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There's one thing that Rush taught me.

When do the Sedition Monkey trials begin?

Ex-FBI official explains why he thinks Capitol Police are staying silent on the riot: 'I fear this s

Teena Marie - Yes Indeed

No appointments available.

There is now pretty much a consensus that there has been a "rise" in white supremacy, but I'm not

Olathe Proud Boy's attorneys argue Trump to blame for deadly Capitol insurrection

Thinking of the late great Bartcop today

"For God's sake"

Dogs At The Shelter Versus Now

2/18 Mike Luckovich-Auntie Who?

The GOP Is Now the Party of Thugs, Terrorists, Racists and Dopes

UCLA student with extremist views who FBI says sat in Pence's chair is charged in Capitol riot

Here's how much snow different forecast groups are calling for in DC

Limbaugh started the hatred...

The Legacy of Rush Limbaugh - MSNBC - Reild, Milbank, Sykes.

One-third of US military refusing COVID vaccine: Pentagon

Bizarre Things Seen On Public Transport

The Party Told You....

Limbaugh Was Partly Scalia and Bork's Fault (re: the Fairness Doctrine's removal)

You know what I love about DU today?

Trump has broken his silence...

AOC tweet:

What about "Individual One"?

from a Friend and DUer: 'If you have no water you can collect the layer of ice on top of the snow

Janis Joplin & Mike Bloomfield - One Good Man

San Antonio state senator calls on CEO of Texas power grid to resign

Pets That Stole Their Owners' Partners

So I did a dumb thing today.

US Senators from 2022.

Great news today of limbaugh finally silenced, wish he would have suffered more but

Ask a question about a band & see if anyone can answer it without using Google..Part 6

As someone with a bit of stock in alternative energy companies

Kings of Convenience - Manhattan Skyline

I'm just glad that Rush Limbaugh lived long enough

I just measured the snow in the yard. It's at 18 inches and still snowing.

Mexico is now saying

Soft Cell - Tainted Love/Where Did Our Love Go

taylor swift - cardigan (studio-2020) i gotta admit, taylor is getting damn good

Warning: Naughty Words

So, how are the Texas secession proponents reacting to their statewide power failure? I'm sure

I'm snowed into my garage

Light a candle for the kids.......... The freeze in Texas exposes America's infrastructural failings

Unity Does Not Mean Bipartisan

OK, I know I shouldn't, but he claimed on Newsmax that Mexico was getting ready to pay for the wall.

Joe: Today, I join Christians around the world in observing Ash Wednesday. As we enter the season of

Amid severe weather and power crisis, Texas legislators stop talking about secession

I was just listening to Chris Hayes and he had two men on about the Abbott and

38 years ago, the USAF in its infinite wisdom sent me to Texas for two years.

Progressives are always ahead of the game

🚨NEW: The biggest voting rights case of the year is being heard in the Supreme Court on March 2. @De

No, Wind Farms Aren't the Main Cause of the Texas Blackouts

Texas mayor resigns after telling freezing residents to stop complaining about cold snap

Southern Resident killer whales welcome new calf L125

City of Seattle to receive 1,500 first doses, 1,000 second doses of COVID-19 vaccine

Snow might not be done with Whatcom County. Here's the forecast

Jewel, Alison Krauss, Dan Tyminski

Vince Gill wrote a new song of Good Trouble called March on (link)

My favorite Rush joke

Rick Perry - can you believe this idiot?

TCM Schedule for Thursday, February 18, 2020 -- What's On Tonight: Kiss Connection

Biden White House memo reveals strategy to pressure Republicans on COVID relief

Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room (2005)

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Live and Let Die!

Feds investigated Roger Stone ties to Proud Boys as part of possible threat to judge

Joe: I spoke today with @IsraeliPM Netanyahu and affirmed the United States' steadfast commitment to

Wonder if all those high-tech companies still want to move to TX?

Legislators Move to Strip Cuomo of Pandemic Powers

Just thinking....

I can't argue with this chyron:

cedar waxwings in the ice

Good news. #ZipTieGuy and his mom are staying put in jail until the trial. #SeditionHasConsequences

DeSantis Threatens to Pull Vaccine From Neighborhoods That Complain

Pro-Biden outside group launching with White House's blessing

NASA Mars Perseverance Rover live coverage schedule and crash course video..

"Once in a Century, once in 500 years"

I'm not glorying in what's happening in Texas. Beto got 48%+ of the vote there.

Meanwhile, in MLB news ....Timmy Tebow hangs up his spikes

First time seeing this 1971 Solitary Man LIVE. WOW.


Texas has created an electric grid that puts an emphasis on cheap prices over reliable service.

Good music tonight, TCM: EDITED!

Alligators sticking their noses through the ice to breathe in SE Oklahoma.

seeing things why atheism is not like colourblindness

Even Antarctica has wind power

A reporter asks a gotcha 'abortion' question & W H Press Secretary Jan Psaki swaths it appropriately

"TRUMP IMPEACHMENT 2.0" the Mini Musical by Brandon Ethridge, starring Michael van der Veen

Freedom of speech

Woman charged in connection with the Capitol riot bragged about being recruited by the Proud Boys

Google has suspended the Trump 2020 campaign app from the Google Play Store

There will be a long line to piss on Limbaugh's grave

There are some heroes in Texas during this crisis

The great Flamingo robbery & other tales from the thaw (PNW version)

Texas Blackouts Make California's Outages Seem Like a Hiccup

Good Gawd, what is wrong with these animals??

Beto O'Rourke: Biden Admin. Has 'Stepped Up And Is Sending Much Needed Assistance' To TX

Gov. DeSantis threatens to pull coronavirus vaccine from communities that criticize distribution

Matt Fuller: So Capitol Police called me today to come in for an interview.

If you have capital capitalism is great

People In Texas Jails Are 'Freezing,' Without Hot Food Or Running Water

I bought a 4 pack of Guiness Stout Draft cans tonight.

