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Calvin Coolidge, animated.

Cubans in 8 US and Canadian Cities Caravan Against the Blockade

Russian cat couple have babies

Garbage - Only Happy When It Rains

$$ billions in fraud slam job relief programs - governments not preventing it

🧵THREAD: Lots of us learned classical music from watching old cartoons

Arizona opens vaccinations at 2 of its state-run sites to people 55 and older

Do you have a favorite movie filmed in San Francisco?

A Proud Boys leader obtained a lookalike's passport so he could flee the country, DOJ says.

(New infections rose last week for first time in seven weeks)

SCOTUS Rejects Final Kraken Lawsuits!!!

GOP decides they are the blue collar party: Trumps admit they got vaccine

Arizona opens vaccinations at 2 of its state-run sites to people 55 and older

Virginia Legislature Passes State Voting Rights Act!

Rudy Giuliani Temporarily Suspended From YouTube Over Election Fraud Allegations

Texas power crisis deepens as more companies skip payments due to grid operato

Never Going Back Again

Fulton DA's investigation into Trump heads to grand jury

@SenSanders says Democrats "should ignore" the parliamentarian's ruling on minimum wage

Nadler should accommodate Jordan and schedule a hearing. Then he should cancel it.

Lady struggles as her dog refuses to finish their walk.

I had a nasty scene this afternoon, and I'm not sure I acted all that well.

Sanders vows to force vote on $15 minimum wage

Ari Melber's Rigorous Special Report On The Racial Flaw Behind 'Blue Lives Matter'

Prosecutors Investigating Trump Focus on His Finance Chief

Only these states experienced tax revenue rout - Alaska (-42%), HI (-17%), NV, ND, TX, FL, OR

Huge Bear Trapped In Dumpster Helped By Cops

3/2 Mike Luckovich: Hoping for a KO

Blacks/Hispanics die more of Covid, get vaccinated less

Diversion video

Well, I'm back in Facebook jail. Again.

New video shows US forces getting hammered by a barrage of Iranian missiles after Trump had a top

Tool to assess Covid risk levels of specific activities where you live!

How a 10-second video clip sold for $6.6 million

Groups Call For March 1 To Be Day Of Mourning For COVID-19 Victims

The four 'I's of a new socio-ecological contract

Take a moment and reflect what it would be like if Trump won

Alabama plans full attendance (100K) for football in 6 months. Regular school in the fall.

Arizona--Near Lake Mead

Here's where the 'nuclear football' came from and why it follows US presidents wherever they go

Autobahn - Kraftwerk

When was the last time a president's lawyer helped win a Golden Globes?

hawaii reports 29 cases yesterday and has been well under 75 for weeks...

US 'unprepared' to defend against new AI threats, report finds

Secret Service just released new docs showing Trump's first trip to Bedminster as POTUS in 2017 -- an

Texas Hauls Gasoline From Other States for First Time Since 2017

Aww Suki! Its gonna get ugly. Sgt Marcus Flowers' new campaign video. MTG's democratic opponent

Rep. Jim Jordan's false claim that Pelosi denied a request for National Guard troops

7-year-old girl sells lemonade to help pay for brain surgeries, but Medicare for All is 'radical'


Manchin & Sinema

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Tuesday, 2 March 2021

Archdiocese calls Johnson & Johnson vaccine 'morally compromised' due to abortion ties

Kathleen Rice, Democratic House Rep for NY-04: The time has come. The Governor must resign.

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Live and Let Die!

Albert Bierstadt, American, 1830-1902, "Mount Adams, Washington," 1875. Oil on canvas.

chris cuomo opening up his show with an acknowledgement that he can't cover his brother.

Cuomo Accused of Unwanted Advance at a Wedding: 'Can I Kiss You?'

Heavy rains lead to rescues, road closures in Appalachia

Restaurant Workers Should Be Prioritized for the Vaccine. Why Aren't We?

we fucking eat our own

"Centrist" Democrats Still Trying to Screw Middle Income Earners out of their Promised Stimulus

Trump's Account on Gab Was Hacked

I cannot cover it because he is my brother.

Poor Rachel,

DHS secretary says Biden administration aims to allow separated migrant families to reunite in U.S.

Rush - Heart Full of Soul

"I Just Can't Wait for Vaccines"...

All Republicans suck...really!

Heard on radio that ** blamed high oil prices on Biden at CPAC

CPAC was about more than Trump's cult -- it's now cemented the GOP's authoritarianism

Who Made the Hats for Scarlet O'Hara? Meet Mildred Blount

Zager & Evans - In the Year 2525

Seeing that Michigan is one of the 40 states

Indivisible calls on Gov. Cuomo to resign

Chris The Man Hayes On Covid Goodness, CPAC Trumpgrift, Cuomo Badness, and Badass Biden

A Wisconsin wonder....

