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Weezer - We Are All On Drugs

WHO halts hydroxychloroquine trials after failure to reduce death

Bolsonaro, others shun masks at July 4 celebration in Brazil


Apparently, Defund Welfare is a thing now

You aren't getting fatter just because you step on the scale every day.

Congressman Greg Gianforte, Kristen Juras suspend public events after potential COVID-19 exposure

US sees over 50,000 new Covid-19 cases for third straight day as holiday begins

26 second excerpt of trump's speech, NOT altered!

Terrorism experts fear outbreak of violence by pro-Trump 'Boogaloo' fans around 2020 election

Anyone in a wheelchair ever use one of these things that makes it like a motorcycle?

Trio Matamoros, a cultural phenomenon in Cuba

The Trumpet Vine bloomed, today

Will you Brits please get off our case about our national anthem being so hard to sing?

U.S. Cases Up 1.7%; Trump Vows Remedy by Year End: Virus Update

A Maine style garden.

Special ed teacher who coughed on 1-year-old in yogurt shop fired from school district

Coronavirus: 'Don't wear deodorant,' says Berlin's transport company

Will Smith: "I can fix this! I can save everybody!"

Florida GrimReaper speaks with Trump fan on the beach

A virologist, an epidemiologist and a scientist walk into a bar

A catalog of atrocities

Historians question Trump's choice of 'heroes' for national garden monument

New Trump Appointee Puts Global Internet Freedom at Risk, Critics Say

I can't help but be impressed by the tenacity of the tomato plant

Nice programming on CNN - music and then fireworks in about 30 minutes.

Japan's Consul General to U S celebrates July 4 performing Jimi Hendrix-style national anthem

Soul II Soul-'Back to Life'

Prehistoric ochre mining operation found in submerged Mexican caves

Muscatine Mayor Diane Broderson issues city wide mask wearing order!

Dang. My son who was 'promoted' to security team, texted me while I was at work...

Peter Navarro on MSNBC

Costco Karen' Goes Viral After She Throws Temper Tantrum From Being Asked to Wear Face Mask

Let's talk about a special 4th of July message....

Breaking news: Trump says something that is not true

Jules Feiffer

Dems: Biden Could Shoot Me on 5th Ave. And I'd Still Vote for Him.

Good spoons are literally as important as good knives.

More Than 11 Million Coronavirus Cases Confirmed Worldwide

Must read concerning fireworks.(from Bangor PD.)

Thomas Jefferson alongside Black descendant holds 'a mirror' to U.S.

Fireworks have started-- big time.

I need 2020 to end.

Mt Rushmoore

Poland's president plans to forbid adoption by same-sex couples

Kanye West announced campaign for 2020

Well, I did it. I called the sheriff.

In the last 24 hours...

WATCH: A sculptor in Latvia has unveiled a 19-foot statue of a female doctor to honor healthcare...

I'm so mad at my broccoli I could scream.

I have somehow found myself checking out a Diablo 12 gauge pistol and have a question...

Couple finds a kitten on vacation -- then has to figure out how to get him on the plane home

We interrupt this program to bring you a CBS NEWS Special Report

Now I've done it: I bought a "good" microphone and an ADC

Exposure to fireworks smoke sends me into anaphylactic shock

Leave Mt Rushmore alone

I am in Pagosa Springs, CO. I have seen only 3-5 ppl w/masks.

Why the Women Most Likely to Die of Breast Cancer Have Gotten the Least Attention

Kansas newspaper's post equates mask mandate with Holocaust

what the hell is this shit? kanye west is running for president???

Tweet of the Day

Local dc news reporting that Baltimore protesters have dumped a Columbus statue into the harbor

Trump has a serious neurological disorder...

Would you support an international effort to save America?

it's an R.E.M. marathon for the low key holiday....


DAILY BEAST: Deadly brain-eating amoeba confirmed in Florida. MORGAN FREEMAN: Trump's there?

Streaming "Game Change"

Trump Sandwich

Colin Kapernick with a scathing 4th of July tweet

Anybody here familiar with pet DNA testing?

Couldn't this election be the beginning of the Great American Do-Over?

Lars can't play drums?

Are you better off?

Christopher Columbus statue toppled in Baltimore, thrown into harbor

Caption This...Burnt Sienna tries to negotiate the art of standing up..

