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36 students at Purdue University suspended after party

Here is an idea?

Here's why the Postal Service wanted to remove hundreds of mail sorting machines

Trump administration moves to exempt teachers from quarantine requirements

Really American: #TrumpSwampedAmerica (Twitter video)

Obama's Speech Will Stand in the Pantheon of the Great Presidential Speeches from which He Drew.

Look at the corruption here. Sickening. (Elaine Chao -- DeJoy)


Wisconsin denies Kanye West's petition to appear on ballot

So Russ Westbrook was rocking some Maiden merch at the Playoffs

I am the Law & Order President! No President in our history has kept prosecutors as busy as I have!#

Kushner's secret push to sell F-35 jets to UAE causes frustration among US agencies and lawmakers

Something that has occured to me about the Post Office.

Wisconsin election officials: Kanye off presidential ballot

N.C. State switches to virtual classes amid covid clusters...

House Democratic campaign leader predicts bigger majority

Man Suspected of Impregnating 10-Year-Old Child is Arrested

I hope there are some brave DUers here

Lindsey Graham Accuses Obama of "Hateful Rhetoric" and Claims Trump Gets Results

Good News! Good News! Danger of COVID heart damage not convincing reason to cancel football season!

Here's Donald Trump Jr.'s testimonial on the We Build The Wall Website.

Last night, I had a beautiful dream about Biden's inauguration.

Al Gore being interviewed by Judy Woodruff talking about counting the votes.

Immigrant 'Dreamers' in Search of a Job Are Being Turned Away

Asteroid flyby: How Earth's gravity changed record-breaking space rock's path forever

Work dried up during the pandemic. So this commercials director pivoted to planter boxes - sold 171

Ari Melber: An obscene level of corruption for a man who promised to "drain the swamp."

I LEAD WITH CONVICTION! (Lincoln Project vid)

It's a problem.

Florida Mayor Suspended After Hurricane Fraud Charges

Tell it are vindicated.

Trump administration bars FDA from regulating some laboratory tests, including for coronavirus

Here's a great suggestion for how to read all Trump tweets.

Joe: As our Muslim friends and neighbors mark the start of the Islamic New Year and honor the sacrif

Smoking Gun! Trump gave 400 million to firm tied to Bannon's "We Build the Wall" scam.

My Facebook Rant (Thanks for reading it)

what do you want to hear from Biden tonight?

VoteVets - Postmaster General Louis DeJoy Must Resign Or Be Fired

Joe: From my days as a public defender to my time as Vice President -- I've dedicated my entire life

Trump is opening Alaska's wilderness to the oil business, but no one is buying

The Rude Pundit: Obama Tells Us We're in Danger and We Better Fucking Act Like We Are

Growing up in Texas in the 50's was hard

'Like Armageddon': Rotting food, dead animals and chaos at postal facilities amid cutbacks

More GOP Grifting in North Carolina

Here's The Yacht The Indicted 'Build The Wall' Founder Bought With Stolen Money

WTH. GIANT Russian plane parked at Harrisburg PA airport. HUGE plane!!What's up?

Trump 'is flailing away and attacking Americans' by boycotting Goodyear: former U.S. ambassador

US Senate Elections in 2020 that Democrats win to get majority of seats in the US Senate in 2020.

More evacuations as massive fires rapidly expand in California

A Trial In Spain Raises Hope For Justice For 1989 Priest Killings In El Salvador

BBC take on President Obama and Vice-President-to-be Harris ! "Frmer Pres. Barack Obama launches..."

Rotting food, dying animals at post office "armageddon"

Donald Trump Jr. spoke at an event for Steve Bannon's 'We Build the Wall' group

World Series hero Curt Schilling served on board of Bannon border wall group

Democrats gather at drive-ins to watch Joe Biden's DNC speech during coronavirus pandemic

Ghislaine Maxwell says trial on Epstein charges threatened by deposition

It tweeted that it's not watching Biden

Trump takes Plan B re-election sales pitch for a test drive in Scranton

Why do the reporters not follow up on Trump's lies?

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Live and Let Die!

Well Monday is V day

'When you're late, your late': Kanye falls short in Wisconsin

Texas Democrats are successfully suing to kick Green Party candidates off the November ballot

Brazil bars Doctors Without Borders COVID-19 help to indigenous villages

House Speaker Pelosi says she opposes smaller coronavirus relief bill

Florida may turn down Trump's plan to increase jobless aid

The US has more power outages than any other developed country. Here's why.

Sanders says Democrats should have given more speaking time to progressives

Farmer tracked down the man who 'accidentally ' left tyres on his land......

Fears for endangered hyacinth macaw as fire devastates Brazilian wetland

Fears for endangered hyacinth macaw as fire devastates Brazilian wetland

'The President attacked me': Nikki Fried cashes in on Donald Trump's denunciation

Washington Issues Guidance For Reopening Museums, Bowling Alleys

Joe Biden CAN READ!

1970 fall TV prime time schedule - 50 years ago

First tissue of the night goes to The Chicks' National Anthem

Will someone be starting a running thread for the DNC tonight?

***DNC Convention - night 4 thread ***

Pelosi cites 'loyalty' to House members in defending Kennedy endorsement

Good grief---Does his staff tell him anything?:

(Korea) BTS' J-hope donates 100 mln won for children in need amid pandemic

Build the wall scammer wanted to sue blm/nfl for "fueling racist attacks""

Since the current occupant of the White House thinks he can counter program the convention, next wee

Kim Jong Un Warns on Economy, Promotes Sister, in Sign of Crisis

Julia Louis-Dreyfus Perfect Opening Line

DeJoy Scheme to 'Kill Postal Banking' as USPS Reportedly Considering Plan to Let Wall St Set Up ATMs

Dogen Zenji - Shobogenzo - "Truth Unfolding" (Trans. Myers) - Zen Buddhism

African American Democrats sweep Broward County (FL) primaries

The John Lewis memorial segment brought me to tears.

Gimme a break. "Trump approval surges during DNC"

Ok. So Hollywood is producing the DNC...

San Diego home price leaps to all-time high: $634,000

Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj - an "I Am That" Meditation (4) - Advaita - Vedanta

Imagine This: A THIRTY FIFTH generation New Mexican

Oh, we even got Sarah Cooper!

Kamala Harris: 'Veep to Veep'

Beto O'Rourke Endorses Joe Kennedy for Senate

Ibn' Arabi - Alone with the Alone (and Selected Verses) - Sufi Mysticism - Poetry

It is so wonderful to be a Democrat this week.

