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Archives: February 25, 2021

I won't mince words: If Manchin and Sinema don't get on board with ending the filibuster...

Josh Marshall: No Lucy Football with the Jan 6 Commission

Investors say Trump properties are worthless until his name is removed

Favorability of Leaders (tweet):

Trump, Sessions, Grenell: Critics say Senate didn't worry about mean tweets until Neera Tanden

CNN: Close ally of Marjorie Taylor Greene among those in Capitol mob

Was getting nervous ... vaccine for wife one week from Friday, This Friday at Austin VA for me!

Alabama gambling bill could add 2 more casinos; Senate vote pushed back

Victim That South Dakota AG 'Didn't See' Came Through His Windshield, Investigators Say

Kevin McCarthy, Who Gave Tax Cuts To The Wealthy, Calls Biden Stimulus Bill Corrupt

It's Time For a 2021 Gerrymandering Update

Lawmaker upside down during virtual meeting - Ha!

George Clooney to produce docuseries on college abuse scandal Jim Jordan was accused of covering up

if I had $$ to run TV ads supporting dems policies I would run this in west virginia -

Matt Gaetz is training to promote a baseless fight against voting machines

Tucker Denies White Supremacists Attacked the Capitol

Let's talk about Trump and Miller coming back this week....

About Trump being nominated in 2024, He won't be, because Trump cannot win any election.

Sen. Ron Johnson at yesterday's hearing on Jan. 6 insurrection

Hawley Hates America

Alabama medical marijuana bill moves out of Senate with little debate

Remember that initial breathalyzer that Springsteen refused to take?

Close ally of Marjorie Taylor Greene among those in Capitol mob

GOP Sen. John Kennedy calls Haaland a "neo-socialist left-of-Lenin whackjob," per Hill pool.

Amtrak: Passenger trains to return to Gulf Coast in 2022

US launches aerospace center at Tuskegee University

Ha - I'd like a different category

Sir Paul McCartney - Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey

I have a $10.00 gift card, what should I buy?

I was abused back in the early '50s apparently

Golden Retriever festival. I would love to be there!

A day of mourning in Florida

My husband and son both have Covid

Jill Biden says things get better, including after divorce

These dancers are mesmerizing to watch!!

This looks like it would be funny!

Is "self-deleted by author" redundant?

Amnesty International revokes Kremlin critic Navalny's 'prisoner of conscience' status

Republican leaders are asked whether Trump should attend CPAC... it didn't go well - Brian Tyler Cohen

How Dr. Fauci confuses Republicans

WATCH: Gov. Greg Abbott practices sounding sincere for mic check ahead of briefing

Mario King now former Mayor of Moss Point after guilty plea, resignation

Biden's former USSS agent supervisor is worth following on Twitter! He loves Joe!

Capitol Rioter with 'Slicked Back' Hair Faces Charges After His Banker Identified Him to the Feds

Saw this on FB, kids with cancer and video games...

Bernie live on MSNBC: no chance we get a wage raise (even 11) unless it is through reconciliation

Mikhail Baryshnikov & Hines "Duo Dance" (White Nights 1985)

Apparently Senators withholding approval of Biden nominees don't need check their own rhetoric

Should First Lady be capitalized? So we have First Lady Dr. Jill Biden. People cannot be bothered

Mikhail Baryshnikov & Hines "Duo Dance" (White Nights 1985)

A new effort to create a Conservation Trust in Mississippi could become reality

I am awaiting one of our eloquent Democrats to state on the House or Senate Floor:

I think it's time to time-travel via TV... watch some "Friends"

Should First Lady be capitalized? So we have Dr. Jill Biden. Most people cannot be bothered with

Lawyers have found parents of 105 separated migrant kids in past month

SHUFFLE DANCE,Top 20 Best tutorials TikTok

D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser's sister dies from Covid as city passes 1,000 deaths

Biden revokes Trump ban on many green card applicants

'You don't get to punch us, buddy': Confrontation with unmasked Canadian Tire customer

The Most Corrupt President ...

Written testimony by malcolm Nance. Well worth reading.

Democratic fury with GOP explodes in House

'Top Secret' Saudi documents show Khashoggi assassins used company seized by Saudi crown prince

A Special Kind Of Stupid

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Live and Let Die!

4 takeaways from Xavier Becerra's confirmation hearings

Trisha Yearwood has covid

With computer chips scarce, Biden orders supply chain review

Rep Marie Newman For The Win (Bwaahaha Traitor Greene)

Courts seek funding to prevent Capitol-riot-style 'incursion'

Donald Trump Jr. deposed by DC attorney general as part of inaugural funds lawsuit

WTF is "Pelosi's Subway"???

This isn't good news re: F-35, especially those who advocated for it over the years.

