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TLP Find something new Ivanka hehehehehe

'Biden Tells Teachers Their Profession Is The 'Most Important,' Will Replace Educ. Secy. DeVos Day 1

'Biden Tells Teachers Their Profession Is The 'Most Important,' Will Replace Educ. Secy. DeVos Day 1

A fascinating lecture on the history of


Ed Henry accuesed of Rape Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity accused of sexual harrasment

Trump is hoping the protesters overreact

Did I see Howard Kurtz named in the Fox lawsuit?

Trump's virus denial

Great pup.

Hillary for Secretary of State?

Podcast host Michael Brooks, the co-host of Majority Report, has passed away....

John Lewis 'We have to believe that we're one people, one family'

George Will reveals he is voting for Joe Biden -- the first time he's ever cast a vote for a Democrat

Where Is The NRA???

Joe Biden is now getting intelligence briefings

So the guy who ambushed the Latina judge and family was a MRA type?

Sen. Tom Cotton compares largely peaceful anti-racism protesters in Portland to the Confederate Army

States try again to block coal sales that Trump revived

Biden: Trump 'Surrendered,' Waved 'The White Flag' In His Handling Of Pandemic

Whole Foods sued by workers for barring BLM face coverings

I just watched a meeting of my local school board tonight online.

The Trump administration wants homeless shelters to refuse shelter to transgender women

"Show me the death chart"

Florida's largest teachers union sues state over reopening schools

Former Obama adviser lays out why Biden's VP would likely be the 'most powerful in history'

It turns out @realDonaldTrump does have a White House pet

If Trump loses in November, watch what he does, not what he says

'We can't support this' RNC plan, Jacksonville sheriff says while raising security concerns

It's official: US Air Force to buy Turkish F-35s

Pink Floyd - Shine On You Crazy Diamond I - V

Florida educators file lawsuit after state forces schools to reopen this fall

If trump tries denying election results he ought to be charged with sedition

Democrats guide to regaining majority control of the US Senate in 2020.

Of course the US has the lowest death/mortality rate for # of Covid cases.

How I make sure I wash my hands thoroughly

Bayer Gets Roundup Verdict Slashed by 74% But Has Bigger Problem

FU45 tweeting himself in a masknow all those refusing are confused

Trump Prepping Federal Invasion Of "Radical Left" of Chicago and New York

Filing indicates possible testimony from Paul at resentencing

Should we be calling CPS?

Jordan Pond Gate House, Acadia. Watercolor

Staggeringly selfish

"Covid has to be a lie or else we would have a casket shortage"

Bankruptcies surging as coronavirus levels U.S. economy

We don't need a bridge named after John Lewis.

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Live and Let Die!

E. Jean Carroll responds to Trump tweet:

Behind the scene look at the trump/Wallace interview.

CNN has a special on the Con and his Conspiracy Theories

Sick enough to deserve its own post. Earth Wind & Fire

James Gurney paints a frog and wonders what he sees.


Attention Media: The question isn't "How tough is the cognitive test Trump took?"

Winn-Dixie announces new mask requirements

Prosecutor: 'No explicable reasons' for officer to shoot journalists with rubber bullets

Star Wars 2021 New Series Teaser and Easter Eggs Breakdown

Hands down the coolest mask I've seen

Donald Trump brings back cancelled television program, Virus Briefing With Donald Trump And Friends.

Aerosmith killing it in Sgt. Peppar's

Plan that tackles recession and climate change could create 76,000 Australian jobs, report says

" think you're having a bad day"

It's not just a good idea; it's the law.

US Senate Election Rating for US Senate seats up for re-election in 2020 that Democrats will win.

How Long Does COVID-19 Immunity Last?

Jeff Tiedrich - Tyranny

Six months of COVID-19 in the US

SWAT standoff destroys house; homeowner sues city

Re: the letter RepAdamSchiff and Co sent to RonJohnsonWI accusing him of laundering disinfo

Great diss of Marco Rubio who thinks all black people look alike

Gov. Laura Kelly orders Kansas K-12 students to wear a mask when schools reopen

Gov. Beshear issues travel advisory as cases rise

All you fascists bound to lose

Here's your chance to tell Moscow Mitch to blow it out his ass

Astronomy Domine - 2 versions.

Federal arrests: Trump's 'law and order' is starting to look like martial law

DHS secretary Chad Wolf thinks he has unlimited power

'A very dark feeling': Hundreds camp out in Oklahoma unemployment lines

George Will voting for Biden

Okay so we watched Sgt. Peppar's...

N.J. to allow all-remote learning option for students when schools reopen in the fall, Murphy says.

Did anyone else watch the Netflix docuseries, "The Devil Next Door"?

"The musings of an IMBECILE". A blabbermouth....

Silicone wristbands capture the extent of chemical exposure among Uruguayan children

Biden: Trump 'Surrendered,' Waved 'The White Flag' In His Handling Of Pandemic - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Silicone wristbands capture the extent of chemical exposure among Uruguayan children

Georgia Democrats choose state chair to replace Lewis on ballot

Pink Floyd - "Candy And A Currant Bun"

Two more Brazil ministers test positive for coronavirus

Congressional Panel Questions $700 Million Loan to YRC Worldwide

Argentina Creditor Groups Unite to Submit New Debt Proposal

You all remember the old VW microbus...

Lundergan sentenced to 21 months

KFC is working on 3D printed, lab-grown chicken nuggets

My latest special report, "Donald Trump's Conspiracy Theories," airs on @CNN tonight @ 9pm

Clinton On Russian interference: What Happened In 2016 Is Sadly Underway Again - The ReidOut - MSNBC

So fascism is openly apparent, moving forward, step by step....

JPMorgan Chase and Bank of America could be in line to split up to $2.6 billion in fees from ...

Notice the folded flag on bookshelf behind V.P. Biden,

Greetings from Portland

Top health officials have changed their minds about face mask guidance -- but for good reason

The Pink Floyd Sound

Fareed Zakaria: Danger of Trump's conspiracy theories to democracy

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds limits testing location to ONE HOUR a day.

