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Archives: February 12, 2021

Omaha firefighter alleges discrimination after finding her gear hanging from flagpole

3 reasons why a 'center right' party will never work

Erin Burnett on CNN just said Trump lawyers met privately with Republican senators tonight....

Netflix Sets Bayard Rustin Biopic

I hope the president puts a stop to this.

Repug senators are counting on the ignorance of voters.

She's a CLONE!!??!

President Biden: "We've now purchased enough vaccine supply to vaccinate all Americans."

Impeachment prosecutors cite Trump attacks on Whitmer during trial

New Covid Curfews across Jamaica

Did the House Managers reserve time for rebuttal after Trump presents his case? n/t

Grand jury dismisses felony assault charges against 2 Buffalo police officers who pushed 75-year-old

Just heard on Joy Reid how Senate republicans have a sad because trump left them there for dead

Your Honor, it may be true that my client was the intoxicated unlicensed driver of a car with bald

Trump's covid was so bad his doctors considered putting him on ventilator

What Wasn't Said At The Trial About Jan 6th....

If You Ever Feel Sad, These Sleeping Cats Will Make You Smile (Part 2)

Some repub Senators Are Apparently Praising The House Manager's Presentation

White Evangelicals Are More Likely to Believe in QAnon Than Any Other Faith Group, Poll Finds

Real Time with Bill Maher guests - Friday, February 12, 2021

If You Believe That Your Kids Don't Need A Dog, You Must Be A Cat

We find ourselves in a seriously abusive relationship with GQP

Kung Hei fat Choi !!! happy New Years to My Asian friends celebrating the SPRING FESTIVAL !

Those Republican Senators are throwing the anchors

Chick Corea passed away.. RIP

2 brothers stage elaborate stabbing hoax so they could post prank on social media

Compromise for spineless GOP Senators who secretly want to be rid of Trump...

I was skeptical of Democrats pursuing a second impeachment. I was wrong.

Mike Pence called this guy a great evangelist "armed with intellect, girded with truth and love"

Republicans have always condoned Trump's violence

Seeing these QGOP Senators ignore the evidence

The Senate Vote, aka, the Final Act.

Thanks to whoever gave me hearts. I am not new despite post count.

I believe that the long arc of history bends toward justice..

Idiocracy prophecy has come to pass

Fed Chair Powell: Real Unemployment Rate At 10%

This Is A Murder Trial Why Did They Not Show Pictures Of Officer Beaten To Death?

Q-TIPS! This will be the first of several ONE HUNDRED PERCENT TRUE communications to those

Former top aides allege TX AG Ken Paxton swapped political favors 4 home remodel, job for mistress

Newsmax host claims outrage over Capitol insurrection is racist toward white people

I am a proud Democrat.

Once again, Republicans put tribalism over patriotism

A glaring comparison of wealth - Metallica vs. Jeff Bezos

The pro-vaccine messaging still isn't aggressive enough.

None of these Republican excuses work

(Recallzi Recallzi Recallzi!) National Republicans dive into Newsom recall push

Once Again, When Can You Be Sure The Impeachment Managers Did An INCREDIBLE Job?

Springsteen "visibly swaying" before drunken driving arrest, police say

Fiona Hill considered 'faking' a medical emergency to disrupt Trump/Putin meeting in Helsinki

Looks Like We Made It Barry Manilow

IMO: Impeachment 2 sound and fury signifying nothing

The images of Trump's mob are unforgettable

Kenan Thompson of SNL fame has his own sit-com starting next week

Chinese New Year "the ox" begins Feb 12, 2021.

Lindsey Graham's toadyism on Fox News shows where the GOP is heading

Military officials were unaware of potential danger to Pence's 'nuclear football' during Capitol rio

One tactic of demagogue strongmen dictators.

The stakes at Trump's trial: Whether GOP will fully denounce political violence

My sister made an interesting observation about her Covid shot.

I'm American By Birth, But No Longer Feel Like I Belong Here

Charges dismissed against Buffalo cops who shoved elderly protester

How Republicans Could Rig the Battle for Control of Congress

Just a pix of a cardinal showing off

Eric Swalwell's mini-me

@PreetBharara: Everyone brush up on whataboutism for tomorrow

The Sicknick "Truth Movement" Takes Flight on the Right

Commercial for ImpeachPods

I noticed that it was mentioned that one of the terrorists tweeted that Trump would protect them

Majority of Republicans Back Dems Passing COVID Stimulus Without GOP Lawmakers' Support: Poll

Four New Jeopardy Guest Hosts Announced

Elizabeth Warren Likes to Say Fight, What's

Executors of Epstein's estate forced 3 of his accusers to marry to keep then under control

February-10 Livingrooms where Fireplaces Rules

I don't get rich people who drive drunk. People like Alice Walton

Recommendation help (MacBook Pro) and iPhone doc rec (Azpen or otherwise)

15 Senate Jurors were absent today.

Tomorrow is my 75th birthday!

The other side of jobs

I say go for it......move to exclude absent jurors.

Ted Cruz burn:

How do you work with people that want you dead?

I Don't Understand Why The Defense Is Even Going For 3 Hours?

This thing just keeps getting dirtier and dirtier as we approach the inevitable conclusion

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Live and Let Die!

The Trump Impeachment Evidence - WSJ Editorial

Rep. Jamie Raskin On The Life And Legacy Of His Son, Tommy Raskin

Will the House managers get to respond to the Trump defense team?

Chick Corea jazz great dead at 79.

Trump voters split from the GOP to launch wannabe 'Patriot Parties'

In the deep of winter we hear the cry of the Ki-Ki bird

Thank you for the "hearts of gold" DUers!

Gov. Inslee allows 22 counties to advance into Phase 2 of reopening

Will Mike Pence ever speak of the attempt on his life?

Now This: Very powerful description of what happened 1/6 by reporter who was there.

DeSantis restricted travelers from other states last year; now, he's livid at talk of FL COVID

The staff of Republicker senators who vote to aquit Trump should quit en masse.

Scenes from a mass COVID vaccination site (volunteer's perspective)

This is literally true

As powerful as witnesses would have been at the impeachment trial,

OK, I just saw the footage of the lawyer with the kitten face.

California's Gavin Newsom Will Likely Face A Recall Election -- But He'll Probably Survive It

(In Memoriam) Chick Corea - Spain

Rachel looks tired tonight.....

Move to exclude the 16 jurors who weren't present. Apparently 15 were Rs. That would then mean 56 to

Dead Woman Goes On Joyride - Updated

Wherein David Simon kills Hugh Hewitt, buried him, digs him up and does it again, etc.

How Much Does a C-Section Cost? At One Hospital, Anywhere From $6,241 to $60,584.

'I'm going to come kill the president': NC man charged with threatening Biden

What were they promised? What did they think they would gain? What more than they already have

Hubby and I have vaccine appts. We have to drive an hour but we have appointments.

Raskin: Michigan Statehouse siege was a 'dress rehearsal' for Capitol riot

Okay, so Trumps is acquitted, what happens next?

Is a secret ballot at the end of the Impeachment trial no longer possible?

Definitely wishful thinking...


Flashback Quote of the Day

One suspects Repubs are setting up Trump's triumphant emergence from his FL hidey hole

Defiant DeSantis blasts Biden administration amid report of travel limits

Cops do this to 9-year-old white girls all the time, no?

Lawmakers push to remove Confederate leaders' birthdays from public holidays; add Juneteenth

So I went to FreeRepublic, curious what the brain-trust there was talking about.

Tim Eyman vows to continue initiative campaigns despite new legal hurdles

Trump Justice Department Sought to Block Search of Giuliani Records

New vaccine program faces dilemma: No Winn-Dixie, Walmart, Publix in some FL counties, sidelining

Punish Trump or risk a repeat, warn Democrats

Indicted lawmaker claims University of Missouri faculty post in Florida filing

PCC adds $4 hazard pay in all stores across Puget Sound after Seattle ordinance

Another Washington state man charged in insurrection at US Capitol

RAchel interviewing Fulton Co. GA district atty RE T phone call to SOS and other

What will they tell their grandchildren?

Georgia leaders agree to $1,000 bonus for most state workers

House Panel Clears $1,400 Stimulus Payments, Family Tax Credits

Folks: Do not despair if trump is acquitted!

No "Q" For You! - Meidas Touch

Feds woo Georgia, other Medicaid expansion holdouts with billions

VA-GOV: 'Trump in heels' emerges as problem for GOP in Virginia

NEW FOOTAGE: man follows @DCPoliceDept officers through the #Capitol mob shouting "are you an Americ

Leonard Cohen - The Stranger Song

Thanks for the ❤️

Kung Hei fat Choi !!! happy New Years to My Asian friends celebrating the SPRING FESTIVAL !

