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From a teacher friend....the last paragraph nails it!

An email scam is targeting Black Lives Matter supporters--here's what you need to know

Russians living near base where Putin's doomsday missile may have exploded last year warned ahead of

COVID: How a supercomputer could end this pandemic

Trump Tower

'Cause we need a laugh.....Rewind to a year ago....

I don't want to wear a mask because I don't want to look like a democrat

Agalloch - In The Shadow Of Our Pale Companion

Bolsonaro Showing Symptoms for COVID-19

Tom Hanks Says He Suffered 'Crippling Body Aches' While Battling Coronavirus With Rita Wilson

"He's throwing paper towels at all of us."

He's throwing paper towels at all of us

Elaine Chao, wife of Mitch McConnell got PPP money. They're worth 30 million dollars.

American student released after 486 days in Egyptian prison

Turning a World Champion Gamer Into a Musician (drum lesson w/ Jonas Neubauer)

Democratic challengers in two tight U.S. Senate races step up fundraising

caption Trump photo

All of Florida's public K-12 schools are now required to reopen their campuses in August.

The media spent 100x the time on Obama's birth certificate bullshit

On QAnon canadian ranger invading the estate the Prime Minister lives in last Thursday:

White woman fired from her job after telling black protester 'white lives are better'

Sen. Grassley: Congress may override Trump veto on removing Confederate names from military bases

Inside the Night McCain Helped Doom the Republican Health Care Bil

Need a smile?

Trump's 'dark and divisive' rhetoric risks isolating moderate voters

Change in Dominican Republic as opposition wins presidency

I'd crawl over the dead bodies

Change in Dominican Republic as opposition wins presidency

Type O Negative - My Girlfriend's Girlfriend

U.S. Coronavirus Death Toll Tops 130,000 Amid Surge in Infections

Kanye West's Yeezy Brand Gets Multi-Million Dollar Loan from Government Stimulus Fund

The Vote: American Experience - on PBS


Massachusetts governor signs bill giving all residents vote-by-mail option

Lin-Manuel Miranda Performs at the White House Poetry Jam (2009)

Is kicking out international students an attempt to bankrupt liberal

(Jewish Group) University professor in Argentina offers bonus to 'whoever finds a poor Jew'


Support Tedra Cobb for Elise Stefanik's Congressional seat

US Senate Election Rating for US Senate seats the Democrats will win in 2020.

Stipulating that the Federal Elections Commission is useless....

Randy Rainbow's latest...

It's tweeting about its fave drug again

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Live and Let Die!

Trump Confidante to Release an 'Explosive' Tell-All

Biden: There's enormous opportunity once we defeat Donald Trump

Brazil's Bolsonaro says he will be tested for COVID-19

More than 7,000 Children in Florida Have Tested Positive for COVID-19

40 Trump-connected lobbyists secured over $10B in coronavirus relief for clients: report

Camden amphitheater. The most green I've ever painted. Started as plein air until someone needed

People in videos revealing selves as racist, then fired--anyone check if really fired?

Powerful, personal story on undocumented and Covid---please watch

Just imagine the narrative if a democrat was president rn

FL Education Commissioner requires all Florida school districts to reopen campuses in August

Brazil's Bolsonaro takes Covid-19 test after showing symptoms

Fux News Edits Trump Out of Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell Photo. Claims It Was 'Mistake.'

Rachel is really breaking down the current state of COVID and our shitshow Fed govt.

McConnell's Wife's Family Business Appears on Trump Admin's List of Companies That Received Most PPP

The primary consideration for Biden's VP pick is if she can win the presidency in 2024

Trumps admin is the biggest money heist in American history....

The floor is collapsing under Trump as COVID-19 hits his base

RNC spokesperson denounces 'all people are created equal' on Fox News

Atlanta mayor tests positive for coronavirus

This is good: Elizabeth Cotten sings her song "Freight Train". Great guitar.

NYC man fatally shot while holding hands with pigtailed daughter in the Bronx, shocking video shows

The NHL says it's had 35 total players test positive for COVID-19

Kanye West Sneaker Brand Received Millions From Government Loan

Commercials in 2030

COVID: I'm guessing that - as usual - the prayers aren't doing shit

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Something big is happening with local elections this year.

120 days. 120 and counting..we can make it

"Totally harmless..."

October 28, 2020

Brock Pierce, Former Child Actor and Cryptocurrency Entrepreneur, Announces 2020 Presidential Run

*Neal Katyal to discuss Supreme's decision re: 'electors,' Lawrence show.

HA! Ayn Rand Institute received PPP $$$ along with Kenye West

Daughters of Confederacy agree to move statue that has stood more than 100 years

Tomorrow's Primary Elections (DE/NJ)

Some small hope on C19 offered by former Obama Admin health official (Andy Slavitt)

Reports that Jair Bolsonaro has symptoms of Covid

Thank you Don Lemon

"Respect Our Heritage"

Trump team, Fox so desperate they're talking about law firm Biden LEFT IN 1971 getting PPP funds

Imagine what the news would be if we had a Democratic president right now.

Laura Rozen: What Biden says about threat Trump poses to the soul of the country "looks dead right"

Atlanta: Brooks killing site 'festers' after police allow armed occupation

Kemp to deploy 1,000 National Guard troops after violent weekend

Texas coronavirus cases top 1,300 from child care facilities alone

I just watched Hamilton!!!

