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Joe: The pandemic and economic crisis have greatly impacted women and families -- but with the Americ

Looney Tunes 2021

Alex Rider on spoilers!

The roaring 20s followed the Spanish flu epidemic

Manchin calls for 'enormous' infrastructure package paid for with new taxes

Man assaults Asheville grocery store customers, employees, then drives off, police say

Republican Pat Fallon Cites Military Satire Site as Fact During Congressional Hearing on Extremism

The Comey Rule (2020) deleted scene

TCM Schedule for Friday, March 26, 2021 -- What's On Tonight: Starring Danny Glover

Slot Canyon (Dry Season)

When Your Hair Stylist Really Hates You

Jon Ossoff Is 44th Democratic Senator To Back D.C. Statehood

Glitterbomb 3.0 vs. Porch Pirates

*Ship stuck in Suez Canal story on Chris Hayes' show NOW.

Laura Loomer said what?

"I Sat Through Michelle Bachmann's Crazy Election Conference So You Didn't Have To"

Joe: It doesn't matter if you're an electrician, an accountant, or part of the best soccer team in t

Fight Over Landmark Voting Rights Bill Begins As GOP Claims Voter Suppression Isn't A Problem

3/25 Mike Luckovich: Superspreader

Two major pet peeves for me

Capitol rioters' Trump donations show how much they bought into his election fraud lie

Filipino American Rob Bonta named California attorney general

My response to the two mass shooting in GA and CO.

Ted Cruz Falsely Suggests CDC Guidelines Are Why He Won't Wear A Mask On TV

King County Sheriff's Office to pay $5M for shooting death of Tommy Le

After Mass Shootings, AG Renews Call For Gun Control Reforms

'I believe we have an idiot control problem': Sen. John Kennedy reacts to mass shooting in Colorado

"dr." oz is the worst guest host so far

All they want is your money

Navalny Says His Health Has Deteriorated

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Chuch Night!

Video shows Customer's Racist Mask Rant After Refusing To Cover Her Face In California Starbucks

One Step Ahead by Split Enz

For whatever reason, mrs unblock wore her "nasty woman" t-shirt to her covid vaccination

Getting my first Moderna shot tomorrow!

My Facebook recommended Jeff Tiedrich as a friend.

with new obstacles to voting Republicans are stacking sandbags against a rising demographic change

John Cornyn Belongs In Prison For Sham Prosecutions

It's not the Fed Gov't we need to worry about controlling elections in states. It's Republicans.

Join President BillClinton, ChelseaClinton, VP Kamala Harris, Stacey Abrams, Kyle Korver

I live in Illinois. Dick Durbin is one of my great senators. I am proud of him.

Lawn darts killed two children. Two. They banned them shortly after.

I think there's evidence that a January 6 scandal is brewing inside the Secret Service.

Say "hello" and "good bye" to Buzzy who is the leader of the Hudson Valley Proud Boys

Jackson Browne - Lawyers in Love

Your heritage has always been about hate.

Biden tasks Harris with addressing influx of migrants at the southern border

Ultrapowerful magnetic fields revealed in 1st ever image of a black hole

Turn on Rachel for her interview with Kim Janey, the first African-American Mayor of Boston

Colombia's prosecution fails to inquire about allegedly fake testimony in Uribe trial

The Cult "Rain" ‌‌

All Veterans, their spouses, caregivers can get COVID-19 vaccinations from VA

Rachel's Windshield

Red Rider - White Hot

HO. LY. SHITE. If you didn't watch TRMS, catch it on the repeat ....

The Youngbloods 🎼 Darkness, Darkness

I went to a small town high school. We had a handful of black students. We had a handful, maybe

Maryland to double mass COVID vaccination sites as Hogan,

Aimee Challenor fired from Reddit

Any more news about who planted the bombs Jan 5?

Logic has no impact on the gun issue. It boils down to simple love and hate.

Anyone else seeing NRA ads here?

Another Familiar Tune On An Unusual Instrument

O Lordy! Got the bleach on the hair, covered & cookin'

I need help uploading avatar images, please

AstraZeneca revises Covid vaccine data with lower efficacy rate after accuracy questions

Rachel Maddow Rolls Out A Massive Slam on Incompetent Racist John Cornyn and Senate Spite,

Coronavirus Thanks Ron DeSantis for Making It Feel So Welcome at Spring Break

Had my first Moderna shot yesterday .. n slept all day

My wife and I get the new Moderna variant tweaked test programme vax Tuesday.

Device That Generates Electricity From Your Body Heat

Video Dump - Dogs

Marc Elias: Important statement from the Chair of the House Administration Committee regarding the

Agency run by Trump holdover is delaying stimulus to SSI/SSDI recipients

Durbin's letter to Senate Republican leadership regarding Gupta's confirmation.

How can one watch an uncensored version of The Crown?

Bob Rae on Human Rights in China and Syria vs. Canada:

Censorship in 2021: Netflix's The Crown

bombay bicycle club (studio-2020) eat, sleep, wake (nothing but you) - great tune

Democrats Say Agency Run By Trump Holdover Is Delaying Stimulus Checks

Want to see gorgeous landscapes and good music?

