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Let's have some fun - what is the title of this action movie?

Newsom Had to Thank Trump to Get Help

Eek. 30 Rock One Time Special.

I don't care if I have seen it multiple times. Maltese Falcon is on now.

Busted-Florida gop caught doctoring trump tweet after guarded secret exposed

Shops Aren't for Shopping Anymore - How the Smartphone Changed the Purpose of Retail Shops

#Trump: Go fetch Lady G..........

I signed up to risk my life saving patients. In return, I got a pink slip.

Some New York state beaches closed by midday as social distancing, heat wave reduce capacity

House lawmakers want reversal of Trump's COVID-19 reporting changes, cite 'politicization of public

BREAKING NEWS: They're baseball-ing live on ESPN!!!

Watch live! Comet NEOWISE webcast from Slooh

A twitter thread about Rubio and Sullivan, the "They all look alike" GOP Sentators

Cost, hassle of stamps questioned as mail-in voting surges

Bob Barker would support this!

As churches reopen, outbreaks are sprouting and some are keeping doors shut

Pooled Testing Okayed in U.S. as Way of Boosting Covid Detection

Re: Ivanka Trump Misuse of Official Position - Crew's Ehics Complaint

Texas calls on schools to hold online-only classes until November

COVID-19 relief and economic recovery must dismantle environmental racism

Newsom Had to Thank Trump to Get Help

Two very different views.

New Trump photo:

some local police may be getting recruited to man National Parks to shift Park Rangers?

Pandemic Complicates Tribes' Quest For Data Sovereignty

I feel sorry for Trump's belt

Former GOP chair disbarred

Kids going back to school in a PANDEMIC.

Let's call the unmarked gov militia in Portland the #FreedomSuppressionForce

From Palace Guards to Secret Police

Multiple people injured, possible fatalities after bus rollover in Jasper National Park (Alberta)

Fux Noise guest says teachers union conspiring to close schools so they can 'sexualize our children'

Stuart Saves His Family is on MY TV

Wyoming boy saves his sister from a dog attack, becomes an internet hero (GRAPHIC WARNING)

"Are all Americans as racist as you?" :D

Trump Won't Support National Mask Mandate

Playing whack-a-mole on FB.

Republicans are being eaten from within by the QAnon cult, and no one can stop it

20 House races just moved toward the Democrats, Cook Political Report predicts

Wyoming Sees Increase Of Colorado Tick Fever Cases

Trump Gets Testy When Chris Wallace Fact-Checks Him About Joe Biden

You are quarantined with the first musical act you saw in concert. What is it?

Seen those guys before.

My hot take on why Tx. Gov Abbott is giving in on some shutdown orders

Is His MagaSty's hair getting lighter?

Colombia mostly blaming citizens for steep rise in COVID-19 cases

Live baseball on ESPN right now. Hurry bottom of the 8th. Mets versus Yankees.

Georgia Massaged Virus Data to Reopen, Then Voided Mask Orders

The Lincoln Project: Wall

Brazil Reaches 2 Million Infected with The New Coronavirus

Brazil Has The Highest Average of Deaths per Day since The Start of the Pandemic

Trump Threatens America

Guyana Rejects U.S. Request to Air Propaganda to Venezuela

Anti-Trump 'Living Statues' Pop Up Around D.C.

good video coverage of Friday night in Portland

Ann Coulter Calls For Mitch McConnell To Be Ousted: 'Never Give Him Another Dime'

Thurston adds 18 COVID-19 cases Friday, part of virus' 'explosive' growth in state

Once upon a time, I wondered how a town could get so crazy as to kill 20 people as witches

Brazil's Amazon chief Raoni is hospitalized

Boater fraud

Eight deaths in Seminole County today.

Have we heard from Pelosi or Schumer

Federal agents in Portland continue crackdown; protesters and local leaders shout 'Go home'

U.S. Commerce Sec. Wilbur Ross hospitalized Per CNBC

Attorney general announces investigation into federal agents' tactics during protests

Athletic director: No football season would cost UW roughly $10.5 million

Look I hate Marco Rubio as much as the next guy - But remember that Senator Dan Sullivan -

Ghoulish Joni Ernst Says She'd Be Happy To Vote On A Supreme Court Nominee In A Lame Duck Session

Older Children Spread the Coronavirus Just as Much as Adults, Large Study Finds

Lincoln Project tweet, minutes ago: Picture of @realDonaldTrump and @marcorubio .

McConnell Sent A Warning To The American People: He Plans To Block Everything If Donald Trump Loses

hiked MT Ascutney (Vermont) today

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

Honduran Garifuna Leader Snider Centeno Kidnapped

funny thing about waging war against your own people...........