Stone Shares A '300' Meme To Again Attack Judge, Prove His Loyalty

Sena Kana - UP

Sena Kana - up

How to anger a conservative at Starbucks

New video ad from Really American: "Trump Virus" End the Nightmare.

The Trump epidemic might make the U.S. the sickest population in the world for 20 or 30 years

Rob Reiner for the win.

White House defends Trump's claim (...) with chart showing 5 percent are fatal

In sign of the times, Ayn Rand Institute approved for PPP loan

Nearly a Third of Americans With Covid-19 Are Hospitalized.

More than 130,000 people have died from coronavirus in the US

Drain the Snake: Judge Orders Dakota Access Pipeline Shut Down

Can Kanye West Actually Run for President?

What the Lincoln Project Ad Makers Get About Voters (and What Dems Don't)

Latest Joe Biden ad:

I seem to remember someone posting a link to a site that reported hospitalizations

POLITICO: "We think the 2020 presidential race leans toward Democrat Joe Biden as the favorite."

WAPO OP ED: GOP are Handmaidens of White Supremacy

Noem and Other Imperialists Try to Erase American History and Ideals

Schools Must Open - DJT

Mossad said to foil Iranian attacks on Israeli embassies in Europe, elsewhere

Bad stuff happening in Indiana - attempted lynching and car speeding into crowd protesting lynching

Near Lynching at Lake Monroe, (Bloomington, IN) July 4, 2020

Mount Rushmore protest leader charged with two felonies

Trump Could Have Been A Great President....

South Dakota man linked to Russian spy sentenced for fraud

Militias flock to Gettysburg to foil supposed flag burning

Limbaugh Tells Young to Ignore Virus Warnings

Sturgis City Council approves mass testing following annual motorcycle rally in August

"Former Trump employee says Trump barely does anything but watch TV, tweet, and eat."

NJ-09: Rep. Pascrell expected to make complete recovery after heart procedure

Hush - Deep Purple. Naked lead singer, fish net, arrows, swimming pool...

The Daily Beast found at least three Kushner-connected businesses that received PPP loans.

A fifth face? Adding another historical figure to SD's Mount Rushmore has been a popular talking

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner urges Texas GOP to cancel its convention

The merits of Medicare for All have been proven by this pandemic

I just need to vent

I renewed my star membership a couple days ago and my old one expired today

Ep. 98: "Ladies and Gentlemen, This Is The Plague" (feat. Laurie Garrett)

Kanye PPP loan $$ suddenly runs for Prez.. quid pro quo ?

...happened to catch 15 min of a Chucky horror movie - something about it seemed very familiar.

"Mr. President. Why do you keep hiring people who you believe are wackos and liars?"

Medicaid expansion just came sweeping down the plain in deep-red Oklahoma. Wise up to this good deal

Bolsonaro positive?

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Growing Up in the Time of Corona

Bush Tetras - Too Many Creeps (1980)

Mail in Ballots

'Nocturne' from Roslavets/2 from Janacek/Gurney: 'A Gloucestershire Rhapsody'

Officer takes down 'White Lives Matter' sign at homeowner's request after crowd demands its removal

I'm not a detailed person. This is for you who are. Judge Who Read Unredacted Mueller Report Has a

I voted today on the new voting machines

Brennan: Trump's Distraction Technique 'Taken Right Out Of The Authoritarian's Playbook' - MSNBC

Faux News edits trump out of Epstein photo

Trump Tries Using Culture Wars To Distract From COVID-19 Crisis - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Goober and the Peas - Hot Women (Cold Beer)

Nicki Daniels Jr. On Cuomo Calls Them Confederates That Is The Correct Word

Ugly racist attack in Connecticut

Evictions Likely To Skyrocket This Summer As Jobs Remain Scarce, Black Renters Will Be Hard Hit, POC

Lactaid/lactose-free milk: How does it taste?

Goober and the Peas - Loose Lips

Canada Flattens the Curve Amid COVID-19 Spike in the U.S. - NowThis

White House: 'Get used to the virus/live with it/grow numb to it/get over it...'

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

Pentagon drafting ban on displaying Confederate flag at bases

Pompeo says U.S. looking at banning Chinese social media apps, including TikTok

TikTok to leave Hong Kong as security law raises worries

So! How was your 4th of July Weekend?

Texas Democratic organizers unionize, score successful contract

Fun fact: If you google "Bastille Day 2020" you'll see a fireworks show, and

Hello from Colchester, UK

House rejects Trump cuts, proposes boost for environmental agencies

Deranged Trump Supporter Destroys Face Mask Display at Target

WAPO: Trump Admin. Wants America To 'Grow Numb' From COVID-19 Deaths - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

NC: Clergy call for removal of monument

george takei tweet makes a great point that never occurred to me

Perception of protestors and police

U.S. home solar installer Sunrun to buy Vivint Solar for about $1.46 billion

When I should be working online, I have been wasting far too much time...

Shithole Country?