No one on this forum will teach U how to be rich but me

Wow! Limpballs Really Went "All-Out" for #RandomActOfKindnessDay

AOC teaching how to civically engage.

Men accused of posing as US marshals to get out of wearing masks

OMG -- a Moment of Geek !! :D

So I teach PBS students . ED ODD ADHD Autistic and more. This year I have been working on kindnes

Hello Stranger

Texas Game Wardens rescue cold stunned sea turtles

Introduction to Strong Towns & Financially Insolvent American Cities

World's oldest DNA sequenced from million-year-old mammoths

Ghislaine Maxwell claims physical abuse by prison guard during search

With Biden, do you know what it's not about?

White House says Biden supports study of slavery reparations

If you watched The Lady and the Dale

Feds investigated Roger Stone ties to Proud Boys as part of possible threat to judge

Democrats Have a Backbone Now

Thank goodness for a Good Night view!

Temptations - I can't get Next to You...

Chris Hayes tweet:

Traditional Development - #6 in the Strong Towns Curbside Chat Video Series

Rush Limbaugh, I comem to BURY him, NOT to praise him

New York assemblyman gives details of call from Gov. Cuomo (CNN)

Biden's press secretary SMACKS DOWN Texas Republicans over power outage lies - Brian Tyler Cohen

Thousands of 'cold-stunned' sea turtles rescued from frigid waters in Texas

People are rescuing thousands of 'cold-stunned' sea turtles in Texas

*NOW, The Pawnbroker

How come Rachel is the only one who tells us this stuff?????

Rolling blackouts happened in the South, but not in Tennessee

Facebook fiasco (Australia)

Dan Rather: Yep, they seem to be working.

The difference between Democrats and Republicans.

Keep your fingers crossed *** we have a storm moving in *** overnight

I can't see Sig lines or number of user posts anymore

Gravity Payments CEO Dan Price on Rush Limbaugh

Solar Energy Doesn't Work In The Cold

The lone grid state

David Bowie on Johnny Carson 1980. Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes

A Macedonian misinformation site dominated Parler before the Capitol riot

Aren't major destructive storms usually named ?

Fleetwood Mac - Landslide

J. Kimmel Live: Trump's Rush Limbaugh Tribute, Biden's Vaccine Promise & Texas Blackout Blame Game

Rush Limbaugh's REAL Legacy

Emma Reacts To Rush Limbaugh's Death

Sam Seder's Sad Obituary For Rush Limbaugh

US Senate seats that the Democrats are likely going to be winning in 2022.

Didn't we just have 4 years of "infrastructure week"?

Do you live in a Mobile Home or RV? Tell us about it.

Gotta love Lt. Gen. Honore

Allegations of sexist cyberstalking by Trump's top advisor, Jason Miller, roils secretive paternity

Atlantic City implodes its worst eye-sore

If Bezos Converted His Wealth Into $1 Bills The Stack Would Be 20,000 Miles High

Did Ted Cruz fly to Cancun today during his state's emergency?

Note to all: Do not eat asparagus before paying your respects at Limbaugh's grave

My "tribute" to Rush Limbaugh...

gladiator frog came back AGAIN, so i took some shots of him on a heliconia

VA-GOV: Major union that backed Biden in 2020 endorses Foy in Virginia governors race

My blind rear end is still around.

graph: #covid-19 cases remain high. Practice healthy habits:........

Why did Carnival Cruz fly to Cancun during the Texas snow storm?

Ted Cruz has flown to Cancun...

When Texas Turns Blue, the GOP Can Say Goodbye to Winning

I kmow enough to know that the Texas power problem is more complicated than some stories present it

Hmmmm....Don Jr seems to be adjusting well

HISTORY: Ranks as DC's third largest snowstorm on record.

$5,152 Power Bill? Texas' Winter Storm Hell Only Gets Worse

Heading Towards Full

She Walked 500 Miles Through Wilderness In Fall & Winter To Return Home: Mary Draper Ingles

Arrest of Congressman Daniel Silveira after Attacks on Court Justices

In remembrance: Rush Limbaugh celebrated the deaths of gay men from AIDS on his radio show

Bolsonaro Bills Will Face Resistance in House and Senate this Year

The Failed State of Texas

(Jewish Group) A Holocaust refugee's son is one of the most powerful politicians in Congo

The Daily Social Distancing Show: A Texas Snowstorm, Corona-Friendly Mardi Gras & Fauci's Award

Face it, Texas electrical grid is just NOT ready for EV Cars.

#YoMamasSoMAGA She thinks Antifa blew up Trump's casino

LA LA LA LA LOVE SONG: Toshinobu Kubota

How come Microsoft is so bad at calculating

The Daily Social Distancing Show: GOP & Fox Blame AOC's Green New Deal for the Texas Power Crisis

TX State Gov in the spotlight UPDATE WITH PROG CPSLR

Journalist resigns after pulling editorial punch at Colombia's richest man

My favorite Patisserie, in Silver Spring and Bethesda (Montgomery Mall)

My favorite Patisserie, in Silver Spring and Bethesda (Montgomery Mall) MD

George Carlin - Cigars

Lindsey Graham BEGS Mitch McConnell to Stop Fighting Trump

How terrorism works Part 2: Colombia's mafia president

City releases $5 million settlement agreement with Black officer beaten during protest

The Daily Social Distancing Show- Bill Gates: "How to Avoid a Climate Disaster" & Driving Innovation

Colombia: New Massacre Leaves 5 Dead and One Injured

US life expectancy drops a year in pandemic, most since WWII

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos (R-WI) asks Gov. Evers to lower flags to half-staff for Rush Limbaugh

Damage From Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Long-Lasting for Dolphins

Poll: Ninety Per Cent of Republicans Would Book Rooms at Trump Plaza Hotel in Atlantic City

DeSantis threatens to divert vaccines from communities criticizing distribution

Afro Mexicans welcome MLK III visit as push for recognition, respect

Why Texas Was Ill-Prepared for the Deadly Weather that Knocked it off the Grid The Mehdi Hasan Show

Tweet of the Day

Bonus Tweet of the Day

☦ Orthodox Christian Church in Spring, Texas/Link to a Prayer Request/Pray for Texas!

