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Just for fun - 2019 - Jon Stewart Drills to the Core of Bullshit Mountain

George Floyd and the January 6th response

DU experts - is there any real punishment for states violating Federal law?

Katie Couric Hosting Jeopardy

This editorial from The Mirror surprised me (re: British bigotry)

☦ Orthodox Christian Chants

US Senate Elections Democrats win in 2022 in order from landslide to narrow margin.

Queen Elizabeth Disappointed In New Royal Baby Boy's Lack Of Proper Inbreeding

Girl using lemonade stand to fund brain surgery in recovery

@NASAPersevere I've continued driving to scout a spot where I'll drop off the Mars Helicopter, if t

Born In The USA -Bruce Springsteen..(warning: war pics, as well as song)

"our nation, and the world, is at its best when the possibilities for all of our women and girls are

How many Democratic and Republican US Senators are retiring in 2022?

Crappy Wildlife Photos That Will Make Your Day

McConnell Prepares His Exit

Cepilln: Famous Mexican TV clown dies after battle with cancer

My two cents on the Royals. That's a warning...

Jeopardy Regulars - Katie Couric is hosting this week n/t

Myanmar protesters defy curfew; media outlets ordered shut

B-b-but I saw on the TV show Bridgerton that British aristocracy...

House Progressives Back Revised Covid-19 Aid Bill as Vote Nears

Second member of Public Utility Commission resigns after Texas power crisis

The Biden Blitz

These states are rolling back Covid restrictions, including mask mandates, indoor capacity caps

Pissed off that the Biden recovery bill passed the GOP tries to stymie further bills

This German shepherd understands everything his dad tells him -- and he was so cool 😎

Fisherman rescues baby shark from certain death

OHIO opens vacs to age 50+

This husky was so obese, she could barely get up -- watch how fast she runs now

12 Republican-led states sue President Biden over climate change order

Follow-up: Marston apologizes for anti-LGBTQ remark

Herd Immunity May Depend on Republican Voters

Democrats Seek Closure of Youth Detention Center Amid Abuse Claims

"This is what you believe? My mind can't even wrap itself around this concept."

Local TV News Asks Scott Atlas For Analysis of COVID-19 Which I feel Unacceptable

Iowa governor signs controversial law shortening early and Election Day voting

The trifecta: America Rescue Plan & HR.1 Voting Rights & Build Back Better/Infrastructure .

Republicans are stuck between a rock and hard place.

Cooking tip for today

Marc Elias: "The Big Lie is requiring Republican state legislators to restrict voting rights..."

Emails: FBI was looking for gold at Pennsylvania dig site

There are seven -- SEVEN -- FBI witnesses in the case against Jerry Ryals and Anthony Griffith.

Running on empty

AT&T says customers are demanding fiber broadband

Republican senator Roy Blunt won't run for reelection

Study shows autonomous cars can prevent most fatal crashes

Biden administration to offer $250 million in grants to help address COVID response inequities

*International Women's Day Music Thread* female singers, songwriters, band members, musicians, etc

The GOP Senate is primed to get even Trumpier, political analysts say

Trio charged after putting anti-mask stickers on Manchester City Hall, police say

Trump recently requested a mail ballot... after making bogus 2020 fraud claims

Racist customers threatened to call ICE on Mexican restaurant's workers for requiring masks

NY attorney general names team that will investigate Cuomo

45,100 new cases and 780 deaths today

Clinton RE Cuomo

Security beefed up at Trump Tower as ex-president plans first visit to New York since leaving office

Georgia criminal investigation into former President Trump reaches grand jury phase

Lindsey Graham is much Dumber than we thought

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread!

Massachusetts man found with 21 debit cards under 13 different names accused of using stolen

Rep. Paul Gosar Tweets White Nationalist Group's Motto

Trump is still voting by mail

Biden Team Tosses Trump-Era Opinion That Gave Industry A Free Pass To Kill Birds

Live from Belleville IL! The Jeremiah Johnson Band - I've been watching these guys for a decade +

First Lady Dr. Jill Biden Celebrates 21 'Extraordinary' Recipients of the International Women of

Broke-ass Mountain

Senate retirements could attract GOP troublemakers

The Palace withdrew Diana's security by downgrading her title.

RNC moves part of spring retreat to Mar-a-Lago following Trump's cease-and-desist letter to the

This afternoon on Craigslist...

