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George Harrison's My Sweet Lord

Fat Man In The Bathtub - Little Feat

Cuomo accuses U.S. immigration chiefs of breaching oath in travel lawsuit

The Eviction Ban Worked, but It's Almost Over. Some Landlords Are Getting Ready.

So I'm watching ML baseball tonight, Phillies vs Marlins

78,000 new cases in US (3,000 more than previous record)

FEMA Sends Faulty Protective Gear to Nursing Homes Battling Virus

Study identifies six different "types" of COVID-19

Lick And A Promise - Aerosmith

The Lincoln Project: Maxwell 2

States sue Trump over order to exclude undocumented immigrants from U.S. House seat counts

Doppel Ranger Fans

Gestapo steals flashlight from journalist and smashes it -- just to be petty

The change at the 3:20 mark blows me away man. Sick!

SF Muni driver beaten with bat after telling passengers to wear masks

Gold Prices Set To Smash Record As Wall Street Shuns The Dollar

Given the vital importance of mail in and absentee ballots

Jeh confirms the gestapo are Prinz mercenaries

If state OR doesn't have standing, does city Seattle? Case of Trump sending feds to Seattle

LIVE July 26 at 11 a.m. Rep. John Lewis's casket crosses the Edmund Pettus Bridge

Hopeful Reminder

Anybody want to do a "guess the Veep" poll?

No virus bill yet: White House, GOP at odds over jobless aid

Trumpism, and all its subsets (like QAnon) are pure evil.

They're not sending their best. "New York man drove through border, hit a cruiser and bit a nurse"

Ice Cream sales ⬆️ Deodorant sales ⬇️

Arizona Democratic Party headquarters fire believed to be arson

Ultra-sick...Uber-sick! Milk Cow Blues by this Boston group...

The surge in the United States is so extreme that, once adjusted for population, 10 states are recor

Oliver Tree - Cash Machine

Goya, Third of May, 1814

What's wrong with the @RedSox? (Twitter vid)

Biden tweet: Let's get to work

TLP (hope it's not a dupe): What does Ghislaine Maxwell have on @realDonaldTrump?

Bush mismanaged one Hurricane

NEW: Supreme Court votes 5-4 to reject bid by Nevada church to ease limits on size of services. Robe

Why do asymptomatic COVID-19 cases even happen?

New Lincoln Project Ad: "Person ... woman ... man ... camera ... TV"

Here's what COVID-19 does to a child's body

In Florida, someone dies of Covid-19 every 8 minutes.

Rare 'glacier bears' with bluish fur may face grim future

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF! Live and Let Die!

New Don Winslow Ad: America's Greatest Mistake:

TCM Schedule for Saturday, July 25, 2020 - What's On Tonight: The Essentials: Starring Gary Lockwood

'Desperation For Millions,' Sen. Wyden Slams GOP Leaving Town As Unemploy. Benefits Set To Expire

Trump Fiction

Almost 80,000 new cases today

Those face masks with breathing valves? They aren't effective, doctors say

It tweeted

Donald Trump Admits He 'Often' Retweets Without Thinking in Barstool Sports Interview

Romney prepping for the tea baggers....

How Trump's coronavirus briefings convinced one of his voters to turn to Joe Biden

WATCH: Arizona Democrats reveal extensive damage after their HQ burned in suspected arson attack

Nearly 20% of young, healthy coronavirus patients hadn't recovered after 2 to 3 weeks, the CDC found

Rachel right now -Medical Experts Tell Government: 'Shut It Down Now, And Start Over'

Asked if Trump raised Russian bounties on US troops in Afghanistan on phone with Putin, @PressSec wo

WaPo OpEd : Trump is setting us up for an Election Day nightmare

Johnny Cash was thinking about Trump ...

Gimme A Bottle Of Anything, And A Glazed Doughnut! To Go!

Seattle officials bracing for weekend protests -- and intervention of federal agents

Translation: Some kids are going to need to die to re-elect Trump

Face masks with plastic device on front are probably worthless.

A new record of new cases...78,009, Worldometers. 1,141 new deaths. nt

GOP Refuses Urgent Main St. Relief; 10s of Thousands of Shuttered Businesses Now Closing Permanently

Trump administration clears way for Alaska's Pebble Mine, despite fears it could imperil salmon

If anyone you talks about Biden's "corruption", here is an instance when @JoeBiden was going to sell

Seattle may hit 90 degrees Monday for the first time this year

Thanks to Mehdi Hasan

Biden: The President has a duty to care for us all. To see people where they are and to understand w

McDonald's mandates face masks at its 14,000 U.S. restaurants

5th-grade teacher's video about how ridiculous in-person school will be right now:

Tones Of Home - Blind Melon

In early 2017, @realdonaldtrump promised to "completely isolate himself from his business interests"

Friday Talking Points -- Trump Forced To Reverse Course

Have you had the privilege of seeing Hagia Sophia in Istanbul?

Devastating new ad from Don Winslow

Lawyer: All new DACA applications put in 'pending' bucket

2020 US Senate Election Prediction- Democrats will end up with at least 53 US Senate seats in 2020.

'It's Bleak': Trump's Great American Comeback Is a Dumpster Fire

Imagine this but they're contact tracer teams or epidemiologists or ventilators

LeBron James Group To Donate $100K To Help Pay Ex-Felon Debts In Order To VOTE

OK will treat ANY protestor as a terrorist! Just heard this. Is this true? Heard anything?

How do homeless people vote?

Pelosi Statement on Trump's Latest Empty Promises on Prescription Drug Prices

What would happen if ...