Lincoln Project: About that cognitive test...

Brazil's Bolsonaro says coronavirus restrictions kill economy

Researchers Say Earth Is Headed for "Jaw-Dropping" Population Decline

on CNN now

Gonna make out my will/trust this week.

Trump objects to Senate GOP push for more CDC money for coronavirus testing and tracing

Honduran journalist dies of COVID-19 contracted in prison

Honduran journalist dies of COVID-19 contracted in prison

The spray painted jackass is STILL claiming that he REFUSES to issue a nationwide mask mandate to

John Lewis Bridge

US carries out freedom of navigation operation off Venezuela

US carries out freedom of navigation operation off Venezuela

Just found out that a good friend loved the film Doctor Sleep

I worry that unless there is a quick injunction and successful lawsuits against DHS

Shine on You Crazy Diamond - Umphrey McGee

Al Franken: Trump losing support among older racists

Remember this moment?

Portland Thorns stun North Carolina Courage in upset win

Daily Show tweet: Trump describing his second-term agenda

Are The Students From The Parkland, Florida Shooting Still Out....

I want to remind the Biden campaign of this winner of a campaign promise:

This is disturbing. The VP of security for @essvote, America's largest voting machine vendor (accou

My trip to Seattle is cancelled...

MI-13: Race Takes Center Stage as Rashida Tlaib Faces Primary Challenge

Portland, Oregon: The 21st century's version of

For those doing the lockup thang

Donny on the South Korean people.

East Texas Town Removes Fence Between White, Black Cemeteries

A friend's sister died of COVID 19 today

Roger Stone Appears to Use Racial Slur When Pressed on Special Treatment From Trump by Black Radio H

This just in!

WA-10: The Times recommends: Marilyn Strickland for the 10th Congressional District

Mask Injuries!!!!

FAA Restricts Air space over Portland, OR

Ex-undersheriff guilty of raping teen, Valley County jury finds

Good Twitter list for following Portland protests, etc.

NY-12: Thousands of absentee ballots tossed in tight Maloney-Patel House race

Bullock orders statewide mask use

Biden leads Trump by 15% in new ABC Poll (No rest, please)

......the governor of Oregon has asked the federal troops to leave and THEY REFUSED.

Food Security Advocates Push for SNAP Benefit Increases in COVID-19 Stimulus

Groups sue over alleged water contamination in Big Sky

Biden leads by double digits as coronavirus takes a toll on the president, Post-ABC poll finds

Mass Uprisings and Their Aftermath in the United States and Chile

Mass Uprisings and Their Aftermath in the United States and Chile

Charlotte's (NC) Spectrum Center might be used as early-voting polling place

Colombia Denounces Another Social Leader's Murder

The Daily Social Distancing Show: What the Hell Happened This Week?

Brazil's reluctant Keynesian forced to spend lavishly

I'm ordering groceries online. What should i get?

Booker: Lewis Was Called Bravest Person in Civil Rights Movement - MSNBC

New ABC/WaPo poll finds huge swing in support from Trump to Biden in crucial voting blocs

The commentators say that trump's terrible poll numbers are due to his handling of COVID 19, and

Restricted airspace order over Portland for "national defense" reasons

More gov't. sabotage: 13,400 federal Immigration Svc. workers facing furlough

DOJ Charges Two Sons of Former Panama President Martinelli with Participation in Odebrecht Bribery S

One-On-One With Mary Trump - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Question about Joe and serving in the Vietnam War

MoveOn Petition to Congress regarding CDC Data Bypass

sums it up

New Lincoln Project - Wall

Charges against Woodlands attorney dismissed in egg incident with Montgomery County judge

Roger Stone Uses Racial Slur on Radio Show (NYT)

Donald Trump has unified America - against him

Trump goes all-out, old school racist in tele-rally.

Has anyone noticed that Trump isn't even trying to expand his base?

Trump is tweeting - and then deleting - at 2 am ET

Stop trump,

Money Laundering and "Narco-Cattle Ranching"

Disneyworld re-opening video set to "Don't Fear The Reaper".

Katy Tur slams capitalism: Poverty not a bug but feature

It will be here before we know it.

LISTEN to Roger Stone using a racial slur to refer to a black radio host tonight, then denying it

'The Most Musical Animals in the World': This New Electronic Album Features Endangered Birds

'The Most Musical Animals in the World': This New Electronic Album Features Endangered Birds

Stranded on Ships, 200,000 Seafarers in Virus Limbo

They're trying to control the narrative

NC will continue to stay paused in Safer at Home Phase 2

Puerto Rico Governor Asks FAA to Ground Flights from Texas and Florida After Spike in COVID-19 Cases

Can I Build a Corset Entirely of Wood?

