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Look at the first guest for Joy Ann Reid!

Racist White Christians and Heaven

Trump's new USPS chief is an unqualified crony. That's not what's most worrying.

Joan Baez - Gracias a la Vida (Here's to Life) 1974

State Department releases cable that helped spread claims coronavirus emerged from Chinese lab

'A direct threat to our democracy': Portland mayor responds after Trump says city 'lost control'

Ladies - anyone else have a problem with an elder brother who is cruel to you?

Military teams sent to five California hospitals amid coronavirus staffing shortages

Rename Edmund Pettus Bridge for John Lewis? Some civil rights veterans say no

Where are all the NRA diaper boys?

Florida surpasses New York in cumulative COVID-19 cases

New Ad "Keep Your Children Home"

Portland protester describes beating by federal officers.

Whatever happened with that Russian Bounty thing?

US Senate seats Democrats will win in 2020 in order to regain control of the US Senate in 2020.

I am completely unhinged

This is funny

What agency/department handles writing Democratic presidential campaign ads?

Psychopathic traits linked to non-compliance with social distancing guidelines

Biden statement: "Mr. President, your ignorance isn't a virtue or a sign of your strength

Twitter: Hack hit 130 accounts, company 'embarrassed'

Twitter: Hack hit 130 accounts, company 'embarrassed'

Donald Trump has unified America - against him. Robert Reich

Administration seeks to zero out CDC, NIH funding in coronavirus relief bill: Sources

Is Mike Espy auditioning for a Joe Biden gig?

'NYT Investigation Finds Trump Admin. Was Desperate To Shift Blame For Covid Crisis,' Dr. Birx

Defund the Secret Police

Trump's Failures Are Erasing the Memory of American Greatness

The Office - "Broccoli Rob" is based on broccoli rabe???

Hey, how is Trump and US Gov scoring on the fascist checklist these days?

Steve Mnuchin Already Wants To Forgive Billions In PPP Loans

"The ones refusing to wear masks ..."

This is the test Trump said he 'aced' and that Fox News host Chris Wallace would have trouble comple

November 4th

Wisconsin Democrats Report Record-Breaking Fundraising Haul

A Kentucky couple refused to sign self-quarantine papers after testing positive for coronavirus.

Any word on Covidention-20

Delta just gave United a stark lesson in pandemic business leadership

When people say freedom isn't free

HOA Faces Backlash After Telling Residents To Remove BLM Signs From Yards

Florida Republican Implodes LIVE: "We're Doing Fine"

Johnny on the Spot

'I'll be right eventually': Donald Trump defends his handling of COVID-19 and the presidency

Sunday Night Chill - Man and Best Friend Enjoy Burritos. (Twitter Video)

Colombia exceeds 9 million victims as country sinks deeper into armed conflict


Keep Your Children Home Ad

trump's press conferences

Seattle Seahawks' Wilson, Lockett among players to voice concern about NFL's coronavirus plan

A clnician's guide to administering the "Is Trump Senile?" test

"We refuse to be silenced": Oxford organizers plan next steps in call to remove Confederate monument

Kirkland Black Lives Matter Mural Vandalized, City Says

COVID-19 in Colombia: Bogota begins denying critical care to elderly

What could I do,to prepare

Husband, Son of Federal Judge Shot at Their New Jersey Home

Trump's stunning blatant lie.

The question everyone should be asking?

Trump is lying - Don Winslow

Whoa (Or: the zombification of Jared)

Federal Study Shows Brazil Meat Plants Directly Linked To Covid-19 Spread

Is there no mercy in this land?

BREAKING The Dangerous Ones

Vietnam has zero coronavirus deaths. Here's why. CNBC Reports

Older Children Spread the Coronavirus Just as Much as Adults, Large Study Finds

'GOP Leaders, Trump To Discuss Virus Aid As Crisis Deepens': Next Covid-19 Aid Pkg. Negotiations

US Senate seats Democrats will and must win in order to regain majority control in 2020.


Ecuador: Rafael Correa's Party Barred From Running in Elections

About the Lincoln Project

Mississippi's governor considers closing bars midst rising Coronavirus cases

Dr. Deborah Birx Told The White House That Coronavirus Surge Was Fading: Report

Demonic Karen Has a Temper Tantrum On a Harbor

Wall of Moms - Tonight in Portland

Vulnerable Border Community Battles Virus on 'A Straight Up Trajectory' (long article from NYT)

Trump logic re:any subject is derived from the following:

Florida Virus 'Out of Control,' Los Angeles Is on the Brink

Mark Knopfler revisiting one of my favorite Dire Straits songs

☦ Greek Orthodox Church of Saint Nektarios: Pandemic Prayers and Light a Virtual Candle

*Hidden Figures on FXM Ch 258 Now.

How much did Biden pay?

What would happen if Portland deployed the SWAT team to arrest the DHS officers arresting citizens?

There is simply no bottom to trump's and republicans' and the trump cult swamp. None at all.

UK ratchets up criticism of China over Uighurs, Hong Kong

Although I suppose, technically, we have until the end of the month

Trump Leans Into False Virus Claims in Combative Fox News Interview

El Salvador to postpone second phase of economic reopening, president says

El Salvador to postpone second phase of economic reopening, president says

The judge whose family was shot today had just been assigned case suing Deutsche Bank over Epstein

"I will be right eventually"?

