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Fat Bottomed Girls (metal cover by Leo Moracchioli)

Beyonc, Shatta Wale, Major Lazer - ALREADY

Calling for an election delay could have been a win for Trump and the Republicans

Vaccine project contract raises transparency questions

Tweet clapping back at those who complain that Biden isn't "exciting":

McConnell: Dropping liability protections from coronavirus deal 'not going to happen'

It tweeted

I'm no epidemiologist but I think this might just be

$600 jobless benefits expire, posing fresh danger to Trump's re-election

Poor Barbie

When you look just like the painting

Timothy Snyder will be on Eleventh Hour MSNBC this evening.

When you and the chyron directly contradict each other

not exactly an overflow crowd at Trump's speech in Florida...........

Just asking for a friend, of course.

Graphic image of injuries suffered at Portland protests

The future of t-shirts

Revised picture shows trump had bigger crowd for inauguration.

Oh yeah, you sure owned us.

Heard any good Trump jokes lately?

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner earned at least $36 million in outside income last year, new disclosu

Remember when...

how to TICK TOC

Glam's favorite tune when he was between 3 and 5

Florida newspaper editorial board asks DeSantis to issue statewide mask order: 'We're dying here'

"TRUMP HAS DONE NOTHING!!!" Kayleigh McEnany CRUMBLES When Confronted on Today's Trump Failures

Coronavirus in the U.S.: Where cases are growing and declining

FAQs for anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers

Dozens of COVID-19 vaccines are in development. Here are the ones to follow.

Conservative Media Is Really Struggling With the Possibility That Trump Killed Herman Cain

I want the Badge Numbers and names of those law enforcement officers that stood behind Donnie Dipshi

Pelosi Raises Record-Breaking $39.5 Million for Democrats as Election Approaches

It tweeted a head scratcher

Hear Neil Young's Anti-Trump Song 'Lookin' For a Leader 2020′

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF! Live and Let Die!

New Yahoo News/YouGov poll: Majority of Democrats want Biden to pick a Black woman for vice presiden

The company I use for my CBD now says to add 5 to 12 days to the usual delivery time.

Any recommendations for superintendent of public education?

Trump can't postpone the election, but officials worry he and the GOP could starve it

Trump Holds Mini-Rally in His New 'Home State' of Florida and Almost No One Showed Up

Trump's Vaccine Chief Picks His Own Former Employer--Where He Still Holds Millions Worth of Stock

RI issues tax refunds signed by Walt Disney, Mickey Mouse

In accordance with the governor's executive order to expand face covering requirements throughout

Trump's own intelligence officials contradict his repeated claims of mail-in voting fraud

He's got a valid point.

The Karen of all Karens

Gov. Scott expands retail occupancy to 50%

McConnell: 15-20 GOP senators will not vote for any coronavirus deal

Where are the Lincoln Project ads being shown?

Florida needs to shut down for 60 days.

The Real Purpose of Trump's Threat to Delay the Vote

Friday Talking Points -- One-Third Of U.S. Economy Disappears

Harris allies granted call with Biden campaign after Dodd blowup

I attended Joe Biden's fundraiser this evening and he left with one message about this election.

People in Albuquerque are protesting Trump's deployment of federal agents to the city...

Trump thinks he beat Obama

McConnell: 15-20 GOP senators will not vote for any coronavirus deal

THere Is Just No End To What White People Have Done

NY-24: Katko: Both parties to blame as $600 jobless benefit is set to expire

Trump Is Rigging The Postal Service To Get Himself Re-Elected

Steve Sack FTW

The S.S. Senate GOP - Kevin Necessary cartoon

Dems about to blow the Loeffler Senate seat election in GA

Covid updates from around the world.

Jared Kushner Got Up to $3 Million From Companies That Benefited From Trump Admin Programs, Document

Trump badly miscalculated in Portland - and even he knows it

Toddler Trump (the video is a little freaky, tbh)

The One Where We Learned Jared Kushner Was Cool With COVID-19 Killing People in Blue States (Ferret)


GOP Hopes for TX-23 Dim as Tony Gonzales Screams 'I Won' into the Void

Florida man accused of firing gun in hotel lobby over lack of social distancing

Jason Johnson:It continues 2 baffle me that almost EVERYONE around rump seems 2 have tested positive

DCCC Chair Cheri Bustos:"Texas still remains ground zero" for the fall."

