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The neighborhood joint..

Portugal Confronts Its Role In The Trans- Atlantic Slave Trade, International Day of Remembrance

Clever parody of the Cruz Regatta on the Rio.

Michigan GOP Chair Calls Gretchen Whitmer, Female Democrats 'Witches,' Suggests 'Assassination'

Mask burning in Boise in March violated Idaho Capitol rules. Will there be any charges?

Keb' Mo' - I Was Wrong

Ted Cruz's Rio Grand Gun Boat

PM Update: Today's record and near-record warmth gives way to more springlike conditions

January 6 Commission Dies, As Republicans Oppose Focus on January 6

New York City Council ends qualified immunity for NYPD officers

When this pittie figures out how to open the sliding glass door on her own

Just a suggestion---I emailed Coca Cola at their Atlanta headquarters and told them that as long

Georgians are waking up to Governor Kemp's authoritarian takeover

Federal Appeals Court Suspends Larry Klayman from Practicing Law in D.C.

Rape victims not "mentally incapacitated" if they got drunk on their own, Minn. Supreme Court rules

UPDATE 2fer: Sharon OSBOURNE $10M to leave The Talk and Joe Exotic being divorced.

Residents defend Robert E. Lee High: 'Jesus himself never condemned slavery'

The Hate Boat

Light rail contractor fined more than $800K for unpaid wages and penalties

My podiatrist is such a Republican. But you don't argue politics

Zabriskie Point

Major League Baseball Players Consider Georgia Boycott

White House says Biden is prepared to issue executive orders on guns

Tucker Carlson Agrees With Guest's Chilling Prediction About Fascism In America

The F-35 may be unsalvageable

Bryan Adams, Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman? - India Reacts -

Bill Clinton on Georgia's new voting restrictions: 'An attack on our democracy'

One year after start of pandemic, demand for office space in downtown Seattle begins to rebound

More than 1 million fully vaccinated in Washington

Perfect song for LiberalLoner

Senator Steve Daines (Idiot-Montana) expresses concerns about more American jobs leaving the country

Asian Americans are demanding equal political power amid rising hate crimes

CNN has spectacular live footage of the Fagradalsfjall volcano, currently REALLY erupting

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF!

Let's talk about Fox News being sued for $1.6 billion....

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that Democrats are likely gonna win.

'96 Tears': Time To Pick Up The Pace, Friday Nite

Another salty story...

Does Don Jr. Know Who Is Father Is?

Watching TRMS. Can Joe pardon everyone one on death row?

Rachel is making the case for state voters to go all out and vote Dems in. The record is clear:

FOX News Is Going to Have a Hard Time Overcoming the OVERWHELMING Evidence in the Dominion Lawsuit

Warnock coming up on TRMS

Some movies captivate the entire audience

OLBERMANN VS. APARTHEID GEORGIA: Baseball must lead the boycott and move its Atlanta All-Star Game

Marc Elias: Republicans are in a terrible competition to see which state can pass the most grotesque

Will answer to "Leonardo," per favore: My engineering of a cane-seat

The Expendables reboot looks terrible

Art in motion - Paris

MLB Players Association May Look to Discuss Moving All-Star Game Out of Georgia

Kansas GOP leader finally charged with felony for fleeing police during DUI stop: report

Trump Lies to Fox News About Insurrection and COVID will be Admissible Evidence at Future Trials

Peter Thiel, Mercer Family Financing Hillbilly Elegy Author J.D. Vance's Potential Senate Run

Save Democracy

Olbermann vs Apartheid GA

Maybe Letting the White Supremacists Decide Who Gets to Vote Isn't the Best Idea (F/SC)

I think Raphael Warnock will be the next black President.

McConnell need not worry

Al Franken Predicts Democrats Will Pass Voting Rights Bills In Response To Georgia Jim Crow 2.0

One hit wonders of the 1960s

Heil Hitler - Get It Ready - Prepare

Flying Fish are back in Barbados

Tweet of the night:

Biden Taps Harris for Border Crisis, New York to Legalize Weed -- The Tonight Show

During the 12 years ending in 1997, we in Illinois were privileged to be represented in the U.S.

TN governor signs transgender sports bill into law requiring students to prove their sex at birth

A lot of republicans

Hemingway: Behind The Scenes, Ken Burns, Lynn Novick; PBS Premier April 5

I predict that Ever Given will eventually be freed, renamed, and returned to service.