It defies logic and known facts

"Insanity is defined as doing the same thing again and again and expecting a different result"

Fires of The Spanish Inquisition, Horrors of The Roman Inquisition

"No one is coming for our guns they're coming for our way of life..."

Please excuse my enthusiasm, but a friend wrote:

ERCOT: Texas Was 4 Minutes and 37 Seconds Away From a Blackout That Could Have Lasted Months

Circles / Tommy Lee ft. Tyla Yaweh (Live on The 2020 Billboard Music Awards)

Snowdon asks who owns your identity?

Brain exercise: Name the colors, don't read the words.

Extended funny interview with Franken on Cruz

My daughter was raised to take

Rachel's report on woman accused of stealing Nancy Pelosi's laptop - Video of her saluting Hitler

The Sisters of Mercy - More

Seattle's tech elite embroiled in AWS real estate investigation, lawsuit

Set up a birthday surprise for my momma

Marjorie Traitor Greene's Gun Giveaway

The unintended environmental benefit of Cuba's isolation

InfoWars pushes conspiracy that Biden cut power to Texas

Georgia Counties Sue Trump for Expenses From His Failed Voting Fraud Suit

Disturbed - down with the sickness

It's been 1 year since Trump infamously tweeted the 'coronavirus is very much under control' in the

Hey Roger, You are not in THAT Kansas Anymore.

Woman Accused of Stealing Nancy Pelosi's Laptop Appears in Video Making Nazi Salute

Biden tosses Trump's classical architecture order

Sanders: 'There's Not One Republican Who Will Support A $15 Minimum Wage' - All In - MSNBC

Sanders: 'There's Not One Republican Who Will Support A $15 Minimum Wage' - All In - MSNBC

This is going to end up with Newman and Traitor Greene brawling in the hallway

2/25 Mike Luckovich: Mail fail

The American flag should unite, not divide us, Gov. DeSantis. Take a cue from Sears

Guess what Mnuchin's up to?

Songs for the celebration of life.

Gov. Reeves: State will roll back COVID-19 restrictions next week

How Republican talking points are crafted

Judge Merrick Garland has been tutoring 2nd graders at Northeast DC elementary school for 21 years.

"Federalist Society in the front, Four Seasons Total Landscaping in the back."

Frank Figluzzi: The Senate asked all the wrong questions about the pro-Trump attack on the Capitol

Maybe I'm just different...

Trump Can No Longer Funnel GOP Money To Himself, But Others Are Doing It For Him

For DU'ers who know this stuff, what are the advantages of the F-35 over the F-22,

Gun rights advocates back bill that would ban Nebraska from enforcing any new federal gun laws

my country is so exhausting

Stephen Miller...this is unbelievably evil

The Daily Social Distancing Show: "Mean Tweets" Threaten Biden Cabinet & DeSantis Gives VIP Vaccines

Where is Brian Williams?

Good Job Liz Cheney No Really I Mean It

Legal expert warns the Supreme Court has left a 'ticking time bomb' under American democracy

Capitol Attacker

Rachel Maddow on Steve Mnuchin's Persian Gulf investment fund

Political contributions link ERCOT board to Abbott and the state committee now investigating the tro

Manchester Orchestra - Bed Head

United 777 plane flew fewer than half the flights allowed between checks: sources

Mic check: Gov Abbott practicing sounding sincere #txlege #TexasBlackout

Stephen Miller tangles with Florida GOP freshman at House immigration meeting

🚨BREAKING: Iowa's Republican legislature has passed a major voter suppression bill.

Douglas Adams on Bach

Meidas Touch-Josh Hawley defends domestic terrorists because he is one.

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Hugh Evans - How Global Citizen Is Planning to Heal the World

Meidas Touch-Josh Hawley defends domestic terrorists because he is one.

Covid: Still Disinfecting Surfaces? It Might Not Be Worth It: Grocery Shopping, Takeout Tips

60 percent of Americans support eight-year path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants: poll

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Black Vaccine Inequality - If You Don't Know, Now You Know

Rescued Kitten Has Eyes Like Galaxies 🌌

So, did any of you see

Seth Meyers - Biden Administration Planning Outreach Program to Vaccine Skeptics - Monologue 2/23/21

Tweet of the Night:

President Jimmy Carter and wife Rosalynn are fully vaccinated, back at church

Seattle Public Schools names interim superintendent Brent Jones

Seth Meyers - Great Vaccine News Has Everyone Asking When Life Will Return to Normal: A Closer Look

'Anarchist Jurisdiction' No Longer: Biden Rescinds Designation

Are LGBTQ people the last minority group you can legally discriminate against in America?

"The Battle of Los Angeles" -- February 24 & 25, 1942

How Buttigieg Could Make Transportation Safer, According to LGBTQ+ Advocacy Groups

At These Black-Owned Restaurants, the Food Comes With a Side of History

More fierce wind set to hit Whatcom. Here's when to expect it

Florida Senate: Democratic Rep. Stephanie Murphy considers bid against Marco Rubio

New US envoy to UN gets red carpet welcome from Russia

Is tonight talent night?