Woke up this morning

Death of Italian Fascist Dictator Benito Mussolini

This headline is interesting: Republicans Are Nervous about Being the Party of White Grievance

@RBReich Today seems like a good day to remind you that Ayn Rand has provided the justification for

South Dakota governor, exposed to virus, joined Trump on jet

Three Reasons to Impeach Bill Barr - Other Republic-Saving Stories (Bill Barr will frame Joe Biden)

Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego says federal government denied requests for COVID-19 testing help.

Jessica Cisneros is not done: How taking on a political machine transformed South Texas

Progressive groups unite behind challenger Sara Stapleton-Barrera, denounce incumbent Eddie Lucio Jr

Total coronavirus cases exceed 15,000 in San Antonio; two more deaths reported

RebeccaBell-Metereau for Texa State Board of Education, District 5

Dr. Fauci Says Coronavirus Immunity May Be 'Finite,' Duration Remains Uncertain

Georgina Perez for Texas State Board of Education, District 1

Brenda Davis for Texas State Board of Education, District 9

Axios-Ipsos poll: There is no new normal

Descendants Weigh In On Debate Over Confederate Symbols: Lee, Jefferson-Hemings

Colombia's chief prosecutor too busy harassing critics to fight crime?

Trump Owns the COVID-19 Catastrophe (Robert Reich)

So Paulo's First Lady Says She Is Against Giving Food to the Homeless and Receives Criticism

200,000 coronavirus cases statewide, but seven counties still have not recorded a case.

How blood type may affect your coronavirus risk (NBC News)

Did I just hear that there were 57,000+ new cases yesterday

Kanye's Yeezy business got millions in ppp funds

Oh my, there are now waiting lists for ICU beds across Florida...

Man in stolen vehicle flees officers, crashes into woman in separate stolen vehicle in Newberg

Hey, it's getting an intelligence briefing today

[NZ] MP Hamish Walker, former party president Michelle Boag admit leaking Covid patients' detail

Trump is 'in a meltdown' because he 'doesn't know who to blame' for his failures: Republican John Ka

Ector County GOP censures Abbott over executive power amid coronavirus, state Sen. Charles Perry

Happy 74th Anniversary to Jimmy & Rosalynn Carter! They were married in Plains, GA, on July 7, 1946

Dallas County sees record 1,214 new COVID cases, largest increase in hospitalizations

New Meidas Touch video on PPP loans: "Leave Me A Loan"

"Outside from [comorbidities], the risks are extremely low" -- Mark Meadows defends Trump's false cla

In time of a national emergency, you can call on the US government to be there to help!

July 7 - Happy Birthday Rep. Judy Chu (D) CA-27th

How to remove the new Microsoft Edge if uninstallation is blocked

Would be nice if Congress added sanctions over Putin's offering of $100,000 per American in Afghanis

trumps trying to force kids back to school

When has a noose been used to hold a door open?

U.S. charges ex-Panama president's sons with bribery, money laundering

Florida man at Fort Myers Costco in "Running the World Since 1776" shirt flips out on elderly woman

Bodies of coronavirus victims are being dumped on the streets of Bolivia

Former Trump Homeland Security Advisor Admits We're Fucked: "We could top 500k US deaths this year"

155 Years Ago Today; Lincoln Conspirators Hanged in Washington, DC (Graphic images)

Death toll from flooding in Japan rises to 50, dozen missing

This makes sense, it is being reported the virus attacks the entire vascular system.

Many vets in Congress-- why not a class-action suit vs Trump on not acting on bounties??

10 Commandments of a Trump Conservative

The Lincoln Project: .@realDonaldTrump has a loyalty problem (psychological warfare edition).

Trump could sink the House GOP in suburbia

'I'm from the government, and I'm here to help' Any GOPers laughing with Reagan now?

Donald Trump, the unbriefable president

Brazil shocked by woman held as a slave for years at family mansion

Majority of Texans Think Coronavirus Response Is Going Badly, Poll Shows

Chuck Grassley will skip the Republican National Convention for the first time in 40 years

Happy 80th Birthday, Sir Ringo!

$1.2 million bail for driver that hit 2 Seattle protesters

No TOONS post today

Mass Gov. Baker has signed a bill into law that allows all residents to have a mail in ballot

We are like a D-Day every few days in C-19 deaths or a Titanic every few days ...

Russian space official arrested for treason; father died in a fall from a window in 2007

Why Isn't the 'Southern Strategy' Working?

Houston Private ER Tells COVID-19 Patient He Could Be Sent Out of State

Texas Sheriffs Refuse to Enforce Mask Order

Morning Joe with Willie

It is unconscionable that Republicans are simply ignoring

Something to consider about K-12 education during a pandemic, or any time really.

Melania Trump's former friend and adviser set to publish 'explosive' tell-all book


White House 'free marketeers' raised concerns over coronavirus price-gouging crackdown

Hundreds of health groups petition against Trump

Tucker Carlson suggests Sen. Tammy Duckworth, who lost her legs in Iraq, hates America

What happened in Bethel, OH?"I knew they were going to run into trouble. The question was how much?"

President Trump 130,000 Americans have DIED on your WATCH. History knows where the buck STOPS!

Google a coal cracker in the kitchen great recipes

Useful chart

"A house divided against itself cannot stand."

