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Contagious Laughter (HA!!)

Impact of Seattle's $15 minimum wage

Incoming WTO head warns 'vaccine nationalism' could slow pandemic recovery

Anyone have a LEGIBLE copy of letter from Adam Kizinger family ?

"Why Some Covid 19 Numbers Are Improving".

Now available from C-SPAN Classroom: C-SPAN's Virtual Presidents Exhibit.

Laughing Chewbacca Mask Lady

I need to find a particlur type of connector

Frozen pipes in Houston. Is it safe to flush my toilet?

The GOP Lawmakers at the Insurrection

Look at this shameless showboating bird

Texas GOP and ERCOT-Preparation is for wimps

Texas GOP and ERCOT-Preparation is for wimps

Nevada Democrats move to end presidential caucuses

GIVEN---that the majority of what still calls itself the "Republican" party believe that Trump

It's not a 9/11-type Inquiry......

'This Is Extremely Dangerous': Texans in Peril at Home, on Road

IA-SEN: Iowa Republican announces Senate bid with Grassley's 2022 plans unclear

NYC-MYR: Yang hits donation requirements to get city funds in NYC mayor's race

Movie review of story of Fred Hampton, Chairman of the Illinois Chapter of the Black Panthers

Donald Fagen - Ruby Baby (1982)

Biden plays Mario Kart with granddaughter at Camp David

'2020 took a toll on me': Indiana Secretary of State Connie Lawson to resign

Simple point: I hate social distancing, but I hate pneumonia more!

the coldest night in texas...way colder than today...was in 1899

I Just Got An Appointment For My Covid Vaccine

Donald Trump 'voiced concern' about being charged over Capitol Insurrection

Los Angeles County has officially reached the State's threshold for reopening elementary schools.

Texas wholesale electric prices spike more than 10,000% amid outages

Nearly the entire Massachusetts delegation is calling on Charlie Baker for a vaccine preregistration

Capitol riot: New radio and video footage shows a coordinated attack and officers' restraint

City releases $5 million settlement agreement with Black officer beaten during protest

Mitch McConnell Backs Bill to Ensure He's Not Replaced by Democrat If He Leaves Office Early

Republicans Leaving Party In Droves

Subpoena dysfunction

Did my first palette knife painting today.


So how do we reform the Senate to make it more representative?

Murdoch's Wall Street Urinal Declares Trump's Political Death, Warns GOP to Move On or

The African American Woman Who Helped Design of the Moderna Vaccine Is Fighting Vaccine Hesitancy.

GOP Rep. Kinzinger Receives Stunning Letter from Relatives: 'You Have Lost the Respect of Lou Dobbs...

On a trip to NY city with friends we got caught in the The Blizzard of 1966 I ended up in Montreal a

Just something to amuse myself

Could some kind person tell me how to watch

I've had enough armchair prosecutors criticizing the House Managers for not calling witnesses.

The Philosophy of Phyllis Diller

Wow! Just found out someone I know was recently arrested as one of the Capitol rioters!

Trenton clerk sued for ignoring records requests in favor of 'mudslinging, drama'

North Dakota Weather Alert (warning XX X )

Tweet of the night:

NASA's Perseverance Scheduled to Land on Mars on Thursday

Bobby Bare - Singin' In The Kitchen

These are my ancestors!

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Live and Let Die!

The democrats dropped call to have witnesses because of this?! WTF!

Sabine Pass Fisherman

Trump concerned over being charged in connection to Capitol riot

The Sickening History of Marjorie Taylor Greene's Hometown

Mexico Blames U.S. as Energy Crisis Spills Across the Border

N.J. mayor says he's boycotting Oreos after Nabisco plant closure leads to 600 lost jobs

Perdue 'leaning heavily' toward challenging Warnock in Georgia

"Lack of witnesses at Trump's trial is not the problem. Witness intimidation is."

Nevada Democrats move to end presidential caucuses

Righteous snark.

*Stacy Plaskett and Joe Neguse on Rachel show now.

Turn on Rachel Right fuggin' now

May Senate-style justice be done!

Trump attends a COVIDIOT party on President's day

Western Washington slowly thawing out with possibility of urban flooding

New proposal in King County would give grocery store workers $4 per hour in hazard pay

It should be clearer and clearer to everyone: We need to keep close eyes on the state QOP parties

Not entirely sure WHY I love this 2013 tune by Phosphorescent but I think it's the Glamrock groove

Hubby and I get first vaccine tomorrow. We had to drive an hour. In a hotel tonight

About that dumbass look on Tucker Carlson's face...