Can This Game-Changing Innovation Get Live Theatre Back Before the Pandemic Ends?

Maya Wiley: Trump's Been A Danger To Our Democracy Since Day One - Deadline - MSNBC

Well nothings dead down here. It's just a lttle tired

Enabling Act of 1933: Hitler As Dictator, Rule By Decree

Martyrs don't do much for me, although I enjoy 'em vicariously

More Than 2,000 Pittsburghers Have Registered To Participate In UPMC Coronavirus Vaccine Trial

Kanye West fails to submit petition signatures needed to get on SC presidential ballot

Joe Biden: "Imagine"

Steve Schmidt On Republicans' Silence: 'It Is A Tragic Hour' Stephanie Ruhle MSNBC

38 people test positive for COVID-19 following Ky. high school football team outbreak

Biden Vows to Impose 'Lasting Costs' for Meddling

US Senate Election Rating for seats up for re-election in 2020 that Democrats are going to win.

Bolivia's de facto gov't strengthens relationship with the Army

Chopin: 'Nocturne No. 20' (The one played tonite by Sonora Slocum, flute, not available on YouTube.)

KALLING THE SHOTS Kim Kardashian 'demands troubled husband Kanye West...

Pink Floyd - Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun

For those who complain about wearing masks or sheltering at home . . .

Tapper: Trump's refusal to lead has a body count

I got what you want. You got what I want

Here's one by Sonora Slocum on flute.

'We need help.' McGrath criticizes McConnell for federal COVID-19 response.

And then there was one. As trump runs from the virus, COVID is running amock

My father was a WWII Veteran. He did not speak about the experience much until the end of his life.

For a girl I know it's mother's day

Kentucky man indicted after illegally dumping nuclear waste at landfill, officials say

I've probably posted this before, but it's so sick it deserves another run...

Glenn Kirschner on the Chris Wallace Interview

An emotional Andy Beshear denounces covert photos of son at baseball games being posted online

Trump Has Always Been Governing On Borrowed Time, And Now That Time is Up

Will the resumption of Covid briefings be a plus or minus for

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Dr. Michele Harper - Fighting on the Front Lines of the Pandemic

It was a rough primary season. The general election could be worse.

Portland's Distinguished Reputation as "Little Beirut".

Loner summer check in

2020 US Senate Election Rating for seats Democrats will win to get back in the majority.

Reality Winner tests positive for covid-19

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Trump's Brutal Interview With Chris Wallace

Tucker Carlson Accuses New York Times of Trying to 'Injure' His Family

Music for protests

moran Mohave goppers throw a covid party

Candy and cookies

Trader Joe's to cut product names criticized as racist

Former Ohio governor John Kasich to endorse Biden.

14 House Dems vote against limiting Pres. authority to deploy troops to quell protests.

NC just changed election rules to expand early voting. Why GOP leaders say it's unfair.

Missed Rachel Live...anyone got a link?

Ex-Chiefs GM Scott Pioli wants to make voting more accessible with help of NFL teams BY PETE GRATHOF

The cognitive test that Trump keeps bragging about acing isn't meant to be hard

Sacramento Kings Partner with Sacramento County to Transform Golden 1 Center into Vote Center for No

NOAA's Hurricane Prediction 2020

Rachel Maddow Praises Biden For Demonstrating How A Real Commander In Chief Stands Up To Russia

General Barry McCaffrey wants bases named for Confederate Generals renamed

6 Louisville judges in quarantine after 2 court workers test positive for coronavirus

oh my!!

Masks now required in Lincoln; Gov. Ricketts calls rule 'heavy hand' of government

GA-05: Georgia Democrats tap state party chair to replace John Lewis on November ballot

Chicago Mayor Lightfoot and federal troops

Families of Health Workers Killed by Virus Are Denied Benefits

I don't think donnie aced the cognitive test

Navy veteran hit with baton, pepper-sprayed at Portland protest

Can we celebrate the incredible dignity of Chris David, the man the gestapo beat up in Portland.

The press should not go along with Trump's fake news conferences again.

Veteran Speaks Out After Attack By Federal Agents In Portland - All In - MSNBC

I'm a sports fan, particularly baseball. But why do the players get tested a LOT and we don't?

Indigenous Australians had their languages taken from them, and it's still causing issues today

Poll Shows Warren Better for Biden Ticket Than Harris

It's Too Late, Baby

Republican leaders vow to fill a potential Supreme Court vacancy this year

Wall of Moms Marching in Portland this Evening

'We can't pull it off': Florida sheriff says he can't muster security for GOP convention

Seth Meyers - Trump's Insane Chris Wallace Interview; Secret Police in Portland: A Closer Look

Corporate giants shut down Trump texting program

Long-awaited Medicaid expansion is coming to Nebraska; Ricketts says they're 'getting it right'

If we win the Presidency and the Senate this time

Hey Media

2020 US Senate Election Rating for seats Democrats will win to get back in the majority in 2020.

*On the Basis of Sex on TMC now, CH. 554.

KS-02: Meet Michelle De La Isla

Federal officers sent to Portland to "quell" protests have had this efffect

Bolivia: MAS Supporters Denounce Gov't Election Manipulation

In Further Sign of Tension, Portland Fire & Rescue Bans Federal Agents--and Portland Cops...