Rumi - Selected Verses and Poetry for Meditation (3) - Sufi Mystics

The scheme Bannon is indicted for boggles the mind in its brazen cynicism

2 Texas A&M sororities required to quarantine after COVID-19 exposure

The Republican Party has become a smash-and-grab operation


Kamala: Listen to the brilliant @sarahcpr: text VOTE to 30330

White House budget office gives political appointees more power in spending, alarming career officia

"Dadirri" - Inner Deep Listening and Quiet Still Awareness - Australian Aboriginal Spirituality

Hillary goes there on latest poisioning of Putin's political rival

Meanwhile on Fox, the president is doing the lying again:

St Louis Blues, on acoustic guitar. Josh Turner

I said it before: It would blow minds to have Tammy Duckworth as SecDef

What the hell is this plane doing in PA?

Trump says that on election day he's going to send law enforcement to polling locations


AOC: Ed Markey earns people's support...

''Keep the Faith"-Joe Biden

Los Angeles mayor shuts off utilities at home that was 'turned into a nightclub'

Thom Hartmann discusses monopolies, the economy, & more

Forbes: Trump's business partners allegedly involved in human trafficking, mafia matters, etc.

Mike Bloomberg is on. RAGE TWEETS IN . . . . 3 . . . .2 . . . . 1

Michael Bloomberg's speech was EXCELLENT, maybe one of the best of the week (other than...

It's really pretty simple, if you want to reduce stress in your life vote for Joe Biden

Braden Harrington,

OMG. THe kid who stuttered. So touching and so brilliant to have him speak.

I loved Mayor Pete's segment and the panel of candidates!

This video of the Curry family is adorable. Not a fan of his on the court, but have to rethink that!

That young man (Mr. Brayden Harrington) who so bravely talked about his speech problems pure class

In Your Face, GOPers! Hunter Biden on now!

Playful baby elephant excited to dunk its own head under the water

Serving on a jury

Trump's life story....... How to screw people

Flashback to Lara Trump mocking Joe for his stutter

Guru Nanak - Selected Teachings and Verses for Meditation - Sikhism

Majority embarrassed by COVID-19 response

Heart vs. Hate

TCM Schedule for Sunday August 23, 2020 - Summer Under the Stars: Olivia de Haviland

Warren Buffett's favorite stock market indicator reaches internet bubble extreme

This convention is jaw-droppingly good.

How on God's green Earth

Kanye will not be on the WI ballot

A case study in how not to respond

TCM Schedule for Monday August , 2020 - Summer Under the Stars: George Raft

Joe has sealed the deal.

You'll need to take a shower after watching Trump and his sleazy as fսсk family speak.

Joe vs trump

How does everyone think Biden did tonight?

Teachers could stay in classroom if exposed to COVID-19

I love how Joe doesn't say the orange idiot's name

You guys remember the "culture of corruption" ads in the 2006 midterms?

Spot on description of what they RNC will be like

"They were careless people, Tom and Daisy -- they smashed up things and creatures

No dementia, no stuttering. Just pure raw heart

#CantWaitToVoteForJoe ... I. Am. EXCITED!!

Mysterious giant safe appears in farmer's field in upstate NY

I am loving this speech that Biden is giving!!

Hey Van Jones

He's on fire. Period, a President who can actually speak in complete sentences. Go Joe!!! n/t.

Tweet of the Day

That was future President Joe Biden!!!

Republicans are praying for a hurricane next week so they can cancel Trump's Klan rally freakshow

'Like Armageddon': Rotting food, dead animals and chaos at postal facilities amid cutbacks

Which Trump speech do you think we're going to see next week?

Q - what is the opposite of trump? A - Joe Biden.

I have no words to describe what I am feeling...

"It's called the U.S. Postal Service, not the U.S. Postal Corporation."

when hope and history rhyme....

Joe rose to the moment tonight.

I wish I could have been in that parking lot tonight!

Obama Renews Lease Inside Trump's Head

I need a cigarette after that speech.... n/t

The failed frozen steak salesman turned reality TV gameshow host will try to back out of the debates

"Another blistering attack . . ."

How can anyone watch that speech and not feel energized and hopeful?

Mnuchin says he was not involved in postmaster general selection

Fireworks are WAY cooler than a balloon drop!!

Losing Again: Trump's Postal Plot Backfires Amidst Bezos Feud The Beat With Ari Melber MSNBC

Let the RNC beat this, they can't

Republicans online are freaking the fuck out right now

I'll be honest--I thought Biden might be an anti-climax...

Trump has literally nothing now


Hallelujah, rain in Boulder County!

Philadelphia Lawyer

We Just saw a moment that will go down in History.

OH SHIT it happened in the middle of Biden's speech

US Senate Elections that Democrats win in 2020 to get in the majority in the US Senate in 2020.

Attn. MSM you can no longer mention anything about Biden's mental state

Joe Biden, President for All. tЯump, pяezident of qanon.... eom

Nice touch - blessings from varied faiths.

sign on I-75, Clio exit north of Flint, MI

Did I just hear Brian Williams

It tweeted


Donating now . . .

Trump Fails Cognitive Test When Asked to Remember Steve Bannon

That was breathtaking!

This song is for Joseph Biden

Will Corona Virus Kill Fossil Fuels?

We can carry on now: Van JONES approves of BIDEN's speech!1

OK, What the HELL is WRONG with the Democrats and this so-called convention???

Vice President Joe Biden's Acceptance Speech At The DNC 2020 -- Full Transcript

Jim Acosta for the win.

Admit it. You're gratified to *know* that Trump is watching

Fmr. Rep. David Jolly: Trump 'Thrives In A Culture Of Criminality' Deadline MSNBC

It's pretty much unanimous across broadcast and cable-Uncle Joe just gave the best speech ever!

So, now that we have shown them how to do it,

How good are you feeling right now about winning in November?

How Fox News Helped Boost Bannon's 'We Build the Wall' Fiasco

Mitch McConnell to deliver remarks at RNC, a reversal of an hours-earlier position that he would not

Supertramp - School

WATCH: Biden's granddaughters speak about their grandfather's run for president

WATCH: Pete Buttigieg's full speech at the 2020 Democratic National Convention

WATCH: Tammy Duckworth's full speech at the 2020 Democratic National Convention

4 nights of Grand Slam Home runs! Padres or DNC??

Our Long National Nightmare Is Almost Over!!!

I am so grateful for Joe Biden.

And praise for Joe's speech from... fox news' Wallace, Perino and Rove!

Meanwhile, back at the White House . . .

WATCH: Joe Biden's former Democratic rivals endorse him in DNC roundtable

Had Enough Trump?