Robert Goulet - No Moon At All

Carpenters - Superstar

It's time for the senate and house to make new rules

Columbia area man linked to Proud Boys chooses to stay in jail and not seek bond

Does Raskin have a bald spot or is he wearing a yarmulke? nt

Leehom Wang kiss goodbye

Savage Republic - Mobilization (live in europe 1988)

Lawmakers poised to pass 'heartbeat bill' banning most abortions

Savage Republic - Kill the Fascists! (Live)

Jan. 6 resulted in one of the worst days of injuries for law enforcement in the U.S. since 9/11

Gang of Four - Paralyzed

Chair @RepMaloney and Ranking Member @RepJamesComer have requested @USPS and postal union leaders, i

Buck Tick- The Ultimate Best Of Video 1987-1995

Minutemen - the Product

Letter from Joni Ernst in response to a friend of mine who wrote to her about the impeachment:

Minutemen - Vietnam

Green on Red - Brave Generation

Meadows is asked why didn't Trump immediately make a statement on camera or via tweet to put a stop

Rank and File - Rank and File

Biden moving to wipe out Trump's Medicaid work requirements on Friday

A Live Dead song with no Lyrics.....from 1971.

The Gories - There But For The Grace Go I

Victoria going into a 5 day lockdown...

This is My Favorite All-Time SNL Moment

Guilty admission

X - More Fun in the New World

It's the same damn thing every third world despot does

What I'd like (but probably not enforceable)

Schools have 'failed us.' Some NC students say more Black history needs to be taught.

Tweet of the night:

The Daily Social Distancing Show - Jordan Klepper Asks Trump Supporters: Impeachment v1 or v2?

Raccoon covers his head with his tiny hands to dodge his human's kisses.

Spirit - Natures Way

It's a Beautiful Day - Bombay Calling

Jefferson Airplane - Coming Back to Me

HaHa: Target Didnt Intend-The Prairie Dress Challenge

Goodboi loses performance points if he steps off the mat:

Three GOP senators meet with Trump's lawyers on eve of impeachment defense presentation

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Dr. Atul Gawande - The Equity Problems with Vaccine Distribution

If I were Donald Trump listening to the Georgia Fulton County prosecutor's interview with @maddow, I

Above ground goodboi meets underground goodboi:

Xi Jinping is the leader of China. Zi Jingming is ... an assortment of letters.

Joe Jackson - You Can't Get What You Want (Till You Know What You Want)

Guinea hens chase away delivery man:

NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - February 11th, 2021 NBC Nightly News

TCM Schedule for Sunday February 14, 2021 - Romantic Weekend Getaway

Electric Light Orchestra - Mr. Blue Sky

Jefferson Airplane - The Ballad of You & Me & Pooneil

Billy Joel - Big Man On Mulberry Street

Adorable little girl argues with dad about how to count to five:

The Daily Social Distancing Show: ImpeachPods

TCM Schedule for Monday February 15, 2021 - Written and Directed by Richard Brooks

Amid the currently circulaying George Schultz hagiographies, let us not forget . . .

Yes - Roundabout

Interesting -

Led Zeppelin - Babe I'm Gonna Leave You

Seth Meyers - Trump's Impeachment Trial Opens with Capitol Riots Footage - Monologue 2/10/21

Steve Martin - Maxwell's Silver Hammer

Goddamn I wanted to be these guys when I was a wee lad of 17....

Neil Young - Down by the River

Thank you Joe -

A New Study Says Trump's Health Care Policies Killed Hundreds of Thousands of Americans

John Lennon - #9 Dream

When did CNN start repeating Don Lemon's 10pm show at 11pm?

GOP Senators Must Choose--the United States or Donald Trump

Norman Greenbaum - Spirit In The Sky

Does anyone have an oculus VR set? Is it really worth $300?

Camera catches fox stealing bread and eggs from porch after delivery:

I Want You (She's So Heavy)

2 months ago, I talked with my mom for the last time. Many DUers were kind...

Trust me. This will warm your heart.

NYCity Ballet

Seth Meyers: Michael Brown's Case Inspired Rep. Cori Bush to Run for Office

Can origami save your life? - Evan Zodl

Joe: When I took office three weeks ago, America didn't have a plan or enough supplies to vaccinate

Oath Keepers Planned to Deploy Armed Force to Capitol Riot: Docs

Stealers Wheel - Stuck In The Middle With You

Lisa Stansfield - All Woman

Women are the answer ?

A day in the life of a teenage samurai -

Joe: To everyone at the NIH -- all the doctors, scientists, and researchers fighting this pandemic an

Thank you so much for the love.😘

Judge to Bullhorn Mom: You're 'So Unpatriotic It Makes My Straight Hair Curl'

Talking Heads - Psycho Killer

Josh Hawley Betrays America

Adam Schiff: As people lay dead and injured, our Capitol desecrated, Trump tweeted at 6:01 pm:

Sade - Pearls

Biden to Rescind Medicaid Work Requirements

Kabuki: The people's dramatic art - Amanda Mattes

Mary Trump: The republicans are on trial just as much as Donald is. So far--through their disrespect

Why doesn't Gina Careno, dean cain, John voight, James woods, etc

Activist Marc Lamont Hill Says Black Lives Matter Supports the 'Dismantling of the Zionist Project'

Back 12 years ago.....

Castor, was NOT in the Senate today. He was in Mar-A-Lago. He's been CUTTING tomorrow's slides

Gyotaku: The ancient Japanese art of printing fish - K. Erica Dodge

The Beatles - The Inner Light

The plan for the riot started Nov 9th when Trump fired Secretary of Defense Esper. We all wondered w

Even for the Trumpist Conspiracy-Peddler Sidney Powell, This Was 'Weird as Shit'

Joe Jackson - Is She Really Going Out With Him? (A cappella)

Alice In Chains - Rooster

Chris Cuomo: Trump's own lawyer made the best defense of the day

Shit. If it's Beatles tunes I'll play!

Larkin Poe "You Can Close You Eyes" (James Taylor Cover)

【ayumu】Hardest Guitar Riffs on Bass

Europe - The Final Countdown

Primus - Wynona's Big Brown Beaver

It feels like we are treating a totally deranged person as if he were sane and we are crazy.

Saudi Arabia women's rights activist Loujain al-Hathloul released from jail - thanks Pres Biden

Law firm details sexual misconduct by global ministry leader

Alan Parsons Project - Sirius/Eye In The Sky

President Biden is not raising the cost of insulin and Trump did not lower it either

An Italian culinary tour, with Stanley Tucci

We have to expose the connections between Russia and some of our Senators.

The GOP future

My takeaway just watching Brian Williams opening.

Trynta wrap my head around this...

Two classics from Midnight Special ... Sanford Townsend Band and Manfred Mann

Seth Meyers - GOP Senators Warned About Trump's Violence - Now They're Ignoring It: A Closer Look

Monkey Man!

15 Most Legendary Swords That Actually Exists

The Who - Eminence Front

"Scout! Did you hear me Scout? Now hurry!"

LOL, Colbert called Lindsey Graham a Pillsbury Proud Boy

Impeachment Offers Republicans Grace. They Don't Want It.

The Evidence Is Overwhelming: Convict Trump

Happening, in Calvert County.

Ohio Players - Love Rollercoaster

When do trials begin for the Sedition Scum who've already been charged? nt

Hub and I are getting our first vaccinations tomorrow!

Jimmy Kimmel Breaks Down Path to a Trump Conviction

One more for the Polack Msgt's Nova. Humble Pie baby!

I tried the watermelon "Mountain Dew..."

Patrice Rushen - Forget Me Nots

Aggregate Rock Thursday Night Mashup

(In Memoriam: Composer Jim Weatherly) Gladys Knight & The Pips - Midnight Train To Georgia

Roy Ayers Ubiquity - Everybody Loves The Sunshine

I had not seen a Chick Corea thread

Mars Helicopter- Ingenuity

Did you know Raskin had colon cancer? He lost some colon and went through chemo

Iowa Democratic Black Caucus Zoom meeting interrupted by racial slurs, death threats

Bobbi Humphrey - Harlem River Drive

(Jewish Group) It's Time We Taught Anti-Semitism

Dude, I fucking hate Bob Segar! But I heard this tune today and I'm rethinking...

Arkansas senate passes bill to allow pharmacists & nursing home staff to turn away LGBTQ patients

*Fani Willis interview coming up on Rachel show.

"You have new DU Mail." Boy, doesn't that just warm your heart?

