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So the no masks crowd is going to turn into the no vaccine crowd

Underworld - Juanita:Kiteless:To Dream Of Love

We traveled a collective 1100+ miles to complete our Covid shots in NY

Bolivia's ex-interim president faces arrest warrant for terrorism and sedition

Blatant racism from Ron Johnson on the 1/6 insurrection

VP Kamala Harris to Speak at Nickelodeon's Kids Choice Awards

The best line I heard on M$Greedia today was

Turning Random Internet Drama Into Songs - "Blue Cheese Has Mold In It" 🥗

Woman in China went to doctor about a hurt ankle only to be told she was born a man and is intersex

El Salvador abortion laws on trial in case of woman jailed after miscarriage

Oklahoma prep game broadcaster denounced for using racial epithet

Former reporter accuses Cuomo of sexual harassment

China's five-year plan focuses on scientific self-reliance

Immunity (Luckovich)

Studies: Daylight Saving time can lead to health issues

The fight for the Galpagos: race to expand reserve as fishing fleets circle

Having diabetes makes you racist

It's splitsville for J Lo and A Rod

Army reviewing investigation into Michael Flynn's dealings with Russia, foreign firm

Floridan's Voting Machine. (the onion)

You never left your hotel on Jan 6 Roger? You sure?

Vaccine signup website

If you think marijuana kills children

Anyone else have ads all of a sudden?

Limu Emu and Doug.

Kansas out of big 12 tourney..

I don't have grandparents or parents but in two weeks I get to hug my students. I miss them

Question for those who had Covid and have since received vaccine

GOP senator: If insurrectionists had been Black instead of MAGA I would have been 'concerned'

Biden Just Declared War On Trickle Down Economics And Tax Cuts For The Rich

US Senate seats from the states the Democrats are gonna be winning in 2022.

Sack on Voter Suppression

IRS says new round of COVID relief payments on the way

I have a relative who has premature senility...

Who knew that diabetes causes racism?

New round of stimulus checks are on their way, officials say

Trump Holds Court in Mar-a-Lago, Insists GOP Bow to His Will

Lara Trump's dog charity has been funneling money into Donald.

DU site/Safari Browser issue on iPhone iOS

Attacks on at least a dozen tankers carrying Iranian oil are reportedly due to covert Israeli

Trump Properties Placed on Debt 'Watch Lists'

Biden's Revolution Takes Shape

3rd Degree Murder is more serious than 1st or 2nd Degree (Newsmax legal analysis)

Judge releases alleged Oath Keeper and questions strength of conspiracy case

Michael Bennet is an underrated statesman.

Judge sides with Austin in Texas mask lawsuit

Late Winter, Early Spring - John Denver

This Little French Bulldog Loves To Trust Fall 😭❤️

DeSantis to Biden: Thought of reinstating COVID-19 restrictions 'insane'

Just picked up my taxes from my accountant

So, what do republicans against socialism plan to do with that extra $250-300 per month?

To those demanding that AG James be allowed to conducted her investigation of Gov Cuomo...

Daylight-saving time starts on Sunday. Some US senators are trying to get rid of the clock-change

Florida man killed after motorcycle crashes into bear

This beats Harry-Meghan - Stray-Rod an Jay-Lo have broken up!

Texas State Rep. Pushes 'Trump Wall' Bill That Puts State on Hook to Finish Border Barrier

Trump allies counting on Ron DeSantis to refuse extradition to New York if ex-president gets indicte

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF!

The irony in the GOP trying to restrict voting rights

Biden asks Supreme Court to dismiss suit on Trump-era abortion issue

GOP leader to try to force Swalwell off panel

Puerto Rico sees a surge in tourism - and a rise in aggressive tourist behavior

U of M student told, "You don't look like a U of M student." Cops are called.

Is Cuomo being given less benefit of doubt now than Putin's Whore?

I got stimulated!

From RAINN: What is sexual harassment?

Friday Talking Points -- Biden's Independence Day Speech

The Skyrocketing Homeless Population of Sao Paulo

"Thank you sir, may I have another" Rachel nailed it

The Second New Deal

I love Rachel Maddow!

