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Archives: February 26, 2021

Pennsylvania cop arrested, charged with pushing police during Capitol riot

Satanic bomb threat ends in prison sentence for pedophile

Republican Religious Liberty, in a nutshell:

Rep. Mark Pocan's floor speech on the Equality Act, calling out the Republicans for bigotry

Fairport Convention - Autopsy

"Federal Prosecutors Oppose Dismissing Steve Bannon's Indictment Despite Trump Pardon -- Here's Why"


SE Cupp: Marjorie Taylor Greene is in Congress to get famous

Riverside man arrested in Capitol riot after coworker recognizes him in news photo

Parliamentarian: Minimum Wage Increase Stripped Out of Reconciliation Bill

Does New York Really Need an All-Night Subway?

US has carried out airstrike against Iranian-backed militia in Syria

2/26 Mike Luckovich. - Heckler

McConnell Will Back Trump If He's the GOP Nominee

I really can't understand how tightly Repubs are sticking by the former president

HR1 Is Being Voted On Next Week

Mr. Potato Head goes gender-neutral

Republicans Don't Get to Define Bipartisanship

Senate parliamentarian rejects the wage hike because of the way it's currently drafted, ...

US carries out air strikes in Syria targeting Iranian backed militia structures

Senate parliamentarian rules against including minimum wage in Covid relief bill

I missed that Mayorkas was confirmed.

Question about Neera Tanden's position on SS-- is this true?

Dave Weigel: Hello from CPAC. Yes, the fourth photo is from CPAC. No, I can't explain it.


Uptick in available Covid vaccine doses tests White House distribution system

US carries out air strikes in Syria targeting Iranian backed militia structures

Riverside man arrested in Capitol riot after employer identifies him in news photo

NEWS: Sanders Statement on Parliamentarian's Advice

Here are the three GOP lawmakers who voted for the Equality Act

Here we go again!

The TRUTH behind Marjorie Taylor Green's sign!

Pelosi mocks McConnell for criticizing commission on the Capitol insurrection

Did Garland get confirmed yet?

Rex Chapman tweet about Marjorie Traitor Greene:

Tweet of the night:

Pelosi: "Therefore, this provision will remain in the American Rescue Plan on the Floor tomorrow."

TCM Schedule for Sunday February 28, 2021 - Birthday Tribute: Zero Mostel

Has anyone here had a tooth (molar) implant before?

Trump's Taxes Reveal He Claimed Ted Cruz as Dependent

Who are Biden's 25 million free COVID-19 face masks for? What we know so far

TCM Schedule for Monday March 1 - Star of the Month: Doris Day

Nazi Princesses, The Fates of Top Nazis' Wives & Mistresses: Mark Felton Prod.

CEOs from Google, Zoom and over 150 companies urge Congress to pass Biden stimulus plan

Marjorie Taylor Greene's Friend Anthony Aguero Was Among Capitol Rioters: Report

45 years to score an ace

Popular Songs Explained With Simple Cartoons

Acting Capitol Police chief: Phone logs show Jan. 6 National Guard approval was delayed

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Live and Let Die!

So, today, I dumped a 25 gal steel pail pail of wood ashes.

Cruz was filmed using his phone while a former police chief testified about violence at the Capitol

Expanding Medicaid Would Insure 1M More Texans And Boost The State's Economy. Why Are Some Lawmakers

Biden Admin Says People Who Refuse Unsafe Work Should Get Unemployment Benefits

At conservative gathering, there's just one litmus test: Loyalty to Trump

Wisconsin Wolf Hunt Insanity

White supremacist presence within military 'detailed in new Pentagon report'

Japan Has A Positivity Rate of 2 Percent, Yet People Are Still Wearing Masks

Biden's stimulus checks bill could cut your taxes by $3,100

Tonight's edition of Tucker Carlson is a flaming asshole.

Best Buy expected to close even more stores in 2021 than usual as consumers buy more online

Inslee says for now regions won't move back to Phase 1 in Washington

Poshmark's cushy deal with the post office


Biden administration conducts strike on Iranian-linked fighters in Syria

Will Parliamentarian MacDonough release a detailed explanation of why she tossed the wage increase?

Trump's Taxes Reveal He Claimed Ted Cruz as Dependent

NY DA Cy Vance Investigating Steve Bannon for State Crimes: Trump's Pardon Can't Help Him Now

For 12 years the Minimum Wage Has Not Been Raised

GOP Senators Haven't Represented a Majority Since 1996

Peter Ostroushko passd away

Let's talk about Biden's response in the Middle East....