Biden nominates three to USPS board of governors as DeJoy testifies on mail crises

Architect Of The Capitol Outlines $30 Million In Damages From Pro-Trump Riot

PM Update: Tonight's cold front leads to a burst of wind and a seasonable Thursday.

Jon Meacham Asks: Are GOP Going To Govern Or 'Perpetually Campaign' For Trump's America? - Deadline

Pentagon report reveals disturbing details about White supremacists in the ranks

Figliuzzi: Senate Asked All Wrong Questions About The Pro-Trump Attack On Capitol - The Last Word

'The People Are Revolting' Count de Money; The French Revolution, Hist. of The World, Mel Brooks

Sen. Ron Johnson's Lies in Senate Hearing into Capitol Attack Give Aid & Comfort to Insurrectionists

TCM Schedule for Saturday, February 27, 2021 -- TCM Spotlight: Dances With Wolves

As a small gesture towards remedying the horror of separating immigrant kids from their parents

CBS News: Covid-19 Vaccinations at CA Hospital Lead to 95% Decline in Sick Employees

Capitol Rioter with 'Slicked Back' Hair Faces Charges After His Banker Identified Him to the Feds

Mnuchin Reportedly Blending Final Days In Office Into Personal Moneymaking Venture - Rachel Maddow

Louis Armstrong - La vie en rose

New public report to blame Saudi crown prince for 2018 killing of Jamal Khashoggi

Iowa Republicans approve fast-track dramatic election bill

Man exits church after years in sanctuary from deportation

Tweet of the early morning:

voice deity, Jim Ward

Capitol Police were warned of violence before riot, acting chief says

Lengthy List Of Questions Only Grows As Congress Holds Hearings On Pro-Trump Riot - Rachel Maddow

Seattle police union president addresses controversial tweet on U.S. Capitol riot

Y'know, the US has lots of problems with violence: we have mass shootings,

Ron Johnson Calls Hillary's Absence from Insurrection Videos Suspicious

I broke my glasses. I bought the readers at the drug store this past fall/winter.

In Pictures: Ecuador prison riots leave dozens dead

Ted Cruz approval rating with Republican voters crashes 23% following Cancun trip

Brazil's public debt hits new high of 5.06 trln reais in January

Husky uses "cone of shame" to scoop snow and throw it at owner

Biden reverses Trump orders on 'anarchist' cities, architecture and green cards

Honduran president says U.S. probe of his alleged drug ties could scuttle cooperation with Washingto

Honduran president says U.S. probe of his alleged drug ties could scuttle cooperation with Washingto

'Pel': Why Brazil's Soccer Hero Never Spoke Out Against the Dictatorship

Delivery Person Appreciates Residents for Leaving Snacks on the Porch for Them

Speaking truth to Manchin re:minimum wage (WV Moral Monday)

THAT'S MY CAR - Pipe Break Disaster as Texas Thaw begins

Jimmy Kimmel: Can Anyone Identify VP Kamala Harris' Husband?

Manchin Is Keeping A Red Seat Blue And Chuck In Charge

The dumbest woman in Washington's response to the trans flag put up near her.

Hunting the men who kill women: Mexico's femicide detective

Closing in on Full, Feb. 27

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 2/24/21

Police reform bill clears New Mexico Senate panel after changes

Is it just me or has Kevin McCarthy's hair gone all grey in the last few months?

Chicago City Council Passes Resolution To End US Blockade on Cuba

Brazil's Bolsonaro Starts a Populist Death Spiral

Spider-Man: No Way Home - Official Teaser

Daisy Ridley Strikes Back At Ted Cruz After Apparent Rey Diss

D.C.-area forecast: Cool sunshine the next two days before periods of rain this weekend

Audubon Maryland-DC invites you to take action with us at the 6th annual "I Bird. I Vote."

Biden Nominates 3 To Postal Service Board Of Governors, Putting Pressure On Postmaster General

Rep. Ro Khanna: Do not let anyone tell you that we do not have the power to pass $15 wage

Rep. Ro Khanna: Do not let anyone tell you that we do not have the power to pass $15 wage

Man the day has started out strange.

Joe Biden is a Member of a Surprisingly Small Club in American Politics

The same people that told us giving huge tax breaks to the rich

Hard Core

Thursday TOONs - Postmaster DeStroy

Boston restores monument to Black Civil War troops

Breakfast Thursday 25 February 2021

The Gathering for Harry Belafonte Sun Feb 28th 2021 at 6:30 PM EST By The Gathering for Justice

Researchers find worrying new coronavirus variant in New York City

How about this- any institution or organization that doesn't wish to be regulated by the federal gov

Biden's Schedule for Thursday, February 25, 2021

2 Killed in 'Tragic' Construction Accident in Boston

Vaccinate Virginia - link to website to preregister for covid vaccine

Brazil Cuts Environmental Laws 57 Times In 2 Years; Pesticides No Longer Toxic, Parks Unprotected

Why people are broke...duh.

