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Archives: February 2, 2021

OH-SEN: Tim Ryan Planning Senate Run In Ohio

Republican lawmakers push to make Texas' anti-abortion laws among the most restrictive in the nation

Meghan McCain blames media coverage of MTG for radicalizing Republicans.

They finally charged the helmetboy

How Trump unleashed a domestic terrorism movement--and how to defeat it

'9to5: The Story of A Movement,' PBS Independent Lens, Premier Feb. 1

On the nose Middle Age Riot tweet:

Atlanta U.S. attorney, appointed by Trump amid post-election pressure campaign, resigns

Wonder if the republicans meeting with Pres. Biden expected an actual working session?

The world's mud volcanoes - fascinating

And now a written word from and for the Grand Jury about and for Gina Bisignano

Another good Middle Age Riot tweet:

White House to release state coronavirus reports previously kept out of public view by Trump

Extremists Shut Down Dodger Stadium Vaccine Site

"Viruses cannot mutate if they don't replicate." What is this in reference to?

Hackers Hold Man's Penis For Ransom In Digital Chastity Belt, Demand Bitcoin To Unlock

Ok gang here is a weird one for you.

Tim Ryan Planning Senate Run In Ohio

Coming up next....'MyBankruptcy'

Thom Hartmann's article re: judgemental brain network and empathic network.?

Trump's impeachment attorneys better get paid before representing him.

Discussion: Joe Biden is the most prepared individual to ever hold office of "President of U.S.A."


State Rep. Tricia Derges (R) indicted for wire fraud, illegal distribution of controlled substances

Lincoln Project new podcast...

coup in Myanmar

Because of the 50-50 in the Senate, I think we need Manchin to maintain the majority

C-19 relief bill: people earning $300,000 don't need the $1400 check

Anti-vaxx shut down of a vaccine site at Dodger Stadium was planned on Facebook.

McConnell rips into MTG!

McConnell says Taylor Greene's embrace of conspiracy theories a 'cancer' to GOP, country

Graham: "...if Democrats vote to call a single witness, "we'll want the FBI to come in"

Collins Helped Contractor Get $8M Federal Contract, Then LLC Tied To Him Gave $150k To Pro-Collins P

MyPillow Twitter account permanently suspended following Trump ally, CEO Mike Lindell's ban from pla

Marjorie sounds a little nervous...

Hey Ladies! Looks Like Philander Sheriff/Christian Minister Jason Collier will Soon Be Available

MoscowMitch defends Liz Cheney

UW-Madison police chief bans 'Thin Blue Line' imagery

Chuck Schumer Wonderful Tweet:

Trump Official's Last-Day Deal With ICE Union Ties Biden's Hands

How sick is it when a Political party has made Health Crisis Personal Protection a Political Issue?

Is my thinking wrong here about the Senate vote on The stimulus package?

TPM: GOP Civil War That Doesn't Exist (by Josh Marshall)

Not a new experience, but I am confused.

Parker Millsap - "The Real Thing"

US to resume deporting asylum seekers after judge rejects Biden order

Crying Wolf: If Portland Tourism Dies, You Can Thank Downtown Business Interests and the Police

Stimulus payments: An estimated 29 million people would lose out under GOP proposal

Over 16,000 Christians Demand Cancellation of Josh Hawley's New Book Deal

'Cowboys for Trump' leader, charged with storming the US Capitol, will remain behind bars

McConnell backs Liz Cheney -- after she voted to impeach Trump: report

Republican parties in 10 Wyoming counties have now censured Cheney for her impeachment vote

Trump's Sleight of Hand: Shouting Fraud, Pocketing Donors' Cash for Future (NYT)

Remember two words when Republicans keep crying for "bipartisanship"

How in the hell does someone come up with, "Jewish Space Lasers."

Federal judge removed from sex discrimination case after circuit rules he 'stifled' professor's acce

My new favorite sammy!

CA-GOV: Former San Diego mayor Faulconer to run for California governor

Elizabeth Warren told the SEC to 'grow a backbone' and regulate hedge funds in the wake of

Final Verdict

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Live and Let Die!

Statement from White House Press Secretary re meeting with GOP senators

Jen Psaki with another masterful performance today!

I Missed Beginning Of Rachel Maddow Show - Why Is She Broadcasting From Home? nt

Merrick Garland still can't get a Senate hearing.

Am I allowed to say some people are just really stupid?

Biden meets Republicans on virus aid, but no quick deal

Famed San Francisco private eye Palladino dies after attack

Tweet of the Day

Good day in politics

Lindsey Graham has finally gone over the edge. He should be admitted to a looney bin:

US billionaire buys SpaceX flight to orbit with 3 others

A fast way to shovel snow...use a locomotive

Store Closures In Long Beach Following City's New Grocery Worker Pay Mandate

Superstar Cities Are in Trouble

Fees -- not just strategy -- blew up Trump's impeachment legal team

House Democrat urges Biden to declare white supremacy a national security threat

Get out the dragons to celebrate The new Lunar year

American Airlines CEO tells employees to brace for furlough warnings

? If Schumer can't get the sharing agreement done prior to impeachment trial start date

Rachel Maddow A Block was excellent!

Trump pollster's campaign autopsy paints damning picture of defeat

Graham threatens to figuratively stab Trump in the eye to own the Dems

I'm Confused - Some Are Saying Trump Can't Be Impeached - He's No Longer President And....

Psaki on Trump: We don't spend much time talking/thinking about him. We don't miss him on Twitter.

Biden says he won't settle for COVID-19 aid package that 'fails to meet the moment': White House

Trump's impeachment lawyer suggests calling Democrat Senators as witnesses over bias.

Biden, Senate Republicans hold lengthy meeting on coronavirus relief bill

Tales from the Multiverse

"Bullhorn Lady"/"Pink Hat Lady" identified

House Republicans are cracking up

cold wave coming to Hawaii, dew pts in the low 50's...cold front passage bringing

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, February 2: Star of the Month: John Garfield

Ronan Farrow piece on Bullhorn Lady (who was NOT Lauren Boebert's mom)

Lady stabs hubby after finding pics on his phone of him having sex with a woman. Woman was her.

