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@OHDems sue Secretary of State over his near-total ban on ballot drop boxes.

Don Winslow vid: MelaniaUsedChainMigration

Abby Johnson is speaking at the #RNC2020 tonight against reproductive freedom.

The ugliness and chaos is getting to me.

Tonight at the podium

I'm ashamed of my race (white)

I'm calling this the Trump Bund Rally from this point on.

WTAF - Teachers 'executed' in shooter drill sue Indiana sheriff's office for trauma, injury

US Senate Races in 2020 that Democrats will win to regain control of the US Senate in 2020.

Ammon Bundy and others arrested and led away in handcuffs.

Has anyone heard anything about Blake being a "rapist"?

BREAKING: Mary Ann Mendoza, a QANON advocate, pulled from tonight's RNC speaker's list

CNN Breaking: QAnon speaker pulled from RNC shit show due to antisemitic conspiracy theory tweet.

@GOP dirty tricks to confuse the Montana ballot FAILS!

So, last many people in Trump's Base tuned in to the Rally?

8/26 Mike Luckovich: What it feels like

RNC cancels speaker after she promoted anti-Semitic conspiracy theories on Twitter

The Beauty Of The Mandalorian

RNC to feature speaker supporting policies barring women from voting

Will Melania mention Moose and Squirrel tonight?

tRump reaches into his RNC bag of tricks

I've heard the phrase "shoot yourself in the foot". Here's an example.

RNC speaker believes in head of household voting

Drumpf to pardon someone during his speech?

Tonight Movie Night!

melonja say why upset with amerikanska tonite:

Middle Age Riot tweet about Melania

The fight for voting rights continues in IL (and NJ)

RNC "head of household voter" also says her adopted "brown son is dangerous and not her white sons

Woh - I didn't know Che and Fidel were Democrats

Seventh Generic Drug Manufacturer (Teva) Is Charged In Ongoing Criminal Antitrust Investigation

Joe: When they say "the best is yet to come," that's a threat.

LeBron James and group to help recruit poll workers

**** RNC Convention Knight Too ****


Michael Cohen on Maddow - Confirmed

That Navajo Vice President is an idiot.

Argentina declares internet, mobile and pay-TV services 'essential'

Argentina declares internet, mobile and pay-TV services 'essential'

Joe: Ignore the polls. There's simply too much on the line to take anything for granted.

Has any other party convention ever had so many relatives

Staying at a Traditional Japanese Inn Ryokan & Onsen Etiquette

The Trump Administration has turned government into a penny stock scam.

Congressman's old social media posts about sex with 15-year-old girls, rape surface in South Florida

*Fleetwood Mac now,

The production quality of the RNC is non-existent.

corona paul is a dipshit

Usain Bolt tests positive for COVID-19 after 34th birthday party

Will Abby Johnson's "brown son" watch her Convention speech tonight?

This picture sums it up perfectly

CNN cut away from Paul. LOL.

Alaska AG (cReep)resigns after sending 558 messages to junior employee

Love my city,...

Question: Do you believe Black people are human beings?

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Live and Let Die!

Black Homeowners Face Discrimination in Appraisals

Cher: Show up and fight to save the USPS! Senate, Snap out of it!

Thanks to the brave men and women...

Donnie Jr just said on Fox News.....

Ok, just watched my Stephen Colbert's DVR tape from last night....I absolutely love his "Melania"

It's a four day blowjob!

President Hillary Clinton fights back with the truth!!

Alaska attorney general resigns after disclosure of text messages

It will be interesting to see ...

They are all readers....mailing it in.

Another Casualty of Trumpism: The Credibility of the FDA.


More sleaze in the Jerry Falwell Jr. scandal...

The speeches at the RNC just seem a little tone-deaf, considering that most Americans right now...

Long time top GOP strategist swiches parties

Jerry Falwell, Jr.'s Platinum Parachute

An RNC Speaker Said Cops Would Be 'Smart' to Racially Profile Her Own Son

2 more people have been reinfected with the coronavirus, European scientists say, a day after the fi

fuckstick Kudlow said that Trump inherited a stagnant Obama economy going to recession

Tiny rat pancakes and birthday parties 😆

I was taking my moonlight stroll and decided to take photos of Moon and Sunflowers

Jill Wine-Banks makes a great point about 2nd chances

I'm watching the RNC at

Why am I subjecting myself to this? On CNN: a yahoo testifying for dЯump:

I LOVE how Rachael fact checks . Keep it up

Not even done with the first half hour

Who here lived through the dark the darkest of days?

Muse - Uprising

What Katie Porter taught us at the DeJoy hearing

FOX affiliates in Detroit and Toledo not airing the RNC tonite again.

Is this the religious hour?

Using the White House

This picture sums it up perfectly.

The Comey Rule on Showtime. Had anybody heard of this?

Sandmann in full gasser mode..

I wonder what other " situations" Trump cleaned up? He had the goods on Falwell

Screw this little Covington weasel

GOP - Grievances On Parade nt

billy gram's granddaughter cassie sez she's

RNC speaker Natalie Harp says that if Hillary Clinton had been elected president, we'd all be living

Oh Shit! Pam Bondi started off with such a line of bullshit it has to stink up the whole zip code...

gasp-little billy's grandaughter was in "gasp' pants

Pam Bondi sliming Hunter Biden.

"Hillary Clinton says Joe Biden should not concede on election night 'under any circumstances'"

People at convention really need to be destroyed.

*** RNC Convention Knight Too #2***

This convention is like an SNL skit.

This takes huge stones-- Susan B. Anthony quotes and what Tangerine Turdlapper is doing for women.

RNC Speaker Cancelled After Boosting QAnon Conspiracy Theory About Jewish Plot to Enslave the World

Are these speeches live or on tape?

Any Opinion on 8 Billion Trees?

Yeah, Tiffany's gone over to The Dark Side . . . . . .

The consensus of my Twitter feed is that Pam Biondi is a fucking liar.

Poor Tiffany. Smart, articulate, and totally wrong.


Well, I don't feel sorry for Tiffany anymore. nt

Joe Bonamassa & Larkin Poe - "Well Well"

Tiffany is turning into a Trump Barbie Zombie.

Bird deaths down 70 percent after painting wind turbine blades

Everytime Putin's regime commits atrocities and gets caught they blame the West. Part of their playb

Fabulous NHL Hockey game..Boston Bruins vs Tampa Bay..3-3

Pam Bondi just crawled out of the slim and lied continually about Joe Biden and his family


Welcome to my world. Took a 30 minute mostly rural drive this afternoon and passed 26

Governor Kim of Iowa praised handouts from Trump ...

As a law student she should know our history better.

Covid Kim is up at bat.

