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The Beatles - What Goes On

I wonder...

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I analyzed all of Trump's tweets to find out what he was really saying

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She reported sexual harassment by a former supervisor -- and was fired soon after

Tales from my run in Central Park, vol.1

Honduran president target of U.S. investigation, court filings show

Another stupid legal argument from the trump legal team

Brazil to test COVID-19 vaccination on city's entire adult population

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BTO - Blue Collar

Scholar says Trump's lawyers misrepresented his research in preparing impeachment defense

2/09 Mike Luckovich: The color line

The Blasters Thread. No issues with hit songs here

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Blizzard of 49

U.S. Justice Dept. drops challenge to California state net neutrality law

Georgia investigation opened into Trump's call to overturn election

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China raises the stakes in their South China Sea territory theft :

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Mars madness! China, UAE to reach the Red Planet this week ahead of epic NASA rover landing

Donald Trump Jr and Allen Weisselberg were appointed trustees of Donald J. Trump Revocable Trust ...

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Various Types of Bags

Opinion: As Impeachment Trial Begins, Let's Remember The Republican History Of Big Lies

Peter Frampton - Do You Feel Like We Do (Original Mix)

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Dershowitz Warning Of 'Perjury Trap'

We Were Duped

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Georgia election officials formally launch investigation into Trump phone calls

Without Trump, 5 people, including a police officer, would still be alive

Long before Band Aid or USA For Africa gathered stars and checked egos at the door....


Stop calling him trump


Trump's Lawyers Call for Dismissal of Trial on the Ground That They Will Never Collect Fees

Introducing Kerry Donovan

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Four out of four insurrectionists - BUSTED - a tremendously perfect picture, believe me!!

Christian 'prophet': Devin White's Super Bowl interception means Trump will remain president

Trump tells aides he thinks he'll be acquitted as he remains fixated on 'accountability' for GOP law

The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election

Carpenters (fka The Richard Carpenter Trio) - Iced Tea

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【Official】Uru 『Break』読売テレビ・日本テレビ系TVアニメ「半妖{

A Ted Cruz guarantee..........

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Freedom of Speech Doesn't Mean What Trump's Lawyers Want It to Mean (The Atlantic)

Just effing THIS.

The Trump Show -Series 1 Episode 4 - Downfall - BBC TWO

What are some of your favorite obscure books...?

'Twilight Of Democracy: The Seductive Lure Of Authoritarianism' Book; Trump In Context, More

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Lincoln County Republican Party votes to censure Sen. Ben Sasse

Lincoln County Republican Party votes to censure Sen. Ben Sasse

All Hail Wisconsin. Beer Snow

Google is off their rocker

All Hail Wisconsin. Beer Snow!!!

Trump impeachment: Americans voice 'legitimate fears' of civil war

A request

Mexico: migrants in US to open accounts at consulates

Woman Used Gorilla Glue Spray Instead Of Hair Spray, Here Is What Happened

Opening schools "safely"

JinnyOops!/君と僕 Kimitoboku You and me

America - Muskrat Love

POWERFUL ad aimed at GOP senators

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Tom Rush has a birthday today.

Senate shapes contours of Trump's second impeachment trial, wrestles with whether to call witnesses

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A Few Covid Vaccine Recipients Developed a Rare Blood Disorder

Seattle-Area Proud Boy Leader Ethan Nordean's Release Overturned After DOJ Appeal

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172 mill/640 mill - Not bad for four years "work"

When Your Law-School Homework Is Stranger Than Fiction

New shoes, can't get them wet

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Legislation Alert!

The *real* reason this latest Senate retirement announcement matters

THe Jeopardy Guest Host That Never Left

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The impeachment trial is rigged by the rethugs, they will vote to aquit no matter what evidence

Southern horror movie

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to improve your mood this evening, just a guy with his dogs

House Dems' COVID-19 relief bill includes 2-year boost to ObamaCare subsidies

Lana Turner was born on this date.

Fox Under Fire: Lawsuits and Ratings Drop

Biden's border challenge

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Impeachment "Trial" Preview: Here's What to Expect Tactically from the Democrats & the Republicans

"Not sure about Fox News' new primetime programming"

the real story behind groundhog's day

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Spring is coming to Mt. St. Helens. 6 more months and we'll have flowers!

Anyone know about pussywillows? A mystical plant... And my

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Live and Let Die!

Farewell to Lou Dobbs, the most North Korean broadcaster America has ever seen

I'm hoping for the Johnson and Johnson vaccine

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It's All Right, Ma....I'm Only Bleeding


A wild and crazy place to retire: The Villages in Florida

OH FFS, Schoen's proven he's as much an idiot as his client,

Lil Uzi Vert embedded a $24 million diamond into his forehead so he wouldn't lose it

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2022 Democratic US Senate Nominee for each US Senate Race in 2022.

Ex-Dodge County sheriff's deputy bilked $11 million from investors and bank (gun shop)

'Quite a calm koala': marsupial gets behind the wheel after being rescued from Australian freeway

***I've got two problems*** about the current contest - submissions are soaring in

Inslee signs business tax relief package, boosts unemployment benefits

Meet Me In The Morning

Not very encouraging

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'Why Biden Can't Fire Postmaster General Louis DeJoy': He's Plotting More Moves To Destroy USPS

NYT, Goldberg "You May Want to Forget Him, but Trump's Trial Must Be Thorough"


DOJ is asking all trump-appointed US attorneys to resign

Everyday People -- Sly and the Family Stone

Covid Bullshit Hotline!

Girls on cars.. shredding their guitars.. Band Maid.. Warning!.. explosive...!!!

GOP governor ends mask mandate, removes limits on businesses, placing state in danger of new surge

I adore President Obama and Mrs. Obama. None of them could have convinced me to attempt a coup

This is why he must be convicted.

DOJ to ask Trump-appointed US attorneys to resign

Music by Touch

All the businesses cutting ties with the Trump Organization

Wear a Mask And Receive Money

Slate "This Is Not Representative Democracy"

Biden's Secretary of State explains what will be different after Trump (CNN)

Wow..I am so touched and surprised

'Why Opening Restaurants Is Exactly What The Coronavirus Wants Us To Do'

My two black cats, sleeping and holding paws.

YouTube's lo-fi music streams are all about the euphoria of less

Fox News guest claims Michelle Obama to blame for schools not reopening during Covid pandemic

South Dakota judge rejects amendment legalizing marijuana

Will Lumen Field be used as mass COVID-19 vaccination site?

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Any thoughts on posting from Photobucket?

Dershowitz made use of Trump access to help secure pardons and clemency for clients

California's net-neutrality rules clear major hurdle as Biden's DOJ abandons its efforts to block ..

Why Sunday's storm featured such fat snowflakes in the Mid-Atlantic and the Northeast.

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Watching the trial of djt on the West Coast

Did Trump watch people on Gab, planning the insurrection in real time?

Fell on Black Days

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'Just A Fraction of Americans Think U.S. Democracy Is Working Well; 54% Optimistic About Future'

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Fox journalist tries 'gotcha' question on Biden's press sec... It Immediately goes south - Brian Tyler

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New Order - Blue Monday 88 (Official Music Video)

So what's the story with Michael Steele - is he still a repuke?