Poker Night with Olive and Mabel

The Daily Social Distancing Show: A Chicago Suburb Approves Plans for Reparations

Bowie and Marianne Faithful 1973...very strange.

I Should Be Able To Legally Buy A Nuclear Bomb If Anyone Can Buy An AR-15

This: Powerful Women.

This is the level of gun violence happening in CA22 (R) Nunes

OH-11: Ocasio-Cortez endorses Nina Turner in Ohio special election

I want to thank everyone for giving me things I can use to start my campaign

The Daily Show - Three Years Ago Today: March For Our Lives

GOP, Fox News Lie About Gun Control After Boulder, Atlanta Shootings: A Closer Look

Black workers, hammered by pandemic, now being left behind in recovery

Florida, never change...

Oregon brothers arrested on federal charges in connection with deadly US Capitol riot

Moncef Slaoui, former head of Operation Warp Speed, fired from company board over sexual harassment

Seth Meyers - CNN Lost 45% of Its Audience Since Biden Took Office - Monologue 3/23/21

Over 70% of people over 65 have gotten their first shot--up from 8% just 9 weeks ago.

The mix ain't so good and the guitar sounds odd. Doesn't Matter. Don't care, Logan Halstead has it

Corgi agility champ. Those fast little legs!


Miniature pony finds courage

On TV, Bolsonaro Lies about His Actions to Control the Pandemic

Cross post: This: Powerful Women.

Biden To Unveil Multitrillion-Dollar Infrastructure Plan in Pittsburgh Next Week

Seth Meyers - GOP, Fox News Lie About Gun Control After Boulder, Atlanta Shootings: A Closer Look

A Lazy Rescue Kitty Cat Day

Touchpad *sinking*? ----

Ha! Edge and Adam Clayton appear with U2 Tribute band

'Tool Of The White Supremacist South:' Chris Hayes On Racist History Of Filibuster - All In - MSNBC

☦ Orthodox Christianity: Feastday of the Annunciation 3/25, Annunciation G.O. Cathedral, Houston

Growing number of Southern Baptist women question roles

"I mean, there must be worse idea than this one. I just haven't heard them."

Election Expert Debunks GOP's H.R. 1 Opposition - NowThis News

2 of the seditionist arrested had venmo accounts and were "buying" weapons grade uranium...

Tucker Carlson says Sen. Tammy Duckworth is a modern Robert Byrd, compares her to a KKK member.

Cornyn and the Tulia Texas drug arrests scandal -- go back to the beginning here

Amazon's Illegal Gold Rush Heightens Threat to Indigenous People

We've finally conquered the last remaining obstacle to achieving equality, score for feminism

Dark energy camera takes hyper-detailed images of nearby dwarf galaxies

Vanita GUPTA's confirmation Associate Atty Gen tomorrow vs Texas jerk CORNYN's racist vendetta

The sun is still a burning mystery. That may be about to change.

It's Vaccination Day!

Earth is missing a huge part of its crust. Now we may know why.

83-year-old Korean-American died in Calif., and his widow received this letter after the funeral:

Alex Jones Still Sells Supplements On Amazon Despite Bans From Other Platforms

A Wisconsin QAnon believer shot soldiers with a paintball gun days after traveling to DC in hopes

Mississippi GOP senator says it's wrong to vote on Sunday for religious reasons

Shocking New Video Of Moment Officer Sicknick Was Attacked At Capitol Riot - All In - MSNBC

Trump Tower: Hospital official resigns after Covid-19 vaccines were improperly distributed at Trump

A Lazy Rescue Kitty Cat Day

Ted Cruz calls gun control 'theater.' Kamala Harris SHUTS HIM DOWN with clapback - Brian Tyler Cohen

Adorable cats swimming

what if matt gaetz & jim jordan had a baby?

'Shame, shame, shame': Tempers flare in Senate voting hearing - CNN

Live. LAPD preparing to raid homeless encampment in Echo Park (Los Angeles)

Man With Body Armor And 6 Guns Arrested In Atlanta Yesterday At Publix

UTSA nets $20M gift from Carlos Alvarez, will rename business school in his honor

Get Your New MAGA Mask Today

Hey, wouldn't voter fraud be easier to detect if turnout was SUPPOSED to be 100%?

Highly Recommend

Dumb And Dumber

Hutchinson: No local mask mandates when state's ends

Florida is starting to understand where tens of thousands of 'missing' kids have gone

Get ready for Friday...

'Being civically engaged was a pathway to enacting change': State Sen. Bracy may run for FL governor

9th Circuit punches big hole in gun NUTS' "open carry" myths!

Bill to cap insulin prices at $100 passes first committee

Texas Judge Slams GOP Voter Suppression Bills - NowThis News

LIVE! From DALI China!! SURREALISTIC Radio from Shirley & Spinoza!!!

Donna Shalala joins Democrats' calls to bring feds into Frank Artiles investigation

LIVE! From DALI China!! SURREALISTIC Radio from Shirley & Spinoza!!!

What did you do with your $1400 stimulus?

