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Barr calls reaction to George Floyd's death 'extreme'

Clip of Obama-Biden video that will stream starting tomorrow:

Major new climate study rules out less severe global warming scenarios

Great fund raising email from Abby Finkenauer (Iowa-01)

Right Rand Paul?

Back over 70k new cases AND over 1000 daily deaths

What you need to know on the federal response in Portland and the legal questions it raises

Cases of Javier Ambler, Michael Ramos to be delayed till next year, DA says after election loss

California Orders Millions More Masks With Virus Cases at Record

Senate GOP pushes back against Trump's stimulus plan priorities


I applaud the Loves Travel Centers!

Russian Allies Helping Trump Win Reelection Have A Partner In Wisconsin Republican

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Thursday, 23 July 2020

Oxfam America Calls For Tax On 'Pandemic Profiteers' To Fund Covid-19 Recovery & The Common Good

Texas and Louisiana DUers - keep an eye on that system in the Gulf of Mexico

Liberal Redneck - Trump's Secret Police

push pause on trump -- the constitutional compromise

The Brew Crew is back!

75 years on, survivor finds the family of American soldier who liberated her

The Virtual BW Beatles

video of hockey stick and leaf blower used to send tear gas back

Gutting the people's unemployment benefits!

Group of Texas bars plans to open illegally in statewide protest Saturday against Gov. Abbott's shut

Russel Honor On Feds in Portland: 'What Kind Of Bullsh-t Is This!?'

DLCC's Jessica Post makes a promise to Democrats

Range of global warming scenarios is more severe than thought, study shows

Documents burn after U.S. orders China to close consulate

"Florida Man" has some competition

Today Trump said ...

Merkley: Trump Has Brought Authoritarian Tactics To The Streets Of Our Country Deadline MSNBC

For The American Right, Masks Are Tyranny But Trump's Secret Police Aren't


Images projected onto the Lee Monument in Richmond - John Lewis, MLK, others

Republican Senator Asked If He Was 'On Acid' After He Heard White House Opposes New Funds for Testin

I wish I hadn't done that.

2 boys saved when caught in falls in French apartment fire

Retired officials

VoteVets - NDAA Trump Veto Threat

Brooke Baldwin (CNN) rips trump a third hole:

Trump announces plan to send federal law enforcement to Chicago, Albuquerque

Ex-Dallas Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway seeks release to home confinement over coronavirus concerns

Rudy Giuliani promotes long-debunked image of Ilhan Omar 'at al-Qaeda training camp'

Kamala Harris on FINALLY punishing Bill Barr (interview w/ Brian Tyler Cohen)

Tesla picks Texas site for second US vehicle assembly plant

crazy patient tries to rip off doctor's mask

'Missing' Film: American Journalist Disappeared In Sept. 11, 1973 Chilean Coup; Jack Lemmon (1982)

gestapo, covid, fu45, repuklicans, rich getting richer, teachers going to die in their jobs-I can't

Jared Kushner says his friend Mohammed bin Salman has made 'missteps' but is a 'good ally'

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Live and Let Die!

First-hand account (another) Portlander goes downtown to talk to federal officers.

Confirmed: Trump asked UK Government to "do him a favor"

White House executive office cafeteria closed after positive coronavirus test.

'This Has To Stop': OR Senators Amendment To Bar Trump From Sending Secret Police Into U.S. Cities

The False Promise of Anti-racism Books

94 new COVID-19 cases reported Wednesday in Pierce County

Biden labels Trump first racist U.S. president

Disney heiress accuses company of putting workers' health at risk

Why Democrats will always lose, even when they win elections.

Half listening to Cuomo on CNN-- he's got doctor Gupta on talking about bullshit with testing...

Donald Trump's 'Gaslighting' Over Fox News Interview Goes AwryTwitter users were perplexed

Tweet of the Day

World Leaders Won't Meet in NY for UN General Assembly This Fall

Why Bill Barr Faces A Reckoning If Trump Loses The Beat With Ari Melber MSNBC

Barr Lied - said today there have been 200 arrests in past 2 wks, actually there has been ONE.

Trump blames spike in COVID cases on protests, increased travel and cases from Mexico,

Looking for news about the medical supplies and hot food for PDX protesters ruined by attackers...

Feel like your conservative friends are getting less right wing? They're lying to you

West Seattle Bridge can be repaired, but it will depend on cost-benefit analysis, officials say


Mary Trump will be on Colbert's Late Show tonight - tweet with video clip from the show:

Philadelphia's Top Prosecutor Is Prepared to Arrest Federal Agents

Trump Describes the Cognitive Test He Took in Great Detail on Fox News: 'I Have a Good Memory, I'm C

Perfect Responses To People Not Wearing Masks

☦ Orthodox Christianity: 2 Timothy 1:7

I have no idea how to post a picture here...

Let's talk about Trump turning on Republican Governors.

Tweet of the Day, from Jeff Tiedrich: "Trump's America"

The Lincoln Project reacts to video of Trump's new description of that cognitive test: "Oh my god."

So, what is going to happen. Are they going to extend UI? Trump is now pushing Republicans to not

Hundreds of kids exposed to COVID-19 at Dallas-Fort Worth church camp, parents say

Sen. Eliz. Warren Urges CDC Director To Push Mask Mandate As Covid-19 Cases & Deaths Surge In U.S.

Oh my god.

Daughter of Dallas woman who died of COVID invites Abbott to funeral, demands action

found this movie by James Baldwin on Youtube.

"Person. Woman. Man. Camera. TV." Trump talking about the test again

The Atlantic: The New Jersey Shooting Suspect Left a Pro-Trump Paper Trail

Religious anti-masker commands 'demon' to leave store aisle 'in Jesus Christ's name'

Bol Bol sizzles in NBA bubble exhibition, is immediately drug tested

Ohio is just the start of energy company political corruption....huh Madigan....

2020 US Senate Election Prediction- Democrats will win 19 seats up for re-election in 2020.

In Defense of Our Teachers by Dave Grohl

A public health employee predicted Florida's coronavirus catastrophe -- then she was fired: 'This is

Well...........wish me luck!

