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Wife Selling, Wife Auctioning, English Custom 17th -19th Centuries; Worldwide

Rep. Tom Reed Says He Won't Run for Re-election in 2022

West Virginia to extend the West Virginia income tax filing and payment deadline to May 17

NRPS - 1975 - Entire Show.....

New: Justice Department is in possession of evidence that likely clears the bar to charge some Capit

Senate Health Committee OKs bill to add edible cannabis to list of permissible forms ...

"Nope, not parody. They even put it in all caps. Dumb fuckers."

Evidence in Capitol Attack Most Likely Supports Sedition Charges, Prosecutor Says

IMO, I anticipate Republican support of one significant bill this year

1 Viognier, 2 Chardonnays, 2 Cabs and a Merlot...and a sparkling white wine

My friend Laurie will be giving the Commencement speech at Rutgers U this year...

Larry Summers says the US is seeing 'least responsible' macroeconomic policy in 40 years

President Biden greeted with bagpipe music

SF poop-testing startup, once compared to Theranos, charged in $60M fraud scheme

Hey Trump you lost. No one cares what you have to say so STFU

The Imperial March, better than the LSO original.

Texas Roadhouse CEO dies from suicide after COVID-19 struggle

Beto O'Rourke calls out Greg Abbott again

How serious is the Border issue ?

ICYMI - First Ever Tweet Turns 15 Years Old

American kids playing American music.

NY-23: Reed Won't Run for Re-Election in 2022

*Searching For Italy: Stanley Tucci Visits Sicily @ 9 p.m. EDT!

Despite the Objections of Police Unions, New York Publishes the Misconduct Records of 83,000 cops

What is the best meal delivery service available?

Brazil officials warn clash looms between Indigenous, miners

Wanna know what it looks like for a Defense Attorney to pretzel themselves into an explanation...?

A QAnon supporter drove 800 miles to DC for March 4 and was 'willing to die' to realize his 'crazy

This is why Secretary Yellen said "Go BIG".

Republicans look for ways to attack Biden's COVID-19 stimulus despite its popularity

The GOP prepares to go on the defensive as D.C. statehood movement gains momentum

The first episode of Columbo is on tonight.

Boulder's assault weapons ban unenforceable for time being after district court ruling

Donald Trump's Personal Boeing Reportedly Sits Mouldering At Small New York Airport

Watch this military themed dog show performance. You'll be glad you did.

Claudia Conway getting ready to sing on American Idol

Ohio State loses in NCAA basketball tournament; player receives death threats

Trump's chief pollster explains why Ron DeSantis may be 'inheriting' Trump's role in the GOP

Honduran President Hernandez allegedly helped smuggle cocaine into US

Honduran President Hernandez allegedly helped smuggle cocaine into US

3 hours of xlnt John Lennon covers, haven't seen an embarrasing one yet...

Black Voters Felt Intimidated by Police, Armed Trump Supporters at Southern Voting Sites: Report

Rutgers snapped defeat from the jaws of victory.

Trump's Scottish golf course trashed the environment & locals fear his new one will do even more

Pakistan prime minister Imran Khan tests positive for COVID-19

Why The United States Can't Handle Crises (16 minute video so accurate it hurts)

My reaction to watching the "Q" documentary on HBO....

Thousands of Hongkongers will be unable to cash in their pensions after moving to the UK

OLBERMANN VS...VACCINE SKEPTICS, PARANOIDS, NEEDLE-FEARERS. Hey! Inject it directly into your veins!

"The former guy's rank and fool followers". How's that one? I find it amusing. :) n/t

So the Hill's Krystal and Saagar is just a Ring Wing Revisionist Show

Republican goes down in flames

Anal Roberts did it again!

Derek Chauvin Trial: Battle of the Expert Witnesses/Forensic Pathologists Will Take Center Stage

MSNBC needs a weekend makeover

You can take Salem out of the country, but

Female osprey @ my house, southern MD

Railroad megamerger would create the first Mexico-US-Canada freight rail network

Behold. Meet The Press panel to discuss anti-Asian violence.

