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Archives: August 30, 2020

Jacob Blake's uncle slams police union's claims of what happened leading up to the shooting

Trump's intel chief ends election security briefings to Hill

Here's an expert linguist from Slovenia that's only been here 15 years, compared to 24

Florida report shows hundreds test positive for COVID-19 at state schools in August

Biden promises National Guard members he'll never use them as 'prop'

Keith: retweeted Rittenhouse punching a girl on video

We need to get Blake's dad on FOX

France suspends 'cruel and odious' practice of glue trapping birds after warning


China on TikTok sale: Not so fast

Seattle protesters target home believed to be where police union president lives

Mike Luckovich-Captain of sinking ship

Pete Carroll calls for unity, ensures all Seahawks registered to vote

Furloughs in North Kitsap schools to affect nearly 200 positions

College Football Is Not Essential

Buying Votes? Here's what the payroll tax deferral action means for you

U.S. Coronavirus Cases Near Six Million

Riddle me this? Why is Rand Paul going to Russia?

College Republicans at Arizona State raise money for alleged Kenosha shooter: 'He does not deserve t

"The Mean Orange Man" The perfect bedtime story!

Pelosi And Schiff Out Russian Election Interference After Trump Cancels Security Briefings

trump going to Kenosha Tuesday

Melania didn't want to have to use the same shower and toilet as former First Lady Michelle Obama

RNC is our last reminder that Republicans don't plan on a fair play election

Did you know it was Obama behind the NBA tradeoff?

Alabama Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban supports planned march by players

Biden, Speaking to National Guard Group, Takes Aim at Republican Criticism on Crime

GOP candidate lies about Mexicans selling 'tens of thousands' of US kids into sex slavery

As an experiment, my parents sent me a letter nearly three weeks ago. It still hasn't arrived.

Penzey's Spices is 'looting' its own Kenosha store in a statement about priorities

my dad, 82 years old today, comforted me...

Biden's latest ad puts Trump's weirdest moments and empty rallies to a Bad Bunny song

North Carolina St. Sends Students Home

Portland: Don't take the bait!

Two Democratic US Senators are leaving the US Senate. Any chance they get a Cabinet level position?

I'm thinking Falwell needs to sit (or stand in the corner) this one out.

Former DHS official said Trump is letting right-wing extremists 'start a race war'

Something stinks here but I can't QWhite put my finger on it - AngryWHStaffer tweet

Most Americans think the US has handled the coronavirus pandemic badly

College Football Has Begun

Decision to put medical marijuana initiative on Nebraska ballot challenged in court

Obama is the centrist our parents warned us about

Secret service agents are battling C19 as Trump campaign continues to host in-person gatherings

In the case of anthropomorphism, Lounge not named as party (Individual No. 1).

Leaving this here.

Chris Wallace slams colleagues for appearing to rationalize 17-year-old charged in Kenosha shooting

Trump Has a Different Definition of Corruption

North Carolina teens are going viral for reading 'WAP' to an evangelical minister protesting outside

'Biden To Resume In-Person Campaigning As Race With Trump Kicks Into Gear': Michigan, WaPo

'Chile's hummingbirds make 'dwelling nests' that safe them from pathogens'

Capitalism fascism

'That, friend, is white privilege'

Fact check: Jacob Blake did not 'brandish' knife, get gun before Kenosha police shooting

Has Trump ever been accused of anything you thought he probably *wasn't* guilty of?

Sad! Trump Lost 5 Million Cable Viewers for His RNC Speech Compared to 2016

The most chilling aspect of the past four years...

White House Amassing Reporter 'Dossier' After Story On Trump's Business Charging Taxpayers $900,000

California Moves To Consider Reparations For Slavery

Meghan McCain Slams Ivanka Trump's Defense Of Dad's 'Communication Style'

Democratic held US Senate seats up for re-election in 2020 likely to stay Democratic.

How Barr Is Weaponizing The Justice Department To Help tRump Win

We have to vote! This is what Trumpism creates within the United States

Sam Wang----probably no convention bounces

CNN says Trump is going to Kenosha Tuesday

Putin's gonna get his.

Looking to "do something"?

Fact Check: Trump gives incomplete border wall update

video appears to show Kyle Rittenhouse picking on a girl...

The President believes he is losing this race

Why is it that racism

Let's talk about Biden beating Trump at his own game....

We keeping the statues of Jesus

I love panzanella.