Conway: Many successive generations of Americans will marvel at how someone as profoundly stupid

Have You Guys Noticed These Republican Voters Against Trump Youtube Videos?

Is Fascism Here? Randi Rhodes, FSTV

Preston (UT) wants Trump to stop by his science class - he might learn a thing or two

movie by James Baldwin, found on Youtube...

Donald Trump Is a Broken Man - The Atlantic

Southwestern University and Texas Lutheran University Suspend 2020 Football Seasons

Republicans to start unveiling coronavirus package Thursday


7 & 7, top shelf weed, and Elle King

We are the Worst We are the Villains

Barr lied about the number of arrests in KC

Don Winslow: Trump & Barr want war in the streets. DON'T GIVE IT TO THEM.

Not voting for him again

Nearly 1 in 4 VA employees report sex harassment, audit says

Latest from Lincoln Project

Wow Wow Wow! Bald Eagle v Coyote... !

Tucker Carlson Told A Grotesque Lie About NYTimes "Doxxing" Him, And Now He's Getting Away With It

He's not a Christian

No coincidence the nation looks as mentally ill and dysfunctional as Trump


Remember folks: the following is from the Reagan era

Alabama high school sports opening as planned

Life coaching from a rich repug to the rest of us:

Trump announces plan to send federal law enforcement to Chicago, Albuquerque

MAGA supporters in Colorado start a fight with ICE protesters and get washed handily in the middle

Sen. Mitch McConnell: "Today's far left is not interested in winning debates with better arguments

White House Clarifies That Trump Was Just Sending General Well Wishes To All Sex Traffickers

Trump Denies Talking to Ambassador About Moving British Open to His Resort

Flvio Bolsonaro Gives Deposition the Attorney's Office and Denies Having Received Privileged Inform

Is it the times?

Trump Stuns With New Comments on Cognitive Test: 'Can't Stop Watching'

Philadelphia's Top Prosecutor Is Prepared to Arrest Federal Agents

Not an adult

TCM Schedule for Thursday, July 23, 2020 -- What's On Tonight: Cinematography by Richard Kline

Study Finds Universal Mask Use Could Cut U.S. Coronavirus Deaths By 67%

2020 US Senate Election Prediction- Democrats definitely win 17 seats up for re-election in 2020.

Person. Woman. Man. Camera. TV. Person. Woman. Man. Camera. TV. Person. Woman. Man. Camera. TV.

North Dakota GOP approves anti-LGBT rhetoric in policy statements

Pic Of The Moment: Trump Just Gave An Interview So You Could Learn This Important Information

QAnon, coronavirus and the conspiracy cult - BBC

Businessman Arrested in Political Slush Fund Scheme

I Heard An EXCELLENT Point I'd Never Heard Before Tonight

Trump's memory test (be sure to look at the second tweet):

THANKS OBAMA I'm so glad to see him

So the clip Brian Williams played from Trump's task force "update"

Coming soon to the Trump store, probably

LMAO! New term herd for anti-maskers

Grrrr! Elway Supremo has ruined the National Leqgue by having the...

Not a friend of veterans

This Girl Is On Fire!

Fuck-up. Usurper. Moron. Fascist. Traitor.

Cop FALLS OFF truck and immediately panics and pepper sprays nothing:

Peanut butter

House Democrats Considered 10 Impeachment Articles Before Narrowing Their Case Against Trump

Man, Woman, Birth, Death

Indigenous Village Chief in Rio de Janeiro State Dies of Covid-19

US House threatens to cut aid for Colombia over failing peace policies, human rights violations

Colbert opening tonight - a message for Karen

US House threatens to cut aid for Colombia over failing peace policies, human rights violations

Brooke Baldwin (CNN) rips trump a third hole:

What would Trump and his Republican stooges be doing if this weren't an election year?

When Koko the Gorilla strung five words together . . .

Gregg County COVID-19 cases up 20, Smith County rises by 53; Longview, Tyler hospitals treating

In Major Setback for Trump, Court Rules He May Send Troops Only to Cities He Can Identify on Map

Here's what I don't get

Remember Love

Trumpists warn of chaos of Biden is elected, and then use a scene from last night in Portland

Fired Minneapolis officer Derek Chauvin, wife charged with tax crimes

Mental Acuity Screening

Madeleine Albright Reacts To Deployment Of Federal Agents In U.S. Cities

The Daily Social Distancing Show - So Much News, So Little Time: MLB Adds Fan Sounds & AOC Gets Lip

The Beach was nearly completely clouded out..........but!

I just watched the Parks and Rec episode with this clip.

I'm with Betty!

What Trump did to our kids. Here's what school will now be like, every single day.

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Trump's "New Tone" on Coronavirus?

Live stream for Portland Protests - July 22nd

Stop It Now!

"....efforts to reopen schools in most communities will fail."

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Trump's Boat Rally - Jordan Klepper Fingers the Pulse

Pointing to Valley virus surge, Democrats call on Abbott to lock down portions of state

2020 US Senate Election Prediction- Democrats win 18 seats up for re-election in 2020.

I believe that the Democratic 2020 slogan should be

Seth Meyers - Trump Shares Photo of Himself Wearing a Face Mask - Monologue 7/21/20


Do you know how shitty you have to be?

Leaked: How trump recruits

Seth Meyers - Trump Holds Coronavirus Briefing, Threatens to Send More Secret Police: A Closer Look

Numchuck bears?

Arkansas governor: Schools need flexibility on stronger mask rules

Mother Nature telling the U.S. to wake up?

White House clarifies trump statement

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Unification minister nominee proposes inter-Korean public health complex

Prosecutor: No time for evidence against arrested reporter

Federal operation in Kansas City targets violent crime

''Rocco, put your tail down" - parliamentary meeting

Judge: Ex-state senator to face jury in Arkansas bribe suit

Remember Betsy McCaughey, creator of the "death panels" lie?

Shahid Buttar, Nancy Pelosi's election opponent, accused of sex harassment

Government defends imprisoning ex-Trump lawyer Michael Cohen

Seattle man hospitalized after protesting in Portland sues President Trump, Homeland Security

Texas A&M Veterinary Lab Hits Red Tape Trying To Do Human Coronavirus Testing

Portland bans police from working with federal law enforcement, targeting journalists...