Gainesville city council agrees to purchase $400K monument for Leonard Park to replace Confederate

The Satelliters - Lost In Time

Human Expression - Optical Sound

got a pretty cool opportunity that I am about to embark on

He's Gone - The Infamous String Dusters...

Hundreds of people defy Miami Beach curfew orders - ABC News

Gottlieb warns of potential for new outbreaks fueled by New York virus variant

Saw The Third Man last night for the first time ever

Infamous String Dusters - Bob Dylan - Don't Think Twice

Spring Breakers Rebel and Crowd Streets Amid New Miami Beach Restrictions - NBC Nightly News

Perhaps, like me, you've seen the recent reports about banning transsexuals from school sports.

Just Curious - Does Fox News Promote Getting The Vaccine?.....

Circles / Tommy Lee ft. Tyla Yaweh (Live on The 2020 Billboard Music Awards)

Why you can't compare Covid-19 vaccines - Vox

Conservative's Desperation On Full Display With #Seussgate

Leo Kottke

Post Malone - Hollywood's Bleeding (Live From The 63rd GRAMMYs / 2021)

Purple Haze - Jimi Hendrix

Purple Haze - Melanie

Brand New Key - Melanie

Brand New Key - The Dollyrots

Warmer today in Grand Rapids, Michigan than it was in Tampa, Florida!

Purple Haze - The Fibonaccis

The Daily Social Distancing Show: What the Hell Happened This Week? - Week of 3/15/21

Journey - I Would Find You

The Daily Social Distancing Show: This Week's Coronavirus Updates - Week of 3/15/21

Dead - 1972 - NFA

Kings of Leon - Sex on Fire

Those Trump Loving Politicians Love Their Name in The News

Upcoming Webinar with Rep Raskin: Partisanship, Fascism and the Common Good:

Toto - I Will Remember

Dead - 1972 - GDTRFB

John Oliver's story tonight on plastics and recycling. I saw a very good video on this subject.

Movies so bad they ended the careers of their stars(s)

How Leonora Carrington Feminized Surrealism

Walgreens offering vaccine to high risk health issues

More Audio from Perseverance: the Crunch of its Wheels on the Martian Regolith

Over 4,900 kids in Iowa have now contracted coronavirus since January 29, the date when Gov. Reynold

Your Favorite Randy Rainbow parody?

The Feminist Magic of the Older Witch

Update from Minnesota: Enbridge is doing everything in its power - and unlawfully deploying state p


Olympic surfing hopeful Katherine Diaz killed by lightning while training

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, March 23: Growing Up on Screen

Bolsonaro uses Brazil's dictatorship-era law as protesters depict him as a Nazi

Mehdi Hasan (MSNBC) destroys Dan Crenshaw

Racist California GOP blew their Recall Newsom Campaign

Over 21,000 US citizens sign request to end blockade against Cuba

Anyone ever successfully challenge a rezoning or subdivision proposal in AZ?

Waxing Gibbous, 55% visible

Chuck Todd isn't just the host of MTP, he's also the political director for the entirety of NBC News

Wife Selling, Wife Auctioning, English Custom 17th -19th Centuries; Worldwide

Evidence in Capitol attack investigation trending toward sedition charges, departing chief says

Environment, shmirement! Eco-friendly people flocking back to single-use plastics during COVID

Florida Surpasses 2 Million Covid Cases

Cut to the Chase, GOP

Eating oreos at 1:31 AM

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) - Plastics

Would Puerto Rico Be Better Off as a Freely Associated State?