The Electoral College

Melania and Me

NYT: Biden to condemn violence and link "chaos" to Trump on visit

During tRump's demonstration of magnificent oratory skills Thursday evening.

"Joe Biden's America" is a dark and scary place!

Wisconsin Lawmaker Says He Saw White Supremacists Come to Kenosha 'Vandalizing'

Things I neither expect nor count on with regard to where we are in this country

Keep the immigrants

How to beat an autocrat--- interesting article with advice how to beat Trump

2nd Trump DHS Official Endorses Joe Biden: 2 min 20secs.

Melania didn't want to use same shower and toilet as Michelle.

COVID-denier in Orange County, CA claims to have a disability and says corona is a "fraud" + more

Hugh Hewitt has always been a hack

You can count on this shit happening. You can set your watch to it!

Oh dear, I may have gone off the edge, I got a new laptop

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 8/29/20

Argentina's Ruling Bloc Proposes New Tax on Millionaires

We need more science!

More science!

Still more science!

Indiana representative proposes bill to ban convicted protesters from federal unemployment aid

Great, GREAT news!

Yes, America's kids need SCIENCE!

NC-SEN: GOP Senator Now Sorry For Not Wearing A Face Mask At Trump's RNC White House Speech

Caravan of Trump supporters rallies in Oregon's biggest city

And Ted Bundy volunteered at a suicide hotline. So what?

After the convention, vulnerable GOP senators have little control over their fates

NC-11: Madison Cawthorn, disavows QAnon but repeats debunked sex slave theory

A cousin of mine addressed our mutual heritage and racial justice

After 90 Years, Columbia Takes Slave Owner's Name Off A Dorm

SCIENCE! I have told this story before, but it bears repeating. The Soviets sent Sputnik up in...

Rev. Dr. William Barber II tweet - Our lives must matter more than this.

KS-SEN: Bollier begins her tour in Hutchinson

Trumpers driving trucks through a crowd of pedestrians and macing them (Portland)

Indigenous tribe in Ecuador appeals for help to deal with coronavirus

Junior: "We're losing, dude, and we're going to get really hurt when we lose."

WTF is going on in DC right now...?

Gospel-singing Brazilian politician may be expelled from congress to face murder charges

Keep Tucker Dunks Trump on TV

Here is video of counter-protestor with gun at BLM protest today in Tallahassee, Florida

Trump to travel to Kenosha, Wisconsin, on Tuesday

Kenosha marches on as protesters describe 'kidnap' by federal agents

Body in the street in Portland

NYS: COVID. 168 bars/restaurants to date have had their liquor licenses suspended...

Where is the M$M?

STAPLES Center to Serve as General Election Vote Center

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy's Continued Slowing of the Mail & his Connection to Michael Cohen

New Jersey mayor rescinds $2,500 police overtime bill

A half-decent President would be calling for peace right now.

This Is America

Got my Biden yard sign today, just to

Dear Neighbor, You've Made Your Point. Now Please Shut Up.

1 person shot, killed near downtown Portland protests Saturday

Trump whines about 'the Russia, Russia, Russia narrative' -- and lashes out at Congress as 'deranged

Here's the problem with asking for the protests to stop.

Simon & Garfunkel-America

DU friends, would you mind sending a little encouragement my way?

The violence in Portland was planned. There is blood on trump's hands.


I watch a lot of youtube videos.

In a just world Kenosha would tell trump to stay the fuck away

William Barr Ordered Fox News To Muzzle Trump Critic On Their Network

Trump tells Hurricane Laura emergency responders to sell his autograph on eBay for $10k

Stop rationalizing your support for Facebook

Portland Protests on Twitter

Trump tells Hurricane Laura emergency responders to sell his autograph on eBay for $10k

Divorce rates in America soar 34% during the COVID-19 epidemic.

Facebook is a virus, it is a vector for white nationalist hatred.

'How Donald Trump Has Constructed A Legal Infrastructure of Fascism'

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Kenosha police arrest food distribution volunteers

#PortlandProtests on Twitter

WOW!!! Night 2 of the GOP Convention was CHOCK FULL of Lying Bootlickers, Projection, & Racism!

FLIPPABLE: Aimy Steele for NC-HD82

Where is ther MSM on whats happening in portland tonight????