Republicans don't want bipartisanship or unity

One good thing that came from Capitol insurrection ... Really good pics of all the maga crazies

Deflecting Privilege: Class Identity and the Intergenerational Self

The vaccines are working. Getting them to the Americans who need them is still proving difficult

What's the penalty for murder advice? Apparently, a professional suspension will do.

Tweet of the minute

There's an important factor relating to the January 6 event that's rarely discussed.

Myanmar: Woman Films Aerobics Routine While A Military Coup Takes Place Behind Her

Can FOX be sued for promoting the lie the election was stolen

Me, talking to a Republican

Rachel (Maddow) just reported on a breaking bombshell NYT report on Jan 6 insurrection

"The Trumps and MTG are the best evidence of why a 100% inheritance tax might be needed."

Why haven't they indicted/charged Agent Orange with "accessory to murder"

My Trumper brother has left the Republican party.

77 Days: Trump's Campaign to Subvert the Election

2022 US Senate Election Prediction- Democrats are gonna gain seats in the US Senate in 2022.

Trump impeachment lawyer says video of insurrection isn't relevant, but Dem senators' "bias" is

Where did all the money the deposed idiot king raise post election go?

SpaceX, NASA target April 20 for next Crew Dragon launch to space station

Just dumbfuck stupid corruption -

"I'm a survivor of sexual assault." --AOC on Instagram live recalls hiding from insurrectionists

Anti-vaccine protest at Dodger Stadium was organized on Facebook, including promotion of banned 'Pla

Anti-vaccine protest at Dodger Stadium was organized on Facebook, including promotion of banned 'Pla

Trump's Sleight of Hand: Shouting Fraud, Pocketing Donors' Cash for Future

Abrupt Entrance (Luckovich)

And the grift goes on - the grift goes on

I know the old Southern Democrats are now Republican

Looking for Girl Scout cookies? Look no further.

1 hate group operating in New Mexico, Southern Poverty Law Center says

It's Marjorie Taylor Greene's Party Now

OMG Katie Porter talking about AOC hiding in her office.

If the GOP is to rise from the ashes, it has to burn first

Looking for Girl Scout cookies? Look no further.

Greenland is careening toward a critical tipping point for ice loss

The GOP once knew what to do about problems like Marjorie Taylor Greene

Sonny Landreth & Derek Trucks - Congo Square

The Government Didn't Foresee How Facebook Would Behave

When they took the oath to defend the Constitution, nobody said it would be easy.

Embryos of Northern white rhino created. Will they save nearly extinct creature?

Chinese researchers to send an 'uncrackable' quantum message to space

Finally! We don't need to look silly wearing tinfoil hats

Bolsonaro allies win control of Brazilian Congress

Biden asks U.S. Supreme Court to cancel asylum, border wall arguments

You Did This: The Republican Accountability Project

Graham shoots down request for Merrick Garland confirmation hearing Feb. 8

AOC just said on her insta live that rioters broke into her office during the insurrection.

Mitch McConnell calls GOP lawmaker's conspiracy theories 'cancer' for the party

Biden to Free Up Billions in Delayed Puerto Rico Storm Aid

FBI Arrests Denton County 'Proud Boy' in U.S. Capitol Riot

Mexico investigates possible involvement of officials in killings of suspected migrants

Nebraska priest who said he performed exorcism at U.S. Capitol apologizes, explains actions

The Daily Show: Legendary Black Leaders

NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - February 1st, 2021 NBC Nightly News

Gerrymanders Are On The Way, Along With Voter Suppression, The QAnon Party's Only Hope

Tucker Carlson ridiculed the idea that Marjorie Taylor Greene is dangerous, & MTG loved it

Graham shoots down request for Merrick Garland confirmation hearing Feb. 8

Forget Trump. McConnell and the Senate GOP Are on Trial.

This is a must-watch: The Corporation. It explains a lot about what's going on right now.

Michigan county prosecutor dismissing all charges related to violating Whitmer's COVID-19 orders

AOC Reveals She's a Sexual Assault Survivor: 'Trauma Compounds on Each Other'

Missouri church leaders call for Hawley's resignation over election claims

400 mayors endorse Biden COVID relief plan, local aid money

Uber Eats has new people!

David Hogg responds to McConnell's statement on Marjorie Taylor Greene, which

Trump legal switch hints at larger problems


The Daily Social Distancing Show: African Scholars Suggest How to Fix American Democracy

North Carolina to stop issuing Confederate flag license plates

Bill Kristol lays it all out

Manchin 'couldn't believe' seeing Harris's West Virginia TV interview

'Who pours the kibble?' And other answers about daily life for dogs in the White House

Likely Democratic Nominees for all of the US Senate Elections the Democrats are gonna win in 2022.

9 to 5, Independent Lens

Billboard campaign calls on Stefanik to resign

Insurrection Day: Follow-up Links Pt.13

Some House Democrats want to pass ranked-choice voting bill this year

Snopes has some interesting info here

If The Taking Of The Capitol Was Rudy's Idea That Would Make John Bolton Right

NC DMV will no longer issue Confederate flag license plates

STB Says It Needs More Time to Consider Tennessee Pass Lease.

from Capital Weather Gang: Forecast radar Sleet is changing back to snow for many of us.

10 arrested during Olympia hotel sweep of group demanding pandemic housing

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Everything You Need To Know About Marjorie Taylor Greene

Things are rough on us all!

