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d'espairsRay: Brilliant

West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice is reportedly on the hook for $700 million in loans from collapsed le

In Excelsis Deo/Lay Me Down in the Cold, Cold Ground

Hundreds gather at historic Tulsa church's prayer wall

Tulsa and the state of Oklahoma should be responsible for reparations

Foster parents needed in Washington

I am a masochist--

Electric cars better for climate in 95% of the world

Charges are filed in Ellis case. Here are 2 others putting local police under scrutiny

Osprey parents resting @ sunset.

Somaliland Parliamentary Elections: Peace and Democracy

Tulsa wasn't alone. There were dozens of massacres

So, do you get a lot of email donation requests from lots of Democrats in DC?

this guy is getting repukes to retweet this

Researchers reverse-engineer 2016 Texas protest organized by Russian Internet Research Agency

5/30 Mike Luckovich

Shenectady: RESCUED! Tree service rescues cat stuck up in a tree for a week

Buttigieg: Americans can't wait for 'dorm room debate' over infrastructure

Joe Manchin: Deeply Disappointed in GOP and Prepared to Do Absolutely Nothing

MIchael Cohen says Trump will never go to prison.

18th century graveyard found at former Caribbean plantation

DeSantis' culture war on vaccine passports threatens to sink Florida cruise industry

Trump-Era Tariffs May Be Contributing to Inflation

Travelin' Soldier - this is what Memorial Day means to me

My granddaughter loves animals

US economy is set to grow at the fastest pace since 1984 thanks to stimulus and the rapid vaccine


Seminary Built on Slavery and Jim Crow Labor Has Begun Paying Reparations

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread!

Dreamland is up on CNN at 9PM. About Tulsa massacre 100 years ago.

Belarusian editor detained amid crackdown on journalists

This is how you troll

Feds arrest man who received controversial pardon from Matt Bevin in slaying

New Oath Keepers Conspiracy Indictment Proves Republicans Wrong that there was "No Insurrection"

Olbermann vs Flynn

It was much more than Tulsa

Olbermann vs Flynn

Fred Wellman: Take Back the Word "Patriot" From "Cosplaying Jackasses"

So proud of my fur baby

Tucker Carlson: "Our military, at times, does not seem interested in protecting the country."

I Haven't had a drink for 4 months now

These Youtube bullshit "news" companies need people to comment on their stupid reporting

Louisiana officers strip search teen and enter home without warrant

Even in the face of surging grocery prices, retail beef and pork prices cause sticker shock

Trump Hotel Locked Supporters Out

Are people setting off fireworks near you? WTF? And guns, of course. Any excuse to be...

Did any GOP leaders lay a wreath or commemorate Memorial Day ?

Gone but not forgotten.

"If you UNCHECK this box, I'll be forced to tell them you've deserted Trump for Socialism."

This Couple Found A Stray Pit Bull In Their Truck

Woman randomly punched on Chinatown sidewalk; attack caught on video

Outlived their welcome? *sarcasm*

Rep. Explains Why TX Dems Walked Out To Block GOP Voting Restrictions

Caitlyn Jenner Breaks Everyone's Brain With THIS Tweet

'The Unfit Heiress' Ann Cooper Hewitt, Tragic Life & Sterilization. Greed, Eugenics, White Supremacy


Chuck Woolery at it again:

Anderson Cooper has some good segments on Briscoe Cain and the Texas voter suppression bill

An automated policing program got this man shot twice

Just another small thing that makes me appreciate this president and his style.

Amy Walter and Errin Haines on Texas voting law, filibuster rules, Biden agenda - PBS NewsHour

Everything Wrong with Japanese View on Marijuana 10,687 viewsMay 31, 2021

Everything Wrong with Japanese View on Marijuana

Biden To Visit Site Of Tulsa Massacre 100 Years After Tragedy - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Biden Warns U.S. Democracy Troops Fought For Is Now In Danger - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Overhaul to Texas state government employees' retirement accounts advanced out of Legislature

Republicans in Florida out honoring veterans today

FBI wants your help

Walking art

Blood On Black Wall Street: The Legacy Of The Tulsa Race Massacre

Historic Deception Bill Passes Illinois Legislature, Banning Police from Lying to Youth During...

