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home surveillance camera video saves man from police officer Colt Black lies

Miami Beach, Key West, New Orleans have large spring break crowds with few mask.

Lighthouse with Osprey Nest!

Joe Biden Got 100 Million Shots For Americans In ...

David Cross: Why America Sucks at Everything

Only If We Tried To Marry

This Catholic priest says Joe Biden should repent... says it From the pulpit

These 'Sovereign Citizens' Don't Believe They're Part of the US

More than 43 million Americans - 1 in 6 adults - have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19

Lauren Boebert is a specialist in getting OWNED on Twitter

VCU forfeits tournament to virus.

"No-contest". Oregon advances as VCU has multiple COVID test positives.

Believe It Or Not.

6-year-old girl fatally shot by relative over spilled water, police say

Puerto Ricans indignant at tourists breaking Covid mandates

Voting Redo Rejected by GOP-Controlled Florida Senate After Election Fraud Charge

Suing Nancy Pelosi Was Reason for Sidestepping House Metal Detectors, Says GOP's Andrew Clyde

NCAA cancels game over Covid

Hundreds in Atlanta rally against hate after spa shootings

GOP attitudes to gun deaths vs. Voter fraud

The Government Just Admitted It Doesn't Really Try to Collect Rich People's Taxes

Where you're going and how you'll get there: post-pandemic song edition

IRS says my check will be mailed this week.....

Nevada town sues for rights to water leaking from canal, Fed wants to stop leaks

Man arrested after taking daughter into San Diego zoo elephant habitat for pictures

Former LAPD detective was captured on video saying racial slurs to a Black man after a car accident

Gluttony with no grace...

The Pandemic Ignited a Housing Boom--but It's Different From the Last One

The "Marble Canyon" of John Wesley Powell (2 versions - BW & color)

I hope Biden stops acting like his foot's OK and goes back to wearing his walking boot.

Sham Candidate BUSTED for Election Fraud in FLA

What was your first job?

Please, Please, Please, ...Do Not Use Abbreviations or Terms Most of Us.. DO NOT KNOW...

"If Only I Had A Man Around ! Dinner Is Ruined !"

This state has the least affordable housing market in the U.S. based on income

Iconic Oberto storefront on Rainier Avenue to close after 68 years

Biden inauguration priest under investigation in California

Miami Beach Declares State Of Emergency, Announces Crowd Control Measures MSNBC

Hooray for Facebook jail!

My Thoughts on Spring Break Mess in Florida

Gloria Allorbi Wants to Put Ghana's Favorite Condiment on the Global Map

Filter - The Only Way (Is The Wrong Way)

While Binge Watching this weekend, finally watched Rampage - CRISPR gene editing- your thoughts?

Trump Did NOTHING - The Divided State of America with Heather Gardner

Republican Legislatures Pass hundreds of Voter Suppression Laws: Fight Back w/"The Democracy Pledge"

Ever watch "Kill the Irishman" on Netflix

Netflix, Prime , Hulu or ??

Watching gonzaga

*Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy TUSCANY, NOW.

Cheap Fun Department: Job Growth Under Trump and Biden

Fox News Exposed As Putin Propaganda Machine By Russian State Media

How about some ...Famous Abbreviations???

2022 US Senate Election Prediction- Democrats will end up with 52 US Senate seats.

The White Tiger

Gives me hope!!

Will the President address Congress in the State of the Union style?

London protest tweet

Sperm whales outwitted 19th-century whalers by sharing evasive tactics

ALL brackets are BUSTED!

Gdamn it, my brother and his wife tested Covid positive 2 days ago, then this am they called 911

Glowing 'dawn storm' auroras that blaze in Jupiter's morning skies are born in darkness

☦ Orthodox Christianity: Tomorrow's Sunday of Orthodoxy/'Are Ikons Idols?'