'Alone In Berlin,' Nazi Resistance, Emma Thompson, Brendan Gleeson: Netflix

Judge to Bullhorn Mom: You're 'So Unpatriotic It Makes My Straight Hair Curl'

Wang Chung - Fun Tonight (The Early Years)

Anti-Semitic flyer in German tram blames Jews for the COVID pandemic

Ben Meiselas (MeidasTouch) will release recording of Melania trying to cover up Trump family theft

The Undisputed Truth - What's Going On

Kim lays blame at officials for N. Korea's economic failures

chris murphy on capitol attack & does anyone know the answer to the questions someone asks:

This second impeachment reminds me of whenever the KKK was brought to trial.

Lindsey Graham caught meeting with Trump's defense team during trial - Brian Tyler Cohen

Australian city Melbourne begins 3rd lockdown due to cluster

Only one thing can heal this nation after the pain of seeing a criminal ex-president escape justice

Shalamar - Take That To The Bank

John Batiste - Cry This came out at just the right time

Senator-jurors who took the day off:

Man who killed himself outside of Rep. Van Duyne's Irving house was a former staffer

Tweet of the Day

Mary Trump Says Her Uncle is Probably 'Riveted' by His Trial Coverage Zerlina.

Re: Springsteen, 72. NHTSA manual says field sobriety tests weren't designed for people over 60.

Rep. Lieu on Trump's Lack of Remorse Following Capitol Attack During Day 3 of Impeachment Trial

MyPillow gets F from Better Business Bureau

Thanks, and thanks again for all the hearts, Peeps!

Yep, this is some cult shit ...... Trump Coloring Books For Kids

Yeah remember The Dixie Chicks?

108 million people have had Covid19; 28 mil are Americans. 2.4mil have died; 20.5% were Americans

I must again give thanks

'Irish Roots Medley'/'Si Bheag Si Mhor', 3 ways

'Terrorist Sympathizer': Trump Accused Of Igniting MAGA Mob As Dems Close Trial - The Beat - MSNBC

Goats DGAF

Lady G - Ghetto Vibes

Well, this didn't age well

Mounting evidence suggests Trump knew of danger to Pence when he attacked him as lacking 'courage'

Thank you so much kind DUers for my hearts. DU is the best digital community!

Wanda Sikes says she wants eyes on trump. Hilarious!

I know it looks funny to send another "Thank You for my heart" message only minutes after my

Environmental Risk of The Bolsonaro Government Halts Brazil's Entry into The OECD

Attacks on older Asians stoke fear in Bay Area's Chinatowns

New video captures pepper-sprayed girl's wait for EMTs

The Decemberists - Calamity Song

Trump Reportedly Knew Of Danger To Pence During Capitol Riot - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Cuban official asks Biden's gov't to reconsider sanctions

Szymanowski/Vivaldi's Flute Concerto No. 6', Pahud playing

Dvorak's 'Serenade for Winds'

Encouraging news 15 repubs didn't show up today

Hard To Believe - The Reign Of Kindo

Amazon coronavirus variant 'three times more contagious': minister

Dozens of Prominent Organizations and Academics Press Biden on Human Rights in Brazil

Tennessee Lawmakers Introduce Bill To Allow Fathers To Veto Abortions

On the Relative Vileness of George W. Bush and Donald Trump, Liz Cheney and Marjorie Taylor Greene

Argentina's Abortion Legislation Sparks Hope in Caribbean Region

Cuban Farm Explores Sustainability by Hand

Cuban Farm Explores Sustainability by Hand

Extent Of Trump Pressure Campaign In GA Puts County D.A. In Key Investigative Role - Rachel Maddow

Dengue--an Epidemic Within a Pandemic in Peru

So Ted cruz and others had a strategy meeting (link) with trumps lawyers

Fight by New Mexico attorneys to free Guantnamo prisoner focus of new film

Violent murder of 18-year-old sparks indignation across Argentina

President Biden Eliminates Funding For Mexico-US Border Wall

President Biden Eliminates Funding For Mexico-US Border Wall

US Senate Elections that the Democrats will be winning in 2022.

LA Times Op-Ed: 'I'm sick with post-Trump derangement syndrome, are you?'

What to watch as Trump's lawyers deliver impeachment defense

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 2/11/21

Thank you for the hearts, guys!

Law firm details sexual misconduct by global ministry leader

Eating oreos at 3:45 AM

Rep. Jim Jordan Shoots Himself In The Foot With 'Monumentally Dumb' Defense Of Trump

Was trump trying to get rid of Pence?

After 3 Years, Immigrant Woman Can Finally Leave Michigan Church

Biden Says Trump 'Did Not Do His Job' To Prepare For COVID-19 Vaccination Blitz

'Wild Indian' is much more than just an Indigenous film

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Can Washington Think of Cuba's Government as Something Other Than Needs to Be Overthrown?

Can Washington Think of Cuba's Government as Something Other Than Needs to Be Overthrown?

Planet P Project - Why Me

There's a surprisingly important lesson in the 'QAnon shaman' and his antics behind bars

Clear N95 face masks designed by Ford could be huge for teachers, people with hearing loss

Right Wing Conspiracy Group Project Veritas Banned From Twitter

Proud Boys splintering after Capitol riot, revelations about leader. Will more radical factions emer

Biden's Schedule for Friday, February 12, 2021

Trump administration 'worst in history for Black farmers': National Black Farmers Association pres

Senators advance proposal to let Nebraskans decide on removing same-sex marriage ban

Our bench is deep.

Miami votes to study using Bitcoin for employee salaries and payments to City Hall

We Were the Last of the Nice Negro Girls

We Were the Last of the Nice Negro Girls

the trump defense team speaks

Entering governor's race, Ben Downing stresses urgency, need for 'a fairer, stronger Massachusetts'

The traitor in chief knew he was commiting a crime.. @Greg_Palast told us over a month ago.

Peeping Tom busted.

This week's SmugMug theme is The Gentle Caress of Soft Light.

More econ perspective in a Krugman tweet

Last Day to Early Vote for St Supt of Schools

New quantum theory suggests cause and effect might be cyclical

Woman survives 100-plus-car pileup, crawls out back window on I-35 in Fort Worth

Feeling Not worthy, heh

It's Joe McCarthy Red Scare Month

Kacie Hunt

The 17 Rethugs most likely to convict, and then 5 wild cards

Former FBI official, a Navy veteran, is 'key figure' in Jan. 6 riot, prosecutors allege

Coast Guard receives new Guam-bound cutter

The VA called me yesterday.

After the disastrous Unite the Right rally, I remember I posted something...

This @ReallyAmerican1 ad is being broadcast on Fox News. Fox viewers must face the manifest TRUTH of

Last Kmart in Massachusetts shutting down

The "world's most deliberative body" ?

This FRIDAY FRIDAY FRIDAY in the US Senate!!! It's a Whataboutism EXTRAVAGANZA!!!

Rep Stacey plaskett video of these pig traitors hunting for Rep pelosi

"Crisis upon crisis": Industrial pollutants leave San Angelo residents without water as winter storm

Take away the GQP's funding

How many people are watching the impeachment trial? Here are the numbers...

Sears and Kmart store closings continue. Is your location closing in 2021? See the list.

Trump wants to retire the "Stop The Steal" slogan.

Former top aides say Attorney General Ken Paxton received assistance with home remodel, job for

Judge: Trump's lifting of mining ban in US West was wrong

Elvis Costello & Burt Bacharach - God Give Me Strength

Cross-examination of alleged Capitol insurrectionist's father takes a turn

Britney Spears' father loses bid to retain control of delegating her investments

The reasons I think GOP Senators will refuse to convict trump,

Jose Feliciano - Hard Times in El Barrio

Shitstain Asked Scott Pruitt: "Should We Shut Down The Agency" (EPA); Pruitt Then Whines Some

I had a Wishbone Dream about thedonald

Gov. Greg Abbott plans to relax business restrictions soon if COVID-19 numbers continue to drop from

Not a big joiner, kinda contrarian, unapologetic old school Liberal say thanks

Thank you for the ❤

Daines & Barrasso Slam Deb Haaland As "Extremist" But They Backed BLM Head Hack Perry To The Hilt

Lincoln Project Sinks Deeper Into Turmoil as Ex-Staffers Demand to Speak Freely

New Amazon CEO Was The Driving Force Behind Aggressive Marketing Of AWS To Big Oil

Before the Democrats "close their argument" in the trial...

In my fantasy the House managers said...

Wouldn't it be lovely if charges are filed against trump*, immediately after the verdict?

