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This sounds like a fun idea when you see trump stickers.

The Last-Ditch Effort to Stop Florida's Century-Old Campaign of Racist Disenfranchisement

Marine Corps Begins Shutdown of All Tank Battalions

Trump Asked Ambassador to Get Him British Open

This is the kind of nonsense that goes on in my County.

Voters will likely remember which party they believe handled health, science best

Trump---wishes G Maxwell well, arrests peaceful protestor. What priorities! What values!

How bad are things really?

Maine Brewery Cancels Trump Campaign Event

Nancy Pelosi repeatedly refers to the coronavirus as "the Trump virus"

Federal judge's would-be assassin was a Trump 2016 volunteer


Bezos Gains $13B In 1 Day As Poor, Workers Face Financial Cliff; Unemploy. Benefits Cut, Evictions

Did Trump just send G Maxwell a message?!? You keep quiet about me! Then get pardon?!?

Russia report: UK took its 'eye off the ball' over interference threat, says ISC

Democrats poke GOP over coronavirus relief: Where's your bill?

Mark Esper on the verge of private citizenry....

Not my usual style. Diatom Deli looping her vocals and guitar into a beautiful lush song

Bloomberg rptr Josh Wingrove via fox: "proactively arrest(ing) people" in Portland - Chad Wolf

Greta Thunberg wins 1 million euro prize, says she will donate it to environmental groups

And GOP claimed to fear Obama would bring taint of 'Chicago mafia' to White House!?!?!

Republican "Karen" screams at Aoc

James corden and migos singing sweet Caroline, will never not be funny lmao

Poll: Harris, Warren top list of VP picks among Democratic voters

"The Conners" Coronavirus Crisis Will 'Absolutely' Be Woven Into Season 3

Preet Bharara tweet:

Trump Requested US Ambassador for Britain to get the British Open for him


Natural Selection....

'Grey's Anatomy' to address coronavirus pandemic in coming season

Parler, the Trumpy Alternative to Twitter, Is Already Falling Apart

Puyallup woman with oxygen tank says she was shamed for not wearing mask

Democrats guide to getting 51 US Senate seats on 1/2021 is winning-

Germany redux...

A Dog's Life...

Seattle City Council OK's spending from emergency reserves

today, trump said "I wish her well" with regard to question about Ghislaine Maxwell

Sounds rather ominous.

Trump's Request of an Ambassador: Get the British Open for Me

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Live and Let Die!

Extend PUA - Press conference in DC tomorrow at the Capitol Building

Top business groups file lawsuit over Trump order limiting work visas

Trump asked envoy to see if UK would move British Open to his Scottish resort: NYT

This guy takes a bus hostage, Trumpers took America hostage...

Angelique Kidjo - UNICEF - no Pata Pata

The Protesters Are The True Patriots Fighting For American Democratic Ideals, Not Against Them

Reporters shame themselves when they praise a "shift" in Trump's tone or substance:

Homeland Security chief says federal agents 'will not retreat' from Portland

This would be perfect!

David Bowie - Fashion

P.TM - People Say

DHS Employees Are Worried The Portland Protest Response Is Destroying Their Agency's Reputation

Where are the "states rights" conservatives?

Meanings or stories behind the songs or lyrics

Wear a mask PSA

Meanwhile, those Russian Bounties.....

Judge sends two ex-Macri officials to trial over $750 million in toll firm payouts

That Russian bounty story has floated away. Never to be heard from again.

Rejecting symbols of hate is more than symbolic

Trump's legal authority to deploy agents to U.S. cities may be limited, experts say

U.S. Homeland Security confirms three units sent paramilitary officers to Portland

Is Chad Wolfe Even Legally In His Position As Acting Head Of DHS?

MT(Bullock-D) or IA(Greenfield-D) will be the 51st Democratic US Senate seat on 2020/2021.

CNN: Chris Cuomo has Ken Cuccinelli coming up.

Lewis Lukens wasn't fired for mentioning Obama in a speech to students.

Top U.S. Homeland Security official insists arrests in Portland are lawful

How trump's Gestapo treats our Veterans who Protest Peacefully

Law Firm Offering Free Wills For Wisconsin Teachers, As Schools Debate Reopening Plans

Law Firm Offering Free Wills For Wisconsin Teachers, As Schools Debate Reopening Plans

Figured out drumpfster's super power.

Opinion: Police concerned about safety shouldn't want federal agents in Seattle

And there we have it. Back over 1000 deaths today

Minnesota lawmakers pass police accountability package

If I Never Take Another Photo in My Life ..

Trump asked an ambassador to try to get the British Open at his resort in Scotland

Biden accuses Trump of 'egregious tactics' in Portland protest crackdown

Digital Day of Action tomorrow, extend unemployment #extendUI #SaveThe600

Twitter bans 7,000 QAnon accounts, limits 150,000 others as part of broad crackdown

Questlove George Clinton Week 2 streaming now music education

Just saw the comet

Oil & Gas Deeply Infiltrated by Armed Militia Groups

Qanon Supporters are a special kind of stupid

Quarantine humor,

Fascist Idiots Fuck Up Literally Everything, Part LXXXVII (Ferret/Shower Cap)

Poll Shows Most Voters Agree Black, Hispanic Americans Face Discrimination

BBC: Michael Cohen has filed a lawsuit against William Barr.

Hostage siege ends after Ukrainian president endorses Joaquin Phoenix film

Stephen King: Time for a new OMEN movie, one for the Age of Trump.

Hysterical YouTube ads trying to stir fear, hate, violence

Trump's Request of an Ambassador: Get the British Open for Me

Giants' Gabe Kapler responds to President Trump: 'Nothing more patriotic than peaceful protests'

Sendai airport massive earthquake followed by tsunami...