Bolivia's Central Bank Returns Aez's Requested Loan To IMF

My Bloody Valentine - Soon

My Bloody Valentine - You Made Me Realise

Eating coconut cake at 12:38 AM (extreme warmth edition)

The US Will Pay $200 Million + To the World Health Organization

Cold in Houston!

The Cure - Plainsong

Cold in Houston!

Pederewski, Vaughan Williams, Handel

The Love Cats


Jack U Off

The Cure - A Thousand Hours

George McCrae - Rock Your Baby

Failed to heed warnings that left power grid vulnerable to extremes

Fury in Peru after officials secretly received vaccine before health workers

What's going on at the Lincoln Project? - CBS News

The Truth

I'm glad he lived long enough to see President Biden and the first female VP, Kamala Harris

Weather and politicians:

Even the NY Post is after Ted Cruz

Dr. David Kessler Says They Want The American People To Know How to Treat COVID.

Footage of damage in Texas as result of the cold snap is beyond depressing.

Governor Abbott is full of 'guvno'.

Understanding How Texas' Energy Grid Broke Down During Winter Storm - Craig Melvin - MSNBC

Jorge Morel, revered classical guitarist and composer, dies at 89

Chile's solidarity movement urges the US to change its policy on Cuba

Brazil churches spark controversy with LGBT+ support in Lent campaign

'Brazen Lie': Chris Hayes Calls Out Gov. Abbott, Fox News For Texas Power Grid Lies - All In - MSNBC

Lent 2021 began on Wednesday, February 17 and ends on Saturday, April 3

Opinion This legislative session's priority is clear: cruelty

American Life Expectancy Dropped By A Full Year In The First Half Of 2020

Steve Bannon believed Trump had early stage dementia, TV producer claims

Revealed: Monsanto owner and US officials pressured Mexico to drop glyphosate ban

Revealed: Monsanto owner and US officials pressured Mexico to drop glyphosate ban

Meanwhile, Beto O'Rourke in Texas...

Plantwatch: fungus creates fake fragrant flowers to fool bees

L.A. sues Nevada firm over online sales of 'ghost gun' kits

Mars Rover Perseverance Hours Away From Daredevil Landing Attempt On Red Planet

O My Dog! This dude played one movement of Devienne's 'Flute Concerto No. 8' tonite

Long-Lost Neanderthal Tooth Reveals a Surprising Unknown Link to Modern Humans

The Moon's Biggest Crater Is Revealing Lunar Formation Secrets We Never Knew

Focus On Vaccines Overlooks Life-Saving Antibody Therapies For Covid-19 Patients - Rachel Maddow

Eerie Figures With Huge Heads Found Painted in a Rock Shelter in Tanzania

Life Expectancy Drops Sharply in U.S. , 2.7 years for Blacks, 1.9 for Hispanic, 0.8 for Whites

Archaeologists in Turkey Have Discovered a Mysterious Ancient Kingdom Lost in History

Many Ethnic Russians Returning to North but Moscow isn't Counting Them, Anthropologist Says

Rachel Maddow deserves a Pulitzer prize for her Covid Coverage

If Ted Cruz went to Cancun while Texans suffered,

Volunteers In Texas Are Saving Thousands Of Cold-Stunned Sea Turtles From The Storm

When will people stop falling for the RW rethug crap about deregulation

'Wintry Mix' has begun, in southern MD.

SWAT team shows up at UCLA student's home Tuesday.. he participated in the capitol riot

Traffic Jam' As Three Nations' Mars Missions Arrive At The Red Planet - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Why didn't Texas Gov. Abbott demand energy companies winterize before this happened?

Medical journal says Trump impeded U.S response to Covid-19

Little River Band - Cool Change

King Harvest - Dancing In The Moonlight

Texas hospitals are running out of water. Some facilities are evacuating patients for their safety.

Limbaugh Was Partly Scalia and Bork's Fault

Can the DOJ stop Trump from this

Kittens enthralled by Tom & Jerry cartoon:

Life with cats:

Doug Jensen indicted on 7 more charges in US Capitol riot. Jenson chased Eugene Goodman up Capitol

so why is Morning JoeScum repeating the Trump lies again

Life expectancy (males) UK 80yrs; Canada, Ireland, New Zealand 81yrs; Australia 82 yrs; USA 76yrs

All the Texas stories reminds me of coming hope after Christmas vacation

Thursday TOONs - Texas Hold 'Em

2 Belarusian journalists sent to prison for covering protest

Biden's Schedule for Thursday, February 18, 2021

Fed judge: Zip tie guy and mom must remain in custody

Tweet of the morning

Trump Frets Foes Will Be 'Suing Me for the Rest of My Life'

For the past 25 years, Republican Governors George Bush, Rick Perry and Greg Abbott have done for Ho

Trump vs McConnell - War of the dicks

Portland Police guard dumpsters of discarded food

OANN kicked off facebook?

🧵 For my non-Texans, it's hard to convey how f'd our state is.

I know things are still hard, but do you feel the turning of the tide?

Alice Coltrane - Turiya And Ramakrishna

So now Trump is the president in exile?

'Just a real mess': 100M from the South to the East Coast in path of a new winter storm; 2.1M power

BUDGET: Unemployment fix, but not really.

Texas insulated the wrong thing.

What is the true value of Trump's support to state legislators?

Facebook is in big big trouble - Fraud. Handcuffs.

The reason why Ted Cruz can go to Cancun in the middle of a Texas freeze

Donald Trump: I miss being president

On this day, February 18, 2001, Dale Earnhardt died.

Biden will ask DOJ to review his authority to cancel student loan debt - White House

Canada Ted is very smart to flee to Mexico! Like I always say,

Two Kremlin mouthpieces on the same talking points. How shocking

Democrats to introduce Biden's immigration reform bill

Pfizer and Moderna vaccines have reduced effectiveness against South African variant, new studies sh

We got power last night around 7:30...

