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Crazy wild weather March 17-18, 2021

Sen. Pat Toomey Blocks Bill Protecting Stimulus Money from Debt Collectors, Says It's Too Late


Message from Navajo County Democrats re: Asian Hate

Joy Reid pissing me off,

Autopsy Reveals Casey Goodson Jr., Black Man Killed by Ohio Sheriff's Deputy, Was Shot Five Times Fr

Attacks against Asian Americans are up. It's time to pay attention.

Biden postpones event promoting Covid relief in Atlanta to meet with Asian American leaders

DUers remember early in the Serial LIAR's admin he attacked an Asian-American

Winter Beach Sunset

Worldometers is showing a definite 4th wave of Covid

What roadside attraction did you always want to visit but your parents would never stop?

Students who got partial federal loan relief to see full discharge

US Senate seats that Democrats win in 2022.

Lyrics have been a big distraction lately

Another variant, same disease - Sack cartoon

Rep. Boebert makes a baffling and conspiratorial claim, saying the GOP may retake Congress 'before..

Highlights From Joe Biden's 1st Primetime Interview As President

Very odd Boebert answer during a town hall event in Montrose, Colorado

72 Democrats sign motion to expel Marjorie Taylor Greene from Congress

Lost my temper over my pet peeve

Senate Approves Biden's CIA Director Pick

Rand Paul tries 'gotcha' question on Dr. Fauci. It backfires HORRIBLY - Brian Tyler Cohen

Mark Rober: Glitterbomb Trap Catches Phone Scammer (who gets arrested)

Wax Statue of Trump Removed

I drove my wife to her shot. In and out of the Las Vegas Convention Center in under 30 mins.

Witnesses: Elderly Asian Woman Beats Up Man Attacking Her In San Francisco

Biden will meet with Stacey Abrams in Atlanta

The IRS delayed Fed Taxes but the states did not.

Former Fla. state senator arrested for violating election laws

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread!

The GOP's voter suppression crusade is costing them donors. This is why they won't stop.

Fiddler on the roof - Tradition

Lawmaker fires back at Republican's comments during hearing (CNN)

House passes scaled-back immigration measures as GOP support wanes

Apple Warns Against Unauthorized Tracking After China Workaround

Rand Paul Gets Schooled On Coronavirus Variants After Calling Fauci's Masks 'Theater'

Washington's eviction moratorium to be extended through end of June

New bill on Puerto Rico status introduced by Reps. AOC, Velzquez, Sen. Menendez

The First Big Study On COVID-19 Reinfection Is Here. Here's What It Means.

TCM Schedule for Sunday March 21, 2021 - Ron Moody

Hawaii reaches 1/3 of residents vaccinated....

*10:15 PM -- Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961)

Inhaler: Cheer Up Baby

Sundry other things -And apropos of nothing

In the Chinese-language newspaper racks on my street

Ari Melber's Special Report On The Pandemic Generation

Gov. Inslee: Vaccine eligibility in Washington expands again March 31

Donald Trump Is Drowning in Criminal Investigations and Legally Screwed

Jack in the Box manager stabbed after telling customer to wear mask, Texas police say

Federal judge dismisses lawsuit against Seattle's hazard pay for grocery store workers

TCM Schedule for Monday March 22, 2021 - Star of the Month: Doris Day

The Lost Pirate Kingdom, Netflix

9 Of The 10 House Republicans Who Voted For Impeachment Already Have Primary Challengers

Former Florida lawmaker charged with funding sham candidate

A Texas-size failure, followed by a familiar Texas response: Blame California

*Miss Marple on PBS (Ch. 26 WETA) dc area, 10 - 12 (now)

Miss Marple on PBS (Ch. 26 WETA) dc area, 10 - 12 (now)

A Caravan at the Border (Luckovich)

That was weird.

New music time

Psaki: 'No Question' That Trump Admin's Rhetoric Has 'Elevated Threats Against Asian Americans'

Glad SOMEONE caught it; cloudy here.

House scuttles GOP attempt to boot Swalwell from intel panel

54% of Republicans said they believe the Capitol insurrection is getting too much attention, a new P

Are you one of the 200k? 🤣

Putin Misses Former Employee

One. Last. Puff.

Gardens & Villa - Disco Kitchen

would you support business that said you can only come in if you prove vaccination

"in Georgia, it's easier to buy a gun than it is to vote."

I love Marcia Fudge!

The Sun this afternoon, centered on sunspot region 2810. North is to the right

It can be done.

Who decides what is hate? How about the person on the receiving end of the hate?