So I want to see some of the domestic terrorists

OMGAWD.....turned to faux noise during a Rachel break......Lindsey Graham IS TRYING

Here's list of all the languages available for translator support here in New Mexico.

Trump Accuses Biden of Assaulting American People with Long Words

The Daily Social Distancing Show: The Best of Roy Wood Jr. in the Field

Joe Biden's Late-Term Abortion of Bipartisanship, & Other Tales of Terror (F/SC)

FDR was so loved that people voted over and over for him. Biden is going to be the same way

NEW: The feds made an arrest in the brutal assault on Officer Mike Fanone during the Capitol riot.

Democrats launch TV ads in Vegas to take credit for new stimulus package, vaccination effort

flash flood warning up for O'ahu. again

Angie Dickinson walks off 'This Is Your Life'.

The Daily Show: Jordan Klepper and Smugly's Crypto Crash Course

Friday Night Vodka Buzz. Ask me anything.

'Gonna be sore:' La. troopers boasted of beating Black man

Help Is Here - The Democrats

We don't care if you call it #MoneyBaggJoe or Biden Bucks, we gone make a song about it 😂 #stimmy

Christina Greer was AWESOME on Ali Velshi tonight.

This morning, President Biden hosted his first multilateral summit as president. During the meeting

*Glenn Kirschner on Lawrence show.

Of Monsters And Men - Little Talks

Joe: 51 days down.

Watch live Saturday: Space station astronauts are taking a spacewalk

Pa.'s largest pension plan admits making an 'error' that may have benefited teachers at taxpayers'

Great tweet

Accomplice in Madalyn Murray O'Hair case, Gary Paul Karr, gets life sentence cut to 50 years

The Insurrection Investigation will be Big

David Gray - Kathleen Live

2 announcers left their mics on during the anthem called girls taking a knee "fucking n**gers."

Seth Meyers - Biden Signs $1.9 Trillion COVID Relief Bill - Monologue 3/11/21

David Gray - Shine Live

"We broke a few windows, sure but we were a peaceful protest occupying the people's property" Flawle

"If you legalize marijuana, you're gonna kill your kids."

They are Painting a target on the chest of every Democratic official

Sound Transit to offer free Link light rail service for vaccination appointments

Louisville : Breonna Taylor's city gets a new Police Chief

Has Biden increased production of REAL N95 masks yet?

Gov. Inslee issues proclamation requiring schools to offer in-person classes with hybrid model

The rethugs will soon be claiming to be the party of fiscal responsibility

Oliver - Good Morning Starshine

RonAnon Johnson, 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Twenty-four hours after the American Rescue Bill was passed

I'm half way through WandaVision and I am loving it. ***NO SPOILERS***

Eligible is a difficult word to understand in Texas...

Trump Manhattan Properties Targeted By DA Are Struggling: Report

Twitter Help Plz Help (wild bird story)

Biden and leaders of Australia, India, Japan to unveil plan to boost Asia's vaccine supply

Ted Cruz is signing copies of Green Eggs & Ham for a $60 contribution

Thoughts on surviving four years of pure evil

Planned Parenthood of Western Pennsylvania workers vote to unionize

Douglas Adams is more descriptive of Bach than any other writer I know of.

What If Type O Negative wrote Don't You (Forget About Me) by Simple Minds

Angry White People In Anna, TX Flip Out Over Diversity Inclusion

Prosecutors: Capitol riot investigation to be 'one of the largest in American history'

US offers temporary legal residency to people from Myanmar

Female Cuomo staffers say they were pressured to wear makeup, heels, and dresses to please the gover

New health insurance subsidies in Biden's COVID-19 stimulus bill will be available April 1

Ron Johnson says he might have been concerned for safety had Capitol rioters been BLM and Antifa

White House faces challenge overcoming GOP vaccine hesitancy

Wolf says all Phase 1A Pennsylvanians can have vaccine appointments by month's end

House Democrats' campaign arm rolls out first ad on COVID-19 relief package

Did we learn nothing from Maya Angelou? (cuomo)

3/14 Mike Luckovich: Limited immunity

Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - 3/12/21

Ron Johnson says he might have been concerned for safety had Capitol rioters been BLM and Antifa

Hey Look, More 'Fake Trump Protesters' Who Are Actually Violent Trump Protesters!