I think it's time to start asking the MAGAs this question.

Missouri governor clarifies comments on school kids, virus

White House cafeteria closed after positive coronavirus test

OH-01: Internal poll shows tight race brewing in key Ohio House race

Biden says Whitmer still in contention for VP pick

Why is team tRump making reopening schools political?

FBI links killing of California lawyer to suspect in deadly attack on New Jersey judge's family

America has cashed in its values. Now, tyrants elsewhere can flourish.

Billy Strings - Ready for the Times to get Better

Pompeo says US to expand Arctic role to deter Russia, China

Texas' GOP SREC Elections Were Illegitimate

At this point I think it would be better if protesters simply ignore the Federal Court building

Debussy: 'Cello Sonata in D Minor, I. II. III.' arranged by Sivan Magen

TX-21: Texas congressman says his state is holding coronavirus numbers down, as cases surge

Tucker Carlson's economic populism scam

Chile: Sebastian Pinera's government teeters towards collapse

As I'm expecting the state to shut down again, I'm stocking up on food and supplies

LIVE! From Daryl's House!

Neal Katyal: Donald Trump Is 'Fighting The American People' - The Last Word - MSNBC

Augusta Holmes: 'La Nuit et l'Amour'

Bolivia Elections Unlikely To Go As Scheduled After Special Unit Discovers Corpses Of COVID-19 Victi

TX-24: Candace Valenzuela of Texas Says It's Time for the First Afro-Latina in Congress

Gov. Justice objects to call to investigate FirstEnergy lobbying for 2019 power plant tax breaks

Fela Sowande: 'African Suite, II. Nostalgia'

George Walker: 'Lyric for Strings'

Bill Nye Uses Science to Explain Why Racism Doesn't Make Sense - NowThis

My dream about Mars, Johnny Cash, Trump and Confederates

KS-SEN, KS-02, KS-03: What's the matter (with Republicans) in Kansas?

Administration's incredible and miraculous surge against COVID-19

US: San Francisco Lawmakers Call On Cooperation With Cuba

US: San Francisco Lawmakers Call On Cooperation With Cuba

I think Kim's given up on becoming First Lady

Portland Mayor Wheeler tear gassed on live feed.

Zero Arrests In Criminal Fraud Bribery Tax Evasion Open And Shut Case - Utah

Child abduction, forced labour scandal widens in south Mexico

Cuba opens clean energy to foreign investment

The big question: "PERSON Woman Man Camera TV"...?

Chile: Protests Against Minimum Sentence In Barra Rape Case

For the oboe lover in us! Stephen Taylor. Most sought after.

Beethoven; 'Octet for Winds, I. Allegro'

'Bibo No Aozora', Angela Dubeau, violin

Reminder that we still have not gotten answers on Russian bounties on Americans in Afghanistan. The

'Waterfall' of microbes in Antarctic sea floor leads to discovery of methane leak

I don't understand how its legal for American politicians @SenRonJohnson @LindseyGrahamSC to work w

Wayne Jones family, Martinsburg PD reach $3.5 million settlement

Mafia vs New York "Fear City"

Stephen Colbert: Monologue 7/22/20

Lyadov: 'Eight Russian Folk Songs'

Stephen Colbert: Tooning Out the News, 7-22-20

Canada rules U.S. Safe Third Country agreement unconstitutional

Why Trump's Failure To Lead National Response Prolongs Coronavirus Crisis - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Texas brothers lose both parents to coronavirus

TX-03: Democratic poll shows Republican incumbent is vulnerable.

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler tear-gassed alongside protesters by federal officers

Classified Status Hides Fired IG Report On Trump Golf Club Scheme - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Gov. Tom Wolf cited his emergency powers to withhold millions from a Pa. county. Now it's suing.

What trump and Moscow Mitch are doing now

Wish me luck

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 7/22/20

Person, woman, man, camera, tv

Caputo calls for special session instead of governor's 'suggestion box'

I think Kanye for President is over.

WV Gov. Justice, Marion Health Dept. admonish Fairmont church for holding large event

When you hate the China and you hate the Muslim...

Stephen Colbert: Guest Mary Trump

"Person. Woman. Man. Camera. TV." -- Trump pushes back on those who think he's not all there

The Presidents' cognitive test.

Current COVID-19 hospitalization levels reach record high

Here are the officials calling on Speaker Householder to resign

Sen. Sherrod Brown blames GOP single-party rule for corruption case

(Jewish Group) Canadian Green Party Zoom Debate Disrupted With 'F--king Jew,' N---r' Messages

Mr President, how could you not recognize a elephant,

Sending unwanted Federal agents to Chicago and Albuquerque

(Jewish Group) Man in neo-Nazi group pleads guilty to vandalizing Wisconsin synagogue

Oregon To Expand COVID-19 Restrictions

Voter referendum on nuclear bailout had signature collection targeted, criminal complaint says

Gay Firefighter Killed After Flirting With Straight Couple

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2020 that the Democrats will be favored to win.

U.S. Sanctions Ramzan Kadyrov, Responsible for Chechnya's 'Gay Purge', Over Human Rights Violations

The Point

There is no embassy or Consulate on the planet that would not be

Here's how a fall without football could impact Nov. 3 election

President Obama and Vice President Biden: A Socially Distanced Conversation

Four years ago, Trump said he alone could fix things. What isn't worse now?

Former SS Nazi Concentration Camp Guard Convicted In Germany: Stutthof

Rest In Power, Annie Ross.

Joe Williams with Lambert, Hendricks and Ross - Every Day I Have the Blues

Let us call them what they are

Thursday TOONs - Playing With Fire

China's Tianwen-1 Mars rover rockets away from Earth

Lambert Hendricks & Ross PLAYBOY 60 02 13 4 'Doodlin'

Do I get extra points for getting out of bed and remember to tie my shoelaces?

LSD Use Among American Adults Up 56% Since 2015 According To Study by Univ. of Cincinnati Doctoral

'Don't Shoot Your Mother': Portland Moms Form Defense Line For Protesters Amid Tear Gas

Lambert Hendricks & Ross PLAYBOY 60 02 13 3 'The King'

teamwork makes the dream work

Doe investigates 'The Sound of Silence'

Kamala Harris and Sarah Cooper Instagram Live interview

My theory on Trump's cognitive test

'Oxford Coronavirus Vaccine: Will It Provide Lasting Immunity?'