TX-25: Meet Julie Oliver

Unsanitized: 1937 Revisited

Venus probably has active volcanoes right now

Anyone seen the movie "The Outpost" recently, about the Afghanistan war?

why isnt the lawsuit against Tucker/Hannity and Ed Henry

☦ Eastern Orthodox Christianity: List of Saints and Situations In Praying To Specifically

PA-01: Meet Chrstine Finello

Allegedly criminal pop singer to lead Colombia's Senate through crisis of the century

Laundering Colombia's drug money Part 2: how to stop it

Eastern Orthodox Church: Sermon-"Don't Worry"

Colombia to kick off congressional year with cocaine decriminalization bill

Double-Shot Covid Vaccine Tests Raise New Pandemic Challenge

This an interesting discussion. Pics ID'ing Barr's goon squad in Portland

SP Judge Calls Civil Guard Illiterate and Tears Up a Fine when Caught without a Mask

Portland Moms sing lullaby "hands up please don't shoot me"

Justin Amash tweet about Portland

Lou Reed - Perfect Day

Trump's push for payroll tax cut sparks GOP pushback

I Still Cry Every Time

Ex-Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes's Fraud Trial Is Postponed for Virus

"Melania is killing it with her BeBest campaign. Here's an exhaustive list of her accomplishments "

Mike Luckovich- Life Saving Measures

Economic Points Out How Racism Perpetuates Social Gap

The crowd of protesters outside Portland's Justice Center sings / project "fed goons" on building

another video of kidnapping in Portland

Cartoon - Racist Mascots

Esther Salas case: 'Feminazi' rants of lawyer who shot judge's family

Trump now wants to ...

China Is Getting Closer to Its Lehman Moment

AP Source: NFL offers players to scrap all preseason games

EU nations clinch $2.1T budget, virus aid deal after 4 days

ACLU and lawyers sue to free ex-Trump attorney Michael Cohen

Who here saw the CNN special tonight about Trump conspiracies?

Song for the Portland Moms!

2020 US Senate Election Rating for US Senate seats Democrats are favored to win in 2020.

Joy Reid interviewed re her new MSNBC show Reid OUT by Michael Harriot

Anti-LGBTQ discrimination to be banned in Ketchikan following unanimous City Council vote

Congress should vote a three-month extension of Fed UI benefits in the CARES Act

Montreal man pepper-sprayed and arrested for disobeying mandatory mask rule in Tim Hortons

Biden gets nod from top Muslim group that endorsed Sanders

Florida teachers union sues over return to in-person classes, as debate over school during the pande

GOP tested as Democratic Party Offensive begins

The Pentagon Has Banned the Flying of Rainbow Pride Flags at All Military Sites

During Coronavirus Lockdowns, Some Doctors Wondered: Where Are the Preemies?

Joan Trimble: 'Phantasy Trio'/Gustav Holst: 'Japanese Suite, Op. 33'/Doreen Carwithen:

Senate Democrats Ask Banking Regulator to Explain Handling of "Redlining" Investigations

China expands its amphibious forces in challenge to U.S. supremacy beyond Asia

Woman takes selfie as wild bear sniffs her hair

Powerful statement from Philadelphia DA on Trump's goon squads...

Former pro hockey player sues NBC Sports for anti-straight discrimination

New Riders of the Purple Sage - Portland Woman

KS-02: Prosecutor: Kansas congressman blamed staff for registration

Australian coronavirus surge hits Sydney

Hand sanitizer that smells worse than burnt tires!

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 7/20/20

NY-02: Democrat Gordon has $1.1 million for 2nd CD race; GOP's Garbarino has $104,000

TX-25: Business owned by incumbent Roger Williams received $2 million in PPP loans.

Group says it has enough signatures to put Austin's homelessness ordinances on the November ballot

TX-25: Lloyd Doggett, Julian Castro to host virtual fundraiser for Julie Oliver

Breakfast 21July 2020

Poll: Which 'Likely Republican' Texas Congressional Seat(s) do you expect to break open by October?

Dallas Morning News Newsroom Employees Are Unionizing

Russia report reveals UK government failed to address Kremlin interference

A river of lava moving at an incredible speed...

Dating in the time of Portland Protests

Gainesville City Council Votes to Remove Confederate Statue

Return of Coronavirus Task Force briefings may not feature Birx or Fauci -- just Trump: report

One Love

NSA whistleblower Reality Winner tests positive for Covid-19 in prison

Kanye's meltdown gives us a glimpse of the kind of meltdown that

Trump consults Bush torture lawyer on how to skirt law and rule by decree

Fort Bend County Judge George Decries Racist Attacks Sent His Way

Michael Cohen just filed a lawsuit against AG Barr claiming that he was sent back to prison for refu

'Trump Threat To Unleash Secret Police In US Cities Slammed As Scheme To 'Steal November Election'

Death total

Tomorrow night 6pm: Sarah Cooper & Kamala Harris on IG Live

NRA Accidentally Forgets To Rise Up Against Tyrannical Government.

'We're in deep trouble': Doctor shoots down Trump's boast that US is 'envy of the world' for Covid19

July 21 - Happy Birthday Rep. Jim Clyburn (D) SC-6th

San Antonio College Dumps Ranger Mascot

Clinton On Russian interference: What Happened In 2016 Is Sadly Underway Again - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Divinity, 3 years old, leads a chant of "Black Lives Matter" as protest leaders and the crowd cheers

Just another brick in a tyrannical authoritarian democracy stealing wall of shit

'We're in deep trouble': Dr. Shoots Down Trump's Boast, US 'Envy of the World' for COVID-19

Creepy Donald Trump per KellyAnn Conway

Who Actually Wants Trump to Send in the Feds? Police Unions.

Here is Trump last night not wearing a mask at his DC hotel fundraiser just hours after posting...

'Fascism Coming to a City Near You:' Trump Pledges to Deploy Secret Police Units to Major US Cities

Tuesday TOONs - More Good Trouble

Could Governors Use Their National Guard to Protect Protestors?

It's tweeting again

Science - 60% Of Brazil's Beef Exports To EU Directly Linked To Deforestation (Along W. 22% Of Soy)

I propose that an annual award be considered to recognize members of Congress who

Donavan La Bella making 'remarkable' recovery from head injury after being shot by feds with impact

How Human Beings Suck At Understanding Exponential Growth And Why It Matters

This is a bold and progressive policy proposal by Joe Biden: extended unemployment insurance, rental

That's how we win against these thugs employing KGB tactics on Americans. Mass peaceful ongoing prot

RNC to hawk Donald Trump Jr.'s new book

Just a quick note to any rogue federal agents planning on operating Portland-style in Manhattan with

Biden to announce $775 billion plan creating jobs for caregivers, early educators

Last Season's Apocalyptic Australian Fires Weren't Even Believed Possible Until 2100 Or After

In 2016, Trump spent little and convinced himself it was his campaign's genius not Russian help.