Reuters: Russian-backed organizations amplifying QAnon conspiracy theories, researchers say

Landmark bill to protect poor communities from pollution just passed N.J. Legislature

Portland police protecting right-wing activist Joey Gibson

WATCH: 'Mutual combat' on Portland bridge after caravan of Trump supporters almost ran over proteste

This is just going to get worse

"A Teacup of Misery" Starring Theda Bara

For the GOP, Much More Than the White House and Senate Hangs in the Balance

Everybody take a deep breath and calm down

So if ya white man a trump supporter you can do this and the police will do nothing

Race - Prince & N.P.G. ( Live Version )

Trump has created a Catch-22.

Bonus Tweet of the Day


The Texas Senate Hispanic Caucus Wants An Investigation Into Fort Hood

Fmr. FBI Asst. Dir.: These young white gun touters are not troubled but radicalized

The Daily Social Distancing Show: What the Hell Happened This Week? RNC Edition

Time to Focus. Cut Head Off the Snake.

Today's Women's March in Belarus

Trump Says He Could Beat LeBron James in a Dunk Contest If Not for Bone Spurs

Trump's America

Trump supporters fasley claiming a black man killed a trump supporter in Portland tonight

So the trump supporting white dudes in the car

Republicans ask Texas Supreme Court to boot Libertarians off ballot

TX-07: Lizzie Fletcher launches first TV ads in Houston congressional race

Cameron County reports 10 deaths related to virus

Texas Supreme Court Fires Judicial Assistant for Allegedly Misusing Her Position

WATCH: Florida man accused of 'Trump violence' after pulling gun on Black Lives Matter protesters

Violence And Voter Suppression

If Anyone Mentions The Vote For Biden Hat I Wear

With Few Eviction Protections Remaining, Texas Could Face A Housing Crisis Of 'Epic Proportions'

Connect with your adjacent humans IRL. nt

Comediene.jim gaffigan getting pushback from fans for anti trump statements

Trumpism is alive and well within the United States

Consider evictions to be voter suppression.

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

US Senate Elections in 2020 that Democrats win in 2020 to get majority of US Senate seats in 2020.

Waco tattoo parlor faces up to $14,000 in fines for premature reopening

trump supporters rally against masks and shutdowns in honolulu....

So #Bidenriots is the top trend on Twitter

I weep for us

Mark Russell!

Cuts to state education aid upend hybrid learning plans at urban schools

A Push to Allow States to Use the Defense Production Act

Dig your heels in! Do not give an inch! Stop King Trump in his tracks! Attack Trump's image

MTA Woes Won't Just Impact New York City

Texas officials want to cut funding for women's health services while preserving an anti-abortion

'Fell short of my own standard': Sen. Thom Tillis apologizes after being spotted without a mask duri

Put Don and Eric on TV

The real threats to American law and order are Trump's craven enablers

Arizona student group slammed for raising money for gunman


Donald Trump fans snatch up Joe Biden election signs

Cuomo: Colleges With COVID Spikes Will Move to Remote Learning

Chris Rock on Police :

'She couldn't even pronounce convalescent plasma': FDA ousts spokesperson after 2 weeks

I found this interview to be fascinating.

Nurses on NY's front lines call for minimum staffing ratios

Los Angeles teacher flees home after receiving death threats for wearing 'I can't breathe' T-shirt

Western NY's 'positive rate' is up. But what does that tell us?

An Israeli plan from 1969 to resettle 60,000 Gazans in Paraguay has been uncovered in a declassified

World's largest wetland Brazil's Pantanal burns from above and below

World's largest wetland Brazil's Pantanal burns from above and below

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Plank Stare Edition

Brazil's island idyll reopens to tourists - as long as they have had Covid-19

Roly Poly

Occurrence State and Dissolution Mechanism of Metallic Impurities in Diamond Wire Saw Silicon Powder

Do you want Trump to possibly make the next 3 SCOTUS nominations?

Joe Biden could have adopted the 1956 Republican Platform

Breakfast Sunday 30 August 2020

They are atrocious, brutal, brutish and cruel... BUT...

Installing MERV 16 filters in HVAC systems vs. stand-alone air purifiers

It's not just Trump who fears prison ...

Idiot Robert Kennedy Joins Right Wing Protests against Coronavirus Restrictions in Germany

Trump's schedule for Sunday, August 30, 2020

More than 1,000 students at University of Alabama contract coronavirus in 2 weeks

Take back the narrative - last night's killer came from the Con's Caravans

Arkansas sheriff resigns after racist rant surfaces

Today's Women's March in Belarus

Trump to visit Kenosha Tuesday, potentially stoking tensions

Unions concerned that NYC's borrowing request could trigger contract woes: labor sources

I wonder if any of those 39 kids found in Georgia linked to the Texas

First debate is September 29 in Cleveland, Ohio

Cover story in Germany: "Operation Election Fraud"

What General Mark Milley should have said.