Brazil's indigenous chief Raoni in 'stable' condition

NFL players take to Twitter to express concerns over COVID-19 protocols

I'm really loving Don Winslow:

'This is Embarrassing, America': U.S. Tourists No Longer Welcome in Bahamas; Canadians, Brits, and E


Leaky border: Tourists and quarantine cheats threaten Canada amid U.S. COVID-19 surge

Has anyone received a phone call from University of Chicago about a poll for the CDC ?

More covid lockdown lunacy

7 Things Connected To Slavery: Businesses, Schools, Brands, National Blgds., Prominent Figures

Moment black bear approaches group of hikers, sniffs their hair and even poses with them as they sna

Watch, Trump will turn on Chris Wallace?

The entire Chris Wallace interview with Trump can be found here

Hindemith: Symphonic Metamorphosis of Themes by Carl Maria von Weber - 2. Turandot (Scherzo)

The crisis that shocked the world: America's response to the coronavirus

Lincoln Project: Trump Takes Responsibility for Everything

If you've recovered from COVID please consider donating plasma.

WaPo Editorial Board: The coronavirus is racing out of control. Here's what we need to do now.

Another Tweet of the Day:

Full transcript of the Trump/Wallace interview

US Senate seats Democrats will have to win in order to get back in the majority in 2020.

Federal judge's son killed, husband shot by unknown gunman at their N.J. home

I got in my facebook a picture, twice now. It says the woman pictured is the co-founder of BLM.

New Yorker - Telling the Stories of the Protests Here and in Hong Kong

Trump May Use DHS Stormtroopers To Stop People from Voting

Some Un-talked-about observations of recent police activity

The Daily Social Distancing Show: This Week's Coronavirus Updates

Young Peruvian innovator says India is potential giant; His Clay pot, plants light up homes in remot

Young Peruvian innovator says India is potential giant; His Clay pot, plants light up homes in remo

The story behind the surreal photos of Portland protester 'Naked Athena'

Federal Agent provocateurs? The timing is curious.

Can anyone confirm location of this horrifying attack by federales on dog walking person?

Federal Agent provocateurs? The timing is curious.

Memo to Trump: 'You Resist Voting Reforms At Every Turn' - Rev. Al - MSNBC

Video Captures Space Object Entering Atmosphere in West Texas

Cuban scientists use new technique to study sea bottoms

War on America?

Rob Reiner: My Father Hoped To Live To Vote Trump Out - MSNBC

Judge whose Husband & Son shot in NJ

Giving Jackson students laptops for remote learning 'puts a target on them,' says superintendent

Portland Unrest Grows As Protesters Clash With Federal Agents, Police Union HQ Is Set Ablaze - MSNBC

Judge in NJ Husband/Son Shot

How come no news articles on the shooting at Judge Esther Salas' house mentioned Epstein?

The liberal plot

'As Trump Ignores Virus Crisis, Republicans Start To Break Ranks': NYT

The moms of Portland aren't protesting, they're forming a barrier to protect the other protesters.

Texas GOP Convention had to postpone the rest of the business to a second convention

Twitter list to follow happenings in Portland tonight.

Tweet of the late night:

Has anyone detained by Trump's secret police been released?

MSNBC Analyst Nance Slams Federal Agents Apprehending Protesters - MSNBC

Gail Walker and Pastors for Peace, a bond of love with Cuba

US Senate seats Democrats will win in 2020 in order to regain control of the US Senate in 2020.

Anyone familiar with The Primary Model?

He invented the N95 mask filter.

Two social security cuts if you were born in 1960

Johnny Cash & Joe Strummer - Redemption Song

'It sucks': Coronavirus outbreak at Capitol leaves state government in limbo

'Holy goat:' A goat guards a Mississippi church

Bolivia's president wore a "virus blocker." Then, she got Covid-19

Bolivia's interim minister tests positive for COVID-19

Mississippi top doc: COVID 'solution is not to get infected'

Google Launches Hieroglyphic Translator

A little lightheaded entertainment -The Ivanka Diaries

In Too Deep: The Trial - Ali Velshi - MSNBC

Former Mississippi Priest Indicted in Wire Fraud Case

Donavan La Bella making 'remarkable' recovery from head injury after being shot by feds with impact

Hospitals are suddenly short of young doctors because of Trump's visa ban

people are concerned about Kanye West's mental state

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) - Coronavirus: Conspiracy Theories

businesses that are struggling to survive: Chuck E Cheese

'Praise You' by 2 artists

Nightly News Full Broadcast (July 19th)

I just can't any more. nt

Esther Salas family murdered

Portland Live Link here

Harvest Moon - Alma Mićić

Samurai Sword Master Rates 10 Japanese Sword Scenes In Movies And TV How Real Is It?

'Wall of Moms' shields Portland protesters.

People wonder if Trump will create a "Reichstag Fire" situation...

Ole Miss leader sorry for how relocation of Confederate statue handled

Insults, slammed fists: EU virus summit goes into 4th day

Heather Cox Richardson - July 19, 2020 - Letters From An American

GOP leaders head to White House as virus crisis deepens

Marni Nixon: Singing voice of the stars

Accusations fly in unusual runoff election for DeKalb Sheriff

If you only knew. nt

Local Portland news source on the Fed invasion...

GA-05: St. Sen. Nikema Williams considered front-runner to succeed John Lewis

A Navy veteran says he was beaten and pepper sprayed while attending a protest in Portland

Russia: Forest Bones Confirmed To Be The Last Tsar of Russia And The Romanov Family

Some good news for Biden and the world:

Suburban women voters key to Democratic revival in Texas

As numbers soar, Shelby County ICU capacity hovers near 90%

West Side Story - Making of a classic

Nationwide "Strike for Black Lives" today has started.