Will y'all watch the Republicon convention?

Styx - Suite Madame Blue

This election comes down to one word

Joe Biden could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and nobody would think he was as much of a criminal

The republicans have 4 days.

Democrats' down-ballot 'green wave': State legislative candidates raise record sums online

Third Way poll of Battleground States (AZ, MI, NC, WI, PA): Biden +16

Encore, Billy Porter and Steven Stills, for what it's worth

Cliff collapses in Grand Canyon revealing 313 million-year-old footprints, park says

Joe Biden is us!

Goodyear: Attire supporting police OK, but no political wear

OK, I just had the chance to watch Obama's speech from last night.

Jamie Lee Curtis: The speech of his life. The speech of our lives. A defining moment...

Real Time with Bill Maher guests - Friday, August 21, 2020

Tick Tock, Trump

The Keynote Speakers

The Rime of the Ancient Fire Lookout (inspired by wildfire smoke from the burning American West)

NY-24: Dueling over prescription drug price reform in CNY House race

'He's Failed to Protect America... That Is Unforgivable' ... It's about time someone said it

Why do people trust Trump with the Economy when Biden and Obama did way more

I received my Primary Ballot today.

This is the first convention EVER that I cried

A look at the upcoming GOP convention

Usually you like to see a close competitive fight. But every now and then you want to see a drubbing

WTAM fires anchor who referred to Kamala Harris as 'colored'

And now we see why Trump did not want to run against Biden..

The next lines in the Seamus Heaney poem Biden quoted after "And hope and history rhyme."

SUMMER TIME!!! 💥🇺🇸🌟 that was the parking lot close

Top NC lawmaker, facing a felony over campaign money, resigns

New leak: Top USPS official orders local post offices not to reconnect mail sorting machines

Hillary Clinton tweet about Joe Biden's speech

The Harder They Come, The Harder They Fall

HRC on Colbert's Late Show NOW

Vote! 2020

NC-11: Women come forward to accuse Madison Cawthorn of aggressive sexual behavior

The debates will be critical

It does seem that Trump's lost his luster

Mark Hamill tweet:

The Daily Social Distancing Show - DNC Day 3: Kamala Makes History & Barack Drops The Hammer

Karen Pence rallies women to support Don Bacon during Omaha visit

Ugh, after the DNC roll call last night, I've had a powerful hankerin'

This is infuriating! Navalny hasn't been transferred to Germany

Begala: When the history of this dark time is written, tonight's speech by Joe Biden

The Daily Social Distancing Show - Joe Biden: Acceptable Under The Circumstances - A DNC Biopic

GA-14: Koch PAC requests refund of donation to QAnon candidate as others stand pat

Raging Wildfires Send Blanket Of Hazy, Unhealthy Smoke Over Bay Area Skies

Budgie - Breadfan

FOX News Panel Reaction to Biden Speech

Their caricature of Joe fell flat tonight.

The Masonic Ring by Howie Damron .

Vivaldi: 'Sonata for Bassoon and Harp' (BASSOON!)/2 Bach Fugues on Horns

Tom Nichols: Joe Biden, like Obama last night, is doing something we haven't seen in a long time: A

Aaron Rupar's thread on trump's speech today is very entertaining......really!

Canvassers demand answers after 72% of Detroit's absentee ballot counts were off - DETROIT NEWS

In honor of the great Joe DiMaggio, I'm calling Biden Joltin' Joe after tonight.

Mexico's Jalisco cartel is adopting a new tactic: Drones armed with C-4 explosive

Very pointed & revealing Bill Weld tweet about Trump's criminality:

"It's been 5 days since the death of Robert Trump..."

He really is the most decent of men.

Carabineros Withdraw Academy Name-Change After Outcry

Help me brainstorm getting a watermelon to a friend 3,000 miles away.

Stephen Colbert Delivers Emotional Plea for Joe Biden: 'Water in the Desert'

The Hacienda Brothers

I've been thinking that the Republicans, having seen how good this convention was,

The Trump Campaign Accepted Russian Help to Win in 2016. Case Closed.

I loved the granddaughters!

Schmidt: This might be the most important political speech that I've heard in my 49 years

Joe Biden is...

Schedule of Speakers for the 2020 Republican National Convention [MCSWEENEYS - SATIRE]

Most qualified

Prince - Xenophobia (live 2002, true today)

People are saying ...

Biden was my 9th choice among the initial Democratic candidates

"We're a good and decent people"

Fact Check: Biden's Address To The DNC, Annotated

Another tweet about Trump's criminal associates:

Brazillian supermarket under fire for staying open after employee died mid shift

IN-05: Democrat holds 5-point lead in key Indiana House race: DCCC poll

Obama basically said Trump's balls never dropped

Carabineros Documents: 104,000 Riot Shotgun Shells Used Last October

Remember when Bob Mueller deemed Junior to be "too stupid to collude?"

Pandas being rambunctious:

Bolivia's de facto government denies guarantees to former officials

Canvassers demand answers after 72% of Detroit's absentee ballot counts were off

MN-01: Jim Hagedorn hires legal help for spending scandal

Trump Says He Wants To Use 'Sheriffs' As Poll Watchers On Election Day

Bloomberg-backed gun group spending $5M in Iowa, North Carolina Senate races

Live missile found at small Florida airport

NJ: Could voting come to Prudential Center? Election 'super center' in planning stages for arena.

The Daily Social Distancing Show: What Is the Young Delegates Coalition?

Post your fave INSTRUMENTALS ONLY...

Seth Meyers - Trump Attacks Michelle Obama at Event Celebrating Women's Suffrage - Monologue 8/19/20

Pelosi predicts 'double digit' gain of Democratic House seats in November election

Seth Meyers - Ex-Trump Adviser Steve Bannon Arrested and Charged with Fraud: A Closer Look

"If you ever talk to my son like that again . . . "

National Protest Sat...Join "Save the Post Office Saturday" on 8/22

Does Bannon's arrest ...

US Senate Elections in 2020 that Democrats win to regain control of the US Senate in 2020.

☦ Eastern Orthodox Church: 2 Recipes for Phanourios Bread (Lenten and Non-Lenten!)

The new documentary "Dress Rehearsal" chronicles the Dems' surprise victory in the swing state of Wi

I had a procedure done yesterday at an out-patient center.

J.C. Penney bankruptcy judge orders lawyers in case to appear due to 'lack of progress in the sale'

Jimmy Fallon - Rachel Maddow on Her Chilling Interview with Trump's Niece

In the year 2525

Stephen Colbert - LIVE Monologue DNC Night 4

"You've got to clear your floors"!