Medical Report: 17-Year-Old Died After Attending Florida Church's "COVID Party"

N.Carolina's 'Fame' Confederate monument taken down

2 Republican Senators are now skipping the convention so far, don't think it will be the last either

Great new ad from Jon Ossoff, our GA Senate candidate running against David Perdue

Infectious disease prof: AZ, FL, NV, SC, TX, VA show increasing trend of daily deaths

Exclusive: U.S. government's boxed food aid promise falls short

Inside the black box

TRUMP will travel to Doral, Fla., on Friday to get a briefing on drugs..weekend off, all paid by us.

WH national dialogue on reopening schools safely moved to 12:15 et

MeidasTouch has followed up their brilliant ad on Trump's PPP loans with shots at specific targets

A crowd sourced poll for Alaska..:

'Go look at my Purple Heart!' Miami man who went on racist tirade posed as Navy SEAL

'Go look at my Purple Heart!' Miami man who went on racist tirade posed as Navy SEAL

Pompeo tells Ingraham the administration is considering banning Chinese social media apps inc Tiktok

how did they know???

$1.2 million bail for driver that hit 2 Seattle protesters

Trump does ASMR:

Lincoln Project recognizes he is Paranoid

Looks like the TikTok Kids Got Under His Skin

NY Daily News editorial: "Trump's culture war: All that he has to offer" (MUST READ last line)

July 7, 1903: Dozens were killed or injured in 1903 train crash

With Trump trailing, should down-ballot Republicans ready a 'no blank check' strategy?

The Left's Deafening Silence on China's Ethnic Cleansing

The Rundown: July 7, 2020

Wrapping Wednesday: Micro Reviews for the Week of 07/01/2020

Ghosts of Comics' Past: July in Comic History - An Early Cover Gimmick, the First Miniseries, and a

Marvel Reveals Comic Con at Home Schedule

Trump Gives Historic (Bad) 4th of July "Speech"

Trump Glitches, Barely Coherent at Coronarally

Miniature, insect-eating ancestor of dinosaurs unearthed in Madagascar

Quick: Wolf doing what the bears do in Alaska.

Washington and Lee faculty vote to change the university's name

Wow! More quotes from Mary Trump's new book (DT may have "long undiagnosed learning disability")

Desolation Row


Breakfast Tuesday 7 July 2020

John Wayne: Iowa's cultural icon or a 'rotten SOB?'

Message from the Governor of Florida to the residents of Florida.

Where are the calls demanding trump resign immediately.

Hunting, fishing licenses required (even if you don't hunt or fish) Colorado

Tammy Duckworth hits back at Tucker Carlson: 'Walk a mile in my legs'

Microsoft and Zoom join Hong Kong data 'pause'

Tammy Duckworth hits back at Tucker Carlson: 'Walk a mile in my legs'

I'm dealing with a lot of emotional baggage after telling my

Buffalo Police Officers who pushed protester now suspended *with* pay (originally w/o pay)

Interesting graphic on risk of COVID depending on activity

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 7/7/20


My My, Hey Hey (Out of the Blue)

Protective gear for medical workers begins to run low again

You raised $1,206.00 on July 6, 2020 to elect Joe Biden POTUS with our DU ActBlue link

Muscatine Mayor Announces Mask Mandate, As Crowd Shouts In Opposition

Richmond removing statue of Confederate Gen. J.E.B. Stuart

My wife and I argued for two hours last night about whether we were

What 9 GOP Campaign Consultants Really Think About Republicans' Chances in November

I voted absentee in the DE Primary by email the other day.

I am so sick and tired of selective moral outrage.

Americans trust governors more than Trump on coronavirus, new poll finds

This waitress is my shero of the day:

Rachel Maddow on Katie Miller's (Stephen Millers wife) lack of compassion

Trump will let America 'go up in flames' if he thinks it will win the election: Carl Bernstein

Deutsche Bank agrees to pay $150 million in penalties over its relationship with Jeffrey Epstein

Media Matters researcher tracking how often Trump amplifies/retweets QAnon-promoting accounts

Chatmonchy - Somaruyo!

RNC Spokesperson Denounces 'All People Are Created Equal' as 'Radical Left Socialism'

Is it important or necessary that Schumer and McConnell communicate with each other?

Putin paid to murder our soldiers

It's lying about our mortality rate again

BLS Report: Hires increase 2.4 million in May; job openings rise while layoffs and discharges fall

Cuomo shows what a safe reopening looks like

You know you love your pet when you start up the AC for them, even though you HATE AC

Deutsche Bank Settles Over Ignored Red Flags on Jeffrey Epstein

Where did the money go????

My dog may have cancer

Polk County Dems weekly email...VOTE BY MAIL

Fugelsang: Putin bought trump's Deutsche bank debt

Florida man "feels threatened" by older woman. Reveals he's an asshole.

Convention jitters grip Democrats

Masks protect the wearer. Spread the word.

Happy 74th anniversary to former President Jimmy Carter and First Lady Rosalynn Carter

What 11 Republican senators had to say about Trump's racism


So he's heading to S Florida!

Lincoln Project Ads!

Johnny Reb?

"Trump wants us to suck it up, as thousands die": Anderson Cooper, 7/6

Dallas megachurch that hosted Pence approved for millions in coronavirus aid

Breaking: Deutsche Bank fined $150 million for dealings with Jeffrey Esptein

the Covid bailout criminal ripoff by the traitors friends

#1 best seller on Amazon right now:

This map shows why it would be 'terrifying' to open Canada-U.S. border

Tiny Grimes was born on this date.