Tragic! Freedumb-Lovin' TX Energy Companies Issue Nonpologies For Public Gloating On Profits

Trump plots future -- and revenge -- from sunny Florida links

New WV Bill Would Exempt Nearly 1,000 Oil & Brine Tanks Up to 8,000 Gallons From Inspection

Are there any male QAnon nuts in DC?

Budget Hearing 10:15 AM: Should Taxpayers Subsidize Poverty Wages at Large Profitable Corporations?

Pompeo plots 2024 power play

Ever wonder where the Foo Fighters got their name?

Forest Decline In Germany Hits New Record; Observed Dieoff 10X Normal Rate For All Species

Flags at half staff for Limbaugh? Palm Beach County says no.

Neera Tanden Got Twitter Right--And That Was Her Problem

Early crowd of candidates pack Democratic Senate primaries

Alberta Premier Ordered Probe Into Anti-Energy "Conspiracy"; The Report Is "Incredibly Bad"

Holly McCormack to run against Marjorie Taylor Greene for GA 14th

On this day, February 25, 1946, the Columbia Race Riot of 1946 broke out.

Stephanie Murphy Weighs Challenge to Rubio

Rightwing group nearly forced Wisconsin to purge thousands of eligible voters

Democrats hesitant to raise taxes amid pandemic

Plaskett makes history for Virgin Islands after role in impeachment

Can President Biden make the cabinet picks that are being blocked "Acting Members" of his admin.?

More Visionary KY Leadership; Bill Would Ban Large Solar Arrays From Farmland, Because Toxic!!!

BLM launches Survival Fund amid federal COVID-19 relief wait

The Shaman on Jan 6th.

FL GOP 2015 - Global Warming Hoax! FL GOP 2021 - Too Expensive To Do Anything About Global Warming

Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter return to Georgia church after vaccinations

The CPAC Clown Train Pulls Into Town: The Big Lie, And Pretty Much Nothing Else On The Agenda

Trump's Litmus Test

The Rude Pundit: 500,000+ Dead Need to Be Piled in Front of the GOP

Bernie: Walmart Can Afford to Pay Their Workers a Living Wage.

Ron Johnson has made it 'very difficult' to win re-election by peddling conspiracy theories...

College football players retires due to asthma and COVID-19

Stephen Miller Accuses Biden of 'Cruel' and 'Inhumane' Immigration Policies

Snowflake Speaks:

Amazon Workers in Alabama Are Fighting for a Union

Bill Kristol Mockingly Blames Biden for Tanden Troubles: He Should've Realized...

Looks like the Gamestop stock scam is on again

Man Killed By SD Attorney General Was Carrying A Flashlight, Which Was Still On The Next Day

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 2/24/2021

Jobless claims: Another 730,000 Americans filed new unemployment claims

Soliciting Multiversity: Marvel's Top 10 for May 2021

Art of the Week: Week of 2/24/21

The Rundown: February 25, 2021

Call me different, but...

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene hangs sign mocking congressional neighbor's transgender pride flag...

At conservative gathering, ideas fall to an airing of Trump grievances

Jimmy Kimmel's Pancake War with His Kids, Trump's Plea to Facebook & No One Knows Kamala's Husband

The future of the middle class depends on student loan forgiveness

Ever think to yourself "Boy! I wish I had my own prison wine"???

Republican Hypocrisy Poll Part Two

I Predict pro-golf will allow carts to accommodate Tiger Woods.

Trumplicans only have two modes

A single Trump judge is already sabotaging Biden's efforts to slow deportations

Biden, Harris to headline House Dem retreat next week

Parents of 500 separated migrant children yet to be found, lawyers say

Last night I flipped off Joe Namath,

Trump's most damning comment at his "insurrection" speech at the Capitol?

Jobless claims fall sharply to 730K as weather, fraud distort data

What Terrible Things Did Neera Tanden Tweet?

Proposals to restrict voting gain traction in Republican states

less stress

Lady Gaga's dog walker shot 4 times in dognapping

Well, Trump is back in the news every day.

CVS in Florida to start Covid Vaccine injections..

Just think this enabler asked a former intelligence officer

Gucci renewed lease with Trump - cancel them

Fox News' COVID denialism now threatens U.S. vaccine rollout -- but its roots are deeper

The Red-Headed Stranger from Blue Rock, Montana

A very good boi enjoying his ride

Dumbf refuses to meet with Nikki Haley

Manhattan DA has obtained former potus's tax returns including "millions of pages of docs"

Rush Limbaugh's legacy of ashes

Armenian prime minister accuses military of attempted coup

Liz Cheney calls on Republicans to "make clear we aren't the party of white supremacy"

Hawley thinks taxpayers, not employers, should foot the bill for higher wages

Capitol rioter texted his ex during insurrection to call her a "moron," feds say. She turned him in.