Real Time with Bill Maher guests - Friday, March 19, 2021

King Crimson - I Talk to the Wind

Bunni the Huntress teams up with MonsutaHanta Yui for a twin Anjanath Hunt

Late Night Hosts Call Out Anti-Asian Hate After GA Shootings - NowThis News

The Princeton Historian Mugged by Reality

Anyone here have an opinion on or have done genetic testing?

Photo of the first page of Clarence Gideon's original petition to the court (Gideon v Wainwright)

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Finally a President Who Does What He Says He'll Do

The Korean Vegan makes Vegan Budae Jjigae (Army Base Stew) while discussing Asian hate and more

U.S. Will Send Vaccine to Mexico and Canada

Hey Robot with John Oliver - The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

The Daily Social Distancing Show: The Filibuster - If You Don't Know, Now You Know

SARS-CoV-2 infection is effectively treated and prevented by EIDD-2801

You're in a rocky relationship. You handcuff yourself to your partner. What happens?

Argument technology for debating with humans

Cuomo's First Accuser Raises New Claims of Harassment and Retaliation

The Daily Social Distancing Show - The Daily Show's Bracket Of Bulls**t: Pandemic Edition

Devo - Mongoloid [2001 Remaster]

Arizona Senate to hand-count 2.1 million Maricopa ballots

Seth Meyers - Trump Urges Americans to Get Coronavirus Vaccine - Monologue 3/17/21

Seth Meyers: Guest Dr. Anthony Fauci Breaks Down the COVID-19 Variants

The Moon tonight, March 18, 2021. Waxing Crescent

Forty two years...

*Ruth - Justice Ginsburg In her own words.

Anyone watching Colbert?

Sure, tell us how much you care about women's sports...

Raskin Condems Violence Against Asian Americans.

Jonathan Pie: The Right to Protest and Offend

Biden White House Sandbags Staffers, Sidelines Dozens for Pot Use

Seth Meyers - McConnell Threatens "Scorched Earth" as GOP Attacks Voting Rights: A Closer Look

It's a Long Way to Tipperary

"It will be Armageddon": Some Democrats fear midterm backlash without filibuster reform

WA PO: I grew up in the South as an Asian American. It was clear I wasn't welcome.

Michelle Obama and Jimmy Crash Random Zoom Meetings - The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Senate passes bill allowing VA to vaccinate all veterans, spouses

Michelle Obama Reveals the Secret to Getting Her Daughters to Spill the Tea The Tonight Show

'At Least They Don't Know About My Leaking, Prolapsed Anus,' Thinks Devin Nunes Filing Lawsuit...

Tucker Carlson Says Immigrants Make America Ugly, Unhappy, Chaotic, & Less Cohesive!

How do Republicans keep Devin Nunes on as the ranking member of the Intelligence Committee...?

The son of a victim in the Atlanta rampage tells Daily Beast about his mom

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - 'Distant Sky'

Pennsylvania AG Says The Big Lie 'Did Produce A Cynical Public' - Deadline - MSNBC

Yeah! I get my first Moderna Vaccine tomorrow!! Woo Hoo! n/t

Zack Snyder's Justice League Soundtrack Song to the Siren - Rose Betts

Seriously, stop sharing your vaccine cards on social media

I like what Lawrence O'Donnell said.


Fmr. Amb. McFaul On Russia-US Relations - Ayman Mohyeldin - MSNBC

NC Extends Tax Filing, Payment Deadline to May 17th

3/19 Mike Luckovich: The surge

Colombia's opposition calls for protests against attempted 'coup'

Ylja - Vsur Vatnsenda-Rsu

Malcolm Kenyatta Confronts Minimum Wage Opposers

Trump Facing Indictment?: Money, Criminal Probes Engulf 45 - The Beat With Ari Melber - MSNBC

Lula Asks Biden for Vaccines for Brazil in An International Interview

We're all in this together

Missouri will open vaccine clinics to all adults April 9

Los Pachenca Emerge After Return of Paramilitary Boss to Colombia

Watch The 11th Hour With Brian Williams Highlights: March 17 MSNBC

Coincidences do occur

Uruguay Remains Hub For Trafficking Women to Europe

FBI Releases New Video Of 'Most Egregious' Assaults On Officers At Capitol Riot - All In - MSNBC


Republican Logic

New Legislation Needed - If Victim Of Hate Crime Over 65 Add 10 Years To Sentence

Say it ain't so, Joe!

