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Opinion: Only a fool would say 'woke supremacy is as bad as white supremacy'

'Powerful, maybe even frightening' woman with diadem may have ruled in Bronze Age Spain

RIP Marvelous Marvin Hagler

Here's how you get people to use the steps instead of the escalator.

The Imperious Rise and Accelerating Fall of Andrew Cuomo

2021 Kentucky Derby Prep - 2021 Rebel Stakes

Traces of ancient magma ocean found in Greenland

Media is crying cause Biden hasn't had a press conference yet. Poor neglected media. Boo hoo.

Every form of evil contains the seeds of its own destruction.

Had to get my furry troops calmed down, throwing paws in church

Has anybody else noticed

East Naples man arrested for involvement in Capitol riot believed to be 'Proud Boy'

2021 Horse Racing - 2021 Beholder Mile

"Senate Dems introduce 'assault weapons' ban bill on 205 gun models"

Times Pets Were Caught Destroying Something

Marvin Hagler, middleweight boxing great, dies at 66

Our NEW Surcharge

Monster antimatter particle slams into Antarctica

London mourns Sarah Everard

Majority of Iowans Don't Want Grassley to Run Again

The Case of Sarah Everard: London Abduction Brings Wave of Women's Safety Concerns

It seems to be common now for news agencies to announce

My Fellow Democrats, Let Earmarks Stay in the Dustbin of History - Katie Porter WSJ op-ed


The Case of Sarah Everard: London Abduction Brings Wave of Women's Safety Concerns

RUROUNI KENSHIN: THE FINAL/THE BEGINNING (2021) Full Trailer - eng sub Takeru Satoh

Biden will deploy FEMA to care for teenagers and children crossing border in record numbers

As we noted that it was on March 11 that WHO declared a pandemic

NYT Editorial Board: The Fighter Jet That's Too Pricey to Fail

NYT Editorial Board: The Fighter Jet That's Too Pricey to Fail

The Second COVID-19 Shot Is a Rude Reawakening for Immune Cells.

..How is Tiger Doing?

Two Decades After the 'End of Welfare,' Democrats Are Changing Direction

Nurses fight conspiracy theories along with coronavirus

Louisiana state troopers texted about giving Black suspect an 'a-- whoopin''

Alabama GOP to gift Trump with resolution acknowledging him as one of the 'greatest' presidents ever

Sri Lanka to ban burqa, shut many Islamic schools, minister says

Fauci, NIH director to lead mass vaccination push with DC-area faith leaders

Kerry to Wall Street: Put your money behind your climate PR

For those of you that miss hugs from loved ones:

The Cure - The Kiss (Live 2002)

An old Jack in The Box training film

Can I ask you to please just STOP for a moment?

What was the last movie you saw in a theater?

Trump doesn't lean forward so much in his golf shoes:

Vanity 6 - Wet Dream

Dreamin' About U - Prince

2022 US Senate Election cycle will be similar to the 1998 and 2002 US Senate Election cycle.

Judge allows ACLU lawsuit against Minneapolis police to continue

If you're going to concoct an Andrew Cuomo conspiracy theory, don't make it a lazy one...

Former LAPD commander has no regrets about taking a knee with George Floyd protesters:

Ice Cream Castles - The Time

After receiving second dose, Yo-Yo Ma transforms waiting period into performance at Pittsfield vax..

Probe faults mayor, officials for keeping Prude death secret

3rd Stimulus

Airline passenger refuses to wear mask and urinates in his seat -- faces $250K fine and 20 years

4.6 million shots in arms today!

Visited Dad tonight at the nursing home. He likes his soup. He was eating on a tray in his room.

Capitol stormer says he was there just to 'help police respond to Antifa'

Anderson Cooper Says Donald Trump Can Have Vaccine Credit On One Damning Condition

If it weren't for Al Franken, would Andrew Cuomo have half as much support as he does here?

New World - Prince

Be a hero

Wagakki Band - Japanese rock -live

Everyone walking around half vaccinated...

Got My First Dose Of Vaccine

Deep Dive into Judge Lamberth's Order Jailing Insurrectionist "Q Shaman" Chansley Pending Trial

How Bad Was The Trump Administration For Americans' Health? In A Word, Horrible

The ending theme from Samurai 7

Dog Rescue Charity Linked To Lara Trump Funneling Money Into Donald Trump's Pocket

Okay.....who hacked this Proud Boy's fundraiser?