My RW BIL has put Confederate flag wallpaper on his phone

Baseball seeking a second lab for MLB COVID-19 tests

Mary Ford was born on this date.

Did Bloomberg lie to us all?

Peter Navarro, WH Trade Advisor: "I'm a Californian. We don't see race out there.

Lincoln Project ad on trump being paranoid is brilliant

Berkeley students creating a 1-unit, in-person class so international students won't be deported

I've been stuck in the house too long- I'm going out and enjoy nature

NFLPA president JC Tretter at odds with league over virus plan

Trump donors among early recipients of coronavirus loans

Operation Warp Speed commits $1.6 billion to Covid-19 vaccine maker Novavax

Trump administration narrows suspects in Russia bounties leak investigation

'It's a deliberate strategy': Trump uses civil war as culture war in bid to beat Biden

Trump wanted to 'Kaepernick' Bubba Wallace. Instead he made him too big to fail

Second COVID test...Negative again.

"An outbreak of Covid-19 at a summer camp near Branson, 82 campers and workers have been infected

Televangelists, Dallas megachurch that hosted Pence approved for millions in pandemic aid

Hillary: 'A Trump administration special'

Biden, DNC Sync Operations... Good!

Bolsonaro tests postive for covid (Bloomberg)

Brazil's Bolsonaro tests positive for coronavirus

3653 new cases; 117 deaths! on the AZ Dashboard (Tues.)

Black man claims group of assailants threatened to "get a noose"

Look at this COVID graph

Trump's worldview forged by neglect and trauma at home, his niece says in new book

Pic Of The Moment: GOP Insists Only White Men Are Created Equal

CNN obtained Mary Trump's book. Discussing it now.

MyPillow Guy--Love child of Fred Trump Sr. and Donald's bastard half-brother?

Tim SCOTT, giving Susie COLLINS a run for her "frustration and CONCERN"

Two weeks after the Serial Killer In Chief's Klan rally in Arizona, deaths from COVID-19 skyrocket

It's been 50 years and nothing has changed. It makes me angry and sad.

Just to refresh our memories

Did I read that the Supreme Court

Right wing outlets complaining about fake news publish fake news by fake journalists with fake creds

Downballot Democrats still raising money despite pandemic.

Monopoly Mayhem: Corporations Win, Workers Lose

Time to bring vigor back to the White House

It's election night - it's 11.00pm - ReTHUGs are going down in flames

And for our funniest pix of the day

This Is the Real John Roberts

How'd that dogwhistling, racebaiting NASCAR tweet yesterday go, Donald?

At the White House, Donald Trump is receiving his Presidential Daily Briefing.

Colorado white woman follows a black man in her neighborhood: Get out of here!

Sweden Has Become the World's Cautionary Tale

It's Time 2020 - Slow Down

Good news

"Don't be angry at us; look over there to China for blame" is their mantra

CNN: Prosecutors appeal decision suppressing video in Patriots owner Robert Kraft's prostitution

Okay. Deutsche Bank and Epstein on the front burner. 2. G. Maxwell right behind. 3. Niece Mary

You thought Damien from The Omen was scary? Check out Trump's childhood photo....

Karl Rove scolds Trump for recent tweets: 'I don't see that those advance his cause at all'

Wow, people showed Jamie Harrison a lot of love

A kitty and her mini-me

Trump cheated on his SATs by paying someone to take it for him, according to Mary Trump's new book

The Dick DeSantis on TV rationalizing FL COVID deaths: "The majority have been long-term care...

The Memo: Trump's race tactics fall flat

Curly hair help?

Fauci warns U.S. is "knee-deep" in coronavirus first wave

New York and New Jersey expand list of states that trigger quarantine orders for travelers

'Freedom Rodeo' north of Pasco

What 9 GOP Campaign Consultants Really Think About Republicans' Chances in November

Chinese scientists reveal analysis of weird substance found on the moon's far side by Yutu 2 rover

Reports of possible active shooter at Marine Corps base in Twentynine Palms

Mary trump book leaking out

Cheater: Trump never took his SAT's....paid someone to take the test for him.

Facebook pledges to 'get better and faster' at addressing hate speech

At Least 17 Killed In Shootings In Chicago This Weekend, Including 1-Year-Old Boy & 10-Year-Old Girl

I missed this yesterday, but it is a must see. (Sorry if it's already been posted.)

The Memo: Trump's race tactics fall flat

Frederick Douglass statue vandalized in Rochester park

COVID-19 patients in Tucson being transferred to Phoenix, out of state

Sarah Cooper with something completely different:

FBI chief says China threatens families to coerce overseas critics to return to China

Televangelists, Dallas megachurch that hosted Pence approved for millions in pandemic aid

Buddy cop movie of the year

House Democrats include $597 million for police reform in spending bill

"The only time Donald went to church was when the cameras were there," Mary Trump quotes her aunt

Nothing starts with an "n" and ends with a "g", and you'll never convince me otherwise!

Don't see drumpf or mrs drumpf at the maskless reopening schools dialogue

Party-switching Congressman who pledged loyalty to Trump sparks heated N.J. primary

Hazel: an excerpt from 'The Vapors: A Southern Family, the New York Mob, and the Rise and Fall of Ho

Richmond removes statue of Confederate Gen. J.E.B. Stuart

McConnell: "Look ... they're not gonna wave a magic wand and it's gonna disappear ... put on a mask.

