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Archives: July 27, 2020

On a quiet Northern Virginia street, protesting DHS tactics in Portland, Ore.

Any Shameless fans a new season just started

Karen spotted along Pennsylvania highway

CDC Says Patients Suffer Long-Term COVID-19 Illness

Joe Biden's 100 Days of Change is starting...

Mike Ditka to kneeling athletes: 'Get the hell out of the country'

Civil War reenactment in Florida ends after 40 years

I gave my daughter a smile yesterday

Trump's talking health care again, with 2020 in mind

I am really starting to get worried about November.

Biden Victory Fund Celebration for Change on now

The Rest of the World is Watching

90th Anniv. 1932 Bonus Army March By Vets, Major Protest In US History, Portland to Wash., DC

Trump to discuss energy, tour oil rig, raise money in Texas

COVID-19 testing at universities threatens to strain nationwide capacity

Trump's election strategy is just brilliant!!

😁 the Cognitive Reality of MEMES 😁

A Wisconsin City Experiments With a Faster, DIY Covid-19 Test

How the Republican Party opened itself up to the Trump takeover

Slip in job growth raises fear of broader relapse

Robert E. Lee High in Virginia Will Be Renamed for John Lewis, District Says

Mitch McConnell's warped priorities (opinion)

Trump fail wall didn't even last 10 Scaramuccis

American voters deserve facts on outside influence on this election

Update -Early days but this is looking like very bad news for the

2020 US Senate Election Prediction- Democrats will easily end up with more than 50 seats.

9NEWS fires Marty Coniglio

Susan Rice on Trump's first pitch debacle:

PBS will air a documentary on John Lewis tomorrow evening. Check your local listing.

Biden: In 100 days, we have the chance to set our nation on a new path. One where we finally live up

'The Star-Spangled Banner's' racist lyrics reflect its slave owner author, Francis Scott Key

I don't get why folks keep saying they're afraid Trump might refuse to leave if he loses.

MOther Nature: I will huff and puff and BLOW #tRUMPS WALL DOWN.........

Biden: In 100 days, we're going to make Donald Trump a one-term president.

How devastating pandemics change us

Asha Rangappa: First moms, now vets. I don't think this is turning out the way trump wanted it to

This week, NY announced the largest combined clean energy solicitations in U.S. history -- enough cle

Texas hospital forced to set up 'death panel' as Covid-19 cases surge

Texas man died from C19 after his granddaughter spread infection to him from attending a party

Germany rejects Trump's proposal to let Russia back into G7: foreign minister

New Jersey leaders attack Trump for twisting facts of voter fraud case to justify his conspiracy...

Jake Tapper Grills Coronavirus Testing Czar: Are You 'Afraid' of Upsetting Trump?

Economists say Congress should think big on the next rescue package

American History Quiz

Thanks to Trump, Jacksonville Becomes Political Roadkill

Federal Agents Push Into Portland Streets, Stretching Limits of Their Authority

To fix the economy, you need to fix the pandemic: former White House economist

I been reading (somewhere on DU) that when a vaccination is created

Trump blasted as 'weak' and 'small man' after calling veterans 'anarchists who hate our country'

I made a meme

Trump ignores multiple crises to brag about golf game as White House officials admit test failures

A 40+ year old TV show (Lou Grant) and the Nazi Party of today

Navy vet Christopher David: "Our city has been turned into a war zone intentionally"

Million Unmasked March Takes Place In Illinois But Only 250 People Turn Up

We're Publishing Thousands of Police Discipline Records That New York Kept Secret for Decades:

40 People Have COVID After Attending Revival at Alabama Church: 'We Knew What We Were Getting Into'

The Texas death count is rising faster -- with 1,000 new coronavirus fatalities in just 6 days

I will send this to anyone I see espousing not wearing masks.

Funny how Evangelicals ...

E. J. Dionne: Why progressives should welcome anti-Trump Republicans

I posted awhile back that something stung me on my ankle

Tom Cotton Wants To Withhold Funds From Schools Using '1619 Project' On Slavery, 'Left Wing Garbage'

Trump's Nakedly Political Pandemic Pivot

Donald Trump Is the Best Ever President in the History of the Cosmos

'Ted Cruz Spews Disgust At 'Waiters & Waitresses,' Who Don't Deserve $600 Unemployment Checks

Trump now says he won't throw first pitch at Aug. 15 Yankees game

I see that Jeff Shipley is still a first class a-hole.

The Rapist in the White House has nothing to sell but FEAR

How a Chinese agent used LinkedIn to hunt for targets

Al Franken on with Brian Williams - MSNBC - 7/22/20

The competition was stiff but I have chosen my favorite vice presidential candidate

The Daily Social Distancing Show: This Week's Coronavirus Updates - Week of 7/20/2020

The Death of a Radio Pioneer Lorenzo Milam, 1933-2020

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Desi Lydic's Quarantine Check-In With Rudy Giuliani

The Death of a Radio Pioneer Lorenzo Milam, 1933-2020

Sure, sex is great (George Takei)

I do not know the origin of 'Defund the Police' - but it is a Loser.