Meena Harris (yes, that Harris)

Never Forget January 6

"When the wind's in the east on Candlemas Day

Seth Meyers - Republicans Demand "Bipartisanship" from Biden on COVID-19 Relief Bill: A Closer Look

Seattle rents declined for months amid the coronavirus pandemic. Now, they're starting to stabilize

Mysterious California sea lion deaths linked to toxic synthetic chemicals

Here's how Jared Kushner and Stacey Abrams got nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize

Airline employees applaud new federal mask mandate

Former employees file suit against Lansing pot farmer

Worthy dismisses 1,681 cases involving violations of Gov. Whitmer's lockdown order

Too good not to share: The Best Milky Way Photographers of the Year Show the Beauty of Our Galaxy

I saw these two Repug pissants and it made me

Evidence Is Clear: Prosecute Boebert

Bernie Sanders On Covid Relief Bill: 'Now Is Not The Time To Count Pennies' - All In - MSNBC

Poor handling of virus cost Trump his reelection, campaign autopsy finds

Lori Carson - Little Suicides


Is Rep. Marj. Taylor Greene The New Face of the GOP? Bee Nguyen (D) Ga. State Rep, ME Hayden, SPLC

According to their Jan. 6 permit, "Women for America First" may be liable for damage to the Capitol

Goodbye and Good Riddance: The Republican Accountability Project

The Republicans Will Do All They Can To Keep Biden From Leading A Recovery - Period

Blue Cheer-'Fruit & Icebergs'

☦ Orthodox Christianity: Feast of the Meeting of the Lord in the Temple, 02 February

How come we are no longer notified we accidentally duplicated a msg?

Michigan's GOP candidate for governor says he'd cancel contracts with Dominion Voting Systems on

MLB season to start on time after union rejects delay

Thom Hartmann on the GOP's foundation of lies

Jimmy Kimmel Live: COVID Vaccine Protests, Desperate Biden Conspiracies & Impeachment Round 2

Biden administration eyes Rahm Emanuel for ambassadorship

The Jewish Space Laser Agency responds: We didn't start the fire

GOP candidate for governor calls Whitmer a 'dictator' despite alleged assassination plot against her


EVs are gaining steam. Here's what will.happen to all those dead batteries

Christian nationalism is a threat, and not just from Capitol attackers invoking Jesus

Rep. Meijer warns of 'dark path' for conspiracy-peddling Republican Party

Michael Cohen Would Put "Nail in Coffin" at Trump Impeachment Trial - The MeidasTouch Podcast

'Some characters exited drumpf's reign of terror at the last minute.

Rashida Tlaib blasts Robinhood app for protecting rich hedge fund investors in GameStop stock drama

Rep. Porter On Marjorie Greene: GOP Need To 'Stand Up And Do What Is Right' - The Last Word - MSNBC

Dr. Fauci: There is light at the end of the tunnel, but it's up to us (CNN)

Rep. Jones: 'You Cannot Trust' Some Members Of Congress - The Last Word - MSNBC

Extremists Shut Down Dodger Stadium Vaccine Site - The Damage Report

Like most of us here, I'm glad to see all of the FBI arrests from the riot.

Michigan police officer posts threatening remark on Facebook days after being fired

McConnell: Trump Tricked Me Into Backing His Coup

AOC Details Terrifying Account Of Trump-Incited Capitol Riot - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Fees-Not Strategy-blew up trump's legal team

More than 3,100 lawyers call for Rudy Giuliani's law license to be revoked

Kathy Griffin reports her MAGA bully to the FBI after seeing her at Capitol insurrection

Will The Ds Ever Get To Run The Senate? Can Yertle Just Never Agree To An Organizing Resolution?

Why haven't the Dems passed a senate organizing resolution for the 117th Congress?

McConnell Says MTG is a CANCER on the GOP? We've Heard This Before.

Republicans can bitch all they want

I hope there are many characters like this in Washington right now (tweet):

So, Trump's Golf Caddy (Graham) Is Blocking Merric Garland's Confirmation Hearing?

Mike Lindell, Banned from Twitter, Uses MyPillow's Corporate Account. Twitter Bans MyPillow too.

GOP Breakfast Cereal

San Diego ex-mayor Faulconer to run for California governor

DID ANYONE KNOW BERNIE SANDERS was in an anime in Japan???

☦ Orthodox Christian Prayer Upon Retiring For the Night and At All Times...

Kapuche Lake, Nepal: a video of an avalanche air blast

Wildlife Takeover: How Animals Reclaimed Chernobyl Free Documentary Nature

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 2/1/21

In the Antarctic, a scientist recruits albatrosses to pinpoint illegal fishing boats

New Reporting Shows White House Role In Directing Trump Mob To Capitol - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC


Bernie Sanders On Covid Relief Bill: 'Now Is Not The Time To Count Pennies' - All In - MSNBC

Where Did Music Come From? Here Are the Leading Theories

Ryan Coogler Developing MCU Series Set in Wakanda for Disney+

GOP can fix Relief later. Pass 100% Dem Relief Bill.

Proud Boy arrested in Texas, seen on video inside Capitol wearing MAGA hat, FBI says

Kanachan tv has some competition!

Biden to begin efforts to reunify migrant families separated by Trump administration

I hope Biden and Harris put the smackdown on the #GOP10!!!

An Irish Soldier describes World War One, 1988

Should the Covid relief bill be 3 trillion?

An Irish Soldier recalls World War One, 1988

An Irish Soldier recalls World War One, 1988

Schizophrenia is 2nd highest risk factor for dying of COVID-19, after age

Can two bills be set up to be voted on, one immediately after the other...

Hal Holbrook, Actor Who Channeled Mark Twain, Is Dead at 95

Senate Parliamentarian is a Woman

Groundhog Day!

More Evidence That Neanderthals Were 'Absorbed' by Humans, Not Wiped Out

Any of y'all have a Venmo account? What are its advantages? Nt

Joe scum back to being joe scum

Archaeology: Herculaneum doubles and finds ancient beach

Legendary Hip-Hop Photographer Ricky Powell Has Died

Republican-backed group calls on Sen. Ted Cruz to resign with billboards

Hal Holbrook, Actor Who Channeled Mark Twain, Is Dead at 95

More than 3,100 lawyers call for Rudy Giuliani's law license to be revoked

Bill to protect businesses from COVID-19 lawsuits passes House, moves to Senate

Committee Debates Bill To Raise Cigarette Tax $1, Impose E-Liquids Tax

ACLU Sues After Man Banned From Library Over Trump Poem

Only 38% of nursing home workers accepted COVID-19 vaccines, new data shows

Does Elizabeth Warren

Biden's Schedule for Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Tuesday TOONs - "Sleepy" Enough For You, Jack?