Spare a Thought for the Billions of People Who Will Never Exist

Progressive local leaders announce creation of 'Our Future Texas'

At a stoop party in Bed Stuy and @SenSchumer just rides by on his bike and stops in for a plate of f

"Guns have changed. Shouldn't our gun laws?"

Texas House Dems: 'this session was defined by extremism'

Does Sec. Austin have the power to take away Flynn's retirement pay and other benefits?

Tweet of the late night:

My wife's uncle was killed fighting Nazis in the very last days of World War II.

Cyberattack on JBS.

Beto O'Rourke: Dems Stopped One Of Worst Voter-Suppression Bills In The US - Morning Joe - MSNBC

FDA to review controversial Alzheimer's drug from Cambridge-based Biogen

Shine On You Crazy Diamond - One of the best tribute and remembrance songs, imho...

Nevada set to become the sixth state with universal mail voting.

'I think mike flynn has a mental health problem.' Gen. McCaffrey

Saw a great billboard in East Peoria, IL yesterday..

What song would you play for Trump?

Five Bucks Says "Cancel-Culture-Crazy" Fox News Won't Say A PEEP About Michael Flynn Being Cancelled

NSA spying row: US and Denmark pressed over allegations

Rep. Peter Meijer slams GOP's 'treacherous snakes' for 'salivating for civil war'

Honoring The 100-Year History Of The Tomb Of The Unknown Solider - NBC News

I'm going to Italy!

Twitter is having fun with Briscoe Cain

Eugenics Lasting Impact, Author Audrey Clare Farley; The Religious Right, Reproductive Justice

Luke Aikins here casually breaking the world record by jumping from 7620 meters without a parachute.

Prehistoric carvings of red deer found in Scottish neolithic tomb

US Senate Elections that Democrats will going to be winning in 2022 by a landslide to narrow margin.

Ronald Reagan Made Central America a Killing Field

What are covid markers?

Book Review: "The Water Defenders: How Ordinary People Saved a Country from Corporate Greed"

Five of Salvadoran president's allies accused of corruption: US

The Daily Show: Can Bias Training Really Change Police Behavior?

Telemann, Sterkel

The grandmother lake

Drought Stretches Across American West - NBC Nightly News

Guatemala issues 10 warrants for 1984 killings, abductions

Wanda Landowska: 'Reverie D'Automne'

More about the Kerrville Nazi and his fascist "support group"

'Past the point of no return'? Iowa Democrats feel hopes fading

Found the one actually played on radio program. "Needle in haystack!" Sheesh...

New Mexico congressional election tests Democrats' dominance

I watched "Dreamland...", the LeBron James produced account of the massacre of Black people...

100 verbs to survive in JAPAN! (Essential verbs in a day)

100 verbs to survive in JAPAN! (Essential verbs in a day)

The Daily Show: Young Changemakers

"Civil war", "armed rebellion", "what happened in Myanmar". Unnecessary when 1 word suffices...

Looking Back At The Tulsa Race Massacre A Century Later - Today Show

"Dreamland" CNN - ------ I am in shock and I am awed! DU please watch it.

House Democrats Invest to Win Minority Voters Ahead of 2022

What era was I to be inhabited? Baroque??

Lee Harvey Oswald

Will Weisselberg Cave?

Ex-manager at Georgetown Country Club sues club, alleges racial discrimination

'Hi-Heel Sneakers'

Oh Wonder - 'All We Do'

Tiffany, Fitzgerald Compare Biden To Hugo Chavez

Cybersecurity attack hits world's largest meat supplier JBS' IT systems in the US and Australia

GOP provide $128M in new funding for schools, less than a tenth of what Gov. Tony Evers wanted

Ain't nobody who says it better than Keith. Amazing.

