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Pelosi: US should sanction Russia for alleged bounty scheme

A message to you

Trump's bond with veterans starts to fracture over Russian bounty plot

Please sign this petition to suspend standardized testing in FL.

Focus on Opening Schools, Not Bars

"If someone is nice to you but rude to the waiter, they are not a nice person"---Dave Barry.

A SERIOUS ? What is the real nature of the Trump/Putin relationship?

Hey, Canadians!

Intel officials brief congressional leaders on reported Russian bounty on US troops

Confirmed coronavirus cases are rising in 40 of 50 states

Trump's Mount Rushmore welcoming committee will include tribal protesters

I'm thinking, if I were Mexico, I might just build the wall.

A National Guardsman Sent To LA Protests Is Under Investigation For Ties To Proud Boys

Glenn Kirschner: Pompeo's Pathetic Press Conference on Russian Bounties on US Troops

Voters pick Biden over Trump on stamina

'Garbage Bag' Gowns And Flimsy Masks Among Items Given By FEMA, Nursing Homes Say

Germany disbands elite commando unit infested with white supremacists

I Wonder If The People That Refuse To Wear Masks.....

Internal Republican polls currently show Trump losing in Kansas!

For This Fourth of July, Officials Say Celebrate Freedom by Staying Home

Texas Mandates Face Coverings as Coronavirus Cases Surge

What is your FAVORITE Dessert?

It's been 124 days since Biden won South Carolina. We're now 124 days from the general election.

Democratic ad makers think they've discovered Trump's soft spot

Republicans say the darnedest things.

Did the Military World Games Spread COVID-19?

Report Suggests Mike Pence's Office Rerouted Foreign Aid Money To Preferred Christian Groups

Dog and cat at play!

Just went for a little stroll in my neighborhood.

man claims "stand your ground" after arrest for shoving 86 year old out of elevator

An oldie but still relevant

ME-SEN: Sara Gideon raises $9 million in Q2.

'Covid Parties' Are Not a Thing

Lets face it, besides Trump, the main problem with Americans in dealing with the virus is...

Donna Summer - Nether Lands

FedEx calls on Redskins to change name following investors' demands on sponsors

End the Nightmare-excellent new ad

On Top of Trump Tower

How do you help your pets deal with the fireworks?

Counties to remain in current phases; Inslee to sign 'No Mask, No Service' mandate

Pompeo is a member of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church. V conservative theologically, socially

Uncomfort with these never trumpers popping up

This deserves revisiting.

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Live and Let Die!

Let's have a sing-a-long!

Scarborough: This Biden ad is bad ass. Whoever put it together knows what they're doing.

In 2008, Everyone Thought The Recession Was Bad. In 2020, Views Depend On Their Party.

Battle for Control of South Korea's Justice System

St. Louis home owner says he's a victim of 'terrorism' and his 'life has been ruined'

Did Barr just fire another prosecutor?

Quarantine Habits

Police officer filmed punching black woman at Miami International Airport

Mr. Dumb Fuck Eric Trump is getting ROOOASTED for this tweet...

!! NFL to play Lift Every Voice and Sing before Star Spangled Banner every game!

Covid-19 Cases under tRump (Luckovich toon - must see)

2020 US Senate Election Prediction- Democrats will at least have a net gain of 4 seats.

Hawaii lab developing a Covid spit test for use this fall...quick result in 5 minutes

What if we treated Confederate symbols the way we treated the defeated Nazis?

A Tale of Two Herman Cain Tweets

The Disturbing History of the So-Called 'Boogaloo Bois'

Fed up Fox host LOSES IT on Republican who demands disbanding COVID task force to help Trump

Texas Lt. Gov. blasts Fauci as state coronavirus cases rise: 'I don't need his advice'

A new round of Secret Service Agents test positive for Covid-19..

Biden ad mocks Trump claim of 'too much winning' as coronavirus cases surge toward second peak

Months Into Coronavirus Pandemic, ICU Doctors Are Split on Best Treatment

Duckworth threatens to block military nominees unless impeachment witness Vindman gets promotion

Aaron Copland was an underrated composer and the fiddle is an underrated instrument.

You Could Be Mine - Guns N' Roses

The soldier Trump pardoned of war crimes and how it affected his platoon.

Joint Chiefs Chairman Confirms Soldiers Were Issued Bayonets For DC Protests

Trumps name will famous, it will be used to describe

Coronavirus patient suffers hours-long erection due to blood clots in his penis

Had Tandori Chicken for dinner

Rep. Candice Keller (r ohio) was asked to leave Gettysburg Visitor Center for refusing to wear mask

Just saw one of my favorite movies......The Black Stallion.......

White House does not plan any immediate response over intelligence reports on Russian bounties

The Trump administration just lent $700 million to a trucking company sued for ripping off taxpayers

Liberal redneck on masks

Liberal redneck on masks

Here, on this website, right now, is a lecture that is one of the most powerful, I have ever seen.

