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COOK POLITICAL: Almost 100 Days Out, Democrats Are Favored to Take Back the Senate

JEOPARDY! Showing reruns from the 80's. Weird $75,000 money rule.

Private security guards employed by DHS can carry guns and make warrant-less arrests.

Barr's Long History Manipulating Law to Put Federal Forces on U.S. Streets

Person Woman Man Camera TV. Holy Mother of Mary

Mitt Romney Thinks Donald Trump Will Win Reelection

2020 US Senate Election Rating- Cook Political Report on AZ special and CO.

Pelosi, McConnell announce John Lewis will lie in State

What the GOP & Maj King Kong have in common in 2020


Jeff Tiedrich hits it out of the park, Again!

Images from Mars stitched together into panoramic video:


Fauci: 'We could start talking about real normality again' in 2021

According to Rassmussen, trump's job approval is 49%.

Joy Reid's new show is reminiscent of KO countdown

Stephen Miller's Grandmother Died of COVID-19. He denies it but his uncle blames tRump admin.

I'm beginning to suspect I'm a crazy cat lady

Pompousasseo calls for 'free world' to triumph over China's 'new tyranny'

Chemical agents in food at protest

Why, oh why do I waste my time?

Social distance service animal

Will John Lewis body lie in state in US capitol?

U.S. Senate passes $740 billion defense bill, bucking Trump on Confederate names

Dan Rather's prediction

U.S. fighter jet within visual range of Iranian passenger plane, but at safe distance: U.S. official

Lane Bryant, Ann Taylor owner files for bankruptcy protection, plans to close 1,600 stores

US Mint is literally begging for spare change

September 2056

Feds Sending Tactical Team to Seattle, Expanding Presence Beyond Portland

A foul oleaginous twit

Senate GOP punts coronavirus package to next week

Watchdogs to review conduct of US agents in Portland, DC

Thank You Tom Ridge For Saying The Department Of Homeland Security

How much more do the "contractors" make than federal officers?

So while you are sitting inside, or working during COVID; Ivanka is doing National Park photoshoots

Cook political report says Dems favored to pick up 5-7 seats in Senate!

Trump: Vote-By-Mail Is Rigged. Trump's Campaign? It's 'Easy And Secure.'

I missed baseball more than anything, but this doesn't feel right.

These Evangelical Women Are Abandoning Trump and the Church

Trump lost his re-election in February.

Democrats Now Favored to Take Back the Senate

Judge restricts force federal officers can use in Portland

Rain delay + lightening in DC,

Just a Disaster

Take a break. For your enjoyment--

Fakebook not looking so good these days...

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Live and Let Die!

Lordy, there ARE tapes....

Tucker Carlson: The Democratic Party will "remake" America "completely" if they win the election

Barbara Walters knew in 1990 how to interview the Donald...

Your Democratic Party hero..

Tour of the Albuquerque Riot Zone During Operation Legend

Trump could win because less than 60% of America even votes.

Until these "Federal Agents" are identified, let's call them what they are. Mercenaries. nt

Bad guy with tear gas

My wife's former Secretary voted for Trump in 2016...

Trump Campaign Made Face Masks But Won't Sell Them

What A Day - Thanks DU - School Renamed For Lewis MLB Takes A Knee Cohen Released

My aunt is still clinging to Trumpass.

I hope the Speaker makes it so Trump can't put his signature

House Dems push legislation to criminalize quid-pro-quo pardons

Buddy & Julie Miller with The McCrary Sisters and Steve Earle - "Let It Rain" [Official Video]

Trump Tweets Out Video Playing Catch With Kids on White House Lawn Where No One Wears Masks or Follo

Tour of the Albuquerque Riot Zone During Operation Legend

This will confuse them

Biden Widens Lead in Florida

Every player and coach on the Yankees & Nationals took a knee before the national anthem tonight in

I got a news alert saying fed judge prohibits trumps goons in Portland

*Stacey Abrams coming up on Rachel show.

My son's father-in-law, a rabid trump supporter

Harry Shearer takes it to Rump

Trump is also quietly sending his storm troopers to Seattle.

Posted 9/19: "Buying Entire Forests to Prevent Them From Being Chopped Down"

Gov. Inslee tightens restrictions for weddings, funerals, restaurants, bars, gyms

You know those convos we have with each other where we list off the crazy trump failures and insane

Would You Eat Live Octopus? National Geographic

Dinner Thursday 7/23

Puerto Rico Is Battling a COVID-19 Surge on Top of a Drought

The Wieners Circle in Chicago

"Is this a holdup or something?" woman to black delivery man

New word for trump's lying

This is certainly true for me

Tee hee

The MoCA is easy and that's the point.

Federal judge issues restraining order against Trump's federal agents in Portland

'RS Interview: Special Edition' With Al Gore

Sugar Smacks

Meet the Seattle Kraken

Can you think of names of things that aren't right in front of you?

Oh, and one more thing about the senility test:

Let's see who gets this

How Can A Senator Vote With Trump Most Of The Time And Still Be A Moderate?

Another great ad from MeidasTouch, "Who is donald trump?"

Fauci throws out first pitch as MLB officially starts season

Fontina cheese

You don't understand his brilliant coronavirus response


Why is he bragging

New Lincoln project ad..failure

A Deep Dive Into the Top 60 House Races in 2020

Pinning hopes on vaccine is not the right coronavirus strategy, expert says

AP-NORC poll: 3 in 4 Americans back requiring wearing masks

Koalas and other marsupials struggle to recover from Australia's bushfires

I've taken the MoCA cognitive test every 4 months the last two years.....

Native Americans have lost a powerful voice

Brian Tyler Cohen: AOC demolishes Republican who ambushed her

MI-13: 'Squad' member Tlaib may be vulnerable in tough primary

It is a really bad day for Trump.

The House Rockers

Brian Tyler Cohen: AOC demolishes Republican who ambushed her

Tom Cotton Introduces Bill to Prohibit Federal Funding for Schools Using '1619 Project' Curriculum

TCM Schedule for Friday, July 24, 2020 -- TCM Special Theme: Directed by John Ford

Donald Trump always liked to call himself the "King of Debt".

After watching the last part of Rachel's show tonight, I am concerned with Michael Cohen's health

Kimberly Guilfoyle under fire for Trump fundraising disarray

They finally released it!