Homeless guy spits some truth.

Here's a statement from Eric Trump on his father's financial disclosure form:

Leinenkugel's will retire logo featuring image of Native American woman

MI-03: Amash Retirement Opens Michigan Seat Democrats Plan to Target

Trump's top strategist reboots campaign with focus on early-voting states

What is wrong with us? July 31 - nearly 70,000 new confirmed COVID cases. nearly 1500 new deaths.


The Daily Social Distancing Show: Coronavirus Ramps Up in the U.S. and Claims Herman Cain

Does it hurt?

Media Matters: "James Murdoch resigning does not absolve him of the blood on his hands"

Trump says he will ban TikTok from operating in the US

Started blocking everyone...

It's the Anti-Crust

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Michael Tubbs - Youngest US Mayor & "Stockton on My Mind" Subject

Some trump nicknames

My blood BOILS at this...Trump Chump FB response

REM suggested one might be handling this current moment in History better than I am.

In Broad Daylight - Mica Paris

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Trump Wants to Delay the Election & Stamp Out Affordable Housing

Friday Night Indica-Buzz. Ask me anything.

AZ-06: Rep. David Schweikert made a fake loan and misused campaign funds.

In Broad Daylight - Mica Paris

Trump's own intelligence officials contradict his repeated claims of mail-in voting fraud

Trump says he will ban TikTok through executive action as soon as Saturday

Seth Meyers - President Trump Wants to Postpone the Presidential Election - Monologue 7/30/20

EXCLUSIVE: How Brett Kavanaugh tried to sidestep abortion and Trump financial docs cases

He Ate NY Pizza With A Fucking Fork

Nationalist Geographic

Best motivational speech I've heard all year....

Montgomery County prohibits private schools from starting school year in-person

I'm banning Donald Trump by Executive Order


Three Men and a Baby!

Talking Heads - Psycho Killer

Bob Ross

GM is tripling the size of its EV fast charging network

The Police - Message In A Bottle

"No other U.S. city has ever been subjected to such a sustained barrage of tear gas"

Teach Your Children Well

Mad World - Gary Jules

Should I sue?

Eagle-Eye Cherry - Save Tonight

Son of Rupert Murdoch (Fox founder) quits his Dad's company

Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - 7/31/20

Anybody know much about Etsy? I've got some things I used to make that could...

Ivanka and Jared's Friday night news dump was because they have 'tons of conflicts of interest'

US Navy's first Black female tactical jet pilot gets her 'wings of gold'

My wife and I revisiting our friends band. Amazed to find 'em on Youtube

'Embarrassed and a little pissed off': Richmond (CA) doctor tells off coronavirus deniers...

Hurricane Isaias Keeps Trump From Pocketing More Campaign Money - For Now

As pandemic benefits expire, Senate Republicans and Trump can't get their act together

Federal Agents Don't Need Army Fatigues

In Memoriam: Herman Cain

Why are Karens and Chads so generally angry?

August outlook: Not as hot as July, but still warmer than normal

Dana Milbank is upset because Susan Rice once called Lindsey Graham "A piece of shit."

Fallacy Of Trump Mail Voting Criticism Exposed By Colorado Success - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Trump's Red State Presidency Leaves U.S. Without Unifying Leadership

'US Officials Seek Limits On "Habitat" For Imperiled Species'

Cleveland Cavaliers in discussions with city about Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse being November polling

Mexico 3rd In Global Pandemic Deaths, Vietnam Struggles Anew

The Shame of Life

who assaulted who?

The Latest: India Records Highest Daily Jump of 57,000 Cases

Trump 3 hours ago: "We have more Cases because we do more Testing. It's Lamestream Media Gold!"

I have a cloth mask with one of those exhale valves.

2020 US Senate Election Rating for US Senate seats up in 2020 that Democrats are expected to win.

The Trump Coward Corps

I have been wondering what happened to that Paris guy

He went to Jared - We paid the price - ad by MeidasTouch

The comments on Trump's Facebook ads are devastating. None of his supporters can afford to donate to

Summer Camp Took Almost Every Precaution. The Majority of Kids Still Got COVID-19.

Report: WH Was Working On National Testing Plan in April, But Stopped...

'A Marshall Plan For Planetary Health': COVID Havoc Shows Need For Ambitious Reforms, New Approaches

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2020 that Democrats are expected to win.