Pentagon fires back after Tucker Carlson mocks women in armed forces

Every time I see Biden with Harris I'm reminded what a good man he is

A woman who coughed on an Asian Uber driver has now been arrested.

When candidates make reckless statements just to get attention, should they get attention?

Jeannie Pirro throws a tantrum about drugs and booze on her Fox show...

Joe Robinson thread. He's not shredding - He's impressing

*Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy SUNDAY (tomorrow) 9 p.m. CNN

Far from the White House, St. Croix refinery to test Biden's promises on poverty and pollution

Candi Staton's birthday is today

Puerto Rico to reopen historic San Jose church after long restoration

Trump's Washington hotel echoes to silence of missing Maga crowd

Metallica: The Unforgiven (Live - San Diego '92)

Rep. Stacey Plaskett Speaks on Representing a Territory

Alabama Senate carries over bill to strip governor of some emergency powers

Charlie Hebdo: Magazine condemned for parodying Meghan Markle's racism concerns, George Floyd murder

Black Lives Matter holds rally Saturday for Amazon union vote

The 'American Dream' of upward mobility is broken. Look at the numbers

Medicaid hangs in the balance as both chambers kill tech bills

Novavax vaccine: 100% effective against severe disease.

Kotoko : Shooting Star from the Anime Onegai Teacher

Michael Cohen tweets story warning that his meetings with DA are 'not good news' for Trump

Update concerning my ongoing experience with my WIN 7 computer...

Young Democrats of Mississippi to host virtual convention

Tennessee GOP measure to oust Nashville judge fails

Memphis man charged in Capitol riot indicted as part of group


Poor Mrs.Glam. When I get my mind made up, I go OCD... Pt 4 The Finale!

Republican Lawmakers Advance New Bill Limiting Beshear's Emergency Powers

Reminder: Hug an ass today!

Controversial Kentucky school choice bill moves ahead; would let students switch districts

Any Phoebe Bridgers fans on DU and what's your favorite line?

Before you start thinking there are some actual reasonable Repubs like Cheney, Kinzinger & Murkowski

Sea Shanty......for Vampires

Alabama Republican Party to gift Trump with resolution acknowledging him as one of the 'greatest' pr

Trump slipped in further privatization of medicare

'How dare you': Democrats lash out over bill criminalizing police insults, but bill passes

Buzzing pleasantly on some lemon vodka. How's everyone doing tonight?

Deborah Birx, ex-White House COVID response coordinator, joins George W. Bush Institute in Dallas

Give them long enough and they will love you...

Maximum number of US Senate seats the Democrats will have after 2022.

"Kat4Obama" on twitter slaps down NYT Peter Baker for whining about Joe.

What have we done?

Tweet of the late night:

Sprung for Acrobat PDF trial. To burn to a CD, do you have to save to Cloud first?

So, about these people who will not get vaccinated . . . . .

Jeff Tiedrich tweet:

Biden's 7th Week in Office - NowThis News

Jennifer Koh plays Ornette Coleman's 'Trinity'

New Mexico Senate committee advances high-income tax hike

President Biden prepares national tour after passing coronavirus relief bill - CBS News

City of Santa Fe, union working toward settlement on pandemic furlough pay

Ivison: New book by former central banker Mark Carney reveals him as a man on a mission

The former prez is working as a greeter at a club in Florida...


SEA LINE -Cover- ( Toshiki Kadomatsu ) / Rie a.k.a. Suzaku Instrumental Summit Ladies Night

Artist sues in federal court to block destruction of Santa Fe mural

An 83-year-old Asian American woman was spit on and punched so hard she blacked out, police say

AOC: What's in the American Rescue Plan - NowThis News

Insurrectionist in Chief (Bannon)

Tweet of the early morning:

The Daily Social Distancing Show: If You Don't Know, Now You Know Everything: Environmental Round-Up

Chris Hayes Breaks Down Hidden Gems Of The Covid Relief Bill - All In - MSNBC

AND then there is this... Ninja Cats

Extremists In The Halls of Congress - Ali Velshi - MSNBC

'We're not at fault': Margaret Cho on rise of anti-Asian violence (CNN)

Seeing a big slowdown in RW facebook activity.

Victory for Attorney Threatened With Jail for Talking to Westword

Doonesbury: Looking for a new predictive belief system?

How much education does it take to be educated?