"I don't need invitations by the state, state mayors, or state governors to do our job. We're going

Only Events Can Save Trump Now

Nearly 100 years ago, a man tried to blast off to Venus. Now the hunt for his rocket is on.

DHS authorizes personnel to collect information on protesters it says threaten monuments

Dr. Anthony Fauci: "The Mask King, The Duke of Distancing"

'Trump Consults Bush Torture Lawyer On How To Skirt Law And Rule By Decree'

2020: The bad hair year.

The lawyer who tried to kill a federal judge in NJ

34 workers at HonorHealth in Arizona test positive for Covid

More Than 11% Of Fossil Fuel, Mining Companies Got PPP Bailouts; Less Than 3% Of Renewable Firms

If you ask an athlete whether he'll accept the calls of the officials and he says "we'll see"

Feds conduct surveillance from courthouse, analyze social media videos, post undercover agents in cr

To My fellow Americans- Mahatma Gandhi led a nonviolent resistance

Lavazza Ad Featuring Sir Charles Chaplin

A black woman faces prison for a voting mistake. Prosecutors just doubled the charges

Thousands protest in downtown Portland Monday; federal officers again respond with force

Giants manager Gabe Kapler becomes first major league manager to kneel during the national anthem


The US Chamber Rolls Out Some Truly Contemptible Wokewashing

When you don't pay your labor the capital can reallocate in some kooky ways

White House press schedule for Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Does anyone remember

Looks like Bowtie Boy Tucker Carlson is going down.

BREAKING...It Is OFFICIAL, The DU has Raised OVER 1/2 a Million Dollars to Elect Joe Biden POTUS!!!

Diabetes Deception (The 5 Horsemen Deceiving Diabetics) 2020

"The New Jersey Shooting Suspect Left a Pro-Trump Paper Trail." Worked on 2016 MAGA campaign

FOX'S Napolitano blasts Fed troop activity in Portland as unconstitutional and "just plain wrong"

The Rundown: July 21, 2020

Wrapping Wednesday: Micro Reviews for the Week of 07/15/2020

Ghosts of Comics' Past: 1990

Patton Oswalt

Giants manager takes a knee during anthem and Trump tweets 'the game is over for me'

In 1943 Hundreds of German Women Saved Their Jewish Husbands From Death Camps: Rosenstrasse Protest

Steve Schmidt: First off. Obama looked great in that suit...

Americans support Black Lives Matter but resist shifts of police funds or removal of statues of Conf

You raised $6,561.00 on July 20, 2020 to elect Joe Biden POTUS with our DU ActBlue link

Who has who's nutz in a vice ?

Area Of Siberia Burned So Far In 2020 19 Million Hectares - Equal In Size To Greece

Trump's gripes about Fauci: A guide

Latest sexual complaint filed against FOX. It's ugly. Real ugly.

Stairway To Gilligan's Island - Led Zeppelin - Classic TV theme

When the White House coronavirus briefings resume, President Trump should not take the podium.

Iceberg A-68-A, 1/4 The Size Of Wales, Has Traveled 1,000 km Since Calving In July 2017

Quarantining With a Ghost? It's Scary (NYT)

Halle shooting: Trial begins for Germany synagogue attack suspect

Ted Cruz: "we've got four months to stop a blue wave from destroying the great state of Texas."

POS calls AOC names on the Capitol steps

Demcrats Abroad speaks with Susan Rice

Trump's vow to send federal officers to US cities is election ploy, critics say

Guess Who Invited The Federal Agents Into Portland? The Police Union

What's the matter with Iowa? Gov. Kim Reynolds turns Hawkeye State into Trump's petri dish

The Conspiracy Singularity Has Arrived

Animals Being Assholes:

FBI agents deployed to Ohio House Speaker Larry Householder's farm: Report

Donald Trump is a desperate man doing illegal acts...... He is a danger to US

AOC accosted by GOP lawmaker over remarks: 'That kind of confrontation hasn't ever happened to me'

Clampdown by the Clash is sadly relevant right now

Has anyone had Peripheral Artery Angioplasty & Stent Placement?

At Trump's next rally, they'll swap out "You Can't Always Get What You Want" with a more ...

Personal Jesus -- Depeche Mode -vs- Johnny Cash -vs- Marilyn Manson

Dripping-Sweaty Trump Destroyed on Fox, Historic Implosion

POLL: Trump Less Mentally Fit Than Biden

Redneck genius: Don't call 'em masks, call 'em "F...You Flaps".

So ... how long before we see copycat abductions ?

That's between you and I

And for something different - A hardened criminal steals a 3 ft. dildo

A Response To Federal Agents Snatching Up Portland Protesters

Happy Birthday - Cat Stevens - 72 today

Your thoughts about the 'Mail in Ballot' please.

Ocasio-Cortez accosted by GOP lawmaker over remarks: 'That kind of ....'

German Jewish leaders fear rise of antisemitic conspiracy theories linked to Covid-19

AOC: "Hey, "b*tches" get stuff done."

Fever -- Little Willie John -vs- Peggy Lee

Host scolds a willfully ignorant Republican mayor blaming CDC for COVID-19 failure

trump spotted with no mask; hours after saying "its patriotic to wear one"

Guess Who Invited The Federal Agents Into Portland? The Police Union

UW coronavirus vaccine shows strong immune response in monkeys, mice

That new Biden ad about Covid-19 on the Networks

BREAKING: Fulton judge recuses herself from Kemp-Bottoms case

Joe Biden tells MSNBC's Joy Reid he's already vetted 4 VP candidates, will 'narrow the list' soon

Trump throws wrench into coronavirus bill negotiations with Senate Republicans

Sheldon And Miriam Adelson Gave Mitch McConnell's Super PAC $25 Million

They Agreed to Meet Their Mother's Killer. - Then Tragedy Struck Again.