Paul Gosar spoke to a white nationalist conference, and they chanted his name

Photo: "Bernese Mittens"

RE: Andrew Cuomo: Which DU position do you agree with?

I like Rachel Maddow, but......

NEW best-yet picture of #ProudBoys #Capitol assault emerges in Gov motion on Seattle leader Ethan No

How pathetic is Lindsey Graham:

Carl Sagan - How We Know The Earth Is Round

I don't like Andrew Cuomo...

Please only refer to that person as FPOTUS

The Same People Who ...

Hilarious cat video

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that Democrats will end up winning.

'Mrs Wilson' Series: PBS Masterpiece TV

Weed of the month

Proposals to restrict voting gain traction in Republican states

John Oliver last night: police raids

Asian honor: Hollywood's gross misrepresentation ...

Vox: The Republican revolt against democracy, explained in 13 charts

Educators line up to get COVID-19 vaccine at Ford Field

Does Medicare pay for rehab stay following a surgery?

Snowflake Cruz has something to say about Lindsey Graham

Arlington began scheduling vaccine appts for ages 16-64 w/med conditions

Japan and the West: the first 500 years...

Miguel Cardona confirmed as education secretary

Fact check: False claim that Pelosi travels weekly on 200-seat Boeing airplane

My employer sent out a survey asking if employees are planning to get the vaccine.

I posted this in the Lounge-- didn't want any of you to miss it

Sometimes I Crack Up At The Most Random Things

CPAC: Sedition, Neo-Nazis and A Toy Potato's Genitalia Heather Gardner - Meidas Touch

Democrats Need an 11th Commandment - Rahm Emanuel WSJ op-ed

I am a SWM, 63, and have never understood many older men.

L.A. County hits record low of positive COVID-19 tests

Haley flip flops on Trump, praising his 'strong speech' (CNN)

Hate crime charges in stabbing, teen harassed: New York City anti-Asian incidents highlight rise in

'Substantial' evidence GOP lawmaker improperly spent funds, misused position tohelp brother

Board of Elections will certify Cincinnati mayoral candidates. Some protests expected.

Idol Worship The Obvious Biblical Beef With the Golden Trump

the next 4 years are going to be the worst attacks we have every witnessed. IF we don't stay one th

Lindsey Graham has PTSD - Post Trump Slobbering Disorder (tm)

GOP-led Georgia House passes sweeping elections bill that would limit voting access

truth in advertising

David Bowie - Moonage Daydream

This is the sad truth re:Cuomo

MAGALand in Orlando

El Salvador president consolidates power amid fears of authoritarianism

What are your favorite headphones for music listening?

State recognizes Whatcom shorted COVID-19 vaccine doses, makes plans to catch county up

4 Key Takeaways from the Romanian Mafia in Mexico

King County Expands Vaccine Eligibility At Kent, Auburn Sites

Fossils of oldest member of huge dinosaur group discovered in Argentina

Fossils of oldest member of huge dinosaur group discovered in Argentina

Public Utility Commission chair resigns after Texas officials criticize management of power outages

"UT needs rich donors": Emails show wealthy alumni supporting "Eyes of Texas" threatened to pull

New Mexico Senate takes up redistricting reform bills

I have spent over three decades in courtrooms ...

In Peru, Sterilization Case Against Fujimori Goes to Court

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, March 2: Growing Up on Screen

Meet the new Governor of Rhode Island

Lawyer for TX AG's office repeatedly tries to block testimony and evidence at whistleblower hearing

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Trump Emerges for Crazy Self-Love Fest at CPAC

CPAC National Anthem 2021: Piano Arrangement by Rod Vester

Argentina: The death of ex-president Carlos Sal Menem

DHS Secretary Mayorkas Announces at White House - Trump Administration Entered "Unlawful" Contracts

CDC director 'really worried' about states rolling back Covid safety measures as U.S. cases appear t

'It's unsurprising': Joaquin Castro points out the lack of Latino representation at Golden Globes

Texas telephone companies team up in lawsuit against Public Utilities Commission

*Judy Garland tomorrow:

The J&J Vaccine could be a game changer... but it probably won't be.

Wind gusts up to 50 M.P.H. --- listening to wind whistling outside my window..

Duterte dismisses former PH envoy accused of maltreating helper

Is that time of night ...

