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Video: The Next Big Climate Fight - Line 3 Pipeline

The Next Big Climate Fight - Line 3 Pipeline

What is the cosmological constant?

Riviera Paradise by Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble (Live from Austin, TX)

Do These Guns.....

Oh great. It's snowing again.

60 Minutes

Hockey! Bruins v. Flyers outdoors on NBC Sports network.

Lol. Speaking of Ted Cruz.

Sad Trump - Former guy phones Fox very sad that people were laughing as his Plaza fell down

Charlie Crist calling for DOJ to investigate DeSantis over vaccine distribution

IAEA and Iran strike three-month deal over nuclear inspections

The Texas Blame-saw Massacre

Hey Mike, sorry about trying to kill you, would you mind speaking?

Texas Power Grid Run by ERCOT Set Up the State for Disaster

Ohio Woman Arrested for Leaving Children In Motel Room While She Worked Receives More Than $150,000

Tunnel vision: now PM sets his sights on a roundabout under the Isle of Man

I can't believe what I just found...

This has to be the moment to invest in coronavirus vaccines and treatments against future pandemics

CPAC Is For Nutjobs

Another TX QOPper with her hand out....

Impeachment is over. But other efforts to reckon with Trump's post-election chaos have just begun.

Who sent the mariachi band to ted cruz's house today?!?!?

Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy

Ted Cruz says, "Looky over there."

An Oathkeeper claims she met with the Secret Service ahead of the insurrection?

Another Boeing grounding..:

Mothra's Song

Snowflake watching Ted Cruz dig his own grave.

'Stakes are high' as QAnon conspiracy phenomenon emerges in France

All this trouble with Qanon could have been avoided

Ted Cruz: Senator's Cancun trip criticized by Texas GOP congressman: 'When a crisis hits my state...

This CPAC session title will make you laugh....

C.D.C. Announces $200 Million 'Down Payment' to Track Virus Variants

Millions still without safe drinking water in Texas

Capitol rioters supported anti-vaxxers and vice versa

Hoarse Power-we should send a Mariachi band to cheer Cruz

Opinion: CPAC's dangerous embrace of Trump

I have the texts of Cruz's next three public statements regarding the power and water outages:

How Facebook Went Easy on Alex Jones

For Laelth and his daughter,

The Doodle Diaries

Fox News Plummets Among Trump Voters as 'Most Trusted Source of News': Poll

Former Trump DC hotel chef said that suppliers 'were suddenly sending' rotten produce and lower

Progressives Confident $15 Minimum Wage Will Pass as House Readies to Push Through Stimulus

Quiet, still day

Did you ever wish you had saved silver coins back when?

Top Republican issues disgusting, jaw-dropping claim on national TV - Brian Tyler Cohen

Texas energy company shows tremendous compassion for customers with sky-high bills

How Do I Change My Password?

Cruz needs a "Snowflake Speech"

Kroger: Some pharmacy customer data impacted in vendor hack

Today is John Lewis' 81st Birthday....(edit, now 82nd birthday, but still sorely missed)

'Stronger, Wetter System' Incoming: Washington Weather Forecast

Conservative Talk About Deficits, But Do Not Want Mr. Taxman To Be Fix To Solve The Deficits

Sedition Tracker - Facial Recognition

Biden, lawmakers mark John Lewis's 81st birthday: 'May we carry on his mission'

National security adviser: US has begun communicating with Iran over hostages

Federal judges call for increased security after threats jump 400% and one judge's son is killed

Band Maid's love letter to their fans... "about Us"..

You Take My Breath Away


Everything I've seen about the Marvel: Eternals project

TX PUC Concerned That "Certain Pricing Mechanisms Were Not Generating An Optimal Response"

D'espairsRay; Squall

Why isn't the minority party in both house and senate interested in working with Joe?

Snowflake Cruz has a Twitter account and is getting revenge

So Ted Cruz loaded bottled water into the back of a car or two. Well, the truth maybe?

Investigators signal some Capitol riot suspects could be charged with conspiring to overthrow U.S.

little fucker tucker is claiming there IS NO great love between Joe and Jill Biden. he is pathetic

Universal Basic Income Could Be Coming for Kids

Individuals in 77 Texas counties eligible for federal assistance after Biden approves disaster decla

Democrats start lobbying for the first black woman to be appointed to the Supreme Court bench

United Airlines says it's investigating the leak of Ted Cruz's Cancun flight information

Arctic drilling plan in Alaska hits roadblock

ICU nurse Lisa Malpiedi says a new #COVID wave is killing younger patients with no past medical hist

Bighorn Sheep in the Garden of the Gods

"one of these things is not like the other/one of these things just doesn't belong"

BREAKING: Boeing calls for worldwide grounding of 777s w P&W engines

Looking back, now that we can breathe again.