Will Larry Householder's $60 million GOP scandal hand Ohio to Biden? Democrat s hope so. Experts say

War Crime Violation: It Appears Fed Officers Pepper Sprayed The Medical Supplies In Portland

Wait a minute

Breakfast Thursday 23 July 2020

Democrats need a Super-Majority in the Senate or an end to the filibuster.

Biden tweets his conversation with Obama on healthcare

"Do less medicals, just drop your books and do more gymnastics, dedicate yourself to equestrian...

State won't allow Jays to play at Pirates' park

Mitt Romney questions Trump getting 'cozy' with dictators, direction of GOP

Paws in the Water: Dogs at Play

Trump's Remarks on Operation LeGend: Combatting Violent Crime in American Cities

The Rundown: July 23, 2020

Art of the Week: Week of 7/22/20

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 7/22/2020

Trump's Toxic Int. Appointee Crimps GOP; Pendley Called BLM "Cancer", Wants 2 Sell All Public Lands

Trump's Remarks in Press Briefing; July 22, 2020

July 23 - Happy Birthday Mayor Jacob Frey (D) Minneapolis

⚾️Happy Opening Day!⚾️

My unfounded theory about Trump's cognitive test

EPA Proposes Bold New Aviation Emission Standards That The Airlines Already Meet

TLP: Failure

TLP: Failure

It is time for Congress to investigate the emergency authorities given to the chief executive.

At 20% Of The World's Coral Reefs, Sharks Are Already Functionally Extinct (Overfishing)

Mike Bloomberg sets out to help flip three senate seats, help Biden win Florida, and more (NYT)

I'd like to hear questions from reporters about his cognitive tests today

Oz Appeals Court: Cook University Correct To Sack "Contrarian" Reef Professor, Now Right-Wing Hero

St Vincent govt considers suspending flights from US

St Vincent govt considers suspending flights from US

God Help Us if Judy Shelton Joins the Fed (NYT Opinion)

Barbados says Cuban nurses to stay despite US threat

It looks like I overestimated a little bit.


Revealed: Rod Rosenstein advised there was no age limits on child separations

New unemployment claims rose last week to 1.4 million

'We look like fools': UK-US ties threatened by corruption case row

Georgia back-dated infection data to justify early reopening...

Is your walmart really enforcing their Mask rule?

Portland Mayor tear gassed after speaking with protesters on presence of federal agents

PHCC board takes up possible renaming of college, plans to handle the pandemic

Summer Breeze...

Is trump still tweeting in the middle of the night, or is he silent now?

Florida Poll (St Pete Polls for AARP): Biden +6

WTW? A Straight-Faced Conway Just Scolded States For Reopening 'Too Quickly'

Republicans scrap Trump's demand for payroll tax cut as they cobble together draft coronavirus bill

Navy Badass puts focus back on Black Lives

Another 1.4 million Americans filed for unemployment benefits last week

Monetizing the MoCa

Is Mike Tyson going to punch a shark?

One Benghazi attack every single day for the next 100 years

Trump's claim he did more for African Americans than any president is patently absurd.

I aced my cognitive test!

Drumpf's lawyer: No Democrat should EVER AGAIN be elected in the United States in any capacity.

More Legal Problems for Derek Chauvin

Ohio House Speaker Householder arrested. Will FirstEnergy be charged next? What you need to know.

The heartbreaking view from the front lines:

Trump's company applied to trademark 'telerally.' Then, President Trump held a telerally.

I was given some sort of cognitive test over 20 years ago.

I can't believe this is happening!...

Trump Ad About 'Chaos' in U.S. Actually Used Photo From Pro-Democracy Rally in Ukraine

Michael Tomasky: If Trump Can't Win, He's Going to Take America Down With Him

'fox and friends' 7a. Odd opening. 'We want to welcome police and firefighters

I'm feeling unmotivated, today, and need someone to kick me in the ass. Any volunteers?

Mayor Keller calls reported threat to send federal forces to Albuquerque a political stunt

Mayor Keller calls reported threat to send federal forces to Albuquerque a political stunt

There are five factors that led to over hundreds of thousands of Americans needlessly dying

Tlaib getting help from Working Families super PAC

I took the test recently (not a joke)

Holly Holm's next fight reportedly called off after opponent tests positive for COVID-19

Holly Holm's next fight reportedly called off after opponent tests positive for COVID-19

It tweeted (along with a bunch of looney retweets)

'Reds v. Reds' in Texas over masks. [Some favorable news]

'A picture is a secret about a secret'

Cognitive Tests - A Personal Anecdote

Jared Kushner called the CEOs of AT&T, Verizon, & T-Mobile to complain after Trump campaign was ...

Chicago isn't even in the top 30 most dangerous cities this year

Tony Joe White was born on this date.

Even liberals have to agree that Republicans got this one right

The Pinto Presidency, that's what trump has going on. Remember Ford's disaster with the Pinto?

Alison Krauss has a birthday today.

Biden live (so says the tweet): Folks, I sat down with my friend President @BarackObama to discuss t

Likely Tropical Storm Hanna targeting SE Texas this weekend

Federal Officers Hit Portland Mayor With Tear Gas

A public health employee predicted Florida's coronavirus catastrophe -- then she was fired

You raised $4,471.00 on July 22, 2020 to elect Joe Biden POTUS with our DU ActBlue link

SHitler's brown shirts on the move

Donald Trump is lost in ..".a sea of selfishness."

What, no bragging about the employment stats this week 45?

Red vs. Red in Texas, With Republicans Battling One Another After Mask Order

TX-21: Internal Democratic poll shows tight race in key Texas House district

Update on the WTF-Collapse of Consumption of Gasoline, Jet Fuel & Diesel

Bloomberg's gun control group spends $15M on campaigns in eight swing states

If tweet ing use #Trumpgestapo...they came for the Protest Moms using batons,

They will announce an effective vaccine by the end of October

overdramatic dog faints while a lady tries to cut its nail

California gears up for blockbuster year of ballot measures

A 'rolling Reichstag fire': Steve Schmidt on the deployment of 'Federal Agent thugs'.