Kate Bush - Babooshka

I made Cowboy Cookies today

Judge Strikes Down ALL KY Gov. Beshear Covid Orders, Cites 'Uproot Liberty' 'No Cause For Alarm'

A New Lawsuit Seeks to Block Arizona's Marijuana Legalization Ballot Measure

Judge Strikes Down ALL KY Gov. Beshear Covid Orders, Cites 'Uproot Liberty' 'No Cause For Alarm'

Did I hear correctly? Trump will resume daily "cojones minus" briefings? nt

Pima County Dem Party Withdraws Support from Candidate for Sheriff After His Daughter Accuses Him of

Robert Reich on the militarization of the police

Fight back. If not now, when?

Portland brutality:

Here's a challenge for you ...

CDC: 40 Million Americans May Already Be Infected. So Is 'Herd Immunity' Around The Corner?

Calvert County Public Schools in Favor of Continuing Online in the Fall;

Great CNN article on the three brothers behind the viral MeidasTouch videos

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Trump Sends Federal Agents to Break Up Portland Protests

Anyone ever read Heinlein's "The Year of the Jackpot"...?

Trump's public schedule for tomorrow was just released. There's no coronavirus briefing scheduled

Funny Don Winslow Ad

What Could Happen if Donald Trump Rejects Electoral Defeat?

trump's Racist Rhetoric echoes everywhere

One One One

Surveillance & Safety Apps.

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Susan Rice - Working on a Pandemic Plan & Watching Trump Trash It

Facebook begins labeling, but not fact-checking, posts from Trump and Biden

Stupid or evil? Unfortunately, there are millions of Trumpies who loudly refuse to wear a mask in

This boy dancer is really good. The Nitty Gritty.

Who is that hooker running trumps press conferences?

Comets have historically been considered omens and we laugh at the thought

Powerful toon

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Remembering John Lewis

Dan Rather re: "Sleepy Joe Biden"

Pa. Attorney General Pledges Action If Betsy DeVos Withholds Federal Funding From Schools

Why Bill Barr Faces A Reckoning If Trump Loses - The Beat With Ari Melber - MSNBC

And Now What? ... F&%#!

50 reasons to vote against John Cornyn in 2020


Twitter Removes Thousands of Accounts Associated with the Q Conspiracy Theory

"They're coming to take me away"

Reimagining Public Safety


Nebraska teachers union criticizes Gov. Ricketts for not mandating masks

Killing you softly with his love

Nikki Fried: 'I absolutely stand with our teachers union'

*American Experience, Clinton, PBS (Now)

Seth Meyers - Trump Refuses to Say if He'll Accept 2020 Election Results - Monologue 7/20/20

The DCCC is rolling out its first-ever Hindi and Chinese language video ads in Texas today.

Bank of America Stadium, Spectrum Center approved as Charlotte (NC) early voting sites

Anybody watching Portland live feed tonight? Need a good link.

Late Night White House Press Briefing: What Were the Results of Trump's Last Physical?

Scott Pioli proposes NFL teams give employees Election Day off

High Voter Turnout and Record Fund-Raising Give Democrats Hope for November


Actual Twitter post from the dads supporting Wall of Moms in Portland.

When Rachel Maddow talked about

I LOVE these signs in Portland. Good trouble!

BIDEN Proposed Massive Plan On Tuesday To Create 3 Mill Jobs, Improve Care For Children, Elderly

Chuck Todd mercilessly slams Trump before COVID press conference

Feds in Unmarked Van Looking for Suspicious Characters Pick Up Jared Kushner

Moms in yellow; dads in orange (2nd tweet). A huge protest March in Portland tonight:

A liberal girlfriend of mine sent me this essay.

Oh great...going to be a cooker by Saturday.

Biden's war chest is catching up to trump's

a mood

DHS Secretary Chad Wolf. From illegally kidnapping children to kidnapping protestors

Bonus Tweet of the Day

The Lincoln Project: He wishes her well.

Sen. David Perdue reinforces the notion that old white republican men

State lawmaker says her family has contracted COVID-19

*"Belarus Election: Snatched From The Streets In Europe's 'Last Dictatorship,'' Terror, Unfreedom

Utah-based Merit Medical to pay $18 million settlement in lawsuit claiming doctor kickbacks

San Francisco Giants' players and manager kneel during national anthem

Greta Thunberg on Colbert

My advice: Act as if absentee/mail-in voting won't be an option

Dance Party in downtown Portland this hour. Let's dance!

MormonLeaks founders pay $15,000 to settle copyright suit with the Jehovah's Witnesses

More than 430 babies have tested positive for coronavirus in the four largest counties in North Texa

DHS has entered Minority Report Territory -- Using Precogs to predict crime & make proactive arrests

Let's talk about how Trump made Biden the most powerful man in the US

Chris Cornell / Cat Stevens - Wild World

NY-02: Meet Jackie Gordon

Stagehands march to Utah Capitol, urging more government help until live events come back

RW Logic on extending unemployment benefit

Oregon Has an Ugly Racial History. Kerry Tymchuk's Job Is to Make Sure We Never Forget It.

Portland protest continues to grow in number - July 21st Video

"Sir, why do YOU sniff so much?" is what I wish Chris Wallace

I got this email from Bernie Sanders. It's worth your time to read it!

Andy Slavitt - Ex-Obama health care head - Covid Update

2020 US Senate Election Rating for US Senate seats up in 2020 that Democrats will win.

Self defense?

Re: The $600 per week federal unemployment benefit

Utah municipal judge who criticized Trump, championed Asian Americans dead at 58

AZ-SEN: McSally attends event full of people without masks days after urging their use

Detroit area school board president removed after comments downplaying virus

Judge orders Nevada to pay unemployment applicants

With the ongoing demonstration in Portland I find myself reciting

Feds will target Albuquerque

Fire at Chinese Consulate in Houston due to classified documents being burned ahead of eviction

Here's what passed (and what failed) at the special session

Tsunami warning issued for coastal Alaska.