Pelosi immediately approved the request from Sergeant at Arms to deploy National Guard on 1/6

It is only the good who die young, innit?

Here are the Executive Actions Biden has signed so far

If You're Ready(Come Go With Me)-The Staple Singers

Rumi - Selected Verses and Poetry for Meditation - Sufi Mysticism

The Diamond Sutra (Vajracchedikā Prajāpāramitā Sūtra) - Mahayana, Zen Buddhism

Good Lovin'

Anyone else watch "60 Minutes" tonight?

Debbie Dingell

About 7% of UK children have attempted suicide by age of 17

Utilities want to shut off Texas residents who can't pay astronomical energy bills

NYT update: The Department of Justice is examining communications re Roger Stone and rw extremists

SNL: Let's Say Grace

Talking New Bob Dylan blues - Loudon Wainwright 3rd

A 1929 colorized video of construction workers on the Chrysler building in New York.

The Daily Social Distancing Show: This Week's Coronavirus Updates - Week of 2/15/21

I saw "Fled Cruz" today and laughed my ass off! Just thought I'd share that. :) n/t

Merle Saunders, Jerry Garcia - Harder They Come - Early 70's.

How GOP Climate Denial and Texas Weather Created Perfect Storm for Tragedy - The Mehdi Hasan Show

Democratic-led panel effectively kills bill seeking to boost diversity at Virginia Governor's

American Virginia Hall, The Most Feared Spy of WWII

*Stanley Tucci, Searching for Italy (new)

Leading Republican Candidate for Governor of Virginia Met with Insurrectionists

What do snowmen eat?

Two stupid kids...

Senate panel backs removal of segregationist Harry Byrd Sr.'s statue from Capitol Square

*Stanley Tucci, Searching for Italy (new) on CNN now.

Virginia Democrats usher in election reforms, from anti-discrimination protections to earlier ballot

Grateful Dead - The Eleven - 1968

Rep. Schiff on MSNBC: Republican Party Has Become Cult of Trump's Personality

Virginia lawmakers ban release of nonbiodegradable balloons

The Dog And AOC

Win of the day!

I am proudly Episcopalian.

60 Minutes: QAnon's corrosive impact on the U.S.

TEDx1000Lakes - Chuck Marohn - The important difference between a road and a street

Amanda Chase Responds to "Joking Jimmy" Kimmel After He Calls Her "Dumb" For Not Wearing a Mask

Regarding "THE GAS" -- does anyone have a WSJ subscription to grab news on that?

Dogs know where their paws end and the world begins

Lindsey Graham Groveling For Trump's Affection, Nikki Haley Shunned

US generals warn against rush for OPCON transfer

North Carolina's lieutenant governor has Jewish community on high alert

North Carolina's lieutenant governor has Jewish community on high alert

Oboe and this 'n' that. (May have previously duplicate post one or two. 🙄)

Duke students speak out after a large, maskless party took place off campus on Friday

Biden Cabinet Confirmation Hearing Schedule

Estonian-born conductor & composer Taavo Virkhaus, 1934-2021 (

Swarm of black holes discovered

Logistics of lawmakers' proposed summer school quickly changing

Tree Frog opens its eyes...

'The Simpsons' Predicted Ted Cruz's Cancun Escape - NowThis News

I'm Going Slightly Mad - Queen

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) - Meatpacking

Audit: DHHS allowed unlicensed providers to remain in Medicaid program

Some tiny Earthling organisms may be able to survive on Mars

protestors gather outside Ted Cruz's home

Nina Simone, I wish I knew how it would feel to be free

Psychological exam sought for NC man accused of threatening to kill President Biden

Q-Anon Problem Solved - Have Parents Family Members Committed

Wildlife photographer takes 'once in a lifetime' shot of a yellow penguin

Texas Democrats issue report on 2020 elections

The White Dots in This Image Are Not Stars or Galaxies. They're Black Holes

Tweet of the early morning:

Scientists Found a Way to Communicate With People Who Are Asleep And Dreaming

Have The U. N. Take Over Myanmar And Take The Coup Leaders

Nearly 30,000 Macs reportedly infected with mysterious malware

Use Texas Tax Dollars To Pay Electric Bill Ransom

Pacific Rim: The Black Official Trailer #1 Netflix

We Thought We Understood The 'First' Black Hole. But We Were Wrong, Scientists Say