On this date, 41 years ago, I strapped on a backpack with a T and jeans and sneakers.

On record-breaking day, Mike Pence says Florida in a 'much better place' in coronavirus fight

Counties burn recyclables after malfunction, pandemic shut down facility

Anyone here work in construction or architecture?

" The right facing eagle (ours faces left), the flag in the circle, and the slogan".Rep Eliot Engle

9,352 new Covid cases in CA...

What's your result on the 8values political quiz?

Toppling Monuments, a Visual History

The week that shook the Trump campaign

Confirmed coronavirus cases are rising in 40 of 50 states

The raccoon who's been staring in my window almost every night was back again

Boeing communications chief resigns over decades-old article on women in combat

A History of 2020 So Far. No wonder I'm so damned tired!

Video Shows Huge Economic Impact of Aggressive Efforts to Fight COVID-19!

Billionaire Trump supporter Peter Thiel doubts president's reelection chances, won't donate money

Great anti-mask sign

BREAKING NEWS (next week)

Gawddamn, Steve Schmidt and Lawrence O'Donnell

In Arizona, Nearly 1 In 4 Coronavirus Tests Now Comes Back Positive

Posted by a pissed off Texan Jeannie knows from her Houston days:

Short and sweet Biden campaign ad

2020 - The next five months

The Cursed Platoon

Crazy! I posted the Dessert Thread in DU Lounge and...

Beautiful story of a racist who the community put in check quickly. America is changing #PermitKaren

WaPo Editorial Board: No Mr. Trump, the virus is not under control. It is in control.

Maldini of dogs

Olive and Mabel - behind the scenes

'We Can't Withstand Another Surge': San Antonio Leaders Warn Against COVID-19 Spread

Sweden's prime minister orders an inquiry into the failure of the country's no-lockdown coronavirus

Oh, jeez. Politico says Republicans are "buzzing" about Tucker Carlson running for president in 2024

Arkansas - Covid 19 can be used as reason to request absentee ballot.

Herman "Pizza Man" Cain hospitalized for Covid-19 after Tulsa rally.

Ten Ox Herding Pictures (Picture Ten - Entering the Marketplace with Extended Hands) - Zen Buddhism

There are products that seem to turn a wheelchair into something looking like a motorcycle.

Flowers at dusk

"Outside Schools Are Trending. But Are They Feasible?"

Will He Be Cursed By HIs Desecration Of Hallowed Ground Tomorrow?

Well this is sure ironic.

"Outside Schools Are Trending. But Are They Feasible?"

Fauci warns new coronavirus mutation may cause virus to spread more easily

Do Americans Understand How Badly They're Doing?

"Look up in the sky! It's a's a's SuperMAGAt!"

Is there a photo of Ghislaine Maxwell that Trump isn't in????

What an incredible predicament. Trump's main strategy to fight coronavirus, is to

Secret Service agents preparing for Pence Arizona trip contracted coronavirus

Padmasambhava/Guru Rinpoche - Songs to the 25 Disciples - Dzogchen

Go to a Trump rally, don't like face masks and now have Covid? Blame yourself!

Hand sanitizer and fireworks don't mix, experts warn

Let's talk about Trump allies pointing the finger at Schiff over Russia....

Mask up or pay up; California cities impose fines for disobeying orders

How to watch the 'Independence Day' lunar eclipse

Murder in Afghanistan, a Trump pardon, and the soldiers left behind

Who uses the word "chicanery"? No matter.. brilliant Biden move

Hugh Downs, anchor of '20/20' and 'Today,' dead at 99

Alert but not alarmed: what to make of new H1N1 swine flu

Hamilton musical songs parody Masking

TCM Schedule for Friday, July 3, 2020 -- TCM Special Theme: Directed by John Ford

TCM Schedule for Saturday, July 4, 2020 -- What's On Tonight: The Essentials: Small Town Americana

How bad is the fireworks situation in your area?

Supreme Court blocks curbside voting in Alabama

CO-03: Tipton Defeat Moves Seat From Solid to Likely Republican

Maya Wiley exploring bid for NYC mayor run

Judge gives Duque 48 hours to suspend US military operations in Colombia

Judge gives Duque 48 hours to suspend US military operations in Colombia

Tweet of the Day

This is how you lose a culture war

The U.S. job market is still in very bad shape. Just wait until the fiscal time bomb goes off.

Has anyone been through passport application during the pandemic?