Utada Hikaru :one last kiss

One Anjanath is a problem, two could be a disaster...

Chris Wallace calls out Larry Kudlow's hypocrisy regarding nation's deficit

☦ Eastern Orthodoxy: 'Behold the Bridegroom Cometh At Midnight' Valaam Choir (Eng. Subtitles]

In politics, like comedy ...

Rep. Katie Porter Breaks Down the American Rescue Plan With Her Whiteboard

*A League of their Own on POP now.

Be careful out there...

Forget the Tesla Cybertruck. This New Electric Pickup Is Even More Wild

Dr. Patel: Had Biden Been President A Year Ago, Covid Toll 'Would Be Nowhere Near What It Is Today'

Eating oreos at 1:04 AM

Wilson the Wiener dog goes on an adventure!

Sandstorm Darkens Saudi City March 12

Netflix Set To Release Documentary on the Last Ever Blockbuster Store

US Senate seats from the states the Democrats will going to be winning in 2022.

Blind Eye Toward Domestic Terrorism?

Merimbula shark attack: beach closed after woman bitten on NSW far south coast

Biden bucks

Will Trump Become The First President Charged With A Criminal Offense? - The Beat - MSNBC

Breakfast Saturday 13 March 2021

Manhattan Prosecutors Zero In On Current, Former Trump Allies - Ali Velshi - MSNBC

Woman arrested after arguing with officer over mask inside Galveston bank

Stephen Colbert - Quaranniversary Special - Monologue and Opening - 3/12/21

Stephen Colbert: Guest Dr. Anthony Fauci

Capital Weather Gang is hiring: We are looking for a new deputy weather editor.

Capital Weather Gang is hiring: We are looking for a new deputy weather editor.

MAGA's to get a special edition of stimulus cheque

How to conduct a Sexual Harassment investigation.

Children reportedly backlogged as migrant holding capacity over 300% in RGV

For SBC, is 'Southern' more important than 'Baptist'?

Should the United States continue to switch between Standard and Daylight Saving Time?

The PC Police are going after Eminem now

SB 15 - $15 Minimum Wage

Biden's Schedule for Saturday, March 13, 2021

Why are Cuomo's accusers all piling on just now? They've

Bidens back in Delaware on the heels of relief bill; more local trips planned

#ProudBoys member Christopher Worrell was arrested for participating in the #Capitol siege... a

Asking the Biden administration to thank trump for his Covid 19 response is like asking the Tate

Ambitious Climate Bill Voted Out of Maryland Senate

Comptroller Extends Deadline for State Tax Filing

Hey Allen Howard Weisselberg

Porsche to produce fuel 'as clean' as electric vehicles

Glitch TV Bot - Help is Here

Photo: Gov. Andrew Cuomo walks on the grounds of the Governor's Mansion

COVID infections in children ― what do we know?

Maryland could be the next state to ban plastic bags

Judge rules Maryland must regulate air pollution from poultry industry

Portland protests night 2: Police detain crowd in Pearl District

Should Cuomo step down, meet Kathy Hochul...

Who knew a sugar spike could turn you into a racist wanker?

Biden and Harris will travel to Atlanta next Friday

Police detain more than 100 Portland protesters in apparent kettling

Unlike many other states, Maryland's legislature is moving to make it easier to vote early or by

Yoga is now legal in Alabama public schools.....after a 30 year ban

My wife slept in spare bedroom last night , I asked her why

I feel free.

On this day, March 13, 1961, JFK proposed the Alliance for Progress in Latin America

Halftime score: A. Cuomo 8, D. Trump 4, R. Johnson 2, R. "T" Cruz 1, Gosar, Greene, Boebert all 0

"Mayor Pete follows me. Post proposals for the USDOT in the comment section"

You Can't Bathe. You Can't Wash.' Water Crisis Hobbles Jackson, Miss., for Weeks

Anderson Cooper isn't having any of it

Elon Musk's Tesla Reopening Followed by Surge in COVID Cases: Report

Police detain participants in Russian opposition forum

Just had my first COVID shot

Cuomo -bottle, blanket, broken

Outbreak linked to hundreds of bird deaths comes to Utah

Jordan health minister resigns after oxygen outage kills six patients

Covid-19 death rates higher in states with GOP governors: Study

I'm watching gratuitous cartoon violence this morning.