What would cause this?

Cat Couple Asks Human Couple To Be Let Inside Their Home To Deliver Their Kittens

As early as tomorrow, Biden admin will begin process to end appts. of Trump's US Attorneys


Question about Impeachment trial

Adam Schiff on Al Franken's podcast

I accidentally swallowed a bag of scrabble letters...

Question for the constitutional scholars...

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Justice Department drops lawsuit against Melania Trump's ex-aide for tell-all book

Cory Booker?

'Supermodel Cats' That Certainly Know How To Strike A Pose

Alan Dershowitz claims Trump invited people not incited people

Anybody here into Ethereum?

I'm really annoyed with my husband

Biden's Justice Department to ask nearly all Trump-era U.S. attorneys to resign

Producers applaud Evers' $43 million budget proposal for ag

US Senate Elections in 2022 that the Democrats are likely to win.

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Marjorie Taylor Greene says "get ready to fight for America tomorrow," the day before the attack...

Zoom Meeting Bombing. Anybody?

What day of the week were you born?

Official] Mom Teaches Cute Korean baby Yebin a Life Lesson

Someone tried to poison a Florida city by hacking into the water treatment system

My fellow Republicans, convicting Trump is necessary to save America

Arrested Trump supporter threatened Mitch McConnell's grandkids on Parler: DOJ

Trump supporters want us to believe the Framers were fools

The Beach Boys: Pet Sounds (Classic Albums) Documentary

The Daily Social Distancing Show - Biden's Scandalous Start: Dissing Space Force & Flying on a Plane

Meanwhile, on Fox: Biden's Insurrection

Why progressives should be celebrating Liz Cheney and Ben Sasse right now

The Senate must convict Donald Trump

Until The Mess Trump Made of Government Is Cleared, Biden's 'Build Back' Better Can't Take Off

Impeachment Eve and QAnoners remain convinced Trump will be back in office in weeks

Parler's ownership offer to Trump and possible Russian ties probed by Congress

A Man Charged in the U.S. Capitol Riot Worked for the FBI, His Lawyer Says

A closeup. Because I deserve it.

Lawrence O'Donnell's Last Word On the Senate Trial

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Farewell, Lou Dobbs

Tucker Carlson Suggests MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace Wants to Drone Strike Trump Supporters

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McClatchy: Dems Plan B: invoke 14th

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Roger Stone photo with another Proud Boy wanted by the FBI for the Insurrection

Schumer Announces Impeachment Trial Agreement: (email from a friend at the DNC)

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Ron Johnson gets laughed at (Brian Williams, Al Franken, Michael Steele)

Seth Meyers - GOP Senators Want to "Move On" from Trump's Second Impeachment Trial: A Closer Look

May the insurrectionists, their inciters, enablers, supporters and apologists, know and experience

Dahlia Lithwick: This Is Not Representative Democracy

New Mexico requires people arriving from "high risk" jurisdictions to quarantine.

FOX BUSINESS fills that aching void.....

Rescue is hard!!!

US House seats that will be eliminated in 2022 due to reapportionment.

Brian Williams just closed with this post mortem of Lou Dobbs

11 hours before Impeachment #2 starts!

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'Its Own Domestic Army': How the G.O.P. Allied Itself With Militants

Rightwing blame pandemics on Jews & LGBTQ people. It's still a Big Lie.

Eating oreos at 11:30 p.m

Trump's 2016 Win, Two Impeachments Center On His Opposition To Democracy - All In - MSNBC

Adam Schiff: You're going to hear a lot of bad faith arguments about impeachment.

One more reason to love Biden.

Where to watch the impeachment trial live

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One of the greatest moments in my life

☦ Eastern Orthodox Christianity: Earliest known prayer to the Mother of God, the Virgin Mary

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Trump's Impeachment Trial Offers a Chance to Seize the Initiative on the Future of Free Speech

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Parler's New Partner Has Ties to the Russian Government

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A Real MyPillow Review, Unboxing, What's Inside & What Makes It 'Official'?

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The most honest politician to ever run for office...

Jesse Ventura Says There Should Be No Billionaires, Calls for 'Maximum Wage'

Click on the link to get the globe map.

Biden administration will ask remaining Trump-appointed U.S. attorneys to step down -- with few excep

I Bet If Some Repug Senator Suggested That They Impeach Obama Today Post Presidency That,,,,,,

☦ Eastern Orthodox Christianity: 'Mother of Jesus, the Christ, intercede for us."

Mary Wilson, Co-Founder of the Supremes, Dies at 76

Convict (TLP)

☦ OrthodoxWiki: 'Joy of All Who Sorrow' Ikon

My 30 yrs Oppo Research on the local radio wingnut yak host flared into my calling him a liar

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Sasse message to Nebraska GOP State Central Committee

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MLB slightly deadening ball, adding humidors in five more parks amid HR surge, according to reports

Al Franken: Trump Is The Founders' Worst Nightmare - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Sultans of Swing - Dire Straits

PA-SEN: John Fetterman Will Run for Pennsylvania's Open Senate Seat

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NYC-MYR: The candidates began to take the gloves off

Magic Carpet Ride - Steppenwolf

Suzie Q - CCR

City impression of BeiHai

He's running for New York mayor as a real estate foe. Why do some developers support him?

I'd Love to Change the World - Ten Years After

For the oboe lover in you, and you, and...

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Pete Buttigieg self-isolating after security guard tests positive for Covid

The Bluest Blues - Alvin Lee

Dance Across America, from the Inauguration (Love)

Thank you to the Progressive Caucus

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Super Bowl for the Ages, Maskless Celebrations & Fighting on The Bachelor!

Augusta Holmes: 'Irlande (Symphonic Poem)'

Arizona Republicans Still Waging Trump's War On Democracy - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

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Tchaikovsky's 'Symphony No. 3'-"Polish", 1-5, Semyon Bychkov conducting.

Tweet of the early morning:

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One more by Augusta Holmes (Ooh la la! 😉)

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George Conway takes on trial arguments

Recurring payments

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Milwaukee County considers leaving statewide organization after Dane County pulls out

Breakfast Tuesday 9 February 2021

Chuck Grassley will be 88 this fall. Time to try to elect some new blood?

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that the Democrats are favored to win.

Iowa's Sen. Chuck Grassley will be 88 this year. Shelby, 86, announced his retirement already.

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The clash of two big steel companies will help shape the future of the Iron Range

Sources: Biden officials snub Salvadoran leader in DC trip

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Blue jets and elves lightning

SC House committee considers ban on almost all abortions

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 2/8/21

Court blocks some of Los Angeles DA's progressive policies

Did Tennessee Execute an Innocent Man?

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GOP's Shameless Attempts To Discredit Trump Impeachment Trial Exposed By Mehdi Hasan

Donald Trump knew that Joe Biden would beat him in the presidential election

US Senate seats that Democrats are likely to pick up in 2022.

3 Republican state legislators move to impeach Tim Walz for use of executive orders

GOP blame. Ask for their solution?


Radio Garden - listen to radio stations around the world

Let us look at Maine

Losing a child doesn't mean you stop being their mom

What a lovely thing to wake up to!