Apropos of nothing in particular, the "Waitangi dildo incident"

David Bowie - Ashes To Ashes

I hope the MSM expands on this tweet:

I am not posting this for the purpose of getting either sympathy or suggestions. I just think

Lxandra - Hush Hush Baby

Biden, facing resistance in Congress, courts GOP governors

Bernie proposes next move to get workers to a $15 minimum wage IN the reconciliation bill

Anchorage lawmaker apologizes after sexist remarks on House floor

FYI, Trent Lott fired the Senate Parliamentarian when he ruled against him

Real Time with Bill Maher guests - Friday, February 26, 2021

Gov. Dunleavy tests positive for COVID-19, reports mild symptoms

Facebook Labels Lawmaker's Trans Pride Flag Video 'Hate Speech', but allows MTG's trans attack

Check out my new signoff

Do you feel like the "attempted coup" is over?

Federal judge rules eviction moratorium is unconstitutional

Lawmaker blames drunken driving arrest on mixing beer, cough medicine

How many of the 67% who support a minimum wage increase

The Commander - Minnie the Moocher

The GOP might oppose one of the most popular bills in decades. How risky is that?

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that Democrats are gonna be winning.

Nazareth - Love Hurts

well, got my Moderna second jab yesterday morning at 10 AM. updated OP!

Sen Elizabeth Warren: It is time to get rid of the filibuster to raise the minimum wage to $15

Bill Spares Hawaii Businesses From Replenishing UI Trust Fund -- For Now

THE LEFT BANKE - Pretty Ballerina

Republicans Apparently Shocked To Learn Biden Nominee Shares Biden's Views

Pete Buttigieg using Capitol bikeshare to get around

Philippines' Duterte still undecided on future of US troop deal

China Gave US Diplomats Anal COVID Tests 'In Error,' American Officials Say

Learning About Nazi Psychology From 'Nazi Wives: The Women At The Top of Hitler's Germany'

IPI's CEO still unlicensed, says CNMI casino commission

Canadian Dunk Contest...

Republicans Demand Creepy Genital Inspectors In Georgia

Question. Does it take 51 votes to add an amendment to reconciliation?

IPI doesn't oppose suspension of casino license

AZ lawmakers weigh bill that would allow legislature to review election results 'if needed'

NMI Court said to grant default judgment in favor of 7 construction workers

The Daily Social Distancing Show: The FBI Tried to Warn Capitol Police & Pence Still Talks to Trump

COVID-19 Vaccine Makers' Booster Shots Aim At A Moving Target: Coronavirus Variants

Group hug needed

The Daily Social Distancing Show: America's Failing Power Grid - If You Don't Know, Now You Know

"Without registration, we cannot help you," Task Force says to residents wanting to come home

Mr. Potato Head is now just Potato Head. Conservatives outraged.

Randy Newman and Ry Cooder

Vilem Blodek, Louise Farrenc

Cheng Chung Design creates restaurant within brick art installation in China

I haven't gotten my vaccination yet so I decided

Rush Xanadu Exit Stage Left [1981]

Rep. Connolly Rips Jim Jordan: 'I Didn't Vote To Overturn An Election'

Rep. Connolly rips Jim Jordon

The Daily Social Distancing Show - CP Time: The History of Black Journalists

Recommendation for a good, simple book on the science of gender

Marjorie Taylor Greene posts anti-transgender sign across hall from lawmaker with transgender child

Seth Meyers - Biden Prepares to Punish Russia for Breach of U.S. Government - Monologue 2/24/21

Little Feat, Lowell George - Willin'

Trump created an anti-American 'cult' of followers says Hillary Clinton

Pickup at Capitol on 1/6 with 3%er militia sticker belonged to husband of Rep. Mary Miller

"Honest question: have these people read the Bible?"

Seth Meyers - GOP Backs Trump Ahead of His First Post-Presidency Speech at CPAC: A Closer Look

Amid COVID-19 Pandemic, Flu Has Virtually Disappeared In The U.S.

The the end of the trail, I think....

My Opening Farewell: Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Browne: John Raitt & Bonnie

The Senate Parliamentarian is ruling against the mininum wage provision in the covid relief bill.

Steve Goodman - A Dying Cub Fan's Last Request.

This is a cult

Guam seeks grant from military to plan new hospital

Fox News, Big Lies, Bad Faith and "Both Sides" Episode 3 The Divided State of America

Rep. Katie Porter Grills Postmaster DeJoy on 'Strategic Plan' - NowThis News

☦ Eastern Orthodox Prayer Against the Pandemic

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Marjorie Taylor Greene Frontrunner for Worst Person of 2021

Today was a very special day as it is the birthday of one of our great Impressionist masters,

Marjorie Taylor Greene faces backlash after attacking congresswoman with transgender daughter

My husband convinced me to watch a Wes Anderson movie (I'd never seen one)

A cat

The Umbrella Academy Season 3 Begins Filming, Elliot Page Shares First Set Photo

Boehner goes off script, tells Cruz to "go f**k yourself"

Pass The 'For The People Act': Strengthen Democracy, Protect Voting Rts, End Extreme Gerrymandering

Dr. Ezekial Emanuel Says We Need A Serious Discussion On Postponing Second Doses - Katy Tur - MSNBC

Bill would prevent transgender females from competing in girls, women sports

Gold Trump Statue at CPAC

New and rare direct image of a brown dwarf (

Striped brown dwarf looks a lot like Jupiter (

Republicans In Congress 'Look As If They're Just On The Wrong Page,' Says Eugene Robinson - Deadline

Holly McCormack, Democrat from Ringgold, will run against Marjorie Taylor Greene for Congress

Tennessee: 28 of 95 counties now have paper trail for voting


Man Tries to Heat Burrito Over Candles During Blackout in Texas

Tennessee Democratic Party must recognize rural Tennessee's power in elections

This just in: 🌞 Mozart's "String Quartet No.19", 'Dissonance' by Belcea Quartet

I think Trump will be the 2024 GOP candidate.