I Figured Out A Way Around Georgia's Law Against Providing Food And Water To Voters

Update on my head injury

O'Rourke slams Cruz for video of border visit

Biden's approval rating

What is in Forest Park, GA, and why is it holding up USPS Parcel Service ?

Do you need someone to prepare and file your income taxes? I can help.

BLACK WIDOW and CRUELLA Now Coming to Disney+

Ever Given, news videos

Not as well known as his brother, but I always liked this song of his...

The Daily Social Distancing Show: What the Hell Happened This Week? - Week of 3/22/21


New York Launches First COVID-19 Vaccination, Test Result App For Event Attendance

Funky Nassau: The Blues Brothers Band & Erykah Badu

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Kamala Harris's Salute Scandal & Utah's Porn Block

Marc Elias has an idea on how to get water to voters...

Friday Night Vodka Buzz. Ask me anything.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo's aides receive subpoenas in sexual harassment investigation

Falcon and the Winter Soldier. - Its really good- Dang even the Falcon is being racially profiled

The Daily Show - Joe Biden's Scandals: Desi Lydic Foxsplains

Is the Ship Still Stuck?

Seth Meyers - Biden Supports Changing Filibuster in First Press Conference as President - 3/25/21

An 87th birthday gift to EVERYONE 🌾 from Gloria Steinem - March 25th

Missouri AG Eric Schmitt launches U.S. Senate bid, sets up primary fight with Greitens

I really like the newest popular meme...

seems like the GA voting law will have a big impact on repub voters too. amIrite?

Seth Meyers - Guest Sacha Baron Cohen

about Biden not calling on Doocy (Tweet)

anybody here? I just got dumped via email from my husband of 30 years

Al Franken

Deadly Marine Corps disaster at sea was 'tragic' and 'preventable,' investigation finds

Two signs that it's that time of life (stage)

Did Sharon Osburne quit or was she fired?

Seth Meyers: Journalist Viet Thanh Nguyen Calls Out America's Tragic History of Anti-Asian Violence

Sanders pushes Medicare expansion in Dems' next big bill

Insurers May Be on Hook for Millions Tied to Suez Canal Crisis

I know I've been scarce on the ground here abouts lately - but that's not a bad thing

☦ Eastern Orthodox Christianity: Romans 12:16

Montana Meth "homemade/homegrown" WTF?

Meidas Touch:#SaveDemocracy

Missing boater found off 26 miles off Oahu clinging onto a bundle of life jackets

Get It Out Of The Way

Biden is sending expert dredging equipment to the Suez Canal as we speak. What was that

These Congress Members Are Backed by the Gun Lobby - NowThis News

Ali Velshi uses his impressive immigrant story to excoriate Republicans for suppressing democracy.

RIP Larry McMurtry. Songs from his son James.

Fast Food Giant Claims Credit For Killing $15 Minimum Wage

I'm confident in Biden

Historic California Supreme Court Bail Ruling Leaves Pretrial Detention Question Unanswered

"He was unelected" -- Tommy Tuberville on what happened to Trump last November

Wisconsin Sleazehead - Sack cartoon

this evening

Governors who allowed Covid patients to be admitted to nursing homes were following FEDERAL

Paolumu Hunt

Not exactly fiction

Prince - Live Acoustic Guitar Set from 'Palace Of Auburn Hills'' Concert.

Criminal charges filed against Kansas Senate majority leader

Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - 3/26/21

Sixteen Tons

Trump melting twitter

(late to the party) watermelon sugar -- which version is better?

#IAm​ Ming-Na Wen Story

Rachel Maddow On The Tools of Power for Advancement and Regression

Jim Crow Bill Out of Committtee and into Full Senate

Rainy Night in Georgia - Brook Benton

To Sen Joe Manchin, please join the rest of the party.

My Bloody Valentine - Soon

Texas State Trooper shot Friday night near Mexia

Dems Smashed Trump In Georgia, Now The Fight Against 'Jim Crow 2.0' Ignited - The Beat - MSNBC

Harry Litman says that Trump's whiny statement yesterday about Biden..

Joe Manchin is not our enemy.

UT Southwestern Study Shows Vaccines, in Scientific Terms, Are Effective AF

*American Masters Twyla Tharp is spotlighted.

