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Ghislaine Maxwell isolated from other inmates for her own safety

absolutely baller content from the postal workers union

Democrats hammer Trump for entertaining false birther theory about Harris

Red Robin is Adding Pizza to Its Menu

$87 Million Emergency COVID-19 Budget Proposed In King County

U.S. global media agency hires shock jock who called Obama 'Kenyan'

Australia's second wave: A single case seeded 16,000 known infections.

Sneaking suspicion. Trump's post office gambit may be a fig leaf for more nefarious election steal.

How Trump Is Trying to Ensure an Early Election Night Lead

I must admit that, for some time now, I have found it difficult to state my opinion of

Dodgers team with LeBron for stadium polling site

Adorama has a photo contest, theme is MACRO!

"After 3 1/2 years, do you regret all the lies. . ."

Jobs have rebounded for the top, but not for the bottom

Supreme Court deals blow to GOP in dispute over RI absentee ballots

"... We heard sounds of beatings and screaming coming from inside police vans...."

Mike Pence used campaign funds to pay his mortgage -- and it cost him an election

Trump stokes birtherism conspiracy theory about Harris

Sheila Jackson-Lee is correct - the racist birther shit is a distraction

A shootout in Mexico left 23 dead and led ATF agents to Houston

I'm sure I'm the only one who doesn't know. What happened to Chris Cuomo?

Malcom Gladwell on Kamala Harris:

Russia offers to help US with Covid-19 vaccine; US says no

The daily episode of something else that has slipped away.

US ending private charter flights to Cuba

Depressing day at lab, about young voter...

Putting this sign next to my mailbox

COVID-19 vaccine may be less effective in obese people, experts warn

Ed Markey lashes into Joe Kennedy III about his (Kennedy's) family's Super PAC:

USPS says Pennsylvania mail ballots may not be delivered on time, state warns of 'overwhelming'....

8/14 Mike Luckovich: Mike's place

Trump is martyring the postal service

Secret Service sought tactical aircraft to protect White House amid Floyd demonstrations

Aren't the majority historically absentee voters, Republicans?

Biden vs tRump signs today in Michigan.

Postmaster is removing mailboxes...

The real reason Trump loves Goya Foods so much

Ok, question for all you photography freaks, and...

Ava DuVernay Flips Donald Trump's Insult About Kamala Harris Back On Him

China Says Frozen Chicken Wings from Brazil Test Positive for Virus

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Live and Let Die!

"I make fan art for the bunny who comes to my window every day"

I see tRump has all his buddies on twitter, including that failed actor james wood, getting a trend

Something seems to be missing, but I can't quite put my finger on it:

Help: Who quoted, "Florida is The Devil's Theme Park"? Was it Bette Midler?

Joe Biden's Capacity for Empathy Has Been Described as a "Superpower"

'He is lying': Colorado election chief tears into Trump -- and debunks his lies about mail-in ballot

Trump has nothing on Kamala so he reverts to birtherism.

Link to article by SV Date (questioned trump about his lies)

Lawsuit: COVID-19-contaminated meat carcasses are packaged, carried to consumers

Trump wants a wall, huh? Well then, lets...

The Post Office is our daily connection with our Democracy and the Federal Government.


Rachel is reading the whole Michael Cohen book forward!

USPS JPEG that's making the rounds -- Don't share *wink* *wink*

Ruh Roh. Cohen's book talks about "golden showers." The "Pee Tape" may be real!

Can something actually be DONE about the current USPS slowdown?

Listening to RM, I wonder if Cohen knows why Alfa Bank had a dedicated server

Urine Trouble Trump' trends on Twitter after Michael Cohen's memoir discusses 'golden showers'

Bill Maher Has Perfectly Reasonable Response To Trump's Insulting Tweet

Really Rachel?

American Postal Workers Union is asking for people to follow their twitter feed

Op-Ed: The Trump administration pushes Bristol Bay closer to disaster

Oh heck, even Rachel is alleging that the UNTHINKABLE could be coming maybe because

Endangered sea turtle shells disguised as blue plastic seized at MIA en route to Asia

'The political challenge of her life': Maine Sen. Susan Collins trailing in bid for 5th term, polls

White House warns of 'widespread and expanding' COVID-19 spread in Georgia

Doesn't screwing with the post office affect voters of both parties?

Who watched PGA golf on the weekends in the late 70s/early 80s?

As with the Wall, Trump's selling the prejudiced and fearful something he doesn't have in stock.

Michael Cohen book claims Trump colluded with Russia and will 'never leave office peacefully'

Hey Jeff Bezos....wanna stick it to Trump and help the American people?

President Trump requests mail-in ballot for upcoming Florida primary, despite rhetoric

Dan Rather FTW

Posting this one again because

The primary reason John McCain never stood a chance winning is opening her trap again!

Thanks to Michael Cohen we know what Trump's favorite weather is

Seven year old video - Tim Eyman Bridge

Please take a couple of minutes and help save the post office

Doesn't the USPS fall under the Interstate Commerce Act of 1887

Why do Democrats need perfect candidates?

What does being a "nasty woman" mean......


Racism isn't a touchy topic......

So, I'm eating popcorn watching a video of a raccoon eating popcorn watching a video.

Paper shredder

Seems fair.

Joyce Vance: I don't want to read Cohen's book, but I do want Rachel to read the whole book to me.

Election Ballots in US Mail.

Have you experienced unusual disruptions in USPS mail delivery this year?

White House Bypasses CDC on COVID-19 Data

Welcome To KAMELOT

Good Day Sunshine

TCM Schedule for Sunday August 16, 2020 - Summer Under the Stars: Cary Grant

The "coronavirus doesn't exist" starter pack

TCM Schedule for Monday August 17, 2020 - Summer Under the Stars: Maureen O'Hara

Ben Shapiro criticizes Cardi B's WAP. His wife says p***ys are never wet. Twitter unloads on them.

