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The Russian Revolution 1917

Ex-Ecuadorian leader Gustavo Noboa dies after brain surgery

Trump calls Mitch McConnell a "dour, sullen, unsmiling political hack" which either.....

W.H. Press Secretary Jen Psaki turns the table on reporter's question on working with Republicans

Trump lawyers hit with major data breach -- stolen files are on the dark web: report

Wings - Venus And Mars Live Medley

One of the Feral cats FINALLY showed up for dinner!

Laissez les bons temps rouler!

The CIA was linked to the alleged sonic attacks in Cuba

No indication Biden administration is planning to shut down the Florida border PolitiFact

Electric Groove - 'Move On Up' / Curtis Mayfield (Cover) Live

Every Republican who is being attacked

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki FULL briefing, 2/16/21, no edits or comments

Trump rips McConnell in lengthy statement after being acquitted in impeachment trial

Cuba Study Group asks Biden to lift US sanctions against Cuba

Behold! See the 1st Mars closeup from UAE's Hope orbiter (photo).

Republican John James says he was called racial slur in Florida

Any fans here of Snowpiercer?

If you aren't following Rick Beato already, you should rethink that choice

I am presently in Atlantic City's immediate neighboring town,

Rickie Lee Jones - "I Won't Grow Up"

need pushback on the "Texas blackout caused by wind turbines" meme

Here's how to watch NASA's Perseverance rover land on Mars on Thursday

New York MTA to see partial restoration of night service next week

Particles zipping around Earth at near light-speed finally explained

Texas Mayor, how it started, how it's going

Kalamazoo falls back from SW Michigan First after Chatfield hire

A suggestion.

Ignoring Repression and Dirty Tricks in Coverage of Ecuador's Election

Daily Mail: Biden's has 60% more shots, big deal?

Hah! Guess who is making fun of Mitch McConnell's chin? As the tweeter said, "irony is dead"!

Feels good to not have a murderous tyrant in office (emergency aid to states hit by winter storms)

VERIFY: Does Texas have an independent power grid, and what does that mean?

So much misinformation on the internet about what caused the Texas electric problem

Horrible new GOP voter suppression bill introduced in Iowa

Settlement in lawsuit against Atlas Aegis for illegal voter intimidation in Minnesota.

PM Update: Wind chills are back as cold air reasserts itself through Wednesday.

Alleged Capitol rioter drops request to travel to Peru to get married

Oath - The Lincoln Project

Alleged Capitol rioter drops request to travel to Peru to get married

"So who are we betting on?"

Holiday tweet of the moment

Chile: Third police murder in five days and the fraudulent campaign to reform the Carabineros

From beautiful Del Rio, Texas

"Fake" news - When I heard it 4 yrs. ago, I knew we all were in trouble

Trump's initial draft of his McConnell statement was nastier, per two people close to him, and it wa

Donald Trump does not know how to STFU and go away quietly

Rare snow covers Acropolis of Athens in dazzling white blanket

The Texas grid got crushed because its operators didn't see the need to prepare for cold weather

Trump Drops Giuliani As His Personal Lawyer

On his first day on the job as a Fox News...whatever they are...former Trump Advisor Larry Kudlow...

Picture that really drives the point -

$1,400 Stimulus Checks Could Arrive by Mid-March as House Readies Vote on Biden Package

Original 'Stonehenge' discovered, echoing a legend of the wizard Merlin

Trump Trump Trump

Just got the call...

Here's a thread on how Trump leaving office affects his criminal and civil exposure 👇

This COVID thing is not over - and I'm being held mask-hostage by my spouse - AGAIN

"Duped" and "egged on": Capitol rioters use Trump as excuse in court

He would be 26 today...

Texas Governor Asks LNG Exporter Freeport to Use Less Gas

*John Fettterman (PA Lieut Gov) coming up on Chris Hayes' show.

Trying to stay warm

Officials see increase in mental health struggles for students

Woman Watches Her Neighbors Abandon Their Cat

JINJER - Perennial (Official Video) Napalm Records


Today I learned...

Lincoln Project Linked to Dark Money Group

John Fetterman, Lt. Governor of Pennsylvania, now running for Senate! FANTASTIC!!

43 Traitors - Meidas Touch

Dodge Just Fired Everyone in the SRT Division and Shut It Down

(Jewish Group) Gulf Jews form umbrella body to make observance easier

*Cong. Joe Neguse coming up on Chris Hayes' show.

Sepultura - Roots bloody roots Full band cover by Ami Kim (#48-5) WOW !

Anti-Semitism lurks behind modern conspiracy theories

Michael Jordan is donating $10M to open two new health clinics in the area around his home town

Joe: I'm on my way to Wisconsin for tonight's CNN Town Hall. See you soon, Milwaukee!

I apologize in advance: this explains why I can't smell my Gwyneth Paltrow vagina candle

I think I'm going to learn an expensive lesson

Maximum number of US Senate seats the Democrats could win in 2022.

Jen Psaki: I've gotten a ton of great questions on Twitter since our last video, so I took some time

If you liked Lincoln Project, consider Meidas Touch.

And lo, as the people shivered and cursed the cold that rode down from the distant "Arctic" on

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Live and Let Die!

CNN Townhall- President Biden

QFC to close 2 Seattle stores, citing new hazard pay law

*Potus on CNN,

Majority of Republican voters support forming new third party, poll finds

I've been following this case for years.

GOP Sens. Mitt Romney and Tom Cotton announce bill to raise the minimum wage that also bars

Wanna see conservative heads explode??

Republicans Have Emerged From The Capitol Insurrection United Against Democracy

UFOs, Joe McCarthy & Assault on the Capitol

Michael Harriott: I wonder how those QAnon folks are gonna react when they realize that Q is Black?

Nikki Haley's Misinformed Presidents' Day Tweet

During my past year of 95% isolation, by myself,...I want to give a shoutout to my besties....

How great it is to have a president that can do a town hall

Trump era in Atlantic City to end with a blast Wednesday in implosion of Trump Plaza

Love the applause Biden is getting for reassuring that child

Saw this on Reddit

On CNN....Joe is talking TO people, not over them.