Here Trump is bragging how powerful the Wall is..........#TrumpCantKeepItUp MeidasTouch

Rep. John Lewis' Casket Travels Across The Historic Edmund Pettus Bridge One Last Time - MSNBC

US consulate in Chengdu officially shuts in retaliation for Houston closure

How the Republican Party opened itself up to the Trump takeover

Efforts underway in Alaska to remove statues of colonialists

WATCH: Texas 'blue lives matter' rally ends with Democratic campaign manager being assaulted

Q&A: The Fearless High School Newspaper Editor Covering Portland Protests

COVID-19 hit my family X2 today.

Memo To Trump: 'Your Racism Ensures That You Are Incapable Of Seeing Black Folks As Actual People'

Demonstrators protest Portland tactics outside home of DHS chief

Public Health Experts Decry New CDC Guidelines Pushing School Reopenings As 'Politically Driven'..

I found a computer game I haven't played in nearly 20 years...

A "cannibal" giant owl 40 thousand years old was found in Ecuador

Why Are Republicans Being Such Assholes?

A "cannibal" giant owl 40 thousand years old was found in Ecuador

PPE turns into 'tremendous' opportunity for Reed City factory

Brazil Has 109 Million Black People. Not One Runs a Big Bank

Eviction relief is coming back, but not for a while. And rent is still due Aug. 1

Anatomy of a super spreader: Harper's outbreak a caution for college bars

Fact Squad: No, Michigan Gov. Whitmer did not 'defund the police'

This is what happens when the war on terror is turned inward, on America

Trump lashes out at Reagan Foundation after fundraising request

Biden to pay tribute to Lewis at Capitol on Monday

Here's a baseball analogy for y'all.

Trump's Handling of the Coronavirus Could Cost Him Presidency

Sen. Tom Cotton Calls Slavery Nation's 'Necessary Evil' In Shocking Interview

Atlantic: Canada Got Better. The United States Got Trump.

Cyclists stop in Madison on journey to bridge gap between U.S. and Cuba

Florida Democrats build lead in voters registered to vote by mail

Florida mistake on child COVID-19 rate raises question: Can Florida's numbers be trusted?

Protest Live Streams - 7/26

Trump's embraced conspiracies like these. Fareed Zakaria explains why it's concerning

Prominent Developers, Pro-Israel Lobby Fund Brenda Jones' Bid To Oust Tlaib

Former U.S. Rep. David Jolly hints at possible run for Governor or U.S. Senate

Hurricane 'Hanna' Blowing Over Donald Trump's Border Wall in Texas

"American Fascism: It Has Happened Here"

MI-13, MN-05: The 'squad' gears up for two tough primaries

Fresh cucumber with dill

Canadian Travel Blogger During Pandemic

☦ Orthodox General Intercession Prayer from the Antiochian Orthodox Archdiocese.

Trump/Barr/Pompeo Strategy: Blame it all on China. Election Consequences if Congress Lets it Ride?

Tweet of the Day

If 2020 was an ice cream truck:

Bonus Tweet of the Day

94 US Congress Members Call Out Colombia's Duque Administration For Failures To Protect Human Rights

WA-10: Washington state may elect a progressive bisexual woman to Congress in November

For Star Wars Fans...

Paramilitaries kill another former FARC guerrilla

US Senate Elections in 2020 that Democrats are going to win to get back in the majority.

Rep. Val Demings: 'Trump Is Doing Everything He Can To Instill Fear' - MSNBC

Trump's wall goes down in high winds.

VT-GOV: EMILY's List Endorses Rebecca Holcombe for Governor

Capitalism And The American Pandemic Response

#TrumpCantKeepItUp is trending on Twitter

Seoul Judge Cancels Lee Dong-jae Search Warrant

Wearing a mask ISNT fine, it ISNT great, you fucking moron.

1177 BC: The Year Civilisation Collapsed

Trump Left Stunned After Senate Republicans Finally Stand Up To Him

Announcers Calling Plays Before They Happen

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) - China & Uighurs

Barr continues his retaliation against Trump critics, this time outing a Russia-linked FBI source


Fine then, Dont wear the mask!

CBS News - Man and woman seen wearing swatika face masks in Walmart

The Gettin's Good For Michigan Billionaires, Pandemic And All

Michigan Sheriff Used Taxpayer Money To Hunt Down Troll Who Called Him Fat

When I was a much younger man, I met a beautiful woman in a nightclub.

President Trump to deploy federal agents in Detroit as part of 'Operation Legend'

Detroit Institute of Arts workers demand pay increase to $15 per hour

No, Gov. Whitmer has not defunded the Michigan State Police

ProPublica posts NYPD disciplinary records despite judge's order

Jane Lumm does not belong in a Democratic primary

China wants a Trump second term...

Negative campaign mailers circulate in primary race for Delta Township supervisor

State employee furloughs end Saturday, won't resume this fiscal year

How Cuba Survived

How a 'secret bar' is surviving the pandemic -- and trying to be a good neighbor

Fems for Dems protest outside Lucido campaign fundraiser in Shelby Township

The Real Oct Surprise: Trump to Drop Out -Trump is too emotionally frail to ride out a Nov drubbing

Flint mayor calls for end to violence after weekend shootings leave 12 injured

Colombia changes Constitution amid allegations of child rape by soldiers

Study advocates government involvement in revitalizing state's tourism industry

Trump reelection campaign is suing a tiny WI TV station for airing ad showing Trump downplaying C19

Iran moves mock aircraft carrier to sea amid US tensions

Indiana Democrats call for special session to address police reform, coronavirus pandemic

Controversial lyrics raise calls of racism during dance performance for Noblesville Duck Race

The View From Here

"Erik [Prince] fucked with the 2016 election"



11th Circuit OKs Unmasking Of Plaintiffs Who Accuse Chiquita Of Funding Colombian Terrorists

Racist collectibles at Pence antique mall debated

Violence forces exodus of former FARC guerrillas

Bribery scheme implicating Madigan revives term limits talk

Should 5-Year-Olds Start School This Year?