Beavers keep on rolling

Rep. Ruben Gallego pushes for the VA to strip benefits from service members, veterans who stormed Ca

Donald Trump's Greatest Successes

"Biden Admin just dropped $86 Million to get hotel rooms for ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS"

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) - Plastics

'Promising Young Woman' + 'Borat' Emerge as Winners at 73rd WGA Awards

Alabama Supreme Court upholds dismissal of lawsuit over mask order

Alabama House passes ban on curbside voting

John Oliver Exposes Meghan McCain's 'Stop Asian Hate' Hypocrisy

The next Democratic Senator from Iowa?

spider in the shower... Australia

Mississippi gun show targeted with unprecedented fire department inspection fee for vendors

Covid: AstraZeneca vaccine 79% effective with no increased blood clot risk - US trial

Jackass MAGAt senator blocks bill that stops debt collectors from seizing people's stimulus checks

I told my wife I definitely married miss right

Mouse Plague in Australia

Sheldon Whitehouse: How Right-Wing Dark Money Is Trying to Kneecap the Biden DOJ

AG Fitch recovers nearly 500,000 PPE items from price gouger

Repub Cuomo Challenger Apologizes For Sexual Harassment

Blossom trees and fawns in Mara, Japan.. Lovely.

$1,000 Teacher pay raise bill headed to Governor's desk

Club for Growth takes aim at impeachment backers Cheney, Anthony Gonzalez

Monday TOONs - Wooga-booga-booga!

Biden's Schedule for Monday, March 22, 2021

A businesswoman and her son plead not guilty to embezzling over $2 million from the state

incredibly clear satellite pics of the great lakes.

'It Hit Me Hard': Northbrook Mom Gets COVID After Second Vaccine Dose

They wanted democracy. Instead they say they were beaten and raped by police.

The Peasants' Revolt 1381, Begun By A Baker Serf. The 14th Century, 100 Years of Struggle

Poll: Most Mississippians believe state has an obligation to help with Jackson water crisis

Definitive Article on Stimulus Payments and what to do if you're wondering "Where's my money?"

Dozens of towns isolated by flooding in Australian state

I illustrated the #ProudBoys path pre-riot from Eddie Block's video, start (green arrow) to finish (

Breakfast Monday 22 March 2021

AstraZeneca vaccine in the U.S.; "The data look good. The numbers don't lie" - Fauci

If you're looking for a good revenge movie, watch "Peppermint"

Tell me the one special talent that you bring to your relationship

Follow The Money - Lincoln Project

Appeals court removes Tennessee judge from case with lawyer who revealed his secret arrest

100s of 1,000s Of Abandoned Oil Wells In PA; Wastes From New Fracking Don't Stay Put; Hmmmm . . .

Georgia Power Denies "Naturally Occuring" Hexavalent Chromium Has Anything To W. Coal Ash

"Nothing To See Here" -by Tom Tomorrow

It's Monday, have a smile!

These high schoolers made things right for a veteran who was ripped off

The video appears to show cheater #Trump moving his ball slowly toward the hole with his putter

More Than 3 Feet Of Rain In 5 Days In NSW; Australia Bouncing From One Climate Disaster To The Next

Saturday Morning Panels: Week of 3/17/21

The Rundown: March 19, 2021

GOP Arizona Mayor 'Impressed So Far' With Biden Admin's Handling of Border Crisis

The Biden Administration to Send $87 Million Housing Illegal Immigrants?

As Congress prepares to take up D.C. statehood, national support grows

Times Owners Wanted Cats And Dogs To Live Together, But It Didn't Work Out As Planned 😂

U.S. economy is 'on the brink' of a complete recovery, says Richmond Fed's Barkin

'State Of The Planet' Report Depicts Grim Future If We Are Unwilling To Change

Images Of 'Futuristic' Movie Props That Are Just Regular Items

T H I S -

I wonder if people's reactions to the vaccines reflect what their reaction to Covid would have been.

The rioter next door: How the Dallas suburbs spawned domestic extremists

GA GQP Moving To Block Local Government Shifts To Lower-Carbon Energy, Because "Freedom"

Is the RW war against "cancel culture" really a war against accountability?