Sigh, so often the world and the internet

My neighbor is a grow-op.

Due to his incredibly poor response should COVID-19 be now called the Trump Virus?

Sharks almost gone from many reefs

AOC speaking on House floor: "I've tossed men out of bars that used language like Rep. Yoho's" (Vid)

A bit of fun - Language and misunderstanding

A note from a teacher....😥

Liberal Redneck - Trump's Secret Police

Over 10,000 more cases in Florida today and 173 deaths reported.

Liberal Redneck - Trump's Secret Police

Cold Brew Coffee and Sun Tea Iced Tea Recipe

Internal vs External Struggles

Support, backlash on Trump Census move. DT at it AGAIN! Trying to stop including immigrants

Vice President Biden sat down with President Obama to discuss the significant moment we're in...

AOC on the floor of the House

It had always been about power. The rest? The principles? The values? It was all a lie

The Devil Went Down To Moscow (with zero apologies to Charlie Daniels)

One thing my digital camera is good for, long distance

Is it okay to feed my bird visitors my store bought (probably from west coast) red cherries?

We lost another Biden voter yesterday

New filing in USA v. Maxwell: Util - Terminate Motions

Mussolini's final hours

Mookie Betts agrees to 12-year, $365 million extension with Dodgers

The Lincoln Project understands that Trump's enablers must pay a price

Michael Moore podcast Rumble with Portland protest journalist

Woman Who Reportedly Accused Fauci Of Assaulting Her Claimed Trump Supporters Paid Her To Lie

I have posted dialog from the Charlie Brown musical because Lucy is Kellyanne Conway.

If you're having a rough day please watch this cow singing Boehemian Rhapsody at a stop light.

QUESTION: Wouldnt any CV19 vaccine have to be 98% effective vs 50% effective like some Flu vaccines?

Last year when schools shut down, the district gave out computers to families

US 'not safe' for asylum seekers..

Trump's frantic new effort to win back seniors is already failing

Less than half the pop. of Britain views the US as an ally. More than a quarter view US a threat.

Portland Is Likely A Test

Pompeo tried to shake hands with a bunch of foreign leaders. They all turned him down.

The obnoxious McCAIN is blasting Mary TRUMP on The View

President Donald Trump, Justice Department say Cleveland will see surge of federal agents

No money for states, education, unemployed, food insecure adequate testing/tracing but

Trump trains his eyes on education as he hunts path to victory

Elon Musk wants to ditch headphones for a music streaming brain chip

Re: the gestapo -- people can be so stupid.

Tweet from Navy vet who voted trump in 2016 imploring folks to vote Biden in 2020

"The View" leads off with Kayne West???

Thousands more satellites could soon be launched into space. Can the federal government keep up?

Cohen ordered released from jail

Gun sales spike amid pandemic, weeks of protests

Realize That Anything That Trump Says Or Does Over The Next 100 Days Is For Only One Reason.....

2335 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Thurs. 89 deaths

Judge orders release of former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen by Friday

My name for DHS...

In North Carolina, unpaid utility bills are driving families and cities to the financial brink

I did it! I finally did it! Cut my own hair!!!! I'm FREE, and I didn't butcher it, lol

Economic Slowdown Drives Gruesome Mass Killings Of Farm Animals

I can actually physically feel the heaviness

Michael Cohen to be released

Florida adds 173 coronavirus deaths Thursday, a new daily record

When Trump Sends His Goons To Chicago & They Start Taking Away Guns From The Gangs In The City.....

North Carolina Biden for President Roundtable with Kamala Harris TODAY

Trump Attacks Cheney As Republicans Demand Her Removal From Leadership Role

Everything he spews is pure Shit. [Lincoln Project]

Ron DeSantis, meet The Bus.

Larry Hogan Isn't Coming to Save the Republican Party


Serious but true meme here!

Effective immediately, Washington will call itself the "Washington Football Team"

What are the limits of the 1st and 2nd Amendments?

Has William Barr changed his name to Tom Hagan yet?

Where Will Everyone Go?

Opening day pictures (and a few others) from Michael Beschloss

Snopes: Were Portland Protesters 'Kidnapped' by Federal Officers in Unmarked Vans?

Thirty-seven minutes of Kamala Harris and Sarah Cooper

Paramilitary-Style Tactics in Portland Mirror Decades of U.S. Violence on the Border & Abroad

God Help Us if Judy Shelton Joins the Fed

Trump's pick to head Office of Personnel Management spread Dem 'satanic' lies, 'party of Islam'

James Madison quote, from Constitutional Convention

McAllen Tx starting "Death Panels"

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 7/23/20 - The Day We Hit Four MILLION cases.

Pennsylvania now has non-binary gender option for driver licenses, ID cards

The president is deploying performative authoritarianism that Putin pioneered

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez takes to House floor and slams Ted Yoho's misogyny and false apology

Man, cat, dog, elephant, 8 year old narcissist.

My cog, uh cog, cog...

Seattle NHL team will be named THE KRAKEN (singular)

Judge orders Michael Cohen to be released from prison....


Russian satellite caught shadowing US spy satellite earlier this year launched a mysterious weapon

I spotted the poison ivy before it 'spotted' me. Get it? Spotted my skin with a rash. :)

The U.S. passes four million known cases, as hospitalizations and deaths rise.

Just wanted to re-post this from DU Member amerikat, back in 2016 ...

Judge orders release of Jeffrey Epstein records in response to Miami Herald litigation

Beware of new phone scam: "Your amazon prime account will resume unless you press 1"

Newest anti-trump ad, from @Eleven_Films, #CallingAllVets, #@VetsWall:

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez takes to House floor and slams Ted Yoho's misogyny and false apology

David Axelrod: The key factor for Biden's VP choice

DA: Man faked death to avoid jail but typo gave him away

Court orders Michael Cohen's release

Family Of Rescue Pelicans Gets Released Back To The Wild Together

Judge orders release of Jeffrey Epstein records in response to Miami Herald litigation

So did you see/hear Yoho's non-apology?