Army reviewing watchdog probe on Michael Flynn's international dealings

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Cheetahs Never Prosper Edition

☦ Eastern Orthodox: 'Journey Through Darkness' by Fr. John Breck

House Oversight Committee demands release of $6B USPS vehicle contract

Governors evade sunshine laws to keep records from public

Colorado's last standing coal plant?

Get My Payment .....Stimulus Check

Pathological Entitlement and the Supremacist Mindset

☦ Antiochian Orthodox Christian Cathedral of St. George in Wichita, Kansas

So DeSantis signs an order allowing people over 60 to get the vaccine,

The War on Indigenous Women

The War on Indigenous Women

We're used to women being told to modify our behaviour as a reaction to male violence.

Faith No More - Sunny Side Up

Hannity divorced his wife for Ainsley another fox blonde such wonderful family valutes

....on the plus side

A graffito I saw in Vietnam aptly describes The Former Guy

Biden's Schedule for Sunday, March 14, 2021

Our Era's Defining Battle: Facts vs. Misinformation

Did you turn your clocks back one hour last night?

Trumps property-in 1995 for $7.5mm; In 2012, Trump told lenders it was worth $291mm....

I slept in until 5!!!!!

House Dems draw the line: No bipartisan cooperation with Republicans who questioned the election

Hugs kisses and out the door, my boys of summer baseball

Fake news, like dud banknotes, threatens society

The Will of the People

Any pet insurance recommendations?

Something is missing...

Little dog was howling because she thought she was home alone.

My vaccine experience

Consider Donating for this Billboard

House Democrats draw the line: No bipartisan cooperation with Republicans who questioned the

Yo-Yo Ma brightened the days of some MA residents Saturday when he gave an impromptu performance...

Well, the fascists have set their sights upon Democratic Governors

When someone complains that Biden hasn't held a press conference, remind them of this.

Renowned Cardiologist and Nobel Peace Prize Winner Bernard Lown Dies at 99

Non Sequitur - Why Stonehenge Was Abandoned

Katie Porter: Haters will say you don't actually have OVRSITE plates on your minivan

Last year at this time

Doonesbury - Building Bubbles Since 2003

Lol, good one!

Al Jaffee turns 100, and Mad magazine salutes its legendary artist with a birthday tribute

Reassurance for people with anxiety about possible reactions to the 2nd vaccine.

Breakfast Sunday 14 March 2021

We all need Dangerous Coats

Another Republican hypocrite/liar: Rep. Mara Elvira Salazar

Lake Ozark Mayor Exposed: Prostitution, Jail Girls, And The Sugar Daddy

Majority of Iowans Don't Want Grassley to Run Again

Edelman Touts Its Green PR "Cred", But Took $4 Million From Oil Lobby Too Extreme For BP, Shell

Maximum number of US Senate seats that the Democrats are likely to win in 2022.

Maximum Arctic ice extent was probably reached on March 11th

Billionaire WV Governor Owns Coal Companies That Owe Millions In Fines For Environmental Violations

Bill To Prop Up Coal Power Too Absurd Even For WV Legislature, But Customers Still Get To Pay More

It is time to be thankful

Help Me

On this day, March 14, 1879, Albert Einstein was born.

Is the European Union lifting its ban on U.S. travelers to its countries?

More Visionary Bojo Leadership; +/- 50% Cuts To UK Global Research On Climate, Resistant Diseases

...North Korea unresponsive to behind-the-scenes Biden administration outreach - U.S. official

Since 2010, Now Fifth Winter W/O Enough Ice For Harp Seals To Give Birth In Gulf Of St. Lawrence

'care work done by poor women is worth 10.8 trillion US dollars: 3X bigger than whole tech industry'

Biden Bucks

With the story from the UK about the death of Sarah Everard, evidently at the hands of a police

GQP Men The Core Of COVID Vaccine Resistance, With A Generous Assist From Fox News

Fauci Backs Biden's Vaccination Timeline: We Could 'Reach a Certain Degree of Normality' by Summer

Headline this morning from the AP about "Democrats banking on aid to win back the working class."

Dear Mr Secretary of State

After Getting Second Covid Shot, Yo-Yo Ma Plays His Cello For Vaccine Clinic

Anyone know what's up with Q these days?

Duncan pup is in love with retired army nurse. WTF Duncan tropical lighting 25th infantry

'We're Going to Take This Damn Place': Capitol Hill Insurrectionist Who Bragged to the Media is...