Trump lawyers hit with major data breach -- stolen files are on the dark web: report

The New Debt Prisons: Entrapping debtors betrays the American idea. It must end.

Good News from friends in Texas

Ah, a real President!!

Joe Biden calls Trump "the former guy."

Luis Arce's Bolivia and the new regionalism in Latin America

Snoqualmie Pass reopens after closing for avalanche danger, heavy snow

Amazon forcing workers into anti-union meetings, texting them up to 5x daily, putting messages in ba

Biden administration nixes last-minute Trump deal giving ICE union 'veto power' over policy

For the last 4 years, all that's been in the news is Trump. For the next 4, I want to make it about

Actual advice being given to Southerners about how to drive in the snow

During WW2, we had War Bonds. How about Climate Change Bonds?

I'm proud of you, DUers! the loathsome name is in OP titles of only 7 of the over 80

Has Rachel JUst LOst Her Mind?

Damn - national treasure Dan Rather freezing

The I-395 Case Bridge reflecting #MardiGras2021 colors on Washington Channel this evening

Jambalaya recipe

Texas governor calls for probe into power grid operator ERCOT

RAP BATTLE: Donald Trump vs Mitch McConnell

For Steely Dan fans - someone is posting outtakes and demos on YouTube!

WE need Merrick Garland confirmed

Gob Cuomo: I couldn't be prouder to announce that gestational surrogacy is now legal in NY.

Have to give Biden an A++++++++++++++++++++ for this town hall

Some nice epiphanies from a friend of mine who is a long-time staunch Republican.

Biden just drew a line in the sand re. student loan forgiveness.

I wonder which former president didn't call Joe.....

All the Presidents but one called Biden

Tyler Perry, Clintons attend memorial for actor Cicely Tyson

*Lawrence gonna discuss POTUS 'town hall.'

About that attack of McConnell by Trump

Planned Parenthood of Western Pennsylvania staff will hold mail-in ballot union vote

Cleaning out papers. Some quotations that have been stapled to walls.

I am still not sure what a vagina candle is.

Six Western Pennsylvanians charged for Capitol insurrection; state ranks second among total arrested

Tweet of the Day

Is there a penis candle too?

My heart is broken tonight for a dear friend who lost her son-in-law to covid this morning.

Report shows natural gas fracking didn't produce promised jobs to Pa. and Appalachia

Joe: "There is a reasonable path to citizenship"

Texas Conservatives talk tough till a few Snowflakes get together

Hillary was criticized when referring to many trump supporters as deplorable, I wonder if Joe will

Beto: We are nearing a failed state in Texas.

Lucked out - got COVID vaccine

Wolf's tax plan takes center stage as budget hearings begin

I am from the government and I am here to help you turn your power back on

Rickie Lee Jones - "The Last Chance Texaco"

Keep the Faith

Last Valentine!

These little shits, I mean darlings, waking up their humans

Beau on Dumdum's nasty letter to and about Mitch

Don't you think that E. Jean Carroll should have her phones always on record

President Who?

Last Train to London - ELO

I watched Fox news for about 2 minutes

Texas ERCOT salaries

Can't Get It out of My Head - ELO

"We don't need no stinking government" said the Texans.

Anyone watching Brian?

A special kind of stupid: GOP's Boebert drowned in ridicule after blaming windmills for Texas power

I wonder how much Trump paid his hired parade of supporters

'The arrest I was waiting for': Internet laughs as right-wing media executive's

No, it wasn't the windmills.

Fabulous Stringdusters - He's Gone

Re: These unusual candles... Would this one sell?

Texas is going to be a Chicago Heat Wave 1995 Situation

U.S. Suspends Central American Asylum Agreements

U.S. Suspends Central American Asylum Agreements

The Edna Karr High School Marching Band. Watch the Drum Majors.

Lawsuit: Man says Raccoon Township cop terrorized him with gun during false arrest

what is the difference between Moderna and Pfizer?

OK...any rational person can disagree with, or have reservations about, any given Biden policy...

Rick Danko - "Twilight"

Speaking Of Vaginas...

Drivers in the South: Think of making your car tiptoe on these icy roads!

Jimmy Kimmel Live: McConnell Gives Blistering Speech Condemning Trump After Acquitting Him

should we nationalize the grids during this time ?

Natural gas is going to cost 5 times as much in February because of this Texas crap

'I got no defense': Ted Cruz responds after viral tweet mocking California energy policies resurface

Mardi Gras looks a little different in 2021

One Party, Many Crimes: The Case of Honduras' National Party

Crime Beat: Insurrection Day's Most Wanted -- Pt. 22

Brent Bozell IV, Son Of Prominent Conservative Activist, Charged In Capitol Riot

Eric Burdon and War: Spill the Wine

For those freezing in Texas....

Galveston Cty TX calling for refrigerated truck to handle the amount of bodies they expect to receiv

Want to help blacked-out Texans? Californians are being asked to conserve electricity

He became one of the Navy's first Black four-star admirals. The military has work to do on diversity

Mexico blames U.S. as energy crisis spills over the border. USA! USA! USA!

Pennsylvania jobless benefit scams at $2.5M; Arnold woman pleads guilty to defrauding system

Trump Fans Charged In Capitol Attack Didn't Like Antifa Getting Credit For Their Work

McConnell shows that legacies don't matter when facts no longer do

Hey, everybody. Forgive me for being a grammar cop but...

cate le bon - are you with me now? (studio-2013) a groovy tune ... about losing your mum ...

90-year-old Seattle woman walks 6 miles through snow to get Covid vaccination

So this rooster just showed up at these people's home and then stayed.

Fox is lying about Green Energy and it's because of Rupert Murdoch

The inside story of how Pennsylvania failed to deliver millions in coronavirus rent relief

(Jewish Group) The Glory of the Kings: The story of Ethiopian Jews

Haven't been here in awhile, but, as a Bernie supporter, I'm impressed with Biden

Crocodile evolution rebooted by Ice Age glaciations

40% (100's of BILLIONS) of small business PPP loans were snapped up by the giant corps, much of it

Legislators Take Direct Aim at Austin's Support for Abortion

Draft of Trump Statement Attacking McConnell Reportedly Mocked Him 'For Having Multiple Chins'

Gas Prices Going Up.....