Slavery and New York City

I have one of his CDs. Didn't know he had compositions such as this. (Oboe!)

1,000 COVID Vaccine Doses Allowed To Expire In Memphis

dog realizes he's at the vet, not the park

Tennessee Lifts All State Visitation Restrictions On Nursing Homes

Historic: Congress Amends MLK's Civil Rights Act - The Beat With Ari Melber - MSNBC

Tennessee GOP Lawmakers Want To Ban Student-Athletes From Kneeling Following ETSU Protest

Twitter explores letting users charge for exclusive content in search for subscription revenue

Some local GOP leaders fire up base with conspiracies, lies

Tennessee Democratic Party Facing 'Significant Financial Penalty'

Closest to Full Snow Moon, Clouds and rain tomorrow

U.S. Attorney Investigating Capitol 'Reconnaissance Tours' Ahead Of Pro-Trump Riot - Rachel Maddow

D'espairsRay: Yami ni furu kieseki Live

WandaVision's January Numbers Reportedly Beat Netflix's Bridgerton

D'espairsRay: Yami ni furu Kieseki (eng subs)

GOP lawmaker seeks to remove Nashville judge over absentee voting ruling

Tweet of the Day

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 2/25/21

Spineless Mitch McConnell Says He Would Support Trump In 2024

Bill would allow business owners to vote where they own business

Dan Carter hangs up his boots as a study in sporting greatness

Federal Prosecutors Oppose Dismissing Steve Bannon's Indictment Despite Trump Pardon -- Here's Why

The golden calf

Anti-abortion constitutional proposal advances in Kentucky

Breakfast Friday 26 February 2021 would someone cover this weekend

Friday TOONs - Republicans Play Whacko Distract-o

Curtis Mayfield - Back To The World

Bonnie Raitt, Tracy Chapman, Jeff Beck and Beth Hart - "Sweet Home Chicago" (2012)

Blue Oyster Cult - Godzilla

Dumbf; ie DumbF; ie Dumb Fuck.

The very last thing the Republicans want

HA!: Capitol Suspect's Ex Turns Him In After He Calls Her A 'Moron' For Doubting Election Fraud

A stop the steal rally of 3 people at square

Chuck Grassley will vote against Neera Tanden: What a surprise..NOT!

Mitch McConnell did not win back the "conservatives" at CPAC...

Biden's Schedule for Friday, February 26, 2021

Democrats Crushing GOP on Social Media

Albert Goering, Brother of War Criminal Hermann Goering: Anti- Nazi Activist, Aided Jews, Czechs

Gov. Abbott Consulted W. Meteorologist Recommended By Sean Hannity, Because He Owns Libtards

'They're in his pocket': Heilemann rips GOP for getting in line behind Trump after Capitol riot

Conclave Of GOP Hacks Meets To "Reclaim Narrative" On Climate; Lots Of "Technology" "Free Markets"

So is there any attempt to get Manchin and Sinema to agree to changes to the filibuster

CNN is giving the leader of the traitorous leader of the proud boys air time

'Worshipping the golden jackass': CPAC mocked for displaying giant gold Trump statue

Just occurred to me: I can finally stop wincing at the White House with a feeling of hate

Don't make me do it.

A little Welsh humor, to start the day

3 Of Senate's Top Climate Liars Hate Haaland Because She Correctly Noted That They Reject Science

Stephen Miller is running a shadow war against Biden. It's based on deceptions.

Atlantic Ocean circulation at weakest in a millennium, say scientists

Monarch butterflies down 26% in Mexico wintering grounds

Who is Richard Michetti? Angry Ex Leads to Capitol Rioter's Arrest

Biden says US COVID vaccinations 'weeks ahead of schedule'

Trump Jr whines on Fox News that Republicans did not do enough to overturn the election

So You Wanna Make Cape Verdean Kale Soup?

The Rundown: February 26, 2021

The Weight

The origin of Super Villains: Harlequin


A Japanese Cult That Believes Its Leader Is an Alien From Venus Is Speaking at CPAC

U.S. militia groups are Iranian proxies

Mitch McConnell Says He'd 'Absolutely' Back Donald Trump In 2024 Presidential Race

Try a Little Tenderness

If there was one ounce of integrity in the Republican Party?