10 NC Black history lessons you likely weren't taught in school (but should have been)

Philip Herbert: 'Elegy'

New catalyst converts methane into methanol at room temperature


So proud of my 19-year old son

The Social Security site is weird. It's only available from 5A to 1A Eastern time

Psychological 'signature' for the extremist mind uncovered by Cambridge researchers

Fraternities Cut Ties with Duke After University Creates New Restrictions

Susan Collins to vote "no" on Biden budget nominee Neera Tanden

Oops - Joescum is now saying that sometimes government is necessary

Biden to mark upcoming 500,000 US Covid-19 deaths with candle lighting ceremony Monday

Johnson unveils Covid lockdown exit plan: schools and social contact first

Groups rescued after ignoring warnings to stay off lake erie ice

"illegal immigrants think border security more lax under Biden" -NPR

Whose behind Qanon?

"H is for Happiness". Just a delightful Australian indie film!

Construction Workers on the Chrysler Building 1929 1930

Biden's Schedule for Monday, February 22, 2021

Monday TOONs - The Blockbuster Must-See We've All Been Waiting For

Michael Steele has his

It was difficult getting it through the front door to be fair


'He wanted a go, who was I to say no?'

Italian ambassador to DR Congo killed in UN convoy attack

19,000 Pennsylvania Republicans Have Left Party

We now have a Primary for WI-SEN vs Ron Johnson

40 beached whales refloated in New Zealand but fears remain

Biden's Revolution Is Doing What Obama and Clinton Did Not

Dominion has sued the MyPillow idiot- Mike Lindell

Winds of Change - 2016 vs 2020 - cool map

Is there a way for Neera to survive


3 days after 2nd Pfizer & with cancer chemo


Virginia Tech breached confidentiality with cadet lawsuit statement, lawyers say

The Free Movement- I Found Someone Of My Own

SW Australia Annual Rainfall Totals Down 16% Since 1970; Down About 30% Since 2000

A mom is talking to her know-it-all teenager.

Painters. Do you have favorite brands of brushes?

Breakfast Monday 22 February 2021

Dominion files $1.3 billion defamation lawsuit against MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell

The Rundown: February 22, 2021

Fuck Texas oil billionaires and ERCOT. Not one dime of taxpayer money to pay energy "bills".

Texas weather: Family of 11-year-old file lawsuit over his death


This is ... amazing and touching. 02-22-21 UPDATE.

Why do Republicans always talk about Reagan?

Home Gardens Crucial to Survival of Urban Bees

Crisis management, Texas style -by Tom Tomorrow

300-Meter LNG Ship Transits Northern Sea Route In February - "There Is No Multi-Year Old Ice""

It is sickening....the more I think about it...

21 February 2021 - Beijing At 25.6C, 5.8C Above All-Time Daily Record; 20 C (35F) Above Normal

As of today, I am the grandfather of TWO U.S. citizens

Jerry Jones' gas company hits 'jackpot' as demand surges amid Texas' winter crisis

Job Listing

Mana from heaven

Navy veteran in mental health crisis died after police knelt on his neck for nearly five minutes

Dave Edmunds - Take Me For A Little While

Opinion: Study finds cognitive bias in how medical examiners evaluate child deaths

How Security at the Capitol Fell Apart

Trump did not wait long to make his move to completely take over the Republican Party..

Texas Gets Lay'd: How the Bush Family turned off the lights

Anyone want to take a guess on what Supreme Court opinions we get next Thursday?

LIVE COVERAGE: Senate set to consider Garland for AG

Loeffler launches group to boost GOP turnout, promote 'big tent' policies

Biden to make it easier for smallest businesses to take out a PPP loan

More than 1,500 apply to participate in Ulster County's Universal Basic Income pilot program

Do you think the Orange Man will run for president in 2024?

Eric Boehlert: With Trump gone, CNN pulls the plug on White House press briefings

Just saw the movie, Nomadland.

He drove a truck in World War II, but he wasn't allowed to drive a streetcar in D.C.

Well. it was -20 degrees plus last Monday here in Omaha!

Today's google doodle honours Zitkala Sa, native and women's rights activist, educator, writer,

Leave dad alone for 10 minutes

Dominion Voting Systems files $1.3 B suit against Mike Lindell and MyPillow

Merrick Garland Hearings coming up

Almost 19,000 Pennsylvania voters have left the Republican Party since the Capitol attack

Today's google doodle honours Zitkala Sa, native and women's rights activist, educator, writer,

Herd Running To Greet Two Rescued Elephants Kham Moon & Pyi Mai

Wow, Stephanie Ruhle on MSNBC just said ...