Evcuation order given to Kodiak, Ak. residents. This is NOT a drill.

Update: PTWC clears Hawaii, no threat from strong 7.8 mag earthquake off Alaska

Scientists urge state to protect buckwheat threatened by lithium mining

Popular seafood species in sharp decline around the world

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

Local Mask Rules To Slow Coronavirus Undercut By GOP Governors - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

MI-03: Democrat Hillary Scholten outraises Republican rivals in West Michigan congressional race

Beto O'Rourke: Texas GOP Is A 'Death Cult' That Wants You To Do The Dying - All In - MSNBC

☦Eastern Orthodox: 'Death and the Afterlife', Pt. 4 by an Antiochian Priest-Monk

The supposed "change in tone"

Heads up: Texas is apparently fudging the numbers of Covid-19 cases.

☦ Eastern Orthodox Christianity: St. Isaac the Syrian (a desert father)

huge Alaska earthquake -- tsunami -- anyone got the report?

☦ Eastern Orthodox Sisters Chanting 'The Jesus Prayer'

Trump Again Says COVID-19 Will 'Disappear' In First Virus Briefing In Months - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Snatched from the streets ahead of this year's election

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 7/21/20

☦ Eastern Orthodox Christian: Psalm 50/51 Chanted

Dayton church blasts Nevada's 'litigation tactic' at Supreme Court

Donald Corruption Trump's 'Merica!

What version of America are Right Wingers seeing on TV?

Stephen Colbert: Guest Environmental Activist Greta Thunberg

Clark County commissioners give approval for high-speed rail line to SoCal

Powerful 7.8 quake hits Alaska isles; tsunami threat over

Idaho Court Rules People Have Right to a Jury Trial for Evictions

Idaho makes international virus news for all the wrong reasons

Black Lives Matter counterprotesters turn out big in Boise; few arrests, skirmishes

Turkey rejects Greece accusation of Mediterranean violation

SPOG President Repeatedly Says It "Might" Be Time for Trump to Send Feds to Seattle

More Seattle Democrats Call for the Mayor's Resignation

Trump Finally Has His Stormtroopers

Protesters in Rittenhouse decry threat to deploy federal officers to Philly

Thoughts regarding our new American Secret Police...

Trump closed the Chinese Consulate in Houston. There's a fire in the courtyard

Let cities police themselves

Alibaba agrees to removal of child sex abuse dolls from listings

Australia has reached 128 dead. Shocking. US 140,000 dead and increasing.

July Photography Contest Preliminary Vote Thread One

July Photography Contest Preliminary Vote Thread Two

July Photography Contest Preliminary Vote Thread Three

July Photo Contest is now open for voting, please vote in all three threads - Closed

Three brothers are behind a series of viral videos trolling Trump (MeidasTouch)

July Photo Contest Preliminary Voting is now open in GD

Poll: Most Washington voters want to pause reopening economy

Potentially Bad Summer For EEE (Eastern Equine Encephalitis) In NE, & Mosquito, Tick, Bug-Borne Ills

Daphne Caruana Galizia murder: middleman found with stab wounds ahead of court date

The keys and the garage door opener are inside. It's yours if you can get in and drive it away...

Don't look away.

Armed US agents on city streets: can President do that?

Parents turn to "pods" as a schooling solution

All you need to know about why Trump is starting up the coronavirus briefings

First active leak of sea-bed methane discovered in Antarctica

Chinese nationals indicted in Eastern Washington on charges of hacking Hanford

We're Living in Phyllis Schlafly's America

Spokane County approves $2 million for new homeless shelter in north Spokane

Wednesday TOONs - Taking It Right Into The Danger Zone

Gaetz Runs Afoul of House Ethics Rules

Alternative to Voting in Person or Voting by Mail

German Scientists Stage Concert to Study How Coronavirus Spreads in Crowds

Want to get rid of a mayor who is a democrat? Claim 'crime in the streets' ask Trump to send help!!

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2020 that the Democrats are going to be winning.

Former Glens Falls Mayor Ed Bartholomew dies

And to think that I grew up in a household wherein

Labour pays out six-figure sum and apologises in antisemitism row

Could a state governor do this?

King County Council moves to strip power from Sheriff's Office; proposals to head to voters in

Matt Gaetz appears to run afoul of House ethics rules

There will be another shitshow today

Another really good RVAT video ad

Medicare is running out of money - Kaiser Health News

Biden and Obama to talk Trump in new campaign video

well,... Somebody had to say it...

Breakfast Wednesday 22 July 2020

Seattle City Council president addresses protests targeting council members' houses

Romney says plan to withdraw troops from Germany very bad idea

Night 54: Feds fire tear gas as over 1000 gather in Portland

Tomah WI: First student presumed positive COVID-19 case at open area school

538: Biden v trump polls are tightening.

Rockefeller's Standard Oil company lives on!

From the NARAL website....

NO!! Warming World & Destabilizing Climate Pose Risks To Financial Markets, Big Banks Say

Arctic Ice Now Well Below 2012 Record Lows; Siberian Coast, Once The Ice Factory Now Ice-Free

Freeing slaves, permitting women to vote, allowing same-sex marriage---all were things that

Financial times: Americans want to be free to be stupid

Jury awards Mathis widow $18 million over husband's trucking company death

The day will come!

OMG this Marine GETS IT. Wear a mask. "It's called a dress code, KEVIN!"

Florida Sen. Rick Scott says his grandchildren will start 'distance learning'

Biden and Obama to talk Trump in new campaign video

In Phoenix, Temperatures Never Fell Below 90F For An Entire Week (7/7-15/20)

Seven Nominations Sent to the Senate; July 21, 2020

National Women's Conference, Nov 1977, Houston, chaired by Bella Abzug

Where did $380B in PPP money go? Handy Database shows where it went.