☦ Orthodox Prayers from St. Justin Martyr Church, FLA .

Trump erupted over Esper's de facto ban on Confederate flag, sources say

Yoho denies calling AOC a "f---ing b---h".

Justice Dept. says 18 people facing federal charges after Portland protests

So, there I was putting my new Veterans for Biden sign in the yard.....

A Judge Won't Force Federal Officers In Portland To Identify Themselves When Making Arrests

Did Nancy Pelosi call out Republicans in graphic form as a band of thieves?

TCM Schedule for Sunday July 26, 2020 - Starring Dudley Moore

Feds invading Portland, Seattle, etc. Harder for older people to deal with?

Person! Woman! Man! Camera! TV! Five Words to Say While They Drag You Away! (Ferret/Shower Cap)

Cold-blooded pieces of sh*t.

2 Top Prosecutors Tell Trump, Fed Agents To Stay Out of Their Cities 'We'll Prosecute': Phila. Balt.

TCM Schedule for Monday July 27, 2020 - Star of the Month: Tony Curtis

Inslee tweets to warn people NOT to give Trump the confrontation & attention he wants

US sued over expulsion of migrant children detained in hotel

I found another good reason to wear a facemask.

are dems sending a coded msg with the $600 a week subsidy?

Nazi sympathizer network buying up Cape Breton properties with 'colony' in mind: German report

Spy, oh my! Why should they spy on me?

Ali Velshi kicking ass tonight

I have an idea for an ad to undercut that Trumpass ad about the 911 call going to voice mail

Anyone else just watch the interview of Rachel's with Timothy Snyder?

How can anyone be undecided? I really can't understand that

How the Republican National Convention came undone

Don Winslow's new ad - #AmericasGreatestMistake - trends near top in US, praised by other admakers

LeBron James joins push to turn out ex-felon vote in Florida

Prof. Lawrence Tribe: 'This reminds me of the people swept off the streets in Argentina' in the '70s

Seth Meyers: "Trump Obsesses Over His Cognitive Test, Deploys More Secret Police: A Closer Look"

CDC director concedes schools in 'hot spots' face tougher call on reopening

So my district is scheduled to open in a hybrid situation on 17 Aug

Archaeologists discover palace where Aztec emperor was killed

The GOP Plan to Slash Unemployment Benefits Puts the Whole Economic Recovery at Risk

Texas Republicans face tough 2020 election after a rocky 12 months

Don Winslow is asking Bloomberg & Steyer to buy air time to put his ads on the air in swing states

!?! Weekly Trump opinion poll. Basically, 'How's he doing?'

Fascism on MSNBC

VIDEO Ad: #AmericasGreatestMistake: Brutal New Anti- Trump Ad From Don Winslow

New York Times reports on the crisis at London Embassy under Trump donor Woody Johnson

Someone ask Trump if he can recall this in order (regarding Putin)

#AmericasGreatestMistake: Brutal New Anti- Trump Ad From Don Winslow

Prof. Eddie Glaude: 'Trump doesn't dog-whistle - he just spits on everybody.'

It is time to BREAK free.

Love for sale

US agents enter Chinese consulate compound in Houston after deadline for closure passes

As we live through Pandemics; Riots, Economic Crashes; a reminder of who is in charge:

RE: Oregon decision

What will be the 51st Democratic US Senate seat post 2020?

Dad Plays 'Her' Song - So Sweet!! Beautiful dad/daughter moment!

Tweet of the Day

Cognitive Test Comparison

Could not be more on the wrong side

America must return to the moon 'as soon as possible'

Huckleberry: debate will be key turning point

No Place Like Home...

Jewish doctors in Nazi-occupied Poland stopped an epidemic in its tracks. Here's how.

Beto O'Rourke slams Texas Governor for causing the deaths of Texans

Cute baby with cute Corgis:

Donald Trump's suburban horror show

'NANCY PELOSI IS BEING A HARD-ASS: Giving Middle Finger To GOP Trying To Deny Relief To US Workers'

After the Dem headquarters fire, will Trump deploy his 'personal militia' to protect AZ Democrats?

Maximum number of US Senate seats the Democrats will end up with post 2020.

FEMA Sends Faulty Protective Gear to Nursing Homes Battling Virus

matt rollings, willie nelson, lyle lovett, more - that lucky old sun (2 days ago)

House Dems: 'Whole House of Cards Is Gonna Collapse,' Disaster: GOP Leaves Senate w/o Passing Relief

The Lincoln Project: Maxwell 2

Impeach Barr Now!

The Republican silence on what's happening in Portland is jarring

When Your Name Is Donald Trump Every Step You Take

DOJ Files for Restraining Order to Halt Ban on Tear Gas Use by Seattle Cops

Now, in picture form - ETTD

Trump's Suburban Horror Show

Aced it!

Highly recommend

This is why WE CAN'T have nice things...In California.

Trump Threatens to Deploy 75,000 Federal Agents

Here is the site to make a donation to the Maricopa County

Trump is America's greatest mistake

Multiplanet system around sunlike star photographed for 1st time ever

Elon Musk: We will coup whoever we want!

☦ Orthodox Christian Chants of Psalm 103

satellite shows upper level wind shear opposing hurrican douglas near Hawaii

Why Congress Should Impeach Bill Barr: Six Quick and Easy Articles of Impeachment.