Poor Mrs.Glam. When I get my mind made up, I go OCD... Pt 2

BREAKING: Supreme court allows release of trump tax returns to NY Prosecutor

Breaking. SC allows release of Dotard's taxes to NY.

Today's google doodle honours Zitkala Sa, Native American rights activist. Born Feb. 22, 1876 on

Eric Trump: Biden's policies 'are causing Texas to freeze'

Live 3PM: We're going to West Virginia 2/22 to continue to pressure @Sen_JoeManchin

Supreme Court refuses to stop NY grand jury from looking at Trump tax returns

Supreme Court won't halt Trump tax record turnover

Grassley making me throw up in my mouth

...Morning Joe rips GOP lawmakers for turning their state into a 'Third World' country

Just a reminder: YOU won't get to see Trump's tax returns

Trump must be plotting his exit from the United States about now

Forced to Wait by Trump, First Group of Asylum Seekers Finally Allowed to Enter the United States

that time Daft Punk stood up The Colbert Report

NYC Mayor says Wollman and Lasker rinks in Central Park will stay OPEN

Google Doodle is very cool today. Zitkala-Sa Writer, editor, musician, teacher and Native American

And now for a comment from the former guy

Fauci Delivers Blunt Assessment of U.S. Coronavirus Death Toll: 'We've Done Worse Than Most...

Why Republicans are keeping Trump's Big Lie alive

Supreme Court won't stop grand jury from getting Trump's tax returns

Journalist Yamiche Alcindor on 'Bringing the Hard Truth to America'

This isn't an Al Capone prosecution for Trump

Assad and his regime's war crimes

Serious question for the forum. Should I change my username?

Let's Stay Together

Pic Of The Moment: Funny How That Works

How to

The Freepers know that Trump is a crook and a tax cheat

Solar energy doesn't work where it is cold. Neither does wind power.

Post a public comment on Voter Suppression law - hearing 5PM today

BTRTN: The Lone Star-ving State... Was This The Week Texas Turned Blue?

BTRTN: The Lone Star-ving State... Was This The Week Texas Turned Blue?

Republicans aim to purge anti-Trump officials from state parties in sign of battles ahead

Lindsey Graham on Garland hearing

1507 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Mon.; 3 deaths

YOU raised $35 on 2-21-21 DU for Kansas Fair Maps: Anti-Gerrymandering Fund ($5,000 match)

Graham is trying to use the AG hearing to score points for dumpt

Good Day DU (February 22, 2021)

Capitalism vs Communism.

Graham's turn to cover his ass

NBC's Pete Williams: New York grand jury will see Trump's taxes 'almost immediately'

Supreme Court won't take up challenge to Pennsylvania presidential election results

'RIP Kevin': Peacock who became a London lockdown symbol of hope is killed by foxes

Every House Democrat set to vote on expanding voting rights in sweeping bill

Dim Son Eric blaming Biden for "freezing Texans."


Give 'em hell, Sheldon. And fuck you Lindsey.

🚨NEW: Supreme Court DENIES Trump request to review Wisconsin post-election recount case.

garland hearings seem to be going well

Regulators probe engine blow-outs as older Boeing 777s suspended

McConnell and every republican that refused to allow the a hearing for Garland for the Supreme

Financial Crimes: The Proof is in the Records

Court won't revive porn star's defamation suit against Trump

SCOTUS declines to hear Rep Mike Kelly's mail voting case appeal

Republicans and polls

This is a really bad morning for Trump. He just lost 3 cases. Taxes and 2 election cases, WI & PA.

Republicans seem so concerned about an AG bringing politics into the job. Where were they the

LOL@the Freepers

Another Trump business failure...

Rocket going from vertical to horizontal

Trump's tax returns to be available IMMEDIATELY1!!!1!! Freepers!

Now I can't wait to see Trump's speech at CPAC.

🚨NEW: Supreme Court DENIES GOP request to review Arizona post-election recount case.

🚨NEW: Supreme Court DENIES crackpot effort to review dismissal of the MI Kraken conspiracy case

🚨NEW: Supreme Court ends the frivolous lawsuit filed by Pennsylvania GOP Congressman Mike Kelly

"The Scream" mystery solved - (didn't sound that mysterious)

🚨BREAKING: Supreme Court DENIES Trump/GOP request to review ballot extension deadline victory in PA

Merrick Garland should be on the SCOTUS. Instead, we have those 3 tRump/McConnell lightweights

"Dominion Sues MyPillow CEO Over Election Fraud Claims..."