Second Fort Worth police officer fired for 'racially insensitive' social media post

Supreme Court ends 12-year Fort Worth legal battle over $100 million in church property

D.C. National Guard commander added as witness to hearing on Capitol attack

Capitol Rioters Keep Ruining Republican Talking Points That Antifa Did It

Fulton DA's investigation into Trump heads to grand jury

High-ranking officer who 'slept' on Panama probe to get medal

Felonies may not keep Arlington mayoral candidate from running. Here's why.

In Honduras, the Right Is Permanently Locking in Its Abortion Ban

There's ALWAYS a commercial break on.

It's Not Just El Salvador. Democracies Are Weakening Across Central America.

How funny that Republicans in 2020 attacked Democrats as being radically out of step with Americans.

The Cure - Plainsong - Be Brave

NC man posed with Ike inside the US Capitol. Then his family turned him into the feds.

What's with the disembodied voices

Ran: The most beautiful movie ever filmed

Sparks - "This Town Ain't Big Enough For Both Of Us" (official video)

43 states... are considering 253 bills that would raise barriers to voting!! (NPR)

Trump has over 20 women who have accused him of worse than what Cuomo did.

Battle Hymn of the Republic & the amazing history of the song

Maureen Abood's Garlic Butter Glazed Talami Bread


U.S. Senator Mitt Romney Recovering After Fall That Led to a 'Lot of Stitches'

Senator Ted Cruz responds to calls to resign amidst Cancun getaway controversy

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Cuomo Accused Of Sexual Harassment & Biden Drops A Bomb On Syria

Oh Smack

Amazon worker who died at Las Vegas facility fell or jumped, police say

Seth Meyers - Trump, Cruz and Noem Repeat Their Insane Lies at CPAC: A Closer Look

Jim Jordan calls for House Judiciary hearing on 'cancel culture'

Twitter users who spread COVID vaccine misinformation face permanent ban

☦ Orthodox Christian: 'The Jesus Prayer'/Saint Cuthbert, Pray To God For Us!

Josh Hawley Seeks to Overturn Results of CPAC Straw Poll

Pennsylvania AG Shapiro: 'People Have Noticed The Fragility Of Our Democracy' - Deadline - MSNBC

Anna Ruch, Cuomo's 3rd accuser, is a Democrat and a former Biden campaign staffer.

Chris Krebs: 'The Base Is Ultimately Driving The Bus' Of The GOP's Future - Deadline - MSNBC

Who are you thinking about?

Texas lawmaker: Rename part of I-35 the 'Steve Adler Public Restroom Highway'

Michigan Gov. Whitmer's ex-health director got $155K separation agreement

Michigan ranks low in government transparency. Ballot drive would extend FOIA

Fmr. CIA Dir. Brennan: Republicans Will 'Continue To Gaslight The Country' - Deadline - MSNBC

Conservatism has no values

Business leaders to Whitmer: Time to ease Michigan restaurant restrictions

U.S. 'incompetency' led to Edenville Dam failure, couple claims in lawsuit

Captain Arrested: Detroit Fire Department Has 2nd DUI Accident In 8 Days

Aretha Franklin estate reaches deal with IRS to pay off claimed $7.8 million tax debt

Detroit Whole Foods Shoppers Urged To Self-Monitor After Covid Infects 24 Workers

Group files records requests for Michigan school, state employee pension information

Warren sued after refusing to disclose names and pay

Biden, Democrats Push For Covid Relief As Republicans Sit Idly By - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 3/1/21

Disability advocates condemn GOP senator protesting deaf Detroiters' eligibility for COVID vaccines

Bill Dauster: Senators need to stand and be counted.

Sen. Joe Manchin on ending the filibuster: 'Jesus Christ, what don't you understand about 'never'?'

Stephen Colbert - CNN's Clarissa Ward: Authoritarian Regimes Around the World Feel Emboldened

A 22-year, 34-game losing streak comes to an end as Western stuns state champ

Third woman accuses Cuomo.

Remember the 400+ bills sitting on McConnell's desk with no action?

Ferris State University fires professor who tweeted slurs, called COVID-19 a 'leftist stunt'

How do we contact Manchin's office and tell him to support the House stimulus checks?

Eating oreos at 4:30 AM

Pete Buttigieg is selling his house in South Bend to a theater director. 'Lot of memories there.'