Ernst Gottlieb Baron: 'Concerto for Recorder and Lute'

Republicans move to end UW tuition freeze, reject Evers' budget plans

Minnesota's taconite industry not on pace to meet state's mercury reduction targets by 2025

Tuesday TOONs - Different Meanings For The Day

Here are a couple reasons why Republicans fear 'marihuana'

Sen. Tina Smith signs on to letter requesting DOJ antitrust investigation into beef processing

Biden's Schedule for Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Poor People's Campaign push for 'Third Reconstruction' in America

Breakfast Tuesday 1 June 2021

How Can We Be Better Travelers in Europe? Rick Steves Has the Answers

More Minnesota employers raise starting pay, eager to get rolling again

Tucker Carlson 'Casually Accuses the Troops of Betraying Their Country' -- on Memorial Day

The same people who throw tantrums because their democracy says you SHOULD wear a mask and you NEED

First they make you wear mask!

Capitol Rioter's Attorney Calls Him 'Dumb***' Who Believed 'What He Heard on Fox News'

Question for Denmark: Why could the US allegedly eavesdrop?

Northern Minnesota counties could be on the hook for millions after state's latest move in Enbridge

An Evangelical Battle of the Generations: To Embrace Trump or Not?

Uruguay battles Covid surge, with one of world's highest per capita death rates Since March, over 3,

What Monday's $52 billion budget deal does -- and doesn't -- mean for Minnesota

White Rage Has Always Gotten A Free Pass

Here's an oxymoron headline if I ever saw one...

Get rid of the hand wash signs in the restrooms. Hepatitis is a hoax. Wake up people!

Hundreds gather at historic Tulsa church's prayer wall

Cheney fires back at Flynn over coup remark

Liberty University in turmoil as students revolt against continuing relationship with Trump: report

Feds arrest man who received controversial pardon from Matt Bevin in slaying

What Boris Johnson's new allies tell us about 'Global Britain'

As June 6, 1944 comes into focus for another year of remembrance, one has to ask

Zip to Zap participant forgives soldier who stabbed him with bayonet

Madonna - The Power of Good-Bye

Neighbors Fear Bear-Themed Compound Will Be Next Ruby Ridge

Michigan & the county I live in just went from Very High Risk to Medium Risk of Covid.

Michigan & the county I live in just went from Very High Risk to Medium Risk of Covid.


Nikki Haley's Memorial Day photo instantly backfires -- after it shows her at the beach

Paula Abdul - Blowing Kisses In The Wind

Peru more than doubles its official Covid-19 death toll, leaving it with world's worst death rate

MAGA hat store owner attacks BLM as brands distance themselves over antisemitic anti-vaxx stars

Not Just QAnon: CPAC Is Also Coming to Dallas for a Conference to 'Uncancel America'

So I was filling out an application

The TRUTH doesn't matter - it's how you spin it.

As seen on the Guardian Letters page over the weekend

Flynn denies suggesting that Myanmar-style coup 'should happen' in US

Watch: Rare Andean bears spotted near the Machu Picchu citadel in Peru

Create a collective noun.

The 2021 Summer Binge Schedules

Benot Sokal, Cartoonist and Video Game Designer, Dead at 66

On this day, June 1, 1961, FCC-authorized stereo FM broadcasting began.

The Rundown: May 31, 2021

The Rundown: June 1, 2021

Most times I am a glass half empty type of person...

Who's Afraid the Big (Actually, Tiny) Bad (Hardly) Wolf (Pups)?

Eric Boehlert: It's not Trump's "grip" on GOP that's driving its descent into madness

Liberalism is the most radical system of thought in the history of humankind.

Blues Man

Why Gillibrand wants to run for president again

A year after riots, 35 of 270 impacted St. Paul businesses remain closed

WATCH: Boat explodes just after passengers harass family with Pride flag

Proverbs 19:9

Uber as an app, a service, an install

"And what is so rare as a day in June?"