A North Korean coronavirus outbreak might be the biggest threat Kim Jong Un has ever faced

Regis Philbin funeral service, burial to be held on Notre Dame campus

She was 13 when a beaten John Lewis arrived at her Alabama family's home, seeking refuge

Common Cause sues Indiana for limiting who can ask for extensions to voting hours

(Jewish Group) Rapper Jay Electronica calls rabbi who spoke with Nick Cannon a liar and a 'devil'

The birth of a militia: how an armed group police Black Lives Matter protests

(Jewish Group) Trustee of Britain's largest Muslim charity resigns over anti-Semitic Facebook posts

German economic outlook brighter for 3rd month post-shutdown

A massive Facebook privacy settlement just got bigger. Illinois users could split $650 million.

(Jewish Group) Twitter debate after Metropolitan Museum of Art labels tefillin as Egyptian amulet

Auschwitz museum employees discover identifying inscription in shoes of children sent to the camp

(Jewish Group) CNN election forecaster Harry Enten on his bar mitzvah, the 2020 Jewish vote and why

Breakfast Monday 27 July 2020

'Unmasked' rally defies school virus rule, Pritzker critique

(Jewish group) Rabbi Sacks: China's persecution of Uighurs a 'desecration of faith'

What will trump start doing next ?

Lightfoot to back ordinance to cut air pollution

This should be raised every time the storm trumpers in Portland are spoken about.

Is groping fruit in the produce department acceptable behavior in a pandemic?

"It's like ten Rodney Kings a day"

Bolivia Is Ransacking Lithium From Its Indigenous People

Hurricane Douglas gains strength; skirts the state of Hawaii

The Virus Turns Midtown Into a Ghost Town, Causing an Economic Crisis

Motivation for Trump to stay beyond January 20:

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Update Revealed at Comic-Con 2020

It's never too late...

Miami-Dade Lawyers Equate Not Wearing a Mask to Pooping on the Street

NY Times: Trump's support among Black and Latino voters has not fallen.

Most Americans will vote like they are going to the doctor to have a hemorrhoid removed.

Arizona School Cancels Controversial Bible Class Due to Lack of Interest

Biden leads in North Carolina as voters give Trump poor marks on virus, race relations

Florida's insurer of last resort extends moratorium on cancellations

Propping up the economy long term, means you have failed.

Melania Trump to announce Rose Garden renovation

Virus vaccine put to final test in thousands of volunteers

Tag team tennis:

Tracking the Growing Wave of Oil & Gas Bankruptcies in 2020

Inside Will and Jada Pinkett Smith's Scientology School

Well, well, well: Fox News' Jesse Watters Retracts Comments Praising QAnon: 'A Fringe Platform' ...

Portland's Naked Athena Protester Says She Wanted Cops 'to See What They're Shooting At'

How Much Do Countries Spend on Healthcare Compared to the Military?

VA May Be 1st State To Face Real Costs Of Coal As Bankruptcies Ripple Through Cleanup Bond Pool

21.7C (71.06F) In Svalbard Highest Temperature Ever Measured In European Arctic

China & Uighurs: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Slavery: not a necessary evil but country was built on it. Thanks for that argument for reparations


Russian Oil & Gas And Mining Sectors About To Be Hammered By Permafrost Loss - Morgan Stanley Report

At 88, he is a historical rarity -- the living son of a slave

Melania says she will redo the WH Rose Garden.

This is the saddest caravan of losers I've ever seen.

Trump's America.

Has any gone down to the White House Mail Room yet this morning?

Looking to recover what we've lost in Trump's term

George Takei: Turns out blatant corruption has a very low return on investment.

Official Florida's Idiocy On Sea Level Rise Now Matched By Gov. DeStupid's COVID "Policy"

Flu and pneumonia vaccinations may lower risk for Alzheimer's, studies find

Homeo, 5G and Covid-19 (via Retraction Watch)

We are close, but we can't take things for granted!

Seven Little GOP Senators Squeak For Moscow Mitch To Include Clean Energy In COVID Relief Package

Laurie Garrett: America's Schools Are a Moral and Medical Catastrophe

Conservative PACs denounce Sunflower State PAC (KS-SEN)

The masses LOVE trump so much,

Do the Republicans actually believe I am out of work for the extra $600?

National Security Advisor Robert O'Brien has tested positive for the coronavirus

Breaking on Morning JoeScum

The Rundown: July 27, 2020

Trump's National Security Advisor Robert O'Brien has tested positive for the coronavirus

Virginia Tech Wants Potomac Yard Metro Station to Include 'VT' Initials

Democrats not worried about Trump use of Federal Agents as political tactic

Anti-fascists linked to zero murders in the US in 25 years

Monday TOONs - A Test For The Rest Of Us

99 bottles of drumpf on the wall...

The House didn't change a coma.