Latin America to Rebound from Worst Recession in Two Centuries

Federal Judge Slams Press Protections

☦ Orthodox Christian: 'O Lord of Hosts Be With Us For We Have No Other Help But Thee'

Cable and satellite TV use has dropped dramatically in the U.S. since 2015

Trump has a "Trump Hair Loss. Make your hair great again!" Channel on my Direct TV !!

Happy First Day of Spring from Hillary Clinton!

Newsmax on Pelosi: "she lures them to her candy house in the woods, fattens them up, and eats them."

How cops can tell if it's just a "bad day."

When the perpetrators of Jan 6 squirm and say they were fooled, remember,

My show is UP!!!

TESTing; it WORKED, taken last year, from my back door! Click

Major coronavirus variant found in pets for first time

14 Abilene Christian upsets 3 seed Texas

Gofundme info to support those impacted by the Atlanta shootings.

HuffPo: I Accidentally Joined A Playgroup Full Of QAnon Moms. Here's What Happened.

Trump supporters say why they won't take Covid-19 vaccine

Samantha Bee Exposes The Group That's Now 'Playing A Massive Part' In QAnon (Thanks Facebook)

Lucy Liu on Asian-American attacks: 'In America there is still, in some ways, a caste system'

D.C. statehood moves from political fringe to the center of the national Democratic agenda

Meanwhile in Russia: Encouraging mask wearing.

Dr. Fauci Shuts Down Rand Paul: 'I Totally Disagree With You' - NowThis News

Ron Johnson is incapable of not making something worse

Domestic Terrorist No. 1

☦ Fr. Stevo of St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Church, McKeesport, Podcast of Orthodox View of the Rapture

O.K., now I'm *convinced* - I am an ARTIST!1 Because this is what I would/could "create"!1

Capitol Police Officer to Don Lemon: Jan 6 Rioters Hurled Racial Slurs - NowThis News

These 12 Republicans Voted Against Honoring Capitol Police - NowThis News

What If Godzilla Were Real?

'Climate facts are back': EPA brings science back to website after Trump purge

I'll just leave it here---Bruno Mars, Anderson .Paak, and Silk Sonic--enjoy!.

The human right that benefits nature

George Silas Duntley : Photographs Of Chicago and Bushnell, Illinois 1899-1918

Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton On DC Statehood, Capitol Hill Fences - Ayman Mohyeldin - MSNBC

Eating oreos at 3 AM (Wild Berry Skittles edition)

My dog is zoning on Key&Peele!

Freeze damage could exceed $2 billion across Valley

New Yorkers, what is the old low-ceilinged space where the old Penn Station was is being used...

Rodney Crowell - Till I Gain Control Again

Pumpkin vs Red Wigglers 62-day time-lapse

Looks like my deceased MIL will be getting $1800 in stimulus money

Can anyone afford Cancer?

Ohio bill would require hundreds of ballot drop boxes be installed across state

Speaker Cupp: Still no plans to hold vote to expel Rep. Householder

Opinion: Trump Rips Off The RNC And Republicans Still "Kiss His Ring"

Halfway through the session, W.Va. lawmakers have prioritized benefits for businesses. They haven't

Hair and history: As a bill to protect Confederate monuments advances in West Virginia, a bill to

Tlaib signs onto resolution to expel fellow Rep. Greene

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Spring Full Of Squeeee Edition

Michigan Capitol bomb threat suspect got Secret Service visit over 2014 Obama threat

Another bill banning microchipping employees enters the legislative session

Senate committee puts lemonade stand bill in the limelight again

In 6 weeks Texas is having a special election (yes, on a Saturday!) to fill an open seat to Congress

Democrats pass resolution condemning Republican lawmaker for attending Jan. 6 rally

Update woes that never end: Microsoft halts Patch of a Patch of a Patch rollout to fix printing issu

Biden's Schedule for Sunday, March 21, 2021

Puerto Rico to get $23 billion in Federal Rescue Aid from Biden Administration

Once Asking $95 Million, Stewart Rahr's Waterfront Hamptons Estate Slated to Finally Sell

Proposed 4-day work week being supported by Spain's leftist parties

'We're Surging on St. Croix Right Now,' Dept. of Health Says as Island Records 62 New Cases in Past

Eric Clapton and Marcy Levy - The Core

Goodnight kisses help puppies to sleep.

