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Archives: March 7, 2021

SE Cupp: We are possibly living in the stupidest of times (CNN)

I've got 300 ladybugs in the refrigerator to hopefully help with aphids in the garden

'Here fire, you hungry?' Idaho Covid protesters burn masks in front of capitol

Ted Cruz caught lying about relief bill, INSTANTLY humiliated on Senate floor - Brian Tyler Cohen


We know where the sage scent came from

Why is Bill Gates such a RW boogie man?

Parler v. Amazon dies and is reborn

Parents encouraging kids to burn masks on Idaho Capitol steps

Is this one of those times when "history rhymes"?

Biden says people will start getting stimulus checks this month as soon as House passes Covid relief

Let that sink in.

Ry Cooder - How can a Poor Man Stand Such a Time and Live?

Republican Party is the Party for the working people of America?

Eric Swalwell's Lawsuit Against Trump Has 'Mind-Boggling' Implications, Says Alan Dirtyshorts

GD! My chest hurts. 03-06-21 UPDATE.

Advocates warn restrictive voting bills could end Georgia's record turnout

Remedial reader Kevin McCarthy learns another lesson...

Van Morrison - Into the Mystic - 2018

Retired civil engineer proposes undersea tunnel for Mukilteo/Clinton route

The 17 yr cycle cicadas about to emerge are NOT plant-eating locusts.

2021 Kentucky Derby Prep - 2021 Gotham Stakes

Linda Ronstadt - Willin' - 1976

2021 Kentucky Derby Prep - 2021 San Felipe Stakes

Are you a fast listener?

Definitely aliens:

Will the Cicadas Hurt Your Plants?

Biden administration to wind down long-term detention of migrant families -- for now

Daytona motorcycle rally goes on despite pandemic

Idaho COVIDIOTs having a little family fun

2021 Kentucky Derby Prep - 2021 Tampa Bay Derby

A Sunny Meadow, Wyoming

5:45 PM -- A Face in the Crowd (1957) just ending, facsimile of trmp.

Somebody call a doctor

Biden gets well deserved praise for Covid 19 Bill

SF School Board Tripped Up Over Bad 'Facts' - The Damage Report

Next problem will be DEJOY

Help him, don't fight him.

Anyone want to watch 13 minute of people making really cool Korean candy?

Reconciliation: I was under the impression that it could be used only once...

Manchin is scheduled on 4 out of 5 Sunday shows tomorrow

World's first space hotel scheduled to open in 2027

Wisconsin health officials confirm South Africa COVID-19 variant

Tacoma is top trending locale among Gen Z renters in Washington

At long last. The vaccination program is finally opening up to the general public.

Idiot governors getting rid of mask requirements puts essential workers at risk

Biden Finds Unlikely Allies In Massive State Rescue

3 Black Men Released From New York Prison After 24 Years. Judge Determined That Prosecutors Withheld

Creighton players give first public comments about Greg McDermott's remarks

People Can't Believe Rudy Giuliani's Warning About Misinformation Isn't A Comedy Bit

Trump Sends Cease-and-Desist Letters to GOP Groups

EU seeks access to U.S. produced AstraZeneca vaccines: FT report

(Jewish Group) British elementary school gives homework assignment about Jews' part in killing Jesus

The soonest my Mom can get a shot is 26 Apr. Our guv will end the mask mandate 9 Apr. UPDATE!

(Jewish Group) Roof collapses on dilapidated 18th-century former synagogue in Ukraine

Mitch McConnell Thinks Americans Are Too Lazy To Get $1,400 Stimulus Checks

In Eastern Europe, historic synagogues are sold for the price of a used car

(Jewish Group) In Eastern Europe, historic synagogues are sold for the price of a used car

(Jewish Group) Jewish school guards overpower knife-wielding man outside kosher store in France

Correct me if I'm wrong

On this day in 2013, Senator @marcorubio attempted to block a vote on Obama CIA Director nominee Joh

2021 Horse Racing - 2021 Santa Anita Handicap

Appleton man accused of stealing $1.5 million from victims in investment fraud scheme

wowzers , what a day.

The president is attending Catholic mass tonight in Washington.