Blue jeans, bomber jacket, dogs, coffee.... Smiling face with sunglasses WH Valentine display.......

Valentine ... Biden ... dog

Bruce Castor WILL have a speaking role today. He says his arguments are "crisper" and "tighter" and

Thanks everyone for the hearts.

So Nikki Haley denounces Trump. Big whooping deal.

Thank you for the hearts!

Maddening: "It was a real honor to have those senators come in and give us some additional ideas."

New Mapping Project Reveals That Nearly All Of British Columbia's Old-Growth Forest Is Already Gone

Good morning dear Secret Admirers, thank you for your generosity. I ❤ you back!

Representative Stacey Elizabeth Plaskett:

Repuke impeachment logic, cont.

Surprise! Appalachian Fracking Boom Provides Nearly Zero Economic Benefit To Local Communities

No TOONs post today

Breakfast Friday 12 February 2021

Mika just referred to trump* as the 'ex' president. not former but EX.

One of the most jarring things I learned from the House Managers' footage is how long the physical c

Two more Hearts this morning....

Two officers who helped fight the Capitol mob died of suicide. Many more are hurting.

January 2021 Atmospheric CO2 Content 415.52 ppm; January 2020 413.61 ppm; January 2019 411.03 ppm

CNN's John Berman: Nikki Haley turning on Trump is a big deal

Another morning of getting up early so my wife and I could watch the

The Rundown: February 12, 2021

Republicans are neo-anarchists

The origin of Super Villains: Vermin

2/5/21 - 419.45 ppm CO2 - Highest Daily Reading On Record For Mauna Loa Observatory

Austin man accused of participating in U.S. Capitol riot, feds say


In a real court with a real judge, how would these "defenses" fly?

The most dangerous thing that Trump ever said. There are lot's of nominees of course

The Chamber embraces Biden. And Republicans are livid.

thanks to all who sent the hearts . spread the love

'We shouldn't have followed him': Nikki Haley turns on Trump after MAGA riots

McCarthy Attended Son's Maskless Wedding on Same Day He Mocked Newsom's Rule-Breach

Gorilla Glue challenge sends Louisiana man Len Martin to the ER

Happy Lunar New Year!

Klete Keller is a long way from Olympic glory now

Three KC Proud Boys in tactical gear conspired to carry out Capitol riot, feds say

I'm sorry, I'm just not seeing the math here

Biden begins dismantling Trump's 'Remain in Mexico' asylum policy

Biden's Address To The DOJ

GOP senators caught plotting with Trump lawyers after vowing to be impartial jurors

As Trump's businesses struggle, the most profitable asset in his real estate empire is at risk

Did we bring up Trump ordering National Guard to stand down Jan. 4?

An observation about RepubliQan assholery. Have you noticed this?

Question for our lawyers in DU.. can a jury member give a judgement

New report reveals massive cover-up in New York nursing home scandal

From The BBC: Your pictures of Scotland 5 - 12 February

A Vote to Acquit Trump Is a Vote for a Lie

Love in the Time of Impeachment: Penzeys Spices

It would be nice if Nikki Haley is the first wildebeest in a stampede away from trump*

Just a random thought I had this morning about the senate trial.

Even with acquittal, GOP sees trial ending Trump's shot at future office

This is what the Capitol riot did to police officer Jeffrey Smith: He "seemed in constant pain, un

I got a vax appointment, and ...

It works: 0 deaths, only 4 severe cases among 523,000 fully vaccinated Israelis

A Vote to Acquit Trump Is a Vote for a Damnable Lie

If you did not see Rachel interviewing Fani Willis last night,

It's official: Along with @POTUS Joe #Biden, German Chancellor Angela #Merkel will join the #MSC2021

Ha... Can't believe a Republican Senator said this !!

Missouri newspaper hammers Hawley and Blunt: 'Embarrassment to the state'

Jethro Tull - Locomotive Breath

if they say he didn't literally mean "fight" we can say he didn't literally mean "peacefully"

The Outlaws - Green Grass and High Tides

Tweet of the moment

FBI arrests 2 'Boogaloo Bois'-associated militia members, 1 who incited riot on Jan. 6

GOP Senators Are Openly Colluding With Trump's Defense Team To Get Republican Acquittal Votes

does anyone know where I can find the planned schedule for the impeachment? thx

For $25,000 You Can Ball a Day in Barack Obama's PE Nikes

POTUS hanging out on the WH lawn in leather jacket and jeans

"...the legal profession must urgently take collective stock of why so many prominent legal institut

So this trial is going to end with all of Trump's supporters getting thrown under the bus

Paramilitant communications under close scrutiny in Capitol riot investigation, court records show

Rolling Stones - Gimme Shelter

Covid immunization delays...

Jamie and Sarah Raskin's tribute to their son, Tommy Raskin.

Jimi Hendrix - All along the Watch Tower

Gov. DeSantis attacks Biden for giving a damn about the health of Floridians

@ReverendWarnock:I'm thinking about farmers like Ricky Dalton, whose family has been feeding Georgia

From The Guardian: Arthritis drug that helps Covid ICU patients has wider benefits, trial finds

Former QAnon believer says following the conspiracy "was absolutely a drug"

Live versions that blow away the studio cuts. I'll start with Head East-Never been Any Reason.

Political extremism is not just a national security threat but a mental health emergency

Andy Flurry and Mary Queen of Salt: craze for naming Scottish gritters goes global

The Joe Rogan Experience #1609​ - Elon Musk

Free - All right Now

Dr. Fauci predicts "virtually everybody" could start getting vaccinated in April as states grapple..

Melania's Former BFF and Advisor Releases Tapes Showing Melania's Attempted Criminal Cover-Up

Melania Trump disengaged from her husband's second impeachment trial and bitter over Jill Biden's pu

Rhode Island allows bars to reopen this weekend

Me at 12

Please sign petition to hold Josh Hawley accountable

Trump defense to cite 'middle ground' between election 'fight' and inciting insurrection

Kindness and Compassion is back

Eric Claptopn - Stone Free

What the Democrats and Lincoln Project should hammer home in 2022 election of Trump is acquitted

Stix and Stoned. Deetroit music from the 70s

I have a feeling that the Insurrectionist in Chief is going to be

News Alert: Drug companies seek billion-dollar tax deductions from opioid settlement

Don't be surprised if The Lincoln Project is suspended from twitter.

Fault prevention

FBI Collars Two Members Of "Boogaloo Bois" Militia

Isn't this the truth?

Pic Of The Moment: Trump's Final Message To His Supporters

Our family knows the cost of political violence. Senators must show profiles in courage.

Watch Seth Troxler and Harvard professor Dr. Cornel West discuss the origins of house and techno

GA officials investigate groups that mobilized Black voters in state crucial to election outcome

Trump Shuttle crashes, Nikki Haley climbs out clutching her

Biden says he's anxious to see what Republicans do in impeachment trial

Ronan Farrow: Who Were the Rioters on Jan. 6th?

The right time

House Dems push DHS to stop working with local police on immigration

Nicki Haley goes full-on Marjorie Green

I love all of the hearts, and thank you so much, but

Forecasters Lift Expectations for 2021 Economic Growth

SCOOP: FBI is investigating allegations against Lincoln Project co-founder John Weaver

The Bear Protection Act (SB 252) in California, HSUS asks to contact your representatives

The Cure - Purple Haze (grand master champion cover of the universe or your money gladly returned).

The WEIRD World of Wehraboos - Reddit Simps for the Nazi Military and Rommel (Wehrmacht Myths)

The Bear Protection Act (SB 252) in California, HSUS asks to contact your representatives

Crazy, only half-serious prediction for Presidential Election 2024

Good Day DU (February 12, 2021)

The impeachment case against Trump comes down to this one question

"Nikki Haley is the Lindsey Graham of Ted Cruz's."

Where Are the Witnesses?

I want to thank everybody for buying hearts.

Bartiromo, Pirro and Dobbs file to dismiss Smartmatic lawsuits

Nikki Haley throwing Chump under the bus is a good thing

jeff tiedrich tweet on morning with the bidens

Watch live: Biden meets with governors to discuss COVID relief

Man who killed himself outside of Rep. Van Duyne's Irving house was a former staffer

Democrats rest case with a warning: Republicans risk the republic if they acquit Trump

Kung hei fat choi. Happy Lunar New Year of the Ox to all.