'It's A Flu, It Ain't A Covid!' How To Fight Vaccine Hesitancy - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

The Visitors

Light Over Shadow - Planet Drum

Abba - One Of Us

President Donald Trump: Calling it the 'Chinese virus' is not racist at all, it comes from China

Ain't that a Shame - Cheap Trick


Calhoun Square

Greta Van Fleet - Heat Above (Live)

Rush - The Spirit Of Radio

Two Texas telemarketers just got hit with FCC's largest fine ever for robocalls

Wouldn't it Be Nice

US, China spar in first face-to-face meeting under Biden

Eating oreos at 2:48 AM (severe back pain edition)

Disastrous Trump Covid Response Runs Deeper Than Mere Mismanagement - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Macri returns with book, offers rallying cry for opposition

SXSW 2021: Pete Buttigieg returns to event that sparked presidential run

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 3/18/21

Save a piece for me!

Stephen Colbert: Guest Senate Majority Leader Senator Chuck Schumer

Capitol Capers

Cyclists no longer required to stop at stop signs in Utah, per Governor Cox

teller to Black woman trying to make withdrawal: 'I Just Don't Feel Comfortable Giving It you'

Anyone ever gone through caffeine withdrawl? How long does it last?

Lawmakers address barriers faced by homeless youth seeking medical care

Apparent Catalytic Converter Thief Crushed To Death By Collapsing Car In Anaheim

Proposal seeks to close 'ghost gun' loophole, criminalize guns on private property

the moment fireworks go off at southern California home stockpiling fireworks (happened tuesday)

Assembly Speaker Jason Frierson undergoing treatment for prostate cancer

Most 2020 Nevada election integrity cases resolved without finding of fraud; recent Republican

Fox News slammed for whitewashing Georgia Spa Shooter as "'remorseful' sex addict?"

IndyTalks: Can (and should) mining pay more in taxes?

Biden's popularity fell when people started to receive their checks (Rasmussen Reports)

Second Gentleman's first solo trip

Russian man pleads guilty to cyberattack attempt on Tesla Nevada factory

Biden administration ousting staffers for pot use

So DUers did you notice that among those trafficked ''young dead prostitutes'' Update

Anybody else not get stimulus direct deposit? I get SS deposits right on time and got...

Burning Man announces 2021 theme. Will there be an event? Decision coming by end of May

Friday TOONs - Hard-Wired Into The Megaphone

Breakfast Friday 19 March 2021

NYC strip clubs sue New York state over COVID shutdown

The Rude Pundit: The Real Culture War Is Over Vaccines

Biden restores climate change page to EPA website, reversing Trump

So about the Russia-China alliance

Gunmen ambush police convoy near Mexico City, killing 13

Have you ever tried pot?

Bill would make universal mail-in voting permanent in Nevada

Rand Paul says if you've been vaccinated, mask wearing is just giving comfort to others.

Real Water pulled from stores as more Nevadans report illnesses

Idaho lawmakers target COVID-19 rules even as they get sick

AstraZeneca: German researchers discover thrombosis trigger

Fleeing Myanmar police: We defied orders to kill protesters

'Traitor' Pro Trump propagandist blasted for siding with Putin over Biden (named Charlie Kirk)

I awakened this morning (a good thing) thinking:

There is a new Sheriff in town called Joe Biden. He doesn't owe money to China or for that ....

Indiana School Board Gets Rid of Opening Prayers After Warning from Atheists

US and China trade barbs as Alaska talks kick off

18 years since the start of the Iraq war

The fries in Belgium are so special, they could get UNESCO status

Mandy Smith - I Just Can't Wait

Well, it looks like the Trump/Putin alliance has sufficiently divided America to its weakest global

Hannity, oh-oh

Here is a topical poem

One Of Biden's Biggest Climate Change Challenges? The Oceans.

Marvel Comics for June 2021

The Rundown: March 19, 2021

The origin of Super Villains: Spellbinder

So now that Ron Johnson says he wasn't scared of capitol rioters because they "loved this country"..

I've fallen in love with vanilla powder.

From The BBC: Your pictures of Scotland 12 - 19 March

Cockatoo Dances to Beatboxer

Elderly Victim In San Francisco Anti-Asian Assault Recalls Fighting Back Against Attacker

Elderly Victim In San Francisco Anti-Asian Assault Recalls Fighting Back Against Attacker

Each time a bomb drops in Idlib Syria, they laugh, so she doesn't get scared.

Here is my poster for the 2021. I just don't know how to do the artwork but you are welcome to.

Lankford challenge from the right!

Josh Mandel temporarily banned from Twitter for hateful comments

Lankford's not sufficiently insane says new primary challenger.

