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Archives: March 31, 2021

My morning morel hunt yeilded no morels but was interesting anyway

No VW U.S. name change as company says fake release was an April Fool's marketing stunt

Ohio Republicans try to make vaccine passports illegal.

So, if you are a Governor and a serial killer.....

Inslee highlights legislation aimed at reducing emissions

What is driving this cowardly, racist, attacks on elderly Asians..what POS thinks this is ok

Who will Gaetz hire to defend his honor? Sydney Powell, Lin Wood, Rudy Giuliani and good ole

NewsMax TV: Matt Head Room -- Expose: The Undercover World of Child Sex Trafficking

Report: Rents are beginning to rebound in Seattle, increasing for second consecutive month

Washington hospital leaders: Not opening up vaccine eligibility could be fueling rise in cases

Is THe Young Girl A Beard (However Old) For Gaetz?

Navy battles bedbug infestation on Washington-based submarine

Time to give Matt Gaetz his Twitter Miranda Warning:

Biden says adult-use marijuana should be decriminalized but not legalized, despite widespread

Stitt's Main Covid guy is a Veterinarian!

U.S., 13 countries concerned WHO COVID-19 origin study was delayed, lacked access -statement

Was I wrong? (re: not cool dealing with healthcare workers without vaccine)

Russia suspected of stealing thousands of State Department emails

Is there a website where I can file a warranty claim...

Approval Rating Drop

DOJ investigating Matt Gaetz for statutory rape of 17 yr old girl

Jamie Dimon forcefully defends the right to vote as states debate voter depression

California relocates mountain lions making a meal of endangered sheep

Matt Gaetz says he's under federal investigation for sexual misconduct

Update for stimulus SS,SSDI and VA bad news

G Gordon Liddy is dead

Elizabeth Warren calls out regulators after hedge fund blow-up

Matt Gaetz posted pics of himself visiting the Lady Pirates basketball team at Ponce de Leon

Ratchet & Clank, free on PS4 and PS5, gets 60 fps update (Till 3/31/2021)

If Matt Gaetz ever goes to prison, his hair can work at the onsite car wash. Please pull forward.

What happened?

Ok- I googled to ID this mushroom and the name was a dilly- Stinky Penis!

I got 100 internets that says Gaetz's attorney is going to be (and you already know too)

I'm getting ready to do something.

Hundreds attend funeral of Boulder police Officer Eric Talley, known as a quiet hero before final sa

Shows to look for in April on Netflix

Boeing: Big Southwest order 'brings more stability' to Renton plant, supply chain

"I'm not saying [The Bidens] are getting money from the drug cartel, but

Shhh.. don't wake the kitty..

So when does Faux News start calling Matt Gaetz a democrat?

AT&T lobbies against nationwide fiber, says 10Mbps uploads are good enough

Maryland bill adding mental health callback services advances

Fromapan Moon

Matt Gaetz could be looking at 20 years.

Steely Dan - My Old School (1973)

The Republican Party is a deadly threat to ...

There's a Huge Dog-Food Recall Due to Salmonella Risk to Pets and People

New on Hulu in April

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread!

Obnoxious MAGA anti-masker spews disinformation on a bullhorn out his window...

Court voids Trump campaign's non-disclosure agreement

Judge Cahill needs to be replaced

Court voids Trump campaign's non-disclosure agreement

Caught the ospreys this morning,

Video: Amazon Workers Face Sexual Harassment And Sexist Working Conditions

Amazon Workers Face Sexual Harassment And Sexist Working Conditions

Brazil's Military Leaders Quit

With an Eye on 2024, a Rarely Bashful Pompeo Grows More Combative

So apparently on Facebook you can use the word"ni@@a" while making fun of Barack Obama,

Billy Strings

Gaetz tries to implicate Tucker Carlson. Tucker says he has no idea what Gaetz is talking about

Rachel is delivering Chapter and Verse of

Did Floyd and Chauvin know each other at nightclub? Will they subpoena club staff?

Could Biden give one of those medals that Rush Limbaugh got to Rachel Maddow?

Democrats dispute police report in Georgia lawmaker's arrest

Chad (2021) worst tv show in History???

Ranch House or Ranch Fountain. The Marriage or Mortgage trainwreck on Netflix keeps on giving.

Good riddance Matt Gaetz!

G. Gordon Liddy died. Unfortunately, I have no spandex pics.

Fabulous Stringdusters - "Don't Think Twice.."

Don't worry, be happy. We can make ethylene glycol with solar and wind power from, um, coal.

☦ Greek Orthodox Monastery of St. Catherine in the Sinai 🌈

Dapper Dan Midas Recaps Day One of the Derek Chauvin Trial

I know you're not supposed to speak ill of the dead, so I'll just let this speak for itself.

Republicans Aren't Going To Like This Mandate

☦ Orthodox Christian: St. Vladimir Seminary Chants 'Bless the Lord, O My Soul' 🌈

Lindsey Graham Claims He Has AR-15 to Protect Himself

I paid my respects at the grave of SC Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg today

All roads lead to Roger Stone

Matt Gaetz defends lone no vote on anti-human trafficking bill (2017)

Sea creatures' strange circular swimming has scientists puzzled

2019 Interview-GAETZ: "I'm not a monk. I'm just a congressman."

Per RMS, Trump just got sued by two of the Capitol policemen who were injured

Two capitol police officers have filed a lawsuit against Trump.

Dead Like Me - TV Series (2003-2004) Is Now Free To View On Tubi TV

Oh boy - I sorta wish I hadn't started watching this . . . .

Cap Police suing Donald Trump.

Semi-bold prediction.

SpaceX's Dragon spaceship is getting the ultimate window for private Inspiration4 spaceflight

Trump Sued by Two Capitol Police Officers for Inciting 'Wild' Riot.