Student sues Ball State fraternity over attack

House Republicans vote to hike Indiana cigarette tax by 50 cents per pack

Daily show: The voting pandemic

Far-Right Groups Are Splintering in Wake of the Capitol Riot

Cuomo is being Frankened

Biden's Schedule for Tuesday, March 2, 2021

The Grievances of Trump Past

Coming up at 9 AM: FBI Director Wray on Capital Insurrection

Tuesday TOONs - CPAC SOG: Same Old Garbage

Parnes and Allen are out with another book called "lucky" about how Biden barely won the

In my nearly 68 year lifetime

New Vaccine Developed By Massachusetts' Doctor to Prevent Lyme Disease In Humans

McConnell asks the Supreme Court to obliterate the Voting Rights Act

Poland activists acquitted over LGBT Virgin Mary

Ok which branch of the government will joe manchin cause us to lose

Biden to announce 'historic partnership': Merck will help make Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine

Breaking news: number of Covid infections is dropping. Yet, I dread the upcoming

When will the Merrick Garland final vote for AG be held in the Senate?

New Comic Releases for March 3, 2021

San Diego Comic-Con 2021 postponed -- for now

Vault Comics Signs Worldwide Distribution Deal With Simon & Schuster

Wrapping Wednesday: Micro Reviews for the Week of 2/24/21

Joe: Every worker should have a free and fair choice to join a union.

Ghosts of Comics' Past: March in Comic History - "Showcase," "The Flash," and Offset Printing

Mignolaversity: Mike Mignola on His Quarantine Sketchbook and a New Documentary About His Career

The Rundown: March 2, 2021

Vernon Jordan Dead at 85

I am Andrew Cuomo neutral.

Breakfast Tuesday 2 March 2021

Boost Texas prisoner food budgets 39 cents per prisoner/day


"Cancel culture" is nothing new. It's just starting to negatively impact a lot of people

Right-wing Candace Owens calls Trump a feminist icon

New York Prosecutors Are Going For The Jugular And Zeroing In On Trump's Finance Chief

Josh Hawley and his 'smug face' torn apart by GOP's Adam Kinzinger during CNN interview

Raise your hand if you thought that Trump's rally on Jan. 6th.....

Vernon Jordan, civil rights leader and close ally of Bill Clinton, dies

Morning Joe co-hosts ridicule 'sad' Lindsey Graham for groveling to Trump on TV

SERESTO! Popular flea collar linked to almost 1,700 pet deaths. The EPA has issued no warning.

Trump Got Vaccinated Against 'Hoax Virus' In January And Didn't Tell Anyone

Nazi SS Race and Resettlement Sleeve Diamond

Biden administration announces $125M military aid package for Ukraine

Everyday that President Biden is in office is a great, cheerful day.

West Virginia and Manchin to get a boost from mine cleanups

Harry Chapin - Sniper

Texas Dems say they will train new candidates for office in response to 'failed Republican...

What is Cuomo being investigated for ?

The filibuster hurts only Senate Democrats -- and Mitch McConnell knows that. The numbers don't lie.

'Superhero' delivery driver catches toddler falling from 12th-floor balcony in Vietnam

U.S. announces sanctions on Russia over poisoning and jailing of opposition leader Navalny

The Fauci of climate change? Gina McCarthy is in charge of Biden's massive climate agenda.

The question Manchin needs to answer

New satellite images reveal North Korea took recent steps to conceal nuclear weapons site

Scoop: Inside the GOP's plan to retake the House

20-Year-Old MAGA Pol's War on Antifa Backfires Horribly

Inside Joe Biden's decision to dive into the Amazon union drive

Virus Did Not Bring Financial Rout States Feared

I wonder if anybody in the world has ever had a dream

Navarro penned 15-page memo falsely accusing Coates of being Anonymous

Democratic Senator Chris Murphy to introduce universal background check law

CPAC veers into neo-Nazi fantasy: Was it deliberate? That hardly matters

This is a cool mash-up

Disloyalty Is Trump's Secret Weapon

Cuomo is 63 years old. I am 75 years old.

Cuomo's position is getting less and less tenable for Democrats

WATCH LIVE: FBI director Chris Wray testifies before Congress for first time since the Capitol riot

Question on vaccine delivery logistics, if anyone knows

New York Governor Cuomo hires defense lawyer in nursing home probe

6 Dr. Seuss books to stop being published over racist, insensitive imagery

Leaked Telegram Messages Reveal Bitter Infighting Among Proud Boys: 'Traitors Are Everywhere'

Most slappable face?

Not a "rubbing it in" post... but I have an appointment... question

Why Biden is keeping Bernie close

Gab has been hacked.

MAGA-Loving Capitol Rioter Pretended to Be 'Antifa,' Texted Family He Fought 'Shitty' Cops: FBI

As of 9:30 CVS seems to have just released its new COVID (Pfizer) appointments in Ohio

Senate Hearings on Capitol Riots and Domestic Terrorism

Dominican Republic announces plans for Haiti border fence

WP columnist Max Boot suggested Comcast might soon "need to step in and kick Fox News off."

