birx was behind the effort to keep data from the CDC

Gaslighter Release Day Happy Hour with The Chicks (LIVE)

RVAT is living in Terror of trump

Found my next t-shirt

Today I was watching Formula 1 practice. Not much was happening so

March March by the Chicks ... official video ... this is powerful

Mary Trump on Chris Cuomo early tonight. COMING UP NEXT he said

You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet (Bachman-Turner Overdrive) drum Cover by Sina with Milena

"Pandemic Pods" groups hiring teachers to teach at home.

Rachel Maddow show last night was her highest-rated show ever

Memphis hospital system CEOs concede overflow, reserve hospital capacity likely needed soon

Are the Governor's of Texas Florida and Georgia

Middle Age Riot tweet - Every Day

Notice: CNN will have an interview of Mary Trump at 8:00 Eastern.

'Rachel Maddow Show' Scores All-Time High With Mary Trump Interview

Long Way Back From Hell by Danzig / O'Keefe Music Foundation

Major USPS Changes Could Hamper Vote-By-Mail At The Worst Possible Time

Icelandair will fire all of its flight attendants and make pilots do their job

Three Arizona Teachers Caught COVID-19, Only Two Survived NowThis

WHO reports record daily increase in global coronavirus cases, up over 237,000

Not extending $600 unemployment benefit 'would be a catastrophe,' say former Fed Chairs Bernanke and

Sick Employees Told to Fake Temperature Checks During Pandemic: Lawsuit

Birx is in charge of all this shit, says CNN...