US could reach herd immunity by summer through vaccinations alone, CNN analysis finds

A new movie about Sydney Powell

No jab, no job: As British companies move to mandate coronavirus vaccines for employees

Feds investigating Hagedorn appearances on Minnesota talk radio station

Lay Down (Candles in the Rain) - Melanie

Trump is 'likely going to lose' new insurrection lawsuit: legal experts

Minneapolis moves to require hotels to prioritize hiring back laid off workers

2022 US Senate Elections the Democrats are going to win in 2022 by a landslide to a narrow margin.

Jackson Brown - Cocaine - 1978

Princeton debate society strips Ted Cruz of prestigious honor

I wonder if watching how Biden is turning out is sort of like what it was to see LBJ

Today, the White House nominated these two women to four-star commands.

DFL legislators call for GOP support to rebuild Minneapolis, St. Paul businesses damaged by civil

Bipartisan effort would end driver's license suspensions for unpaid tickets

Gen. Wesley Clark, Jeff Bridges Release New Climate Change Documentary.

Gen. Wesley Clark, Jeff Bridges Release New Climate Change Documentary.

Sacred Mountain

Electric vehicles are coming to Minnesota. Republicans and Democrats have very different ideas on

The Myth of Drug Expiration Dates

Is America the Greatest Country on Earth? - The Divided State of America with Heather Gardner

Being able to post to 2020 candidates groups?

If you believe the 1/6/21 Insurrection was justified...

@SenTinaSmith and I have been fighting for a $50 billion child care bailout since April - and today

Leon Redbone - Shine On Harvest Moon

This is the way I think we should have framed the mask vs no mask BS

No contest who gets the prize.. Democrats have some Giants for Leaders don't we

Little noticed but super important provision of the #AmericanRescuePlan:

Former guy is going to love flying back and forth to Alaska!

Schumer just played Republicans - got cloture on Garland / Fudge / Regan nominations...

Texas PUC admits ripping off Texans during Electric Grid freeze and all but tells them to suck it up

Richard Manuel, The Band - Georgia On My Mind

Iowa reporter faces trial after arrest at BLM protest; case seen as attack on press rights

Kristen Stewart has a voice :)

*Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy

Important point. There will be enough vaccines by May because Biden put pressure on

It's telling that the last two Democratic Presidents began their presidencies with a "Recovery Act"

Voting rights clash brewing at Minnesota Capitol

A Look At Andrew Yang's Record Of Entrepreneurship Shows Ups And Downs

WH Press Sec. Jen Psaki throws the bipartisanship question back at Republicans. You are the outliers

Shatel: How can Creighton move forward after Greg McDermott's remarks? Look to the players

Both houses vote to strip Cuomo of pandemic emergency powers

Delays by feds added $300M to new Hudson River tunnel costs, official says

Ray Charles would approve - Lets Go Get Stoned

Philly LGBTQ police officers call out D.A.'s office for covering remembrance wall

It could be could be a politician in Mexico.

Another one taken from us too soon -- Jimmie Spheeris:

Top Pennsylvania senator appoints colleague's wife to lucrative Gaming Control Board seat

Who remembers the TV series "Angel"?

Wynton Marsalis - Jungles Blues

Get a Brain, Morans

Capitol Rioter Begs Judge: 'I Just Want to Go Home to My Mom And Dad'

'We can do big things,' Schumer says as Senate approves aid

Tweet of the Day

Cat Tries To Cope With Unrequited Love

AMBER Alert News Release

If you are 20 or younger and have been apprehended as Insurrectionists......

Confidence in coronavirus vaccines has grown with majority now saying they want it

Biden press secretary defends president's trips to Delaware home

Dog Who's Obsessed With Ice Skating Gets A Special Surprise After Quarantine

Senate Panel Votes Down Republican Attempt to Get More Say Over Committee Assignments

IDAHO - mask burning protest today

Advocates Call On Lawmakers To Pass Robust Protections for Homeowners

Is there a compromise to be had on the $15/hr miniumum wage?

NY-11: Can an Afro-Latina combat veteran make a run at Congress in 'Trump district' Staten Island?