The GOP Is About to Do to the American Economy What Thelma and Louise Did to the Car

WA-03: Long takes on Herrera Beutler in marquee 3rd CD House rematch

Portland Protests - Live Stream

26 deaths in 3 US convents, as nuns confront the pandemic

Congressman says he wants answers about Iowa plant outbreak

US Supreme Court denies Nevada church's appeal of virus rule

US coronavirus deaths soar as officials call for shutdowns

Lawsuits filed against Trump over order on district drawing

The Daily Social Distancing Show: If You Don't Know, Now You Know - COVID-19 vs. 1918 Spanish Flu

Insomnia Sleep Sounds - Audio Jukebox or YouTube Playlist Collection

Choctaw chief chosen to help design new Mississippi flag

Protestors in Portland use smokescreens and fireworks to scare off a small group of officers

I Am Sure Putin Is Coaching Trump On Fascism Tyranny Etc

Groups push to remove proposed funding for nuclear testing

send good vibes to Ed McGinty (the anti-Trump Villagers guy)

Democrats: Trump must tell voters about election threats

The Daily Social Distancing Show: The Truth Behind Trump's Intelligence Test

Stephen Miller rejects claim grandmother died of COVID

Well-preserved mammoth skeleton found in Siberian lake

Seth Meyers - Trump Brags About His Cognitive Test Results - Monologue 7/23/20

South Korea: When the Crow Flies, a Pear Falls from the Tree

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2020 that Democrats will easily win.

Seth Meyers - Guest Al Gore Explains What COVID-19 and Climate Change Have in Common

Granddad With A Blower

Fauci tells MarketWatch: I would not get on a plane or eat inside a restaurant

CDC Issues New Guidelines In Favor of Opening Schools

Holy Eternal God! I profess Christ; nonetheless, this YouTube video and esp. the many comments have


100 days from election, top intel official warns of foreign interference

Twitter, Facebook block accounts of Bolsonaro allies

My cat got herself 'stuck' in a situation

Clint Watts "Election 2020: Russia Cares, China Doesn't"

Mayan Ruins in Guatemala Could Become a U.S.-Funded-Tourist Attraction

Dallas County reports 29 children hospitalized for COVID-19

Parents cooperating with health officials after New Jersey teen party leads to Covid-19 cluster

A Federal Eviction Moratorium Is Ending: Here's What Renters Should Know

Cuba reports twenty-first perceptible earthquake in 2020

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2020 that the Democrats are easily going to win.

Trump to Throw Out First Amendment at Yankee Stadium

nancy wilson & cannonball adderley quartet - the nearness of you (studio-late 50's)

Question re: gestapo in our cities. Do they speak English?

Recalling the words in order shouldn't give extra points

Laura Coates says AG Bill Barr has some explaining to do

Fauci: Hate mail and threats made against me because of Covid-19

"I think it is time in America that we finally have a proper conversation about the F-word.

Scientists to explore blue holes and 'Green Banana' in Gulf of Mexico

Another GREAT reason to wear a mask

It took a man with a conscience to expose bribe

MIND BLOWING !!! Heather Cox Richardson - July 24, 2020 - Letters From An American

FEMA Acknowledges Puerto Rico Lacks Rebuilt Homes, Hospital to Survive COVID-19

GOP Cowards

Woman spits at doorman in Colombia who denied her entry to her building for refusing to wear a face

Bolivia: Morales Denounces Right-Wing Collusion to Seize Power

John Meecham on the 11th Hour /MSNBC

Washington Sports Teams Promote Voting Effort Ahead Of November Election

Timothy Snyder, Author of 'On Tyranny' Rachel Maddow MSNBC; Activism To Save US Democracy

Novel surgery performed in eastern Cuba

Tom Ridge Says He'd Likely Resign Before Letting Federal Agents Into American Cities

Satellite images show Russia continues to arm Libya's LNA with military equipment: US

Video of sobbing woman begging Peru president to save husband goes viral

The List for BIDEN/Celebration for Change: 100 Days to Go Sunday, July 26, 2020

And the NBA has Black Lives Matter painted on the courts in Orlando.

Nikki Haley's 'Groveling' Claim About Donald Trump Leaves People Bewildered

Denton 'flat earth guy' issued criminal trespass after writing 'COVID hoax' outside store

Health officials warn of COVID-19 outbreak after large high school party in Lee's Summit

After the HQ fire, will Trump deploy his 'personal militia' to protect AZ Democrats?

Donald Trump Finds Himself Increasingly Out Of Step With The American People - Deadline - MSNBC

(Jewish Group) Rep. Omar comes under fire for mailer that names 3 donors to her challenger, all Jews

White House Hijacks CDC Guidelines For School Reopenings - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

(Jewish Group) Orthodox man assaulted in Brooklyn

(Jewish Group) Holocaust survivor, 90, stabbed to death in her Moscow apartment

Covid-19 and the Battle between Light & Dark

(Jewish Group) Florida State Univ. student senate passes resolution to help combat anti-Semitism

(Jewish Group) Twitter accidentally closed the accounts of some users for posting Star of David

I need to ask you all a question.

(Jewish Group) Wiley accused of antisemitism after likening Jews to Ku Klux Klan

The Wall of Vets joins the Wall of Moms in Portland

Dam straight wall of moms now wall of vets Just read Portland protest

'Act of genocide.' Eugenics program tried to 'breed out' Black people in NC, report says

'Dora the Explorer' approves the Project Lincoln ad

Trump's Remarks at the Presentation of the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Jim Ryun; July 24, 2020

Press Briefing by Kayleigh McEnany; July 24, 2020

This is the system to watch

They hung up.

Gilbert chides Gohmert over federal show of force, will protest Sunday

File under WTF? So apparently Dr. Fauci is an evil genius in his spare time...