Judge throws out Trump rule limiting what science EPA can use

Who meets with the Leader if the Proud Boy's at Trump's DC hotel? Pic of Lindsey Graham.........

On February 2, 1959, Buddy Holly, the Big Bopper, Ritchie Valens, and Dion and the Belmonts

Breakfast Tuesday 2 February 2021

Missouri Republican (naturally) indicted for bogus stem cell Covid treatment scheme

USGS Scientists' Complaint On Trump's Bullshit Science "Policy" Becomes The Basis To Overturn It

The Economy Does Much Better Under Democrats. Why?

Biden, Senate Republicans hold lengthy meeting on coronavirus relief bill

Philip J. Smith, chairman emeritus of the Shubert Organization, dies of Covid

It's been more than 10mos since theatres across the country closed their doors due to the pandemic

What could go wrong?

Our long national Groundhog Day nightmare is over...

Judge Dumps Trump's "Secret Science" Public Health Rules For EPA; Andrew Wheeler Leaves With A Whine

Indiana sees drop in distracted-driving crashes since hands-free law took effect

More pain for novice GameStop, AMC buyers

Indiana Republicans push back on governor's COVID-19 powers

Stray Kittens Can't Stop Cuddling With The Officer Who Rescued Them

A Handy Guide To Determining If A Corporate Net-Zero Pledge Is More Self-Serving Green Bullshit

POLITICO Playbook: Cheney and Greene face their reckonings

First Facebook enables and promotes the insurrectionists...

Chicago schools extend talks with union over in-person class

Biden Releases $1.3 Billion For PR Hurricane Prep; Cuts Restrictions On $4.9 Billion More

Do guns belong at Indiana polling places?

Kevin McCarthy torn to shreds by Morning Joe co-hosts: 'He's afraid of a back-bench congresswoman'

Michigan's three top officeholders-seeking the disbarment of four attorneys who were involved in a l

If you had "Grown-Ass Man" on your CBS This Morning Bingo Card

GOP State Representative, Patricia "Tricia" Derges, indicted for alleged stem cell scheme

Trump pollster's campaign autopsy paints damning picture of defeat

Navalny faces court that may jail him for years

(2) How Unsolved Missing Person Cases Are Solved (Pt. 2)

Google to pay $2.6M to settle pay, job discrimination case

New Democratic Ad Campaign Ties GOP to QAnon

Pandemic pettiness: not getting invited to something you wouldn't attend anyway, lol...

The Rundown: February 2, 2021

Wrapping Wednesday: Micro Reviews for the Week of 1/27/21

AOC says she is a sexual assault survivor and compares Capitol riot trauma to that event

U.S. Hits Pandemic Milestone With More Vaccinated Than Cases

Got my first vaccine shot this morning,

What, Mitch thinks that Marjorie Taylor Greene is nuts?

Off the Rails Bonus episode: Inside the craziest meeting of the Trump presidency

Hal Holbrook as Mark Twain on Lies and Slavery

I literally got 20 seconds into today's "Morning Joe" and turned it off.

Biden eyeing Rahm Emanuel for ambassador role: report

Today is the 3rd anniversary of me kicking a pack and a half

Democrats are moving ahead without Republicans on Covid relief

Teenager emerging from 10-month coma has no knowledge of pandemic

Shove this graph up his ass

Trump And His Impeachment Lawyers Battled Over Fees

Conservative groups go MIA on Trump's impeachment

Inseparable Dog And Cat Surrendered To Shelter In Same Carrier

Yale is offering its highly popular 'happiness' course to high school students for free

U.S. closing in on 50 million COVID-19 vaccine doses -- who's getting them?

Progressive PAC kick-starts search for challengers to Manchin, Sinema

Acting U.S. Attorney That Trump Installed After Brad Raffensperger Phone Call Resigns

'Don't Kill Me': Others Tell of Abuse by Officer Who Knelt on George Floyd

Former QAnon follower explains why she left the movement

Help/Advice please. Covid Long Hauler here

Ukraine's president says the Capitol attack makes it hard for the world to see the US as a 'symbol o

Ocasio-Cortez reveals she's a sexual assault survivor, recounts 'trauma' of Capitol riot: 'I thought

The Analogy: "I could shoot someone in the middle of 5th Ave and I would not lose any support."

Saved by the Bell actor Dustin Diamond dies aged 44

At least one dead, others wounded as FBI agents shot while serving a warrant in Sunrise, FL

Rep Stephen Lynch D-MA must be the unluckiest guy in the world

Update on Kaavan: The sun is rising, breakfast is served

"Insurrectionist Truther Doesn't Believe He Was At Capitol"

He used to win elections in a Never-Trump stronghold. Now he's leading Trump's legal team.

NEW: In 2019 Marjorie Taylor Greene organized a march that would "flood the Capitol Building" to...

There are 9 state capitals closer to Cumberland Gap than Richmond

Here's An Interesting Old Instrumental Track From 1963


U.S. unemployment rate to remain above pre-pandemic level through decade, CBO says

Baby Wan Mai having a blast in the pool under the watchful eye of mom & nanny.

Beware of the Aryan Atomizer

Trump's lawyer on TV said there was no need for video at the trial.

Trump's new impeachment lawyer says he does not plan to promote election fraud claims

The start of a new life for Frol 🐻 and Frosia 🐻

Analysis The GOP's most significant response to Trump's voter fraud push could still be coming

The police just don't get it.