US Senate seats the Democrats will win in 2022 by a landslide to narrow margin.

Norton Dismisses Commissioner For Calling a Judicial Candidate a 'Slick Jew'

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee: "Women, COVID, and the Myth of Having it All" (she-cession)

Two decades in the making, Rosa DeLauro's plan to cut child poverty in half is on the brink of passi

Did a adult or child write this.

Californians aren't leaving the state en masse -- but they are leaving San Francisco, study says


Lauren Boebert, whose husband exposed himself to a minor, cracks awkward joke about flashing people

Just watched Borat 2.

President Biden thanks Chuck Schumer

In terms of racism and hypocrisy, We mirror Great Britain more than we realize

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson for President in 2032!

Biden supporters not welcome. Have a chair you need fixed? Too bad if you voted for Biden

'Expecting science to lead': An expert on viruses is NC's latest Senate candidate

TV show I love...

I am suddenly horrified

Could Puerto Rico become a U.S. state? New bill in Congress faces an uphill battle

Georgia's center of political gravity shifting toward Atlanta

North Dakota Expels Anti-Mask, Anti-Vaxx GOP Lawmaker for Alleged Sexual Harassment and 'Bizarre'

Help! Health Care tax question for adult student dependent

Heavy metal GODS!

Judge rules Harvard owns slave images, not descendants

Former Aide Says Cuomo Hugged Her in 'Inappropriate' Hotel Room Embrace

Tavajo - greyl - zoom in

Oregon Governor Kate Brown gets her vaccine.

How a ring tells the story of a forgotten secret agent (BBC)

The Beatles - Strawberry Fields Forever and Penny Lane [double A-side single] 1967

All My Dreams (2020 Remaster)

The Daily Social Distancing Show: What the Hell Happened This Week? - Week of 3/1/21

Disney CEO Bob Chapek on traditional movie business model: "I'm Not Sure There's Going Back"

The Daily Social Distancing Show - Fringe-Watching: Madison Cawthorn

Senator Schumer is amazing- He let GOP leave hearing and then cut off debate on Garland

How Los Angeles is bringing high design to the granny flat -- while saving time and money

How Los Angeles is bringing high design to the granny flat -- while saving time and money


TX governor DrugStoreCowboy refused Fed screening of immigrants, now blames BIDEN

Tweet of the early morning:

Sunday 3-7: MANCHIN all morning; HarryMarkle; Farrow/W.Allen - whew!1

Update on the story of the cop that shot to death the mentally disabled man in COSTCO

Ali Velshi: The Insurrection's Hidden Toll - MSNBC

Strange Fruit Reaction by Father and Son by Billie Holiday and the cover by Nina Simone

Europe staggers as infectious variants power coronavirus surge

Ali Velshi On The GOP Normalizing Fringe Claims - MSNBC

Iowa Republicans say anti-racial profiling bill appears dead for the year, but pro-police measures

Now she tells us: Ernst finds "garbage" tweets disqualifying

Susan Rice Asserts Herself In New Role

State's LGBTQ history coming out in Iowa City-based library and archive

Breakfast Sunday 7 March 2021

Out-of-touch Iowa lawmakers propose harmful changes to unemployment

Examining Eligibility For Third Round of Stimulus Checks After Senate Passes Covid Relief Bill MSNBC

Biden to sign executive order aimed at increasing voting access

'Help Is On The Way': Biden on Senate Passing 'Desperately Needed' Covid Relief Bill - MSNBC

Biden's Schedule for Sunday, March 7, 2021

20-Year-Old Bowling Green Sophomore on Life Support After 'Deathly' Hazing Incident

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Novel Approach Edition

Bonus Tweet of the Day

The 100 U.S. counties with the highest #COVID19 death rates voted for Donald Trump by EIGHTEEN POINT

IL launches $10 million campaign aimed at fighting COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy in Black, Latino

Texas, Please Stop Embarrassing Demi in Front of His Friends The Amber Ruffin Show

My mule came in! Vaccine finally arrived in my little corner in Az.