Dick Cheney blasts Trump for sending troops to Chicago

Red Sox unveil massive black lives matter banner facing Mass Pike

Trump's China policy has no strategy -- except to boost his reelection campaign

Senators Rip Interior Secretary For Refusing To Wear Mask In Meeting With Tribal Leaders

Sarah Cooper shoots and scores!:

How to safeguard against the worst possible outcomes in November

the hold steady - stuck between stations (studio-2006) if you like The Boss ...

Storyful Worshipers Flout California Mask Mandate at Packed Service in Redding

The Tulsa Coronavirus Fest Was His Farewell Performance

Fox News poll: Biden leads Trump by wide margins in Pennsylvania, Michigan

Earthquake sensors record unprecedented drop in human activity due to pandemic

Why did Yoho go off on AOC? Was there something recent in particular?

David Koch's Lying Wife Hid Real Estate Purchase, Locked Him Up During Party, Bodyguard Claims

the gaslight anthem - 45 (studio-2012) some sturdy rock and roll right here!

what does it take to run for a congress seat? I know the age and where to live

I figured it out! Trump is planning a reboot of the old TV show BEN CASEY...

AZ-06: Tipirneni holds a massice cash on hand advantage over incumbent Schweikert

'Shaking in Their Boots': Trump Wanted a Portland-Style Offensive in Chicago

The Trumpers can't admit how wrong they were about trump because it shows what idiots they are

Trump Officially Orders Federal Agents To Stop Protests In Three More Cities

"Wait! August 27th is a Saturday? No, I can't be in Jacksonville on a Saturday. I golf on Saturdays"

State Board of Elections (telephonic) Public Meeting Friday, July 24th

Worthless approach to fighting crime

Top General Called Trump 'an Idiot' and Said Melania Was 'Inquisitive & Smarter' Than Him

Costa Rica to start accepting tourists from UK, EU and Canada. Americans are not welcome.

My fire season home on the top of the world (elev. 9945 feet)

How to Person Woman Man Camera TV

Republican coronavirus relief bill includes no local aid, smaller unemployment benefits

The Beaches - Money

Ok. I am now convinced that Trump is supplying Sarah Cooper with material.

Delta Targets Virus Tests for All Employees in Next Four Weeks

Hundreds of Lightning Strikes in the District Today

It's here! Sarah Cooper: How to person, woman, man, camera, tv

If these DHS thugs really are mercenaries

The Circus has come to town

'Shut Everything Down & Remove Trump. It's The Only Thing Now That Can Prevent Worse Catastrophe'

Legal question via LEO's identifications

Want to know where to get a great Chicago style hot dog?

☦ Eastern Orthodox/'The Noetic Prayer'

Hundreds of protesters gather in Logan Square outside Mayor Lightfoot's home

Good, really good movie on Netflix now.

I've watched this movie at different venues, at least three times. Excellent. On Netflix now.

MA-04: 4th District Profiles: Becky Grossman

Trump will throw our first pitch at Yankees game

BREAKING: Secret recording of Doctor Birx warning of COVID eruption in 11 Cities (per MSNBC)

In The Valley Below - Peaches

Judge rules media outlets have to turn over images, footage of May Seattle protest that turned viole

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Jim Carrey - "Memoirs and Misinformation" & Examining Persona

I don't get the "go to school" messaging from the WH, "because you might abuse your kids" in secret?

Trump has declared war against America.

NY-02: Gordon juggernaut raises $1.6M in 2nd C.D.

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Corona in Canada, China's Mars Probe & AOC's Powerful Speech

☦ Prayer to Saint Blaise ✝️ (Vlasios, Greek Orthodox)

Trump is coming to my city on Monday

Two Florida mayors urge residents to wear masks at home

PA-10: Perry: 'Generally speaking,' kids won't transmit COVID-19 to teachers

The Lincoln Project is selling "person-woman-man-camera-TV" T-shirts:

Colombia seeks to end justice system investigating paramilitary crimes: report

Idea for anti Trump ad

A movie that examines one of the great minds in history is coming soon.

Ban the democratic party

'The Republicans Are On A Sinking Ship, And They're Tearing Each Other Apart'

Reminded of this tonite on The Eleventh Hour. 😪

Cancel Culture: a classic conservative tool

Seth Meyers - Trump Says Pandemic Will Get Worse Before It Gets Better - Monologue 7/22/20

Best line EVER regarding Fauci's first pitch tonight:

How Trump went from a massive convention bash to no party at all

Biden's opening statement in the debates

Seth Meyers: Guest Joy Reid Launched a New Show During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Marine assigned to Trump's helicopter squadron tests positive for Covid-19

As it turns out

Seth Meyers - Trump Obsesses Over His Cognitive Test, Deploys More Secret Police: A Closer Look

Trump administration sending tactical border team to Seattle

Inslee extends statewide eviction moratorium to October

Person - Woman - Man - Camera - Covefefe - Pour (for Pore) - Foistered

Imagine you're trapped in a small town surrounded by a forest fire

If tRump is so brilliant, he can prove it with a REAL memory test--

Bolivia: The Anez Regime Raids Cuba-Owned Clinic in La Paz

TX-24: Afro-Latina candidate Candace Valenzuela wants to continue John Lewis' legacy in Congress

Repug Bill Kristol with Tweet of the hour.....

How Seattle Kraken logo came to life

Trump Could Send 75,000 Federal Agents Into Cities

Inslee shuts indoor service at bars, restricts indoor dining

Birx warns of disturbing rise of coronavirus cases in 12 cities

Biden Says Trump Will Try to 'Indirectly Steal' Election

Fatboy Slim - Weapon Of Choice

Good night DU

Michael Cohen Released from Prison: Judge Rules Barr's BOP Violated Cohen's First Amendment Rights

It is very odd to see Mayor Ted Wheeler of Portland made out to be a hero and a good leader.

MAGATs freaking out over MLB recognizing BLM on fields, uniforms, taking a knee

New Zealand Is Beating The Pandemic; Countries Doing Best Against The Virus Are Led By Women

KS-02: Felony Charges Altered The Dynamics Of U.S. Rep. Watkins' Run For A Second Term

A Question for Trump-humping Evangelicals

"I have to protect the American people. That's what I've always done...That's what I'm about."