Shouldn't GA officeholders reported Trump's call immediately?

National Today NATIONAL PIZZA DAY - February 9, 2021

Mary Wilson, Motown Legend and Co-Founder of the Supremes, Dies at 76

LAPD officer charged with stealing pickup from Orange car lot, driving it to work for more than a ye

Congress's Biggest Obstacle

Democrats object to $21 million bill to fix governor's 'big goof'

CVS Pharmacy covid vaccine

Pro-Ernst dark money group may get sued over undisclosed finances

What a nice surprise, after coming in with the doggies .....

Road rage attacks against children in the Houston area

Skara Brae women archaeologists who were written out of history

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Biden's Schedule for Tuesday, February 9, 2021

They need to stop having Super Bowls in Tampa Bay

What would have happened then?...

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Spring training starts Feb 17

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I took my pups out 6 weeks ago and

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Gov. Reynolds did not consult state health department before lifting COVID restrictions, Iowa

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The Temptations - Slave (1969)

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CNN is getting more sensationalist by the week. Here at 7:00 AM their headline is:

I was thinking, since Valentine's Day is near, someone might find this useful.

People With Dementia Are Twice as Likely to Get Covid, Huge Study Finds

The Supremes on Ed Sullivan Show

How to watch UAE Mars Mission in the UK: What time the Hope Probe enters orbit, live stream and why

You know what warms my cockles?

DOJ to ask Trump-appointed US attorneys to resign

I am not going to be disappointed if the Retrumplican Senate doesn't convict Donnie Dipshit

'Constitutional sheriffs' ask Michigan police to stand against Biden, COVID-19 orders

Police in Myanmar crack down on crowds defying protest ban

I'm not well known here

Good morning. Who hasn't gotten some heart love yet?

Claudia Conway to Appear on New Season of 'American Idol'

Bill aims to make North Dakota Legislature meet annually

The Supremes 🆚 The Supremes 🆚 The Supremes (Vote for your favorite...)

About Impeachment from Dean Obeidallah...

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Senate confirms former Obama chief of staff to oversee Veterans Affairs

Dear God, We'll trade Lindsey, Ghomer, Cruz and all of the trump family for

A moment of Zen: Yosemite National Park

North Dakota Senate votes for earlier Sunday alcohol sales

Kenney Slams Opponents Of Alberta Coal Scam As "Urban Snobs", But Most Are Rural, Ranchers, Farmers

Seems appropriate at this time!

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San Francisco Federal Reserve Beginning To Incorporate Risk Of Climate Breakdown Into Regulations

This Land Is Your Land: Biden's New Conservation Corps Stirs Hopes

Wrapping Wednesday: Micro Reviews for the Week of 2/3/21

The Rundown: February 9, 2021

Why is this woman laughing? Legalizing recreational marijuana did better at the ballot box than she

Sarah Palin "opened the door" for Donald Trump. Now, he'll fade into the same obscurity.

"What'll you have?" the waiter asked, merrily picking his nose.

The Case Against Donald J. Trump

Thank you for my hearts! I love Valentines Day

Judge refuses to send Capitol riot suspect back to jail after breaching orders

Genetic tests can be used to deny life insurance in South Dakota. Lawmakers want to change that.

Before You Get All Gooey About Liz Cheney And Her "Principles", Pls Remember That She's A Lying POS

Almost 70 clinicians sign letter opposing three South Dakota abortion-related bills

I woke up with a heart on!

Shocking. Trump's lawyers' brief (p. 2) reads as if it came straight from Reconstruction. It says Ds

Trump vetoed ads attacking Biden's record on women to avoid 'can of worms' - report

79 Years Ago Today; Death of SS Normandie

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Where Does Abby Phillip Go From Here?


Michigan GOP candidate for governor is a Black man who wants to cancel Black History Month

Guardian - Australia's Climate Wars Were Always Stupid - Now They've Gotten Even Dumber

My fellow Republicans, convicting Trump is necessary to save America--Adam Kinzinger

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Boy overcome when reunited with this lost cat

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'Very lucky' pilot unhurt after landing plane on Pa. Turnpike, getting hit by tractor-trailers

Fox & Friends host argues against $15 minimum wage because 'people should fall in love with...

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Tuesday TOONs - What Happened To Bipartisanship?

Trump compares impeachment to 'The Apprentice'

I'm Guessing Someone Didn't Use Google Translate...

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'Because President Trump said to': Over a dozen Capitol rioters say they were following Trump's...

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Article: Not only Angry White Men at Capitol but Angry White Women

Tom Brady is pretty good, but remember, he only tied Otto Graham for most championships by a QB

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Illinois....Today...This is ME.

Thank you to

'An excuse to make it harder for everyday citizens to have their voices heard'

WHO coronavirus origins probe in China fails to reveal major new findings

ICE Ignores Biden Order and Deports 22 Children and Babies to Haiti, Says Report

What will be the most memorable statement made today

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Carly Simon - That's The Way I Always Heard It Should Be - 1971

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Biden inherited a USPS crisis. Here's how Democrats want to fix it.

Thanking my kind hearted DU friend

Trump plans a reemergence and some retribution after impeachment

Insanity: Oz Deputy PM: "I'm Certainly Not Worried About What Might Happen In 30 Years' Time"

Hacker tried to poison Florida city's water system with lye

Ex-White House Official Tells CNN: Trump Was 'Loving Watching the Capitol Mob'

Democrats have a back-up plan in case the Senate doesn't convict Trump on impeachment

Not Since The Moon Landing...

Miami Beach crime continues picking up ahead of spring break

Americans angry they may no longer qualify for $1,400 stimulus checks,

A Trumpenstein prediction

Editorial: The idea of censuring Sasse for criticizing Trump is misguided and ironic

Corporations and "conservative" pretzel logic

Detroit Zoo polar bear killed in breeding attempt

Florida man sentenced after mailing 18 pounds of meth to West Virginia

Biden and Democrats prepare to act fast on judges, having learned lesson from Trump

WHO rules out lab theory, saying animals likely

Officials pleasantly surprised when DHHS NDMS team shows up to help vaccinate Pinal County Arizona


Thunderstorms at The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee

Already new stars appear, now that is what warms my cockles

The Year of Cheating The Poor- 'The Dow Soars, Wages Don't'

Majority favor conviction as impeachment trial begins, but many Republicans urge loyalty to Trump --

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Overwhelmed...Thank You for the hearts.

9 million U.S. small businesses fear they won't survive pandemic

Ted Cruz gets slammed on Twitter in record time after sniveling anti-Biden tweet

GameStop - follow the money

I like the managers' strategy of presenting evidence like a reality TV show

Trump hints it would be 'very bad' for Democrats....

"It was basically Raffensperger's fault!"

The Senate's Coming Crisis Over Majority Rule

His son died. A week later he survived the Capitol riots. Now, he's leading the impeachment case...

Twenty three percent of Republicans subscribe to the theories of QAnon

Margie Q: "The Capitol attack was planned and organized..."

VMI resists letting investigators interview cadets, faculty without its lawyers present, report says

Trump's Postmaster General wants to stay on the job, but his days in the Biden administration...