Barbara Walters was Done with Donald's BS in 1990

Trump Claims Children Do Not Spread Virus Easily Morning Joe MSNBC

Mitch McConnell is twiddling his thumbs as American workers head toward a financial cliff

Couple Meets A Beach Dog In Mexico Who Changes Their Life

Chunky Rescue Beagle Becomes The Mascot Of His Mom's College

Trump's malicious, lawless census change may be just the beginning of new outrages

NFL. aaand the new name for Washington (just this season) is.........

Judge rules to unseal documents in 2015 case against Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein

Exploding Head Syndrome... Yes, it's a real illness.

2 standoffs in Oregon show differing views of US response

Derek Chauvin and estranged wife face 9 felony tax charges

Tropical Storm Gonzalo expected to become first hurricane of 2020; tropical depression 8 forms

Monitor calls on US to stop detaining migrant kids in hotels

At his first coronavirus briefing since April, Trump repeats a handful of classic false claims

Majority of Americans... Believe People Should Be Jailed or Fined for Not Wearing Masks

Cover harvests not protests: Belarus leader threatens to expel foreign journalists

Tiny Kitten Brings His Dragon To The Vet To Help Him Feel Braver

My nickname for DU is this.

School board rejects governor's order to delay start of school year

trump: '"You knew damned well I was a snake before you took me in".

Sophie Stinky Toes is trying to tell me she wants to watch 'My Cat From Hell'

So... I've just finished watching AOC... My thoughts...

Democratic leaders scoff at emerging GOP coronavirus aid plan, promise it won't pass

China threatens to stop recognising BNO passports of Hong Kong residents

Obama: US not dealing with coronavirus as 'smartly' as other countries

Tiny dog finds huge stick and decides to rescue it...twice

Tom Ridge tears trump a new one.

CNN commentator having a bit of a hissy fit with Bidens people..

Neal Katyal is warning us. (Last Word)

Remember the 3 question bridge scene from The Holy Grail?

Former Harvard Employee Eric Clopper Sues University, The Crimson

Why America is running out of aluminum cans

Nassau County NY PBA featuring Ted Nuget at Back the Blue event

Whaddayouknow! Trump has given us Palin's death panels.

Ex-con to be arraigned in triple murder sparked by comments over his gym shoes

Trump has decided he needs to focus on TWO education issue. Do they just roll dice to set policy?

Trump attacks former DHS secretary over criticism of federal crackdown

If you need a good laugh at Donald's expense today - watch this from 1990


DUers around NW Columbus, Zoo is missing a red Panda

Red Panda Missing from Columbus Zoo

Trump has been destroying himself and he will continue to destroy himself.

CDC predicts up to 175,000 deaths in US by Aug. 15

Texas hospital launches death-panel to decide which COVID patients get to live and which get to die.

Help with possible fake news about Portland protests?

Ann Taylor owner Ascena Retail Group files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

79% of Floridians want mandatory masks

Thanks to COVID-19, Houston is home to Texas' first drive-thru strip club.

Fired Minneapolis officer Derek Chauvin, wife charged with tax crimes

Trump Is Protecting Our Suburbs and Preserving the American Dream for All Americans

Politico: Fiasco and abject disaster for WH and Senate GOP this morning!

Who has standing?

The Democrats have had plenty of time to prepare for Trumps cheating this November.

The President talked to Putin today.

Breaking...Obama blasts Trump, praises Biden in new 2020 campaign video (AP)

State Senator Jason Rapert hospitalized, tests positive for COVID-19

Portland Federal Agents Accused of War Crimes for Destroying Medical Supplies

VoteVets - Enemy

"There was a televised bloodbath on the floor of the House of Representatives on Thursday morning.."

Breaking: Judge orders Michael Cohen released from prison.

Let's see if a reporter has the guts to ask Chump this question.

Trump knows he's going to lose. He's already salting the earth behind him.

Man who gave company credit card to escort gets more than two years for $5.79M fraud

Nationals Juan Soto positive for Covid-19.

Republicans squabble over whether to let the economy burn

Trump administration's $21 million gambit for Pepcid as coronavirus remedy fizzles

From the Administration that Brought You Kids-in-Cages, It's Tear-Gassed-Moms

US army retreats from Twitch as recruitment drive backfires

Fans required to wear face coverings at NFL games in 2020

'I may have signed my own death warrant': Teacher regrets her Trump vote as schools pushed to reopen

Trump's crackdown on cities targets free speech

The Founders fixed the problem by using original music. Still great

Let's be honest about unidentifiable federal officers

Cartoons 7/23/2020

Classes in Snohomish County could remain online this fall

Court documents reveal secretive federal unit deployed for 'Operation Diligent Valor' in Oregon

Tea Baggers rises up against McConnell's $1 trillion relief plan

Coming this fall on ABC: "Suburban Housewives of America."

Ted Yoho You Should Apologize - You Did What You Did Said What You Said And It Was Not Right

Republicans And Democrats See COVID-19 Very Differently. Is That Making People Sick?

White House defends Trump's well-wishes for alleged Jeffrey Epstein sex crimes accomplice Maxwell

Katie Porter laying out a few home teachings and home truths

Biden Takes 13% Lead in Florida, According to Quinnipiac Poll

Sooooo-Mike Dewine is giving his weekly presser

Stephen Miller's grandmother dies of Covid. WH denies this even though it's on her death certificate

Imagine all the tests people take

Man shown kneeling on 2-year-old's neck jailed

Teachers across AZ stage "motor marches "

Judge considers limiting federal agents in Portland as protesters brace for another night of tear ga

Trump Just Talked to Putin - Didn't Even Mention Russia Secretly Paying the Taliban...

Pelosi, Schumer reject McConnell's 'ununified, unserious and unsatisfactory' COVID-19 bill

Biden Opens Up A Double-Digit Lead In 2020 Race (Florida)

Susan Collins Is Desperate To Avoid Saying Whether She Backs Trump's Reelection

I discovered a new scrubbing tool to get stuff off the dishes and silverware ...

I get the feeling that we are getting to the stuff hitting the fan moment.

What's REALLY going on in Portland, Oregon!