Children May Carry Coronavirus at High Levels, Study Finds

"These States Invalidate Mail-In Ballots After Election Day"

Court orders release of Black Michigan teen who was jailed for missing schoolwork

Trump says to 'read the manuals' when asked who told him that you can 'test too much' for COVID-19

While millions are facing evictions and going hungry

Rep. Schiff Reacts to Trump Calling Bounty Reports A 'Russia Hoax' - The Last Word - MSNBC

Oh man - it's 3 AM where I live and I'm in so much pain I wanna die!

Protest plus Vote equals Change

Trump Offers No Plan As Coronavirus Aid Expires For Millions - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Sarah Cooper: How to tick tack

It tried to clarify its tweet

Trump, GOP Soften On Opposition To $600 Jobless Benefit

Trump FLOATED the idea of delaying the election to gauge interest in actually attempting to delay it

Why didn't they give the new hurricane a more pronounceable name?

Knowing everything we now know ...

Drumpf tonight, Portland tonight

Pandemic Don..

'One American Now Dies From COVID-19 Every Minute'

Drain the sewage of Donald Trump

US Senate seats Democrats have to win in order to get 60 seats.

Trump will sign an executive order to ban Tik Tok but has refused to acknowledge Russia putting boun

The Father of Bluegrass

Another foxy lady with a shoe fetish......

Now that we know that Linseed Lindsey and his minions are planning

McConnell tell rethugs to distance themselves from trump if necessary

The lesson of the 1930's is that democracy is precious (and fragile).

It is hurricane season...

One of the defining features of the US Covid debacle has been refusal to learn from other countries.

Jonathan Swan Trump interview on HBO - he actually challenged Trump to name sources

5 Stories from Europe You May Have Missed

Egg production is down with the ladies they're traumatized

Maximum number of US Senate seats in 2020 that Democrats are able to win.

Carjacking suspect guns down three police officers in Chicago police station shoot out

Complicit TeeVee media

How to get a record teen turnout against you

In The Early Morning Rain

Federal Troops Tear-Gas Yankees Off Field So Trump Can Throw Out First Pitch

"We may be banning TikTok."

Gohmert tests positive for virus.

In hindsight this was Speaker Pelosi's most prescient moment for 2020

Trump's Remarks in a COVID-19 Response and Storm Preparedness Roundtable, Belleair, FL

They flocked in their dozens...

Has anybody ever tried blow up pool

Laurence Tribe explains the constitutional 'fail-safe' -- that could result in President Nancy Pelosi

So I asked Alexa

Sometimes the apple falls far from the tree, and it's a good thing.

It's The Two-Week Anniversary of Trump's Latest Lie About Health Care

And then Joni Ernst came for Ringo, Theresa Greenfield's dog.

'White House Willing To Cut A Stimulus Deal Without 'Liability Shield,' Breaking With McConnell'

If landlords evict tenants who can't pay their rent because the pandemic has eliminated their

Own the libtards!

Weekend TOONs - TicTacD'Oh

herman cain and his

Joe and Obama call a doctor

Heh. *ucker Carlson asks Dershowitz about "Pedo Island"

John Lewis essay

A Heads Up Summary of the ACLU's litigation on the November 3 vote

Alexander Vindman: Coming forward ended my career. I still believe doing what's right matters.

If Gore-D picked Cleland as his VP in 2000 instead of Lieberman, would he have won?

Why trump suggested he may delay the election

Dershowitz is trying to get a television episode banned for addressing Epstein

This week(Aug. 4, 2020) we get to find out who the 2020 KS US Senate Republican Nominee is?

About this tik tok banning

AK Republican Rep Gary Knopp dies in planecrash

"Wishing you well, Louie!"

Alexander Vindman: Coming forward ended my career. I still believe doing what's right matters.

Trump Tik Tok

HOARDERS, Season 11, Episode 2, bashes Idonka pretty good!

Kamala Harris addresses the ambition issue

One of the first ships to resume cruising is having a COVID outbreak

Family Saves Baby Fox And Reunites Him With Mom

N.M. Gov's campaign remarks generate virtual firestorm

The Horrifying ICE Documentary Trump Doesn't Want You to See

N.M. Gov's campaign remarks generate virtual firestorm

Florida man buys Porsche with check printed from home computer

Republican held US Senate seats in 2020 that Democrats are likely to pick up.