Americana in Florida

Controversial organization led by Trump allies has tax-exempt status revoked by IRS

All Along the Watchtower

Cross Posting

'Tune in this Tuesday for a no-malarkey convo with Joe and Kamala'

The Ongoing History of Musicians Saying 'Hell No' to Donald Trump Using Their Songs

Troubling': Experts fear Trump's 'October surprise' could hurt America's public health 'for generati

Demand that the DNCI come before the Congress immediately.

Of COURSE they are demonstrating in democratic run cities

Joe: No lies, fear-mongering, or malarkey. Just an honest conversation about the future of our nati

After 90 Years, Columbia Takes Slave Owner's Name Off a Dorm

Carolina Eyck is a theremin player from Germany. Here she is performing the Ennio Morricone composit

From 2016: FBI warned of white supremacists in law enforcement in 2006. Has anything changed?

On November 4, 2019 here were the polls between Biden and trump in the battleground states

1 person is dead after a shooting during protests in downtown Portland

Different Treatment For Different Colors

Two cannibals were eating a clown.

Afghan president names council for peace deal with Taliban

The same people who were upset that Rand Paul got yelled at in fact love this. Let that sink in.

3 [good] Medicare Changes Joe Biden Wants to Make

Climate Breakdown Swings Into Gear In 2020, And Republicans Can't Even Mention It

"Protests" are objections to the way the government is functioning. If they only say what the

Another example in the never ending parade of why the media is right wing

For the past hour, I've been trying to listen to MSNBC via TuneIn.

Let's be clear, the so-called militias are not pro cop. They are racists who believe cops are

Now that drumpf's protestors have caused a clash in Portland, ending

What does Putin have on Michael Moore, and the American Apocalypse

I was so moved by the statement by

You raised $22,125.50 on August 29, 2020 to elect Biden-Harris with our DU ActBlue link

"Undecided Voter": Really?

It's 9:30 am est! And where is the president?

When news of the Falwell marriage situation reached the White House:

On Friday, tens of thousands of people gathered from across the country at the Lincoln

Trolling is NOT news, even if it comes from the president

TNR - "The Bipartisan, Centrist Climate Solutions Caucus Is A Shell Of Its Perennially Useless Self"

So where was Chad Wolf when two people were killed

Woman tells her dogs a story using words that they know

Bison Are On the Run After 125 Escape a Nebraska Feedlot

Convention Didn't Boost Trump's Favorability

China restaurant collapses during birthday party, killing 29

Another Methane Pressure Explosion Blows Crater 165 Feet Deep In Melting Siberian Permafrost

Why does Trump win over rural America? Why will the young take to the streets yet choose not to vote

The world's most expensive sheep has just been purchased for $490,000

*Biden maintains fourteen point lead in prestigious USC-Dornslife poll*

I Was a U.S. Diplomat. Customs and Border Protection Only Cared That I Was Black.

"Siberia's Chemical Chernobyl"; Hg @ 33,000X Allowable Levels At Massive Abandoned Plant

Japanese company successfully tests a manned flying car for the first time

The Democracy Institute, whose poll Trump is touting this morning

Yellowstone warns visitors not to get mixed up in elk mating season

'We're Here and They're Not'

Dogs playing a game. Rules are a mystery

Beau of the Fifth Column - Let's talk about back and forth, where we go, and how we got here....

These are not rallies. These are militia parades. They are NOT caravans. They are truck battalions.

Canada statue of John A MacDonald toppled by activists in Montreal

What It's Like to Cross the US-Canadian Border During a Global Pandemic...

The Lawbreakers Trump Loves

Israel's top court rules for removal of settler homes from Palestinian land

Trump knows that Americans are stupid

Jompson Brothers, On The Run. For a guy who grew up on Southern Rock -

D. Trump 5/9/2020 Want to see why we are leading the world in C-19 deaths and illnesses?

Well, it appears that I'm a Stephen Curry fan


Ministers face backlash over messaging campaign calling time on home working

Global freedom would suffer grievous harm in a second Trump term

IRS tells companies to not take out Social Security taxes from checks following presidential order

Foster Farms to temporarily close poultry plant after 8 workers die of COVID-19

The mayor of Shark City

A Lesson From The Great Yogi About Watching Polls

Trump's favorability and perceptions of COVID-19 response stagnate post-convention: POLL

How Is He Not A King?