Lou Dobbs is off the air. Still. Not news

Student Rescue Act Aims To Help West Virginia Pupils Whose Grades Plummeted During Pandemic

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 3/24/21

☦ Orthodoxy: 'Can You Accept My Lenten Challenge?' By Fr. Josiah Trenham

Fired West Virginia Teacher Loses Suit Over Bigoted Posts

In The Wake Of Two U.S. Mass Shootings, West Virginia Senate Committee Advances Four Gun Rights

West Virginia Senate passes bill to rein in voting options

There's No One Left

Justice misleads on news reports, losing PGA

Fort Hood kept lights on during winter storm, and now has a massive electric bill

COVID-19 hospitalizations in Michigan surge 800% in March among people 40-49 years old

US Hits New Low In Global Rank of Democracies- Below Argentina, Mongolia; On Par w Panama, Romania

Yellowstone wolf killed by Montana Governor

Virus interrupts forming of new Dutch government

Long-Haulers & The Coronavirus Vaccine; Could The Shot Improve Long Covid Symptoms?

Ohio lawmakers override Gov. Mike DeWine's veto of health order bill

Cincinnati's First Affordable Housing Community for LGBTQ Seniors Named in Honor of Jim Obergefell's

Federal COVID-19 relief money would restore Black Lives Matter mural in front of City Hall

A personal anecdote re: the human virus known as Louis DeJoy

Ohio legislators one step away from repealing key portions of nuclear bailout bill

Man arrested after walking into Atlanta grocery store with 6 guns, body armor

This is Extremely BAD (link to tweet)

I didn't know the Great Lakes had an undertow. Until yesterday

Lake Street Dive - Nobody's Stopping You Now

Sitting on their hands': Biden transition officials say Trump officials delayed action on child migr

Battle Brews Over Ohio's "Abortion-Ban Trigger" Bill

VERIFY: Yes, Sen. Ted Cruz received $300,000 from gun rights donors, but not all from NRA

Rep. Pat Fallon claimed SPLC listed 2 veterans' orgs as 'hate groups.' His source? A satirical news

International UFO Investigation Organization Sets Up Permanent Headquarters in Ohio

Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown reintroduces anti-hazing bill in US Senate after BGSU student dies

Has there been any hint of when DeJoy might be getting his walking papers?

"a well regulated militia ..."

Reality Winner is the hero who warned us about Russia's attack on US elections and paid a steep pric

Smiling Portraits From History V2 Colorized And AI Animated

UN Peacekeepers can act as electoral security, yet no Republicans have ever called for a US Mission

Do you know Arabic math is now being taught in public school

Sen. Bernie Sanders' Next Progressive Frontier: Reshaping A 'Rigged' Tax System

Biden's Schedule for Thursday, March 25, 2021

New York Times Variant Tracker

Breakfast Thursday 25 March 2021

North Korea test-fires ballistic missiles in message to US

Sting - Sister Moon

"Seaspiracy" now available on netflix

Daily KOS

Since Paris Agreement, Oil/Gas/Coal Companies Have Received $3.8 Trillion From 60 Biggest Banks

Ag scty Tom Vilsack says only 0.1 percent of Trump administration covid farm relief to Black farmers

Seaspiracy now streaming on Netflix

Anti-Netanyahu bloc in talks to form gov't with Benny Gantz as head

Australia Insists It Shares "The Same Ambitions" On Climate Policy As Newly Minted OECD Head Hack

NOW: From the WH regarding marijuana use among staff members

Mad Max Or Waterworld? Why Not Both?!? Australia's Two Intertwined Futures W. Michael Mann

Jobless claims: Another 684,000 Americans filed new unemployment claims

Major Spoilers Staff Picks for March 24, 2021 #NCBD

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 3/24/2021

Art of the Week: Week of 3/24/21

The Rundown: March 25, 2021

Brain dead gym owner giving free memberships to people who don't get vaccinated.

2 girls charged with fatal carjacking in DC

So about this so-called party of "law and order"...

On this day, March 25, 1911, the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire happened.

Biden transition officials say Trump officials delayed action on child migrant surge

UK Ups Its Commitment To Climate By . . . Encouraging New North Sea Oil & Gas Drilling

People gave up on flu pandemic measures a century ago

'One mistake after the other.' How AstraZeneca went from pandemic hero to villain

Oregon has passed the one million (at least one dose) mark!

Southern Company Bet $8 Billion On NG Dominance Just 5 Years Ago; It Hasn't Worked Out That Way

Missing Dog Reunited With 10-Year-Old Boy


Whether he takes responsibility or not - He is responsible for 100s of 1000s of deaths.

Why hasn't there been anything released about the Capitol insurrectionists tours?

"Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree" -- Tony Orlando & Dawn (1973)

The 2A is not an impediment to strict gun control

No Moon At All

Just 12 people are responsible for '73% of Facebook's anti-vaxx content': study

"Some day men will read again."

Just witnessed CRUZ refuse to put on a mask in front of reporters, even after One asked him too.

Two varieties of Daffodil are now blooming.

Please tell me why the border crisis of the young people coming to America from Central America ...

Texas AG Ken Paxton refuses to release texts, emails sent during pro-Trump rally & Capitol riot

On March 25, 1975, the Lyon sisters went to the Wheaton Plaza shopping mall.