Georgia Governor Offended That Racist Anti-Voter Law Is Being Called Racist - All In - MSNBC

Mass shootings tonight in Philadelphia's and Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach: 8 people hurt, 2 dead after multiple shootings. Officer hit by car.

Crafty Greggy

'Zero Threat': Trump, GOP, Right-Wing Media Downplay Horror Of Capitol Riot - All In - MSNBC

Manchin Values Bipartisanship Over Voting Rights

My Wife Asked Me What Gun I Was Going To Take

Study: Trump Likely Cost The U.S. 400k Excess Covid Deaths - All In - MSNBC

I've got this to say about the red state voting laws.

'boondoggle' (noun)

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that the Democrats will be likely to win.

Transmigrants eager to enter Mexico

Warnock Outlines What's At Stake In Republican War On Democracy - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Eating oreos at 2:15 AM

One scientist showing appreciation of another in the comments section of a journal.

hospital execs gave vaccinations to employees of their condo, church and luxury watch shop

Covid Vaccination Showing Great Success; Variants A Concern For Unvaccinated - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

K-Tel: "22 Explosive Hits"

Oregon Senate votes to advance bill banning guns at Capitol, other state facilities

Breakfast Saturday 27 March 2021

Mark E. Elias tweet: States I am monitoring for new voter suppression laws:

Oregon Legislature debates extending overtime pay to farmworkers

Rhode Island changed its name. Can it do that?

Gene Cotton - Before My Heart Finds Out

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that the Democrats will be going to win.

My dog law office is open this morning my clients fourth amendment was violated

The Suez Canal crisis sparked truly hilarious memes, but also, you might want to buy toilet paper

Tweet of the Morning:

Former Oregon speaker set to back moving Oregon-Idaho border

Medford approves homeless hotel

When I was younger I loved apocalyptic and dystopian books and

Another great tweet:

#IAm​ Sandra Oh Story

Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas fires almost every member of Homeland Security Advisory

#IAm​ Daniel Dae Kim Story

#IAm​ George Takei Story

#IAm​ Bobby Lee Story

#IAm​ Randall Park Story

Robert Finley - "Souled Out On You"

#IAm​ Constance Wu Story

#IAm​ Cassey Ho Story

#IAm​ Christine Ha Story

#IAm​ Lisa Ling Story

#IAm​ Arden Cho Story

From The Guardian: Waterfalls and wonder: Uluru under rain - in pictures

Biden's Schedule for Saturday, March 27, 2021

Biden Taps Gayle Manchin as Co-Chair of Appalachian Regional Commission

Dorris case goes all the way to Supreme Court; Justices seem ready to rule against unions

Clark County deputies involved in recent fatal shootings quickly returned to duties

LBJ's last interview (w/ Walter Cronkite). Simply incredible

Covid-19 cases are rising. States are opening up anyway.

What was the license plate of that truck that hit me?

2 dead, 8 others injured after shootings -- 1 officer-involved -- at Virginia Beach Oceanfront

Damn straight!

We asked some kids what they would do and here's what they said (freeing the container ship):

Weekend TOONs - You're Not Fooling Anyone

I got a pop-up ad at DU for a job fair at Airbus. I don't know why.

Jim Jordan thinks he is being cute .............

"I think its worthwhile to have the government's microchip tracking device"

The Beatles - It's Getting Better All the Time

The Beatles - Good Morning

How many mass shootings took place this week

First time buying a smartphone. Could really use some help/advice.

GEORGIA -Where I can give a person waiting in line to vote a gun, but not a drink of water

Here's a good run down of all that's in the Georgia Voting law.

Rio de Janeiro Faces Perfect Storm of Climate Change

Permian Basin Natural Gas Flaring During Cold Crash Totaled 1.6 Billion Cubic Feet In One Day

CBP WEBSITE GRAPH: The surge at the border has been taking place for nine months.

West Virginia high schools to reopen full-time; summer camps, live music to resume

Warming Boosting Decades-Long Droughts In West (As In Right Now); AZ Fastest-Growing State

Shocked, Shocked: Doctors Working For Coal Companies Found Black Lung In Just 15% Of Miners Tested

Two Horses

Strictly for the Zuikophiles amongst us. (Olympus camera users)

USFWS Approves Yurok Nation Plan To Build Condor Breeding & Release Facility In Redwood N.P.