Good lookin' manly young dudes are seen masking in my local grocer's for three months now! Yum. 😇

'Treated like criminals': Italy turns away American tourists on private jet

I thought Amazon did not carry Nazi gear?..

Just on local news: Using HEPA filters in your HVAC returns offer protection against COVID-19. Also

Post vaccine/successful therapeutics, post hopefully fixing healthcare and racial injustice and

Trump would do anything for Putin. No wonder he's ignoring the Russian bounties.

Just another reason trump hates Obama.

As 4th of July, 2020, comes to a close?

Good to see the fact the President of the United States who

Entertainment at the White House, today and yesterday:

trumpers want to tear this statue down

My pledge of allegiance (in honor of Independence Day).

I am a mix of nonbinary and transgendered

Drone light show over Nashville, outstanding N/T

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Giant Malamutes look for the grandma they haven't seen since COVID19

Kanye West?

On pulling down statues

Stevie Nicks - Blue Lamp

Milwaukee Bucks work to partner with LeBron James' group to offer Fiserv Forum as voting site

Not the Star Spangled Banner, not This Land is Your Land..

Co-founder of Students for Trump: Kanye West "is a trojan horse into the Democrat voting bloc"

Here's your Batshit Bingo Card for 2020 if anyone wants to play...

I am thankful one of my neighbors called the cops.

All American Fourth of July 1939

The "sword of Damocles" that's hanging over Trump's and the Republicans' fall campaigns.

Florida and Texas report record surge of new coronavirus cases over Fourth of July weekend

I'm not a fan of local (often drunk) partiers and fireworks

I thought I'd never say this

The Human League/Yes

Biden Offers Optimistic July 4th Message in Sharp Contrast to Trump's Divisiveness

Gollum Trump hits it again. Precious


Swift, and Swip, and You Know That Means SWEEPING! It Was More Sweeping....Tremendously Swipping,

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

The Cure

Trump distracts from the real damage with tweets and scandals

Putin's Referendum Provides Fresh Example of Banality of Evil, Anthropologist Says

'Costco Karen' Goes Viral After She Throws Temper Tantrum From Being Asked to Wear Face Mask

Michigan judge allows restart of disputed oil pipeline

Scientists Analyze Tikal's Polluted Waters

Would I be a Karen if I went into a grocery store and refused

Scientists Analyze Tikal's Polluted Waters

Ector County GOP censures Abbott over executive power amid coronavirus

How the Republican Convention Created Money Woes in Two Cities

A 3 photo sequence, showing the progression of the penumbral lunar eclipse, July 4, 2020.

TX-10: Democrats Siegel, Gandhi believe Texas' 10th Congressional District is ready to flip

About Kanye running-- I mentioned this earlier, but he's one of 1,112 registered with the FEC...

Trump Supporters Deface Black Lives Matter Mural in Martinez CA

TX-24: Candace Valenzuela Thinks Congress Needs More Latinxs, Working-Class, and Folks Who Have Been

If trumpies think freedom means we don't have to wear masks, what about pants?

The "Hot Mess" Of New Jersey's Election Ballots

What is wrong with this???

Enjoying Madam Secretary now,

Teen's coronavirus-themed prom dress made of duct tape is a work of art

Gamillah Prince / 王子

Ali Velshi drills Trump spokesman talking COVID-19 conspiracy

Prince & The New Power Generation - Blue Light

*On the Town NOW. TCM

How modern humans adapted to Sri Lanka's rainforests in pre-historic era

Prince & The Revolution - Computer Blue (Live 1985) [Official Video]

David Bowie - Blue Jean (Official Video)

Kate Bush - Symphony In Blue

KRS-One - Sound of da Police (Official Video)

Sheila E. - Love on a Blue Train (1987)

Ween - Blue Balloon

Ween - Blue Balloon

African Blue - Les Baxter - Yellow Sun

NJ-05: In the Jersey Suburbs, Arati Kreibich Challenges the 'Human Fundraising Machine'

The 4th of July Ball at the Overlook Hotel, 1921

Residents turn out to show support for police.

Bette Davis, Classic Movies Mix: "The Little Foxes"

NJ-02: Harrison running with support of the South Jersey Democratic machine.