It Wasn't Me

Thank you for the "Hearty" welcome for a new DU'er

'How To Stage A Coup,' Now On Netflix

"But for"

Republicans have exhibited the ultimate privilege in their calls for "unity"

David Corn: Why the Second Impeachment of Donald Trump Is More Important Than the First

Help me with this here about the senate trial.

Trump's world is going to go by the wayside or going to gain strength?

Thank you for the heart!

'Jim Crow relic': Senate filibuster stands in way of Democratic voting rights push

Gregg Allman, Trey Anastasio, Derek Trucks and Gov't Mule - "Soulshine" Live

Jake Angeli, who wore a fur hat with horns while raiding U.S. Capitol, apologizes

Reposting Today:

Video images of Trump & his delinquents joyfully rocking their insurrection out to celebratory music

How long will this thing take?

Reporters WILL NOT STOP Humiliating Themselves with Jen Psaki

Biden pledged 150 million Covid vaccinations in 100 days. This is what the numbers say.

Biden BANNING Trump from Intelligence Briefings

Expulsion is the only remedy: Insurrectionists in Congress must be rooted out

"Well, it's impeachment day..."

Amazon workers begin voting in landmark US union push


Good Day DU (February 9, 2021)

Thank You so much for the heart,a very happy surprise.

Did I just miss this discussion on DU? Or did it never happen?

My Funny Valentine - Bill Evans

What an articulate 3rd grader...

I refuse to give her more air than she deserves, but a certain disgraced Congresswoman...

I would like to let the Republicans in on a little secret...

I Keep Saying There's Power In Numbers Here....

YOU raised $60 on 2-8-21 DU for Kansas Fair Maps: Anti-Gerrymandering Fund ($5,000 match)

BLS Report: Job openings and total separations little changed in December; hires decrease


Maryland Bill Would Give Students Mental Health Days Off, No Need for Doctor's Note

Loner Lovin

GOP Senator "amazed" that the president acted like a grown-up

Why did John Roberts decide to not preside over the impeachment trial?

Trump's second impeachment trial begins in Senate - Day 1 Feb 9, 12PM

She was the first Black person freed by Lincoln, long before his presidency.

Keep talking Margie Q...

Please don't just read this: think about it.

Bill Press: Tear down this fence!

Seen in the neighborhood this weekend. We're a true blue state and town. So glad I don't live...

We never had the opportunity to vote for an Impeached President before Trump.


Girl calls police after bouncer confiscates fake ID

Kobe Bryant crash pilot disoriented in clouds, agency says

U of M researchers elaborate on their study of 'less-lethal' weapons' use in crowd control


Yeah this is what is going on on earth two.

Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner Reaped Stunning Amount Of Outside Income At White House

A radical shift in the voter/representative dynamic in the GOP

Soldiers risk their lives, and sometimes they lose them, defending the U.S. Constitution

Capitol riots: A new kind of political extremism? - BBC Newsnight

Pic Of The Moment: Impeachment Trial Toolkit For Republicans

Chuck Toad's first comment today: Jan 6 already fading from the memory

Hold Them All Accountable - The Bulwark

Some Music Trivia

Sliding kiss for the win..

How Cable News Anchors and Reporters Are Rigging Impeachment Trial in Trump's Favor

After Capitol riot, desperate families turn to groups that 'deprogram' extremists

WHO team: Coronavirus unlikely to have leaked from Chinese lab

More sadness for all KC Chiefs fans.

Viral video shows Marjorie Taylor Greene on 1/5 saying 'get ready to fight for America tomorrow'

What my morning of quiet time found ... a yearning for unity

French Health Minister Olivier Veran promoting vaccine uptake as part of "Operation Smolder"

Qs have decided March 4th is the day Chumpy will rise from political death and take his "rightful"

Michelle Obama announces new Netflix children's food show

Trump incited Capitol riot further after it began, impeachment prosecutors will claim

Wow, two more hearts!!!

4381 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Tues; 231 deaths

I got two hearts! Thank you very very much!

Trump Partner Looking to End Business Relationship

"Waving the Bloody Shirt"

This must be one of those Antifa members they're saying are responsible for the insurrection. Right?

Fox asks court to drop $2.7 billion Smartmatic defamation suit, citing press protections

the AP has this helpful graphic comparing Trump's two trials.

Trump Claimed Election Was 'Stolen' More Than 100 Times

Thank you all for the Valentine Hearts.

Judge: Florida school had no duty to predict student danger

House impeachment managers to argue 'violent crime' case against Trump


More than 60% of North Dakotans have been infected with COVID

Do you think we should set up a thread during hearts week for people

Thank you for yet another heart! 💕

Democratic lawmakers push FDA to lift restrictions on abortion pill

If you think Marjorie Taylor Greene is an unprecedentedly conspiratorial, bigoted nut job...

Pilot in Kobe Bryant Crash Became Disoriented in Clouds, N.T.S.B. Finds

In America's 'Uncivil War,' Republicans Are The Aggressors

The Four Seasons Total Landscaping debacle is finally getting the documentary treatment it deserves

The Kabuki "Trial"

How times have changed

Deep Fake Videos are easier than ever!

Sanders says Biden sees progressives as 'strong part of his coalition'

Inspiring! Installation Embeds Lights into Crop Field


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As I'm scrolling WaPo this morning, I see a photo of a brick building

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Using Connections to Trump, Dershowitz Became Force in Clemency Grants

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Branded - Outstanding Lincoln Project ad

There are multiple Capitol invaders who say they left promptly when Trump told them to.

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Ernest Tubb was born on this date.

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House Manager's Reply Memorandum in the Impeachment Trial of President Donald J. Trump, Feb .9, 2021

Skara Brae women archaeologists who were written out of history

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I thought Republicans never read tweets?

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will you listen to or watch the Impeachment Hearings?

Notes on Photo Industry developments.

Positive Energy Thread

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Trump's impeachment defense is still a mess

NC woman charged in Capitol [terrorist attack] one month after husband

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Housing Prices Are Booming in U.S. Cities -- Just Not San Francisco or New York

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that the Democrats are likely to win.

After nearly losing his life, cat now won't stop talking

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I have to head back to work @ 12:30, what's the best way to live stream...

Baby panda demands attention:

NPR: The Capitol Siege: The Arrested And Their Stories

Tom Arnold Reveals All About the Trump Pee Tape - The MeidasTouch Podcast

Some Here Are Concerned The Repubs Won't Vote To Impeach

Jan. 6 was just one day of a sustained campaign (The Atlantic)

Kalanchoe & Palm Flowers

Did Tennessee Execute an Innocent Man?

George Conway takes on Trump's trial arguments

Copy kitten:

The local Republican parties are even crazier than the state and national ones....

From Senator Sinema: Solutions for Food Insecurity in Arizona with inserted live links

Donald Trump's second impeachment trial: Answering your questions

Don Quixote was not meant to dress sensibly. Before and After.

"No matter how big they get, they will always be our babies."

Trump's lawyers say he was immediately 'horrified' by the Capitol attack. Here's what his allies...

House Managers To Present New Evidence At Trump Impeachment Trial

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dump and his minions must be making thousands of calls

'Totally bonkers': Piers Morgan torches Sarah Palin to her face for 'talking nonsense'...