August 1 - Happy Birthday Rep. Josh Harder (D) CA-10th

Cowboys for Trump leader: Trump campaign distancing from us

Cowboys for Trump leader: Trump campaign distancing from us

Prospects for Covid immunity are better than the early studies suggested

Man. Woman. President. Dementia. Loser.

Georgia: CDC reports of a huge superspreading event in 260 kids+adults from YMCA camp.

Trump now says he wants to hold the election earlier.

Red onions linked to salmonella outbreak that has sickened people in 31 states

Indiana school had to quarantine students within hours of reopening

After another sleepless night, I was feeling very discouraged. Then I saw this on the hallway wall.

Trump and Kushner must be prosecuted for crimes against humanity

Have there been any COVID outbreaks traced to Disney World reopening? n/t

It's in the eyes folks! The Kayleigh McEnany Facebook FAN CLUB 😳

Trump is going to be lost in the debates without a crowd to feed off.

Coronavirus: South Korean Shincheonji sect leader arrested

Documentary Trump doesn't want you you to see finally

Oh my! Cuteness Overload: Golden retriever puppies comforted by a talking dinosaur.

Maricopa Co., Arizona. Vote up to 27 days EARLY

Noam Chomsky: We are racing...towards total catastrophe under the leadership of sociopathic fanatics

A stark reminder of differences

Could this anti-Trump Republican group take down the president?

The man in a coma. Incredible ad from Lincoln Project

Barr Makes It Official--He's Trump's New "Fixer"

"Weaponized stupidity" might the most accurate assessment

90+ days until the election. 90+ batshit insane distractions from the Hell we're living in.

Kodak C.E.O. Got Stock Options Day Before News of Loan Sent Stock Soaring

House Democrats subpoena Pompeo for documents on Biden's son

Your weekend "ear worm" is ready!

We Go Together _ Trump + Boris

Josh Hammer, Newsweek Opinion Editor, is incredibly right wing

Coin Shortages Are Causing a Liquidity Crisis at Laundromats

Lt. Col Vindman: "Coming forward ended my career. I still believe doing what's right matters."

Today! Another Trump anniversary!!!

LeBron James on kneeling: 'I hope we made Kaep proud'

White House and Democrats to Resume Unemployment Benefits Talks as Millions Lose $600 Weekly Aid

BTRTN: How The Election Gets Stolen... and How We Stop It.

BTRTN: How The Election Gets Stolen... and How We Stop It.


Trump drowns a puppy

You raised $18,389.20 on July 31, 2020 to elect Joe Biden POTUS with our DU ActBlue link

Japan Acted Like the Virus Had Gone. Now It's Spread Everywhere.

Do any of you know anything about where I might learn about security...

Everything we suspected about Donald Trump has come true

So, how long will it last?

Report: Coronavirus infected scores of children and staff at Georgia sleep-away camp.

TN Dept of Health will NOT share school-related covid info!

One Man's COVID-19 Death Raises The Worst Fears Of Many People With Disabilities

Trump is going for the pity vote

Debbie Harry, Viv Albertine, Siouxsie Sioux, Chrissie Hynde, Poly Styrene& Pauline Black group photo

Biden/Warren fundraiser last night raised $1.7 million with 50,000 participants

Is Trump going after TikTok because Sarah Cooper is driving him nuts?

Happy Colorado Day all!

This doctor just endured the deadliest week of his career

Meharry asks communities of color to participate in covid vaccine trials

"Trump's advisers scrambled to assemble a scaled-down political event..."

Time for Republicans to call for Trmp's resignation?

Donald Trump's new theme

National Data Buoy Center


DHS official whose office compiled 'intelligence reports' on journalists and protesters has been rem

Krugman: One of the defining features of the US Covid debacle has been refusal to learn from.....

How to TikTok AKA Sarah Cooper lives in Trump's Head

The hits keep coming for Ellen DeGeneres.

2020 US Senate Elections the Democrats are expected to win from a landslide to narrow margin.

Jerry Garcia was born on this date,

The Horrifying ICE Documentary Trump Doesn't Want You to See

How to save the USPS

fwiw: exposure of bogus Trump info about Biden in Ukraine

2992 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today Sat., 53 deaths

In case you missed it: Karen Bass grilling William Barr last Tuesday

Who are your top 3 choices for VP and why?

I've had to temporarily curtail my garden clean up - and the reason for that is really quite lovely

Written by a nurse in today's hospital environment

Know the uniform of those bashing your head in

David Hogg with the TikTok truth

Isaias storm news

Message from the General Manager of TikTok North America: "We're not planning on going anywhere."