The great horned Q shaman still in jail

U.S. Supreme Court rejects case over 'qualified immunity' for police

Supreme Court declines to hear case on qualified immunity for police officers

Key West voters switched to cruise control. The industry, of course, is applying the brakes

Montgomery leaders push, but there's little sign Maryland will give the county

@NASAPersevere: Flexing my robotic arm and doing some more checkouts of my tools.

Legislature plans to expand paid sick leave

Time lapse video of when 2-year-old twins are put to bed..

It's a girl: Southern resident orca born last year confirmed to be female

The Mayor on Amity Island

Brits react to American TV pharma ads on the Oprah - Harry&Megan interview

Teachers unions seem to have Baker's number

First Lady Jill Biden visits Pacific Northwest, first trip since inauguration

Major, bad dog: Biden's German Shepherds sent back to Delaware

Kirkland Extends Coronavirus Closures Through June 1

Biden cancels visit to vaccine maker after Times report on its tactics

The Textures of Coal Mine Canyon

Andrew Yang leads the pack in new poll about NYC mayoral candidates

Trump's taking the GOP private

If you knew, you were about to be arrested by the FBI for possible 20 years..

I just saw Dr. Rochelle Walensky on Rachel ... Joe picked a good one ... she is very impressive.

Just saw a NewsMax ad on CNN. Their slogan is

So, could we get the vax.....but

Nurses At Worcester Hospital Walk Off The Job

The Marshall Tucker Band, being awesome

UMass Amherst students blasted for massive party after coronavirus lockdown

Senate Democrats on International Women's Day.

DU Presidential Approval Poll

Cornel West leaving Harvard teaching post

Second gentleman Doug Emhoff and D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser visited a Northwest food hall Monday. See

Defund Fox News

Judge tosses lawsuit by former Steelers over 'race-norming' in NFL dementia tests

Marsha Blackburn, mondo asshole

Hey trumpsters...

Biden won't embrace filibuster reforms even as the rest of his party does

last song tonight

Every time I come upon that now-famous joke time travel ad,

Wyoming governor quietly mobilized Guard troops in Cheyenne

Twitter sues Texas AG, claiming retaliation for Trump ban

Gazing upon 'Portraits of Change; Women's History Month; Union Station in Washington, DC,

Follow-up: North Providence doctor, suspended for exposing patients to COVID, has license restored

"For our Administration, honoring women means investing in them each and every day." -- President Bid

America Unprepared - The Divided State of America with Heather Gardner

Quick Silver Messenger Service....Who Do You Love - Happy Trails...1969?

Republicans on key committee oppose no-excuse absentee ballot voting

Eliminate the middleman!

What does the U.S./Libya/Israel/New Zealand and 61 countries have in common?


Ryan calls for SEC investigation into stock purchases of USPS vehicle manufacturer

Ryan calls for SEC investigation into stock purchases of USPS vehicle manufacturer

When your cats love dad more than you.

NYC prosecutors' probe into Trump finances expands to include millions loaned for Chicago skyscraper

Rep. Dan Crenshaw Decided Pandemic Was Perfect Time to Buy and Not Disclose Stocks

Election Assistance Commission Investigates ES&S Voting Systems

Remember Ben Goldey, who quit as Boebert's comms director after two weeks?

The Daily Show: The Best Of Desi Lydic In The Field

Seth Meyers - No Republicans Voted for Biden's $1.9 Trillion COVID-19 Relief Bill: A Closer Look

NYT Op Ed "Don't Let QAnon Bully Congress Allowing the U.S. government to be held hostage

Johnny Cash - Folsom Prison Blues (Pete Rock Remix)

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Jimmy Kimmel on Meghan & Harry's Shocking Interview with Oprah

CDC: Fully-Vaccinated People Should Continue To Wear Masks - MTP Daily - MSNBC

"I can't believe I ate the whole thing!"

Biden admin will ditch Trump's MBTA revisions.