EU slaps sanctions on China for abuses against Uyghurs

GOP governors are refusing to use new federal funds to expand health care

A Hate Crime Against Women

'Gullible rube' Ron Johnson buried in mockery over explanation of how Greenland got its name

Cheap Chinese smartphones take on Apple as 5G moves forward

No threat to Earth as huge asteroid zooms past

'Gullible rube' Ron Johnson buried in mockery over explanation of how Greenland got its name

How Biden Quietly Created a Huge Social Program

Zack Snyder's Justice League

GOP Rep. Tom Reed Won't Seek Elected Office Following Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Opinion: The age of the 'silver stoners' is nigh

Some old Ford.

Democrats vow to go 'bold' -- with or without GOP

Trump says Fauci 'a promoter more than anything'

The Only Thing That Can Really Save the Subway: Riders

Michigan: U.P. road closes for a month so salamanders can cross

I got my first shot moderna - I also had covid in January

GOP hopefuls crank up the 'if-Trump-doesn't-run' primary

Evangelical theology, the poison of white male supremacy and the Georgia spa killings

A one in 50 year flood event is taking place in Sydney and mid-north coast of Australia

60 Minutes/AU goes for a walk in the Scottish Highlands with Mabel, Olive and Andrew.

Moving to Harrisonburg. What should I know?

Exclusive: 43% of Americans say a specific organization or people to blame for COVID-19

Michael Stanley, Cleveland's hometown rock hero, dies at 72

More than 45,000 bridges rated in poor condition. Still,Joe Biden's infrastructure plan may hit snag

Fully Vaccinated and Time to Party: If You Are 70

Rescued dog now entertains mom with hilarious screams

FYI: Today will be a Hearing H.R.51, on DC Statehood

Vermilion Cliffs National Monument

Rich Countries Signed Away a Chance to Vaccinate the World

Why you can't compare Covid-19 vaccines

Hey TRUMP Supporters This Is Your Dear Leader

Martha Raddatz attack Homeland Security Sec. while appeasing Trump's immoral immigration policies

Supreme Court will consider restoring the Boston Marathon bomber's death sentence

NC: 6 yr. old boy sent to court for picking a tulip

Archaeologists find earliest colonial site in Maryland after nearly 90-year search

A farmer's feud with workers union leads to high-stakes Supreme Court showdown about property rights

U.S. and allies set to announce coordinated sanctions on China over Uyghurs 'genocide'.

Catholic Priest: I'd Deny Biden Communion Until He Repents and Converts

SecretaryPete: American communities could be as good as or better than any other place in the world

Death row inmates await Biden's promise to end federal executions

Trump: Republicans need 'stronger' and 'better' leadership than McConnell

Boogie Oogie Oogie

Trump says GOP has 'pretty deep bench' if he doesn't seek reelection

Supreme Court declines to hear challenge to Obama marine monument designation

Krispy Kreme giving away free donuts to vaccinated Americans

Cartoon: A welcomed crisis By Clay Jones -March 22, 2021 9:01 AM

"May the contents of this box blow the shit out of Hitler."

George Benson has a birthday today.

Biden's next challenge: Vaccine diplomacy

Incredible drone footage gets scarily close to Iceland volcano eruption

Biden moves rapidly to shore up Obamacare and erase Trump's changes

First Dylan album with electric guitar released on this date in 1965.

Epstein was paid $158,000,000 for tax and estate planning!

Normally I Don't Post Sexist Images...

Trump Apparently Forgets About Capitol Attack, Says If Dems Lost in 2020 'You Would Have Had...


Former Operation Warp Speed Chief: There Were Times Where I Thought Why Did I Get Myself Into This?'

Catchy Slogan

US Senate seats that Democrats are more likely to win in 2022.

10k vaccinated on Saturday at Nissan Stadium mass vax event

Can I have the banana??

2nd moderna a doozy

I just rediscovered "The Naked City" on Tubi

Lab Leak: A Scientific Debate Mired in Politics--and Unresolved

Day 593 of my house arrest without trial. Spring is here -- my 7th change of season since the black c

Republicans compare Ron Johnson to Joe McCarthy: NYT

WH: Over the weekend we set a new record with 6 million shots reported administered across the count

484 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Mon.; 0 deaths


A Treasure Hunter, a Satanism Expert, and Mike Lindell Fight To Overturn Biden Win in Arizona

A federal mag. judge in West Virginia is hearing arguments this morning on whether to keep George Ta

Ron Johnson's vile new defense of Trump makes his defeat more urgent

Good Day DU (March 22, 2021)

Senator Ron Johnson shows he doesn't know WTF he's talking about

Richest 1% of Americans Hide a Fifth of Their Income From the IRS

I HATE March Madness!!!!!!!