Poldowski: 'Suite Miniature' played by Sylvan Winds. (1.) There are four add'l parts to this suite,

Roger Stone calls black radio host a racial slur on air

Panama court freezes La Prensa's assets amid defamation suit by former president

Sea turtles are amazing navigators -- but they only use crude maps

Portland protests continue

Trump without the makeup and the tan

Territory's Flags to be Flown at Half-Staff Until July 24 in Honor of Ron de Lugo, the USVI's

cops treated white gang brutally after shootout... not really

cop slips on the black paint used by BLM mural vandals

USVI is Not 'Resting on Our Laurels' Relative to Covid-19 Response, Tourism Commissioner Joseph

Florida Democrat Nikki Fried likens Republicans to officers watching George Floyd die

VA-07: Republicans choose Frietas to challenge Spangberger for Virginia congressional seat

GA-05: Georgia Democrats scramble to replace John Lewis on 2020 ballot before Monday deadline

Can the Federal Government Sell Puerto Rico?

HI-02: Gabbard Twitter goes all-in for Noelle Famera

Puerto Rico House speaker confirms Legislature is under investigation by feds

Project Lincoln supports 'The John Lewis Voting Rights Act' of 2021

VT-GOV: Our Revolution endorses anti-vaxxer for Democratic nomination

University of Puerto Rico profs union: Transparency needed with $3.3 million tech licensing contract

German Reichstag, Parliament Bldg. Fire, Feb. 27, 1933 Used By Nazis To Take Power

Taking Panama to task: Women's rights trampled by financial secrecy

2020 US Senate Election Rating for US Senate seats Democrats are likely to win in 2020.

State Sen. Randy Price is recovering from COVID-19

Most grocers require masks w/o Trump approval

Nanodevices Track Cell Changes Over Time

Jones: "Mitch McConnell" and allies are "trying to knock me out early"

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Summertime Squeeee Edition

Why People from El Salvador Still Feel Forced to Migrate to the US

Grocers: No Mask... No Food!

Democrats expand Senate targets to GOP states

Behind the Fight to Hijack Guatemala's Justice System

Lindsey Graham 'splains the difference between John Lewis and BLM protestors.

LA's mask factories shut down as hundreds of workers get sick

LA's mask factories shut down as hundreds of workers get sick

Donald Trump has unified America - against him

Ever sang in a choir?

1 billion birds are killed by flying into windows each year -- and 'bird-safe' glass is finally catch

Navy strong, like an anchor

Mother in laws birthday is coming up she told me no celebration

From Russia, with Love

About waiting closer to election to expose Lindsey Graham...

On this day, July 19, 1919, the Washington race riot of 1919 began.

Former Tuskegee mayor charged after Black Lives Matter painted on street outside Alabama Capitol

Plan for testing University of Alabama students revealed

Dylan For Breakfast!

3 Friends Slain While Preparing to Fish at Florida Lake

Fires set, fences moved: Police call Portland protest a riot

Dylan For Breakfast 2

Is almond milk better for you than regular milk?

Dylan For Breakfast 3

Tuberville says maybe to debate; Jones: Voters deserve one

Dylan For Breakfast 4

The L'Oeuf lectrique (Electric Egg) was an aluminum-bodied electric vehicle...

The GOP's "End of Civilization" Claims

Senate GOP Corporate Immunity From Coronavirus Liability Plan; Next Coronavirus Bill Negotiations

Coronavirus vaccine Oxford team aim to start lab-controlled human trials

Steve Schmidt Tweet:

Dylan For Breakfast 5

Dylan For Breakfast 6

TLP: John Lewis

The Lincoln Project: Wake up! (John Lewis tribute)

The Lincoln Project: Wake up! (John Lewis tribute)

John Lewis discusses crowd surfing on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Dylan For Breakfast 7

Escobar calls on Chad Wolf to resign over federal authorities' action in Portland

Dylan For Breakfast 8

Can someone find the video for the CNN special: The Pandemic and the President ???

Dylan For Breakfast 9

So my friend with COVID-19 is out of the hospital.

Handshake In Space, 45 Years Ago...

Remember when our very own 'Stable Genius' wanted to sue CNN when its poll showed him losing by 13 !

Dr. Birx would roam the halls of the White House, sometimes passing out diagrams to bolster her case

PR Battle

"Donald Trump is Archie Bunker with Jed Clampett's money"

Happy 73rd birthday, astrophysicist Brian May.