Has Anyone Suggested The Following For The Renaming Of The Washington Redskins?.....

China Orders U.S. to Shut Consulate in Chengdu-- retaliation for Houston

Hubby and I got our primary ballot in the mail, filled it out and put two stamps each on it

'Texas County, Overwhelmed By COVID-19, Will Deny Treatment To Those Deemed Unlikely To Survive'

Voting Tips for Republicans

George Will slams Trump as he says he said why he is committed to voting for Joe Biden

MN-01: This Congressman is attacking Black Lives Matter with white nationalist talking points.

Vicious "minister" in Milwaukee is back in the news...

Name This gif. Asking cuz I have no idea but it is funny as Fk.

From Portland, f___ Donald Trump

Thousands in Puerto Rico still without housing since Maria

As Trump Calls for Schools to Fully Reopen, His Son's School Says It Will Not

Protester Assaulted by Police Has Questions for New York's AG

Trump Is 'Blaming Black And Brown People (For Covid-19 Surge)

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

Hey Donnie?

The Battle of Portland: Trump's escalating tactics against protesters are backfiring in Oregon

Rare leopard frog found beyond its known range in Southwest

'How Trump Could Take Away Obamacare With A 2nd Term,' Court Packing & Executive Authority

3-D Visual Chart of Covid

☦ Eastern Orthodox Christianity: 'The Sacred Censer'/'Let My Prayer Arise'

Republicans Agree On $1,200 Checks, But Negotiations Are Still Faltering. Here's The Latest

Long Overdue for Latin America

Ann Taylor Parent Goes Bankrupt, Plans to Shut Over 1,000 Stores

Letterkenny vs Canadian Alt Right

All Riled-Up and Ready to Go!

Gov. Mike DeWine calls for repeal of House Bill 6, reversing his position from the day before

Trump says he will throw out first pitch at Yankees game next month

Bexar County (TX) GOP chair refuses to certify runoff election totals after losing in landslide

The Tactics of Terror in Portland

McKinney Mayor Uses Race-Baiting and Lies to Attack Councilman

The Tactics of Terror in Portland

2020 US Senate Election Rating for US Senate seats the Democrats will win in 2020.

What is money? A person, money is a person.

Origin story: America's crocodiles came out of Africa

Origin story: America's crocodiles came out of Africa

Fully in favor of shutting down schools but there needs to be a plan.

Fires triple in Brazil's Pantanal wetlands in 2020

Coronavirus hitting indigenous tribes hard in Brazil

'Trump Has Awakened A Sleeping Giant, And He'll Live To Regret It'

Jailed Guatemala ex-health minister dies of COVID-19

Officials threaten to fine Feds for fence blocking bike lane

Evers: keep federal agents out of Milwaukee

Federal agents sent to Baltimore will be 'prosecuted,' Mosby says

Philadelphia's top prosecutor prepared to arrest Federal agents

New DNA Study Lays Bare The Horrific History of The Transatlantic Slave Trade

Chicago groups sue to bar federal agents from protest duties

'Switch off that porch light': study reveals light pollution in cities has urban birds tossing and t

Federal agents he can deploy need to stay away from Colorado's protests

Bee disease spreading via flowers

Strange, spiral bee combs look like fantastical crystal palaces. Now we know why.

A Timeline of Failure

Hummingbird-size dinosaur may actually be a lizard

Mysterious force destroys monster black hole's ring of plasma

Court upholds Alex Jones sanctions in Sandy Hook case

Were Women the True Artisans Behind Ancient Greek Ceramics?

This blood test can detect cancer years before symptoms appear

Don Lemon: President Trump is beaten by the coronavirus

American and Southwest airlines now require masks, no doctors' excuses.

Panthers, Hornets Venues Approved as N.C. Early-Vote Sites

Keep talking dumbass

Likely active volcanoes found on Venus, defying theory of dormant planet

Will you qualify for a second government stimulus check?

Trump called Fox News doctor 'his guide.' CNN's Keilar rolls the tape

Bill Gates on US reopening: We didn't get away with it like we thought

Tell me more, State Department

Young dolphins pick their friends wisely

Perseverance microphones fulfill long Planetary Society campaign to hear sounds from Mars

Summer on Saturn and an icy pole

Juno Delivers First Images of The North Pole of Ganymede, Where It Rains Plasma

Trump's briefings were meant to show him in charge -- now they are becoming absurd

Audit reveals Lithopolis Mayor Sandine owes $50,000 to village general fund

DHS threatens Netflix filmmakers to keep damning footage from airing before the election: report

Just wondering, if a US president opens fire in the WH

Florida Republicans told to 'get tested' after lobbyist who attended their fundraiser now positive f

North Carolina Democrats raise millions to flip the State Legigislature

Map shows which states have the most calls to boycott the NFL after the league's newfound support

Decoded Maya hieroglyphs reveal the name of powerful woman ruler: 'Lady Yopaat'

Breakfast Friday 24 July 2020

Decoded Maya hieroglyphs reveal the name of powerful woman ruler: 'Lady Yopaat'

"New CDC guidelines come down hard in favor of opening schools"

Giant, Fruit-Gulping Pigeon Eaten into Extinction on Pacific Islands

High-Altitude Roundhouse High-Altitude Roundhouse Dated in Scotland

Smallpox-Infected Viking Skeleton Pushes Deadly Virus Age Back 1,000 Years


Foxes have been scavenging from humans for 42,000 years

Did the Ancient Greeks Design Temples With Accessibility in Mind?

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 7/23/20

A Celestial Event

American carnage: how conservative media amplify Trump's theme of chaos

Briefings are becoming absurd

Texas Rio Grande Valley Suffering COVID-19 'Worst Case Scenario' - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Trump Talks To Putin As U.S. Hits 4,000,000 Confirmed COVID-19 Cases - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

US offers $5m for capture of Venezuela chief justice Moreno

US offers $5m for capture of Venezuela chief justice Moreno

The NYT, which would not use the words when Ted Yoho spoke them, uses them tonight to quote @AOC--an

Mike Adams Dead: Pro Life Activist & Political Columnist Dies at 55

Blue Sunset

Invasion. Stat.