Kim Reynolds of Iowa just said farmers were suffering from China's unfair trade practices

the financial strain of Trump's trade war with China led to an alarming rise in farm sector suicides

This was a speech against nepotism (read the banner)

Pence talking to a black person! Inspirational!

US Senate Races in 2020 that Democrats will win to get majority of US Senate seats in 2020.

Immigrant help hostage? Sure felt like it. nt

Shitty Evita and Other RNC Lunatics (Ferret/Shower Cap)

Evidently in a short while melonya will step into the hose garden to talk...

Why is school choice

An Annapolis woman was sued over rent she didn't owe. It took seven court dates to prove

Nunex has very intense eyes.

Turned off the Repub convention and started watching Michelle Obama's "Becoming" on Netflix

If you're worried that Republican officials will ignore election results and appoint Trump electors

Didn't we hear this same crap last night?

Ha....Ha....Ha...he did it!

So were the people being sworn in as citizens

Donald Trump wants you to be impressed by the $6 billion House Democrats dragged him into supporting

Daniel Dale fact checked Pam Bondi specifically in her claims about Biden and the Ukrainian prosecu

Great! We have five, new American citizens tonight.

American Bridge ad: This time, we hear more about Trump, the Exploiter & Profiteer.

Oooo, did anyone know that Guliani's daughter is pro...

Chad Wolfe is not legally in office at the DHS so the whole naturalization theater is a farce.

Wait for it those very same people Tromp sworn in....

How I feel and deal with people like trump

Falwell--The Immoral Majority's

Trump's forgotten son is speaking!

It's less like a series of Hatch Act violations and more like a Hatch Act violation festival.

God, god, god, god, god, god, god, god, god.........................................................

The "Silent Majority" Has Lost Popular Vote in 6 of 7 Elections

I was asked to be our buildings Cultural Champion

We're $2,095 away from our One Million Dollar goal!

Accidentally picked up some Trump convention on the car radio

Got an email from a friend today -

The dentally-challenged son, Eric ...

Cov kid gets college scholarship to his local University. Surprise


Meet the new spox for the FDA, straight from OANN

Cripes, they're really trotting out the black guys at this hatefest.

golden retriever spotted, purposely laying in the middle of the sidewalk to get pets from strangers.

****RNC Convention Knight Too. #3 ****

RNC sloppy at best

Wharton Profs Demand Probe Of Claim That Trump Cheated On The SAT

Giolito throws a no hitter!

Word of the night? Plagiarism!

This is TV Marketing like only Trump could produce.

Oh dear God, this intro into the golddigger's speech is every bit as tacky as she is.

Not a word about the 180,000 Americans who died this year from COVID-19 from Trump

FL-18: Congressman's old social media posts about sex with 15-year-old girls, rape surface

well at least she has clothes on for this video

I would love to slap that shitty smile off Trump's orange ass!

Her eyes are creepy (Melania)

Elie Mystal running commentary on twitter of the RNC

Well, at least I understand her speaking than Trump's?

A few photoshopped Trump thingies

did she participate in the "cocaineconvention ?

Why does Melania always wear the most inappropriate clothes.

'Obvious lie after obvious lie': Biden campaign blasts RNC as 'incoherent charade'

the Slovenian trull needs to stick to backwork

Trump's campaign paid $2.3 million in donor money to his private business, filings show

All of the outright lies told at the RNC ...

Kirschner: NY AG Tish James Subpoenas Eric Trump. Eric Pleads the Fifth. What's Next?

Nepotism charge backfires.

Just curious---did Melania mention her prior experience with poles? nt

I could be wrong, but I think Melania is reading from a teleprompter.

Voters For Trump AD (SNL)

She refers to Trump as her husband all the time.

This RNC Reminds Me Of The Scene From "Life Of Brian".........

Honestly don't know how you all can watch that shit show CONvention

I'm an evacuee again! This is getting ridiculous!

Billy Graham's granddaughter: Evangelical leaders are failing us by supporting Trump

It is a fucking joke.

Has anyone here received their Biden/Harris yard sign?

I live near Lordstown Ohio...

Flotits is telling drug abusers to seek help. She's addressing the RNC attendees.

What time does Stormy Daniels talk?!1 ------------nt

Malignia is the only one setting a specific agenda for a second term.

Sweet Dreams

Fuck you Melania !!!

Can we stop reading the Melania-Trump tea leaves now?

Did I understand Melania to say ...

Oh, now she is talking about problems caused by Social Media.

Was trying to decide what, or whom, Melania's outfit reminded me of. Castro. Dictator Chic.

Trump tried to grab her ______ as they walked away?

"Trump would dream up "sickening" medieval plots "to pierce the flesh" of migrants,

Pomp(eo)ASS always reminds me of an overinflated balloon.

TCM Schedule for Thursday, August 27, 2020 -- Summer Under The Stars: Claudette Colbert

Imagine how horrible a person Donald Trump is. Now imagine how shitty a person has to be to marry hi


TCM Schedule for Friday, August 28, 2020 -- Summer Under The Stars: Paul Henreid

TCM Schedule for Saturday, August 29, 2020 -- Summer Under The Stars: Eva Marie Saint

TLP: Sad moment for our country

Dan Rather: A lot of pretty words in Melania's speech. Unfortunately we also have the last 3+ years.

Mike Pompeo Outrages Diplomats, Imperils U.S. Foreign Policy With RNC Speech MSNBC

Local news WGN: Melania gave a "spectacular" speech

Melania refused to kiss the Gangster-in-Chief TWICE on the lips LOL.....

Ex-Intel Chief: 'I Wish We Had Taken More Action' Against Russian Meddling

OK, TOMORROW, instead of the crap show,

Jeff Tiedrich on Melania's speech:

Tweet from the Lincoln Project....hysterical!!!!

Cartoons 8/25/2020

Maddow should have her Cohen interview on Thursday night.

a groovy tune in honor of our first.....lady

Chasten Buttigieg: Hard to convince people you care about issues when you go home with Donald Trump

Another zinger from Dan Rather.

I texted 'VOTE' to Trumps 88022


Ted Lieu: Crime Subcommittee requests that FBI investigate DeJoy & Board of Governors:

Wonder what Barron thinks?

House investigates Pompeo convention speech:

Look at Melania avoiding Trump's kiss after the speech & the expression on his face after she does

A blast from a verbal double barrel shotgun

Gotta say this. It's not much of a thread topic in its simplicity.

People need to learn:Even in a state with fewer covid cases they need to keep their guard up:

Sean Penn just tweeted a quick distillation of Melania's speech

So far we have not heard about those who have died from the Coronavirus from any GOPers?