Dylan For Breakfast 10

We're less than 4 weeks from finding out who the VP nominee is

Joni Ernst is salivating at the opportunity to put a justice on SCOTUS even if Trump loses.

until we can find a word replacement for "trump", I will have a hard time playing any card game that

Incredible scene in Portland: A group of Moms are chanting, "Feds stay clear! Moms are here"

Dogs may use Earth's magnetic field to take shortcuts

Dylan For Breakfast 11....Sick, sick, sick live version!

Massive PANDEMIC and he's back at the golf course AGAIN:

About telling people you're Canadian when you're abroad,

Dylan For Breakfast 12

Breakfast Sunday 18 July 2020

The United Arab Emirates will launch its 1st-ever Mars mission today. Here's how to watch live.

Dylan For Breakfast 13

Virus deaths top 600,000 and Hong Kong warns of resurgence

Trump leans on 2016 tactic to crack Biden support

NYPD officer injured during arrest of women smearing paint on 'Black Lives' mural outside Trump Towe

Beautiful Tribute to John Lewis from the Lincoln Project*

Dylan covers....

Time The Lincoln Project Made A List Of All Of Trumps Crimes

Dylan covers... Jeff Buckley

Japan rocket carrying UAE Mars probe ready for Monday launch

Dylan Covers... Johnny Cash! Don't think twice!

The Mississippi governor was just on CNN

Dylan Covers... Pearl Jam just killin Masters Of WR!

Congress confronts new virus crisis rescue as pandemic grows

Dylan Covers....Beck Lepoard-Skin Pillbox Hat

Ga. governor sues to "restrain" Mayor Keisha Bottoms from press statements & speaking to press

Today I'm 72 and the only thing I'm thinking is, 'What awful

Texas coronavirus cases include more than 80 infants

You raised $2,151.37 on July 18, 2020 to elect Joe Biden POTUS with our DU ActBlue link

Kanye schedules campaign event in South Carolina

Desperate Bolivians seek out toxic bleach falsely touted as Covid-19 cure

How do you fight the insane world of right wing conspiracy nuts?

Why has CNN started blurring the faces of Trump's Storm Troopers in Portland?

Ex-officer accused of human rights crimes in Argentina found living in Berlin

Ghost Donald In The Sky - yuk yuk

Dylan Covers...Keef Richards! Girl From The North Country

Dylan Covers...The Byrd's! My Back Pages!

OMFG! Trump/Wallace Back&Forth About Cognitive Tests

Aaron Rupar video thread on the Trump/Wallace interview (here are the first four):

Dylan Covers...Johnny & June! It Ain't Me Babe

John Lewis

This story from early 2019 probably deserves a replay. Trump: GOP will be 'the party of health care'

I think I'm going to watch Chris Wallace's interview of Trump on FOX.

What is the word I'm looking for?

Trump joins Hagerty [TN] in tele-town hall as early voting begins

About those black women covering up the BLM mural on 5th Ave

Sail (Medieval Style)

Dylan Covers...White Stripes! One More Cup Of coffee! Sick!

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan Says Trump Called South Koreans 'Terrible People'

The flag is no longer at half staff:

Please anyone with twitter don't mention NASCAR truck #49 Trump Pence 2020

Tear Gassing MOM!

For those of you bashing dems saying they can't do good ads:

#GoNavy... Last night in Portland

Hong Kong national security laws shouldn't harm banks' operations, regulator says

Dylan Covers...Neil Young! All Along The Watchtower!

All roads lead to Putin including C-19.

'Give a direct answer': Chris Wallace grills Trump for suggesting he won't accept election results

This Chris Wallace interview is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥- cognitive test

Happy National Ice Cream Day. Whatever your favourite s, enjoy with gusto!

Trump is Dr. Peters from the movie 12 Monkeys.

And the religous right went crazy - ISS crossing in front of NEOWISE

Russian ambassador rejects virus vaccine hacking claims

He did more than anyone in history?

This entire Donnie Shit for Brains misadministration

Can someone please explain to me what is going on with


To you kind folks who recommended NOK-OUt, a quick question.

At this juncture, every day that passes is slightly less than

Dragostea Din Tei (Numa Numa) (Medieval Cover)

The things that ended up inside of museums because of assumptions about white superiority

Democrats guide to regaining control of the US Senate in 2020 with and without the US Presidency.

What do we do when Orange Hitler sends armed militia to disrupt polls?

Trumpie implied there were no African American war heroes

Voting by mail? May not be a good idea...