We salute the Army's first Black Ranger instructor who became a legendary neighborhood crime-fighter

NAACP lawsuit will put Trump "out of business," Congressman Bennie Thompson says

U.S. life expectancy plummets amid pandemic

Tennessee Bill Would Give Fathers Veto Over Abortion

Facebook's New Look in Australia: News and Hospitals Out, Aliens Still In

For Suffering Texans ...

The Supreme Court is still sitting on Trump's tax returns, and justices aren't saying why

Trump-McConnell rift threatens GOP's Senate hopes

On this day, February 18, 1939, Bobby Hart, of the songwriting duo Boyce and Hart, was born.

How do you steal the headlines of Rush Limbaugh's death in the middle of the worst natural disaster


Stop taking the bait on Cuomo, please.

Did Ted Cruz Fly to Cancun During Texas' Disaster?

((New adjusted unemployment claims 861,000))

Steve Scalise Meets with Trump

Prior to the internet

Remembering Rush

Drought Monitor 2/16/21 - AR, MO, LA Only States W. Of The Mississippi w/o Stage 1 Drought Or Higher

Capitol Police Investigate 2 GOP Lawmakers Over House Metal Detector Incidents

From AlJazeera Inside Story: Is the Myanmar coup a turning point for the Rohingya?

"The Pope should make him a saint right now, today!" . . . Please come CAPTION Sean Hannity!

US Senate Elections from the states the Democrats are likely going to be winning in 2022.

Jobless Americans Face Surprise Tax Bills On Unemployment Benefits

How a Liberal Lawyer in Georgia Took an Extreme Right Turn

Woman takes disabled raccoon for daily walks

Rep. Madeleine Dean's (D-PA) profile rises amid Senate buzz

Reagan gave Rush the role of promoting "the Movement Conservative narrative"

It's a power grab! An assault on democratic ideals and institutions

Breakfast Thursday 18 February 2021

Raskin Says Trump Could Still Be Barred from Public Office

What the heck was I thinking when I took this shot?

EU trade chief warns Biden over 'Buy American' push

Like biting on a big hunk of tin foil

WWMD (What Would Mom Do?)

The Devil meets Limbaugh at the Gates of Hell

(MA) Link to Danvers vaccine sign-up

Chris Cuomo Prohibited from Covering His Brother

Seen on Facebook!

Lame Limbaugh obits: Mainstream media fawns over a toxic bigot who poisoned our politics

Karma slowly taking jabs at Republican philosophy and policy.

Word of flight to Cancun from frozen Texas lands Senator Ted Cruz in hot water

The Christian Prophets Who Say Trump Is Coming Again

Islamic 12th-century bathhouse uncovered in Seville tapas bar

Winter Storm Hits Middle East, Bringing Snow From Libya to Saudi Arabia

Morning Joe mocks conservatives for whining that Trump was 'canceled'

Like it or not, history shows that taxes and bureaucracy are cornerstones of democracy

Ted Cruz's statement regarding claims he is in Cancun ((joke alert))

Managers of Texas' electrical grid still can't say when power will be restored

Join Beto O'Rourke Today Calling Texans to Help

Google doodle today honours Audre Lorde, writer, feminist, activist, on her birthday.(1934).

Report: McConnell Not Planning To Fire Back At Trump Or Speak To Him Ever Again

All Quiet on the Texas Front

'Blood is on Abbott's hands': Anger at GOP surges as food & water shortages compound TX power crisis

Playing for Change

So this unfortunate situation in Texas reminds of the time

Cruz's office goes silent while Texas shivers to death

9am DC time, Cruz's office will NOT confirm or deny CNN report about Cruz going to Cancun trip

A New Maryland Law Could Bring MARC Service to Crystal City

They don't even bother to hide their fangs now.

Using "Trash Key Word" for the first time... what a mood saver!

We're not Gloating, Texas. There's an electrical-generating wind turbine in a small suburb

This is bad. 02-18-21 UPDATE.

Rush Limbaugh Spent His Lifetime Speaking Ill of the Dead

Texas power outages!

Well Today is the day for the Mars Landing of Perseverance, if interested

Maddow nails Trump for being sad there 'weren't more angry people w/lacrosse sticks' in Capitol..

Bob Dole has Stage 4 lung cancer

Beach Buddies

QAnon was devastated to see Biden on AF One because they thought Trump was secretly using it: report

Texas news site calls Americans living outside of Texas "foreign".

The 1/6/21 riot/coup is the logical outcome of Rush, Fox News, Trump, the GOP's and so on lies

Ted Cruz went to Cancun this week while Texas froze. He visited with one of his republican friends:

Cruz says he has 'no defense' for mocking California's past power outages as Texas' grid falters

Sen. Shirkey pressured to resign - again - after more controversial remarks surface

A New Maryland Law Could Bring MARC Service to Crystal City

Boebert draws Democratic challenger who labels her 'threat to democracy'

Well Trump hit his favorite spot yesterday!

Tennessee bill would grant fathers veto power over abortion, allow establishment of paternity withou

25 "Prophets" have spoken...

Walmart announces raises for 425,000 associates

How are the alligators doing in this bitter cold? Nt

Biden needs to address this Texas fiasco before Republicans start blaming him

Meanwhile in Nebraska?

NASA Mars Perseverence landing today - follow along

Pic Of The Moment: When The Power's Out In Your Neighborhood...

Here's What's Hiding Behind the Massive Seasonal Adjustments in January Retail Sales

Just Noticed This About Texas....

No jab, no job: Vatican gets tough with COVID anti-vaxxers

Biden admin lets migrants with extreme circumstances enter U.S. while awaiting asylum

Car that can climb on wall

Cruz SHAMED Into Coming Back Home?

Looks like Ted might be on his way back to TX

Scientists are divided over whether climate change is fueling extreme cold events

This is Texas' Katrina

Anyone for some relaxing fishing?