Judge: Executive Orders Require Legislative Approval

Princess Michael of Kent, Daughter of Nazi SS Maj., Wore 'Blackamoor' Brooch To Meet Meghan, 2017

Trump Appointee in Pompeo's State Department Attacks Capitol on 1/6 & is Now Jailed Pending Trial

Judiciary Committee Takes Steps Toward Modifying Police Accountability Law

TCM Schedule for Thursday, March 11, 2020 -- What's On Tonight: Classic Films in the Rearview Mirror

TCM Schedule for Friday, March 12, 2021 -- What's On Tonight: Movie MacGuffins, Part II

Workers Call For Increase In Mental Health Funding

TCM Schedule for Saturday, March 13, 2021 -- TCM Spotlight: Holmes & Watson

Civilians of a town, Wiemar on a forced visit to the Buchenwald concentration cam...HD Stock Footage

Off-campus UConn party with 150-200 maskless revelers sparks fear of more coronavirus superspreader

H2Oman made me do it 😁

Newly Elected US Senators from the 2022 US Senate Elections.

Buttigieg: If We Don't Fix Transit Systems 'People Are Cut Off From Opportunity' - Deadline - MSNBC

Connecticut bill could raise $250M a year by taxing digital ads on Twitter, Facebook and Google

The Differences Between the Vaccines Matter

Feds Closing In On Citizen Trump? Top Racketeering Attorney Tapped For Election Probe - MSNBC

Most Obese Countries

X-Post: Gazing upon 'Portraits of Change; Women's History Month; Union Station in Washington, DC,

Airlines, public transit agencies say $1.9 trillion relief plan would prevent deep cuts, job losses

Jen Psaki is brilliant!

The Trial(s) of Donald Trump.

Eartha Kitt introduces Sergio Mendes and Brasil 66 -- Mas que nada

Can you still change your DU name? How do these sound?

Well done.

Posted by a U.S. Representative

Who knew how popular Wynton was South of the Border?

Oh, my. I'm at a timely point of The Crown!

Trump Tries to Divert Donations to Republicans

"No more money for RINOS. Send your donation to Save America PAC at" - Trump

Pramilia Jayapal Just Said America's Billionaires Just Made $1.3 Trillion Dollars Last Year

Meteor explodes over Vermont with the force of 440 pounds of TNT

COVID bill to deliver big health insurance savings for many

Lou Reed and Jim (Basketball Diaries) Carroll

So I made a Reddit account to be able to read things, interact...

Federal judge rules 'QAnon shaman' too dangerous to be released from jail

Lou Reed - This Magic Moment

New York: Protesters Demand Trump Arrest

3/09 Mike Luckovich: Lighted tunnel

Hooray! I'm finally getting the vaccine Wednesday


Undocumented Immigrants Keep Falling Through the Cracks for getting Covid vaccine

Grateful Dead - Not Fade Away.

Former President Trump is urging Republicans to donate directly to him instead of the GOP

Skepticism is sorely lacking these days. Did X treat Y this way? Y said that is what happened

Maximum number of US Senate seats Democrats end up with after 2022.

Fair Pay Political Round table - CSW65 Parallel Event

Smetana - The Moldau.

What the Chauvin Trial Means for America's Racial Reckoning - The Mehdi Hasan Show

'If You Can't Get Justice For That, What Can You Get Justice For?'- Philonise Floyd On Floyd Death

Female Frogs Have "Noise-Cancelling Headphones" In Their Lungs, Tuning Out Unwanted Males

St. Louis County Loosens Restrictions on Bars, Private Gatherings

Duffy Attacks Cuomo But Donald Just Had 'Engagements With Women'; 'We Knew What Donald Trump Was!'

Missouri's COVID-19 Report Missing 80,000 Cases and 1,000 Deaths

Covid Relief: What's In The Bill, And Why The 'Working Class' Party Won't Back It - All In - MSNBC

White House: Biden believes Harry and Meghan interview took 'courage'

Iowa governor signs bill to shorten early voting, close polls earlier

Biden hopes to boost offshore wind as Mass. project advances

'Homeless Jesus' Sculpture Stolen from New Life Evangelistic Center

Why CDC Isn't Yet Ready To Green Light Travel For Those Already Vaccinated - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Conservative push to eliminate Missouri's personal property tax hits turbulence, falls short

Disturbed religious nut Congressman Paul Gosar headlines white supremacist group convention

'The Bills Target Everything': GA Republicans Target Voting From Many Angles - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Connie Schultz Warns White People: 'This Fight Is Our Fight For Voting Rights' Too

AC360-Bernie: 'the most significant legislation for working people that has been passed in decades.'