GoonBoy will NOT accept the election results when he Loses

Whistleblower complaint against Pompeo obtained by McClatchy

Pennsylvania Approves Police Reform Bill Requiring Employment Records From Officers Seeking New Jobs

2359 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Sun. 31 deaths

The Republicans are creating millions of life long, never can vote Republican, Americans.

Wisconsin's 'Herd Immunity' festival is scientific proof that there's no cure for idiot

My dog broke quarantine last night.

Music to Clean House To

Jon Favreau: Biden campaign should just cut up Trump's Fox interview into a few 60-second ads

Fascist USA 🇺🇸 Here Now

Trump humiliated by Fox's Wallace about Cognitive Test!

Donald Trump actually said in the Wallace interview

Any GOPers in Congress speaking publically against Trump invasion of Portland?!?

Watch this video & pass it on: This is COVID-19 America and to the Naysayers or Mask Refusers

Jennifer Rubin: The entire Trump interview could be a Project Lincoln ad or a Sarah Cooper video.

This all has to stop


July 19 - Happy Birthday Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi (D) IL-8th

Trump actually chided Chris Wallace for giving Biden the answers to that cognitive test.

Chris Wallace is good at his job.

The Wallace interview- sorry to toot my own horn but....

In Arizona, school reopening sparks protest movement

Saturday, July 18, 2020 byCommon Dreams To End 'Unconstitutional Nightmare,' ACLU Sues Trump Admin.

Commander Cody (George Frayne) has a birthday today.

Trump declines to say he'll accept results of election: "I have to see"

On this day, July 19, 1924, Arthur Rankin Jr. was born.

Police used drones to monitor nudity at a Minnesota beach

Twitter disables Trump tweet over copyright complaint

Scary thought, revisit these threads in light of Portland

The president claimed today on @FoxNewsSunday he "called Michigan"... NOPE.

Bicentennial Wagon Train signatures are lost pieces of American past

Let's talk about Portland and Trump's move....Beau of the Fifth Column video

Calling Sarah Cooper

New Economist forecast increases odds of Biden winning Electoral College from 91% to 93%

Brian May has a birthday today.

I think if you were a Trump supporter, you loved the FOX interview.

Roger Stone Uses Racial Slur on Radio Show

Degas was born on this date.


LOL! Howard Fineman's bowling metaphor for that Trump interview on Fox

Trump lies: "We're signing a health care plan within two weeks"

What's going on in Portland?? - 6 vs. 1

First Trump supporting evangelical found

COcanalNPS Billy Goat Trail-A will be CLOSED Sunday and Monday (7/19 and 7/20) due to extreme heat.

Good Biden camp response to Trump hedging on whether he would accept election results

Site-specific glycan analysis of the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein.

Finally, the over-the-too sycophancy comes back to bite donnie

New polls show Joe Biden is winning suburbanites by a historic margin

He so often contradicts himself in the very next sentence. From the Wallace interview:

Arguing with a trump supporter

trump tweeted "MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN" this morning - this reply back was awesome

The Black Moods - Sunshine

Please help support - grass roots PPE production for schools

Florida reports 12,478 coronavirus cases, 89 deaths

Here's the cognitive assessment form with instructions

Honestly what the f$&k is wrong with the 49% of white people still supporting Trump.

Bernie Leadon has a birthday today.

The Earth Will be Destroyed by the Sun Going Supernova

Savannah Georgia's Mayor speaks on Kemp's lawsuit against Mayors.

republican officials are alarmed that Trump's attacks on voting by mail working too well with GOPers

Trump Failed America: Don the Dumb

Feds, right-wing media paint Portland as 'city under siege.' A tour of town shows otherwise

"Congratulations. For approximately 1,300 days, you have had a menstruating man in the Oval Office." has the cognitive test you can take and share:

Portland protester strategy against the secret police

Acid Head Trigger Warning

To the people of Oregon, Keep on fighting, never back down.

What Fiction are you reading this week, July 19, 2020?

Trump flails in interview with Wallace, citing false and nonexistent data on COVID-19

MORE of this, let's foment chaos, why not?

My new favorite kitchen appliance!

The Portland Situation.........Our Neo-Fascist Prez..

DHS Confirms Barr Will Be Deploying His Black Ops Inter-agency Army Nationwide


July 19-20. 1848. Seneca Falls Women's Rights Convention.

Reminder of Terrible Times from the Past

Trump and Sons Taking Cognitive Test

If the Republicans in congress abandon the sinking Trump ship.

For the Record

The loss of the consent decree and unleashed voter suppression tactics by the GOP

Spike in violent crime follows rise in gun-buying amid social upheaval

I am over 65, the Republicans don't care if I die.