Strange CSPAN caller overrepresentation

Walter Shaub just tweeted the highlights of tonight's RNC

Pam Bondi (Registered Foreign Agent of Qatar): Joe Biden and the Dangers of Nepotism

Rebuttal to Don and Melanie.....

The October surprise of a vaccine announcement. - Andy Slavitt (Obama health care head)

Dollar dogged by economic worries, yuan gains on trade deal relief

Wow. Claire McCaskill on why Melania can't help Trump with suburban women

I think Trump and the Republicans WANT us to complain about Hatch Act violations...

Troubling CDC Policy Change on Contact Tracing / Testing

Great chyron, CNN!

Longtime GOP Strategist is Switching Parties

Early stages of flowering?

Falwell set to get $10.5 million in compensation as he leaves Liberty University

Doc Rivers Is Making Me Cry.

Geroge Lucas and Harrison Ford ARE STONERS!!

Hurricane Laura Set To Strike Gulf Coast NBC Nightly News

Re: The New York case against the Trump Organization--

Do people know ending the payroll tax will end Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and SS for

I hung up on a friend and Trump supporter today

Democrats Are Winning Their Fight for the States

ME-SEN: Sen. Susan Collins supports Trump, head of Maine GOP says

Because it needs to be repeated.

Fun thread and comments on identity of Q

It just dawned on me what Malaria's outfit was missing

Daniel Dale fact checking day 2 of RNC

Detroit Lions providing Ford Field for Election Day help, will encourage voting this fall

Harris County OKs $17M to add polls, voting hours and drive-thru balloting for November election

Camden Yards could be used as a Baltimore voting center for Maryland's November election

Black Coaches United Looks to Make Voting More Accessible on Election Day

Supreme Court denies push to add Green Party candidates to Montana ballot

69, people. 69.

Speaker who said Trump saved her life was apparently lying.......GASP!

ME-SEN: Susan Collins challenger open to nixing Senate filibuster

South Dakota's Noem to appear at RNC as virus cases rise

Trump's Scare Tactics Aren't Working on Women in the Suburbs

Ari Melber discussion with Jon Meacham about systemic racism

Wasn't the guy Trump pardoned tonight a 'rat'?

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Trump's Sister Caught Talking S**t & Trump Bullies the FDA

Republican convention speaker out of lineup after retweeting anti-Semitic rant

Trump trade war screwed lobster industry, not environmental efforts by Obama.

Arizona's Virus Recovery Fails to Boost GOP's Election Prospects

Did Trump officials violate the Hatch Act at the Republican convention?

Opinion: To close the racial wealth gap, put more Blacks in the seats of power

Melania Trump will address immigration controversy in a couple weeks. 4 yrs & waiting.

Texas' largest county sending mail-in ballot applications to millions of registered voters

Who wore it better?

The Daily Social Distancing Show - RNC Night 1: Here's How You Will Die

Date night at the Falwell house

Harris County officials in talks with Hosuton Rockets to bring voting to Toyota Center

To Defeat China in War, Strangle its Economy: Expert

MSNBC Host Joy-Ann Reid explodes: He used those people as props

MA-SEN: Markey denounces 'hateful language' against Kennedy

"YOU SHOULD RESIGN!!!" Elizabeth Warren DESTROYS Trump Lackey on Her Failures & Corporate Corruption

The Daily Social Distancing Show: The RNC's Appeal to Black Voters & Don Jr.'s "Imagine" Speech

Chad Wolfe's actions make him unfit for public service

hitomi / CANDY GIRL

CO-SEN: Gabby Giffords plans virtual rally with Hickenlooper to boost background checks

Once Biden is president and the Dems take the senate

Melania Trump Speaks at the 2020 RNC - NowThis

AZ-SEN: Anti-Semitic Mary Ann Mendoza: Too extreme for RNC, but not for Martha McSally

Donald Trump is the worst jobs president ever

People are being shot in Kenosha right now

Sultans of Swing

FL-18: Chairwoman Bustos Comment on Congressman Mast's "Jokes" About Rape


MA-04: Why these candidates might be the ones to win the primary


Andrea Mitchell fact-checks a flustered Trump spokesman in real time

OK, I'm still boiling over some of that shit on earlier...

Rep. Katie Porter grills the Postmaster General

NY-24: Balter: Congress' failure on COVID relief not a 'both sides' problem


Beleaguered Texas Republicans' latest threat: Coronavirus

Kaleva's Zucchini Cheese Soup

Multiple protesters shot in Kenosha during third night of unrest over Jacob Blake's shooting

My Sh!ts F*xcx Up - Warren Zevon

IL-13: Despite Serving as Trump Campaign Co-Chair, Davis Refuses to Say Whom He'll Support for

This Saturday, August 29th The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York is finally reopening!

They Keep Talking About Trumps Tone Not His 20,000 Lies

MN-01: E-mails show U.S. Rep. Jim Hagedorn involved with constituent mail decisions

ACLU tweet about service members promised citizenship:

Nicolle Wallace: Audacity Of The Grift On Display At Trump RNC The 11th Hour MSNBC

tweet of the hour - Melania related

Michael Steele: Trump's RNC Filled With Conflicting Moments The 11th Hour MSNBC

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. MLK, Jr.

The Election Whisperer talks flipping the Texas State House with the DLCC's Jessica Post (VIDEO)

Miami Heat Offering Up AmericanAirlines Arena To Act As A Safe Polling Site Amid Pandemic

Mary Don't You Weep (Piano & A Microphone 1983 Version)

Tx: American Airlines Center May Become A Polling Place

Tx: Bexar County Approves Three of Four Mega-Voting Centers to Handle High November Turnout

It's not just the pool boy. Falwell Jr. also was sugar daddy to a former LU student.

Whoever wrote this at HuffPost wins the Internet for Tuesday...

So is the Hatch Act officially dead?

US Senate Races in 2020 that Democrats will win to get majority control in the US Senate in 2020.

Hello my friends and thanks for your support.

Tooning Out The News - RNC Night 1: Don Jr. and Kimberly scream case for Trump

Hillary Clinton: Biden Should Not Concede Under Any Circumstances - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

I'm really sorry, but when you have a trumper or right wing 'friend'

'Zero Remorse' From Trump For Using White House In RNC - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Teva charged with price fixing generic drugs

Kentucky Man Accused Of Breaking Canada's COVID-19 Rules Faces $569,000 Fine

Please: stop talking about "norms"!

Stephen Colbert - LIVE From Night 2 Of The RNC

Stephen Colbert: Guest Former Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC)

CDC reverses COVID-19 guidance, says testing may not be needed after exposure

Why hasn't Melania hired a voice coach?

RNC to be completely overshadowed by devastating Hurricane Laura

Just a note to Jr., Kimberly, Eric, and friends...