Washington police officer charged with murder

" expect to have 2 hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico early next week" (Tweet)

Stephen Colbert: Guest Hillary Rodham Clinton

Stephen Colbert: Guest Hillary Rodham Clinton

It is their sweet spot

75 Years Ago Today; The Demon Core irradiates Harry Daghlian - Daghlian dies 25 days later

Nov 3 Vote Guide- Register & Mail Voting

A Note to Bill Barr...

Julia Louis-Dreyfus: WONDERFUL!

Is Willie Geist a rethug?

The mom of the "affluenza" killer is broke

Breakfast Friday 21 August 2020

Friday TOONs - The Choice

State Elections Commission votes to keep Kanye West off Wisconsin ballot in November

"This is for government. This isn't for private people." Trump while claiming he didn't like

Netflix apologizes after thousands call to remove film that 'sexualizes' young girls

Drudgereport headers: "crushed expectations" "fox news raves" "enormously effective"

The anti-Biden threads on Reddit are hilarious !!

The world is going to watch Putin kill Navalny in the open. His regime is blocking Navalny's transpo

Just heard from an old friend..

Lankford of Oklahoma & Steve Inskeep of Morning Edition/NPR

Wisconsin election officials: Kanye off presidential ballot

Everyone ready for the Robert Trump funeral and presidential campaign rally this weekend?

Defaulting Donny Trump hasn't tweeted since 11pm ET. What's up? n/t

Joe Biden: Choose the light.

The Republican Embrace of QAnon Goes Far Beyond Trump

Survivalist are they

Denver Realtor Dumped by Re/max After Taking Black Lives Matter Signs

Will Trump pardon Steve Bannon and the three other indicted individuals

US Senate Elections in 2020 that Democrats win to get back in the majority in the US Senate in 2020.

I was in a meeting with AMERICAN BRIDGE yesterday...

The only thing #Trumps #MAGA fans have to whine about is that Biden used a teleprompter....

At least 5 people killed in Northern California wildfires

Libya crisis: Rival authorities announce ceasefire

Hillary is on Morning JoeScum right now n/t

A re-visit to Paul Manafort and the release of the Senate Intel Report.

Biden vows to defeat Trump, end US 'season of darkness'

Trump's Remarks in Press Briefing; August 19, 2020

Trump Announces Intent to Nominate and Appoint Individuals to Key Administration Posts; 08-20-20

Trump/Pompeo (and US) rejected on snap back of sanctions on Iran

Wife of Alexey Navalny pleads with Russian government to allow her husband to travel to Germany

Serious suggestion: IF the debate proceeds on September 29, the Biden campaign should

Trump's schedule for Friday, August 21, 2020

Don't feel bad, Lucky - I don't know what the heck it is, either.

'Pure, unvarnished, courage': A 13-year-old 'regular kid' with a stutter gave a must-watch speech

Lincoln Project: Goodyear

TLP: Ohio knows it's a Good Year to vote out trump

I slept soundly last night

From Despair to Hope to Expectations

Pence is on CNN right now, defending The Orange Moron about the coronavirus.

Oz Scientists Found Slight Recovery Before GBR Was Bleached For Record 3rd Time In 5 Years

Someone needs to stop me

Uber and Lyft get reprieve from court, won't shut down in California for now

With no end to the shutdown in sight, Texas bar owners and employees are on the brink of losing

From The Guardian: Steve Bannon's relationship with Boris "Ya Doesn't Have To Call me"

Kansas City Chiefs ban fans from wearing headdresses and face paint

Kansas City Chiefs ban fans from wearing headdresses and face paint

The only thing trump has accomplished in the last 3 and three quarter years is working to undo

'They like me': Trump asked about QAnon during briefing

Hope hasn't popped. Local celebrity 57th Street corn is revived after uprooting.

The surprising mission of the Postal Service police who arrested Stephen Bannon

Even Beyond 88 Degrees N, Polarstern Maintained A Steady 5-7 Knots Through Patchy, Rotten Sea Ice

L.A. officials blast 'callous' bystanders who filmed attack on trans YouTube star and her friends

Best thing you'll see today--PROMISE! Pandas just being Pandas... LOL

25 days until voting starts in Pennsylvania. early voting start dates for all 50 states

Senate hearing with de joy coming up at 9 ET

Navalny associate: German doctors gain access in Russia

In moving DNC speech, 13-year-old says Joe Biden helped him overcome stutter

One possible Trump move that I haven't really seen mentioned yet

Question about the RNC convention

Russian doctors refuse to let 'poisoned' opposition leader Navalny be flown to Germany for treatment

Mali coup leader was trained by U.S. military, officers say

Climate Collapse Arrives In California; 367 Fires & Mass Evacuations In Mid-August, 130F Record High

REMINDER! Postmaster General is appearing at a Senate Hearing started soon!

A Fascinating Vanity Fair article on Joe Biden

Navalny's wife says that the German doctors have been taken out of the hospital. She is begging for

Ron Johnson. Lying Pig.

Michael Bloomberg: Trump has failed to lead and made the current crisis worse

Mazie Hirono is one of two senators older than the state she represents; the other is Chuck Grassley

Who hunts better : Dog or Cat?

Wow, a Russian asset is chairman of the

I Lost My Wife to a Cult

Trump might not have any staff and or volunteers in OH by October.

Ron Johnson is the Senate's version of Louie Gohmert, except he isn't as bright. nt

Will Bannon still speak at the RNC since he's slated for Tuesday?

The Rundown: August 21, 2020

I listened to an interview of pence on CBS News. It had me yeling at the screen.

Biden is already forming a government. Here's what his Cabinet could look like.

The origin of Super Villains: Amygdala

Wabash Cannonball

Greta Thunberg's climate movement targets Angela Merkel

Dejoy is confused with his own lies. This senate interview is hilarious as he tries

Fox News and the Drudge Report praised Biden's 'barn burner' DNC speech, despite attacks from Trump

Donald Trump to host funeral for brother Robert Trump at White House

Tiedrich: Steve Bannon stole money from racists....

This is sickening

Dejoy: Late trips dropped from 3500 to 600 a day

Fairfax Library Board Member Goes on Rant About Books by Muslim Writers, Black Lives Matter, etc.

Conservatives are simple minded

Most Extreme Heat Waves Getting Longer In 74% Of 242 US Cities Surveyed 1970-2019

DeJoy lies! Says Overtime has NOT been curtailed

Grand Canyon cliff collapse reveals 313 million-year-old fossil footprints

DeJoy claims that he had no idea that mailboxes and mail sorting machines were being removed.