The Daily Social Distancing Show: New COVID Mutations & Cuomo's Death Count Cover-Up

Am going to catch heck from a certain/authentic Light of this Group.

Brent Bozell's son charged.

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Hate Crimes Against Asian-Americans Continue to Rise

Murdoch Watch - Fox News & the Amplification of Conspiracies Surrounding the Death of Seth Rich

Murdoch Watch Episode 2 - Murdoch and his role in the Trump Presidency

This is weird... State Superintendent Race, Check the bottom three candidates numbers

Life after vaccination...

Walter Shaub joins Project on Government Oversight

George Takei On Violence Against Asian Americans During COVID - The Last Word - MSNBC

The Death of a Young Woman in Police Custody Outrages Hondurans

Freezing at 12:34 AM (No Oreos)

Honduran woman gives birth in freezing temperatures at US-Mexico border

No, frozen wind turbines aren't the main culprit for Texas' power outages

How Ron Johnson is Trying to Rewrite History on The Capitol Riot - The Mehdi Hasan Show

Puppy's first time going down the escalator

'I Regret Everything': Frisco Realtor Jenna Ryan Says She Went to Capitol on Trump's Commands

Thank you for the hearts!

NPG Ahdio Show #3


NPG Ahdio Show #10 (part 1)

UPDATE: How do you make OneDrive "run"? ----------I think it's a solution!

cosmic seed

Stacey Plaskett says Trump still vulnerable to charges stemming from election tampering

Dining rooms get taste of conferencing technology

Adam Kinzinger Thrilled He Will No Longer Be Invited to Thanksgiving

She's Gone - Daryl Hall & John Oates

Woman charged in Capitol melee says Proud Boys recruited her

Only Republicans can stop Donald Trump

How Biden's Environmental Justice Order Might Work

Rep. Plaskett: 'We Are Going To Continue To Do The People's Business' - Stephanie Ruhle - MSNBC

Republicans have just begun to turn against democracy.

Biden Talks Vaccines, Covid Aid, And His Agenda At Town Hall - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

'weak will parish', 'lazy' , Texas mayor attacks citizens and quits

Enacted Defense Production Act For Vaccines Biden Said

Vegas airport name change to honor former Sen. Harry Reid

I woke up yesterday morning and my cat's back legs were really weak

Leo Brouwer: 'Concerto de Toronto (For John Williams) - Variation I, II, III, IV'

Prayers for Pets/Animals

Watchdog files lawsuit against group backing Iowa Sen. Ernst

Panicking Georgia GOP Looks To Change State Constitution To Protect Trump - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Breakfast Wednesday 17 Feb3 2021

Why does Texas have its own power grid?

Wednesday TOONs - The Orange Isn't Coming Off

At least for the moment...

NOT GOOD: Two virus variants have merged into heavily mutated coronavirus

Graham is threatening Vice President Harris because

"I Don't Trust the People Above Me": Riot Squad Cops Open Up About Disastrous Response to Capitol In

tRump says that Stacy Abrams is not qualified to be Governor of Georgia...

Biden's Schedule for Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Japan's ruling party invites women to 'look not talk' at key meetings

The Nazis took the lives of the young and the older ones

Fla Publix not taking appointments due to supply issue.. rats.. nt

500 Black and Asian Community Members Rally in Oakland as Holiday Weekend Sees Wave of Attacks

The Gathering for Harry Belafonte Sun Feb 28th 2021 at 6:30 PM EST By The Gathering for Justice

As I suspected all along, the vaccine game is rigged. "Richest, whitest."

They caught the guy, but he got off on a technicality.

CBO letter signals that Bernie Sanders' minimum wage bill may be able to pass via reconciliation

President Biden gave a very direct answer to forgiveness of 50K of student loans at last


Morning Joe busts Texas governor's 'preposterous lie' about power outage: 'It's all his fault!'

Right-wing justices think religion is under siege. Will the full Supreme Court follow?

This Perfectly Synchronized Dance Routine Is So Amazing We Can't Look Away.

These are the first of 20 coming to Collier County

Texas mayor says he had already resigned after writing 'only the strong will survive' amid cold...

Lonely, angry, eager to make history: Online mobs are likely to remain a dangerous reality

Lindsey Graham: GOP Doesn't Have 'A Snowball's Chance In Hell' Without Trump

Charlotte Forten Grimke: A Living Witness (1st Black Female Writer at The Atlantic Magazine)

Chris Hayes calls out Fox News for lying about windmills being the source of power outages in Texas

Biden to Meet With Unions On Infrastructure

Extreme Lawmakers Get More Airtime

Texas mayor quits after calling residents 'lazy' and 'weak' amid power outages from storm

Donald Trump's Atlantic City Casino To 'Crumble Like A Deck Of Cards'

Captain pleads not guilty to manslaughter in boat fire

"The former guy"!

Cuomo's popularity not dented by 'undercount' of nursing home deaths, Siena poll finds

Florida lawmakers gave DeSantis total power over pandemic aid. Now they want it back.

Texas Officials Have No Idea When Millions of People Will Have Their Power Restored

"I DEMAND A VACCINATION!" A Mini Musical by Brandon Ethridge starring televangelist Kenneth Copeland

The parts of Texas on the national grid have power

The overwhelming lesson of the Trump era: Republicans rebuke Trump when it's convenient

Neo-liberal policies are turning the US into what Americans call developing countries

Texas Gov Abbott's about to make matters worse,

Brooke Baldwin is leaving CNN!

Anybody remember wasn't there a Texas Republican who was bitching about

Library staffer fired after being accused of burning Trump, Coulter books

Freezing in the Dark - the Logical Result of Terrible Public Policy

TX Turtle Rescue: "there is no empty floor space tonight."