Maybe the Union can stop this: The National Assc of Letter Carriers initiated a national-level

Barr just told Hannity that there will be a "development" in the Durham invesetigation tomorrow

The USPS delivers about 15billion pcs of mail during the Holiday Season.

USPS says Pennsylvania mail ballots may not be delivered on time, and state warns of 'overwhelming'

I Resigned from U.S. Government After My Own Leaders Began to Act Like the Autocrats I Analyzed

#UrineTroubleTrump trending @ #2

Incubus - Drive

WSJ: Face Masks Really Do Matter. The Scientific Evidence Is Growing.

Largest school District in Kansas. Last Wed was report week for teachers. Wed-Friday


Rachel! Wow.

What Is You Favorite Modern (2010 to the Present) Protest Song?

Portland Oregon mailboxes being removed. . .

Seth Abramson: This article is an urgent read.

Earl, can you please start a grief group forum for people who lost loved ones to Covid?

You can read it here: the foreword to Michael Cohen's upcoming memoir, DISLOYAL.

CNN: Don Lemon. slurp and malareea request mail in ballots...

S.V. Date Is Trending

Tennessee Governor To Sign Anti-Protester Bill Despite Disagreeing With Felony Provision

Trump: Edward Snowden "not being treated fairly"

PA Agrees to enjoin its received-by deadline & county ballots postmarked by Election Day &

Bought a book of stamps with my stimulus

If Trump can cripple the Postal Service so easily, why not the Defense Dept.

Did Ayn Rand Receive Social Security Benefits?

Trump Emptied Stadiums

I'm not getting frump ads, and I'm in a swing state. Why?

Max Richter - All Human Beings (Official Music Video by Yulia Mahr)

Navy chief petty officer who worked at StratCom charged with leaking secrets to Russian contact

does anyone have small image of Biden and Harris together?

This will be simple but somewhat harsh. I understand that it will not be applicable to every

Our Summer Was Wasted With Conservative Conspiracy Theories

I've just learned what it means to be out of the loop for a day in these times.

This story will put your heart back together again

Trump Accuses Kamala Harris of Maliciously Speaking in Complete Sentences

Trump Is The Main Reason We Won't Have College Football

Dolly Parton backs Black Lives Matter:

Tucker Carlson: Kamala Harris Will Deny You A COVID-19 Vaccine If You're Not A 'Certain Color'

Trump doesn't even pretend not to be racist.

Real Time with Bill Maher guests - Friday, August 14, 2020

Rudy Giuliani's daughter announces her support for Biden/Harris

McSally: If DC and Puerto Rico become states GOP will "never get the Senate back again"

Alex Morse Reports Biggest Fundraising Day After Coordinated Smear Campaign Backfires

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Trump Plainly Admits Plan to Limit Mail-In Voting

18 US Code Section 1701 et seq.

Reporter to Trump: "Do you regret all of the lying you have done to the American people?"

The Daily Social Distancing Show - Kamala Harris: The Person, the Politician...and the Chef?

Thursday Night, First Night Of Vacation Indica-Buzz. Ask me anything.

Thanks to Michael Steele for shouting down today's birtherism crap:

Per Michael Cohen, why should you vote against Trump?

Seth Meyers - Joe Biden Picks Sen. Kamala Harris for Vice President - Monologue 8/12/20

Holy Bazinga! VoteVets new ad...

WaPo: The recession is over for the rich

Selection of Kamala Harris as Joe Biden's vice presidential running mate is resonating with Black wo

Job Fair! -- Joe the Plumber from New Jersey

Joe Biden and the KHIVE

Obedience training is going well:

Russel Honore says to march. To stop the sabotage of the Post Office.

Day 3 of 4!

Back to the Future? A chilling still from Pt 2.

Avatars and signature lines.

Gorgeous TikTok video

Biden campaign raised $48 million in the last 48 hours.

Goodboi's absolute delight!

GA-14: Greene wants to be 'worst nightmare' of Democrats. She could also haunt Georgia GOP.

Michael Cohen book claims Trump colluded with Russia and will 'never leave office peacefully'

Seth Meyers - Trump and Fox Struggle to Attack Sen. Kamala Harris: A Closer Look

(Jewish Group) Jewish Americans for Biden Convention Pre-Program and Watch Party Virtual Watch Party

Dog hops through field like a kangaroo during a perfect sunset

A Christian troll wants to sue a lesbian baker after she made an antigay cake he ordered

CNN: Kamala Harris throws Trump off balance


Meidas Touch going all in on the golden showers.....New hoodie available!

Brian Tyler Cohen: Trump amplifies disgusting birther theory that Kamala isn't eligible to be VP

My new HP laptop won't recognize my older HP printer.

"At this point our best shot of Trump attacking COVID is someone telling him the virus ovulates."

"Science won't stop us now!"

Remember those old "pudding" cakes from the 1970s?

Is it true -

Besieged on all sides, Ron Johnson says his probe 'would certainly' help Trump win reelection

Fox News poll on the pandemic response

Jefferson Airplane live on the Dick Cavett show..

I just read a story where Ohio State fans are blaming Trump for the season being cancelled

NY-24: Democrat for Congress highlights personal story in new TV ad

Confederate monument not coming down in Lake Charles, LA

NJ-02: New DCCC Polling: Kennedy Pulls Ahead in Race Against Van Drew

Record U.S. coronavirus fatalities and 'startling surge' of cases in children and teens

NC-11: Cawthorn on the defensive over social media post of visit to Hitler retreat

GOP fronts 'pro-Trump' doctors to prescribe rapid reopening

Virginia mayor urged to resign after saying Biden picked 'Aunt Jemima as his VP'

HuffPost reporter shocks Trump: Do you regret all of your lies?