Sarah Cooper does a great take on drump's latest verbal outrages - must see.

I am watching and listening to DeJoy "testify" and I cannot avoid recalling an old but apt

Sarah Cooper from last night for those who missed it (video):

What a contrast.

Sen Rob Portman is kissing DeJoy's ass BIG TIME

Still having trouble getting myself to paint. Here's a cool yard sale bottle l found last week.

Burien man arrested in deaths of two people found in suitcases on West Seattle beach

GOP pollster gives Biden high marks on speech -- 'challenges for Donald Trump are significant'

How many times per second is DeJoy blinking?? A hundred? Isn't that a tell that someone is LYING??

USPS has been handling the shipment of baby chicks for over 100 years

Dejoy just said he isn't reinstalling dismantled machines.

Sarah Cooper at the Convention

How in the world is this right?

Who is speaking now? (and they cut to him yelling fuck?)

Republicans think Biden was computer generated

The Republican National Convention is coming to D.C. -- and to government property.

Late to the party. Joe hit a home run.

Had not seen PENCE in TV close-up & talking till now: Dead-fish eyes, mask face

Familiar with that "one drop" rule am I

Rebuild with Biden/Harris

Democratic Senator Carper's video connection initially failed and when it did connect,

A moment of Zen: Zion National Park

Have they released how many people have been tuning into the convention via tv?nt

Sen Lankford - YAKA (Yet Another Kiss-Ass)

*** DeJoy Testimony feedback thread *** .... Hearing now adjourned

Twitter thread from Biden's driver (back when he was a Senator)

Trump TRIGGERED by Obama DNC Speech, Implodes

OOPS: "Russiagate" Confirmed NOT a Hoax

Wednesday was a historic day for Kamala Harris. It also was a pretty noteworthy one

We Have Crossed the Line Debt Hawks Warned Us About for Decades

Any idea of when absentee ballots will arrive?

Has Dejoy explained how removing very efficient, expensive sorting machines is meant to save money?

I am very dissatisfied with the "polite and respectful" tone of the Democrats questioning

Let me get this straight...

Some background on Louis DeJoy and his financial dealings/donations w/the GOP

How the Trump administration is undermining science by pandering to abortion opponents

Trump will give the greatest acceptance speech in history

"Florida's unemployment rate has jumped from 10.4% in June to 11.3% in July..."

Katy Tur figures out that there is more to Trump's 10-point lead on the economy

Ex-Postal Service board member testifies Mnuchin tried to politicize

Aggressors at Recent Texas Protests are Fugitives Tied to 2017 Charlottesville Neo-Nazi Rally

DeJoy: Definition of an evil lying POS!

Mr. DeJoy - You Spoke About The Losses That The USPS Is Expected To Experience Into The Future.....

Trump Fails Cognitive Test When Asked to Remember Steve Bannon

How do I know Biden's speech last night was a grand slam (other than watching it myself)?

I have never voted for a Republican in my life

Rand Paul talking about "massive deficits". Tell ya what, Rand, fix the GOP MORAL deficit. Then . .

Republicans Have Polarized Almost Every Aspect of American Life, No Wonder We're So Split

Someone needs to ask Rand Paul

"When should I get my flu shot this year?"

Trump lauds newly discovered business in Queens.

The Granddaughters: Maisy, Finnegan, Naomi, Natalie

Oh Shit - it's Laura not Marco heading for the Florida panhandle & Alabama

I thought Jackie Rosen

Enzi's Father-In-Law Memorized all the postal codes in Sheridan, Wyoming: There are 12

Sen Tom Carper(D) Delaware. I like this guy

The only Republican I ever voted for. I lived in NYC at the time.

Steven Curry's Family from the DNC convention: Keeping the Faith

Republicans Circling Wagons Around USPS Destroying DeJoy

BREAKING: Kanye West crashes and burns in Ohio

"A golf cart rally in support of @JoeBiden has just gotten underway here in The Villages.".....

9:52 p.m. Brian pushed someone. {Flathead Beacon}

These Republican senators are as unctuous as

...DeJoy Astonishingly Tells Senate He 'Was Unaware' Mailboxes and Sorting Machines Were Being Remov

With Respect To Your Need For New Capital Equipment For USPS - More Questions For DeJoy....

BOOM! We cut to the chase!! DeJoy says UPS and FEDEX do this, too (schedules)

Yup. I bet the "blandness" was intentional.... inspired, but not needed.

Scary moment in last night's A's game. You never want to see a fan get hurt...

RNC Convention Schedule (Luckovich)

Fox News Hosts Lavish Praise On Biden's DNC Speech: 'Best He's Ever Been'

Ok, Florida Man may have a point here.......

A "joke" from Steve Bannon

Nebraska Links At Least 7 Covid Cases to South Dakota's Sturgis Bike Rally

Ron Johnson is a dumb man who has very limited critical thinking skills.

What did you think about the DNC choosing four glamorous women as hosts?

Pic Of The Moment: A Look Ahead To Next Week

U.S. Existing-Home Sales Surged 24.7% in July

Michelle Obama: The struggle for women's suffrage was long--and even longer for women of color...

There is no stopping Trump with these GOP senators defending him

it sounded better in the original german.

One repub senator claimed sorting machines were being removed prior to DeJoy's arrival

Hillary Clinton offers Biden advice on battling Trump

Trump Is The One That Has Ginned Up The False Narratives Surrounding The USPS.....

Trump Praised Steve Bannon's GoFundMe Scam

Joe Biden puts character on the ballot and other takeaways from the final night of the DNC

Why Doug Jones thinks Alabama's Democratic voters are 'energized' this year - PBS NewsHour

August 21, 1939: one of America's first sit-ins takes place at the Alexandria Library


Brayden Harrington, a boy with a stutter, gave a gripping convention speech.

BTC: ENTIRE panel of Fox hosts ERUPT in praise for Biden after epic convention speech

Tour de France warns teams: two Covid-19 positives and you're out

Well the republican dog and pony show with DeJoy has started.................

Republicans Want China to Define 2020 Election, Securing Victory for Trump

I do hope that Biden is planning on visiting Wisconsin

p.s. QAnon is a cult, and if they actually cared about "saving the children" they would be rushing..

How are Bullock's chances these days?

Photo bombing cats

N.Y. Nurses Say Used N95 Masks are Being Re-Packed in Boxes to Look New

WATCH: Tammy Baldwin's full speech at the 2020 Democratic National Convention

DOJ to seek death penalty once again for Boston Marathon bomber

WATCH: Cory Booker's full speech at the 2020 Democratic National Convention

Biden is already forming a government. Here's what his Cabinet could look like.