Trump is determined to bring home U.S. military forces from somewhere

"It isn't about me getting beat up. It's about ... Black Lives Matter" -Christopher David

Like clockwork, "victim" Juanita Broaddrick rushes in to defend the honors of Carlson and Hannity.

Minneapolis one step closer to hiring civilian safety patrols

Michael Cohen's book to allege Trump made racist comments about Obama and Nelson Mandela, lawsuit sa

Didn't Trump say he scored a 35 on that cognitive test?

Pompeo suggests all nations push back on China.

Rockin'1000 full concert at Stade de France, Paris 2019 - Happy time before the virus

FBI arrests Larry Householder today. This is going to change things w/DeWine

All I gotta say is

National Review: "A Study in Self-Pity"

Missouri Gov speaks like Nazi Doctor.

Trump Job Approval Down

Trump's Approval Keeps Sinking

To Make a Deepfake: Richard Nixon, a Moon Disaster, and our Information Ecosystem

House Hearing on Confederate Statue Removal Legislation, 10:00 a.m.

Kayleigh McEnany holds a briefing with reporters -- 11:00 a.m.

Planted a catree last year - Ready for pickin'

Ohio House Speaker Larry Householder arrested in $60M bribery case related to HB6 nuclear bailout: R

Howard Fineman Tweet on Trump Troopers

McConnell says next COVID-19 relief bill will include stimulus checks

To anyone new to recovery: It really does get better.

Apparently James O'Keefe's bid was too high?

It now thinks he is going to lose, so there is a picture of him wearing a mask.

Have we seen anything from Bloomberg?

Florida has 5 counties with no available ICU beds

Fauci responds to Trump: I'm a 'realist' not an 'alarmist'

Not commented on snip from Chris Wallace interview...

Ocasio-Cortez Accosted by GOP Lawmaker

Minneapolis officer/board member: "We accept no responsibility."

Chris Cillizza: Why 2020 could be a historically bad election for Republicans

3500 new cases on the AZ Dashboard this morning, Tues., 134 deaths

Once again, Trump says the corrupt part out loud

Is Trump honest?

Good Morning

Ha. Ha. Lincoln Project tweet.

On 7/20/1970, a young Charles Browning walked through the doors of the Baltimore Fire Academy

Happy Monday from the surface of the sun! NWS has issued a heat advisory today ...

Isn't the GOPers who complain about big government?

On metric after metric, the coronavirus pandemic has been worse in the U.S. than nearly any other co

Is Putin advising Trump

I am a white non-college male, I do not support Trump, however I just learned this.

House conservatives pile on Cheney at GOP conference meeting

Cat Stevens/Yusef Islam has a birthday today,

CAPTCHA Test Verification

Another English lesson for you, from my experience as an ESOL tutor:

Scientists: Prepare for coronavirus to be around for decades

NASCAR Fans Booed...Bubba Wallace and Cheered After He Crashed on Racetrack

During this week in July 1952, Washington, DC, was visited by UFOs.

can anyone help provide me with some insight to nicotine addiction from vaping?

New- Trump signing a memorandum today to exclude undocumented immigrants from the census

Arrested by the FBI today, Larry Householder had thoughts on the C-bus demonstrations.

Pic Of The Moment: Yet Another Huge Trump Fail

Dave Grohl: 'We Shouldn't Sacrifice the Health of Our Teachers'

Summer camps closing in Miami-Dade after three children at one of them

Florida recording more coronavirus deaths than any state

Florida recording more coronavirus deaths than any state

Ukraine: Gunman holds 20 hostages on bus in Lutsk

Not even Nixon

Why is a right-wing flack and Roger Stone ally in charge of Dr. Fauci's schedule?

Florida's largest teachers union sues state over reopening schools

Trump seen at DC fundraiser without mask just hours after saying it's 'patriotic' to wear one

House votes to curtail Insurrection Act powers

Netflix cancels Turkish show If Only in row over gay character

If you don't have a respiratory illness, or a chronic disease that requires regular monitoring,

Surprise from Geico

US Congressional Representatives condemn Trump's interference in Guyana elections

American Death Cult Why has the Republican response to the pandemic been so...disastrous?

UNFIT: Trump's mental fitness examined by health professionals in new doc

Ex-Gov. John Kasich slated to speak at the Democratic National Convention for Joe Biden

Essential Workers Hold Walkouts And Protests In National 'Strike For Black Lives'

There is an old saying Trump can never understand because he is nuts.

Omar al-Bashir: Sudan's ex-president on trial for 1989 coup

Did I hear on Rachel last night that a ReTHUG woman who was in prison for auto theft

A very positive analysis of the new Nature study showing that eradication of SARS-Cov-2 . . .

Donald Trump Is a Broken Man

Acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf Criticized for His Handling of Protests in Portland

US CV-19 cases are over 60,000 per day while EU is trending toward nil

U.S. Senate panel set to advance Trump Fed nominee Shelton, backer of gold standard

Six months of covid, still not enough testing, still too long to get results. trump is responsible.

When Biden becomes President...

When you wanna be Hitler

Seriously? John Kasich? What is the Biden Camp Thinking?

New Jersey Shooting Suspect Left a Pro-Trump Paper Trail

Teachers are Essential Workers. In Trump's View, That Makes Them Expendable.

Minneapolis one step closer to hiring civilian safety patrols

Man admits involvement in neo-Nazi swatting conspiracy

Go-eun - La campanella (라 캄파렐라) 가야금연주

Are seniors being put at risk if children return to school?