OH-01: Republicans want you to forget about Steve Chabot's missing money.

MO-02: Democrats' bid to unseat Wagner hits television with Schupp advertisement

TX-10: A Bernie Democrat Will Again Try to Flip Texas' 10th District

TX-22: Biden's VP pick could impact turnout in battleground CD-22 race

It's time to take to the streets and call for the resignation of the postmaster general now!

Does buying stamps directly help the Post Office

Coronavirus: U.S. Surpasses Grim Record For Single-Day Death Toll - NBC Nightly News

Neal Katyal: Trump Betrays His Oath Floating Kamala Harris Birtherism - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Lt. Gen. Honore Torches Trump For Attacks On The Post Office - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Virginia mayor urged to resign after saying Biden picked 'Aunt Jemima as his VP'

A song for the ages. So old, it's new again...

Trump Speechless After Reporter Asks If He Regrets Lying To Americans - The Last Word - MSNBC

I agree, prepare for some dark months ahead

Trump's Authoritarian Leanings Threaten To Corrupt 2020 Election - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Susan Collins warns DeJoy: "I am concerned"

2020 US Senate Election Rating for the US Senate seats that the Democrats will be winning in 2020.

What the GOP Hasn't Figured Out Yet

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 8/13/20

Tweet of the Day

Stephen Colbert: Guests Alex Wagner And Mark McKinnon ("The Circus")

Do you think Russia will invade Belarus?

NCAA cancels Division I championships

Another Covid-19 milestone Deaths: 170,419

Eagle:1 Drone: 0

How are people just letting this happen??

MIC DROP: AOC to Trump: Let's compare our college grades -- the loser has to fund the post office

POD Ant Man Bee

This should happen every single time Trump holds a press conference

NEW AD: "It Is What It Is"

With Kanye West, the republicans need a third party candidate

85 Years Ago Today; FDR Signs Social Security Act into law

45 Years Ago Today; Let's do the Time Warp... for the first time on screen

Friday TOONs - Nothing Shall Stay This Cur

The Israeli-UAE Accord that Trump's taking credit for.

Trump administration steps up efforts to turn broadcasters into propaganda outlets

A drive through the driftless region the other day

As he struggles in the polls, Trump reaches for the racist playbook again

Mica is on an epic rant on the Con's lies about Biden being wrong

Maru & Hana: hilarious short video

Exclusive: Biden signals fall strategy with new COVID-19 ads

So cool--be sure to watch to the end!

Dodger Stadium vote center planned for presidential election

Bunny fan art:

Mica is about to break down and cry.

Trump and first lady request mail-in ballots despite attacks

The True Coronavirus Toll in the U.S. Has Already Surpassed 200,000

Well, there was a way for the GOPers to stop this madness from the very beginning!

It's my 72nd birthday. For the first time I can

FL Sheriff Who Vowed To Deputize Gun Owners Over BLM Protesters Is Arrested On Felony Charges

FBI and NSA expose new Linux malware Drovorub, used by Russian state hackers

California court rules Amazon can be liable for defective goods sold on its marketplace

Coronavirus and politics

Ava DuVernay on Kamala Harris: There is no debate anymore

Chuck Hagel will be among Republicans speaking at Democratic convention

Is this Russian vaccine a plot for him and trump

*****FRESHNESS GUARANTEED***** A + RATED MARIST POLL - Biden 53% Trump 42% *

A+ Rated Marist Poll Added Today! Biden +11

Trump's Remarks in Press Briefing; August 13, 2020

Even Big Oil Didn't Want Shitstain To Eliminate Methane Rule; That Much Harder To Paint NG "Green"

Biscayne Bay Fish Kill Bigger Than Reported; Gasping Stingrays Given Supplemental Oxygen

Ominous tweet from Kurt Eichenwald

Never mind meddling by Russia, China or Iran, Trump's election meddling is threatening US democracy

Not Being Trump a Big Asset In Election

Mail sorting machines are being removed

CNN medical consultant Sanjay Gupta, was discussing the neuro radiologist Scott Atlas,

Seems Sen Susan Collins is concerned again..........

In Brazil, Around World, Finance Sector Amazon Pledges Toothless, Meaningless, Largely Ignored

If someone who has announced his intention to destroy you rushes up with a machete in one hand and

Will you be phonebanking for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris this year?

Native Americans delivering innovative relief with CARES Act funds

Trump's prime-time convention plan: A D.C. ballroom and government backdrops

Postal Workers Union expands their credo

The boys and girls on the Zoom

Before Tiffany, there was.....

Three days in a row we set a new record in fundraising for Biden-Harris

Mika Brzezinski's epic rant is channeling my rage.

The origin of Superheroes: Doc Frankenstein

The Rundown: August 14, 2020

Central Europe Can Expect Sevenfold Increase In Consecutive Drought Years By 2100

Past Decade Hottest Globally On Record; 2014-19 Hottest Six Years On Record

A bunch of snivelling sycophantic cowards enabling a sociopath to try and steal democracy

In 2016 it was Hillary's emails and in 2020 it is the Post Office and the volume of mail in votes

Has there been anything new out about the guy shot near the White House?

Trump's Treacherous Plan

I am so angry and disappointed by the Congress, especially the Senate, for their impotency.

Trump is pushing schools to reopen to create chaos and fear through spread of the virus

After six weeks Carolyn Maloney declared winner

Most of these bizarre gifs were from an artist name Bill Domonkos.

Why Aren't People Screaming From Their Rooftops?

Never Forget! The Retrumplican Senate approved the Post Master General

Apparently Ralph Nader's political brilliance isn't being appreciated...