Judge denies Trump's bid for a stay of subpoena in Manhattan DA's tax records case

I'm just gonna' say this out loud.

Geo-fabric. My kingdom for some geofabric!

Golden Retriever Makes Friends With Baby Sheep And It's Adorable

#Belarus. It won't be a comforting thread. At the funeral of Kanstantsin Shyshmakou,who was found de

Mossimo Giannulli sentenced to 5 months in prison, $250,000 fine & 250 hours community service

"They" have been messing with my mail in Columbus, OH

Who's Next?

619 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Fri.; 4 deaths

You raised $42,305.29 on August 20, 2020 to elect Biden-Harris with our DU ActBlue link NEW RECORD!

Wow, Apple is on fire!

Posted without comment

Sorry I have not been posting much. Been concentrating on my fitness.

FBI Now Probing $300 Million Media Company Deal Linked To Steve Bannon: Report

Everybody's Free To Wear Sunscreen

Trump Ordered $400 Million Payment To Bannon-Border-Linked Construction Company

Arrest Disrupts Bannon's Efforts to Stay Relevant After Leaving White House

Offshore Drilling Is 'Structurally Damaged' And Help Is Not Coming

MAGA my ass. Look at this map Fauci made-- Leading the world in dreaded diseases...

When will Barr/Trump try to derail the Bannon indictment?

Fan hit in head by ball during MLB game:

SAPD Detective Suspended for Social Media Post Asking 'When Can We Kill' Colin Kaepernick

Breaking: Navalny to be flown to Germany for treatment

On Kamala Harris' historic day, Stan Herd finishes crop art of VP candidate in rural Lawrence

NAACP president: Postmaster general is 'lying'

Rise of the Suburbs, July Homes Sales Shoot to 14 Yr High: US Cities Seeing Their Fortunes Change

Serious question - Have Network media ever cut an acceptance speech

Alexandra Petri's WaPo column, normally tongue-in-cheek satire, seems awfully heartfelt today.

Bill Moyers Talks with Lisa Graves about the Ongoing Threat to the US Postal Service

Donald Trump's Fight to Hide His Tax Returns Has Failed

After Trump praise, Pence decries QAnon 'conspiracy theory'

I want to thank all of the amazing people behind the scenes at the convention

In moving speech, boy says Biden helped him overcome stutter

'Catastrophe' or 'new era'? Mail shake-up at L.A. public housing complex alarms residents

Trump wrong on 'My generals, my military.' They belong to the people.

Breaking: Judge denies Trump's request for a stay on subpoena for tax records

Dramatic delays in postal mail delivery coincide with DeJoy's appointment, not the dawn of COVID

DeJoy's family company was sued over shocking racism, sexual assault, wage theft, and more

I get my meds by mail.. and they finally arrived today..

Putin did not order the hit on Navalny, but he will be blackmailed into a coverup. (lengthy analysis

'I hardly ever saw Donald Trump read a document he was handed, but he did love pictures'

Anti-mask Helbachs Coffee loses its Middleton lease, set to close at end of August

Washington to apply for federal $300 unemployment aid boost

Trump Accidentally Confirms Key Stormy Daniels Detail During Weird Rally Moment

Ron Johnson claims mail issues are 'ginned up' as postal chief admits they're real

Thread for identifying great production decisions for the convention.

Cartoons 8/21/2020

Snohomish County needs to slash budget again, Somers warns

How things are changing in this country.

Unusual for persistent bull Cramer to have such an opinion.

The county feeds people and pays farmers with federal funds

Some people are very stupid

Got a new HOUSE FIRE SHOW today!

Russia to let dissident in coma fly to Berlin for treatment

Anecdotal, but here it is.

Pence faults 'negative' DNC, previews next week's RNC themes

Funeral for brother at White House Friday

Rise in jobless claims reflects still-struggling US economy

"If we don't win, it's all gone," Trump says in describing his agenda.

Donald Trump is evil made manifest and last night it trembled

DOSE OF JOE -- August 21

My Republican friend and his forwarded emails: a lightbulb just went off

White House press secretary compares teachers to 'meat packers' and dismisses safety concerns

Steve Bannon confesses on Twitter

Montana governor presses to remove Trump's public lands boss

Soledad O'Brien: Somebody should do a show on all the ways Joe & Mika helped to elect Trump

President Trump's payroll executive order could leave Americans with 'substantial tax liability'

Pennsylvania Morning Call poll: Biden up by 4

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick To Welcome Anti-LGBTQ Extremists and Other Far-Right Activists...

Pompeo warns Russia, China against ignoring move to reimpose U.N. sanctions on Iran

Great new proposal for Maryland's state song

WI virus stats: 718 cases per day, 7% lower than the previous week; 7 people are dying per day...

Steve who?

Middle Age Riot - Sneak Preview of 2020 RNC

When Joe Met Brayden--get your Kleenex handy.

Minimal but deep graffiti

Fuckie Toad is truly useless

Trump says he will send law enforcement, US attorneys to polls in November to prevent fraud

Dot Dash - Wire

Ratings tick up to 21.7M for DNC's third night featuring Obama, Harris

Emerging Pandemic Diseases: How We Got To COVID-19

I've never watched a Repub convention, but I can't wait to see this one.

Good point.

Tensions at the Vatican

The argument that unemployment benefits keep Americans from going back to work isn't just misleading

If you're wondering who was behind the creation of that BRILLIANT convention, read this.

Second Dem lawsuit claims USPS changes will harm mail voting

Nervous Rescue Greyhound Falls In Love With The World

NY unemployment experts, please help, benefits expiring soon!

Trump pledges to send 'sheriffs' and 'law enforcement' to polling places on Election Day. Can he?

Puget Sound senior centers need volunteers to help with high demand for meal, grocery deliveries

The three people indicted along with Steve Bannon

Middle Age Riot on Putin's preference for Trump over Hillary:

Zeus Demands a Water Bowl Refill Right Now

'They're not needed': Postmaster General DeJoy says USPS won't replace removed mail-sorting machines

Trump was on FOX this morning bragging about all his accomplishments.

Did we really get the best candidates?

Federal buildings in Portland close due to 'threat of violence'

Census lacks door knockers needed for 2020 count, watchdog says

CNN has a title on their website that reads

Wolves Strengthen Social Bonds Through Song

Former Secretary of State James Baker III battling COVID-19 with wife at Houston home

It's mind blowing that Trump and Biden are virtually tied in Minn.