Minnesota Supreme Court: If women are drunk, it's OK to rape them

Iowa GQP legislators keep voting against public opinion

A Minnesota man can't be charged with rape, because the woman chose to drink beforehand, court rules

Minnesota Rep Munson Proposes Anything West of the Twin Cities is Now Part of South Dakota

One for my baby and one more for the road

I get my second Moderna shot today

The Remaking of Tina Turner

Missed seeing Kamala Harris interact with children

Boycott Georgia! See this post and just do it. (I'm a Georgian)

Tesla broke US labor law with anti-union efforts - watchdog

Over react much?

The walk of shame

White Supremacy Hiding In Plain Sight

"You want black people to vote? PAY my white constituents"

Decorah North eagles welcome first new eaglet of the year

RL Burnside - It's Bad You Know

Key Republican in voter restriction effort advised Trump in bid to overturn 2020 results

Charles 'Pee Wee' Russell was born on this date.

A3 - Woke Up This Morning

Ben Webster was born on this date.

How the Supreme Court laid the path for Georgia's new election law

Fiona Apple - All Across the Universe

Sarah Vaughn was born on this date.

I hate that "rich pay more taxes" BS.

Fox News Whine About CNN Fact-Checking Gets ... Fact-Checked

"Dutch Venice" - Giethoorn, The Netherlands

China's growing firepower casts doubt on whether U.S. could defend Taiwan

SD AG Jason "I Hit A Deer!" Ravnsborg's Likely Opponent Endorsed By +/- 90% Of State's DAs

Cancun Cruz and fellow Reich Wing Senators on boat armed with MGs looks

Knocking While Black

Biden administration, like Trump, tries to dismiss lawsuit against ICE over fake university scheme

America's gun madness: How guns went from tools to ideology to identity

Out of curiosity I clicked to see why "deliverance" was trending....................

Iran, China sign strategic long-term cooperation agreement

In the latest debate on guns, a hobbled NRA takes a backseat

Artist JR Has Symbolically 'Reopened' a Shuttered Florence Museum With a Photocollage of Its Interio

Los Lobos - Viking

WTF actually happened to Dr. Ronny Jackson?

Pendleton marines allegedly stole mass amount of ammo, explosives

Tool - No Quarter

Question for gun rights supporters; If a gun is good for self protection

Ram Jam - Black Betty

The Supreme Court's coming war with Joe Biden, explained

Primus - Tommy the Cat

I guess having a Black President

AZ Gov. Doug Ducey asks Homeland Security for money to dispatch National Guard to US-Mexico border

Nearly a dozen correction officers injured in inmate attack at Rikers Island

Former NYPD officer who put Eric Garner in lethal chokehold loses bid to get job back

Who is Brian Kemp?

Detroit restaurant warns people who smell like marijuana to not 'even think of stepping inside'

Lee Wong "Is this patriot enough?"

Capitol rioter's lawyer wants to dump his client for refusing to pay his bills: report

South Jersey has fastest sea level rise on East Coast, study finds

Georgia has declared "war" on democracy

Not a single person said "cancel culture" or "cancel progs", nor did Fox News spend 5 hours on it

a boy, a dog, and a bike

We got our second Moderna shot yesterday. I feel fine. The wife, not so much

Romney has been selected to receive the John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award for his vote to con

GOP consultant goes down in flames trying to defend Georgia ban on giving water to voters in line

I won't hold my breath. @CocaCola

Tender song for COVID times!

Black leopard on a log

If handing out water is a state crime, why shouldn't long lines at the polls be a federal crime?

Trump supporters' lawsuit against grocery clerk over insurrection may backfire

A world of regrets: Throwing away your parent's travel photos.

2021 Kentucky Derby Prep - 2021 UAE Derby

To Save the World, End the Filibuster

Steal His Look: Big stuck boat edition

Joni Mitchell - My Father (another tender song for Covid times)

A picture speaks a thousand racist white supremacist Jim Crow words

Republicans ask Supreme Court to let them defend Trump immigration rule

Pavlovitz on extinction

Joni Mitchell - Clouds

Got something in Informed Delivery from the IRS but it is likely not the stimulus. What could it be?