CVS has available COVID Vaccine appointments in Virginia (updated)

Breonna Taylor's killing has changed Louisville - but justice has not yet come

Judge Blocks ICE, Records Administration from Destroying Records of Sex Abuse, Detainee Deaths

This Billionaire Governor's Coal Companies Owe Millions More in Environmental Fines

The Democratic Party now needs to push infrastructure repair as the next big accomplishment

U.S., India, Japan And Australia Counter China With Billion-Dose Vaccine Pact

Biden keeping Ukraine at arm's-length

Are ya feeling 'owned' yet?

A message from Tammy Duckworth

'A tremendous sea change': Democrats see a path to remaking the Senate filibuster

Woman arrested after not wearing mask at Galveston bank talks

Modern GOP in a nutshell.

Rep. Paul Gosar's siblings say he's a white supremacist -- but his GOP colleagues stay silent

Women in the military are useless to Fox News' Tucker Carlson. The Pentagon wants more.

If the term "cancel culture" existed throughout history

Wisconsin Kills Double the Quota in a Rushed Wolf Hunt. A Reason to Restore Protective Status

A Rare Victory for Younger Americans

Didn't Fox News go to Court saying no one should take Tucker seriously?

GOP senator Ron Johnson says he may have felt unsafe if BLM, Antifa had stormed Capitol

Noem's Request for Fireworks Permit Denied

Great News! Coal Ash Is No Longer Hazardous Waste, Thanks To Statement By Indonesian Government

Sir William Golding, whose very first novel was Lord Of The Flies, has some advice for Tucker

Warp-Speed Spending and Other Surreal Stats of COVID Times

Two donald trump quotes a year apart:

Got an appointment for my first shot this Friday

Navy investigators found contractor in Capitol riot was known as a white supremacist

"It is clear...Governor Cuomo has lost the confidence of his governing partners & the people of NY"

Microphone Arrays Capture The Sudden Silence In Borneo Forests, Even When Logging Is "Selective"

US restarts aid to northern Yemen

Study Tries To Tie Together All The GHGs Produced By & Damaging Amazon Basin Forests

Fundraising spat points to Trump-GOP fissures

AP: Child-on-child sex assault cases languish on US bases

America's Age of Rage Reflected In American Pickup Trucks; Ever-Bigger, With Even Bigger Blind Spots

Consequences Of The Winter Wolf Hunt, Wisconsin Public Radio, March 5, 2021

Pentagon takes heat for extending Guard's time at Capitol

Met Office: UK Can Expect Increasingly Common Record Rainfall & Floods As Warming Accelerates

Imagine An Entire Industry Built On Being A Dick; EPA Slaps Exhaust Defeat Device Retailer

US Senate seats from the states the Democrats will definitely be going to win in 2022.

Biden's big COVID bill proves a lot of his critics wrong

Lil' Marco Just As Believable On Labor Unions As He - And GQP - Are On Climate - i.e. Not At All

The most stunning part of President Biden's speech was totally missed by the media

In White House vaccine distribution push, some rural areas fear being left behind

Extreme skin piercings.

Banking experts

A nine year old just let me know that wanna is a real word

A Last-Minute Add to Stimulus Bill Could Restrict State Tax Cuts

Wake up happy in the Spring because of subtraction:

Dr. Fauci Chooses Between Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson Vaccines.........

Moderates need to contact Putin

Well..........Damn It!!

Raccoon turns empty box into his own personal armchair

Tucker Carlson's Targeting Of Taylor Lorenz Follows Pattern Of Berating Female Journalist

My local police department

There was a quack in the ice..............