New Ebola Outbreak in Congo Raises Alarm

I drove through downtown Milwaukee Thursday

Steve Schmidt to Franklin Graham: You're a hypocrite of staggering magnitude. You've sold your soul.

Phoenix police held man on hot asphalt for nearly 6 minutes before he died, video shows

"Butterfly freak" Has a Message for Steve Bannon

17 St. Olaf students suspended after off-campus party with COVID-19 positive student

Trump should be asked if Putin raised the issue of Russian bounties on US soldiers

Five provocative nuggets from the Senate intel report on Trump and Russia

It do go down...

Trump Casts Doubt on IN-PERSON Voting Too. Says He Wants to Use Law Enforcement as Poll Watchers!

As Trump prepares for GOP convention, Democrats are plotting their own counterprogramming

Trump wants live programming at his convention next week.

Trump Just Claimed Biden 'Wasn't Born' In His Literal Birthplace Because He Moved Away As A Child

He had pants on but no shoes. - DNC production

Is Andrea Mitchell Beginning To Do To Sen. Harris What She Did To HRC?

Kanye West fails to make Ohio ballot

Butterfly, Bee, Border and Bannon

A daughter's choice: Her mom didn't have covid-19. But isolation seemed to be killing her.

How many times has a Trumpie done or said something so outrageous that you were

Anna Akana - Swim

Completely serious here: Is Trump using a laugh track for his speeches now?

Feeling good to donate to Joe & Kamala

Postal Service "fully capable" of delivering election mail on time, postmaster general says

Congress needs to do this by Monday's hearing with DeJoy.

the russkies, theyre already here. is Putin to be Keynote at RNC

Duncan pup has learned what a rooster is

Anna Akana - Swim

NEW ad from Republican Voters Against Trump to run on Fox News next week: The Border Wall Scam

When they finally take a mug shot of Trump, I hope it's before they fix his hair

Bet you won't be surprised at how dirty the Wall Scam contractor is....

Opinion: How Biden just made Trump's life a lot more complicated

Jake Tapper brings the STRONG SUNLIGHT...

What are the chances that a Blue Screen of Death appears during the RNC?

Europe essentially tells Pompeo and Trump to go fuck themselves when it comes to Iran.

Ethics panel rebukes Gaetz for tweet targeting Cohen

Dating women made me understand men

I don't believe there was any mention of Trump's impeachment in the house at the DNC.

some rural residents worried that the damage to their livelihoods / USPS credibility has been done

DNC convention control room.

McCarthy says Marjorie Greene has disavowed QAnon.

Merry Christmas, Lori Loughlin

Trump admin says FDA will no longer require premarket review of certain lab tests, including Covid

Tweet of the Day

Requesting an absentee ballot for November election? It will be a while before you get it

The Daily Show highlights networks' focus:

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 8/21/20

As Trump prepares for GOP convention, Democrats are plotting their own counter-progamming

Polls of registered voters can't be trusted because they're mostly dead people.

one wonders why deJoy spent most time looking at his shoes not the camera...

Government watchdog reaffirms Homeland Security leadership appointments were invalid

Covid-19 cases tied to the Sturgis motorcycle rally in South Dakota have reached across state lines

How To Do Tai Chi - Jimmy O. Yang

Here's something to obsess about:

White House formally declaring teachers essential workers

Fire wipes out Big Basin State Park's historic buildings.

Joe Biden being kind and helpful to 13 year old Brayden Harrington

I actually like this Joe Walsh (not the awesome musician) tweet

Bannon has told people he and Trump have been in contact in recent months (CNN)

North Dakota sets record highs in number of COVID-19 positive cases, active cases and tests

FWIW: Kanye West in touch with TikTok

More evidence of Biden's decency as a human being

The Strategy Is Working

Help Make Dumpy Have a Sad.

QAnon looms behind nationwide rallies and viral hashtags including #SavetheChildren

Seeing in print in the @WSJ this list of Republican national security officials endorsing Biden...

The Lincoln Project webinar tonight

On Iran, Pompeo and Trump find themselves isolated and defeated

Kanye will not be on Illinois ballot either

good vibes to the universe time

Trump files for emergency stay in tax case with Court of Appeals


Hey! Lookit this!

Woman in Tesla abandons dog.

SDNY prosecutors say investigation into other possible co-conspirators remains active.

Heartless eviction notice

SDNY prosecutors: the investigation into possible co-conspirators of Jeffrey Epstein remains active

DC police chief on arrest of last fugitive wanted in Makiyah Wilson's killing

Dramatic police dash cam footage from GA - a bit to unpack here

So Louis DeJoy was lying?

National Protest Sat...Join "Save the Post Office Saturday" on 8/22

anyone know what time robert trump's funeral is?

13-year-old boy dies in hockey accident in Charles County

Stating the obvious:

I find this fascinating....

Traffic Alert: Avoid the Chesapeake Bay Bridge this afternoon. Ongoing police activity ...

Trump-loving landlord called tenant a 'welfare POS' and evicted her during the pandemic over a Faceb

Federal prosecutors have charged a former Special Forces officer w/ espionage w/ Russia (GRU)

USPS has a twitter acct. They have things to say

Another dad who didn't want a dog (Twitter)

Dallas Mavericks reach agreement with city to use American Airline Center as voting site.

Bannon has been telling friends he and Trump occasionally speak, source says

Meet the real Bannon:

Green Bay voters will be able to cast ballots in November at Lambeau Field

Sanders: 'The day after Biden's elected we're going to have a serious debate'

Joe Biden's Democratic National Convention Acceptance Speech

Washington Police Officer Charged With Murdering Man Outside Grocery Store


This about sums it up.

San Franisco Ferries...

With all of the books coming out about the criminal in the White House

DeJoy says he never tried to "eliminate" or "curtail" overtime for post office employees. Perjury? W

Baby goats frolicking in their jammies (Twitter)

Trump - the next president of the Untied States!

Biden Leads Trump by 16 Points Among Suburban Voters in Five Battleground States

Wow!!! O'Jays drop new Biden Harris Song: People All Over the World, Come On!

Foiling tRump's attempts to stop the vote: follow CA's lead

USPS lost veteran's remains due to service cuts

South Dakota reports a spike to 193 daily cases today, exactly 2 weeks from the start of the Sturgis

A little brain test for you.

This always annoys me about Presidential campaigns

Melania Trump takes the stage at the GOP Convention

My son asks, "Dad, where can I get 15% ethanol at? Because my engines state 15% is max."