Tucker Carlson Mocks the Bidens, Says Relationship Is a PR Stunt

Trump's 'nasty shot' at Mitch McConnell's wife is a preview of coming 'ugliness': NYT's Haberman

If turtles are an endangered species can Trump be prosecuted for attacking McConnell?

Joe Biden Finally Says What A Lot Of People Are Thinking About Donald Trump

Texas governor Abbott wants an investigation into his state's power outage issues?

Biden Dismisses Question on Predecessor at CNN Town Hall: 'I'm Tired of Talking About Trump'

Texas utilities made what appeared to be, and might well have been, an economically rational

Eric Boehlert: 70% of GOP voters support Covid relief --the entire Republican Party opposes it

Happy Ash Wednesday!

Milwaukee Bucks executive Alex Lasry announces Senate run

McConnell's Inner Circle: "going total mean girl ought to feed the cable beast for weeks."

Watch tRump Plaza implode, happening any time now.

DOJ making a cyber-related national security announcement at 11:30 AM Eastern - N. Korean hacking


Big Oil Spent $10 million Lobbying California Officials in 2020

Sen. Sanders: Congress must move forward vigorously and help the American people

Most Black voters support eliminating student loan debt, new survey finds

Sen. Sanders: Congress must move forward vigorously and help the American people

Joe Biden is a LIBERAL and he was born for this time and place.

Gene Pitney was born on this date.

You know what they say - you get what you vote for...

He Is Lying. People Are Dying': Calls for Texas Governor to Resign as He Blames Power Outages on Win

Trump took model of Air Force One from White House and has it on a coffee table at Mar-a-lago

We must stop Georgia MAJOR voter suppression!!!

That was strangely satisfying (Trump Plaza implosion)

Trump's Acquittal: American Apartheid and the Struggle to End It

Relying on Minnesota's Random Selection for Vaccines Worked for Me

This is bad. UPDATE 02-17-21

After '46 arrests' in carjacking detail, only 5 people actually charged

YARDI GRAS! (House floats)

trump administration in a few seconds:

They shouldn't be reporters then.

Mrs. Invisible Man

Cartoon: MyManiac By Clay Jones -February 17, 2021 9:00 AM

Sweet parrot tells his owner he loves her

There was once a man named......

Cartoon: MyManiac By Clay Jones -February 17, 2021 9:00 AM

there is something I think we can be certain of. Joe Biden - and Democrats in general - are, and

A school-related Covid horror story

Rant: Companies giving employee bonuses to get vaccine

New DC comics is leaked

Things are very very bad in Texas

Sean Hannity's private plane and the Wake Forest tennis team: A morality fable

Texas governor blames power outages on Green New Deal -- which isn't law yet

Arkansas & MS power companies threatening blackouts!

Here's the video of the Trump Plaza Demolition:

Just saw this on Rhule-Mattress Mack' opens stores for Houstonians amid dangerous winter storm:


wish me luck. I'm off to the car dealer for an inspection of my leased car prior to making my

I am repeatedly getting DU mail Thanking me for becoming a Star member

I think we are getting Covid-19 Vaccine Shots on Friday morning.

The 1970s Black Utopian City That Became a Modern Ghost Town

UK's Prince Philip taken to London hospital after feeling unwell

The problem is Texas did not sweep the snow

"Infrastructure Week" is finally here!

Well, I retired my gov't debit card this week...

Republicans Unite... Against Democracy

With US coal jobs decimated despite Trump's promises, groups look to Biden to aid transition.

Trump's lawyers hit with major data breach -- and stolen files are on the dark web: report

Graham defends McConnell following Trump's scathing statement: 'Indispensable to Trump's success'

Texas grid fails to weatherize, repeats mistake feds cited 10 years ago

Day three without power in North Austin

When President Obama surprised everyone

I think I have reason to celebrate, today. The snow plow deposit didn't COMPLETLY block me in!!

Has anyone ever heard of "frost cracking"?

My Eleven Year Old Granddaughter Has Covid 19

the man trump

"Duped" and "egged on": Capitol rioters use Trump as excuse in court

Food bank at St. Stephen's Phoenix

How a Michigan couple radicalized the state's GOP and emboldened insurrectionists

Its not good in Texas right now

Texas Mayor Quits After Saying 'No One Owes You Anything'

Internal report cites HUD for lead poisoning in East Chicago, Ind., children. More could be at risk.

Woman Charged in Capitol Melee Says Proud Boys Recruited Her

Energy storage possible huge advance

Another good escape series: The Head on HBOMax.

Should the feds take over vaccinations nationwide?

1315 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Wed.; 82 deaths

Trevor Noah FTW - 🔥Bill O'Reilly 😆😆😁

Good Day DU (February 17, 2021)

CNN Overhauls Daytime, With New Anchors in Morning, Afternoon Slots

jeff tiedrich in the morning

Governor Does an About Face as Legislative Leaders Call For ERCOT Investigation

El Paso has power. El Paso is on the Western US power grid w/ California

Should the left engage in their own misinformation campaign???

@SecretaryPete With a new generation forming its view of what leadership means by watching us respon

I wonder how many Texas survivalists have three years worth of beef jerky...

Tucker Carlson: Bidens' Marriage is Fake

Lets make Puerto Rico a state before we let Texas back in the union. n/t

Tips about water pipes, staying warm, and a DIY candle heater

Brianna Keilar joins 'New Day,' three anchors move to afternoons in CNN schedule revamp

Since the snow started, all my husband does is stare through the window...

In Virginia, dentists will be among those eligible to administer COVID-19 vaccines after Gov. Ralph

FL: Another state where the GOP is considering a massive voter suppression bill.

Pic Of The Moment: Ah, The Party Of Personal Responsibility

Trump Plaza implodes today, 2/17, in Atlantic City

Dominion Voting Systems says it will sue MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell over his election fraud lies "im

France welcomes its first baby born after uterus transplant

Thank you "Ivanka Lite" Kayleigh (@kayleighmcenany) for livetweeting the #BidenTownHall. Many peopl

Oh, those wacky Canadians!