Listening to an interview with Spike Lee on Fresh Air...

Where do you fall on the scale if falling for trickle down economics?

Still glowing with a sense of superiority:

Funniest Aussie zoomies ever!

Check out this very very young David Bowie

Pupper cuddles his cow:

Has a date been set for Biden address? Not exactly the State of the Union, just adress?

Run for Something recruiting local candidates to challenge Jan. 6 insurrectionists.

A simple plan for how Republicans can take back their Party from the Trump cult.

This is bad.

Carly Simon - Waited So Long

David Bowie holding a cat

Come on down to Crazy Donny's Discount Used Car Sales!

FICTIONAL grifter coming up:

Marc Bolan (T.Rex) BBC documentary

Johnny Pacheco, Who Helped Bring Salsa to the World, Dies at 85

Anyone think POTUS already winning, in the senate?

The Day That Curly Billy Shot Down Crazy Sam Mcgee (2008 Remaster) - The Hollies

James Taylor - Blossom

PA GOP official: "We did not send him there to 'do the right thing' or whatever"

Got this Email from Pilot/Flying J truck stops, re: closings

This breaks my heart.

Here's a serious question about right-wingers in the US

Opinion: The accountability era begins

**Eliz Drew great historical point she made on Lawrence show re: Nixon:

Parody - the Paul MccArtney and Heather Mills story.....sort of

If You're a Liberal, You Should Know Who Jamie Raskin's Father Was; It Explains A Lot

In Legal Trouble?

Celia Cruz Sound Check (Guantanamera)

Texas, our Texas!

What are the odds of Leahy(D-VT) serving 10 terms in the US Senate?

Arizona Senate passes huge school voucher expansion, 2 years after voters said no

Star - The Hollies

Here Are 2 Facts Supporting Donald Trump's Criminal Responsibility for the Attack on the US Capitol

Do you know this person?

David Frum: The Founders Were Wrong About Democracy

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Trump's Acquittal, McConnell's BS Excuse, & MAGA's Celebrations

Oh, come on--- Now they're after the Bard of Avon

Does DU have a coin collecting sub-forum?

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Tucker Carlson Jeopardy

Governor Kristi Noem Under Scrutiny For Taxpayer-Funded Travel

How long can Colombia's ranchers chief stay out of prison?

Texas hotels are price-gouging too.

The History of the Ted Cruz-Zodiac Killer meme

Colombia bungles conspiracy to meddle in Ecuador's election

North Carolina GOP Censures Burr

"...enough live ammunition to shoot every member of Congress five times."

December '63 (Oh What a Night) - Four Seasons

Here'a a piece I did back in 1986, gave it to some friends as a gift...

Philly Rep. Brian Sims says he'll seek Democratic nod for Lt. Gov in 2022

Brazil: Secret Process To Change Human Rights Policy

Lawfare Threatens To Derail Presidential Election In Ecuador - OpEd

Texas freeze leaves millions in northern Mexico without power

Love Akira Kurosawa

So, Texas is asking for President Biden's help with their weather problems? Hmmm....

Swalwell: We Could Have Had A Confession Signed by Trump, That Wasn't Going To Change Their Minds

Thank you so much for the latest heart!


How many US Senate seats Democrats will have a net gain of in 2022?

I just finished 3 weeks of driving in Montana. Here's a short vid of my perspective

Pennsylvania man arrested in Capitol insurrection after mom outs him on social media

Biden team looking to block Medicaid work requirements in Nebraska

Here's part of Thunes excuse

Trump's rot has reached the GOP's roots

Jersey Boys - 4th of July 2009 @ The US Capitol

Alas, Hearts Are Gone Until February 2022

'The Jew is guilty,' 300 neo-Nazis hear at rare far-right gathering in Spain

Celebrating Presidents Day...

Snow potential index - 6/10 (↑): Snow odds continue ticking up for Thursday,

iPhone 5c resurrection

Why Texas is in so much trouble -

Speaker Pelosi Reiterates Call For Independent Commission To Study The Capitol Siege: Deadline MSNBC

2004 Nostalgia: Jon Stewart on Crossfire

Stacey Plaskett Says Impeachment Managers Will Assist With Criminal Investigations Of T----

Bishop of a Mexican state on the U.S. border says masks mean no trust/faith in God

Rep. Lieu On Why Democrats Chose Not To Call Impeachment Witnesses - All In - MSNBC

Biden and the Fed Leave 1970s Inflation Fears Behind

the pretty reckless w. kim thayil and matt cameron - only love can save me now (studio-2021)

Most talented cat in the world

Lindsey Graham: Lara Trump is 'the future' of the GOP

Texas ERCOT Power Grid, Trump, QAnon & Mexico. What a strange world Texas lives in.