Trump's Remarks in Press Briefing; July 21, 2020

Estimation of Excess Deaths (JAMA 1 July)

Philadelphia's Top Prosecutor Is Prepared to Arrest Federal Agents

COVID - Six Months In: There's no reason we should still be experiencing this crisis in the US

D.C.-area forecast: Extreme heat today with higher humidity; late-day storms likely

Big Band singer Margaret Whiting was born on this date.

George Clinton has a birthday today.

US signs contract with Pfizer for COVID-19 vaccine doses

White House Redacts Meeting Minutes on the Presidential Transition

COVID surge facility nearly full, Beaumont council votes to reopen venues

Rick Scott wants schools open, but his grandchildren will be distance learning

Trump's remarks to Ms. Maxwell

Don Henley has a birthday today.

How You're Getting Bamboozled on Coronavirus Data

A Desperate Trump is a Dangerous Trump

'Occupy City Hall' Encampment Taken Down in Pre-Dawn Raid by N.Y.P.D.

Apparently, I've found the instructional video that Trump skipped before he got his human suit...


New Cognitive Test For Trump

Republican Ohio House Speaker Larry Householder arrested in $60 million bribery case

Fox On The Run

The Teenagers At The End Of The World - NYT On Zero Hour Activists

Pelosi calls coronavirus the 'Trump Virus' following revived White House task force briefing

Experts say the virus is now running rampant within American communities

The New Stability - a piece by a doctor on watching a patient die

'The sleepers are waking up': hope for Democrats in city that backed Trump

Best free file converter (need to convert xml to dds)? Thx! n/t

Liberal, progressive -- and racist? The Sierra Club faces its white-supremacist history.

Brazilian President Bolsonaro has tested positive again for Covid-19

Best Ad Blockers (And How to Easily Block Ads, Trackers)

Oh, Great: 3 Gorges Dam (World's Largest) "Deformed Slightly" After Record Rainfall, China Admits

We Reserve The Right to Refuse Service to You

New York City's Hart Island -Island of the Dead

I needed something to trigger a smile this morning, and I found this. Enjoy

In Oregon where do the storm troopers lodge and sleep?

Edward Hopper was born on this date.

2020 continuing right on track: "Prince-truthers chained themselves to a tree."

What if There Were a Big-Ass Earthquake and Nobody Noticed?

Alexander Calder was born on this date.

4 former DC Bar Association presidents call tor ethics investigation of Bill Barr

Ohio Speaker Householder's $60m bribes explained - it goes deep

Proteus becomes the world's first manufactured non-cuttable material

Militia dilemma: Opposition to federal overreach means supporting BLM, not Drumpf

How does Trump fight violence?

"What a Guy!" - Randy Rainbow's latest

George Monbiot: People want a greener, happier world now. But our politicians have other ideas

per CNN, Lori Lightfoot won't oppose presence of Chump's goons in Chicago! WTF

2 men break their arms saving children jumping from 40 feet up in Grenoble fire

Ukraine hostages freed after President Zelensky plugs Joaquin Phoenix film

he read his piece of paper -he hated it -he's done

More Details On The Coal/Nuclear Bailout In Ohio That Generated Ongoing Bribery Case

YouTube of the Charges against Householder

If only we all could be like this wonderful young man.

NM lawmakers speak out against Sheriff's DC trip, threat to send federal troops to ABQ

NM lawmakers speak out against Sheriff's DC trip, threat to send federal troops to ABQ

Looks Like Trump Has Settled on "China Virus."

New! From Randy Rainbow (7/22/20)

Arctic July: "Just The Pattern You'd Like To See If You'd Like To Get Rid Of Ice"

looks like the republicans in the Senate will push Judy Shelton into the Federal Reserve board

What Could Happen if Donald Trump Rejects Electoral Defeat?

Anyone who doesn't connect these fascists to the rising violence

The Rundown: July 22, 2020

Michael Brooks, political commentator and podcast host, dies at 36

The Webcomics Weekly #96: Countdown to the Road to the Prologue(7/21/2020 Edition)


Comic-Con@Home: The Best Comic Book Panels

Sen. Heinrich calling for BCSO Sheriff to resign

Does Ghislaine have something on Geraldo?

Rockefeller restored palace of Versailles. Williamsburg--both in early 1900s

Convent outside Detroit lost 13 nuns to Covid-19 with 12 dying in one month

Pompeo went to shake hands w/ the Danish Foreign Minister, who didn't offer his hand back

Lincoln Project's latest: Trump's Seinfeld!

Texas and Florida report record average daily coronavirus deaths as hospitalizations also rise

There Are Certain Sections of New York. re: Trump's Gestapo


DHS Chief Says His Federal Agents Are 'Proactively' Arresting People In Portland

Al Di Meola has a birthday today.

Woman sues Ramsey Solutions (Dave Ramsey's company) over pregnancy firing

Yoho non-apologizes to AOC on House floor.

The Atlantic: Donald Trump Is a Broken Man

Abbott's Statewide Orders Limit Options For Local Officials Trying To Curb Spread Of COVID-19

Donny and Ghislaine

Guns are the new crack

How to see Comet NEOWISE

LA-SEN: Shreveport mayor enters race against Sen. Bill Cassidy

Crime lab reassembled Patricia McCloskey's gun: 'readily capable of lethal use'

How to see Comet NEOWISE

no more states have COVID under control. No green on the map.

Body Of Fort Hood Soldier Found Near Base; 3rd Death This Month

Defund Homeland Security: Creating a massive federal police apparatus was always a mistake

You raised $8,088.00 on July 21, 2020 to elect Joe Biden POTUS with our DU ActBlue link

The genocide continues; Over one thousand Americans murdered yesterday.

Baseball- Toronto Blue Jays to play home games in Pittsburgh

Another $3-trillion is the cost for tRump's total mishandling of the COVID pandemic

Any suggestions on bringing a kitten into a house with an older cat.