A thought for right-wing lurkers visiting this site

What happens if Trump supporters have paintball shooting caravans through all major cities?

It's Dj vu All Over Again. And again. And again.

Some weird history

Chad Wolfe claiming he didn't know naturalization ceremony would be aired at RNC

Postal chief DeJoy has long leveraged connections, dollars

IRS notice telling employers to stop withholding payroll tax Sept-Dec tells them to withhold DOUBLE

I Was a U.S. Diplomat. Customs and Border Protection Only Cared That I Was Black.

Yay! Errin Haines has her old look back.

Middle Age Riot FTW

When Martin Luther King was accused of inciting violence


ABC News Special: Chadwick Boseman - A Tribute for a King. It all starts tonight at 8/7c on ABC.

374 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Sun; 23 deaths

Questioning the objectivity of Black people and Black journalists is part of the problem...

Chris Murphy thread - Trump is deliberately killing people

Half truths are lies

My heart bleeds in foster care it's a Gut check we have two new young brothers

Florida man can't drive car he tried to steal from Uber driver at knifepoint

A tweet from the Chicago Police that made me Happy:

About that whole 'bad apple' thing . . .

Justice Dept. Never Fully Examined Trump's Ties to Russia, Ex-Officials Say

US Senate Races in 2020 that Democrats win in 2020 to get majority of US Senate seats in 2020.

LtCol Vindman's brother has filed a *very interesting* whistleblower complaint:

Dr. Jill Biden: Is anyone else excited for this?

How the Trump Team Tried to Silence Lev Parnas


From this day forward I'll be calling Trump's Tweets, Presidential Memo's. The

Anti-masker in Alaska gets kicked out of Walmart & has a public meltdown

BTRTN Report on the Republican National Convention: The Golden Goebbels Awards

BTRTN Report on the Republican National Convention: The Golden Goebbels Awards

Something to bear in mind

'Quarantine fifteen' [lbs.]

Husband's life long friend just died from Bird Fancier's Lung. Ever heard of this?

My thought of the day, a paraphrase of what I read in the book Forge Of Heaven by C.J. Cherryh:

Liars know the human mind the way evil hackers know computers.

Donald Trump v the United States review: how democracy came under assault

Limerick of the day...

Plan For "Eco-Tourism" Resort On Barrier Island/Refuge So Awful Even SC Governor Opposes It

Cher to Headline a Virtual LGBTQ+ Fundraiser For The Biden Campaign

Album released this date in 1965

Reminder to trump about "Law and Order", NYC style:

A Strange Rash Had Doctors Stumped.

Ron Johnson on CNN now. What a bloviating asshole

Here's A Clever Idea

'Socialist Pansies' Referenced in TV Ad From GOP Senate Candidate

FACTBANK: Trump Failed America re COVID-19.

TeaPain tweet - From the man that literally visited Russia on the 4th of July.

Trump tours damage from Hurricane Laura in Texas and Louisiana

Opinion - Why Trump is unlikely to pull off an election surprise against Biden ... Market Watch

SARSCov2: In silico approach toward identification of unique peptides of viral protein infection.

"Meet The Press" is trending on Twitter, as Chuck demonstrates why Nicolle got his weekday time slot

It's ok to like Facebook

If the Titanic was sinking today:

German leaders condemn far-right attempt to storm Reichstag

One anecdote from NC


Terrorism. Same Energy.

ODNI Ratcliffe's letter to Congress is *chilling*

Activists tear down a statue of Canada's first prime minister, whose policies towards Indigenous

Putin passes on 'warm wishes' to embattled Lukashenko, as tanks are seen in Minsk amid protests

Justice Dept. Never Fully Examined Trump's Ties to Russia, Ex-Officials Say

Trump Visits Storm-Ravaged Lake Charles, a Louisiana City Still Without Power

I took another load of brush to the St. Paul, MN

I'm on call this week. Got a call yesterday from a patient frantically needing a medication refill.

Hey gang I just got asked to do jury duty on kind of a Debbie Downer post.

It was fecking Rod Rosenstein who killed the Mueller investigation

What Fiction are you reading this week, August 30, 2020?