Ameren plant's coal ash ponds polluting Mississippi River, documents allege

Man, so if you're poor, you're dead.

Nevada Democrats elect Sanders-aligned progressive as chair

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 3/8/21

Stephen Colbert - Guest Nicolle Wallace: The GOP Is Built On A Foundation Of BS

Malaria vs Covid

US Senate seats Democrats win in 2022.

Why is sub-Saharan Africa a cold-spot for covid?


Claimed value of sleepy NY estate could come to haunt Trump

'Words have meaning': Man accused of threatening to kill Cleaver will remain detained

Senate committee rejects local control for Little Rock School District

Many 'Long Covid' Patients Had No Symptoms From Their Initial Infection

Senate committee approves ban on public employee unions, with exceptions

I wonder if dogs are repelled by Trump. Of course when the Dotard

Arkansas panel OKs proposed overhaul of Medicaid expansion

State panel looks at ending soda tax

Biden's Schedule for Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Kerry in Brussels for climate change talks with EU officials

Tuesday TOONs - GOP: Boot The Vote

Why Troy Carter says he's 'more ready now' to win a seat in Congress

Food drives a third of global man-made greenhouse gas emissions: report

☕️ Good morning COFFEE ☕️☀️🤠❤️

Coronavirus: How can travel be more sustainable post-pandemic?

Meghan's father Thomas Markle takes swipe at 'snotty' Harry, says his daughter 'let him down but he

Inspired by Dolly, Carole King has recorded a vaccination song.

State's Rights to suppress the vote.

Breakfast Tuesday 9 March 2021

Trump pressuring GOP allies to crack down on voting rights: 'We might never win again!'

Is trump going to be held accountable for his incitement on January 6th, along with his abuses and

it must get expensive for trumpsters


How it started... and how it's going

What's Making Coastal Flooding Worse? Not Just Rising Sea Levels - Thank Dredging & Construction

Awww! Diesel Brothers Have To Pay $1 Million In Legal Fees For 100s Of Violations Of Clean Air Laws

8:10AM this morning I'll be getting my first dose of the Moderna vaccine.

Across NM, Drought Stress Driving Bark Beetle Growth; First Pinons Died, Now Ponderosa Pines

Florida blocked public access to COVID data. Now there's even more it wants to keep secret from taxp

How much did Oprah pay H and M for the interview?

'Bad news': Wave of GOP retirements signals battles ahead

Biden Returns Portraits of Clinton and Bush

Wrapping Wednesday: Micro Reviews for the Week of 3/3/21

Frank Thorne, "Red Sonja" Artist, Dead at 90

The Rundown: March 9, 2021

There's a new Florida Covid vaccine waiver for Extreme Vulnerability

Really "Liberals"? "Lock em' up, lock em' up, lock em up".

Miles out at Kansas over behavior with women while at LSU

I wonder--will the states which are willing to let people decide if mask wearing is "right for them"

Democrats guide to 60 US Senate seats in 2022-

A flock of Red-winged Blackbirds invaded my yard this morning!

GOP'ers are bailing because 'they don't want to work in ...Trump's Republican Party': Morning Joe

Janey Godley chats down Piers Morgan-Funny

Georgia Senate Passes Sweeping Bill That Attacks Voting Rights, GOP effort to suppress the vote

Lawmaker demands investigation of huge stock buy just before DeJoy announced USPS vehicle contract

'Warrior Women' Watch film for free March 7 -- 10, 2021

French nuclear tests infected 'almost entire Polynesian population': report

Bay Area lawmaker wants to repeal an anti-loitering code used to target trans women

'Bad news': Wave of GOP retirements signals battles ahead

Michelle Obama to be inducted into U.S. National Women's Hall of Fame

Piers can't handle the heat.

Robert Reich: The hell with bipartisanship.

The FBI has captured data from every phone call from in and around Capitol on January 6th.

FromThe Guardian: Tourists flock to Kazakh glaciers - in pictures*

Tucker Carlson Demeans Deb Haaland's Native American Heritage In Bratty Sarcastic Bit

Rich people complaining about how hard life is.

The new Republican war on voting rights, explained

Republicans' new favorite study trashes Biden's climate plans - but who's behind it?