Texas man threw firecracker at police during Capitol riot: FBI

AZ DHS did not consult with hospitals before the governor lifted COVID restrictions Thursday

776 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Sat; 14 deaths

A real live Douche Canoe.

Friday Talking Points -- Jim Crow For The 21st Century

I see you Clouds and raise you

TheCruzDog: sure I'm just a dog but did you know ted received $354,504 from gun rights groups in

Judy Collins - Marat Medley - right for the times, our resistance to the Right Wing.

Dick Stockton retires after a 55-year career in broadcasting

Good Day DU (March 27, 2021)

DOJ Has Charged Nearly 500 With COVID-Related Fraud In The Past Year

Judy Collins & Leonard Cohen - No Way to Say Good-bye

Leonard Cohen - Suzanne

Who Knows Where the Time Goes..Judy Collins

Brian Kemp's phone number

Pre-school rules vs Bar rules

Beto ridicules Cruz for posting video claiming he encountered 'cartel members' at the Mexican Border

Brian Stelter slams Trump's revisionist history on Capitol riot

Eurythmics - Farewell to Tawathie

Georgia republicans have shown us the plan for 22.

Capitol rioter seen chasing Officer Goodman wants out of jail, blames Trump

House arrest for Kamloops man who left roommate's body next to dumpster

Jason Miller Says Trump May Visit Border 'Soon,' Complains Biden Not Painting Trump's Wall...

'Solution in search of a problem': Smerconish looks at Georgia election law

Nat King Cole and Natalie Cole - Unforgetable

In the continuing vein - Sarah MacLachlan - for Women's History month - great women artists

Trump Puts Out a Statement Literally Just to Ask 'Where's Durham?'

Tina Turner

A3 - Hello I'm Johnny Cash

Federal Appeals Court Suspends Larry Klayman from Practicing Law in D.C.

2 dead, 8 others injured after shootings -- 1 officer-involved -- at Virginia Beach Oceanfront

Knock KnocK

Alison Krause

China announces sanctions on individuals, entities in US, Canada

"Is this patriot enough?"

44 Years Ago Today; The Tenerife Air Disaster

In Washington, Policy Revolves Around Joe Manchin. He Likes It That Way.

Hopes for blocked Suez Canal hinge on rising tide potentially freeing ship

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that Democrats will likely going to be winning.

Myanmar security forces kill over 90 in 'horrifying' day of bloodshed

Lawyer: Accuser Rioter Free On Bail Has Stiffed Me

I made this video about Rhode Island's name change.

Day after second Moderna shot...

Even with vaccinations on the rise, epidemiologists urge caution as nation reopens

Moscow Mitch McConnell

The Ancient Bristlecone Pines of the White Mountains

Rep. Andy Kim: My 5 yr old boy came home and asked me why bigger kid kept calling him Chinese Boy.

GOP Sen. Marsha Blackburn's car was pulled over by Capitol Police but was let go after she flashed

I shouldn't post this. It's too negative. But I'm FED UP.

Halle Berry calls out 'disgusting' racist comments made by a NY radio host who compared her skin to

MN Supreme Court throws out rape conviction because intoxicated woman willingly consumed alcohol

How we have designed our cities and suburbs puts too much of a strain on our infrastructure.

Just common Crows

So the Covid doctors will speak out tomorrow night on CNN

VP Kamala Harris in a New Haven school yesterday with Secy. Cardona and Rep. Rosa DeLauro:

After 2 mos in office, Kamala Harris is still living out of suitcases- and she's getting frustrated

What's really floating his boat

Fast Food Giant Claims Credit For Killing $15 Minimum Wage

Why don't Democrats nationalize campaigns?...

Calls for DC statehood reignited following Capitol insurrection: The fight for the 51st state

DeSantis' "anti-riot" bill advances.

DeSantis hires top GOP operative for 2022 campaign

Tiffany Cross schools Meghan McCain for silly Identity Politics comment on Asian Senators' actions

Anyone else watching Falcon and The Winter Soldier?

Democrats should own cyber security the way republicans own guns.

Are people who still support Republicans stupid or evil

2 thoughts on HR1, SB1 and the Georgia voting laws I haven't seen anyone express yet

Boehner to back Ohio congressman against Trump-aligned primary challenger

Dead person identity theft.