Analysis Rick Scott's zombie claim about voter fraud in 2018

A list of the times the Press demanded Trump and the GOP get bipartisan support

'Is this really happening right now?': A 10-year-old cashes in his GameStop shares

Fees -- not just strategy -- blew up Trump's legal team

Ugly Kings thread. Australian hard rock band that should be big, but isn't

Trump's actions described as 'a betrayal of historic proportions' in trial brief filed by House

The Republican Titanic

Editorial: Law-and-order Republicans like Hawley need to impose law and order on Trump

Report: Watchdog Investigates Ted Cruz Over Loan Changes That Aided Billionaire Donors

I do admire the Meidas Touch's style.

Someone on Facebook came up with the perfect way to assess the level of Republican

Joint Custody

All of Trump's Impeachment Lawyers QUIT!

Radical Congresswoman Blames Secret Jewish Space Laser

"We lost Cuba.... But we won Miami."

Put on the COVID 15.

FEC has released new federal campaign limits.

Biden's COVID Rescue Package Would Restore The Economy By Summer

Has President Biden declassified the Mueller report yet?

House Managers have submitted their opening brief for the impeachment trial

Amazon's anti-union blitz stalks Alabama warehouse workers everywhere, even the bathroom

"We lost Cuba.... But we won Miami."

Two FBI agents fatally shot while serving warrant in 'violent crimes against children' case

Democratic campaign committee seeks to link vulnerable Republicans to QAnon

Profiles in Perfidy, XLIV. . . . Please come CAPTION ex-PresiDented Trump!!!

Mom and baby reunited months after she gave birth in coma due to COVID in Wisconsin

Cartoon: Blockhead Legal Services By Clay Jones -February 2, 2021 9:00 AM

Amazon unveils 22-story Helix building as heart of HQ2 campus in Arlington

TIEDRICH: it's Groundhog Day. if Donald Trump sees his big stupid shadow, who the fuck even cares

'Sit Your Ass Down': Meeting Between Sidney Powell and Trump Lawyers Reportedly Erupted into Wild Fi

Call Republicans $600 Billion Dollar Offer Pandemic Relief Sabotage

Two FBI agents killed attempting to serve warrant in Sunrise neighborhood

Black history is American history. From awareness to dismantling.

The great Bigfoot hunt

on kagro right now - some reasons given why dems haven't forced a reconciliation vote yet.....

An accused Capitol rioter asked the judge for permission to leave the US for a vacation in Mexico


Enjoying watching repubs walking the plank for trump

Baby monkey has the "aw" factor!

Heh. Maria Bartiromo pissed at Mitch for dissing Marjorie Taylor Green. Thoughts and prayers Maria.

Bonus episode: Inside the craziest meeting of the Trump presidency

So, which insane right wing conspiracy theory are you?

A woman charged in the Capitol riot asked the judge for permission to leave the US for a vacation in

2938 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Tues.; 238 deaths

My opinion of AOC is changed, likely permanently

Pic Of The Moment: What Happened To UNITY?

Anyone else received crazytown group emails from random acquaintances?

Early Presidents Made to Look Modern

I suspect a lot of arm soreness issues with shots has more to do with the skill of the shooter...

Far Right Scared Everyone Will Get Healthcare

Senate set to confirm Buttigieg for transportation secretary

Lindsey Graham is a vile piece of crap.

Quite an amazing statement from Speaker Pelosi! Major shot at McCarthy:

TPM: House Impeachment Brief Argues Trump Aimed 'Loaded Cannon' At The Capitol

Democracy Now! Top U.S. & World Headlines -- February 2, 2021

Biden admin likely to keep US troops in Afghanistan amid escalating violence, stalled talks

Everything You Need To Know About Marjorie Taylor Greene The Daily Social Distancing Show

Covid-19: Captain Sir Tom Moore dies with coronavirus

Gym Jordan: Paychecks are the best stimulus check

Who among us never collected beer cans?

It's like a scene from Bull Durham!

McConnell Steps Into House GOP Conflict by Backing Liz Cheney

Power-sharing agreement. Worried.

Schumer says vote to take place today for motion to proceed with reconciliation COVID bill

Cassidy Agrees 'Wholeheartedly' With McConnell's Rebuke Of QAnon Rep.

Captain Tom, 100 year-old UK Veteran, has passed away

Remember, Susan Collins supported Trump's Tax Cut on corporations

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says she's a sexual assault survivor - (CNN)

Arkansas lawmaker pushes a bill so bad it should be banned

Impeachment trial brief just out from House Managers arguing Trump's high crime

So, can I get the Secret Jewish Space Laser to clear the snow from my driveway?

Andrew Yang tests positive for Covid-19

Biden takes a fine-if-we-get-it approach to bipartisanship

One of the signs that you're seriously practicing distancing during Covid:

Former QAnon follower explains why she left the movement - (CNN)

Sen. Schumer ready to proceed to reconciliation "We are not going to dilute, to dither, to delay,"

Medical people refusing vaccine

As space lasers go

MTG gagged by the MSM.

Ginni Thomas apologizes to husband's Supreme Court clerks for her role in discord after election...

Democrats are examining the corruption that may have helped lead to the Jan. 6th assault.

Greene Plays The Victim Card As More GOPers Speak Out Against Her

On February 1, 1956, Autherine Lucy Foster integrated The University of Alabama.

Airlines flying blind into summer capacity sweepstake

What is JotForm?

The Ridiculous 'Free Speech' Defense of Trump - The Bulwark

Dolly Parton turned down presidential medal of freedom twice from Trump

Today only sale on Thermoworks fridge/freezer thermometer

Pfizer sees $15 billion in 2021 sales from COVID-19 vaccine

LOL - One night in Washington. They need to make this into a movie, like Death Of Stalin

Biden administration to begin shipping vaccine doses directly to pharmacies

Even the dog had to hide its face

Virginia Sen. Amanda Chase sues over being censured

Bonus episode: Inside the craziest meeting of the Trump presidency

Ray Stevens "Quarantine Song"

House leadership considering establishing 'Jan. 6 commission'.

I hit "recurring payment" rather than 1 time for star membership. Ooops!

FAA clears way for SpaceX Starship SN9 flight

💙 OH-11 Shontel Brown's Campaign Website is Up & Running!!!