This is how cold it is at my Apartment.

Humor for the day.

The Funding of False Facts--Advertising Money is Fueling Conspiracy Theories Opinion

Checking out a rumor.

The wife and I got our second Pfizer yesterday. Both in our early 70's and had heard anecdotal.....

I didn't agree politically a lot with Bob Dole, but I respected his service to the nation.

If I were President Biden, I'd head to Texas as soon as it is safe to do so.

Why NASA calls landing the Mars rover '7 minutes of terror'

Damn those meddling kids!

Good Day DU (February 18, 2021)

Interesting idea: "the former guy", or just "TFG"

"Reclaiming Reality: Deradicalization and Rehabilitation After the January 6 Attack"

1143 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Thurs.; 213 deaths

Republicans unite around a message -- schools should reopen, and Democrats are to blame

Trump supporters are planning to storm the Capitol again on 4 March, lawmaker warns

I love The Daily Mail's long, descriptive headlines. Here's what they say about Ted Cruz

Just another dead doper. And a dirt bag

When the going gets tough, the tough go to Mexico.

Analysis: How Biden could use foreign and trade policy to protect the Amazon rainforest

Are they going to change the filibuster rule? I fear many things will not happen

Fox News has confirmed that Ted Cruz flew to Mexico amid a massive crisis in the state of Texas.

The Rush Limbaugh Sympathy Card

I feel sorry for Ted Cruzs' kid in this trip to Cancun

Department of Homeland Security Confirms Neo-Nazi Leader Used to Work For It

Alabama medical worker arrested in DC riot witnessed woman's fatal shooting

Please let this be true.

about Gov. Cuomo

The responses in this twitter thread about Ted Cruz

Do you suppose Rush Qimbaugh has "I've got friends in low places"?

Federal COVID-19 aid used to buy riot gear, 'civil unrest equipment' (Minnesota, Chicago)

For Republican Texas voters I think of the words of the great Pete Seeger

Thanks, Beto! (Again)

Eurythmics - Would I Lie To You?

so many people eager to identify this punk that the FBI lost track of the count ("at least 11 indivi

How Amsterdam is stealing a march on rivals as Brexit trading hub

Volunteers In Texas Are Saving Thousands Of Cold-Stunned Sea Turtles From The Storm

Meanwhile, Beto...

Can Texans recall their governor? Asking for a friend.

Israel's role in war crimes committed during the Guatemalan civil war

How the battle over redistricting in 2021 could decide control of the U.S. Congress

Manfred Mann's Earth Band - Blinded By The Light

Game on little monster Hunter

Texas snow: Mayor quits after 'only strong will survive' post

Wind sculpted snow

Watch live today: NASA Perseverance rover lands on Mars!

Be a Dolly!

Dolly is the role model we all need

Even Limbaugh's Life Had Purpose

"Sooner or later, people will learn social media ends careers."

Can anyone name anything Ted Cruz has accomplished as a senator?

Dallas official says Texas governor hasn't even called him amid the crisis -- but the White House has

Investors don't like the Texas shit show. Dow down 205.

Are the wind turbines freezing in the northern states?

See The Difference?

Used to work in a men's clothing store. Customers always asked for Rush neckties.

Bard College at Simons Rock, in Great Barrington on lockdown due to bomb threat.

Ted Cruz Going To Cancun

Meghan McCain must be going crazy, with the remote set up on 'The View'. She can't interrupt!

Dumbfuck D'Souza's take on Cruz:

NASCAR now has a carbon neutral team

Keep It Up 2021

It now starts in Arkansas...

The Ted Cruz Story--from Canada to Cancun...

Ted Cruz flies economy back to Texas after Cancun vacation goes viral: flight records

AP News Team Attacked at Million MAGA March - JAN 6

Anyone Who Believes ...

What does someone looking to move to Texas think now? That's a lot of people, not

'Horrible': Witnesses recall massacre in Ethiopian holy city

So apparently Ted Cruz is asking the Police to guard him on arrival at the Houston Airport?

Eric Boehlert: Tell the truth about Limbaugh-- he was a blight

Hey, suffering Texans, a song for you from Cancun Ted

Brussels condemns Slovenian premier's criticism of reporter

ROVE: Trump Will Lose If He Runs Again

Monkeys diving from the high board:

How the fuck is DeSantis still popular?

Actor Paul Walter Hauser, a Michigan native, is all about Faygo Moon Mist, Jet's Pizza

Ted Cruz asks Houston cops to help him get out of airport as Texans rage over Cancun trip: report

Not political or weather related but something of possible import...

Seems to me the Houston Police Dept has more pressing things to do than babysitting Ted Cruz.

No mirrors involved:

Lincoln Project faces calls to shut down

Little girl & baby llama cooperate to peel an apple:

Yes - Changes

The student loan structure needs systemic change.

Something for pets

Joy BEHAR says LIMBOsevic and other wingnut media blabbers are all schtick, just spew for cash

Trevor Noah ftw

Lol, truth!

Texas Democrats call on Cruz to resign

Black Sabbath - Changes

It snowed in Saudi Arabia.

Ex-Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan resigns seat

Ted Cruz memes are starting/Ted is on his way back to Texas Y'all

Paradise: John Prine, Bonnie Raitt (Farm Aid, Austin, Texas)

Michael Madigan resigns from Illinois House after being ousted as speaker

My 1954 House in Minnesota Has Some Interesting Cold Weather Features.

YOU raised $0 on 2-17-21 DU for Kansas Fair Maps: Anti-Gerrymandering Fund ($5,000 match)

Conservative pundit praises Ted Cruz's Cancun getaway: 'He's not using up valuable resources of ener

Meanwhile, trying to unfreeze a gas cap with a lighter

Abbott's debunked blathering about AOC and Ted's vacay have ensured the TX disaster falls on them

Billions of dollars of Federal tax funds are about to go to Texas (again)

Cancun (Luckovich)

Bob Dole diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer

In the latest edition of the world of Ted...........I'm a hypocrite Cruz......and government waste..