COVID-19, 2020's Emergence As A Disastrous Climate Year, And Shifting Baseline Syndrome

"Well, I've got some red meat for you: We're not going to let Joe Biden and Kamala Harris...

The Lincoln Project: Unprecedented

The Lincoln Project: Unprecedented

Trump must be really nervous! 44 tweets or re-tweets already today....

The Kamala Harris identity debate shows how America still struggles to talk about multiracial people

Sturgis biker gets too close to buffalo calf. Loses pants & conciousness

Harris bringing energy, dollars and more to Biden's campaign

:I don't know what to do anymore."

Ladies and gentlemen, the question is no longer "Will we win the election?" The question is

DISLOYAL (Cohen's book cover title)

New fees could make some mortgages more expensive.

Woman tossed out of her jeans after being charged by bison

30% of our country and a handful of billionaires have been salivating

Bernie Sanders Warns US: "Trump may be crazy, but he's not stupid."

Everyone needs to call Susan Collins about Trump's USPS debacle

Ohio State Study: Greenland's Ice Sheet Now Past Tipping Point; Snows Can't Keep Up W. Ice Loss

GAO says Acting DHS Secretary and Deputy were INVALIDLY APPOINTED and are INELIGIBLE TO SERVE

NEW RECORD You raised $39,721.14 on August 13, 2020 to elect Biden-Harris with our DU ActBlue link

Breakfast: Friday, 8/14/20

GAO: Acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf & Ken Cucinelli Were Appointed Illegally-Ineligible to serve

The UAE's peace deal with Israel is a 'win-win solution,' says UAE minister

Grocery workers say morale is at an all-time low: 'They don't even treat us like humans anymore'

Feel-good story from a phone bank worker

Cook Political makes a new round of House changes.

In Oregon they are literally taking mail boxes off the streets.

Nor mine...

Trump Humiliates Himself So Badly, Even Fox Cuts Away

Trump in Trouble: Biden & Harris Sound Normal at 1st Event

Think about this: if your homeless how can you vote? The repukes have used this tactic before.

I tire of "this is the last straw" threads

Our baseball team is SOOO good...just have to work a little harder

Report on Electric Storage Explosion Highlights Danger of a Growing Technology

GA-07 moved from tossuyp to Lean Dem FLIP

From an Israeli gov't advisor: "Trump had nothing to do w/ the peace deal. It's been in the works fo

HUGE Irony of this ZOOM court hearing --

Top DHS officials Wolf and Cuccinelli are not legally eligible to serve in their current roles, ...

Democrats Now Favored to Expand House Majority

Using the Carbon in Phytoremediation Grasses to Remediate Heavy Metal Brownfields to Make Biofuel.

August 6th Collapse Of Glacier In Valais, Switzerland Caught On Video

Gov. Cuomo: "You know what it takes to beat community spread?"

Geographic distribution of DU

#TX-03: Taylor moves from 'Likely Republican" to 'Lean Republican'

Prime time hearings, now.

It is time for an immediate resumption of water sports!

Dose of Joe -- August 14

Has our nation ever been so threatened as it is today?

House GOP candidate known for QAnon support was 'correspondent' for conspiracy website

Postal Service: Michigan deadlines for mail-in voting might disqualify some ballots

Trump's Brother Hospitalized in New York

Postal Service: Michigan deadlines for mail-in voting might disqualify some ballots

Amid criticism over mail-in voting, Trump requests absentee ballot

Biden should go on Fox News Sunday...

The Chicks, Billie Eilish among performers at Democratic National Convention

Why The 2020 Presidential Election Is Not 2016

Wanted to say hello to all.

Plouffe Tweet: No rest, no vacation. Go to war for our country.

Secular Democrats of America Plans to Mobilize Non-Religious Voters

There are no miracles, SCOTUS actions or "manager" to speak to who will stop Trump.

An honorable retraction of a highly cited paper on renewable energy based ammonia synthesis.

Trumpism is soul-sucking and depressing.

Bald eagle takes down government drone

Very Pleased to announce a truly Historic Peace Agreement...bringing an end to the Zero Day War.

It's official. Trump's "base" has crumbled. All That's Left is the Crazies.

The silence of Republicans is sickening and heartbreaking.

A 1923 cartoon - When we all have pocket phones

My favorite foul mouthed cook on youtube

Election item for PA -attention PA Democrats

With rump trying to disrupt the USPS, why not do an end run around that scheme?

A mathematical model reveals the influence of population heterogeneity on herd immunity to SARS-CoV2

AMC is reopening its theaters next week with 15-cent tickets....

The Lincoln Project: Unprecedented

Trump's Net Worth Has Dropped $300 Million in One Year as the Pandemic Hurts His Businesses

Some forgotten competitors to the Eiffel Tower

Engineer Explains How You Can Use Ventilation to Prevent Coronavirus Spread Indoors

928 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Fri.; 40 deaths

Wanted to say Hello all

MI Senate Majority Leader Shirkey generally OK with feds not sending any more relief funding:

J-L Cauvin with Trump statement on his hospitalized brother:

Pennsylvania Wants Votes Postmarked On Election Day To Count After USPS Warns Of Delays

Mark your calendars

The business model for carbon capture is broken - biggest use of captured carbon is now uneconomical

Trump's schedule for Friday, August 14, 2020; not including a visit to his brother in the hospital

The fucking media is "shocked' that Donnie Dipshit would go "birther" on Kamala?

President Barack Obama weighs in on USPS destruction.

Ron Johnson makes a mistake by accidentally telling the truth

Pic Of The Moment: Like A Miracle, One Day It Will Just Disappear

Trump's brother hospitalized in New York: Sources

Trump under estimates the grit of American voters.

I'll see your pandemic, murder hornets and Butt Kisser Bill Barr and raise you...