Lo Fidelity Allstars - Battleflag - *uncensored*

protests break out after Trump's divisive speech

Die Antwoord - Rich Bitch (Official Video)

hundreds of black Americans marched with guns today, wonder how Repubs feel about this?

Florida cops laughing because they hit girl in the head with a rubber bullet

Blue Savannah - Erasure

today in Michigan

On Being Blue - The Art Of Noise

Strongmen rush to remake the world order as Trump faces potential election defeat

The most important Pennsylvania congressional races used to be in the Philly suburbs. Not anymore.

NJ-02: A Kennedy, a machine-backed professor, and insurgent progressive vying to take on Jeff

Enya - Caribbean Blue

Prince - Dolphin

Imagine - Cindy Blackman Santana w Carlos Santana (Official Video) July 4, 2020

WA-10: Accusations of "red-boxing" in the 10th District congressional race,

So I practiced safe distancing at a BBQ

MA-04: Mass. firefighters' union backs Grossman for Kennedy seat

WOW! Trump retweets a guy who downplays slavery. How low can he go?

Patrick: In-person TX convention may be bad idea -- but he'll be there!

Ween - Powder Blue

Uneasy Rider - Charlie Daniels

James McMurtry "Choctaw Bingo" - Live in Europe 2009

Honorable mention tweet.

Sam Cooke - A Change is Gonna Come - 1963

"Nothing Can Change This Love" - Sam Cooke

Last surviving Buffalo Soldier from SC dies at 92

Sam Cooke - A Change Is Gonna Come

Sam Cooke - A Change Is Gonna Come

Violet the Organ Grinder

Imagine - Cindy Blackman Santana w Carlos Santana July 4, 2020

The best of Jordan Klepper and trump supporters (video)

Jordan Kleeoer and trump supporters

Woman In Chains ft. Oleta Adams

Welcome 2 The Dawn

You got the right one baby

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Totally Spam Edition

Kayne West the new Jill Stein

Australia puts 3,000 people in 9 public housing estates on "hard lockdown" due to spike in cases

The noise from the fireworks was bad enough, then I get this in my weather app...

Trump states that 99% of corona cases "are totally harmless"

A question for biblical history-buffs: Where did the holy sponge come from?

This twitter thread is a brutal takedown on the what passes for the conservative movement these days

Asymptomatic Covid Carrier Infected Apt. Neighbor w/o Sharing Space: Bldg. Elevator Buttons Blamed

Breaking: 2 dead, 8 injured in Greenville, SC nightclub shooting

On July 4, A Combustible Mix Of Trump Supporters And Black Lives Matter Protesters Converge In D.C.

Did Kanye Wesr insist that his mother have that body sculpting

A dozen albums for a penny? I've still got mine, and plenty of time to listen.

A New Study Reveals What's Actually in Hot Dogs. Hint: It's Not Meat.

2020 be like...

Are there any political reachables in your orbit?

Breakfast Sunday 5 July 2020

How to spot whether someone has been infected by COVID-19.

Only In USA

The power of the presidency, ripe with abuse

Laurence Tribe: Trump said, "In the fields and jungles of Vietnam, they delivered a swift...

Half a million US dollars

Get Together

Election Monitors Find 'Unprecedented' Levels Of Fraud In Russian Vote On Extending Putin's Rule

1 of 2 protesters hit by car on closed Seattle highway dies

DU just made me do a Google search: "Is Kanye West still alive"?

Statue's like "is this ...the Indian Ocean?"

FYI: Don DeLillo has a new novel due in October

From the German Rheinland to the tip of Cape Cod, what they told us to expect vs. what happened

The Law and Order President

In Ohio we have been inundated with dump commercials this morning

Some of Carl Reiner's last words

The Trump campaign strategy in a nutshell: "If we say it often enough on TV, it becomes TRUE!"

The "Donald Trump thinks Operation Desert Storm was in Vietnam" thing going around is misleading.

Thy Burdens Are Greater Than Mine

Kumeyaay halt dynamiting of sacred land for border wall

July 5 - Happy Birthday Rep. Jim Himes (D) CT-4th

The New Yorker 2018: a connection between Alfa Bank in Russia and Spectrum Health in Grand Rapids

The president is lying to the country about a pandemic...It's Criminal

Their name is Summer Taylor.