'Lying Through Truth': Misleading Facts Fuel Vaccine Misinformation

Thursday TOONs - GQP News

A word of thanks to the men and women of the Federal Civil Service,

Priotitizing my efforts to do what I can meant that this morning I decided to take steps to

Senator Joni Ernst voted against more than half of Biden's cabinet

White House says policy change allows staffers to keep jobs despite 'casual or infrequent' marijuana

BUSTED: Trump adviser 'appears to have misled a Florida court' to get out of paying child support

To all DUers in MS, AL, and southern TN, please be weather-aware today.

Florida lowers vaccine age to 40 starting Monday, and all adults on April 5

'A cloud of corruption': Democrats want DOJ probe of Florida state Senate races

'Saddest March of our lives': Brazilians lament Covid devastation as critics decry Bolsonaro

Dear Republicans: What Did You Expect?

2 Oregon brothers arrested on federal charges stemming from alleged role in U.S. Capitol riot

Norwood just got exactly what he deserved - a seven count indictment from a federal grand jury.

Sec. Blinken: The U.S. welcomes Canada's sanctions on nine Russians involved in the attempted assass

The Morning Monster Hunt...Rathalos

Sec. Fudge: a historic investment of $450 million is on its way to Indian tribes across the country

"Madam Vice President... I can't believe we just got to say that from the International Space Statio

Thanks a bunch Sinema and Manchin.

Republicans Would Ban Guns In Minutes

Our Candidates Have To Be Perfect

Texas DUers...Is the Texas AG, Ken Paxton an overt treason weasel?

Laura Ingraham Says Democrats Prefer ...

A family friend turned him in for doing shots of fireball in Pelosi's office. Now he's indicted.

Dan, Jennifer Gilbert announce $500 million investment in Detroit neighborhoods

WWII codebreaker Alan Turing honored on new UK bank note

I've done lots of reading, but little posting, on DU lately. Some thoughts about the past few months

And here are the always satisfying arrest photos. Rise and shine Joseph! Time to go to jail buddy.

"If you want a taste of how Fox News is lying about the border, here's Dan Bongino..."

Why China Is Beating The U.S. In Electric Vehicles

We are SO screwed.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta on Ted Cruz's claim he can go maskless around reporters

Under the stewardship of Joe Biden U.S. jobless claims fall to 684,000, fewest since pandemic

Pic Of The Moment: Explaining The GOP Position On The Ongoing Mass Slaughter Of Regular Americans

The case for background checks

Well FUCK..... here we go again. Covid cases in the US appear to be on the rise again.

Oh, Canada!

Now mind you this idiot is making over $174,000 a year

We have now had our second vaccinations and we are setting house rules for the unvaccinated..

9th Circuit Upholds Restrictions on Open Carry

Senator Fischer says she may seek Nebraska governorship in 2022

$400 million per hour

'I am making history': Kim Janey becomes Boston's first Black and first female mayor

BTRTN: Cuomo Next Step... Investigation, Resignation, or Just Be Judged Like a Republican?

U.S. COVID response could have avoided hundreds of thousand of deaths - research

ABRAMS got schooled by us, is switching Mediaite back to unlimited clicks instead of only l0 free/mo

Living Blue In Texas Endorses Shawn Lassiter For Congressional District 6

Elton John has a birthday today.

American female politicians were two to three times more likely to receive abusive Twitter comments

Juanita Jean's husband, Don Bankston, passed away last night

For those not able to watch the Senate proceeding, Sen. Kennedy of Louisianna has just proposed an

Google criticised for failing to remove antisemitic Auschwitz reviews

Aretha Franklin was born on this date.

Just got my 2nd Pfizer shot. Will let you know

Exclusive: NRSC drops $1M ad buy targeting Democrats' voting rights bill

As Biden Pushes Gun Control, A.T.F. Remains Without a Leader

Hoyt Axton was born on this date.

Citing gun violence, Gabby Giffords' trauma surgeon enters race for her old House seat

reposting, in case anyone forgets, DeWine tried a side door abortion ban in Spring 2020

Saudi accused of threat to Khashoggi UN investigator is human rights chief

Saudi accused of threat to Khashoggi UN investigator is human rights chief

I like to browse at yard sales, but ....

Bela Bartok was born on this date.

National Republicans have gone all in on the Newsom recall. They're doing him a big favor

Detective Divorcing Wife Who Went to Capitol Insurrection

McConnell's No. 2 weighs future as Trump reshapes Senate GOP

Puppy frustrated by Cockatoo's constant mimicking...

The Supreme Court has issued an important opinion this morning in Torres v. Madrid, confirming that

Haiti deportations soar as Biden administration deploys Trump-era health order

Haiti deportations soar as Biden administration deploys Trump-era health order

President Biden will announce at his press conference today a new vaccination goal of 200 million do

Just got a call from a doctor at a mainstream health organization.

There are no easy answers on canceling student debt

Douglas Jensen, the Iowa man charged with leading the mob that chased Officer Eugene Goodman in the

The GOP Is the Party of No Hope--and Endless Mass Murders

Manchin's West Virginia - The Drive-Through State

Destructive tornado outbreak expected to slam the South for second time in 8 days

On this date in 1965, Viola Liuzzo was murdered in the wake of the Selma-to-Montgomery March.

Good Day DU (March 25, 2021)

The Little Excavator That Could.

To expand COVID-19 vaccine access, community health centers getting $6 billion

Last night

Floridians over 40 can start getting vaccine starting 3/29...