So cool: Gigantic stingray cruises casually past unsuspecting scuba diver

No Julian Castro at Dem convention - WTF -

The U.S. Postal Service Was Never a Business. Stop Treating it Like One - ACLU article

QAnon Is Now Involved in an Alleged Child Kidnapping Case

Museums and cultural institutions can open in NYC starting on August 24.

Once again proving cats ignore the laws of physics and gravity

Tennessee Lawmakers Pass Bill Making Some Acts Of Protest Felonies

Florida State wide receivers challenge school's handling of coronavirus

What exactly is Trump's plan with the Post Office to impact the elections?

Crowd in Oregon blocks ICE detention buses for hours until federal agents intervene

A 1 PM "news conference" has been added to Trump's schedule.

BLS Report: Productivity increases 7.3% in Q2 2020; unit labor costs rise 12.2% (annual rates)

Fans boo players who take a knee before Dallas vs. Nashville in MLS

Can People Just Drop Absentee Ballots Off In Your State?

The pandemic has revealed America's zip code map of inequality

Tester demands answers from Postmaster General on reports of mailbox removals

U.S. Postal Service Counters Trump Attacks On Mail-In Voting With A New Blockchain Patent


Speaking of Kayleigh McEnany . . .

America is following disastrous Trump advice to slow down testing

South Dakota biker

A 'Socially Distanced' Venue Held Its First Concert, And It's An Introvert's Dream

Pandemic has driven Americans to depression and drinking, CDC says

Friday shitshow coming up in an hour

President Clorox's Mantra

Rep. Katie Porter Doesn't Have Time for Your Bullsh*t (A compilation)

How Long Until Drumpf...

USPS is removing mail boxes from Oregon

The new normal: FRANCE 24 reports from Lebanon to Venezuela

Does anyone know about the Qanon idiots ?

Hillary Clinton Can't Be Deposed Over Use of Private Email Server, Appeals Court Rules

College Student Can't Say Goodbye To Her Foster Dog

Marge Simpson Has Something to Say

Help Rescue Our Votes

Washington fiddles while America burns


Donnie And Melania Request Mail-in Ballots In Florida

VOPP: Table 10: Who Can Collect and Return an Absentee Ballot Other Than the Voter

The Postal Service delivered stimulus letters and checks to Americans without a hitch.

Zoom for iPad?

On this day, August 14, 1945, Steve Martin was born.

The Agony of the Anti-Anti-Trumpers

Trump is sabotaging mail-delivery. So naturally, Susan Collins wrote a mildly-worded LETTER.

Americans have no more illusions about the stakes of this election

Republicans embrace a new type of insanity [QAnon] as rabid right-wing Christians fade away

Trump isn't a president - John Pavlovitz

Susan Collins tweets: she sent a LETTER to the Post Office that she's concerned about their service.

Greetings! I am the most excellent Prince of Nigeria. And I am prepared to ...

I learned something about Clorox bleach today....

I UNderstand Mrs. Greenspan Brought Up THe Birther Thing Twice

The economy vs. The stock market

They're not "birthers"

It says everything

538: Biden Is Polling Better Than Clinton At Her Peak

Here Hogan Gidley - you lying piece of shit-Coronavirus Infections Spiked In Wisconsin After In-Pers

"Fall" can mean "Autumn" or "collapse." In today's news it could mean either.

David Lat: Thank you to the @LGBTBar for the great honor of the Dan Bradley Award, and ...

Gollum's real voice:

It's on! Joe Biden and Kamala Harris make it "official, official"

Record Arctic blazes may herald new 'fire regime' decades sooner than anticipated.

Manhattan DA: We're Investigating Trump For More Than Michael Cohen

Cannabis saved my son's life

Tears & Hope: Lukashenko's people seem to be turning against him

US attempt to reopen schools sends thousands of students, staff home as COVID spreads

New show today! Tune in!

Pa. can't afford extra unemployment payment pushed by Trump, governor says

Discontent with McCarthy rises as GOP considers a possible post-Trump world

Time To Switch From MSNBC To CNN.....

John King is pushing the theme that the only reason Biden is leading is not because they like

Health providers' scramble for staff and supplies reveals sharp disparities

Trump will be having another pseudo-press conference as the Senate leaves without a deal

Californians asked to conserve energy on Friday due to heat

DC Circuit OVERTURNS order requiring Hillary Clinton to sit for deposition related to her emails

Trump refuses to learn the lessons of World War II

Surge in Covid cases among children fuels fears over US school reopenings

I rarely post in the lounge, BUT...

Tic tac toe

America is burning and the senate goes home. Brianna Kielar

Trump holds a news conference before heading to his estate at Bedminster, NJ, for the weekend.

Kyle Cheney: GAO determines Wolf Cuccinelli are ineligible to serve....

If you recover from the virus, you're protected for up to three months, the C.D.C. says.

Belarus protests: Authorities accused of torture and humiliation during mass detentions

Postmaster general's stock holdings come under renewed scrutiny

If you're still trying to decide between absentee and in-person voting...

Which Side On YOU On?

Mike Pence Leads Donald Trump Jr. by 14 Points in 2024 Republican Primary Poll

Two Things Trump Will Cover In This Press Conference Coming Up.....


For Harris, memories of mother guide bid for vice president

9th Circuit Rules 10 round limit unconstitutional.

NJ: Election will be primarily vote-by-mail

"Hobbling the US Postal Service is therefore illegal interference in an election."

Two top Trump officials aren't legally allowed to hold jobs he gave them

Trump and his wife get mail-in ballots after weeks of attacking mail-in ballots

Every election whole boxes or piles of votes go missing or turn up late.

COVID Reopening Phases Explained by... Monty Python

Sen. Ron Johnson: My Biden Probe Will 'Certainly' Help Trump Win

It's pronounced "Two-ker"! "Two-ker Carlson"!