Dr. Fauci with Ryan Zimmerman:

Lawyer explains federal officers in Portland

Trump declares war on America

Police Declare Portland Protest A Riot, Mayor Ted Wheeler Tear-Gassed By Federal Agents

Philip Bump: Person focuses every woman and man in America on his mental abilities via camera, TV

GOP Sen. Ron Johnson Blocks Bill To Make Juneteenth A Federal Holiday

Rep AOC full response to Rep Ted Yoho

'Having a daughter does not make a man decent': Ocasio-Cortez

Arrest vs. Detention- the Portland kidnappers are ARRESTING people, not "detaining" them.

Ted Yoho, summary of voting record

Biden Campaign Celebration for Change: 100 Days to Go !

Senate votes 86-14 to change the names of Military Bases

This is one sorry sack of SHIT.

'How long did you serve, Tucker?' Another woman who lost her legs in Iraq backs Tammy Duckworth

Plastic waste entering oceans expected to triple in 20 years

Gohmert calls for Congress to ban Democrats

MJ Hegar on the Last Word

BREAKING: DOJ Inspector General Horowitz has informed us that his office will initiate a review to e

Birx warns of concerning rise in coronavirus cases in 12 cities as Trump paints a rosy picture

It tweeted some more

A Photographer Says He's Traumatized By What He's Captured In Portland

Tweet of the Day

Trump always wanted his own police force. Portland is just his excuse to use it.

"Trump Voters Are Old and They Don't Want to Die": Why Trump Finally Flip-Flopped on Mask Wearing

Democrats: Packets sent to Trump allies are part of foreign plot to damage Biden

Donald Trump's Imperial Storm Troopers

CBP, ICE and TSA employees join class-action lawsuit against Trump administration for coronavirus ha

Maine Letter Carriers Allege USPS Leadership 'Willfully Delaying' Mail to Sabotage Postal Service...

OIG to review "use of force" against protesters in Portland and D.C.

China-US row: Fugitive researcher 'hiding in San Francisco consulate'

On this day, July 23, 1944, Dino Danelli of The Young Rascals was born.

Another phone call between Putin and Trump according to the Kremlin

About 40 percent of U.S. adults are at risk for severe COVID complications

Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto

At-home coronavirus swabs could be just as accurate as ones performed at clinics

Lawyers struggle to keep up with civil rights cases amid America's racial reckoning

Low budget whiskey review, an occasional series. Part 3

It's getting SERIOUSLY BAD

Why can't I find any Allow Vera Gel on Amazon? n/t

Biden holds 13-point lead over Trump in Florida: poll

Senate passes bill with plan to change Confederate-named bases over Trump veto threat

Have There Been Any Updates On Donnie Jr's. Girlfriend And Her Covid?.....

For the past two or three days, something has been nagging

The Lead Federal Agency Responding to Protesters in Portland Employs Thousands of Private Contractor

perfect albums -- every song is awesome

Trump administration ends Obama fair housing rule

Michael Cohen better hire body guards?

Strength through disorder

Dow dropped 250pts after 1pm ET today. What happened?

AMC pushes back theater reopenings

Recent Polling- Biden is more trusted than Trump to handle *crime and safety,* even *among seniors*!

Where have we heard this before?

And then there were none...

Whatever it takes to drive the casino indexes upward.

Dan Rather tweet:

DC's NFL team to call itself 'Washington Football Team' until new name chosen

A group of trump supporters

Walmart shopper charged with pulling gun during mask dispute

trump's election argument

Far greater enemies

This one's for California Peggy and mnhtnbb.

Millennials, Gen Z in battleground states want Biden to pick Black woman as VP

Rachel Maddow should do nothing tonight before replaying this

Trump Is Putting On a Show in Portland

What's Next for Republicans If Trump Loses?

Kimberly Guilfoyle under fire for Trump fundraising disarray

The only difference

Some positivity....Imagine Tomorrow

What is QAnon and where did it come from? What to know about the far-right conspiracy theory

I hope all of the campaigning (ads, speeches, etc.) against Spanky encompasses this theme ......

Split the vote!

Ancient Roman artifacts discovered by police in Spanish seafood store

pygmy seahorse

Stephen Miller's Grandmother Died of COVID-19. Her Son Blames the Trump Administration.

Mary Trump Shares The 'Crucial Reason' Trump Has 'Gotten As Far As He Has'

What happens if the Trump doesn't accept the election results?

Wayfair conspiracy theorists are overwhelming the National Human Trafficking Hotline

Despite judge's order, migrant children remain detained amid COVID outbreak

Hey look guys... My seven year old aced the test too!

They could've arrested him at the courthouse. Instead, deputies waited till the cameras were rolling

Will somebody at the presser PLEASE ask him what the five words are?

Whatcom County Health Department warns of COVID-19 contact tracing scams in area

Trump declares war on America

Washington to kill member of 2nd wolf pack for predations

Meghan McCain seems determined to make a complete jackass of herself

Portland Federal Agents Accused of War Crimes for Destroying Medical Supplies/Geneva Convention

Trump has Jared reading a book about the Suburbs

Why the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Is Suing the Trump Administration

Revealed: Rod Rosenstein advised there was no age limit on child separations

So now that AOC has laid it out.

Cruz calls hearing on 'antifa' and political violence as Democrats denounce Trump's show of force

Love the mask!

Free campaign advertisement

Pete and Nancy on Reidout tonight.

Trump lied when he said no states have unfulfilled asks for covid supplies

WSJ Journalists Ask Publisher for Clearer Distinction Between News and Opinion Content

Bill Gates on conspiracy theory that he wants a COVID19 vaccine rollout so he can implant microchips

Quinnipiac Florida poll Biden 51 - Trump 38

Gov. DeWine's top lobbyist once led dark money group accused of wiring contributions in Ohio bribery

describe Trump

Obama Built Most of Trump's Good Economy WSJ Letter by Rep. Beatty

Juan Soto from Nationals tested positive

Michael Cohen will be released to home confinement

Obama Built Most of Trump's Good Economy WSJ Letter by Rep. Beatty

Mike Luckovich- yearning to breathe

Shitshow is on

Statements from NM Governor Lujan Grisham and AG Hector Balderas:

Trump Ridiculed for Targeting 'The Suburban Housewives of America' in Latest Tweet

As I understand, Trump wants kids to return to school

Covidention-20 is cancelled

Chump is cancelling the FL convention.