Secret Service agents preparing for Pence Arizona trip contracted coronavirus

Students and faculty ask Washington and Lee to change its name

Colombia's ruling party sinking deeper in 2018 election fraud swamp

A day after her explosive book gets go-ahead, Mary Trump asks court to lift restraining order

Ghislaine Maxwell is 'extreme flight risk' with 3 passports and millions in bank, prosecutors say

"He blew it" from The Lincoln Project

Medellin announces curfews amid fears COVID-19 could collapse Colombia's 2nd largest city

Ohio priest indicted on charges of child pornography and juvenile sex trafficking, US attorney says

Brazil Registers 1,057 Deaths on the Day; Country Passes 60 thousand Death Mark

The NFL is planning to play the song known as the Black national anthem before all Week 1 games

The Daily Social Distancing Show: The Best of Michael Kosta in Quarantine

Not planning on watching the orange anus tomorrow evening...

In June, the Amazon Had the Highest Number of Fires in the Last 13 Years

Trump's Re-election Message Is White Grievance

BIG NEWS: @ProjectLincoln announces California Leadership team

Lorraine Hansberry's "Le Blanc"

'National Humiliation': Chris Hayes Compares U.S. COVID-19 Crisis To Rest Of World - All In - MSNBC

2 Officers Face Murder Charges After Using Taser on Man More Than 50 Times, Officials Say

TX Lt. Gov. 'Does Not Care' About Communities Struggling With COVID-19 - The Last Word - MSNBC

Is the Deep State Attempting a Hybrid War in Mexico?

Texas GOP will proceed with in person state convention in Houston

Rise in cases 'great news,' sign of 'massive' testing - trump

Steve Schmidt: Trump's Betrayal To U.S. Troops Is Impossible To Overstate - The Last Word - MSNBC

NJ-02: Gov. Phil Murphy endorses Amy Kennedy

Behind the scenes at todays presser.

Indigenous leaders angry about coronavirus risk from Brazilian military visit

ME-SEN: Sara Gideon expands fundraising lead over Susan Collins in Maine U.S. Senate race

Julian Bear Runner: Trump Doesn't Have Permission To Visit Mount Rushmore - The Last Word - MSNBC

tiedrich tweet on Ghislaine Maxwell

Why isn't voter suppression illegal

Biden campaign readying hundreds of lawyers in expansive vote protection effort

"How The Coronavirus Made Ending Homelessness Even More Critical"; WV, Appalachia

Former Panama Presidents Charged With Money Laundering

COVID-19 virus found in November sewage water samples in Brazil

Sara Gideon expands fundraising lead over Susan Collins in Maine U.S. Senate race

Mexico's top human rights official says she was threatened

July 5, 2020 When is the Next Full Moon?

Coronavirus updates: 66 University of Washington frat members test positive for COVID-19

Former Maine Democratic senator charged after dog bites two people

"How The Coronavirus Made Ending Homelessness Even More Critical"; WV, Appalachia

Former boxing champ Roberto 'Hands of Stone' Duran recovers from COVID-19

Armed White Supremacist Confronted a Peaceful Protest in Gainesville

Trump administration planning pandemic office at the State Department: report

Maine is letting in visitors from 5 states. 2 neighbors don't reciprocate.

FBI warned of white supremacists in law enforcement 10 years ago. Has anything changed?

Scientists say strain of coronavirus dominant around the world is different than what was seen in Wu

Rideau Hall: Canadian Armed Forces member arrested after breaching PM's estate

Pelosi: Trump 'himself is a hoax'

I am getting sick of Trump commercials

Maya Wiley, de Blasio's former top counsel, considering 2021 mayoral run

Trump Says COVID-19 Crisis Is 'Being Handled' As U.S. Sets A New Case Record - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

The Lincoln Project - 2020 Election Video Collection

Buttigieg, South Carolina mayor team up on COVID effort

Nike Pulls Redskins Online Merchandise, Hours After FedEx Demands a Name Change

French presidency says PM Edouard Philippe and his government have resigned

BIW shipyard hiring temporary workers; mediation next week

I have recommended this be made into a big poster and put up in my office in Dallas

BIW loses out on $936 million destroyer contract

Maine groups join Sanders, Pressley in launch of regional Green New Deal

New Hampshire Senate approves "red flag law" allowing temporary firearm confiscation

Maine cancels tens of thousands of fraudulent unemployment benefit claims

What Bounty?

As New Hampshire fireworks sales skyrocket, Massachusetts takes aim

Breakfast Friday 3 July 2020

Where We Are

What if you really like Trump's pro-Putin foreign policy, but worry that Trump isn't racist enough

Salem police captain arrested for federal tax evasion in gun resale scheme

Jay Peak receiver's bill for EB-5 cleanup now tops $8M

IF you thought the Tulsa rally was a flop

Back to school - but no mention of masks

Massacre of Black citizens in East St. Louis, July 2, 1917

When in doubt, throw it out.