Trump appointee who had sex on the rooftop of the General Services Administration building and sippe

Back Door Man: Howlin' Wolf

Scientists detect world's coldest cloud hovering over Pacific Ocean

Fox News May Have Already Doomed Their Defense Against Defamation Lawsuit

Mr. Civil Rights

Witness, Off-Duty Firefighter Says She Would Have Given Floyd Medical Attention - MSNBC

Don't you love it?

sitting here watching Trae Crowder interviewing Marcus Flowers, who will be

RaggMopp - The Treniers

Ratt Fink - The Misfits

Our dog Shadow under an irrigation sprinkler and sun rays.


Tucker calls Gaetz interview on sex trafficking scandal 'weirdest interviews I've ever conducted

In a world where you can be anything, be a number 50

Catalyst-free ceramic-carbonate dual phase membrane reactor for the water gas Rxn CO2 separation.

Matt Gaetz suggests Tucker Carlson is a fellow molester

I got my second Pfizer shot yesterday.

Republicans seek to make vaccine passports the next battle in the pandemic culture wars

Eyewitness Explains Why He 'Called The Police On The Police' - MSNBC

Tonight's news gives us a whole new perspective on this, too.

Maddow interview with journalist from NYT who broke Gaetz story

What happened to George Floyd was more than murder, it was torture. Georgie Floyd was begging for

I'm sure Liz Cheney is sending "thoughts and prayers" to Matt Gaetz........

Lawsuit Against Trump Can Move Forward

The Blinding of Isaac Woodard, American Experience, Season 33 Episode 3

I'm getting vaccinated tomorrow!

Real Housewives of Salt Lake City stars arrested on federal fraud charges

Governor Noem declares 'State of Emergency' due to drought, wildfires

I know there are a million threads already, but GAETZ!!!

Fox News Guests Explode Into Screaming Match After Tucker Carlson Gets Called a Conspiracy Theorist:

Had my second Pfizer dose today!

Put All 4 Of George Floyd's Killers In Prison For Life - Nothing Less

Cuba Libre to be COVID-Libre: Five Vaccines and Counting...

Trump Jr's effort to oust Liz Cheney facing setbacks after key bill dies in the Wyoming Senate

We're Going to Mars! -- Chap. 2 -- "Packing Up!"

Walter Debarr - I come in waves

G Gordon Liddy has died, now enjoying eternity in a reeeal hot spot with Dick Nixon, Lee Atwater

A QAnon Convention Is Coming to Town. Some Dallasites Want it Canceled.

9-year-old testifies for prosecution in Derek Chauvin trial - ABC News

I like him solo on acoustic guitar too, but his band is really talented as well

So Matt Gaetz was forced into a relationship with a minor

Matt Gaetz under Investigation for Sex Trafficking

Joni Mitchell - Woodstock

'Satanism Need Not Apply': GOP Bills Would Allow Religious Symbols in Yards

Gaetz accused lawyer David McGee of extortion tonight - McGee: 'Completely, totally false'

What if Gaetz's so called extortioner is working on trump's behalf?

Feds Nab 20th U.S. Capitol Riot Suspect From North Texas

Joan Baez - Diamonds and Rust

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Republicans' Dumb Fight Against Vaccine Passports & Trump is for Hire!

We're in the home stretch. The #MarsHelicopter has lowered all four legs and is in position to touch

5th Circuit reverses dismissal of trans woman's lawsuit against sheriff, former sheriff, county

What's My Line? Colonel Sanders

Tweet of the late night:

The Refreshments - 'Every Night'

Croupier on Netflix is really good.

Tweet of the Day

Insurrectionist nightcap: 3 more for your viewing pleasure

Turner Challenges Local College Students to Get Vaccinated Now That All Adults Are Eligible

Four Decades of Impunity: Still No Justice in El Mozote

Andy Kaufman's Elvis Presley Impression on Johnny Carson's Tonight Show, 1977

2 More Houston-Area Men Arrested For Joining Capitol Insurrection, FBI Says

In Leaked Report, Texas Democrats Blame COVID-19 For Weak Performance in 2020

Thin Lizzy - Whiskey In The Jar

Ok... Where's the best proof and refutation of the "Bill Gates vaccine depopulation" BS?

The Daily Social Distancing Show - If You Don't Know, Now You Know: Government Edition

Brook Benton - 'Rainy Night in Georgia'

(Jewish Group) Vaccine passports are being compared to yellow Stars of David from the Holocaust

I wonder if Trump ratted out Gaetz for hitting on Tiffany?

Matt Gaetz is a pedophile? O dear

A middle school teacher reportedly told students that LGBTQ people are "sinful"

A middle school teacher reportedly told students that LGBTQ people are "sinful"

Missouri Republicans block repeal of state's marriage equality ban

The Clash - Rock the Casbah

'Since I Met You Baby' - Ivory Joe Hunter

How Ecuador's former public radio chief is destroying sons' Colombian victim

As seen on Facebook: The English Language is crazy with silent "K"s

B. B. King - 'The Thrill Is Gone' (Live at Montreux 1993)

The role of fascism in Colombia Part 1: the coffee corporatists

Cat Stevens - If you want to sing out

Beto O'Rourke Testifies in Support of Trans Children

Horseback riders making 362-mile ride in memory of woman who helped Native American youth

How effective are the vaccines against the Brazil variant?

Assclown Alert: Pastor John Hagee said Jesus is the 'true vaccine,' but he got a shot in the arm


Fox reporter tries 'gotcha' question on Jen Psaki. Psaki INSTANTLY shuts her down- Brian Tyler Cohen

Tweet of the early morning:

Since *nearly* succumbing to the wiles of the young temptress, Gaetz has turned to his deep faith

Simone Biles on the Tokyo Olympics and the Outrageously Difficult Vault She Might Try There

Gaetz Gate: Matt Gaetz Implicated in Child Sex Trafficking Scheme - Meidas Touch

They Just Moved Into an Austin Neighborhood. Now They Want to End One of Its Traditions.