If you refused to get one of the C-19 vaccines and you get the disease you should be ...

PPP loan for fake orange grove in Minnesota raises questions

Democrats Rally To Force Special Election In Scott County

Me: "Doc, it hurts when I do this!"

Vatican law criminalizes abuse of adults by priests, laity

Farmer Dave Muhlbauer Launches Senate Run, First Democrat In Against Grassley

'Mr. Florida' hits barbers, vets, stores in Zephyrhills theft spree, cops say

McConnell returns as Senate 'grim reaper'

New Oath Keepers Conspiracy Indictment Proves Republicans Wrong that there was "No Insurrection"

Care-facility worker who contracted COVID-19 not entitled to jobless benefits, judge says

Today's Blooms

Connie Schultz, best-selling author, Pulitzer-winning columnist, to write weekly USA TODAY Opinion c

Uncooperative Bay County hair stylist made tracking P.1 variant in Michigan even harder

Moderna seeks full FDA approval for its Covid-19 vaccine

A "potentially hazardous" asteroid the size of a skyscraper is zooming past Earth today

Trump is Reportedly Telling People He Will Be Reinstated as President By August

Pres Joe Biden Proclaims June 2021 as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Pride Month

A student was barred from graduation for wearing the wrong shoes. So a teacher gave him the shoes

I got my vaccine ! (cartoon)

Maximum Effort

One year ago today the president gassed his own people for a photo op.

Opinion: A frantic warning from 100 leading experts: Our democracy is in grave danger

If anybody wants to write secretary of defense , over scumbag Flynn

Being "woke" just means...

Pic Of The Moment: Michael Flynn: Don't Believe The Words You Just Heard Coming Out Of My Mouth

Army officer running for Congress under investigation after questioning whether 'sleepy guy' ...

'Leave the building': Texas walkout escalates voting battles

Fox News host Sean Hannity wrote Trump 2020 campaign ad, book claims

Iowans face long wait for disability services

Iowa delegation tries again to address military suicides

Guardian: Republicans who embraced Trump's big lie run to become election officials

There's a lot of stuff coming out of the Supreme Court today. I'm working, so ...

First cicadas, now "tarantula hawk" wasps! Good news not aggressive; bad, there are *tarantulas*!1

Cedar Rapids students who brought Black Lives Matter demands to school board will not stop fighting

Does anyone know if FBI found the preson who put up the Noose at #Capitolriots????

Michigan rolls back all outdoor restrictions and curfews today: What you need to know

Man admits to threatening Gov. Kim Reynolds in anti-mask tirade

The trouble with the 'troubled teen' label and the behavioral modification industry behind it

@HillaryClinton: LGBTQ rights are human rights. Happy Pride.

Is this is weird, or what?

Recall him to active duty, court-martial him, and send his ass to Leavenworth.

Matt Gaetz Deletes Lee Harvey Oswald Tweet After Top Conservatives Tricked

4 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Tues.; 0 deaths

Deferred maintenance targeted at North Dakota state parks

Good Day DU (June 1, 2021)

North Dakota Ethics Commission advances $10 food/drink limit

Whan You Have Think You Have Seen It All, There's Always More.....

Biden plans new housing, small business programs to tackle racial wealth gap

police chief in PA out of job and facing prison time - threatened man with fake arrest

A frantic warning from 100 leading experts: Our democracy is in grave danger

Anthony Fauci's pandemic emails: 'All is well despite some crazy people in this world'

NYT- Trump tells confidantes he expects to be "reinstated" in August

Colonel fired by Trump offered to prosecute Michael Flynn by court-martial for calling for a coup

Let's call Trump's reinstatement talk what it is.