Alexander Vindman: Coming forward ended my career. I still believe doing what's right matters.

The president approved emergency for Florida in advance of the hurricane.

If you can get past the fact that the Fascist Orange Psychopath is onboard

Did I miss the photo contest winners??

Donald Trump Supporters Confront BLM Protesters ... You're Attacking Our White Heritage

Bass responds to her Scientology welcome from 2010.

Yet another breast reconstruction procedure...sigh

Trump gives statement on reopening schools

A Democratic pickup of 10 US Senate seats in 2020.

Man, once you're typecast....

Trump Keeps Taking Russia's Side, and We Don't Know Why

We Need to Talk About Ventilation

We are marching into a full-blown "constitutional crisis" with our eyes wide open.

A Dire Warning From COVID-19 Test Providers

'How A $175 COVID-19 Test Led To $2,479 In Charges:' ProPublica.

Note to DeathSantis

Thousands protest in Berlin against coronavirus restrictions

Laurence Tribe says if a 2020 result isn't decided by January 20, Pelosi will be president

NHL on now. Piped in crowd noise.

I just voted absentee

'This F*cking Shit Again'--Trump Haunts His Team With Diversions to Demon Sperm and Obsessions...

A warning from the future

Oversight Subcommittee: Trump admin overspent $500M on ventilators AND allowed delayed delivery


Coming up on Fox: Chief campaign spokesman for trump...

Are you part of the great mask debate ?

Hot off the presses!!!!!

💥Friday night news dump: Trump financials released

Anyone see the movie "Polar"?

Gohmert's daughter has more sens than her dear ol' dad...

So, who were the anarchists? Calm returns to Portland as federal agents withdraw - WaPo

19 First Ladies' Favorite Foods

BROKEN: The Onion Plans to Become a Mainstream News Source

Close call this weekend...

Trump secretly recorded boasting about how many retweets he got for backing Confederate-named base

Below-the-nose community stunned

Romney Strategist: What I'm gonna do is support Democrats because ...

Fmr. GOP Chairman Michael Steele's diatribe slamming Trumpists like Herman Cain: Wear the damn mask

WATCH: A floating piano show took place on a French lake against the backdrop of an 18th century...

Identity crisis: Cockatoo thinks he is a chicken

Florida School District Releases 'Apocalyptic' Reopening Promo

What Wind River Indian Reservation in Wyoming says about our republic

Rescue Pittie Talks To Her Mom Nonstop

Always willing to help out a fellow vet / hey give me about 72 inches hero

Scientists rushing to make a vaccine....

Brave wizard warriors

Dunkin' Donuts to Require Masks; Trump-Loving Pastor Made Violent Threat Toward Employee

Rep. Raul Grijalva tests positive for COVID-19, is symptom-free

Two Canadian ice caps have completely disappeared, satellite imagery shows

Karen screams at a woman. Can anyone translate what two women say at the end?

Just a few more days until Trump's health care plan!!!!

The Supreme Court in Jamaica yesterday ruled that the Constitutional rights of a student with locks

If the Democrats regain the Presidency...

US reports more than 25,000 COVID-19 deaths in July

This Pregnant Pittie Foster Story Is The Happiest Thing Ever

Russia preparing mass vaccination against coronavirus for October

Has any country that has gotten the Coronvirus under control

"I wish her well, frankly." The orchestrated cover-up!

I had to get a blood test today in advance of my annual checkup next week.

Joyce Alene, MSNBC contributor: Given Barr's history with misrepresenting the Mueller Report.....

Carmen Georges Bizet LA Opera

Private school attended by Barron Trump prohibited from in-person learning until October

Trump Says He'll Sign Order Cutting Drug Prices 'Very Soon'

CORRUPTION. Look at our new postmaster.

Kitten Who Wasn't Supposed To Live Is The Feistiest Girl Now

Are they trying to tell us something?

Rep. Raul Grijalva has tested positive for COVID-19

Joe: You are the backbone of America.

Fact check: Stephen Miller carries water for Trump in promoting mail-in voting conspiracies

Israel was a covid-19 success. Then Netanyahu showed how not to manage the disease.

'Why The Idea of Jobless Benefits Scares The Conservative Mind'

Albek de Mexico S.A. de C.V. Issues Voluntary Nationwide Recall of All Hand Sanitizers Within Expiry

What do you call a grizzly with no teeth?