US Senate Races in 2020 that Democrats will win to get back in a majority in the US Senate in 2020.

Update: Now Cat 4 Laura is a deadly hurricane - get out of the way and stay safe

Scott Walker Blames Joe Biden For Wisconsin Riots After Jacob Blake Shooting

Family Affair

Demanding a second chance at making America great again...again, after spending 4 years breaking it

Doc Rivers - you speak for me

How could the Kenosha shooter possibly get away?!

Nearby Trumper's house caught fire early this morning

A Law-Breaking Convention

Welcome to the ShamWow Presidency

Cocaine Habit Blues

Protesters target D.C. diners, triggering backlash after heckling woman

Wednesday TOONs 1 - The 2020 Republican Gangplank

Wednesday TOONs 2 - Meanwhile, This Is Still Going On

Trump-Humpers Believe ...

Can you imagine four more years?

Jerry Falwell Jr has just moved into the front runner spot for the GOP's 2024 Presidential candidate

Don't argue with anti-maskers, CDC warns stores

Obesity increases risk of Covid-19 death by 48%, study finds

Melania's speech may have been as good as the RNC could have hoped, but it likely failed

"If you tell him it can not be done, he just works harder,"

Laura now forecast to be a catastrophic Category 4 hurricane

Portland 90th night - Riot declared outside Portland's City Hall

Wasn't the fusing of political party business with official government functions...

Pulled RNC speaker, 2018: "And there you have it: 🤬The Rothschilds have used their globalist media

Heather Cox Richardson on last night's convention

The DU has now raised OVER $1 million to elect Joe & Kamala

Could the irresponsible violent rioting cause Biden to lose the election?

Monday night in Washington D.C. People need to see this...

Breakfast 26 Wednesday August 2020

How the US Senate destroyed the "balance of powers" and democracy?

Media fawning over Melania's speech

Falwell getting 10.5 million dollar golden parachute from Liberty U.

Whether it's hurricanes or COVID-19, disasters are driving a mental health crisis

Protesters target D.C. diners, triggering backlash after heckling woman

19th Amendment, intended to ensure voting rights for women, was certified a hundred years ago today:

While not fatal, Jerry Falwell Jr's scandal and resignation is a blow to the Trump Campaign

Paris was liberated August 25, 1944, here celebrated with homemade American flag: #Harris

5 Years Ago Today; Alison Parker and Adam Ward are murdered on live TV

Human sex drug trafficking (huh?)

I have a new pc W10. The McAffee antivirus has run out. What if any added protection do

Live Paintings, Marches, Bike Rides For Justice: D.C.-Area Demonstrations This Week

I don't care what Melania said, I only care she ripped out ..

I will need to ask the President of Puerto Rico for some clarification.

I just googled "snotty little Dipshit proud boy who was just on Morning Joe"

The Tigers got a surprise during batting practice.

Melania's Speech

Eric plagiarized Mahatma Gandhi in the early part of his speech tonight. He used the famous ignore,

Unless we change course, the US agricultural system could collapse

Horse, Door Barn, Etc. Oz Government Considering Stronger Measures To Protect Great Barrier Reef

Record Heat, Wildfire Smoke And Smog Combine To Drive "Multiple Pollutant Alert" In Denver

The Epic Shamelessness of the Republican Convention Becomes 1st RE Website To Rate Flood Risk, Including Future Sea Level Rise

Why don't they just pin the medals on and change America to Trumpistan

How we act, be it modestly or not - is a political act

Another disaster at our doorstep!

looks like the Republican convention videos tonight used stock footage from a factory in Moscow and

Airline Job Cuts Could Pressure Congress and Trump on Stimulus

Statement from Kayleigh McEnany Regarding the Pardon of Jon Ponder

Choosing Tony Abbott as UK trade envoy 'staggering', says Labour

Joe Biden Promises To End Traditional 401(k)-S

AP FACT CHECK: GOP taps distortions to heap praise on Trump

'Donald Trump and all of them talking about fear. We're the ones getting killed'

Lawyer says

Last call for the 25th Amendment? Trump's Cabinet won't depose him -- but they should

Melania getting a lot of praise from reporters. For what?

Trump Bankruptcies: Hurt a Lot of Working Families

Trump plagiarized his mentor's entrance.

Iran nuclear deal: UN rejects US bid to 'snapback' Iran sanctions

You raised $13,150.87 on August 25, 2020 to elect Biden-Harris with our DU ActBlue link

Handy tip for Bundy's next arrest:

DJIA Dumps ExxonMobil, Which Has Been There Since 1928 (As Standard Oil Of New Jersey)

White House spokesperson to speak at Republican convention: report

Who is this lunatic on Rhule and why doesn't she just shut him up

I Early Voted yesterday in person.

Jaime Harrison:Look out, we're causing trouble for @LindseyGrahamSC. 😈

Just once ... just one damn time

COVID Denial, Climate Denial, Science Denial - The Lies That Define And Drive Trumpworld

"Party on, Dude"!

The Love Gov: Happy #NationalDogDay to First Dog Captain!

Inadvertently correct

Sen. Steve Daines won't meet with constituents, but keeps taking taxpayer-funded trips to China

Ayanna Pressley was GREAT at the Monday hearing, one of the best interrogators of all....

DJT, Jr., seemed to REALLY enjoy his speach.

I think Melania just endorsed @JoeBiden.

Snopes: Did Melania Trump 'Dig Up' the Rose Garden at the White House?

Trump Convention Day 1 a Global Humiliation

Republicans Cancel Platform, Surrender to Trump

Shirley Manson has a birthday today.

If you're following the Sybil style changes at the CDC:

GOP Not Even Mentioning Warming As "Hoax"; Similar Silence From Their Biggest Corporate Donors

What the Hell is this ? ! ... Melania's big night

Joe: I promise you that as president, I will protect America. I will protect you and your family. I

Deepwater Arctic Ocean Heat Was 150 Meters Down Or Deeper, Now Moving Up To 80 Meters Below Surface

QANON & Alex Jones, you always tell the truth, so the Trumps must be bullshitting us!

'Liiterally copied from Putin': Intelligence expert blasts Trump's RNC performance

Pretty Sneaky!

Howard Fineman: Trump's message last night was, "All of this is MINE and mine alone."

Flipping thru channels this morning?

The Rundown: August 26, 2020

The Webcomics Weekly #101: One Way Ticket to Flavortown (8/25/2020 Edition)

From Al Jazeera: "The world cannot forget the Rohingya...

The Weekly Pull: Batgirl, X-Men, Locke & Key, and More

This guy is the reason people are dead in Kenosha Wisconsin. This guy is the reason I will not stop

Has the CDC basically rolled over and showed its belly to the Trump admin?