Trump's costly impeachment defense strategy: Success comes at the price of the Senate GOP -- at least

Healing Courage Love Compassion Gratitude Peace Amor Strength Kindness Family Unity Love, Jill

Actions of members of the GOP indicate that they stripes are the same and they

Republicans employ new 'extremely aggressive' tactics to ban abortion

Vietnamese Chefs in DC Share Their Lunar New Year Traditions

There is a vaccine shortage because Operation Warp Speed

Ok DUers, who sent the President and First Lady a heart?💑

I believe that once this Kabuki trial is over,

What we have to look forward to

Josh Hawley's schooldays: 'He made popcorn to watch the Iraq invasion'

This clip says it all about American 'Freedoms'

I think, in the end, Republicans will "do a Trump" on Trump. They want his voters, not him.

Hillary on Hulu and that skunk Trump

Stop trying to save the GOP. It's hopeless. - by Jennifer Rubin

I Love The Candy Hearts The First Lady Set Up On WH Lawn

2426 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Fri; 172 deaths

Opinion: The media fails to meet the moment

okay, how about this- reimagine policing.

""I want to restore the 60-vote threshold for all elements of the Senate's work," Senator Sinema..."

Board that will decide Trump case rules against Facebook in yet another speech dispute

Thank you to everyone who gave me hearts

Trump was knowing, wilful and remorseless

Thank you for my recent heart!

Any chance that voting for acquittal will lose them $$$ donors?

American Democracy Is Only 55 Years Old--And Hanging by a Thread

How to Turn Your Red State Blue - Stacey Abrams and Lauren Groh-Wargo

Biden weighs sanctions on Russian pipeline he called 'a bad deal for Europe'

*****Opening up the February contest for a few more submissions*****

Police Officer Jeffrey Smith, 35, died by suicide, January 15, 2021.

Nikki Haley : 'We shouldn't have followed him'

Women who get COVID-19 vaccine should delay their regular mammogram, Utah doctor says

Ted Lieu: "I'm not afraid of Trump running for president again. I'm afraid of him losing again."

DC Circuit Judge Dave Tatel to take senior status

Good morning! I forget how to do this

Dump Trump and run?

Sea shanty - Tom and the trophy

Dude got IMPEACHED TWICE trying to stop @JoeBiden from being #46

Trump will skate because of all of this..

Hell has officially frozen over, and not just because of the weather

Pair of happy macaws ride the subway with ease

So, have I just missed it or are the BIG LIE politicians now coming clean and saying that

Cori Bush: the core of this was an attempt to throw out Black, brown, and Indigenous votes.

Those 15 empty seats...

How many times does Hillary Clinton have to be right about him before some of you start believing he

Melania Trump disengaged from her husband's second impeachment trial and bitter over Jill Biden...

Thank you so much for my heart.

Another chapter in the ongoing saga of Texas AG Ken Paxton

A Valentine from First Lady Jill Biden

Contents of pockets of Abraham Lincoln (born today 1809) at moment of assassination

How to Follow an Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Republicans want "unity" but not on holding Trump accountable for inciting an insurrection...

I hope the Feral Cats appreciate me risking my life on treacherous roads to get them food!

Tennessee Lawmakers Introduce Bill To Allow Fathers To Veto Abortions

The Harp: Augusta Savage's lost masterpiece

Black Pittsburgh - Photographs of Charles 'Teenie' Harris

If the cowards vote to convict

How Conspiracy Theories Become Violent - Truth Hurts (Vice)

Chick Corea, Jazz Keyboardist and Innovator, Dies at 79

Suicide. PTSD. Two officers Who were defending our Capitol on 1/6 have committed suicide. Sadly,

Pres. Biden To Allow Entry Of Immigrants Who Were Forced To Wait In Dangerous Mexican Border Towns

Yellen Is Creating a New Senior Treasury Post for Climate Czar

**URGENT**The Facebook oversight board is taking public comments re: reinstatement

Graph: Daily mentions of election-related terms by Trump

It's Fun to Speculate on What the Senate Will Do.

whose line colin mochrie weighs in on impeachment trial

Wow, Beschloss! Six year old future Pres. Teddy Roosevelt watches Lincoln's funeral cortege in 1865


John King all over Nikki Haley

"I Will Destroy You": Biden Aide threatened a Politico reporter pursuing a story on his relationship

Another Big Lie to cover up the Big Lie

The Harp: Augusta Savage's lost masterpiece

Women who get COVID-19 vaccine should delay their regular mammogram, Utah doctor says

Yellen Is Creating a New Senior Treasury Post for Climate Czar

Neither am I

No Bruce Springsteen, We Should Not Meet Republican Conspiracists in "the Middle"

They Fear Trump More Than They Love America - Joe Conason

Philanthropy is trickle down

When is the last day to give hearts?

Trump has hired a new impeachment lawyer

Some Republican senators "worried about their own personal safety and the safety of their families"

Are you ready for the SHITSHOW???

Lawyers Enabled Trump's Worst Abuses

Lin Wood claims he's now representing Sidney Powell in her $1.3 billion Dominion defamation case

I wonder what Chris Matthews has to say about the Capitol riots and the Capitol Police

Questions for Senators to Ask the Legal Teams During the Impeachment Trial (Just Security)

Has Trump filed papers to run in 2024 yet?

Now the story is "we should come together". Where was this clown the last four years?

Joe: From the Biden family to yours, happy #LunarNewYear. We wish you happiness, health, and prospe

Is appealing a removed post like hitting one of those disconnected crosswalk buttons?

He is reading what lindsey wrote IMO

the defense: "a witch hunt"

Justin Timberlake Apologizes to Britney Spears and Janet Jackson: 'I Failed'

Castor opened his mouth. 15 seconds later I shut the TV off

Cruz, Graham, and Lee not only met with Trump's lawyers but are literally helping with defense

💩💩**** TRUMP - INSURRECTION DuhFence thread ******* 😫☹️

"Politically motivated witch hunt"

Haha, let the gaslighting begin! trump's lawyer is reading from a fantasy novel.

The gift that keeps on giving!

I am sorry, but I just cannot listen to this smarmy arrogant whore spewing transparent lie after

Is David Schoen wearing his kippah today?

The Californians Are Coming. So Is Their Housing Crisis.

And the Shitbag's fucking shyster went there

The defense Is Like A Hollywood Production

Let the gaslighting begin!

Best live tweeting to follow

So nobody testifies under oath...what a shitshow

When members of the jury conspire with the defense attorneys, a mistrial should be called

Thank You To Defense For Showing PRESIDENT Biden Shutting Down Objections

Melania having a sad about Jill Biden's popularity. I don't really care, do you?

I don't think I can watch is Trumper lawyer?

Well, I made it 15 minutes,

Trump Defense: "One of the first people arrested [at the Capitol] was the leader of Antifa"

Biden's climate change strategy looks to pay farmers to curb carbon footprint

Trump lawyer mispronounces Kamala's name. Intentionally? I think so...

This is a Master Class in Gaslighting.

Trump's defence: Heavy Whataboutism

The way Trump's legal team is abandoning the supporters who stormed the Capitol,

Anyone else other than me,

Here it goes, blame the Democrats and Pelosi!

Hey wait! I thought I was the head of Antifa! N/t

So you don't have to watch, here's the TLDNR read version of Trumpy's defense:

Trump "defence." Are you going to believe me or your lying eyes?

Georgia On My Mind and a strategy for Florida in 2022

Bernie Sanders on chances of getting $15 minimum wage: 'We're feeling really good ... ''

This is contemptible - how is this a defense?

This crapshow is going nowhere so on another front has anyone

How long until they blame Obama?

This pretty much gets to the heart of the Trump defense:

We need a vaccine against this repug poison!!!!

Day Four of Impeachment Trial - The Greater Darkness and Lesser Light

Some ironic relief from the shit

"Hatred and Vitriol"?

I want to print Red's entire speech on paper

"Water boy" is up!

The entire exchange is enough.....

After turning a blind eye to an attempt to destroy our democracy, the GOP knows just what's needed:

I love how they are always saying that Democrats hate Trump

FYI - Their "Antifa leader" is apparently this guy "Activist John"

In case you need a timeline of Dolt45's insanity...

Are these guys getting paid ?

💩💩***Thread #DroppingTheDeuce ****TRUMP-INSURRECTION Thread**** 🏊

Tweet of the day

Just a reminder: Impeachment in the Senate does not have the same legal standard as a Court of Law.

Desperate OAN Blames City Planning, Not Trump, For Capitol Violence

Just what you would expect from Fox News

Impeachment trial - I'm finding it very difficult to watch the defense lawyers as they are twisting

This not a defense, it's merely a pack lies and excuses!

Two officers who helped fight the Capitol mob died by suicide. Many more are hurting.