COVID-19 Testing

Classic from Mark Cuban

Four more years? Four more months will be hard enough.

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto in D Major, Op. 35

Dutch police arrest 6 men, uncover makeshift torture chamber

Gallup measures historic partisan divide on Trump's approval

43/55 residents, 15 staff CV-19 positive at Montana memory care facility

The hottest of hot takes: "Irregardless"

Donald (J-L) Trump resonds to new book accusations:

Hospitals approaching capacity as Miami closes restaurants

Joe Lockhart offers $10,000 to start a fund for person who took SATs for Trump to come forward

I may be a suspicious sort...

Richard Quest: I got Covid-19 two months ago. I'm still discovering new areas of damage

5 Central Florida hospitals hit ICU capacity, but region still has beds available for COVID-19....

Why Trump's "Don't blame me, blame China!" excuse doesn't work

Comedian J-L Cauvin channels Trump's response to his niece's book

US says foreign students must leave if classes go fully online

New Far Side cartoons from Gary Larson

Roger Stone Asks Trump for Pardon Ahead of July 14 Prison Date

Has Trump already made the decision to drop Pence from the ticket?

Donald & Ivana gave Mary Trump underwear for Xmas one yr, regifted incomplete food basket another yr

The what ifs (Graphic Video)

Jimmy John's workers in Georgia fired for making noose out of bread dough

New PPP Nat : Biden 53 Trump 42 - Asked who did you vote in 2016 Clinton 46/Trump 45

WAPO OP ED quote:"Trump remains fully confident in the ability of his magical reality-bending powers

BREAKING: Mary Trump leaked Trump's tax data to the New York Times

What 9 GOP Campaign Consultants Really Think About Republicans' Chances in November

For the next pandemic relief package

Trump's allies are admitting that in order to get the economy back, they have to tame virus

More details on Mary Trump's book from the Daily Beast:

He's "special"

Deutsche Bank hit with $150M penalty for relationship to sex criminal Epstein

Jury Duty

3 Democrats are running to challenge Congressman Jeff Van Drew, who became Republican after impeachm

Trump increasingly turning to executive orders, more to come

US repeats call for N. Korea's "final and fully verified denuclearization" ahead of Biegun's SK visi

Umpire Joe West "in his heart doesn't think all these deaths are due to Coronavirus"

Feds to decide if 2 Mississippi turtles need protection

.@KellyannePolls book by Pres Trump's niece Mary Trump. "He's not her patient, he's her uncle."

The real reason Republicans hate voting by mail

George Takei: Who Wants to Tell Him?

Local Unions Defy AFL-CIO in Push to Oust Police Unions

After mocking stay-at-home order, Merced Co. sheriff changes tune as COVID-19 cases surge

so Bolsonaro

Local Unions Defy AFL-CIO in Push to Oust Police Unions

Conservative Lincoln Project: Trump's Given Us "Rocket Fuel" by Attacking Us

CostCo Karen: 'I feel threatened' id'd and fired.

Four Upcoming Streaming Concerts from Marcus King Band

Republicans Reportedly Have "No Idea" about Trump's Agenda for a Second Term

I recommend this

Norm Eisen says Wharton could rescind Trump's degree for having someone else take his SAT

Dane County issues mandatory mask requirements!

Congress received notification that POTUS officially withdrew the U.S. from the @WHO

EPA approves two Lysol products as the first to effectively kill novel coronavirus on surfaces

Don't even bother

So This Is All About Trump's Unresolved Daddy Issues

CNN article w/ video of Brian Stelter talking about Mary Trump's book.

Mary Trump says Donald's bragging & false bravado aimed at "audience of one: his long-dead father"

Arizona PR exec and QAnon follower films herself trashing rack of face masks in Target

PPP loans

U.S. Exits the World Health Organization

The stupid factor

Two Defendants Charged for Their Role in Bribery and Money Laundering Scheme Involving Panama

Poll for DU Uncles: Best gift to give your niece

State Fair of Texas cancels 2020 run due to virus concerns

Mary Trump Book Claims Trump Praised Her Breasts and His Own Sister Called Him a Clown

Trump administration formally withdraws US from WHO

Houston LGBTQ Facebook Group Denounces Black Lives Matter

WHO reviewing evidence of possible airborne transmission of coronavirus

My friend Jimmy.

Don't know if you saw this one - re: Students with visas being told to leave US

New MeidasTouch ad exposes Trump's bottomless hypocrisy on ... pretty much everything

Lawmakers Ask to Impeach William Barr for Personal Attacks on the Cannabis Industry

Congress gets full PPP data, while groups push to make more public

Trump's racist campaign is terrible strategy but effective short term tactics

Tim O'Brien tweet: Mary Trump named the kid who took SATs for Donald -- Joe Shapiro

Sen. John Cornyn of Texas Calls It a 'Mistake' to Help Unemployed During Pandemic

Consumer bureau revokes payday lending restrictions

Author of 'TrumpNation' says Mary's book names the person who took the SAT for Dump

Marysville man, 21, dies after sustaining firework injuries

Biden tweet (video ad): Character belongs in the White House.