Today is World Poetry Day

Daughter of VI Attorney General Denise George Awarded $70,000 No-Bid Contract at Height of Pandemic

Musk responds to Sanders' criticism of his vast wealth, saying he is 'accumulating resources'

#notallmen- cause while women talk about violence, make sure no mens feelings are hurt 👀

Anybody have a suggestion for over the counter help?

Nature - Bottom Trawling Produces As Much CO2 As Global Aviation Industry

On March 20, 1949, the California Zephyr made its first run.

They are all in on breaking the commandments that actually made the cut..

Science: Record-Crushing Oz Fires of 2019-20 Produced Record Aerosols In Southern Stratosphere

Oil Industry Knew At Least 50 Years Ago, In Detail, Of Toxic Impact Of Air Pollution

How many people do you know of personally who have died from gunshots over the past year?

Doonesbury - You Realize That's Nuts, Right?

D'oh! Canada: Opposition Conservatives Vote Down Resolution To Recognize Reality Of Global Warming

"Fruhlingsstimmen", Op. 410 ("Spring's Voices," or commonly "Voices of Spring")

Oh oh...Biden and the Democrats are in trouble

For anyone who wants to see some cool drone footage of the volcano eruption in Iceland

Waging war over vaccines can only end in tragedy for Britain and the EU

Steve Bannon: Wellness Warrior?

Breakfast Sunday 21 March 2021 and @darth is back...

Ha ha --The bigly #LIAR @JudgeJeanine says she does not tolerate lies on her show. ha ha ha

Thinking about showing my support for Asian Spa workers today.

You should always be on the edge of a cliff...

Blackjewel Can Walk Away From Cleanup On 30 Mines & Strip Sites, Bankruptcy Judge Rules

Sophie Stinky Toes ultimate goal, when she wakes me up before I'm ready to get out of bed.

Houston Chronicle's Chris Tomlinson: Political Change In Wake Of TX Grid Collapse? Unlikely

Great Dane fits record number of stuffed animals in his mouth


Washington sheriff told 911 a Black man threatened him--then recanted

Key West Voters Placed Limits On Cruise Ship Size: Floriduh Leg. Preparing To Void Their Votes

Ivanka Trump undergoing image change as she 'plots her next move': columnist

Boston - Boston a theme for no particular reason.

Atlanta Suspect's Fixation on Sex Is Familiar Thorn for Evangelicals

Trump Says the Supreme Court 'Will Go Down in History' as 'Gutless,' Refuses to Admit He Lost...

Local Miami CBS spring break video this morning... all black people.

Always remember to set the brake...

'Borat' producer: Rudy Giuliani wanted to arrest us

A reply in another thread reminded me. . In my grocery store markdown bin. .goya beans. Lots

Finally reading Mary Trump's Book ....

How 'Owning the Libs' Became the GOP's Core Belief

DHS secretary blames Trump administration for current border crisis

what if we gave immigrant families some seed money?

Pentagon chief makes surprise stop in Afghanistan as generals warn of premature drawdown

Whiteness Is a Pandemic

Litigation Tracker: All Pending Criminal and Civil Cases Against Donald Trump

Joe: In two months, we've:

Is Terry Moran truly a moron or a right wing traitor?

WH: Before President Biden took office, the U.S. was administering an average of 900,000 COVID-19 va

When LBJ and Hubert Humphrey Teamed Up to Break a Talking Filibuster

Numbers out of Israel are amazing. Only 611 cases reported yesterday. 7 day av since 8th March has

Appreciation Thread for Soothsayer

Trump's Inner Circle Tightens Grip on Endorsements

Ron Johnson falsely claims there was 'no violence' on Senate side of US Capitol on January 6

Best video you'll see today...