Trump-Appointed Judge Demands Campaign Produce Evidence Of Voter Fraud

New York State Voters. *UPDATE*

It: I have directed @stevenmnuchin1 to get ready to send direct payments ($3,400 for family of four)

Trump and Biden are now tied with white voters at 48%

The Cohen Book Mentions Golden Showers As Did the Steele Dossier.

'Kamala Harris and The Legacy of Black Women Running For President'

Joe: Voting by mail is safe and secure. And don't take my word for it: Take it from the President, w

Finished the very Trump book. Now on to "It was all lies"

He is lying again!

Barr Says Durham Probe Timing Will Be Dictated By 'Developments In The Case'

WTH? Blotus is on TV again...

Obama: Trump is trying to 'actively kneecap' and 'starve' the postal service

The Women for Trump bus makes a stop in Oakland County today:

Four Ways to Safely Cast Your Ballot Without USPS

For fans of Schitt's Creek and Eugene Levy- This is priceless

JUST IN: Postal workers union-- National Association of Letter Carriers (NALC)-- endorses Biden/Harr

Marge Simpson has something to say to Jenna Ellis, Trump's campaign adviser

FYI: Michael Cohen's Book, 'Disloyal' now up for pre-order on Amazon for Sept. 8 release

How Queer Women Powered the Suffrage Movement

First interview with Kamala Harris since VP pick on MSNBC coming up soon

The Conservative Media Industrial Complex runs the Republican party and has been doing so for years.

McCarthy says Postal Service should be funded 1 day after Trump says it shouldn't

The Gateway Pundit is now asking questions at White House briefings

Trump falsely claims Democrats are blocking relief checks for Americans

Martin Luther King III endorses Kennedy in Senate primary

I hate him.

Kamala Harris Live Right Now

Texas' Marijuana Prohibition Could Finally Be Over Next Year

Bob Woodward "conducted 17 interviews with Trump for 'Rage' at the White House, Mar-a-Lago and over

Joe: What kind of president tries to defund Social Security during an economic crisis?

How are you feeling about trump.

White House slams Georgia's Brian Kemp over coronavirus outbreak after GOP governor followed Trump's

Bowman pauses endorsement of Alex Morse after allegations of inappropriate sexual relations

How to vote 2020 US general election Virginia

How do I advertise on DU?

IBEW Statement on Sen. Harris

Gov. Cuomo: Bowling alleys throughout the state can reopen at 50% capacity starting on Monday. Stri

California wildfires burn amid high risk of brutal blazes

I literally just got off the highway into Naples and this is the first thing that happens to me.

Pelosi: The Postal Service is a pillar of American Democracy. President Trump's assault on @USPS thr

Postal Service warns 46 states their voters could be disenfranchised by delayed mail-in ballots

Trump's confidence is slipping despite the familiar outbursts.

Animal torture videos under investigation in Loudoun County

The aerospace business just dried up : Boeing supplier in Kent shutters, hundreds of jobs to vanish

Inslee directs $40 million to aid the undocumented

Someone need to hide my credit card when I've had a glass of Chardonnay. I'm a donating whirlwind!!

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 8/14/20

Did this 8x10 pastel painting today.

Cartoons 8/14/2020

Not One Single Republican I Tried To Call Answered Their Phone Today - I Wonder Why

Get ready for a Sunday scorcher, with triple-digit potential

#PostCardsForUSA. "All 50 states, all the alternate ways to return completed ballots, 1st date &

Julia Louis-Dreyfus on ending gerrymandering

Slowdown ahead for port as COVID pummels aerospace industry

*Online complaint form, USPS oig:

Trump destroying the USA

Joe Biden: Voting by mail is safe & don't take my word for it: Take it from Potus who just requested

GAO concludes: Cuccinelli, Chad Wolf status with DHS unlawful.

Trump has been obsessed with the perception of illegitimacy of the 2016 election.

It: I am ready to send more money to States and Local governments to save jobs for Police, Fire Figh

Trump is why we can't have nice things.

Internal USPS Documents Outline Plans to Hobble Mail Sorting

Postal Workers Union President Slams Trump's 'Shameful' Attacks On Mail-In Voting

Are stamps required on mail-in or absentee

Max Burns: This is what a real decline into authoritarianism looks like.

I think it is time Joe gets out to see the people.

Trump and his sycophants have already schemed pilot test runs to suppress votesEDITED

SE DC residents go weeks without mail being delivered.

Hitler Only Had One

Opinion: Sign of the times: A bishop bashes Biden and Catholics object (or yawn)

Ways to Save the Post Office

Donald Trump Is So Stupid, He Doesn't Realize We're Making Fun Of Him

9th Circuit Court Panel Ends California Ban On High-Capacity Magazines


Kitty and Husky are Troublemaking Cuties

Wolf's Sweet Voice Inspires 50 Wolves to Howl

Just figured out a "Trumpism"

Loathsome Jared Kushner pushing Kamala Harris birtherism.

'Harris Bringing Energy, Dollars and More To Biden's Campaign'

Re:'s NOT just the funding, it's all the OTHER slow downs, too!

Joe Kennedy Senate campaign implodes...

What's happened to your second coronavirus stimulus check?

While the country is focussed on the USPS, trump will be up to something else.

Texas GOP operative switches parties and becomes a Democrat.

VoteVets - War on USPS

Parthenon built by an artist using 100,000 banned books at a historic Nazi book burning site

Welcome Errin Haines and the 19th

The legislative record of Kamala Harris shows a loyal Democrat and Trump counterpuncher

Buddy Greco was born on this date.