Trump lawyer withdrew request for Sabbath break, so Senate will meet EVERY DAY until verdict

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Up to Date List of Food Banks in Arizona

CNN host shocked after watching Trump supporters say he'll become president again next month

So this odiousity is still thretening us. Hardly believable!

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FBI: Keene resident arrested in connection with riot at Capitol

"There's nothing better than coming home to your dog."

Robert's decision to not preside at the Trump senate trial speaks to his.....

Researchers say voters are leaving the Republican Party

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Proud Boys suspects plead not guilty in Capitol riot including man accused of taking officer's...

Tiedrich: seriously, why the fuck are co-conspirators Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz allowed be jurors in

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Trump Impeachment Trial Opens With Debate Over Senate's Power

Raccoon finishes grapes, gives bowl back to human for more

Relatives demand greater access to nursing homes amid vaccine

CNN to host Biden town hall next week


Uber and Walgreens to offer free rides to COVID-19 vaccine sites

Palm Beach to decide whether Trump can stay at Mar-a-Lago

The Lincoln Project is now going after Jason Miller! Woo hoo, this is a doozy:

Georgia GOP 'election confidence' report splits state Republicans

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Palm Beach council to decide whether Trump can live at Mar-a-Lago

60% of Trump's post-election tweets sought to undermine legitimacy of presidential race

Octopus jumps out, chases, and then drags crab into water.

Traitor-Tot Trump Jr says he's planning to primary Liz Cheney in 2022

Gowdy calls it 'dumbest' possible impeachment

Olive and Mabel - lockdown life

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GOP Senator Kevin Cramer is a POS

Two important quotes from Georgia Republicans that illustrate how lies about the election, stoked by

Dominion Voting Systems says ex-Trump lawyer Sidney Powell "evaded service of process for weeks"

Minnesota mom fights QAnon conspiracies, one Instagram story at a time

Who's the one with the mask? Someone decent should scoop her up for a better gig!

Bus loads of National guard arriving at the Capitol as they every day since in the insurrection. N

I think it's clear that @DianeSawyer owes Britney Spears an apology.

Trump has just added another member to his legal team hours before the impeachment trial begins.

Virus relief plan places radically new emphasis on ending child poverty in the U.S.

WATCH: Dr. Marcella Nunez-Smith, chair of the COVID-19 Health Equity Task Force, and Jeff Zients, co

Fear and Love Surround Escobar's Hippos Thriving in Colombia

Margie Q saying anyone who objected to certification after the Capitol attack was "brave."

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Fox's effort to clean up its post-election misinformation is not terribly convincing

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Mo Brooks is thinking about running for the open Alabama Senate seat next year

a couple ways to stream the impeachment trial

Biden Admin DOJ Drops Lawsuit Against Melania Trump's Ex-Friend Stephanie Winston Wolkoff

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How to pay for membership without using Paypal?

***SECOND DJT impeachment trial thread***

Nikki Haley blasts Joe Biden for protecting transgender students from discrimination

Sen. Rob Portman to OMB nominee Neera Tanden: "You wrote that Susan Collins is 'the worst'; that Tom

It's all on the GOP

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What is Jewish Antifa? Meet the Israeli Activists Set to Strike a 'Death Blow to Fascism'

Delta CEO blasts Buttigieg announcement floating COVID-19 testing requirement for US flights

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50th anniversary of 1971 California 6.6 quake.

Sen. Leahy's letter to his colleagues about his role as presiding officer of the impeachment trial

Marjorie Taylor Greene's laughably twisted logic to explain away the January 6 riot

Jim Crow Rising

This one's gonna be tough to watch

Dems say, "President Trump's pre-trial brief confirms that he has no good defense of his incitement

Why is Rand Paul not removed since he's wearing no mask?

That MASKLESS Rand Paul should be ORDERED to wear a mask or be forcibly removed

My "wonderful" new senator Roger Marshall (Q-KS) is starting his tenure so great

Kraken on the lam

Eleven Senators voted against the trial rules....

CNN's Manu Raju: GOP senators at lunch said they expect trial to be over by Saturday night

Neera Tanden apologizes for GOP Twitter attacks, pledges to be bipartisan as WH budget chief

Reflecting on my youth I realize that I was an idiot.

February 9th, famous for two groundbreaking events

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Thomas Caldwell, Man Accused of Plotting Capitol Riot, Worked for FBI--Lawyer

The Molly Maguires

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Lloyd Austin takes first steps to repair a battered Pentagon

Shock and Awe.

I've seen the footage - I should be used to it

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The Latest: WH: Will increase vaccine supply next week

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Multiple people shot at Minnesota clinic, 1 detained, police say (AP)

Former NRA Director Seeks Examiner Probe for Bankruptcy Case

Raskin is superb

Former Obama HHS secretary joins marijuana industry group

BREAKING: Faux News Commentator Reveals Democrats Strategy !!!

Powerful opening video montage by House Managers

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Secretary Pete wants fast trains. He'll have to succeed where Obama couldn't.

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The Republican Party must cast out its demons

Founders discussed British leaders impeached after leaving office,

Perfect name for a local garage band


White House confirms Biden will keep embassy in Jerusalem

Imagine seeing this video and experiencing it only weeks ago and thinking "we should move on."

I wish the Republican Party would split in two,

Another "Thank you" thread

A QANON holdout faces reality...

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Yes, I am being nitpicky, but a thing bothering me

Obama calls for Americans to get vaccinated in tweet addressing misinformation

Joe Neguse is knocking down all their arguments.

The first matching donation was made towards the $5,000 DU for Kansas Fair Maps: Anti-Gerrymandering

What does everyone think of Planet 13 Holdings Inc (PLNHF)?

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Meanwhile, it's raining INDICTMENTS today

Boy, I sure wish Republicans could be swayed by truth and logic. nt

Rep. Jamie Raskin on why it's not too late to convict Trump

Joe Neguse for president

Courtroom Jitters?

Karen Carpenter wins trip to Roanoke on The Dating Game 1970

A little humor: "I'm here live, I'm not a cat"

Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes to seek fourth term

Sarah Palin "opened the door" for Donald Trump.

Live Feed of the Trump Impeachment trial

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Seattle's Museum of Flight to reopen March 4 after COVID closure

Senate Impeachment Trial: January 6 Video Montage

What if the "Defense" simply rests without mounting a defense?

Why does Neguse

Who is the man speaking now?

Josh Hawley's Despicable Smear Is a Perfect Specimen of GOP Bullshit

Astounding, that they even have to go to these lengths to convince repubs there should be this trial

You won't find a more stalwart Democrat...

Gunfire at Allina clinic in Minnesota leaves several seriously wounded, followed by explosion

Reaction on plane wings

Multiple people injured in shooting at Minnesota clinic; 1 person in custody, police say

Safeguard our Democracy Now!!

Striking new bit of information! So glad they made this clear!

Opening video at Impeachment trial -

There's no executive exemption and no January exception.

My response to some idiot on youtube comparing Trump's collusion with Russia to QAnon

I can't wait for the Chewbacca Defense to begin!

Leaked personal texts between gop senators:

The Republican rebuttal should be something special.

Judge extends restraining order against Biden's deportation freeze

JUST IN: The Daily Beast's "motion for attorneys' fees and costs" was granted - leaving Fox News...