Electricity retailer Griddy's unusual plea to Texas customers: Leave now before you get a big bill

POW!! IMHO Keith needs to run for office. This video is GREAT

At a certain point, states should be required to acknowledge climate change to receive federal

Texas city forced to shut off water due to winter storm

VP Kamala Harris speaks with Emmanuel Macron of France

power back on in parts of portland -- thom hartmann's show might be live tuesday

Hovhaness: 'Artik', Meir Rimon on horn

Update: I have power! I'm cold tonight.

90-year-old Seattle woman walks six miles through snow to get COVID-19 vaccination

Tension over election integrity erupts in Virginia House of Delegates

VA-GOV: Former think tank leader joins race for Virginia governor

Senator Cassidy continues to give me hope

Biden poised to swing the important 9th US Circuit court of appeals back to the left

E pluribus unum

Three blind mice

*** Check on the elderly ***

Music makes this Chihuahua smile:

I'll have what you're having. I said I'll have what you're having.

US Marriage registration records, how to find what they contain ?

I need that!

Impeachment Manager Mystified At Pence's Silence After Targeting By Trump For Mob Attack - TRMS

PRESIDENT BIDEN is Saving America a Minimum of $3 million every weekend he DOESN'T golf.

☦ Orthodox Christian Chants

Middle Age Riot tweet:

Mary Trump tweet:

Shredding The Blues

excellent video of homeless communities in Los angeles

France's BNP to stop financing firms farming deforested land in the Amazon

The Molice: please please Pris

OAS expresses concern, calls for transparency over Ecuador's electoral process

For people without electricity

"Did you know that you can wrap peony buds in a newspaper and put in your refrigerator

Emilie Mayer: 'Piano Quartet No.2' (I believe...)

Biden and Central America's Anti-Corruption Crusade

In their own blood, Mexican women demand help for victims of violence

"boxers versus briefs"

After Impeachment, Trump Faces Legal Woes On Multiple Fronts - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Optimism as Cuba set to test its own Covid vaccine

High-altitude birds evolved thicker 'jackets'

I see the Texas bashing is full force.

Serena Williams - into the semis

"There Are Two Types of Horses In Congress: Show Ponies, and WORK HORSES." Plaskett is Pure...

Eating oreos at 3:55 am (severe depression edition)

Costs to support ex presidents - what u r paying for

The long journey of Merrick Garland.

'Crazy cat lady syndrome': From medical myth to potential cancer vaccine

Tuesday TOONs - "I'm With Qupid"

Resentment against Californians bringing their larger housing budgets to other states

Breakfast Tuesday 16 February 2021

A Black Soldier's Heroism, Overlooked in 1965, May Finally Be Lauded in 2021

Block Trump from office with the 14th Amendment's aiding an insurrection exclusion

Cool video of aircraft landing in Greenland

Mayor, police chief and clerks all arrested in small Iowa town

At least 3 dead, 10 injured in North Carolina tornado

Electricity retailer Griddy's unusual plea to Texas customers: Leave now before you get a big bill

Doctored photo purports to show US President Biden sleeping in Oval Office

There are people who have it worse then me.

Should Rupert Murdoch and FOX News organization be considered an enemy of America?

Really, Ron Johnson?

Why 75% of Republicans still support Trump having a role in their Party?

Any bets she loses her job -JetBlue Airways conducting investigation into Kalina Collier's actions

Poll finds a disturbingly large amount of white evangelicals believe QAnon is real

Blue lives did not matter. It was always a platform to disrespect and negate black lives.

Happy Election Day Feb 16, 2021

See the World from Home with Amazing Travel Photographer of the Year Images

I asked my wife the perfume you are wearing is new

US Senate seats that Democrats are gonna win in 2022.

The 5 Trump Amendments

Biden's Schedule for Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Sen. Sanders - AC360 Feb 15

Right now it's warmer in Toronto, Canada than it is in Texas, inland Louisiana, and Arkansas.

Vigorous Preparation Returns to White House

Blondie - The Tide Is High

Need a Math person for est. number of MAGA deaths from Covid?

TOOL - Reflection

Republican Party is now a terrorist organization -- and none of this is a surprise

PSA: Delegate Stacey Plaskett will be on "The View" this morning (11 AM Eastern).

Republican jeopardy of marginalizing the 7 who voted to convict Trump

Covid-19: Kent virus variant 'on course to sweep world'

Right now it is -28 in our area

Thank you for another heart, I am very grateful for all the love.