'Hero or Nazi War Criminal? Hans Calmeyer's Legacy Debated'; Saved More Jews Than Oskar Schindler

Six Days on the Road Dave Dudley

Forrest slave market historic marker damaged, to be repaired

The Path to Nazi Genocide

Why John Lewis's life's work was never finished: Mitch McConnell and his party.

With the primaries mostly done, you're gonna see some GOPers put distance between themselves & Trump

(Jewish Group) U.S. Jewish Groups Mourn John Lewis, a Civil Rights Hero and 'Longtime Friend'

(Jewish Group) French officials mark anniversary of mass arrest of Jews during Holocaust

Arab Israeli tahini company that donated money to LGBT rights group faces boycott

Breakfast Monday 20 July 2020

Down by the River (2009 Remaster)

A Veteran Moderate Faces a Progressive Challenger for Nashville's Congressional Seat

Monday TOONs - Good Trouble

These high school journalists are documenting what's happening in Portland @Clypian

Missing Kansas dog makes 50-mile trip to old home in Missouri

These high school journalists are documenting what's happening in Portland @Clypian

Coronavirus: 'When coffins lined the streets of my hometown'

Another one of my Before & After paintings...

Climate change: Summers could become 'too hot for humans'

Got to be smart about this.

Court Orders Nashville Bar To Close After Refusing To Comply With Health Department Order

William Howard Taft's dairy cow, Pauline, last cow to live at the White House: #LOC

Thousands to walk off job to protest racial inequality

Iran executes man convicted of spying on US-slain general

Trump's Fox News interview, in 4 minutes (WaPo)

New polls show Joe Biden is winning suburbanites by a historic margin

Bright Lights, Big City

They are a living, breathing, horror show of a death panel

Something fishy about the 3 people on a fishing trip get massacred story.

Dwight Howard, again not wearing a mask in Orlando bubble, said he doesn't believe in vaccinations

85 crew members aboard factory trawler in Unalaska (AK) test positive for COVID-19

Bahamas bans tourists from US, cites coronavirus concerns

Transgender Man Sues Catholic Hospital for Canceling His Hysterectomy

Trump didn't "ace" his cognitive assessment

Today's sunrise in DC, 5:59 a.m. Today's sunset in DC, 8:30 p.m.

"If they can't afford them, they shouldn't have had them."

DanRather on Trumps inter I imagine there is quite a scene at the WH trying to contain the fallout

Chiara Boni, the rare fashion brand that's beloved by the women of Trump world ...

Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton on Joy Reid's premier show tonight.

I got an counter offer to trumps payroll tax reductions he knows will hurt Social Security

22 July we get the puppy golden retriever

'Feds Stay Clear!': Portland Moms Form a Human Chain to Shield Protesters from Federal Officers

In L.A. County, Pacific Islanders suffer the highest infection rate of any racial or ethnic group --

Comments from Young People that didn't know about John Lewis

Allen West is the new chairman of the Texas Republican Party

The Rundown: July 20, 2020

Sinkholes, Subsidence, Cracked Roadways Expand Along Path Of Mariner East Pipeline In PA

Interviewing the Orange Asshole ...

Surgeon General on Fox News implores viewers to wear masks

Number Of Students Of Geosciences In UK Down 45% Since 2014; Hitting Both O&G And Climate Science

Nebraska Legislature Will Face Gut-Wrenching Task Of . . . Authorizing A Non-Binding Climate Study

Russian Elite Given Experimental Covid-19 Vaccine Since April

Another Loss For Shitstain's Crack Legal Team; Fed. Judge Dismisses Cap & Trade Suit Against CA

Coronavirus: Protein treatment trial 'a breakthrough'

Speaker Pelosi is coming up on

Omg. Black twitter & other funny twitter folk are invading Parler the conservative app. It's trendin

Trump Hired To Become A Regular On The Game Show 'To Tell The Truth'....

Did you hear this in the Trump - Chris Wallace interview?

The Great American Death Cult: What The GOP Has Done To Science And To Its Own Voters

Coronavirus death rate remains high on the Navajo Nation

U.K. Orders 90 Million Vaccine Doses from Pfizer, Valneva

WH Releases COVID-19 Data:

A Navy vet asked federal officers in Portland to remember their oaths. Then they broke his hand.

After Chaotic Virtual Convention, Allen West (Yeah, That Allen West) To Lead Texas Republican Party

I propose a new acronym as the universal response to any opinion voiced by Trump:

Republicans should gather and march over to see Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats.


GOPpers Voting For National Parks Funding Can't Brag If They Support Shitstain's Awful BLM Nominee

Trump's interview and Kanye's campaign rally are a reminder that the core of narcissism is

How about them apples?

Trails Biden on most personal traits, issues

Which Country Will Triumph in the Post-Pandemic World?

Fox Nation's newest show is hosted by a QAnon supporter

This is an absolutely must read

Silly me. I always thought Monty Python was satire

Local Whole Foods is running low on beans. Except Goya. No one's buying Goya

CDC employees take on another pandemic: racism COMMENTARY

"Vote and kick this methane-inflated decaying orange cow to the side of the road where he belongs."

@SpeakerPelosi just said that Donald Trump May have to be fumagated out of the White House. .....