Remember when

Biden proposes a Quad summit; this is why

Opinion:Living in Texas right now feels like an exercise in survival

Doonesbury - Apologists Not Excepted


Swiss look set to approve ban on facial coverings in tight referendum

Why don't we make things here? Why buy stuff from China?

March 4th revealed that the MAGAts don't actually care whether Trump won the 2020 election or not.

China February exports post record surge from COVID-19-depressed 2020 levels

Just a little dream. Mitch McConnell's health and or his living status takes a turn for the worse

% of population vaccinated. Bottom 13 states have Republican Governors

According to news reports, Trump sent cease and desist orders to Republican party for using his name

Doonesbury: Hitler tamed by prison...

Some mid-Michigan Rite Aid locations have more (Covid vaccine) doses than appointments

UPDATED - Biden signing voting rights order today for anniversary of Selma's 1965 'Bloody Sunday'

Ads For Sports Fans

Hospital, county contradict DeSantis' claim about role in Florida Keys residents' vaccines

Almost 6,500 Wisconsinites have died of #Covid-19 since it upended daily life in the state a year

White House: Biden believes U.S. authorizations for military force need updating

Who didn't vote for the Coronavirus Relief bill?

Help us find the rest. Visit if you recognize this person. Refer to photo 249 wh

"This is Our House!" A Preliminary Assessment of the Capitol Hill Siege Participants

Biden seeks a $15 minimum wage for feds and contractors

'It is a trap!': Inside the QAnon attack that never happened

GOP Senators meltdown after Senate Democrats Pass Covid Aid Bill

Rie aka Suzuku takes Her Bunny out for a walk...

Rie aka Suzuku takes Her Bunny out for a walk...

Alan Price Set - I Put A Spell On You

China warns US not to cross 'red line' on Taiwan

One from the archives

Republicans complaining that last years Covid bills were bipartisan

The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown - Fire

Adrienne Nims

One Year, 70 Scotches, and My Father-in-Law

大高清美(org)まきやまはる菜(b)佐藤奏(d) Kiyomi Otaka (org) Makiyama Haruna (b) Sato Kan (d) jam session

Fried cabbage and SPAM

Manchin says he still supports filibuster, but may back more party-line votes on key bills

New Monster Size Comparison 5th Gen Monster Hunter

Rolling Stones - Little Red Rooster

"Extremist groups" equals RepubliQkkkans

Marjorie Taylor Greene's delay tactics frustrate GOP

Shirkey lies about COVID-19 science, defends Texas' decision to fully reopen

McConnell wants to use the filibuster to block Biden's agenda. Here's how Biden can outfox him

Kid Journalist Who Interviewed AOC Highlights Importance of Media

Sens. Ossoff and Warnock credit Georgia voters for passage of $1.9 trillion relief package

Plans announced for first tribal eagle aviary in Michigan

Republicans stay quiet while billionaire donor stands trial in 'biggest tax fraud scheme' in history

Minneapolis on edge as the first officer charged in killing of George Floyd goes on trial

Biden rides a Keep It Simple, Stupid strategy to early success

Captain Ruffles does couch zoomies and static electricity makes his ears look funny.

List of top 100 counties with the highest COVID death rates voted for Trump by 18 points

"Neanderthal thinking?" The social science underlying Fox News' desire to make viewers be victims

New Weekly Record Set at the Mauna Loa Observatory for CO2 Concentrations 417.97 ppm.

Today I learned not to say who this old thing

Good Day DU (March 7, 2021)

It is time to tell the GOPers to shut up and sit down!

Biden team plots the country's first national Covid testing strategy

Our older daughter turns 50 this year

Pentagon chief: Response to rocket attack in Iraq will be 'thoughtful' and 'appropriate'

'I'd make it harder to get rid of': Joe Manchin gets testy defending filibuster for his GOP 'friends

Former Neo-Nazi Accuses Fox News of Radicalizing Americans: 'They Say The Same Stuff I Used to Say'

State Dept Trump appointee Frederico Klein has a ten page rap sheet of previous arrests

Joe Biden Lives in Delaware and Other Absurd Moments From Biden Spox Jen Psaki's Briefings

What the hell is Dana Perino from faux noise doing on CBS Sunday Morning giving an opinion???