☦ Orthodox The Jesus Prayer and Prayer Ropes 🌈

Rep. Ted Lieu: Gaetz Should 'Leave Voluntarily Or Be Removed' From Judiciary Cmte - The Last Word

Jorge Arreaza: Bogota Mobilizes Troops Only to Protect Terrorists Attacking Venezuela

☦ Orthodox Christian Prison Ministry/'9 Things About the Holy Cross You Might Not Know' 🌈

*2:00 am The Candidate (1972)

Gaetz Denies Wrongdoing And Claims Extortion After Bombshell Report - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Bluegrass version of Metallica's "Enter Sandman"...

White supremacy in Colombia Part 3: 'the negroes multiply by themselves'

Amid workplace safety concerns, bill seeks to expand whistleblower protections in Maine

3/31 Mike Luckovich- Crisis management

Taking threat of shutdown off the table, Legislature passes 'back-to-basics' budget

With odds like these. . .

By taxing wealthiest 3%, lawmakers can help lift 92,000 Maine households out of poverty

'Trump's Mini-Me': Mehdi On Florida Governor's Pro-Covid, Anti-Democracy Efforts - All In - MSNBC

Kings of Leon - Fairytale (from new album)

Bath shipyard looks for a new shipbuilding contract while awaiting the Navy's next ship

How old is the "older sister" of Gaetz's fake adopted son, Nestor?

Plastic Is Creating an Environmental Justice Crisis

Power giant sues Maine over plan that could force removal of 4 Kennebec dams

Lawfare, the day after

Pets are dying because Maine doesn't have enough veterinarians

Maine Republicans look to curb Janet Mills' emergency powers


Man accused in unlicensed virtual currency biz stays jailed

Anti-abortion bill would drive out healthcare providers, doctors say

Salem bank manager admits to stealing from accounts of dead customers

Man checks out neighbor's real estate listing -- sees his own cat. "that's our bloody cat"

Ask an anti-vaxxer, where are the dead bodies from the covid vaccine or really any vaccine?

update: 68 days in, Joe Biden's 0 golf trips have wasted exactly 0 taxpayer dollars

House Labor Committee votes along party lines to recommend full House pass right-to-work bill

Anti-mask protester flew drone over Gov. Sununu's neighborhood, says prosecutor

Vermonters of color to be eligible for Covid vaccine starting Thursday

Rep. Tim Ryan getting things done

Wednesday TOONs - Not Yet

Biden to Unveil Infrastructure Plan

Short film highlights disruption brought by F-35 fighter jets

Biden's Schedule for Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Suspect nabbed for stomping of Asian woman in caught-on-video Manhattan hate crime

Italian officer 'caught selling secrets to Russia'

On this day, March 31, 1981, the first Golden Raspberry Awards ceremony was held.

What exactly is the purpose of the "Facebook Story" feature?

The worst thing about QAnon and things like it is that real children suffer

Trump joke of the day

A consideration of the George Floyd murder:

Anyone remember when Matt Gaetz defended Katie Hill?

Breakfast Wednesday 31 March 2021

Attack by Myanmar's Kachin minority signals deepening crisis

Catholic Priest Was Tortured and Killed in Dolores Hidalgo, Guanajuato

If you fatally stab your mother, should you even be out of jail? Are the lives of black mothers so

I was never one to try and frighten my wife


My theory...Major can smell repubs from a mile away!!

Mein Kampf: The Secrets of Adolf Hitler's Book of Evil Free Documentary GROUNDBREAKING

Who is behind the new voter suppression laws in Georgia and why??

Trump gave drug companies a last-minute win on prescription prices. Dems want Biden to roll it back

Vermont teachers protest lawmakers' proposed pension fix

When will Rita Hart give up her pipe dream of winning IA-2?

Private employers added back 517,000 jobs in March, missing expectations: ADP

Gaetz. Got to go.

Every Picture Tells a Story.

Champlain College welcomes students from closing college

Burlington Police Sergeants, Lieutenants File Petition to Unionize

Gaetz Might Have Gotten Himself Sent To Prison With Bonkers Tucker Carlson Interview

Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine 100 percent effective in teens

Senate Passes Measure to Regulate and Inspect Short-Term Rentals

The Weekly Pull: Beta Ray Bill, John Constantine: Hellblazer, Power Rangers Unlimited, and More

Comics Should Be Cheap (3/31/21)

Soliciting Multiversity: Image's Top 10 for June 2021

The Webcomics Weekly #130: A Kid Named Lavender Jack (3/30/2021 Edition)

The Rundown: March 31, 2021

Top Trump adviser warned then-president on virus supply shortage, then pursued controversial deals

Florida prosecutor explains why Matt Gaetz can't talk his way out of trouble

This Gaetz Tweet Is STILL Available

Layla by Luna

New for you today: Rare succulent.

When is Ted Cruz going to be held responsible for his election interference.

QAnon supporters pledge loyalty to Matt Gaetz after learning of underage sex trafficking probe

Some Capitol riot suspects apologize as consequences sink in

High anxiety over Trump in Georgia GOP

Peter Navarro calls COVID-19 the "Fauci Virus" calling Fauci "the father of" the virus and accusing

With Cuomo's expected sig NY legalizes marijuana, expunges former pot convictions...

Morning Joe shreds Fox for letting former Trump official smear Fauci: 'They need to be called out'

Melting Permafrost Triggering Landslides Across The Arctic; Denali NP's Only Road The Beta Test

"Beware of Agenda 21!" is the warning from a nutty buddy of mine from the old days.