Biden Emphasizes That Continued Chaos Is Result of Trump

Klobuchar: 'We are not safe in Donald Trump's America'

The Racial Contempt of the Republican National Convention

The election is really "come together" versus "choose a side"

How to handle the threat of litigation in a bar or restaurant or store

COVID-19 cases double at Georgia Tech in less than a week

Trump to visit Kenosha in wake of police protests

For the third time *this month* Chuck Todd has put a Republican on its PANEL OF JOURNALISTS and no

Senior French military officer charged with treason; Russia ties reported

Now Arriving

U.S. Will Revive Global Virus-Hunting Effort Ended Last Year

Global coronavirus cases surpass 25 million as pandemic strains nations around the world

New crap trying to minimize COVID-19 deaths (trump retweeted QAnon influencer on this)

I'm watching some really sick stuff right now

Job Cuts at MGM, Coca-Cola, Boeing Herald Economic Pain Ahead

Dog Comes Up With Hilarious Solution To Avoid Getting His Butt Wet During Bath Time

Trump waves his tiny mushroom at Portland: 'Bring in the National Guard'

The push to start playing college football no matter the risk to athletes

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll talks about fear in the black community and challenges NFL coaches

Walter Shaub & Joy Reid tweets - ...if there are any crazy anarchists, they're not BLM protestors.

'What am I going to do at 55?': More temporary layoffs could become permanent during COVID recession

Kenosha Activists: Militias Tolerated, Protesters Arrested

Trump Is a Secessionist From the Top

Race is tightening

The chorus of this song is perfect for the Con

The dead one in Portland was a MAGA/Patriot-Prayer? Still, SHITLER tweets "Great patriots"

In 2008, they were birthers. In 2020, they are deathers.

Which tennis player has tested positive and withdrawn from

Campaign slogan? "He's making things worse, not better. Vote Biden/Harris."

Found on Craigslist...but...why?

MoSt liked most retweeted tweet EVER

ABC to air "Black Panther" commercial-free tonight, followed by a separate show.

If Not For Laundering Russian Mob Money Trump Would Be Broke

ABC News - By the Numbers: A million new layoffs a week

Big Moose Inn releases statement after COVID-19 outbreak

Chad Wolf says he didn't know naturalization would be seen at RNC

1.66 Million Acres Of California Have Burned In 2020; Potentially 11 Weeks Until Significant Rains

Alright, Something is Going On with YouTube.

We need "boots and heels" on the ground

Dude, what did you do?

New name for the CON...

Weeping hurricane victim goes on Fox News to personally beg Trump: 'The food is gone in 30 minutes

Best speech at the GOP convention was Melania's

Remember, if you ever feel bad...

The Disappearing Trump voter

DU - a piece of advice $

Some with bleeding feet, group of determined Milwaukee marchers make it to DC

"We were told, noncompliance is a death sentence. I need an explanation."

Cartoons 8/30/2020

Trump's improper/illegal efforts to steal the election (so far) - Daniel Goldman

Biden to Address Violent Protests in Campaign Swing, Aide Says.

Breaking latest Daytona poll

County drop boxes pulled in more than half of primary votes

Trump's favorability and perceptions of COVID-19 response stagnate post-convention

'Deeply reckless': Critics slam leaked police memo about Breonna Taylor

Dr. Patel on MSNBC just said she would not take a vaccine "fast-tracked" by FDA

HBO Max's documentary "Class Action Park" and American's pandemic response

Turkey launches new military drills as East Med tensions mount

Biden supports Puerto Rican statehood! This is good and it could swing the election.

Chad Wolf defends naturalization ceremony that aired during the RNC

Here's what it's like to fact-check Trump leading up to the election

Joe Biden remains ahead. Donald Trump's still in trouble in first post-convention polling

Autopsy Results From Killings By White Vigilante Kyle Rittenhouse Show Massive Damage To Bodies

We just crossed 6 million cases.

Proposed law in UK would make celebrities label as "edited" photos posted to Instagram

Coronavirus worries force election officials to get creative

Biden co-chair blasts Trump: 'He needs to own this moment'

Ron Johnson: End of election security briefings not a big deal

Major internet outage: Dozens of websites and apps are down

I Was a U.S. Diplomat. CBP Only Cared That I Was Black.

FDA willing to fast track coronavirus vaccine before phase three trials end

A former DHS official said Trump is letting right-wing extremists 'start a race war'

Trump's still in trouble in first post-convention polling

Pretty accurate take on Chuck Todd (media as a whole)

Republican Convention Hatch Act Crime Spree, Kellyanne Conway, Mike Pompeo & other Serial Offenders

This is how MLK was depicted in 1967 to scare white Americans, in case there's any confusion about..

Biden will not visit Kenosha on Monday

This is a possibly naive but serious question.