Analysis: Insults fly as Biden locks horns with Russia and China

George W. Bush Laments Capitol Insurrection in Rare Interview: 'I Was Sick to My Stomach'

How Biden Is Driving The Right And The Media Insane (And America Loves It)

Myanmar Garment Workers Urge Global Brands to Denounce Coup (NBC)

Third stimulus and SSI: What it means for Social Security recipients

Biden-Buttigieg Put The Brakes On 'Bomb Trains'

From coastal cities to rural towns, breadth of George Floyd protests - most peaceful - captured by..

Friday Fun with Baby Wan Mai

Stimulus round 3 SS,SSI,SSDI and VA *updated*

I'm shocked

What Will Turnout Look Like Without Trump?

Texas museum forced to put away Trump wax figure because people kept punching it in the face

Colorado Hemorrhages GOP Registrations

Lied to FBI agents about being in the Capitol even though her husband is an FBI agent. Her husband w

Anti-Asian American attacks on rise during pandemic

Brian Karem Has No Time For BS - The MeidasTouch Podcast

Salvador Sandoval has been indicted by a federal grand jury on a whopping *THIRTEEN COUNTS*

How To Con A #MAGit....

Congress Holds Hearing On Anti-Asian Discrimination NBC Nightly News

Deborah Sandoval has been indicted by a federal grand jury on *FIVE COUNTS*

Dems dispense with decorum, slam Johnson

Hurting Biden Is More ...

The time probably has come and gone for Covid Craft Shows.

The Left's Answer to Trump Is 6 Foot 8 and Wears Shorts in February

Pearls Before Swine

Ex-wife of Trump Org executive has spoken to investigators 'multiple times'

The web they weave...

White House blows off Putin demand for public 'direct discussion' with Joe Biden

Yes, Capitol Rioters Were Armed. Here Are The Weapons Prosecutors Say They Used

New commission on renaming Army bases gets early makeover

Biden is true to a key promise: Getting more shots in arms

NASA just told a spacecraft that is 11.7 billion miles away to do a somersault so that the science

Honey Babe Blues

"How old are you? If I have to ask you that question one more time I'm going to lose my fucking

IRS chief warns start of child tax credit payments may be delayed

You know what you call a troubled, confused, sex-addicted man who kills people?

Michigan eases outdoor stadium capacity restrictions; Comerica Park can host 8,200 fans

Own your place in the world --or others will

QAnon forums will have a field day with this (Fox segment on human trafficking)

Judge rules Derek Chauvin murder trial will continue and stay in Minneapolis

Wow! Wow! Wow!

Twitter suspends GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene as Democrats push to expel her from Congress

Look at the fire in ... Texas

WATCH LIVE: COVID task force holds briefing as U.S. hits 100 million vaccinations goal

Florida man arrested, found hiding from deputies in dryer

Biden - Putin "debate"? - Fox News is openly rooting for Putin

'FLAGS!' insist Tories

Ain't Nobody

'We choose good guys and bad guys': beneath the myth of 'model' Rwanda

Roger Stone issues plea for money on Parler. "I urgently need your help...We are struggling to pay

Sen. Raphael Warnock, on Sirius XM, accuses Republican Ron Johnson of "racism and moral blindness th

U.S. Rep Chip Roy rebuked after using hearing on violence against Asian Americans to attack China

donald trump did this

Malcom Kenyatta is my new PA hero. Pay attention to him. He is going far.

CDC says three feet between students is enough

Pfizer vaccine shows 94% effectiveness against asymptomatic transmission of COVID

They Got A Lot In Common

What is the range of time

Just thinking out loud.

'A colony is incompatible with democracy': AOC leads new push for Puerto Rico statehood

Any recommendations for a good durable reliable cell phone?

Serious anxiety this morning.

More trouble ahead for Proud Boy leader Ethan Nordean (aka Rufio Panman) #ProudBoys #FAFO

McCarthy claims that he didn't back former President Donald Trump's efforts to overturn the election

I'm getting my 2nd shot on Monday April 5th @ the AC Convention Center.

I think we need to make new rules for racists and white supremacists.

Since When Do You U.S. Presidents

Neil Gorsuch Supports a Bunk Originalist Theory That Would Destroy Modern Governance

He Was Just Having A Bad Day

Goose-stepping through America

Former lobbyist accuses Rep. Tom Reed, a potential Cuomo challenger, of sexual misconduct

First baby born with COVID-19 antibodies to vaccinated mother

Ted Cruz Accuses Democrats of Trying to Cancel Poverty

Dachshund Puppy's First Mirror Encounter Is Everything You'd Expect!