How Millionaire Was Killed by Wife Using Visine

McConnell received a dressing down on Saturday morning from MSNBC host Ali Velshi

DC insider: GOP lawmakers want Trump nailed by Manhattan's DA so they can move on without him

Irish Corned Beef Nachos

New York college votes to let Giuliani keep honorary degree

Texting, Twitter, and Cell Phone Keyboards Make Communications Impossible

Reefer Madness: 'If You Legalize Marijuana, You're Going to Kill Your Kids,' Says Nebraska Governor

'We Are America's True Colors': Meet the Stars of the Queer Rodeo Circuit

Is Joe Biden Gonna Kill His Dog? And Other Absurd Moments From Biden Spox Jen Psaki's Briefings...

262 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Sat; 27 deaths

'Stimmy' & 'Direct Deposit' Become Huge Twitter Trends as Biden's Covid Relief Payments Hit Bank...

Pfizered and Stimulated - What a week!

a billboard that should be seen all across the country

McConnell Backs New Process to Fill Kentucky Senate Vacancy

Joe: W.S. Jenks & Son is a historic hardware store in Washington, D.C. -- and like countless other sm

Some desert snow

Retired Lt. Gen. Russel Honor says Capitol Hill fencing alone will not prevent another attack

Save the Bees

NEW: Timothy Hale-Cusanell breached the #Capitol. He is a @USNavy contractor obsessed with antisemi

Hard to believe you could come up with a worse name for a park than Mosquito Lake

Baby elephant helped out of water trough under cover of darkness

@NASAPersevere A quick-look mosaic my team pulled together of the belly pan, now on the surface of M

These Adorable 30 Animal Friendships Will Make Your Day

Mayors decry partisanship over covid relief, saying city needs are real

Dog Rescue Charity Linked To Lara Trump Funneling Money Into Donald Trump's Pocket

Trump's taxes

Smerconish: Is 1 shot for all better than none for some? (CNN)

Cat Jumps on Bed And Hugs Howling Dog to Shush Him

Trump makes appearance at Mar-a-Lago dog rescue fundraiser

Michael Cohen's repeat visits with Manhattan DA is 'not good news for Trump': ex-US Attorney

Kids these days!

The outrage conservatives are screaming about over the stimulus, anyone else shocked?

Republican men are a central part of coronavirus vaccine resistance

Even IF a Republican secretly wanted to get COVID relief to their constituents...

Men At Work - No Restrictions

Army reviewing investigation into Michael Flynn's dealings with Russia, foreign firm

Montgomery, Anne Arundel honored for best election administration practices

strange error a little while ago

The Montgomery Bus Boycott would be labeled 'cancel culture' in today's environment

Netflix testing a new feature to curtail password sharing

Billionaire outrage on OVERLOAD

Hey #Moscow Mitch, you fucking voted "NO", again you voted "NO" on the American Rescue Bill

Myanmar forces kill 7 as crackdown on protesters continues

Lol. Ted Cruz beard.

"They're checking trash folders, Donald."

Pa. woman created 'deepfake' videos to force rivals off daughter's cheerleading squad

For Biden, there's no place like a weekend home in Delaware

What's in the American Rescue Plan beyond the $1400 stimulus payments

Move over Florida man, Texas man is passing

Geese intruding on osprey nest!

Rudy Giuliani earns two Razzie nominations for 'Borat'

Dog Slides Across Slippery Wooden Deck and Falls off Through the Handrail

Calling A Black POTUS Married 25 Years ...

Weekend TOONs - (Political) Climate Change

Did Trump show Democrats that Republicans are pushovers and cowards?

Stray, Three-Legged Cat Who Spent 9 Winters Outside Has His Own Fireplace Now (Hankie alert)

Breonna Taylor, In The Words And Photos Of Her Sister

FBI warns deep fakes could be the next big cyber threat

It's time to pass #HR1.

Analysis Where the money to states is going in the coronavirus relief bill

The Washington commute could return by fall for many workers. It won't be the same as before.

So You Think Your ...

Democrats finding support for Biden in small-city America

The Clitoris Has About 8000 Nerve ...

from Jamie Raskin:

Why the "Reagan Revolution" Scheme to Gut America's Middle Class is Coming to an End

Professional wrestlers enforce the face mask rule in Mexico City. Video :

Why were Capitol rioters allowed to leave a murder crime scene?

Poor bastard! Sixty years and he still hasn't grown a pair.