What about the nice tweets?

Texas' oldest Black university was built on a former plantation. Its students still fight a legacy

Cartoon: Cheese heads By Clay Jones -February 25, 2021 9:00 AM

how do i

BREAKING: NY District Attorney has received Trump's tax records

Many of Biden's nominees of color run into turbulence in the Senate

Marjorie Taylor Greene bullies Democratic congresswoman's trans daughter

i am in my anual lenten boyycott of youtube . reading . surfing the net

Josh Hawley says he "flatly rejects QAnon" and brands them as a bunch of 'wackos'!

Frank Luntz claims there's no 'voter suppression' and MSNBC offers no pushback

FBI Arrests Kentucky Nurse, Husband in Connection With Capitol Riot 'I STOOD UP'

Medical oxygen scarce in Africa, Latin America amid virus

Medical oxygen scarce in Africa, Latin America amid virus

Beverly Hills, California's epicenter of sedition


Frank Luntz gets zero pushback on MSNBC after stating on live TV there's no 'voter suppression'

Today i begin my job search...

For any fans of the Stephanie Miller Show & Jim Ward, here's an update from his wife

If Neera Tanden can't be named "acting director" why not name someone

Trump's tax returns and related records turned over to Manhattan district attorney

Another strange episode corollation with the West Wing.

Anyone have a livestream link for the 10:15 budget hearing ???

101-Yr-Old Hat Designer Makes Cori Bush Custom Hat

Media has a Right Wing Bias -- Politico's founder just admitted it

Amnesty Rescinds 'Prisoner Of Conscience' Designation For Russia Activist Navalny

Kroger has Covid Vaccine appointments available in the Roanoke Area & other links

The Latest: Fauci: Whatever vaccine is available, take it

The Latest: Fauci: Whatever vaccine is available, take it

Sen. John Thune, Opposing $15 Min Wage, Says He Earned $6 As a Kid--That's $24 With Inflation

YOU raised $50 on 2-24-21 DU for Kansas Fair Maps: Anti-Gerrymandering Fund ($5,000 match ends Sat)

About the millions of pages of Trump Tax documnets

Remember this from 1 year ago?

Republicans have lost the ability to think.

Ralph Stanley was born on this date.

REPORT: On Top Of Everything Else, Ted Cruz Might Have Broken The Law

That Time a Canadian Town Derailed a Diesel Train and Drove It Down the Street to Provide Emergency

George was born on this date.

Sometimes I get nervous when too many good things happen to/for me

Biden to press for $37 billion to boost chip manufacturing amid shortfall

Stephen Miller calls Biden's immigration policies 'cruel' and 'inhumane'

Emitt Rhodes was born on this date.

Homemade Apple Roses Recipe

On this date in 1964

Say It Loud

In 1933 there was a plot to overthrow FDR

@VP stops by @GiantFood pharmacy in Southeast DC to highlight one of the pharmacies where local resi

Castles Made of Sand

Deputies say gangs exist within Los Angeles Sheriff's Department

A Capitol rioter texted his ex during the insurrection to call her a 'moron,' feds say.

Good Day DU (February 25, 2021)

Another trip to the time machine. . . . Please come CAPTION ex-Preidented Trump next Sunday at CPAC!

need input .

Pic Of The Moment: While Arguing Against Minimum Wage Hike, Thune Makes Case For Minimum Wage Hike

939 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Thurs.; 122 deaths

Major trump backer mercer bringing far rw parler back

Should all the convicted insurrectionists be imprisoned at Gitmo?

Detroit: DDOT, SMART prepare to resume fare collection after installing COVID-19 safety features

Committee Hearings on MSNBC

Fox News' COVID denialism now threatens U.S. vaccine rollout -- but its roots are deeper

Anyone know what nasty "event" Speaker Pelosi just mentioned in her presser? She seemed

Guess it's time to hide the ladders.....

Moody Blues fans will understand.....

Stray Cat With Different Eyes Has Her Life Turned Around

Lou Rawls - You'll Never Find (Dj ''S'' Remix) (Video By Vj Partyman Croatia)

Costco raises its minimum wage to $16 an hour

Nancy Pelosi says McConnell taking cues from Ron Johnson

Barry White - I'm Gonna Love You Just... The Reflex Revision

Trae Crowder: "Concerned Father Whose Brain Works Finds Out About QAnon"

Arizona Republicans propose giving lawmakers -- not election officials -- final review of election

Cats With The Craziest Fur Markings

Renoir was born on this date.