Princess Latifa: 'Hostage' ordeal of Dubai ruler's daughter revealed

There's still one small problem...

Republican held US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that Democrats are likely to win.

Texas storm shows what it looks like to have a president of all the United States

Rare White Buffalo spotted in Ozark Mountains...

Sen. Ron Johnson plays down Capitol riots: 'This didn't seem like an armed insurrection to me'

One of the smartest things I've found, to deal with Winter power outages - down comforters

As Deb Haaland Faces GOP Backlash Over Role in Pipeline Protests, Progressives Say: 'Confirm Her Imm

My fellow Texans, please check in.

"We did not send him there to do the right thing."

Draymond Green sounds off on a double standard he sees in the NBA

Setting candidate preference to no one?

As if we needed more proof of the moral bankruptcy of the Republican party

It is 7 below zero here in Oklahoma and we are out of power this morning.

"Are They Really Going To Pretend This Didn't Happen?"

Of the 43 GOP Senators that voted to acquit Trump how many are tied to Russia?

You've Really Got A Hold On Me

Former Iowa Democratic Party chairman speaks out on caucus chaos

U.S. Power Crisis Leaves Millions Cold, Dark as Blackouts Expand

Pizzagate's violent legacy The gunman who terrorized a D.C. pizzeria is out of prison. ...

Texas Power Outages by County

New Justice Barrett joins liberals as Supreme Court says Alabama cannot execute inmate without ...

Fat Tuesday. Mardi Gras. 25 degrees. Bourbon Street. COVID. No people.

Ted Cruz Tweet Attacking California Energy Policies Resurfaces Amid Texas Power Outages

How Republicans View Biden's Relief Bill

The Memo: Biden steps out of Trump's shadow

Restaurant association warns Congress on minimum wage hike

Tips for surviving inside your cold house

Democrats unveil bill to make Nevada the first presidential primary

Enough about trump. I have a question about The President.

Laelth, Are You Out There?

How to fix the Senate without abolishing the filibuster

It's time to leave the Republican party behind

From Reuters Pictures: "Overjoyed" Harry and Meghan expecting second child(...)

Biden Extends Ban On Housing Foreclosures During Pandemic

You know who *shouldn't* be on the 1/6 commission? Lee Hamilton.

Shell's 'Delusional' Net Zero Strategy Commits $8 Billion to Fossil Fuels

As redistricting looms, Democrats jockey to counter GOP edge

YOU raised $25 on 2-15-21 DU for Kansas Fair Maps: Anti-Gerrymandering Fund ($5,000 match)

Biden Steps Up His Stimulus Pitch

Day two without power in North Austin

At least 'a dozen' federal law enforcement officials are members of the Oath Keepers militia

I ask the simple questions again?

Months after Biden win, Arizona officials still face threats from Trump supporters

The FBI warned about far-right attacks. Agents arrested a leftist ex-soldier.

Whole-house generator FTW

Heads Up - Anderson Cooper hosting townhall with President Joe Biden

GOP tries to weaponize pandemic-exhausted parents against Biden

After Trump, the attention economy deflates

Texas conservatives trying to blame green energy for the states power failures

Trump is the culture war. The culture war is the base. Now what?

Please stay safe everyone!

This is bad. UPDATE 02-16-21

Vigorous preparation returns as Biden calls other leaders

N.A.A.C.P. Sues Trump and Giuliani Over Election Fight and Jan. 6 Riot

Who wants some inspirational type stuff? (Warning - Language)

Hubby and I have vaccine 1

CNN: Congressman B. Thompson sues rump and ghouliani for

Only Half Of Americans Have Heard Of 'Cancel Culture'

Pic Of The Moment: "We Did Not Send Him There To Do The Right Thing"

Baby panda waking up in crib:

Astrophysicists re-imagine world map, designing a less distorted, 'radically different' way ...

I hope my Ferals have snowshoes.

A funny thing about Tucker Carlson 😳😁😄👀

Leading House Dem sues Trump under a post-Civil War law for conspiracy to incite US Capitol riot

Majority don't think Trump should be allowed to hold future office: poll

Couple ideas for heat and lite in an emergency

Union Pacific is shutting down most of its intermodal network effective 8am Tuesday for 72 hours

DNC announces key staff hires as Biden takes hold of party

I got an email from Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Backlash Against January 6 Insurrection Drives New Interest In Running For Office Rachel Maddow

Sen Ron Johnson,#Republican, WI Joins Graham In Bashing McConnell For Scolding Trump After Acquittal

4 weeks ago nothing was Trumps fault

Pizzagate's deadly legacy: D.C. pizzeria gunman is out of prison. Conspiracy theories he helped...