Trump's Remarks at Signing of Executive Orders on Lowering Drug Prices; July 24, 2020

An interview with LincolnsBible.

It's like the army around here morning PT, then hit the showers with the puppy

The Trump effect

Try and love again

When Something Doesn't Work Trump Doubles Down

Omaha-area teachers gather at Memorial Park in support of mask mandate

Portland protests draw thousands, intense federal response, gas Friday

The $600 Was So You Could Stay Home And Not Die From Working

Florida news reporter reveals cancer diagnosis after viewer spots lump on her neck

Tom Wiggens, blind slave pianist, composer, earned owner nearly $1mil

Update on my cherries for bird visitors...

20 Years Ago Today; Air France Flight 4590 crashes after takeoff from de Gaulle Airport

Breakfast Saturday 25 July 2020

7,100 people just died from COVID in a single day. We can't really be numb to that, can we?

No, Trump is NOT a fascist trying to become dictator of the US. The explanation is far more mundane.

Like Bums, Trump, Republicans in congress would rather wander aimlessly instead of working.

He's up and hard at work.

Road trip through Norway

Pence's Remarks at a Roundtable on Safely Reopening Schools, Indianapolis, IN; July 24, 2020

Portland: America 'Staring Down The Barrel of Martial Law,' Sen. Ron Wyden of Oregon Warns

The Debates: Trumps entire vaudevillian act relies on lie's and propaganda.

The Next 100 Days

South Texas, the valley, about to be hit with a hurricane

Coronavirus updates: Hundreds of Texas bar owners pledge defiance to governor's order

On the schedule today, golf. Later, meet with supporters.

'Made-for-TV Fascism: How Trump's 'Crime Explosion' Ploy Could Backfire'

Sen. Tom Cotton bill would prohibit federal funding for teaching The 1619 Project

American Catastrophe Through German Eyes (NYT Opinion)

Ken Copeland's Wind Of God COVID-19 REMIX

Federal agents are venturing blocks from the buildings they were sent to protect

On this day, July 25, 1920, Rosalind Franklin was born.

Neurosurgeon removed part of young black boys' brains to cure 'disruptive behavior'

July 25 - Happy Birthday Rep. Jared Golden (D) ME-2nd

More Things You Have To Believe To Be A Republican Today: Triumph Of The Won't Edition

Fox News Cuts away from White House Press briefing

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2020 that the Democrats are going to end up winning.

Hundreds of Texas bar owners pledge defiance to governor's order and will reopen

Does Don Jr Have Covid?....

State and local officials sue Trump over census order

Did someone give Donald an ultimatum?

'LIBERATE MICHIGAN' -- These are some of the 91,000 people who've died since the US reopened

An odd comment from a small business owner...

Trump's convention cancellation is costing GOP donors millions

for the heroes in Portland

This man is not the person who created the Coronavirus! You morons!

Keep the schools closed??? I DON'T THANK SO

Jamaal Bowman says he's 'right in alignment' with Joe Biden

Update to my 05:34 post ,Tear gas or pepper spray to try and reduce its effects

I've seen some good one-liners on why voters should reject Trump.

Vietnam bans wildlife imports, markets amid new health fears

Vietnam bans wildlife imports, markets amid new health fears

Trump directs a campaign ad in Portland

The F.B.I. Pledged to Keep a Source Anonymous. Trump Allies Aided His Unmasking. (NYT)

Anarcha, Betsey, Lucy, black women slaves---The Mothers of Modern Gynecoloy

House GOP Pleas to RNC Go Unanswered

Biden Has Opened Up Huge Lead

Barbara Boxer: DHS was a mistake. I regret voting for it.

Barbara Boxer: DHS was a mistake. I regret voting for it.

'Nobody's ever seen anything like this': how coronavirus turned the US election upside down

Are the "Federal agents" in Portland actually mercenaries from Erik Prince's secret army?

City of Albuquerque lays out demands for federal agents being sent to fight crime

City of Albuquerque lays out demands for federal agents being sent to fight crime


This protester has the look of sheer fear on her face as she is nabbed by Trumps goons...........

People with milder coronavirus cases still report health issues weeks after testing, CDC says

Rene Carpenter, last surviving member of the "Astronaut Wives Club" from Project Mercury Dies at 92

The Racist NAZI in the White House

Local TV stations set to air discredited 'Plandemic' a researcher's conspiracy theory about Fauci

Black Lives Matter Portland, Oregon. If you're on twitter follow this guy.

Florida man tries to evade arrest by cartwheeling away from cops

(NM) BCSO Sheriff says he's 'very serious' about potential mayoral run

Local TV stations across the country set to air discredited 'Plandemic' researcher's conspiracy theo

I'll admit it. I don't know how I should vote this November ( I know who..)

Who is being arrested in Portland

When Will "Karens for Trump" Make the News?

Stop calling them federal agents. Until proven otherwise, call them "mercenaries".

My wish is that this election will bury Republicans so deep...

John Fitzgerald Kennedy Took the USA to the Moon.

Why Biden's Build Back Better Campaign Is Needed In Decimated Manufacturing Communities

If Trump brings up the 1994 crime bill in the debate.

Grocery store suspends worker who pepper-sprayed customer after mask confrontation

'Make America Normal Again': Trump backers plead for a virus plan

A short, concise tweet from Alexander S. Vindman. The responses are great:

I don't see a need for troops. Do you?

Trump bypasses arms control pact to sell more large armed drones

Memo to Doland Trump: Stop. Turn around. Go back and start again. This time, let the experts

Feds invade Chicago---Will moms form protective wall here too? From beginning?