Booker: GOP Easily Passed Defense Bill, But Won't Defend Americans From Coronavirus - All In - MSNBC

2020 US Senate Election Rating for US Senate seats the Democrats will be winning in 2020.

McFaul: 'Really Strange' Trump And Putin Would Not Discuss Russian Bounties - The Last Word - MSNBC

Friday TOONs - Cognitiving

'Wave of silence' spread around world during coronavirus pandemic Seismologists said high frequency

Justice Dept forced to correct AG Bill Barr's latest tall tale

Morning Joe: "I wonder what Barr thinks he's going to do five months from now?"

The problem with Trump's strange denial in his new golf scandal

Pelosi Announces Late Rep. John Lewis To Lie In State At Capitol On Monday - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Sarah Cooper @sarahcpr How to person woman man camera tv

COVID-19 patients will be 'sent home to die' if deemed too sick, Texas county says

Trump lets New Yorkers back into federal travelers program

Trump lets New Yorkers back into federal travelers program

Do they not realise that they are telling everyone around them that they are horrid selfish wankers?

Cuccinelli thinks protective masks suggest violent intent

If your mask straps irritate your ears. If your glasses fog up - short video

Maybe Biden could agree to take that cognitive test if tRump agrees to

Defund Teaching About Slavery? Sen. Tom Cotton Proposes Legislation Attacking The 1619 Project

2020 US Senate Election Prediction- Democrats will definitely regain control of the US Senate.

Donald Trump is right. The next election will be rigged.

Mike DeWine Suddenly Eager To Repeal Coal/Nuclear/Bribery Bailout He Signed Into Law

'Joe, are the Russians bad?': Here are 5 revealing details from new records of Trump's intel briefin

Biden beefs up Hill outreach as campaign rides high in final months

Poll: Chicago or Austin?

Tony Evers needs a spine

First Energy Scam Corruption In Broad Daylight; Money Laundering, Assault On Bailout Opponents, More

We just placed a six-figure TV buy behind this ad in Texas. #TrumpTheDisaster

Who will police the police?

BREAKING: Trump"aced" his cognitive 2018.

Morgan Stanley Blahblah Responsible Investment Blah Green Financial Mechanisms Blah Climate Blahblah

It's really pretty simple, if you want to reduce stress in your life vote for Joe Biden ...

"The dude doesn't want people catching anything. Respect the consistency."

Last month I was proud to vote for two candidates I believed in & worked for in my district ...

Portland crowd singing "hands up please don't shoot me" tonight (13 sec twitter vid)

Plugging Abandoned Oil & Gas Wells Might Seem Like A Great Jobs Program, But It's . . . Complicated

John King, Governing Board Member of Kyrene SD in Tempe, Arizona, reacts to citizen concerns

Rasmussen Reports/polling gave up any remaining shred of impartiality with this tweet

18-Year-Old Arrested For Assault After Taunting Cops With Doughnut

Under BAU We May Expect To Triple The Amount Of Plastic In The Ocean In Less Than 20 Years

Attending a protest?: Know your rights from the ACLU

Christopher Columbus statue taken down at Chicago park

The #RedSox have put up a #BlackLivesMatter billboard next to Fenway Park along the Mass Pike

W. Record Monsoon Rains Following Amphan, 1/3 Of Bangladesh Now Estimated Under Water

Trump may need to be impeached as a lame duck.

Seth Abramson explains that Trump should have been charged with aiding and abetting computer crimes

Irish National Sentenced to Prison for Trafficking in Rhinoceros Horns

The Rundown: July 24, 2020

The origin of Superheroes: Jesse Chambers

American Airlines posts second-quarter loss of $2.1 billion

Robert E. Lee Statue, Confederate Busts Removed from Old House Chamber of Virginia State Capitol

NEW from the Lincoln Project: Maxwell

Second Best Case: Democratic Majorities in the House and the Senate even if Trump

Jack booted thugs identify the real threat to America!

There's been an addition to the possum family.

'Gestapo Trump' Ad Scorches Trump For Making 'Democrat' Cities Into War Zones

PA meatpacking workers have been trying for months to get OSHA to take action on the lack of COVID-1

Trump's RNC in JAX, or rather not...

Coronavirus live updates: US death toll rising, 18.7% higher than last week

Cook Political Report shifts several Senate races toward Democrats

Jonathan Lemire (AP): Trump resisted cancelling RNC until a few days ago...

Anthony Fauci Reveals 'Serious Threats' To Himself, His Family

Schools will reopen the same way he had the churches reopen for Easter Sunday

COOK POLITICAL: Electoral College: Florida Moves From Toss Up to Lean Democrat

Stephen Miller lies about his grandmother's CV-19 death for political purposes.

Euro zone business activity bounces back in July with strongest growth in 2 years

GOP Covid Relief Pkg. To Incl. Romney Bill That Would Fast Track Social Security & Medicare Cuts


Euro zone business activity bounces back in July with strongest growth in 2 years

So I guess that's it? With a whimper not a bang? The extra

This is what happens when the war on terror is turned inward, on America

Why is the NY Times spreading this bullshit?

Trump reveals his problem with female voters

I think that Joe Biden's campaign is operating very well.

Any thoughts on this article from 'Good Morning America' TV show?

AOC's speech destroying Ted Yoho is political gold.

Now that we know that Barr/Trump are using mercenaries* in their federal goon squads is it ...

TLP: Maxwell

Snowybirdie no more

TLP: Maxwell

Governor Cuomo Update July 23 2020

Bill Nye explains the science behind skin color: 'We're all one species': The New York Post

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) Responds to Rep. Ted Yoho (R-FL)

This is not the military. @votevets

It tweeted

Trump's Remarks in Press Briefing; July 23, 2020

Middle Age Riot tweet:

This is the largest movement to remove a president I have seen in my life time.

Take a moment to send healthy, healing, happy good thoughts to RBG

The Late Show--a new ad for Donald Trump?:

Help please on C-19 #s

Michael Moore podcast Rumble with Mom's Wall organizer

WTF? Fire damages AZ Democrtic Party Building in Phoenix - 1 hour ago

New GOP chair Allen West want to debate the Democratic Party chair

What is the absolute latest Joe can announce his running mate, and will he wait that long?

Richmond lawyer files state complaint against former judge in Lee statue case

American exceptionalism was our preexisting condition

'AP-NORC Poll: Optimism Fades That Jobs Lost To Pandemic Will Return For Millions of Workers

PBS- COVID's Hidden Toll

Injured Baby Sparrow Was In The Right Place At The Right Time

The Justice Department RETALIATED against Michael Cohen because he is writing a book about trump.