Trump ambassador to UK sparks watchdog inquiry over allegations of racist and sexist remarks

Oh look--Ghislaine and the ambassador:

Harsh but fair.

Unmarked Vans? Trump's Secret Police Has No Vehicles.

Here is how Senator Robert Kennedy reacted to the notion of "proactive arrests."

U.S. and Britain change diplomatic immunity rules in light of Harry Dunn's death

Killings of Police Officers Are Up 28% So Far in 2020: Reports

Russel Honore on Feds in Portland: 'What kind of bullsh-t is this!?'

Frederick Joseph wears 'Caucasian' Shirt to parody Redskins Logo.

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 7/22/20

99 days to reach 1M infections, 43 to reach 2M, 28 to reach 3M, 14 days to reach 4M

The right wing conspiracy infatuation with pedifiles strikes me as the same as their infatuation

Two boxes of food available

One Would Think Any Foreign Interference With The November Election Would Be.....

"Being POTUS is the most profitable scam a lifelong scammer has landed."

1926 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Wed., 56 deaths

Trump and the Republicans may have made another big mistake.

CV-19 death projections for US for 3 scenarios (masks/social dist, some social dist, no social dist)

So what if Putin decides to get rid of tRump before election because he knows he is gonna lose?

Can you imagine, after Trump is removed, what will be discovered, Holy Shit!

Anyone else thinking Trump's Troops will end up being heavy in all the swing states?🤔

As Bison Charged, Woman Tripped - Montana woman escapes 'without a scratch' after playing dead

Donald Trump Is Devouring His Country

What?! Federal officers do not, by law, need to say who they are!

Ian Bremmer tweet showing stocks did better under 4 of the previous 5 presidents than under Trump

I can't blame the Canadian Beaver in this

GET OUT China Sets Fire to Docs as U.S. Orders Houston Consulate Out

More on the Get me the British Open

Handshake's as good as his word

FL's 7-Day trends for Covid showing maybe perhaps some signs of hope?

THE TELL re: Fed Agent Forces In Cities

Can the SWAT team put down and arrest an armed mob/unidentified secret police?

at yesterday's C19 briefing... Trump repeated the lie that he got the Vets choice health passed


Ghislaine's father Robert Maxwell, Intel Op for Israel & Soviet Union & more...

Giving Kitchen non-profit supports food service workers in need

Facebook investigates misleading Trump post using Ukraine photo

So folks, what do you think are the odds Trumps is preparing to declare martial law...say October?

Teaser President Obama and Vice President Biden: A Socially Distanced Conversation

Loeffler would be better off sticking to day job insisting on slavery appreciation day at the WNBA.

Heckuva job, Ronnie! (Part 2): Florida reports 171 COVID deaths today...

Tropical Storm Gonzalo Public Advisory

Trump campaign leans into Goya controversy in new Spanish ads

Could this be a possible, highly dangerous, COVID-19 situation facing us in the future?

TEB: Meet Duncan

TEB: Meet Duncan

Terrell Owens, 46 years old, raced Tyreek Hill and kept it surprisingly close

Geraldo Rivera: It Was "Brave" for Trump to Wish Accused Sex Trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell Well

Does anyone know who the reporter was.....

CNN reporter just tweeted that Trump will hold a briefing today at 5:30


Republicans fear Trump might be too successful with attacks on mail-in voting

The Other Women in Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Harvard Law Class

Durian fruit - Cats reactions

Who knew that The Dread Pirate Roberts was so prescient!

Does anyone know the name of that new dog food where the owner and dog eat it together?

Today in Hawks around Town - Coyotes!!?!!

Pupper dreams

Ridge: 'It would be a cold day in hell' if he'd let 'uninvited' federal agents into cities.

A PDF of the new DOD flag policy finally made it's way into my inbox

BREAKING: three arrested in frost proof murders.

Don't stand outside in a lightning storm!

Three arrested in slaying of three friends headed to fishing trip, Sheriff Judd says

Biden, leading Trump by eight points, also has a big advantage with undecided voters: Reuters/Ipsos

I am so fed up with the MSM.

Inside the Trump and Louis Farrakhan Ties to Scientology

Covid-19 blazes through Central New York memory care facility

Biden says four black women are on his shortlist of VP candidates

My 95 year old mother succumbed to covid-19 this morning.

Beware of slow starts

Travelers from 31 states must quarantine after entering New York

Today is National Hotdog Day. Don't ruin it be doing these two things;

Animals with human arms

US conducts airstrike against ISIS in Somalia

Biden decries clashes in Portland as federal officials defend efforts to end protests

Damn: Canadian, American tour boats at Niagara Falls become symbol of COVID-19 contrast

Senator Leahy demands answers from Barr on potentially illegal surveillance programs

Austin hospital is leaving dead patients in their rooms

'The Whole of Liberal Democracy Is in Grave Danger at This Moment'

Stand off - Owl vs. Cat

NPR Business Journalist: Ivanka Trump's Jobs Plan Is Stupid, Wrong and Lazy

Tropical Storm Gonzalo warning cone was *just* updated by the White House

Atheists Urge Appeals Court Not to Allow Christian Flag at Boston's City Hall

House Dems push legislation to criminalize quid-pro-quo pardons

Wear a mask...

John Lewis Has Left The Good Trouble to Us. - John Pavlovitz

Tucker Carlson: Filibuster is an obstacle in Dems' path to total control. They want it gone.