Rescue Cockatoo Loves Sunbathing and Dancing With Mom

Cat 3 is trending (no, not a hurricane)

Andrew Cuomo Subjected Ex-Wife Kerry Kennedy to 'Instances of Physical Abuse': Report

A few COVID vaccine recipients developed a rare blood disorder


My wife worked hard on Friday to find a vaccine location in MN.

How Trump's Judges Stuck a Pin in the 'Stop the Steal' Balloon

Greg Abbott suggests Dem election reform allows 'using cocaine to buy votes'

Americans see better days ahead in pandemic and economy -- CBS News poll

Trump was supposed to be a political Godzilla in exile. Instead, he's adrift.

Pelosi: Cuomo should 'look inside his heart' to see if he can 'govern effectively'

Les Brown was born on this date.

Abrams on GOP efforts to target voting: 'It is a redux of Jim Crow in a suit and tie'

Happy Pi Day, Y'all!

GOP goes on the attack against Biden relief bill

Quincy Jones has a birthday today.

Top Georgia Republican says he won't run for Senate

Pelosi says women should be believed but stops short of calling for Cuomo's resignation

Paris may face new lockdown as ICUs fill up


Credit where credit is due?

Capitol riot investigators shifting focus to militia group with ties to Trump associates: ex-FBI...

Jill Wine-Banks just said Cuomo deserves due process and the process should proceed....

Murphy: Immigration surge began under Trump

Listen to Your Attorney on Real Estate Transactions, But Use Your Own Common Sense

Pelosi on infrastructure: 'Hopefully we will have bipartisanship'

A mailman just delivered an Amazon package.

Treasury secretary minimizes risk of inflation caused by Covid relief package

"Venus" -- Shocking Blue 🆚 Bananarama

649 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Sun; 7 deaths

Let's talk about the most important question from Tucker Carlson....

Marcella Nunez-Smith, top Biden adviser, has "not seen any evidence" of migrants spreading virus...

Not a single Trump appointee on any court voted to support his fraud claims.

Advice needed on Stomatitus in cats

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that Democrats going to win.

Trump's Washington hotel echoes to silence of missing Maga crowd

6 people I know have had both moderna shots, and 4 both Pfizer shots

did i hear that right? (on edit: no i did NOT hear it right)

Georgia voting rights activists pressure big corporations to oppose GOP-backed ballot restrictions

The Repubs reccommended impeachment against Cuomo in February

Golly jeez! Ron Johnson WI-R says that he didn't feel threatened by the rioters,

'Take the kids out of school': Fox News segment claims in-person learning teaches 'how to hate...

"Hugs are coming"

France approves J&J's one-shot covid vaccine

How Trump's team amassed a $1 trillion war chest for Biden to deploy

Georgia Republicans literally want to outlaw giving a thirsty person a drink

New York's vaccine czar called county officials to gauge their loyalty to Cuomo amid sexual harassme

'care work done by poor women is worth 10.8 trillion US dollars: 3X bigger than whole tech industry'

Dog Keeps Sneaking Into This Woman's Yard

Climate Change--Who Pays?

Opinion: Joe Biden's covid-19 relief bill is an extraordinary achievement

Nuggets of insight from "Secrets of Ancient Empires" YouTube


Opinion: Here's the difference between the Democrats and the Republicans

1.36% of the U.S. population got a vaccine Saturday and we just passed 106 million vaccines given.

What Fiction are you reading this week, Mar 14, 2021?

Chris Christe: What A Shmuck

Soledad O'Brien asks Michael Steele why he hasn't quit 'overtly racist' Republican Party

Lol: Trump Supporter Claims This Photo Shows Trump Looking 'Better Than Ever!'

HEY!!! Where's The Ferret??????

Capitol riot suspect accused of assaulting cop and 'Burying his Badge'

Why We Get Addicted to Certain Foods...

I'd rather,......tuck!

New York's vaccine czar called county officials to gauge their loyalty to Cuomo

Helpful thread on the scammy dog rescue charity that held a fundraiser at Mar-a-Lago this week.

Democratic Leaders who've said they think Gov Cuomo is innocent of the accusations against him...

My exercise routine is now limited to trying to close the

Oh shit...

Editorial: Can Andrew Cuomo Continue to Lead?

On Monday, March 15th, those of us 60 years of age and older can get the vaccine in Florida

My goodness. Twitter is having a field day at this lackey's expense.