The $15 federal minimum wage is back in the House Covid aid package. Here's what you need to know

A side benefit to the current impeachment trial

Raskin is making me cry!

Here is the FULL video/timeline that ran during Jamie Raskin's opening address:

Congressman Jamie Raskin is a good man and gentle soul

"I'm here live, I'm not a cat," says lawyer after Zoom filter mishap

Raskin is making me cry

Breaking comments from The Daily show re: Susan Collins:

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Can we all agree that this is bigger than the Superbowl?

Biden Press Secretary Jen Psaki Called Out for 'Homophobic' Tweet Mocking Lindsey Graham as 'Lady G'

Since Inauguration Day, I have a new affliction I am glad to have.

is there a youtube link for that video evidence?

I got a Covid Shot appointment finally! Here's the link:

Fears for Polish Holocaust research as historians ordered to apologise

US Senate Elections in 2022 that Democrats are to win by a landslide to narrow margin.

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Outcry as more than 20 babies and children deported by US to Haiti

Outcry as more than 20 babies and children deported by US to Haiti

Dems should also make this trial about condemning Rs who acquit

I have no doubt that the MSM. will have polls after the senate trial.

Jamie Raskin just made me cry.

"But for" tRump

There's hardly any flu this year. Coronavirus restrictions may be responsible

He's Gonna Step On You Again - John Kongos

They are all cowardly traitors. Every. Single. One.

'Invisible killer': fossil fuels caused 8.7m deaths globally in 2018, research finds

Multiple people at the Allina Health clinic in Buffalo, Minnesota were shot on Tuesday, according to

Ladies and Gentlemen.... The Loony 'Leven!

'Trump War Room' Twitter account goes on the attack as impeachment trial kicks off

from Jamie Raskin:

Castor (*rump lawyer) starts out basically throwing the mob under the bus.

Covid Deaths Soar in Hispanic Counties Even as U.S. Cases Fall

As video of Capitol riot played, some GOP senators turned away

🚨2/9/21: GA State House 90 Special Election Democratic Primary. Runoff on Mar 9

A question for lurking TEAM MAGA members

Full Of Crap Jonathan Turley on FAUX: "... I have evolved in my text ..." He argued the dems case

trump's lead attorney just threw all of his followers under the bus

Mr. Castor Jr.: "Trump is a scapegoat!"

Haha "former President t****"

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I am ignoring the 2nd Impeachment, here's why

****GQP response thread****

drumpf's lawyer's got nothing

No one cares what the dead-enders think!

This Castor guy is boring as hell, and still hasn't gotten around to why they're there today.

Sen. Mike Lee says 'everyone makes mistakes, everyone deserves a mulligan'

For any trolls trying to understand this process:

What an ass kisser this 'defense attorney' is!

This Castor guy is unwatchable. The only good news is Agolf Twitler is surely

The longer this Castor clown talked the faster we counted our spoons

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Impeachment break: The Most Adorable Pets Spying On The Neighbors

Is This Beverly Hills Cop Playing Sublime's 'Santeria' to Avoid Being Livestreamed?

This is the best they can do?????? (Reference ... opening speaker by the Repukes.)

This is what happens when a C student

OK, I can't figure it out.

Best use of a cat filter....ever!

Symphony #5 "Reformation" Felix Mendelssohn

That's one hell of a disingenuous argument

Mr. Castor is giving a master class in "I Got Nuttin'"

Rump's dumbass defense attorney

Cartoons 2/9/2021

Trump's lawyer, Castor, lacks something that makes him sound like a wet mop!

This Mr Castor

Bruce Castor, the former prosecutor who declined to prosecute Cosby

The kind of defense a client gets when the check hasn't cleared!

$14.4M approved for West Seattle Bridge repairs

sorry, castor, it is not political free speech to tell lies that a valid election is a fraud and...

Thieves Nationwide Are Slithering Under Cars, Swiping Catalytic Converters

Excellent tweet about Castor's "speech":

This. Guy Caster is a disaster,

I'm calling it, Dems 31 KQP 9 !!! Castor gets sacked 231 times, Team Trump scores zero TDs !!

this old...❤ of mine, thanks all of you.

I'm trying to puzzle out why none of the insurgents

Subtext: My client's guilty. You know and I know it.

Castor oil needs to stop talking now

What Absentee Voting Looked Like In All 50 States

so what, now 'threat' that when repubs are in power, they will retribute, so don't do this?

At this point *rump

OMG, we're doomed if this trial goes forward! - Castor

Did this Assclown Castor say

Thank you. Another heart.

If You Think About This - Throwing Trump's Followers Under The Bus Works In The Repugs Favor.....

I think I figured out their strategy...

'attack on the constitution'? is he insane???

A real trial - re: Castor

Castor is wearing

Went to sleep during the Sasse part. Was there a point made?

Link to Seth Abrahamson Live comments thru today's proceedings

He just said

Did the Orange One pay this guy in advance?

Thank you so much my hearts.❤️

Trump goes cheap!

Trump likes a guy who "plays a lawyer on TV"...I'd say Bruce Castor isn't playing his role.

This argument

I am smiling.

Pretty sure Trumpo isn't watching this right now.

And now, singing the National Anthem of Anvilania....Bruce Castor!

Castor just called his own client dumb.

Alan Dershowitz thinks Castor's doing a great job.

So far, the most charitable description of Castor's "argument" is "Palinesque". nt

I am tellin' ya, if I were sitting in the Senate Chamber...

Middle Age Riot tweet:

Alan Dershowitz no likey

He is arguing that the House members don't trust the American people

Are we back to the people having to decide this, not the Senate?

now his argument, voters change admins when they want and they did this time, so what are...

This guy is beating around the bush, changing the subject, ...

Why hasn't anyone grabbed the hook and pulled this guy Castor off the stage.

Freedom of speech does not mean you can

Did anyone tell this nut that Trump still believes he won the election and that's why his animals

Castor had a piece of food or regurgitated whatever

OK, just got out of classes and turned on the trial.

Castor is serving a freshly tossed word salad tableside for the Senators.

Another Middle Age Riot tweet::

Have to go with the My Cousin Vinnie response.

He just said

"The Department of Justice can arrest him, and so far I haven't seen any activity....

WOW, he left out the AND

Another "emergency" situation - Humanity Is Flushing Away One of Life's Essential Elements

Rachel Maddow: Is Mr. Castor just... ad libbing?

Newsmax cuts into it so Alan Dershowitz can trash it.[trump lawyer Castor talk}

Castor argument - Charles Manson was just practicing his constitutional right to free speech

Ok! I got it!

Donnie Dipshit should have hired this guy

Schoen wants to cry?

Schoen has a much better suit

This dummy Schoen

"If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit."

I want to say something nasty about David Schoen. nt

Who's this guy yelling at me? lol

Jusushow much time do they have left? And he holds his head while he drinks?

Rep.Joe Neguse speaks at impeachment

If Castor's defense was a scene from a movie

John Fugelsang tweet:

HOLY FUCK, they all drink water the same! Did you see him take a swig out of that bottle?

Bruce Castor thread #327 - he's a personal injury lawyer

Now to the really mad lawyer!