Another great Biden ad tweeted by The Lincoln Project. This is beautiful, that woman is adorable!

After Biden wins, a priority will be to investigate, prosecute and imprison ALL Federal SS agents

Columbus, OH (Clintonville): "The Beast" is here. This is a note from a nice little local eatery.

Mother hummingbird feeding her tiny babies.

Ministers of Propaganda. I love it.

GEE, ANTHONY FAUCI!... Randy Rainbow

Maricopa, AZ Democratic Party HQ victim of arson attack.

On every level, the GOP has a problem with women

Mensa should invite the stable genius to take its membership test

Does anyone else's cat have shower anxiety?

I was called for a CNN poll and one of the questions was really weird. What does this tell them?

My buddy was in the Second Battle Of Fallujah

20,000 Lies Going On 30,000 Lies

Some folks on the left are hammering the Lincoln Project

You raised $3,669.00 on July 24, 2020 to elect Joe Biden POTUS with our DU ActBlue link

Hungry Eyes -- Eric Carmen (PLUS... a bizarre Bonus Mystery Video)

Getting booed at an event that you never attended?

Hanna becomes hurricane as it heads toward virus-weary Texas

HAPPENING NOW: The casket of #RepJohnLewis arrives at Troy University in Alabama

I watched a Netflix series about the mob in NY City. Why does Rudy protect Trump with such zeal?

Steve was born on this date.

Trump is putting his Stormtrumpers in cities so....

Sad? Happy? a story I needed yesterday. You need it today.


DeSantis proclaims

Trump says he cut RX's by 50%.

Erik Prince needs to be put in jail

Only 5 months until Christmas!!!!

Supreme Court rejects Nevada church plea to allow larger congregation

This Dog Raised By Cats And Now Thinks He's A Cat

Ike would have despised Trump

I've spent a lot of time at home by myself this spring/summer and

On AM JOY this morning (minus Joy), Malcolm Nance compared the GOP to...

From NPR

The reason Trump is sending his goons into cities is quite simple.

Covid risk assessment tool

I maintained a landline phone for decades, until this year.

We're Getting To That Point In This Presidential Election Year Where.....

Contentless post: Holy shite, Tiffany Cross is on fire on AM Joy!

Remember all those children? AP Exclusive: Migrant kids held in US hotels,

RNC Covered Up $14,000 In Mask Purchases By Labeling The Expense 'Building Maintenance'...

Presidential Medals of Freedom, then and now...

Holy Karen' forcing people out of grocery store aisle

A cult so strong it cannot be de-programmed

The Rude Pundit: AOC Fucks the Patriarchy's Shit Up

Grimes Deletes Tweet Telling Elon Musk to 'Please Stop' After Tesla CEO Says 'Pronouns Suck'

Be warned.....

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 7/25/20

Desymmetrization of difluoromethylene groups by C-F bond activation

Donavan LaBella, man shot by US Marshals in Portland, to be released from hospital

Person, Woman, Man, Camera, TV.

This Week's Saturday Morning Supermarket Report

Dora the Explorer helps Trump

Since tRump Passed His Cognitive Test...

The View from the Tenderloin

Republicans will not be humbled. They will learn from this. No matter what.

Don't hold your breath for a coronavirus vaccine.

If Trump is "cognitively there"?

Texas Republicans face tough 2020 election after a rocky 12 months

Guy Paints Himself Painting Himself Over And Over, Dominates Reddit's Front Page

John Lewis' celebration of life begins in Alabama: Six day journey begins in Troy

Bill Nye Responds to Anti-Science Tweets

Trump Should Send His Goons To Help Hospitals

3748 new cases on the AZ Dashboard this morning, Sat.; 144 new deaths

US coronavirys: More than a third of patients feel symptoms for weeks, CDC says

My predictions for the 2020 Presidential Election results all end in the number 4.

Texas Republicans face tough 2020 election after a rocky 12 months

Trump keeps calling Putin trying to get him to cut a check for partial payment

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's powerful speech against misogyny in Congress was long overdue

I'm making short ribs for the first time

As America tops 4 million COVID cases, the cult of Donald Trump has become a death cult

Tips for Protecting You from Law Enforcement Impersonators :

Mothers' Power in U.S. Protests Echoes a Global Tradition

News about the USPS & ballot delays trending on twitter

DOD is scouting contractors to set up potential mobile coronavirus hospitals in Florida...

Temperatures Across Siberia In June 18F Above Normal; GHG Release From Fires Well Over 20-Yr Avg.

The $600 federal weekly unemployment benefits are ending for millions of Americans.

New AM Joy person has a GOP on and is allowing him to go on and on...lying Update

Louisville, KY Twitter list to follow today's events

Maddow Blog: European Union vs US new coronavirus cases - what it means to have leadership or not

"Zuck off": Doctors, nurses, scientists rail against Zuckerberg

A wealthy farmer says he want Trump voted out!

Turkey and Greece exchange harsh words over Hagia Sophia prayers

His supporters here in SW PA still love him because...

Colorado Water Board Trying To Send 500K Acre-Feet Downstream To Powell, Which Is Dropping Rapidly

Has Cancel Culture Gone Too Far? Amanpour and Company Interview

Hail to the Orange Skins

Gay Firefighter Killed After (alledgedly) Flirting With Straight Couple

Call Ron DeSantis 850-717-9337. Tell him to keep schools closed!

Ali Velshi gives a dark view as our Democracy begins to fade into fascism.

Remember: Rs absolutely suck at economics. Always have, always will.