Facebook adds information label to Trump post on mail-in voting

Trump's reelection effort has spent more than $983M, a record sum at this point in the campaign

Matt Gaetz demands Liz Cheney be removed from House GOP leadership

Ocasio-Cortez accosted by Rep. Ted Yoho over remarks

We'll be hearing a lot of this in the future.

People Are Sharing Positive Stories About Dr. Fauci After Trump's Undeserved Backlash Towards Him

Fauci says he wasn't aware White House coronavirus briefings were returning

Matt Schlapp Calls Charlamagne Tha God A 'Rap Star' On Fox News

The Lincoln Project: Trumpfeld

Donald Trump Is a Broken Man...a gusher of discontent.

Former Fox News Anchor Alisyn Camerota Says Network Is 'Rotten to the Core'

Do we need to amend the Constitution to make sure Trumpishness never happens again?

Vanity Fair: "How Sarah Cooper Trumped Donald Trump--Without Saying a Word"

MI judge denies release of 15 y.o. Black girl jailed for not doing online schoolwork

Well LOOKIE Here: WH reveals Trump tested for coronavirus 'multiple times a day'

White House defends violent crackdown in Portland and warns feds could enter NYC

Biden Tells Putin That The Days Of Having A Puppet In The White House Are Numbered

the latest episode of Trumpfeld

Rachel Maddow Praises Biden For Demonstrating How A Real Commander In Chief Stands Up To Russia

The Trump Network was a 2009 multilevel marketing scam for pee tests and vitamins

Full new statement from @JoeBiden on how he would treat foreign interference in US elections

Feds probe men's rights lawyer in 2nd killing

Caitlyn Jenner wants to be Kanye West's vice president

Biden, lawmakers warn of foreign interference in election

WHOW; Liz Cheney did not back dow from confronting Gaetz, Massie and Jim Jordan.....

This Navy Veteran is Scared

Trumpfeld! The Lincoln Project just dog walked 45 🤣🤣

More Than 1/2 of America Is Now on NY Quarantine List; 10 New States Added Tuesday

Trump to Award the Medal of Freedom; July 21, 2020

Surgeon General: We need to lower transmission rate of coronavirus to reopen schools

Portland Moms sing lullaby back to Feds

Identify the brand names that have become common usage

Trump tweets assurance to an anxious nation... not really..patting himself on the back for interview

Masculinity As Radical Selfishness: Rebecca Solnit on the Maskless Men

They're Nuts: Despite COVID, Texas Testicle Festival Still on for August 1 in Fredericksburg

Memorandum on Excluding Illegal Aliens From the Apportionment Base Following the 2020 Census

The violence coming from this WH is more dangerous than the violence coming from the "anarchists"

Take it from these guys

Russian Military Touts Covid-19 Vaccine, Though Tests Incomplete

Rumor re Naked Athena

Don't call them "coronavirus briefings".

Trump says "the game is over for me" if player kneels during national anthem

Just now on FB

Charles P. Pierce: Are We Supposed to Pretend We Aren't in the Hands of a Madman?

As Trump Slumps, Republican Donors Look to Save the Senate

More reasons to wear a mask

Stop. Stop this right now. THERE IS NO NEW TONE! There is no "other trump".

tweet of the day.. teacher related

Planned Parenthood in N.Y. Disavows Margaret Sanger Over Eugenics

I did not get my $600 employment payment this week, yet.

Rachel Bitecofer: Dems "need to modernize their thinking in terms of campaigning"

Boeing 737 MAX not expected to fly before October, FAA preparing directive

Trump aims to bar undocumented immigrants from counting toward House representation

Put your US Representative and your two US Senators on speed dial.

American Experience on PBS: Clinton, Chapter one this evening

Wall Street Firms Consider Moving Jobs from NYC, Study Says

KatyTur! You Must Un-yoke From Chuck

30 year Navy vet comes to grips with his 2016 Trump vote and vets being assaulted in the streets

With God on Our Side

Body found in wreckage of pawnshop burned during George Floyd unrest

Joe Biden is live!

US needs to lower Covid-19 transmission rate to reopen schools, surgeon general says

Bloomsburg fair

Leaving the house in 2020

Halloween 2020 cancelled due to botched COVID response. Election 3 days later

Florida mom loses son, 20, to coronavirus, and then days later, her daughter

trump continues to lay the groundwork for 40% of Americans to doubt election results if he loses

"Indeed, we can think of no better example of the police power, denied the National Government ..."

Are We Sure These Storm Troopers Aren't Volunteer Civilians?

Trump Has Unleashed Authoritarian Violence In Portland. What City Is Next

How the Portland Secret Police Happened

I hope many Americans will join me.

Can we really get to Alpha Centauri? The Breakthrough Starshot initiative

He's so smart

Conservative dude has an opinion on Sen Kyrsten Sinema hair color

Hmmmm.... This just might work.

Redux. Make him Go.

There's zero possibility that Trump will accept defeat with dignity

16 trump officials who have voted by mail, despite tRumps warnings about it

Denise knows what a Severe Danger he is

Ha. "why Fox and all the Axis of Trumpholes are attacking ProjectLincoln"


Governor Cuomo Pandemic Update July 20 2020

Trump has done something that hasn't happened since the civil war.

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 7/21/20

Maine brewery cancels Trump campaign event, saying it was misled over details

Omg..ya gotta love the Lincoln Project. Bet Trump hates this ad 😄

Cartoons 7/21/2020

The Texas GOP Has gone COMPLETELY Off The Rails With Their 2020 Platform.

Joe Biden has sought to forward a singular idea: I care.

Man arrested in Everett after taunting police with doughnut

Players will receive daily COVID-19 tests for first two weeks of camp

I really like Brianna Keilar of CNN, because she doesn't let the right wingers get away with

AG, governor want case against gun-wielding couple dropped

Chicago restaurateur joins mission to feed America's hungry

Trump's Tulsa Rally Didn't Draw a Big Crowd. But It Cost a Lot.