How a ring tells the story of a forgotten secret agent

a question about sausage rolls

A question about British style sausage rolls

US @ClimateEnvoy heading to London, Brussels, and Paris.

Sunday Rock Album - Black Sabbath - Master of Reality

Biden marks Selma anniversary with order to expand voting access

Hundreds risked everything in Selma 56 years ago today. This group is trying to identify them

1335 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Sun.; 5 deaths

I want to thank everyone who votes for Democrats.

Concealed Carry Permit Holders are More Law Abiding than Government Police (an opinion)

The GOP is having a change of heart on economics. It could have implications for policymaking.

Who is to blame for no $15 Minimum Wage?

Ash Wednesday Storm March 7, 1962.

Florida Man, 22, Leaves No Doubt That He Is A Florida Man

Observation on governance

What is next big legislative bill on the list? Infrastructure, health care, minimum wage, or other

The man is good.

"Virtual Insanity to Real World Calamity: How Will Lies Power Domestic Terrorism in 2021?"

Alice Cooper and Larry Mullen have a new CD-Detroit Stories

Dogs just don't have that stealth gene like cats

Brawl and Body Works

Joe Biden

US Senate seats that the Democrats will win in 2022 by a landslide to a narrow margin.

Clyburn: Allowing filibuster to be used to deny voting rights would be 'catastrophic'

Russian Disinformation Campaign Aims to Undermine Confidence in Pfizer, Other Covid-19 Vaccines, U.S

Re Manchin and Sinema, we're still coming out ahead.

Fauci: Current virus plateau 'unacceptable'

What Happens When You Eat Too Much US Senate Bean Soup

White House says Biden would prefer to not end filibuster

Newsmax Loses More Than Half Its Audience Since Post-Election Ratings Surge

Dan Rather: Do Republicans Believe in Democracy? The press needs to start asking.

Why isn't FL Gov DeSantis' manipulation of COVID cases being investigated?

A Mexican restaurant in Texas kept its mask rule. People threatened to call ICE on the staff.

MA Gov Baker (r - trumpville) ends municipality distribution of covid vaccine....

I have the thermostat set down to 60

World on brink of fourth wave of coronavirus

Got Pfizer dose 1: total in-out time, 25 minutes

Practical considerations aside, what should the minimum wage be today?

Maria Bartiromo cuts to commercial after laughing at Lindsey Graham's claim of '1 million' migrants

Was any of the nominees get all 100 votes

Alice Cooper - I hate you.

Chuck Todd schools Senator Manchin: Filibuster was never an idea of the Founding Fathers.

On this 56th anniversary of Selma's "Bloody Sunday", I was watching John Legend and Common

Louder, Please!

Just Finished News of the World (Tom Hanks)

Former Trump campaign official charged with multiple felonies:

Manchin and Sinema are not centrist.

'We need the government': Biden's $1.9 trillion relief plan reflects seismic shifts in U.S. politics

Tiny Puppy Grows Up Following Her Human Sister Everywhere

Too soon for a Viking cruise this year?

Does anyone else have "fight the stupid" fatigue?

Biden Endorses Female Generals Whose Promotions Were Delayed Over Fears of Trump's Reaction

Lawmakers to debate if Louisiana should require kindergarten

Meat Loaf - In the Land of the Pig, the Butcher is King


Canada among targets of Twitter accounts shut down for links to Kremlin and proxies

What Fiction are you reading this week, Mar 7, 2021?

Someone please come get your grandma

Tips for finding vaccine appointments

Biden stimulus showers money on Americans, sharply cutting poverty and favoring individuals over

Manchin wants to make the U.S. Senate look stupid and comical (and sadistic) to the world.

A fight is brewing at my grandkids school district

Now that the Covid Relief Act is just about done...

Get Ready for the Biggest Gaslighting Campaign in American History

How Rural America is Grading Biden's First Weeks

GOP pushes bills to allow social media 'censorship' lawsuits

This doesn't look dangerous:

How Republicans misunderstand the 2020 turnout story

I don't know that one, but maybe if you hum a bars...