I just started watching Designated Survivor and all I can say is DAMN

Dems ready to leap on Biden's $1.9T Covid aid plan as final vote nears

Trump Looks Cooked As Manhattan DA Subpoenas Loan Documents To Compare To His Tax Returns

Randy to Joe: Bring My Vaccine

Trey Gowdy Goes On a Tear Against Joy Reid for Comments About Tim Scott: Calling Him 'A Prop or...

Things most people love but you really dislike. I'll start..

49th running of the Iditarod

A Women's March in Mexico City Turns Violent, With at Least 81 Injured

Papa John's Founder Claims He's Been Working for 20 Months to Get the N-Word Out of His Vocabulary

NYT Op Ed "The G.O.P. Isn't Going to Split Apart Anytime Soon"

Fire on the Mountain

So let me get this straight.

WATCH: Woman coughs on Uber driver then attacks him after he asks her to put on a mask

The interest in the Royals may be a good thing.

In Alabama, South Carolina and Louisiana, CVS Vaccine Appointments Go Unfilled

would like to acquire

Raw Video: President Bush*'s Dog Bites Reporter

Oath Keepers founder...was in direct contact with rioters before & during Capitol breach...

Entire staff of Nevada Democratic Party quits

Just have to stop and laugh out loud in awe at the magnitude of his legacy

well, maybe i opened a door.

This man takes a rhino on 4-hour walk every day

More than 100,000 migrants encountered at US-Mexico border in past 4 weeks, data shows

Saddest Homecoming Ever? Trump Greeted By A Single Supporter In New York Return.

Kinzinger: GOP will become 'regional party' if it doesn't change

Jury selection has started in the Derek Chauvin trial - live here:

Pro-Trump former Australian prime minister has change of heart and trashes him as a 'sore loser'

Rep. Beyer explains what Marjorie Traitor Greene & Repubs are doing to try & delay legislation

Trump put his name on the last stimulus checks

Republicans put procedural delay on Haaland's nomination

'Monumental imbecile' Devin Nunes mocked for comparing Democrats to Soviet Russia

Rep. Swalwell laying down a marker for the midterms...

Officers seen dancing at BLM rally later stormed Capitol

Biden vows to tackle epidemic of sexual assaults in US military

Prosecutors Say The Oath Keepers' Leader Directed Followers During Capitol Riot

Boog the chocolate lab and Mr big paws our golden retriever and pup on our walk

Jen Psaki's mistake - she dodged about the dogs!

Marjorie Taylor Greene confuses Newsmax host: 'What's this about the lasers and Jewish people?'

New York City Poll: Yang, Adams, Wiley Lead Crowded Mayoral Democratic Primary Field

563 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today; -2 deaths

Talking parrot tells owner it wants "tickle tickle"

Hope everyone's day is great. Get outside if you can!

Good Day DU (March 9, 2021)

Lawmaker Demands SEC Probe of Huge Stock Buy Just Before DeJoy Announced USPS Vehicle Contract

Bachman-Turner Overdrive - Hold Back The Water

Pic Of The Moment: Authoritarian GOP Continues War On Democracy

Republicans who voted not to convict Trump and are up for reelection in 2022:

Of interest to photographers and imaging techies.

Product review - Ceres' Revive bath salts

Sens. Daines and Lummis announce they have placed holds on Deb Haaland's nomination for Interior

Any dog can be trained to not be aggressive.

Dorothy G. Page "Mother of the Iditarod"

Taken to its logical extension, the "philosophy" that insists it is a person's "right" to mingle

Keely Smith was born on this date.

There's a dog bed leaning against a wall outside the White House

The GazettE is introducing a new album soon to be released. The Gazette is a Tier one band in Japan

Boeing delivers 22 jets in February, net order turn positive for first time in 14 months

Biden administration to launch review of federal oil leasing on March 25: source

The Worst Part About Trump ...

Not that I want to dwell on the Former Office Occupant too much these days, but...

To Understand Diehard Trump Supporters ...

I think it would be fine for Biden to put his name on relief checks -- here's why

John Oliver's royal family warning to Meghan Markle resurfaces following Oprah interview

Coffee recommendation, Dominican Republic Red Honey Processed

Pic of the day

Need a light at this intersection

California's Pacific Coast Highway is falling into the ocean. Is this the end of the road for one of

Judd Legum: The white to vote

This is not fucking funny..............lock them all up............