Kamichu full OP - Hare Nochi Hare - Maho Tomita

'If It's Here, It's Here': America's Retirees Confront the Virus in Florida [The Villages]

Joe Biden has endorsed the Green New Deal in all but name

Dog Tries to get Owners' Attention While They Exercise

Coronavirus: The slow death of the American all-you-can-eat buffet

John Pavlovitz - "Hey, you're doing great."

Whatsis I just heard on CNN that the Georgia governor is now doubling down and trying to get an...

Senior Living Facilities

Judge Esther Salas Assigned to Epstein Deutsche Bank Case 4 Days Before Husband, Son Shot

Boycott GOYA? WTF??

Nebraska Dems back Alisha Shelton for Senate as push to replace Chris Janicek continues

Excessive Heat Watch Issued for Arlington, Region

more Sarah Cooper part II

Excessive Heat Watch Issued for Arlington, Region

Excessive Heat Watch Issued for Arlington, Region

Schumer urges Democrats to unify against GOP coronavirus bill

AP reporting Kasich is expected to speak at the Democratic convention on Biden's behalf

Trump Caskets, coming soon to your city! (@TheGoodLiars)

Any ideas of who should

GOP governors have been holding secret conference calls to complain about Trump's COVID response

Biden Eyes GOP Supporters (John Kasich) While Trump Focuses On His Base

You raised $2,125.10 on July 19, 2020 to elect Joe Biden POTUS with our DU ActBlue link

All in all a great auto racing weekend

Democrats keep having to clean up Republican messes. When is our turn to advance America?

My Next Door Neighbor Stuck a Nasty Letter in My Kitchen Door

The wall of moms in Portland is a great idea.

Any of you Ohio group folks know what DeWine sees in the numbers

"The fact is, whether he knows it yet or not, he will be leaving."

A Stadium at Iowa State Says His Name: Jack Trice (NYT)

Grinding coffee

I'm in NJ. It's 90 degrees in my apartment at 10:09 a.m.

Mike Bloomberg: Joe Biden vs. climate change and the COVID-19 economy

This is about Canada wanting to continue to distance itself from a dysfunctional neighbour

Is Texas a trap for Biden or Trump?

Texas: Religious schools can ignore local health officials on the coronavirus

Where is the billion dollars Bloomberg said he would spend to defeat Trump?

Ivanka explains garbanzo beans and chickpeas:

Former Florida congressman Allen West unseats James Dickey to become Texas GOP chairman

Attempted Murder of Judge presiding over Deutsche Bank Case

Anyone remember H. Rap Brown?

Afterbirth of a Nation

Who's right and who's wrong here?

The time John Lewis cosplayed at ComicCon

On the eve of John Lewis's death, a cruel Supreme Court blow to his legacy

Wear the damn mask, Clark.

A brief and very important message on mental health in these trying times.

They depended on their parents for everything. Then the virus took both.

Someone tell trump there is a Pandemic and the US has the most cases. [Chris Wallace Interview]

Sorry, everyone. Got the month wrong.

Federal officers again tear-gas protesters in Portland, Oregon

Washington had 36 gubernatorial candidates on the primary ballot

US scientists rebuke Trump over coronavirus response and other affronts

'Naked Athena' Stares Down Trump's Storm Troopers

Stacey Abrams is on the Nominating Committee to pick a candidate replacement for John Lewis

Portland.....just a dress rehearsal?

Green shoots....

Gov. Cuomo's briefing today (replay is available)

Just like I thought, sooner or later someone would smear John Lewis...

Bill Barr interview. What the hell kind of answer is this?

African American children are more likely to die after surgery than their white peers

How Smartphone Cameras told the story of Police Brutality

Biden: Imagine the future we can create with Donald Trump out of the White House. A future where we:

Here's why Trump will win Florida

John Lewis photos taken by Bob Adelman

"Two BEAUTIFUL world wars??" - Beautiful????-

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 7/20/20

GOP donors may pull funds from Trump's sinking campaign to try to save the Senate: report

I found this this morning

How widespread globally is the "virus is a hoax" conspiracy?

Lola Albright was born on this date.

Anybody else cook dried beans in chicken stock?

Carlos has a birthday today.

Missouri governor's comments on coronavirus, McCloskeys raise eyebrows

Long Gone Summer 30 for 30

1599 new cases on the AZ Dashboard this morning, Mon.; 23 deaths

I think the Secret Service should warn Don the Criminally Negligent Con to stop

Trump's unabashed racism

Petition Urges Trader Joe's to Get Rid of 'Racist Branding'

Acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf: "I don't need invitations by the state, state mayors, or state gov..

Which countries are banning Americans as plague rats you ask?

85 babies under 1 year old in Nueces County (TX) have tested positive for COVID-19 since mid-March

Trump is 'Discouraging Turnout' Among His OWN Voters By Sowing Doubt in Mail-In Voting

FFS: President Trump says he is resuming 5 PM coronavirus briefings.

Where Is the Outrage?

One family story trumps (sic) another.

Belarus presidential candidate sends her children abroad after threats

Postcards from the past revisited - All is transitory, all impermanent

Navy veteran beaten at protest says he was enraged to see federal officers in Portland

Global Warming Is Driving Polar Bears Toward Extinction, Researchers Say

Pelosi: Trump 'will be leaving' even if he has to 'be fumigated out' of office

What is this 'personal space' of which you speak? (Twitter video)

Supreme Court rejects House Democrats' plea to speed up Trump tax case

Redneck Retriever - Bitchin' about things

So CNN had a republican pollster and an ABC polling director for ABC news on both arguing that

'We need to close down' -- Florida reports more than 10,000 new virus cases for fifth day

Portland's Pretext: Barr's Long History Manipulating Law to Put Federal Forces on U.S. Streets

Kanye West criticizes Harriet Tubman at his political rally

A mashup of Etta James' "I'd Rather Go Blind" and Lauryn Hill's "Doo Wop"

America's Family rating -ranks between Turkey and Mexico-Unbelievable

So my daughter and 12 year old grand daughter came to see me.