Cartoons 7/7/2020

Two families of color were targeted on the evening of July 4 in El Cajon (county of San Diego).

Biden tweet: Donald Trump needs to do his job.

Why Is Barr Going After Google? (Bloomberg Editorial Board)

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro tests positive for the coronavirus

SATs is trending on Twitter

Paine Field terminal reopens Aug. 1 with limited service

Gov. Mike DeWine issues order mandating masks in 7 Ohio counties

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro tests positive for the coronavirus

Bolsonaro Tests Positive for Coronavirus

Mary Trump Claims Trump Praised Her Breasts

This Is How Many Americans Say They Won't Consider Wearing Masks

This Kentucky Democrat may be the key to the Senate majority

Tulsa is resuming work to find the mass graves dug during its 1921 race massacre

How do I use my "messenger" avatar on other platforms, like Facebook, and my e-mail

Drumpf coming up in that reopening schools thing any minute

Have you ever noticed about Trump

"We learn from history that we do not learn from history." ― Georg Hegel

Contact tracing is no longer possible across the South due to rapid coronavirus surges

Kayleigh McEnany says she has yet to see Mary Trump's book, but it's "a book of falsehoods"

Jimmy Carter telling the truth

Those R Pols who are against extending the $600 UI benefit EACH make at least $174,000 a year

White House leans on CDC, pediatricians to argue for reopening schools

Just Saw PINO's New "Defund" Ad

J.K. Rowling, B.Weiss & N. Chomsky Among Dozens Sign Open Letter Calling for End to Cancel Culture

LOL! What if we paid someone else to take them?

Man caught on video yelling at Asian family: 'Trump's going to f--- you!'

Thurs July 9, Tenn committee to vote on Nathan Bedford Forrest bust in state capitol

There is money to help

WH's McEnany: 'The world is looking at us as a leader' on pandemic

Cartoon: Nyet Intelligence By Clay Jones -July 7, 2020 9:00 AM

trump never misspeaks.

The Mexican President

Graham challenger Harrison raises record-shattering $13.9 million for SC Senate bid

Tammy Duckworth fires back after Fox accuses her of hating America

Trump says coronavirus therapy drugs 'more important' than vaccine despite $1.6bn investment

Churches get nearly $10 billion from federal government!!!

GA-SEN: Loeffler opposes WNBA's plan to spread 'Black Lives Matter' message

Oregon Gov. Our businesses want to stay open, listen to them.

Walmart's answer to Amazon Prime set to launch in July, according to report

Democrats always talk about winning over blue collar voters. Why not white collar ones?

Virus loans helped entities tied to Trump evangelical allies

Mary Trump: Putin, Kim, McConnell "more than a passing psychological resemblance to Daddy Trump."

Kanye West? The Girl Scouts? Hedge funds? All got PPP loans

Deep Elem Blues

Sen. Steve Daines lies about his efforts to gut health care in new ad

Middle Age Riot tweet

Damn, I think I just broke a little toe.

Palm Beach neighbor chips away at the base

Justin Timberlake joins Taylor Swift in calling for removal of confederate statues

GOP 'unnerved' by Trump's racism, but not for the right reasons

My First Post


Takes 2 Weeks To Get Covid Test But Send Your Kids To School Anyway Who Cares If You Die

Don Winslow Films: #TrumpHatesWomen

Trump can ONLY process politics as an entertainment product.

On July 6, 1957, John Lennon and Paul McCartney met for the first time.

Peter Navarro's Bonkers CNN Interview: 'Give Peace a Chance, Give Hydroxy a Chance'

By 2-1 Vote, VA Board of Elections Approves Filing Deadline Extensions for Nick Freitas, Bob Good

Bill Barr Is Incredibly Corrupt. He's Also Incredibly Inept.

Dozens of Florida hospitals out of available ICU beds, state data shows

Did Doxxing of an Oklahoma Councilwoman Lead to a Neighbor Being Raped?

White Florida man who threatened Black homeowner with a BB gun also faked being Navy SEAL

Where's the money, Donald Trump?

Delaware, Kansas, Oklahoma added to New York's quarantine order

GOP Congressman's Argument Against Mandated Masks, Vaccinations Goes Awry

Teachers: Refuse to Return to Campus

People are Nucking Futs

Seattle City Council approves 'JumpStart' tax on big businesses

Biden preparing for 'multiple scenarios' on COVID-19

Trump says White House will pressure governors to open schools

Badda bing, badda boom: the "I FEEL THREATENED" guy has been summarily FIRED

Evangelicals and Totalitarianism

It's time to put the fires out

Video shows Schenectady officer kneeling on man's neck

Well it looks like my predication came true. This Agency is on lockdown

So now we know Trump pays people to take tests for him, what about his Covid tests?

Biden wants US to produce more of its own pandemic supplies

Roll the Dice

watch Ringo's 80th birthday (yikes!) bash on youtube today at 8 pm Eastern

no twitter response yet from trump regarding Shapiro taking his SAT

Dow ends nearly 400 points lower, U.S. stocks swoon, on doubts of quick economic recovery

HHS secretary says schools shouldn't 'hide behind' CDC virus guidance

"Masks Only"

A poem about Betsy DeVos, tRumps corporate tool secretary

Dog's Loved His Kitten Since The Moment They Met

HHS secretary says schools shouldn't 'hide behind' CDC virus guidance

JonBenet Ramsey & Ghislane Maxwell connection?