White supremacists versus anti-government extremists

Facebook stands with Qanon and MTG

Gohmert Actually Blames Dems For Causing Jan. 6 With 'Russia Hoax,' Censorship

Texas Lt. Gov. says that people getting huge energy bills 'gambled on a very, very low rate'

The constant complaints here about Manchin distract from the real point

The U.S. Air Force admitted that the F-35 stealth fighter has failed

Ex-USA Gymnastics coach Geddert charged with human trafficking, sexual assault

One of These Is ...

Tucker Carlson Is An ...

Elmo Explains Tucker Carlson ...

What The Hell Happened?

Astrud Gilberto - Stay

A single Trump judge is already sabotaging Biden's efforts to slow deportations

Rosalia De Souza - Maria Moita

Another first from NASA

Tennessee woman jumps into frozen swimming pool to rescue dog

Costco CEO clashes with Lindsey Graham over minimum wage increase

FIrst Video and decent mix from our sessions over the past few monrhs

Flute duet in space, courtesy NASA

Our Native Daughters are Rhiannon Giddens, Leyla McCalla, Allison Russell and Amethyst Kiah

Amid COVID-19 pandemic, flu has disappeared in the US

Nicola Conte - Jet Sounds

Quick question on Tanden's vote and a possible tactic.

Can you smart folks explain some things about IP addresses for me?

Light As A Feather - Chick Corea

Cuomo denies former aide's sexual harassment allegations

CPAC is designed to CELEBRATE AND PERPETUATE Trump's lies about election fraud

AT&T says state's bill banning mask mandates "overrides our corporate policies"

GOP rallies solidly against Democrats' virus relief package

QAnon and the Satanic Panics of Yesteryear - The Bulwark

5 years ago I got my feeding tube prepping me for treatment.

CPAC conservative conference set to indulge lies about the 2020 election

Weather Report - Black Market (Live at Montreux 1976)

Getting my second Moderna in a couple of hours!

WATCH LIVE @ 2:30 p.m: Biden, Harris commemorate 50 million COVID-19 vaccine shots

West Virginia's Senator Manchin Is Sometimes a Problem

I don't care what you say - Something about a tank rolling over a car is just ---

President Biden and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

I've been Pfizered, and I'll get Pfizered again, March 18.

Sanford & Townsend - Smoke From A Distant Fire

Former Michigan Gov. Granholm confirmed as energy secretary

I inherited this from my Mom...

Jen Psaki politely schools The Views Meghan McCain after she rants about Biden putting kids in cages


There are two types of dogs:

The Republican Party Is Now in Its End Stages

Jan Akkerman - Streetwalker.

I got my appointment!!!

The Supreme Court Is Not Finished With Elections

For the "trumpangelicals", the snake-handlers and those prone to the glossolalia that makes me

E. Jean Carroll tweet, minutes ago

Ready for St. Patrick's Day. :)

Grover Washington Jr. - Loran's Dance

Trump supporter harasses women and delivers crazed rant about Kamala Harris being 'a man'

NY AG on Biden revoking Trump's executive order on "anarchist cities"

Mr. Potato Head is now Potato Head. Cue the outrage.

Two Paths for Trump at CPAC

Vaccine distribution to jump 40 percent next week, UPS executive says

Everybody Loves The Sunshine - Jazz Colossus feat. Omar & Laura Vane

Trans doctor Rachel Levine faces historic Senate confirmation hearing

Had my second dose of the Pfizer vaccine yesterday, and yeah, I had a reaction

Rightwing group nearly forced Wisconsin to purge thousands of eligible voters

Capitol Police chief: Security will remain high due to State of the Union threat

Texas lawmakers look to lay blame for deadly power blackout

Ted Cruz Questions Credentials of Joe Biden's HHS Pick, Insists 'We Need a Scientist'

US Capitol breach What the arrests of Beverly Hills residents say about the US Capitol attack

Voter Suppression Is All They Got - Go Ahead And Say It Every Time Anyone Talks Elections

White House Turns to Republicans for Neera Tanden Support After Joe Manchin Opposition

The 5 Trump Amendments to the Constitution

Think your state is bad with vaccines?

What isn't said about raising the minimum wage to $15/hr

Usain Bolt has a message for all DUers

Matt Gaetz's drunken rambling

Kentucky man accused of dragging DC cop down steps during Capitol riot, FBI says

Brian Williams Takes Shot at Chuck Todd for Platforming 'Conspiracy Theorist' Ron Johnson

Woot! 👍

who gives an (unlicensed) teenager a Lamborghini?

Rand Paul goes on unhinged transphobic rant at Dr. Rachel Levine's confirmation hearing

House bill to exempt feminine care and some baby products from sales tax in limbo

ya know, now i know why bagpipes get me choked up.

Berkeley To End Traffic Stops By Cops For Low-Level Offenses

Republican asks for a moment of silence for Rush Limbaugh during LGBTQ Equality Act debate

NYC: Javits Center wide open for vax appointments this weekend.