Statehood for D.C. and Puerto Rico? Hard to do.

GOP Freshman Flipped Her Staff

I have said this repeatedly before

Good Day DU (March 2, 2021)

Winning BOTH Georgia seats was so great, But

Fuck off Grassley

Fucking Grassley

Grassley is speaking at the Wray hearing. He is an embarrassment.

Chuck putting the ass in Grassley this morning.

THREAD: Lots of us learned classical music from watching old cartoons ...

GQP podcaster wants to make it harder to vote: 'Voters should show proof of income'

Democrats push Biden to include recurring payments in recovery package

Democrats reintroduce gun sale background check legislation

Polish court acquits activists who put LGBT rainbow on icon

Whitmer's popularity dips in new poll, but most say she is doing a good job

Ex-pope Benedict chides 'fanatical' Catholics who reject his resignation

6 Dr. Seuss books won't be published anymore because they portray people in 'hurtful and wrong' ways

Chuck Grassley trying to get Chris Wray to claim that there's a left-wing anarchist crisis... too

10 Senate Democrats tell Biden to implement recurring stimulus checks after $1.9 trillion bill ...

Waning Gibbous, March 2, 2021.

Weekend lockdown in Paris would be 'inhumane', says mayor

Covid cases are down 80% since last Nov. We are coming to the end.

Black Leopard under the stars

The last of the Wailers - Bunny Wailer died this morning

849 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Tues.; 81 deaths

Lindsay Graham suggesting ways for international terrorists to get in to the Capitol

Pelosi Says Trump 'Completely Made Up' Claim She Rejected National Guard Assistance

UPDATED: FBI Director Wray Tells Senate: 'Siege' on Capitol Was 'Domestic Terrorism'

I bought a 2 oz bottle of Porcini olive oil.

FBI Director Says No Evidence of Antifa on January 6

Babushka Кошка


I predict Trump's demise towards the end of 2022

A typical line of questioning by Sen. Grassley: "Is it true, Director Wray, that snow sometimes

50 currently serving Senators are age 65 and over. Of those 50, 26 are age 70 or older.

'First, they outlaw Dr. Seuss': Kevin McCarthy lies about Democrats on House floor

Program on Extremism: Preliminary Assessment of the Capitol Hill Siege Participants

Rudy Giuliani Has Been Suspended by YouTube For Spreading Election Lies

"Elizabeth Warren is the best messenger we have on eliminating the filibuster"

FDA Grants Emergency Use Authorization for Saliva-Based COVID Test Developed at U of I

What is it about pets and computers?

Pennsylvania Republicans "strongly rebuke" Toomey instead of censoring him.

Lou Reed was born on this date.

Still Woman Enough

Larry Carlton has a birthday today.

Rory Gallagher was born on this date.

Dear Republicans ...

Dressy Bessy - Tiny Lil Robots

Nomination of Ms. Shalanda D. Young to be Deputy Director of OMB

Greg Olear - Who Owns Kavanaugh #4: The Operatives & The Op

Vernon Jordan, civil rights activist and close Bill Clinton ally, dead at 85

The answer is NO Chris Wray it's not enough to just send an email

Prestigious Harvard Harris Poll - JOE BIDEN 61% APPROVAL

Republikkkan Privilege

We sent @TheGoodLiars to CPAC to ask some hard hitting questions (Jeanine Pirro edition)

Schvieks! Yesterday in the 40s with light rain. Last night in the 30s with winds gusting to 45...

What Do I Get?

Shut up, Cozumel Cruz

Cuomo should absolutely NOT resign

What's Going On, I Can't Breathe

Feeling hopeful again, a bit*

Former Trump spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany joining Fox News

NEW: FBI Director Christopher Wray says there are 5 Capitol Police officers on the Joint Terrorism T

Oh for fuck's sake. Of course Officer Sicknick was killed by the January 6th Trumpist mob.

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that Democrats win by a landslide to a narrow margin.

Publix makes its own vaccine distribution plan. Officials don't know where shots will go (Florida)

Finally found that voter fraud, and it DOES exist!

"NASA's James Webb Space Telescope Completes Final Functional Tests to Prepare for Launch"

Jamel listens to Sir Psycho Sexy 😂

CPAC 2022

Pfizer and Moderna Are Testing a Third 'Booster' Dose for Their COVID-19 Vaccines

in case you had any doubts about voter supression

CPAC Epic National Anthem Fail with Orchestra

Just saw a plane with United States flying above us in Newport News, VA

Trump is facing probes from 5 independently elected investigators

Alex Jones on Leaked Video: 'I Wish I Never Met Trump' (SPLC)

The idea of Josh Hawley evaluating anything is a joke.