Nancy Pelosi's tweet honoring Lucy McBath for Black History Month:

I Volunteered To Administer COVID-19 Vaccines. Here's What I Saw During My Shift.

Faulconer officially announces run for California governor, either in 2022 or in recall of Newsom

Durbin: Still negotiating over the Senate organizing resolution

Democrats are moving ahead without Republicans on Covid relief

Where is Jen Psaki?

Andrew Yang Announces He's Tested Positive for COVID-19

When the leaders are mired in absurd red-thread conspiratorial thinking, is it any wonder the base c

Taking your bat out for a flight....

Carlos Slim, Latin America's richest man, hospitalized with COVID-19

Democrat Sen. Tim Kaine abandons effort to censure Trump over Capitol riot, citing lack of support

Какой сюрприз.

What is the point of all these idiotic republicans voting against Buttigieg's nomination?

Trump's anti-impeachment submission says this about his wildly false claims about mass election frau

America's overreaction syndrome

The U.S. Spent $2.2 Million on a Cybersecurity System That Wasn't Implemented --

Dolly Parton twice turned down Trump's Medal of Freedom offer

Navalny sentenced to a penal colony for 3 and a half years.

What's Going On

A study shows the variant spreading rapidly in Britain might make vaccines less effective. (NYT)

Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny ordered jailed by court

Greg Olear: Trump Cower Moscow

Russian vaccine more than 91% effective against coronavirus, peer-reviewed test results show

trump's formal response to the Article of Impeachment. There's a freaking typo in the Salutation!!

New York Times: An Extremely Detailed Map of the 2020 Election (Interactive)

"Insufficient evidence" (of election fraud) my ass. How about NO evidence?

QAnon Is Jealous of Myanmar's Military Coup

I had never heard of the "Walk Away" movement until last night.

Over 100 Organizations Call On Biden To Close Guantanamo Bay

I'm okay everyone. I'm okay.

Amazon to pay $61.7 million to settle charges it withheld driver tips

GameStop shares plunge 50% as WallStreetBets traders face billions in losses

WSJ: House Democrats Make Case for Convicting Trump

Biden releases Puerto Rico aid funds that Trump blocked for nearly 2 years

Did not realize that Cong. Kim and Pete B. are old friends.

Donnie's New? Lawyer Wants No Video

Deabeat Donny: Fees -- not just strategy -- blew up Trump's legal team

America spent millions on a cybersecurity system that wasn't implemented -- and might have stopped t

Senate confirms former South Bend, Indiana mayor Pete Buttigieg as transportation secretary

From Andy Kim .... the Congresscritter who came in early on 1/7/21 to clean the Capitol

So, now the CORPORATE "My Pillow" Twitter account has been permanently banned!??

Question about Vaccine Shipments

READ: House Impeachment Managers Say Trump 'Fired a Cannon' at the Capitol in Brief to Senate

Why the G.O.P. Argument Against Trying Trump Is So Dangerous

Q Anon Training Video

: Manchin says, "I will vote to move forward with the budget process because we must

Josh Hawley received nearly $1 million after leading the charge to overturn Biden's victory

"This mobilization was not hidden away in the dead of night." Pp. 12-18 of House trial brief are key

The Defense Department Wants To Outfit Troops With Microwave Weapon Detectors

Just Like Always - The Lincoln Project

Democrats move to strip Majorie Taylor Greene's committee assignments

Rep. Ocasio-Cortez Describes Traumatic Experience At Capitol Riot Morning Joe

How the world's largest rhino population dropped by 70 percent--in a decade

Michael Cohen: Don't Wait, Indict Trump Now - The MeidasTouch Podcast

Senate confirms Buttigieg as Biden's transportation secretary

DID ANYONE KNOW BERNIE SANDERS was an superstar anime in Japan???

It's coming back: EA Sports announces return of college football video game

Progressive Group That Helped Elect AOC Targets Joe Manchin, Kyrsten Sinema for Replacement

USPS is still seriously screwed up

"Relax. I need some information first. Just the basic facts. Can you show me where it hurts?"

Dare Trump to Testify - The Bulwark

Jerry Moran's newsletter 2/1/2021

House Republicans Tie Biden Commerce Nominee to Huawei Stance

The day Liz Cheney became a RINO :sarcasm:

Temperature, humidity, wind predict second wave of pandemic

Senate Democrats are on the verge of a *major* recruiting win

Resist Stereotyping Insurrectionists More Likely To Be Your Neighbors Than Not: The Atlantic

KANA-BOON『Torch of Liberty』Music Video【Fire Force Season 2 - Opening 2】

Ted Cruz: "Have you noticed in how many movies how often rabid environmentalists are the bad guys?

KANA-BOON 『Starmarker』Music Video【My Hero Academia Season 4 OP Theme】

Oops.....what happens when you only hire the best people for your staff.

Two FBI agents killed and three agents injured in shootout in Sunrise, Florida


A picture of Biden not playing golf today.

Insurrection Day: Follow-up Links Pt.14

'Don't Kill Me': Others Tell of Abuse by Officer Who Knelt on George Floyd

Biden is so clean that here's all the NYT could find about corruption.

Biden Releases Hurricane Recovery Funds for Puerto Rico Withheld by Trump Admin

Trump lawyers claim U.S. Senate has no authority to put him on trial

Governor Cuomo Briefing February 2 2021

Turtle Tear Soup

Anemoneria "Life is Cider" -Music Video- (TV Anime "Wonder Egg Priority" ED)

Analysis: Biden plan to provide more stimulus payments to taxpayers than GOP's

On MSNBC last night there was "breaking news"

Schumer press conference:

Lindsey Graham defends Liz Cheney amid attacks from Trump allies

So, the GOP won't support Biden's proposed $15/ hour minimum wage? They do seem to like this

BREAKING: The mayor of San Juan, Miguel Romero, tested positive for COVID-19 in a rapid test.

It's like Trump just got in to mess up the clean, and now Joe's gotta clean up the mess!