34 suspected child predators arrested in Arizona sting

Supreme Court to Trump and the GOP: Stop bothering us with your bullshit!

FAUCI: 'We've Done Worse Than Most Any Other Country'

Supreme Court allows release of Trump tax returns to NY prosecutor (CNN)

Susan Wright, GOP activist and wife of late U.S. Rep. Ron Wright, moving toward campaign to replace

Fuck Cruz - I hope you don't politicize the DOJ

Am I Justified For Saying The Cost Of Gas Going Up Around The Country & Costing Me More To Gas Up...

rapheal cruz is a sickening bastard have to mute him

Plano police say charge dropped for 18-year-old arrested while walking home from work in the snow

Ack! Shut up Cruz! Icky creepy Cruz speechifying about AG's under previous Democratic


Sen. Cruz JUST said the justice dept. under Obama was the most politicized & weaponized in his

Try To Figure Out How To Automatically Trash....

Snowetry in motion (Twitter Kitteh)

Ana Navarro comments on Merrick Garland:

Collins is a no on Tanden for OMB.

WAPO Headline: Garland:Capitol riot investigation will be his first priority as AG if confirmed

🚨NEW: Supreme Court DENIES Lin Wood request to review Georgia post-election recount case.


Well, god bless their little black evil hearts-

He ( Yes, grandma its a "He" ) is an amazing guitarist!

'The past is so present': how white mobs once killed American democracy

Guess who's Managing Director @Goldman-- has controlling interest in several Texas energy utilities?

Kelly Loeffler Has Genius Plan For Georgia GOP: What If Instead Of FAIR Fight, We Did UNFAIR Fight?

Remember when Trump tweeted this about FEMA money for California wild fires?

Wow! Ben Sasse just dropped a bomb about Epstein's "suicide", saying to the effect that....

SUPREMES: Cough 'em up. motherfucker!!!!!

Julia Roberts, Sean Penn, Armie Hammer & Joel Edgerton To Star In Watergate Drama 'Gaslit'

Lone Wolf and Cub (Full movie with subtitles)

My Daughter's Water Report From Texas

The senator is speaking of concern for police but

For Texans who can't pay their electric bill

Gee, Josh Hawley is suddenly concerned about preserving the rule of law.

Snow tires?!


Good Goddess: the insanity keeps getting worse...

"The entire history of labour-saving technologies squeezed into four 1990s-era cartoon panels."

Merrick Garland Makes Case for New Era at Justice Department

Covid Relief Includes Helping People Affected Economically From Covid - Tell The Republicans

Bill banning death penalty heads to Virginia governor

Deb Haaland Attacked by Fossil Fuel Industry


Ranger Tom Cotton is a jackass, and Garland is handling his BS very well

Cue the orchestra for Lee Chatfield

Texas Republicans lied & fled, State & National Dems led. And no false equivalence reported!

People with extremist views less able to do complex mental tasks, research suggests

Why it is a good thing I am not on the Senate Judiciary Committee:

ABC News: NRA is 'out of ammo' as it faces a legal mess of its own making, many experts say

Virginia General Assembly Passes Legislation Abolishing the Death Penalty

Did Washington Just Have an Actual Weekend?

Days Before Blackouts, One Texas Power Giant Sounded the Alarm

Wow! Garland answering Booker on where his sense of duty and service comes from.

To think, none of these disasters would have happened if Texas had raked their woods.

Why Texas Democrats lost the 2020 voter turnout battle, even among Latinos

Chuck Schumer Wants Texas Governor Greg Abbott's Policies Probed

Senate Republicans press Garland on Durham, Hunter Biden investigations

PARODY: Nevada prostitutes forced to work at arm's length

Letter From Deceased Black Cop Implicates FBI and NYPD in Malcolm X's Death

Rie Aka Suzuku music videos

Al Jarreau - Take Five

Pundits are wrong. We don't need a functional GOP.

The New York Times finally "gets" something Texan ...

There were 2,831,000 deaths in 2018 in the U.S.

George Clooney to produce docuseries about decades-long sex abuse scandal Ohio State University

Sexual Assault Against Boys Is a Crisis

The way they passed Obamacare is apparently a way to end the fiibuster.

Rush Limbaugh dead but will not RIP

Elijah McClain death: Aurora police didn't have legal basis to stop, frisk or choke 23-year-old,...

Conservative Catholics are now claiming that Joe Biden is "too obsessed" with LGBTQ people

Nikki Fried, Florida's Ag Commissioner, throws cold water on DeSantis' Limbaugh tribute

Tiny Baby Stoat Has The Best Reaction When She Meets Someone Like Her

Mike Lindell made his bed with Trump's bogus conspiracies. Now, he gets to lie in it.