'Stop the Steal' fueled white fears about their country being stolen

The Senate Republicans have miscalculated . This akin to the Iran war vote. It will follow them-

I am Antifacus

Trump's Catch-22: Throwing his supporters under the bus to keep his ability to run for office again

Hello from a long time lurker

What Happens When a City's Largest Employer Goes 'Work From Anywhere'

I'm sitting in line to get my 2nd vaccination

'Defense' showing clips of Dems saying to impeach him since early on in presidency...

CSNY - Suite: Judy Blue Eyes

Just got an e mail that said call your senators today and

A heart!

Elizabeth Warren is to blame

Showing clips of people saying they hate Trump!

OMG- they are playing tons of cases of people (dems) saying 'we need to fight'!

The is just an attempt to seize the conversation to talk about anything but the capitol attack

Yeah, sure.

It Never Ceases To Amaze Me As To How Language & Statements Can Be Used & Twisted To Fit....

Fight, fight, fight!

Gaslighting! It's what's for dinner!

Come early for good seats!

Kate Bush - The Fog

I am on board with Andrew Cuomo and Gavin Newsom next year.

Here's what this "defense" reminds me of.

Fighting to feed the homeless is not the same as fighting to disrupt a constitutional procedure

Remember when that mob beat cops to death with Elizabeth Warren flags?

Team*rump overplaying this "fight" thing. Dems aren't addressing people in riot gear as *rump did!

The Retrumplicans are demonstrating just how stupid they know their base is

Some Opening Trump Impeachment trial lawyers comments on Friday

Enough Already!

They should be embarrassed.

Wha....I....How.....So..............I mean...........

Did they enlist FUX or QAN to help them create this 'defense' and the media mashups?

Except that the first lawyer (really?) said

This defense has taken a deep dive into the crazy.

Tennessee Lawmakers Introduce Bill To Allow Fathers To Veto Abortions

Even if everything trump's joke lawyers team says about blm is true wtf does it have to do with


I implore Congress to immediately make Washington DC a state. We have a small window to do that

trump's wall...what a travesty!

To my heart donor:

I'm sure glad my late father didn't invest in Bitcoin.

GOP senator says there is "real concern" about the quality of Trump's defense

Republicans are no longer a political party.

It's the "What-abouta-palooza" defense

This defense reminds me of when I got in trouble with my parents when I was 10 years old.

Compared with the Dem Managers this sure looks like

there are Hearts on the White House Lawn. thanks Jill (VIDEO CLIP w/ Dogs)

Feeling exceptionally pretty after my bath

So let me get this straight

Houston Texans released JJ Watt

Wisconsin GOP is still throwing a tantrum over Trump losing...

Joe loves Jill...A poignant video....Watch it....

PA Dems announce 2021 judicial candidates endorsements

Nikki Haley

Ohh, my! Thank you for my new hearts!

Oh, we're moving from fight to hate

So, how many Democrats are in the Senate chamber or

Wanna Fight?

Biden aides launch review into closing Guantanamo prison, long a source of discord

The mystery of the day see if you can figure it out!


Anyone Catch The Nutjob On Thu PBS Newshour?

Most of what they cite doesn't campare to the case at hand, but I will admit, they are doing better

Trump inflames society and then they play victim...

"Cavalry" vs. "calvary"? Really?

Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes - Wake Up Everybody

OMG, now they're replaying the angry remarks of Dems that don't feature "fight."


NRCC will 'absolutely' support Republicans who backed impeachment, finance chair says

He Incited by unending insistence the election was a fraud and not conceding.. his words were ...

Six-year-old Theodore Roosevelt (circled, upper left) watches Lincoln's funeral cortege in NYC:

Banner flying over trumps resort: CONVICT TRUMP AND LOCK HIM UP

L'arc En Ciel : DIVE TO BLUE

I only just realized why the doofus for the defense said that "whirlwind" thing earlier this week...

L'arc En Ciel : DIVE TO BLUE (awesome song!)

Reminder: Last summer's BLM protests were a response to murders of Black men & women by police

Daily coronavirus cases tip back over 100,000

Another heart?? Thank you, whomever!


Thank you for the heart, I just saw it.

Senators talking and openly laughing during long video played by Schoen.

They were using "fight" in the context of battling racial injustice.

Couldn't this guy talk faster so we can get though this utter lack of substance and misdirection?

Van Der Veer says "how dare you" to the managers!

Tensions arise on Trump's legal team as impeachment defense gets underway: Sources

*****Before closing the contest, which is now full*****asking urbanhermit

Paula Cole - I Believe In Love

Who in the hell is

Tiny puppy steals big sock:

Melania Is Reportedly Seething With Jealousy at the Spa

Jen Psaki White House Briefing starting - link

Someone is watching the impeachment in the next room... Whichever Trump shitbird is speaking

*8:00 PM -- Casablanca (1942)

Governor Cuomo Briefing February 10 2021

Will the Q and A be today or tomorrow ?

They want to destroy democracy in America, and now the GOP is splintering,

Trump is innocent because dems violated...

Kitten disturbs Mom's rest:

Why Biden's $1.9 trillion stimulus proposal isn't just a stimulus

Why no guns?

Isaac Hayes - Joy

Why does he keep saying

Baby armidillo plays with toy--who knew armadilloes were playful?

Merriam-Webster with a timely tweet

So which one will take off one shoe and bang it on the podium?

Are they trying to suggest it's ok the Capitol Riots happened since violence happened at some BLM..

Might I remind what was spent in my state to

GOP needs to 'hold Trump accountable' for insurrection: Leon Panetta

Repubs: Do not send to ask for whom the mob comes

Baby dragon (Amarillo girdled lizard):

Another supplement claim goes poof...

Public service announcement for GQP: In case they vote to acquit:

Oaf Creeper wanted to load boat with weapons for Potomac

More hearts!

The *ears* on this adorable little bunny!

OMG fight video, round two!

"Hypocrisy" is a word Trump doesn't even understand!

Soooo *scratches head* only Democrats said the word "fight" .... ever

Kyrsten Sinema Joins Joe Manchin in Rebuking $15 Minimum Wage Being Put in Stimulus, Dashing Progres

Stop me--am I in a time loop?

US Senate Elections that Democrats are likely going to be winning in 2022.

Excepting hunters, ALL guns should be kept at home

Ray Charles - Georgia On My Mind

Democrats have one big weapon left against Trump. Will they use it?

Impeachment Managers calling Schoen a liar.

I didn't get Obama on my bingo card

Yamiche Alcindor is in the room: here is some of what she is seeing from the senators:

They are trying to trigger the "us vs them" mentality in Republicans..

Thanks for the ❤️❤️❤️

sneering, swaggering, arrogant, lying Mussolini-copying Rump lawyers, I'm going fucking mental here

Got my Roku!

Who was it who said that she wanted to blow up the Whitehouse?

'Meant to be': Man finds loving home for senior rescue dog 3 days before dying

Unconstitutional My ASS

MSNBC Nicole Wallace just said that when the lawyers were saying that they

After Disney firing, Gina Carano announces new film project with Ben Shapiro's Daily Wire

Tina Turner - One Of The Living

Wait--does the Brandenburg Test have THREE elements??

Keeping up the trend of the first family visiting local businesses, @FLOTUS stopped at DC cupcake...

Breaking: Every piece of evidence, including new videos, were given to the defense team before the

The 2016 election was hacked for Pete's sake. nt

New tapes of Melania Trump engaged in what appears to be an attempted criminal cover up

CDC: Strong evidence in-person schooling can be done safely

What happened to the woman who stole Speaker Pelosi's computer ...

Aretha Franklin - Jumpin' Jack Flash

Trump is so clueless about the fact that Pence's role simply was a ceremonial one on Jan 6

"the president of the United States should be held to the highest standard"

Connie Schultz Fight photo

F.D.A. Agrees Moderna Can Increase Vaccine Supply in Each Vial

Took my first tumble of the Winter season, today.

Lighthouse - One Fine Morning

Manhattan man busted for threatening to kill elected officials and cable newscasters

Might not win conviction on impeachment,...

did Trump's defense play this damning video?

"This is the future the right wants."

Local issue and "big government"

A COVID vax appointment aggregator for NYC

Damn. Nicole Wallace is very good

Thank You for my DU ❤ s. I am deeply blessed by y'all

DU legal eagles: since the Democrats control the Senate and the Senate makes the rules

Adam Schiff tweet:

NOAA Satellites is giving out Valentines

THIS defense, within the first five minutes, LIES about the House managers.

When red pandas do this, they always remind me of swaggering toddler boys:

Can you make alcohol from toilet paper?

Where Did The Defense Get The Clips Of All These 'Fight' Comments?.....

Former Topeka city council candidate arrested for Capitol riot charges

Why not have Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham get up and Defend Trump?