Life of a COVID-19 Nurse at Harborview's ICU

Profiles in Perfidy, XXVI. . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

With inflammatory July 4 message, Trump distracts from the real threat to America

Inside the wicked saga of Jeffrey Epstein: the arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell 60 Minutes Australia

My latest tweet to the Orange Scourge...

Pennsylvania moving closer to 90,000 coronavirus cases

"Swift and sweeping, swiffer................"

2019: Distorted Videos of Nancy Pelosi Spread on Facebook and Twitter, Helped by Trump

John Roberts Is Following Corporate America's Long-Term Plan

Trump's push to amplify racism unnerves Republicans who have long enabled him

Question about deadlines for running for president


New Lincoln Project: Deadly Job-Killing President

Historic: TLP

Trumps response to the virus. The time line is smoking gun evidence of negligence, murder.

Time to ban fireworks in California

Susan Rice sees stock rise in Biden VP race

When you actually have Bruno Mars at your 4th of July party

Ghana to black Americans: Come home. We'll help you build a life here.

'Crystal clear' drunk people can't socially distance, say police in England

Organizer of Pittsburgh pro-Trump boat parade claimed 10,000+ people and 283 boats

Nation's first elected Black governor accuses state library of racism ...

Nation's first elected Black governor accuses state library of racism ...

In a world of Karens, be a Tammy

What is the US COVID-19 death toll going to be in 2020?

regarding Kanye West potentially siphoning off black votes

WAPO OP ED: Five myths about free speech

"...his vile reign has cloaked America in a shared national misery."

Worst fireworks injury around here so far...

Should I feel guilty about not going sailing?

Wear Your Freedom Mask ("President" Bill Pullman)

We finally got our kitten!

Squirrel Keeps Coming Back To Guy Who Rescued And Released Her

Trump has gone full Mayor Vaughn from Jaws

Columbus statue toppled by Baltimore protesters

Frontrunner for VA GOP's '21 Gov. Nomination Rallies in Honor of "Far-Right Paramilitary Group"

Deadly Brain-Eating Amoeba Confirmed in Florida

Short essay: What Cormac McCarthy Saw When He Saw Evil

Report warned of coronavirus crisis in November "Analysts concluded it could be a cataclysmic event"

When Amazon Prime Delivers - It's "Swiffian."

Republicans in Congress just going to move right past Trump letting Russia target our troops?

FDA leader Stephen Hahn stops short of Trump promises on vaccine timing

'We've got to do something': Republican rebels come together to take on Trump

Woman falls to death at Grand Canyon after hiking off trail, taking photos

Vicious Biden Ad: "You'll see things that you would not have believed possible"

Lincoln Project tweet: Trump 2020 Policy Proposals

Kanye West

NEW Lincoln Project ad (an hour ago): Historic

CNN just responded on Twitter to Trump falsely accusing them of manipulating video of his speech

COVID Exhaustion

Michael Flynn is officially QAnon now

SHITLER's park of statues is static, a D.o.A casino of the SHITLER type, no rides, admission?!1

Trump and Kanye West

Militias flocked to Gettysburg to foil a supposed antifa flag burning, an apparent social media hoax

Historic FAILURE

For political correctness, "Blazing Saddles" to be edited

Hong Kong security law: Pro-democracy books pulled from libraries

I would like to ask an "indelicate" question related to a brief comment by Joe Scarborough.

Another Quack running for Congress.

'Unprecedented' Levels Of Fraud In Russian Vote On Extending Putin's Rule for Life.

Deadly Brain-Eating Amoeba Confirmed in Florida

what happen to Flynn's case after the appeals court ruling?

Special Report: Thousands of U.S. judges who broke laws, oaths remained on the bench

Here's Trump's public schedule for July 3.

Dust-to-Digital @dusttodigital Music research, production and exploration.

Cracks in the Trump-Europe relationship are turning into a chasm

*****ANY***** vote that is not for Biden is a vote for Trump

This activist was able to show Trump her review of his speech this morning:

Nixon-inspired July Fourth celebration at Lincoln Memorial, 50 years ago:

Is there any enforcement of the mask requirement in NYC?

Two Oklahoma Officers charged with murder by using stun gun

Trump is out of holidays he can use to leech tax money for Trump rallies.