Bankers and Investors Finding Fracking Industry's Underlying Models Prove Overly Optimistic

Trump to resume COVID-19 briefings

Happy 73th birthday, Carlos! 🎸

Miami Beach enacts 8 PM curfew in entertainment district to curb coronavirus spread

Arizona reopened early to revive its economy. Now, its businesses face even greater devastation

Trump Will Resume Coronavirus Briefings

Missouri Gov - cavalier remarks about kids and COVID: 'if they do get COVID, which they will...

Florida reports 10,000 more coronavirus cases, 92 deaths

Pic Of The Moment: Today At The White House

Vandals Deface "Black Lives Matter" Mural While Yelling "Jesus Has To Matter"

Joy Reid has both Joe and Hillary on tonight!

America Blew It. We Spent the Spring Trying to Build a Bridge - BUT - We built a PIER instead

Why some people risk everything to be whistleblowers

Never Trumpers and Senate Races

Comet neowise

Clintons, Biden to join premiere of MSNBC's Joy Reid show on Monday

Survey: Most Americans Now Believe You Do Not Need God to be Good

Donald Trump has unified America - against him - Robert Reich

Trump claiming war time president status should be indicted for doing nothing to stop Covid with the

George Takei - Spelling

So I had a super spreader event next to my house:

Holy shit! Gov DeSantis heckled right now!

Portland MOMS were tear gassed last night.

Inside the battle for Portland with the independent journalists on the streets

OK, how about "PC Joe's" instead of "Trader Joe's?"

Mexican president says he won't confront Trump over Mexico wall, coronavirus comments

Kasich speaking at the convention? I got ALOT of uncomfortableness

5 pm briefing or feeding Trump's ego?

Guys, I'm really worried about the effect this is going to have on Sarah Cooper's life.

Why even ask Trump if he will accept the results of the election?

When people start making fun of or complaining about Floridians being unbelievably dumb....

I remember the days when conservatives would go nuts if someone in DC talked like this.

"They're going to go home and they're going to get over it."

I call bullshit! False advertising!

A Group Of Moms Formed A Human Wall To Protect Portland Protesters From Federal Officers

JBLM announces record number of positive COVID-19 cases in July

New nano drug candidate kills aggressive breast cancer cells, U of A researchers say

Complains about case counting; another record-setting day

Back to School 2020 Guide

Monsanto To Pay D.C. $52 Million Over Chemical Pollution In Rivers

Trump says he's bringing back daily coronavirus ratings because they got good ratings.

Half of Baja California's Coronavirus Patients in Hospitals Are Dying

Interesting piece in the Washington Post about the future of the Lincoln Project

I hate it!

51 years ago today we put a man on the moon.

Homeland Security making plans to deploy some 150 agents in Chicago this week, with scope of duty un

CNN reporting that Judge family shooter found dead...

They're gonna rename a bridge after John Lewis and pat themselves on the back while police are ...

CNN just reported the suspect in attack on federal Judge's family is dead of a self-inflicted

Iraqi Leader Goes to Iran After Ailing King Stalls Regional Tour

Pretty sure this is what happened when trump learned about Russian Bounties

Nancy Pelosi warns Trump: 'He'll be leaving' whether he likes it or not

Suspect in shooting of federal judge's son and husband at her New Jersey home has died, sources say

Portland? Kidnappings by the FED?

Ron Wyden: Donald Trump turned my hometown into a war zone to distract from his failures

Trump's schedule for Monday, July 20, 2020: raising money

Yellowstone tries humor to warn against dangerous critters

The white house is now an Assisted Living Home.

Trump plans to send federal law enforcement personnel to Democratic-led U.S. cities

White House thinks a Supreme Court DACA decision gives them a license to skirt the law

AP FACT CHECK: Trump's alternate reality on COVID-19 threat

The roofing project update

The housecleaning that begins in January starts with getting Trump out of the White House and.....

Won't it be wonderful if...

Ever notice this?

Does the Lincoln Project have a secret agenda? The answer is surprising.

Data shows that Florida's CV-19 spike is related to the re-opening

I took a stab at drafting Joe Biden's nomination acceptance speech:

And just like that Gov Kelly said

Trump Did Nothing to Help the Economic Boom

The 55 most shocking lines from Chris Wallace's interview with Donald Trump

On this day, July 20, 1944, Claus von Stauffenberg and others almost assassinated Hitler.

U.S. imposes sanctions on Chechen leader over human rights violations

Mysterious arrest video with unidentified police raises questions

Americans Banned From Traveling to the Bahamas Starting This Week

CNN fact checking trump point by point on the Wallace interview.

As Trump Ignores Virus Crisis, Republicans Start to Break Ranks

If hair bands wrote songs in 2020

Some ICUs in Florida have run out of beds

My apologies. Kinda on a Dylan kick....