I think I have a fading kitten on my hands

To President Trump and the GOP, America is just a prop

Melania Underground?

Alexandria Woman Finds Missing $100K Lottery Ticket

Malcolm Nance: Trump entrance for naturalization ceremony literally copied from Putin & the Kremlin

The anti-Semitic conspiracy theory lady that got cancelled is also on the board of the Build the Wal

Border lines stretch for miles, waits grow to 10 hours in coronavirus crackdown

#Russian forces in #Syria try a technique from Trump in Lafayette square to get US Special Forces to

It Looks Like Before The RNC Ends On Thursday The U.S. Covid Death Toll....

When this orphaned baby rhino is so happy to be running, he wipes out 😍

i think that traitor Trump destroys everything given to him - witness his companies

Fox News Rejects Anti-Trump Ad During RNC, Teachers Union Says

Eric Boehlert: The press has a Melania Trump problem

Incredibly excited pup reunited with owner after week apart

Airplane Mode is a real-time flight simulator--but you're not the pilot

My FOREVER Response whenever anyone tries to convince me I should care what Melania says

How did we go from constant slam-dunk polls to Electoral College "close" election buzz?

Looking out my living room window in St. Paul, MN

I'm curious about what people expect up to and after the election.

Florida woman arrested for alleged attack on dad for relentless flatulence

Did anyone else notice Melania's Brown Shirt during her kiss-a$$ery last night? ...

Hillary Clinton says Biden should not concede the election 'under any circumstances'

The number of police murders of people of color

The Sad news and the Glad news.

Orders for big-ticket US manufactured goods jumped 11.2%

Donald Trump Jr. Pictured at 'We Build the Wall' Event With Neo-Nazi Collaborator Jack Posobiec


Fucking Worthless, Gaslighting fucking God NO!

Joe: President Trump can try and shift blame all he wants, but the fact is Maine's hardworking lobst

Arnold Spielberg, Computer Designer and Father of Steven Spielberg, Dies at 103

The so-called Lincoln @ProjectLincoln is being very mean to me during my BIG Convention Week! Please

Alt Right Boy Band To Perform At RNC!

School Day at Home

Trump has now used a WH pardon and a naturalization ceremony during a political convention.

Is the RNC just another distraction for the MSM?

Pic Of The Moment: Total Honesty Is What We As Citizens Deserve From Our President

Know where the violence begins, not with any protests

Just curious

Biden really is held to a way, way higher standard than Trump

Pam Biondi: He's a tough, no nonsense outsider....

A tail of a cat-Funniest thing you'll see today

Jim Cantore .....

Friends, I am not in charge of the Hatch Act please stop calling.

GOP seeks to detoxify Trump at convention

I am getting depressed

Looking for K95s with head and neck (not ear) straps


This morning, I watched Morning Joe, instead of my usual

Today is JuJu Chen's Birthday (JujuYoshida)

Who would have thunk...

New Poll: Biden +14 Pts (53%-39%) in Virginia, Up 2 Pts From May; Sen. Mark Warner +21 Pts (55%-34%)

Trump Has Now Moved $2.3 Million Of Campaign-Donor Money Into His Private Business

NHC Laura Update: Likely Category 4 At Landfall, W. Storm Surge Penetrating Up To 30 Miles Inland

Black Former N.F.L. Players Say Racial Bias Skews Concussion Payouts

The Police Take the Side of White Vigilantes

More Proof That God Hates Drumpf!

Allan Lichtman predicts Joe Biden will win

Pierce: The Golden Commode Era of American Decline Is Upon Us

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 8/26/20

Can anyone recommend a frog and tadpole identifier reference book?

U.N. Security Council president dismisses U.S. sanctions move on Iran

Malcolm Nance tweet - Kenosha Police see armed white men as allies

187 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Wed.; 104 deaths

If John Kerry gave a convention speech for the DNC from a foreign country?

New reports on the 2019 election show Labour's conflicts aren't over

Scott Walker is on MSNBC and saying he is a honest person!

Beyond Russian bounties: US Special Forces, unconventional wars, and the warning signs from Russian

Trumps offered used gold toilet in lieu of van Gogh painting

Kanye West qualifies for Tennessee presidential ballot

Just found this: Petition to Governor Tony Evers to arrest alleged Kenosha Shooter Kyle Rittenhouse

RNC Speaker Facing Federal Charges Of Insider Trading

And the 'Baghdad Bob' Award goes to...

The Biden team has added hand sanitizer -- complete with his Covid-19 plan printed on it...

Tennessee faces lawsuit for letting counties require masks

You're in good company

John Aravosis tweet - We have our own little Berlin Wall

Some words of wisdom from Never-Trumper Charlie Sykes:

Cops admit vandalizing cars of man who filed complaint against them, prosecutor says

Amazing description of what Vladimir Putin has done.

re:i am a toucher , hugger , etc. this emergency has relly upset my world .

Social Mobility Explains Populism, Not Inequality or Culture

The Cat Accidentally Turns Yellow (12 Pics)

Trump once again emulates his idol Putin

Are any of you all following the election forecast at FiveThirtyEight ?

It was six months ago today that Trump said the country's 15 cases would go down to zero

Anyone who says BLM is calling for civil war....

CDC now trying to get the Coronavirus infection rate down before the election by cooking the books

Perhaps the most intelligent Founding Father was Benjamin Franklin

Doc Rivers video

Meadows says Hatch Act can be ignored

14 dolphins die after oil spill in Mauritius

Trump plagiarized his mentor's entrance

Lesson from 2000 Election

Iowa's republican SOS says NO to ballot drop boxes

Earth's core is a billion years old

Hillary:"Watching him preside over naturalization ceremony was like watching a fox bless a henhouse"

What do you think of HRC's stern advice: DO NOT CONCEDE

DOSE OF JOE -- Aug 26

Bird deaths down 70 percent after painting wind turbine blades

MAGA Madness at a campus near you?

I really care about the Hatch Act, do you?

Melania was looking rather MILITANT last night, no?

It's propaganda people. Why is that so hard for some to say?

U.S. service members injured in Syria after skirmish with Russian forces

Penny Thornton...Astrolutely...Now Has A YouTube Channel

Launchapalooza! You can watch 4 rockets launch in 4 days this week

"As a lawyer who used to enforce the Hatch Act" - Daniel Jacobson

I Heard The Roses Dying

Good reminder- It was a white supremacist who started the window breaking in Minneapolis

In 3...2...1 I expect to hear that the deep state created this monster

CDC was pressured 'from the top down' to change coronavirus testing guidance, official says

Have you ever noticed you can never find a copy editor when you need one?

The Upbeat Message....

CDC was pressured 'from the top down' to change coronavirus testing guidance

A college kid's fake, AI-generated blog fooled tens of thousands. This is how he made it.