Pepsi's newest flavor has Peeps in it

Tech reporter mocks idea of Trump creating Twitter rival, predicts it would end like 'Trump Steaks'

Artist Outfits Tiny Toys in Traditional Greek Dress to Celebrate Rich Cultural Customs

President Joe Biden's first press conference: 4 huge issues that are bound to come up

Trump frustrated with pace of super PAC

New York reaches a deal to legalize recreational marijuana, which means in 12-24 months legislators

Pentagon official: Trump's Somalia withdrawal 'probably' had 'significant downsides'

Hunter Biden is trending

3 'toons

Two-thirds back tougher gun laws, but Republican support drops: poll

Sold his soul to trump but all he got was pre-trial Detention and probable Murder Charges

138 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Thurs; 32 deaths

I think I can, I think I can...

Biden will announce new Covid vaccine goal: 200 million shots within his first 100 days

538: 2020's most accurate pollsters

Indigenous peoples by far the best guardians of forests - UN report

Indigenous peoples by far the best guardians of forests - UN report


What could go wrong?

Colorado shooting suspect makes his 1st court appearance

Supreme Court makes it easier to sue big companies and police

When your f*** up is literally big enough to be seen from space

Canada's Supreme Court rules in favour of national carbon tax

Canada's Supreme Court rules in favour of national carbon tax

Dear Republican voters: What did you expect?

NY Prosecutors Investigating Donald Trump Asked Cook County About Property Records, Emails Show

Amazon Says It's the 'Bernie Sanders of Workplaces' Ahead of Union Vote

New York Reaches a Deal to Legalize Recreational Marijuana

Dick Van Dyke singing "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" in a restaurant is the content we all need right now

How can Israel form a coalition and avoid another election?

Senators introduce bipartisan bill to expand electric vehicle charging tax credit

How I Won My $140 dispute with Amazon: Don't give up!

Covid vaccine: AstraZeneca updates US vaccine efficacy results

Covid vaccine: AstraZeneca updates US vaccine efficacy results

Tillis Would Have Lost If Not for Opponent's Affair

Alexei Navalny says he is being 'tortured' in prison (Deutsche Welle)

First, they answered Trump's call to open their wallets. Then, they stormed the Capitol.

Biden taps Harris to stem migration flow from Central America

'Beached whale' ship could block Suez Canal for weeks

Susan Collins Condemned by Maine County Over 'Self-Serving' Impeachment Vote Against Trump

Maybe try TWO Backhoes

Bernie Sanders is targeting the wealthy and corporations with 2 new tax measures

Spirit Airlines flight diverted after passenger tried to open exit door

radio host fired, talk about how he finds lighter skinned black women more attractive than dark

My friend's video...French Onion Soup...

A young Capitol rioter asked to be released from jail so he can take his final exams at UCLA

All these mass shooting at too sanitized for the public

Anyone sign up for "Master Class"?

Biden's new goal is 200 million COVID-19 vaccinations in first 100 days

Stimulus Checks for Social Security, SSI Recipients Delayed Over IRS Paperwork

AstraZeneca vaccine's global rollout faces more complications

AstraZeneca vaccine's global rollout faces more complications

New regional rail vision aims to bring D.C., Maryland and Virginia closer together. Can it happen?

NRA acted as a foreign agent before 2016 election

46 inmates at the King County Correctional Facility test positive for COVID-19

Bainbridge Island approves hazard pay hike requirement for grocery store workers

Pierce County will begin to collect behavioral health tax this summer

It's National Medal of Honor Day and Alwyn Cashe still doesn't have his

Texas Teacher Loses Fight With District That Fired Her For Tweeting School Full of 'Illegal Students

Governor Greg Gianforte violated Montana regulations by killing a wolf without the required course

Rie a.k.a. Suzaku/Towards the Horizon Live Version

Coca-Cola threatened with boycott for not opposing Georgia voting bills

Border crisis. Let's remember how we got here. (language warning)

Who doesn't love Paris in the Spring?

Tweet of the moment

Here's The Fun New Way Republican Men Are Threatening Public Safety

I've Said It Before ...

Trump schedules Fox News phone interview to rant about Biden's first press conference

SecretaryPete: This administration is committed to creating as many good-paying jobs as possible. Th

Supreme Court says police shootings are momentary 'seizures' under 4th Amendment

AN CAFE, i love these guys so much!!

President Biden's First Solo Press Conference

Judge signals plea offers coming in Capitol riot inquiry as authorities focus on violent suspects

Facebook, Google, Twitter CEOs face off with lawmakers

Biden shelving decorum and calling the stain "Trump"

Connected-Car Hacking Is a Perennial Worry and a Constant Fight

Joe is shutting up the faux "NO PRESS CONFERENCE" outrage brigade.

Leadership, in a single chart.

My President is having a press conference. He's actually answering, with respect, and explanations.

Republican Jesus

Video Dump: Dogs 2

Past its prime yet still sublime, this rose is a rose is a rose is a rose

Why America's Great Crime Decline Is Over

A question.....if that voting rights act passing through Congress gets passed in both

Briscoe Cain silenced the only Black lawmaker on the dais for the voter suppression bill (Video)

"But enough about me ..."