YOU raised $0 on 2-16-21 DU for Kansas Fair Maps: Anti-Gerrymandering Fund ($5,000 match)

Martin Scorsese Says Cinema Is Being 'Devalued' to 'Content' in Essay Criticizing Modern Film

Dismantling patriarchy*. How do we go about it? What do you think we need to do? OneBillionRising

Portland police officers guard Fred Meyer dumpsters, face off with residents seeking discarded food

Updated forecast: Winter storm warning for snow and ice Thursday and Thursday night

Off work the last few days, I've been watching cooking shows that I usually don't see.

Oregon Republican Party falsely calls U.S. Capitol riot a 'false flag' meant to 'discredit Presid...

Whoopi on "The View" is wearing the Bernie meme sweatshirt

Traffic in Houston

I refuse to believe that an $800+ electric bill is normal. Is this price gauging?

New video: What Nearman did after letting protesters in the building.

Even if you didn't live stream yourself in the Rotunda there are plenty of security cameras to captu

Why QAnon promoters are latching on to March 4

Promotions for Female Generals Were Delayed Over Fears of Trump's Reaction

Dismantling patriarchy* How would you go about it? What do we need to do? OneBillionRising

Trump demoted defense lawyer during impeachment trial: report

Why did the Bluejay cross the road?

Al Franken impersonates Mitch McConnell

WATCH LIVE: White House task force offers COVID-19 briefing

Texas legislators stop talking about secession

17 state treasurers call on Congress to approve stimulus with $350 billion in state and local aid

Senate subcommittee votes 3-2 to end at-will absentee voting in Georgia, making it only available to

Shia LaBeouf is a monster....

Spare us: After Trump, seven Republican lectures Democrats never need to hear again

Stanley Kubrick's Daughter Is a Far-Right Proud Boys and QAnon Fanatic

2022 Senate targets

Americans side with teachers against GOP attacks over school closures

Secretary Clinton waves *bye* to Trump Plaza

Top Texas Lawmakers Call for Investigation and Action on State's Energy Grid Operator

Lighting strikes water treatment plant in Broward County

Texas mayor tells residents to fend for themselves during power outage: 'Only the strong will surviv

US unseals charges against 3 North Korean hackers for their role in WannaCry ransomware, Sony hack,

Justice Department charges 3 North Korean computer programmers in broad range of global hacks.

I love AnCafe!

Disabled dog becomes blind fox's walking guide

Do you know what Texas would have right now if they had solar?

Board of Texas electric grid operator under fire for five out-of-state members

More than a year after the first U.S. COVID case was confirmed, testing remains a big problem.

severe winter weather "is having an impact" on deliveries of COVID vaccines. He says states are bein

For those of you with large collections...

Ship Channel

MENSA member Rick Perry weighs in on Texas situation

How "Nuns on the Bus" does Lent...

Kim Jong Un's wife makes first public appearance in more than a year

New Hampshire is Ground Zero for Student Voting Rights

100 million Americans brace for more cold, ice and snow

Woman charged in Capitol riot says she was Kansas City Proud Boys recruit

GW Bush lost even Republican support after Katrina

DOJ announces charges against North Korean hacker spies accused of stealing more than $1.3 billion..

Google will pay News Corp for the right to showcase its news articles

How to help and how to get help in Texas as the winter storm causes power outages

10 apartment units evacuated after venomous coral snake slithers out of terrarium

Rick Perry says Texans willing to suffer blackouts to keep feds out of power market

Lord I wish Molly Ivins was here now, she would be castrating Abbott and Cruz.

Trump Atlantic City casino sums up his term in office

Arrested on Friday along with his wife and idiot friend. More on the friend shortly. #SeditionTrack

"We will not see diseases like the coronavirus come here." - Kayleigh McEnany on February 25th

Promotions for Female Generals Were Delayed Over Fears of Trump's Reaction

Today's must follow is @C_Roberts310. She is going to lead us in holding and expanding our Senate ma

Rush Limbaugh is in HELL for reals!

"The Temptations" on VH-1 started at noon EST. Great movie,

Why Wind Turbines In Cold Climates Don't Freeze: De-Icing And Carbon Fiber

Perry says Texans willing to suffer blackouts to keep feds out of power market

Burn In Hell

Rush Limbaugh, Talk Radio's Conservative Provocateur, Dies at 70

Rush has passed

I was actually hoping for a Lee Atwater moment for Rush.

The Biden Administration needs to attach a condition to aid...

DeSantis suggests he might divert vaccines to parts of Florida that aren't criticizing him

I was going to save this for Dick Cheney, but what the hell. Rush is "Dead!"

Texas wholesale electric prices spike more than 10,000% amid outages

U.S. newspaper owner Tribune Publishing to be acquired by hedge fund known for slashing jobs

Repuke voices truly exemplary of their Repuke-ism. O'REILLY shows they never go away & have no shame

In the midst of Texas woes, this cheered me up immensely


32 year old woman shot and killed over Loren Culp political sign

I'm glad Rush Limbaugh lived just long enough

Limbaugh is dead. n/t

I am sad about Limbaugh's death

Fear of Trump delayed promotions for Female Generals

Brainless Human Hyena Vies For Newly Opened Hate Radio Opportunity

May his spirit/soul unit rush to reside eternally in the most appropriate realm.

Bauhaus - Bela Lugosi's Dead

Mods - Can we have a "Rush is Dead" Forum? Just temporarily

CNN - Rush is gone!

Ding Dong the witch is dead

Tears For Fears - The Working Hour

I just urinated. The I learned there was a better place to do it than my toilet.

Rescue Pittie Shows Her Foster Sister How To Get Up On The Table

Putting anti-government Republicans in charge of government has consequences.

Aren't there laws about burying toxic waste?

Don't generally partake in grave dancing

Hey, did y'all know that Limbaugh is dead?

So I it was cancer and really, really late stage....

Many of the states where Rush Limbaugh was most popular are now covered in snow and ice

Mom, 94, had her second pfizer shot yesterday morning.

The devil gained a brother today

Oh well.

Is it too soon?