Hell, those of us activists against gun violence have know this all along . . .

Future interstellar comet? Gas-spewing object spotted in asteroid group near Jupiter

"The Eyes of Texas are Upon You...."

Why not supporting massive minimum wage increases is the sanctioning of wage theft.

SpaceX is ready to launch more astronauts with Crew-2 next month

FBI director says domestic terrorism cases have soared to 2,000 in recent months

Senate Judiciary Committee votes to advance Merrick Garland's AG nomination

Josh Hawley questions FBI chief: Any charges yet on anyone cheering on rioters?

Former White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany joins Fux Noise

Supreme Court Rejects Sidney Powell Election Fraud Petitions in Less Than 10 Words

20 'Same' Words With Different Meanings That Many People Get Mixed Up

At least 15 people dead after SUV, semitruck collide in southern California, hospital says

Bergdahl appeals court-martial over Trump, McCain comments

SO sad! Some "Fox News Insiders" are not pleased with the hiring of Kayliegh Whackadoodle.

Taiwan and Allies Rally to Defy China's Economic Coercion on Pineapples

Jeez, did Qtrump realize we'd lump his entire January 6th crowd together?

Senate hearing on Capitol riot & domestic terror threats

Major Christian adoption agency will stop rejecting LGBTQ parents

Madison Cawthorn: Women allege sexual misconduct against North Carolina GOP lawmaker

Tom Cotton, talking about "gangs"

Have we decided who the Cuomo scapegoat will be?

Boy Scouts releases sex-abuse bankruptcy plan, with $300 million coming from local councils

Did anyone else in the St. Louis area get a tornado warning this morning on their phone?

Josh Hawley, Under Fire for Obstruction and Capitol Riot, Fails to Win Over CPAC

Netflx releases Age of the Samurai

Arkansas Tom

Benefits of team building exercises jeopardized if not truly voluntary

The book of Five Rings

Shots fired as Myanmar journalist live-streams police raid to detain him

Montana AFL-CIO: Right to work has been defeated!

Calvert County's vaccinating,

Joseph Kennedy (R) is interrupting while try to pin NG

A Capitol rioter said he posed as "Antifa," feds say, then boasted he beat police who "got ..."

SANDERS pushes back on @Sen_JoeManchin attempt to cap UI supplement at $300 per week.

Cloris Leachman passed away 1/27/2021. She was the last of the 3 apartment friends on the MTM Show.

Senator Kennedy (R-LA) made excuse he was tired during hearing.

John Bozo Kennedy is such a jackass. nt.

Catnip Is Crack For Cats

Senator Whitehouse Questions FBI Dir. Christopher Wray About Congress's Unanswered Questions

Let Wray Speak!

3 scary Republicans worth watching

What a mess -- Maureen Dowd lectures liberals about the press

VickiKristinaBarcelona - I Don't Wanna Grow Up

How Scientologist Execs at Media Company e.Republic Made Workers' Lives a Living Hell

Remembering Johnny Pacheco: Fania Forever

Individualized brain cell grafts reverse Parkinson's symptoms in monkeys

(Spoilers) The background story of Monster Hunter

May and September Romances Generally Don't Work

Is tRump still getting security briefings?

How to earn some extra money

Myanmar police fire tear gas, rubber bullets at protesters

I've been single so long ...

Just doing what she said

Republicans are racist: literally saying it

'It's Like Nobody Cares': After Two Weeks Without Running Water, Jackson, Miss. Pleads for Help

Sen. Joe Manchin on ending the filibuster: 'Jesus Christ, what don't you understand about 'never'?'

Rep. Swalwell on Working with "Colleagues" Who Tried to Kill Him - The MeidasTouch Podcast

Lyn Avenue - Hurricane Bride

Joe Manchin Says Stimulus Package's Unemployment Benefits Should Stay at $300

There's boorish behavior and then there's criminal behavior

Feeling Like an Angel Sara Petite

How Is The COVID-19 Vaccination Campaign Going In Your State?

Let's Kiss and Make Up - Abby Girl & The Real Deal

This litterally just happened at SCOTUS

Lab-grown black hole behaves just like Stephen Hawking said it would

Tulsa Public Schools to launch new 1921 Race Massacre curriculum

Was just listening to an old 70's song...

Rod Stewart - Passion

Lou Ann Barton - Hip shake

New Drug Prevents Buildup of Brain Plaques Responsible for Alzheimer's

Where is the Federal Investigation into what the Florida governor is doing with his vaccine supply?