Myanmar garment workers urge global brands to denounce coup

Bald Eagle Who Was Frozen To Lake Gets Found Just In Time

Myanmar garment workers urge global brands to denounce coup

Who Needs Gun Control?

Does the VP normally fly on AF1 with Potus?

423 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Fri.; 46 deaths

Good Day DU (March 19, 2021)

Democrats unveil bill to prevent Sackler family from evading lawsuits through bankruptcy

Worry About Your Character ...

Album released on this date in 1962

Biden picks ex-U.S. Senator Nelson as NASA chief: White House

Covid: Paris is set to go into a month-long lockdown as France fears third wave

Paris enters 4-week lockdown amid spread of COVID-19 variants

Report Shows Exact Opposite Of #Trump Officials' Claims On China Election...

What time is Pres Biden speaking in Atlanta today? n/t

Question about new tax payment date.

I just got the scam robocall about an "Amazon order..."

Why's the media trying to turn DeSantis into GOP Covid star?

The Lincoln Project-Words Matter

I killed my peripatetic mouse

Fountain Pen? Good source/brand/price?

Pic Of The Moment: Wingnuts Of The Week (Friday Roundup)

On the media-created issue of whether DeSantis is an irresponsible arrogant Trumpist or a wise "true

The Russians are obsessed--OBSESSED--with the idea of Biden debating Putin.

Korean women killed in spas identified

Seven Minutes that Can Save a Syrian School from a Bomb

Marjorie Taylor Greene says Democrats are 'destroying God's creation' by supporting anti-domestic

Bunni the Huntress and I go after two Anjanaths again....

A Grand Jury indicted 2 men in connection with assault of Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick

Taj Mahal - Ain't Nobody's Buisness But My Own

Socks the Clinton's Cat

Lauren Boebert is now downplaying a violent coup attempt as "petitioning your government"

Shooting at Seattle-area spa leaves Asian man wounded. Police say robbery was likely motive.

Oscar Brown Jr - A Lady's Man

White House staffers asked to resign or work remotely after revealing past marijuana use

Gil Scott Herron - The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

Trump Official Charged In Capitol Riot Has Family Ties to Argentina's Military Junta

Russia Threatens Vax Sabotage, Blackmail & Spy Boost After Biden Calls Putin a 'Killer'

San Antonio Wax Museum Removes Trump Figure Because Visitors Kept Punching It

FBI is reeling in the dim bulb rioters

Oscar Brown Jr - But I Was Cool

Socks the Clinton's cat at the podium

This Dachshund Mama Dog Was Rescued From A Puppy Mill - Look At Her Now!

European spies are alarmed after a scientist with security clearance was caught working for China

Debt Collection Agencies Gone Wild!

Rep. Lauren Boebert Says GOP Will Retake Congress Before Midterms Due to Wave of Resignations

Canadian Lobbyists Accuse Netflix's 'Bigfoot Family' Of 'Peddling Lies' About Oil And Gas

"That's an iPhone...right?"

Here are the highlights from the heated exchange between the U.S. and China in Alaska

Don't Complain About China Because You Start Wars - Heard This Morning On MSNBC From China Delegates

Chamber's Brothers - Time Has Come Today

Need help for fans of Paul McCartney, Wings and the song "Picasso's last words"

Elephant's Memory - Mongoose

On the filibuster:

Probably impossible, BUT pertaining to the QTHUGS in congress that CONTINUOUSLY lie (EVERY DAY)

Living Color - Cult of Personality

how many people on SSI have received their stimmy?

Hate group Family Research Council reminds followers that Bible says to kill the "immoral" gays

I went to the office to take a nap...

The Rumjacks - An Irish Pub Song

Massive shelf of snow falls right on top of freshly shoveled walkway

Samsung, TSMC are Spending to Widen IC Manufacturing Lead

I'm BACK!!!

D.C. Circuit Judge Silberman calls on the Supreme Court to overturn New York Times v. Sullivan

Gov. Andrew Cuomo Aides, Retaliation Accusations Are Part of Investigation

More Proud Boy trash arrested yesterday. He was identified by two witnesses who traveled to DC with

💵$$$2.5MILLION-the cost to get Jared Kushner into Harvard⏬

70% of voters support the Equality Act even as Senate Republicans try to stop it

3G Sunset Spells Trouble for Many Medical Tracking Devices

Got stepped on by a male coworker today

Jeff Tiedrich tweet

Neil Diamond - America

The Atlanta Shooting and the Dehumanizing of Asian Women

Washington's last spring freeze is coming earlier, and so are the 70s.