If we can't do what 95% of the Democrats and 70% of the country

Stevie Ray Vaughan: Look At Little Sister

Ex-Trump Aides Tap Into His Fundraising Power

Joe Biden wiped the floor with Republicans at his press conference. They should be very, very afraid

Vaccination anxiety: Officials urge people wait their turn

'Be aware': The Pentagon's target list for extremist infiltrators -- right and left

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that Democrats are likely going to be winning.

Good morning! The Blackest Bus in America is in Texas!

Cartoons 3/27/2021

Why our economy doesn't work.

Maureen Dowd: Just Give It a Go, Joe

Preview For This Week's Top 10 Conservative Idiots

Name change: No Soup For You! replaces Soup Nazi Kitchen

China's exotic farms may be a missing link behind the pandemic's leap to people

Krispy Kreme CEO defends COVID vaccine promotion: 'If folks don't want to visit a donut shop, they

Tiffany Cross has a few words for a princess named Meghan (McCain)...

Saying goodbye to AT&T

Schumer and Murphy plan "boldest legislation possible" for gun reform that GOP will back

Chag Pesach Sameach!

MN lawyer sanctioned $10,000 for filing election challenges without plaintiffs' knowledge

Utah Governor Signs Bill Requiring All Cell Phones Sold in State Block Porn

Rand Paul Latest Republican Attending 'Summit' Hosted By Group Behind Jan. 6 Rally

Woman who took private plane to Capitol riot: I'm not going to jail -- 'I'm blonde, white, and I...

All of our problems were caused by the former guy

Chuck Grassley should have waited to film his propaganda video...

Biden looks into taking action on 3D printer guns, imported firearms

Was Fatigued The Day After Both Pfizer Shots But Last Night Went To Restaurant And Watched Band Play

Gov. Kemp signs restrictive Georgia voting bill in front of painting of former plantation grounds

These two football teams gave Sam Jordan -- a student with Down's Syndrome -- a special senior night.

Wolf-Killing Rancher Loses Bid to Keep His Public Land Grazing Permit

JFC: Is this of Sound Mind? Check out how far this one NY household fell down the rabbit hole.

10th hate crime reported in King County as leaders and victims decry Asian violence

It's Passover...come and eat!

Nebraska Supreme Court upholds adoption by same-sex married couple

All Along The Watchtower (Dylan): Playing For Change

China sanctions U.S. religious freedom officials, Canadian member of parliament

Attention bookmakers, an Egyptian official promises Ever Given will be freed over the weekend!

Milestone Amazon union vote nears end, but the battle may just be beginning

Anyone else experience "vaccine arm" days after first Moderna dose?

Georgia governor ignored experts as the pandemic raged

'Good chance were looking at the beginning of a fourth wave,' King County health official says

Beto O'Rourke: Leadership on the Front Lines

Waiting for evidence...

This Clever Device Is Found In Nearly Every American Household: How It Works And How To Fix It

Kate Wolf - Pacheco / Redtail Hawk

Michigan witches. ;)

What a difference a year makes.

Huge line at CVS for Covid shot Edit got a free donut

DoD Linguist Pleads Guilty to Transmitting Highly Sensitive Classified National Defense Information

Georgia's new voting law is 98 pages and alters virtually every facet of the state's elections.

Marjorie Traitor Greene has the mental acumen of a rotted kumquat.

Armageddon Update: Biden Bumbles?

Luxury travel agency drops Trump Hotels

Stray Cat Decides To Work At A Car Shop And Greet Every Customer

Are You An American ...

Dances with Wolves, John Dunbar Theme: Bagpipes Spirit of the Glen

Let's Go Beavers!

Camera Battery question. Help please.

Dad secretly films 8-year-old as she belts 'Girl on Fire' while cleaning the pool - GMA

Midnight - Horse Portrait

Dr. Birx tells @drsanjaygupta all Covid-19 deaths after the first surge "could have been mitigated o

Caturday: The Love Story Of Jaguars; Neron and Keira! - The Big Cat Sanctuary

Ryksopp - What Else Is There ?

Stray Kitten Returns The Next Day to Adopt People

I shouldn't post this. It's too negative. But I'm FED UP.

Dagnabbit! I have to stop partaking in legal marijuana.

What one year of the pandemic has taught us about the reality of gun control

New Jim Crow Laws Aren't Just About Suppressing Dems. They're Also About Shoring Up the GOP Base.