IRS is behind in processing nearly 7 million tax returns, slowing refunds as it implements stimulus

Professional wrestlers enforce the face mask rule in Mexico City. Video :

Are any of you Californians waiting MONTHS to get unemployment benefits?

Many in GOP Hope Trump Loses in Court, Goes Away, Says Former Admin Member Miles Taylor

Conservatives Are Furious Biden Delivered a Non-Insane Presidential Speech

More Than 100 Million Covid-19 Vaccines Administered in U.S.

"Not all men"


There was this night, in San Diego in 1981 that, by auspicious magic, I was denied.

What Is the International Sign for 'Help Me'?

Rand Paul Shrugs Off Polling Supportive of $1,400 Checks, 'Hard to Say No' To Free Money

A very wise doctor once wrote,....

"Natural Is Better": How the Appeal To Nature Fallacy Derails Public Health

Uber bans rider after racist attack on Asian driver at LAX

Not Time To Relax Yet - Variants Caused By Morons Who Won't Get Vaccinated Will Come

Trump dives into battle for Senate

TCM Schedule for Saturday, *4:00 PM -- Inherit the Wind (1960)


wormhole ?

OK Now, Let's Get This Straight

my wife has student loans garnished from her pay.

Ella Fitzgerald - Where Or When

"I came, I saw ..."

Image found in comments on Raw Story:

Adjusting to Non-Binaryness

Tea Pain's 'ReallyAmerican' Billboard Campaign

I would like to make a prediction as to which three countries will have the lowest vaccination rate.

Study: Republican-led states had highest COVID cases and death rates

Illinois Jacquet - The Blues That's Me!

Florida's sunshine laws dim as DeSantis decides what to disclose

Doro Pesch feat. Peter Steele - Descent

No, minor Democratic compromises to get things passed won't lose 2022/24

Like Nazis in the past, modern day republican fascists have taken over the use of symbols for evil

On This Day in Space! March 13, 1781: Uranus is discovered!

Repubs dishonestly insisting Trump deserves credit for a vaccine rollout Trump simply failed to do

Trump and the Trapped Country

U.S. reaches Covid-19 milestone of 100 million shots given

This rioter said he wasn't a white supremacist. But look at him in his HITLER GARB!

Alexi Giannoulias is running for Secretary of the State.

Alexi Giannoulias is running for Secretary of the State of Illinois

Dear Internet -- This is 100% unalloyed horseshit. (More crazy Dr. Naomi Wolf)

Catalina mountains hidden

Rainy Day Women #12 & 35

Extreme charcoal art

Former Trump coronavirus coordinator Birx takes job at Texas air purifier maker

On FB without a source - tour guide on Jan 5th. Accurate?

The origins of Texas's proud independent streak

Right-wing extremists, including many who stormed the Capitol, used millions of dollars of Pandemic

If we can fire Dejoy, than what are we waiting for?

Marco Rubio pummeled for quoting the Bible at the worst possible time

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 3/13-14/21 - The First Weekend of "COVID Year 2"

my county just went back into red . yay.

Capitol rally organizer holding fundraiser at Trump property with QAnon congresswoman: report

How to Save a Species When There Are Only Two Females Left

Republican failure to pay tribute to those who died from COVID speaks volumes.

Cartoons 3/13/2021

President Biden denounces attacks against Asian Americans

Virginia GOP gubernatorial candidate calls Black mayor a 'bag boy'

COVID and economy woes walloped Puerto Rico -- but statehood may help bring it back

The Five Tribes of the Republican Party

Europe's third wave: Even the country with the highest vaccination rate cannot hold back the tide

Minneapolis To Pay George Floyd's Family $27 Million In Wrongful Death Suit Settlement

1down, 1 to go

Wyoming election changes move ahead after push by Trump Jr.

No running!

The actual people from *THAT* meme, 10 years on ...

Pierce County works to improve COVID vaccine access as wider eligibility looms

Will the job market ever be the same again?