DeWine defends masks as fellow GOP governors lift mandates

Simons Expelled. Now Work to Fix the Environment at the Capitol

Dems must abolish the filibuster now, or risk losing the country to permanent GOP domination

Marines knew infantryman shared extremist content online months before investigation, records show

Rama's Rescue

@SenWarren I'm happy that my bill with @SenatorMenendez to make any student loan forgiveness tax-fre

I'm considering moving to Arizona for retirement.

How Republican Politics (And Twitter) Created Ali Alexander, The Man Behind 'Stop The Steal'

Hmm- he asks himself (knowing full well the answer) can this happen?

Down Memory Lane with the World's best Snake Oil Salesmen and

WV GOP Gov Jim Justice Slams Sen Joe Manchin Over 'Ridiculous' Criticisms of Covid Relief Management

"Don't you know how to take a jokeski?" . . . Please come CAPTION Vladimir Putin!!!

H-E-B becomes latest store to require mask use for customers, employees

Something bad must be happening in Trump world. Don Jr. is a complete mess.

CNN: Tapper & ABC: Raddatz grilled Sen. Joe Manchin with inconvenient questions & got naive

Misinformation Campaign Targets Latinos On Issues From Voting To Covid Via Social Media

Whitewashing and gaslighting has begun about the Relief Bill

today a strange airplane flew overhead

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Monday, 8 March 2021

WV GOP Gov Jim Justice Slams Sen. Joe Manchin Over 'Ridiculous Criticisms of Covid Relief Management

The liberty bill Senate filibuster proposed exception for the bill of rights

So I accidentally used my wife's deodorant after a shower

Try and comprehend how much tragedy one human being can have

When AG Merrick Garland takes over the justice dept

Boeing CEO waived pay but got compensation worth $21 million

How the Covid-19 hesitant population is declining rapidly

Cartoons 3/7/2021

There's beauty in impermanence

President Biden's approval on COVID-19 steady as country wary about reopening: POLL

A rare iconic car and how I learned the name of a jazz standard everyone knows, but I didn't

Accountant faces pressure to turn on Trump in criminal probe

Question on new recovery bill

Finally finished a needlework project

Florida Republicans Pitch State as Model for Elections, Expanding GOPee Appeal

Mississippi governor says his goal 'has never been to get rid of the virus' in defense of his

Will Cuomo's political career survive? (POLL)

Seattle Humane latest target in spike of catalytic converter thefts

This jerk should have never been allowed in the store

FYI: There is a new Covid vaccine from India which will probably be fast tracked by the FDA

Less known provisions in the American Rescue Plan that will change a lot of lives

11 breathtaking spots for whale watching in Washington state

Can anyone here tell me about New Braunfels

Manchin signals willingness to reform filibuster.

Manchin's Committee assignments

"Don't Lean Too Far!"

Preview of Derek Chauvin Trial: the Homicide of George Floyd. What to Expect re: Jury Selection

Townes was born on this date.

'Red states get a lot of money': Fox News host destroys Marsha Blackburn's 'blue state bailout' lie

Peter Wolf has a birthday today.

Wolf Sits on Her Sister's Head

Baseball is back. June 4 is Lou Gehrig Day in all ballparks.

Russian intelligence agencies waging a disinformation campaign to undermine confidence in the Pfizer

Voted 6 Times To Raise His Pay

I still want better healthcare.

Why Would I Worry About ...

Biden Says Stimulus Checks Will ...

One year ago today, an ailing John Lewis spoke at the 55th march across the bridge in Selma

Multiple people stabbed at short-term rental party in Melbourne CBD

Fareed's take: President Biden shows government can work

The Science Books

Seeking ideas for good egg substitute

Ring-billed gull, enjoying the sun.

Tangerine Dream - Burning Bar

Dr. Seuss Is The Only Doctor ...

Borowitz: Kevin McCarthy Blasts Relief Package for Failing to Address Dr. Seuss Crisis

My doctor told me I needed to install a bar in the shower!

US Senate seats that the Democrats are to win in 2022 by a landslide to a narrow margin.

Sean Duffy shrugs off alleged rapes by Trump as 'engagements with women'

Osprey nest, now awaiting their return!