Speaking of German Shepard's

For those interested: "Hummingbird Central"---migration map. nt

Caught On Video: Unmasked Passenger Coughs On Uber Driver

Every Republican needs to be asked

BREAKING: 60+ In NYS eligible for COVID vaccinations starting tomorroiw

Brood X cicadas are about to put on one of the wildest shows in nature. And D.C. is the main stage.

Just Imagine how fit you would have to be to take on a several ton animal like the Anjanath

Self seeding Volunteers

kids burn their masks as their parents cheer

Junior trashes Meghan Markle

The Look of Love

Two senators put hold on Biden's pick Haaland to head Interior Department

GQP groups quiet as billionaire donor stands accused of running biggest tax fraud scheme ever

Ted Cruz cracks me up

Millions more smokers and ex-smokers should receive free annual screenings for lung cancer...

House Democrats end controversial consultant ban

In Hawaii, Reimagining Tourism for a Post-Pandemic World

Poll: 61 percent of Arizonans say passing major bills is more important than keeping the filibuster

Dr. John - Mardi Gras Day

Jen Psaki says migrant children surge is 'heartbreaking,' brings difficult choices for Biden

Wanna have some FUN ?

Biden administration ditches Trump plan to limit immigration for those financially dependent...

A Women's March in Mexico City Turns Violent, With at Least 81 Injured

3 university professors photographed at campus costume party - wearing confed uniform/ w whip/noose

Dozens of Trump appointees 'burrow' into Biden government

Nevada Democratic Party staff quit after Sanders backers take over

D.C.-area forecast: Warm spring sunshine arrives, lasting much of the week.

Sovereign citizen calls 911 on judge in courtroom when case goes way he doesn't like. (audio)

Puerto Rico debt-restructuring plan filed amid criticism

4 in 10 feeling economic effects of COVID-19 crisis: poll

Congressman asks SEC to investigate $54 million trade in Oshkosh just hours before announcement of

Defense officials say Pentagon to approve extension of National Guard deployment at U.S. Capitol

'An incredible step forward' as Livonia adds social workers to police force

COVID bill to deliver big health insurance savings for many

Texas Mask Mandate Lifted 'Too Soon' As U.K. COVID Variant Spreads in Houston

Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine neutralizes Brazil variant in lab study

Visual story: The hockey match, called "the last game" was intended to bring awareness

U.S. Billionaire Stan Kroenke Wins Fight to Kill Public Access to Lakes

Republican donations surge despite corporate boycott after Capitol riots

Capitol rioter is arrested by FBI after being deported from Kenya

Heather McGhee - "The Sum of Us" & The True Cost of Racism The Daily Social Distancing Show

Teenager, arrested in connection with U.S. Capitol riots, assaulted by fellow inmate, lawyer says

Marjorie Taylor Greene and Freedumb Caucus force delay on votes for non-controversial legislation

As Joe Biden Eyes Major Voting Reform, Georgia Republicans Roll Back Rights

South Carolina Drops Mask Ordinance As Restaurant Workers Become Eligible for Vaccination

And this is what happens when you go down the path of fascisms real time

Biden's pick for DOJ No. 3 apologizes for 'harsh rhetoric'

Harris Emerges as Major Foreign Policy Player

BREAKING: Piers Morgan to leave Good Morning Britain ITV has announced

Double Standard - The Lincoln Project

'If we'd had guns I guarantee we would have killed 100 politicians': Accused Oath Keeper threatened

Jacob Hacker And Paul Pierson: How The Right Rules

Hear Dr. Gupta's pandemic prediction from 1 year ago (CNN)

Meghan Markle's presence causes "economic anxiety".

For many interracial couples, Meghan and Harry interview about racism stirs painful memories

QAnon Shaman's '60 Minutes' interview backfired. Judge cites interview when ruling he must remain

UK media regulator investigating Piers Morgan comments

Myanmar Workers and Unions on the Front Lines in Fight Against Coup

Florida: eligibility for covid 19 vaccination amended criteria

First major offshore wind project in US advances

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer Could Be Charged in COVID Nursing Home Deaths, Prosecutor Says

How many US Senate seats Democrats will have after November 2022?

Easiest Animated intro maker

Trump's Next Challenge Is to Turn 74 Million Believers Into Buyers

U.S. House to vote Wednesday on Biden's $1.9 trillion COVID-19 package

Looking for a research report on the American Recovery Act.