"Growing up in my mother's Pueblo household made me fierce. I'll be fierce for all of us, our planet

The Many Moods of Marble Canyon (Upper Grand Canyon)

Military in Myanmar is murdering peaceful protesters, 14 republicans will not condemn the coup

Breaking​: President Joe Biden falls multiple times while boarding Air Force One

Russia Studied How to Get Americans to Make Mistakes - The Atlantic

Legislature Cancel Cultures Hist. Comm. For Crime Of Canceling Klan Wizard Nathan Bedford Forrest

The March 2021 equinox will arrive on Saturday at 09:37 UTC or 4:37 a.m. Central Daylight Time.

Brazil's covid wave has plunged into crisis

"You are not a man!!!"

George Takei: The changes @JoeBiden has made to the Oval Office say so much about the kind of Presid

I am now 26 hours past my 2nd Pfizer jab, with absolutely no side/after effects.

Sen. Grassley seems to think households making $400,000 a year are 'middle income'

The 8 people killed in Atlanta

Jenn's Blues

How to Bring Biodiversity Back to American Prairies

Bobby's idiot friend, Daniel Herendeen, has also been arrested. And what's up with the guy with the

F.B.I. Investigating Whether Cuomo Aides Gave False Data on Nursing Homes

Given the ages of the women killed in Atlanta...

Proud Boys leaders facing new conspiracy charges related to Jan. 6 Capitol riot

How do you pronounce GOP?

Instagram is down

Glitterbomb Trap Catches Phone Scammer (who gets arrested)

Rep. Jimmy Gomez Introduces Resolution To Expel Marjorie Taylor Greene From Congress

This weeks smugmug page update.

Cartoons 3/19/2021

Crime Beat: Insurrection Day's Most Wanted -- Pt. 28

Spring, Antonio Vivaldi

'We could be no prouder' as veteran gets WWII Victory Medal

Just got my first COVID vaccine!

Top U.S., China diplomats have public spat as Alaska summit opens

US and China trade angry words at high-level Alaska talks

Twenty-one year old white man goes into Charleston church and kills nine people. Twenty-one....

Zoos, scientists aim to curb people giving virus to animals

Florida Man Caught Pleasuring Himself With Pickle On Private Premises

DOJ charges 19 year old in attempted plot to kidnap, murder and eat gay men

Caught Air Force One on TV this morning.

CNN's Don Lemon Debunks The Go-To Excuse For Racists: 'I'm Sick Of It, Shut Up!'


The President and VP at the CDC . Science and humanity are back

Canada denied access to trials of jailed Canadians in China


Sean Hannity unaware commercial break is over, gets caught vaping

Panel tasked with relabeling Army bases' Confederate names gets revamp with diverse members

Breaking: Biden up 9 points in Post-Stimulus poll:

The song that made me fall in love the The Chicks

Perpetrators of racist attacks are really good at shifting the blame. We can't let them

While our nation focuses on yet another murderer,...

GOP senators demand oversight hearing into Obama FTC's deal with Google

I'm still pissed about the "Bad Day" comment from the Atlanta killer

Students who were defrauded by for-profit schools will have their student loans eliminated

Judge rejects Capitol riot suspect's request to sell guns in Georgia

Outed by online campaign, children of Myanmar junta hounded abroad

Retired Green Beret assaulted cop with flagpole during Capitol riot, charges allege

A man was found guilty of keeping live sharks in a pool in his basement with plans to sell them on

Gamera is a friend to all children and BBQ cookouts!

Former state representative Jessyn Farrell is running for Seattle mayor

Psaki says few White House staffers ousted due to marijuana policy

Solar and wind generation occupations: a look at the next decade

What's for Dinner, Fri., Mar. 19, 2021

'Stop AAPI Hate': Around 3,800 Anti-Asian Incidents Recorded In The Past Year NBC News NOW

FNC CEO, Lachlan Murdoch, moves his family to Australia for the summer.

New Proud Boys Busted for Capitol Riot Have Wild Police Ties

Middle Age Riot tweet:

John Fugelsang joke tweet:

Man stabbed Jack in the Box manager 3 times after refusing to wear mask in Texas town, police say

Greek police recover ancient statue of 'exceptional artwork'

Abandoned Kitten With Big Eyes Finds a Loving Family

Scientist behind coronavirus shot says cancer vaccines could be available in a 'couple of years'

Lynching of Chinese people in US is forgotten history

Who ordered the snakes? The package just arrived.