We should start a book on "GOP Taking Credit for the American Rescue Plan"

If President Biden Stood In The ...

How did this clever kitteh figure out the final scootching along the ledge manoeuvre?

Unwelcome tax surprises may await those with debt

That's just plain mean!

Some recent historical perspective about the covid relief package...

So touching:

PM Update: Clear and cold overnight, with warmer temperatures returning Monday

Anti abortion protester shoots himself in the leg in Raleigh NC

A Missouri pastor is reportedly seeking 'professional counseling' after he told women to lose weight

Extremism in the ranks: Veterans and the insurrection - CBS Sunday Morning

With responsibilities come pragmatism

Tricksy pupper!

Here's a weird phone message in that digital, mature female voice we've all heard before:

*TCM stuff, Gypsy on NOW:

New Zealand Designer Makes Ingenious Solar-Powered Skylight That Desalinates Water For Drinking

New Zealand Designer Makes Ingenious Solar-Powered Skylight That Desalinates Water For Drinking

That Idaho Mask Burning Was Creepy AF

CBS Sunday more masks?

Senator Matthew Gaines, 16th District Texas, 1870 to 1873, Belated Black History Month

A child from TEXAS!

Arguably the greatest motion picture soundtrack ever

U.S. Has Administered More Than 90 Million Vaccine Doses

Huge explosions rock Equatorial Guinea's main city

Top State Leader Says 'Cuomo Must Resign.' Governor Says 'No Way.'

A question you can ask Republicans in your sphere

Smile pretty!

Capitol Rioter Begs Judge ...

Regardless of COVID-19, thousands of fans have descended on Atlanta for NBA All-Star game, parties

Isn't it about time to vote the GQP out?

Hard To Believe There Was ...

Ducklings play on slide:

Un oh. Racketeering?

US House Members that will lose their seat due to reapportionment.

Fox News: Biden's schedule "not inspiring"

I had a new bird show up today that I've never noticed before.

Obama legacy tweet:

Good News: Evidence is growing that "all the vaccines... prevent transmission,"

Would you run?

Need advice, input, listening ear from my DU family

MO pastor faces backlash after suggesting wives should lose weight to look like Melania tRump

D.C.-area forecast: Chill continues today, with springlike warmth by midweek

Wait for it:

McCarthy trying to get out ahead of tomorrow's report from General Honore.

U.S. administers 90.35 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines: CDC

President Biden marking the 56th anniversary of Bloody Sunday

What's for Dinner, Sun., Mar. 7, 2021

Remember "Don't touch the but"?

Now I want roller skates (corrected)

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 3/7/21

Not tired of winning yet. trump used to say, "you're gonna get...

Down Memory Lane with the Buffoon in Chief - the worst person in the world

Covid Update

One box, two cats:

Thumbs up or down if you're gonna watch "the interview" with Oprah tonight???

In reading the definition of RACKETEERING It certainly fits

Seen just across the IL border at our favorite dispensary.

What is it like in rural Texas in 2021 for BIPOC?

Lou Gehrig Day is June 2, NOT June 4

Great Dane gets caught stealing snacks out of the pantry for him and his buddies

Lady - Little River Band

sorta hoping for massive dems ad campaign the day biden signs the relief bill

Apparently Chuck Todd

Incoming US Senators from the 2022 Elections.

Just stop it !

Opponents suspect environmental racism in pipeline project

Elton John - Tiny Dancer

Netflix film 'A Million Miles Away' tells the story of astronaut Jos Hernndez

heavy rain, strong winds, mtn snow this week. pay attention to the weather

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, March 9: Growing Up on Screen

The Civil War Defenses of Washington, Protecting The Capital From Attack, 1861-1865

Dear America

US states look to step up wolf kills, pushed by Republicans

Biden signs executive order promoting voting rights on 56th anniversary of 'Bloody Sunday'

Bob Seger - Turn The Page

He's Back! Chunk Is Back!

The shear beauty of Monster Hunter World.. a small sample

Rhodium - $Price higher than gold


Do what I do

North Dakota suspects Chinese hackers had control of public email servers during cyberattack