Who is Ron DeSantis?

Fernand Armandi on AM Joy: trust the polls - Biden is winning; don't trust election integrity

It's worse than we thought here in Florida

Another off duty cop shooting black man

3536 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today. 4 deaths.

Removing the Senate filibuster. I do not know if this is a good idea or not.

Great Lakes temps rise amid summer heat wave

With Department Stores Disappearing, Malls Could Be Next

Fixing my home, paying down dept while on unemployment.

Two North Tonawanda students step in to help bullied girl

My Reefer Madness Mask

Protestors Criticized For Looting Businesses Without Forming Private Equity Firm First

so earlier I posted that I was sick of stupid people...Then I went to the store

Algeria buries fighters whose skulls were in Paris museum

Someone told me to go back where I came from today. But I got the last laugh.

Why Is Fox Helping The Virus To Spread?

Everywhere my daughter goes, she lights up the room.

Hollowed out public health system faces more cuts amid virus

Another piece on Frank Sinatra; an July 4th op/ed from 1991.

I found half a dozen spent bottle rockets on my lawn this morning.

Mr. Sulu responds to the Kanye West Presidential run, announced today

Florida DID NOT set a new record today

Dive to Blue - L'arc en Ciel

You raised $2,290.20 on July 4, 2020 to elect Joe Biden POTUS with our DU ActBlue link

Dana Bash can kiss my ass. She just had Joni Ernst on for interview.

What Fiction are you reading this week, July 5, 2020?

Why is Melania always on top when she has sex with Donald?

Black editor at the Root---NFL playing Black National Anthem VERY bad idea

CNN's Dana Bash tries to nail FDAs Hahn, but he sidesteps...

Believable diagnosis of Florida's 'deadly brain-eating amoeba'

Ernst: Obama 'Failed' On Ebola But Trump Is 'Stepping Forward' On COVID-19

Justice Kavanaugh denies emergency request from Illinois GOP groups seeking to hold large rallies

Amb McFaul: "That would be a crazy number of calls to any foreign leader. But to Putin?"

Trump Claims 99 Percent of Coronavirus Cases Are 'Harmless' in Inflammatory Fourth of July Speech

Jason Isbell and The 400 Unit

New Lincoln Project Ad

'Nobody should do that to a child': Ice cream shop owner calls out customers mistreating her employe

Salem OR police officer steps out of line to give Proud Boy the white power hand sign

Florida and Texas both hit record highs for new coronavirus cases on Saturday

Parents: Don't leave your children unattended in public places. You never know when a QAnon follower

I am worried that the news about the "Russian bounty for American soldiers lives" has fizzled out.

Trump Calls Increase In Coronavirus Cases 'Great News'

Militias flocked to Gettysburg to foil a supposed antifa flag burning, an apparent hoax

Epstein's alleged accomplice pictured posing on British throne with Kevin Spacey

'It's hard to defend the president': Warning signs flash for Trump in Wisconsin

Kellyanne Conway supposedly took her daughter Caludia's phone away from her.

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, July 7: Directed by Sam Fuller

No Credibility

As an old white guy with military style short hair

Twice on July Fourth, police declare riot in downtown Portland

A Little Perspective

Has anyone heard anything about an en banc review on the Flynn decision?

Cartoons 7/5/2020

ABC News finds 54 cases invoking 'Trump' in connection with violence, threats, alleged assaults

Piano Concerto #2 in B-flat Major, Op. 19 Ludwig van Beethoven

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, July 8: Feel-Good Films

Axl Rose Defends His Political Outspokenness in July 4th Message

Post Number 1 in a series......Do You Know ? Theresa Greenfield ?

Our July 4th Experience

These 3 Health Conditions Make Getting COVID-19 So Much Worse

Ernst CNN Clips from this morning

Community Transit drivers: Too soon to open the front doors

Overall property value increases 5.5% in Snohomish County

My tweet of the day.

What if the British had won?

Mississippi Election Commissioner Complains That "Blacks" Are Registering to Vote

Be a patriot. Wear a mask.