Didn't know where to put this

Conservative: "A vote for Joe Biden is a vote for our Constitution."

*BREAKING NEWS* Eight Marlins Players And Two Coaches Test Positive For Coronavirus-14 Now Infected

Court-ordered mediation begins today at 10a in the legal battle between @GovKemp and Atlanta Mayor @

Great ad-#TrumpCantGetItUp

Conservative: "Trump is the most easily fixable problem we have today."

Trying to put out a forest fire with a garden hose.

Cartoon: Trumpet Crumpets By Clay Jones -July 27, 2020 9:00 AM

Germany by far most admired country, with US, China and Russia vying for second - global poll

Churchill nailed us cold.

Trump National Security Advisor Robert O'Brien Has Coronavirus

The risk of a huge shift towards absentee voting isn't fraud that hurts the GOP. It's administrati

Kansas City Chiefs' offense lineman opts to skip this year's football season!

Today's schedule: no time for golf.

80 Ears Ago Today; Bugs Bunny's debut on the big screen with "A Wild Hare"

Pence to visit lying in state of civil rights icon John Lewis

Trump's national security adviser tests positive for Covid-19

Covid sweeping Florida Marlins MLB team

Sources - Marlins cancel game as coronavirus spreads

Life in the pits: Scientists identify the key enzyme behind body odor

Trumps America

Marlins are covid positive and have cancelled tonight's home opener (and prob just killed all sports

Explainer: What's at stake in the battle over U.S. unemployment benefits in Congress?

Trump's team dodges virus blame while jobless benefit cuts loom

Right-Wing MAGA Artist's Weird New Trump Prayer Portrait Gets Hilarious Makeover

"TRAFFIC ADVISORY: Funeral Services for United States Representative John Lewis"

Do you think the MLB season will be cancelled?

Love The Shirt (NOT) Pass this youtube of Trump's ardent supporters along!

OMG! Now "Karen" has her own YouTube channel...

To be fair we can't be sure Vaclav Havel didn't write this too.

Multiple Philadelphia police vehicles set on fire across the city overnight

Page To Announce New Restrictions To Help Keep The Coronavirus From Spreading

Trump's National SecurityAdvisor just tested positive for COVID

This fellow from the UK is suspicious the US covid cases are leveling off. He mentions the change in

Wrapping Wednesday: Micro Reviews for the Week of 07/22/2020

Target to close stores on Thanksgiving Day, they say 'this isn't the year for crowds'

Comic-Con 2020 Eisner Award Winners Announced

Breaking - Several Marlins players and two coaches have Covid-19

Ditka's latest rant probably ends his broadcasting career ...

About 4,000 federal employees say they contracted the coronavirus at work -- and 60 have died

NG Cmdr: police suddenly moved on Lafayette Sq protesters, 'excessive force' to clear path for Trump

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 7/27/20

Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of one of the most important civil rights laws in

This is exquisite writing

It tweeted

One question still dogs Trump: Why not try harder to solve the coronavirus crisis?

99-Days to Election day! We are all "Two-digit midgets."

Jihadist plots used to be U.S. and Europe's biggest terrorist threat. Now it's the far right.

Trump's America. (Lincoln Project Twitter image)

U.S. Republicans to unveil coronavirus aid proposal as time runs out on jobless benefits

tRump losing support over his taking away that $600 UI benefit

Mountain rescuers heft ailing St. Bernard off English peak

National Guard commander says police suddenly moved on Lafayette Square protesters

George Carlin - Fear Of Germs

Texas Democrats plan 7-figure ad buy to turn state blue

The Con's National Security Adviser Robert O'Brien Has Coronavirus

Important read, medic in PDX injured at protest for BLM

How Fox News may be destroying Trump's reelection hopes

ShutDownDC rallies in Alexandria, Virginia, at the home of acting secretary of Homeland Security

At what point will Trump turn on his voters?

Hawaiian Islands avoid direct hit from Hurricane Douglas

Trump national security advisor Robert O'Brien tests positive for coronavirus, reports say

You raised $7,571.06 on July 26, 2020 to elect Joe Biden POTUS with our DU ActBlue link

Twitter Rumor: Herman Cain Died This Morning

Anti-fascists linked to zero murders in the US in 25 years

RNC Speaker List? I can't tell if this is news or satire

How long is trump going to keep goading the protesters in Portland?

This MLB season is a farce......"Two MLB games postponed after Marlins outbreak"....

Trump to leave Washington instead of paying respects to John Lewis: report

"Only". Well-done pandemic movie starring Freida Pinto

Question: Have ANY of Trump's Storm Troopers refused to participate in this atrocity of his?

Pic Of The Moment: Ted Cruz Slanders Jobless Restaurant Workers

Andy Slavitt (former Obama CMS director): We can virtually eliminate the virus any time we decide to

Tens Of Thousands Of Missourians Lose Health Insurance After Coronavirus Job Losses

Illinois Dedicates Marijuana Tax Dollars To Underserved Areas

Bloomberg Markets: The Diversity Issue (magazine cover)

To Expand Or Not To Expand Medicaid: Missouri Voters To Decide In August

Games in the time of plague

Bobbie Gentry has a birthday today.

Has anyone seen Trump merchandise tents pop up in their area?

Scientists: Reduce wildlife trafficking and slow tropical forest loss to prevent future pandemics

Texas Democrats running for the U.S. House have more campaign cash than Republicans.