Justices unanimously rule against asylum seekers on question of credibility

FBI agent charged with attempted murder in shooting of passenger on Metro train

Belarusian activist says police threatened his family, stabs himself in the neck in court

Malaysia scrambles jets to intercept Chinese military planes

The Secret Political Symbolism in the Book, "Wizard Of Oz" by L Frank Baum

Calls to cancel Olympics, U.S. travel advisory in place as preparations move ahead

Autonomous drone attacked soldiers in Libya all on its own

NYC Mayor: Progressives' primary power outage: Morales, Stringer and Wiley are all stalled

Maggie Haberman aka "Trump's Stenographer" Is Angering The Resistance Again

Republican Lawmaker Slams 'Treacherous Snakes' Who Want Civil War on Memorial Day

Ending the filibuster to pass voting rights is essential

Lukashenko locks down Belarus like N Korea - authoritarianism on the march!

Made my day 😊

Army officer running for Congress under investigation after questioning whether 'sleepy guy' Biden..

"Cigarette?" "Yes I know!"

As Leahy ponders reelection, potential successors prepare for a vacancy

SCOTUS declines Johnson&Johnson appeal in talcum powder lawsuit

Human Rights Campaign plans to sue DeSantis over Florida trans athlete law

Attention, people not getting enough sweeteners in your diet: National Donut Day is almost here.

Dana Loesch to replace Rush Limbaugh show with new hosts in key markets

Louie Gohmert Distances Himself From QAnon Event Where Michael Flynn Called for Coup

China races to rival the U.S. with its own GPS system -- but one analyst says it won't overtake US

February 1850, POTUS Zachary Taylor, "Persons taken in rebellion against the Union, he would hang ..."

"Office" star Ellie Kemper under fire for ties to elitest whites only social organization

Seattle-Bremerton ferry route down to 1 boat after breakdown

A special election in New Mexico today, that may provide a bellwether for 2022

Atlantic hurricane season 2021 has started. These are the 21 storm names on the list

I would like to never go in this pool. (Acrophobia warning)

Renters urged to get help now before eviction moratoriums expire

Tweet of the day

McAuliffe embraces Biden in bid for second term as Virginia governor

Scholars warn democracy is threatened, call for voting rights protections

Middle Age Riot tweet:

Another Middle Age Riot tweet:

272,000 Georgia Voters Don't Have Voter ID on File

So Trump and Republicans minimized the threat of a disease they believed came from a Chinese lab?

Police Officer's Girlfriend Disgusted by Republicans

Wonderful Article. by Erma Bombeck, "If I had My Life To Live Over, Would I Change Anything"?

'Wandering meatloaf' creature has teeth of iron

Peru more than doubles its official Covid-19 death toll, leaving it with world's worst death rate

And to all a good day.

Every Republican running in 2022 is

Trump Says He'll Be 'Reinstated' as President Soon

Shelby Slawson Doesn't Know Austin Is In Texas Or Want Her Staffers Paid

Osplets up before 8 a.m!!!

Wonkette: Who You Gonna Believe? Michael Flynn Or All This Video Evidence Against Him?

Richard Painter just on CNN kicking the traitors' asses. Been missing him.

Frequently underreported fact:

Feds warn GOP budget for Wisconsin puts $1.5 billion in federal education funds at risk

Family Discovers Cat Living Under Their Porch -- Watch What Happens Next!

Woman Cuts Off Boss's Penis After He Allegedly Attempted to Rape Her..(Spain)

Greg Abbott Decides To Use Wendy Davis as an example

Interurban Trail to close for ten months near the Lynnwood Transit Center

Cartoons 6/1/2021

Lawmakers Want 'Action' Taken Against Michael Flynn After Myanmar Coup Remark

Something to remember and repeat for the 2022 election

Targeting 'Critical Race Theory,' Republicans Rattle American Schools

Krysten Sinema at one of FGs SOTU "speeches"

Major rulings including Obamacare loom for U.S. Supreme Court

Who benefits? US debates fairest way to share spare vaccine

My County Has Adopted A Paper-Ballot Voting System! (UPDATE)

What's for Dinner, Tues., June 1, 2021

Pride month tweet from POTUS

Pride month tweet from President Biden

Pride month Pups

Spring sky over Lake Erie

woman with dogs vs brown bear with cubs

Fears of Surprise Bills Holding Back Vaccine Uptake

James released a very anti trump song after the insurrection

Top 10 Announcements:

Texas Republicans Want to Make Trump's Coup Nice and Legal

Three Birds Taking Off

Sweet dog cuddles with new owner one day after being adopted!