Biden's Infrastructure Plan To Be The Biggest Since The New Deal

FACT SHEET: The American Jobs Plan

Maybe the "first accurate headline in the history of Breitbart News"

"And now, little man, I give the watch to you"...HAPPY BIRTHDAY Christopher Walken.

30 Years After Atlantic Cod Collapse, Canada's New Fishery "Plan" Doesn't Even Mention Climate

Self-Proclaimed 'Sandwich Nazi' Busted by His Ex-Employees as Capitol Rioter

Self-Proclaimed 'Sandwich Nazi' Busted by His Ex-Employees as Capitol Rioter

Australia At 3C: "Unrecognizable", Uninsurable, With Fire Seasons Like 2019-20 Increasingly Routine

Biden Bets Government Can Drive Growth

BlackRock's Former Sustainable Investment Officer: "This Is Definitely Not Going To Work"

Just saw a Focus on the Family ad pop up here on DU!

Forest Destruction Spiked In 2020: At Least 42,000 KM2 Clear-Cut Globally, Bulk In Tropical Forests

Deplorable amateur con artists weaponizing white supremacy

After more than four years of waiting, IT'S INFRASTRUCTURE WEEK!!!! Biden is announcing his plan...

Ocasio-Cortez on Biden infrastructure plan: 'Not nearly enough'

Former Federal Prosecutor Says Rep. Gaetz 'Grasping At Straws' Amid DOJ Probe

Some Capitol riot suspects apologize as consequences sink in

Texas Senate approves legislation banning most abortions, testing Roe v. Wade

California Trying To Prepare For Summer's Impact On The Electric Grid (And Everything Else)

The National Guard welcomes and promotes women. That is, until they report a sexual assault

Eric Boehlert: Fox News flop -- where's the anti-Biden Tea Party?

Comes Love

FBI enlisted Proud Boys leader to inform on antifa, lawyer says

Dems could dethrone Iowa

Texas attorney general backs challenge to Harvard's affirmative action policies at Supreme Court

Highest daily death toll in Brazil yesterday (3,780)

Matt Gaetz, "My generosity to ex girlfriends." In other words the story is true.

Elon Musk is pleading for engineers, technicians, and other experts to move to South Padre, Texas,

All things considered, G. Gordon Liddy is having a substantially better day than Matt Gaetz

Our mature dog Shadow.

Heard, coming from a darkened castle hidden deep within the bowels of the Wyoming mountains...

Name this PBS Kids show.

Former acting DNI: "never compare the Holocaust to anything. Vaccines are just like the Nazis!"

Biden to Let Trump's H1-B Visa Ban Expire in Win for Tech

Pic Of The Moment: Probably Just A Coincidence

Tucker Carlson sure wants to distence himself from Rep Matt Gaetz after mind-blowing interview......

The rotten center of the infrastructure debate

Interesting article from August 2020 - note: Matt Gaetz is from Seminole County, too!

I want the same energy towards Gaetz that has been given to Cuomo.

Sex trafficking probe of Rep. Matt Gaetz emerges from Joel Greenberg prosecution: report

Pfizer says Covid vaccine is 100% effective in kids ages 12 to 15

The "Little" Fugue

Champ and Major begin their day.

Kamala: Today, in honor of transgender Americans everywhere, @POTUS signed a proclamation to recogni

I have been corrected

Call Them "Right to Life" or "Freedom" Passports!

An important admission by GA Gov Kemp: "A lot of this bill is dealing with the mechanics of the ele

You can't fight a war on voting rights by compromising

Man who killed his mom in 2002 arrested in NYC attack on 65-year-old Asian woman

Good bois

See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil

"The English language is so crazy with its silent 'K's..."

Schumer Pushes Senate on Pot Legalization as States Leap Ahead

Plural .. girls. Now lemme relay a story that Darrell Issa told me about "DWI douche bag Mattie"

Derek Chauvin's soon to be ex wife is a Laotian refugee.

California voters would support Newsom against recall campaign, new poll finds

#BREAKING: @Delta has reversed course on Georgia's voting law, calling it "unacceptable."

Hilarious! This little girl will crack you up!

Two Capitol Police officers sue Trump for 'physical and emotional injuries' suffered in riots

Joe: Transgender rights are human rights -- and I'm calling on every American to join me in uplifting

"Matt Gaetz was the exact sort of America that Trump was building. Privileged corrupt

Q-Anon insurrectionist touts his supposed connections to Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH)

Food bank at St. Stephen's Phoenix

A voter ID suggestion by George Takei

My latest...a moody night painting

Republicans Waste No Time Burying 'Meanest Person' Matt Gaetz After Teen-Sex Allegation

Ahh Yes-that phrase has returned

Matt Gaetz denies relationship with 17-year-old and claims extortion attempt (CNN)

I wonder how many of us have unknowlingly paid for something with a counterfeit bill

2017 tweet from Matt Gaetz

vaccinated people are dangerous! Latest idiotic theory.

Florida Man Grungy Gaetz is

LOL, Watch this video of mama bear's frustrating attempts to get all those cubs across the street

This might be the best Fugelsang tweet, yet!

Cartoon: Hosed in Georgia By Clay Jones -March 31, 2021 9:00 AM

A security guard's job

How About We Combine Voter ID And ...

A midweak cat joke

Update of phrase

Chauvin defense takes aim at crowd at scene of Floyd arrest (CNN)

Wisconsin Supreme Court strikes down governor's mask mandate

Hunter Biden blasts Trump in new book: 'A vile man with a vile mission'

Matt Gaetz has EXPLOSIVE interview with Tucker Carlson over bombshell allegations- Brian Tyler Cohen

The Tidal Bason cherry blossoms, seen from the port side of a plane approaching National Airport

'There is no middle ground' -- Black CEOs urge companies to oppose restrictive voting laws

"Wisconsin Supreme Court Declares Governor's Mask Mandate Is 'Unlawful'"

Watergate -- good times!