House Republicans push forward with 'In God We Trust' for all state buildings

Something frightening that needs attention soon

"Term Life". Some mindless entertainment I really enjoyed.

How a Nazi Symbol turned up at a Conservative/Republican Party Event

My knees are better at

Cartoons 5/2/2021

Nike VP resigns after report on son's lucrative sneaker resale business

South still grappling with water crisis following devastating winter storm

Lindsey "Groveling" Graham sucking up to Trump on Fox News

The Senate better not mess up the Rescue Bill,

Rep. Kinzinger: "All you have to do is see Josh Hawley's smug face...."

Trump administration spent billions in hospital funds on Warp Speed

COVID-19 pandemic fuels attacks on health workers globally

Speaking of exams, as long as we have them there will be

Chinese vaccines sweep much of the world, despite concerns

MAGA-Obsessed State Rep. Accused of Being the Boss From Hell

Why the price of food and gas is creeping higher -- and will stay that way for a while

Stunning exchange: Justice Kagan: A state with 2 weeks of early voting gets rid of Sunday voting. B

Manhattan DA investigators are reportedly focusing on the Trump Organization's CFO

"I appreciate her commitment to always being the dumbest person in any room she enters."

2nd Jacob Lawrence painting missing for 6 decades located

Where Kim Jong-un got the idea ...

Penal Colony No. 2 'breaks people': Inside the prison where Alexei Navalny has been sent

Litigation Tracker: All Criminal and Civil Cases Facing Donald Trump

Gorbachev, the last Soviet leader, marks 90th birthday on Zoom

So the J&J vaccine is a part of Warp Speed, correct?

FWIW: This is why Dr. Suess, Mulberry Street, was withdrawn / banned.

So will Covid 19 long haulers be rejected by insurance companies?

I'm increasingly disturbed and disappointed at how many here are defending sexual harassment.

Sen. Martin Heinrich to introduce plan to grant Puerto Rico statehood

Jill Biden is traveling with newly confirmed Education Secretary Miguel Cardona on Wednesday

@marceelias The RNC's lawyer confirmed today in the US Supreme Court that the GOP is "injured" elect

Lawmakers Aim To End 'Boyfriend Loophole,' Keep Guns From Abusers

Russia suspects policeman in new data leak case over Navalny poisoning

Denmark's $34 Billion Green Energy Island

Democrats in Congress begin sweeping effort to overhaul election laws

The perp walk or the mug shot?

So the red state of texas just reversed the mask mandate

Abbott ends Texas mask mandate, opens businesses '100 percent'

Tulsa Race Massacre by Bailey Sarian

If the accusations are true, should Cuomo resign?

New Reese's Peanut Butter cup!

Students pushing to rename Topeka school district named after KKK leader

( Ssh-h-h-h-----I may have overlooked them, but there don't seem to be any posts or TV news blurbs

100% of proceeds of BARK's Bernie's Paw Warmers go to Vermont's PAWSitive Pantry

Travel in and out of Texas needs to be banned.

Judge: Utah schools don't need to offer girls' football

Cuomo getting punked

New phone scam today. This one actually left a message telling me that they could

Tax planning question 🙋‍♂️

Cuomo appears to have broken his own policy/State Law

The Smoking Lamp is lit...

If the HUNDREDS of men who sexually harrassed me got locked up, they would need 48576 jails

Looks like the NY AG will investigate Cuomo.

When will we stop wearing masks?

First-time home buyers consistently priced out of Washington housing market

Abbot made TX maskless - just in time for Spring Break

The History of Monster Hunter

McEnany: Capitol insurrection spoiled plans for a farewell press conference

Here's all you need to know about HR 1, which will be much-discussed in the coming days:

Afghan war: Three female media workers shot dead in Jalalabad

America's leading crack-pot fascist and INSURRECTIONIST TRAITOR wants to become a US Senator

A man in New Jersey admitted to working with white supremacists nationwide to destroy properties bel

OK gonna say what i'm thinking here

Johnny Manziel says he is now focusing on becoming a professional golfer

a VPN trial I was trying was slowing my computer down....

Now playing the role of Leeroy Jenkins: Texas.

Hooray! We got mail this week!

Important Details The Dallas Observer Missed About Rural Confederate Statues

Can we stipulate to two points regarding the Andrew Cuomo situation?

This Cuomo thing?

I bought an unfinished concrete birdbath

Lady Gaga - One of my favorite images from election eve.

Our Second Gentleman in celebration of Read Across America Day and Women's History Month:

Moderate Democrats Gripe About COVID-19 Relief Benefits

Who sang the US National Anthem the WORST?