Is Trump going after Tik Tok in particular

Ramblin' Jack was born on this date.

2020 election: Donald Trump's muddled message isn't working

I went to a graveside service today

George Takei FTW

As COVID-19 sweeps across the South, the Army finds it's not immune

Tommy Bolin was born on this date.

Queen Elizabeth just granted a peerage to Yevgeny Lebedev, a Russian oligarch and son of a KGB Rezid

As Germany is experiencing a strong increase of new #COVID19 cases, this is happening right now in B

Born on this date.

Lt. Col. Vindman, thank you for your service.

The view from "Bradford"

Sarah Cooper: Does Trump know that by banning TikTok he's also pissing off suburban moms

Vast majority of university employees asking to work from home were denied

Gov Cuomo: 82,737 tests -- the highest number of tests ever conducted in a single day in the state.

Alyssa Milano also FTW

UT official: No parties, on or off campus, are allowed fall semester

Modern Problems Require Modern Solutions

Karen Bass: "I'm a Baptist".

Famed songwriter and DJ, Bill Mack, dies of Covid-19

Back to School After Quarantine

White House opposes requirement for passengers to wear masks on planes, trains


Adults refuse to social distance. But expect children will do it?

"This election is life or death for many. We don't have the luxury to complain. Let's get to work"

Question for Dr. Fauci

An Interlude with levity...Vegetable Orchestra!

Good and bad.

'Bulletproof Warrior' training

New Rule: The Quarantine 15 Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Just a question

Cartoons 8/1/2020

US Senate seats Democrats are expected to have a net gain of in 2020 is between 5 to 10 seats.

FITCH lowers its outlook on US credit rating to 'negative'...

You might be a Deplorable if---

CNN's Brianna Keilar on Trump's affinity for Russian President Vladimir Putin

The Post Office is essential. Cruise ships are not.

FA Cup final

Republicans Resume Fear-Mongering About The Debt. Don't Believe Them

Hot ocean waters along East Coast are drawing in 'weird' fish and supercharging hurricane season

Could this anti-Trump Republican group take down the president?

Marysville renters may qualify for $1,500 relief grants

Hydroxychloroquine renamed

From a Trump acquaintance of mine people are getting

How often [has Trump] questioned voting or suggested that an election would be rigged? 713 times

Trump's schedule for Saturday, August 1, 2020:

Inside Trump and Farrakhan's Strange Ties to Scientology

Read 'How To Be An Antiracist' by Ibram X. Kendi (2020)

This is not what was meant by American exceptionalism

Rogue Snohomish barber faces big tab for his political protest

Marco Rubio and Herman Cain

Anyone stayed in a motel lately?

There's Never Been a Better Time to Be a White-Collar Criminal

Yes mama

Extra unemployment benefits cannot restart for at least several weeks, experts warn

Conservative Media Is Really Struggling With the Possibility That Trump Killed Herman Cain

Yes, 'Demons Sleep With People,' Insists Texas Doctor Who 'Impressed' Trump

Cheetah Walks Right into a Leopard

Trump Booed on His Way to Play Golf as Protesters Mock Him Over Cognitive Test, Carry Signs Invoking

Why are so many "History Channel" shows using only rightwing sources

Let's say an unemployment deal on the $600 a week extension happens in a week or two

C'mon trump C'mon trump

Xofluza (or Tamiflu) for coming flu season--prophylactic use works

Fauci shuts up Jim Jordan

Erwin Chemerinsky on Election Postponing:

Critics Point Out Exactly What Donald Trump Is Trying To Hide With Election Delay Stunt

Turning in a completed absentee/mail-in ballot is NOT the problem as the USPS is destroyed.

Vote Him Away

Rick Wilson from January 2020, on how democrats can win the election

Texas Supreme Court lets coronavirus orders stand, despite outcry by conservatives

Positive results in using favipiravir antiviral against COVID-19

Alan Parker dies: Towering UK director of 'Midnight Express' 'Mississippi Burning' & 'Fame' was 76

Police chief who opposed gun initiative runs for governor as 'law and order' candidate

Dammit. Red wasps have started a nest just above my front door.

Alan Parker dies: Towering UK director of 'Midnight Express' 'Mississippi Burning' & 'Fame' was 76

The Latest: Berlin protesters rally vs virus restrictions

Key impeachment inquiry witness says nation's values threatened under Trump

Stop sign tyranny: Great LTE!