Trump attacks Republicans -- and reality -- in Sunday afternoon tweetstorm

Yankees-Phillies game postponed after Marlins COVID-19 outbreak

ShutDownDC rallies in Alexandria at the home of acting secretary of Homeland Security

'Men hide behind their wives': DHS chief faces protest at home after agents storm Portland

Post number 500

'Arranging flowers on the Titanic': Melania's planned Rose Garden makeover drowned in scorn

Rebuild, Retrain, Rethink the Police. Reframing the message.

Rise and fall of a mini-Trump: With Florida a global epicenter, Ron DeSantis can shut up now

Can I give a shout-out to John Meacham?

I brought you some emails

Protests Against Police Brutality and Trump's Secret Police Are Exploding Across the U.S.

Senate Republicans, White House seek to reduce weekly unemployment benefit from $600 to $200

Good news. 4 out of 7 days we are below 10K cases.

Target joins Walmart in staying closed for Thanksgiving this year COVID-19 Study Update

1813 new cases on the AZ Dashboard this morning, Mon., -1 new death

Coming out at 90 years old... to my gay daughter

St. Paul nursing home workers want respect for their essential work, and they're on strike to get it

Florida Covid-19 cases in children: Hospitalizations among kids jump 23%

"Russia Insight" You Tube channel

Opinion: Gassing Moms And Vets Does Not Win Elections

This never gets old - MAGA running into reality

John Lewis Is the First Black Lawmaker to Lie in State in the Capitol Rotunda

Today the US will pass 150,000 dead from the coronavirus (per Worldometer's tally)

My Take on Biden's VP Choice

The attacks on press freedom in Portland (Columbia Journalism Review)

The Guardian: New clashes in Portland as protests spread to other cities.

When the Democrats regain full power, the Republicans must not be allowed to stone wall legislation.

Annie Wilkes... in real life.

Trump called the 'wall of moms' that formed to defend Portland protesters from fed agents a 'scam'

WiReD: "Some Countries Reopened Schools. What Did They Learn About Kids and Covid?"

Jon Ossoff (GA-SEN-1) campaign ad

GOP Sen. Tom Cotton called slavery a 'necessary evil' in an attack on a New York Times project

Will they ask Barr about interference re: Drumpf's Turkish funny business

Trump targets Reagan Foundation after issues over ex-president's likeness

Vote. Have a plan. And a backup plan. And a backup backup plan.

University of Maryland students seeking to cancel leases at on-campus apartments told they can't

Douglas County Board of Health votes unanimously to support mask mandate

The Republicans and Trump just spent days arguing with each other over something that won't pass.

Maddow Blog At crunch time, Republicans push to slash unemployment benefits

LOL! That's definitely a silver lining...

This Is Not A Test

What do the Portland Protesters want?

Burn It All Down?

Rutgers English Department to deemphasize traditional grammar 'in solidarity with Black Lives Matter

Trump Spokesman Told Off By C-SPAN Caller After Blaming Dead Americans On Democrats

As a Texan, I made four phone calls this morning.

Trump supporters fume at the president's campaign for spamming them with 'sleazy' text messages

Trump can't shift public attention from coronavirus to the streets of America

I Went to Disney World

Biggest ice sheet on Earth more vulnerable to melting than thought

Trump and his people "don't need masks because they are tested every day."

Miami Marlins postpone game as 14 team members (12 players)test positive....

UK Pet Cat Tests Positive for Covid-19

Laurence Tribe: "Trump will keep getting worse until we have no republic left"

Rs want to pay 70% of earnings for unemployed. Did they think this through?

Democrats grow more confident they can pick up House seats, including in Texas suburbs

Honoring John Lewis: Watch Live

Over 40 Infected With COVID-19 After Revival Event At Alabama Baptist Church: Pastor

The Biden campaign should start calling Trump, Individual 1.

Up until 500 years ago mathematicians and astronomers were trying to bang a square peg into a ...

360 Democratic delegates say they'll oppose party platform that does not include 'Medicare for All'

The US election is in 100 days: what are the biggest threats to it?

Police Violence.

How the global climate fight could be lost if Trump is re-elected

I need a comprehensive list

Another war crime on video from Portland

Raise your hand

Violence Is The Last Tool Left In Trump's Toolbox Of Hororrs

RBG quote - Nine

Joe Biden releases his Agenda for Women

The White House inadvertently reveals the fact Trump doesn't give a shit about national security

'Embarrassed' St. Bernard Rescued By Team Of 16 From England's Tallest Mountain

Republicans' pandemic blunders keep piling higher

Dad- I don't want a damn dog

Solo harmonica playing AMAZING GRACE at BLM Plaza.. I am in tears.

Virginia Early Voting (repost)

October 20th not November 3rd

Palm Beach County's mask rules are constitutional, judge rules

How Fox News may be destroying Trump's reelection hopes

He really is the President of only a sliver of the U.S.

Post your Biden lawn signs

Violence by Louie Gohmert supporters' counter protest

Cartoons 7/27/2020

Gimme a Gam!

Biden should do a PSA style ad

If you could use a laugh. Gary "Baba Booey" Dell'abate throws First Pitch at Mets Game (2009)

As a Texan, I made four phone calls this morning.

In Remembrance of John Lewis

Anyone know what the harmonica music they're playing for John Lees is?