Goodell: Training camps will open on time, NFL will play a full season

jeff tiedrich in the morning --good question tweet

Kitty in a fishbowl

African American tenor Lawrence Brownlee

Throwing this VP thread out there because I have questions

Billy Eichner To Play Paul Lynde In 'Man In The Box'

Billy Eichner To Play Paul Lynde In 'Man In The Box'

Its A Good Thing No Old People Live In Florida

The poison of male incivility, when a woman dares respond to it.

Churches vs. "other businesses" such as casinos--great comment on Raw Story re: SCOTUS ruling

Michael Moore podcast with Teressa Raiford of Don't Shoot Portland

The Poison of Male Incivility: When a woman dares respond to it, she's seen as "disruptive."

AOC's brilliant speech brought back a memory

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's powerful speech against misogyny in Congress was long overdue

Sinclair Broadcasting to air conspiracy theory "documentary" Plandemic.....

Just wondering, anyone else notice they are spending way more on household/food since Covid?

Videos Show How Federal Officers Escalated Violence in Portland

North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum goes against GOP, condemns anti-LGBTQ resolution

Steve Schmidt: House Republicans, Thank God, have 0 percent chance of regaining the majority.

She doesn't like it, demands refund- gets one, installer complies

What did our food look like hundreds of years ago? Art history may have the answers

A not-so-crazy theory about why the FBI building is suddenly in the news again.

North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum goes against GOP, condemns anti-LGBTQ resolution

'The good ship Trump has sprung a leak': GOP lawmakers battling president as his re-election....

Fleetwood Mac blues guitarist Peter Green dies at 73


Fleetwood Mac's Peter Green has died

Fleetwood Mac's co-founder Peter Green has died

Portland arrests put low-profile Federal Protective Service in the spotlight

Don't miss the bus

Trumps were broke in 2015. Here's how I know.

Enten: No prez with net approval close to Trump's (-15) at this point has ever been re-elected

Pastor Tells Donald Trump To Put 2 Billion Bullets "To Good Use" On Portland Protestors

Cornyn, Cruz, and Trump are effusive in their concern over Hurricane Hanna...

Portland woman says she no longer supports Trump after sending federal forces to Oregon

Biden tweet: What kind of president actively undercuts efforts that will save lives?

Corporate Insiders Pocket $1 Billion in Rush for Coronavirus Vaccine

Saturate OC revival meeting held in Huntington Beach despite city orders to cancel

Report: Red Sox's Eduardo Rodriguez Dealing with Heart Issue Related to COVID-19

Georgia Senate candidate (Ossoff D-GA) awaiting Covid-19 results after wife tests positive

The Faces of Deportation

Unsolicited bean seeds from China: DO NOT PLANT

Can you please not talk about in-person school reopening until...

LeBron James' group to donate $100K to pay fines for ex-felons seeking to vote in Florida

Why do you think they'd want to microchip you?

Texas city councilman calls teachers 'leeches'

PBS - Fascism in Europe

Trump's deployment of federal agents in cities has everything to do with his reelection

With Pinochet in Portland, where are liberty's defenders?

'Going to Lead to Desperation for Millions': Wyden Slams GOP for Leaving Town...

Minneapolis continues to contend with unprecedented gun violence amid policing debate

GOP governors in Texas, Arizona, Georgia, Florida see approval sink

Commentary: AOC's floor speech was deft takedown of misogyny

Sinclair tries in vain to distance itself from "Pandemic" conspiracy theorist

Ok, something is up. the attacks on churches is too convenient to RW victimhood.

Cartoons 7/25/2020

Through connections, outbreaks spike in Snohomish County

House GOP's pleas to Republican National Committee for financial help go unanswered

'Wall of Veterans' Arrives in Portland to Protect BLM Protesters from Trump's DHS Troops

Tucker Carlson's Democrat COVID-19 Conspiracy Theory Is One For The Books

Fleetwood Mac blues guitarist Peter Green dies at 73

California, Florida, Texas lose House seats with Trump order

Rick Wilson: If Obama had done what Trump is doing we'd have 'impeachment hearings 24/7'

Ted Lieu Called Them Storm Troopers And The MSNBC Host Alex Whitt Said Humpf

TRUMP LOSING SUPPORT AMONG OLDER RACISTS Many Cite Mishandling of Covid-19 Crisis

Opinion: Trump just adding fuel to fire set by Portland's Democratic leaders

'Mark Of The Beast': Facemask Phobia Runs Amok In Wisconsin

Kimberly Guilfoyle Is Tanking Trump's Re-Election Campaign -- Her COVID-19 Diagnosis Didn't Help

BROKEN: Trump Forms New Political Party

Florida will consider reopening breweries, bars next week

WNBA, NY Liberty players leave court during national anthem

ZT1 Patch on Portland Agent in Viral Photo Is an Identifier for Anonymity

Bill Gates Hits Trump's Coronavirus Boast With A Blunt Reality Check

To the Trump White House, every coronavirus wildfire is an ember

'It dawned on me when I was in the ER... my government did this to me.'

Man of the World - The Peter Green Story is on Prime Video.

Leafblowers at protests are historic and astounding.

How we spoke in the good old days when everything really was hunky dory...

State officials warn it would take 8-20 weeks to implement Trump's 'sliding scale' for unemployment

Thousand Year Rock 천년바위 cover by Kwon Mi-hee

Trump's Use of Unidentified Federal Officers to Suppress Protests Is Backfiring

ICE bars newly enrolled international students from entering the US if their classes will be online

Just discovered the Opposum Lady and her youtube videos labeled MEPearl. Sure somrthing else!