I'm trying out the theory that grapefruit helps cannabis edibles to work. Anybody?

So Wile E. Coyote runs off a cliff,

Maine Republican Party To Consider Censuring Susan Collins Over Impeachment Vote

Justices to consider whether Arizona's voting rules discriminate against minorities

Trump Didn't Just Lose Swing Voters--the GOP Did as Well

C&L: Texas Power Blackouts Were Preventable -- But Freedumb, Dammit!

Good Day DU (February 16, 2021)

Rudy Giuliani needs to lawyer up over Georgia election meddling: state attorney

This is why Republicans are so effective at messaging

Charges against 'Central Park Karen' Amy Cooper dismissed

1132 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Tues.; 3 deaths

Ugly new attacks on Republicans who defied Trump hint at a dark GOP future

County GOP- 'We did not send him there to do the right thing or whatever'

The Washington, D.C., siege has Western roots and consequences


NJ INSIDER: Don't Cut Trump the Slack We Cut Jefferson Davis

NAACP files litigation against Trump and Giuliani in connection to Jan. 6 insurrection

my voice teacher told me yesterday


Cover of Ms. Magazine:


I am thoroughly enjoying Brian Williams' snark on his 11th Hour show

Cartoon: Censure culture By Clay Jones -February 16, 2021 9:00 AM

Revealed: Monsanto owner and US officials pressured Mexico to drop glyphosate ban

OK, i fixed the white balance on the series of little green tree frog shots

I was thinking about this. A citizens' Civil Suit against Trump for Dereliction of Duty.

Found a great app called "Radio Japon"

It suddenly hits me every now and then that Joe Biden is President

Adam Kinzinger reveals letter 'brainwashed' Trump-loving relatives sent him after he voted for impea

WAPO OP ED: Republicans have tied themselves to an anvil

McConnell defends his vote to acquit Trump as his approval rating tanks even more

Good ideas to share with all the DU'er stuck in the freeze zone

Republican Cowards Don't Understand Facts

On this day, February 16, 1996, two passenger trains collided in Silver Spring, Maryland.

HEY YOU! Don't Just Complain - RUN FOR SOMETHING!

Cat Brought Stray Kitten Home And The Family Adopted Him

CBO says $15 wage would have bigger budget impact than GOP tax cut provisions

57 GOP State And Local Officials Were At The Capitol Insurrection

We've seen these crooks before.

WATCH: Rick Perry unable to defend Texas Republicans for power outages during Fox News interview

Israel hints it may not engage Biden on Iran nuclear strategy

"History doesn't repeat itself but it often rhymes." --Mark Twain

Nominee for No. 2 spot at Treasury to get confirmation hearing Feb. 23 - source

Carnival in Germany

Otis Blackwell was born on this date.

Can we get some polling data on how many Michiganians ventured out in 10 inches of snow this morning

U.S. airline passenger traffic fell 60.1% in 2020 -- DOT

Gov. Whitmer proposes complete ban on firearms in state Capitol building

I don't believe for one second that the GOPers supported donnie in the trial.

cold weather

Can We Give It A Rest For At Least A Little While.....

The FBI Wants You To Make These Photos Of Capitol Insurrectionists Go Viral

This happened & it will happen again

NASA, seven minutes of terror in two days....

Rep. Debbie Lesko says Americans, not Hispanics, need vaccine first; draws outrage

150 years of spills: Philadelphia refinery cleanup highlights toxic legacy of fossil fuels

To finance social housing, the City of Paris sells its luxury homes

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, February 16: Star of the Month: John Garfield

To anyone 50miles around Marble Falls, Tx ...

A pandemic. A snowstorm. And a bored guy...

New AI 'Ramanujan Machine' uncovers hidden patterns in numbers

New York Republicans - The Problem Was Trump Not Cuomo I Remember PPE Lottery Jared And Denial

Trae Crowder - Trump's Acquittal and the Worthless GOP

The End of the GOP? - The MeidasTouch Podcast

Strava users - do you pay for the premium version?

We live in North Dakota and this AM our power was cut for almost one and a half hrs.

"...we did not send him there to do the right thing..."

I was just an eensie teensie bit off on my snowfall estimate. I guessed around 4", give or take.