Reporter calls out AZ Governor Ducey

Twitter says it suspended Rep. Taylor Greene by mistake

Harry Styles & Stevie Nicks duet Stop Dragging My Heart Around- I really like this guy

Trump wax figure pulled from Texas display after visitors attacked it - reports

Amazing! This Guy Even Plays The Box He's Sitting On!

Trump Official Charged In Capitol Riot Repeatedly Praised Argentina's Military Junta

Two Tweets by Lindsey Boylan

The irritation at the edge of your consciousness....

[BREAKING] A federal grand jury has indicted Proud Boy leaders Ethan Nordean, Joe Biggs, Zach Rel an

I am feeling the hurt..

Rookie lawmaker triggers social media revolt in Colombia to squash 'coup' attempt

Dr. John Campbell updates the third/fourth wave of Covid

And now; from Sean Hannity:

Los Lobos, 'La Bamba,' Watsonville HS

Judge Authorizes Bolsonaro Government to Keep Celebration of the 1964 Coup as a 'Landmark of Democra

President Biden fell going up the steps

Here's what actual election fraud looks like

So I'm driving

desantis is SO STUPID. vaccines for 60 year old started this monday

Was it worth it?

COVID-19 strikes Brazil's Congress as third senator dies

im running sea monkey browser and have been having lots of issues with it crashin


Champ, Major featured on official White House Easter eggs

On anniversary of Obama visit, Cubans fret over whether Biden will resume detente

It won't be possible to bless homosexual unions... Alternatively you can bless some machine guns.

Snow leopard cub pesters his mom:

If the Atlanta shooter voted what is the probability he voted for Trump?

Northam to move Virginia's filing deadline for individuals to May 17 to match the new federal deadli

City Of Chicago Withholds Vaccine From Hospital That Gave Shots To Trump Tower Staff

John Avalon: Reforming the filibuster is needed

Miami Horror - I Look to You (feat. Kimbra) (Wildlife Remix) Brand new, from Illumination (10th

One thing you'll find about turning 69 (if you haven't done it yet)

Biden and Harris coming up 4:40 p.m. EST

"When fox does 3 hours on Biden's trip tonight, remind them that Pence did it first."

NEW: Former NOAA head, Jane Lubchenco, named to key climate change role in the White House

How much pee is in your pool, what you need to know.

Operation Pokemorans! Gotta catch em all.

Saturn in infrared

That's kind of gross

I spotted a nice surprise in my front garden, this afternoon.

Zachary "Fuck the Blue" Alam has been indicted by a federal grand jury on *ELEVEN COUNTS* #SeditionH

Rachel Powell (aka #bullhornlady) has been indicted by a federal grand jury on *EIGHT COUNTS*

Daniel Egtvedt who has been indicted by a federal grand jury on *NINE COUNTS*. He was the guy police

TX Man Arrested w/ Rifle & Ammo at Kamala's House

Chicks - Good-Bye Earl

2nd Pfizer vax in the books!

Shame - SHAME on 538 for covering Rasmussen Reports' deceit.

Debra Maimone, who went by "TrumpIsYourPresident1776" was arrested today.

Veterans Today (like RT/Russia Today) "Veteran-Focused Website Is Run By Russia"

On this day, March 19, 1953, Ricky Wilson of the B-52's was born.

If 51 votes are enough to confirm a Supreme Court justice

Rep Swalwell ftw!

Sophie Stinky Toes is patiently awaiting the Ferals arrival at the 'Cat Chow Buffet'.

Just saw this on Nicolle Wallace's program

Mission accomplished!

FBI Director Wray says "zero tolerance" for extremism or violence.

@SecDef Thrilled to be here in India. The breadth of cooperation between our two nations reflects t

You know who I'd like to see cancelled?

Mama Dog And Her Puppies Found Under A Bus -- See Them All A Year Later!

14 House Republicans Won't Condemn Myanmar Coup

"The resolution to expel Marjorie Taylor Greene for 'repeated endorsements of sedition and domestic

New Kid In Town

a word that must be used when people say they're not getting the COVID vaccine

My doc wants me to see a psychologist

Biden Needs to Fight His Own Culture War

Last night, my son asked me to protect his mom.

Please don't give corporate America a "pass" on Voter Suppression

NEW: Trump's Palm Beach club Mar-a-lago has been partially closed because of a COVID outbreak.

Yay! pfizer shot #2!!!