If you can watch and listen to Wallace's interview of Trump without feeling at least a small

The Spiraling Opioid Epidemic in America

hour segment on Portland on LA radio "Goal is to stop the Portland protests"

Commercial Mortgage Delinquencies Near Record Levels

Once a Republican bastion, Arizona is now a key state that could decide the election

Well, there are certain sections of New York, Major, that I wouldn't advise you to try to invade.

Hollywood Figures Lined Up For Joe Biden Campaign's Virtual Fundraiser Hosted By Jay Leno

Karens Gone Wild: COVID-19 Edition!

Maxine Waters jumps out of vehicle to monitor officers who pulled over Black motorist

Has Florida Run Out Of Certain Types Of Meds?

Pelosi: (Chump) may have to be fumigated out of the White House!

Washington State Beat Back Covid-19. Now It's Rising Again.

Let's talk about the Lincoln Project and manipulating Trump....Beau of the 5th Column

Can't the HOUSE defund DHS?

Gaslighter -- Mika blames Hillary for not warning us about Trump

I want to be clear that I am not calling for or condoning this but, if Trump does send more of

DeAnna Lorraine Claims That 'God Does Not Want Us Wearing Masks'

Finished Mary Trump's Book - I've been right all along

It's real, and it's here.

Corporate giants shut down Trump texting program

Trump's "Bored" With Coronavirus, But Some Republicans May Finally Be Waking Up

Tan Suit in the Oval Office

Trump on history.

Phil Rucker: Trump's Interview With Fox 'Was Not A Comfortable Interview'

Lily, Rosemary, & The Jack Of Hearts

Henrico Co. School chief to recommend FULL VIRTUAL for first 9 weeks

Juan Williams: We must not become numb to Trump's abnormality

Jacksonville Sheriff cannot support the RNC convention as planned at this point

Yup, I'm gonna do this. Middle Age Riot

Schiff: Congress targeted by foreign interference

John Denver & Cass Elliot get out the vote and sing Leaving on a Jet Plane

Neil Young and Willie!

The fuckin Wilbury's, man!

NSA Chief Vows to Hit Back at Nations Interfering in U.S. Vote

Millennial Folk Anthem: "The Avocado Mountain" (PARODY)

Progressive Democrat who ousted establishment-backed congressman says he's 'right in alignment' with

Trump needs sharp social discord, and he needs to risk our lives

Live Into The Mystic.....So good!

Men's Rights Lawyer Eyed in Shooting of NJ Judge's Family

Trump Says He Will Sign Imaginary Healthcare Plan In 2 Weeks

Time to keep one eye on the Atlantic, Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico

Trump administration memo explains how to spot a transgender woman

Democrats tap Nikema Williams to replace John Lewis on November ballot

"No mask, no entry. Is that clear enough? That seems pretty clear, right?"

May deploy federal agents to Chicago

Kanye West: "(Harriet Tubman)'s the type of slave that goes to work for other white people"

'We can't pull it off': Florida sheriff says he can't muster security for GOP convention

Just found out a friend was a Trump Chump

Rand Paul criticizes DHS actions in Portland

Coronavirus eviction notices set to start again. What to do and how to plan

This is fascinating: bas uterwijk uses AI to create portraits of famous historical figures

COVID-19 virus isn't transmitted by mosquitoes, scientists find

Welp... It finally happened to me today

I Support GOYA

NFL proposal allows for player opt-outs of season with written notice

Well, no fast track for tRump's financial records......

Tom Selleck hawking reverse mortgages on MSNBC (commercial)

Cartoons 7/20/2020

If the Black Plague happened in 2020

Puttered around my garden this morning

"The Night Clerk". Excellent little indie film.

Imagine a second term

chest freezers, another casualty of corona virus

Ben Sasse throws Peter Navarro right under the bus. Bumpity bump goes Peter!

Went to the gun store today in Jax Florida. They were out.

Roy Den Hollander: Suspect Named in New Jersey Judge's Family Shootings

UAE's Amal spacecraft rockets toward Mars in Arab world 1st

I saw an old pic of Jared Kushner and I'm now completely freaked out. What happened to his face?

I have a "small " problem with Trump's goons guarding federal property

Recovery of bodies in Hard Rock collapse officially underway (New Orleans)

Latest Meidas Touch ad

Suspected NJ Shooter Was Anti-Feminist Men's Rights Attorney

I'm starting to see red. In a good way.

Trump consults Bush torture lawyer on how to skirt law and rule by decree

Watching Trump's paramilitary squads descend on Portland, it's hard not to feel doomed

Trump sending agents to Chicago to fight gun crimes and enforce outstanding

How to see Comet NEOWISE

Bellingcat: What You Need To Know About The Battle of Portland

The Google doodle for today Honours Dr. Dilhan Eryurt, Turkish astrophysicist, on the 51st

Polls Show Biden Is the 'Law and Order' Candidate

Texas faces a looming $4.6 billion deficit, comptroller projects

Nancy Pelosi said fu45 daily plays Limbo

Marysville cop cites musician for protest of police brutality

Not even a little.

Federal officials dismiss Portland leaders' calls to leave city as clashes with protesters continue

Vanessa's Arjamolho

Delta requires medical screenings for the maskless

SURPRISE! There's a Russia connection to the killer of Judge Salas' son (lawyer)

WaPo: Republicans want to save themselves -- but only if the price is low

Homeland Security to Deploy Agents to Chicago

A fall without football a real possibility because of COVID-19 as NFL players, others raise question

What are the odds that Donald Trump has already received a COVID-19 vaccine?