The Librarian War Against QAnon

Texas electric grid collapse caused by a Slavish devotion to markets, false independence, more

Aide who wrote Mike Shirkey's apologies leaving to work for Dana Nessel

My hubby was helping a neighbor scoop out their drive this morning when our neighborhood moron

United Airlines apparently says Cruz planned to return Saturday

Is this 2021 or is 2020 in extra innings?

Statement from Director of Communications for Sen. Ted Cruz

Caught between the icicles!

Texas water nightmare adds to power crisis as new winter storm moves in

Charles Bradley - Changes

#NotAllTexans... but...

Crostini Monsieur Recipe

New York City to Take Brunt of Megastorm

'Finally able to bring Alexis home': After 7 years, missing Nelson County teen's remains found

Johnny Cash - Hurt

The Internet strikes again.

Beto should run for Gov of Texas. He would be fantastic.

APS makes the right decision. (They didn't really have a choice, thanks to teachers.)

These satellite images show almost the entire US covered in snow

Well, maybe not ..

The Beautiful Jam happened 50 years ago today (Grateful Dead)

Can someone explain to me, please, how the 16th amendment (passed 1909, not 1871) which

REM - Losing My Religion

Canada won't require virus tests for Point Roberts residents

Dan Rather tweet:

Crews battle fierce fire on Tacoma commercial fishing boat for hours

Arkansas state senator says he's leaving Republican Party

How a Hardcore Liberal Joined the Pro-Trump Mob

San Franscisco: Bringing back cable cars would be a 'heavy lift'

Arkansas State senator Hendren leaves GOP

Republicans are working 'to rig every election from 2022 onwards'. If Democrats don't pay attention,

Dead South - In Hell I'll be in Good Company

Ivanka Trump won't challenge Rubio for Senate seat in 2022

San Francisco: Partial downtown-bound Muni Metro service to return in May. ...

Amy Winehouse - Back to Black

This is how Lauren Boebert appears during a house hearing.

CNN, more specifically Brianna Kielar, is on the Ted Cruz story. This should get a LOT of....

Ivanka Trump will not run against Marco Rubio for one of Florida's Senate seats.

Disturbed - Sounds of Silence

Cruiz'n Cruz!

Bucket list travel

If you like pina coladas,

Violin Concerto Johannes Brahms Itzhak Perlman (violin) Chicago Symphony Orchestra

Creole Stomp

Violin Concerto Johannes Brahms Itzhak Perlman

Vatican says workers refusing vaccines may be fired

Icy 'tropicals' in southern MD!

My 10,000th post

Ted Cruz personifies the motto: "I can get away with anything."

We're Sticking With Trump!

Now Cruz is saying he just went to drop the family off

Texas GOP Blaming The ...

Ivanka Trump won't challenge Rubio for Senate seat in 2022

Not Even A Dog

Icing Conditions!

Trump Turns Down Nikki Haley Request for Meeting

Jeff Tiedrich tweet:

The Spinners - The Rubberband Man

Not the first rodeo for Texas energy scandals.

How Ted Cruz's ill-fated trip to Cancun blew up from Twitter rumor to major scandal

Guardians Joins 500 Groups in Support of Confirming Rep. Deb Haaland as Interior Secretary

Statement put out by Romney on the Big Lie and impeachment

Carole King - Jazzman

Ted Cruz blames widely condemned Cancun vacation on his daughters

WH not playing 'Where's Waldo"

So where is the Marijuana Bill?

The Catholic league says the man who mocked the deaths of Aids victims was a "gift from God"

Sacramento GOP expels Proud Boys member from post he won last March

Anybody remember General Gustave F. Perna who was showcased as the military....

Dolly Parton Wants TN To Not Consider A Statue Of Her At Capitol Grounds

Ted's walk of shame... back from Cancun..wearing a Texas mask

Insurers question claims process in Boy Scouts bankruptcy

So glad to see the 'Ted Cruz wins no matter what' posts have sunk.

How to watch Perseverance's Mars landing: T minus 15 minutes! (2:15 pm ET / 11:15 am PT)

Two Harvard professors request publication on Korean comfort women be suspended

Boeing staff told to empty Renton Longacres headquarters by April, fueling deal rumors

Disgraced Georgia DA Who Said 'Everything' Down There 'Still Works' Indicted for Bribery Scheme...

Chris Cornell's Wife Vicky Cornell Sues Soundgarden Over Proposed Buyout Offer

Wesley College to discontinue sports at the end of the year

Are There Any Automobile Races That Just Involve Electric Vehicles?.....

Cartoons 2/18/2021

Ted Cruz's Cancun Jaunt Is the Move of Someone Who Feels They're Totally Insulated From Consequences

texas monthly for the win--- ted cruz

Officer Pulls Guy Over and Seriously Regrets It - Audit the Audit

Everett pallet shelter plan moves forward, with key caveat

Joe: Jill and I are keeping Texas, Oklahoma, and other impacted states in our prayers. I've declared

Men posed as U.S. marshals to avoid wearing masks at Florida resort, authorities say

US needs to brace itself for more deadly storms, experts say

CNN or MSNBC should challenge Fox News to a debate.

Is Ted Cruz Returning for Texans?

Most King County property tax bills are higher due to voter-approved measures

... rising prices due to Texas freeze: 'Like hitting the jackpot'

Rush Limbaugh was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom. And that makes sense.

Low-Income Californians to Receive $600 Stimulus Checks as Part of COVID-19 Relief Package

How to watch Perseverance's Mars landing: Coverage begins at 2:15 pm ET; Touchdown at 3:55 pm ET.

Cruz defends flying to Cancun amid Texas power outages

Oldest juvenile convict in US released from prison after 68 years behind bars

Trump's Pentagon reportedly held off promoting 2 female generals over fears of how the White House

Brianna Keilar in another golden take down: Flying Ted!

Bob Dole has been diagnosed with late stage lung cancer

Sophie Stinky Toes is blissfully napping, right now.