Here are Harris and Biden now

Mar-a-Lago partially closed due to Covid outbreak - BREAKING

One year under COVID-19: Hospital workers grapple with trauma and grief

Love Hurts -- Everly Brothers 🆚 Nazereth 🆚 Jim Capaldi 🆚 Roy Orbison

was just listening to a.m. talk radio in my car to see what they were riled up about today...

Huge Newfie demands equal attention with his Cavalier puppy brother

Mnuchin blocking Trump tax returns from Congress was unprecedented, Treasury response reveals

Your brackets are already busted!

Asian American Air Force Veteran Attacked in Koreatown NBCLA

DC extends income tax deadline to May 17, joining Md., Va. in delaying original date.

Baby Elephant Wan Mai 🐘 ⚽️ Playing Soccer with a Watermelon

It is called spying for Russia by most people except the GOP

Just added 1100 videos from January 6 to, including many from the first hal

And now, here are Andy Williams and The Temptations.

Only Women Bleed -- Alice Cooper 🆚 Julie Covington 🆚 Tina Turner

Stop the Hate: The rise in violence against Asian Americans

I am with walter Schaub........ own up to this mistake, emphasize the law's importance, and do bette

The only thing worse than beating police w/an American flag is doing it with a Confederate Flag.

Where do I want to visit/possibly live in Maine?

GAWD he's wonderful!

Everyone should see this in its entirety.


Video: Why Standardized Testing Is Racist - Rep. Jamaal Bowman

Alabama - John Coltrane

Trump's Mar-A-Lago Club Partially Closed Due to COVID Outbreak (AP)

Brian Karem Asked One of the Most Important Questions in American History - The MeidasTouch Podcast

Video: Corporate Giant Kroger Wages War Over Hazard Pay

Scared of school? Bolivian girl takes her virtual classes in a cemetery

"Bridge Of Sighs", Spotify, Ted Nugent, and Sundry Other Things.

I Love Asian Massage !! I went to the foot spa in Albuquerque whenever I had the chance.

What's good virus detection and cleaning software for a chrome book

Idaho Legislature votes to halt session after multiple lawmakers infected with COVID-19

Easybeats - Friday On My Mind

Sound of Metal (no spoilers)

Electric Prunes - Too Much To Dream

Colombia must dismantle criminal networks, corruption in port city: U.N

Hitting Home.

Lefte Bank - Pretty Ballarina

Marvin Gaye - Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler)

Music Machine - Talk Talk

Yardbirds - Heartful of Soul

The party that wants to kill every piece of legislation with a filibuster worries about cancel cultu

We were wrong about Donald.

tonites din.

Small Faces - Tin Soldier

Motown is back.

Justice League is Awesome! My 2nd favorite superhero movie after Black Panther

The plane Trump now flies in reveals much about his actual wealth

Bill Withers - 1973 BBC Concert Complete

Spencer Davis Group - I'm a Man

Aviation (And Space) Enthusiasts; Cool video of a Soyuz MS-17 being moved from one dock to another

Chicago - 25 or 6 to 4

SegalSchall Band - Hush Hush

Are My Eyes Playing Tricks?

Remember Louise Linton ? She has a new movie coming out

Reporters Suddenly Concerned About Hatch Act Violations When Democrats Do It

Joe: Words have consequences.

75 year old asian woman who fought back against attacker - gofundme $723,000

Rep Boebert amplifying Q conspiracy memes

Gloves off in Alaska as US and China spar over new world order

Dan Rather tweet

Rain uncovers bull idol at ancient Olympia

Brass Against - The Pot (Tool Cover) ft. Sophia Urista

Jessica Watkins was charged with conspiracy for her role in the Capitol attack, alongside other Oath

172 republicans voted against the renewal of the violence against women act.

Things I do not ever need to hear or read about a shooter again

Brass Against - Rooster (Alice In Chains Cover) ft. Sophia Urista

PJ Harvey - Down By The Water

Brass Against - Walk (Pantera Cover) ft. Sophia Urista

Greta Van Fleet - Broken Bells

I don't mean to take anything anyway from Flaco Jimenez, but Sunny Sauceda is just sensational.

I just realized that Joy Reid's "The Worst" is an updated version of KO Worst person in the world.

Statement by President Biden on COVID 19 Hate Crime Act

BODY COUNT - Raining In Blood / Postmortem 2017 (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

GOT IT (mostly.)

Sonic Youth - Bull In The Heather

Fields of Gold

I'm No Angel, Gregg Allman

WATCH: Volcano erupts just out outside Iceland's capital Reykjavik

You Don't Mess with Her...


A couple of kids hearing Back in Black for the first time.