GOP lawmaker's husband linked to Three Percenter pickup parked outside Capitol during insurrection

Well I guess CPAC is underway.

Sailor who fell overboard clung to "sea rubbish" for 16 hours and survived

Fluffy Jiggly Japanese Pancake Recipe DEBUNKING Tasty

Check Out This Loopy Kid

There is literally a golden statue of Trump at CPAC.

Hawley (T-MO) announces bill to require $15 minimum wage for billion-dollar corporations

This is me---feeling a little sheepish after reading my OP last evening.

A phone call from Satan to St Peter - just the other day 17 Feb 2021

The Equality Act Was Just The Start As House Democrats Move To Ban Muslim Bans

Matt Gaetz Suggests CPAC Is Beholden to Big Donors: There's a 'Whole Lot of Corporate America' ...

Fmr. FBI Asst. Director: Religion or skin color needed to change to increase FBI security posture

Went ahead and did it...

'QAnon Shaman' Jake Angelli Accused Trump of 'Grooming' Americans to Accept Conspiracies

John Fugelsang tweet:

I get that Manchin is the best we can get in WV and all of that

More and more I realize,

Hey traitor totspeople don't believe you are gonna strike again Take a myrter for your cause. Cru

Who is Enrique Tarrio?

$6.6 mil for NFT artwork of Trump as "Fat shit, loser"

Turnpike Bridge, Secaucus, NJ

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner's Final Financial Disclosures Show Where They Made Their Money

Daily Press Briefings,

Soaring U.S. Incomes Help Drive Biggest Spending Gain Since June

My SIL is way cool and has a way cool work address too.

Rush Limbaugh and the echo chamber that broke American politics

Whatever "conservative" once meant in American politics, it's now just a flimsy rhetorical shield...

Unemployment-benefits fraud victims are getting tax bills -- and major headaches

WATCH LIVE: House Democrats poised to pass $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief package

What streaming services, if any, do you have?

And now a word from a lying sack of shit....

Getting my first COVID shot today!

John Boehner Tells Ted Cruz To 'Go F**k Yourself' In Rogue Audiobook Aside: Report

Scoop: Schumer wants to freeze stimulus changes

The potential ripple effect of the $15 minimum wage

Trump Train Plan On Attacking/Harassing Biden Entourage In Houston

White House economist Jared Bernstein says $1.9 trillion package would deal "blow" to COVID

Hunt for COVID-19 vaccine takes Michiganders to other states: 'They're desperate'

Arrested! Offense? Walking while black, an indignity by cops who too often are more foe than friend.

Flush, please.

Two killed after truck pursued by troopers crashes into uninvolved vehicle, Highway Patrol says

Electric utilities file for relief from Oklahoma Corporation Commission regarding winter storm

If Donald J. Trump is convicted would you favor exile to Russia?

House vote key first step for Democrats' stimulus plans

The right-wing push for people to buy gold has started up again

More Shifts in the Year of the Plague: Driving Plunged even as Mass Transit Ridership Collapsed


Pic Of The Moment: Wait... What?

Eric Boehlert: Neera Tanden and how the press plays dumb about sexism, racism

Americans satisfaction with US more than doubles since January: poll

Pig In A Blanket

Biden surveys damage of severe winter weather in Texas

Greg Olear: Leo the Cancer

Trust The Science

Brought to you by the "Let's Move On, We're Not Focused On the Past" action coalition

Question-Watching the House now on C-Span

Senators call to expand Covid aid plan designed to keep employees on the payroll

CPAC: 15 minutes in they're playing a video titled "YOUR VOTES CANCELLED"

Biden's Relief Bill Just Got Easier to Pass

When I started working at age 16 in 1962, the minimum wage was $1.25 per hour.

American Cynicism Has Reached a Breaking Point

Flashback Quote of the Day

More than 25m drink from the worst US water systems, with Latinos most exposed

CCRAP, part II; prices!

House Republicans get their marching orders to vote no on H.R. 1 (For the People Act)

Harris gets a crash course on foreign policy

Is The Nehru jacket back?

Great Blue Heron

Just saying, Gas here in North Dakota went from $2.09 3 months ago to now $2.59

Remember phone books?

Insurrectionist James Rahm arrested. Says he was in Speaker Pelosi's office. "Pissed in her office."

Sen. Kaine calls for a briefing on U.S. bombings in Syria

Sometimes I get so tired of how dishonest, ignorant, hypocritical and vile

Neo-Nazis planned to establish white nationalist compound in Michigan's Upper Peninsula

CPAC organizers are getting booed after asking the crowd to comply with hotel rules and wear masks.

Murkowski to meet with Tanden on Monday as confirmation remains on the rocks

Boehner invites Cancun Cruz

That Faith of AOC

Past marijuana use won't automatically disqualify Biden White House staff

Who lives in a pineapple and is being investigated by the FEC?

In the words of Rick Wilson: "Da Fuq?"