A True Bank Robbery Includes...

Singing sweet songs of melodies pure and true.

Definition of insurrection


SURPRISE! Trump & GOP lawyers lie.

To all my secret admirers....

Oh shit, we're back in the video loop......

These racists!!!!!!!

Trump the most "anti mob" ever?

The Trump defense video...

OMG! I turned on the trial, briefly, to see a video being played and it had music!

Remember in elementary school when we learned about "context clues"?

When you've lost Ted Olson...

Sen. Lisa Murkowksi on Trump team: "I think they, they are putting on a good defense today.

Genesis - Turn It On Again

Dear sweet jeezuz the am talk radio format makes listening to it unbearable

I hope

"Since Trump's lawyers are such big fans of montages"

Are there "five great violin concertos?"


Cruz: "Standard is different on this side"

I sure hope some college philosophy professors are taping this defense.

Donovan - The War Drags On

Everybody knew what he was doing

Want to call a Senator, any Senator? Here's a list, dial 1-202-224-****

Hey pinhead Trump lawyer, look up the clean hands doctrine.

Shy Foster Puppy Cuddles With Her Dad For The First Time

ProPublica reporters interviewed 19 Capitol police officers about their experiences during siege

Here is where Trump's ship sinks?

I can't stand any Republican Senator, but

Considering the blatant lying I would think Bruce Castor's cases should be reevaluated.

The music is bizarre. nt

Bus Just Rolled Over the Insurrectionists

They are now playing video with ominous music in the background.

Here's Where They Throw Tr**p's Supporters Under The Bus....

Mike Huckabee is terrorizing America's children with 'The Kids Guide to President Trump'

NYT Op Ed "Lawyers Enabled Trump's Worst Abuses"

What the hell happened to Kyrsten Sinema

The "scary" background music in the defense videos annoys me.

1:10 mark. GOOSEBUMPS

They're just making shit up?

Ben rothlesburger??

Fox News' Chris Wallace Calls Out Trump Team's 'Silly Argument' Against Democrats: They Were 'Insult

Cartoons 2/12/2021

Big Band sax player and singer Tex Beneke was born on this date.

All You Brave Souls with Nerves of Steele

Mark Isham Featuring Lyle Lovett - Moritat (From "Quiz Show")

Now. They are pre-trying

The Navy has no idea how many sailors it has booted for extremist activity

Everett cold weather shelters at capacity as snow moves in

What Am I Missing Here - Why Are They Bringing Up Tr**p's Phone Call To GA In This.....

This dog was meant to become meat. Instead, she discovered love

Ray Manzarek was born on this date.

Caster: "I've Spent Decades Putting Murderers Away"

'I am a child!' Pepper spray reflects policing of Black kids

Somebody WAS trying to substitute his judgment for the will of the voters

anatomy of a KATANA

robert palmer - every kinda people (studio-1979) haven't heard this in forever

Happy Lunar New Year!

Yip, Nikki HALEY wants to be Prez. We might as well build up around that.

Just got new heart, thank-you and another, it's a double

Father of child with Down's syndrome confronts Marjorie Taylor Greene over disabled slur at GOP meet

If and only if the GOPers get control again?


Jerry Rafferty - Baker St

Remember: Lindsay and Cruz advised on that presentation

The Same Putin Poison Squad Hit a Washington Post Columnist Before Navalny

Thanks! LOVE the heart

Vaccine efficacy: When covid-19 vaccines meet the new variants of the virus

There is no law republicans can be held accountable for in our government.

so we "fight" for

Just Remember, It Could Always Be Worse

Al Steward - Year of the Cat

First lady Jill Biden surprises with giant cutout Valentine's Day hearts on White House lawn

Steely Dan - Deacon Blues

President Biden gives a reporter his cup of coffee on a cold DC morning.

Miami mayor will meet with Biden and other mayors to discuss COVID stimulus

Why Does Trump's Lawyer Hate The Constitution?

Jackson Browne - Doctor My Eyes

The Rude Pundit: Democrats Are Trying to Save the Republicans' Souls, But the GOP Prefers Damnation

THANK YOU Dear DUer for the beautiful heart ❤️

2fer: Two layers of being *REAL* (cutting the b.s.) - one for us, one for DRUMPF

A casual, candid chat with the Bidens on their morning walk is moving people to tears

Florida consumers 'flabbergasted' as property insurers push for double-digit rate hikes

"I don't know if we're under oath here" -- just the kind of defense lawyer you want

Doobies - South City Midnight Lady

Did I did or did I didn't hear that?

Olympian Klete Keller indicted on 7 charges for involvement in U.S. Capitol riots

There was an axe throwing booth set up in DC on Jan. 6th....

So my question is - what would Trump and ReTHUGs be saying

Ben Shapiro to rescue! Movie deal with fired Star Wars actress

Fmr Defense Sec William Cohen (R-ME) slams Republican Senators: They're either afraid or complicit

What is this called? 🤣😂

I am so happy that the jury can meet with the defense team in a closed room?

Little Feat - All that you dream

Proud Boys splintering after Capitol riot, revelations about leader.

Grateful Dead - A Touch of Gray

For those of you who thought Cassidy could possibly do the right thing.....

These Republicans will be fleeing the rest of their lives.

Biden Administration to Process 25,000 Asylum Seekers Trump's Kept in Mexico Over Next 90 Days

Canned Heat - On the Road Again

The Ted Cruz haircut:

I feel like I just won the lottery

❓❓❓***Qanon & Aholes session -- TRUMP - INSURRECTION ***** 🏈

Rare Earth Thread. In honor of my late Uncle who loved 'em

People calling into CSPAN bragging about involvement in the insurrection.

'Intimidation tactic': Georgia officials investigate groups that mobilized black voters

Melanoma needs an audience for her ranting about Dr. Jill Biden

NYT: Trump Admin Rejected NY Fed Request In Giuliani Probe

Billy Idol - Eyes Without A Face

The Senators who met with trump's lawyers were probably planning these questions and answers

What are Tapper's panties in a twist about?

Lindsey Graham asks a question meant to attack VP Harris.

Garry Kasparov: This humiliating spectacle isn't a GOP defense of Trump, it's an embrace of him.

"As Trump's team argues at his impeachment trial that nobody should take Trump literally..."

Some observations on todays DU ops!!.. A great big thank you to all

Hector Lavoe - El Cantante

I'm not a big fan of abortion, but...

Questions from Murkowski and Collins. Did he answer the question?

Good "What/when did the Pres know and what did he do" Question from Collins & Murkowski!

Wang Chung - Live and Die in LA

Questions Mitt Romney will ask...

Sarah Cooper! Melania Trump responds to Jill Biden's decorations

The Distinguished Senator from Texas

Senator Murray tells @JudyWoodruff she was "inches" away from the mob and that her husband held a do

Has anyone watched 'Q-Anon: The Search for Q' on Vice News?

Mott the Hoople - All the Young Dudes

THE POLICE - King of Pain

Bad Company - Bad Company

Well, this is damning

The Trump republicans are submitting ridiculous questions.

So, once the piece of dripping orange shit is acquitted

F*ck that Guy

Just asked the question again almost

Oath Keeper wanted to load boat with weapons for Potomac

U2 - The Unforgettable Fire

The Value of this Impeachment Trial: Yes, it is worth the effort!

Being a 'moderate' Democrat is a losing strategy

Humble Pie 30 days in the Hole

New Melanie tapes (not Sarah Cooper): Melania Trump tried to cover up Trump family misappropriation

Snow blankets Hawaii volcanoes in stunning satellite image

Question 🙋‍♀️ from Sens Rubio and Cruz

Ozark Mountain Daredevils - If You Want to Get to Heaven

Romney question: When Trump sent the disparaging tweet about Pence

The smoking gun, has anyone mentioned it?

David Schoen was not telling the truth when he said Trump's lawyers had not been given the new vide

Jonny Lang - Lie to Me

trump's lawyers are out of their league.

Trump's lawyers defense is that the Democrats rushed this impeachment and that caused the riot.

Stacey Plaskett is just amazing nt

Tracey Chapman - Give Me One Reason

It is amazing how bad a lawyer you can be when the jury is rigged for you.

Bonny Raitt - Runaway

When is the vote in the Senate? (Answered my own question)

Lou Reed - Walk on the Wild Side

Paul Simon & Ladysmith Black Mambazo - Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes

Little Lindsey is really outdoing himself today.

Racism/Sexism is the point - it's always the point

The lady handing the cards to Leahy

First impeachment, in 1798, was of a former Senator

D-Train - You're The One For Me

Court TV can... Please be advised that my next 3 words might offend...