Blues image, "Ride Captain Ride"

Anna Arkana: Why we can't accept cancel culture

Just for DUers... here's a CBS News Poll Question about Biden's job approval as president.

BTRTN Presents The (Lindsey) Grahammy Awards: The Year's Best in Republican Hypocrisy

BTRTN Presents The (Lindsey) Grahammy Awards: The Year's Best in Republican Hypocrisy

Yippee!! I can rec and vote again! Thanks admin!

Collins, Klobuchar target senior fraud with Senate proposal

Happy Pi Day!

Democrat Abrams urges lifting filibuster for U.S. election reform bill

Texas lawmaker: Biden administration didn't cause influx of migrants at border

Police Shrugged Off the Proud Boys, Until They Attacked the Capitol

Exclusive: Sen. Chuck Schumer On What's Next For Democrats From Infrastructure To Racial Equality

Bill Cassidy Blames Biden for Border Crisis, Nancy Pelosi Says Admin Inherited 'Broken System'

I had to use 3 tools today

How are Colorado DUers handling the snowstorm?

When I asked a friend how his diet was going, he said he was "down to four".

GOP governor: Time for 'heavy-handed' COVID-19 restrictions to fall by the 'wayside'

Wells Fargo, Chase not processing stimulus payments until Wednesday, sparking criticism

Anyone here familiar with "Gab"???

House Democrats draw the line: No bipartisan cooperation with Republicans who questioned the...

Coronavirus relief bill is false advertising: Sen. John Barrasso

All the lawsuits now that he's left

Music Unappreciation. Just heard his. Has anyone else?

Literally voted AGAINST the bill...that she's taking credit for.

Charges filed against Proud Boys member who allegedly pepper-sprayed police during Capitol

More "Why it's So Good Coming Home to your Dog"

Chuck Berry's illegitimate children

Nancy Pelosi Dismisses GOP Criticism of Stimulus, Cites 'Bipartisan' Support Across U.S.

A short history of the filibuster: Rarely a tool for good -- and never a tool of democracy

Handle to help getting in an out of a car?

Burn or Return, what will Trumpers do with their Communist $1400 Squad Checks?

NINGEN ISU / Heartless Scat

Fewer people take a 'wait and see' approach to COVID-19 vaccine -- here's what changed their minds

The History of Four-footed Beasts and Serpents.

Texas lawmaker: Biden administration didn't cause influx of migrants at border

"Some dads are better at dadding than others..."

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Monday, 15 March 2021

Ninja Cats

Looking for comfort? See if you can find your cat.

A Navy security contractor was arrested for rioting at the Capitol

2 texts in 3 days! Meijer is making sure I don't forget about my 2nd Pfizer jab, on Thursday.

One from the archives ... Aruban Whiptail

Venerable Dallas Bar Celebrates St. Patrick's Day and the End of Covid Restrictions

California activist charged in D.C. Capitol riot is honored by Sacramento GOP group

This is how it ends ( the Trump fadeaway )

INSURRECTION IS POPULAR IN FLORIDA 22nd sunshine state terrorist has been arrested

Woman cries after Oprah disagrees with her bigoted views

3.14 - My Mom and Pi

(Jewish Group) Brazilian police raid church whose pastor prayed for another Holocaust

How I Faced My BIGGEST FEAR...and Survived! S2E1 with Katee Sackhoff (Bo Katan-The Mandalorian)

Al Franken Interviews Bestselling Author Heather McGhee On the Costs of Hate: The GOP Playbook

(Jewish Group) Menachem Kaiser thought he knew his family's Holocaust history.

(Jewish Group) This historian is preserving North African Jewish music from a bygone era

Businesses and the homeless at odds over Everett ordinance

NJ Trump Fan at Capitol Riot Charged After Co-workers Call FBI

Cartoons 3/14/2021

Cuomo aide, who is accused of helping cover up nursing-home death tolls, was once a professor of eth

A Law Firm Aimed To Turn VOA Into A Trump Propaganda Machine. Now It Faces Ethics Questions.

Just Made My Wife's Appointment

A number of Insurrectionists used Pandemic Protection Loans to fund extremist activities

Pastors are leaving their congregation after losing their churchgoers to QAnon

(Jewish Group) Hitler this, Hitler that.

Dr. Fauci says this is the biggest question he still has about Covid-19 (CNN)

BEWARE! This Could Be USA, Soon! Pay Attention To President Biden & Dr. Fauci!