My heart is breaking over the Supreme Court's denial of Velveeta Khrushchev's "emergency appeal."

Sen. Ted Cruz questions AG nominee Merrick Garland. After Mexico trip, should he quarantine?

USPS irony, kinda...

Stanley Turrentine sans Astrud

repukes may soon regret not putting Garland on the SC. He is going to jack up their world as AG

Muni rolls out free rides for people traveling to get COVID-19 vaccine, joining BART, AC Transit

This Is How You Get the Best Scrambled Eggs

Donald Trump faces legal challenges well beyond the Capitol riots: Here's what to watch

The Supreme Court hands two final defeats to Trump

Clarence Thomas dissent in GOP election challenge raises new questions about his wife: 'Investigate

Texas Democrats blame pandemic for 2020 electoral disappointment

I love watching these dogs get their treats:

3 rockets fall near U.S. Embassy in Baghdad

Texas Democrats Paid Price for Canvassing Restrictions

New Jersey governor signs bills legalizing marijuana

Pelosi holds moment of silence as US approaches 500,000 COVID deaths

Senator Kennedy is an asshole.

Puffins are adorable:

Grassley Will Back Merrick Garland This Time

Building an effective 9/11 commission for the Capitol riots

Democrats plot their Plan B to save minimum wage hike

Smoke 'em if you've got 'em...

A look at Merrick Garland, the nominee for attorney general

DHS officials worked with Breitbart and Fox to further Trump's narrative that immigrants are crimina

500,000 dead Americans: One year of COVID exposes the rot of GOP ideology

Senior Republican leader Steve Scalise refuses to admit the 2020 election wasn't 'stolen' from Trump

Biden to order flags to half staff to mark 500K virus deaths

Snoqualmie and Stevens passes closed by high avalanche danger

Cleaning with electrolysis generator

Marsha Blackburn reading questions provided by some wingnut source


Ted Cruz at Garland's confirmation hearing this morning:

George Harrison - Wonderwall To Be Here

Anti-Asian attacks nationwide worry Puget Sound community members

Republicans demand equal representation on 1/6 Commission

How it started ... How it's going *Oath Keeper Edition*

'Attack of the Murder Hornets' showcases Whatcom and the race to find these bee killers

I give you a stone-cold guarantee ... you are gonna dig this tune and video :)

"And I've asked him to commit to no politics at the Department of Justice"

Trump responds to SCOTUS decision on his tax returns, claiming he's the victim...

Bill Gates: Texas' tradeoffs led to deaths

Middle Age Riot tweet:

Senate Homeland Security Committee: Examining the January 6 Attack on the U.S. Capitol

Dr. Meghan McCain wants DR. Fauci fired

The Insane Lies About The Texas Blackouts

Another Middle Age Riot tweet:

House Judiciary Committee: The Rise of Domestic Terrorism in America

Merrick Garland got emotional speaking about grandparents escape from anti-semitic country to US

Nobody Can Figure Out How This Deer Fits Behind This Tree

Merrick Garland just left Josh Hawley in a smoldering heap

Info on the spotted lanternfly infestation

Hundreds of Thousands of Deaths Due to Virus Will be Trump's Legacy & "The Capital Riot"

Biden tweaks Paycheck Protection Program to better target the nation's smallest businesses

Tweet of the moment: E. Jean Carroll edition

This Old House

Here is the sum total of what ERCOT Commissioners said on February 9th as Arctic cold approached

Gov. J.B. Pritzker signs sweeping Illinois criminal justice overhaul including eliminating cash bail

Manchin voted to confirm Sessions, Barr, Grennell, Pompeo, and Kavanaugh.

QOP - The Party of DEATH.

Alberto Fernandez, an unlikely leader in Latin America

Cabbage fried with bacon, onions, garlic and spices

Several states mulling legislation that would protect drivers who hit protestors

Trump responds to SCOTUS decision on his tax returns, claiming he's the victim of "political persecu

GOP lawmakers say they need to kill relief bill because it helps too much

BimBamBoom.. funk punk party band from Tokyo...

Hear Mars! Perseverance Rover sends back sounds

Republican inquisitors seem to be overly concerned about FISA and investigations?

Back in My Old Skin

The GOP's 2022 Strategy: Voter Suppression or Bust

Racist ex-senator launches group to make voting harder in Georgia

Why are mainstream news outlets giving a platform to Republicans who lie about the 2020 election?

Merritt Garland: "There is disparate treatment in our justice system."