Republican tries to praise Louis DeJoy at hearing... it backfires spectacularly - Brian Tyler Cohen

hope everyone is having a good day

Holcombe signs Covid-19 tort protections bill

Tunica housing director allegedly stole $765K while turning away needy homeowners

Hey, I have a REALLY good idea. What do you guys think?

Do any of you watch Glenn Kirshner's podcast on You Tube?

Traitor Greene being petty, calls for adjournment again....for no valid purpose

House leaders want to raise Mississippi sales tax. Here's how neighboring states stack up.

Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick Blames Constituents for Giant Electric Bills: "Read the Fine Print"

Decadent kitteh:

Panda kisses:

Kansas Republicans spent a decade attacking social assistance. Now they are shocked at the results

Tea Pain: "Askin' the GOP to return to it's Bush/Reagan days..."

Seattle council bill would temporarily relax rules for home-based businesses

Rep. Ryan says the issue of tours by rioters before the riot has been turned over to the US Attorney

Limbaugh's undead voice is still on the radio

If that doesn't work feed it robotic chocolate.

Train VS snow: Safe: from Weather Underground

Cartoons 2/25/2021

Oh, crab! NOAA's Mukilteo waterfront fish lab won't be rebuilt

Third-strike offender, sentenced to life in 1996, to go free

Hey Thune are you not glad that there was labor and wage laws to protect you

If I called Manchin as a constituent would he still be able to

Texas AD aiming for 100 percent fan capacity at football games in fall

Capitol Police Chief talks about threats of violence centered around State of the Union address

Wildlife Killing Contests - FULL MOVIE

"Battling the Mob, a Black Officer Came Face to Face With Racism"

The Future of Solar: A Tour of Cutting-Edge Solar Research with the U.S. Department of Energy

More than 6,500 migrant workers have died during Qatar's World Cup prep

one year ago today:

Dog snatches TV remote, asks owner to put on Dog TV

Well, I Declare, Makes a Difference when Public Watching..

Stevie Wonder Says He's Moving to Ghana to Protect His Grandchildren from Injustice

Making America's Rivers Blue Again: Connecting the Dots Between Regenerative Ag & Healthy Waterways

Husky singing the Star Wars theme song

Keith Richards on Gibson Firebird VII in 2021... and in 1965

Got my first vaccine this a.m. Didn't even feel the microchip go in!

Trump to reemerge on political scene at CPAC

The Republican Party Is Now in Its End Stages

Manfred Mann - Sometimes

538: All The Ways Georgia Could Make It Harder To Vote

Pupper learning to sing the "Star Wars" theme song:

Senate GOP passes COVID-19 funding bills, including one Democrats call 'racist bulls--t'

Huband and I got our 2nd Pfiser shots this morning. Didn't even feel the shot and

Uwajimaya CEO explores Eastside for possible 5th location


Deep fakes are getting scary good and taking over TikTok.

Garland's vow can eradicate Trump's corruption of the Justice Department

In today's GOP, dog whistles are no longer needed.

Most and Least Vulnerable Democratic and Republican held US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022.

Former Columbus CFO sentenced to 20 years in prison for embezzlement

Gym Jordan's 'Trump Is The Leader' Of The GOP Tweet Goes Awry

Rand Paul Launches Into Transphobic Rant Against Trans Nominee


Turkey-killing spree in Kansas will cost four Mississippi hunters $48,000, feds say

'Read the fine print': Texas lieutenant governor blames Texans for high storm energy bills

Dems introduce a bill that strips the pension of a president convicted of a felony. but Trump Repugs

looking for a DVM in Portsmouth area

Kennedy: I'm sorry for calling Tanden a 'whack job'

Is it safe to take Tylenol or ibuprofen before or after the Covid vaccine?

We have seen this movie before. Rethuglicans cause trouble. Democrats come in for the

militias tied to the January 6th attack have stated their desire to "blow up the Capitol and kill as

Jackson councilman calls mayor 'incompetent' in war of words amid ongoing water crisis

White House hits back at claims it is caging children of migrants two years after Trump scandal

Liz Cheney says the GOP risks becoming known as 'the party of white supremacy'

Senate Waits for Minimum-Wage Ruling From Parliamentarian

U.S. concludes Saudi crown prince approved Khashoggi killing, new intel report to say

Canadian dunk:

Light unbound: Data limits could vanish with new optical antennas

Olympic gymnastics coach Geddert dies by suicide following human trafficking, sexual assault charges

Rep. Henry Cuellar touts initiatives during visit to McMullen County

Registration for next COVID-19 vaccine event in Tacoma coming Thursday

State Patrol worker arrested in child sex sting operation

Phone Records Prove House Sergeant-at-Arms DID Ignore Pleas for Backup

"Tiger Woods crash leads to review of road" He was on his way to a film shoot on a known bad road

Virginia assembly approves ban on foam to-go containers

Great comeback to MTG's stupid sign:

The DC Pipe Bomber Is Still at Large But They Left Some Key Clues

Record-breaking freeze may have helped stem Brazos County's COVID-19 spread

Baby trolls her grandpa:

Two jabs done.....