North Dakota GOP's Platform Is So Anti-LGBTQ Nobody Will Say Who Wrote It

Trump Reportedly Mulled Over A Possible Loophole That Would Allow Him To Bypass Congress...

Submitted for your approval

President Obama explains that Congressman John Lewis is a founding father.

Isaias may dump heavy rain on D.C. region Monday and Tuesday.

GOP fears Trump attacks on mail-in vote will sabotage turnout

Racist worker refuses to sell black man gasoline over 'riot' concerns

Golden retriever puppies comforted by a talking dinosaur.

The media needs to stop calling these people swing voters

Australian coronavirus vaccine candidate shows positive results in phase one human trials

New from The Juice Media

Shirley Rousseau Murphy (author of the Joe Grey series)

I Volunteered For Every Republican since Reagan, but not Trump

Tammy Duckworth or Susan Rice would make me so happy

Vogue - Is Sarah Cooper the Reason Donald Trump Wants to Ban TikTok?

Pandemic, The Election, 'Racing Towards Catastrophe Under Sociopathic Fanatics': Noam Chomsky

Harvey Updyke, who poisoned landmark oak trees at Auburn University, dies at 71

Representative Jones' FGM Bill On Governor's Desk, MA would become 39th state to ban practice

According to faux snooze: Magat will unleash new anti-Biden blitz monday

Russian Far East Protesters Turn Out by the Thousands as Crackdown Intensifies

Natural Selection....

Cocaine a cola....

More nails?

Florida is facing a double threat to it's Nov. election: CV and Hurricane Destruction

Welcome to Freedom Cafe

John Prine - When I Get To Heaven

Barr DOES NOT have the authority to stop, move, or otherwise postpone the election...

Trump's muddled message isn't working

US Senate Rating for US Senate seats Democrats are expected to win in 2020.

Kamala Harris to young Black women at conference: 'I want you to be ambitious'

This Extensive Mashup Confirms Trump's Love for Putin

Trump Recommends That Voters Use Absentee Ballots--Which Are Mailed In

U.S. Army sergeant who shot Austin protester Garrett Foster was inspired by Trump

Pastor threatens Dunkin Donut employee over mask:

'Nobody likes me,' Trump complains, as even his allies fade

The Creeper


Facebook bows to Brazil judge, blocks 12 accounts worldwide

Happiness Is A Warm Gun

AP FACT CHECK: Trump's election agitations and distortions

Facebook bows to Brazil judge, blocks 12 accounts worldwide

Texas lifts tampon ban at bar exam after complaints over discriminatory policy

Scathingly brilliant debate format idea

Trump will never have to worry about this

TX-23: Raul Reyes seeking recount in Republican runoff against Tony Gonzales

I-95: Florida gonna Florida...

George Washington Didn't Need ID To Vote And It Worked Fine Back Then

Voodoo Kit

Excellent street art from the Sacramento BLM protests.

What's for Dinner, Sat., Aug. 1, 2020

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 8/1/20

Is Karen Bass associated with Scientology?

Watchdog Group Alleges Stephen Miller Violated Federal Law by Criticizing Joe Biden on Fox News

Dem. challnger for Mayor of Irvine (CA) outraises GOP incumbent 30 to 1

Sent in my Kansas Democratic primary ballot by mail...

New Painting by Trump Cultist Has the Internet Roaring with Laughter

The US ambassador to Brazil reportedly asked Brazilian officials to help Trump's reelection

Almost HALF of Trump Fans Think Hydroxychloroquine is 'Cure' for Coronavirus. It is Not.

ACS Green Chemistry Institute Oilfield Chemistry Roundtable

Help! I missed the John Lewis funeral, or at least everything before President Obama. ...

Pollution reduction photos of before and after COVID of some cities.

Warren: As desperate families turn to payday lenders Trump's CFPB drops restrictions

Just in case you thought you'd seen everything insane

Sarah Cooper: How to Tick Tack

During Pandemic, Earthquake Scientists Detect Longest Period of Seismic Stillness on Record.

Mark Inch, Florida's prison boss, tests positive for COVID-19

Hurricane/Tropical Storm Expected To Kill 300-500 Floridians This Weekend

Here's Interior Sec. telling Grijalva he'll only debrief in person and the flight to D.C. was 'easy'

2nd X GoT: Such great story telling and acting.