D.C.-area forecast: Nice spring weather this week, with a surge of warmth Thursday and Friday

Trump snaps at Fox News host after she calls him 'ex-president'

The Orange Moron Is Holed Up In The Mar-a-Lago Bridal Suite Designing His Own Social Media Platform

Anti-Tax Lobby Seeks to Purge Democracy Supporters From the Republican Party

More Than Half of Thousand Arrests in Florida Spring Break Chaos Were From Out of State

US existing home sales fall 6.6% in February: survey

Eric Boehlert: Washington Post goes all in with anti-Biden border coverage

Top 1% of high-income households in the US fail to report 20% of their income, a new paper reveals

Tweet of the hour

Virus Researchers Still Can't Rule Out Lab Accident

Interior reverses course on tribal ownership of portion of Missouri river

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam (D) has signed bills to: Create Sunday early voting End the absentee bal

Pic Of The Moment: Funny How That Works

Expert explains why Trump supporters won't use former president's new social media app

John Cornyn thinks "humane" treatment of migrants is bad

Suggested domain names for Trump social media website!!

Are other star members seeing ads?

New episodes of Jeopardy! continue this week with guest host @DrOz

Lisbon, Ohio coffee shop owner tells Biden, transgender supporters not to buy his coffee

We just now scored appointments for this afternoon!

These corporations broke their pledge to stop donating to Republican objectors

Donald Trump's Social Media Platform Will 'Suck' Proud Boys Say in Message Shared by Gab

Georgia Rep. Jody Hice, arguing against DC statehood at committee, said DC would become the only sta

Children and animals... all over the world...

Krispy Kreme will you give you a free doughnut every day this year -- if you've been vaccinated

Why We Fight - The Lincoln Project

Anyone familiar with this quote? I just came upon it while reading...

Is the Trump appointed DOJ spokesperson attempting to thwart the cases against Jan 6


The Bible Predicted Christians ...

Trump Supporters Still Hoping ...

If Tom Cotton Picks His Nose ...

McDonald's Testing Massive Meatball Burger

Texas Republicans begin pursuing new voting restrictions as they work to protect their hold on power

Secretary Pete just joined a business meeting I'm attending...

Naval Station Everett to perform drills Tuesday

Home-made French dip sandwiches for dinner last night.

Karin Strenz - a close ally of Angela Merkel who received cash from #Azerbaijan - has collapsed and

GOP lawmaker launches fact-free diatribe against DC statehood...

Heritage Foundation's Zack Smith, arguing against DC statehood, says DC residents "already impact th

Does it seem FL, the Dakotas and others host superspreader events and then send the Covid home?

Cartoons 3/22/2021

Why Landlords Target Mothers for Eviction

Has anyone asked the Heritage Foundation what exactly it means when they

Migrants are heading north because Central America never recovered from last year's hurricanes

Biden dispatches top officials to Mexico, Central America as border crisis grows

"Biden Let Us In" at Border

Has your weight changed during the pandemic? 61% of Americans are up or down -- avg of 29 lbs gained

Project Veritas Is Claiming It Broke a Story About Consitions Inside Border Facilities

BREAKING: NYS lowers COVID vaccination age to any resident 50+

Meidas Touch ftw

Federal loans have poured $1.8 billion into Snohomish County

Colorado prepares to lift its COVID mask mandate

I thought Icelanders were smart people

Louis DeJoy To Unveil 10 Year Plan

Picture it: It's 4 billion years from now. It's nighttime. You step outside. You look up. What do yo