Our cat Chester loves the snow

Do you ever feel the need to go watch Micheal Rapaport?

Report: Watchdog Investigates Ted Cruz Over Loan Changes That Aided Billionaire Donors

Genghis Khan's favorite dish

Whistleblower flags 11th-hour deal by former Virginia AG Cuccinelli, ...

Lt. Governor John Fetterman has a sense of humor. Regarding Punxsutawney Phil this morning:

"I shot an arrow into the air, it fell to earth I know not where....."

If this works, share with your trumper friends.

Trump's Lawyer: Videos Of Riot Too Divisive For Impeachment Trial

Trader Joe's responds to Seattle pay hike mandate by raising pay, temporarily, nationwide

NYT Detailed Map of 2020 Election

My daughter did not get her latest stimulus check and cannot get any help from IRS

After $6.5B hit, Boeing warns many initial 777X orders have slipped into 'at risk' category

Martyn McLaughlin @MartynMcL Feb 2, 2021 I have news from the Trump Org. Story coming soon ...

Dorf: What the Constitution's Text Does Not Say Plainly About Impeachment

COVID Anti-Vaxxers Are Taking Their Wild Conspiracies Into the Real World

TASTING HISTORY: George Washington's Egg Nog

Fox's Stuart Varney Wants Public Schools De-Unionized

Marjorie Taylor Greene on feminists: "They're too weak and pathetic to take care of themselves.

How to Save One Day for All USPS Mail.

Darn it, and so disappointed with the eagles at the Decorah nest........THEY'VE MOVED FURTHER AWAY..

Capt. Sir Tom Moore, 1920-2021

Cartoons 2/2/2021

Heard on the Twitter machine ...

The Senate is now voting on the budget resolution for the COVID-19 relief package!

Yes! And this is undoubtedly due to the Repub Gov. of WV's statement.

Biden's Agenda Is Very Popular

The same pro-Trump organizers behind the insurrection are planning a "MAGA sellout" bus tour

Trump's ace legal team nailed it

Rob Portman has done more damage to America than Marjorie Taylor Greene

Ellen Degeneris interviews Rachel maddow (today?)

Reopening Day: Some businesses return with lockdown lifted

Dolly Parton turned down presidential medal of freedom twice from Trump

Ginni Thomas apologized to her husband's Supreme Court clerks after supporting the 'Stop the Steal'

Biden Stimulus May Be Democrat-Only Despite Cordial GOP Meeting

Making 400 Year Old Buttered Beere

Even in Poorer Neighborhoods, the Wealthy Are Lining Up for Vaccines

Pentagon Clears Out Advisory Boards to Oust Last-Minute Trump Picks

Biden to sign executive orders on family separation and asylum

Senate confirms Alejandro Mayorkas as Homeland Security secretary

People in Myanmar honk horns, bang on pots to protest coup

I saw this coming....

So looks like Biden played it right sending Harris to WV. Brought Manchin on board with stimulus.

Interesting statement from Jen Psaki on 'Trump visitor logs' preceding Jan. 6

Report: Claims of Anti-Conservative Bias Are a Form of "Disinformation"

"bifurcation" USGA/R&A okay equipment rule changes

Goals this year to prepare for possible frugal times

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 2/2/21

Does the President have the 1A right to yell "Fire!" in a theater?

Can't get a date

Marjorie Taylor Greene Blames Blizzard on Jewish Space Snow Machines

Pelosi, Schumer introduce budget resolution to pass COVID relief without GOP support

Elon Musk Interview: 1-on-1 with Sandy Munro

70% of top "civic" Facebook groups are toxic or violent, report finds

Hillary Clinton needs a daily radio show/podcast.

White House economist rejects GOP senators' push for $1,000 stimulus checks instead of $1,400

Investigators struggle to build murder case in death of US Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick

Trump's lawyers quit after he refused to pay $3M in legal fees despite raising $170M: report

MTG calls Republicans who accept election process 'weak' in spat with Mitch McConnell

Smokestack Lightning- The Walker Roaders

Back taxes and the new stimulus: what's the logic here?

Why is Lindsey Graham defending Margorie Taylor Green?

GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger launches new political effort to challenge Republicans who support Trump

Ford Ranger

In a 50-49 vote, the Senate approved a budget resolution that starts the process of reconciliation

Trump's Oval Office meeting with 4 election conspiracists spiraled into a chaotic multi-hour

Jeff Bezos will be stepping down as CEO of Amazon and transitioning to executive chairman

The Influential Quiltmakers of Gee's Bend Are Now on Etsy

Court Gives Sandy Hook Families Go Ahead for Defamation Cases Against Infowars' Alex Jones

What's for Dinner, Tues., Febr. 2, 2021

I'm sure there are others here more qualified to post this, but I do have some personal knowledge

Elizabeth Warren will join the Finance Committee

11 of the Best Small Towns in America

Bezos stepping down as Amazon CEO

I don't think Manchin is totally on board.

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Wednesday, 3 February 2021

From September 2020: From Crocs to Nike Dunks, The Grateful Dead Are Taking Over the Shoe Market

I ADORE THIS SONG, THIS BAND.. [subbs] D'espairsRay - Yami ni furu kiseki [live]

Keilar calls out Ted Cruz backpedaling on election challenge

Breaking: Jeff Bezos is stepping down from Amazon

In 1976 this poster of Farrah Fawcett wearing a one-piece red bathing suit sold 20 Million copies

The Mystery of the Phantom Tanker Truck

Next time somebody mentions space force, send this guy into the briefing room.

B. Keilar: "Those aren't opinions, Tucker. They are lies. Unfounded and absurd conspiracy theories"

OK, despite being in my 60's, sometimes I'm just an adolescent boy

Senate votes to mv fwd w/ budget resolution paving way for Dems to pass 1.9M cv relief

Sen. Warren will introduce legislation implementing a wealth tax on fortunes over $50 million.