Selah city lawyer: Family could be prosecuted for chalk art

'Nothing Is Normal Here': Trump Campaign Claims Its NDA Applies To Omarosa's WH Work

America's Sad Birthday - Republican Voters Against Trump

Albuquerque P.D. finds 5,000 missing crime reports from 11-year period

The maps that show just how disastrous the US's coronavirus outbreak is

New Mexicans face $100 fine for failing to wear a mask in public

2020 US Senate Election Prediction- US Senate seats Democrats will win to get back in the majority.

Trump says Minneapolis would have been 'wiped out' by protesters without his actions

OMG MSNBC is scaring the shit out of me.

Morning Joe ridicules Trump's cognitive abilities boast (*supercut from Daily Show)

How to win over the intelligent voters

What new concoction have you learned to cook since staying home?

Boris Johnson says he would not take the knee: 'I don't believe in gestures'

Virus Test Used by White House May Not Be Accurate

" They're not wearing a mask because nobody's saying put the mask on."

How long before the Infowars/Q-anon crowd claims that the 130,000 dead are "actors

2 dead, 73 injured in blast at Turkish fireworks factory

Investigators Set Up A Trap To See If Hotels Change Their Sheets During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Coronavirus: Why surviving the virus may be just the beginning

America deserves a president that defends our heroes, not our traitors.

Fauci "We are Losing the Battle". The Orange Goon: "We are handling it"

CNN: Study confirms new version of coronavirus spreads faster, but doesn't make people sicker

Daily new confirmrd COVID-19 cases- July 3... FORE!

New Trump Campaign song

Bird lovers: please explain to me this bird behavior

About that "yuge" jobs number report....

Remember the two little cute boys running to hug each other in the viral NYC video?

Friday TOONs - Make America Sick Again and Again and Again

Mississippi Elections Commissioner Accused of Racism After Complaining 'the Blacks' Are Having Voter

You raised $4,622.00 on July 2, 2020 to elect Joe Biden POTUS with our DU ActBlue link

Union tells actors not to work on pandemic film 'Songbird'

I am truly sorry. I made a mistake.

Union tells actors not to work on pandemic film 'Songbird'

Union tells actors not to work on pandemic film 'Songbird'

Herman Cain is receiving treatment for coronavirus at an Atlanta hospital

Happy Birthday; America

Anyone using Ring cameras?

Hot Hot Hot!

Venezuela's Birds Smuggled to Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana and Beyond

Some thoughts about the cognitive test that Trump "aced"...

Never Before Have I Seen So Much Fake Unemployment & Jobs Data by the Bureau of Labor Statistics

Gov. Cuomo: Malls In NY State Will Require Air Conditioning Systems That Filter The Coronavirus

Kevin McCarthy Wants to Withhold Money from States That Don't Protect Statues

Can we make a #DoYouKnowThisAsshole campaign go viral?

Senator to block 1,123 promotions unless SecDef says Lt. Col. Vindman's promotion won't be stopped

Sorry to hear that Ghislaine Maxwell killed herself next week.

The self-made Millionaire (Twitter pic)

With Edge, Microsoft's forced Windows updates just sank to a new low

Another Day, Another Coronavirus Record In Florida - Bravo GOv Desastrous

Tennessee Commission to take up removal of statue of notorious Confederate general

Pfc. Vanessa Guillen bludgeoned to death on Army base, family attorney says

It's Not a Debate: Wear a Mask By Connie Schultz

Friday cuteness - Ah, Ahh, AHHHHHHH

Molehill Trump at Mount Rushmore: Darcy cartoon

Best Divorce Ever!

A Daze in the Life

Trump pulls rank on Generals: Darcy cartoon

Ernie Harwell comes back from the beyond to announce the arrival of a new season.

If Sitcom Songs Were About Quarantine

A Dangerous Belief in Fake Made up Conspiracy Theories

Climate Change Fuels U.S. Dust Storms With Dire Health Consequences

Trump's idea of the Fourth of July is totally wrong

Today, Trump will get his dream photo op. - A #COVIDー19 death rally

Not a Leader

Never Before Have I Seen So Much Fake Unemployment & Jobs Data by the Bureau of Labor Statistics

Hakeem Jeffries: Hatred First. America Last. Is that the Trump doctrine?

Macron Taps Jean Castex to Be France's New Prime Minister in Reshuffle

Trump's Mt. Rushmore Event ... CRAMMIN' 'EM IN LIKE SARDINES

Pic Of The Moment: Meanwhile, At Mount Rushmore

The Case for Kamala Harris: Vice President Just Isn't That Important of a Position

trump is playing golf in Sterling, Virginia today...365th day he has spent at one of his properties

Finland's air force quietly drops swastika symbol

CNN reporter @miguelmarquez at Texas hospital report "My God...My God."

What kinds of non-political solicitations do you respond to?

Serena and Alexis: AO 2017 champions

Am I a bandwidth thief?