'All Creatures Great and Small': Who Was the Real James Herriot?

Anti-Bolsonaro protests held in several cities in Brazil

Anti-Bolsonaro protests held in several cities in Brazil

Boris's roadmap for lifting lockdown?

Prez. Obama and Bruce Springsteen: [UPDATED: they are starting a podcast - VIDEO ATTACHED]

"This is the end of the road for Trump"

I guess imma gonna hafta say goodbye

Coronavirus pandemic bad enough but Robt. F. Kennedy Jr. just makes it worse

I've resurrected my old DU name, sort of.

Bette Midler ftw.

What's In My Bag? I found a new (to me) YouTube channel

Capitol rioters supported anti-vaxxers and vice versa

NASA's Perseverance: listen to the first sounds captured by one of my microphones

"Circe Invidiosa" by John William Waterhouse

Lets be clear this is about a campaign promise to the American taxpayer

Woman saves baby squirrel that dog brought home

African colonies after Berlin conference 1884

Charges dropped against a Black man arrested for walking on an icy Texas street.

Is the audio not working on YouTube feeds for Garland's hearing - Nevermind

Cartoons 2/22/2021

Crazy cat loves to find unattainable beds for nap time

GrASSly doing "What aboutism"

we all know if a democrat did this they would be screaming for his resignation

Trump to tell CPAC he is Republican 'presumptive 2024 nominee' - report

NASA video of Perseverance Mars landing

Dr. Fauci Says He Won't See His Children Until They Are Also Vaccinated

Oops-a-pillow. Pillow guy is majorly sued by voting machine co.

Ammonite. This is a damned wonderful movie.

Family of 11-year-old boy who died in unheated Texas mobile home sues power companies for over $100

GOP not worried about voting against popular relief bill

Larry Kudlow suggests Texas power outages "consequence" of Biden's presidency

Beyond 100M: Biden team aiming for bigger vaccine numbers

TNR: The Rise and Fall of the L. Brent Bozells (A really good read)

Finally got the SmugMug page updated yesterday as Texas is still thawing out.

I'm one person who was lucky to have decent health insurance!

"Ted, get your plane right on time....

cotton being an extreme asshole today

News Analysis: He's their brother. They want him kicked out of Congress

Featured CPAC speaker said Judaism is a "complete lie" and referred to Jewish people as "thieving...

UN Secretary-General Antnio Guterres warns of 'threat' posed by white supremacy

South Florida Doctor Accused Of Attacking Hispanic Man, Charged With Hate Crime

U.S. House budget committee approves $1.9 trillion covid-19 aid bill

How does one reach out to people who are as stupid as these people are?

FBI Seized Congressional Cellphone Records

Legal: Texas Supreme Court Guts Consumer Class Action Protections

Navy Veteran Dies After Police Allegedly Kneel on His Neck During Mental Health Crisis

Had any predictions been made about how the SC would vote on Trump's tax returns?

FL Agriculture Commissioner will NOT Lower flag in honor of Rush

Slate - alarming. "Clarence Thomas Promotes Trump's Voter Fraud Lies In Alarming Dissent"

Super long time reader saying hello!

Why do these assholes (yeah you Hawley) keep asking about the status of on-going investigations?

That piece of crap, Hawley is questioning Garland.

Texas politicians saw electricity deregulation as a better future. Years later, millions lost power.

Watch Video From NASA's Perseverance Rover Landing on Mars

Instead of questions Ted Cruz pontificates for Bill Barr

Manchin again...

Tiffany's ends $7m per year lease with Trump Organisation

Well Flying Lying Teddy is back in DC!

Mars Helicopter

Martha Stewart died. Not that one. Another one

THANKS, Chairman Durbin,

The Fall of Al Capone (RE: Taxes)

Trump-Supporting Doctor Assaults Hispanic Man Outside Publix, Police Say

$50 says Qvidiots will say Trump tried to buy more vaccines but was the companies...

Former student pledges additional $15 million to Morgan State, a landmark gift for HBCUs

Donnie is calling the SCOTUS decision a witch hunt

The swimming lessons are going well...

The Helix is a distraction. Amazon's new headquarters will change more than just its neighborhood.

Place yur bets

As admissions season descends, warning signs appear for low-income applicants

500,000 plus deaths.

I finally got scheduled for COVID vaccine10am

Heads Up-Biden to mark upcoming 500,000 US Covid-19 deaths with candle lighting ceremony Monday

Been curious about Oblates

I didn't want anyone surprised when this suddenly becomes a thing.