BUCKing common sense. Again.


Any tomato experts here?

May I suggest a gofundme/fund raiser, wait make that 2

From Andrew McCabe:

Federal Employees Will Have Payroll Taxes Deferred in Next Paychecks,

Democrats have voter registration advantage in four states

Here is a link some of you may enjoy...

We need TV ads that emphasize "Dump Trump" in order to augment the campaign to "Vote for Joe Biden."

"Chihuahuas acting like an old married couple" - not my title.

If you are going to a protest think about getting pepper spray. It will stop a person with a gun

FLIPPABLE: Kathy Lewis for FL-SD20

Thought you good people might want to see this weather chart:

How Russian trolls weaponized your social media feed

Christian fundraising site has raised over $220,000 for Kyle Rittenhouse

Donald Trump's attacks on the US Post Office have blown up in his face in spectacular fashion:report

Lincoln Project latest ad is incredibly powerful: Doc Rivers' words

I have a strong suspicion that the rioters who seem to be part of otherwise peaceful protests

This T-shirt says it all.

Calling Malaise in Jamaica.

Damn: Undercover police in #Belarus getting punched up by protestors and forced back into their van.

Birmingham 1963/Portland 2020: A Pictorial Essay

seen on twitter: YEEHAWDISTS.

Hasan Piker is great at political commentary

I still HAVE NOT heard a reason WHY judge Miller (RETHUGLICON)subbed

Statement by Joe Biden on violence in Portland

How Southern socialites rewrote Civil War history

Murder in Portland

Kamala Harris and Ben Crump: A Civil Rights Conversation

Just a reminder, a wise man once said, "Don't Boo. Vote!"

Why Google Translate FAILS at Japanese

New Hampshire: Images of the Granite State

Why Google Translate FAILS at Japanese

Inside story of how The Village People shot music video for 'In The Navy' onboard an active warship

Covid Statistics for 1 percent deaths

ABC to air "Black Panther" [8pm TONIGHT! - COMMERCIAL-FREE!]and tribute to Chadwick Boseman

Good Idea! Shitstain Admin To Revive Pandemic Tracking Program They Let Die In October 2019

Biden condemns violence on all sides after deadly Portland shooting

Listen to the Mayor of Oregon on TV NOW! He's openly blaming Trump for the violence there!

BREAKING: Potential pressure to end vaccine trial to offer it more immediately.(Andy Slavitt)

Trump Program to Cover Uninsured COVID-19 Patients Falls Short of Promise

Wheeler to the con: It is you who has created this hatred.

Does Trump Benefit From Civil Unrest? That's Not What Polls Show

Gee...guess what Rod Rosenstein is up to now?

How Pastors Are Losing Evangelicals to QAnon. (Scary but Worthwhile Read)

Scalise caught doctoring video of a disabled man in attack ad.

When America becomes Donald Trump's ego guard

Tweet of the Day

Ryotaro's Japan ask me anything!

Trump Called Kimberly Guilfoyle After Her Roaring RNC Speech, Compared Her to Eva Peron

Wheeler to the con: What America needs is for you to be stopped.

Arizona Student Republican Group Raising Money For Kenosha Killer Kyle Rittenhouse

New ABC News/IPSOS Poll: GOP Convention Backfires As Trump Approval Drops With Republicans

How to Beat The "Strongman"

Viral pro-Trump tweets came from fake African American spam accounts, Twitter says

FBI "may have destroyed" Robert Trump documents

By condemning both sides Biden has put Trump in a box and is setting the agenda

Hundreds of Thousands of Nursing Home Residents May Not Be Able to Vote in November

White Supremacists Are Invading American Cities To Incite a Civil War

17 Year-Old Shooter, Kyle Rittenhouse Defense Fund Linked To Law Firm Hired By Rudy Giuliani

WAPO OP ED: 5 Dumbest Arguments for Trump:

It's tweeting up a tantrum!

We only need to flip one seat to take the MN State Senate. Here are seven crucial districts.

What does a soft-resignation look like?

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Monday, 31 August 2020

Expert compares Trump's politics to fascism

Fakebook did a great job of filtering violent posts last night...

Can someone answer this question for me --

Covid-19 Update, Community Testing Events

Who Wore It Better?

BREAKING (CBS): Biden going to Pennsylvania tomorrow

America's ISIS...

Play With Fire - Rolling Stones

Just Watched the Mayor of Portland Ted Wheeler

Mayor Ted Wheeler gives statement on shooting

I really like Mayor Ted Wheeler of Portland. I wish I could speed type, but he lambasted....