Cruz was supposed to stay in Cancun until Saturday. He's lying & blaming family to save face.

Pics Showing How Texas Is Dealing With The Coldest Weather In Over 30 Years

A far-right UCLA student who live-streamed the Capitol siege, and reportedly bragged he wouldn't get

Silicon Valley-backed groups sue Maryland to kill country's first-ever online advertising tax

Trump's ambassador to Slovenia launches Senate bid in Alabama

So I'm hearing that Ted Coup demanded police resources

Beto with more resources for Dallas, Denton, Ellis & Rockwall counties

'Around here, Trump is king': How Marjorie Taylor Greene got to Congress by running as the MAGAt

Miles Taylor: Ted Cruz's Cancun Vacation Will Haunt Him

"My girls wanted me to rob that bank"?

The GOP Is Now the Party of Thugs, Terrorists, Racists and Dopes

NOT cozy!

Hey Ted! Kids trying to stay warm are going to the hospital with carbon monoxide poisoning

The Orange County North Carolina GOP offices are officially a MAGA safe space.

Since when do you accompany your daughters on a flight....

Moondog - Bird's Lament

Are you one of several million under a "Boil Order" for your drinking water?

Conservative pundit praises Ted Cruz's Cancun getaway He's not using up valuable resources of energy

desperate for a hot meal, long line at Burger King that runs out of food

Can't decide what to do next. Ink? Background?

How do cities get enough fresh water?

No Excuses PAC... is putting up a radio ad in Texas on Cruz's "Mexican vacation." 147 stations

WATCH: #PoorPeoplesCampaign & @SEIU news conference following meeting w/ Sen. Joe Manchin.

Speaking of Texas....Two quotes I came across by pure chance:

(Jewish Group)ADL singles out Poland, Hungary, Russia & British Labour Party in Europe anti-Semitic

Arkansas state senator says he's leaving Republican Party

(Jewish Group) Auction house suspends sale of 19th-century document that Romanian Jews say stolen


(Jewish Group) In UK, Jews are leading the fight against the oppression of China's Uighur Muslims

***** Finals for the Feb Photo Contest ***** NATIONAL AND STATE PARKS Time to vote

To be fair, GQP cluelessness has gone back years.

*****The Finalist for February*****are posted: here is the link

(Jewish Group) Biden: White supremacists are 'the most dangerous people' in America

George Takei: When Ted Cruz booked his last minute flight to rush back home, I wonder if he had

Did Senator Cruz not think how his trip would be viewed by

Romney: "...calling for unity while at the same time appeasing the big lie of a stolen election..."

Nice jeans, Ted.

The Republican response to the Texas power outages debacle

The Texas Senator briefing staffers prior to his Cancun junket

Oh my goodness (pipe split)

I'm going with The Root's headline:

As Perseverance nears the Martian surface, keep these three incredible women in mind

New look for the distinguished Senator from Texas

Georgia House GOP trying to stop Souls to the Polls get out the vote drives

Joe: Texas -- Hundreds of warming centers are open across the state. Head to

Do your cats watch TV?

Bar Cancels Woman's 'Off to Prison' Party, Plans Fundraiser for Victims

Dear Texas: our thoughts and hearts are with you! Now dump the traitor who tried to leave you to fre

What is next for republicans? Come out and try to pass legislation taking the right to vote

Texas Mayor Resigns After Telling 'Lazy' Residents 'No One Owes You - Quit Crying'

The PAC of Elon Musk's SpaceX contributed nearly $120,000 to members of Congress who voted to overtu

Texas hotel prices skyrocketed after power outages. Here's what to know about price gouging.

On this day, February 18, 2006, Bill Cowsill died.

End of Neanderthals linked to flip of Earth's magnetic poles, study suggests

Seth Rogan on Cruz going to Cancun

Wanna watch the Mars Landing? Got a Roku?

This NASA Perserverance stuff is very exciting and emotional!

Three minutes to landing for the Mars Rover

The Government Has Not Explained How These 13 People Were Selected to Die

Incremental Development - #5 in the Strong Towns Curbside Chat Video Series

Why hasn't the Natl Guard been called up

Someone made a thread about Mexico wanting to build the wall, Who knew??

Perseverance Landing: Here comes the 7 minutes of terror!

South Dakota Attorney General Charged In Crash


I know it is too late now (for those frozen in)...BUT...

Touch Down!

Tango Delta Nominal!!

Touch down!

JUST IN: Perseverance rover has safely landed on Mars

Monster Hunter is more a game, its a Culture!

CNN lists places to which you can donate, to help victims of storm

It was probably easier to put a Rover on Mars than

I'm glad there were enough thoughts and prayers to get that rover to Mars.

Texas gas companies forced to adjust after woman gets a bill for $202,102

Llama on the loose for almost a year rescued from Alabama septic tank ditch (

"Perseverance is alive on the surface of Mars." -- announcement from NASA, 18/02/2021

Nebraska Sen. Julie Slama's winner-take-all Electoral College proposal draws opposition

I got another email from Pilot/Flying J re: truck stop closings

Daily KOS founder tweets a grand point

South Dakota Attorney General Charged in Fatal Car Crash

Seriously, Cruz tossed his children under the

It landed... in case you weren't aware.

Bricklayers Union Applauds President Biden's Action to Strengthen Registered Apprenticeship

The migrant Ted Cruz escapes the political oppression he endured....

Percy the Rover: "Hello World. My first look at my forever home."

Let's lighten up on Ted Cruz, can we? It was an act of pure paternal devotion ...

I gave away

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Febr. 18, 2021

Fucking MARS!

Ted Cruz asks Houston cops to help him get out of airport as Texans rage over Cancun trip

Because we all need a laugh, 13 curses to mutter against Ted Cruz while you boil snow to drink.

Does anyone know what airport he left ?

Rocket Man - Elton John

Panda has a Lazy Good Time in Snow. Smile Inducing.

Heartbreaking: One Texas Resident Had To Travel Over ...