Stacey Abrams helped Georgia go blue. Now she wants it to go green.

Joe: Two months down.

Harrisonburg officer injured investigating animal complaint

Chris Wallace busts Tom Cotton for opposing relief checks under Biden after he supported Trump bills

Registration always leads to confiscation? Yes. That's why automobiles are being confiscated all ove

America's Obsession With Lawns - An Inedible Crop Covering An Area About The Size Of Texas

'NCAA fricked up so bad they had to bring in apology lighting consultants'

Don't date a math teacher !

I don't need eyeglasses !

A Plan to Store Seeds, Spores, Eggs and Sperm on the Moon for Safekeeping

Reaching the Brimley/Cocoon Line

How the Korean Vegan makes her beautiful videos

Kylie Jenner is trending: "Kylie Jenner asks fans for donations to fund her makeup artist..."

Scientists capture a video of the strange elongated cloud over Arsia Mons - Universe Today

Texas Roadhouse CEO died by suicide amid 'unbearable' post-COVID symptoms, family says

Pixies (Planet of Sound Live)

Battle heats up over Pentagon spending plans

About all these electric cars the manufacterers are promising.

Biden hampered by lack of confirmations

Hookers and Gin - Sean Atkins

GOP picks fight over states' rights in coronavirus relief

This is how top-notch Dr. Naomi Wolf's vetting of information is.....

Wow! Had a delayed reaction to the vaccination yesterday:

Miami Beach declares a state of emergency and curfew as spring break crowds spark safety concerns

'Thanks for Nothing': Fox's Jeanine Pirro Goes Off, Ends Segment After Guest Says Biden's 'Making...

🔴LIVE with Daisuke Tsuji aka Jin Sakai from GHOST OF TSUSHIMA

The Miami Beach curfew isn't going so well

"The Woman With No Name"

Fundamentalist Christianity Has Considerable Blame in the Georgia Shootings

DU NCAA BRACKETEERS how is your bracket?

"I'd like my order to go, please."

The perfect retort to a RW asshole who repeats

GOP Strategist to Dems: Kill filibuster. Republicans would. Mitch knows Americans want Dem policies

Allan McDonald, engineer and whistleblower in the Challenger disaster, dies at 83

Charlie Sykes on The Sunday Show today: "... "I just got an email from Ron Johnson saying..."

Ohio State joins the sad list of No. 2 seeds whose dream seasons went poof in two hours

Today's center of the #COVIDIOTS universe is Miami Beach, Florida.

'We've Lost the Line!': Radio Traffic Reveals Police Under Siege at Capitol

The Circle Game

Ever heard of FIM?

Does anyone like concert stickers? Cleaning our my drawer today...(rainy cold day)

Album Rock Sunday - Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here

Splendid liberating lucidity of an article, doling out appropriate satiric mocking: Fox News guest i

Bikes of Wrath on Prime

488 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Sun.; 12 deaths

The VP sent us a message. Women played a critical role.

MAGAs are blaming BLM, antifa, and liberals for the city of Miami declaring a state of emergency

On March 21, 1886, the Big Fight at the Jenkins Saloon happened

sharing a reply to a thread about why people garden-

Son House was born on this date.

Summers could last half the year by the end of this century

The greatest suprise

Solomon Burke was born on this date.

Kitten Abandoned at Playground Rescued by Sweetest Guy

Good Day DU (March 21, 2021)

David Lindley has a birthday today.

MSM Morning Retch

Twice a year on the equinox the suns alignment provides the most beautiful show of illumination ...

Atlanta Shooter Was An Evangelical Is Never Ever Ever Mentioned

Covid cases are rising in 21 states as health officials warn against reopening too quickly

Bach was born on this date.