New Zealand just approved a new measure allowing for paid leave after miscarriage.

'Anti-democratic garbage': 'Depraved' Mitch McConnell rebuked for calling voting rights bill a 'powe

Keep calm Peacetrain .. Keep calm.. (yes I am talking to myself about the press conference)

Another Monster Hunter adventure

Worthless trump appointee Andrew Saul Delaying Stimulus Checks

Oath Keeper Donovan Crowl "Colluding to wage a Guerilla War against United States"

Novavax delays EU vaccine supply deal amid production problems - source

Diseases Rise Where Forests Fall: Zoonotic diseases, deforestation and palm oil plantations.

Bloomberg Bails Out Florida Democrats

"I don't even know if the republican party will be around in 2024"

Biden just now at his presser: I have every expectation I will run for re-election

Damn, I waited a long time to voice this: I love President Joe Biden!!

President Biden is crushing this press conference

I'm listening to the press conference and can't help wonder if MF45 was asked the same questions

Texas AG Ken Paxton refuses to release messages about attendance at pro-Trump rally before Jan. 6 i

California high court: Judges must weigh ability to pay bail

Biden Offended By ABC's Cecelia Vega Asking About Child Migrant Conditions at Border:...

Tweet of the Day

Joe Biden

Joseph R. Biden, Jr., 46th President of the United States, and...

Bonus Tweet of The Day

People online vs. Reality

Something I'm seeing more and more that bothers me...

Fail horn for Mike Hahn

Press conference drinking game

Singer B.J. Thomas Reveals Stage 4 Cancer Diagnosis

How a racialized disinformation campaign ties itself to The 1619 Project

They need this dog at the Suez Canal immediately..

Cartoons 3/25/2021

Georgia House passes 95 page GOP voter suppression bill allowing GOP takeover of state/county...

Kengo Kuma designs curved library dedicated to Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen

Biden vs. Trump:

Biden: "Autocracy vs Democracy -- look around the world"

All Californians 16+ will be eligible for Covid Vaccines on April 15; those 50+ on April 1.

Netanyahu fails to gain right-wing majority in final election tally

Washington to expand Covid vaccine eligibility to everyone 16 and older by May 1

Anyone else wanting this press conference NOT to end?

Watch an obstinate Ted Cruz refused to put on a mask when a reporter asked him.

Editorial: State needs better watch on pet store puppy sales

There Was No Transition! How Badly Trump Had Screwed Up Immigration

Insurers told to stop using credit scores to set rates

Jessica Walter Dies: Emmy-Winning 'Arrested Development,' 'Archer' Actress Was 80

325 people sign petition opposing new shelter near Coupeville

Zuckerberg puts the Jan. 6th insurrection blame squarely on trump.

Biden holds 1st formal news conference, faces questions on pandemic, migrant surge

Faux noise and the press conference, "oh he read almost all answers on foreign policy from

This Island Nation Had Zero Covid Cases for Months. Now It's Overwhelmed.

Charlottesville 14th Street Bridge Claims Another Victim

This bit made me lol: "They have to posture for a while. They gotta get it out of their system"

Bolsonaro under fire as Brazil hits 300,000 virus deaths

One of 70+ osprey pics today, maybe my closest actually TO him,

Border crossings strain resources in Rio Grande Valley

While I dislike grading Democrats, Biden is giving me FDR-like vibes and has earned a straight A.

I don't know how, BUT

1 report, 4 theories: Scientists mull clues on virus' origin

Cubs fans will understand this: President Biden "put it out on Waveland" with the

'My predecessor ... Oh God, I miss him': Biden laughs at Trump

Amid allegations of spoiler candidate scheme, Florida Democrats call for GOP state senator to resign

So many dumb questions and he didn't use the word malarkey once. Impressive

I know its rude, but I have to ask

Uh oh, grammar* fight on Twitter.

Franklin Graham advised getting the COVID-19 vaccine. His fans revolted.

Science panel: Consider air cooling tech as climate back-up

'Uncharted waters.' Judges are banning some Capitol riot suspects from the internet

Got my second Moderna vaccine this morning!

'Donald Trump' responds to the Biden press conference:

The filibuster in Egypt (humor)

'Time to raise the curtain': NYC mayor announces vaccine sites for Broadway performers, workers

Tell me this isn't a screencap from an Alex Moffat skit on SNL.

Wyoming election changes pushed by Donald Trump Jr. fail

How a snake climbs a tree

Joe Biden questions whether there would even be a Republican Party to run against

Stimulus checks: Payment blockage resolved for nearly 30 million Social Security recipients

Biden blasts 'sick' GOP voter suppression efforts as 'un-American'

Companies Consider Alternative Routes, Assess Costs as Suez Canal Blockage Continues.

President Biden says

I got my first Pfizer vaccine yesterday!! Finally!!

How to properly solve the gun problem.