Dear Conservatives ...

Matt Gaetz Forehead looking for a new home...

And the latest "thoughts" from Qanon on the Gaetz sex trafficking

This was Weird...

I don't wish anyone illwill but I'm willing to make an exception for the Maskholes and Vaxholes...

Juniper Sunrise

GOP leader says Gaetz would lose committee seat if charges true

US receives $335M from Sudan for victims of terrorist attacks

Good Day DU (March 31, 2021)

733 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Wed.; 26 deaths

Dealing with an Estate from a Distance

Chauvin Should Plead Guilty ASAP

Should second jabs of Pfizer/Moderna be delayed to 12 weeks to battle COVID surge?

Capitol Riot Headline Of The Day:

Georgia Gov. Kemp admits on tape: 'Voter suppression bill' has 'nothing to do with potential fraud'

The Way We Were: Trump vs the Soup Nazi

Oh for gawd sake.......just saw Wanker and an advertisement for the young

Reversing Trump, Pentagon to Release New Transgender Policy

Bombshell recording exonerates Papa John's founder of racism accusations

Matt Gaetz's attempt to clear his name leaves ex-federal prosecutor baffled

Gov. Cuomo has signed into law the bill legalizing marijuana in New York.

How my Spring is going, so far

Al Sharpton slams Republicans in a hell of an immigration gotcha clip

President Biden offered to bring McConnell in as a collaborator on our country's long overdue infras

"Put on your mask" effective prank

"Maybe this wasn't sarcasm." (Gaetz Tweet)

Biden issues first presidential proclamation on Trans Day of Visibility

U.Va. enters NIH study examining effects of COVID-19 vaccine on virus infection, transmission

NOTE: Immigrants didn't attack America on 1/6 Trump supporters did" Pisses MAGA Minions off

Remember: actual humans smeared their feces around the Capitol and that was Just Fine

Fox anchor: AOC says we shouldn't use the term invasion to describe migrants, "WHO IS USING THOSE...

McCarthy refuses to remove Gaetz from committee overseeing DOJ despite conflict of interest

Wow. Walgreen's just totally screwed me with my COVID vaccine.

Oh no! Poopgate

Couple more insurrectionists rounded up

Picture-perfect cherry blossoms at the Tidal Basin, but rough weather looms ahead.

Matt Gaetz, Supervillain...

The Philly Inquirer is using this photo of Gaetz:

Critics will talk about the cost of infrastructure. Biden should stress its value.

Matt Gaetz's cameo in Bat Man ...

Jupiter's equinox and mutual events of its 4 major moons

Gaetz finds support

Chauvin trial: This young man, Chris Martin is traumatized...I feel so bad for him.

Liberal group pledges $10M state legislative campaign on voting rights

A lesson in dealing with Republicans:

Gaetz has a major minor problem, while Biden has a minor Major problem.

GA Republicans are already talking about ways to punish Delta for condemning voting restrictions

Krystal & Saagar: EVERYTHING We Know About Underage Sex Trafficking Investigation Against Matt Gaetz

Our dog Shadow

This deleted tweet sums up Governor Kristi Noem's approach to Covid.

Mom's 84 -- 2nd Moderna shot yesterday has her under the weather today

'Invalid and Unenforceable': Federal Judge Voids Non-Disclosure Agreement in Case of Former Trump

Billionaire Steyer Says He Has No Plans to Run in California Recall Election

On this day, March 31, 1995, Selena was murdered.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Shrugs Off Biden's $2Tn Infrastructure Package as 'Not Enough'

Supreme Court appears willing to side with college athletes against NCAA in compensation case

KKK Fliers Appear in California Ahead of Planned 'White Lives Matter' March

It is easy to point fingers at someone!

NYT: Why Amazon's Union Vote Matters

Militia extremists deploy strategies to work around social media crackdown, warns DHS

For cruelty's sake: Texas prisons lose money every year to keep prisoners picking cotton, other fiel


China accuses the US of 'political manipulation' after 14 countries allege Beijing hid data on the

If I knew that vegetables

This tweet by Gaetz was just five days ago... Lmao

Oh no Matt

Portraits from the past come alive (April 2021 edition)

'What's the age limit?' Twitter has a field day with poorly-timed job post seeking interns for Gaetz

Delta CEO on Georgia voter suppression law

What experts think about opening vaccinations to all

GOP Memo 'Splains Losing House, Senate, WH A Beautiful 'Gift', Like Herpes, That Keeps On Giving

Rising waters trigger change for DC's Tidal Basin.

Australia Accelerates Missile Program With Its U.S. Ally

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam just signed state-level Voting Rights Act.

Ted Lieu: Rep Matt Gaetz should be taken off the House Judiciary Committee

Got my first dose of the Moderna vaccine today. No side effects so far... except...

EPA dismisses dozens of key science advisers picked under Trump

Biden:Opportunity for big spending on infrastructure

Matt Gaetz's disastrous Tucker Carlson interview, explained

Complex procedure and post-op - including mop-up of bald pate

Michigan man pleads guilty to smashing teen's face with bike lock because he was Black

Fetterman Says Biden's Infrastructure Efforts Are A 'Slam Dunk' Ahead Of Pittsburgh Speech

I'm trying to make sense of Gaetz's self defense

April outlook for Washington leans warm with near normal rainfall.

This Pittie Was Not Supposed To Make It...Now Look At His Transformation!