🔴LIVE with Daisuke Tsuji aka Jin Sakai from GHOST OF TSUSHIMA

Ron Johnson whines about Democrats 'silencing me' over racist remarks

26% of White Republicans Say They Face Discrimination

Biden's top aides unlikely to qualify for relief payments

Not all heroes wear a cape. A human chain of courage and empathy. (Tweet)

AP sources: Iran threatens US Army base and top general

Looks like Rick Moranis had a doppelganger at the Insurrection

Bhad Bhabie Details 'Abuse' at Utah Ranch Where Dr. Phil Sends Teens

What Fiction are you reading this week, Mar 21, 2021?

Who can relate? 😅 (This is exactly my mood today)

Look at the gem I found when I was looking for a hack to create a funnel.

GOP senator: GOP can't 'explain away' Capitol attack

How Police Mishandled Black Lives Matter Protests

The problem isn't disinformation, misinformation, or lack of information. It's toxic loyalties.

Republican Mesa mayor: 'I've been impressed so far with this administration'

Lisbon coffee shop owner tells Biden, transgender supporters not to buy his coffee

The Brown Thrasher is back. It was turning over leaves under the forsythia bush.

Lou Reed - Walk On The Wild Side

Access, Influence and Pardons: How a Set of Allies Shaped Trump's Choices

US-China relations: Alaska clashes may be a sign of Beijing's low short-term expectations

Former Trump vaccine chief "very concerned" about GOP vaccine hesitancy

Sergei Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto #3

Unbearable pain: How bear spray became a prized weapon for violent protesters

'Borat' producer says Rudy Giuliani tried to have the crew arrested after appearing to put a hand

Huge Chinese 'fishing fleet' alarms Philippines

Trump will use 'his own platform' to return to social media after Twitter ban

'This is Jim Crow in new clothes': Sen. Raphael Warnock delivers a forceful defense of voting rights

HRC& The Second Gentleman& a Rainbow Seder today

Passover, a Rainbow Seder, the Second Gentleman and HRC tonight

Biden rebukes Turkey after it quits accord protecting women

Conservative leader faces anti climate base at party convention. He loses.

The Second Gentleman, a Rainbow Seder on Passover and HRC tonight

'We all know hate when we see it': Warnock rejects FBI chief's view of Atlanta shootings

Is Your Job In The Robot Kill Path? RPA, Jim Hightower

Trump Will Use 'Own Platform' to Return to Social Media

Pelosi baited Republicans by collecting positive news coverage about Biden's $1.9 trillion stimulus

I may be wrong about this, but I don't think so.

Durbin: 'I think I'm close' to getting Senate votes needed to advance DREAM Act

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 3/21/21

The Flagstones - The Lost Pilot

Guy Teaches His Rescued Gosling How To Fly

Can anyone help me with computer issues?

Lol, white power sign actually means asshole in ASL!

Vaccinated mothers pass covid antibodies to babies in utero and breastmilk, early studies show

Apparently HIPAA Stops Companies from telling customers if their staff has been vaccinated

Garland Is the Last, Best Chance to Uncover Trump's Role on January 6th

Washington's Access Online is down

In 2019, Lauren Boebert crashed an Elizabeth Warren field volunteer meeting and live streamed...

MUST WATCH: This is insane. DC Police were overwhelmed.

"Strange Fruit," Billie Holiday's "anthem of resistance."

KILLIN' TIME - Clint Black / Hayden Nicholas - 1989 Release

Joe: The CDC represents the best of this nation. Brilliant minds. Deep faith in science. And a stron

Fly Me To The Moon

Federal Judge Argues Media Is A 'Threat To Democracy' And Anti-GOP

and down goes a #1 seed......Illinois. 😳 😳 😳

Close Your Eyes

President Biden has accomplished more in 60 days than the former Administration did in 4 years.

ABC flew its entire roundtable to the US-Mexico border

Who is "middle class"? (Moving the goalposts.)