*NEW*Portland update

I just wish her well; frankly. [TLP]

Media Continues to Misreport Unemployment: 31.8 Million People on State & Federal Unemployment......

The racist disaster

LMFAO-The five words Trump purportedly remembered in his cognitive assessment

'Why America Can't Respond To The Current Coronavirus Crisis' Robert Reich

HBO to adapt Ta-Nehisi Coates' "Between the World and Me"

Gov Cuomo announcement and briefing coming up at 11:30 ET

AP-NORC poll: Nearly half say job lost to virus won't return

Will DeathSantis ever issue a mandatory mask order?

Sarah Cooper: How to person man woman camera TV

Nina Simone, jazz singer, 60s civil rights biography

Ghislaine Maxwell to appeal judge's order unsealing records in civil case

Biden: Hey @Phillies, here's to hoping we both win big this fall. Stay safe. #OpeningDay

GOP Relief Package to Include Romney Bill That Would 'Fast-Track SS & Medicare cuts

It's been a minute since I posted Josh

On this day, July 24, 1998, Russell Weston went to the U.S. Capitol looking for a ruby satellite.

You raised $2,298.00 on July 23, 2020 to elect Joe Biden POTUS with our DU ActBlue link

Hammer. Missed. Thumb. Hurty. Ouchie.

It tweeted (taking credit for Tesla's tx plant)

Keyboard Screen Coffee Desk Weed , oops.

U.S. new home sales beat expectations in June

Omaha-area teachers unions call for a mask requirement in Douglas County

One of Biden's best friends is this guy

This is from Portland Oregon last night

Fuck Trump.

Trump Explains Cognitive Test, Forgets What It's Called

Electoral College: Florida Moves From Toss Up to Lean Democrat

Joe Rogan Explains Systemic Racism to Ben Shapiro

Trump's Insane Chris Wallace Interview; Secret Police in Portland: A Closer Look

25,000 posts!

Now it's tweeting about renaming bases and forts

How do they breath if they have to wear masks?

July 24 - Happy Birthday Rep. Charlie Crist (D) FL-13th

Not a baseball fan, haven't watched since the Senators was my home team

July 24 - Happy Birthday Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D) MI-13th

Calypso---I first heard it when Harry Belafonte hit the country with The Banana Boat Song

This should be the nail in Trump's "Open the schools" coffin...

As US Coronavirus Cases Surpass 4 Million, Medical Experts Urge To Shut Down And Start Over

Ted Yoho's apology to AOC, offered as a masterclass

Maricopa County Democratic Party building destroyed by fire

UPDATED:ARSON - Breaking - Fire at the AZ Democratic Party Bldg in PHX

Supercharged Granddad from Olympia in Portland

Charles Melvin 'Cootie' Williams was born on this date.

Epstein. Maxwell. Trump. Camera. TV.

Large DNA Study Traces Violent History of American Slavery

Republican in the hospital with COVID-19 after suggesting virus is a 'hoax' and preaching ....

Fire @ AZ Dem Headquarters - Total Loss

The biggest story this week has nothing to do with either Covid or BLM

"Mitch better have my money": Protesters march to McConnell's home as he weighs 80% unemployment cut

What do you think of this bread?

Barron Trump's School Won't Fully Reopen

Since We Work From Home as Writers,

So I had to "have a word" with our new friend, (call him Bill) about the "c" word...

American Black Lives Matter protestors are not the enemy

GOP Covid Relief Pkg. To Incl. Romney Bill That Would Fast Track Social Security & Medicare Cuts

Too Busy Prepping For His GOLF Weekend

Sen. Tom Cotton introduces bill withholding federal funding for schools teaching the 1619 Project

Former University of North Carolina Wilmington professor who resigned amid controversy found dead...

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 7/24/20

Fire gutted Arizona Democratic Party HQ this morning

Forecasters Disagree on Tossups 100 Days Out: Campaign Update

Dr. Anthony Fauci: "We Could Start Talking About Real Normality Again" In 2021

Boog is in love with Duncan butter bean the Golden retriever puppy

My today's now almost daily post to The View FB calling for canceling obnoxious McCAIN!

Pic Of The Moment: Some People Thought Trump Might Invade A Foreign Country

"Their silence is criminal."

Long case of Donald Trump being exactly the Russian puppet Hillary Clinton told us four years ago

Find something new; why; you could be a model

Live / FZ Tour Tape Recording

Federal agents clash with 2,000 Portland protesters on 57th night of unrest

Many areas of Australia have been remote learning for decades, and it has worked out great.

Tweet of the Day contender

Claremont 13-Year-Old Dies After Experiencing COVID-19 Symptoms

Florida adds record-high coronavirus hospitalizations, 12,000 plus cases

GOP Covid Relief Pkg. To Incl. Romney Bill That Would Fast Track Social Security & Medicare Cuts

Armageddon Update: You Still Scared??

Cuomo live now

Trumps plan to win the senior vote: fear criminals in post-police dystopia over coronavirus

Heavily Armed Fans Guard Statue Of Yogi Bear In Case It Turns Out He Supported Confederacy

2 companies scrap Rep. Hagedorn donations after BLM comments

PEW looks at Americans who believe there is some truth to COVID 19 conspiracy theories

Florida voters losing faith in DeSantis, new poll finds

Report Finds Food Insecurity Could Rise By Up To 60% In The D.C. Region Amid The Pandemic

The Media Didn't Bother To Ask Trump Whether He Discussed Bounties With Putin

Karen Bass: 'I would never want to be labeled the "anti-Kamala Harris."'

Wild Baby Rabbit Doubles in Size Every Day

So, we are about to see the "greatest baseball player ever" throw out the first pitch...

Stenciling a new t-shirt message.

This weekend? Golf it is.

Texas County Forced to Set Up 'Death Panel'

Doturds NAZIs are starting AmeriKKas Reichstag

Road Report - To Springfield MO, And Back Again . . .