Middle Age Riot tweet - He has no plan

28 Photo Submissions So Far - Need 2 more!

When is Barr going to the House of Representatives?

Middle Age Riot tweet:

US Senate Elections Democrats will win in 2020 in order to regain control of the US Senate in 2020.

Check this out--the hardest test ever!:

Powerful indictment here from Don Winslow.

Love this artwork - History made contemporary

Trump / Wallace interview videos all in one spot

Some Companies Got Both Government Contracts and PPP Loans

Chris Wallace interview faves

This bio is in my King County WA voters phamphlet! OMG!

Enjoy President Obama meeting a baby:

This seems appropos for today:

Trump hits a new high in ..."stuidity"...Today he said, "I'll have to see" when asked if he would

Border agency fires 4, suspends 38 for inappropriate social media posts

Applications taken for 1 day to replace Rep Lewis on ballot

Missouri governor threatens use of pardon power if STLMO city attorney charges two...

To honor John Lewis' legacy, need to pass voting rights act: Rep. Karen Bass

How many of you are...

Trump demands payroll tax cut while GOP eyes benefit cuts for unemployed

Colorado governor: 'National testing scene is a complete disgrace'

Robert Reich - They want no money for testing

Wallace to Trump on coronavirus: "This isn't burning embers Sir, this is a forest fire."

Republicans are terrified

(Rio Rancho, NM) Cleveland High School shooter released from treatment, charges dropped

America's hidden economic crisis: Widespread wage cuts

Missouri governor says he'd pardon St. Louis couple if they are charged for brandishing guns at prot

New schedule in Netanyahu corruption trial

Ohio governor warns state 'could become Florida'

Trump demands payroll tax cut while GOP eyes benefit cuts for unemployed

Trump supporters may be afraid of mail-in ballots

It's time for insurance companies- BC/ BS etc to charge higher rates

Trump's campaign to paint Biden as mentally unfit becomes a gamble

John Lewis (Lincoln Project ad):

Presidents and their pets

US coronavirus: America broke its single-day record of new cases at least 9 times in a month

#goodtrouble. This clip made me weep

Twitter removes Trump retweet video after Linkin Park complain

'Palm Beach Ken' Calls Cops On Black Woman For Riding Bike In Gated Community

I've got a Zoom conference in about an hour, so wandering around the aethosphere I found this again.

Joe may be 77 now

Navy Badass Updates Condition

Trump: Fauci is 'a little bit of an alarmist'

I don't even have anything clever to say. Where the hell are you, Senator Graham?

Stuck at home since March, I'm totally dependent on

Me filling out my primary ballot this week

New Meidas Touch

We are going to have to carry trump out of the White House ourselves when he loses

Gee, Mr. Tump, you've got some really great unidentified camo-clad mercenaries in Portland!

Ellen DeGeneres runs a toxic workplace enviornment.. Buzzfeednews:

How the coronavirus spread through one immigration facility

If the 2020 US Pres. & Sen. Election is similar to 2016- same party wins both offices in each state.

Update on SC Michigan happenings at Midvale College.

As coronavirus explodes in Venezuela, Maduro's government blames the country's returning refugees

Helpful rebuttals for racist talking points....

trump tests himself

U.S. remains on the sidelines in Libya's conflict as Russia extends its reach

(Rio Rancho, NM) High School shooter released from treatment, charges dropped

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, July 22: Feel-Good Films

Oliver Stone: ok? good? Pos?

HerStorey:The Hidden History of Anna Murray Douglass

Hot enough for ya? 🥵

There was a tornado warning in Ontario, Canada

ABC's 'World News Tonight With David Muir' Hits Another Ratings Milestone As No. 1 Program ...

Corgi makes it crystal clear he wants you to throw the firsbee

Star Trek: Voyager - The Doctor Sings for Tuvok

Timing coincedence? 2 female-headed cities, Portland and Atanta, attacked by GOP govt heads

drumpf to sign new healthcare plan in two weeks?

Winn-Dixie will not be joining other large retailers by requiring masks in its stores,

Many see Trump as the real cause of his campaign's woes

"Beautiful World Wars..."

Cartoons 7/19/2020

Trump: Many positive coronavirus cases shouldn't even be cases because young people heal in a day

DeSantis and Rubio Brutally Fumble Their Responses to Lewis' Death

A Reality Check from Portland

Here's how the Portland Provocation might be operating

I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamberder today.

That military activity in Portland has more than one goal in mind.