Eating oreos at 9:35 AM

Biden, Saudi king talk ahead of expected report blaming crown prince for Khashoggi murder

Why is Big Tech conspiring to hide the truth about their Time-travel vaccine?

Maybe she wasn't kidding

Well that's it. Biden is done. His presidency has been felled by a scandal of most epic proportions.

'Plan B' for $15 minimum wage unveiled

Good Day DU (February 26, 2021)

9/11 Commission co-chair says subpoena power necessary for Trump, lawmakers to testify under oath

So, CPAP Has Begun

No disciplinary action for Florida cop who shot protester in face with rubber bullet

Hawley backs Sanders-style Plan B on $15 minimum wage

"When you don't vote to convict and remove a criminal, he is celebrated by a cult of personality

US Senate seats that the Democrats are gonna be winning in 2022.

Stay Home With These Critically Acclaimed Labor Films

'Nobody Listened To Me': The Quest to Be Marjorie Taylor Greene

Fever, chills, headache, stiffness, exhaustion...

Schumer is looking at adding to Senate COVID bill a new provision to penalize large corporations

Proud Boys leader throws pals under the bus for attacking Capitol during CNN interview

Happy Fluffy Butt Friday!

YOU raised $0 on 2-25-21 DU for Kansas Fair Maps: Anti-Gerrymandering Fund ($5,000 match ends Sat)

'I'm tired of not winning!' Conservative blisters CPAC for worshipping one-term loser Trump

Not If It's Mailed

Brexit : The sell off of the NHS to American healthcare companies begins.

DemoTex is now Bo Zarts

George Takei asks if you've ever seen anything like this:

Biden says US will 'never' accept 'aggressive' Russia's Ukraine annexation

Ted Cruz mocking wearing masks at CPAC

Marjorie Taylor Greene hates that people have taken over her sign.

The missing lynx between Big Foot and a wildcat

Asian American hate crime on the rise

HATE CRIMES on the rise for Asian Americans

Cruz wants CPAC attendees to think they're the heroes of "Star Wars" and "Braveheart"

There's a Nefarious Plot Underway Around the State of the Union Address

so, anyone here thinking of doing a book?

Liberal group targets Republicans who voted to overturn 2020 election

NAACP president accuses Trump of having operated 'under white supremacist doctrine'

Embattled S Dakota AG was reading Biden conspiracy theories on his phone when he killed pedestrian

In a pet cemetery A tombstone in the Pine Ridge Pet Cemetery in Dedham, Massachusetts

The GQP are Suicide Privilege Bombers - The MeidasTouch Podcast

Minimum wage and buying power

We need to run ads in red states telling them

Interactive 3D model of Perseverance

Bill Kristol: Live image from CPAC.

You've heard of "Shrub" and "Goodhair" (thx Molly IVINS). Now meet "Drug Store Cowboy"

1621 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Fri.; 83 deaths

This is heartwarming:

I got an appointment for my COVID shot.

Japan women's minister opposes plan to allow keeping of birth names

If I was Chump I wouldn't be flattered

Fort Monroe named UNESCO Slave Route Project site

anderson .paak - lockdown (studio-2020) some trenchant lyrics in this jam

Fats Domino was born on this date.

Cruz has no shame (2nd tweet):

Greene can't even get her basic Bible knowledge correct

What minimum wage hikes mean for small businesses

Milwaukee Museums Reopening to the Public in March

Owning The Libs (Luckovich)

DT-The Snake! Parody, pretty good one.

Weigel: CPAC is when I tweet verbatim quotes and half the replies ask "IS THIS REAL?"

Which Vaccine Should You Get?

"Feature update to Windows 10, version 20H2" is taking forever to install on my

Johnny Cash was born on this date.

My "Unity" Contribution

Mother who lost her 3 children, mom in fire during Texas power outages reflects

Kidnappers abduct 317 schoolgirls in Nigeria in armed night-time raid

CPAC attendees boo, yell 'freedom' when asked to wear masks

Dan Bitson, TU's miracle man who survived terrible 1989 crash ...

The gold statue of Trump at CPAC reminded Sarah Kendzior of her 2016 comparison of Trump to

Russian diplomats leave North Korea on hand-powered rail trolley

Sergei Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto #3

Sergei Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto #3

Cabinet secretaries ⁦@bikeshare⁩ home from work, too. A person who appears to be ⁦@SecretaryPete⁩ ro

Sen. Ted Cruz at CPAC: "Orlando is awesome. It's not as nice as Cancun."


When can we expect Joe's AG pick to

So many lies being told at CPAC that RSBN, Right Side Broadcasting, had to read a legal disclaimer

Trump shares plans for new super PAC in Mar-a-Lago meeting

Mysterious stripes spotted over Russia in satellite images -- and NASA is perplexed

@POTUS spoke with President Kenyatta yesterday and applauded Kenya's leadership and commitment to de

How to see the full 'Snow Moon' and other celestial events this weekend

Sons of Mississippi Cedric Burnside and Steve Azar

Perseverance rover snaps gorgeous HD panorama of Mars landing site

There should be a moratorium on articles giving WandaVision spoilers in headlines.