It's becoming abundantly clear that MTG is not in congress to represent her constituents

China has denied that it required US diplomats to undergo anal swab tests for coronavirus.

Can't swear in on the Korean

In Pennsylvania, Republican rift over Trump imperils party's election chances

@SecVilsack 40+ years as a public servant and I'm finally sending my first tweet! Honored to serve o

Bill Gates jumping over chair. Response in 2nd tweet is also damned cool:

House votes to pass Equality Act, prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender

When Rep steube from Florida used religion and god to justify discrimination against LGBT rights,

QB Russell Wilson hasn't demanded trade from Seattle Seahawks, agent says

Rapinoe-led US beats Argentina 6-0 to win SheBelieves Cup

The GOP is not even trying to disguise its racism anymore

Former U.S. gymnastics coach dies by suicide after arrest for alleged sex crimes in Michigan

Sandlot Football

DU usernames rules

Defense head Austin weighs warship needs in Pacific, Mideast

Where's Dorthy and her house when you need them?

QAnon-Promoting 2020 Congressional Candidate Angela Stanton King Scheduled to Speak at CPAC 2021

Is it true that the FBI is raiding Mar-a-Lago?

Twitter announces paid Super Follows to let you charge for tweets

What's for Dinner Thurs., Febr. 25, 2021

Houston-Area Judges Are Evicting Renters Who Could Be Protected Under Federal Order

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Friday, 26 February 2021

Do you use a mobile device exclusively to browse DU?

Wealthy widow, cat lover, leaves $1 million to animal shelter

Can Biden reinstate U.S. Navy Capt. Brett Crozier?

Just wondering here.

Rep. Al Green: "You used god to segregate me in schools. You used god to put me in the back of the..

Meghan and Harry Donate New Roof to Women's Shelter in Texas

Arkansas Senate removes affidavit option from voter identification law

Check out this yard sale find! I'm soooooooooo jealous.

Parties make more 'Byrd rule' arguments to parliamentarian

Christopher Cross - Spinning

Report: How defense contractors and foreign nations lobby for arms sales (

Sheep Covered In 80 Pounds Of Wool Makes Most Amazing Transformation--BAARACK

Marjorie Taylor Greene, the Washington 'outsider,' spent donations on insider expenses

Has anyone seen edit tools appear and disappear in Adobe PDF? Not the paid version.

Arkansas lawmakers give final OK to 'Stand Your Ground' bill

Kansas- Dust In The Wind

Josh Fox: We have just won a complete and total ban on #fracking in the Delaware River Basin.

Libyans ousted a dictator, but an ensuing civil war has drawn in Russia, Turkey and others

Energy executive: Texas power plants turned off in crisis

Take it from the founder of Men's Wearhouse - $7.25 is an immoral abomination. #RaiseTheWage now.

Republicans try to shut down Congress to block landmark equal rights bill

Tom Jones - (It Looks Like) I'll Never Fall In Love Again

Costco to raise its minimum wage to $16, joining others in boosting pay during pandemic

GOP calls Biden's first 100 days a failure -- just 36 days in

Pence seeks to chart his own political future - as establishment Republican fluent in MAGA

Dramatic footage shows owner saving dog trapped under ice

And the Pie Hole picture for today...........

Dog(s) sighting:

In today's news, using "god"...

Oh noes! Not tax increases for billionaires!

For those insurrectionists wondering what it looks like when the FBI eventually comes to arrest you,

Turtle said he'd "absolutely" support the con if nominated.

Has anyone worn one of the new Holter monitors?

Jevetta Steele - Calling You

Gov. Greg Abbott weighing end to mask order, other statewide coronavirus rules, says announcement

Two things I didn't realize until today, and in the real world this is good...

Voters of Both Parties Want to Ditch Plutocracy and Election-Rigging A new poll bodes well for the

Should the House push a resolution that clearly states the actions of 1/6/21 were an Act

Cy Vance must feel like a kid on Christmas morning

THE POLICE - Tea In The Sahara

Texas-based federal judge rules that a CDC order pausing evictions amid pandemic is unconstitutional

McConnell says he'll support Trump if he's the 2024 nominee

Ex-USA Gymnastics Coach John Geddert Reported Dead by Suicide After Facing Larry Nassar-Linked...

Has the Trumplican party given up on ever winning the popular vote?

Japanese Internet cafe chain transforms into budget hotel for travellers

Florida man 'blacked out' before using scissors to sever his wife's lover's penis

Oreo Cookies Support Trans People

US Attny's office is in possession of security camera footage of possible rioters being given tours