Let's change these counties names

Governor DeSantis wants schools to reopen

3349 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Fri. 79 deaths

Coronavirus cases in children are rising nationwide, CDC memo says

Staying Alive Guitar Solo - Worth A Listen

Staffer for Florida Congressman dies of COVID-19

Lincoln Project: trump and Dora the Explorer - Person, Woman, Man, Camera, TV

AOC and David Brooks' whining

Coronavirus research updates: Virus rips through Israeli school after masking is suspended

COVID-19 patients will be 'sent home to die' if deemed too sick, Texas county says BY CHACOUR KOOP

Was just listening to Johnny Cash sing his Man in Black. Appropriate for today's world

Apocalypse looking - Trees growing through abandoned vehicles

Advisory issued for Odell Lake

Trump's Most Important 2016 Donor Sits Out 2020

Iran condemns U.S. after warplane fly-by panicks Iranian airliner passengers

BTRTN: Unmasked... Do Citizens Have the Right To Refuse To Wear Masks?

The more you know....

BTRTN: Unmasked... Do Citizens Have the Right To Refuse To Wear Masks?

Held back

Cuomo stirring things up with Wolf and Cuccinelli over TTP

Sinclair Broadcasting pushing the "Plandemic" shit... (Updated)

"Cancel Culture," featuring the Portland Secret Police

As Trump rages, open defiance of him is mounting. Here are 7 examples.

Nonessential travelers to DC from 'high-risk areas' will need to self-quarantine

What's Plan B if there's no COVID-19 vaccine?

I have to share this because John Fugalsang said not to but he REALLY means share it.

11 Dead, 100 Infected As Coronavirus Sweeps Through Ohio Nursing Home

Red state death panel

Biden +8 in latest Wisconsin poll from Gravis.

Trump: U.S. Senate Armed Services chairman won't change military bases' names

Steamboat Whistle Blues

An explanation of Florida's Dept of Health daily Covid report

Governor Cuomo Update July 24 2020

Trump must be weakening border security.


A special message for Republican voters from Mrs. Betty Bowers, America's Best Christian

GOP struggles with overhaul of unemployment system, complicating negotiations over stimulus

Anyone who thinks Romney's an honorable repub better get straight


Confederate memorials quietly removed from Virginia Capitol overnight

White House seeks advice of 'torture memos' author on powers

AOC's speech about Ted Yoho's 'apology' was a comeback for the ages


Congressman John Lewis: A champion for civil rights and environmental justice

Biden holds early edge in ABC News' Electoral College race ratings: ANALYSIS

A serious question...

Trump says he would consider pardons for those implicated in Mueller investigation

DOJ inspector general announces probe into law enforcement activity in Portland, DC

All Your Most Paranoid Transfer of Power Questions, Answered

Kids can catch COVID-19, can pass it on to others, can get seriously ill, and can definitely die

The Next Global Flash Point

Duquesne Light: Don't Fall For Phone Scammers

UK and US say Russia fired a satellite weapon in space

Loving Brianna Keilar

Florida Walmart shopper charged with pulling gun during mask dispute

My advice to the Democrats if they take control of the Federal government in January.

Fox's Kilmeade rebukes Trump 2020 press secretary on air: 'Don't call Fox News pollster fake"

Goldman Sachs settles 1MDB scandal with Malaysia for $3.9bn

Gotta agree with Bill Kristol

Found on facebook about patches on stormtrooper uniforms in Portland.

We are witnessing a repeat of history. It has happened four times.

Nelson Mandela quote

Trump's Manhattan Property Benefitted From Small Business Bailout

The GOP war on unemployment aid is bad for workers and disastrous for the economy

Person. Woman. Man. Camera. TV.

Show some respect


Biden campaign goes on offensive against Sen. Ron Johnson's Burisma probe

Schrodinger's Karen

Trump has changed his tune, not his actions when it come to the virus.

How about drop boxes for voting?

Of course Fauci threw the ball like this.....

I'm dead.

Y I K E S !

Gov Jay Inslee of Washington State says Trump may have his goons in the Evergreen State today

Nationals from India have been harassing and targeting @SenatorDurbin

How many here have had Covid? I have it...

"Look, I made a poo!"

Texas "Christian Conservative Liberty-Loving Republican" lawmaker says aliens need Jesus.

Why don't the protesters wear Red MAGA hats ?

US ranked among worst countries to raise a family, study says

Sick Bastards: RNC Hid Face Mask Purchases by Labeling Them "Building Maintenance"

Republican Party officials hid COVID-19 mask purchases by labeling them 'building maintenance' in fe

Adam Schiff on Donnie Demento

Joe Biden's clever trap - will it work?

Trump thinks Inhofe can change bill which passed with veto proof majority to save traitor names

No Donald; it's much more than the "Sniffles". Dr. Anthony Fauci

Florida joins the 400K covid-19 total cases club.

Raise your hand

What was li'l donnie's remark about Dr. Brix's scarf?

Anyone in Japan or have resources there?

Asking those here that would know!

He doesn't want to brag

Relax, everybody. "Bill Gates confirms he won't use a COVID-19 vaccine to microchip people"

I am not an economics expert, but I know this.

Does anyone else have using dreams?

As Trump suspends new H-1B visas, many tech workers face an uncertain future

anybody else get slammed with a ton of spam from Amazon today?

Air Force "Cougar" surveillance plane flying tight circles over Portland OR

When the Orange madman finally goes away, Pink Floyd

The GOP Is About to Do to the American Economy What Thelma and Louise Did to the Car

This Karen will shoot foreigners who ask her to wear a mask

To the aides, consultants, assistants, deputies and other Trump underlings dreaming of

CBSnews: Michael Cohen has been released again.

Creative social distancing signs

An invasion from within.

Cartoons 7/24/2020

"It's About Us" ad by Joe Biden.

The county next to where I live in upstate NY had a spike in cases.

Thanks to this forum, I got Audacity up and running with good headphones.

More people have died In the US from COVID 19 than the number of troops sent on D-Day

Marysville drops criminal charge against musical protestor

Staffer for Florida congressman dies of COVID-19

Hey folks, about the UFO info. It's just the latest distraction. nt

Staffer for Florida congressman dies of COVID-19 (republiCON)

Fauci says that he and his family have experienced 'serious threats' during pandemic

Terminological in-exactitude

At Everett rally, cops arrest teen with doughnut, not gunman

Maybe The Rich Could Pay For Some Of This Instead Of Just Borrowing 10 Trillion Dollars

Hundreds warn City Council to slash Austin police's budget or 'we will show you out'

Commentary: I'm a police officer; you should know my name

Has the guy from "trump the internet"done a video of trumps cognitive test yet?