AmericaOrTrump - it's time to choose.

Donald Trump's mind-bending logic on school reopenings

Judge Temporarily Blocks Seattle's Ban On Crowd Control Weapons

Cancelled Terminator Sequels Would Have Revealed Skynet Origin

Trump was furious after Defense Secretary Esper barred the Confederate flag from military

Louisville about to pop off

'That's an illegal order': veterans challenge Trump's officers in Portland

Maxfield Parrish was born on this date.

Executive orders .... trump v Obama

Photo from Portland

It would be wonderful in Portland

Fact check: Trump again tells story about being booed at 2015 event he didn't attend

Democrats show signs of outpacing Republicans in mail voting

Trump's myth-making mistake: He's running against an opponent who doesn't exist

For those who liked Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories on Netflix - more seasons

Trump desperate to boost his weak support among women voters, but he's not succeeding

Returning to in-person classes at Georgia colleges & universities

Can't believe I just heard this on Fox News - Trump must be pissed!

Triple J, Like a Version: Black Fella/White Fella

One person, as bad as Trump, (worse?), McConnell....Donate to his opponent: Amy McGrath

YOHO: Looks like even charities are done with this fucking bitch.

The polls show Biden is a clear favorite 100 days out from an unprecedented election

In Portland, the Baby Fascists Have Shown Their Face

Trump was never going to win the popular vote

"How to gain 1 million views in just 3 days in Youtube. Very secret tips."

Activists working in John Lewis' shadow warn about voter suppression ahead of November

Gov. Hogan criticizes President Trump on his response to coronavirus.

"..What May Have Held Up The Next Stimulus Bill"? (A new Hotel that competed with Trump Int Hotel.)

Man of the World - The Peter Green Story available on Prime Video.

Husband has commemorative plaque made from proposal-photo. Doesn't go as planned.

Trump campaign texts are being flagged as spam

The supply of tear gas, pepper balls/spray and rubber bullets available to

The F.B.I. Pledged to Keep a Source Anonymous. Trump Allies Aided His Unmasking.

2020 Horse Racing - 2020 King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Qipco Stakes

The Constitution doesn't have a problem with mask mandates

Donald Trump's suburban horror show

Monica tweets for the win!

Liberal Redneck - Trump's Secret Police

An Oregon senator warned of the threat of martial law as he condemned Trump's deployment...

"These teachers have NO idea what it's like..."

I'm thinking the House Dems. should pass a bill CONDEMNING the THUGS in Portland and other cities

Portland protests draw thousands, intense federal response, gas Friday

Remember the burrito-eating Frenchie? Well, he also eats watermelon with his "hands" like a human:

Accurate comment about AZ

Civil rights icon John Lewis remembered in his hometown

These bonded dogs traveled across the world to find the perfect dad

I have written a collection of short stories and have thought of making it an e-book.

How to Lose a Swing State

Night & Day - The Winking Owl

Tuskegee Experiment: The Infamous Syphilis Study

Do you have a favorite western film or tv series?

Are You Voting Absentee (By Mail) Or In Person?

Trump's Private Army Is Scarier Than You Think

TV host Regis Philbin dies of natural causes age 88

Regis Philbin, TV Host With the Most Congenial Demeanor, Dies at 88

Don't drop it


US Senate Election Rating for seats Democrats are favored to win in 2020.

Keeping the Goon Squads in perspective.

The other Brown Shirts on the march

Have you seen? A leafblower has now been named 'an antifascist symbol'!! Pic Bright red handle!

Michael Cohen case and others have judges second-guessing Trump's DOJ

The Friendliest Pittie Was Trapped In A Tower Deep In The Jungle

Have any of those arrested in Portland been arraigned/indicted yet?

Bonded Pit Bulls Travel Across The World To Meet Their Dad

Tiny blind kitten grows up attacking his huge dog brother

Dog Copies Literally Everything Her Mom Does

That history dept chairwoman shot in head in Portland? JimBakker guest: she's controlled by Satan!

Regis Philbin has passed away.

Rescue Cat Sneaks Into His Sister's Crib At Night

Was it really 46 years ago?

Laurence Tribe: Trump is setting up (with his paramilitary interventions) for a 'state of emergency'

Anyone hear anything about Herman Cain?

Thomas Eakins was born on this date.

'Multiple victims' reported shot as armed militias face off at Louisville police brutality protest

Same same in Belarus. Protests against dictator as his ratings fall.

Maximum number of US Senate seats the Democrats could get from the 2020 elections.

Trump's goons are sexually assaulting female protesters.

Piano Sonata #8 in C Minor, Op. 13 "Pathetique" Ludwig van Beethoven

U.N.: U.S. protestors, journalists need their rights protected.

We have 14% unemployment, 150,000 people dead from COVID, Russians paying

Dan Rather tweet:

LA Times refers to Dr. Birx as a "White House Aide." Since when?!

The United States Navy just applied for permission to potentially kill up to 51 orcas in the Puget S

FOXHenhouse panel: "Voicing concerns over risks toward children is tiresome."

Trump is wearing a mask due to polls showing widespread public approval of mask-wearing.

MA-01: A 22-year-old became his city's first openly gay mayor. Now, he's running for Congress

Post a true but little-known fact about someone famous, living or dead -- Part 11

Tweet of the Day

David Brin on the Economy from FB.

bankruptcies run rampant in July

Regis Philbin dies and Trump makes it about himself

In the good old days...