Productive day so far and laughs!

Floofala on her first walk

Gregg Abbott shows his impotence. If he withholds wages, it'll hurt the highest paid

US Rep Mace: Vandalism at South Carolina Home 'Very Scary'

"...protecting democracy will never, ever, ever be bipartisan..."

Biden's proclamation recognizing June as Pride Month

Republicans pull disgusting stunt for 2024 election No Lie podcast - Brian Tyler Cohen

A Proclamation on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Pride Month, 2021

So the anti-vax pastor has survived and now is blaming China for the Covid he said he wouldn't get

Biden to Suspend Oil Leases In Arctic Wildlife Refuge

'Welcoming committee': Leaked video shows officers beating handcuffed Florida prisoner

How many times was the Seditionist in Chief going to be reinstated so far?

Pentagon chief slams Ted Cruz for claim that 'woke' policies are turning Army into 'pansies'

Amazon US customers have one week to opt out of mass wireless sharing

Tickets available at the box office

Giant gold mine seized by Kyrgyz government

Close encounters: Democrats and Republicans unified in taking UFOs seriously

'Scary stuff': International Space Station robotic arm struck by space junk

Woman pushes momma bear off a wall to protect her dogs.

Bangladesh police arrest notorious poacher 'Tiger Habib' after he slaughters 70 endangered Bengals

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi offers four options for a Jan. 6 investigation

Oaf Creepers Leader Poised For Trump To Make Gang His 'Militia': Capitol Riot Indictment

Gen. McCaffrey: Flynn's Talk About A Coup Is Very Dangerous

Alexander Hamilton quote :

Nikki Fried announces run for FL governor

Max Boot: The Republican plot to steal the 2024 election

Five of the employees at the local McDonald's all

D.C. summer outlook: It may not be insanely hot for a change.

PNAU :Stranger Love


Open Letter to President Joe Biden: Prosecute Army Officer Who Says You're Not President

A Mississippi HS had two black female students as their valedictorian and salutatorian. Until...

One-Fifth of U.S. Beef Capacity Wiped Out by JBS Cyberattack

Here's a great summation of what happened in Dallas Qconvention this weekend. My biggest takeaways

CNN: Ex-White House ethics lawyer believes Flynn is guilty of sedition

Colossal Failure: Trump's New Blog Has Less Traffic Than Petfinder MSNBC

Biden speaking on Tulsa now on M$NBComcast n/t

From Mrs. BettyBowers - your moment of cringe...

Micheal Flynn should be called back to active duty

Biden giving a speech marking Tulsa Race Massacre, live now

Diver with an American Flag

Biden honors forgotten victims of Tulsa race massacre

Dog And Baby Cow Snuggle And Chase Each Other Around

ted cruz is a piece of fucking shit. (He, too, went to Israel this week)

Trump claims he's giving a "presidential speech" in NC this week

So how many people showed up in Texas

Firefighter killed in shooting at fire station..los angeles

Petra Kvitova out of French Open after injuring ankle during press duties

Pres. Biden delivers remarks to commemorate 100th Anniversary of the Tulsa Race Massacre

GOP Fundraisers Can't Make Money Off Biden

Firefighter killed in 'tragic' shooting at LA County Fire Station 81; investigation linked to house

SCOTUS announcing decisions on Thursday morning

I understand MLK jr on CNN speaking about Tulsa, but why is Cornel West, who helped put trump in the

4 More Oath Keepers Indicted In Insurrection Conspiracy

The Tour de France

I nearly posted a comment about the Kremlin "monitoring" our "persecution" of the

Not good news regarding West Coast drought:

hawaii reports just 30 new covid cases yesterday, lowerst total in ages....