I have a question for William Barr

Chamber to launch ads defending embattled GOP senators

Pelosi calls Trump attacks on mail-in voting a 'domestic assault on our Constitution'

Major US Postal Workers Union Endorses Biden For President

David Crosby has a birthday today.

One hundred days later, Esper still must explain landmine policy reversal

CNN Convention promo: "Six Feet Apart"

USC scientists uncover likely order of COVID-19 symptoms

NBA, MLB, NFL, NHL Teams To Make Arenas Available As "Election Super Centers"

Just a little smile on my face this morning...

Hold my diet Coke

Frank "Son " Seals was born on this date.

Trump Slips Further From Reality By Claiming He Is The Best President For Women In History

I was recruited to work for the Trump Campaign

Trump openly stated his aims of voter suppression

Entertaining interview w/ Dem Hank Gilbert , who's running against Louie Gohmert on The New Abnormal

Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse (Cleveland) to Be Polling Location for November Election

MA-SEN: Martin Luther King III endorses Kennedy in Senate primary

Dr. Vin Gupta (on CNN) is outraged at new CDC guidelines.

"North Dakota not so Nice"..Opinion piece that needs to be said (about A LOT of States)

Obama accuses Trump administration of plot to suppress mail-in votes

How to thwart Trump's assault on mail in voting

About mail-in ballots and the USPS warning

How about this. Pushing people into work, pushing kids into school. They need the death and virus

House GOP leader says Congress will 'make sure' postal service is funded

Biden/Harris have to go hard against the republicans as well as trump. Focus on

Bad Lip Reading: Feces Station

Have you decided how you will vote?

Just saw the latest polls

Southeast DC residents go weeks without mail being delivered.

I have decided I am going to hand-deliver my Nov. 3 ballot.

NC-HD63: He set out to mobilize Latino voters. Then the virus hit.

Lawmakers: Postal Changes Delay Mail-Order Medicine For Vets

There are days when I believe that America will spring back

Mike Pence: We Won't Allow Kamala Harris To Touch Our Meat

Postal Service chief, under fire, admits 'unintended consequences' of his policy overhaul

Newman's Famous Post Office Rant

The final House Fire of 4for4

David Plouffe on Twitter:

Pence's Remarks at a Support Law Enforcement Town Hall; Urbandale, IA; August 14, 2020

Kanye for president? Rep for artist West picks up paperwork to be on TN ballot

U.S. Postal Service warns Texas some mail-in ballots may not arrive in time for election

Anheuser Busch will produce and deliver 8 million ounces of hand sanitizers to polling places

new windows update never installed fully... now my computer is slow [UPDATED: SOLVED]

The Mike Malloy Show tweet FTW

Mike Lindell, the "My Pillow Guy", is a major Trump supporter.

RIP Pete Way

CREW Requests USPS Records on Louis DeJoy's Conflicts

Speculation grows over pardon for Edward Snowden after Trump remarks

Bald eagle wins duel with state's $950 drone, sending it to the bottom of Lake Michigan

What's for Dinner, Fri., Aug. 14, 2020

Trump administration now wants a floating border wall to seal off waterways along Mexico boundary

"Patriotism is supporting your country all the time and your government when it deserves it." --

'One of Us': South Asians Celebrate Harris As VP Choice'

State Rep. Tommy Benton Stripped Of Chairmanship After 'Disgusting' John Lewis Remarks

Holding mail service?

"My buddy in NC, a registered Democrat, just got this in the mail"

Stocks barely budge on Wall Street; S&P 500 just shy of high

Principal in Holocaust Dispute Shouldn't Have Been Fired, Judge Rules

Prince William County to double absentee voting locations for presidential election

Had a chat with my post man this morning

Thoughts Of Dog Twitter on the USPS

Postal Service independent watchdog is investigating Trump megadonor Louis DeJoy policy changes

Exclusive: Postal service inspector general reviewing DeJoy's policy changes and potential ethics co

Mr L's Friday Salsa Lesson

VOA always did pro-USA content but the new leadership seems to be equating that with being pro-Trump


Obama on the side of Post Office, vs Trump Against the Post Office.

Just what is a "small government Republican"?

LA Dodgers And LeBron James Team Up To Make Dodgers Stadium A Polling Site

Amazing. Billionaires paid for a new Notre Dame in a few days

Sen. Rubio tells a secret: After giving a tax cut to the rich, GOP will cut SS and Medicare

Cooking with Kamala

55 Things You Need to Know About Kamala Harris

Some joy in a dark time: National Zoo announces that female giant panda may be pregnant

Mailboxes in Oregon, going for a little ride (pic)

A friend of mine makes memes

Arizona AG asked by Arizona Sec. of State to investigate recent changes at USPS, possible crime

Obama Hurt By Trump's Reuse of Birther Strategy

Steele: Trump Floating Harris Birtherism Shows 'Racist Ignorant Stupidity' The 11th Hour MSNBC

Al Franken Has Something To Say About Homeland Security Officials

COVID-19 cases among children in U.S. up 90% over four weeks, report says

Wash. Gov. Inslee: Trump 'Confessed He Wants To Disable Postal Service' Andrea Mitchell MSNBC

This understates things. Durham's first public move ... has a problem.

Latest from the Trumper Extended Family Facebook Front:

Speaker Pelosi needs to unleash the Kraken of the Oversight Committee on this USPS sabotage. NOW!

Trump dodges question on QAnon conspiracy theory

TX-SEN: Republican Sen. Cornyn has won over minority voters before. But in 2020?

Star Wars Featurette: The Birth of the Lightsaber

Dogs vs Humans

NY-01: Zeldon moves from 'Likely Repunican' to 'Lean Repunlican'

Marge Simpson has something to say

NY-02: Candidates gather endorsements in 2nd C.D. as race heats up

94* in San Francisco.