🧵 Gaetz's lone "No" vote was worse than you think. The bill was the Combatting Human Trafficking in

Republicans praise doctors on the front lines -- after voting against funding for them

Delaware's about to join 19 other states making it easier to register to vote

Downing Street suggests UK should be seen as model of racial equality

An old Matt Gaetz article that was eye opening to me. He has quite the background.

Anybody else find this interesting? We hear of additional charges for maxwell, and now mattie is

Matt Gaetz denied having inappropriate relationship with teen boy. Is there an underage girl too?

Not surprised at a wacky cousin's wingnut Fundie quote, a bit about the extreme

Joe: Over the last few months, we've seen the rising cost of our aging power grid firsthand. We can

82 unions and liberal groups call on Biden to create wealth tax

Garry Kasparov spot on about Gaetz and the rest of the GOP criminal cabal

What time is President Biden speaking on Infrastructure?

The difference in reporting between all legitimate news sources and FOX News!

Rachel Maddow Tells the Dark Joel Greenberg and Matt Gaetz Florida Man Story


'Completely, totally false': Former DOJ official says Gaetz's claim of extortion is to distract...

Secretary Blinken set to turn back Pompeo's efforts to promote religious conservative causes abroad

The latest The New Yorker cover: "Delayed" by R. Kikuo Johnson

Cartoons 3/31/2021

Jim Justice No Longer A Billionaire, After $850 Million Debt To Insolvent Greensill Capital Revealed

Bird not having any of that pause/pet crap


Oh, Matt, Matt, Matt. This tweet really didn't age well

Ivanka Trump's flagship policy program slammed by government auditors

Bonnaroo resumes in September with Lizzo, Foo Fighters, Megan Thee Stallion, more....

Biden promises broadband for all in $2 trillion infrastructure plan

Did Matt Gaetz Float Resignation Rumors?

Amazon union vote in Alabama could spur broader organizing efforts, labor rep says

You love it! More insurrectionists indicted and such

Seattle, Tacoma lure shipping lines escaping congestion at other West Coast ports

Alaska Airlines finalizes deal for 23 Boeing 737 Max jets

Surprise financing deal would carry $1.9B convention center project across the finish line

The Crucifucks - Hinkley Had a Vision

Trump's Presidency Is Over. So Are Many Relationships.

"American Fascism": Towards a militantly democratic Democratic Party

Inmates sue state to gain immediate access to vaccinations

COVID-19 cases rising again in Snohomish County

Florida Republicans' New Bill Would Criminalize Giving Voters Water, As in Georgia

How to drink at Cracker Barrel

Falcons owner Arthur Blank speaks out against Georgia voting restrictions

Beyond bridges: Biden redefines infrastructure to add people

On this day, March 31, 1958, "Johnny B. Goode" was released

I used to LOVE "The Walking Dead" and "Fear the Walking Dead"... but now, I have no interest.

Inslee loosens indoor dining restrictions, but it's too soon for some restaurateurs

Insurrectile Dysfunction.

Cuomo Signs Marijuana Legalization Into Law

Kayleigh McEnany, Keen Purveyor Of Donald Trump's Lies, Lands Plum New Fox News Role

Why we are concerned about Georgia's new election law (Microsoft blog)

Rut Roh! Court Rules Trump Campaign Non-Disclosure Agreements *VOID* - Declared Unenforceable!

2 eaglets at the Decorah nest!!!

House investigators suggest Peter Navarro steered COVID supply contracts to companies he favored

Texas court to hear appeal from woman sentenced to prison for voting while ineligible

Rudy's star witness Melissa Carone 'Stop the Steal' rally after PB leader visits WH for Xmas Tour

Russia and Myanmar: A pariah to the West is a friend to Putin

The BBC moved its China correspondent to Taiwan after Beijing attacked him for reporting on Uyghurs

Pierce County faces spikes in food insecurity, people in need

Vaccine Eligiblity Expands In WA: Here's Who Qualifies Wednesday

Facebook removes video interview with Trump, citing his ban from the platform

BREAKING NEWS: Dog poops on floor. Film at 11.

Trump lashes out at Biden for 'cruel and heartless' plan to create jobs by taxing the wealthy

Republicans commit to taking lowest road

John Aravosis: GaetzGate

Matt Gaetz's dad says he wore a wire for FBI probe into DOJ extortion claims

We're seeing a breakup between big business and the GOP in Georgia imo. (Conor Sen)

"What are we outraged about today, folks?"

A month after first identified @Delta as a major corporate contributor to the

Another gem from The University of YouTube: "army manual" from the Byzantine (east Roman) empire

Just came back into trial. Who is this poor weeping man testifying?

Another witness breaking down in tears at the Chauvin trial

Damn killer cop Chauvin sitting with no emotion

Facebook removes video interview with Trump, citing his ban from the platform

Coca-Cola CEO James Quincey says the new Georgia voting law is "unacceptable"

EDIT: So what do you think now of the presidential prospects of Governors Cuomo and Newsom?

Youth suicide in El Paso County increased by 34 percent in 2020

I just chatted with customer service at Delta airlines to...

How about John Fugelsang for new Jeopardy host?

Erik Prince's Psy Op On U.S.

How about John Fugelsang for new Jeopardy host?

Speaking Of Bad Cops / Prosecutors Has Cornyn Been Prosecuted Yet For Jailing 46 Innocent People

Ben Shapiro: "Voter suppression doesn't involve long lines..."

Jill Biden: Women in the military are leaders, changemakers, pioneers, and so much more. #WomensHist

Caribou Barbie (Palin) caught the Hoax (Covid)

Korean Americans React To Anti-Asian Hate Crimes Street Interview

Minnesota Duluth wins epic NCAA hockey game over North Dakota in five overtimes

Clip shows police telling Floyd to get up and into the car.