Rush Limbaugh dead at 70

NY Times phone alert - Rush Limbaugh is dead

Hey Hannity

"Shameless" Pets That Stole Their Owners' Partners And Didn't Even Feel Sorry About It

Well, bye.

Rush Limbaugh is more responisble for the polarization of the politics in this nation then anyone

I'll be civil and invoke the Thumper edict.

Beto O'Rourke: Why Texas Oil & Gas Can't Keep Texans Warm

There is no Trumpism. There is only Trump.

Virtual shots of Chinaco Anejo for everyone!



Bathing in the creek

Greg Abbott Blames Texas Power Outages on Green Energy but State Depends on Gas

Not Mark Twain but Clarence Darrow; this quote

The Washington Post bolsters investment in tech news coverage with eight new positions

Its party time! Gonna fire a fat one up right now.

Hey, Folks in Texas! Lights Are On in Minnesota!

Conservatives haven't changed since Charles Dickens. If only this happened more in real life...

Colorado Texas Mayor

indicted by a federal grand jury on *FOURTEEN* counts. A new insurrection record!

I just happened to buy a couple of bottles of champagne yesterday.

Gratuitous 'shame on all you grave-pissers' thread

Fred Meyers stores. We can only hope this is late stage capitalism

I plan to eat three pounds of asparagus

How quickly will the widow Limbaugh put his place up for sale?

It's on fox talking about dead Limbaugh

Could the Jewish space laser warm up Texas?

Expect Google to turn a lot more RW: News Corp and Google Agree To Global Partnership On News

Two minute warning for Jen Psaki's White House press briefing - link

Lindsey Graham, still sucking up to Trump

Breaking: Trump will not concede

Rust in peace, pig man!

U.K. Approves Trials That Will Deliberately Infect Volunteers With Coronavirus


Just My Imagination

Even after Jan. 6 siege at U.S. Capitol, the former guy is complaining about GOP not standing up

The time Rush got his ass handed to him!

Yay! I've finally been scheduled for my first Covid vaccine on 2/23 at the MSU drive-thru clinic.

Is Rush Limbaugh still dead?

1935, Berlin Germany business man on his way to work

Bruno Cua has been indicted by a federal grand jury on TWELVE counts

Who asked for the chile recipe? (I posted my recipe in a Rush thread by accident)

Trump spews election lies while eulogizing Rush Limbaugh on Fox News: 'He was furious about it'

When a front line worker gets covid, who pays the bills?

Republican Party going off the rails?

The old casino gone, the old blowhard gone -- what third symbolic thing can drumpf lose today?

Looks like CNN is not showing the WH daily press briefing, just MSNBC

Mitt Romney will oppose LGBTQ rights bill unless Christians get a right to discriminate

As a person that believes in socialism

Natural Gas Soars to $1,250 in Central U.S. on Supply Paralysis

Let me just say this about Rush Limbaugh's death...

Houston, Texas' Largest City, Says Unboiled Water Unsafe to Drink; 3 Million Without Power

Looking forward to KO, Randy, and others' responses to the rush announcement.

Executioners sanitized accounts of deaths in federal cases

Remember what Limbaugh said about Sandra Fluke?

What's the difference in Arkansas and Texas energy policies, you ask?

So an Indian doctor gave extra vaccines that were able to spoil at the end of the night

No wonder it's so cold in the south.

Does anyone know generally the costs these insurrectionist idiots

Sump drain line frozen

U.S. Navy Destroyer Challenges Beijing's South China Sea Claim in Latest Op

Biden again rejects $50,000 student loan debt forgiveness plan pushed by other top Democrats

Hillary Clinton retains her sense of humor.

Elderly couple fights back against armed home invader

After delay, Israel allows vaccines into Hamas-run Gaza

Gay Republicans released a cringeworthy video praising Donald Trump for President's Day

2021 TIME 100 NEXT: Mercedes D'Alessandro

2021 TIME 100 NEXT: Mercedes D'Alessandro

Ding dong the rush is gone mean ole rush bat shit rush

Trending in Twitter - Limbaugh related

For the non grave-dancers: Rush Limbaugh called Chelsea Clinton the White House dog.

On Rush Limbaugh passing. Most won't agree with this?

Animals freeze to death in Texas sanctuary

The heads of ERCOT's board of directors don't even live in Texas

Former Hershey PA basketball coach charged in U.S. Capitol riot


How you can help Texas winter storm victims

Max Bruch Violin Concerto #1 in G Minor, Op. 26

Max Bruch Violin Concerto #1 in G Minor, Op. 26

"Rest in piss" trending on Twitter right now. I wonder what that's about?


Just finished my second palette knife painting. I'm really liking using a knife to paint.

"Barrack the magic negro" song. Remember he played that racist garbage.

New 'ShakeAlert' earthquake warning system to launch in Washington in May; drill next week

"Barrack the magic negro" song. Remember he played that racist garbage.

Portland police guard grocery store dumpsters as people seek discarded food after power outage

Live updates: Psaki says vaccinating teachers not a requirement for opening schools safely

Biden says he will not support Democrats' call to eliminate $50,000 in student loan debt

One more Texas update (North Houston)

A song for LImpballs death. The face of a horses ass

Biden to tap new labor board top cop, rescind Trump apprenticeship program

News Corp/Google 3 year deal to supply NEWS!

County GOP chairman in Kentucky calls on McConnell to resign from leadership over remarks ...

So the billowing clouds of second and third hand smoke were bad after all..

Rush's legacy

NEW! @FLOTUS will sit down with @KellyClarkson for her FIRST solo TV interview...

Time for this old video about Limbaugh

Mother Who Joe Biden Offered to Help at Town Hall Says His Empathy Is 'Refreshing'

Glad Mush Limbaugh Lived Long Enough

Micah Bournes

Hillary Clinton....

Holy power spikes batman.. $9k/MWh in TX!!!

A parade of Corgis in the snow:

Biden wants to put a Black woman on the Supreme Court, putting spotlight on lack of diversity in

Meanwhile, in MLB news ....

'He can't hurt anyone else anymore'...