I'm off to get my first shot at Fry's grocery store. Anybody need anything while I'm there?

Pfizer 1.0, done.

Delta issues an internal communication statement praising the Georgia voter suppression bill

One Of My Turns Pink Floyd

There is a protest that just started at the Capitol in Georgia

Tweet of the Week

MIT Technology Review: No one can find the animal that gave people covid-19

Ramblin' Man: ABB Dickey Betts

Gallagher the singing parrot and his hoomon perform a cover of Radiohead's "Creep"

My biggest fear about the red state voting laws

Does Anyone Know How Stand Your Ground Applies To Unvaccinated Spreaders In Our Faces?

Meet the Boeberts: Washington's trashiest couple.

I love Delivery

Gov. Parsons shocked me by continuing a state of emergency w/ covid!

I was going to plant my summer vegetables and herbs seeds this weekend, but...

Howard Schnellenberger, 87, Miami, Louisville coach, dies

Earth Hour, tonight. I am doing this, easy peasy.

Not quite music, but I guess anything with Sly Stone in it counts?

Makes my day!

Passover comments from President and Dr. Biden

I hugged today

Comments from Speaker Pelosi

What's for Dinner, Sat., March 27, 2021

This is the photo @SenateGOP decided to use.

It is time to boycott Delta

That's The Way I Feel About 'Cha: Bobby Womack

Here is the link to the White House transcript of President Biden's press conference this week.

Florida Leads US in Total Covid Cases Over the Last 7 Days

Well shit..........

Megan Rapinoe, Margaret Purce, President and Dr. Biden discuss pay equality

Going Back in Time to Stop the Second Amendment - Key & Peele

What's ON, TCM:

2021 Horse Racing - 2021 Dubai World Cup

Right-Wingers Freak Out About Pentagon's Anti-Extremist Initiative

Devin Nunes' Mom F*cked Up His Campaign Finance Reports

Tweet of the Day

Talking to vet friends and teamsters putting idea together to roll to Georgia 2022 election

She should speak at the next ReTHUG Convention

Anti-Masking Has Consequences: Case Dismissed When Lawyer Won't Wear Mask

Baltimore will no longer prosecute drug possession, prostitution, low-level crimes.

'Do not fly Delta': Keith Olbermann calls for boycott to ruin airline over Georgia voter suppression

OLBERMANN VS. APARTHEID GEORGIA 2: Baseball must lead the boycott and move its Atlanta All-Star Game

Neil Diamond & Barbra Streisand - You Don't Bring Me Flowers Anymore

We must #BoycottDelta and any corporation that supports voter suppression laws!

Mo Brooks calls U.S. Capitol rioters 'fools'; says sedition charges up to Justice Department

One of these dogs wants to make sure the human gets the message:

POTUS has invited 40 world leaders to the Leaders Summit on Climate

Wicked Game - Chris Isaak

In March 1997, DVD players were released in the United States. Look at the price$$$

Under Biden, Democrats Are Poised to Raise Taxes on Business and the Rich

"Hello, I would like to become a citizen of Finland please."

Why does the CNN chyron call the humans supporting Asian Americans, Protestors.

Protest Against Anti-Asian Hate

Protest Against Anti-Asian Hate

Pro-Trump lawyer busted for 'bamboozling' voters into signing up for a lawsuit

SHOCKER: Many QAnon followers have reported being diagnosed with serious mental illness

The Last Time I Saw Her - Gordon Lightfoot

Mask enforcement in Russia

Memphis City Council passes resolution opposing permitless carry in Tennesse

Any Lexus NX or UX owners here?

Orange Beach mayor responds to criticism over comments about 'pandemic politics'

Three Handed Grand Daughter and Granma ...

Nyt Biden poised to raise taxes on business and the rich

In case you're interested Here are some Coca Cola beverage brands

I feel bad for clerks and workers in stores here in Arizona now

Couch Buffalo

One of these dogs wants to make sure the human gets the message:

It doesn't stop... Until it stops everything.

My favorite response to Redfield.

If you could read my mind by Gordon Lightfoot

Most amazing skateboard tricks

popularity of Congress is at its highest level in more than a decade as stimulus checks hit bank acc

My latest show is up, y'all

What is he dreaming about?