Caught in another lie - Cruz was initially booked to return on Saturday.

Sanders-Commissioned CBO Report Finds Medicare Part D Pays Nearly Three Times More Than Medicaid ...

Ted Cruz Is Useless

😆 Ted Cruz honestly surprised so many people want him around 😆

What is This?

A pandemic. A snowstorm. And a bored guy...

Rep. Lauren Boebert attacks House security measures while posing in front of her guns

JUST IN: -CapitolPolice tell me 35 officers are under investigation for actions on Jan. 6.

Give thanks to God for landing the Rover safely on the surface of Mars!

Mars rover has to be a hoax. It's ...

O'jays, Hall & Oates, Trammps. The 3 Degrees - Philadelphia R&B Thread. This one is ALL HITS

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Friday, 19 February 2021

Well, the snow needs watering

Marta and I now own 15 shares of Community Solar power

Sorry but I need to say something nice about Rush

NASA's Perseverance Mars Rover: Hello, world. My first look at my forever home.

PM Update: Slippery conditions through the night as periodic light wintry mix persists

Dow down 31.5k,

Ironic Tweet of the Day (re: Cruz)

Manhattan D.A. Recruits Top Prosecutor for Trump Inquiry

Boy, Ted Cruz just can't catch a break.

Democrats introduce LGBTQ Equality Act in House and Senate - make clear Biden has 'made it a priorit

Charlie Rangel on Ted Cruz

This is what the world could become if not for politics, greed and need.

Wow, the Perseverance landing site is strewn with small spherical concretion-like objects of nearly

If you haven't heard the new Vince Gill song take a listen, March on (link)

I'm offering a campaign slogan to Texas Democrats for any and all elections

WH: Texas -- Carbon monoxide poisoning is a major risk. If you're struggling to stay warm, please do

Change urged to single vaccine dosing for Pfizer. Moderna not sure about South African variant

Charlie Baker is under fire -- again -- for COVID-19 vaccine signup problems


South Dakota AG who fatally struck man with car charged with misdemeanors, no felonies

Actress Ashley Judd shattered her leg in the Congo rainforest and is now opening up about how the...

Ted Cruz Throws His Daughters Under The Bus

CanCruz (Ted Cruz Cancun Ad)

Cruz Your Enthusiasm:

Tweet of the Day

Ted Cruz was taking a page from Trump's book?

Message from Mars

Rush Limbaugh, Rudy Giuliani, golf, panties and Steve Bannon

First Photos from Perservance from Mars

Florida man who flew massive Confederate flag found dead

Georgia Republicans File Sweeping Elections Bill That Limits Early, Absentee Voting

Promotions for Female Generals Were Delayed Over Fears of Trump's Reaction

George Takei for the win (again).

It had to be done. Thank you Perseverance

5th Circuit Grants Qualified Immunity to Cops Who Ignited a Suicidal, Gasoline-Drenched Man by ...

Al Franken: the Ted Cruz mug

Huffington Post for the Ted Cruz Headline of the Day WIN

It is still legal in 29 states to discriminate against LGBTQ+ Americans. Enough is enough. I'm proud

Federal Election Commission Considers Cruz's Cancun Trip...

Chinatown Shop Owner Who Saved Woman from Robbery By Firing Gun is Arrested, Bailed Out

Biden helps Texas Live now: 1st post-landing presser

Joe: Congratulations to NASA and everyone whose hard work made Perseverance's historic landing possi

People who hate the government should never be elected to serve in the government.

Time for a bit of Fugelsang

Steve Sack FTW

Oakland Golf Course Still Buzzing About Extremely Rare "Condor" Score

Life On Mars?

Perseverance: if he were POTUS, trump would take credit for today

Mountaire class-action suit proposes $65M settlement for public

Did you know that Trump designed and built Perseverance?

Calvert County Health Department is sharing a COVID-19 Update.

Ice and geese!

Gov. Abbott asking White House for major disaster declaration to help fix broken pipes

I Had My First Time A Few Days Ago...

Masks are a lot like pants

Ice and geese,

Maybe CanQruz shoulda gone to Domino Republic instead.

Tx man froze to death in his recliner with wife by his side

Esthero - Half A World Away

It Took Months To Catch This Stray Dog

MDOT Chooses Transurban for I-495/I-270 Project

So KKKruz pulled his kids out of school (virtual or physical) to schlep them to Mex? Is that kosher

The MOST amazing thing about this Mars rover landing:

Snow Devil captured on video in Michigan

Protesters await Sen. Ted Cruz's arrival at his Texas home.

Retired General Probing Capitol Attack Slammed Hawley

"Cancun Cruz"! Pass it on.

It's about time.

Graft Probe Reaches Top of Austrian Government

What happened to the story about Reps Giving Capitol tours on 1/5.

The Jacksons - Show You The Way To Go

Keilar responds after Nikki Haley blames media for GOP feud (CNN)

Blind veteran adopts neglected blind dog

Texas power grid was "seconds and minutes" away from catastrophic failure

Tennessee won't bite Biden's Medicaid carrot

Not that anyone on DU who is not a lurking right winger needs to be convinced

James Ingram & Michael McDonald - Yah Mo B There

Trump Turns Down Nikki Haley Request for Meeting

Sedition Yoga

This Preacher Said in October He Cured Rush Limbaugh's Lung Cancer With Prayer

The story keeps getting worse for Cruz (NYT gets Ms. Cruz texts)

The English Beat - March Of The Swivelheads

South Carolina House passes bill banning most abortions

While it's true that Ari can be annoying with some of his rap references

Was the January 6 insurrection in DC a coronavirus super spreader? Yes

Laurie Garrett: Trump Is Guilty of Pandemicide

A different kind of Hunter

Flying lying Teddy, you just keep digging your hole a deeper?

We wouldn't have had President Trump without Rush Limbaugh

Nine cancer doctors sue Anne Arundel Medical Center after they say it refuses to renew their

Georgia is shutting everything down so that only republicans can vote