Potato Heads

Toomey's letter back to me thanking him for impeaching and voting to convict klansman

You've got a better chance of a taking a good photo of Big Foot kissing the Loch Ness Monster

State Dept to Announce Actions in Response to Khashoggi Killing at 2:30 PM: Source

Cat That Vanished 15 Years Ago Is Reunited With Owner

The Real golden idol.

The United Center to become a new vaccination site for Chicago

The Biggest Country Musician in America Is a Disgrace

Golden statue of Trump, holding a FAIRY WAND, being used by group led by former Trump staffers

Anyone Else Think That Many Elected Congressional Repug's Are Like 'Shock Jocks'?.....

Hobbit Lawyer Asks Court To Let Trump Object To White House Policies Until Lawsuit Hashed Out

Trying to get vaccinated in Massachusetts

Ted Cruz Goes Full Fire & Brimstone

Richard Cheese - Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald

Tesla's Musk says U.S. factory closed for two days due to parts shortages

Come ONNNNN!!!!

Bernie: A $15 Minimum Wage Is Morally Right And Good For The Economy

Lawmakers rebuff Beshear, seek more power for Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Commission

Bernie: A $15 Minimum Wage Is Morally Right And Good For The Economy

WAPO: And another mid-west small town in denial finally pays the price for GQP lies

South Dakota AG Was Reading Joe Biden Conspiracy Stories When He Hit Man

NEWS: Sanders Statement on Air Strikes in Syria

Biden administration releases long-awaited Khashoggi report

America's Political Roots Are in Eutaw, Alabama

Cruz hits back at Boehner for telling him to 'go f--- yourself'

HBO documentary on QAnon being marketed in a way that could recruit more people.

Mark Meadows says all the top 2024 GOP candidates 'have Trump as their last name'

Intel report finds Saudi prince approved Khashoggi murder

Democrats renew push for war powers overhaul after Biden's Syria strike

Kentucky man pleads guilty in case involving shipments of radioactive waste

Ike in color: The first color broadcast from Washington.

Olivia Troye says WH got lots of calls after last year's CPAC from attendees who caught COVID

Ron Johnson 'Consumed' by 'Bizarre Conspiracies,' Says Senate Challenger Tom Nelson

Dos seconds of FUN with Ted Cruz. (the Daily Show tweet)

I'm so happy because I got a call to get my 1st vaccine shot.

Bunny enjoying his new bed..

US Senate Elections in 2022 that Democrats will win.

Did Rush Limbaugh serve in the military?

Just got my 2nd dose of vaccine. Got card to prove it.

White House says Ted Cruz not welcome on AF1 for Biden trip to Texas

In honor of my first COVID shot:

The Lincoln Project, "Live from CPAC" (alas, not a video):

from the irish music rabbit hole- one it seems every singer should know.

When you wash the Fool's Gold off....

Busy in the kitchen today

QAnon Isn't So Sure Trump Will Magically Become President Again on March 4

Former GOP lawmaker: Republican Party 'engulfed in lies and fear'

Kentucky governor wants to move on from impeachment effort

Russia says U.S. gave only a few minutes' warning before strike in Syria

MeidasTouch just tweeted to say they have some pretty wild plans for CPAC this weekend - UPDATE

Chip Roy Does Full 180 on Trump Conduct, Slams Liz Cheney For Saying Trump is Not the GOP's Future

"Get Off My Sand, Kid!"

Ted Cruz is a Joke: Cruz CPAC Disaster

There's a WELCOME INSURRECTIONISTS banner flying over CPAC now

Atlanta Dream sold to group that includes former star Renee Montgomery (no more Kelly Loeffler!)

Midnight Oil - Power And The Passion

Kelly Loeffler no longer WNBA team owner after she angers players with anti-BLM rants

Covid-19 deaths vs. 1918 pandemic deaths

Biden in Houston now

(We now join this broadcast already in progress) Biden In Texas

I finally heard the WH Press Secretary

Some yahoo in Texas has filed a restraining "order" to seize control of Biden administration

Tax Filing for Free... not so fast, look again

Over 300 charged from more than 40 states: What we know about the "unprecedented" Capitol riot...

Seems like, 'blame it on the parliamentarian ' time

Judge stops Gov. Kristi Noem from releasing records in AG's fatal crash

Artist (?) behind gold Trump statue tried giving it to Trump for his birthday, but Secret Service

Hmmmm, Old testament comes to mind...

School board member in Massachusetts used anti-Semitic slur on live TV

Sen. John Cornyn, Gov. Greg Abbott -- but not Ted Cruz -- to meet with Joe Biden in Texas

"Only Manchin knows what's in Manchin's head"

God created one gender.....!