Germany is first major economy to phase out coal and nuclear

Is anyone on the Disney channel?

I'm just wondering why COVID-19 has proven a cinch to develop a vaccine for unlike other diseases?

Coronavirus is surging in Florida -- and so is anxiety over Trump's chances with senior voters

The coronavirus is reportedly evolving, but the media seem reluctant to use the dreaded "e" word.

A Long Talk With Anthony Fauci's Boss About the Pandemic, Vaccines, and Faith

Tucker Carlson 2024? The GOP is buzzing


CNN report from Texas hospital "Overwhelmed"

How Fauci, 5 other health specialists deal with covid-19 risks in their everyday lives

Wear A Mask NY - PSA (Staring Jason Voorhees)

The Mighty Mac this morning:

And here's the turn, likely. All trends in FL have now worsened

We used snort coke now it's zicam we used drink now we have cold coke humor in sobriety

What's your fovorite movie?

Show this to your republican friends and relatives

Most massive black hole yet discovered redefines 'gargantuan'

Does anyone else wonder if Trump will have his face projected onto Mount Rushmore tonight?

Oppressive heat approaches U.S. in early July as wildfires burn through Arizona

Just learned someone at my Covid job tested positive

COVID-19 deniers have got to be among the most stupid humans ever born!

Trump To Cancel Jacksonville Convention To Avoid Being Humiliated

Jason Isbell and Amanda Shires "Live at the Brooklyn Bowl" 5/15/20

The Con really believes in white power

Tinie - Whoppa (feat. Sofia Reyes and Farina) [Official Video]

Frederick Douglass' historic speech "What to the Slave is the Fourth of July?" By Daveed Diggs

Arizona health department reports 4,433 new coronavirus cases, 31 deaths (Friday)

One thing I learned from this last 3 years+. The GOP really only want to see fetus BORN after that..

Let's talk about that Convention bump

Trump wants America to die.

Isabelle Wilkerson in NYT: America's Enduring Caste System

Imagine if Hillary Clinton were President during this pandemic



Wow! My neighbor has been power washing his playscape for four days!

Washington NFL Team Announces 'Thorough Review' of Name Amid Growing Criticism

Can birds buy lottery tickets?

First Friday of the Month.... You know what day it is!

not for the squeamish - does anybody remember an old grisly story out of NOLA, dog and human meat

The murder of George Floyd has shown me I work with a lot of racists

Iran will not disclose cause of mysterious nuclear site fire

Take extra safe care of your dogs this 4th of July holiday.

Should statues to the Buffalo Soldier come down?

Current SD governor said 2 years ago Trump told her his dream was to have his face on Mount Rushmore

Coronavirus updates: Trump says increase of cases is 'great news'


Cases rise in 40 states; Jersey Shore open, but LA beaches closed; Texas mask mandate begins

Some TV shows I watch might be racist, or racist-lite

What Makes Bars and Restaurants Potential Covid-19 Hot Spots


Some Senators Want to 'Go Nuclear' to Pass Democratic Priorities

How about naming the Washington NFL Team the HEROES

Study finds fewer COVID deaths in states with female governors

The Helpful Opossum

July 4th weekend forecast calls for heat, severe weather

Can his Fragile Ego survive a Landslide Defeat by Biden? Will he pull an LBJ?

2016: Can One Crusading Court Stop Prosecutors from Lying and Cheating?

How Trump Could Lose The Election And Still Remain President

Hair weaves from Chinese prison camps seized in NY

A Scold of Karens. That's what the women were called.

Source: NFL plans to play Black national anthem before Week 1 games

Trump's callous claim pandemic is 'handled' exposed by rocketing Covid-19 infections

US jobs surge: Trump sees sunshine, Biden 'no victory yet'

Trump canceling Jacksonville convention? He can't do that 'all by his ownself', can he? Really?

Sousa's 'The Liberty Bell', Marine Band

6-year-old girl kicked out of Arkansas daycare after wearing 'Black Lives Matter' shirt

How Trump Could Lose the Election--And Still Remain President

Sudden FEC resignation means there will likely be NO enforcement of dark & foreign money laws in 202

Is Gravis an unreliable or right-wing poll?

Here Are The D.C. Protests Happening Over Fourth Of July Weekend

The US, Brazil and others lifted lockdowns early. It turned deadly.

How your IQ determines if you are likely to wear a mask.

July Fourth weekend will test Americans' discipline

Procrastinators, rejoice!

Looking very likely that the NFL's Washington franchise will change its name

Texas GOP to hold in-person convention this month

Joe Biden: 'Too much winning'

The Locust Plague in East Africa Is Sending Us a Message, And It's Not Good News

mississippi election commissioner wanting to FUCK UP the election. (anyone surprised?)

So I am back in the Hospital again

Couple who pulled guns on Black mother and daughters charged with felony assault

Here is a song I wrote in 2004.