Lifestyle: He's looking forward to 'a better everything' Locked up at age 15, Joe Ligon became ...

The Imitation Game (2014)

Two shit bags pose as "grannies" to get second dose of COVID-19 vaccine.

Meghan McCain Calls for Biden Administration to Replace Dr. Fauci: 'He Doesn't Understand Science'

If I ever hear Sean Hannity ever attack affirmative action again I will post this story on twitter

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Tuesday, 23 February 2021

BREAKING: NASA releases video of Perserverance landing on Mars

Republicans Who Have Done No Crimes Have Nothing To Fear From Garland Or Vance Or Any Others

He is simply an amazing guitarist

We upgraded our Nissan Sentra from our 2018 lease to a 2020

Dad-to-be killed when gender reveal device explodes: Police

Merrick Garland

Raccoon won't leave family's home after falling from tree

WATCH: Merrick Garland shuts down Republican trying to get him to say another Biden nominee is anti-

lol - The Mars Ingenuity helicopter sounds like this under Mars atmospheric conditions

Dominion sues MyPillow guy for $1.3 billion, claiming he profited from election conspiracies

Did The Ted Cruz Family Return To Texas From Mexico?....

Pelosi rips 'reckless and dangerous' House GOP Whip for elevating COVID vaccine skeptic

Governor Cuomo Press Conference

Overwhelming Brain Washing and Stupidity:Level 1000

Trump reported making more than $1.6 billion while president

How many Repuke votes will Merrick Garland receive?

remember that line in The Truman Show movie -"How's It Going to End"?

Hey Stupid One!

The QANON gang thinks Lindell getting sued is a GOOD thing...

Before far-right UCLA student stormed Capitol, he faced furor over incendiary tweets

Fake snow? Conspiracy theory claims Texas weather 'government-generated'

The kerfuffle over the Neera Tanden nomination is publicizing an "inconvenient truth":

Beto still going strong today. Building Texas back BETO-O'R

(Jewish Group) CPAC Anti-Semitism on full display: Young Pharaoh

Former Florida cop went live on Facebook during the Capitol riot. Now he is charged

This makes SO much sense. Let's talk about trump math and republican math

x-post from Jewish Group: CPAC Anti-Semitism on full display: Young Pharaoh

"How come Amy, Brett and Neil aren't protecting me?" whines the Democracy Destroyer in Chief...

Merrick Garland gets emotional about his family being offered...

Secret Service Implicated in Capitol Insurrection!

Florida official tells offices to disregard DeSantis order to lower flags in Limbaugh's honor

Reading John Gray in war

Merrick Garland Says He Will Prosecute Rioters, White Supremacists Who Stormed Capitol

Bash: Cruz looking for Fox News sound bite at Garland hearing

Guitar question

Meghan McCain: Replace Dr. Fauci With Someone Who 'Understands Science'

What's for Dinner, Mon., Febr. 22, 2021


The GOD AWFUL MOVIES podcast picks apart Mike Lindell's "ABSOLUTE PROOF"

AG Ken Paxton and wife Sen. Angela Paxton went to Utah during Texas freeze

What if Trump's tax returns reveal NOTHING? What if he was completely HONEST...

Georgia GOP (Luckovich)

Joe Biden is making me cry now.

Damn Biden is fantastic

national cathedral bell tolls 500,000 times .

We got our first Covid Vaccine today!

The image on MSNBC right now. Candles on the South Portico

the largest school district in KS is bringing back students -the week the USA hit half a million dea

I'm watching NXIVM: The Cult on Starz. Terrifying.

Jeff Sessions was so openly racist that even Reagan couldn't appoint him.


New Middle Age Riot tweet:

CPAC (Conservative Political Action Committee) absolutely screws up then...


Hannity put climate change denier Joe Bastardi in touch with Texas officials to handle crisis

So Cruz took a "Friend" to Cancun with him....Paging Malaise...

Capital rioter wants to be released so he can finish high school

Barack Obama & Bruce Springsteen Launch Podcast, Will Talk Politics & Life

It occurs to me that we may be very fortunate Joe Biden's time waited until now

You know -- Texas is really one fucked-up state.

They made the White House

Beto IS Texas.

Trump Hotel Employees Reveal What It Was Really Like Catering to the Right Wing Elite

President Biden's Words To A Grieving Nation Upon Our Loss of Over Half A Million Americans

U.Va. reports 252 cases over the weekend following record-setting highs last week

DC Bar Is Already Selling a Tropical Cocktail Dubbed "Cruz in Cancun"

Europe-bound migrants found amid broken glass, toxic ash

It Did Not Have to Be This Way