Cubans celebrate no local transmission of COVID-19 for first time in four months

Cubans celebrate no local transmission of COVID-19 for first time in four months

The Alienist - Angel of Darkness premiers tonight on TNT

Dr Birx told Trump in April that the coronavirus would soon be gone

Homeowner says she got racist letter for showing support for Black Lives Matter

July 19-20, 1848. Seneca Falls Women's Rights Convention

Colorado store receives threats after video of woman refusing to wear mask goes viral

Trumps Brownshirts Have No Identification Tells Us

Florida Rep. Donna Shalala: "I'm terrified for the first time in my career"

We're There!

Moms Form Human Shield In Front Of Portland Protestors

DeJuan Booker, Gen Z, TikTok army now aim to troll Trump hotels

Trump says Confederate flag proud symbol of U.S. South

US appeals court overrules Texas GOP's in-person convention

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, July 21: 30 Years of Milestone Films

Words escape me.

HBO Max..

Inside The Coronavirus Data Mess The Trump Administration Created

Profiles in Perfidy, XXVIII. . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

Kit Carson RV Park in Flagstaff sparks petition for new name

Miami-Dade county ICU bed utilization at 122% as of yesterday

With Trump actually using a new, violent secret police against citizens...

Trump's Election Hail Mary: Bring Back Bob Mueller and Relitigate Russiagate

2020 US Presidential and Senate Election Prediction- Democrats will regain control of both.

Trump accused of insulting South Koreans in front of GOP governor's South Korean-born wife

Happy Birthday Ramin Djawadi, Musician & Composer

Trump has exceeded my worst fears in every way.

COVID-19 testing sites struggle to keep up amid "explosive situation" in Washington

Today I looked up an old friend who I've been out of touch with for a long time.

Gimme those Death Charts!

Chuck Todd slam of Trump admin response to COVID-19 was total & unequivocal

Colin Powell said he supports push to rename Army bases named after Confederate leaders

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Monday, 20 July 2020

Why does trump spend every day FIGHTING the American people instead of helping us?

Barr in 2001 interview boasted how he used law to justify sending forces to U.S. streets

Activities at airport in Mena detailed

Donald in the Oval Office

Donald Trump Makeup Tutorial

Sarah Cooper is gonna be busy, after this Chris Wallace interview

"There are forces trying to take us back to another period.

U.S. has 4.25% of the world's popultion and 23.7% of its virus deaths

Trump took a clinical test for dementia and by his own account he struggled with the questions.

Many nations doing social distance, 6 feet, close churches---it's a Satanic plot!

A fake congregation and tax schemes -- California rabbi's years of fraud revealed

I wonder how many lives would have been saved,...if Trump started wearing a mask the same

John Lewis at ComicCon.

Almost 200K Michigan jobs could be lost if unemployment benefits expire

We all know that Trump is dangerously incompetent. He is a mean, self-centered psychopath whose

Instead of calling the cretin coalition the "trump campaign" can we call it

Massive crowds at the golf tournament on CBS. Nicklaus's Memorial.

Wearing a mask over a beard

Florida-based grocery chain won't require masks: 'We don't want to cause undue friction'

Excellent visual from Biden- It didn't have to be this bad.

Freezer Trucks so kids can go back to school?

Someone needs to suggest renaming Fort Bragg to Fort Trump

Couple under house arrest after testing positive for COVID-19

How hard is it to take a document out of a file in Microsoft Word and put it into Google edit?

The Border Patrol claims jurisdiction over Portland because it's within the 100 mile border zone

Putin's Personal Boot Licker is Demonstrating he is unprepared to protect us from Biological weapons

Illinois: Images of the Prairie State

Has anyone ever generated a Wikipedia account?

anti-mask people are getting to sound like Flat Earthers

PRESIDENT Biden. Inmate trump. In some metaphysics, we are told to act as though what we want

Perfect comparison

Pompeo Being Investigated for 'Questionable' Activities

It doesn't matter what trump thinks of the election results. His opinion is useless and of no issue.

So, let's say it's November 4, 2020

trump's plan to re-open schools

Trump is the gift that keeps on giving to Russia and China...

2 Republican Senators Post Photos of Elijah Cummings in John Lewis Tributes

Polls show Trump's advantage over Biden on the economy evaporates as coronavirus cases climb

Pupper eating burrito with his paws, like a human:

Doggo dramatically flummoxed by magic trick:

Professional golfers exercise and train so they can play golf

Trump doubles down on threats to defense, coronavirus relief bills

The lack of virus response from POTUS and R-govs is a vote-suppression tactic....

Trump calls Fauci 'a bit of an alarmist' as coronavirus cases rise

Barack Obama Beautifully Remembers Rep. John Lewis

New survey reveals how many Washingtonians are following statewide mask mandate

David Pepper, state chair of the Democratic Party in Ohio asked a good question of us

Crazy doggy twirls!