WTF Is Wrong With Representative Kyle Biedermann?

Jimmy Carter says he's sad, angry over Georgia voting bills

Aussie and calf play tag:

Idaho Republicans seek to defund their own AG -- because

Louisiana coronavirus vaccine eligibility expands to people 16+ with certain health conditions

Brazil justice annuls Lula da Silva's sentences, enabling 2022 run

Brazil justice annuls Lula da Silva's sentences, enabling 2022 run

I have had better days

More in state made eligible for covid shots

Letter From 23 In NY Assembly

🚨BREAKING: On behalf of the @LULAC of Iowa, we have filed a lawsuit challenging Iowa's new voter law

Just gotta say this now

Analysis: How Dr. Seuss explains Biden's big win on Covid bill

Say what you will about the Royal interview, it brought us the downfall of Piers Morgan

Rigid Idealism and Trumpian Conspiracies.

Does anyone know

Are people like Rand Paul, Cruz, etc... just simply trolls?

Emails: FBI was looking for gold at Pennsylvania dig site

After the long winter, vaccine spring is finally arriving, but Fox News wants to keep America sick

Maskless face masks

This is special:

Ran across this clip today

(Jewish Group) Comedian Roundly Condemned After Posting Video Showing Him Harassing Jews

Biden to mark anniversary of COVID-19 shutdown on Thursday. How to watch

Make room for pupper!

Seattle teachers, district reach deal to delay start of in-person classes to late March

Britain's High Court rules transgender people must state their legally recognized sex in census

Carole King - Way Over Yonder

Exotic crystals of 'ice 19' discovered

Blistering analysis of Piers Morgan's disturbing and irresponsible obsession with Meghan Markle

Cartoons 3/9/2021

Cats can't resist knocking things off the table:

Piers Morgan is leaving Good Morning Britain, ITV News says

Biden dogs removed from the White House

What candidates say, wear in voter pamphlets may change

Can we stop using the term "Fox News"?

With time expiring, sheriff recall group shy of signatures

WTAF....A reporter asks Jen Psaki if there are plans to euthanize one of Biden's dogs

Tesla is secretly building a giant 100 MW battery in Texas

Key takeaways from the review of Capitol Hill security after Jan. 6 attack

Just got my 2nd Moderna Shot!! Whoot! Whoot!

How Louisiana's bid for new voting machines fell apart amid baseless fraud allegations

Cuomo faces new sexual harassment allegation, this time at Executive Mansion

ALERT: FBI releases new security cam video of person who placed pipe bombs outside Republican...

$343 million Baton Rouge anti-flood project won't be done until the end of 2022, Corps says

The FBI appears to be closing in on the attempted pipe bomber at the US Capitol.

Weird clothing line seems to fetishize Jan. 6 insurrection

Feud between two St. Bernard titans heats up; allegations of bribes, murder cover-up traded

One of the biggest complaints on trump was the mixed messages on the pandemic, and other

Largest U.S. Gas Spill in 20 Years - 1.2 Million Gallons

Opelousas teacher cited after allegedly assaulting student who wore 'Black Lives Matter' sweatshirt

Scalise "Super Spreader Caravans"! YES!!!!

Fearless Girl breaks glass ceiling for International Women's Day front page stories

Reporters' Frustration Is Building Over Lack of Biden Access

Biden's signature won't appear on third stimulus check, White House says

Former Trump State Department appointee Freddie Klein will remain in jail pending trial

Biden's signature won't appear on third stimulus check, White House says

Myanmar media defiant as junta cracks down

Big Oil exec tries to mansplain to Katie doesn't go well for him.

Wave of retirements signals battles ahead for Republicans

special beach monterey bay.

Republicans are now lined up on the House floor delaying the Covid relief bill.

South Dakota lawmakers vote to halt impeachment against attorney general

Don't know whether to laugh or cry.

"Fearless Girl" breaks glass ceiling...

Roger Mudd, probing TV journalist and network news anchor, dies at 93

GQP has been trying to control us for years...cancel culture is out of control!

The Biden dogs will return to the White House:

Arkansas governor signs near-total abortion ban into law

Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH) yells at the GOP over union organizing bill

The pettiness that that comes from the GOPers is a beautiful thing......