The "Liberal Media" has been the CONSERVATIVE PRESS all along.

My landlord had an appraiser in today. I left for awhile but the were still talking when I got back

Biden campaign 'flooding the zone' with celebrity backers

Moderna Says Its Covid-19 Vaccine Shows Promising Results For Older Adults

Trump administration announces $1B investment in AI, quantum computing

Tiffany Trump At RNC: 'I Can Relate' To Americans Looking For A Job

Border Officials Weighed Deploying Migrant 'Heat Ray' Ahead of Midterms

The only Native American on federal death row faces execution Wednesday

"I can excuse the murdering of Innocents but I draw the line at destruction of property"

If the election were held today & everyone had access to a free & fair election, Trump would lose.

Kellyanne Conway undermined the truth like no other Trump official. And journalists enabled her.

Have you seen a mask at the RNC ?

Let's go to the beach.

US troops injured during altercation with Russian forces in Syria

CNN: New CDC COVID testing guidelines are the result of White House pressure

Fencing is being installed near the White House, though its purpose is unclear

My 12 year old grandson wrote a song

Why Republicans Can Get Away With Violating Laws Democrats Have to Obey

#SaveOurChildren - QAnon Comes to London

Fencing is being installed near the White House, though its purpose is unclear

WOW. Now donnie is even trying to look like his handler.

What Changed--and What Didn't--in Democrats' Climate Platform


2D Cafe

17-year-old arrested for murder and fleeing state after Kenosha shootings that left two dead

A Closer Look At Fascism, MAGA Fascism, Fascist Rhetoric, Fascist Propaganda, And Being Alarmist

British paper, the Independent is reporting Kyle Rittenhouse has been arrested

Thinking about Alzheimer's Disease, I Wrote This to a Friend

Feel guilt about not watching the hate convention?

FDA's promotion of post-COVID plasma treatment was as bad as it appeared

Joe: I know how to lead this nation through a crisis because I've done it before.

Cowboy Christmas gift show, associated with NFR, canceled for 2020

The next step: Zyklon-B Showers

We will Emerge: asked writers, artists, activists, thinkers to imagine our post-covid world

U.S. service members injured in Syria after skirmish with Russian forces

The Lie at the Heart of Melania's Speech

Trump announcement regarding Kenosha: "Yes, of course, I WILL pour gasoline on

Don't get Vladdy mad, Gym.

Trump's D.C. Hotel Jacked Up Its Prices as Trump Began Plotting a D.C.-Based Convention


This Mother Having to Work Three Jobs Is Not a Feel-Good Story

How does a 17 YO kid own an AR-15 (Kenosha)

New UM-Lowell Poll Shows Markey Poised for Senate Primary Victory

An in depth article about historical and potential California flooding.

"Unsurvivable". JFC

Real pic of Idiot watching Melania speak:

Eric Swalwell tells it like it is.

Utah students push back against anti-mask adults

Happy National Dog Day! From the FDR Library:

Axios: How Trump could pull off another upset

Reporters are doing Trump a big favor by deciding voters don't care about his ethical violations

Which is more secure? To vote in person, or by mail?

Facebook takes down 'call to arms' event after two shot dead in Kenosha

Any DUers in the path of Hurricane Laura, please stay safe. Sustained winds now 140 mph.

Kenosha Imagery that Biden needs to attack head-on

THE ECONOMIST election model as of today: 90% likelihood of Biden winning

Do You Ever Wonder About The Story Behind Some Signs?

Raccoon chews on treat while sitting at a baby table

Katy Tur sounds happier since she doesn't work with Chuckie boi?

In the News: The Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library Reopening

Just wait for it. . .

Under Trump and The GOP the Constitution is a meaningless piece of Paper

NC11 is now a battlefield race. We can take the Mark Meadows seat.

Wow! Just watch the video of the 17 year old kid aiming a rifle at the victims!

PBR World Finals could relocate from Las Vegas to host fans

Kellyanne Conway undermined the truth like no other Trump official. And journalists enabled her.

538 rating drops Biden to 69% chance

Trump: Federal assistance on way; Evers: More National Guard coming to Kenosha

White Supremacists Gearing Up For A Race War

Trump sent Paul Manafort to Cuba to meet with Castro's son in 2017

Fascists vs Protesters of Fascism

New MA-SEN poll (UMASS Lowell): Markey +12

What is the official Democratic position on protesters and looters?

@RepBarbaraLee: 40 million people face the threat of eviction (UNACCEPTABLE)

Cat propaganda posters

The Kenosha County Sherriff is on MSNBC right now

You know how it's said that Melania likes to make a statement with her clothing?

It's like we're living in a dystopian nightmare now under MF45

Trump hurricane prep

Little Man is getting his first pup.

LeBron James et al to recruit poll workers in heavily Black electoral districts for November's elect

"News to them"?

Hurricane Laura is now a Category 4 storm

Cressman stating the obvious: Note that police didn't shoot Kyle Rittenhouse seven times in the back

"Carding Wool With Joni Ernst"

Is it not correct that the violent straw that broke the camel's back in Kenosha was the shooting

Hurricane, shootings, pandemic and Trump!

police officers plead guilty to vandalizing cars belonging to a man who filed a complaint against th

Trump could act unilaterally to avoid U.S. airline layoffs, White House says

A taste of the christofascist response to Rittenhouse's arrest...

How a 5-Ounce Bird Stores 10,000 Maps in Its Head

Charlie Cook - Not a close race

MS13 is moving in next door??

South Dakota Covid CoverUp? South Dakota Reports 66 Positives But Only Tested 86 Persons?

It tweeted (and even the hurricane thing is a photo op)

Couple funny pictures I found recently...

'Everything has changed': How hurricane preparations are adapting to a deadly pandemic

I just read this and my heart went up to my throat. Hurricane Laura.

Court: School transgender bathroom policy unconstitutional

Court: School transgender bathroom policy unconstitutional

Joe Biden spoke with the Blake family today

Seems to be apropos at the moment.

Las Vegas Paiute Tribal Council's message to the US Senate and President Trump.

To listen to Kornacki explain polls...

There is absolutely NO reason any civilian should be carrying a firearm at a protest. Period.

The End of Oil is Near--The pandemic may send the petroleum industry to the grave

Spot the difference...

This Song is "not" about the Vietnam war.........its about 200 million guns in the US........

What do we know about the vigilante?

Judy Blue Eyes....

U.S. service members injured in Syria after skirmish with Russian forces

Trump pardons man convicted of felony as campaign stunt at GOP convention

The concern of voters over "the lawlessness in the cities."

Are Borzois the perfect pet? Or, at the very least, the most efficient?