Is this a good cop , bad cop routine?

So we've finally gotten to their argument. It's all about the Democrats suppressing MF45 and his

Who puts one hand on their head while drinking a bottle of water????????

George Conway is really kind of funny

Someone in my office just said, this guy is an asshole, at least the other guy was a polite moron.

So...Boring cop/Bad cop then?

Mr. Schoen is the hired gun lawyer out of central casting.

Why did this guy put his hand on his head when he took a sip of water?

Democrats must answer this bullshit

I want the democrats to talk again, someone put on the democrats, these guys are boring and stupid!

The Dems are looking to disenfranchise voters!?!?!?!

I'm sick and tired of a particular false narrative from the right

Jennifer Rubin tweet: Rudy vs. Castor

Volkswagen is exploring flying vehicles in China

Aaron Rupar has the video, of course: lawyer puts hand on head to drink water...wut

Wait a minute,

What's for Dinner, Tues., Impeachment Day 1, Feb. 9, 2021

Does Shoen not realize that

Attorney Red Buttons Jr. is up now

This guy is freaking hilarious!

All Schoen's video does is show that he should had been impeached earlier.

If the law is on your side...argue the law...

Gee counselor, you think your client wouldn't have been impeached

Wow! This guy is going to have a stroke b4 he is done?

Wait what? That clip was meant to defend Trump???

Now Schoen has gone from obnoxious to downright racist -

Pssst..Mr. Schoen, a GOP freshman Congresswoman has already filed articles of impeachment against

All he's proving is Trump has been doing impeachable things.

This is what you get when you stiff the last good lawyer in DC

Bruce Castor. This is the kind of argument you give when you know the outcome has already

There are very good reasons why there have been so many calls for impeachment.

While the republican defense is that the Democrats are suppressing the vote

Who's up next? Arthur Kirkland?

I think impeaching Trump could actually bring unity

Is he sharing an 8ball with donnie Jr?

Wait for it.. wait for it.. someone will try to yell "squirrel" at any moment

Repeatedly quoting a Republican

You know what I'm NOT hearing from the defense?

Aaawww :) Thank you for my new heart!

I Have Been In The Woods In Northern Michigan How Did The Coup Work Out? My TV Is Broke

How BBC World Service opened its flagship Newshour program just now:

Lawyer on Zoom call with judge is stuck in cat filter mode

Scholar cited by Trump lawyers says he's being misrepresented: "I said the opposite"

Joe Manchin Coldly Blocks Your Stimulus Payments - The Damage Report

If only Trump had hired Castor for his last impeachment trial, Joe might have been elected

Has anyone found a photo of the way David Schoen takes a drink?

Thanks for the hearts.

Another shooting has happened.

I am not a cat.

Who's going to play Schoen on Saturday Night Live?

On February 8, 1994, Raymond Scott died.

Tom Arnold's Wild Night at the Playboy Mansion with Trump, Trump's Mistress, Ivanka and Melania

trump should have been impeached for the Muslim Ban

Red doesn't seem to understand the difference between criminal case and impeachment

Thank you for the hearts

Crazy argument

Uh-oh Twitter says Trump has a surprise 3rd lawyer 🐱😄

Trump BOMBSHELL Shakes Up Impeachment?! - The Damage Report

RIP Supremes' Mary Wilson - here is her only lead vocal from early days + tv interview 2020

Have trouble drinking your water?

Now the bigot is deliberately mispronouncing the Speaker's name


Someone tell me when we get ON with the ACTUAL trial...

I should have started a drinking game, but too late now.

I think Ol' Dave has a bit of a drinking problem...

I'm guesssing that touching the top of his head is a form of blessing

Arguing procedure

Underpants Dershowitz is baffled by Castor's "argument".

I think he is showing the cliff notes version of the constitution

I'm humbled by these hearts, thanks folks!

Schoen's argument applies as well to Grand Jury proceedings.

Nobody is listening to what he is saying

Is he holding up 'the little red book?'

It is our due process to make sure those who fail to uphold the law...

Who had Mao's "Little Red Book" on their bingo card?

Long hysterical Twitter thread about Schoen drinking water. Some of the responses are great!

interest take from people around the world on twitter

New drinking game.

Due process "Let The Big Dog Eat" I guess

The Senate should vote

Trump's historic 2nd trial opens with jarring video of siege

Elie Mystal tweet about Castor's disaster:

Is that The Constitution or a pimped out Charlie McCarthy, WTF LOL????

What does bill of attainer have to do with impeachment?

Shoen is Orthodox; must cover his head when he eats or drinks.

This finally answers everything: Pillow Loser Lindell: Capitol Rioters Were Drugged By Antifa Sluts

It's like a cross between "Inherit The Wind" and Scorcese's "Last Temptation of Christ."

I know the secret defense strategy.

Could somebody please post the video of the "Razzle Dazzle Them" number from "Chicago"?

Does the 2nd Amendment Trump democracy?

I can't stop laughing....

The Bio to the right of the screen of Schoen...?

Schoen is making me seasick

Indeed, Your Honor!

David Schoen is saying Trump is not President when Trump says he is President?

I hope this guy is wearing leak proof underwear?

Here's why Schoen touches his head when he takes a drink

Trump's historic 2nd trial opens with jarring video of siege


Will the Democrats get a rebuttle to this bullshit

I think David Schoen has a habit of making sure his yarmulke stays on when he drinks.

BREAKING: US Judge Lisa Lenihan releases Capitol assault suspect Rachel Powell on home monitoring

We have a new word folks! "Treasery"

fast talking/fast rockingis he on something?

Hey Lindell! Where is my pillow?

David Schoen blasted for 'despicable' defense -- threatening more violence by Trump supporters

The first lawyer was interviewing for a job representing Congress

Maggie H tweet - Castor's presentation was a strategery

Due process, WHATEVER

Trump supporters say he will back in White House on March 4th.

Trump administration tried to suppress Covid-19 testing, new emails show

I'm getting dizzy

tl;dl/cf/rdu wtf is he saying?

That jerk just slimed Jimmy Carter

Hey Asshole, Nobody's 'going back' and impeaching anyone. trump was in office when impeached.

White House, health officials concerned after maskless Super Bowl celebrations

Meaning of "the system works??

Probably got this argument from the Big Con...

Rachel Maddow tweets kinda say it all.


Schoen And Associates

Okay, now two of Trump's attorneys have suggested he be charged with crimes and brought

Trump was impeached while in office!

Ok, so we have a very plausible explanation..

Deer native to India starve to death amid drought in Hawaii

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Wednesday, 10 February 2021

Holding up the constitution with green stickums is

Little known fact ...

Trump Lawyer: Impeachment Could Bring About A Second Civil War

Just because they're given 2 hours to speak

Schoen wants to talk definitions, Shall

Trump was president when he was impeached

"Only The Very Best"...

Trump 'turned red' when staffers said he had missed a call from Putin, new documentary reveals

Can anyone name one merit of the Big Con...?

Your honor, we concede that bills of attainder are bad poo-poo. We will further concede that so are

Is thuggery really democracy?

Don't fear democracy? Then why are you trying to destroy it?

Oh, the poor GOP and their 74 million voters are being suppressed again!