Nancy Pelosi calls out Trump's con

The Washington Grays, or The Washington Homestead Grays

So, this happened. File under Dershowitz keeps surprising me.

Florida's 7 day rolling average of deaths is starting to trend upward.

New York prosecutors appeal in Manafort case seen as a backstop if Trump pardons him

Trump Throws A Fit Whenever His National Security Briefers Even Mention Russia

50% Of Voters Say They Absolutely Won't Vote For Trump

6,000 Vets To Denounce tRump Over The 4th Of July Weekend

Herman Cain Didn't Wear A Mask At Trump's Rally, And Now He Has Coronavirus

Frederick Douglass -- "What To The Slave Is The 4th of July?" -- Full Version

It's a library book, not a Hot Pocket

I Think Putin Ordered Trump To Kill As Many Of Us With The Covid-19 As Possible

Eagle felt like seafood for dinner.....

NEW VoteVets ad -- BENEDICT DONALD -- "Move over, Benedict Arnold."

Freedom (Richie Havens)

Ben Shapiro's Dirty Success Secret EXPOSED

Kiss My Rump, Donald Trump (2020 remake)

Blind Melon - No Rain (Live on 2 Meter Sessions)

Opera lovers: La Boheme in full from The Royal Opera this afternoon

Turnout for The Ga primary June 9th.

Archie Bell & The Drells - Strategy [The Reflex Revision]

The United States Has Nothing to Fear From the ICC. by Wes Clark

Indoor fireworks.

Will NFL play Black National Anthem before every game? Or just 1st week?

Ripplin' Waters

MSNBC: US Surgeon General sez wearing a mask up to the individual

DU challenge. Today someone said Drumpf was "trapped in a tiny vocabulary."

Big Explosion at Fireworks Factory in Hendek, Sakarya Province, Turkey

Bizarre trick with bicycles:

I guess the fireworks stands are doing a *booming* business!

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 7/3/20

07/05 Mike Luckovich: Me draw good!

trump on Mt. Rushmore

Earth farthest from the sun tomorrow

Man Designs An Off-Road "Wheelchair" So That His Wife Can Go Places She Never Imagined

People Got To Be Free

Coronavirus Is Killing the Working Mother


Willie Nelson's July Fourth picnic is virtual in virus era

#BenedictDonald is now trending on Twitter

Governor orders face coverings for businesses and customers

Video: Rachel Bitecofer, "Long-Time Evil Henchman For the GOP" Rick Wilson on Dem vs. GOP Messaging

I was just on the Clorox site . . .

Now This: Trump explains history:

At earlier-defiant Flower World, workers now wear masks

TCM Schedule for Sunday July 5, 2020 - Jessica Tandy

tRump's TV commercials are embarrassingly bad

'Not a safe situation': County is evicting homeless campers

TCM Schedule for Monday July 6, 2020 - Star of the Month: Tony Curtis

Is he going to have tanks and aircraft marching in D.C. tomorrow?

What Trump's Twitter feed looks like

Only verified intelligence? A look at presidents' briefings

A review of Trump's rally speeches in 2016 has revealed a significant misquote.

Things I trust more than Donald Trump

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont pension fund takes $40.6 million hit

Virus concerns grow -- as do crowds flocking to Jersey Shore

'He blew it': Why this Trump voter won't support him again

Roger Wilkins' powerful description of racism during his lifetime

You Can Leave Your Mask On: Nudists Wear Just One Item in Covid Times

"Hamilton" on Disney+ starting today

"Trump is letting over 100,000 people die due to his incompetence."

I do not care what any one says. It's bullshit telling me to go back to work in this mess. Every one

No flag, no songs, no pledge.

Fox News' Tucker Carlson Says Black Lives Matter 'Is Poison'

Neighbors From Hell? The Insane Drama Behind the Gun-Toting St. Louis Lawyer Couple

OMG I just got a call to re elect MF45

Hong Kong police arrest 24-year-old man on London-bound flight as China vows 'retaliation'

Black Violin - Lift Every Voice

Go Fund Me page started for those St. Louis gun pointers

Supreme Court school voucher ruling threatens American unity and public education


Jane Castor's lead on coronavirus response continues to yield national media hits

A year ago, the biggest controversy was Nike pulling the Betsy Ross sneakers

Trump's Use Of His Old Slogan Leads To A Quick Reality Check

This is so cool. Music made with marbles:

'The barn's on fire': The Phoenix mayor and Arizona's former health director detail how the state's

Oklahoma Cops Charged With Murder After Using Tasers 'More Than 50 Times' on Victim

21 Day Racial Equity and Social Justice Challenge

Trump's advisers are concealing how badly he is performing in swing states to keep him happy

Maine Democrat Challenging Susan Collins Outraises GOP Senator by Millions

Putin Considering Not Running Trump for Relection

New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham Signs Senate Bill 4 To Ensure Safe And Accessible November El

When Trump posted a threat on Facebook, Zuckerberg didn't remove it. He called to help.