Consistency is not their forte.

What's for Dinner, Sun., July 19, 2020

Covid-19 Spread Fastest by Teens and Tweens, Korea Study Finds

Pupper wants whatever human has:

House Democrats demand investigation into use of force at Portland protests

Left, right, left, right! (Pupper.)

The Orangesicle is more ignorant than a box of rocks.

Portland: protesters' outrage grows over federal officers' 'blatant abuse'

"Dewey Defeats Truman" By A.J. Baime. A review

NIH director says wearing masks is not 'optional' to curb pandemic's spread

We are all teetering!

The Trump campaign is based on one simple wager and they're putting all their chips on the table.

In that moment Trump became the President of the United States

Chris Wallace seems to have really turned on Trump. Did someone at Fox give him the green light to

Did DUers see Congresss woman Frederica Wilson on Rev Al

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 7/19/20

Rush - Red Tide

anti-maskers react to federal government wwii rationing at home so we can feed our soldiers

Trump Doesn't Care That He Has Actually Killed 140,000 Americans

Meadows says Trump is readying a new executive order to expand the federal takeover of cities

Jack Nicklaus says he tested positive for coronavirus, antibodies

State moves to ban antidepressant sold in convenience stores, can mimic opioids

Veteran speaks out after video of federal officers beating him at Portland protests goes viral

Kanye's campaign rally is going great...

LeBron James rookie card goes for record $1.8M at auction

ABC News "A Crisis Of Leadership!" They said it!

Trump's base is shrinking to just the rural areas...

OK, time for a little cute overload from Australia....

Kanye's crowd

Kemp is a Nazi:

Meidas Touch: Unpresidented Idiot: Donald Trump Humiliates Himself on Fox News

Belarus rally for presidential challenger largest in years

Tweet of the Day

Wonderful photo of marco rubio

So Trump & Barr Are Aching To Be Frog Marched Out Of Office

Report: Trump Wants To Block Funding For Virus Testing, CDC In Next Stimulus Package

White grapes on the vine drawing

Contact tracing in action

That new Con ad claiming Biden will

Priorities USA and others agree to drop voting lawsuit against Florida

This is how it starts

Georgia's cases increase 50%, so why don't these maps show it?

The Lincoln Project: How It Starts

Lewis and Obama

I love that our new ad is literally just Trump's answer to Wallace's question

The Postal Service is Not Ready for November

The Lincoln Project: "How it Starts" (Wow)

Forbes: The FBI Is Secretly Using A $2 Billion Travel Company As A Global Surveillance Tool

"I just heard from another broadcast it's all over the world." WTF

House Democrats call for IG probe into use of federal agents in Portland

Forbes: The FBI Is Secretly Using A $2 Billion Travel Company As A Global Surveillance Tool

To accommodate ANTI-MASKERS, we have provided this space away from everyone else...

I don't know if this is just local or nationwide, I am guessing it comes from the NRA.

for rap fans: Karen - Mask Off Remix (Walmart Diss)

the President mocking Eric Gardner and others.

Two new bird species discovered nesting in restored Arkansas wetlands

Chameleon Likes Popping Bubbles

Trump Says He May Not Accept Election Results If He Loses; Chris Wallace, Fox TV Interview

Tiny baby deer asks people to rescue her

Thank you DU!

Goodness I never thought I would see the day that I would record something on Fox News

My newest totem animal! ;)

This dog wanted to be invisible -- until he shared a burger with a new friend

John Lewis at ComicCon

I am compelled to say this again: if having a bowel movement required intelligence,

Amazing Murmeration!

Columbus 'paramilitary' police with assault weapons jump out of unmarked vans to abduct protester.

Prosecutor: No time for evidence against arrested reporter

According to CNN, trump still polls better on the economy, though that has eroded significantly

Mobile police officer at center of viral arrest video submits resignation, MPD says

In honor of John Lewis. RIP

"Donald Trump is going to lose because he's lost his grip on swing voters - and won't get them back"

EVERY FUCKING DAY is bad news..with this Administration

It tweeted (and someone please translate the NY, Chicago, Philadelphia bit, please)

'The Other Madisons' Book Review: An Astonishing Story Of A President's Black Family

In French Guiana, virus exposes inequality, colonial legacy

Four arrested over destruction of 1,700 year-old Buddha statue in Pakistan

The crisis that shocked the world: America's response to the coronavirus

Rehab centers set up across Europe to treat long-term effects of coronavirus

Democrats demand expansion of voting rights in memory of John Lewis