Oxford Coronavirus Vaccine 'Safe' And Showing 'Promising Results'

Bloomsburg Fair criticized for 'transphobic' dunk tank mocking Dr. Rachel Levine, PA Sec. of Health

Suspect In Killing of Judge's Son Found Dead

Nicolle Wallace grilled Mayor Suarez/Miami so thoroughly she should be given a bottle of BBQ sauce

Today's Google doodle honours Dr. Dilhan Eryurt, Turkish astrophysicist, on the 51st

Police contracts can stand in the way of accountability

What is happening in Portland, and will extend to other cities is part of trump's campaign strategy

As vehicle attacks on protests mount, Tennessee reckons with legacy of driver immunity bill

House leaders 'alarmed' federal officers policing protests

METROPOLITAN DIARY 'One Day While I Was Shopping at Macy's, I Lost Track of the Time'

Republican John Kasich to speak at Democratic convention

China has blown its opportunity to control the world with soft power

Trump Will Resume Coronavirus Briefings

Portland mayor responds after Trump says city 'lost control': 'A direct threat to our democracy'

It concerns me that 9% are undecided who to vote for. That can influence the outcome

Roy Den Hollander sued media for Trump coverage in 2016.

Kasich to speak at Democratic Convention on behalf of Biden

'They just started wailing on me': Veteran speaks out after video of beating him in Portland

Columbia-based Confederate group flies flag again ... in Bristol

Trump's latest attempt at national obscenity

It would be the greatest TikTok ever

If someone from either party has told you

So is it true that Pence has been on late night calls with terrified ReTHUG governors

Trump justed tweeted "your favorite president"

The bottom line on voting: Not a joke. Very simple:

Fox News Hit With Lawsuit Alleging Sexual Misconduct by Top Talent

Donald J Trump - Late to the party, again

Trump describes two world wars as 'beautiful' and threatens to veto bill renaming military bases

Trump equates support for Confederate flag with Black Lives Matter

Where can I buy Dem face masks

Biden ad playing in Texas

Roger Stone, "I don't feel like arguing with this negro!"

Mark Cuban calls 'national anthem police' out of control, drawing ire of Sen. Ted Cruz

Who remembers the first moon landing?

As Trump Ignores Virus Crisis, Republicans Start to Contradict Him

Trump administration preparing to send federal agents to Chicago

Atlanta's mayor slammed Georgia's Republican governor for trying to stop her mandatory mask order

Had a chat with Sen. Cortez-Masto (head of DSCC) today.

Nationals announce Dr. Anthony Fauci will throw out the first pitch on Opening Day...

2 Accused Of Hitting Ocean County Mall Employee Over Mask Request

Judge to hear arguments in Atlanta mask mandate lawsuit

Fresh all-time highs on the Scamdaq

Florida: 53 hospitals with no ICU beds

Adding insult to injury: "Fauci to throw out first pitch at Nats game on Thursday."

Fox News Hit With Lawsuit Alleging Sexual Misconduct by Top Talent

Already in Portland. Threatening Chicago, NYC!

Anybody have extra blue paint handy?

Restaurant refuses to serve customers wearing masks

Trump falsely touts US Covid-19 death rate

I've Crossed Paths With The Victim & The Shooter.....

Jonathan Lemire (MSNBC): WH does NOT think Chris Wallace interview went well

Two Fucking Weeks

Voided election

Anyone else taking Pregabalin and gaining weight?

The judge lost her only child.

Finally...a picture to go with the name

A plan we could get behind

Will the Soviet Union win in the end?

I couldn't pull this website up from Google today

Joy Reid's first show tonight: Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden

Dr Fauci on TWIV podcast

Apollo 11-One of the greatest days in human history: July 20, 1969...and a deep-fake

Dear Leader is now saying to wear a mask

The Onion: DHS Sec. Assuages Concerns About Protester Abductions By Promising

I went bowling and got an A+

A self portrait, sort of.

Fauci to throw out first pitch for Washington Nationals home opener

COOK POLITICAL gives Biden 279+ EV

Just for fun: CCR -- "Pagan Baby"

Goodboi loves the long slide:

Every Little Bit Hurts - Small Faces. How sick is this?

*NEW* Prosecutor charges St. Louis couple w felony unlawful use of weapon for pulling guns

'Deeply disturbing' footage surfaces of blindfolded Uyghurs at train station in Xinjiang


Trump Tweets Photo of Himself Wearing Face Mask

Interesting note on Roy Den Hollander's "Early years" section on his resume.

Joe Biden leads, Trump follows:

Reply in a thread started by Laurence Tribe:

The Electoral College: The Fringe of the Map Expands

Alien (1979) Opening scene oddity

Trump tweets photo of himself wearing a mask

Sick, sick, sick! Steve Winwood/Spencer Davis Group Live!

DHS Authorizes Domestic Surveillance to Protect Statues

The Company of Books, a used bookstore, will open in Del Ray next month.

Canadian official to US: You think we're a threat?

David Frum warns of 2 more dates when Trump and his enablers can screw up election results:

Judge Salas an aumna of Rutgers law school

Trump consults Bush torture lawyer on how to skirt law and rule by decree


Hey Deplorables - You Have To Ask Yourself The Following Question:When Will Trumps Unmarked Goons...

Local Things Named for Appalling People: T.C. Williams High School

That test Trump keeps bragging about? That was a DEMENTIA DIAGNOSTIC

Ten Senate candidates: $10 each...