Germany rejects Trump's proposal to let Russia back into G7: foreign minister

Jake Tapper Rips Into Trump for Ignoring Russian Bounties Story

on ABC News now, John Lewis motorcade coming to capitol....

Tulalip Tribes to buy 100-acre salmon habitat near Monroe

I have been waiting for the American people to understand this fact of life.

The same catafalque which was used when Abraham Lincoln lay in state in 1865 will hold the casket...

Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan: U.S. cities need masks and tests, not shock troops.

Bernie Sanders delegates mount convention rebellion over 'Medicare for All'

We just hit 150,000 COVID-19 deaths according to worldometer

Cities in Bind as Turmoil Spreads Far Beyond Portland

Here they come

These American mercenaries were the heroes of China

Sergei Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto #3

Novel noncovalent bond blocks repulsive odor of isocyanides (Phys.Org)

Why Florida Could Go Blue In 2020

The Judgey Librarian

GOP to Unemployed workers.... $200 a week should suffice.

Police and protesters clash in violent weekend across the US

Facebook: is it time for a tin hat theory?

Helping the enemy used to be called Treason. Now it's called being a Republican...

Joe Biden's Vice-Presidential Pick: Who's in the Running?

Trump's tanking in the polls. These are the two key groups defecting to Biden.

"Amazing Grace" plays as Lewis' motorcade stops at Black Lives Matter Plaza

White Supremacy Shaped American Christianity, Researcher Says

The millions 'hanging by a thread' as coronavirus aid expires

Neil Young Rips President Trump for Using 'Free World' Like It's His 'Theme Song'

I have been following Covid 19 stats on the Worldometer site for months now. Every

Police: Richmond riots instigated by white supremacists disguised as Black Lives Matter

Anti-mask US senator who called coronavirus a hoax tests positive for Covid-19

How Vietnam conquered COVID while the Mighty U.S. succumbed

Christine Daley, Lehman's Star Distressed Debt Analyst, Dies

Minnesota Couple Wears Nazi Face Masks To Walmart After State Mask Mandate

Secret Weapon: How to Beat the Cops

Trump only pivoted on coronavirus after being warned of spikes among 'our people' in red states

New briefing strategy

Black gun-rights groups have started open-carry marches at anti-racism protests

Remember this little guy?

Houses approves Clyburn proposal to rename voting rights bill after John Lewis

The media should include words Trump won't know in their questions. Don't go too far,

Black activists in Portland call federal crackdown a 'distraction' from police reform efforts

N.J. Gym Owners Arrested After Defying Governor's Covid Order

Looks like a sailor down at Capitol. From the honor guard.

6 mil indigeous died in Bolivia's Potosi silver mine during Spanish control?!?! Now lithium?

SDOT expected to complete 'important work' in stabilizing West Seattle Bridge Monday

****GUARANTEED FRESH TRUMP APPROVAL Poll**** 36% Approval 61% Disapproval

Pierce County reports 92 new COVID-19 cases, no deaths

He's calling you lazy

Coronavirus Deaths Surpass 1,500 In Washington

Wiley sparks Twitter virtual 'walkout' over anti-Semitic tweets

Madonna Instagram post of Louis Farrakhan video racks up 700,000 views

Seattle's Pagliacci Pizza shutters Queen Anne location after more than 3 decades

'...almost all major exports to Europe from America were produced by Africans,' Edgar McManus, histo

Rescue Pittie Screams Like A Seal When It's Time For The Beach

PBS Frontline Tuesday July 28. Conspiracy theories and the White House.

Kamala Harris to Trump: Lead on COVID and economy or get out of the way

Watching the coverage from the Capitol

Pass the voting rights act bill

Nooooo...Mitch is speaking.

They just introduced "the honorable Mitch McConnell"

I was wrong, traitor CANT postpone election ...

The Republicans are pulling out all the stops for their speaker line up.

Biden releases plan to make sure women can fully participate in our economy and country

Verified Voting.

Texas Democrats plan 7-figure ad buy to turn state blue

The torch that John Lewis has passed shines far brighter than all the

In another time, in a different circumstance, there would perhaps be room to pity such a person.

Tweet of the Day

CAPTION - taking your eyes off the target

That was unbelievable

Child hospitalizations from Covid-19 surge 23% in Florida as schools statewide must reopen

It makes me ill to see

Body Of Rep. John Lewis Arrives In D.C. For Ceremony At U.S. Capitol

Trump: "No, I won't be going. No."--responding to question Will you pay your respects to John Lewis?

We thought atomic energy was the tecnology that would do us in. Now---maybe social media?!?!

It is Well with My Soul

because corporate CEO's

Ali Velshi: Without protest, America would still be a British colony.


Bonus Tweet of the Day

Anniversary! Four years ago today. "Russia, if you are listening..."

English Premiere League

Walmart in Jay closing next month after 40 years

Texas Democrats plan 7-figure ad buy to turn state blue

Don't fucking get complacent. Keep working as if President Biden is 10 points down.

Pic Of The Moment: So Let Me Get This Straight

The United States has to shut down again. It is out of control now.

Kudlow: GOP plan will include 'increased business deductions for meals and entertainment'

Drugmakers refuse to attend White House meeting after Trump issues executive orders on costs

Weather looks good for Mars rover launch attempt Thursday

I think we should stop talking about LAW and ORDER...