Residents of a Florida City park have lived there for decades. They have until Wednesday to leave

Fifth Montana Man Is Arrested For Insurrection

Republicans Don't Care (Icona Pop - "I Love It" Parody) - The Divided State of America

☦ St. David of Wales/OrthodoxWiki

Texas 3% arrested in connection to US Capitol Insurrection

Michelle Obama to be inducted into the National Women's Hall of Fame

Don't be a SUCKER

For my 3,000th post, nothing too deep.

David Cross: Why America Sucks at Everything

NPR: Tracking the people charged in connection to the insurrection

Ireland suspends AstraZeneca vaccine amid blood clot reports

Massive Facebook study on users' doubt in vaccines finds a small group appears to play a big role in

Some new music for a Sunday afternoon/evening

The Guardian: Third Covid Wave Sweeps Across the EU

Grandpa is addicted to Viagra

Gerardo - Rico Suave

Chickasaw Nation Offers Free Vaccines to All Oklahomans, Beating State Officials

Stephanopoulos should have responded this way to American Rescue Plan GOP Sen. John Barrasso lies.

On March 11, 1961, Barbie's friend Ken was "born."

Okay Photographers, this is just way too cool.

Why DC Statehood Would Strip Joe Manchin of His Power

Rachel Maddow: wait, what?

My Very First Real Estate Transaction - Youthful Solutions

Toenails are surprisingly easy to take off.

Murder By Right Wing Ideology

What's for Dinner, Sun., Mar. 14, 2021

I have an idea............

Hate-filled messages spray-painted on local restaurant after owner speaks on mask policy

The MAGA people on 3/14/21 (& 1/6) in a small insignificant way remind me of Robert Heinrich Wagner.

The GazettE: Filth in Beauty Live

Is hannity telling his sheep to put American flags outside of house

2 Men Charged In Capitol Riot Recorded Bonkers Boasts They Crashed The White House

Now the GQP wants to cancel the military.

Opinion: Jackson water crisis shows Nina Simone is still right about Mississippi

Kurt Bardella: "Ron Johnson is a racist. He is a white nationalist sympathizer..."

Cuomo's vaccine "point man," the guy accused of making phone calls to gauge the support

Idaho ends Powerball participation amid lawmaker concern that Australia could use lottery revenue

Corporate Heavyweights Come Out Against Voting-Restriction Measures by Georgia GOP

I have an idea............

I Bought A Batch of ...

Another Sunday afternoon, another feeling of dread

Ban It!

Mormon leader calls his family's donations to Biden, Democrats an 'oversight'

Things Republicans Don't Mind Canceling

Fauci says guidelines 'will be much more liberal' by July 4 if US cases drop

Q: If someone from the 1950's suddenly appeared today,

Stimulus checks sent to wrong bank accounts for some Americans checking IRS 'Get My Payment' tool

Looking For A New Air Fryer......

I will break my rule of not posting videos of 45 because 🤣🤣🤣

Trump was supposed to be a political Godzilla in exile. Instead, he's adrift.

In late December a relative of insurrectionist Guy Reffitt reported his violent plans to the FBI.

The #1 thing for Democrats now should be.............

Toots & the Maytals won the Grammy for Best Reggae Album -Got to be Tough!

Just watch Justin Thomas' sponsors come flooding back

I have a question about mariachi music -- at least I think it's mariachi --

we have had 4 earthquakes today in the middle of Kansas

President Biden just responded about Cuomo

PM Update: Temperatures drop overnight. Less windy but cooler on Monday,

L'arc en Ciel: Sunadoki (such as)

R Maddow won Grammy for Best Spoken Work or some such category.

This clown is trying to rename our state park after you know who.

Who do you like in the NCAA tournament?

Tommy Castro + Back Up Plan 2009

🧵The Capitol Siege was a violent bloody failed coup d'etat. Officers sustained traumatic brain injur

**Finale, All Creatures Great and Small, MPT, CH 22,

Meatier meals and more playtime might reduce cats' toll on wildlife

Anyone else feel it?

Mendacious Ted Cruz, The Charlatan of the Senate: Biden siccing Military on Tucker Carlson

Change in net worth, March 2020 to March 2021

Can you do Texas Toast in a microwave?

China's internet was hailed as a path to democracy but the Communist Party reshaped it in its own im

Oklahoma House passes bill to protect drivers who hit protesters