House passes massive infrastructure bill, Senate Majority Leader calls it 'nonsense'

World stocks mostly dip with US closed for holiday

Sobering stat from the WaPo

What to take to a Zoom barbecue

Perfect mask for trump.

'Coronavirus Surge Continues To Come From Younger People'

Ahhhhh vacation. 30 year old Seagrams and The Small Faces!

Ahhhhh vacation. 30 year old Seagrams and The Small Faces! CONT.

Teaching my daughter to drive

Indigenous Environmental Network in solidarity with tribal leaders demanding removal of Mt. Rushmore

$20 Bill (for George Floyd) My version

Wow Peter Navarro!

Sound Track For A Friday Night Ramble....

Oma Arirang - Song Ga-in 송가인 - 엄마 아리랑

OMG Peter Navarro on MSNBC spouting conspiracies

Stupid Florida is stupid...

Okay, so add The Small Faces to the long list of ripped off by Zeppelin.

A white man waving an AR-15 around in front of his mansion says more about America than you'd think

Arizona ICUs at 91% capacity

Some random thoughts before I head home

Trump's Niece Presses Case Against Effort to Bar Publication of Her Book

are drumpf supporters literally turning into zombies???

What do we know about Katie Johnson who said Trump raped her at 13. She was affiliated with Epstein

Star-Spangled Banner melody ripped off From English drinking Song 200 Years Ago

GOP Rep. Refuses to Wear Mask, Told to Leave Gettysburg Museum

Oklahoma State's Gundy takes pay cut in wake of T-shirt flap

Fisher Price

Let America Be America Again - Langston Hughes (1936)

A fish rots from the head first.

For any Obama haters that might be lurking, especially if your name is Sean Hannity

What have y'all been eating?

August 7, 1974

Thousands visiting hospital sued for debt; dozens jailed.

Trump at Mt Spread-More

Our declaration this Independence Day should be liberation from Trump

Cosmic 'fireworks' shine in baby star cluster and distant galaxy

'Burned to the ground': Anti-Trump Republicans set new goal of defeating the GOP Senate

A massive repudiation of Trump's racist politics is building

GOP gubernatorial candidate request's for new State Street mural denied

Never had a hang-over scare me this much!

Jellyfish Fans!

What's for Dinner, Fri., July 3, 2020

Looks like MLB and players hammered out most of the details, and they will be announced on Monday

The Supreme Court just handed down some truly awful news for voting rights

I got to thinking about the parent/child pairs I've seen in concert

Look at how tough Trump is:

YouGov Poll: Biden voters prefer Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren as vice-presidential nominees

Winooski Man Charged After Alleged Racist Tirade at Post Office

Can Trump's anti-mail-voting crusade hurt him in key states?

Little girl teaching her cats how to draw a flower


Have two rabbits cleaned and cut into pieces.

best response to one of Ivanka's inane tweets

Aurora officers fired over photo imitating carotid hold used on Elijah McClain

tweet of the day SO TRUE!

Fair warning...

Trump, see no virus, hear no bounties

Scathing indictment of the traitor...

Bolsonaro waters down law requiring face masks in Brazil

Anyone see a Democratic Primary challenge for the 2026 CO US Senate Election between -

A warning about getting ready

Black Lives Matter May Be Largest Movement Ever

Ohio sets a new record one-day COVID case increase of 1,577.

'Upskirting' officially criminalized in Germany, with up to two years' prison time

The sucky history of Mt Rushmore (formerly Six Grandfathers) and the white dudes on it

White Couple Arrested After Viral Video Shows Woman Pulling Gun on Family Outside Chipotle

NFLPA votes to play no preseason games ahead of 2020 season

Trump to go full Hitler at Mt. Rushmore event.

I just got an absentee ballot for Aug primary. About non-partisan judge positions ...

After Covid-19 crisis, where will homeless Vermonters go?

Independence Day 2020 Patriot's Pledge

Little girl gets stalked by mysterious creature, runs for her life.

Trump's Firework Show Moving Forward At Mt. Rushmore Despite Worsening Wildfire Risks

Lee Statue Protest

Dog love it's 95 out to hot for furry boys to lay in yard air conditioning is on

Church pastor suspended after calling Black Lives Matter organizers 'maggots'

US Senate seats that will give Democratic majority control of the US Senate in 2020.