Senate Republicans Busted Laundering Putin Propaganda To Investigate Biden

Trump's Remarks on Phase Four Negotiations; July 20, 2020

Steve Sack FTW

Experts say the 'cognitive test' Trump was given hardly a representation of his mental capacity


Disney World bans eating or drinking while walking around resort

Trump Announces Intent to Nominate Individual to Key Administration Post; July 20, 2020

Trump Says He Will Be Right About Coronavirus Going Away When There Is No Human Life Left on Planet

It's not just America and American Democracy at stake this year...

What to Do If You're Kidnapped by Federal Officers While Protesting

Update on the roofing update

Newest MeidasTouch ad, "Favorite President"!

Posted in wrong forum moved to GD

What's for Dinner, Mon., July 20, 2020

Progressive Dem who ousted establishment-backed congressman says he's 'right in alignment' w/ Biden

St. Louis couple charged for pulling guns at protest

A little bit of perspective

Hollander was a guest on fox in 2008 and 2010

tRump goes full on Dictator - Consults Attorney to Rule by Decree

Trump administration preparing to send federal agents to Chicago

After Trump, we will need a truth commission

In light of the assasination attempt on the NJ judge

I'm weeping. The numerous that have given body parts or more....

I Was a Military COVID Planner. Trust Me: Texas Is in Deep, Deep Trouble

Walt Disney World tightens mask rule a week after reopening

How many COVID-19 infections are asymptomatic? Research shows it may be a lot more than thought

Biden said something that Trump never has: Russian elec interference is "assault on American people"

Biden urges Muslim Americans to help him defeat Trump

The doctor behind a cognitive test Trump took says 'it's supposed to be easy'

****HOT OFF THE PRESS****Ex-Fox News Star Ed Henry Accused of Rape in Brutal New Lawsuit

Well, it's the last day of the 42 months of the reign of the Antichrist,

CA Progressives want Bass, Lee or (Nina)Turner as VP

Golden Retriever dog thinks vet's office is a playground

Kamala Harris: Instagram Live with Sarah Cooper

Rescue Who Keeps Getting Returned Finds Someone Who Understands Him

The moment he finally hops in the basket!!

1930's vs today

Atlantic: What Would Happen If Trump Refused to Leave Office?

Two minutes hate.

Grumpy Dog Finally Falls In Love With His Mom's Foster Puppies


Pocket-Sized Kitten Grows Up To Be A Wild Woman

My letter to the Los Angeles Times regarding Naked Athena

Homeland Security is crafting plans to deploy about 150 federal agents to Chicago this week

Minnesota just hit a record COVID spike and saw an infant die

Fox's Napolitano rips 'unconstitutional' Trump crackdown on Portland: 'Just plain wrong'

This will be good at 9 on CNN

Halloween didn't even exist until Trump invented masks while fighting in the American Revolution

GOP discussing redirecting money from Trump to vulnerable Senate Republicans: report

Joy Reid's new program just began - Biden up now n/t

Biden on MSNBC NOW, on Joy Reid's new show

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Tuesday, 21 July 2020

The ReidOut is ON! (MSNBC)

Major Trump Donors Received At Least $41 Million In PPP Loans For Their Companies

Bahamas bans flights from USA

'We really need help': Coronavirus overwhelms rural Oregon

Songbird -Fleetwood Mac

A Latina trailblazer: Esther Salas, federal judge whose son was killed, described as 'mentor'

Jeff Bezos Adds Record $13 Billion in Single Day to His Fortune

In Mark Meadows, Donald Trump finally has a chief of staff as stupid as he is

St. Louis couple who aimed guns at protesters charged with felony weapons count

IA-01: GOP House candidate pulls multiple sections from website amid plagiarism accusations

NYT: GOP discussing redirecting money away from Trump to vulnerable Senate Republicans

This is funny

Novelty Automation: A new London arcade of satirical home-made machines

Mockingbird Pecks At Disinterested Cat

Kanye West fails to make ballot in South Carolina despite rally

Navy veteran says he was beaten 'like a punching bag' in Portland

MSNBC first Biden, now Hillary.

California high school sports forced into three-month delay

Trump will replace Pence with Kanye West at the Republican National Convention

Poll: Trump trails Biden on voters' views of mental, physical fitness

REMEMBER: South Korean Unemployment Rate Is 4.3% & US / S Korea got CV19 cases at the same time

KS-02: Internal REPUBLICAN poll shows Democratic challenger in contention.

Whistleblower files complaint about Pompeo's 'questionable activities'

jeopardy is showing Alex's first show from 1984!!! Turn it on!!!!!!!

2020 US Senate and Presidential Election Prediction- 50-50 US Senate and Democratic P/VP.

Portland Protesters are using good old-fashioned ingenuity

Elton John - Tiny Dancer

i've noticed something fascinating about plugging in to usb ports

My God, she would've been a great president.

Wow what an impressive guest list for Joy's first show: Biden, Hillary, Keisha, Lightfoot (coming up

Dido - White Flag

Texas GOP convention chaos prompts delegates to create a second gathering for unfinished business

So me n Mrs Glam been drinking and decided to rent...

The White House is pushing a conspiracy theorist fired from the NSC for a top Pentagon position

Right wing blogger Michelle Malkin attacks Trump for tweeting an image of himself wearing a mask

Biden briefed: "GOP senator is 'laundering' a foreign operation to attack Biden"

Watching the Phillies play at Yankees. Surreal.

Mayor Bottoms says Gov. Kemp is trying to block her from talking to the press

How can I get the whole Joy Reid show (recorded)?

So the logical end of people being snatched off of the street