Dolly Parton Sings

Tampa protesters planning a 'Wall of Moms' for Trump's upcoming visit on Friday


Some ask trump if he can recall this in order

Herman Cain update from his official account (still in hospital)

METROPOLITAN DIARY 'We Were Somewhere in the 50s When We Noticed a Brass Quartet'

WaPo: Kamala Harris's lack of 'remorse' should make her an even stronger candidate for VP

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

July 27 - Happy Birthday Rep. Lacy Clay (D) MO-1st

ray lamontagne - strong enough (studio - 2 months ago) awesome new tune ...

Officer challenges account of violent clearing of protesters

Portland Federal Agent Kneels on Woman's Back As She Yells 'I Can't Breathe'

If we had a moment of silence of 1 second for every covid death

NC feeling economic fallout from Trump pulling convention. GOP worried about repercussions for Trump

'We do not have a constitutional right to infect others.' Judge upholds Palm Beach Co.'s mask orders

I'd call this attempted murder by cop.

Occasionally, I think the Hawaiian Islands are not part of the United States...?

RAMBLIN' ROUND: Brian and The Beach Boys: Still riding that wave

Beto O'Rourke and Texas Democrats unite for largest Black voter outreach effort in state history

'These are his people': inside the elite border patrol unit Trump sent to Portland

Joke: Twenty Bucks

trump was just asked by a reporter about the Russian bounties...he said...

Joke: New Hire at the Zoo

Alexandria Delegate Wants City to Fire Officials or Police Who Espouse QAnon Theories

Anti-fascists linked to zero murders in the US in 25 years

Joke: The Boy and his Pennies

Is our country presently under attack?

John Lewis's body arrives in Capitol Rotunda to lie in state

OMG Fox & Friends has coronavirus (meme)

Madonna - Borderline July 27, 1983 - Madonna's first studio album is released on Sire Records.

Mark Cuban's dunk on Ted Cruz shows why the Right is losing the Cancel Culture Wars

Who doesn't know how to pronounce the word film?

Duncan pup makes me smile letting it all hang out exposed belly sleeping on his back

44 Years Ago Today; John Lennon gets his Green Card

'These are his people': inside the elite border patrol unit Trump sent to Portland

US attorney general may be using Assange case for political ends, court told

Herman Cain still hospitalized more than 3 weeks after COVID-19 diagnosis

Americans Who Identify as Conservative Steadily Declining in 2020

Join the #TinyTrump art installation!

Forget Putin, it's meddling by America's evangelical enforcer that should scare us

BREAKING: Another college bails on hosting Presidential debates

Notre Dame withdraws as presidential debate host site

Sarah Eckhardt wins bid for Austin-area Texas Senate seat

?!? 'We Must Re-elect Trump to Ensure Christian Supremacy in Politics'?!? Ralph Reed

Trump will not pay respects to John Lewis

Question for home canners - price increase

Cognitive Test 2:

Smallest Pittie Puppy Ever Grows Up To Be Gorgeous

Man holding Black Lives Matter sign in 'America's most racist town' gets pelted with nonstop threats

Video shows Texas civil rights lawyer attacked for trying to help asylum seekers

A Harsh Lesson in the Reality of Covid-19

Mommy Cat Fosters Baby Skunk

Iowa football and Kirk Ferentz see Black players speak out on program's racial inequities

Virginia high school fall sports all moved to spring. Football in March.

Dog can't decide if he wants to swim, balances on pool ledge instead

WATCH: New Jersey cops accused of 'beating' Latino child for not wearing a bicycle helmet

Trump Humiliated And Forced To Cancel Meeting After Drug Companies Refuse To Show Up

Karen Bass walks back Castro comment amid VP vetting

Patent Troll Gets Court To Order Startup It Sued To 'Edit' Blog Post; Troll Now Asks Startup To ...

If I were Joe Biden, any debates with the Con would be virtual

Jihadist plots used to be U.S. and Europe's biggest terrorist threat. Now it's the far right.

Why doesn't someone ask why Trump doesn't disavow David Duke's endorsement?

We're having Schrodinger's baseball season...

Dr. Fauci admits Trump's task force messages don't match the COVID-19 reality on the ground

Maybe they hired your ex-writer?

Trumpists---you cannot lead and you will not follow so get the hell out of the way. nt

Trump's Remarks Before Marine One Departure; July 27, 2020

Ghislaine Maxwell fights to keep 'nude photos and sexualised videos' secret ahead of trial

Gov. Greg Abbott extends early voting for November election by six days, starting Oct. 13

Throughout his tenure, William Barr has been on a largely unchecked spree of corruption. Tomorrow,

Texas biotech facility in College Station tapped to mass-produce potential COVID-19 vaccine

Temporary UBI monthly payment of $1500 for all Americans for two years

Trump administration sending more federal agents to reinforce Portland courthouse

In three days July 30, 2020 Perseverance will launch to the Mars

Thousands of Texans remain without power in the aftermath of Hurricane Hanna

It took 3 police thugs to take down this little 14-year old girl and brutalize her in Eugene, Oregon

Good question: why are we allowed to hear about conversations with other world leaders...?

Black football player killed in his 2nd game Oct 1923, on IAState team---playing vs MN

Wall of Moms and Don't Shoot Portland file lawsuit against Feds.