Police: Man, 5 Children Dead In Muskogee Shooting; Suspect Identified

The stars Shaula and Lesath as heralds of spring

About...New Trump Lawyers...vs Our Lawyers in the Senate Who will Work to Convict

Biden Administration Will Ship COVID-19 Vaccines Directly To Pharmacies

breaking: Vice President Kamala Harris just cast her first tie-breaking vote to advance budget resol

Daily Show bit about conservatives being silenced. so true

Starship SN9 goes boom after a lovely launch and perfect flight

Reuters: DEMOCRATIC-CONTROLLED U.S. SENATE begins debate on budget resolution.

When will Biden ask the Supreme Court to uphold Obamacare?

Jeff Tiedrich: "I'm all for a Space Force if we use it to launch..."

Democrats want to make Marjorie Taylor Greene the face of the GOP

Biden calls Democrats, urges big COVID-19 relief bill

Sen. Coons Says The Dems Are Going To Force The Turn-Over Of Committees In The Next 1-2 Days

from the House Impeachment memo -- terrifying evidence

Newsmax might wanna rethink having Mike Lindell on.....

Even RW Newsmax can't take "My Pillow" Guy anymore. The man is a psycho.

OMG Watch Mike Lindell (pillow guy) get checked on Newsmax by the anchor who eventually WALKS OFF

Statler is an elderly fruit bat whose best flying days are behind him.

Defense secretary removes hundreds of advisory board members in sweeping review

"That Could Have Been Me": The People Derek Chauvin Choked Before George Floyd

Kroger closing two stores after city orders higher pandemic pay for workers

Biden administration moves to free up $1.3 billion in funding for Puerto Rico

Test seems to work; click it!

An 'idiot' who's trained 'like a dog': Marjorie Taylor Greene mocked Parkland survivor in unearthed.

Bezos stepping down

Diane Feinstein versus Joe Manchin - Who Is More Out of Touch With Constituents?

Blow by blow AOC account of 3 horrifying days of the Capitol insurrection.........

wow - phone and text spammers/scammers going nuts today.

people focus way too much on intent, e.g., whether or not donnie meant to incite a riot

Mutation of concern E484K has occurred spontaneously in UK variant, scientist says

Best new crime fiction -- Daughters of Night, Girl A, The Survivors

$500,000,000 per month. Half a billion dollars PER MONTH. For 20 YEARS

Possible case of highly contagious, UK variant strain of COVID-19 in Shelby County [Memphis]

Ivanka and Jared's White House run ended with sharp income drop

is Chris Coumo right and if so, what can we do?

It's a girl: Woodland Park Zoo welcomes new baby gorilla not bonding with mother

is thsi true? reconiclation cuts medicard?

UK finds more coronavirus cases with 'concerning' mutations

Party Of Trump: GOP All in

I love Joe. That is all n/t

So, don't say where you heard this, but I have a copy of the press release McCarthy will use this

The latest attempt to normalize the Republican Party

The Paradoxical Politics of the GameStop Pump

PAYGO needs to be modified so that, when triggered, wealthy taxes go up

Police launch probe after large snake found in Greenock (in the west of Scotland)

Qvin McQthy n/t

'Vladimir the Poisoner' A translation of Alexey Navalny's speech in court on February 2

Asylum Choir - Trying to Stay Alive

Ossoff and Warnock got their Committee Assignments

Asylum Choir - Ballad of a Soldier

Capitol Rioter Asks Court to Let Her Vacation in Mexico

Texas Tornados - Little Bit is Better than Nada

How to prevent another tRump?

Wisconsin vaccination rate increases amid high demand

Tammy Duckworth, FTW!

Texas Tornados Anyone going to San Antone

This is the power of substantial lawsuits. It is proving to be one of the most effective weapons

Senate Democrats Pass Budget Resolution

Freddie Fender - Before the Next Tear Drops

President Biden just spoke about this - searching for the video - saw it on Local 10

A great impeachment defense: "He's not responsible!"

Terror of litigation really does something to a propaganda channel. I've played this three times and

My Pillow guy won't shut up...

Greene mocked Parkland survivor in unearthed video: An 'idiot' who's trained 'like a dog'

Kinky Friedman - Asshole From El Paso

President Biden while signing immigration executive orders: "I'm not making new law, I'm eliminating

Kinky Friedman - Ballad of Ira Hayes

I heard "The President issued an Executive Order" this afternoon.

Bob Willis and the Texas Playboys - Rose of San Antone

Bernie: If Republicans could use budget reconciliation to help the wealthy and the powerful,...

Gov Cuomo: I just signed legislation repealing the discriminatory "Walking While Trans" ban.

Guess what Lin Wood is being investigated for?

You Know That Feeling of Relief You Get When You Wake Up From A Nightmare...

George Strait - How 'Bout Them Cow Girls

Posit this feeling/thought in the lounge, because frankly I don't know what to do with it.

Joy Reid: Black Panther is real--and this is him:

how to draw ted cruz And josh hawley

Berry Street Station - Chest Fever - A garage band worth listening to.

America is a nation of immigrants and Indigenous peoples -- and we are stronger because of it.

Jaime Brockett - Legend of the U.S.S. Titanic


Has anyone thanked you guys lately?

Former KGB agent Yuri Shvets explains the differences between an agent, an asset, and a special unof

Pro-Trump attorney Lin Wood under investigation for voting illegally.

I'm Going to Need Rep. Nancy Mace to Keep Auntie Maxine's Good Name Out of Her Mouth

Impeachment trial: Here is the Democrats' (searchable) 80 page brief filed today.

Tweet Vid-clip of the week !! When even Newsmax won't put up with your shit...

Yeah, yeah, Bezo is stepping down But can anyone identify wtf he is eating in this photo?!

I'm Starting To Think THIS Was The Actual Intent of Harris' WV Interview.

Speaker Pelosi: "We will need to establish a 9/11-type Commission..."

Actors you can no longer tolerate for whatever reason?

I found this funny. Mike Lindell just on Newsmax and they shut his mike but he kept ranting

Remember then?