They did ask us to pray

AnCafe. Natsu Koi

Predominantly Black armed protesters march through Confederate memorial park in Georgia

George Takei on Kanye West

Moscow Has a Field Day With Trump's Fireworks at Mt. Russia-More

Kanye West and Elon Musk are treating the most consequential election of our lifetime as a joke

Montana Gubernatorial Candidate Isolates After Wife Is Exposed To Kimberly Guilfoyle

Gov Cuomo reminding NYers when it's ok (or not) to answer your phone:

Hundreds of scientists say coronavirus is airborne, ask WHO to revise recommendations: NYT

MA-01: High on the left's wish list: Knocking out another House chairman

Joni Ernst challenges Ron Johnson and Jim Inhofe for title of dumbest Senator

Too soon to say if safe to hold Republican convention in Florida, U.S. official says

Keith Olbermann makes it clear

Susan Rice slams Trump over Russian bounties: 'I don't buy this story that he was never briefed'

Trump's 'Sleepy Joe' jibe at Biden is falling flat, data shows

Texas, Florida and Arizona officials say early reopenings fueled explosion of coronavirus cases

Facebook groups pivot to attacks on Black Lives Matter

Elon Musk's tweet

An Ivanka painting over BLACK LIVES MATTER in the street

More than 80% of GOP members of the Wisconsin Legislature voted absentee in April election

How Donald Trump Has Redefined Watergate: Nixon only "may" have been guilty

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 7/5/20

Fox news edits Trump out of Jeffrey Epstein photo:

How did Kanye get out of $53 million in debt?

Someone is feeling Blue today

AL-SEN: A Trump-Backed Senate Candidate's Hedge Fund Disaster

"How I learned to relax and love Donald Trump" - not what you might think

In case you missed any Lincoln Project ads, here are 12.

Susan Rice: Trump picks Putin over troops ...

Best plan for non-mask wearers

Why Biden Could Go Big

America will hit a milestone tomorrow probably... 3M Coronavirus cases

Who wants a Karen doll?

Watch This Wild Duck Bring His Girlfriend To Meet His Rescuer

Tammy Duckworth: Trump more focused on dead confederate traitors than Russian bounties or covid-19

polls show that "Trump is in a lot of trouble"

NASA, China and the UAE are scheduled to send missions to Mars in July

How Fauci and other top health people manage their private COVID lives.

Biden Campaign Says Trump Doesn't Give A Damn About America

Trump's Remarks at the 2020 Salute to America; July 4, 2020

re. Kanye West "running for president" - in what states can he get on the ballot?

Kanye: Too late in six states, including New York & Texas. Deadlines approaching in 7 more

Where's the focus on the bounties for our troops?

Does Trump Know That 100% Of The People That Died From Covid Are....

Trump always sounds like a serial sex offender trying to fail another parole hearing

I'm wondering if Der Fuhrer was told that SCOTUS

And with that, Sean Dolittle just became my favorite MLB player.

I would like to remind those who mention Dukakis' polls

BREAKING: Dominion, Duke Announce They're CANCELING the Atlantic Coast Pipeline!

An android phone ?

Arizona woman claiming she's Trump's spokesperson goes nuts at local Target and attacks face mask ra

"Dude took exception to the stickers on my car. Gave me two birds..."

What/which words did CNN "manipulate" of Trump's July 4 speech?

Fox & Friends Promotes Kanye West's Presidential Bid: 'The Unifying Force We've All Been Waiting For

Study: Black Lives Matter Protests DID NOT Cause Spike In Coronavirus Cases

Navajo Nation reports 71 more COVID-19 cases, 2 more deaths

So Idiot is going to spread COVID all over New Hampshire next week.

I wish the media would stop saying that basically all the counties in Texas are under a mask mandate.

Trump campaign "strongly" encourages face masks at outdoor rally

AZ-06: 'We should be letting data and science guide us' during pandemic: Dr. Hiral Tipirneni (VIDEO)

Biden is running a brilliant campaign.

Would it be possible for President Biden to approve the investigation of...

FDA commissioner refuses to defend Trump claim that 99% of Covid-19 cases are 'harmless'

New Mexico: Images of the Land of Enchantment

AZ-06: Anita Malik - Putting Pain to Purpose

Gun Dealers Rack Up Profits By Marketing To Right-Wing Extremist 'Boogaloo Bois'

Trump faces a now historical disadvantage

Bar Joke:

Duke, Dominion cancel contested Atlantic Coast Pipeline

239 Experts With 1 Big Claim: The Coronavirus Is Airborne

It's tweeting again

I Love Marc Bolan....