Let's sum up and be crystal clear!

Did they not fear Democracy when they incited people to swarm the capitol to

AOC refuses to apologise to Ted Cruz for claiming he tried to have her killed


He's even putting HIMSELF to sleep! (N/t)

Good lawyers

Bad poetry reading

Is this real or am I really, really high?

OK Senators, you can all wake up now!!

Brilliant Strategy

Why aren't they disinfecting that lectern between speakers?

MI Sen. Shirkey falsely claims Jan. 6 insurrection was staged, not carried out by Trump supporters

Raskin's up now.

81 million is more than 74 million ...

didn't see the "If you don't drop the charges against our guy who is accused of leading an insurrect

I've had so much fun with the hearts, sprinkling them about on friends old and new...

I Wouldn't Be Surprised If Trump Fired His/These Lawyers Today......

Ted Cruz Swipes At 'Team Biden,' But 'Team Cruz' Gets Totally Dunked Instead

Did a Democrat just vote no?

Collins voted "Aye".

Did anyone catch Schoen's nose.

Election of Democratic chair portends change at post office

Thanks for the hearts.

Covid Vaccines ,,,,

The Trial will be Constitutional -update 56-44

Debunking the Bad-Faith GOP Arguments Against Trump's Impeachment The Mehdi Hasan Show

Donald DECEPTIVE Trump ... and his entire family

Incoming US Senators from 2022.

Bill Cassidy (R-LA) voted in favor of continuing the Impeachment Trial. Didn't see that coming.

Channeling George Orwell

Well, the Rs who say they don't have jurisdiction over this impeachment,

"The law firm of Meandering and Furious."

6 GOP Senators voted "Aye"

Gangsters r us just threatened more violence or even civil war if we hold trump accountable.

Ari Melber...

Senate upholds constitutionality of Trump impeachment trial after 6 Republicans vote with Democrats

Bill Cassidy M.D. seems like a mensch

Trump's team know the trial can't be about the actual crime

Thank you for the heart

Trump's entire legal defense boils down to "You can't try my client for murder in New York. He moved

From Paul Begala

So now the first line of Trump's obituary needs to be rewritten.

Thanks for the heart!

44 members of the senate voted for there leader who tried to kill the republic...

Oh thank you!

Chump's lawyers argued in a manner that demonstrated they know for certain

what is vaccine surfing? our local paper said it wasn't allowed but the article is not readable

Raskin Drops The Mike

Biden responds to reporter asking if he's watching the trial:

The 6 R's voting yes:

Names for Trump Law Firm

The disgraced 45 trumped himself. He is where he put himself.

Thank you for the heart

So McConnell voted no.

What poem did Redface quote?

WY will be the state that will get 2 female Republican US Senators in the near future.

Well, I'm feeling good after watching commentary on MSNBC

Idiot pot-smoking DJ insurrectionist arrested today

Two hearts in such a short time

Oh my McConnell!

Trump should have hired Jackie Chiles ...

Awww, someone gave me a heart.

To any reporters reading here

Johnny Carson saw Idiot Lawyer Castor Coming

Blaire Erskine: Bruce Castor's office releases official statement ((SATIRE))

Got my first Hearts!

Dawsonville man arrested, charged in attack on U.S. Capitol

After listening to the trump legal team,

"Disorganized"..."random"..."they didn't talk about the issue at hand"

Did you notice his lawyers kept referring to trump

Rudy: I'm the worst lawyer in America

Trump once suggested impeaching Obama after he was out of office.

So Sen. Cassidy will be censured by the Louisiana Republican Party....

Ex-Capitol Police Chief, 8-Pg Ltr Basically Saying 'White Army Didn't Really Scare Him'

So, cut to the chase. Did we need a simple majority to move this forward?

Thanks for the hearts!!!!

My 14 year old figured this out today !

States that have and will get 2 female Democratic US Senators.

Trump Glad He's Not Paying These Clowns

"Trump was not happy with [Bruce Castor's] performance. He was borderline screaming..."

After Schoen's Senate appearance it has become very clear why Epstein committed suicide. n/t

Jamie Raskin's Touching Recall Of His Daughter's Response To His Promise

Why QAnon Followers Think Donald Trump Will Be Sworn Back In as President on March 4


I'm closing in on posting every song from Heart worn Highways.

Three reasons I can't stand the "Repubs will never vote to convict" meme

I've just discovered why Bruce Castor's presentation was so awful

Mike Shirkey, POS

Q: "Why did you think the Trump defense team did a terrible job?" Cassidy: "Did you listen to it?"

4 year old Irish kid is a busy man:

If you subscribed to everything you wanted, what would it cost?

Trump was quite displeased with his impeachment defense team

Well, the RNC just called.

Jamie Raskin's Powerful Opening Arguments

Need a heartwarming story today?

I wonder how this was covered on Fox and other right wing media outlets?

Four Quarters Brewing is releasing cans and a draft of "Bernie's S'mitten Mittens," this Friday.

I need help.

Eric Garland FTW


Trump may fire Castor overnight

GOP Lawmaker Falsely Says Insurrection Was 'Staged'

Hoax??? And Chinless Mitch was in on it??? WTAF!!!

Watching PBS Newshour, Judy W interviewing Robert Ray

Exiled in Mind

The tell of the GOPers is quite disturbing!

Both our reQug Senators, Roger Q Marshall & Jerry Q Moran

Sens. Murkowski and Sullivan, Vote to Convict Trump - The Republican Accountability Project

Trump supporter arrested after threatening Mitch McConnell's grandkids on Parler

Zelensky advisor offers to cooperate with SDNY in their ongoing probe into Rudy Giuliani

'Disorganized': GOP senator rips Trump's defense team (CNN)

Sorry babies & gentleman...ole Glam's on a Dylan kick....

'I'm not a cat.' Zoom meeting anything but purr-fect when Texas lawyer couldn't turn off filter

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He is the textbook nightmare client.

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"Aunt Jemima" is now "Pearl Milling Company" (ummm, what?)

It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry...

This gets harder each and every year, which is a wonderful thing. (Valentine's Hearts)

TCM Schedule for Thursday, February 11, 2020 -- What's On Tonight: Kiss Connection

Maybe a dumb, but sincere, question.

TCM Schedule for Friday, February 12, 2021 -- What's On Tonight: Romantic Weekend Getaway

Remember what the grounds for impeaching a President should be -

Another heart arrived and my heart is

TCM Schedule for Saturday, February 13, 2021 -- TCM Spotlight: Romantic Weekend Getaway

2/9/64 ... The Beatles take a beachhead on Ed Sullivan

Here's the reason the Buffoon Party is now targeting Mar. 4th for their next action.

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Why Republicans should convict

About to cancel Comcast after they raised our bill.

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Only 17 people can save the GOP now

As video of insurrection played-Senators Paul, Scott, Cotton & Rubio Looked Away

Why New Mexico Hates Texas State Rivalries

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Marshmallow Cream For Brains


The audience of One is not happy...

This noose was made for Trump's own vice president

2/10 Mike Luckovich- Where they came from

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Practice saying this: "It doesn't make any difference!" ( idmad )

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Yes, its over... Trump will get a walk