Armed Man Who Rammed Justin Trudeau's Home Is a QAnon Fan: Report

Jeffery Epstein's Girlfriend To Cooperate With FBI, 'Will Be Naming Names': Report

We, the taxpayers, are paying for the Trump shitshow

trump spotted golfing

To the World, We're Now America the Racist and Pitiful

Temples - Shelter Song

Vermont governor allows vote-by-mail bill to become law

The only response to the Con's new scare tactics ad about defunding the police

Mexican state closes its border to US because of covid-19. They should build a wall & make

Tampa residents find 9-foot alligator on doorstep

Goldfrapp - Ooh La La

I guess we will find out which phobia Trump fears the most.

John Lewis: Good Trouble - Official Trailer

US vs. Canada

An idea to get trumpers to wear masks.

Don't forget about Franklin!

Middle Age Riot on the politics of mask wearing:

Born in the USA

The zombies from I Am Legend apparently wear clothes now, but they won't wear a mask while shopping.

The political theater of Kayleigh McEnany's scripted walk-offs

Why is nobody discussing this here? The EU has banned U.S. citizens from entering its countries.

Rushmore - deAdder Draws for the Lincoln Project

4th of July by X...

Uruguay, Paraguay, Argentina get best marks in Latin America for pandemic response: poll

Uruguay, Paraguay, Argentina get best marks in Latin America for pandemic response: poll

David Starkey dropped by publisher and university after racist remarks

Dog's Love Letter To His Favorite Ball

Sparks - The Existential Threat (Official Video)

Coronavirus: Brazil's Bolsonaro waters down law requiring face masks

Republican Voters Against trump - a very fascinating Youtube channel

Just thinking of the other victims of this virus...

Turkey jails Amnesty activists in 'terrorism' case

Serious question

Guy drives 45 minutes out to a field every day to gain the trust of an abandoned pittie

Why is a military band at the con mans political rally?

Massachusetts detective fired after post supporting Black Lives Matter

Trudeau warns he may skip USMCA summit over US tariff threat, pandemic

You're doing a hell of a great job, Donald and Moscow Mitch! Keep up the great work!

Guy Takes His Dog On A Trip Around The World

Moms Are The Best People In The World

Covid-19 is here to stay. People will have to adapt

I am very confused

Long interview with Stacey Abrams - her new book is "Our Time is Now"

Montana is inundated with out of state visitors right now.

Trump administration eyes new strategy on COVID-19 tests

Rescuers Spend 4 Hours Freeing Humpback Whale From Fishing Net

I know the 1890 Federal census was destroyed in a

To my American Friends, Happy Independence Day from the country who really won the war!

Anti-Trump protest live on Youtube

I Beginning To Think Trump Wants To Lose In November....

Day 2. Thanks to all who replied the other night

Pittie Teaches Foster Puppy How To Dog

Mexico closes border in Arizona as coronavirus cases in both countries surge

Lee Statue Protest

Week in charts : The pandemic's relentless advance

Let's talk about the Black Hills, Rushmore, and Trump....

MLB cancels All-Star game in LA

Diver Meets A Very Smart Giant Octopus

I have to say that I am offended by that new

Just a baby otter

A little Twitter thread regarding the DC football Franchise

Cat Plays with Toy by Itself

Bolivia tries to hold elections amid pandemic, risking chaos

'Social distancing'

Queiroz Testifies and Says that Alleged Federal Police Leak Did Not Reach Him

'We need to live with it': White House readies new message for the nation on coronavirus

More covid-19 patients are surviving ventilators in the ICU

Surgeon General cautions that 'deaths lag at least two weeks' as cases rise in 40 states

Colombian army fires 31 members for alleged sex abuse against minors

Where would you see the place Trump is finally arrested at on live tv?

Indigenous protesters have blocked the road to Trump event tonight at Mount Rushmore

Brazil's indigenous seed collectors in demand for forest restoration

Latin American leaders denounce Israel's West Bank move

The Economist: Covid-19 is here to stay. People will have to adapt.

Eric tRump's photo of Clinton with Ghislaine Maxwell backfired

Biden tweets on the coronavirus and shares his plan

Trump plans to attack the 'left wing mob' in culture war tirade at Mount Rushmore: report

Will Michael Cohen be sent back to prison after being photographed at fancy NYC restaurant?

They zip-tied the seats together for Trump's rally tonight, to *prevent* social distancing attempts!

Hair Fuhrer's Hitlerian Rant tonight should

Kane Brown -Worldwide Beautiful

How can urban cable cars support urban upgrading in Lima's hilly settlements?

Steve Sack FTW

Rapid Arctic meltdown in Siberia alarms scientists

Small tailings dam collapses in Ecuador, communities denounce pollution

Air Force One sighting, for those of you who care.

Second highest new Covid cases in US today...54,670

Assholes in power

Trump used looted Venezuelan public money to build border wall with Mexico

Trump Is Turning America Into the 'Shithole Country' He Fears

Breaking: Mount Rushmore Police tell protestors they will tear gas them if they dont leave

Anyone have experience with Feliway?