Here's a Quick Rundown of Why Heaven Makes No Sense

Roberts Harangues Marine Monument as Appeal Runs Aground

GOP lawmaker who called LGBTQ people "deviants" who want "special privileges" apologizes

Republican Party Taken To School After Posting Typo-Riddled Tweet About Education


With N.J. COVID cases rising again, don't expect more restrictions to be lifted soon, Murphy says

This is the Heritage Foundation's argument against DC statehood

McConnell describes legislative filibuster as 'Kentucky's veto'

Roger Stone faces fresh scrutiny as Capitol attack investigation expands

Frank Zappa

Israel's elections look very different without Netanyahu's bro Trump

Fremont Sunday Market reopens in a pandemic world after winter hibernation

Washington state advances to Phase 3 of reopening Monday

Biden Determined to Tax the Rich After Windfalls From Covid Crisis

The Three Men Who Could Take Down Gavin Newsom

These California counties are pushing the hardest for the Gavin Newsom recall

WaPo Opinion: Did covid-19 escape from a Wuhan lab? The WHO report can't be the final word.

FLASHBACK: Dr. Oz, Fox's all-purpose coronavirus pundit, apologizes for pushing the 'trade-off' of..

The republican party is full of lying, putin adoring sociopaths trying to destroy Democracy

Dumb Dad Arrested After Bringing Toddler Into Elephant Habitat For Selfie Op

Tiniest Tiger Cub Is A Wild Man Now

English must be so confusing to ESL people - where is the 'g' in anxiety?

Someone has a sense of humor - Easter edition.

Atlanta-area spa shootings: Verified GoFundMes created for victims' families

Dr. Oz is guest hosting 'Jeopardy' and they're royally flamed on twitter for it.


US House Members likely to leave office in 2022 due to re-apportionment.

The rioter next door: How the Dallas suburbs spawned domestic extremists

Tammy Duckworth calls out "liberal wishlist" lie

BROKEN: Trump Scuttles Social Media Site Plans - Makes Deal for Existing Site

Arizona is opening vaccines to 16+ Statewide starting Wednesday

Shooting victim's husband says police detained him for hours

I am a good boi. I wait patiently for ball throws when hooman is busy. - Major

What would you do if you saw a woman being sexually harassed?

Rents for the rich are plummeting. Rents for the poor are rising. Why?

Did CNN Air a Staged Migrant Crossing of the Rio Grande?

Trump debated Putin several times. The transcripts are still classified.

Billions of Day-Old Chicks Are Shredded, Gassed, and Suffocated

USA Today Opinion: Why the COVID lab-leak theory in Wuhan shouldn't be dismissed

Just some thoughts; not a sermon.

"This is a pretty impressive screw-up, even for Fox."

On the mark tweet:

Joe: There are simply some core values and beliefs that should bring us together as Americans.

White House considers splitting $3 trillion recovery plan into two bills, report says

180-pound dog has been best friends with the mailwoman since he was 7 weeks old -- she even visits...

We could Japan.

Unfortunate sign at National Zoo, DC, 1943:

Lawyers battle over 'race-norming' in NFL dementia tests

(Jewish Group) Passing the IHRA Definition of antisemitism at the University of Minnesota (pro/con)

Curbing Prohibition, FDR today 1933 signed bill legalizing sale of wine and beer:


(Jewish Group) What to Know About Children's Author Roald Dahl's Controversial Legacy

Donald Trump endorses rival to Georgia Republican elections official Brad Raffensperger

(Jewish Group) 'Hundreds of thousands' drawn to conspiracies around Holocaust denial...

What more would anyone need to justify voting for a particular candidate

(Jewish Group) Iceland recognises Judaism as an official state religion

Biden Team Preparing Up to $3 Trillion in New Spending for the Economy

Cancel Culture: Accountability, The Backlash, And Reflection

Interesting article on Ravelry in The New Yorker

Trump: Republicans need 'stronger' and 'better' leadership than McConnell

Holy shit! Joe Biden's swinging for the fences.