NAACP Sues Trump and Giuliani

General Electric expects negative cash flow in first quarter 2021: CEO

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, February 17: Noteworthy African American Performances

Citigroup cannot recoup Revlon payouts after nearly $900 million gaffe: U.S. judge

Another trans woman murdered, this time in Miami

Huey Lewis & The News - Small World (Full version feat. Stan Getz)

Georgia Republicans Are Trying to Change the Rules for Fani Willis's Prosecution of Donald Trump for

What Iceberg? (Luckovich)

Georgia Republicans Are Trying to Change the Rules for Fani Willis's Prosecution of Donald Trump for

H P Love craft was a horrible human being, but

This is a good time to note that the electrical grid in Texas was deregulated, privatized, and remov

Ted Cruz's 2020 tweet about California blackouts comes back to bite him in the ass

"Attack on elderly Filipino woman on San Diego trolley" trump's legacy

About these "rolling blackouts"

On January 6th, Joe Biden completely failed us as President

My stuff ain't all that

This example of mansplaining is very funny:

We are less than a week away from half a million COVID deaths

Messing with Texas: The Lone Star state's power grid is working exactly as designed

Ron Johnson Logic: before the invention of guns, there was no such thing as armed insurrection

Marvel's 21 episode Superhero series. Spoilers.

Just saw where Abilene, Tx shut off all the water.

Focus on Capitol Hill turns to passing Biden's $1.9 trillion covid relief bill

Live link to the Texas power outage map

Anti-Vaxxers Aren't the Only Ones Selling Vaccines Short

Hospitals still ration medical N95 masks as stockpiles swell

Snow plow in Oklahoma City?

Inside the Texas power crisis.

Now Valentine Hearts are gone, 💜💛💚Happy Mardi Gras!

Myanmar's Suu Kyi faces new charge as crackdown intensifies

Johnny Pacheco, an idol in world of Salsa, dies at 85

Joe: Mask up, America.

Trump Regains Support Among Republicans After Impeachment, Poll Finds

Very unfair of the #QAnon mob trying to #CancelJimJordan! All he did was look the other way as dozen

Erika Harold, Former Miss America and GOP Candidate, 'Ashamed' of Fellow Republicans

A vegan version of the iconic KitKat candy bar, to be known as the KitKat V, will be launched later

Jen Psaki: "We're doing something new here, and there's going to be an independent Justice Departmen

Why the Republican Party is poised to tear itself apart

In remission, again

ERCOT asks Austin Energy to shed more power, could mean outages for emergency services

Trump directed an RNC member to tell GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger a 'vulgar message about what he should

How will Trump reinvent himself? I expect Trump to become "born again" in the next year or so.

Amtrak route restructure targets new corridors

The pure poetry of the Liberal Redneck ... posted by ItsjustMe .... you will smile

These storms are an indication of what is coming because of climate change.

Police deploys new weapon to keep citizens from filming them: copyrighted music.

Sweden Shows Texas How to Keep Turbines Spinning in Icy Weather

West Virginians blast Manchin for opposing $15 minimum wage

North Korea apparently tried to hack Pfizer for COVID vaccine info

Question for those in the know TX. Who do the Dems have poised to run against Abbott in 2022?

White House: We've been able to increase vaccine supply by 57% since January 20, 2021.

Children understand about special needs.

Frozen Wind Farms Are Just a Small Piece of Texas's Power Woes

Robotic pets provide companionship to Minnesota seniors: 'Kitty is there'

The Beatles welcome Parler's return to the net.

CNN legal expert: Trump may be forced to fight KKK Act lawsuit 'for years'

the NERVE of these taker Red States whingeing about the COVID bill & calling it a BLUE STATE bailout

States affected with power shortages

Swedish recipe of the day: How to make traditional semla buns

Dr. Fauci Defends VP Kamala Harris' 'Starting From Scratch' Comments -- Because She Was Not Wrong

Feeling Acoustic

57 GOP State And Local Officials Were At The Capitol Insurrection

Trump and Giuliani being sued for violating the Ku Klux Klan Act of 1871

Maybe some will realize why government regulation and control of key facets of society is critical

Sen. Ben Sasse: GOP Must Persuade Voters It Has A Vision Beyond Donald Trump

Joe Manchin Wants Meeting About $15 Minimum Wage, Campaigners Say

Fox/WSJ Pure Evil - Frozen Wind Turbine Lies

Federal judge blocks last-minute Trump rule limiting asylum claims

This is just--oh, myyyyy. There is no limit to the absurdity.

What Makes Sherrod Brown So Special? Dems Hope To Replicate Senator's Appeal In Bid For ...

The Trumpiest Republicans Are At The State And Local Levels -- Not In D.C.