NBA unveils Black Lives Matter on Orlando court

Latest Medicare Scam - Free Masks

1 in 10 Americans don't have enough food, double the rate before pandemic

Florida teachers sue as DeSantis distances himself from school openings

They shot rubber bullets at the Wall of Moms in Portland

She marched on Washington, got her law degree at 62 and beat cancer twice. Then coronavirus took her

15 US mayors demand stop to federal policing with 'no oversight' in Portland

How Donald Trump Moved Millions From His Campaign Donors To His Private Business

7/20/20 - Arctic Sea Ice Extent Nears Average Annual Lows From The 1990s (i.e. "September In July")

Natalie Portman and Serena Williams are among investors in new Los Angeles soccer team

Russia report: UK considers tougher security laws after criticism by MPs

Trump Is Determined to Split the Country in Two

Pandemic creating potential for drug shortages that Canada isn't equipped to deal with

'I wanted to take action': behind the 'Wall of Moms' protecting Portland's protesters

Ocasio-Cortez won't accept Yoho apology: He's 'refusing responsibility'

Crossing the Rubicon?

Third Fort Hood soldier found dead near Texas Army base within past month

Sure as hell not me.

'This is not a dictatorship!': Portland pushes back harder against Trump, federal agents

This right here is the problem.

So the Emoluments Clause is meaningless now

Joni Ernst says she'd support Trump filling a SCOTUS vacancy during a lame duck session.

How long would it take?

Cuomo says Trump agreed to hold off on federal intervention for NYC crime

Seen plenty trump/maxwell/melania/epstein pics but perhaps

A 74-pitch complete game

I love God, therefore I call women fucking bitches

Is there a source that informs you about daily covid-19 test results, Pct of positive results,

McKinney's Lone Black Councilman Targeted for Speaking up for Black Lives

Missouri kinda-sorta ditches its helmet laws.

Pro-Kremlin Ukrainians say they have passed material on the Bidens to Sen Ron Johnson.

Democrats Demand Answers About Trump's Federal Show Of Force In Portland

A horror movie in Portland and in America now.

Philadelphia's Top Prosecutor Is Prepared to Arrest Federal Agents.

Has anyone heard back from yet?

TASS News Agency joins Reuters Connect

Trump is Jonesin' For Another Kent State.

It looks like there will be a temporary extension on unemployment benefits because the Republicans

With FL not doing anything to mitigate CV-19...

Leahy Leads 47 Senators In Introducing The John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act

Human remains found inside van pulled from James River believed to be man reported missing in 2013

Mexico archaeology: Pre-Hispanic ruins found on mountaintop

Mexico archaeology: Pre-Hispanic ruins found on mountaintop

Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto

Sen. Wyden: "Get your jackbooted goons out of my city."

Dr. Anthony Fauci is throwing out the first pitch of the baseball season tomorrow night.

Trump should be remembered as the man who . . .

Trump ambassador to UK sparks watchdog inquiry over allegations of racist and sexist remarks and pus

Quinnipiac Texas Poll...

Biden Leads In Georgia

Suspicious package

Judge hears Oregon request to restrain federal agents

America was not great.

21% of Texas voters think COVID is a serious problems tha should not be dealt with...

CFPB amends its regulations governing payday, vehicle title, and certain high-cost installment loans

Nailed by the dictionary

Undecided Voters Overwhelmingly Prefer Biden

Smugmug has a monthly magazine for subscribers.

Cartoons 7/22/2020

Good news. 3 polls today showing Biden up slightly in Arizona, Texas, and Georgia.

Beto O'Rourke Calls Texas Republicans a 'Death Cult'

Migrant kids held in US hotels, then expelled

Walz is about to issue a statewide mask order.

NFLPA tells players there will be no preseason games in 2020

After Trump, will GOP search soul or stay course?

Batten down the hatches, mateys. A storm's a'coming.

Tomorrow a video streaming with Vice President Biden and President Obama...

Rule-breaking partiers are causing large rise in virus cases

Princess Sofia of Sweden Is Volunteering at a Hospital to Help With the Coronavirus Pandemic

How about Congress goes on unemployment insurance for the rest of 2020?

Chapter 847: I had a conversation yesterday with

The Posse Comitatus Act of 1878: Apparently certain Federal groups are exempt.

What happened overnight?

Trump...US's coronavirus case surge due to increased analysis shows: Wrong

Most Voters Want a Face Mask Mandate


I'll be having that

Alaska earthquake: Preliminary magnitude 7.8 quake strikes off Alaskan coast

School-aged kids may spread the coronavirus in homes more often than adults, a new study found

July 22 - Happy Birthday Rep. John Larson (D) CT-1st

DeWine issues mask mandate for all Ohioans

China vows to retaliate after U.S. orders closure of its consulate in Houston

GOP congressman says Trump's well wishes to Ghislaine Maxwell were 'unacceptably obtuse'

Batten down the hatches, mateys. A storm's a'coming.

Batten down the hatches, mateys. A storm's a'coming.

They're never going to know what we know

Want A COVID-19 Test? It's Much Easier To Get In Wealthier, Whiter Neighborhoods

One Person One Vote (Or Not)

The 2 guys and girl who killed those 3 in Florida have been caught...

Virus hits frontline workers in taxed public health system

I am angtry all the time

Potential tropical storm in Gulf

Hell, why not....Human sized bats found in the Philippines.

tRump speaking in code?

Another poll shows @JoeBiden up on Donald Trump in Texas.

21 state attorneys general sue over new Trump water rule

225 Lightning Flashes/Min; 69,000-foot Cloudtops; The Unprecedented Storms Of Cordoba Province

On Saturday, July 9, 1966, WTTG aired "Cap'n Tugg" for the last time.

United to require passengers to wear masks in airports

Trump has found his loyal thugs

'Unemployed Americans Are On 'Precipice of Financial Disaster' If Congress Doesn't Act Now'

Trump Goes All-In on Trying to Shift His Liabilities Onto Biden

Randy Rainbow: Gee Anthony Fauci!

Trump needs his fix...

Trump's Favorite Pollster Shows Joe Biden Leading In Ohio And Pennsylvania

FEMA head: 'We have a ways to go' on having enough PPE

Nate has the Presidential Race Tightening

Trump Ambassador to UK. Racist/sexist remarks / pushing Trump's businesses

Masks are now mandatory in Ohio

The proof is in the sewage: hundreds of Yosemite visitors may have had coronavirus

Just received a draft of the DNC platform from my sources...