Cuomo trying to interfere with AG's sexual harassment probe, lawyer for accuser says

Los Angeles Lakers star and former LA Clippers exec Elgin Baylor dies at 86

Portland officer fired after he delayed response to welfare call, failed to pursue suspect, then...

(Jewish Group) Jews know the frustration: We must ensure that Asian Americans are heard.

NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament: Yeah, the Pac 12 is having a down year

(Jewish Group) Asian Jews are suffering. We need you to listen.

Did CNN Air a Staged Migrant Crossing of the Rio Grande?

(Jewish Group) Raising Asian Jewish kids in the US has never been scarier

A presidential first: Biden will hold fundraiser for Bottoms this week

(Jewish Group) Asian-American Jews on the Atlanta spa murders and rising anti-Asian hate crimes

Dem Rep. Filemn Vela won't seek reelection under new Texas map

(Jewish Group) LGBTQ people lack full legal protections in every state. Jews need to help

Woman adopts 'cranky' senior dog so he could live his best life

Top Democratic Senator switches position in MAJOR filibuster update - No Lie podcast

Eleven years after its signing, the Affordable Care Act is drawing hundreds of thousands

Justice Dept. prepares to engage in plea talks with many Capitol riot defendants

Vaccine mystery: Why J&J's shots aren't reaching more arms

Cockatoo demonstrates his flawless chicken impression

Rioter yelling about voters being "robbed" is a bank robber himself...

Colombia's government promised peace funds to 'grease palms' for 'coup'

The new approach to post-policy politics is more brazen than the old

Andrew Yang Urges Legalization Of Psilocybin And Marijuana At New York City Mayoral Forum

Colombia illegally jails key witness in Uribe family investigation

Woman adopts kitten found abandoned inside a box

Amherst man falls from his horse during a police chase Saturday and is struck by officer's vehicle

First tweet fetches $2.9 mn at auction

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Tuesday, 23 March 2021

Got the Pfizer vaccine today at Fema location of Miami-Dade College North and things went smoothly.

Local supermarket just put in a vending machine that sells bitcoins.

Sinema hit with negative approval in Arizona; Kelly +11

My side effect from 2nd Moderna shot - RELIEF of the extreme variety.

Jen Psaki WH Press Conference March 22 2021

Obamacare Enrollments Surge

Political Donors Took Millions From Public Ed Coffers for Private School, Feds Allege

One of 'my' expressive ospreys!!!

Adorable Animals That Are So Round They'll Roll Straight Into Your Heart

Radical right-wing activist Josh Bernstein reports that he's part of the effort to audit the electio

The Eternal Fantasy of a Racially Virtuous America

Greg Abbott To DeSantis "Hold my Beer"

Anti-masker asked about the Dunning-Kruger Effect. Hilarity ensues.

Dr. Oz Is The Guest Host On Jeopardy THis Week

The Animal Rescue League of Iowa had a fundraiser, and Gideon is posting all about it:

Monopoly getting 'long overdue' socially conscious makeover, Hasbro says

What's for Dinner, Mon., Mar. 22, 2021

Lake Michigan is warming hundreds of feet below the surface, study shows

Space debris removal demonstration launches

538's Walk of Shame continues.

Corporate Tax Rate Plunged After GOP Overhaul

A Capital Weather Gang tradition unlike any other🤣. We declare winter OVER in DC...

For The Love Of God Do Not Bitlock Anything

'Former guy' Extols the Republican Party's Deep Bench

Overly dramatic kitten

If AZ US Sen. Sinema-D were to get a primary challenge in 2024. It will likely be from S.O.S. Hobbs.

Moscow Mitch calls democracy a 'power grab'

U.S., U.K., EU and Canada sanction Chinese officials over Uyghur abuses

Sidney Powell Admitting Her Lies?

Funny how the Border was a Crisis in October of 2018


Big lies, all day, everyday...

More rail could be coming to Southwest Virginia

The Smearing of Kristen Clarke

Pelosi baited Republicans by collecting positive news coverage about Biden's $1.9 trillion stimulus

Active shooter at the King Soopers supermarket in Boulder, CO. Multiple down.