ERCOT to change Texas energy prices to meet high demand amid winter storm

Not one month in and the only channel airing Psaki is MSNBC

Cotton, Romney introduce bill pairing minimum wage increase with tighter citizenship verification

BREAKING Seditionist charged with 12 COUNTS!

The Vaccine Had to Be Used. He Used It. He Was Fired.

Mark Knopfler thread. The hard part with him is finding songs you've not heard a million times

Robert Holts, last of Nebraska's Tuskegee Airmen, dies in Bellevue

Maybe The Best Headline Of The Day

Robert Holts, last of Nebraska's Tuskegee Airmen, dies in Bellevue

Trump's defense to NAACP lawsuit will be that he had nothing to do with rally on the 6th

Who here resonates with this? We're not Boomers, we're Generation Jones!

Robert Holts, last of Nebraska's Tuskegee Airmen, dies in Bellevue

New Electronic Frontier Foundation Report Shows Cops Used Ring Cameras to Monitor Black Lives

Hawaii reports 35 new cases, lowest daily total in many months....

Over 200 reasons Why the republican insurrection party voted for DJT...

A frozen food fallacy? The coronavirus origin story that doesn't stack up

North Korea reportedly tried to hack Pfizer to steal COVID-19 vaccine tech

DUers have you seen this? Claudia Conway makes 'American Idol' debut

Charges dismissed against Amy Cooper, white woman who called 911 on Black bird-watcher

DSA expects full economic recovery will take at least 2 years

Revealed: Monsanto owner and US officials pressured Mexico to drop glyphosate ban

Revealed: Monsanto owner and US officials pressured Mexico to drop glyphosate ban

Cartoons 2/16/2021

Most over-rated bands...

Seattle-area home bidding wars on the rise as inventory dries up

Hamas court says women need guardian's approval to travel

Trump Tower's Neighbors Are Relieved as Barricades Come Down


How my day is going.

Haven't caught any on the water yet today.

White House turns to Silicon Valley for help with COVID vaccine rollout

downtown Houston glows while outskirts are in the dark, some sleep in their cars

remember that day Inhofe brought a snowball into the senate?

Marc Elias: 🚨NEW: Right-wing voter purge lawsuit DISMISSED.

Pro-Trump lawyer Lin Wood calls for help digging up dirt on lawyers who could debar him

Impeachment manager says Republicans privately told her she made a compelling case to convict Trump

California Realtor Loses Job After Racist Video Harassing Asian Woman Goes Viral

Gendered, Racial and Religious Biases Infiltrate Virtual Learning Curriculums

helmet saves life of surfer at pipeline? evidence is strong

Winter storm songs. I'll go first. Yes-Southside of the Sky

Kochira koso!

Has anyone asked Trump if he thinks there's some way we could use nukes against winter

How Poverty Makes Workers Less Productive

What could possibly go wrong here?

Demolition crews rip out Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago helipad

Millions endure record cold without power; at least 14 dead

Japanese/ Korean / English slang for improper mask wearing

Wait! What? Trump Campaign pd Event Strategies (Paul Manafort) $1.3 million for insurrection event

Marjorie Taylor Greene Has an Average 24% Approval Rating Among Republicans: Polls

I just spent almost 3 hours outside cleaning up.

Ben Sasse Defends Trump Voters: 'Overwhelming Majority' Have 'No Inclination' to Violence

Uverworld: life size

Snoqualmie Pass to reopen at 3 p.m. after avalanche threat, risk of wrecks

Washington Legislature passes graduation waiver measure

I want this mug!

Bannon thought Trump was suffering from dementia & pushed 25th Amendment behind the scenes: 60 Minu

Need help please. I have had the MacBook Pro for 2 months and I'm lost.

Giuliani not representing Trump in any current lawsuits. Trump and him

GBHeron near the Rio Grande

Hamas court says women need guardian's approval to travel

Ron Johnson Warns McConnell

Atlantic City Hotel Special Offers 'Front Seat' to Demo of Former Trump Plaza

Maybe you already knew this: ** Storm #2 Snowfall Amounts**

CNN Anchor Brooke Baldwin Announces Departure From Network

Houston deaths of woman and child - ran car to create heat in garage attached to condo

Cartoon on Vaccine

Maybe we need an "I got my vaccine" thread.

Revolution Blooming: Alice Nine

Steven Stills - Sit Yourself Down

Brent Bozell's son charged for participating in the insurrection

2/16 Mike Luckovich: What iceberg?

Yeah let's take our advice from someone who was involved in the Jan 6 insurrection. 🤡

Miami lawyer whose pants caught fire during arson trial arrested on cocaine charge

The Acropolis:

Las Vegas airport to be renamed after former Sen. Harry Reid

Sarah Huckabee is upset she is known as a liar

The snow keeps on coming.