Tropical Storm Hanna - pay attention South Texas

LeBron James joins push to turn out ex-felon vote in Florida

Congress set for brawl as unemployment cliff looms

The war on the less thans

Americans Mostly Support Voting By Mail

Trump about Portland Mayor: "they knocked the hell out of him""He made a fool out of himself"

Nancy Pelosi Calls Donald Trump The Biggest Failure In American History

My tweet on Trump's dementia test

Telling people it's a good idea to wear masks.

2 Presidents - 5 Words

U.S. counterspy gives rare warning on foreign meddling in U.S. election

Why would the Dotard say, "I wish her well," about Ms Maxwell?

Anti-gay politician who decried mask mandate as "draconian" has been hospitalized for COVID

A coronavirus cluster in New Jersey has been traced to a high school house party

Do Americans Get That Trump is Instituting Martial Law?

Coronavirus live news: record daily rise in global cases with almost 285,000 new infections

HUD revokes Obama-era rule designed to diversify the suburbs

Person woman man camera tv... Person woman man camera tv...

A Texas hospital is so overrun with coronavirus cases that officials say it will send the patients

BREAKING: "Paw Patrol" has not been canceled and LEGO is still making police station sets.

Engineer builds barber robot that gives quarantine haircuts

More from the Guardian on today's release of Michael Cohen from prison and his upcoming book.

New Mexico secretary of state worries Trump's federal troops will disrupt the elections


TLP tweet: Trump's 2020 platform

Robert Randolph and the Family Band - "Have Mercy"

DHS secretary trips up on Portland when questioned by CBS

Marc Curran, Sen Durbin's Repub challenger calls Rep John Lewis ..

Ghislaine Maxwell case: 'extremely personal' documents to be unsealed

LeBron James joins push to turn out ex-felon vote in Florida

Is it true that the Senate adjourned for the August Recess

President Trump expected to sign executive orders on drug pricing & health care

Trump DHS threatening Netflix? Anyone else heard or read anything about this?

NY AG James: #BREAKING: I'm suing President Trump for illegally seeking to exclude undocumented...

American Surge: 10 states are recording more new cases than any country in the world,

Facebook is not taking down a misleading Trump campaign ad that shows a fight.....

Friday should be renamed Stressday.

Guy Biking Across the World Picks Up a Stray Kitty

Wonder how that got there

Federal Building taken over by Violent Protestors!

Karen Bass displays true Democratic unity.

BREAKING Fire at AZ Democratic Headquarters Last Night

New Texas poll hints at 'massive suburban defection' from Trump

(Jewish Group) How Many American Jews Are There? Depends Which Jewish Expert You Ask

Mayor Durkan urges protesters not to 'take bait' from feds, remain peaceful

Polls: Biden Beating Trump in Battleground States Michigan, Minnesota, Pennsylvania

When you're about to hear "the truth" about COVID-19:

(Jewish Group) Can editors recognize anti-Semitism? An article about Soros suggests no

Trump Brutally Mocked For Tweet Appealing To 'Suburban Housewives'

Cubs Install Cardboard Cutouts Of Fans Pissing All Over Streets Outside Wrigley Field

Well it would be a SHAME for this graphic to be shared widely to the Interwebs.

NY is proud to welcome the @BlueJays to Buffalo this season!

Ohio weekly Covid death toll increases again - August 1st

When you remember

51% of Floridians now disapprove of DeathSantis

Legality is a matter of power

CDC backtracks and now emphatically supports reopening schools after criticism from Trump

Gov Cuomo sez: In brief: They lied and got caught.

Quarantine Anthem

How many Trump's does it take to screw all Americans?

COVID-19 Patients Sent Home to Die in South Texas

BREAKING: Trump's executive order to control drug prices is almost identical to the bill Nancy Pelos

Chicago Mayor Lightfoot removes Columbus statues for safety

Tighter mask rules, more tests as WHO warns of Europe virus spike

The Washington Post settles lawsuit with Nick Sandmann after viral March for Life controversy

Six-day celebration of life for Rep. John Lewis begins Saturday

Repairs could give West Seattle Bridge 15 years of life, SDOT says

Socks knocked off ...

Initiative effort seeks to limit governor's emergency proclamations to 2 weeks

FDA Updates Hand Sanitizer List, now 77 contain toxic methanol

Trump erupted over Esper's de facto ban on Confederate flag, sources say

Blue Oyster Cult - E. T. I.

New York Gov. Cuomo accuses Trump administration officials of 'possible criminal liability'

Ben Simmons hits a three!


Cartoon dogs are fact-checking the White House press secretary

"I have some bad news about 'The Notebook'" -- A CNN opinion piece about RomComs.

2020 US Senate Election Prediction- Democrats will easily regain control of the US Senate in 2020.

Kim Guilfoyle, Don Jr. Reportedly Stranded Trump Staffers In South Dakota

Attention Amateur Photographers: Photo contest at


Deaths could reach 150,000 tonight - currently 148,202

What's for Dinner, Fri., July 24, 2020

Randy Rainbow on Fauci...."Officer Krupke" parody

Profiles in Perfidy, XXIX. . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

QAnon, Coronavirus and the Conspiracy Cult

No Donnie, it was a dementia test, not The Mensa Test

The Stones Chanel their Mick Taylor era....Sick!

JAT Chat with CLONE WARS Cast Mates May 4th, 2020

I heard Trump was headed to NJ to play golf this weekend.

With schools closed and classes canceled, this Brazilian teacher missed her students so much that...