Trump consults Bush torture lawyer on how to skirt law and rule by decree - from the Guardian

New York Gov. Cuomo urges Trump to sign executive order mandating masks

Did the WH change course because of poor anticipated attendance at the GOP convention?

Discovery in Mexican Cave May Drastically Change the Known Timeline of Humans' Arrival ...

Don't do this

Shreveport Mayor Perkins announces candidacy for US Senate

If it will ease you mind


Correction of the day; from 2008

When you order something online

My life has come to this: hoping and praying my freezer will keep running for one more year

*****GUARANTEED FRESH TEXAS QUINNIPAC POLL**** Biden 45%- Trump 44% With Nuggets*

GOP considers extending unemployment benefit at reduced level of $100 a week through December

KKKayleigh on trump - Ron Perlman

Al Franken is on Brian Williams now before the Con and Barr

Nearly Three Dozen test positive at Florida state psychiatric hospital

Earliest evidence for humans in the Americas

COVID-19 - The Great Divide

Someone explain.

CNN election map needs updating

Space Force unveils 'semper supra' motto, delta logo

Cheer TFU: Michelle Obama singing Beyonce's - Single Ladies

How much can we take - Jeff Tiedrich tweet

Sixty-five percent of Texas voters say coronavirus 'out of control': Poll

For a bit of perspective:

There may be another way to find out where these goons are from

From a friends FB post... COVID "humor/commentary"

Trump sending FBI, ATF, DEA, US Marshals, DHS to Chicago: [VIDEO]

Bill Barr could face probe after 4 ex-presidents of DC Bar Ass'n sign complaint detailing abuses

Frank Figluzzi, retired FBI, just warned the DHS agents

BTW-It's the Trump virus.

Music educator shares her song about the pandemic

'Now it's a nightmare': Silver City overrun by visitors during rapid growth, COVID-19

So now the sumbitch is sending his goons to Albuquerque-- Albuquerque? WTF?

Was one person among 6 Republicans this morning. They

The Daily Show -- These are all from This Morning.... Trump's change in tone:

US labs buckle amid testing surge; world virus cases top 15M


'Just offensive': Large Vancouver beach party draws outrage amid COVID-19

Frank Figluzzi nailed it: this urban warfare is all footage for Trump's campaign movie

Realizing as adult how racist some of the songs you sang/heard as a child were (40s,50s)

North Carolina Musicians Mural Project: John Coltrane

SPACEX Successfully Catches Both ANASIS-2 Fairing Halves

Biden says Trump is America's first 'racist' president

RIP Annie Ross (Lambert, Hendricks & Ross)

Statewide mask mandate for Ohio will take effect Thursday, Gov. Mike DeWine says

Introducing Pizza Karen

Stacy Abrams just on MSNBC said DT knows he's going to lose & he's going to burn down the house

Transgender man named Michigan Teacher of the Year

Sixty-five percent of Texas voters say coronavirus 'out of control'

help with plant identification?

KRUGMAN: This is insulting. $100 a week??

UK leader promises conversion therapy ban as Israel moves forward with its own bill

People paid to dunk a man in a dress at a county fair to mock the state's top COVID doctor

GOP considers extending unemployment benefit at reduced level of $100 a week through December

My guess is that trump is putting the camo dudes into the cities....

Obama to Host Solo Fundraiser for Biden

Why are Democrats so resistant to liability protection as part of the next COVID bill?

Past D.C. Bar Association chiefs call for probe of William Bar

Trump Believes Goya Makes Good Politics

Judge sounds skeptical on Oregon's bid to rein in federal agents in Portland

Americans tune in to 'cancel culture' -- and don't like what they see

Damn, I wish Biden would announce the VP now...

Canada court rules US 'not safe' for asylum seekers

Goya aisle at my store

Trump Operation Legend coming to a city near you. Albuquerque and Chicago first. Oh HELL NO!

Make it so!. (Eye bleach warning)

Prince George's County health worker killed by COVID-19 after requests to work from home were denied

House passes bill blocking Trump's sweeping refugee, asylum bans

When he sends his goons to a city just ignore them

I just bought a bag of "Baker Josef's" flour at Trader Joe's

LOL! Mehdi Hasan grills former GOP rep Jack Kingston and it's comedy gold...

Jos. A. Bank, Men's Wearhouse parent Tailored Brands to close hundreds of stores

Goldens swarm a hammock:

2nd Amendment preppers are getting nervous about Portland Secret Police.

Baby greyhound:

Cuomo says Trump agreed to hold off on federal intervention for NYC crime

Why Trump wishes Ghislaine well.

"American Rule" (how we got into this mess) by Jared Yates Sexton

Like "LIBERATE MICHIGAN!" never happened

If a "kid" who's a legal adult threatens a minor, isn't that super illegal?

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #9-5: Beans, Beans The Musical Fruit Edition

Rand Paul calls for Cuomo to be impeached over coronavirus response

In light of Portland being invaded by Nazi fake cops rounding up protesters what I'm

Former DC Bar Association presidents call for probe of Attorney General William Barr

Trump's Wag-the-Dog War

The monster in the White House wants carnage. That's why he's sending his goons out!

DU hive mind - I need a quick assist!

When a tRump farts, does it smell like gas or sulfur?

FBI says it has evidence linking N.J. judge family shooting suspect to Calif. slaying

Martial law in the midst of an election

"Idiots, I shoot better than you."

*****Biden says Trump is America's first 'racist' president*****

A doctor wore 6 face masks at once while testing his oxygen levels, and found he could still breathe

The ADA and masks

Jay Park- Nothing on you

I've recently started watching the series Dark on Netflix.


The Rude Pundit: Trump Assures That We Stay Angry with a Parade of Horribles

Humans reached the Americas 11,000 years earlier than previously thought, archaeologists discover

Oh by the way Eliot Engel got to the House

Home Made Kazoku - Thank You!