Trump holdovers accused of 'sabotaging' effort to get checks to 30 million Social Security recipient

Archaeologists identify 3,200-year-old temple mural of spider god in Peru

Archaeologists identify 3,200-year-old temple mural of spider god in Peru

Brand names you trust

Republican Madison Cawthorn said there are "zero dollars" spent on homeless veterans. He lied. It's

Jessica Walter dead at 80: Emmy-winning Arrested Development actress passes away in her sleep

Bunny Kicking Kitten....

it may take weeks to free the Ever Given involving dredging, extracting fuel and removing containers

Cartoon: The real extremists By Clay Jones -March 25, 2021 9:00 AM

The story of Richard Sears or "Uncle Hanzi"

Supreme Court sides with woman shot by police

personal family experience with Trump stooges policies -- new denials of SSI SSDI

Mental Health is very important to me and I know that it's important to consider it at an

"It appears she has redecorated."

I need organic food Mommy!!

I'm in Twitter Jail today for posting "harrassment and/or threats".

The Covid-19 Vaccine Effort Is Protecting Older People, Growing Evidence Suggests

State Republicans seek to ban cities from limiting natural gas development

Trump aide Jason Miller concealed work for PR firm and misled court to dodge child support

Gaetz attacks Pentagon for trying to root out right-wing extremists in the military

OK I am now a one jab wonder

Intel is spending $20 billion to build two new chip plants in Arizona

The FUNDAMENTAL PROBLEM is republicans...

Anyone have experience with macular degeneration?

All hell is breaking loose in Alabama and Georgia. Please take cover if you're there!

Mary Hopkin - Ocean Song

News - Arizona town calls state of emergency over migrant arrivals

Explains The Increase In AR-15 Sales ...

Citing gun violence, Gabby Giffords' trauma surgeon enters race for her old House seat

Gio Gonzalez has retired:

Pay Equity Bill Introduced In The Ohio Legislature....Again

Pashima Goats

The GOP's New Rule: White People Can Shoot, But Black People Can't Vote

The irony of Abba's 'The Winner Takes It All'

Just another day

Southwest pilot on hot mic goes on expletive-laden rant against the Bay Area

House acts to prioritize psych hospital beds for severely mentally ill

WaPo: Opinion: Biden excels at his first news conference. The media embarrass themselves.

Hey --- ---

I put my temperature scanner and pulse

DC's crime lab is under criminal investigation related to its handling of firearms evidence. Team of

Biden: "I might not be uniting the Congress but I'm uniting the country."

"There is no mask mandate" And that is why we, at our business will not wear any.

Eco-fascism: Far right co-opting environmentalism to justify anti-immigration and anti-Semitic views

The difference between the parties? Here ya go-------

The right has nothing to attack Biden with so their attacks are all petty bullshit.

Trae Crowder - Sidney Powell is Somethin Else Y'all

After Katie Porter, Australian Senator Sarah Hanson-Young is the most badass woman on the planet.

Biden doesn't have to speak with McConnell

Thinking about getting the Johnson and Johnson vaccine

Rutgers To Require Vaccine Proof For 'All Students Planning To Attend This Fall'

Warren Buffett group lobbying Texas lawmakers for deal to build $8 billion worth of power plants for

If you thought Barack's tan suit was embarrassing, wait till you hear this:

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Mar. 23, 2021

Ken Paxton refuses to release messages about attendance at pro-Trump rally before 1/6 insurrection

Horse Found On Craigslist Recognizes His First Mom After 2 Years

Michele Scarabelli, playing Martha Kent in "Superman And Lois", is a dead-ringer for Susannah York,

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #10-8: So You Had A Bad Day Edition

MedCram. Great discussion here on COVID natural immunity versus vaccine immunity.

My wife's new watching obsession. The Story of Minglan

Biden was very good today at the press conference, however, when he wasn't looking at his notes,

Texas death toll from February storm, outages surpasses 100

The Crown Just Got an "X-Rated" Treatment, and We'll Never Look at It the Same Way

Heads up Detroit-Ford Field has an excess of COVID-19 vaccines right now until 6.

Roger Stone, on Infowars, giving excuses why he showed up with Oath Keepers in DC on 1/6

Problem signing on to DU?

Gym owner giving free memberships to those who don't get vaccinated

Alex Wagner, subbing for Nicolle Wallace, is doing an excellent job!

Broad-daylight authoritarian repression in Belarus.

Sen. @Ossoff to @toddrokitain: "I take exception to the comments...that public concern regarding the

Orphaned Albino Baby elephant Khanyisa's incredibly emotional greeting by the Jabulani Herd

I get annoyed by some of the reporters "at the border". I'm sure for some reporters who've spent

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Friday, 26 March 2021

I am going to say something that will really p*ss off Republicans and the right-wingers...

Texas winter storm death toll rises to 11 in Austin area, 111 statewide

Seventeen years later, these scientists recognized their mistake, and published a correction.

🚨BREAKING: The Georgia legislature has passed its omnibus voter suppression bill. We are waiting for

I finally got an appointment

[Wow] Missouri Republicans block funds for voter-approved Medicaid expansion

Trump-appointed Social Security Administration officials test Biden's ability to forge new agenda

Enjoy celebrating Elton John's birthday.

Nikki Freid

Rep. Greene agrees not to block critics from Twitter account

How could a high school football coach think anti-Semitic play calls were appropriate?