Herman Cain Remains Hospitalized For COVID-19 Weeks After Infection


If Biden wins and Trump loses, do you think that COVID will be the main cause?

The family of Congressman Lewis made a request

Twitter Schools Larry Kudlow: That Is Not How To Wear A Mask

All star line up for RNC Convention...

This is trumps image of America.

The 2020 Aspen Security Forum: August 4 - 6, 2020

Out of 195 countries in the World, America is in 185th place, for its ability to keep people alive.

School cancellation

JOE BIDEN AND JILL BIDEN just walked into the Capitol Rotunda to pay their respects to John Lewis...

Racist County Chair to Take Office as Infighting Spills on to Center Stage

Natal Plum in flower

LOL Fake America's Frontline Doctors group has big press conference saying Covid is fake

Beware paramilitaries, and their assaults on military veterans

My new, favorite (although, sadly, photoshopped) photo of the Good Queen Elizabeth

LOL Fake 'America's Frontline Doctors' group has big press conference saying Covid is fake

White House continues building 13-foot high 'anti climb' wall after protests

Who were the two women who were talking to the Bidens

The Fed "has now funded Chinese subsidiaries with millions after telling the American public that C

Texas extends the early voting period for the November 3rd Election.

Kaepernick, Fauci to receive Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Award

TX-25 may be competitve.

I wish we could just stop paying Federal Taxes.

S.W.A.T.......Smart Women Against Trump....

US and WHO -- Dr. Campbell July 24, 2020

What's for Dinner July 27, 2020

Principals demand end to face-to-face classes as school closures grow (Australia)

In Minneapolis, Armed Residents Set Up Patrols Amid Calls to Defund the Police

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Tuesday, 28 July 2020

Beautiful photograph:

Michigan State: 16 student-athletes, four staffers test positive for COVID-19 last week

How fascism works.

Jim Jefferies interviewed Navy Seal credited with shooting Osama Bin Laden...

Honoring John Lewis

Democratic National Convention to require masks, distancing

Chief of critical care at Baltimore's Mercy Medical Center passes away due to Covid-19 complications

Anyone Surprised That Trump Didn't Have A Covid-19 Briefing Today?.....

Minnesota Vikings' Infection Control Officer tests CV positive:

Has anyone else thought about the "Post-President Trumps Era" when we.....

Talking World War III Blues

Sinclair drops segment featuring conspiracy theory about Fauci

Mike Luckovich-Trump finally got a wall

The Twit tweets: So disgusting to watch Twitter's so-called "Trending", where sooo many trends are..

DUers, especially if you're knowledgeable about coins, I need your expertise.

Leaked RNC playbook

Dr. Fauci first-pitch baseball card breaks sales record in 24 hours


Two Portlanders hospitalized after shot with munitions: 'If that round had hit me in the neck, I def

We talked about this the other day: Herman Cain

Father kills his 2 month old son - on my street

Effing Facebook just put me in time out

Wall of Moms, Don't Shoot Portland sue federal Homeland Security Department

Trump files new challenge to NY subpoena for his tax returns

2020's States with the Best & Worst School Systems

Today's shitshow

2020's States with the Best & Worst School Systems

100 federal inmates have died from coronavirus

Welcome tweet from none other than Steve Schmidt:

NJ police charge three after 700-person party at Airbnb rental

Anthony Fauci Cheers Phase 3 Trial Start for Moderna's Potential Coronavirus Vaccine

NJ police charge three after 700-person party at Airbnb rental

Dr. Birx: TN should close bars as covid surges. TN Repug governor: No!

DNC Platform Committee votes (no link yet, just posted on Twitter):

It's tweeting

Joe Biden's Vice-Presidential Pick: Who's in the Running?

John Oliver Systematically Dismantles Fox News Dishonesty Over Portland Protests

Fact check: Kroger is not charging customers a Black Lives Matter tax

Trump thinks it would be ridiculous, illegal, and very unfair if this video blew up and trended. #Tr

Trump nominates Fox News pundit Macgregor as U.S. ambassador to Germany

Regis on Celebrity Jeopardy

National Guard commander to condemn use of force on D.C. protests

Onward, Christian Fascists

Impeach the plant (SFV) is still alive and back in flower by 20 days

Man who paid $75 for Chevy truck 44 years ago, just sold it to prior owner's grandson for $75

Mayors ask Congress to ban deployment of militarized federal agents in cities as Trump mulls sending

Someone songified Trump, and it's amazing.

Today is #mementomorimonday with this stunning graveyard statue

The Trump administration has redacted the meeting minutes pertaining to its presidential transition

Cry Baby Cry

Trump claims trending twitter topics which are about him are "illegal"

"Because you want to be politically correct ok..."

Jack Ohman with a Lewis/Trump comparison.

'Ellen DeGeneres Show' Workplace Under Investigation by WarnerMedia

The Lincoln Project needs to make an ad out of this.

California's newest union: 45,000 childcare workers to be represented in contract talks BY MATT KRIS

Awe Inspiring: Rescued and treated Bald Eagle now released

Alyssa Milano: I'm on a women's agenda briefing call with the @JoeBiden team and WOW, wow, wow!

I know why Trump was so impressed with his test performance. It had to be astonishing

Those using the Garmin Connect it is up and running. It synced up with my watch and downloaded

Tlaib still refusing to endorse Joe Biden