Trump campaign employee Tim Murtagh just tried to defend Trump on hydroxychloriquine

trump objects to voting

I just got the not a God Damn mask in the place you pricks won't do anything to get us through this

Sarah Huckabeast Sanders' Latest Claim About Trump Has People Scratching Their Heads

Republicans be like.....

Walmart, McDonalds, and Geico are the latest companies to reportedly pull advertising from Facebook

Atlantic, Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico DUers pay attention

Re: school re-opening

142,000 dead and almost 4million infected

Philadelphia DA Promises to Criminally Charge Trump's DHS Troops if They 'Kidnap' Protesters

What does the Russia report mean for British people and politics?

Missouri Gov. insists kids must go back to school even though 'they will' get COVID-19

Blues from Japan

Pictures from Michael Beschloss; July 21, 2020. From 1944, 1952, 1959, and 1969.

Media hijacking

Drumpf denied, usurped, then ruined the Obama Recovery.

Walmart stores will close on Thanksgiving Day this year

Confederate statues targeted for removal in series of House bills

"Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety,

Luna rocks!

Albemarle judge upholds governor's mask requirement in Virginia businesses

Wearing a mask is tyranny

"Record Highs"

Trump family business profits from reelection bid amid pandemic

#DictatorTrump (Really American ad/twitter vid)

Anyone not receive your tax return yet? I sent them turbo April 2. I need check thru mail.

Dog, with carrot:

On this day, July 21, 1922, Kay Starr was born.

The C.D.C. says the number of people infected 'far exceeds the number of reported cases' in parts of

Ohio House speaker, 4 others arrested in $60M bribery case

Memo to Trump

This guy is trying to muddy things up and make Biden look bad!

Accents:Jamaican vs. Nigerian

House Democrats press U.S. Postal Service on plans to delay mail

Planned Parenthood in N.Y. Disavows Margaret Sanger Over Eugenics

TO THE IDIOTS IN THE PRESS....Trump isn't going to "turn it around"

Deep South supermarket Winn-Dixie will require face masks after all

Want a sneak peek at the renovated MLK Library? 👀

Gassing moms and beating up vets. Welcome to Trump's secret police.

French far-left leader Jean-Luc Melenchon accuses Jews of responsibility for Jesus's death

Oops. The NRA missed their chance to fight the government jackboots

OK. Here's a Biden Campaign attack ad (it's great)

Daughter of Pima County Sheriff candidate makes abuse accusations against father

Facebook slaps disclaimer on Trump's attack on mail-in voting

Pat Roberts picks preferred successor, endorses Marshall over Kobach in Kansas race

Is Portland Part of a Rightwing Militia Takeover?

Press Briefing by Kayleigh McEnany; July 21, 2020

House Democrats preparing 'comprehensive' voting rights bill to honor Lewis

3 simple acts can stop Covid-19 outbreaks, study finds: wear mask, socal distance, wash hands:CNN

Sarah Cooper's coming up on Nicolle's show. n/t

US coronavirus: Surge in cases has left labs overwhelmed and Covid-19 tests delayed

Dr. Fauci Not Yet Invited To Today's Briefing

Remember that Meal Team 6 squad guy who yelled into the camera at Malheur?

Florida's governor just can't seem to get it right on coronavirus

White House doubles down on payroll-tax cut opposed by GOP senators

Trump spent a small fortune on his failed Tulsa rally: analysis

Leaked Documents Show the DNC's Plans for a 'Reimagined' Convention

Montgomery, Prince George's counties ask Gov. Hogan to renew coronavirus restrictions.

MSNBC & CNN - If You're Reading These Threads!

Mother of 19-year-old killed in CHOP files wrongful death claim against Seattle

Dems defend Ocasio-Cortez after tense exchange with GOP lawmaker

Esper concerned over federal agents dressed like military troops in U.S. cities

Biden tweets about caregiving

How long have RW groups been planning take-over? The Family (JSharlot) WWII era, Weyrich 1970s

Trump campaign paid about $2 million for June rally in Tulsa, filings show

Individual is taking UK government to court to stop tools of oppression being sent to police in USA

My refrigerator is running very warm.

Jacksonville mayor says level of security and resources for GOP convention are inadequate

What to do when the Trumpstapo comes to your town.

ME-02: GOP nominee Dale Crafts, who won Tuesday's ranked-choice runoff, has $32K in the bank.

I dont know exactly what traitors orders are from Putin but something is dawning on me

Trump Holds Coronavirus Briefing, JULY 21, 5:02PM ET

direct tropical storm hit for Hawaii predicted by ECMWF model for next Monday...

Walmart to close its stores on Thanksgiving Day

Ocasio-Cortez to introduce bill requiring federal officers to identify themselves

'Time is overdue': Group of Democrats calls for removal of Confederate monuments at Texas Capitol

Jeff Koterba's latest cartoon: It's not what you think

If the feds pick you up, say this one word only

This dad really knows how to stop a crying baby right in her tracks-- amazing!

So this is what it takes to keep Nuclear Plants open in Ohio

New Lego Release..........

4 Million Cases Reached Today

Cat makes his dad snuggle all day long (This one's for you, Skittles)

Post a line from a movie & see if anyone knows the movie without using Google - Part 31

Well my friends . get your checkbooks out and get ready to come and bail me out if you can find me.

EBAY, One of the oldest businesses on the internet just got sold for $9 billion

Mr. and Mrs. Mineral Man

ICYMI - Trump Statue Initiative: "The Destroyer of Civil Rights and Liberties" series

Have any of the protesters who were kidnapped spoken publicly/been on the news?

Fauci: "I'm assuming" I won't be at today's White House briefing

"China Virus" He starts off by calling it

Flesh for Lulu - Postcards from Paradise

Nice start to the Trumpdibacle!

Homeland 'security' 'briefing' earlier:

Looming Immigration Services Shutdown May Fuel Voter Suppression in 2020

I am getting sick of seeing f---g Trump flags

CNN is not showing IMPOTUS' shit show

The First Votes in the 2020 Election Will Be Cast in Six Weeks


trump is so full of shit. He's just repeating the medical experts...