Did I hear him correctly?


What is the Huffing and Puffing all about? The "China Virus"?

Eight Ohio counties move to 'red' coronavirus alert status; Allen County approaching 'purple' status

Just a reminder that he is the antithesis of America

Mayor Lori Lightfoot defends insulting text messages to FOP president: 'I don't take back one word t

Philly officer who pepper sprayed peaceful protesters charged with assault

one thing that amazes me about the politics of this country

Melatonin Inhibits COVID-19-induced Cytokine Storm by Reversing Aerobic Glycolysis in Immune Cells

Trump cancels Republican convention activities in Jacksonville

Sharpie Warning!Trump's Map is Colored with Magic Markers!

Trump Launches The Invasion And Occupation Of American Cities

Remember when the CONSERVACUCKS laughed at us for having a virtual convention.

AZ-SEN moves from Tossup to Lean Democrat. IA-SEN and GA-SEN move to Tossup

Texas sets single-day high for fatalities and California sees record 12,000 cases

What's for Dinner, Wed., July 23, 2020

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Almost 100 Days Out, Democrats Are Favored to Take Back the Senate

Trump read an old (and partially repudiated) policy position from the American Academy of Pediatrics

He called Putin. And again no bounty question from press.

A Socially Distanced Conversation: President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden

No Fauci, no Birx, no veep, no med people of any kind, but Mariano Rivera?

the virus "goes away quickly" according to trump

Question: Police supposedly called off July 4 in NYC. Any news on the effect that had on crime?

"The FBI needs a new building and we'll get it done," says Trump

Trump Ads To Frighten Seniors Into Voting For Him Over Urban 'Criminal Gangs' Isn't Working

** Super Fresh**Fox News Poll: Biden tops Trump in battlegrounds Michigan, Minnesota, Pennsylvania

Trump truly is a super genius, this video proves it:

Did The MAGAT get his 4th of july military parade???

Trump voters must have whiplash with all the back tracking Trump is doing.

And another link to photographer's tools.

Looks like Trump cancelled his Jacksonville diseaseapalooza


Trump will attempt almost anything. He also backs down a lot.

Hurricane Douglas rapidly intensified into a major hurricane as it moves toward Hawaii

Has the Dotard has a brain transplant?

Confused Federal Agents Unable to Determine Which Unmarked Van In D.H.S. Garage Is Theirs

Mr Trump is planning on throwing a pitch at a Yankees Game in August. ⚾

White House advisor Dr. Birx calls on Cleveland, other cities to take "aggressive" steps

US arrests three Chinese nationals for visa fraud

Video: Sen. Warner - Portland Sitution "the Way Things Happen In Fascist Countries, Not in America"

Have you made your will?

Vivian remembered as courageous, humble Civil Rights warrior

I notice a big difference between liberals and conservacucks when it comes to polls.

These Evangelical Women Are Abandoning Trump and the Church

Faux news wants Trump to get points for acknowledging virus getting worse... gets pushback

WAPO OP ED: 'Deaths of Despair' soared in Trump country. It may be getting worse.

It feels like it's never going to end': Weary D.C.-area parents brace for more all-virtual school

BREAKING FOX News state polls: Biden +11 in PA, +13 in MN, +9 in Michigan

School gets a new name

today was all about his poll numbers

2020 US Senate Election Rating for US Senate seats Democrats will be winning in 2020.

Virginia Guiffre deposition ordered unsealed today - Allegations against Dershowitz

@ Nat's Field,

Will Trump do "anything" to get re-elected? You define "anything."

Dr. Fauci HERE!

Democrats stand up for teachers, parents, and students.

Pic from a friend.

What is the worst that can happen if we elect a reality television con man as President?

Dr Fauci just threw a 40 footer

Is this wrong?

The Complete Guide to How Trump Lied, Bungled, and Screwed America into the COVID-19 Crisis

Largest School District in Va. Renames "Robert E. Lee High School" to "John R. Lewis High School"

*Tom Ridge on PBSNewsHour now.

I got an email yesterday from YOUR COMPANY NAME HERE ...

My prediction for Trump's substitute convention speech

Anatomy of a Character Assassination: Trump Goes All-In Against Dr. Fauci

Kellyanne Conway Throws Republican Governors Under The Bus For Reopening 'Too Early'

I'm with Amy

Your Mother Was Right- A Hard Head Makes for a Soft Behind

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Friday, 24 July 2020

The NRA, like conservatism, has failed America

I've got the newest Baldacci novel in hand and and streaming a pirated MLB feed to my Smart TV

Ha ha!

De Blasio says Blue Lives Matter can't paint street mural outside of NYPD headquarters...

a new (non) insect photo (nightmare warning!)

In defiance of Trump, every player took a knee at MLB return

Betsy DeVos says.....

The Texas GOP Held Its Convention on Zoom - and It Was a Comic Disaster

Nailed It!

What ban the party who doesn't agree with your dictator?

Every Yankee and National took a knee before the National Anthem. Feel the Butt Hurt!

This election could still go Thump's way

Gov. Tony Evers Opposes Trump Administration Sending Federal Agents To Milwaukee

Jeff Tiedrich tweet on schools

Funny Red Sox video:

Almost 100 Days Out, Democrats Are Favored to Take Back the Senate

Hey Kev! On whose behalf are you accepting Yahoo Yoho's apology?

Maybe the Gov's of states with crazed nazi federal troops attacking citizens should activate their

Right answer

Trump is the most fiscally reckless idiot in the history of human democracy.

Jack & Bobby

Trump's Baseball Tweet Thread Goes South Quickly -Trump Out for the Season after Kneeling Injury

Remember when Trump cancelled his New Hampshire rally two week ago...

Looks like the Yankees won the World Series last year.

AOC made Ted Yoho a socialist because now he's been publicly owned

Sinclair gives "Plandemic" conspiracy theorists a platform to spread their lies about Dr. Fauci ...


This will make you laugh and then puke.

Pennsylvania poll (Fox News): Biden +11