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Wednesday, 2 June 2021

The incumbent lost the election, to me that seems like the highest form of "shaking up the system"

Had a doctor appointment this morning.

Who can call Mike Flynn back to active duty?

Greg Abbott Tries to Lure Back Democratic Lawmakers by Offering NPR Tote Bags

The Republican Party is a threat to American democracy.

Biden Taps Harris to Push for Voting Protections

Brianna Keilar: Police admit Trump's 'tear gas' lie didn't pass the smell test

Archaeologists Excavate Mass Grave In Search Of Tulsa Massacre Victims

Wild horses couldn't drag me away.

Florida governor OKs limits on transgender student athletes

Better than usual media coverage: CNN asks GOP senator why he didn't vote for January 6 commission

Beto .. And Texas Dems Are Demanding An Investigation Into The True Death Count.. (Winter Storm)

Gohmert Blames Deep State For Making Him Attend QAnon Loonapalooza

Poll shows Nina Turner leads Democratic party in race for Ohio's 11th Congressional District

Vice President Kamala Harris: Don't Let Others Tell You Who You Are

May 24: Man Fatally Struck By Metro Train At NoMa-Gallaudet Station

Biden administration suspends oil and gas leases in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

PRIMED FOR PAIN: Amazon's Epidemic of Workplace Injuries

Democrats have sizable lead in early voting for NM CD1 special election

Organized Domestic Terror Attacks are Coming Soon

Fred Wellman Tells Dem Leaders to WAKE UP: "Normal's F**king Gone" - Meidas Touch

Biden taps Harris to tackle voting rights legislation

Breaking - no new Covid 19 deaths in New York

Biden calls out 2 Democratic lawmakers for blocking agenda

And another one's gone...Kene Brian Lazo ( Have fun in prison assh*le)

I know we have Jeopardy fans here, but


Memorial Day crash near Estacada kills 3 teens, injures 2 others

Seth Abramson discussing an absolutely insanely seditious video from the QAnon conference.

Have you ever hired a house sitter?

The Secret Service is reportedly spending nearly $35,000 to rent portable toilets at Trump's Bedmins

Brian Sicknick's partner: GOP senators 'spit in the face' of late Capitol Police officer

Hoping for a harvest soon


Trump Allies Call for Military Coup to Depose Biden - NowThis News

I think President Biden needs to have a little talk with his Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin.

*Five centuries ago, a major revolution overturned traditional ship designs;

NOVA: The Ship That Changed the World airs Wednesday, June 2 at 9pm on WETA PBS or stream.

A Boat Burst Into Flames After Its Passengers Allegedly Harassed A Group Flying LGBTQ Pride Flags

du temprature check in. without reveling your qth location, just your weather conditions

Man charged with hate crime after CCTV shows another Asian woman randomly attacked on street in NYC

Retriever Chills Out in Creek during Hike

Bonus Quote of the Day

JBS, the world's largest meat supplier, hit by cyberattack

Remains of Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest and his wife are being removed from a Memphis

Holocaust Survivor Slams Marjorie Taylor Greene - NowThis News

Former Manhattan DA office lawyer explains what to expect from the special grand jury

NYC mayoral candidate Maya Wiley wants to expand housing vouchers for city residents

Hope the parents get to rest.

Husky is home alone, and gets serious case of zoomies!

How was your Monday? My wife & I had a fantastic day

Supporter of Marjorie Taylor Greene defends her: 'A lot of people didn't like Jesus Christ either'

TON Reservation feels like an occupied Nation

Is the right planning another attempt to overthrow the government

Sinema's excuse for missing vote: "I had a personal family matter."

JBS, the world's largest meat supplier, hit by cyberattack

Happy Pride Month: An explosion of color.

Black men have suffered the most in America.

I Just Realized - Watching Joy Reid's Show - That......

Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get- The Dramatics

Biden budget restores funding for Chesapeake Bay Program.

Delusional Former President Is Telling People He Will Be 'Reinstated' as President by August