So Trump's lawyer Van der Veer is just ignoring the questions and speechifying now

Raskin: "and that was profoundly inaccurate and irrelevant to the question..."

Door - Rider on the Storm

Does anybody know what time the networks started broadcasting about the insurrection

My question would be:

Wish they'd properly answered re Senate's power to remove from office / disqualify

Trump's lawyer just implicitly called Senator Tuberville a liar on the floor of the Senate. And the

Listening to Raskin, maybe a loophole about conviction vs disqualification.

Something is wrong with this idiot lawyer.

Quincy Jones - Killer Joe

Dems got caught "doctoring the evidence"? I missed that...

Van der Deen being a crybaby.

The original Stonehenge? A dismantled stone circle in the Preseli Hills of west Wales

Van Der Baby.

3:17 minutes in, and Trump's lawyers have not answered:

These are the cowardly weasels that CHOSE not to attend the impeachment trial today

We need to make Virgin Islands a state (and DC too).

St. Wonder - He's Misstra Know-It-All

Are there any attorneys who have represented Trump who do NOT genuinely deserve

Graham Central Station - My Radio Sure Sounds Good To Me

Rick Wilson just lost his shit against Rick Scott and Marco Rubio

These answers from the defense council is laughable and they are taking this personal!

Finally a question I want answered. Did Trump deliberately have the Nat Guard stand down

"Holy cow" the defense lawyer starts this way...these defense "lawyers" are terribly bad...imo...

"Somebody hadda have an inkling into SUMPIN!" Trump's new attorney is a real superstar.

Olson Won't Support Those Who Don't Vote to Convict

Trump's Next Foe May Be a Georgia District Attorney

I just had my old Pioneer SX 1010 refurbished and need a turntable. Any recommendations? I'm

Did anybody notice Trump's lawyer wouldn't answer when asked who won the election

They're rehearsing for next time

More snow on the way: Second storm system to bring 4-6 inches of snow to Seattle through Saturday

DC mayor requests National Guard (4 Jan 2021)

Village People - San Francisco (You Got Me)

I have begun to think

Trump dummy lawyer: "Who asked this?" Bernie: "I did!"

I can't get over what an arrogant ass that new attorney for Trump is

Jiminy Cricket! JHC.

Questions for Sen. Sinema regarding $15 minimum wage...

"Found in Alaska, These Blue Beads Could Be the Oldest Evidence of European Goods in North America"

Cruz's question ought to be a doozy!

DeJoy's new plan for USPS: Slower mail and higher prices, sources say


⁉️⁉️ Q&A Thread ....the sequel. TRUMP - INSURRECTION. 🥈

My Understanding As To Why The Capitol Police Weren't Well Prepared Was Because....

I'm flabbergasted.

The KLF Feat. Tammy Wynette - Justified and Ancient

I thought I heard Trump's lawyer use the word, "Negro," but thought I must have misheard,

"... the Minnesota Freedom Fund (MFF) was a relatively small vehicle for assisting people

OMG! I don't know how much longer I can take watching this! (the impeachment Q&A)

When The Defense Lawyers Can't Answer The Question - They Go After And Attack The House Managers....

What's for Dinner, Impeachment Day 4, Fri., Feb. 12, 2021

Bernie: Trump Must Be Impeached And Convicted

I can't take it anymore. Trump's guy, VanDer whatever,

They all are A-holes! That is the Trump lamed lawyers!

It's 2024 and Joe decides , maybe a lifetime presidency...

"Remember this day forever." Castro's killing it!

On Jan 27th I received a Termination Letter from my company

Any chance van der Veen could bother to learn how to pronounce the first name of VP Harris?

My question to be read by the clerk:

this is and has ALWAYS been

Herb Alpert - Push And Pull

Sen. Cassidy, Wow. On Tupperville call.

Before today I had a different idea of what "Philadelphia lawyer" meant.

hood slipped...

Watching the proceedings this evening. I'm wondering why the words

This last answer by Jamie Raskin sums it all up! It's ALL on trump, don't blame the House....

Raskin has had enough of Trump's asshole lawyers!

Everyone remembers when the Malarkey Boys ransacked the Capitol in response to Biden's call to...

Gov. Walz scales back some COVID-19 restrictions in Minnesota

Kansas - Dust In The Wind

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that the Democrats have 50% & greater chance of winning.

Steve Bannon prevented Fox News from calling Georigia on Election night

Bernie's question: Did Trump lose the election?

Which way do you think Cassidy will go?

Sanders yelled back: "You represent the president of the United States!"

Thank you for the heart.

Plaskett. Castro. Raskin.

This is not a criminal case, and Trump's lawyers keep pretending it is

D.C. Reports Cases Of South African And U.K. Coronavirus Variants

How come it's Van Der Veen answering all the questions where are the other 2

Prosecutorial misconduct. How about colluding with the jury?

Andy Gibb - (Love Is) Thicker Than Water

Just left the chamber: Republican Senator Bill Cassidy is in deep thought. When seated at his de

What's with this "due process" crap

Van Der Veer is grasping for words that is total nonsensical rhetoric!

If Cruz and Graham

Stacy Plaskett is a superstar.

It's a sorry, embarrassing sight to behold:

Go Raskin!

Laura Nyro & Labelle - I Met Him On A Sunday

Cute Corgi puppy comes galumphing out to "Aroo" hello:

Susan Collins question to lawyers

There is no comfort in being right, listening to

YOU raised $0 on 2-11-21 DU for Kansas Fair Maps: Anti-Gerrymandering Fund ($5,000 match)

My Question would have been

Pathetic. They are threatening HRC!

The Cars - Just What I Needed

Pence's team does not agree with the Trump lawyer's assessment that Trump was concerned about Pence'

House Judiciary great point:

The big stall

Middle Age Riot tweet:

,,,AND, we get to the "So, can we lock her up" question

Another Middle Age Riot tweet:

Lahey told them to keep civil....what was the question that prompted that

Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band - Cherchez la Femme/Se Si Bon

Trump lawyer references Maura Healey and Ayanna Pressley during impeachment trial defense

Trump's Defense Shoves His Biggest Supporters Under The Bus

Tom Nichols tweet:

Trump's team wants Senators to exclusively consider the wording of Trump's Jan. 6th speech

iudex damnatur ubi nocens absolvitur


YES they are awarding Officer Goodman a medal

Schumer giving Eugene Goodman the well deserved honor

Damn I'm choked up. Schumer is now asking for unanimous consent to award Goodman....

Stop the nonsense!

Judy Woodruff's interview of Patty Murray on PBS Newshour tonight is

Michael Jackson - People Make The World Go 'Round

Album Rock - Supertramp - Breakfast in America - 1979

Sen. Merkley to House Managers: If a president spins a Big Lie to anger Americans, stokes the fury

Senator Sanders asks impeachment lawyers if Trump won 2020 election

Scoop: Lincoln Project co-founder Steve Schmidt is resigning from the group's board, he told staff o

When you can't get satisfaction from a customer service rep, do this:

'Convict Trump' banner flies over Mar-a-Lago during Senate impeachment trial

So today I was on a call during which I could hear a classroom.

Not nearly enough attention is being paid to the counterintelligence catastrophes wrought by Trump.

BREAKING: Horrifying new videos appear to show #BorderWall bulldozers tearing through pristine Arizo

Roses Are Red ...

Some fitness trainers got vaccine as 'health care workers'

Anyone else find themselves moved to rise from their seat at home re: Officer Goodman?

Impeachment Vote Tracker

So I am assuming the stimulus payment...

New details about Trump-McCarthy shouting match show Trump refused to call off the rioters

Trump had a riot on his hands before they went to the Capital.

Scoop: Lincoln Project co-founder resigns. (Steve Schmidt)

McCarthy on 1/6 to Chump- "Who the fu-k do you think you're talking to?"

Trump is not going to prison, but is he already in a different kind of prison?

Steve Schmidt resigns from Lincoln Project

SCAM ALERT!!! Got a letter today from a Georgia address. It was a legal-sized envelope

The Capitol was like the Alamo to our Capitol Police.

Scoop: Lincoln Project co-founder resigns

@Yamiche: Out of the Senate chamber and my goodness that was something to witness. Senators (Dems an

This is how Biden eked out his 2020 Victory

Just wondering: it is clear that Cruz, Hawley Robio and others want to run in 2024

The most breath-taking quote of the night for me was MoscowMitch praising

Ari Melber: "A failed coup without consequences becomes a training exercise."

Happy birthday to Bill Russell!

Is This the End of Obsessively Hating Donald Trump? Loathing him has been a passion,....