Stubborn Frenchie Hilariously Argues With Mom For 3 Hours Over Dinner

Why Georgia businesses should be boycotted and subject to strikes and walkouts

REVENGE! Oregon State 65 Loyola Chicago 58

Post a line from a TV commercial & see if anyone knows the product without using Google - Part 15

Eric Boehlert: Biden beats the press

As daily deaths near 4,000, worst may lie ahead for Brazil

Highest-energy cosmic rays originate in star clusters, not supernovae (

A taxpayer tour.

Multiple stabbing outside British Columbia library. All 6 victims have

Horse Portrait - Syd

What Dr. Jill Biden Knows For Sure About Resilience

Climate change altering Earth's rivers (

Marc Elias has filed the lawsuit against Georgia

Solar canal concept could be a win for clean energy and water conservation

American Experience: The Chinese Exclusion Act (PBS) --very timely !

and what the hell is wrong with these two teens.....kill an Uber driver....🤬 🤬 🤬

Mexican trafficker wanted by U.S. loses court appeal over extradition

Mexican trafficker wanted by U.S. loses court appeal over extradition

How Nordic people do the laundry

Millions in Brazil thrown back into poverty as pandemic aid dries up

Mexican president pitches law that could suspend oil permits


Mexico's president invites big business to debate energy laws

Shameful': Florida House Passes GOP's Anti-Protest Bill

Brazil's COVID deaths 'biggest genocide in our history': Lula

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee joins congressional Democrats during Texas-Mexico border tour

Bing Crosby bought a Tudor-style home in the Bay Area for $175,000 in 1963. Now, after ...

Only a republican can...

Aggressive Cat Shocks Mom By Becoming A Snugglebug

Dominion files $1.6 billion defamation lawsuit against Fox News--THIS IS HUGE!!

I think we can all agree Georgia is out of control.

New York Introduces "Vaccine Passport" For Events, Businesses

The ship blocking the Suez to be renamed...

They Report, A Judge Decides: Fox Braces For $1 Billion Lawsuit Protecting Trump's Lies

As racial tensions simmered, Trump administration sought to defund DOJ 'peacemaker' unit


The cargo ship that's blocking passage in the Suez Canal is being renamed "Mitch McConnell"

John Boehner to Back 'Traitor' Anthony Gonzalez in Defiance of Vengeful Donald Trump

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Just days after the Boulder mass shooting, a Denver man was pulled over in Nebraska...

Michigan secretary of state slams GOP: They 'don't believe in democracy'

I wonder what's on TV tonight.

Horse Portrait - Sonny Sassy Side Eye

Knocking while black...

Florida threatening to sue if cruises don't resume

Collins avoids state-party censure after voting to convict Trump

Bolsonaro Ordered To Pay Compensation To Journalist

Tweet of the moment

Bolsonaro Ordered To Pay Compensation To Journalist

03-27-2021 Lexington, Tennessee Tornado, Homes Destroyed

Ever Given: authorities are starting to suggest some human error could have been involved in the shi

White House press secretary Jen Psaki and Fox News correspondent Peter Douchey spar over claim that

The gun lobby says this is a political statement...and then says...

Does It Matter That Republicans Have No Policy Ideas?

SNL tonight: Former cast member Maya Rudolph returns to host for the second time.

Mozambique insurgency: Islamist militants 'ambush workers fleeing hotel

On this day, March 27, 1976, "I'm Just a Bill" was shown for the first time.

Trump eyes visit to US-Mexico border soon but is waiting for Biden to fail first, former aide says

2021 Kentucky Derby Prep - 2021 Jeff Ruby Steaks

Crazy ass shit...

2021 Kentucky Derby Prep - 2021 Florida Derby

MSNBC's Tiffany CROSS schools McCAIN on "identity politics"to "lose (her) job" -UPDATED video

"I'm old fashioned" and "that's how I was raised."


Man, the NWS's "upgraded" radar page is totally flaky.

24 millennials phrases that no one else gets

Be Careful Ordering Nuts From Amazon

26 governors, over 60 former officials condemn discrimination against Asian people

You sure changed your toon: Coca Cola 1971 "I'd Like to Teach The World To Sing"

Doesn't Mike Lindell realize that summer re-runs are never successful?

Kremlin dismisses call from Navalny's wife to free jailed critic for medical reasons

Joe Satriani - Big Bad Moon