John Lennon's killer denied parole for an 11th time

"Blue Lives" cost over 1 Billion extra annually for the

Gaining strength and not slowing down!

Alex Jones urges fans to kill protesters 'in a defensive way'

Violating the Hatch Act is Trump Giving Us the Middle Finger.

On social media Rittenhouse idolized the police, guns, and the Blue Lives Matter movement.

BLM and Antifa don't carry long guns. You know who does?

Markey widens lead to 12 points in Massachusetts Senate race: poll

Was this posted from HuffPo on Duncan, chair of USPS Board/voter suppression? MADDENING

Testing kept COVID-19 out of Maine summer camps

The shooter leaned ______ while the innocent victims leaned _______

Kenosha County Board holds news conference on Jacob Blake protests

New trump slogan

Trump Trailing Biden In Key Swing States: Poll Morning Joe MSNBC

Don't Let Them Steal The Narrative. All This Mayhem Is Happening in Trump's America

The hate groups of the 60's are alive in 2020. Birchers, hate-radio spielers, and the 'superpatriots

Confederate statue coming down at Va. site of interracial marriage case

Second Night Of RNC Offered Evening Of Alternate Facts Morning Joe MSNBC

Police repression of legal dissent is over 100 years old

Covid-19 Update, Important Budget Update

Former Daily Caller Editor Reveals He Was Forced to Publish Oleg Deripaska

Al Franken tweet about why Trump announce plasma authorization when he did:

Blaming the victims, this is pretty shocking

According to James Comey, William Barr was a man of integrity before working for Donald Trump.

HOLY SH*T (You've Got To Vote)

How did Chump co-opt the CDC and FDA?

It's just QQQ and S&P now

American Police Are Now Openly Working With Violent White Nationalist

Comey: Trump, Barr damaged Justice Department

Is it the conventions or something in the water?

Border Officials Weighed Deploying Migrant 'Heat Ray' Ahead of Midterms

Reddit's Socialist Forum

What follows is pure opinion; my "take" on the current presidential campaign and the

The Raptors and Celtics have left the building (boycott for justice):

Kenosha Police knew about militia ahead of time

Clippers Coach Shares Emotional Remarks On Blake Shooting Morning Joe MSNBC

Sen. Mike Gianaris @SenGianaris: When Trump glorifies one, we inevitably get the other.

Bucks not taking court for Game 5 vs. Magic

Milwaukee Bucks have boycotted PLAYOFF GAME #5 vs. Orlando

Trump's remarks about Hurricane Laura?

Lewd cheerleader videos, sexist rules: Ex-employees decry Washington's NFL team workplace

Republican Group Offers Counter-Programming To RNC Morning Joe MSNBC

DOJ is very concerned about the government's response to COVID...

Oh lordy there is Falwell tapes...Audio Catches Falwell Jr. Warning Pool Boy Not to Make Wife jeaous


VoteVets - A Real Commander-in-Chief

"White Supremacist Is Pending On Twitter"

It is happening... again (a drug test for Biden):

What's for Dinner, Wed., Aug. 26, 2020

Melania Trump SHOCKS Fox News

NPR Story of interest

Pathetic little twerp with a daddy war bucks for a father...

An Op-Ed in today's LA Times, with my own comments included in italics at the end.

Probably had them deported right after his illegal act...

I Finally figured out why he wears that mess on his head

UBI Progressive Gains Ground In Extremely Tight Race

The Boys season 2 takes aim at Trump's America

When one side plays by the rules

Milwaukee Bucks boycott NBA playoff game, league postpones two other games

"Self Defense" Is Trending On Twitter

Women's Equality Day 26 August 2020

Feds seek data about COVID-19 nursing home deaths from 4 states

One of my daughter's friends has a friend whose BF was killed in Kenosha. She is doxed, sent images.

It's unbelievable how quickly Laura intensified in less than 24 hours.

CHiPs "Roller Disco" - The most Seventies scene in 1970s TV

The Battleground State Formula -- 270 to Win

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #9-10: Here Comes The Bad Year Blimp Edition

Who has the MS-13 mailing list?

Kamala Harris will deliver counter to Trump's convention speech

6 feet apart amid COVID-19 might not be far enough, study suggests

*8:00 PM WUTHERING HEIGHTS ( 1939) edited


Flying into the eye of Laura...

Does anyody have any insight into what the consequences of Kenosha might be?

Meanwhile, in Florida ...

Justin Townes Earle...another remembrance

The Coronavirus Task Force jammed the CDC changes recommending less testing through while Dr. Fauci

Please. Some prayers for the animals that will be impacted by Laura.@

Kenosha police chief essentially blames the victims.

All NBA games off for at least today.

Brewers players are meeting in 10 minutes to discuss the status of their game against the Reds...

Scott Adams, creator of "Dilbert," goes off the deep end...

'Young Sheldon' Joins Nick At Nite

Will there be a split screen during Trump's speech?

This is why people march

Gotta give credit where credit is due.

Trump calls for he and Biden to be drug tested before debate

Official: 'There Is "No Information or Intelligence" to Support the Insane Mail-in....'

Robin Vos makes completely crass political smear against Gov. Evers...

Law Enforcement Training: People Saying 'I Can't Breathe' Are Just Suffering From 'Excited Delirium'

Love this!! : Breaking: The Thunder and Rockets are also boycotting Game 5

I applaud the Milwaukee Bucks!

Can the media stop acting like any of this is normal or okay?

Border Officials Weighed Deploying Migrant 'Heat Ray' Ahead of Midterms.

Post a line from a TV commercial & see if anyone knows the product without using Google - Part 11

Trump gave his national platform to a white man who used an AR-15 to terrorize BLM protesters

Time stamp uncertain on this video, but this is the outer edge of Laura in Lake Charles LA

Election security officials see no sign of foreign threat to mail-in voting

Election security officials see no sign of foreign threat to mail-in voting

Former DHS counter-terrorism official speaks out in video against Trump (Elizabeth Neumann)

Call it like it is, it's terrorism!

Iran relents on IAEA inspections at two sites, ending standoff

(Hurricane Laura) Galveston TX Live (YouTube) Beach Camera from the Houston ABC affiliate...

If the rich and connected are exempt from the law, we do not have equal justice under the law.

Matt Gaetz is inciting violent white supremacists

Trump to visit his hotel to meet with donors and supporters Thursday

The Special Hypocrisy of Melania Trump's Speech at the Republican National Convention

Meidas Touch hire a plane to sky write "180k dead Americans" ahead of Ft. McHenry speech

Trump calls for drug tests before debate with Biden

Our media should be stopping every Republican on live TV and asking why they are supporting Russian

If the Hatch Act does not matter, then why not repeal it?