My cousin is really upset because a rental property of hers has water damage because a pipe came

DeJoy just lied under oath

What's for Dinner, Fri., Aug. 21, 2020

OMG they sound like munchkins! 30 seconds of foxes 'laughing' (Twitter)

Peaches From Aldi have Salmonella

Peaches From Aldi have Salmonella

Nebraska COVID-19 cluster linked to Sturgis motorcycle rally, health officials say

New FOIA Docs Expose Conditions in Private Immigration Prison So Bad That Even ICE Was Shocked

How many trump supporters were victims of bannon's scam?

Why the complicit liberal media never reports on Obama's crimes

For (Some) Women, Right to Vote Came 100 Years Ago. Alexandria marks centennial of 19th amendment



More information on table top studio for macro photography.

WI Elections Commission Votes Against Allowing Green Party and Kanye on ballot

Thunderstorms return to Northern California forecast with slight chance of dry lightning

3 large corrals approved for western US wild horse roundups

Pro-Trump Pastor Roasted for Bonkers Tweet Claiming DNC Logo Proves 'Satanism Is Alive and Well'

Former sailor details misconduct by SEALs pulled from Iraq

Rescued Cat Rushes To Comfort Dog Frightened By Thunderstorms

15 Minnesotans catch coronavirus at Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

Trump's Remarks at the 2020 Council for National Policy Meeting; August 21, 2020

Michigan appeals court upholds governor's emergency powers

My stuff on IMVU ...

The environmental DNC? We have all been posting and talking about this virtual convention, and

Bannon partners had history of cashing in on Trump movement

Senator yells 'f---, f---, f---' on live television during DeJoy testimony thinking he was muted

The Billionaires Backing Joe Biden's Campaign

"It's as easy as 1-2-3."

'The virus is over': Fox & Friends visits diners where customers don't wear masks

Two more former Trump officials join statement saying he's "dangerously unfit to serve another term"

Senate Intel report reveals Ivanka pushed the Trump campaign staff to promote hacked emails via Wiki

BREAKING: The Second Circuit DENIES Trump's request for a stay of Manhattan DA Vance's subpoena pe

We may need a bigger ocean to hold all the jumping rats

Joe talking with Brayden

Holy crap, Bannon's friend Badolato from Build the Wall is a life-long bottom feeder

Ex-Colombia President Uribe resigning Senate seat amid probe

Now it's the Voting Poll Boogeyman

Kris Kobach claimed he spoke with 'enthusiastic' Trump three times about border wall project at cent

Supreme Court Orders Ministry of Justice to Suspend Production of Government Reports against Opponen

Joe Biden's Speech Draws Highest TV Viewership Of Week's Convention Coverage

Do you think this guy will stand up for the troops?

White House formally declaring teachers essential workers

Mayor Durkan vetoes council's 2020 budget revision that would have cut up 100 police officers

GOP Vermont Gov. Says He Won't Vote for Trump But 'Would Consider' Supporting Biden

A friend had a run in with a mask hole today

Joe: Brayden -- When I was growing up, my mom always told me that bravery resides in every heart and

President-to-be* Joe Biden's tweet to Brayden Harrington after his appearance last night:

Get on the Biden Harris Love Train

Rachel Maddow: Court denies Trump request for a 'stay'....

Rand Paul demands job cuts at Postal Service amid unemployment crisis

Facebook removes (FreedomWorks) page using image of LeBron James over 'voter suppression tactics'

Ad: They all knew (GOP & Trump)

Golden State Killer Joseph DeAngelo sentenced to life in prison

Understand this! Black and Latino turn out for Biden is key to winning!


Trump denounced Biden's convention speech, saying "I'm the only thing standing between the American

Jimmy Carter's nonprofit to set up U.S. voting initiative to address 'eroding' democracy

Jimmy Carter's nonprofit to set up U.S. voting initiative to address 'eroding' democracy

Last nights theme of convention: "Joe cares a whole lot about others, and not himself"

Hillary Clinton questions why her former GOP colleagues won't challenge Trump

Woman dies of Covid, infected after wedding in Millinocket, Maine

#TheyKnew and they thought they could stop me. But then I discovered kompromat. Behave yourselves,

Former Green Beret accused of spying on the US for Russia

Lori Loughlin, husband Mossimo Giannulli sentenced to prison in college admissions scandal

Biden's campaign says it raised $70 million during DNC watched live by 122 million people

It's time for good and decent people to face down the bullies holding America back

As total COVID-19 cases in Georgia near 250,000, officials confirm nearly 100 new deaths in 24 hours

Don't Drink the Tea: Poison Is a Favored Weapon in Russia

The orange festering boil said this today

Trump blamed California for its wildfires and threatened to withhold federal money...

Gulf Coast DUers looks ugly for you all. Fujiwhara Effect.

this is why I'm on twitter.

Rainbow meteorite discovered in Costa Rica may hold building blocks of life

If tRump refuses election results...WE WILL PROTECT THE RESULTS!

Clouds of star-forming gas are being shot 'like bullets' across the galaxy

White House threatens veto of Democratic bill on Postal Service

PSA: Election Law in Pennsylvania

Just look at all those American flags.

Kanye West Off Ballot in Four States, Easing Any Risk to Biden

Anyone see the new NRA ad for tRump??? It is really bad...

*BRAND NEW SWING STATE POLLS * Biden +12 in MI, +10 in WI, +9 in FL

Trump struggles to use power of presidency to counter Biden

House Ethics panel admonishes Gaetz over Michael Cohen tweet

The Reich Wing is now shocked, shocked I tell you to

Facebook Braces Itself for Trump to Cast Doubt on Election Results

First time I noticed Sen Harris

*ARIZONA SHOCK POLL* Mark Kelly 53% Martha McSadface 34%

Intel Committee Russian election meddling summary & commentary:

Dem convention spurs bump in online donors

Biden campaign goal was 25 million dollars during DNC , raised 70 million!

Shields and Brooks on Biden's DNC performance, Trump's RNC approach

Venezuela says most-used border crossing from Colombia is now open

Houston Chronical Editorial: The difference between Biden & Trump is 'hope & light & love.'

Bank of America Customer Opens Mobile App and Finds an Extra $2.45 Billion

Poll: Trump trails Biden by 8 points

When did Kirstie Alley become a Trumpkin?

California wildfires: 560 blazes have scorched more acres than there are in Rhode Island

Is this where I say hello (again)?

Swing low sweet Cadillac

Trump's Virus Funding Boost for Private Schools Is Blocked

Trump remains largely silent on reported poisoning of Russian dissident

2/3 of vote by mail voters will vote for biden (british polling firm says)