More rail could be coming to Southwest Virginia

man drives through California protest against Asian Hate, shouts profanities/racial remarks

Texas Republicans' Involvement in Deadly Capitol Riot Coming to Light

It's called the Tucker Carlson defense.....

Federal spending on transportation infrastructure, by type of infrastructure, 1956 to 2017

One of 'my' osprey, looking across the creek which borders my house, southern MD.

Police respond to active shooter at King Soopers in Boulder

Gavin Newsom Speaks Against Anti-Asian Attacks in San Francisco

Poll: 31 percent of Republicans think their party backs the American Rescue Plan

Gavin Newsom Speaks Against Anti-Asian Attacks in San Francisco

Olympic Legend Kristi Yamaguchi On Anti-Asian Vitriol: What Makes America So Great Is The Diversity

A Cult-Classic Sondheim Flop Gets An Essential New Recording

Ok all you lawyers, 'writ of quo warranto' ?

The "border crisis" narrative doesn't add up

(Fake China trial) Thanks for turning out:

The best repuker argument against DC statehood is ... ''yard signs', and no airport'

OLBERMANN VS. THE FAKE BORDER CRISIS: A security or presidential crisis? No: It's kids we must help.

Nicola Sturgeon vows to focus on elections after being cleared by inquiry

I was sitting in my car waiting for a friend who got her vaccine today

The 3 foreign samurai who are still famous & praised today! Learn about "Yasuke" the African samurai

This Pregnant Pittie Foster Story Is The Happiest Thing Ever

The fate of the filibuster is fluid

Law professors: the filibuster is unconstitutional, and Kamala Harris can issue a ruling.

Fox host makes HUGE mistake during on-air interview with Trump - Brian Tyler Cohen

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh confirmed to lead Department of Labor

The Warrior Life of Yasuke: The African Samurai

A pod of 30 killer whales off Galveston? One of the few times they've been spotted in the gulf?

The Warrior Life of Yasuke: The African Samurai

Mexican MAGA Conspiracy Theorists Fan Flames at Border

U.S. Postal Chief Set to Release 10-Year Strategic Plan

Do you really have to be fully naked? 8 rules in Japanese onsen to keep in mind before coming!

Accused Georgia spa gunman faces malice murder, aggravated assault charges

Ex-Trump lawyer Sidney Powell denies guilt by arguing 'no reasonable person' would believe her

John Fugelsang on mass shootings

Michael Beschloss: Unfortunate sign at National Zoo, DC, 1943

White House eyes sweeping $3T spending proposal

Marty Walsh Confirmed as Labor Secretary

Republican tries to steal credit for relief bill. Jen Psaki does NOT let that happen (BTC interview)

'Should be disbarred': Sidney Powell roasted for insisting 'no reasonable person' would believe her

A question about c-19 shot

The missing students of the pandemic

Fux Noise lies once again while trying to kiss Trump's enormous ass.

Dear President Biden

Georgia GOP voting bills advance as some provisions dropped

The Cabinet* is at full strength. Zero acting secretaries. First time since 11/7/2018

Police respond to reports of an active shooter in Boulder, Colorado AERIAL FOOTAGE

Breaking news coverage: Boulder supermarket active shooting investigation (live)

The Real Reason Republicans Couldn't Kill Obamacare (a must read)

Lauren boebert getting ratioed on Twitter after her tweet re shooting...

Promoting hate and racism should be a crime....

Jeopardy Guest Host

muscovy duck with a cool hairdo

"Wanted a puppy all his life, but his mum has never been able to afford one..."

Tweet of the night:

Arkansas Sends "Most Extreme and Deadly" Bill Attacking LGBTQ+ Healthcare to Governor's Desk

Rescue: Stray Dog Freezing in Mountain Town Covered in Snow - Good Outcome

Hilltop Tacoma Link Extension construction now 75% complete

my College ed REPUB Niece won't get vaccinated. She is soooooo stupid

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Volcanic eruption in Iceland live feed

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