Fluffy kittens stress relief

Separated: Inside an American Tragedy by Jacob Soboroff

Dog apologizes to his brother with a hug after stealing treat

Inside a Pa. nursing home that gave some veterans hydroxychloroquine even without covid-19 testing

Interesting facts about Manuls. (Pallas's Cats)

These anti-LGBTQ groups got more than $2 million in virus relief loans

WHO acknowledges 'evidence emerging' of airborne spread of COVID-19

A very large Trumper got his ass knocked out at a rugby bar I frequent yesterday.

is Florida Gov DeSantis trying to kill prisoners?

PEF to Cuomo: Install COVID-blocking air filters for all state workers

Reopening schools; Trump is using the same plan he used to battle the pandemic.

What's for Dinner, Tues., July 7, 2020

CFPB director urged to resign over new rule exposing consumers to predatory 'debt traps'

Taxes due July 15 - for the ones who did not file by April 15

Almost drove off the road today during an interview on either The World or

JimBakker, Jay Sekulow, Rick Joyner---all get federal govt money

We know he gets his hair style from his mom

'It Didn't Work'

New York State Fair canceled by pandemic

U.S. Exits the World Health Organization

ME-SEN: Susan Collins signals she won't campaign against Biden

State report: Covid-19 entered nursing homes through staff, admission policy not to blame

RVAT: New ad: "Has Your Party Left You?"

Kanye West 2020? That's Quite Enough, America.

This made me happy today!

Office of the President Columbia University responds to "deeply misguided" new rules restricting int

10,160 cases in Texas in one day today

New : Trump friends got millions of dollars in PPP,6-Trump branded towers. White Stallion Energy,

A well-known right-wing racist Karen in the UK says calling white privileged racists Karen is racist

Schools Can Make Plans, But State Will Make Reopening Decision

2 minute lesson about racism...

Trump sent out 1,795 tweets in the months of January and February and not a single one of them...

Facebook ad boycott organizers see 'no commitment to action' in Zuckerberg meeting

BREAKING: Miami-Dade Schools Superintendent stands up to Gov. DeSantis

At least SOMEBODY is happy I'm gone

Biden's tweet on the WHO

Professor Fact Checks Money Laundering Scenes, from 'Ozark' to 'Narcos'

Using trump logic

Disney says Walt Disney World reopening is on track for Saturday

Texas County To Arrest COVID-19 Positive Residents Who Refuse To Self-Isolate

Welcome to the Freedom Cafe!

Deutsche Bank hit with $150 million penalty for relationship to sex offender Jeffrey Epstein

Rep. Ilhan Omar can sure throw shade when she wants to.

Too subtle?

The Trump administration has formally notified the United Nations of its withdrawal

FBI director says China aims to become "world's only superpower"

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Wednesday, 8 July 2020

Completely forgot New Jersey and Delaware Primaries are today. UPD : Biden wins NJ and DE

Progressive Advocates Seek Budget Parity For Legislature

Can U. Penn revoke Trump's college degree?

"Parents Need to Go to Work" Does Not Stop COVID at the School Door

Democrats guide to regaining control of the US Senate in 2020.

DeVos demands 'fully operational' schools in the fall: 'Not a matter of if'

Dutch police arrest 6 men, uncover makeshift torture chamber

COLLINS, MURKOWSKI and ROMNEY also skipping the RNC convo. That's 5 senators now... updated

Donald Trump's behavior was shaped by his 'sociopath' father, niece writes in bombshell book

Religious Organizations Receive $7.3 Billion in PPP Loans, Megachurches Amass Millions

Trump Suggests Look of GOP Convention Could Change Again as Pandemic Surges in Florida

What the fuck is wrong here? I want to be summer vacationing in Disneyland!

Gov. Sununu will not attend Trump's NH rally.


Already fighting for their lands and lives, Indigenous communities in Brazil slammed by COVID19

Colorado Attorney General issues cease-and-desist order to Woodland Park Bible conference

Tulsa dentist sees cracked teeth and crowns due to teeth grinding.

Jeff Tiedrich tweet.

Michigan sues Betsy DeVos over COVID-19 relief money for private schools

Hah Hah Hah Hah Hah!

Facebook: Nothing changes, everything stays the same...

Taking on Local Education and State Control of Public stupid..

Various right wing groups are advocating for children to go back to school this august

A lot of you may disagree with me, but this made me laugh my ass off

Levi's to cut 700 office jobs

COVID-19 would become an almost universal "Pre-existing" condition

Trump administration to offer 'surge' coronavirus testing in Florida, Louisiana and Texas

Now This:

Texas says new coronavirus cases jumped by more than 10,000 for the first time

Putin Admits Taking SATs for Trump

Top general has doubts Russian bounty program killed US troops in Afghanistan

Pretend the cat is a reluctant voter

Mexico identifies remains of another of missing 43 students

COVID-19 was Trump's 'first significant test -- and he flunked it with flying colors': Paul Krugman

I got Covid-19 two months ago. I'm still discovering new areas of damage

'Significant spread' of virus could nix season again: Adam Silver