Nervous Retired Racing Greyhound Falls In Love With The World

Cartoons 3/21/2021

Glory days of Trump's gold-plated 757 seem far away as plane sits idle at a sleepy airport

I got chipmunks

Anti-Asian acts and policies are an ugly part of our history

New to DU and figured I would open up with a Rant sesh

Donald Trump is creating his own social media network that will go live in a few months

DNC raises $18.4 million in highest year-to-date haul ever

Georgia church disowns suspect, says he betrayed faith

Customs and Border Protection has more than 5,000 unaccompanied children in custody

Saw this early this morning and think it's worth a repost (link)

The UK: Domestic abusers, stalkers and sex offenders to be registered on super-database

"dying at this next door post"

Got my second covid vaccine yesterday.

'People die or they leave': Putin fails in promise to repopulate Russia

Arkansas Governor: Trump Supporters' Vaccine Hesitancy Stems from 'Natural Resistance to Government'

Preview For This Week's Top 10 Conservative Idiots

NASAPersevere: Away goes the debris shield, and here's our first look at the helicopter. It's stowed

Chip Roy is not backing down from comments about lynchings made at a hate crimes hearing.

"Here is how everyday sexism is consistently encoded in 2021. Fuck you, Google."

How Evangelicalism's racist roots and purity culture teachings catalyzed the Atlanta killings

Zoom Pays $0 in Federal Income Taxes on Pandemic Profits

UPS Getting 10,000 Electric Delivery Vans; Take That, Postal Service

It takes a month in Georgia to register to vote, but you can buy a gun for mass murder in 10 minutes

Yesterday I received a letter from the IRS letting me know that my stimulus....

Let's talk about Ted Cruz and the For The People Act....

Drop it like a bot. @NASAPersevere just released the debris shield that protected the #MarsHelicopte

2022 US Senate Election Prediction- Democrats will have a net gain of 0 to 2 US Senate seats.

A Year Into Pandemic, Veterans Halls 'Barely Hanging' On

Voting Gangnam Style: The Rise of Kim Crow

Cruz falsely claimed Democrats want to give 'illegal aliens' and 'child molesters' the right to vote

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Monday, 22 March 2021

So I called my nail salon where I get pedicures to make an appointment...and there was no

Plummeting sperm counts, shrinking penises: toxic chemicals threaten humanity

Dark energy camera takes hyper-detailed images of nearby dwarf galaxies

I suck ass as a semi pro dog collector , Boog Duncan looking kick ass

PM Update: Another sunny and warm day for Monday

NASA likely to stay the course to the moon under Bill Nelson, if confirmed

Scientist behind Pfizer vaccine: mRNA shots for cancer coming 'in couple years'

Furious golfer throws tantrum over bad shot. I wonder what he'd do if he lost an election!1

My eye doctor is about to call the VA to help....

Bearded Biden?

This dog is actually doing a traditional Irish dance with his hooman...

Civil Rights Attorney Lee Merritt to Run for Texas AG to Unseat Republican Incumbent Ken Paxton

U.S. to place some migrant families in hotels in move away from detention centers

Chile sets daily record for coronavirus cases even as vaccination drive plows ahead

The GOP is watering the seeds of white supremacy on college campuses

Brazil in talks with United States for excess COVID-19 vaccines, foreign ministry says

Hound Dawg

Ecuador health minister resigns after less than 3 weeks as prosecutors probe vaccine rollout

The St. Louis Cardinals Issued A Statement About The Murders In Atlanta...

Police in San Antonio, TX send a very aggressive solicitor door-to-door

Biden so far avoids talking gun reform post-Atlanta shooting

Stolen Forests: Uncovering Colombia's Illegal Timber Trade COLOMBIA / 21 MAR 2021 BY INSIGHT CRIME

Doug Stanhope on nationalism

Access, Influence and Pardons: How a Set of Allies Shaped Trump's Choices

"We all saw what happened."

YUI IS AT IT AGAIN!!!... monster hunting....

Atlanta spa shooting victims highlight struggles for Asian and Asian American immigrant women

Turpentine Moan

Places that were torn down, that you miss?