Iowa Repubican Party sent my Dad voter registration form with big tRump pic on it.

It's time for Pres. Trump to take back our country and start imprisoning "journalists" for sedition


Biden Campaign Calls The RNC An 'Incoherent Charade' That Borders On 'Self Parody'

Milwaukee Brewers also cancel game tonight

Fair or Unfair. Is it fair or unfair to call Rittenhouse the MAGASHOOTER?

Happy Dog Day!

MSNBC: Hurricane Laura "Unsurvivable" in coastal areas: 20-ft storm surge predicted

Dang it! Having to rewatch the stuff I have downloaded....

Happy Dog Day 01!

It's like we're living in a dystopian nightmare under MF45

Kyle will be given the same support given George Zimmerman

Kenosha shooter was in the front row at a Trump rally.

Protesters need to carry weapons when they protest

Ex-White House lawyer (Don McGahn) endured 'some crazy shit' from Trump, book reveals

NBA boycott blamed on black supremacy

Millionaire COVID Skeptic Now Has the Virus , hospitalized

When you're just too cool for the pool.

The players have finally used their power. How do the owners use their power to take on the racists

To me this is so simple and yet it frustrates me so much

I know we need to keep up with what they are doing/saying

Former Trump campaign manager traveled to Cuba to meet 'Castro's son,' Senate report says BY NORA G

Adultery. (Hypocrisy, thy name is Mike Pence)

Why is the media suddenly acting like the election is a tie?

(SOUND ON) just a good boy waiting for a snack

I'm beginning to believe that the police unions have been given the ok by the MF45 administration

Bartlett: When the Republican Party Was Sane (hint: Ike)

I'm not a "good American" so I don't know how this works, but in order to be a "good American"...

Wake me up....

You can draw a straight line from the St. Louis couple to the *MAGASHOOTER*

14 dolphins die in Mauritius near Japanese ship's oil spill

Truth: Kayleigh McEneny and Kellyanne Conway are speakers at RNC

The Kenosha Shooting Suspect Was In The Front Row Of A Trump Rally In January

The Freakin' Post Office! - SOME MORE NEWS

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Thursday, 27 August 2020

Category 4 Laura strengthens, may bring 'unsurvivable' storm surges in Louisiana and Texas

Pierce:There's a New and Formidable Center of Power in This Country. The NBA Wildcat Strike Proves

He Loved Cops So Much, I'll Bet He Couldn't Wait To Shoot People & Get Away With It EVERY TIME

Nebraska: Opponents try to strip medical marijuana measure off ballot

Dr. Fauci said he was in surgery when task force discussed the new CDC guidelines,

Could The Fact That The Kenosha Vigilante Shooter Was MAGA Cause Trump To Lose The Election?

Ask a question about someone famous & see if anybody knows the answer without using Google - Part 2

Immigrants in Trump-Led Ceremony Didn't Know They Would Appear at RNC

A different perspective on BLM.

He told us he'd end "American carnage", he told us how he'd do it...

None of the "rioters" ever showed up at a Biden rally

Testing in Florida: is it any easier to get a COVID-19 test ?

Great new ad on tv for Gary Peters.

Hurricane Laura

Given Donald Trump's general ridiculousness and unfitness for office...

Washington Mystics (WNBA):

Lincoln Women Town Hall LIVE NOW:

US officials: No signs of foreign targeting of mail-in vote

Dapper Dan Midas gives his reaction to the propaganda of the Republican National Convention

Trump's surrogates are referring to COVID-19 in the past tense

Kyle Rittenhouse, charged in Kenosha protest homicides, considered himself militia

Is inciting racial war a crime against humanity?

why Trump Embracing QAnon is so dangerous

US Senate Races that Democrats will win in 2020 in order to regain control of the US Senate in 2020.

We have had a *MAGABOMBER* and *MAGASHOOTER*

The WNBA has joined the boycott.

Facebook chose not to act on militia complaints before Kenosha shooting

Ammon Bundy refuses to comply with law enforcement officer's orders (link to video)

Kellyanne Conway undermined the truth like no other Trump official. And journalists enabled her.

Why haven't cities started replacing guns with tasers in their police forces?


Ok, maybe this will work:

What if, 100% fantasy, the confederacy was not about slavery, but about black secession?

Kenosha shooter's TikTok account

DOJ identifies officer who shot Jacob Blake as Rusten Sheskey; says Blake had knife

Wonder how Donnie Two-Scoop's FEMA will handle Laura?

What items are y'all stocking up on in preparation for Flu season/Covid this fall?nt

Asking for 100 friends

A Knife!

WNBA joins NBA and cancels all games for tonight

This should be short: Pence's speech expected to praise President Trump's accomplishments

Black Leaders in Wisconsin Call To Ban 'Militias' After Kenosha Shooting

FL DofAgandCS Secretary Nikki Fried: "If @GovRonDeSantis' administration is anything, they are..."

Here are the speakers at tonight's RNC ... crazy and crazier...

The Lincoln Project ad: Adultery

Some strangeness in this hurricane being noted by meteorologists on Twitter

House Democrats seek probe of Vindman firings amid new allegations involving Trump's national securi

Are we about to have a streak of 1 term presidents?

Eleanor Rigby.

The Trump administration asked the Supreme Court to reinstate restrictions on an abortion medication

For Lake Charles, LA. tonight. Up On Cripple Creek - The Band

Peter Norman - as athletes protest - an incredible price paid

Administration asks Supreme Court to reinstate FDA requirement on obtaining medication abortion

Rusten Sheskey Named as the Officer in the Kenosha Police Shooting

Don Winslow exposing Van Jones as the fraud that he is...

Hurricane Laura just upgraded to 150 mph.

Anthony Huber was the hero that tried to apprehend the gunman in #Kenosha, after the gunman shot...

The most heartbreaking thing ...

It's Journalistic Malpractice If the M$M doesn't acknowledge Kyle Rittenhouse is MAGA

CNN -Erin Burnett - No no no we don't know if the MAGA shooter was at a Trump rally

UK supreme court ruling clears way for Isis pair to be tried in US

Trump calls for drug tests before Biden debate

RVAT ad with Elizabeth Neumann (twitter video)

Guy Keeps Saving Baby Manatees

RNC Forced To Pad Out Final Nights Of Convention With Illegitimate Trump Children

Maybe it's not the "Kung Flu". Maybe it's the "Gamaleya germ"...

***RNC Convention the Pence-ultimate night***💥 Mr. Excitement💥RELEASE THE KAREN!

Parrot Asks Owner "Really!?"

I am located in N. Tx, just north of Ft Worth. I have a spare bedroom for any fleeing the storm.

Pence RNC drinking game...take a shot every time he uses "bold" or "decisive" in reference to Trump