What's for Dinner, Sat., July 25, 2020

Jeff Tiedrich on Trump's making Regis Philbin's death about himself:

Pay Every American $1,000 to Download a Contact Tracing Application

*Health experts also fear inconsistent messaging, unenforced policies and push back

Another Impeachable Offense: Trump Admin Used COVID-19 Loan Program to Bully Planned Parenthood

"wall of vets" last night in Portland

"Is Trump overreaching on police power?"

Black bear represents the way I feel today.....

Kids Can Catch COVID-19, Can Pass It On To Others, Can Get Seriously Ill, And Can Definitely Die

DCCC Race of the Weelk: Jackie Gordon (NY-02)

PA-10: Perry boosted by $200K from Big Pharma-linked group

Pence to headline 'Cops for Trump' event in Pennsylvania next week

Hey Mad. W and Laura are at the Rangers game!

VA-05: With COVID Ravaging Virginia, Bob Good Reiterates Support for Predatory Insurance Plans

While other countries who have leaders which did not go out of their way to spread this pandemic

Meidas Touch: Wall Against Trump

CDC investigating salmonella outbreak in 23 states

His approval faltering, Republicans in battleground Houston districts start to distance from Trump

His approval faltering, Republicans in battleground Houston districts start to distance from Trump

FL-15: Tampa Bay Times endorses Adam

Homeland Security Was Destined to Become a Secret Police Force

More people in the US are hospitalized with Covid-19 than at almost any other time

Mysterious deep "blue hole" off Florida's coast sparks search for signs of life

TX-22: GOP nominee runs from Trump after winning nomination

Trump golfs with Brett Favre -- as coronavirus deaths approach 150,000: report

trump reaction time

Mark O'Connor at the National Flatpicking Championships 1975

Do we know the individuals, grooups that wrote the plans for Homeland Security dept? The PatriotAct?

TX-23: Gina Ortiz Jones speaks to Sirius Progress

FBI says it's investigating 'specific violations of federal law,' not ideology, in Portland protests

Tired of being a bird?

This is kinda perfect

Once opponents, Warren emerges as top Biden adviser

Do you think Trump will ever get prosecuted, convicted, and do jail time after he leaves office?

Doctor Runs 22 Miles Wearing Face Mask to Show it Doesn't Cut Oxygen Levels

Trump tweets about Regis Philbin's death and makes it all about Tump

hurricane warning posted for Oahu and Honolulu for tomorrow afternoon

From the 'A Picture Says a Thousand Words' Dept: Brett Favre 222lbs , Trump 222kg

Since no agency has stopped any of Trump's lawlessness

State's rights?

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2020 that Democrats will be favored to win.

TX-21: Club for Growth to spend at least $2.5M for U.S. Rep. Chip Roy

Reagan Foundation tells trump to stop invoking Reagan's name

Kendzior: Trump Is Not Trying To Win The Election. He's Trying To *Steal* The Election

Reagan Foundation to Trump, RNC: Quit raising money off Ronald Reagan's legacy

As Confederate monuments tumble, die-hards are erecting replacements

Colorado COVID-19 outbreak traced to Bible conference that defied health orders: report

Yoho resigns from Christian non-profit's board after verbally attacking Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Doesn't wear a mask because he thinks it will make him look stupid

What will the "Trump Brand" be worth after he loses the election?

Moral handicapping is a problem

Turns out that the Don't Tread on Me Posse

Gorgeous melanistic fox:


Republicans say they're for small, local government. Apparently not in Portland.

Trump's new campaign manager scoffs at idea that Texas is a battleground

Timothy Snyder.

If the city police in Portland are not protecting protestors, it is a red flag.

tRump says he wants to save the suburbs.

Hanna is on shore south of Corpus Christie at 90mph

I surely think that struck a chord.

Keep on the Sunny Side

Arizona Democratic Party headquarters fire now an arson investigation

Wall Against Trump - the latest Meidas Touch anti trump campaign ad

'Wall of Vets' Joins Protesters

The Time is Near

The Trump Death Cult

Post game agenda, Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit plus a few glasses of Rye

I ain't living like I should. Little rest may do me good

Good bye & thank you, Regis 88

Sinclair Broadcasting pulls show pushing conspiracy theory against Dr. Fauci after public outrage

A drunk Trumper is not happy about the Lincoln Project

The People Of Portland Should Protest From Their Homes....

They whole world was involved

Tweet in response to Brett Favre's golf outing with Trump:

Ginning up a war

Poke Poke Poke

Jon Ossoff, Georgia nominee for U.S. Senate, sidelined by coronavirus concerns

MLK would be proud. Gandhi would be proud.

Dorothy Day said something that I believe is true. She said,

If you love guitar this is a treasure.

Poland to quit treaty on violence against women, minister says

Poland to quit treaty on violence against women, minister says

Candidate for tweet of the day:

Not wearing a mask simply gets you kicked off a Flight

I'm going thorough 50 years of imagery. Kodachrome 64 and TriX negatives from as far back as 1969.

Trump's Private Army Is Scarier Than You Think

Police confirm arson of Dem AZ Headquarters, people describe seeing "bombing" in video

Get back to school

*2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY (1968) 8:00 TCM

Hydrangeas Blooming this Year

Hydrangeas Blooming this Year

Hearken way back to the last century. 1990.

Conservatives Are Really Not Happy With "Swamp-Infected" Supreme Court Justice John Roberts

Obama Passes Cognitive Test by Reciting the First Fifty Digits of Pi

Organ donor status

I am having someone build me a computer

Virginia panel recommends Lee statue removal at U.S. Capitol

Antifa Super Soldier