21-Year-Old Woman Dead, 7 Wounded in Shooting at Dallas Nightclub: Police

New Royal Navy ship to protect 'critical' undersea cables

I'm being bullied at work

1988 Retro Commercial: -- Crazy Calls

That Was Fast: Blowups With China and Russia in Biden's First 60 Days

Budapest Symphony Orchestra

Glossary of Acronyms/Abbreviations used on DU

A document sent to the FBI by ex-Black agents details diversity steps the bureau must take inside...

***Congratulations to the Winners of the Seasonal Contest: Winter***

Alice recognizes native Nobel Prize winners with billboards

Here's the link for the Winners Thread in GD!

I Want All The Fish!

Looks like corporate and other pushbacks are working, re: voting rights

A plague of mice has been tormenting residents and farmers in Australia (you've been warned)

Judge who gained fame demolishing rapist Larry Nassar just locked up one of Tucker Carlson's heroes

DeSantis is Trump's flying monkey, pushing voter suppression in Florida.

How much weight have you put on since the lockdown began?

Navajo Bridge (Digital Sketch)

For travel enthusiasts, is engrossing

The great Timothy Snyder speaks.

With Mask Mandate Lifted, North Texas Businesses Packed For Spring Break, St. Patrick's Day

interesting as Fu*k... In 1930 Indiana Bell building was rotated 90 while workers remained inside

Royal Caribbean to cruise from Bahamas, require COVID-19 vaccine for passengers, crew

iPhone users: You don't have to keep those yellow-skinned emoji people.

Joe: They really know how to make an Irishman feel special at the White House.

A ghastly 40th anniversary in Mobile, Alabama

What's for Dinner, Sun., Mar. 21, 2021

It was never about Hunter Biden. It was always about deflection while they stole & protected Trump

California Condor on Navajo Bridge Substructure

Hey CNN lady - there are no free black slaves

It was always somebody else's fault...

Man stabs 8 during fight at Detroit hookah bar

#LaurenBoebertIsSoDumb has gone viral as a hashtag

☦ Orthodox Christian 'Memory Eternal'

You have to really appreciate the GOP misspelling "devastating" in a post about education.

Greatest Japanese Song Ever

Voting Gangnam Style: The Rise of Kim Crow

Daniel Johnston.

cascatelli, a brand new pasta shape is here

DHS secretary says border is closed: 'The message is quite clear, do not come'

There's a first time for everything...

Some idiot is running "Put Obama on the Supreme Court" ads on Youtube

American Taste Tests Irish Snacks!

Four Things That Happen When a Language Dies

Domestic Extremism Is Now Greatest Terrorism Threat

Seven Turns, The Allman Brothers Band

Kitten realizes he has more than one paw...

The side eye...

When your cat is so happy to see you........

NYC's 5 DA offices wound up with recordings of confidential jailhouse calls between inmates and...

I just saw a flatbed truck go past my house.

So Police Are Sent To Miami to Quell Crowds for Spring Break??

When did Bill Maher jump the shark for you?

Two people dead in Maine national park after fall

I'm listening to a podcast about the Jonestown massacre.

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that Democrats are more likely to win.

60 minutes now. Insurrection arrests and Gen. Austin.

Peter, Paul & Mary - THE HOUSE SONG:

South Beach state of emergency extended to April following spring break crowds

Republican congressman forced to admit Biden never 'opened the borders'

COVID-19 school closures are somehow making Republicans dumber.

Ducey Cites Border Drug Busts That Never Happened

Letters found in an attic reveal eerie similarities between Adolf Hitler and his father

George Takei for the win!

Bob Weir and Dave Wasserman - Black-bird

The things people throw away....why not at least DONATE?

Guinea pig train

When ABC and Howard Kossell / Don Meredith announced John Lennon's Assassination,....

Breaking: Rep. Tom Reed (R) not seeking reelection, addresses sexual misconduct allegations