No Bump Trump

It has been rumored, but is becoming increasingly clear. Trumpists are fomenting a race war.

We are being pitted against each other and it will destroy us

The Lincoln Project Doc Rivers (NBA Coach) BLM ad :

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, September 1: Women Make Film

New York Times: Justice Department secretly curtailed investigation into Trump's Russia ties

If it all spontaneously stopped tomorrow...

What's For Dinner, Sun., Aug. 30, 2020

This election is the racial arsonist versus the firefighter.

October Surprise - Who Thinks It's a Vaccine???

Jane Elliot -- BOOM

Disabled Ady Barkan is manipulated by @GOP @SteveSCalise-& gets a "manipulated media from Twitter...

I'm a Soul Man

It was suggested I post this here (originally posted on the DU Lounge)

As requested to post here : Mayor Ted Wheeler gives statement on shooting

Carnival is virtual this year so I thought I would share from Carnival past...

Kenosha Mayor Does Not Want President Trump To Visit 'At This Point In Time'

Does he benefit from civil unrest?

The New York Times is ditching TV listings after 81 years

Masks work, dumb ass.

Yard/street signs

Temple University suspends in-person classes due to COVID-19 outbreak


I'm sick.......went for our Sunday drive to get out of the house.......tRump signs

Anthropocene, Emissions Budget, and the Structural Crisis of the Capitalist World System

College football started last night. Central Arkansas 24 - Austin Peay 17. TD on first play.

Another pick up video! These two have remarkable stage presence.

The Portland and Kenosha shootings are a byproduct of COVID-19.

BREAKING: Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler says what America needs is for Trump "to be stopped." Says Tru


we're so numb to Trump's hellmouth feed that he can retweet terrorist incitement from a Neo-Nazi and

10 Commandments that a repub will understand

Meister Eckhart - Selected Verses and Teachings for Meditation

This is how you pronounced Japanese wrong My first video

The Executive Branch all the way down to local police departments DO have a hand in all this

Sermons By Wireless.

How does this play out?

Don't be a Sucker - 1947

"...they deserve everything that they got."



Something for our time, from J.R.R. Tolkien.

Sermons By Wireless.

The best video yet by Don Winslow !

☆Twitter Bots Are Impersonating Black Americans To Sow Disinformation MSNBC☆☆☆

The Harder They Come - Jimmy Cliff

There is increasing desperation in parts of Louisiana

My thoughts


Knocked Out...

thousands of chickens died of hunger, thirst, sickness and heat exhaustion

Puppies So Happy Someone Showed Up In Middle Of Night To Save Them

Standoff Underway at Woodland Hills Apartment Complex After Reported Shooting Near Pro-Trump Rally

Trump supporters coming from OUTSIDE PORTLAND. There are so few here. Just like Minneapolis.

Teen organized BLM rally. Mayor sent her police overtime.bill

This tiny dog's favorite place to be is 600 miles offshore with her dad

Chunky Rescue Beagle Becomes The Mascot Of His Mom's College

Wisconsin governor begs Trump not to come for a Kenosha visit amid violence

Gov. Tony Evers asks President Trump not to visit Kenosha

Have any of you used Avon Skin So Soft for flea prevention on CAT?

Watch this guy flip this giant sea turtle over -- then walk her all the way home ❤️

The GOP Is Very Much Trump's Party, Poll Shows (HuffPost/YouGov)

Al Stewart - Year Of The Cat

Fearful Mama Dog Starts Trusting Once She Knows Her Babies Are Safe

Dog Adopts Stray Cat On Her Walk

So is the Anti-Mask revolution over?

Dustin Johnson putt to make the playoffs: UPDATE:

Appeals court temporarily halts protections for journalists, legal observers in Portland

US Senate seats in 2020 that the Democrats will win to regain control of the US Senate in 2020.

Peak Atlantic hurricane season

OMG this is incredible

If God forbid tRump's reelected...

The Trump flag vs the Biden flag

Are there more sharks hanging around American beaches than

I Just made this video - my first creative effort. Tell me what you think.

Steel River - Ten Pound Note

Protest peacefully!

Trump offered FBI director job to John Kelly, asked for loyalty

Posted without comment

It's because he's guilty, isn't it?

I just made this. I hope you find it worthy of your time.

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, September 2: Bob Fosse


Joe: This video is doctored -- and a flagrant attempt to spread misinformation at the expense of a ma

caption TRUMP photo