New fund?

"A deer entered a Colorado store. The store owner gave him some chocolate chip cookies...."

F...Ing Narcissistic Fool....

AZ-06: Two amazing candidates

Slow the polling down - Sack cartoon

Things that make you go Hmmmmm...When you are a serial rapist and claim systemic racism...

Target vandel

man writes Trump kiss ass book, Trump tweets kiss ass back, man doubles down kiss assing

When macho flag waggers meet hoax, I would love to see a nest of hornets thrown in..

trump and Kanye won't get my vote


IA-SEN: Joni Ernst Says The Confederacy And Slavery Are Mere 'Blemishes' On American History

Remains of missing Fort Hood soldier Vanessa Guillen identified, lawyer says

Frederick Douglass statue vandalized on anniversary of his famous Rochester speech

Donald Trump's shrinking electoral map

One of the hanging baskets on my balcony has purple jew in it.

I cannot say what I want to, for fear of my own govmint....or gubmint...

Trump to hold outdoor rally in N.H. next weekend

Anti-mask protesters holding demonstration in downtown Austin Saturday

My 4th weekend in very Red small town KS. My sister was there but very weak

Island That Takes Tourists 'Back In Time' Works To Make Visitors Feel Safe In The Age Of Coronavirus

Mississippi house speaker tests positive for coronavirus

Trump 2020 car already out of the Brickyard 400.

Flynn reading an oath from an iPhone....NOT THE ONION..

No Covid-19 related deaths in Michigan, today, for the first time since March

How Trump Ruined My Relationship With My White Mother

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Monday, 6 July 2020

If Trump continues to run his campaign like he has run the Covid response,

new Lincoln Project ad

What's for Dinner, Sun., July 5, 2020

Illinois Sen. Tammy Duckworth says Trump's 'priorities are all wrong'

It appears that there has been another arrest tied to QAnon, this one in Arizona.

On Monuments And Who Has Really Run A "Culture War," With Thanks To NNadir For the Link

Cambridge University press is offering complete books until July 12

Michele Obama (just sayin')

Plans have been drawn up for Trump Presidential Library...

Me, anxiety & depression, and the cat

Laurence Tribe....

I think Pelosi & Schumer need to go to the mat on extending that $600 UI benefit

They call it monumental change

'Duque not the legitimate president of Colombia': runner up in 2018 elections

Office holders like this need to be prosecuted. Knows SHITLER is lying, wrong, but won't say it

NJ-08: Local politico predicts Tuesday's Democratic primary will be surprisingly close.

Billions in Fake Chinese Gold Used as Bank Loan Collateral

"Pulling down statues? It's a tradition...."

Trump Administration Has Blocked Anthony Fauci From Giving TV Interview For Three Months, CBS News A

Lawsuit: 10 Major Property Mgmt. Cos Excluded Older People From Seeing Facebook Apt. Ads, DMV Area

Ireland's Support Group for Cuba condemns US blockade

Minnesota Democrats' 2018 successes give party plenty of targets in GOP-held state Senate

60 Minutes: 80% of Flint MI children impaired by leaded water

Trump to hold outdoor New Hampshire rally July 11, campaign announces

US holiday fuels worries about skyrocketing virus cases

Biden tells teachers their profession is the most important on same day Trump trashes public schools


Eugene OR replaced some cops with medics and mental health workers. It's worked for over 30 years.

Trump to hold outdoor campaign rally in Portsmouth, N.H.

I want...

Dominion, Duke abandon plans to build $8B Atlantic Coast Pipeline

Don't tell the militia, but the next Antifa Flag Burning is going to be off the coast of NC

Trump celebrates Fourth of July by stoking division over pandemic and race

Trump's Mount Rushmore speech is remarkably similar to monologues from Fox News host Tucker Carlson

Florida's coronavirus cases top 200,000, officials announce

Three of the four officers charged in George Floyd's death are now out on bond

Trump Campaign Will Encourage Masks at Rally

Donald Trump is an Idiot!

Kansas governor calls on GOP county chair to remove cartoon comparing mask order to Holocaust