Ironic that the day the MF45 tower in New Jersey was imploded was also the day Rush Limbaugh died!

Oblivion is too good for him. Makes me want to believe in god.

My husband just went to on Roku channel and it's all Trump videos.

Promotions for Female Generals Were Delayed Over Fears of Trump's Reaction

Violators - Gangland (with a mash-up video of the classic 1979 film The Warriors)

Reemerging Trump mulls role in bid to recall Gavin Newsom


Chris Hayes Debunks GOP, Right-Wing Media Lies About Texas Power Outages

Houston, Much Of Harris County Under Boil Water Notice As Winter Storm Bares Down

Ady Barkan: Democrats Are About to Make a Big Mistake

Of course he's mine. Can't you see the resemblance?

Legal marijuana jobs booming, study finds

I'm the Victim of a Far Right Conspiracy Theory - (Vice)

Moon skims past Mars and Aldebaran February 17-19, 2021

Has TX Gov. Abbatois called out the National Guard?

Minneapolis prepares for protests and civil unrest during Derek Chauvin murder trial next month

First no power, now no water in Austin

Ultimate sneak attack:

Texas GOP deregulated itself into blackouts and power failure. Utility companies went cheap..

This is what I want to say about Limbaugh.

*****A brief run-off*****Please vote for your favorite photo here

Fire in the Ice

2020 the year from Hell!

Pretty: what happens when a bubble freezes--

We have a run-off ***** in the Feb contest*****please settle it

Sorry..gotta dump this..

What's for Dinner, Wed., Febr. 17, 2021

Thomas Dolby - Hyperactive!

A newly filed affidavit against a Capitol rioter shows that this man, Daniel Egtvedt, fought with an

Will Rush Limbaugh's grave site include a dancefloor? Or...

Trump on Limbaugh (posted w/o comment)

Former Trump casino goes out with a bang

Luther Vandross - A House Is Not Home

Clever Aussie helps to build snowman:

"Hollywood's Architect" Paul R. Williams

I had thought having a close family member being diagnosed with cancer recently might...

Kid Cleans Snow Off Cars of COVID-19 First Responders

N.A.S.T.Y Ft. Crazy Titch, D Double E, Hyper, & Riko Dan - Cock Back

"I'm On The Highway To Hell" by ACDC is weirdly stuck in my head today...

GDP in European Union down 6.4% in 2020

"You should never say bad things about the dead, only good"

Golden Retriever and Husky Welcome Cute Baby Kittens

Rush Limbaugh dies at age 70. This is why he was so important (CNN)

Rude Pundit: Texas Learns That Government Has to Do Something Other Than Restrict Abortion

Just got power back in North Austin

Cat politely asks to be put under blanket, then sneezes.

Cuomo said 'he can destroy me': NY assemblyman alleges governor threatened him over nursing homes

Executioners whitewashed accounts of deaths as Trump rushed death penalty spree

Don't let anyone make you feel bad about making jokes today.

Al Franken on MSNBC just now.

White Privilege and the Insurrection at the Capitol

An update from hell...

Here's how to watch NASA's Perseverance rover land on Mars on Thursday

Ramsey Lewis - Sun Goddess

George Takei ftw

foragers outwit cops guarding massive amount of food tossed due to storm (by out waiting them)

Forgive me. I shouldn't do this, but I couldn't help myself.

These states are about to make it a lot harder to vote by mail

About one-third of U.S. troops who have been offered a Covid vaccine have declined the inoculation,

Comedian Destroys Right Wing Hypocrisy About Liberal Celebrities - Steve Hofstetter

Actually Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino looks better in mid-implosion than it did when it was standing

DU's justified reaction to Rush

"At last this odious man is dead ..."

How to watch Perseverance's Mars landing tomorrow

Our 7-day daily average of 1.7 million doses administered compares to an average of 892k the week be

Trump will be 'busy' with lawsuits for the rest of his life: Laurence Tribe

"... not only are the state's dairy farmers dumping milk into their wastewater ponds, but ... "

Dallas ISD: A map showing the warming centers open to the public today.

"$5,152 Power Bill? Texas winter storm Hell only gets worse."

Here's who's behind the GOP assault on transgender rights

BBC admits it was wrong to suggest Israel had responsibility to vaccinate Palestinians

Mr. Blue Sky

Awwww--the baby!

Jon Ossoff to chair Senate subcommittee on investigations

Lonely walrus visiting Denmark

Things Are Very Bad In Texas

Rush Limbaugh was one of the most destructive people who ever lived.

In Memory of Rush

'Sorry' to complain,

ice on the fruit trees, frozen pipes, flooded houses. Texas is a mess

Rush Limbaugh's Most Racist Quotes: A Timeline ... - NEWSONE

Katie Hill tweet re Texas

This might not be a popular take, but I don't celebrate Limbaugh's death.

icicles on ceiling fans... pics illustrate how cold it is

Well, since we seem to be doing Rush tributes here...

In Memoriam: "Rush Limbaugh Eats Everything".

Cuomo Vowed to 'Destroy' a Fellow Democrat Over Nursing Home Criticism

We haven't heard from former VP Pence since the insurrection attack on Jan. 6th and this is how he c

Fox News EXPLOITS Tragic Storm In Texas - The Damage Report

I would like to propose a new National Medal of Sorts

Does Biden need to step in on Texas to help with disaster relief?

You know it's bad out when...

Another day, another MAGAt

Smile..."I Believe In You" 3min 34seconds..

What Rush Limbaugh did to us:

Trump TRASHES Mitch McConnell As GOP Cracks - The Damage Report

Manchin: Cutting state income tax a bad move for WV

Trump intelligence chiefs hid evidence of Russian election interference

I want it be like Groundhog Day, so Rush

Promotions for Female Generals Were Delayed Over Fears of Trump's Reaction

Iowa State researchers seek solution for icy wind turbine blades

Beto coming up on Nicolle Wallace after the break n/t

Bergen N.J. man set fire to his lawn to get rid of snow and ice, cops say

I hope someone looks into how cattle ranchers fare in this cold snap in Texas.