Home Made Kazoku - Thank You!

Hitler said he was invading Austria for the good of the Austrians

T-ARA (티아라) _ LOG-IN(로그인) _ MV

Trump enjoys chaos - He creates it, feeds on it

So tRump's now gone full fascist

To the various and assorted talking heads who waste air time pretending to discuss

So when is trump sending his Gestapo to a state with a Republican governor?

Definitely too little too late!

Masks - Korea vs. USA

Mike Pompeo said US intelligence shows the head of WHO was 'bought by the Chinese government,'

The Moron In Chief said our COVID-19 response is better than India.

Reading Mary Trump's book requires taking breaks, it is that sad.

Sohran Bushi - Omodaca

From WAPO food section: Homemade sazon recipe, so you can skip buying the Goya version...

White House touts coming executive order on healthcare, saying it will 'have teeth'

Will we need Nuremburg-type trials for the tRump family & his administration? Do you think anything

Evidence grows that peopling of the Americas began more than 20,000 years ago

Fired Minneapolis officer Derek Chauvin, wife charged with tax crimes

What's for Dinner, Wed., July 22, 2020

Pres. Trump: 35 agents coming to Albuquerque for 'Operation Legend'

I gotta get this T-shirt

Using toaster oven, because it's too hot to crank up the oven

Obama and Biden meet up to talk about Trump's coronavirus response: 'He just can't relate in any way

NM: Lea County deputies dining in at restaurants despite public health order

Ron Wyden tells Trump to attack the virus as hard as he is attacking Portland

Joe Biden and Donald Trump are in a dead heat, polling within the margin of error of each other

He called the ReTHUG legislators

Revealed: US spends millions of taxpayer dollars on ineffective voting restrictions

A valuable lesson taught to me by former Pres Obama..

Mike Luckovich-Georgia COVID 19 Ward

'25 days & still waiting for the impeached PoTUS to comment on reports of troop bounties by Russia'

Kos: For VP, my heart says Warren, but the times call for (Karen Bass) instead.

Honoring John Lewis's voting rights legacy

I'm kkkind of ssscared here....

King County plans to close 'obsolete' downtown jail, youth detention center

Tesla picks Austin for $1 billion auto factory

U.S. police forces experiment with cameras mounted on guns

About Randy Rainbow....He is brilliant and a do what he does..

Let this sink in

Texas reaches nearly 200 single-day coronavirus deaths

Painting Bleak Portrait of Urban Crime, Trump Sends More Agents to Chicago and Other C

California's Hog Fire is producing its own thunderstorms

Yamiche Alcindor tweet

DOJ Accuses Two Chinese Hackers of Vaccine Data Thefts

Progressives settle for less with Biden at the helm

There's a notable discrepancy between the deaths reported by county coroners and the deaths reported

Philly DA threatens to arrest federal agents.

Group sues UT-Austin on behalf of white students who say they were unfairly denied admission

Appreciation thread for Earl, Skinner, Elad, cause you know without this we would be going crazy.

Pic Of The Moment: Phenomenal Job

The most important image you will see of Portland

you know what the next logical step is regard this HLS morons in our cities is, right?

I have just received this petition from Courage California.

'As Immoral As It Is Illegal': Betsy DeVos Accused of 'Siphoning' Pandemic Relief Funds to Private

This republican wishes to apologize to the World

C19 numbers

Americans are only afraid of two things right now

Is tRump's order to sidestep Covid reporting affecting Woldometer's charts?

I wonder what would happen if the protesters stayed home just until November 4th?

Every single day for the next 100 years

Maine Postmaster Ordering Carriers To Delay First Class Mail, Letter Carriers Allege

At This Trump-Favored Charity, Financial Reporting Is Questionable and Insiders Are Cashing In

House votes to remove Confederate statues from Capitol

Kentucky Voters Reject Every McConnell Stance On COVID-19 Relief

Today's Horoscope

I seem to have stumbled onto the weird side of YouTube again...

Trump plan in allotting congressional seats raises alarm in Texas

Dr. Birx Warns - 11 major cities seeing increases in % of tests coming back positive for COVID

Yahoo just suspended comments

Trump blames spike in COVID cases on protests, increased travel and cases from Mexico

Lest we forget where it leads...

White House, senior Republicans pour cold water on short-term unemployment extension

If you overlay worldometers daily cases and daily deaths graphs and match the general trend shape

I just received a Vote-by-Mail application from the Elections Dept. in MA

Scientists flock to mysterious 'blue hole' off Florida's Gulf Coast

Iowa polling: Biden +2, Greenfield +2

President pressured Woody Johnson to ask UK government to bring event to Turnberry

Kansas school board rejects governor's executive order delaying start of the school year

If I Were Birx, I would tie it around his neck.

A song for Portland, the City of Roses:

Statement by Mayor Lightfoot on Federal involvement in Chicago

2020 US Senate Election Prediction- Democrats will win 15-20 seats up for re-election in 2020.

15 people shot outside Chicago funeral: Police

"The Real Choice: Social Control or Social Investment," By Robert Reich. Police, Military

omodaka live

Moon bears: Korean campaigners call for farm closures

Gotta ask here. Is this Oregon BULLSHIT that hard to decide on?

Narcissists and Psychopaths are linked to refusal to wear masks.

Fauci to testify next week to House panel on coronavirus

Telling The Truth

164 nurses' shoes placed on the lawn of the Capitol

Democrats propose new draft to party platform, revealing shifts in focus since 2016

At least 13 nuns from same convent have died since coronavirus pandemic began

I fucking HATE repugs...

Senate Dems warn of 'catastrophe' if eviction protections expire

If his doing this hurts TX and most likely him, maybe he won't do it

"Reimagining Public Safety," Robert Reich. Social Control or Social Investment. Police, Military