My neighbor a teacher says she is supposed to

Major US postal workers union endorses Biden for president

Help DU pros - I'd like to put this with my signature line - how do I

Here is why our democracy could be ended by Trump's attack on the Post Office

School Reopening Simulator

Democratic Control of Harrisburg Would Have Huge Implications for Philly. Can It Really Happen?

President Bleach's Postal/Legal Strategery.

Extradition hearing to send Weinstein to Los Angeles delayed

Dozens of Montana USPS drop boxes to be removed.EDITED

NC-11: Cawthorn claims he snuck into Russia without legal documentation

NC-11: Katrina Aldona writes that Cawthorn tried to assault her,

Positive is possible

We are all nasty women. Huzzah!

How did The Post get the USPS story? (Actual investigative journalism)

Trump Accuses Kamala Harris of Maliciously Speaking in Complete Sentences

CDC gives three-month window of immunity after COVID-19 infection

Tweet of the Day

Post Office delays in Ohio. My niece lives in Brown County, Ohio.

School Openings in AZ - Chaos expected!

MAIL FRAUD has tripped up a few mob bosses in the past.

America is being covered like a third world country by honest foreign press.

Trouble at Stone Mountain tomorrow

South Asian Americans Celebrate Harris, VP Pick: "One of Us" *WATCH*

So Does The Traitor's Brother Have Covid?

Logic 101

TX-21: Chip Roy is running scared.

'We Have Been the Table Shakers': Rep. Ayanna Pressley Uplifts Black Women and Honors the Late Rep.

Seth Abramson: 671 sorting machines removed (per NBC) 23.5 million pieces of mail/hr

I made a meme thing

How Kamala Harris Can Turn Texas Blue

Ingraham's quack "medicine cabinet" the way coronavirus is spread is from eating poop

'Disrespectful' is the new 'uppity'; now with added misogyny from Trump

Bonus Tweet of the Day

who thought that they would see an election stolen in slow motion in

how hard is it to bypass or hack an administrater's password?

Just contributed to VoteVets again.

I'm listening to the Obama Plouffe interview on spotify, why isn't this man more vocal?

Mississippi blames 'typo' for including huge mosquito among new state flag designs

Mississippi blames 'typo' for including huge mosquito among new state flag designs

The inspector general for the USPS has agreed to examine Louis DeJoy's changes to delivery

A postal slowdown might hurt R's more then D's this November

Republicans release their festive "BACK TO SCHOOL" campaign poster!

Seoul - Unlawful far right demonstrations expected on Independence Day August 15

NBA fires photographer that posted offensive meme about Kamala Harris

Unknown to many of you...

The Dems should have a massive public service announcement as soon as ballots can be mailed

U.S. judge dismisses NRA lawsuit challenging gun shop closures in New York state

In my garden: Encephalartos.

U.S. will prepare coronavirus strain for potential human challenge trials

Internal USPS Documents Outline Plans to Hobble Mail Sorting

California becomes first state to surpass 600,000 COVID-19 cases

(((((((( Auntie Maxine))))))))) ❤️❤️❤️ Carla Marinucci@cmarinucci "Auntie Maxine" is mad: "Enough

Fauci says temperature checks not reliable

US allows killing sea lions eating at-risk Northwest salmon

Bleeding, swollen gums linked to severe COVID-19 cases

5 South Texas Communities Have the Country's Highest New Infection Rates

Gov. Pritzker warns Illinois residents about traveling to Missouri

U.S. Postal Service watchdog investigating reports of service disruptions: senator

Text READY to 30330 to help Joe Biden and Kamala Harris win in November.

It's tweeting lies

There is no way in the world that I could engage in a "discussion" with someone who

CDC's chief of staff, deputy chief of staff jointly depart

Seven NFL officials opt out of 2020 season due to coronavirus concerns

2020 US Senate Election Prediction- Democrats will at least have a net gain of 4 seats.

Early voting and Absentee Ballot by state

Kanye West petitions to appear on ballot in Iowa

Rural families without internet face tough choice on school

Marge Simpson releases statement

Joe Biden setup health advisory board several months ago & gets regular briefings,Kamala now attends

Georgia trooper charged with murder in traffic stop shooting

Untested for Covid-19, Nursing-Home Inspectors Move Through Facilities

this is FUCKED UPPPP!!!!! USPS warning mail in votes may be disenfrancised

What is different about this plague crash. The rcovery is . . . 'stunning'

Rep. Bill Pascrell, Jr. criminal referral to the New Jersey A.G. about Trump, DeJoy and the USPS

I already posted how Trump is slowing down mail: former post was

I have my own youtube channel now...

Treat Official Election Mail like Express Mail

Nothing More - Go To War

Saw a picture with Biden/covid-45 /west caption said I'm voting for the one whose wife I've not seen

This is a difficult question but should anti-government folks be allowed

Obama castigates chump

Stop the machine

What's your scream name?

Can't We Have A PreAddressed Perforated Receipt Attached To The Outside Of A Vote By Mail Ballot....

NPR/PBS/Marist Poll shows 71% of small city/suburban women have UNFAVORABLE rating of trump

So happy to see they sent the two boneheads away


We don't need to reinvent voting by mail-we need to shut covid-45 the fuck up


Democrat Todd Gloria Releases Poll Showing 15-Point Lead in San Diego Mayor's Race

and OMGAWD......this little 16 year old Coco Gauff.....AWESOME.

Is anyone reconsidering their decision to vote by mail?

Remember When Richard Nixon Called Up the Military to Deliver the Mail? (No, I didn't either...)

From Cornell law site: "Whoever knowingly and willfully obstructs or retards the passage of the mail


USPS Union Have Carriers Deliver Ballots Directly to Election Delivery Addresses

CO-SEN: A New Documentary Follows a Cardboard Cutout of Cory Gardner