Tennessee is latest state to try to give men the right to stop abortions

I have this doctor that charges $10 if you use a credit card to pay your copay

This polar vortex storm is named Uri

Iowa's Covid vaccine system - a fucking mess as far as I can tell

pole dancer

Dung beetle exits dung hole long enough to praise the dung.

Another Texas Update

Facebook restricts sharing or viewing Australian and international news content

US Govt Seizes Over 10M Phony N95 Masks In COVID-19 Probe

Today has been a great day for America in two things!

So... Rush is dead...

Republicans keep throwing tantrums about school reopenings. Here's why.

Cute Raccoon purrs like a cat! His reaction when he gets a fuzzy ball!

We are forced to evacuate our house by fire dept order UPDATE ALL CLEAR

DeSantis defends controversial vaccine deal with developer -- and threatens to pull vaccines...

Do you share people food with your dogs we do

Aw, Nuts...

Dem Sens Urge Biden To Use Exec Action To Cancel Student Debt Beyond $10K

I wanted to take the higher ground. I really did.

Can I get an Amen?

This infuriates me! WI to slaughter 100's of Wolves in just days!

Limbaugh saturated America's airwaves with cruelty and conspiracies

Woman drives 400 miles to save the saddest cat

Molly Ivins describes Rush: 'cruel & profoundly vulgar'

With all this talk on DU that Limbaugh died and

Anatomy of disinformation-lies about 'frozen wind turbines' in Texas

Google to pay publishers for news; can anyone tell me what Google already carry?

Rubio backs Haitian-American lawyer for Miami U.S. Attorney.

Georgia GOP Lawmakers Trying To F*ck Around With Fulton County DA Fani Willis, Gonna Find Out

A Macedonian misinformation site dominated Parler before the Capitol riot

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #10-4: It's Always Sunny In Philly-Delphia Edition

Montgomery Co. Commissioner Declares Run for Governor

Tutorials on how to carry out open source investigations

Squash The Vote: The GOP Plan to Thwart Democracy

Sarah Silverman: No one calls Chapelle a potty mouth

Brief little clip from the studio. Enjoy..appreciate any feedback

It's all in the branding...

Whew, glad that's over!

There was a time in Texas where a no nonsense woman was Governor..

Some people never learn.

Don't celebrate Rush's death.

Familly of 4 could get $12,800. Call Republican Senators and...........

Do we need a Voting Rights Czar?

Just another Rush Limbaugh post

Coronavirus Vaccine Shipments Face 'Widespread Delays' Because Of Winter Storm

Greg Abbott Lies About Green Energy To Deflect On Freeze Fail - UPDATE: AOC Responds

He earned it.....(yea, more Limbaugh)

Federal Judge Dismisses Devin Nunes Aide's Lawsuit Against CNN

Question for DU smart people re: boil water notice

Maximum number of US Senate seats that the Democrats are likely to win in 2022.

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Thursday, 18 February 2021

House nears completion of Biden's $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief plan

Gregg Abbott is so fake

Bill O'Reilly getting his ass kicked on Twitter

"I have never wished a man dead..."

Roger Stone's head

So the man who coined the term "feminazi" is dead.

Don't like seeing the RBG and Limbaugh death comparison on twitter

Update from texas

A leaner capital gains tax, a second GOP budget and a $5 fine

Cartoons 2/17/2021

In Chicago if you do not remove the snow efficiently as a mayor or alderman

Rush vs Walter Cronkite

Inslee offers school districts state-funded COVID testing

Promotions for Female Generals Were Delayed Over Fears of Trump's Reaction

EXPLAINER: Topsy-turvy weather comes from polar vortex

FEMA sending generators, water and blankets to Texas.

MD judges dismissed Devin Nunes v. CNN defamation dispute on technical grounds

Texas blackouts fuel false claims about renewable energy

Biden plans to 'recalibrate' Saudi relations in shot at MbS - White House

Did I miss the results of the Amazon workers voting for the union??

San Antonio Water System will issue a boil order for tap water Wednesday afternoon

The Birthplace of the Republican Party Buckles After Trump Nearly Blew Up the GOP

I'm no epidemiologist, BUT.....

'Got a job yet?' Internet shreds 'mean girl' Kayleigh McEnany after she mocks Biden's 'love' of kid

John Fugelsang tweet quotes Hubert Humphrey:

Beto O'Rourke calls Texas a 'failed state' as 23 left dead from winter storm

Last for a few.

Has anyone heard from herding cats?

Numerous primates and tropical birds have died after power loss at San Antonio-area animal sanctuary

Joe Walsh Eviscerates Right Wing Propaganda Networks - The MeidasTouch Podcast

"Politically isolating": White House issues obstruction warning to GOP

WI GOP piece of sh*t Vos asks Governor Evers to lower flags for piece of shi*t Limbaugh

Washington lawmakers pass amended drug decriminalization bill out of committee

Death don't have no mercy; neither do I

Ringo Starr locked in trademark battle over his iconic name - 'wants no association'

And in honor of the best thing that's happened today...

this will likely be the first night in 10 weeks that Hannity doesn't come in last place, among the 2

Bay Leaves

Ding Dong...

Those of you that have gotten the 1st Moderna shot, how long does your arm stay sore?

Why do reviled rich people always go down like this?

The Ku Klux Klan Act is now being used in court against Donald Trump

Question to those who can help -

CNN is reporting that McConnell will no longer say Trump's name

Has the national guard been called out in any of the affected states? Surely they could be of

In the 90's I lived in Florida where Limpbag was on the radio 24/7 in places of business.

Rush -- a Buddhist perspective

Proud Boy's attorneys argue Trump to blame for deadly Capitol insurrection

STATNEWS: Biden to nominate Brooks-LaSure to oversee CMS

Let's talk about what to do in Texas....

DU Poll: Have you received your Covid vaccine?

My only post regarding Rush

Livonia Animal Control says homeowner leaving beagles outdoors is in compliance with state law

"It Was An Eyesore And A Safety Hazard" - Atlantic City Mayor