The legendary Aretha Franklin was born on March 25, 1942

Destruction, deaths in Alabama tornadoes. Birmingham metro area threatened now after suburbs hit

I had Guillain Barre Syndrome

Mt. Whitney from the Death Valley Highway

Old math, New Math,

Gov. Doug Ducey lifts Arizona COVID mandates, including local mask rules

Testimony of Pete Buttigieg, Secretary of Transportation Before the House Committee on Transporta

The series finale of 'The Monkees' aired 53 years ago, March 25, 1968, on NBC

Federal officials: Voters' rights violated in NY House race

U.S.C. Agrees to Pay $1.1 Billion to Patients of Gynecologist Accused of Abuse

Chairs of SIX House committees send letters to WH, DoD, FBI, DOJ to obtain documents about 1/6

Feds seek end to dredging limits that protect sea turtles

Watch President Biden mock Trump and announce that he plans on running for re-election in 2024.

Got my first Moderna shot today!

Carville changes his D+ grade of the WH Press today

Video Dump: Little People

A$$hole former boss of the year...

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg says America's infrastructure needs top $1 trillion and ...

The bill passed. It's illegal to give water to people in voting line in Georgia...............

Suez Canal blockage is delaying an estimated $400 million an hour in goods

When are we going to throw out

And now a word from Missouri, because after all its a us verses them thingy

Growing signs of Georgia hiring surge after few job gains in February

Tornado warning dropped for Floyd, Polk as storms move toward Bartow, Gordon

Georgia: Tornado warning dropped for Floyd, Polk as storms move toward Bartow, Gordon

Georgia: Tornado warning dropped for Floyd, Polk as storms move toward Bartow, Gordon

Georgia Governor About To Sign Twenty First Century Jim Crow Voting Law

georgia - running up that hill (studio - december 2020) this a pretty dang solid cover friends

Because Size Matters

If guns were like votes

Feel kinda bad for Kaitlan Collins...

Voting On Sunday Is Wrong ...

You Can't Always Get What You Want

The Republican party would bring back chattel slavery if they could.

Coca Cola and Home Depot can put their money where their mouth is

trumpsters have been whining about Biden not having a press conference, claiming he set a "record"..

Public Servant vs Businessman

How high can you jump, when a seditionist says jump apparently not very high

Click for the difference between a Republican and a Klansman or Klanswoman

Greta ftw

House passes bill requiring doctor to inform woman that a chemical abortion may be halted ...

Rutgers To Require Student Vaccination

Pic Of The Moment: Let This Sink In

Golden Retriever shows how it's done.

You might be confused about why immigration dominated the press conference

Jim Crow rising

Chile in 'critical' grip of second Covid wave despite one of best vaccination rates

Chile in 'critical' grip of second Covid wave despite one of best vaccination rates

Bird basketball

Owls: cats of the air

What a job to have!

Serious question: does FOX have any actual journalists or reporters? I know they have

Ospreys together

Has Klansman Cornyn Been Arrested Yet For The Tulia Texas Criminal

Jump! Go ahead and jump!

Texas snowstorm death toll double what was originally reported -- and could be even higher: officials

Question? Can the GA Governor be recalled?

Bump Stocks Are Not Machine Guns, Sixth Circuit Rules

Tornadoes and Violent Storms Hit Southeast, Leaving at Least Three Dead

So hungry they latched on to the wrong mother:

A few more insurrectionists for your viewing pleasure

Former Bush Aide's Slam Of Biden Press Conference Turns Into Self-Own

It's incomprehensible

Joe Biden ignores Fox News at his first White House press conference, upsets right-wing media

Rutgers University to require students be vaccinated for COVID-19

All Georgia residents 16+ are now eligible for a COVID-19 vaccine.

Critics question DeSoto County sheriff's relationship with Arkansas [DUI diversion] boot camp

Critics pounce on Meghan McCain's comments about Asian representation on 'The View'

Biden destroys Republican voter suppression bills as gloves come off - Brian Tyler Cohen

Get yourself a Senator who looks at Ted Cruz like this

Georgia Dem rep @Cannonfor58 was arrested for trying to watch Brian Kemp sign new voter suppression

Exclusive Video: Watch Roger Stone's Oath Keeper Bodyguards Practice Headshots to "#Stopantifa"

Watch Biden's first formal press conference - (CNN)

getting so old forgot my pizza-delivery place

Want to be a doctor? You can go to Tennessee State University for free. Here's how to qualify [3/31]

Georgia Dem Rep was arrested for trying to watch Kemp sign new voter suppression bill

NOFX - All of Me

For these five Michigan residents, getting a COVID vaccine is 'a hard no'

Dan Crenshaw--LOL!

Anyone else crying tears of joy that age 50 and above can start getting vaccines as of April 1st?

I know it's divisive just to ask. But I wonder where you stand, and have to know now.

Missouri GOP Blocks Voter-Approved Medicaid Expansion

What are millions of "unbanked" Social Security recipients to do with a paper stimulus check?

Health care reforms could cut Michigan costs for insulin, cancer treatment

Putin is killing Navalny like he killed Magnitsky. We cannot sit by and let this happen.

Dorothy Okello teaches computing to displaced people, and launches programmes to get more women...

Seattle homes selling for 5% above asking price, among tops in the US

Video: Amazon Is Paying Local Police Who Harass Workers and Union Organizers

Georgia representative arrested after governor signs elections bill

Video of Roger Stone's Oath Keeper bodyguards practicing head shots to "#stopantifa"