Elon Musk says 'China rocks' while the U.S. is full of 'complacency and entitlement'

Coronavirus Threat Rises Across U.S.: 'We just have to assume the monster is everywhere.'

Fla. man arrested in online dating scam; woman, 61, gave "boyfriend" $437,800

American soldier goes off on all the #Karens and #Kevins to wear a damn mask!!

MO-01: Incumbent Lacy Clay attacks challenger on the weekend before primary

Is Trump a USA phenomenon, or is he a symptom of world wide trend?

Living off the land: the new sisterhood of Black female homesteaders

"When will "the ask" overburden teachers?"....editorial

Saw the most depressingly American thing today

I must go 가야지

Bill Barr needs to be impeached. We've outlined the why and how here:

White House opposes requirement for passengers to wear masks on planes, trains

'Biden Eyes Major Foreign Policy Shifts If He Wins'

Anybody watching I'll Be Gone in the Dark on HBO?

Any advice for disconnecting from political news?

Pac-12 player group threatens to opt out, makes list of demands on injustice, safety

Trump Is Now Promising Immigration Reform Plan (plus, a New Healthcare Bill by Tomorrow)

This picture makes me want to move to Portland.

Joe tweets

Donald Trump Tweet: "Payroll Tax Cut plus Dollars!"

To the windows, to the walls

She told me what to do

Conservative Media Is Really Struggling With the Possibility That Trump Killed Herman Cain

For the next rally

Space-X will undock from the ISS at 7:34 tonight... splash down on earth tomorrow

New law sets cap on insulin prices

3 charged after New Jersey police spend hours breaking up 700-person party

Honest Government Ad A message from the White House

Maine bill would help veterans discharged because of sexual orientation

Judge's Ruling Makes It Easier For Libertarians To Get On New Hampshire Ballot

It's tweeting

Senate Rs are going to end up caving and will pass Nancy's Heroes Act

To any Dem campaigning for elected office, grab your bullhorn and scream it from the rooftops..

Francoise Hardy, French singer-songwriter. Jagger, Bowie, Dylan all fell in love!

Hockey is back!!

Cuomo: New York breaks one-day COVID-19 testing record

Reporters won't see Trump nomination

My wife rocks I.E. Lickerish Quartet

The CDC says there will be 180,000+ deaths in three weeks

Video of the Covidiots becoming one with the COVID monster

Do Masks Work Or Not?? Proving Whether Masks Stop Covid-19 Transmission with Uncle Rob


Hearing, Rep. Jim Jordan Tries To Get Dr. Fauci To Stop Protests

Jim Jordan does not deserve to hold office in the House of Reps

How can a person with access to the world"s best inel

Coronavirus update: Virginia's positivity rate stays at 7.2%; most infections in 20-29 age group

American Bandstand 1967, Dance Contest

Bird Laughs Like Super-Villain

This summer's sleeper surprise for the West is more likely to emerge from Vladimir Putin's Russia

Leonard Pitts Jr.: AOC is the hornet's nest Republicans cannot stop themselves from poking

Economics 101, Republicans do you not know that prosperity is

How long until I can go back to forgetting he exists?

Youngbloods "Get Together" - 1979 No Nukes Protest

Trump Campaign looks at "August Reset" to rescue collapsing campaign before time runs out.

GA-SEN: Kelly Loeffler granted interview to pundit associated with white supremacy and Nazism.

Data isn't just being collected from your phone. It's being used to score you.

my phone has a black scree, can't turn it on, can't get's a black screen.........

Watching old movies on TV, I can't help but wonder,

Jared Kushner Wanted to "Get Shit Done." He Didn't.

THIS is how a President walks through Lafayette Park!

Does anybody know, do the British say orange peel, orange skin, or orange rind?

Did early voting today

Florida prison boss, deputy test positive for COVID after visiting virus-ridden site

The Gullah-Geechee have owned land since the 1800s. One terrible law allows their land to be stolen

Can DU legal eagles explain something to me?

Check it out -- Okra

Conservatives threaten to upend stimulus negotiations with last minute demand for payroll tax cut

dog video of Arnie, who got to show his tiger friend to the window washer

Cat loves window washer

Corgi-Aussie mix pupper

Black panther seizes prey, but issue is contested:

Test Iowa actually works pretty well

I've posted this in the past, but it's so hilarious I must post it again!

Soul Kitchen!