Biden on now re the vaccines and J & J/Merck developments

Combating Public Disorder bills - FL HB1/SB484

Get ready: a large portion of the nation will erase COVID precautions in days' time

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Wednesday, 3 March 2021

The "former guy's" warp speed moved at a snail's pace and Biden's warp speed is moving "BIGLY" time!

"Sky Palette"

Texas lifts mask mandate

Finally decided to self-publish... but need to find a good place for an illustrator!

Meet Willo, she loves food so much that she howls while she eats...

This Cuomo thing is a distraction, trying to cover up the big story: PotatoHeadGate

Crime Beat: Insurrection Day's Most Wanted -- Pt. 25

"Nothing will prepare you for the twist in this video"

Desantis..pop up invitation only vac.clinics in wealthy repub areas

What's for Dinner, Tues., Mar. 2, 2021

Rhode Island Gov. Raimondo is confirmed as commerce secretary

Dr. Peter Hotez of Baylor Medical just said Biden's speech

Biden: "This country will have enough vaccine supply for every adult in America by the end of May"

Live shot from the Texas Governor's Mansion:

Biden moves up timeline for when enough vaccine doses will be available for all adults: end of May

Seven Proud Boys and 4 Oath Keepers with military ties, 36 women, and an L.A. County cohort

Biden Expects Enough Vaccine by End of May

I am quite surprised that some folks here assume

Glow-in-the-dark sharks found off New Zealand coast

3 vs 30 accusations, how the media handles sexual misconduct in '21

The Grievances of Trump Past - WSJ Editorial

The REAL MAGA Acronym Revealed:

In Texas, We Are The Rescue Team

'Spring' brought 'my' heron back!

Hawley Shocked and Alarmed to Discover the FBI Would Follow the Money behind Right Wing Terrorists

When I'm feeling blue, I put on the Commander.

The Trump administration quietly spent billions in hospital funds on Operation Warp Speed

Who I'm thinking about on the first of #WomensHistoryMonth

Ever notice how GOP bona fides kill people?

As a Texan I want to apologize

Tweets of the moment: Texas style


Haven't posted here in quite a while, but as it's 'almost' spring, here we are!

Tweet of the year

Mexico president says meeting with Biden friendly, positive

'Cheating' cat takes Chinese social media by storm

I know a snack when I hear one (Twittter video)

How bankers turned Colombia's mass media into mafia apologists

Lady at the Post Office today was pissed...

Feds charge man who claimed he dressed up like Antifa and beat, stole gear from police during Capito

Colombia 'harassing victim and witness' of former president's alleged criminal practices

In other news in Cuomoland, the convergence of RBG, Cuomo/Kennedy and Sandra Lee.

Of course Texas can handle a lethal pandemic. Look how well they handled extreme weather!

Donors gave a House candidate more than $8 million. A single firm took nearly half of it.

Mandy Harvey: Deaf Singer Earns Simon's Golden Buzzer With Original Song - America's Got Talent 2017

"Eye on the ball."

Dolly got vaccinated!

Mississippi also lifting Covid-19 restrictions & mandates

Newfound Comet Leonard will blaze into view this year

Accent Expert Gives a Tour of U.S. Accents - (Part One) WIRED

Woman Brings A New Puppy Home To Her Tortoise And Watch What Happens Next!

Rescued Baby Kangaroos Have The Best 'Mom'

Winners of the Minnesota Name A Snowplow Contest Have Been Announced!

For those of you who watched the hearing today.

Alex Jones seen on leaked video saying he's 'sick' of Donald Trump

when are we going to find out what Putin had on Tr***

BREAKING: First J&J vaccine has been administered (CNN)

The March Grand Sumo Tournament Banzuke is out

20-Year-Old MAGA Politician's War on Antifa Backfires Horribly

It's been a year since I...

2nd Jacob Lawrence painting missing for 6 decades located

White House plans to withdraw Tanden nomination

BEN SHAPIRO LOVES BLADE RUNNER: How The Right Doesn't Understand the Themes of their Favourite Films

Joe B: "This country will have enough vaccine supply for every adult in America by the end of May"

The Bernie-Biden Relationship Remains Strong

Prepare For Coming Fourth Wave

I don't agree with Gov. Abbott's decision to end the mask mandate and open businesses, but...

20-Year-Old MAGA Politician's War on Antifa Backfires Horribly

Trump and CPAC Fully Embrace Cancel Culture

White House withdraws Neera Tanden nomination : Breaking

How long are they going to mourn that fetid POS?

Gordon Lightfoot - Old Dan's Records