I'm thinking Gaetz keeps Nestor around to keep access to minors.

Today, I had to speak the words no medical provider wants to have to say:

Don't turn on FOX "News" if you

LIVE: @NASAAstrobio experts Dr. Darlene Lim & Dr. Jackie Goordial study extreme environments on our


Will there be a special commission on the January 6th insurrection? I am asking for curious

Bless these people who bore witness to George Floyd's murder...

Are DoorDash, UberEats Good For Restaurants?

NASAPersevere: While the helicopter is getting ready, I can't help checking out nearby rocks. This

The Antiscience Movement Is Escalating, Going Global and Killing Thousands (Peter J. Hotez)

Can a machine be racist?

Curious Statement by Gaetz's Dad

Showcasing the incredible waste of tax payer dollars isn't the own Fox thinks it is...

I live in a small N Texas town, usually votes R by 70%.

N.Y. Seeks Trump Insider's Records, in Apparent Bid to Gain Cooperation

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that the Democrats are more likely to be winning.

Physicists Are On the Brink of Redefining Time

'Proud to stand against the will of the people' -- Missouri GOP berserk over Medicaid Expansion

Nobody likes Ted Cruz

How highways make traffic worse

Biden's big bet: He's found the kryptonite that will defeat Trumpism

Tucker Carlson livid after Rep. Matt Gaetz tries to rope him into controversy, source says

"This Derek Chauvin Trial Is Yet Another Form of Black Torture"

Ned's Atomic Dustbin - Walking Through Syrup

Ivanka Trump's flagship policy program slammed by government auditors

GRAPHIC: 14-year-old accused of crashing stolen Porsche on Ohio highway dies

More on NASA Perseverance and the rock

A recent public opinion poll for the 2022 WI US Senate Election(Change Research- 3/25 to 3/27) has

Poor Matt GERTZ

Matt Gaetz has approached at least one criminal defense firm to represent him.

Navalny Announces a Hunger Strike After Being Denied Medical Care

When Will We Know Amazon Union Election Results?

Is it true that Matt Gaetz voted against the Minimum Wage because...

Video: When Will We Know Amazon Union Election Results?

COVID-19 Is Different Now

@SenatorDurbin Every person deserves to be loved and accepted for who they are and live a life free

Fringe benefit of vaccine passports

What's for Dinner, Wed., Mar. 31, 2021

Kroger's Corporate Greed

Video: Kroger's Corporate Greed

Gaetz's prior assholery is biting him in the ass big time.

Snake Doctor Moonlighting

France to close schools and extend Covid-19 lockdown to all of the country, Macron says

Covid Milestones-150M Administered, should cross 100M (30%) with at least 1 Shot in next day

Biden set to convene his Cabinet in-person for the first time on Thursday

Ohio's Democrats fighting for the working people!

'Case closed -- he did it': Jim Jordan mocked for proclaiming Matt Gaetz's innocence

Uranus is belching X-rays and is weirder than we ever thought

Hart withdraws

United States is preparing for an "imminent crisis" due to the pulling of Russian troops to the Ukra

Rita Hart withdraws in Ia-02

Matt Gaetz: I've Talked With Newsmax, OAN, and Fox About Potential Post-Congress Gigs

The "Great Olive Poisoning" of 1919

These latest videos of George Floyd show how *compliant* he was.

Strong late-season cold front surges across eastern U.S., with hard freeze and even snow for some.

Just in: +2.67M doses reported administered over yesterday's total. A new Wednesday record!

Alabama man who by all accounts has done everything right while on parole facing parole revocation

(Jewish Group) "This Land is Your Land" in Yiddish

Ohio's Democrats Fighting for the Working People!

The Problem With Normalizing Stephen Miller All In MSNBC

Democrat Rita Hart withdraws challenge in Iowa House race

The @WisDems statement on the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruling that just came down, in which far-righ

Joe is live!

Ron Johnson is an awful senator--embarrassingly bad. And he's vulnerable. Help us put these billboard

Georgia's Republican Party accused of illegally accepting in-kind contributions..."True The Vote"

Local government, London Mayoral and Scottish Parliamentary elections on 6th May

Olivia Troye Says There Should Be A Full Investigation Into Trump Admin. Covid Response Deadline

Whataburger thanks employees with more than $90M in bonuses

Berkeley Home Sells for $1 Million Over Asking After Getting 29 Offers

Inspector Clouseau has cracked the case!

President Biden's Speech on Infrastructure and the U.S. Economy

The Manhattan DA has subpoenaed Allen Weisselberg's bank records

Did I miss the Coca Cola statement of regret?

You can't get there from here.....

After Putin-Trump Disinfo, FBI Warns How To Spot "Deep Fake" Videos Online

This Biden speech may be the most important speech since the New Deal

"You're my best friend & I love you."

She says she wants to tell the VP "You're my best friend & I love you" & "I remember the vice presid

Can we make a better case for "Medicare For All" than this discovery... ??

#RemoveRonJohnson is trending--keep it going. New video...........

I'm sure trump thoroughly studied Biden's infrastructure plan before lashing out against it

Dog runs up to car and chooses his new mom

So there you have it, Infrastructure Week is upon us!

Molly Jong-Fast: The Strange Saga of Matt Gaetz, or How Not to Handle a Crisis

*Beautiful Mistakes* - Maroon 5 feat. Megan Thee Stallion - nice melody, fun video

BREAKING: Feds looking beyond Florida in investigation of Rep. Gaetz, sources say

I always just call him Joe. Sure, government officials, the media, and some others should always

No BS. How likely is it that Biden gets the American Jobs Plan passed?

Secretary Pete ftw!

I have now been convinced by Mike Lee that immigration is bad because he made a video in some bushes

Gaetz has a major minor problem, while Biden has a minor Major problem.