Biden seeks U.S. Supreme Court dismissal of Trump immigration rule dispute

Major gets serious legal representation.

We Need National Voting Mechanisms To Overcome Anti-Voting State Voter Suppression Garbage

Twitter sues Texas AG Ken Paxton, alleging he launched probe in retaliation for Trump ban

teens attacked elderly man in Newport beach (wealthy California beach city)

CBS Evening News - with Roger Mudd

Report: "Clear evidence" China is committing genocide against Uyghurs

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Wednesday, 10 March 2021

NYP: UK viewers horrified by US drug ads during Harry and Meghan interview

Democrats are about to start sending monthly checks for most U.S. children. Why are Republicans so

President Truman driving to Key West, 1946

Arkansas governor signs near-total abortion ban into law

City opens up available coronavirus vaccine appointments to all Seattle residents 65 and older

What's for Dinner, Tues., Mar. 9, 2021


Texts Show DeSantis' Office Wanted VIPs to Get Vaccine During Guv's Visit

One person!

Know their Names

Washington Ranked Top State In Latest U.S. News Rankings

My daughter just posted:'Philly's FEMA vaccine site has hundreds of leftover doses each day.

New York lowers vaccine age eligibility to 60

Potentially harmful chemicals found in plastic toys

Pulled up behind some hillbilly with a Trump/Pence bumper sticker.

Biden visits DC hardware store that got PPP loan

Lawmakers want 25 Latino-focused movies added to film registry

Covid-19 Stimulus Bill Contains Biggest Change to Obamacare Since 2010

Check out this hogwash from Leningrad Lindsey

A letter to the WSJ by Jim LeMunyon

POTUS on Bladensburg Road! VPOTUS on Georgia Ave!

Congress Is Poised to Upend Tax Season With New Break for Unemployment Benefits

Roger Mudd has died.

Iceland earthquake swarm, over 20,000 in 10 days

So I was browsing the Archives from back in the '70s

How to Avoid a Credit-Card Surprise When a Spouse Dies

Robert Reich - Biden Must Get Manchin and Sinema to Fall in Line

Miami Heat's Meyers Leonard uses anti-Semitic slur during video game stream

Pepe La Pew is "rapy?"

[UPDATE] While Isaac Sturgeon was trying to hide from the FBI in Kenya, a federal grand jury had al

"Meghan Markle ghosted me"

A friend had a breakdown

Hackers Break Into Thousands of Security Cameras, Exposing Tesla, Jails, Hospitals

Deregulation Aimed to Lower Home-Power Bills. For Many, It Didn't.

Bonus Quote of the Day

Jeopardy: What's your take on Katie Couric?

Harris Emerges as Major Foreign Policy Player

Physician, former GOP senator Scott Jensen jumps into Minnesota governor race

Quote of the Day

Whenever I hear a puke bash Obamacare I always remind them

Wildcats head coach Sean Miller not worth the trouble for Arizona

Toquiwa: Tokyo Merry go Round

Mike Lindell to election fraud 'criminals': Reach out to me 'so you don't get long sentences'

House Republicans Melt Down And Call Stimulus Checks Socialism

New Driver, One Traffic Stop, Nine Tickets

FBI releases new video of suspect planting bombs before Capitol riot

Capitol stormer begs judge: 'I just want to go home to mom and dad'

A warning for cancer survivors who get the COVID-19 vaccine:

flash flood warning extended for windward Oahu....7 -10 inches of rain falling

A warning for cancer survivors who get the COVID-19 vaccine:

I have a Duke and Duchess of Sussex post

A song for the Royals.

Does winter still have a closing act for the D.C. area?

Marjorie Taylor Greene Comes Under Republican Fire for 'Shenanigans' on House Floor

I hope Red State Dems like Manchin are watching Ari right now

Another red state contradiction

Papa John's founder says he's trying 'to get rid of this N-word' in his vocabulary

Who Are the Scientists Behind the Great Barrington Declaration?

A question about an old medical device

This is what a Democrat must sound like. Now let's make the words mean something.

If anyone is moving to WV here's a smoking deal....

3/10 Mike Luckovich-GOP reading

Detained Russian Protester Uses Current Time Video To Win Legal Battle (Video Link)

Can you post in two groups at the same time

When RUMPS charges start to pile up, WHO (just for discussion purposes)