Maria Muldar - Midnight At The Oasis (1974)

Republican JP candidate: Blacks 'blame slavery' for problems they caused

US Covid-19 Cases Update: CA joins NY with each now having 400K+ cases. FLA closing in on CA.

Mango Musselini says we're first in number of tests.

RVAT piles onto trump

Trump campaign focuses cable TV buys on Fox News, while Biden makes a wider play

Tweet of the Day

Naked Man Said He Did hallucinogenic mushrooms With Jesus

Sometimes sacrifice is necessary

Rep Swalwell tweets that Trump just "dangled" a pardon for sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell

It's the math... can someone help?

When your cult leader betrays you

Trump announces that WH is starting to form a 'strategy' for COVID-19 six months after 1st infection

MSNBC is normalizing the MF after his task force presser.

Chump sends well wishes to

Best pic of Moscow Mitch I've seen

Do you think Trump will pardon Ghislaine Maxwell?

Esper says US considering troop 'adjustments' in South Korea

LilBitKoz is in hospital, I could use some help from anyone who can ,,

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Wednesday, 22 July 2020

Trump on accused Epstein sex crimes accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell: 'I wish her well'

what the hell is the end game for this?


I thought the summer heat would kill C-19?? Now, who said that

First lady delivers lunch to firefighters and families in DC

It is one thing for the deer to come at night, after a blizzare

What's for Dinner, Tues., July 21, 2020

Trump's sweaty Fox News interview shows his 2020 chances melting away

"It's going to get worse before it gets better" ?

Mike Luckovich-Interesting Election Strategy, Invading your own country

There's No Way That Trump Can Take Any Credit For Anything Associated With This Crisis....

4 times Trump has publicly extended best wishes to federal criminals:Stone, Flynn, Manafort, Maxwell

Susan Rice has spent years in the White House. Could she make a return as vice president?

Ocasio-Cortez accosted by GOP lawmaker over remarks: 'That kind of confrontation hasn't ever happene

Just hours after mask tweet

Three COVID-19 tests today. Two negative, one positive.

Brexit : The UK is SO screwed in negotiating trade deals. MPs Vote to Give Up Control.

DCS workers apparently fired over 'professional kidnapper' T-shirts

Fart Joke (NOT): Yet another excuse to not wear a mask. . .

April: Trump says he will not wear mask


"If I ever die from COVID"

Interesting observation.

Trump said "Show Me The Death Chart." Here it is. New ad running this week in Arizona.

I got my Fauci!!

Boat Parties Are the New Way to Spread COVID-19 in Florida

Speaker Pelosi coming up on CNN.

Scientists are amazed!

It's not pie!

Doesn't work for me.

Nancy Pelosi just said what I've been saying for about 2 months....

The Fool on the Hill -- The Beatles -vs- Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66

The most obvious way to be able to reopen nearly everything safely ...

What reporter asked about Ghislaine Maxwell? (So Trump could dangle a pradon.)

Orphaned Baby Donkey Cried For Days Until He Found A New Mom

The Tea Party

Guys Come Together To Rescue Moose Trapped In Oil

I am so lucky to have two wonderful senators

Kemp urges Georgia residents to 'commit to wearing a mask' for four weeks

Corona bug

Donavan La Bella making 'remarkable' recovery from head injury after being shot by feds...

Kitten Isn't Sure About His Pittie Brother -- At First

Last night the chair of the history department at Lewis and Clark was wounded in the head (PDX)

Rare World War I Disease Hits Denver, Colorado

Lee descendant urges official removal of Confederate statues

FiveThirtyEight explains why there are no secret trump voters

Senate votes to limit some military equipment transfers to police departments

I didn't watch the new suck me show-how was it

2 judges in lawsuit over Atlanta mask rule recuse themselves

A Fox News anchor is sued for sexual harassment and assault. Where have I heard this before?

Ghislaine paid $25K to Jacob Wohl to 'smear Epstein victims and to get prosecutor Berman fired

U.S. House passes $740 billion defense bill; fight with Trump looms

White House, GOP in disarray over coronavirus spending plan as deadline nears on expiring emergency

Dr. Anthony Fauci says he was not invited to Tuesday's White House coronavirus briefing

Dems. guide to regaining control of the US Sen. is winning the GA US Sen. special election runoff.

In Case you Missed it, former KKK leader David Duke endorsed Donald Trump again

Eric Holder has a nice crib

Axios-Ipsos poll: The skeptics are growing

Trump still hasn't said a word about Putin's bounty on American soldiers, meanwhile,

Did Steven Nelson (of NY Post) asked the question about G. Maxwell so Trump could dangle a pardon?

U.S. reports over 1,000 daily coronavirus deaths for first time since May

PBS News Hour WTF

Trump's Request of an Ambassador: Get the British Open for Me

Republican Rand Paul Criticizes GOP For Adding To National Debt, Says 'They Are Ruining The Country'

Trump threatens to veto military bill over Confederate bases, forcing a showdown with Republicans

Ayanna Pressley

"Rednecks USA" cartoon

Facebook flags Trump post warning of a 'corrupt election' by directing users to official voting info

"Got nothing but reruns" cartoon

?!?!Did Trump actually send 'best wishes' to G Maxwell? Did I see that on DU?!?!

So I wonder.....

Black, Latino and poor people are less likely to get $1,200 coronavirus stimulus checks

NBC News Liz Cheney attacked over support for Fauci during GOP meeting

'I wish her well'....code for keep your mouth shut

CNN's Brianna Keilar cuts off live interview with 'lying' Trump campaign official

The Portland Moms Are Giving Trump a Headache

Of course he was a Trump lover...

Family Of Adorable Little Foxes Keeps Visiting Man's Backyard

Aggressive federal response in Portland raises legal questions

PPE made in China and exported was produced by oppressed Uighur Muslims

Lincoln project parody of foaux snooze Trump interview...