'Our hands are tied': Clinics forced to wait to vaccinate farmworkers

Feeding the birds and thinking of Riverworld a sci-fi book series

Trying to "opt out" of ads/cookies (not on DU, elsewhere)

Any NYer remember the story of corruption/racketeering with Mario Biaggi?,

Florida COVID update for Saturday: 5,244 cases, 80 deaths as positivity ticks up

So mad about the stimulus payment (not President Biden's fault)

Army reviewing investigation into Flynn, Washington post Friday

A majority of the people arrested for Capitol riot had a history of financial trouble (WaPo)

I have letters from a relative who passed away almost 50 years ago

Utah woman, 39, dies 4 days after 2nd dose of COVID-19 vaccine; autopsy ordered

US Senate seats from the states the Democrats will be definitely going to be winning in 2022.

What's Manafort up to these days

Big Local Vax News!

You misspelled nazis.

Grr. Looks like I won't be getting my stimulus payment anytime soon.

Critics call Sen. Ron Johnson's insurrection comments racist

Perseverance rover sends back sounds of zapping rocks on Mars

TNs Vaccine Lottery Clusterfuck

Ron Johnson - the condensed version

Anybody notice Biden's speech yesterday beginning at 19:30 mark?

Joe: Breonna Taylor's death was a tragedy, a blow to her family, her community, and America. As we c

Proud Boys claim Derek Chauvin trial judge is on their side after he uses 'OK' sign

Billy Strayhorn's Four Freedoms

Officer Sicknick's family must be RELIEVED that Senator Ron Johnson wasn't worried about the rioters

Rehabbed Raccoon Comes Back Every Night To Visit Some Unlikely Friends

PA GOP Sends Robocalls With 'Johnson & Johnson' Caller ID

Now, about those Jewish space lasers....

US Senate seats from the states the Democrats are likely to win in 2022.

Shontel Brown rapping politics!

Th silence of the Dumped.

Sen. Whitehouse: Dark Money Behind GOP Judges Is Now Behind Voter Suppression

What's for Dinner, Sat., Mar. 13, 2021

Sen. Whitehouse Discusses Court Capture on The Last Word With Lawrence O'Donnell

You're In My Chair - A feline response to Covid-19, set to 'Blue Danube' by Johann Strauss

Immaculate Inning-Interesting

Viral Video Shows Texas Man Racially Abusing Shop Employee... Then Police Arrive - From Apr 17, 2019

The hits keep coming for Tim Eyman.

2021 White House Easter Egg Roll Decision On Hold

AG's Office Is Thinking About Suing Jack Evans Over Unpaid Ethics Fines

Jen Psaki lost the perfect opportunity to rib Texas for its false independence

Since it's in the 50's today here in Wisconsin, I took my first long bike ride.

That silly Florida/NY comparison conservatives are trying to sell

"Tell Me That You Are A Woman Without Telling Me You Are A Woman"

State troopers texted about the 'whoopin' they gave a Black man, records show: 'He's gonna have

President Biden leaves Catholic Mass in Delaware with some of his grandchildren this afternoon. He

STFU David Clarke

You have box seats for a game. You have one ticket. You have three seats to offer.

MAGA logic

Some questions to consider about the ...Worst President of the U.S.A.

Gene Weingarten: What is Trump's eternal fate? The Legions of Darkness have some thoughts.

My painting of Ye Olde Gas Station.

Start with one dose to everyone?

One of your colleagues allegedly murdered a woman @metpoliceuk . That's why women are gathering to

Snow - Informer

How does an Irishman

A resolution to hunt Sandhill Cranes proposed in the Michigan Legislature by Sen Edward McBroom

Social network Gab fuels latest conflict among Texas Republicans

AC/DC - Shot of Love

My daughter and son-in-law (3 kids) got their stimulus check yesterday!

'MAGA Life Coach' uses ugly gay smears to attack Joe Biden's vaccine speech

Finally, in over a year of pandemic and four years of incompetence ...

Where's the beef? Runaway steer still roaming Rhode Island

Chubby pastor tells women to lose weight, wear makeup and look "less butch"

Crying 'cancel culture' has become a lucrative money maker for the right

Sack hits it out of the park.

Sweetwater Man Pleads Guilty to $12.3 Million Wire Fraud Scheme

Large Wedge Tornado near Happy, TX - March 13, 2021

4.6 Million doses given today!

anybody tried Hello Fresh?

Conservative group hosts mask-burning party in Parker. McKinney mayor says he was "set up"