I have never voted for a GOP candidate in my life.

Toxic Lee Chatfield

When Debate Is Futile: Bertrand Russell's Remarkable Response to a Fascist's Provocation

Apologies to George Santayana.....


The PA US Senate seat currently held by (Toomey-R) will be the only seat that flips in 2022.

Sky Cries Mary - Shipwrecked

Donald Trump out with a blistering statement on Mitch McConnell via Save America PAC

CNN covered the previous regime's press briefings

Texplainer: Why Does Texas Have Its Own Power Grid?

Johnny Pacheco, Fania Records co-founder, dies at 85

Johnny Pacheco, Fania Records co-founder, dies at 85

Why Lunch Should Be The Day's Biggest Meal, According To Experts

Steve Bannon believed Trump had early stage dementia, TV producer claims

Trump Puts Out Blistering Attack on McConnell

BREAKING: Trump finally erupts...

Why US Airports Are So Bad (2019)

Leading House Democrat sues Donald Trump under a post-Civil War law for conspiracy

Misogyny in Michigan

Republicans aren't good with computer simulations

17th Century Romanian Salt Mine Gets Converted Into Wild Tourist Attraction

Dave Chappelle has a powerful take on the Capitol riots (CNN)

You can get a gas fireplace running by inserting 2 D batteries in the control panel underneath

'Asinine': Keilar blasts GOP senator's Capitol riot claim (CNN)

Thank Toomey

Gerrymandering, What Can We Do To Fix It?

Lincoln Project Scandal Is MUCH WORSE Than You Think - The Damage Report

Who do you think will win the Trump-McConnell mano a mano

In Athens, rare snow blankets Acropolis, halts vaccinations

Dr. Fauci named 7th ever Great American Medal recipient by Smithsonian

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Wednesday, 17 February 2021

Thank you to all those who are pulling the Trump into civil courts

What's for Dinner, Tues., Feb. 16, 2021

Oy, pppssstt GOP, over here...

Family, friends concerned after 21-year-old woman on Autism spectrum disappears

Biden town hall with Anderson Cooper tonight at 9PM on CNN n/t

Neighbors still haunted 10 years after deadly gas explosion

Mitch McConnell Reveals What He REALLY Thinks Of Trump

Tweet of the moment

CaSSIS mission: The camera capturing Mars' craters and canyons

I just gotta say one more time

ONE slice of sun!

🚨ALERT: Judge DENIES Georgia Secretary of State's attempt to completely throw out a @fairfightaction

Herbie Hancock - Death Wish (Main Title)

High ranking former lawyers from Texas AG's office add to a whistleblower suit against Ken Paxton sa

The Climate got Drunk Again and threw us a Snownado

What Would You Do?

Boycotting Publix? Let them know.

Baby Cow Adopts A Tiny Orphaned Piglet

I just saw AF1 in the air on CNN.

Self sufficient, energy independent Texas

Misogyny in Michigan

So tired

Animals Who Had To Travel And Still Behaved More Civilized Than Many People

Why does tRump always describe himself in his statements of others?

Krispy Kreme will have a Mars donut for a single day

Rudy is dumped over the side...

Europa Clipper: Nasa's ocean world mission gets launch date

Square Kilometre Array: 'Lift-off' for world's biggest telescope

Thanks to @POTUS for delivering results and getting the job done on something Trump failed to do - s

this picture of Biden is playing games with my brain lol

The deaths from Florida's winter surge are mounting. In mid-January, we wrote about this likelihood

Vaccine Misinformation Mixes with Extreme Faith

Ted Cruz's Tweet About California Energy Shortages Comes Back To Haunt Him

Wendy & Lisa - White

Everything you should know about the implosion on Wednesday

Black Couple's Home Valuation Increased by 50 % After White Friend Posed as Homeowner

Cardiologist, anti-war activist Bernard Lown dies at 99

This Thursday, SC will review a Trump v Biden case filed back in December...

4 Reasons Tech Titans Went From Gods To Garbage

Wednesday Feb 17th @9am EST Watch Former TRump Plaza Implosion

U.S. SEC sues Morningstar over ratings of commercial mortgage-backed securities

Amazing Next Level Homemade Inventions

The Beatles - Revolution 9

Dachshund puppy notices mirror reflection for the first time

It's real tempting to say to Texas evangelicals that this storm

Guardian: Pence nuclear football at risk during capitol riot. (!) exclamation mine)