Biden's plan is 4 trillion USD total, 2 trillion USD announced now, 2 trillion USD coming in April

Biden's "American Jobs Plan" proposes to eliminate ALL FOSSIL FUEL SUBSIDIES.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi weighs in on President Biden's American Jobs Plan.

Biden's Approval Bolstered by Handling of Pandemic

Pedo and Sex Trafficking allegations against Gaetz

Whataburger planning return to Colorado!

Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccine is delayed by a U.S. factory mix-up.

Webinar: The roots of Black botany

Johnson and Johnson vaccine is delayed by a U.S. factory mixup.

Webinar: The roots of Black botany (cross-posting to AA group)

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Thursday, 1 April 2021

Prosecution just showed Chauvin take his body camera off


Side Note: Gaetz Proposed In December 2020, And Is Currently Engaged

Covid Memorial

The best post in the history of posts since the beginning of time by DUer KG.

In all honesty, I'm worried as I've never been

WH dog Major bites AR senator, a DC lawyer and a British PM -- in 1933

So Passing A Fake $20 Bill Warrants A Gun Being Pointed At You?

EDIT: I predict Chauvin trial will end up a mistrial...they only have 2 alternates.

Is anyone going to watch Season 4 of The Handmaid's Tale?...

Your preprandial insurrectionist fix -- 3 more charged

The Cup Foods Manager

Armed Forces Commanders Resign in Protest Against Bolsonaro

This artwork! 🔥

Wasn't Glenn Greenwald a DU favorite, years ago? (Or months?)

How did April Fools' Day begin?

Live: @SecFudge About to join @rolandsmartin on #RolandMartinUnfiltered to discuss the #AmericanResc

HYDE: Evergreen

Tomorrow (4-1-21) is the DAY Trump re-ascends to the Presidency!

Gaetz investigation complicated by overture to his father about ex-FBI agent who went missing - WP

🎶 I come and go! I come and go!🎶

Toilet paper prices to rise: Maker of Cottonelle, Scott brands plans to increase prices

Hyde: The Cape of Storms

Help. I need to increase the type size in my folders.

More details about this alleged extortion......wut!??

Gov Kemp eases Georgia's virus restrictions as officials worry about 'fourth surge'

Baltimore corrections officers indicted; one accused of choking inmate until she passed out

Joel Greenberg flaunted ties to Matt Gaetz. Then he was charged with child sex trafficking

Double entendre tweet of the moment

Holy Shit - this is huge -Police officers sue Donald Trump for injuries resulting from Capitol riot

(MA) Parents file lawsuit ... alleging gym teacher abused middle school student in mid-2000s

Having a Good Puppy Dog Day

Having A Good Puppy Dog Day

So true.

When did Gaetz take Greenberg to the WH?

4/01 Mike Luckovich: Snacks please

Critics Warn Biden Infrastructure Plan 'Falls Woefully Short' on Climate Crisis. (for discussion.)

Suburban businessman kicks off GOP bid for Illinois governor emulating Trump ...

Astronaut Floats in Space

PM Update: Some more showers tonight, plus it's turning cold and windy with time.

Often accused of confusing obscurity with quality, DU member hits back with hit song

COVID in Florida: 5,294 new infections, 87 more residents dead

Infrastructure Week Finally Arrives 😊

Succinct tweet from Secretary Buttigieg. Yes, he DOES have a sense of humor!!!

Makes you 9 feet tall when you're 4 foot 5.

Proud Boys leader Joe Biggs fed FBI agents information on antifa, was cozy with Oregon cops

'Proud to stand against the will of the people' -- Missouri GOP berserk over Medicaid.

(PA) Fight to save historic graveyard threatened by warehouse development

I'm watching Q:Into the storm on HBO and I have to tell you that my opinion

BREAKING Arizona Senate Republicans hire 4 firms to audit Maricopa County 2020 presidential election

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that the Democrats are more likely going to win.

How Can I Check The Date(s) & Infractions On My DU Account?

Words Trump never heard: McConnell told President Biden that his package is "too big"

Fox and OAN to Gaetz via CNN: nah

This is a really trivial matter in relation to the events, but it stuck so please allow me to vent.

(OH) 'Hundreds of machine guns': Feds indict former Addyston chief in weapons scheme

MAGA fanatic D.J. Rodriquez, who tasered D.C. Police Officer Mike Fanone, was arrested

I'm out of the loop. Who will be the Democratic candidate in District #2?

Fairview Park, OH, Police Blotter - Disorderly conduct

Steve Sack FTW

Lol. I can relate to this.

House Ethics Committee to Goober Gohmert:

Lol who did this?

"The dog it was that died" --Oliver Goldsmith.

Jim Jordan Believes Matt Gaetz.... But Not Sexually Abused Ohio State Wrestlers

QAnon Thinks Matt Gaetz Being Investigated for Sex Trafficking Is All Part of the Plan

You may think I'm making this up but, unfortunately, this is all true.

Pentagon 'watching' as Russia steps up aggression in Eastern Europe

Everybody felt guilty except the cops.

Texas GOP chair shares rally stage with leader of Oath Keepers militia

Tweet of the night:

"Florida man" seems to say it all...

Indiana lawmakers honor Mike Pence for retirement from the vice presidency

Fact check needed. I thought George Floyd said I can't breathe 22 times

Shadow Loves To Chase The Birds! Never does catch them though.

Ron Johnson demands media cover phony border 'crisis' instead of George Floyd case

Shadow Loves To Chase The Birds! Never does catch them though.

Gym Jordan Demands DHS Turn Over Documents That Warned Biden of Reversing Trump Border Policies

From one 'big house' to another: DOJ must hold the leaders of Purdue Pharma accountable