Biden visits Texas following damage from winter storms, encourage COVID vaccinations

Lotrax - La Pandemia Feat. Frankie Elyse (Fear & Lowe Remix) [Slightly Sizzled White]

Anyone here live in Schenectady, NY?

Nigeria kidnappings: Gunmen abduct schoolgirls in Zamfara State, government official says

"NASA Welcomes Litter Of Mars Rovers After Successful Breeding Of Perseverance, Curiosity"

A redwood known as Hyperion is the tallest tree in the world, at a height of 115.85 meters

Sound Transit to provide land for affordable housing in Seattle's Rainier Valley

Seattle creates standby list for extra COVID-19 vaccines. Who qualifies?

My cheerful thought for the day: I wonder what lingering side effects the murdering, orange

White House Is Hesitant on Proposed Tax Penalty: Stimulus Update

Should I get the COVID vaccine now even though I technical qualify for it?

Will CNN and Msnbc cover QRUMPS BULLSHIT?

Indigenous groups post billboards urging senators to confirm Deb Haaland

He's Back....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dutch parliament passes motion calling China's treatment of Uyghurs 'a genocide'

The CPAC stage is in the shape of a Nordic rune used by Hitler's SS & white supremacists

Washington State Supreme court strikes down law that made unintentional possession of drugs a crime

How stupid is this man? (Rafael Cruz)

Vaccination - what's your trick??

Washington State Supreme court strikes down law that made unintentional possession of drugs a crime

Biden Won't Penalize Saudi Crown Prince Over Khashoggi's Killing, Fearing Relations Breach

First Moderna shot in my arm.

I think the Democratic Party and the United States are both at a crossroads and the party and

Congratulations, Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm!

3,700, That's three thousand seven hundred conflicts of interest...and 1.6 billion later..

Hagerstown Police said Friday it is seeking public assistance in gathering evidence of the fire ...

Insurrectionist Luke Coffee arrested...was seen bashing Capitol Police with crutch, blamed Antifa

Something I've never seen discussed. What is the price of the vaccinations here and there?

What does justice for Jamal Khashoggi look like? - An Activist's view

Several Republicans tell House they can't attend votes due to 'public health emergency.' AKA CPAC

"An Unelected Parliamentarian Does Not Get to Deprive 32 Million Americans the Raise They Deserve"

I watched about 5 seconds of CCRAP!


Just in time for Q-PAC!

A question I hope y'all might be able to help me with.

LIVE from cpac

Only 28 flu cases in the latest reported week

Somewhere Over The Rainbow 🌈 Israel Kamakawiwo'ole

War Dog....

CNN's Jim Acosta surrounded by the crowd at CPAC. "Get him. Get him," one woman says.

While DeJoy was gloating 'Get used to me' in hearing, Biden was engineering his ouster

Federal package could drive more than $10B to Washington

The Brown shirt party...

WAPO: Capitol riot defendants facing jail have regrets. Judges aren't buying it.

Cartoons 2/26/2021

John Durham, appointed to investigate the origins of the Russia probe, resigning from DOJ

Aussie puppers (teamwork):

CNN just gave free advertising to the Proud Boys.

CPAC gives Josh Hawley a standing ovation for voting to overturn the election

Got the vaccine by becoming a patient of North Memorial clinics

Qdroxychloroquine - The Lincoln Project

WNBA announces sale of Atlanta Dream from ex-senator Kelly Loeffler

My dog is mad at me

Republicans Throw Their Voters Under The Bus - The Damage Report

How many of Obama's post-Presidency speeches did the media cover?

Joe Biden signs climate directives, announces April summit

Biden Won't Penalize Saudi Crown Prince Over Khashoggi's Killing, Fearing Relations Breach

Black Jaguar taking a leisurely drink:

Seeking the True Story of the Comfort Women - The New Yorker

Baby alpaca or llama really gets into his food:

Granted, Trump has a HUGE ass. But how many Republican lips at CPAC ...

Donnie - Rikers Is Building A Secret Service Station Next To A Cell In Their Prison

What an interview of Hillary.

CPAC equals Confederate Political Action Committee....

Happy to report that the Moderna vaccine dose 2 was completely without side effects for me

"I am sorry for any inconvenience I have caused the court.... I am humbled and I am humiliated"

CPAC attendee wears ugly Trump mask............

What's for Dinner, Fri., Febr. 26, 2021

Canada's indigenous population faces elevated infection rate, lack of health care as COVID-19 runs

Ring of Fire

Do you think Jared Kushner greenlighted the murder of Jamal Khashoggi?

Barn owl and kestrel battle over perch: Watch to the end:

From The BBC In Pictures: I offer two links since I couldn't decide which one was best.

Great observation by someone on Twitter regarding the shape of the stage at CPAC!!!!

Cash and Carter: Going Down to Jackson

New rocket, Firefly's Alpha, may be ready to launch by April

CVS has COVID Vaccine appointments!