The Lincoln Project: Maxwell 2

You Should Have Seen Her Ass - Stones' outtake

Trump signs series of executive orders aimed at lowering drug costs

Portland last night- Feds kidnap woman for dancing with flowers

The Lincoln Project and Epstein. Maxwell. Trump:

A wave of mass evictions is inevitable, and Black women will be hit the hardest

Almost time for the Cards Home Opener vs the Buccos

Dr. Birx Calls Florida, Texas and California the 'Three New Yorks'

hahahahahah! Biden v Trump (double hitter)

Russia denies US, UK accusations of weapon test in space

Senior intelligence official warns Russia, Iran, China targeting U.S. elections

Staggering numbers from a respected GOP firm. Trump disapproval at 60%

Fast Talkin Slow Walk-in...Stones outtake

Mary Trump- Mother Jones Interview

Felix Mendelssohn Hebrides Overture


Pebble Mine: Trump administration says massive Alaska gold mine won't cause major environmental harm

?!? 'Feds to appeal ruling barring them from arresting journalists' ?!? WTH

The Trump campaign's fundraising emails have gotten very in-your-face and awkwardly personal

How Do You Sleep (takes 5 & 6) John Lennon

McConnell says stimulus deal could take 'a few weeks,' putting millions with expiring jobless aid in

Teenagers guilty of killing PC Andrew Harper

I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know - Blood, Sweat, and Tears

Trump's Response to Protests May Cost Him Election

The Rise in Testing Is Not Driving the Rise in U.S. Virus Cases

Coronavirus relief package could lead to Social Security and Medicare cuts

U.S. charges 18 Portland protesters as it sends tactical police to Seattle

If you don't get a Covid test result within 24 hours, it is basically

What kind of mask do you all wear?

RNC Hid Face Mask Purchases

America threatens to ban or seize TikTok

Hey Jude (Live tv performance)

A Climate Plan in Texas Focuses on Minorities. Not Everyone Likes It.

The Top 5 Trump Hannity Interview Answers Because You Weren't Yet Having A Stroke

We Can Work It Out - Fab 4

Some good news. The lost red panda at the Columbus

LeBron James joins push to turn out ex-felon vote in Florida

A Look at the Conspiracy Theory the Virus Was Planned

This made me cry

Trump Presses Limits on Transgender Rights Over Supreme Court Ruling

Jonathan Pie - Put a F**king Mask On!

Rachel Maddow breaks down Covid graphs without NY, CT and NJ

Cop Rescues Pit Bull In -20 Degree Windchill

Dancing in the street with flowers. Hauled away by Gestapo. 7/24/2020. America


Amy McGrath Discusses Decision for Education Amid Surging Cases The View

Trump Announces Intent to Appoint Individuals to Key Administration Posts; July 24, 2020

Genetic impact of African slave trade revealed in DNA study

My thirty year-old Hitachi stereo finally bit the big one. Recommendations for a replacement?

Federal judge finds state lacks standing, denies Oregon attorney general's motion to restrict federa

Why congress should impeach Bill Barr

Victory - Avett Bros.

NYT : C.D.C. Calls on Schools to Reopen, Downplaying Health Risks

Just heard on tv..banks slashing credit limits

Strange Koi on Video! ....have you seen these?

Unbelievable lyrics! Especially considering their age....

Fires in Pantanal, world's largest tropical wetlands, 'triple' in 2020

Why Central Michigan 'Chippewas' nickname is OK with local tribe, NCAA

Infant baptism in the time of Covid

Stand By Me...Lucky Chops

Did you know we have two (2) Air Forces now? Thanks to Trump.

Fake president said, "I will never use twitter again" per CBS nightly news report

So Paw Patrol had to check fact the White House press secretary?

Brazilian study finds hydroxychloroquine ineffective

A nice story to kick off the weekend

Brazilian study finds hydroxychloroquine ineffective

Purge the GOP in november

Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys (with lyrics)

The Dems Need To Get Out In Front Of This Right Now And Keep Hitting At It.....

Hurricane forecast to hit Texas Gulf Coast Saturday, 1PM........

McConnell says stimulus deal could take 'a few weeks,' putting millions with expiring aid in limbo

So Trump plans to send as many as 75,000 Brown shirts

New Star Wars series coming out next year...

Cowboy Movie - David Crosby

Christian abortion critics urge Dems to change platform

AZ Democratic HQ Fire Phoenix

Background checks stopped surge in attempted gun sales by individuals who can't own firearms:

What the FEMA is going on?

Is anyone else here getting long in the tooth?

Laughing - David Crosby

Trump Threatens to Deploy 75K Federal Officers to U.S. Cities Against Will of Local Officials

Covid-19 can be a prolonged illness, even for young adults, CDC report says

Covid-19 can be a prolonged illness, even for young adults, CDC report says

What Are Their Names - David Crosby

Meatpacking workers file lawsuit against OSHA, accusing agency of failing to keep them safe

Meatpacking workers file lawsuit against OSHA, accusing agency of failing to keep them safe

A nurse donned a blue gown with no openings for hands at St. Paul Elder Services in Kaukauna, Wis.

Daily Kos got my hopes up...

Spartacus 1960 in 4K

trump's cognizant test!!!!

I Feel Free - Cream

I desperately need a new mattress.

Found A Vintage Accordion Today

ICE Confirms New Foreign Students Can't Take Online-Only Course Loads In The U.S.

Hawaii tropical storm - how bad will it be?

Wan Wah (from the concert for Bangladesh)

Ween - 'All of My Love' cover

N.S.U. - Cream

Ivanka Trump's Find Something New career campaign is more hype than help

Let It Down - George Harrison

I received a note from UI. Stating sorry, but done. I was concerned earlier in the week republicans

Don't Want The &%#$@ Pet

Arizona Democratic Party headquarters fire now an arson investigation

Apple Scruffs - George Harrison

Oh crap !


I got a Beanie Baby today at a garage sale...

Trump-backed postmaster general plans to slow mail delivery

I Dig Love - George Harrison

Another report NBA players will kneel during national anthem

Glamrock is inspiring me: George Harrison's What is Life

Two Lynx in Ontario Have Intense Conversation

AP sources: NFL owners offer opt-out guidelines for players

The Latest: New Orleans shuts bars, bans takeout booze sales

NOW I'm SHOCKED - Hanover Co. Virginia votes to rename LEE-DAVIS High School

'Best thing for our kids': Vice President Mike Pence discusses reopening schools and colleges

One of me fave Harrison covers...Brother Leon!

Florida tops 400,000 coronavirus cases after governor says state is moving in 'better direction'

Dance The Night Away - Cream

Cats Sleeping Together

George Harrison's Awaiting on You All

In The GE's Next 100 Days, Watch the Paramilitary Misdirection Away from Battleground States

Even if School Kids Survive COVID-19, They Won't Be Spared "Contagion Guilt"