Boots of Spanish Leather

There were 976,751 gun purchases in Ohio

I, my twin brother and lots of friends just signed up for Jab 1

Democrat launches campaign to unseat Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene

Should Washington, DC be made a state? Why or why not?

This is just a theory, mind you, but maybe Ted Cruz was drunk, at CPAC.

OK I just saw a clip with CancunCoupCruz

From The Guardian Gallery: Happy 'farmily': portraits of people and their animals (...)

Trump has endorsed against a sitting member of McCarthy's House Republican Conference.

Why Hate Groups Went After Johnny Cash In the 1960s

A massive fire spread throughout several businesses in Compton, CA early Friday morning.

"Today You - Tomorrow Me" (Mutual Aid vs Charity Explained)

From The Guardian: Iceberg size of Greater London breaks off Antarctica

On Cruz at CPAC

My sister in Houston says ALL the credit card machines are down in Houston.

Meet The Trump Fanatic Who Tasered A Cop At The Capitol Insurrection

South Dakota DA was reading Joe Biden conspiracy theories on his phone when he killed pedestrian

Old Mukilteo ferry dock afloat on the barge of 'Lincoln Logs'

Go figure? Booing at CCRAP!

FDA advisers recommend authorization of Johnson & Johnson single-dose coronavirus vaccine

Woman Fosters A Very Pregnant Basset Hound

More than half of Americans want COVID-19 vaccine as soon as possible: Poll

Florida GOP Introduces Ballotless Voting In Disenfranchised Communities

US Senate Elections from the states that the Democrats are going to be winning in 2022.

FOX 5's Blake McCoy suspended over offensive Tweet

Mount Etna puts on its latest spectacular show

Borrowed from a West Wing fan:

Baby Sea Lion Scared To Go Back To The Ocean Gets A Little Help From Her Best Friend

Ties with Saudis at stake as US releases findings on killing

To funk fans everywhere - Tower of Power coming to a PBS station near you.

North Korea has at least eight ICBMs, think tank says

Rep. Cohen 'prepared for a quick exit in case of attack'

Michigan GOP Moves Far Right

WNBA Team Co-Owned By Ex-Sen. Kelly Loeffler Is Sold After Players' Criticism

Biden administration plans to open another tent facility for migrants on the Texas border

Finally got internet back.

UPDATE 1-Biden says U.S. will hold Russia accountable over Crimea

These Retirees Are Aging in Place--a Very Modern, Contemporary Place

A Cult of Losers

CPAC: The Party Of Lincoln Abandoned

So what does Manchin want to get done?

A blast from the past!

With everything the QTHUGS are doing on a daily bases, I'm thinking

Dick's Drive-In to open new location at Crossroads Mall in Bellevue later this year

'COVID Bandit' Gives $200 Tip To Every Single Employee At Denver Steakhouse

About the anti-Manchin vitriole...

'Nother article of interest to Olympus photographers.

This raven is the Einstein of the bird world

And I have a new favorite "Dumbass Capitol Rioter Gets Busted" story...

Trump Supporters' SADDEST Shrine Ever

Golden Statue of Trump Is Perfect Metaphor for GOP

QAnon Backs Off Claim Trump Will Return on March 4

Wandering around my neighbor's field

Rents in Seattle are on the rise after dropping drastically throughout the COVID-19 pandemic

Biden speaking in Houston now. CNN

ESPN ranks Colin Kaepernick among best college quarterbacks this century

Khashoggi Said Bernie Was the Only American Politician Putting Pressure on the Saudi Crown Prince

Ask your doctor if Qdroxychloroquine is right for you and take back your life. The Lincoln Project

Public Comment period to reinstate Migratory Bird Treaty Act ends March 1 (link, info)

Got the first Moderna shot today at the Austin VA Clinic. Feeling bullet proof!

Mask story for you.

How Trumpism Has Become a Cult of Losing

Cash & Carter: "Guitar Pickin' Man"

*Poking my head in here* Pasta e ceci?

Conservatives are the new "good Germans," enabling and defending Trump's crimes

DU Farmers - tell me more about the no till model

Former Leader of Magical Cult That Channels Ghost of Trump Speaking at CPAC

Final 24 Hours of $5000 Match for Fair Maps! Thank you DU!

New revelations following Geddert death

So I just looked to see who appointed the current parliamentarian. It was then Sen. Majority

Oath Keepers head staying in jail

Arlington, Va has moved past over 65

NSAA places Norfolk Public Schools on probation for remainder of school year (N word)

Millions of jobs are ready to be filled tomorrow.

F.B.I. Said to Have Singled Out Potential Assailant in Capitol Officer's Death


The GOP fired the Senate parliamentarian over reconciliation in a 50-50 Senate in 2001.

Abandoned Chihuahua doesn't trust anyone who doesn't give her cheese!

Did anyone else sign up at CDC V-safe after getting their first Covid vaccine?

Let's talk about the Equality Act, changing society, and Mr. Rogers....